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A miracle on 69th Street 2: Jingle bed rock

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Nick had been wired and jittery the entire flight. Normally he didn’t mind hopping in a jet and zooming across the country, but this was a different experience altogether. His current vehicle was careening across the sky at hundreds of miles per hour, and Nick was along for the ride without so much as a roof nor a seatbelt to hold him in. To make matters even more bizarre, Nick’s pilot was a two-inch tall elf who was singlehandedly holding the reins of all eight of Santa’s reindeer. Yet despite his unusual travel accommodations, what truly had Nick so on edge was the fact that he was going to be meeting his boyfriend’s family for the first time. Meeting a lover’s family was always an awkward experience, but Nick’s already overactive anxiety was kicked into hyperdrive by the fact that his boyfriend’s grandpa was none other than Father frickin’ Christmas himself! In fact, even though they had been going steady for very nearly a year now, Nick still had trouble wrapping his head around the fact that the cute guy he was dating was none other than the currently active Santa Clause.

Kris was a far cry from the Jolly, old, fat man that graced every postcard and promo around Christmas time. Kris was as lean and lithe as they come, and didn’t look a day over twenty. He could have just as easily been one of Nick’s classmates instead of the acting chief executive of a global gift-giving operation, and that wasn’t even touching on Kris’s choice of attire. The bulky, red, fur-trimmed Santa suit was a thing of the past. Kris instead opted for a bright red ensemble of knee-highs, booty-shorts, and a crop-top.

Just thinking about his adorable boyfriend was enough to get Nick excited in yet another way. He could feel his dick chubbing up in his pants. Nick was very glad for his custom-fitted Kringle Corp. boxer briefs because had it not been for those, his boner would have been visible from miles around. As much as Nick loved having a cock that dwarfed the rest of his body, he wasn’t too keen on sprouting a noticeable stiffy in front of his elfin pilot.

Nick tried to direct his attention towards anything other than how hot his boyfriend was. Fortunately, there was no shortage of breathtaking sights to take in. The sleigh was currently careening over the Pacific Ocean, and down below Nick could make out large chunks of ice floating amidst the waves and seafoam. There was no doubt about it, they were getting into the frigid northern climes, and it wouldn’t be long til they reached the fabled North Pole. Nick had no idea what to expect when he got there. His mind was flooded with images of various Christmas specials and Hollywood movies that portrayed the North Pole as an ambiguously European town that was covered in snow and draped in sparkling lights, but he knew better than the trust Hollywood’s interpretation.

“We’re beginning our final approach,” the pilot said. His voice was surprisingly clear and crisp especially given how tiny he was. It sounded almost as if his voice was being relayed directly into Nick’s ear via a Bluetooth headset or some such device, but Nick was wearing nothing of the sort.

Nick glanced around, but try as he might he could not catch a glimpse of the fabled North Pole. He was just about to give in to disappointment when the sleigh came upon a rise. As the sleigh approached the top of the rise, a magnificent sight came into view. The landscape opened up into a large, polar basin, and in the center of the lowlands was a massive, glass dome. It looked almost as if there was a snow globe right in the middle of the frozen wasteland! The globe shone and glimmered with thousands of sparkling lights, but it was tough to make out specifics through the frosty glass. It wasn’t until the sleigh had finished its approach the Nick could begin to make out what he was seeing.

The sleigh passed through the glass wall as easily as if it had been the skin of a soap bubble and not a five-foot-thick layer of reinforced plexiglass. As soon as he was through the layer of glass, the landscape before him was clear as day. In fact, it was day. It had been so dark in the tundra that Nick had forgotten that it was merely mid-afternoon in his time zone. But inside the bubble, the sun shone bright in the sky. The sun wasn’t the most amazing thing about the view though. Before him was a sprawling city scape. There was a veritable bustling metropolis contained within the dome. It seemed impossible that such a huge city could exist within the dome he saw as he approached, but as the sleigh continued its descent, things started to fall into place.

The sleigh coasted to a stop. When it finally came to a halt, Nick began to exit the vehicle, but he was cut short before he could even get one foot onto solid ground.

