Conjoining cream

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Cole was an average guy, with an average life. He lived with his best friend and roommate, Alex. They had been living together in an apartment for little over a year. Which at that point, the ’What’s yours, is mine’ policy was a given. So when Alex had used Cole’s muscle enhancing body wash, Cole’s little secret of how he got perfect pecs and a six pack over night, was out of the bag. Cole had explained that he tried it on a whim from a the ModBod website. It wasn’t surprised that Alex wanted to know more, so Cole took another look around. What caught his eye looked amazing.

Conjoining Cream! The name said it all, but the sample pictures sealed the deal. There was one with two guys, who had conjoined their cheeks and were trying to kiss, but couldn’t. Another showed a group with their right hands joined together, as if they were doing a cheer, but got stuck. There was even one with two of the guys stuck chest to chest, which turned Cole on the most, and he desperately wanted to try it. He placed the order, and was told to wait a week.

And now the week was up. Cole ran his hand through his shaggy blonde hair, and his jeans swished as he paced around the room. Ever since Alex had been excited about the body wash, they had both giving up on the idea of shirts, letting their firm pecs, and hard abs show. Cole looked at the time, and wondered what could be taking Alex so long. He was about to call him when the front door opened. “Hey!”

“Hey!” Alex had a huge smile on his face, and a package in his arms, “It’s here! It’s finally here!” Alex came into the living room, stripping off his shirt, so he was in nothing but his jeans too. Cole stared at him for a moment. Everything from his short black hair, to his muscular body, and down to his toes, turned Cole on. Alex opened the box, and stood next to Cole. He gave the instructions a quick read, and grinned, “Ok! You ready?!”

“Am I ever!” Cole could hardly keep his excitement in, and wanted to jump up and down like a little child. He watched as Alex put on the special glove that came with the kit, and undid the lid of the jar. He took a glob of the cream on his fingers, and began messaging it all over his chest. His pecs and abs shimmered in the light, and before either one knew it, Cole had thrown himself at Alex, letting their bodies collide with a wet smack!

They started grinding together, the chests, slipping and sliding, and their abs bumping together. The cream started off acting like lube, but after a few seconds it started to take effect. Both guys let out a moan, and gasp. The chests were feeling warm, and numb as if that part of them had fallen asleep. They held onto each other, afraid to move, but when the feeling passed, Cole looked down, “Holy shit dude… we’re stuck!”

“Fuck yeah!” Alex glanced down, and sure enough the front of their bodies had joined together. He looked up at his friend and grinned. Alex let go of Cole, and took as step back. His friend yelped as he was pulled forward. In instinct, he grabbed onto Alex in hopes it would stop them from falling, but they still lost their balance. They tumbled to the floor togehter, and Alex chuckled, “Ya, grab onto me dude. That’s gonna stop you from falling!”

“Hey shut up!” Cole laughed and rolled so he was on-top. But Alex looked up at him like he were crazy and rolled them back over. They gave each other a a glare, and started to wrestle for the top. They rolled this way and that, their two bodies wanting to do separate things, but forced to move as one. Their jeans swished as their legs rubbed. They let their hands explore each other, but mostly their joined chests. Finally they came to a stop, with Cole being the victor in their struggle for control. He stared down at Alex with a smile, “I win!”

“Yeah, I let you win!” Alex gave him a light punch to the shoulder and sat up. Cole let out a moan and Alex gave him a funny look, “What?”

“I felt that!” Cole pushed Alex back down, and rolled them onto his back. Now it was his turn to sit up, and it made Alex gasp. They could feel their shared muscles flexing together. Alex laid them back down and rolled them to their sides, where they took turns flexing the muscles they now shared. “Dam Alex….”



Their lips met, and neither one backed down. They started rolling again, back and forth, with their hands running down each others backs. They could feel their hardening dicks through their pants, and started to undo the zippers to set them free. They fumbled with their pants, releasing their cocks and letting them smack together. Alex took charge, and wrapped them both in his hand, instantly working the throbbing masses. They let out moans and grunts in unison, keeping their lips as close together as they could. Alex kept working their cocks, going faster and faster, and it wasn’t soon before they started to cum. Their joined bodies twitched and quivered at the sudden release, as their chest received mix messages.

Alex was laying on top, looking down at Cole as he panted, “Dude… that was… wow…”

“I know…” Cole said slowly and rubbed Alex’s back, “But we should probably split, and get ourselves cleaned up.”

“You’re probably right.” Alex nodded, and slowly lifted himself. Working as one, the joined pair slowly got to their feet and Alex lead them over to where the jar was. Cole however knew about the separation spray, and figured it would be in the box that Alex left on the counter. They each took a step in the opposite direction, and nearly fell down again. Alex grabbed onto Cole as their body jerked back and forth, “Dude, where are you going? The stuff is over here!”

Alex had started to walk towards the table again, but Cole stopped and pulled the other way, “We don’t need the cream. It only conjoins us. It’s the spray we need in order to get apart.”

Alex looked confused and followed along with Cole, “What spray?”

“The separation spray.”

“Huh? I didn’t see any spray in there.” They gave each other a worried look, and they both fumbled for the box. Alex’s eyes widened as he read out-loud, “Separation Spray not included, please order separately.”

“What! It took a whole week for this one to come,” Cole complained, “So now we need to wait another week to come apart?”

“I can think of one way to pass the time…” Alex winked, and ran his hand over Cole’s cheek, then down his back to hold him tightly as they kissed.

Cole gasped, and held onto Alex’s head with both hands, “We still need to clean up from the first one though.”

Alex leaned back with a big grin, “Then let’s go have us a shower.” They walked down the hall, kissing the entire way. Both of them knew this would be the best week of their lives.

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