By Dream Big 
3 parts
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Part 1

“Hey, you alive? You awake?”

My head was pounding, and awareness came slowly. I had the distinct impression that the voice had been talking for a while.

“Whazza?” Best I could manage. I couldn’t see, not yet.

“Oh, cool. You made it, that’s great,” the voice said.

The voice had a pleasant timbre, a sort of light baritone. A hint of an accent that I could not quite place. The tone was friendly, curious, even concerned?

“Ugh. Where am I? Who are you? What’s going on?” That’s what I tried to say. Not sure how much made it past my lips. I felt strangely detached from my own skin.

“Easy man, take it slow. You’ve been out a while. Most of them don’t…well, they don’t usually wake up.”


“The others. Like you.” The voice sighed. “Look, you’re going through a lot right now, and I want you to understand that no matter how freaky it is, I’m on your side.”

“What do you mean? Who are you?”

“Oh! Marco. Call me Marco.”

“Okay…Marco. I’m Chris. At least I think I am. Everything is so fuzzy,” I complained.

“Chris. Hello. Yeah, that stuff does a number on you. But like I said, you’re lucky. The fact you can remember your name is a really good sign. Only about a dozen of us woke up, that I know of, and only four remembered their names.”


“Yeah, the process….. it does something to us, and it doesn’t always work right. And sometimes it goes really wrong…”

“Marco, you’re not making sense.”

“Like Joe, it went wrong with him. He was fine at first, but then it all just… kept going. He lost himself. And Tan, he lasted longer, but it was hard to tell. He didn’t speak much English. But Tyler, Ty was the one who really…” The voice stopped, collecting itself. “Sorry. Tyler was my friend. And now…”

“Marco. Please.”

“Sorry, sorry. I just… I haven’t had anyone else to talk to in at least a week. Hard to tell the days here.”

“I can imagine. It’s very dark.”

“Oh, no, it’s just that you’re blind. Temporarily. You should snap out of that pretty soon, and then you’ll see what I’m talking about.”


“Yeah, something about what they do to us, the initial round of it is pretty hard on your system. Like a super flu or something. But you’ll even out. The rest of us did. Well, the ones who made it.”

This was sounding more and more crazy. The ones who made it?

“Marco, why can’t I move?”

“Oh, that’s the restraints. Don’t bother, they’re steel or something. Even Tan couldn’t break them. And believe me, he tried.”

“Why am I restrained? What the fuck is happening?”

“Oh! Right! Sorry…” he said. “Okay, this is going to sound crazy, but you’ve been kidnapped. And you’ve been… well, I guess ‘altered’ is the right word. I don’t know.”

“Altered? Kidnapped?”

“I don’t know who did it, but like, for me, I was walking home after practice. Then I woke up here. I don’t know where this is, but it’s really secure. Maybe military. Maybe alien or mad scientist, fuck if I know. But we’re stuck here, and they’re…doing things to us.”

That did not sound good. That sounded terrifying. I ought to be panicking.

“Why am I not freaking out, Marco?”

“I don’t know. Something they feed us, I think. Trust me, I’m not the guy you want to be near if I am freaking out,” he said, with a deeper chuckle than his voice suggested.

“You seem nice enough to me,” I replied. “So what now?”

“Well, for now, you should let the sleep take you. No point in fighting it. And you’d probably rather not feel what’s happening to you.”

“What are they doing?” I could feel… something in my arms. Probably an IV drip or something. “What’s in my arm?”

“I don’t know. I know that we’ve all had some of it in our veins and it changes us. Nobody quite the same. But you’ll see when you open your eyes. They’ve got a few mirrors built in. Unbreakable of course.”

We sat in silence for a few more minutes as feeling returned to my body, tingling and numb and prickling all over. Finally I could sense light, and with a little trepidation, I willed my eyes to open.

Part 2

When my eyes opened, I discovered several things in rapid succession.

First, I still couldn’t move my head, or anything else. But I could see, and blink my eyes. I seemed to be in some sort of industrial or medical space; grey walls and tile, neutral metal cabinets—though admittedly my field of vision was pretty limited without the ability to move my head.