Nick!!” shouted a very familiar and very excited voice. Nick managed to look up just in time to see the red and white blur of his boyfriend leaping at him like a pouncing tiger. Nick ended up toppling backwards right back onto the seat he had just gotten up from. Nick found himself lying flat on his back with his boyfriend straddling him and grinning from ear to ear like the Cheshire Cat.

“H-hey…” Nick murmured awkwardly. They had seen each other no more than a few weeks ago, but somehow Nick had forgotten just how cute Kris was, and seeing him so unrestrainedly happy was almost too much to bear. Nick could feel the blood rushing to his face as well as heading down south. Nick’s face burned bright red, and his dick steadily chubbed up.

It took a second, but the daze steadily began to fade. Nick was just about ready to say something more—something less dorky than just a stammering ‘hey’, but he was cut short by his boyfriend’s lips against his own. The kiss was more fantastic than even the magic city around them. One kiss led to another which lead to another. Neither lover was really sure who had started to use tongue first, but by the third kiss they were Frenching harder than the entire cast of Les Mis. The two of them could have kept at it for hours, and in fact, they could have taken things even further. Kris’s hands had already found their way towards Nick’s fly and were beginning to fumble with the top button when another voice cut in to snap them back to reality—however fantastical said reality may be.

“Ah, to be young again…” said the kindly voice of an older gentleman. Kris quickly sat up and looked back over his shoulder, and Nick did his best to prop himself up on his elbows but couldn’t do more than that with his boyfriend sitting on his stomach.

“Gramps!” Kris shouted happily.

“Gramps…? Gramps!?” Nick sputtered. He sat up so fast that he practically launched his boyfriend off of him. Nick hopped to his feet and found himself standing face to face with a smiling older man. The person was not at all what Nick was expecting. Sure, he had the rosy cheeks, the full figure, and the flowing white beard, but his outfit was all wrong. The guy was wearing khaki cargo short, an awful Christmas socks and sandals combo, and the ugliest Christmas sweater Nick had ever had the misfortune of seeing, but even this, Nick knew that this was none other than Father Christmas himself.

“omigoshit’ssanta,” Nick blurted out.

“Retired, but yes,” Santa said. “But there’ll be plenty of time for introductions later. You must be exhausted from the long flight. Let’s get you out of the cold and set up with a nice, warm bed.”

“Yessir. Right away, sir,” Nick murmured in awe.

“Relax. Relax.” Santa said softly. “You’re our guest. We want you to feel comfortable here.”

“Yessir. Right away, sir,” Nick blurted out once more.

Santa gestured for Nick to follow and then turned and headed down the main thoroughfare towards the center of the city. It took Nick a moment to collect his wits enough to even attempt to follow, but fortunately he had some help getting on his way. Kris was at his side and ready to give him encouragement.

“You’re such a dork,” Kris said sweetly. He leaned over and gave his boyfriend a quick peck on the cheek before taking off after his grandfather with Nick’s rolling suitcase in tow.

Nick was too flustered from his awkward first meeting with his childhood hero to really take stock of what all had just happened. He was only vaguely aware that Kris didn’t need to step up on his tippy toes to give Nick a quick kiss like he had in the past, but he chalked that up to the boots that Kris was so fond of. As Kris bolted forwards, Nick could get a quick glance at the soles of Kris’s boots, and sure enough the layer of rubber on the bottom was at least an inch thick, but Nick didn’t spend too much time checking out his boyfriend’s boots—especially not when his boyfriend’s cute booty was tightly packed into his little shorts and was wiggling for Nick’s viewing pleasure.

Nick regained his senses and set off after his hosts. It didn’t take long for his sense of wonder to overtake his embarrassment from his first meeting with Santa. The city of the North Pole really was a fantastic sight. Not only was it a bustling metropolis that would have made New York look tame, but it was so small to boot! The elves that scrambled through the streets were only inches tall, and the entire city was built to scale. Even the tallest buildings only reached up to Nick’s nose. He felt like King Kong in the middle of Manhattan, but fortunately his visit was nowhere near as destructive as it had been for the king of the apes. There was a narrow footpath that cut through the center of the city and led from the landing pad all the way towards a small cottage in the center of town.

