An officer’s odyssey

By Alexander Wolf 
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“Two-lincoln-thirty-five,” the sound of a woman’s casual voice filled Alex’s patrol car from the radio.

Alex grabbed the mic from its hook on the dashboard and pressed its activation button, “Two-lincoln-thirty-five, go with it.”

“Respond to Mountain Boulevard and Essex Road. A passing citizen advised they saw an abandoned truck from the utility company on the side of the road. They requested a welfare check, due to the vehicle being in that location for several hours. Incident nine-two-five.”

Alex clicked the button again, once the dispatcher finished with the details of the call, “Copy.” He changed his course and began driving to the location of the call. He was into his eighth hour of his twelve hour shift, and the call sounded like it was going to be a simple case of finding the driver and moving on. He cruised through the dark streets of the city, making his way northward, towards the hills. The night was cool, and would have been comfortable were it not for constant stream of calls for police assistance. He picked the city due to its busy nature, and eight years later, he was still glad that he did. He could not survive in a slow city, and dying of boredom was the worst way to go by his book.

A few minutes later, he found the truck idling on grass at the side of the road. The ground was wet, which made it easy for him to find the boot tracks leading away from the truck’s driver door. He held his flashlight in his off-hand, and followed the tracks down a hill covered with trees and bushes. He stopped when he saw a flattened path in the grass, down the slick hill. It was apparent to Alex that the worker fell and slid down the rest of the way. Taking greater precaution, he slowly made his way down alongside the trail. It stopped at the lip of a deep hole, large enough for a man to fall into. Alex pointed his flashlight into the hole, and saw that it was a six foot drop, that he could easily hang drop from, and the walls leading back up the hole were easy to climb. He went down, and continued to follow the trail of the wayward worker. Illuminating more of the area around him, it was apparent the hole lead into what looked like a natural cavern. He followed the boot prints, which lead away from the entrance, and deeper into the hill.

The cavern lead to a room with stone hewn walls and floor. Near the fall wall of the room, Alex saw the worker on the ground, facing away from him. “Sir? Are you alright?” Alex called out as he walked towards the downed worker. He looked around the room, looking for what could have knocked the man down, but it looked like it was just him and the incapacitated man.

While lying on his side, the man’s true size was not fully apparent to Alex during his approach. The height of the man’s shoulders brought a shadow of unease into Alex’s mind, but it wasn’t until the man picked himself off the ground that Alex’s felt the fear course down the back of his neck. Once he came to his full height, towering over Alex, all Alex could do was stand in place. His body refused to move, no matter how much his mind cried out for action. The giant of a man used one of his plump fingers to tilt Alex’s chin up and get a better look at him. Any doubt that remained in Alex was immediately wiped clean when he looked into the man’s eyes. He was fucked. He could see no emotion or human empathy behind the eyes that looked into his and then slipped onto the rest of his body. Whatever the goliath was, it was nothing near to human sanity, and it as sure as hell did not need his help.

“You’ll do,” the man quietly stated. He pulled off his safety jacket and button-up worker shirt to stand bare chested in front of Alex. His pecs pushed out from his body, in a mixture of muscle and bulk that was either from an extremely lucky genetic disposition, or from a dedicated gym regiment based on heavy weights and steroids. His stomach spilled out from his shirt, and jostled as it came to a rest in front of him. Again, its rotundness was clearly situated atop a slap of muscle that could not be seen, but nonetheless radiated strength. He unbuckled his pants, and let them drop to the ground. A pair of white briefs, which appeared a stark bright contrast to the dim lighting around him, held back a bulge that strained the fabric to the point of bursting. The outline of his engorged penis pressed and softly beat against the fabric, along with two large orbs the size of tennis balls resting beneath.

