A new coffee

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2 parts
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Part 1

Jake was the first to rise today. His friend Mike was off, so he was still in bed. Every morning, Jake was having coffee before going to work. But today he decided to try a new coffee he got yesterday helping an elderly person to move. This person told him that it was an excellent coffee he sold his old shop and provides incredible sensations… Because Jake loved the coffee, he did not refuse this little gift.

After his shower, he began to prepare his coffee. Smelled the coffee was very strong and a very dark color. He let the coffee cool a bit and went to get dressed in the meantime.

When he went to taste the coffee, there was a knock at the door. It was his colleague who came to fetch him to go to work.

“What are you doing?? It’s been 10 minutes I’m waiting outside!”

“You’re early! I still have a good 20 minutes!”

“I remind you that yesterday the boss asked us to come 30 minutes early because there is a meeting with the big boss!”

“Oh shit! I forgot! Let me grab my jacket and I can head out!”

By getting his jacket, he went to see his friend in the bedroom.

“Honey, I gotta go I forgot a meeting! I’m late!”

“Hummm… ok…”

“If you want, I prepared coffee but I have not had time to drink any.”

“Hummm… ok…”

“It will soon be cold, so get a move on! And if it’s good, let me know! I might maybe see again the person who gave me the coffee and tell me where to get more! Okay?”

“Ok baby…”

Jake gave a kiss and left in a hurry.

Mike still wanted to sleep, but saw that he was awake now … He decided to go have breakfast.

Just out of the bedroom, Mike smelled a strong odor.

He went into the kitchen and found the coffee still hot on the table. He took what he liked to eat—bread, butter, eggs, cheese, meat and orange juice. He deprives itself of nothing, like the athlete he is.

He went into the living room and sat down at the table.

The coffee intrigued him … So black and smelling as strong. “I will not sleep for several days with this!” he said to himself.

First, he took orange juice and ate his two eggs.

He decides to taste the coffee. It was still hot. It took just a sip.

In addition to having a very strong smell, it was also very strong in taste. But he did not find disgusting, far from it. He felt the liquid down into him and made him shiver…

Just finished his gulp, Mike felt a wave of heat rising in him…

He took directly another glass of orange juice and didn’t feel anymore the heat.

He was intrigued by this strange feeling he had after sip. “A lack of sleep? No. A lack of sugar? No! A lack of sex? Why not…” he thought while smiling…

In any case, he wanted to drink again this coffee. “It’s just coffee, why I ask so many questions about this coffee?”

To end his internal questioning once and for all, he took the mug and began to drink it all…

While Mike was drinking his coffee, he did not see, but his body changed …

His muscles grew and tightened. Like a heartbeat but slower.

His biceps, already big, took on enormous proportions. His chest swelled up like balloons!

The only thing that felt Mike was the heat rising in him!

When he finishes his mug, his body was back to normal…

He put his mug on the table.

A strange feeling invaded him. And not just a feeling…

He felt shivers in all the body. He tried to get up but felt dizzinesses.

His eyes fell suddenly to his biceps… He found them swollen… As if he had done a session of sport… He doesn’t remember having seen them a day like this…

Then he began trembling. All his muscles were numb. He couldn’t do anything… The fear invades him…

Then nothing…

Mike didn’t dare to move anymore.

“But what’s happening to me?” he thought.

He looked at his body and saw nothing changed.

“Am I dreaming? This coffee is really due to all this? It was really a coffee? Is it going again if I try to get up again?”

Mike was lost.

Then it took a sudden urge to yawn. And he stretched…


Mike felt at once well… Very well even! He felt a lot of energy.

“It must have been a bad way!”

Then he looked at his hands. They looked bigger…


Then he felt a huge wave of energy like an electric shock…

He had the impression that his slippers had shrunk because his feet felt cramped.


His big toes had torn the front of his slippers!

“Holy shit! What’s going on??

Then he saw that his legs stretched and swelled. He felt another electric shock. His bust stretched out in his turn and new abdominal muscles appeared. His pecs swelled up like balloons.