Small was a bit of a misnomer. The pathway was narrow and the cottage was small only by human standards. By elfin standards the ‘narrow’ pathway would have been wider than an eight-lane interstate, and the ‘small’ cottage was as wide as ten city blocks and three times taller than even the most massive skyscraper the elf city had to offer.

Just exploring the city could have taken a full day unto itself even at Nick’s comparatively titanic size, but he didn’t dare stray from the walkway nor did he want to fall behind his hosts. Nick tried his hardest to keep pace with his boyfriend, but it seemed like with each step he took, Kris got ever so slightly further ahead of him. Even when the entire entourage finally reached the rustic cottage the other two seemed strangely distant and yet closer than before, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on what he was experiencing. Nick chalked it up to the jet lag and lack of sleep catching up to him. He had been so wired during the days leading up to his trip that he barely slept at all. The smell of warm cider and cinnamon coming from the cozy cottage seemed to amplify his grogginess. Nick shambled up beside his boyfriend and groggily nuzzled up against him. He was so sleepy that he hardly even realized that his head didn’t even reach Kris’s shoulder.

The last thing Nick heard before he finally succumbed to exhaustion and the soothing aura of the cottage was Santa saying, “Looks like you better get the little guy to bed.”

Nick had no idea how long he was out of it. When he finally awoke it was because he could feel something bumping against the side of his face. He couldn’t tell what it was. It was far too huge to be anything ordinary. It was like taking a battering ram to the side of the face, only the battering ram had just enough give to it and was only gently nudging him so it didn’t hurt at all.

“Hey… Wake up, sleepy head,” Nick could hear Kris softly calling to him.

“Whuh…? What’s going on?” Nick murmured groggily.

“Hehe, good. You’re awake. Buddy said you were a little high strung on the flight up, so I thought I would prepare a little something to help you unwind, but it looks like it was a little too strong. You conked out before we even got you in the door,” Kris explained.

“Hmm? Oh… to be honest I haven’t been sleeping much lately. I was too excited to get see you again and too nervous about meeting your family,” Nick explained. He yawned and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. He wasn’t entirely sure where he was, but he was so comfy even with the ridiculously thick and stiff blanket that covered his lower body.

“I guess that makes sense, but there’s no need to be so worried. They are all great people and I’m sure they’ll love you,” Kris replied.

“I hope so… when will I get a chance to meet them anyway?” Nick asked.

“Soon, I hope. It’s so busy this time of year and everyone has their own task to take care of. Even I only have a few minutes to spare before I have to go prep the sleigh for tonight, but I had to see how you were taking the changes before I left you alone for the evening,” Kris explained.

“Handling the changes…?” Nick asked. The grogginess that hung over him vanished in an instant. He sat bolt upright in bed and glanced around the room. The bed in question stretched on around him for what seemed like miles, and what he mistook as an oversized comforter was actually his own t-shirt which had pooled around his diminutive body. “What… the… fu—,” Nick began to say, but before he could finish the statement his boyfriend’s colossal fingertip pressed against his lips effectively silencing him. Even just the tip of Kris’s finger was bigger than Nick’s whole head.

“Language, little guy. Wouldn’t want gramps to hear you. That’s a fast pass to the naughty list for sure,” Kris said with a chuckle.

Nick tried to shove the giant finger which was bigger than his whole body away from him. Thankfully, Kris was happy to oblige and moved his hand out of the way. “What did you do to me?” Nick asked.

“Me? Nothing, but I may have mentioned before that the only people who can stay in the North Pole are the Kringle family or elves.” Kris explained.

“So, does that mean… I’m an elf?” Nick asked in awe. His hands shot up to his ears and he began feeling the tip of his earlobes for proof. Sure enough, his earned had become pointed at the top just like the rest of the elves.

“How long am I going to be like this?” Nick asked.

“Only as long as you’re in the North Pole. You’ll revert to normal when you leave.” Kris explained.