“This will not hurt. Unless you want it to.” The man’s deep voice rumbled. He ran his hands over Alex’s uniform shirt with his surprisingly deft fingers. “My name is Hephaestion.” He stepped out of his downed pants, with his package bouncing and settling into a rigid sculpture of an immense rod behind its white fabric prison. A wet stain began to form at the tip of his cock’s head, followed by a steady stream of a clear viscous liquid that trailed to the ground. His hands moved the outline of the bulky bulletproof vest underneath Alex’s uniform shirt. “A warrior with his armor beneath his uniform. The Fates have been cruel to keep me imprisoned for so long.” He paused and thought to himself for a moment, “It’s my time now.” He pushed Alex down to his knees.

Alex knelt in front of Hephaestion’s immense package, which dripped in anticipation through its cloth confines. His face hovered directly in front of the large man’s erect penis, unable to move away from what would follow. His arms and legs would not listen, and his mind was racing or anything he could do to get away. He tried to scream, but his voice was stuck in his chest. Unable to escape, Alex could not think if his paralysis was from fear or by an inner dark choice. Did he want it to happen?

Hephaestion pulled down his briefs. His cock shot up, and stood at attention up to below his pecs. Alex guessed the size of the thing had to be greater than twelve inches, with the thickness of his forearm. The man’s balls hung pendulously beneath the mammoth penis; two large nuts that swayed low with each movement. Hephaestion placed the head of his penis, a large mushroom tip that flared from the shaft and came to a glistening round tip, on Alex’s closed lips. “Open up your mouth, boy. You are going to need this if you want to survive what comes next,” Haphaestion commanded. He rubbed the tip of his head along Alex’s lips, spreading his precum with each pass. The wetness made Alex inadvertently lick his lips. Three things happened at once as soon as he brought the precum into his mouth. The flavor slammed into his mind, making him insatiably thirsty for more nectar from the man’s engorged cock, while a blazing heat that instantaneously settled into a coursing warmth overtook his body. He could feel his own cock immediately stiffen, pushing through the fabric of his briefs and also begin to seep his own clear juice. Alex moaned, and that was all Hephaestion needed to push his way through.

Alex did not have the chance to prepare himself for the immense cock as it made its way into his mouth. Hephaestion pushed his head through, locking it in place and taking the chance away of Alex pulling back. Alex felt the cock twitch, and tasted more precum splash at the back of his throat. His body relaxed with the new dose, and began to accommodate the monstrous penis penetrating through his mouth. Alex was surprised he could still breathe with his mouth locked around Hephaestion’s monstrous girth. He moaned uncontrollably as he felt his throat tighten, relax, and grow to allow the cock to fill him. Hephaestion slowly gave and took, slithering his cock deeper and deeper into Alex. Alex’s eyes watered with the mixture of pain and ecstasy of having his mouth skewered by an impossible cock. After what seemed like an eternity, Alex could smell the musk of Hephaestion’s groin as his pubic hair pushed against Alex’s nose. Hephaestion’s bull balls rested on Alex’s chest, and the entire length of his cock was sheathed within Alex’s throat. Alex could feel his own cock throbbing underneath his uniform, seeping precum continuously without even being touched.

Hephaestion kept his cock locked in for a moment, before pulling it back out and allowing Alex to gasp for air. He then pushed back in and out, keeping a steady rhythm that Alex could feel in his chest with each full penetration. Alex found he regained the use of his hands, when he felt the smooth soft skin of the man’s giant balls. He massaged and caressed Hephaestion’s large warm testicles, as his throat was slowly fucked. Without any warning he felt Hephaestion stiffen, and his cock began to spasm inside of Alex’s mouth. Alex was unprepared for the amount of liquid that suddenly began gushing into his stomach. The thought of ripping his mouth away from the geyser flitted by his mind, before a wave of ecstasy and pleasure slammed into him and overloaded all his senses. Alex lost count after the sixth pump filled him, but he quickly became aware of the feeling of his uniform tightening around his body. He felt his own cock pump out cum inside his briefs, as Hephaestion’s cock kept filling his insides with his sweet seed. There was a sudden tearing sound of the velcro on his bulletproof vest bursting apart, followed by a several buttons popping off his uniform shirt.