Second, the lighting looked odd to me; the colors were washed out and grey-ish and while I was able to focus well, it was like I could see the thing I was looking at really well, but stuff around it not so much. I chalked that up to a lingering effect of whatever had rendered me temporarily blind, at first, but then as I cast my gaze around as best I could, I realized that I couldn’t identify the light source. It wasn’t that bright in here, but yet I could see pretty well, In fact, the only light source I could make out seemed to come from what I guessed was an observation window off to my left. I didn’t recall having decent night vision before, but maybe it was just that I rarely needed it.

Third, I could hear a variety of things pretty well: the hum of some sort of appliance, the faint noises of people talking or something elsewhere in the area, possibly down a connected hall.

Fourth, I could smell… something. Several somethings. Something soapy and clinical, maybe the chemicals they used to clean the place? Another scent seemed like my own, the smell of sheets or underwear that needed washing. And fainter, a third scent, similar to mine, but murkier somehow.

Fifth… well, fifth was troubling. Because I felt so many pinpricks of discomfort against my skin. I just couldn’t figure out what the heck it was. But whatever that was, it seemed worse around my ankles and wrists, so that was probably cuffs or restraints or something. Something similar was around my neck holding me firmly in place.

Sixth, I found it hard to deduce my orientation at first; my internal gyroscope was off. But once I was able to spot the shape of the cabinets, I realized that I was probably in some sort of semi-vertical restraint, like a hospital bed partly elevated.

I was just processing all of that when I heard a noise nearby, off to my left. It was someone approaching—heavy footfalls, and the sound of something sloshing in a bucket, at first. I heard the sound of keypad being tapped and some sort of electronic bloop before a clanking sound released the lock on a door.

“Hey,” Marco softly whispered. “I’m here to check on you. Are your eyes open?”

“Yeah,” I mumbled.

“Then be prepared to close ‘em, I’m turning on the lights.”



“I can see fine,” I said. “The light is bright enough.”

He chuckled. “Well, that’s great for you, but I need to see to tend to you, and I need more than the exit sign to see by. Three….two….one…”

Aaaah! Everything went white and the afterimage stayed in my retina for a moment, even though I’d instinctively shut my eyes as tightly as I could the moment he had said “one”. As bright stars swam in my mind’s eye, I heard him set the bucket down behind me, and chuckle again.

“So. You could see well enough by that light, huh?”

“Yeah,” I blinked cautiously. My eyes quickly adjusted.

“You okay now?”

“Yeah, I think so.” I peered at the cabinet ahead of me, trimmed in grey Formica, I thought. “I can see okay again.”

“Hmm. Could be light sensitivity from being under, or maybe you can just see really well in the dim light. Guess they’ll figure that out soon enough. Well, buddy, you ready?”

“For what?”

“For me.”

Stepping into my field of vision was a very large, very athletic man with light caramel skin, poofy dreadlocks, a friendly, lopsided grin and the sort of muscular development you’d see on Olympic athletes. He wasn’t wearing much and from what I could see, what he wore barely fit. A white camp shirt from which heavily muscled arms erupted; below, I couldn’t quite see but had the sense of something similar.

“Remember, Marco? From the other day?”

“The other day?”

“Hey, are you okay? Because if you’re forgetting stuff that’s not a great sign…”

“No, I remember talking to you, but had no idea how long that was…”

“Yeah, the days can get confusing in here. Either you get used to it or you don’t, I guess.”

“Can you let me out?”

“Oh!” He sputtered, surprised. “Hon, no. Not yet, not until you’re done.”

“I don’t like the sound of that.”

“Oh, nothing sinister, bro. But you’re not finished yet and it wouldn’t be safe.”

“Finished how…?”

“I can’t say for sure what you’ll be like when all this finishes with you, but I didn’t look like this when I got here. And I went through this like, I dunno, twenty guys ago? Hard to remember with certainty.”

“What are they doing?”

“It’s some kind of experiment. I’m just here to wash you down, for now. And I guess make sure you’re okay.”

