Foot ball

By Josh Dugan 
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It wasn't an ordinary football game, that's for sure. All the guys were big and handsome, and they played barefoot! They all had such big, handsome feet!

I'm sure it was a dream, because the football they were all throwing around and holding close to them wasn't really a football, but a magic foot-a big, sexy, shapely and handsome male foot! All the guys liked to hold it and pet and kiss it, and it had a magical effect on them-it made their feet bigger and handsomer!

They got so turned on by the magic foot-it seemed friendly and warm and was very sexy, and all the guys loved to hold it and kiss it. Before long, all the guys had big, really handsome feet and were so turned on by each other's feet, they were laughing and grabbing each other's ankles and licking and kissing and tickling each other's feet!

The guy who held the magic foot longest was kissing and licking its beautiful arch and sole when its magic tore his football uniform pants and a second pair of legs ripped out the back!

He laughed, carrying the magic foot with pants legs on his front legs and his second ass and his hind legs nude, but he had four beautiful huge handsome feet. He tried to hold onto the magic foot, but his hands turned into big, handsome feet also! Big, beautiful male feet hanging there at the end of his long arms and strong wrists!

Soon all the guys were running after the magic foot, and before long they all had four legs and four huge, beautiful feet! Their hands were also feet, and they were so clumsy as they tripped and stumbled on their four beautiful feet! They were also totally turned on and helpless with laughter, plunging their feet into each others huge penises, since they each had two hardons because they had four legs!

They laughed and came and tickled each other till they had tears in their eyes, licking and kissing and nuzzling each other's big, beautiful male feet!

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