“That’s a relief,” Nick said with a sigh.

“Hehe. I dunno. I think it’s a good look for you,” Kris said. He began to gently and playfully poke Nick’s face. “Haha. You’re so cute and cuddly like a little teddy bear. I just want to hug you and play with you.”

“Come on. Cut that out,” Nick grumbled and swatted at his boyfriend’s colossal finger, but despite his grumbling, it was clear he wasn’t entirely annoyed by Kris’s antics. For starters Nick had a huge grin on his face and an even larger bulge forming in the fabric of the shirt which pooled around his lower body.

Kris’s eyes darted towards the forming tent in Nick’s shirt. “Oh my. You’re enjoying this more than I thought.” Kris said. There was a devious tone to his voice that matched the glint in his eye.

“Well, since we’re both here, and I’m already ‘up’ think we can have a little fun?” Nick asked.

Kris thought it over for a second. “I dunno… I only have a few minutes to spare. I really have to get back to work,” he explained.

“But what about your time powers? Can’t you just stop time for a bit?” Nick asked.

“My powers are tied to the holiday. They’re not nearly as strong today as they will be tomorrow. Why do you think I have to visit all the kids in one night?” Kris explained.

“So that’s a no?” Nick pouted.

“Not necessarily… I won’t be able to stop time, but it is Christmas Eve. I should be able to slow time enough to give us time for a little bit of fun,” Kris explained. A devious smirk was slowly forming at the corners of his lips.

“I guess that means we better hurry,” Nick replied. The smile on his face was just as devious as the one on Kris’s.

“You betcha, little man,” Kris replied happily.

Kris hopped up from his perch on the edge of the bed. The motion caused the tiny Nick to bounce what felt like a few feet into the air before landing back down on the plush mattress. The jostling caused Nick to slip even further out from underneath his enormous discarded shirt. Now the collar of his shirt no longer covered his legs, but that didn’t mean his legs were exposed. His dick had shrunk alongside the rest of him, but his cock was still massive enough to eclipse his lower body. His cock, which had once been upwards of twenty feet before his conversion to elfdom was now almost a solid foot of fat cock. His dick would look impressive on a porn star, but on an elf who was merely a few inches tall it looked absolutely monstrous. Nick’s cock dwarfed his entire body. Even either individual teste was bigger than his whole body. Had it not been for Nick’s custom-fitted Kringle Corp. shorts, he would never be able to get around on his own, but those shorts, much like the rest of his clothing, had fallen off of his dwindling frame during the shrinking process.

“Ooooh. Loving the view,” Kris said playfully. “Now then… let me return the favor.” Kris winked seductively at his tiny little lover and then began a saucy striptease. He pealed his skin-tight crop top off first revealing his lean, lithe upper body for his tiny boyfriend’s viewing pleasure. Then he kicked off his boots and slowly began to peel off his tight little booty shorts. As the waistband of his shorts slid down his thighs, his own massive cock steadily spilled into view. It was a view that Nick had seen many times before and yet one he would never get enough of. He loved watching his boyfriend’s massive cock spilling out from behind those red shorts. Each inch after fat inch of cock slowly came into view until there was more than a foot of fat cock hanging out, but still there was more to reveal. Kris’s beach ball sized nuts had barely fully come into view and his shorts were already down around his shins. Even once Kris’s shorts were down around his ankles, his cock was still not completely revealed. It wasn’t until he kicked off his shorts that the last foot of his phenomenal phallus finally spilled into view. Kris’s cock was a solid four feet long, and it was still in the process of chubbing up. Even now Kris’s cock looked to be the size of a double decker bus to the diminutive Nick, and it was sure to get even bigger as it stirred fully to life. Nick knew he would love every second of the show.

“Hehe. You look like you want to play with this,” Kris said playfully. He reached down with both hands and gripped the sides of his colossal cock and began to stroke it all the while keeping his eyes intensely locked on Nick’s own. Nick was so overwhelmed with how huge and sexy his titanic boyfriend was that all he could do was nod in awe.