“I’m strapped to a table being experimented on while a hot guy stands nearby, worried…” I said sarcastically. “So, you know, great.”

“Well, at least part of you is awake and your snarky brain isn’t damaged too much. Now I’m going to scrub you down. Just let me know if there’s anyplace you need more or less pressure,” he said, soothingly.

The fact I could not move was okay, because Marco’s gentle attentiveness and the soothingly warm, soapy water allowed me to relax as he washed me. It’s a sensation you don’t often experience, being washed by someone else, in our modern world, not as an adult. It seemed intimate somehow, and his curious smile was warm and friendly.

“That feel okay?” he asked.

“Feels great,” I replied truthfully. He scrubbed my scalp and poured water over my skull, and I shivered as it ran down behind my neck.

“Sorry I can’t unhook you, but rules are rules for a reason. Had to learn that the hard way.”


“Yeah. One reason they have me doing this rather than the lab guys. They stay away while you’re awake, in case you get… grumpy.”

“Sure doesn’t feel like I am a threat right now.” I was snarky about it, I guess, but I was also trying to not think about how sensual it felt. His hands were large, and warm, and soft, but had strength in them. Long fingers gripped the loofah, while his other hand undid something behind me.

“What are you doing back there?”

“Some of the frame here is on a hinge. You should be supported well enough to give me access, but let me get you upright so you don’t have as much strain.”

He clicked a button and I slowly moved from the roughly 45-degree angle I’d been at to a more upright one, and I felt the weight shift to my legs and feet. Then my arms spread as the mechanism moved forward, and the support behind my back was suddenly gone. A breeze flickered through and tickled the hairs on my back and butt, distracting me from the boring view of an industrial room. It was no more interesting than it had been in the dark.

“Were you always this hairy?”

“Not particularly?” The question puzzled me, until he brought the loofah in and scrubbed my back, and my lower back, and my butt. Suddenly all those itchy pinpricks made sense.

“Well, I got news for ya, you are now!” He felt fantastic as he scrubbed all around, then moved to the front to scrub there. With my neck still fixed and immobile, I couldn’t see anything but his missing face as he worked. I could smell him though, a pleasantly male scent, similar to but different from my own.

“Nice abs,” he remarked, and I flexed instinctively. “Nicer. Guessing they weren’t quite so pronounced and hairy before, though.”

“I’m not really hairy,” I said, shyly. “At least I wasn’t.”

“Yeah, betting you weren’t quite so bulky before either. Still, it looks good on you,” he said.

“What the hell is all this? You gotta know something. And you said there were mirrors.”

He frowned and stopped washing me for a moment.

“I’ve been wondering about that. They haven’t faced you in the direction of that wall, but they haven’t told me not to say anything. But maybe it’s… maybe they’ve got something more extreme going on with you and don’t want to show you just yet. Hell, maybe this is a test for me and my judgment.”

“Please,” I said.

“Look, the treatment is different for everyone. They won’t tell me why, or how it works, but I’ve seen guys go through all sorts of changes. I was a fat middle aged computer guy before. I sure didn’t look like this. Whatever they give us, it seems to make us better, but they’ve put like forty or fifty guys through this and a lot of them…well, they don’t turn out so great. “

“Is this some kind of Captain America shit?”

“Probably? But whatever they’re doing, it doesn’t stop, and they don’t seem to be trying to hurt anyone. Not on purpose. Doesn’t seem cruel or anything, just… unpredictable.”

“Okay… what do you mean by ‘more extreme’?”

“Oh. Well… I don’t really want to scare you.”

“Seriously? Too late, man. What do you mean?”

He began scrubbing again, his pretty face deep in thought.

“I mean, some of the guys didn’t turn out quite… human. One dude got real, real big. Like put on a hundred pounds of muscle in a few days. Another guy lost his thumbs. They just atrophied and fell off while his other fingers got bigger. Tyler, my friend, he got… I dunno, more animalistic. Feral or primitive or something. Fair warning, I got a taste of that too, so if my Adrenalin spikes, I kind of hulk out a bit. Road rage, or something. So if you wind up a little furry, don’t be too shocked. You might have got off easy.”

