Dual experiment

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3 parts
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Part 1

They said that two heads are better than one… and they were right. Come, I'll tell you my story.

Back in 2400, the dawn of a new century, I was finishing up my triple major—theater, art, and computer science. Just enough background to start my own 3D animation studio with my own software. Of course, I kept up on technology, adapting my coding to use multiple computers to render… but I digress. Needless to say I was going to be well set.

One day, I had gotten a flyer in the mail for a treatment that needed testing. Trials were being offered, but they had limited amount of seating. I sent away for some more info—including any prospective contract. I mean, they were offering thousands for me signing up, but my friend thought that was a red flag. The money would help, I thought, so to pacify my friend I send some more info. Law major, what gives?

A packet of info, including the contract, came in the mail. We ran through it, checking everything.

“That's odd,” my friend Jason muttered.

“How's that?” I asked.

“There's no liability clause. It's a bit reckless of a contract, Kev, and not enforceable. See? These sections contradict each other.”

“What's with the funny writing down below?”

“I don't know. Maybe we should see Mr. Pinn.”

“You were right to come to me,” the lawyer, Mr. Terry Pinn, said in his office. “There's a lot of sections that don't work together, so it's not enforceable by both sides. But… Hmmm…”

“We're kinda wondering about the language at the bottom.” I replied. “I doubt you know about it off hand, but have connections that you can pursue.”

“I do, Kevin. The best person is away, but…” he tapped a few times on a computer panel and said, “Terry to RedWolf. It's about a contract.”

“RedWolf here,” a familiar voice called. “What's up?”

“Well, two students of yours, Jason and Kevin, came up with a flyer and some documentation you need to check. Here's the contract for an experimental trial.” He held up the contract to the screen.

“Ooooo…. Send me the documents, quickly. Scan 'em in and send 'em over.”

A few minutes later, we all looked at a videoconference screen with RedWolf at the end. Shi had quickly read over the whole get-up, and said, “How would you like more than they're offering, and help out your country?”

I look at Jason, who looked at me. The gleam in our eyes and the grin on our faces said it all.

Part 2

The testing company sent over the pills they were testing out. Quite reckless of them to do so, Jason would say. However, I had some orders to do differently than what they said to do. I took them over to the embassy near the college and asked for Dr. Markov. What came out was this large, beefy, four armed tiger hunk of a human, almost 12' tall. He came out, kneeled down a bit, and held out a gorgeous five fingered, one thumbed hand and purred “Hello there. Are you Kevin?”

“I… I am.” I said in shock.

“I'm Doctor Michail Markov. You can call me Mike. Do you have the pills?”


“Oh don't worry. I'll test it out. Come come, you can watch me work.”

He lead me into the Infirmary of the Embassy, which looked like something ripped out of Babylon 5. Mike set the pills down on his desk, and then scanned them with some sort of device. Two hands flew across the flat keyboard, as the last one stroked his chin. Quite amazing the flexibility he had with them.

“Well, I know what they would do,” Mike purred, “but the nastier effects are easily disabled.”

“What would they do?”

“Ever want to be different? Kinda like what I am?”


“They'll get you there. They'll make you like RedWolf. You'll become a shapeshifter.”

“Sure. But what about those side effects.”

Mike took the pills out. Only two were inside. “They would make you feral, wiping your mind and putting in another. It's a four-phase treatment, but only one is needed.” He put them into a separate container and placed them in some sort of kiln. “This will take care of that. They should be done after lunch. Are you free?”

Fifteen minutes later, we were in the Transformation Containment Room. Apparently they know about these pills… or do some of their own. At least there's no danger now. I sat on the largish patient table.

“Ready? Last chance to back out.” Mike said.

“Yeah.” I replied. “So… what would I turn into?”

“I'm not sure. The viruses in it contain feline DNA, so I would guess something catty.”

“So I could turn out like you?”

“Very true.”

I downed the resulting pill with a glass of water and lied down to relax. A TV had a news channel on, but from a Canmephian view. I got through a few stories before it started to happen.

It… a funny term… but I started to change. My skin started to tingle as deep blue and white fur grew. My hands started to ache as my ring fingers started to widen. My legs… they also ached as slowly below the knee they started their own transformation. My head then started hurting as my skull started to stretch and change.

I tried to scream but my voice had left. My ring fingers became two on each hand, each wider, slightly longer hand. My ears had moved to the top of my head while my ankles moved up my legs to form digital grade legs and huge paws, ripping part of my jeans. Slowly but surely the pain started to infect my whole body…

…when the most radical changes occurred. My entire body beefed up, and then nearly split into two. My head and neck split, now two side by side, sitting on wide shoulders that sat on top of three defined pectoral muscles. A strange arrangement, for sure, that continued down my torso and into my crotch, which now hosted three long large snakes of penii. These settled nicely in two pairs of long, sleek, toned legs, one pair behind the other. Three fluffy tails, fluffy like a skunks but much larger and longer, emerged from the rear set, poofing out.

As the pain died down, I took my hands, settling one on each of my members. Larger they were, yes. My scrotal sack also reflected that fact, bearing six balls. And all I could do now is pleasure myself.

Part 3

It took a bit of training by a few Drygers that day, but I was able to get back on my feet, my four big cute paws. I now have scheduled a shapeshifting class with RedWolf as the teacher, along with Jason. He… or should I say shi, got a similar set that day too. This one made hir a hermaphrodite felitaur, but still about my size. At least shi didn't loose that package of hirs, as that would mean shi couldn't ream me!

Terry and RedWolf was able to track down the originators of the pills. Turns out that they weren't going to pay, but they also didn't realized that we switched contracts on them. The poor Cobrawolves, they didn't have a good plan. But they paid well in the end. A million for both of us.

We started our own studio here in DC, and the clients have always come back. They say that we're just so realistic that 3D animation wouldn't cut it. Maybe they're right…

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