Kris moved around to the foot of the bed and slowly started to climb onto the bed. His cock reached the mattress a few feet before the rest of him did, and by the time Kris had gotten his knees onto the end of the mattress his nearly five feet of cock were name aimed directly at his little lover. His dick was so massive that even just the slit was longer than Nick was tall. It was like staring down a cave instead of a cock—a cave that Nick had half a mind to go spelunking in had it not been for his own massive nuts which were sure to bar his way.

“Like what you see?” Kris asked seductively. Nick nodded in awe, but even had he not made an effort to show his appreciation, his rapidly hardening cock would have done the job for him. He was already flying at well past half mast, and his foot-long cock was quickly reaching rock hard status.

Kris was soon straddling his own cock atop the bed. The bed creaked under the weight of the slim dude and his five feet of fully boned cock and enormous nuts, but showed no signs of giving out any time soon. Kris’s grin grew even wider as he stared down at his tiny boyfriend. Nick looked so adorable down there, that Kris couldn’t help himself. He had to feel the little guy in his hands. He reached forward and scooped his tiny boyfriend up into his hands as if he was holding a hamster or some other small pet. Nick was so tiny that he easily fit in the palm of one of Kris’s hands, but the addition of Nick’s full foot of cock made things a bit more difficult. His nuts spilled over the edge of Kris’s palms, and his huge cock stood straight up at attention. His massive nuts were so heavy that they threatened to send him toppling over the edge, but Kris was quick to work out another solution. Kris slipped one hand underneath Nick’s nuts. Nick’s balls were so big that even to the colossal Kris, they were the size of grapefruits. They were too huge for him to hold in his hand without spilling over the sides of palm, but he was able to at least steady them enough that their weight wasn’t going to send Nick sprawling to the mattress below.

Kris wrapped his lips around the tip of Nick’s cock and began to suckle the head of his lover’s huge dick. It wasn’t long before Kris wasn’t satisfied with just the tip. He began to slide his mouth back and forth along the length of Nick’s dick. With each pass, Kris took more and more of his lover’s cock into his mouth. It wasn’t long before Kris had the entire shaft in his mouth and down his throat. His chin dug against Nick’s huge nuts and his nose poked against his little lover’s body.

Nick could feel his boyfriend’s mouth wrapped around his dick. He could feel the warm wetness of Kris’s tongue against his dick—a tongue that was longer than Nick’s entire body. He could feel his boyfriend’s throat wrapping around his massive cock. The sensation was beyond anything Nick could have believed was possible. It would have been an amazing blow job had his proportions been normal, but having his cock which was several times larger than his whole body serviced in such a fantastic fashion was too amazing for him to fathom. They had barely even begun their fun and already Nick felt like he was close to creaming. Part of him really wanted to just throw caution to the wind and just blow his load right then and there. His massive cock just felt so fantastic and he knew that Kris needed to get going soon, but at the same time, it felt so amazing that he never wanted it to end. It was so fantastic that Nick felt his heart sink when he felt the tip of his cock fully slide out from his lover’s mouth. He was sure for a moment that this was it for their fun for the time being. He’d have to wait until after the holiday rush before they could finish their festivities, but when Nick opened his eyes and saw the devious glint in his lover’s eyes he knew that his fears were unfounded.

“You know… I’ve been thinking,” Kris mused out loud. Nick was about to ask what Kris meant, but he didn’t get the chance. Kris quickly continued his train of thought, and it quickly became clear just what that devious expression of his was about. “It seems our sizes are now reversed… so let’s try flipping the script in other ways,” Kris explained.

Nick didn’t even need to ask. He already knew where this was going, and when Kris flopped forward so that he was lying directly atop his cock with his chin resting on the ridge of his puffed-up cock head, Nick knew he had guessed correctly. Kris maneuvered his little lover so that Nick was once against staring down the maw of the colossal cock. The pre-oozing slit was as massive as it was inviting, and Nick was on a collision course with it.