His fingers brushed my nipples as he continued to scrub me, and an electric thrill ran down directly to my cock.

“Whoa, sorry…”

I couldn’t think for a moment, as the innocent brushing of my nipple caused my libido to spike, and all the blood seemed to rush elsewhere. I felt horny and lightheaded, like the one time I’d tried poppers.

“Uh, sorry, Chris,” he said. “Whoa. That did not look that big before.”

He backed away, and I continued to feel the blood rush to the center of my body. I desperately wanted to look down, because it felt like I was getting the king of the hard ons.

“Marco… please… what…”

“Dude, I wish you could see it,” he said, partly in awe. “Some of the guys got big down there, but you seem to have hit the jackpot. There’s probably a lot of masculine hormones in whatever they give us, but… well, you gotta be a foot long soft, man. Big handful of balls, so much hair…”

I could see Marco’s reaction, but I still couldn’t move to look myself. His face mixed awe and surprise and… arousal? I realized I could see fat hard nipples on his crisp white polo. Or maybe it was all in my head, since nothing but sex seemed accessible to my brain just then. He smelled really good suddenly.

“Fuck, it’s getting hard now… dude, I wish you could see this. You got a seriously big dick. I’m guessing you weren’t porn star hung before… Fuck,” he said, shucking his shirt and shoving his hand down his own pants. “It smells like you in here, that musky ball scent… you gotta be kicking out some kind of pheromone or something. Your horny is contagious!”

“I can’t help it,” I said hungrily. “Can you help me? I feel funny, and it kind of hurts…”

“I’m not surprised. Your blood pressure readings are all red on that machine,” he said. “Fuck, that’s unreal, it must be like 14, 15 inches long….”

“No fucking way, I’m like 7 inches max.” I grunted, a moaning guttural growl, as the sensation grew to be too much.

“Maybe before. I told you they changed you.” He approached me gingerly. “Do you… want me to try to help relieve you?”

“Oh man, please…” my mouth said before I could stop it. I’d never been with a guy before! I mean, not like this, just mutual jerking off with a college roommate.


His touch on my dick was bliss. Big warm hands and long fingers caressed the long veiny sides of my cock, and I shivered with delight. I was moaning like a porno whore, but I couldn’t stop.

I felt an odd sensation, like I was pissing, but not the same… and then I realized I was leaking pre like a faucet, dousing myself and his hand in a spurt of clear, musky fluid. I could smell it, and I could smell his reaction to it, as his own body responded.

Marco barely looked at me as he planted his face over my cock head and began to lap up the stuff, letting the overflow lubricate my massive cock as he vigorously pumped me. His to the danced around my glans, teasing still more out of me, and then he dove forward to deep throat me.

Deep throating my normal old cock, at 7 inches and a little girthy, was tricky, I’d been told, but this was at least twice as much cock to handle. Marco took to it like he’d been training for years to swallow cock, and I was powerless against it. I strained to hold it in, but finally he grabbed my balls firmly and squeezed and I cut loose with a roar. Eight, ten, twelve burning shots of hot jizz shot from me directly into Marco’s throat, and as he pulled off, two smaller, lesser shots gave him a mouthful as a parting gift.

I hung there, panting, as my dick softened and I could feel the head tickling as it brushed my bushy crotch hair.

“Better?” Marco said, with a shy smile as he tongued an escaping dot of come from the corner of his wide mouth.

I couldn’t form words, but he knew. Nothing in my life had felt so all-encompassing and perfect as shooting so much come out of my big dick into a hot mouth of a sexy guy. His shy smile sealed the deal, and I was smitten. And swimming in endorphins. Literally high. I felt almost disconnected from my body and had trouble focusing properly. Marco’s delicious scent, the scent of him aroused and wanting me, burned into my memory.

Wordlessly, Marco finished washing me, put the supports back in place, rotated me back, and quietly switched off the light and shut the door as he left.