He stretched his arms and they began to swell and grow like the rest of his body. His biceps were twice before.

He felt his neck grow. He touched it.

“I have a neck of bull!”

Then his body stiffened. He felt an atrocious pain on all his body.

His muscles won massively. His veins stood out. He became a pure bodybuilder. He lost in fat and won mass. He had never seen so beautiful developed muscles on him.

His biceps, pecs, abs, legs, … Everything was as hard as concrete.

Then his cock began to grow. It was so big that it came out of the boxer shorts! Mike was in a state of trance…

“Oh fuck that’s good!…

Mike could not stop touching his body, he couldn’t believe it yet.

“Damn this is not possible! This is too good to be true!”

Mike stood up. First thing he noted, it is that he was taller than before! He almost touched the ceiling.

“Holy sh*t! Goodbye my 5’7” (1m70)! I am measuring near to 6’7” (2m) now!

He loved the feeling of being very tall. Dominate people and look at them down was always a fantasy for him.

His body was beautiful, muscular everywhere. His thickness of arm has passed of 12 inch to a good 20 inch! He felt a great strength in him.

“What could I lift?…”

He saw the fridge. He placed his hands below the fridge and lifted as a mere nothing! Seeing the ease of his strength, he removed a hand.

“Yeah! This is good! I’m stronger than ever!”

He put down the fridge and gone in front of a mirror. He saw itself only from pecs but that excited him even more.

“ F*ck! What a body! Look I at these legs! The diameter has to be 28 inch (70cm)! And my pecs! Jake will love my ‘new pillow’!”

Mike continued has to look in the mirror during a long moment while doing various poses.

Having admired during a long moment. Mike wanted to try to get dressed. He knew that not many clothes would suit him but it was just for the pleasure.

“Huuum… What I could put on?… Hey! This T-shirt! Size M/L…”

He entered his arms into the sleeves with difficulty. The head has never wanted to pass!

“Huumm… Hey! This shirt!! Size XL! Yeah!”

He entered his arms gently. The seams were straining at most… He manages to close 3 buttons out of 7.

“The party can begin!”

He began raising the arms and sharply, He lowered the arms and made a pose while contracting his arms. The 3 buttons has broke, the seams of arms tore. His muscles exploded the tissue.

“Oh fuck! I love that!!!”

He looked at the clock and saw that Jake was going to go home in not a lot of time. He tried to find a boxer shorts which would hold his equipment.

He took his cup of coffee, which seemed to him smaller with his new enormous hands, and settled on the sofa that faced the front door.

“He asked me to say to him of what I had thought of his coffee… I believe that I would not much have to say! I would just have to get up and I believe that he will understand! I look forward to seeing his face! Oh yeah this moment is going to be really good!”


(This story was made from pictures that you can find on my facebook : linkin’s giant morphs)

Part 2

Mike waited quietly on the couch. His stared at the front door, willing Jake to come home. He looked at the clock impatiently. Uh … what are you doing, Jake? Hurry up!

Moments later, Mike heard a car, then chatter. Straining to listen to the conversation, he recognized Jake’s voice. Then he heard the car drive off and Jake opening and shutting the mailbox. He’s almost here! he thought gleefully. He heard Jake’s key in the lock. Now’s the moment of truth! Jake will discover a new me!

The door opened. “Hey Honey, I’m—”

Jake froze, his eyes glued to Mike, the mail dropping silently from his fingers. Mike smiled in return, not moving from the couch.

“Hi, baby!” he rumbled.

Jake’s only response was a change of expression—the puzzlement of a man faced with more questions than answers. “Jake!” Mike called to him. “Jake, you OK?” No reply. Mike tried again. “Did you have a good day?” Absolute silence.

Mike decided to take another tack. “By the way, your coffee was delicious—I’d even say extremely delicious!”


“You asked me to tell you if I liked the coffee, remember? I want to do it before I forget!”

“B-but…” Jake stuttered.

“Frankly I love it! It’s bold, with a powerful mix of spices that gives it a strong taste- muscular, you might even say!”

