The local football team

by Josh Dugan

A toy ray gun actually works pretty well.

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I was at the beach with my friend Sean who had just bought a toy ray-gun. We were watching the local football team practice. They liked to play football in the sand, informally. It gave them a chance to get a little tan, and it was fun trying to run and everything in the soft sand.

"What does your ray gun do?" I asked Sean.

"Anything you want it to," he smiled. "You speak into the settings mike first before you cock it, and it programs itself based on the command you gave it."

"I'm sure," I said sarcastically.

"Ok, watch, and I'll prove it," he said.

He brought the ray gun handle close to his lips, where there was a little grid for the gun's microphone. "Boner," he said.

"Now watch this," he said.

He pointed the gun at the captain of the football team, who was going back for a pass, and squeezed the ray gun trigger. A very slight beam of light went out and hit the football team captain in the zipper area of his shorts. There was no sound, and it didn't look like the football team captain felt anything or noticed anything, nor anyone else.

But it didn't take long. The football team captain seemed surprised, and he seemed like he was stepping a little differently as he tried to pay attention to where to aim the football. He started laughing, and it seemed he was dancing kind of funny as he positioned himself to throw the pass. Meanwhile, he got tackled in the soft sand, the football flying off nowhere. He was still laughing under all the guys who tackled him, and they wondered what was wrong with him.

He tried to stand up, but his boner was too big, and the guys around him were laughing, some of them getting boned, too, seeing the football team captain so boned.

They were teasing him and stuff, and he was red-faced, but still laughing, having a hard time concentrating on getting the game going again, and it was hard for him to walk on the soft sand with that major boner going.

But they resumed play. Sean said, "It's still cocked for boner rays. Watch this." So he shot the boner ray at the football.

No one noticed, and nothing happened. The game went on, more or less without much help from the football team captain, who was full on boned and trying not to be.

But after a while we noticed the game getting sloppier as more guys got boned. "They’re getting it from the football, right?" I asked Sean. He smiled back at me.

Soon the whole team was really boned, laughing and stumbling around on the sand, amazed at how big their boners were, showing each other their boners, which only made them more boned.

Sean spoke into the ray gun microphone again: "All boners doubled. Three legs." He showed me how he could adjust the nuzzle of the ray gun, like adjusting a garden hose. He set it to "wide," and squeezed the trigger. A wide, wide beam came out, getting the whole team as Sean pointed the ray gun back and forth at all the team members.

Again, no one saw anything or noticed anything. For one thing, they were still too turned on. Some of them had to pull their shorts off and beat off because their penises had gotten so huge, and pretty soon all of them had to. They were naked, laughing and groaning, screaming with pleasure as their huge penises shot far and high, pulse after pulse of amazingly huge wads of come. It was in their hair, all over their chests and arms and everywhere.

So basically no one no noticed when they all grew three legs, at first.

"I think we're dreaming!" shouted one, when he realized he had two boners.

"We're all dreaming," another one said. "Nobody wake up!"

They were beating off both their boners, and when they realized how hot they all looked three legged, they started running after each other playfully, grabbing each others' three legs, falling all over each other, and laughing as their two boners kept coming and coming!

Sean and I went running out to play with them, tearing off our shorts, too, just in time to turn three legged, since the ray gun was so close to us it affected us, too. Guys looked so good running around on three legs, running after each other, catching each other, posing with their three legs, wrapping their three legs around each other, jacking all the time. Man, did it feel cool to have three legs! And our boners—they still haven't stopped coming!

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