My eyes quickly adjusted again, But I was worn out, and as I closed my newly light sensitive eyes, I heard a soft whirr and click as the pump in my arm began to send more… whatever it was into my body.

Part 3

I had been unconscious for the previous infusions, but this time I was awake.

It’s such a strange sensation, having something sent directly into your veins. I was in the hospital once and I’d experienced the IV painkiller drip, which was sort of a slow wave of relief. This was nothing like that.

First off, the stuff they were pumping into me felt a little like that icy-hot stuff you use on your muscle spasms. It started in my arm, then shot through my chest and into my bloodstream through my heart, which pumped with renewed vigor. Or maybe I was just paying more attention. Anyway the sensation was almost tangible and I could feel it reaching every bit of me in seconds. The the whirring stopped with a faint click, and another one started in the other arm. This one just felt warm at first, but it seemed to slowly wipe out the chilly-hot sensation from the first one, leaving me feel warm, while my brain started to feel a little fuzzy and detached. Must have been painkiller or something in that second one….and I dozed off. I had the faint impression of other people in the room, mostly from unknown, but slightly familiar, scents that lingered as my consciousness faded.

When I came to, it was to find myself in a different position. This time, I seemed to be suspended about four feet off the floor, and again at a slightly upward angle. The framework I was strapped to was in a different position, but I was still secured and immobile.

If anything, my senses felt sharper than they had before. I could see pretty well by what I knew now was just the light from the exit sign, though the floor offered little of interest. It was pretty immaculate. The same noises as before, mostly, but now some sort of air filtration seemed to be in place, with a relatively quiet hum of an electric fan and air through vents.

My nose told me that someone had swabbed the place down with antiseptic of some kind, and the rubbery smell of fresh hoses suggested my IV had been replaced. I could still smell myself, when I concentrated, but Marco’s scent was gone completely. I had no sense of the time, of course, but I did begin to register a dull ache in all my joints that reminded me of the last time I’d really overdone it at the gym—which had been longer ago than I liked to think about. And as I cast my mental gaze over each sore spot, others revealed themselves, and a muscle soreness also flared up. It wasn’t a sharp pain, just a faint burn and a lingering ache. But it was pretty much all I had to look forward to at the moment.

The frame I was strapped into had been reconfigured, and I was, as near as I could tell, spread-eagled—in fact I could just make out cylinders at about eye level at the extremes of my peripheral vision where my arms seemed likely to end. But this time, I could feel something, faintly, from my right arm. Felt like I was lying on my arm, and my fingers were trapped in a pillowy, pliant space. Same with my feet and toes. And, I realized, there was a new weight around my waist, and something was strapped there as well. I couldn’t really feel my dick, but I suspected some sort of urine collection thing was there. I really hoped there wasn’t a catheter; those things creeped me out.

As I continued to take mental stock of my position, my ears alerted me to the sound of someone in the hallway, and the step suggested Marco.

“You up?”

“Yeah,” I said.

“Good. Lights in 3-2—1…”

Again, my eyes quickly adjusted, and the smell and presence of Marco filled the room.

“Bath time again?”

“Well, it has been a while since you were awake for it.”

“How long this time?”

“Three days, and a bit. I think. Like I said before, it’s hard to be sure in here. But it’s been that long since I was here, at least. And man, they have been busy with you.”


“I think I see why they didn’t want to show you what was happening,” he said setting the bucket down.

“Fuck, please… please tell me.”

“Does it matter? I mean, you can’t do anything about it. I can’t do anything about it. It’s going to happen, at whatever pace they decide, for as long as they want it to. What good is knowing?”

“Because sooner or later they’re going to let me out of this thing and I want to try to prepare for what I eventually see.”

“Point,” he said. “Okay. Well, first thing. You’re… bigger. How tall were you when you got here?”

“I dunno, five nine or so? Maybe 160?”

“Really? Shit, they really have been working on you. Dude, you gotta be close to six and a half feet, at least. So there’s that.”

“Taller?” I couldn’t believe it.

“Yeah. But the crazy thing is I think you’re going to get bigger, because your arms are crazy long. Unless you’re secretly Michael Phelps.”