“Mike!” Jake snarled, “I’m not interested in the coffee, I wanna know what happened to you! You look different!”

“Indeed.” Mike stood up… and up… and up. Jake froze, staring at him.

“What the hell? How’d you get so big?”

Mike grinned. “It was your coffee.”

Jake smirked. “Okay, this is the point where they come out and tell me I’ve been punked, right? Where’s the hidden camera?”

Mike glared and flexed menacingly. “I’m serious, Jake! Now close the door so I can explain.” Jake closed the door without taking his eyes off Mike.


Mike frowned. “Well, I just drank it, and—tadaa! I thought you’d be pleased, not staring at me like I was an alien!”

“But I don’t understand!”

“What’s there to understand? The coffee made me bigger and taller! It’s developed my muscles and multiplied my strength tenfold! Just look at these biceps!” Mike flexed his huge guns. ”Heck, I look like a huge, roided bodybuilder, not just a coach!.. Not that I mind!”

“Me neither. But your story’s so weird—it’s hard to believe.”

“But you can’t deny it’s true.”

Jake craned his neck—looking up at Mike was new for him—and gulped. “No, I know it’s real. Heck, you’re so wide and—how tall do you think you are now?”

“I’d say about 6’6”,”Mike said with a grin. “I actually have to stoop a bit to fit in the door now.”

“And to think, this morning I was the one looming over you…”

Mike grinned and stretched, spreading his arms wide. “Yes—it’s wonderful, but weird. Where’d you get this stuff anyway?”

“I thought I told you—that holy terror Mr. Williams gave it to me for helping him move some stuff!”

Mike’s grin spread even wider. “Do you think you can get some more?”

Jake couldn’t believe his ears. “You want more? Look how huge you are!”

Mike snorted. “It’s not for me, it’s for you. The coffee was a godsend, but it was meant for you. I’d love to see you buff up too!”

“But—but… “

“How many times have I tried to drag you along to the gym, or to make you do sports? Trust me, you’ll enjoy being big!”

Jake sighed. “All right—for you.”

Mike felt Jake relax; he wrapped his arms around him, cradling him against his pecs. “I love you, Jake.”

Jake sighed and kissed his lover’s chest. “I love you too.”

“Then trust me—it’ll be wonderful.”

Jake looked up into Mike’s eyes in trepidation. “What do I tell him?”

“Say you lost the original sample, and are really disappointed, as you’d been looking forward to trying it. See if you can convince him.”

Jake gave a wan smile, and then closed his eyes, cuddling close as if drawing strength from his giant lover. Then he turned and started out the front door, back into the night. “Okay, here goes.”

As he approached Mr. William’s house, Jake was plagued with questions. “Can this be real? What if the effect was a fluke and the coffee does nothing for me?” He shook his head. “Buck, up, Jake—you have the chance to change your life forever.”

Ten minutes later he arrived at Mr. Williams’ house. Gingerly he knocked on the door- once, twice, three times. ”Hello? Mr. Williams?” He knocked again, then once more with force, but received no answer. I guess it’s not meant to be…

Suddenly he heard a loud noise coming from the back garden. “Mr. Williams?” he called. Poking his head around the gate, Jake saw no one, but the garden gate and back door were open.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, he told himself. Jake quietly snuck into the house, lighting his way with his phone. Cobwebs and dust were everywhere, as if no-one had lived there for a long time.

“M-Mr. Williams?” He proceeded onward to the kitchen; now he was getting freaked out. I’ll quickly check the cabinets and get out of here! he thought nervously. He rifled through all the cupboards but there were no signs of any coffee. Defeated, Jake made to head back out the door, when his eye caught sight of another cabinet above it! Taking a deep breath, he pulled it open… Quickly he rifled through it. Candy, tea, cookies, chocolate…

Just when he’d given up hope he found two bags at the very back. LGM Coffee- That’s it! He took the bags and ran.

Back home in record time, Jake closed directly the door behind him. “So?” exclaimed Mike.