Alex could not look down past Hephaestion’s monolith to see his stomach distending from the constant stream of cum filling him. His hands came down, and felt the roundness of his new belly underneath his vest and uniform. He quickly tore apart the rest of the buttons on his uniform shirt, and pulled apart his vest to allow his stomach to hang down. He then tore open his pants and pulled them down to his thighs. The front of his briefs were soaked in his white juice, with his cock as hard as a rock and continuously spitting out more and more. He tore down his underwear to free his penis, with his right hand automatically wrapping itself around the shaft.

A minute passed before Hephaestion’s cock stopped feeding Alex’s stomach. By then, Alex felt his body was heavier than ever before. As Hephaestion slipped out his rod from Alex’s mouth, his own cock was still rock hard and gleaming from his own pearly white cum. Once Hephaestion fully removed himself from Alex, not a drop of his sweet nectar left Alex’s mouth. Alex, no longer a sheath for Hephaestion, slid to the ground and onto his side. He was exhausted, with a powerful weariness that pulled his eyes closed. He could feel his own penis, still rock hard in his grip, throbbing with each beat of his heart. He had been average in size, but each pulse made his fingers loosen to accommodate his cock’s slow but certain growth. He heard the sound of his undershirt tearing before falling asleep.

Alex’s once average body was a distant memory from his shape while on the cavern floor. His stomach was distended in front of him, large enough to make him seem pregnant. With each breath, the size of it shrank, but the mass travelled throughout Alex’s body. His arms, back and shoulders began to fill in and widen. His thighs grew, his butt cheeks bubbled out, and his nuts hung lower to the ground with their new size and weight. His cock slung low towards the ground, a girthy meaty sausage that measured seven inches long while flaccid, compared to less than half of that length before he had fallen asleep. The tattered remnants of his shirt were still clinging to his neck and arms. He slipped into unconsciousness with an average body, and awoke with the build of a muscle bull.

His eyes widened when he felt the smooth wet head of Hephaestion’s penis pressing up against his ass. Immediately, his cock stiffened, and throbbed from the contact. Although he did now know who Hephaestion was, or why he was taking advantage of him, his body knew how to respond to the man’s touch. A moan escaped from his throat, as he picked himself up onto his knees and elbows, pressing his hole up against the monstrous rod that seemed to constantly drip with precum. He could feel it slide down his ass and into his hole, which felt to him was sucking up the liquid immediately upon contact. His body flared from his ass, to his pulsing dick, and to his chest. He could feel his hard nipples caressed by the cool air inside the cavern, and his heavy nuts were churning the warm cum that was waiting to be set free.

Hephaestion took his time in his approach. He had been trapped in that room for so long without being able to fulfill his purpose, and he would not be rushed after waiting for so long. He slowly rubbed the head of his shaft up and down, and around in small circles that centered on the hole he was going to conquer. His head was the size of a fist, but that wouldn’t matter once his juices did their work on Alex’s body. He could already feel Alex’s hole begin to allow his mushroom head to penetrate through. The warmth of a man’s cavern brought a thrill and fulfillment in him that nothing in existence could match. Alex’s hole seemed to pull Hephaestion’s dick in with its own gravity, which demanded to be filled and quelled. With determination born from pure ecstasy, Hephaestion pushed against Alex’s hole, until his head burst through and locked itself inside Alex’s asshole. The moment Alex’s entrance was penetrated, Alex’s heart jumped into his mouth with the sudden shock of the mammoth cock punching through. He could feel that he would not be able to break free from Hephaestion without tearing himself apart. His mind could not believe his ass had accommodated the giant mushroom tip, and his body instinctually tightened in preparation for a pain that never happened. Alex began breathing again, as Hephaestion began to pull back and forth inside him. Each stroke pushed deeper and deeper into Alex. As Hephaestion’s cock swam through Alex’s insides, Alex’s cock filled and ballooned into a throbbing ten inch beast that bounced up and down with each stroke.