“Shit,” I said. “How do they even do that?”

“Told you, I don’t know anything about that. But that’s not all. You remember the other day when your dick was all huge?”

“Yeah. Kind of hard to forget that.”

“Well, I don’t know how big it is now, but it’s in this contraption,” he said, tapping the metallic tube strapped to my waist. “Can you feel anything?”

“Not right now.”

“There’s another big change you should probably know about,” he said, “but it might be easier to do this.”

He reached out his hand and stroked my back gently, like he was petting me. The thick, long hair smoothed out of the way under his ministrations, and—-

“What the fuck!

“Yeah, that’s a little weird.”

“Why the fuck are they turning me into a Sasquatch?”

“Dude, you’re starting to panic. Calm down, if you can. Look at me,” he said, his caramel face and big brown eyes stared me in the face.

“How can I calm down? They’re fucking with my body, man.”

“You and everyone here,” he said. “You know you’re not the first, right? You probably won’t be the last, but you’re not alone. We’ve all been fucked with and you’re still you. You’re lucky. Whatever they’re doing, you’re okay and you’re you.”

We stared at each other in silence for a moment, and I could smell the change in the room while I was starting to hyperventilate. I could hear my own racing heart start to calm down, and I could almost hear his. But more than anything, I realized his scent was comforting. He was nice, and he was calm, and he was really really cute, and he smelled good.

“That’s better. Now, I’m going to wash you, because I gotta tell you, it really reeks of you in here, and I don’t think all this furry stuff is helping.”

I hung there in silence as he scrubbed down everywhere he could reach, starting with my back—and it was obvious that there wasn’t just a lot of hair, it was practically fur. It seemed to cover my entire back and much of my arms, and all of my butt and legs.

“The good news is, you have an amazing ass, you know.”

“It’s all hair and huge.”

“Yeah,” he said. “Amazing. You got a lot of muscle there, but the shape is really nice under all the fur.” It was almost like he was chatting in a hair salon, so matter of fact, but then he ran the scrubber down the crack of my ass and poured more water over it. It felt really nice as he rubbed and scrubbed the meaty part of my ass but the soap water and scrubber felt even nicer near my hole, so when he brushed it with his finger, it made me instinctively clench my asshole shut.

“Hah! You wanna let my finger go, buddy?”

“Sorry,” I said, breathing a little more deeply.

“It’s okay. You just have a pretty tight ass and it’s… it’s hard not to explore. Honestly, I kind of have to dig around, your butt is big and I’m supposed to clean everywhere. But it’s not really fair to you, strung up like this.”

“I know you’re just cleaning me, I just wasn’t expecting it.”

“…Right, I’ll move on.” And he silently and sensuously cleaned the rest of my legs, at least down to the tubes encasing my feet. Then he worked his way up, on the underside of my body, being particularly careful around the crotch, but seeming to get into it as he worked his way up my chest.

“Hang on, bad angle here. Let me see,” he said, tapping a panel. The frame rose until I was more or less vertical again. From this position, it was obvious I’d grown, because my feet were still at least a foot off the ground, and my head was level with the tops of the cabinets. The ceilings were much, much higher, maybe 10 feet high. I felt enormous.

Marco came back to the front side, and smiled at me. “Now, you’re stuck in a tube, so don’t expect anything from me if I brush your nipples this time. I can’t unhook anything.” He scrubbed and washed and studiously avoided my nipples, but he did pay attention to my chest and abs. “Shaggy boy, you got some meat on you now,” he chuckled. “Catching up to that dick of yours.”

Finally, he finished washing me and I felt and smelled much better. He dug into the other bucket and produced a thickly bristled brush, showing it to me. “Okay, I gotta brush you out or you’ll get all matted.”

You know when you go to the barber shop and they scrub your scalp? How relaxing that is? Or when someone else brushes your hair for you? It’s really nice.

This was like that, but dialed up to 9.