“I found two!” Jake exclaimed.

“Found?” asked Mike.

“Yes, he was not there and the door was open…”

“Damn,” Mike said, sitting back down. “I hope nobody saw you!”

Jake sat next to him. “No, I think not.” Jake wondered, though. There had been that noise…

“Let’s see the coffee!” Mike took the coffee and looked at the bags. Each was enough for one mug of the stuff. “Did you see?” he said. “It’s two different coffees!”

Jake frowned, looking over his lover’s newly huge shoulder. “How so?”

“Well, this one is the same as mine this morning,” Mike said, “but this one, it says ‘extra bold’…”

“So it should be stronger in taste… and maybe…” Jake trailed off, meeting Mike’s gaze.

“Taste it!”

“But… but not now,” Jake said.

“Why not?” Mike was clearly excited at the possibility of Jake becoming big like him.

“Can you let me get catch my breath?” Jake pleased. “I leave you this morning with a bland and normal life. I return in the evening, I find myself with my man who is transformed into a muscle god! I steal coffee from an old man’s cupboards, and then you want me to taste a coffee that will probably change me forever?”

Mike was looking at him like this was a no-brainer. “Uh… YES!”

“Plus I won’t even be able to sleep tonight if I start drinking this extra-bold coffee this late…” Jake protested.

“Do you think I really want to sleep tonight? This transformation has filled me with energy! And that’s really your only concern? Even if you don’t take it, I don’t think you’ll sleep much tonight… If you know what I mean…” Mike said with a grin.

Jake looked over his amazing muscle man and felt his cock stir as he started imagining making love to him all night, “Well, when you put it like that—” Jake began.

“I’ll prepare the coffee!” Mike said eagerly jumping up.

Jake sat in the living room. Fear tickled at the back of his mind.

What am I going to be like after that coffee? he wondered. Do I really want this? And if… No, No negative thoughts! Being muscular can just give me more respect and admiration. I would no longer be a ordinary guy!

He tried to think positively about how amazing it would be, but uneasy thoughts persisted. But how will my colleagues will react tomorrow? How will I explain such rapid muscle growth…?

Jake was so deep in his thoughts that he did not notice that Mike was already in front of him with a mug of the coffee. “This is your moment of truth!” he said.

“Yes…” Jake said, staring at the mug.

“Do not be afraid! I had some pain, but it’s nothing compared to how you feel afterwards! You’ll just feel your body shake.”

“Okay…” Jake hadn’t even thought about the pain of transformation, but he accepted Mike’s words. Jake took the mug, breathing over it a little to cool the coffee.

“Don’t worry! It is a new milestone in our lives!”

“Yes,” Jake agreed, steeling himself. Come on, let’s go! Jake drank the coffee in one gulp. Mike stared Jake.

“It’s very strong…” Jake said. A few seconds later, Jake’s stomach began to rumble.

“I think it’s starting,” Mike whispered.

Indeed, the coffee began to have its effect on Jake. Jake felt quite dizzy and nauseous. “I do not feel well at all,” he said. “Mike—?”

Jake stood up. Everything revolved around him and became blurred. Mike grabbed hold of Jake, steading him. After a minute, Jake felt a little better. “The spinning stopped… AAAAHHHHHHHH!!…” Jake cried suddenly, He put his hands on his belly. “THAT HUUURTS!”

Jake crumpled as if he had an enormous cramp in the stomach.

“Jake!” Mike said, catching him before he fell.


Mike was afraid. It has not at all had that reaction with his coffee. He always takes care of Jake. Then he saw a change …

“JAKE!” he said. “You’re growing!” In fact, Jake was growing! His belly was swelling! “How is this possible?”

Jake saw nothing, he he was groaning too much. Mike watched the transformation of Jake. His belly continued to swell. His neck, arms and legs also began to swell. Jake was sweating profusely. His shirt was soaked and very tight. His belt broke.

“Damn, you had to have grown at least 80 pounds…”

Two buttons popped off of the shirt. The collar of his shirt was torn. His shoes creaked. Then Jake was silent. He was breathless.

