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Arturo, the boss’s driver

By Ash D.

Description A young employee is captivated by the boss's very muscular driver, and Arturo doesn’t mind the appreciation.

Updated3 Nov 2018




Having finished with the work for the day, I left the office hoping the subway wouldn’t be too crowded. I had just started working at a design studio as an assistant (which meant I pretty much did anything they asked me to do for very little pay) but it was good experience.

Or so I kept on telling myself.

As I exited the building I heard someone call my name. I turned around and instantly recognized Arturo, my boss’s driver. If only because I had been fantasizing about him since I first met him.

He was a Latino man, in his early forties and very, very muscular. He was at least six feet and a half tall. His broad back and thick neck stretched his simple white t-shirt (thank God for our company’s lax dress code) and his biceps, as big as grapefruits, stretched his sleeves. He had a sexy gut, and an even sexier ass. And I would’ve given anything to feel the muscular legs this god stood on.

He wasn’t particularly handsome, but his receding hairline was just a signal for me that he had extra testosterone.

“Hey, you’ve seen the boss?” he asked me. His voice matched his body. Deep and manly and like warm honey poured all over me.

“I think he left a while ago. Something about a dinner with some clients,” I answered.

“Damn,” Arturo said. “He sent me to drop his wife at the airport and then told me to come back. Is Fran still at her desk?”

“No, I was the last one to leave.”

Arturo looked over me with a funny expression. I was simply trying not to stare at his muscular chest. His nipples were obvious through the fabric.

“You need a ride home?”

“No, I’m taking the subway,” I answered, instantly wishing to slap myself silly.

“At this hour? Come on, I’ll call the boss. I’m sure we have enough time to drop you off before he’s done with dinner.”

Minutes later I was in the passenger seat, concentrating to keep my eyes staring forward and not at the sexy musclegod besides me.

Arturo drove the boss around in a large black van. We sat in silence for the first few minutes, until he shifted and placed his arm on the armrest between us. I couldn’t help myself. I turned and saw his tricep flex a bit, pushing the sleeve up and revealing the beginning of a tattoo. Arturo noticed and turned to me.

“That’s new, I had it done like a month ago,” he said, pulling the sleeve up.

“Oh,” I said, trying hard to control my hands from touching his now bare arm. The tattoo was some sort of Aztec symbol. He explained but I was too busy staring at his muscles to listen.

“So you have others?” I asked.

“Yeah, a couple,” he answered, smiling at me. “You want to see them?”

“Sure,” I said.

“Great, I’ll show them to you at my place.”

I knew Arturo did not live far from where I live. A couple of blocks away in a not so nice building but I had never imagined I would have the chance to visit his place. He parked the van on a parking lot nearby, telling the guy in charge he’d be back soon for it, and led me to his place. As we walked into his apartment the last rays of the sun lit it.

It was a modest place. The kitchen counter was filled with supplements and the living room only had a couch in front of a TV. He closed the door behind him and I turned to see him. Instantly he took his shirt off.

“Well, you already saw this one,” he said, showing me his arm tattoo and flexing his tricep as he did so. “I had this done a few years back,” he said, bouncing his pecs and pointing at the left one, showing a tribal wolf design.

“This was my first one,” he said, opening his jeans and pulling them down just enough to show a scorpion on under his belly button. “And then there’s the one in the back.”

He turned around, putting his hands on his waist as he did so. He flexed his lats, which expanded like wings, and on his back there was the image of an armored angel holding a spear, his wings spread wide.

I was speechless, I stepped closer, examining both the tattoo and the rippling muscle it had been sketched on.

“Come on,” Arturo said. “Touch it.”

I raised my hand slowly, and when my fingers touched his flexed back my knees almost buckled. It was hard and warm and perfect. Instantly my other hand began exploring Arturo’s back, and before I knew it my arms were wrapped around him. My hands feeling his chest as I kissed his back. He laughed and I felt it reverberate through all of him and me.

“I knew you’d like it,” he said, doing a double bicep pose. My hands moved to feel his arms as I stood on tiptoes to kiss his shoulders. He turned around, taking me in his arms and kissing me hard. I returned the kiss with the same passion, hugging him tightly, trying to get as close to his body as I could.

“How much time do we have?” I asked.

“As long as we want,” he answered. “I just tell the guys I’ll be out soon so I won’t have to wait long for the van in the morning.”

He effortlessly picked me up and took me to his room. He set me on his large bed and straddled me, helping me to take my shirt off. He flexed his arms, and I saw him as I lied below him, seeing a god. I caressed his gut and chest, and then pulled his jeans and underwear down, revealing an impressive uncut cock.

Without thinking, I began servicing him. Licking his cock up and down until it was fully hard. His moans of pleasure were music to my ears. I licked his head playfully and then began sucking him.

It took some time, Arturo’s cock was surprisingly big, but I managed to take him all and he began thrusting, fucking my face. He quickened his pace and then said he was about to come.

“It’s okay,” I said. “I want to taste you.”

“And you can,” he said, sitting beside me. “It’s just that I cum a lot.”

“I eat a lot of cum,” I teased.

“No, watch,” he said. He motioned to his dick. I looked as he brought himself to orgasm, and as he gave one final, loud moan he used his free arm to squeeze me close to him. I was amazed to see his cock shoot the biggest load I’d ever seen, and that was just the beginning. Spasm after spasm of pleasure surged through Arturo, and with each one he came huge load after huge load. The first load shot all the way to the wall behind us, and the rest fell on Arturo’s body, some of it, quite a bit actually, landing on my face.

After a couple of minutes, Arturo gave a long sigh, and I knew he was done. Without waiting I instantly began licking his body. His cum was heavenly. It had a strong, musky flavor to it. I was barely done with the cum on his belly when he pulled me in for a kiss, squeezing me so that his cum was spread all over his and my body.

Arturo got his hand between me and his, and began stroking me over my jeans. His other hand made sure our lips never stopped kissing, pushing my head. It wasn’t long before he before I felt myself orgasm.

He rolled so that I was under him, and held himself up as to not crush me. He smiled and winked at me.


“I could do this again,” I said.

“Good, because I want to fuck that ass of yours,” he said. “At least twice.”

“I need to go home at some point, you know?”

“You have someone waiting for you?”

“Nah, I live alone.”

“Not anymore,” he said.

“In that case,” I said. “I vote we move to my place. It’s bigger.”

Description A young employee is captivated by the boss's very muscular driver, and Arturo doesn’t mind the appreciation.

Updated3 Nov 2018



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