Nick’s cock slipped into the slit of Kris’s massive dick. It felt amazing. Kris’s cock was so warm and it gripped the length of Nick’s shaft. It wasn’t long before Nick’s dick was buried so deep inside of his boyfriend’s own cock that Nick’s body was pressed against the pre-drooling slit of Kris’s cock. Nick was getting slathered in his boyfriend’s pre. The warm, slick liquid coated every inch of his body and seeped into his mouth. The slightly bitter taste was like ambrosia to him. He needed more. He needed to feel it wash over him and he needed to feel it cascading down his throat, but before he got the chance to drink his fill he felt himself once again being lifted up and out of his lover’s cock.

Nick wiped the pre from his face and looked up questioningly at his titanic lover. Kris’s billboard sized face grinned impishly back at him. “It’s a little loose, don’t you think?” Kris asked. Nick was about to ask what he meant, but Kris once again didn’t give him the chance. Kris opened his free hand to reveal a familiar looking powder on the palm of his hand. Whether he produced the stuff magically or managed to sneak it into his palm via some top tier sleight of hand, Nick wasn’t sure, but what he was sure was what would happen if he came into contact with that glittering dust. There was no way Nick was going to protest to what Kris had in mind, but even had he wanted to, he wouldn’t have been given the chance. Kris quickly blew a puff of air into the palm of his hand which sent the powder billowing into the air and wafting over towards Nick’s tiny body. In a matter of seconds, Nick was coated in the stuff. The powder quickly sunk into his skin and vanished from sight. Nick could feel a familiar warmth and tingling in his cock, and he knew exactly what it meant and was excited to see how huge he would get from this dosage.

Kris wasted no time in resuming the fun. He flopped back down atop his cock and once again aimed his lover’s dick towards the eager hole of his own humongous cock head. It was a tighter fit this time as Nick’s cock slid into his own. It felt so great that Kris couldn’t even stifle his own moan of pleasure as more and more of his lover’s fat cock slid into his own. His dick was soon filled to the brim with his lover’s cock. Kris had never felt something so amazing before. His cock was so stimulated that it felt like he was already cumming, but he was just getting warmed up. There was no way he was going to let him cream so soon. Kris quickly settled into a motion of sliding his lover’s cock deep into his own and then pulling back until only the tip remained imbedded in his own enormous cock and then once again slide his lover’s cock deep within his own.

Kris and Nick were both moaning in ecstasy with each pass. Nick could feel his already massive cock steadily creeping up in size by the second. With each thrust Kris’s cock gripped his own tighter and tighter which just made the sensation all the more intense. Nick had never felt anything so amazing before in his life. It felt so fantastic that he was close to being overloaded with euphoric bliss. It was all he could do to keep from shooting his load straight down his lover’s cock.

Kris was in a similar boat. As his lover’s cock steadily swelled within his own, the need to cream became more and more intense. He knew he wouldn’t last much longer. With each pump of his lover’s cock, Kris’s grip became shakier and shakier and his breathing became shallower and shallower. Sweat dripped from his brow. His whole body trembled with the need to cum, but still he fought it for as long as he could. Eventually he lost the battle against his own body. His soft whimpers and moans gave way to a low, load moan. His massive cock bucked and lurched with his little lover along for the ride, and then the dam broke. Cum spurted from his cock and sent Nick flying through the air.

Nick landed with a damp splat against the pillow at the end of the bed. The impact was not enough to hurt but it was enough to break his concentration just enough to let his need to cream get the better of him. As his lover’s massive loads splashed against him, his own cock started spurting cum into the air. Huge ropes of jizz were flying in both direction coating both lovers in each other’s cum in the process. Nick’s tiny body was completely coated in cum in the initial blast, and it wasn’t long before Kris’s face was equally jizz-soaked. Eventually, their torrents of jizz tapered off. Nick collapsed back onto the pillow and Kris flopped onto his own massive cock.

It took a few minutes before either one of them caught their breath and came down from the afterglow enough to speak. In the end, it was Nick who was the first to speak up. “Woah… that was amazing…” he murmured.

“Yeah…” Kris agreed breathlessly.

“And you say I’ll shrink down like this each time I come to visit?” Nick asked.

“Well… at least until you officially become a part of the Kringle family,” Kris said with a wink.

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