“What…” Jake gasped at Mike.

“Jake, I do not know what to say…”

“My vision is still blurry”

“I’m sorry Jake…”

“I feel heavy. What’s going on?”

“I’m really sorry…” Mike repeated.

“Mike, what did you do to me?”

“I couldn’t have known…!”

There was no sound.

“You will try the another coffee!” Mike said abruptly, grabbing the second bag where it lay on the sofa. “The same coffee as I have taken this morning! It will probably fix it…”



Jake tried to move but he was not used to this body. “And why is my vision still blurry??” he shouted.

“I don’t know…”

Jake still stood in front of Mike. “WHY? WHY? WHY ME?” Jake tried pushing Mike with no success.

“Please Jake…”


Mike took Jake in his arms and gave him a hug.

“We’ll fix this, Jake!”

“Why did I listen to you …”

“We will try the other coffee!”


“But … Look what the coffee has done to me!” he pleaded.

“AND LOOK WHAT THE COFFEE HAS DONE TO ME!” Jake began to cry. Mike squeezed him very hardly in his arms. Jake groaned into his shoulder. “Mmmhhh…”


“I… I… Mmmmhh…”

“What there is?”

“I feel better… And my vision is clearing.”

“Well you see! It will eventually get better!”

“Mmmhh… Much better even…” Jake said, sounding disoriented.

Mike smiled at Jake. Then he saw that Jake felt actually “good”!

“Mike… I have pain…”


Mike noticed that Jake became red and beginning to sweat.

“I’m hot, cold,… Look, my hands are shaking…”

“Yes, I see …”

“Mike… pain… Mike… Help me…”

“Breathe Jake! Breathe!”

Jake then began to scream in pain. His whole body was shaking. His eyes were white. A tremendous heat emanating from his body. Mike tried to keep it while squeezing against him. “Jake! Hold on!”

Jake’s body trembled more. Jake was getting hard to maintain. Mike then realized one thing… He felt closer to Jake… Indeed, Jake was getting slimmer. “Jake! You lost weight!”

But even as Mike said that, the belly inflated even worse than before. Then Jake’s body calmed down. Mike stepped back. Jake kept his eyes closed with hands on his head.

“I can not stand any more of this, Mike…”

“Courage, baby.”

Jake opened his eyes and looked at his body. “Mike, I feel better… This is weird…”

Jake was looking at Mike questioningly. “I do not know,” Mike said.

“I feel an energy in me…” Jake said.

While Jake spoke, Mike looked at Jake. Something has intrigued Mike. He seemed to see some things change… It seemed to him that the fat moved…

And Mike was right. The fat that Jake had gained was being transformed… in muscle!



Mike could no longer speak, so captivated by the face of Jake … His double chin turned into a square jaw and strong neck.

“Impressive …” Mike breathed in awe.

“Thank you,” Jake said, sarcastically.

“No no… You don’t feel anything in your neck?”

“Yes, that pulls me a little but the sensation is good… Why?”

“Well… I believe that you are still changing,” Mike with a big smile.


“Your fat is turning into muscles!” He watched as Jake’s neck stiffened. A real neck of bull!

“Mmhh… Yes… That’s good…” Jake said while touching his chest.

The boobs of fat disappeared and a real muscular chest appeared. The remaining two top buttons jumped off his straining shirt. Jake now had pectoral muscles like the biggest bodybuilders. “Oh… Damn…” Jake gasped.

His arms swelled visibly. His deltoids bulged out, ripping the rest of the shirt. They were almost the size of bowling balls. His biceps followed and they grew to a massive size. They had to be 20 inches around and still growing. All the veins stood out on his forearm. Jake’s strong pianist’s hands had turned into a lumberjack’s hands!


The belly fat had now completely disappeared. A beautiful eight-pack hardened in its place, with the lower abdomen perfectly cut in v.

His legs swelled in his turn. His jeans ripped, yielding to the building muscle. Calves took care of the rest of the jeans. Jake now had legs like a huge rugbyman.