“When I fill you, we will be one,” Hephaestion began as he pushed his monstrous penis deeper into Alex. The base of his penis disappeared into Alex, as his nuts slapped against Alex’s muscular ass cheeks and the back of Alex’s own large testicles. “My gift will be with you for an eternity.” Each push and pull inflamed Alex’s body. He could feel his nipples and cock throb, while a splash of pleasure went through him as his balls were smacked. “Know that I will always be, and through you, I will be known by all.” Hephaestion’s hands traveled along the sides of Alex’s body as his cock eagerly penetrated Alex’s asshole. He squeezed Alex’s nipples, and rocked his hips with a divine mastery that threatened to shatter Alex’s mind in a wild explosion of ecstasy.

With a final stroke, Hephaestion slammed his cock into Alex, with his entire arm sized rod stuffed deep in Alex’s body. Alex again felt Hephaestion’s cock stiffen, and then felt his stomach distend as Hephaestion filled him with his sweet seed a second time. The penis inside him convulsed repeatedly, with each shot causing Alex’s stomach to grow even more. On Hephaestion’s third stream, Alex’s also began to cum uncontrollably. His own seed splashed up onto his chest, and onto the ground between his hands. Alex screamed, as he continued to be filled and his cock continued to spew out his spunk in front of him. His stomach grew, and grew with each jet of Hephaestion’s semen. A part of him feared that he would burst if he continued to be filled, but that fear was crushed beneath a tsunami of pleasure. He looked down to see his stomach growing so large and so quickly, that it pushed down his throbbing penis and hid it from his view. He could not believe his eyes. He would burst if it continued any further, but the thrill and excitement from the ride made him crave Hephaestion’s seed even more.

Once Hephaestion was finished, his cock drained completely within Alex’s ass, he slowly and steadily pulled out from Alex. Alex dropped his chest to the ground and gasped for air, trying to comprehend what happened to him. His body felt heavy and his mind clouded in a comfortable haze that would not allow him to think straight. Hephaestion pulled out until it was just the head of his gargantuan cock that was left inside Alex. The godly member was still rigid, and his engorged head stopped at the ring of Alex’s asshole. He continued to pull out, tugging at Alex’s hole as he prepared to unsheathed himself. Alex ring held for as long as it could, before the ridge of Hephaestion’s cock popped out. From the amount of semen that Hephaestion pumped into him, Alex was dimly aware enough to notice that no seed spilled out with Hephaestion’s exit. It was as if his body was hoarding the white liquid for itself, and would not allow it to escape.

Try as he might, Alex was unable to focus. The powerful curtain of sleep slammed down on him, his body reacting as if it had not slept in days. He slumped down, with his ass still perched up towards the sky because of his new large belly. He could feel a sudden tingling sensation that began in his stomach, and traveled throughout his body from his asshole to his head.

Hephaestion watched Alex change on the ground for a second time. His stony gaze taking in every change as it unfolded before him. His seed reshaped Alex, spreading out from his core. His ass cheeks filled out even more, grew wider, and perked up into two large round orbs of man ass. His thighs and legs grew out into an amalgamation of fat and muscle. His stomach lost some of its bulging mass, while his pecs ballooned out, and his shoulders enlarged to meet the demands of his expanding back. Alex’s nipples also grew large enough to seem fully erect at all times. He could not see Alex’s cock that was underneath him, but he could see the back of Alex’s large nut sack that bulged out from beneath his ass. He did not know when he would be able to enjoy his creation again, since that was still in the Fates’ hands to decide. While Alex found his way back to him, he would find ways enjoy himself. If there was anything that a god of masculine lust knew best, it was how to have a good time.

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