It also became obvious that I didn’t just have a lot of hair…or fur or whatever the fuck they’d done to me. I had it everywhere and it was about 3 to 4 inches long. Quite thick, and the same golden brown as my hair had been.

I also realized that my hair, fur, whatever—it smelled really nice. Marco commented much the same, as he brushed. “The more I brush this stuff, the softer it gets, and it smells nice. Much better than you smelled after three days hanging here.”

He moved to the front of me, and I realized that my scruffy beard wasn’t really a beard anymore. He brushed my face gently. “You look like a big sexy yeti,” he said.

“I’m sexy?”

“Duh, I don’t just suck anyone’s cock, you know.”

“Even like this?”

“You kidding? I mean, the fur isn’t my thing normally, but you got a jacked, muscular body that most guys would kill for, and I always liked tall guys.” He slowly brushed my arm with long, teasing strokes. “You know, your nipples are hard again.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“I bet you do.” He set the brush down and stroked my fuzzy face with his hand. “You’re really pushing my buttons.”

“I know, I can smell you.”

“No way.”

“Yeah. You’re aroused. Smells pretty hot.”

He blushed. He actually blushed.

“Told you you push my buttons.”

Suddenly the moment was shattered by a shrill beeping.

“Whoa—you must be kicking out pheromones again,” he said, shaking out of his lusty haze. “They set up a monitor. They kind of don’t want me fooling around with you too much. I’m really, really sorry—”

I felt the numbness blossom in my arm and pump through my body in seconds, and I fell asleep.

Whatever was happening to me, it was frustrating.

Every time I started to adjust even a tiny bit, I’d get overwhelmed by my own….physicality, I guess? And it left me reeling, horny, and frequently unconscious. My body was rapidly becoming something inhuman and foreign.

Worse, it didn’t exactly feel …bad. I mean, it felt weird, but it didn’t hurt or anything. I careened from being absolutely detached to firmly present in a body I doubted I’d recognize. I knew I was losing days to oblivion, and I feared I was losing bits of myself as things progressed. Was I fighting it now or just letting it happen? What would the old me have done?

I didn’t want to be a yeti, but I did want to get with Marco and do all sorts of sexy stuff with him. God, he was so gentle and sexy and nice smelling. If he weren’t there, I wasn’t sure I’d have any of me left, and he provided a focus. Just calling me by my name helped root me in the here and now.

I began to think of my life as a routine. I’d wake up, discover some new and objectively disturbing change, and then Marco would come in and clean me up, and blow me and stroke me to release. We would kiss and talk briefly, but then they’d pump something else into me and I’d pass out and wake up a few days later.

On and on it went, and my limbs grew longer and shaggier, and my dick larger and thicker. My chest felt huge under the soft fur that was undeniably my own. But still, I couldn’t see myself nor move properly. My only measure of size or shape was a Marco, and he seemed to grow steadily more muscular (and possibly shorter?) as the days dragged on. He seemed ever more beautiful and masculine to me. I found myself torn between falling for my one source of humanity and intimacy, and resenting him.

I spent hours adjusting to an expanded range of perception, especially my sense of scent, but I kept quiet about what I was smelling. Not just Marco (whose scent now also included some bit of my own flavor), but a handful of distinct scents. I could tell when he had been around other men, when he’d whacked off himself, even what he had eaten.

i think it was maybe ten sessions into this routine when I realized I must have been there a month. Recently I seemed to have topped out in height, judging by where my eye line fell versus the cabinets. But I continued to broaden and pack on mass, as near as I could tell.

“Hey,” Marco said. I’d smelled him a distance away from the other side of the door. But this time there was another scent, an unfamiliar one with a chemical undertone to it.

“Hey sexy beast,” he grinned. “What did I have for lunch?”

“Pizza, I think. Lucky bastard. Pepperoni. But the real question is who is the new guy you ate with?”

He set down the brush, sighed, and turned to me. “Nobody,” he said, “but after lunch, I had to meet with someone to discuss you.”


“I have some news,” he said. “One more treatment, and you get a break.”


“Yeah. They decided you’re stable enough, that your mind is stable enough, to see what’s become of you here.”

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