The transformation finished with Jake’s new huge, imposing feet.

Jake did not move. Mike was in total awe. Jake was more muscular than him!

“… A true Hulk…” Mike mused.

Jake smiled. “I feel this energy still in me,” he said, eyes shining. And indeed the transformation was not quite finishedAll the veins of Jake’s body showed themselves, his whole body tensed. “FUCK THAT IS GOOD!” he bellowed. All his muscles grew while becoming firmer. No body builder had this body. Zero percent body fat, only beautiful muscles from head to feet.

“Impressive…” Mike said again.

The only sound in the house was Jake’s breathing, strong and heavy.

“Are you okay?” asked Mike.

“You ask me if I’m okay?” Jake asked, incredulous. “You see this body? OF COURSE I’M OKAY!”

Jake moved up closer to Mike and lifted him while squeezing him in his arms.

“Woah!” Mike said, startled.

“Damn you’re so light!”

“Damn you’re so strong!” Mike shot back, grinning.

“And that’s not all,” Jake added. At this moment, Jake threw Mike into the air and caught him with only one hand. Jake showed no pain, no contraction. As if holding a phone in his hand.

“Awesome!” Mike gasped.

Jake put Mike on the ground and moved forward to the enormous sideboard of the lounge. With everything that was inside, the sideboard should weigh no less than 300kg. He lifted it of a hand without an effort. “Too easy,” Jake groused.

“Given the size of your muscles it seems understandable,” said Mike with a total admiration.

“You like that, huh?”

“Oh yes!” Mike said, looking him over. “It’s just a pity that the coffee didn’t made you a little bit taller…” he teased.

“It’s okay! I have at the moment as massive a body you can get for someone my height… Don’t feel bad for me!”

“Sure!” Mike agreed.

“Then there is the second coffee…” Jake added with a wink.

“You want to take it?” Mike said astonished.

“No, no. YOU’ll take it!”

“Uh… One transformation a day will be enough for me, I think!” Mike said while laughing.

“Listen… I stole these 2 coffees at YOUR request… You did not really let me choose take this coffee, because YOU always dreamed of me being bigger,” Jake said evenly. “Now that it is done, I am asking you to take the other coffee! I want to see you being transformed!”

“Well, I am already! Look at me!” Mike said, a little uneasy at the turn of events.

“I WANT TO SEE YOU BEING TRANSFORMED!” Jake insisted. “It isn’t complicated what I’m saying to you!”

“But we do not know the effects which can have to take two coffees! You saw the results already with just that one!”

“You knew the effects of the coffee would have on me?”

“No… But…”


“What’s gotten into you, Jake? Why are you getting so excited? I’ve never seen you like this!”

“Damn right you have never seen me like this! LOOK AT THESE MUSCLES!!!” said Jake, flexing his arms in a double-bi.

“But… We are both muscular now, right?”

“I WANT YOU TO GROW MORE! You wanted me to be more, and I want you to be bigger! I LOVE IT! You know it turns me on when you’re bigger than me.”

“But I’m still bigger than you down there,” Mike said, starting to waver. He liked turning Jake on, and he knew his being big did it for Jake. He wanted that—he wanted Jake to be horny for him, hornier than ever, his now-massive muscles flushed and aching with need for him. But to be bigger than he already was—”You want me to force you to drink it? It would be so easy…” Jake growled.

Mike gaped at him, intimidated. “No, it’s good I’ll do it.”

Mike went to the coffee machine, mind racing. He had never seen Jake like that. “ He was always an angel, he never cried or shouted. The coffee did not just change his body, it had also modified his personality, or at least gilled him with confidence… Was he afraid of me before? thought Mike while pouring the coffee. What am I going to become with this second dose of coffee? I’m already huge! Well, not as huge as Jake, but it’s wonderful to be as I am…

“That’s it?” Jake said as Mike came back with the mug.


“Hey, listen… maybe I was a little hard on you. But… in love, it is necessary to make concessions, right? It—it was not my dream to be like this. It was yours. Well, I admit that I adore this body and especially this herculean strength. But I did it for you!”

