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By IamYurNayboor 
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…This was Geller’s first year assisting the University horse farm. He had met Dr. Unish by chance at the bookstore and mentioned he was hoping after undergraduate school to work in veterinary science, specializing in equine genetics.

Geller was stunningly handsome, thick blond hair bleached where the sun hit it, but almost black on the sides. He didn’t think himself vain, but made sure he was always perfectly groomed and dressed in the latest fad. His genetics were definitely in his favor, he was muscled as any jock that worked out in the gym, but he never had needed to. His body, looks and easy going attitude attracted both men and women, but he had no desire to share his body with anyone. He’d seen friends trapped in child support with a greedy materialistic ex and others dealing with lifelong std’s from a chance encounter…

Unknown to Geller, at the department party, Dr. Unish had put a little “additive” in the beer Geller drank. It was tasteless. Within moments of the first swallow Geller’s eyes rolled up, his head rolled to the side and he started to fall. He was caught by Unish’s assistants beside him. They rushed him out of the room, down the hall to the lab, where a team was waiting to prep Geller.

“…talk about low hangers!..”

“Golden Retriever’s stem cells at triple the rate in each one should show a response better than the previous threshold rate…”

“…bet he goes commando once they kick in…”

“Shee-ee-it! His body is perfect, I wouldn’t mind having his genes…and that thick body fur..”

“Later Langley, time’s about out.”

“How’s it going up there Selven?”

“All the stem cells have been delivered to the limbic and pituary targets.”


“The tracker had been installed.”

“Gentlemen, stage one is completed. Let’s get him up to his room…”

Geller had trouble waking up. He ached all over. What a hangover. His mouth felt nasty, like he had vomited… must have scratched the roof of his mouth… Where was he? Was he still at Dr. Unish? Uh-oh, looked like it. He had lost his job and chance to get into veterinary school. He must have drank like a lush, but didn’t remember it. Thinking about that really made him sick.

He seemed to be fully clothed with a light blanket on top of him. His shoes were off and slightly damp cloth over his forehead. While one door in the large room was closed, he could see the other open, through which was the bathroom. Getting up carefully he made his way to the commode, emptied his bladder and was surprised at how good he still looked for feeling so bad. He took care to gingerly wash his face with cold water in hopes of feeling better. He was thinking about his lost future when there was a knock on the other door. He heard a voice. “Geller?’

Opening the door Geller found Dr. Unish looking very concerned. “How are you my boy? I heard you up stirring. I should have warned you about Vlad’s beer, it has as more alcohol than vodka. I didn’t realize you didn’t have much experience with drinking. Two drinks and you were out!”

“Two! I probably embarrassed the whole program. Sorry, do you mind if I sit. My gut is still sore and my head is really tender. This probably means I’m out of the running to assist you in the equine program?”

No it doesn’t. Dr. Selven chewed both myself and Vladamir out once we knew you were okay and made us promise we’d take you under our wings for what he saw as a stunt on our part. No, you are to be our personal assistant with the equine breeding programs.

Geller didn’t feel so bad after all. Perhaps it would be a good year at the University’s equine research island after all…

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