“Yes… But…”

“No buts! Just—”

“But if…”

Mike began hardly his sentence that Jake took the coffee from Mike and made him swallow it by force. Mike was in a state of shock. He didn’t recognize his man any more…

“BUT… BUT…” he sputtered, after gulping down to coffee to avoid choking. “Are you crazy??”

“Yes! Crazy about you!”

Jake grabbed the back of Mike’s neck and kissed him. Mike could not believe how strong Jake was. He could not free himself from the embrace or the kiss, but the, he didn’t want to. The kiss lasted a long time and Mike relaxed a little. Then Mike shuddered, and this broke the kiss.

“Come on darling, let go,” Mike said gently. He began to shiver and felt the electric shocks in all of his muscles.

“These are the same sensations that—” Jake began.

“Come on big buy, let go!”


Mike trembled even more, his muscles swelled and shrank right in front of their eyes.

“Impressive…” Jake said now, echoing Mike’s reactions as he’d watched Jake change.

“AAAAHHHHH!!!!” Mike shouted. Mike tore his clothes, the biggest he could find after his first transformation, while continuing to roar. His veins inflated and his muscles grew, as sweat flowed all over all his body.

“Courage Mike!”

A wave of energy passed through Mike and then passed. Mike was exhausted.

“It’s far from over…” he said, huffing.

Jake looked at Mike with wide eyes. Their gaze stayed locked … until he heard the floor creak… Jake looked down and Mike’s feet were bigger than any he’d ever seen. They were at least a size 15! “Oh damn! The size of your feet!”

But while Jake was stunned by Mike’s feet, he didn’t see that the transformation had continued. He looked up in time to see Mike’s head smash into the ceiling.

Boom! “Ouch!”

“You must be 8 feet tall…”

“You like?”

“Oh yes!”

“It is a little too tall all the same, though, right?” Mike mused, touching the ceiling by his head. “How will we explain… AAAAHHHHHHHHH….!!!” Mike dropped suddenly to all fours, the pain was so intense. His roaring was so loud that Jake had to block his ears.

Mike’s skin became red, the veins had stood out even more. His muscles swelled once again. Jake did not want to miss anything and watched as Mike’s calves doubled in size. They were the size of his armsThen came the turn of the quadriceps and they took an unimaginable scale. His buttocks were tearing the rest of his underwear.

The Mike stopped screaming and began to rise. His legs were huge compared to his chest and arms. He did not get up completely, he kept himself bent double as if he had a stomach cramp. Then he cried out even harder. His abdominals, already well developed, now swelled and redefined. His shoulders widened in no time. His delts were the size of watermelons! His biceps followed. With his arms folded, his new biceps choked so they were big. His forearms and hands thickened to the size of loggers appeared. The size of his neck was unlike any living being on this earth. Jake could not believe his eyes—a god of muscle loomed before him.

“FUCK!!!” Mike yelled.

CRACK!! Mike stood up suddenly and his head broke the ceiling. He was still growing. Jake admired Mike’s pectorals. He would need more than two hands to cover just one of his pecs. They were enormous and imposing. And his ass—!

“Damn… I can’t take… anymore…” Mike whimpered. But it seemed over.

Mike was breathless. His breath was shifting all his huge muscles, much to the delight of Jake. Mike stooped. He brushed plaster out of his hair.

“Huge…” Jake gasped, awestruck.

“Thank you…”

“Even more impressive than my transformation!”

“This was my second dose also…”

“Yes it’s true! But you’re even more beautiful like that!”

“I’d better be!” Mike said laughing. “That hurt like fuck!”

Jake walked over and kissed Mike. His lips were much smaller that Mike’s.

“My transformation had an effect on you, I see…” Mike said, looking down.

“Of course! Standing in front of an eight-foot-tall muscle god … It does not leave you indifferent…”

Mike smiled. “I did mention that we will not be getting a lot of sleep tonight,” he said.

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