By Never-the-less 
12 parts
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Part 1

It was the middle of summer and Bryce Myres stood at the doorway waving as his parents departed for their 20th anniversary trip. They have been saving up for a special getaway for this very occasion and finally the waiting was over. They decided on a trip to Italy complete with a few days in Rome, tours through vineyards, and skiing in the Alps. It was gonna be a memorable trip.

Bryce was already 17 so they decided that he would be alright alone, being an only child, for two and a half weeks. Bryce had been left alone before and knew how to look after himself and the house, so off his parents went leaving him a credit card for groceries, which also wasn’t a problem since the stores were just a few blocks away. As his parents drove away Bryce went back inside and began thinking of stuff to do while his parents had the time of their lives.

There really wasn’t much to do now, since Bryce had broken up with his boyfriend after summer started and his bestfirend, Leslie(a boy) wasn’t coming home from camp for another week. That’s right, Bryce was gay, and everyone knew about it. He had always been a good guy around everyone so he was pretty well liked, and when he came out, nobody started bashing him for it but just shrugged it off, also because there were already three gay guys in the school, Leslie being one of them.

Bryce and Leslie were best friends, but only that, they thought that dating would just make things awkward, so they each approached one of the other gay boys and things just clicked. Obviously Bryce didn’t quite make it and Leslie had to break it off while he was at camp, leaving Bryce utterly alone.

Part 2

Bryce pretty much just watched tv, ate, cleaned up a bit, surfed the web, and slept for the rest of the day. Boring as he had initially thought when he was told he was being left alone.

The next day, Bryce slept in but was awakened by an odd feeling around noon. Something just didn’t feel right in the air but he ignored it and continued with his morning(afternoon). Deciding on riding his bike around(he never got his drivers license yet), he ate some cereal and got dressed. He got his bike from his front yard and rode around back to check that the back door was locked while he was gone.

Bryce’s bike ride didn’t last long as he skidded to a stop at the backyard. There stood a door, plain white with a sign beside it reading:

“Cyoc Store! Make your wildest dreams come true!”

He cautiously approached the door, wondering if this was some kind of joke. He looked at it at all angles and found that it was just a plain looking door that seemed to stand on it’s own as if it were supported by the air on it’s brass hinges. He tapped it warily and jumped back when a voice called, “Come in!”. Thoroughly curious, Bryce grabbed the doorknob, slowly opened the door, and poked his head in the impossible, yet unmistakably real shop.

“Well don’t be shy guy and come on in,” said a boy about his age standing right by the opening. He was taller than Bryce, maybe 6’ and wasn’t exactly thin but fit. His blond hair was a little long with a bit of a curl and almost covered his blue and…green eye? Other that that, the guy looked ordinary and was dressed in blue jeans, a white shirt, and tool belt with odd gadgets. “Speechless huh?” said the boy as he stepped aside to let the awe struck boy in.

Part 3

When Bryce finally a snapped out of it, he turned to the smiling boy asking, “What is this place?”. It was definitely a store, yet all the shelves and containers set up were empty. Light seemed to come from the ceiling, yet no lights could be seen. There was a counter to the side with a only a register, a clipboard, and a pen. There was also a flatscreen monitor attached to the wall behind the counter that appeared to be off and not plugged to anything.

“This, my friend, is the Cyoc Store!” announced the boy, gesturing to the empty store.

“But—” . “…there’s nothing here?” said the boy finishing his sentence, “Well there will be once we get started, so are you ready?”

“Uh, sure,” Bryce answered hesitantly, “for what exactly?”

“You’ll see,” answered the boy, leading Bryce to the counter towards the clipboard. “Now if you would just fill out the information here,” said the boy as he handed Bryce the clipboard with a single sheet asking for personal and seemingly random information.

Bryce just went along with it filling out every blank honestly:

* Name: Bryce A. Myers * Species: Human * Gender: Male * Age: 17 * Occupation: Student * Country of Origin: U.S.A. * Native Tongue: English * Toothpaste Preference: Colgate * Height: 5’ 11” * Weight: 170 lbs. * Hair Color: Brown * Eye Color: Brown * Shoe Size: 10 1/2 * Favourite Colour: Green * Favourite Food: Lasagna * Allergies: Llamas * Sexual Preference: Gay * Relationship Status: Single * Max Penile Lenght: 7 1/2 in. * Facial Hair: None * Piercings: None

Once he was done, he gave the clipboard to the boy who told him to wait a moment and disappeared to the back room. After a few minutes, Bryce noticed the screen beginning to flicker as his information began appearing and a 3d image of himself as he looked now.

The boy came back out and went behind the counter. “All set,” announced the boy, “feel free to check out out merchandise and just give me a shout if something interests you. My name in Xander and I’ll be your repairman.”

Repairman? Anyway Bryce was so intrigued by the monitor he didn’t notice that the shelves had somehow filled up with an odd collection of items, random things like some software called “Chronivac”, various vials full of colorful liquids, different kinds of jewelry, a wide array of clothes and body suits, and even an aisle full of sex stuff. Bryce really began to get curious now about what kind of store this was.

Part 4

Bryce looked back at Xander who eagerly looked on and said, “Don’t be afraid to try anything, I’ll be here if anything were to happen.” What did he mean by that!?

Bryce just walked off to see what he could find…

Bryce never got into any really kinky stuff and only ever played around with whatever was attached to him or his former boyfriend. He figured, ’Why not give something a try? This place is bizarre enough as it is already.’

He decided to go through the aisle full of sex stuff first. It didn’t take long be for something caught his eye…

Part 5

The infiniPUMP? Bryce had seen guys using pumps online and he never really paid much attention to them. This one looked different from the one he had seen online, it seemed to be just a cylinder and it came with a remote control. Bryce picked up the box and read the back:

“The InfiniPUMP! Guaranteed to give you a bigger package, anytime! ANYWHERE!”

They seemed to emphasize that “anywhere” part, Bryce put it off as a marketing scheme. It was pretty tempting though. Honestly, Bryce wasn’t small or anything, but what guy doesn’t want another inch or two?

As he stood there contemplating it, Xander, who had somehow silently appeared beside him, spoke up asking, “Wanna try it? It’s pretty fun once you get into it. Go on.”

“Umm…,” Bryce had gone beet red as he realized that he was standing there with a penis pump in his hand and this guy knew he wanted to try it.

“It’s alright, I said you could try the merchandise and I meant it,” reassured Xander. “If you don’t wanna do it in front of me, you can go into our private room”. Xander pointed down the aisle to a door that Bryce didn’t notice before that was clearly labeled “Private Room”.

Again, Bryce just went along with it and decided, ’Why not have some fun?’. “Sure, I’ll try it,” said Bryce and walked to the door.

Bryce opened the door and almost tripped backwards, shocked by what he saw. It was his room as if he was walking out of his closet. He quickly turned to Xander for an answer.

“As you may have figured, this isn’t a normal store,” said Xander to which Bryce only thought, ’Ya think!?’. “To make a long story short, we are here for your pleasure. And as for the Private Room, it is affected by a spell the creates a comfortable environment for the user, so please enjoy yourself.”

Bryce was pretty much speechless all over again but chose to accept it as true since there was no other answer to turn to. Taking a moment to take it all in, he just plays along and goes into his room with box in hand.

He sat on his familiar bed and opened the box, taking out all that was inside including the cylinder for his genitals, the remote, and the instruction manual. He didn’t care for reading manuals so he set it aside with the box and got undressed.

“Well, here goes nothing,” said Bryce, excited that he was really doing this.

He slipped it slowly onto his dick and was surprised to see the cushion at the base of the tube inflate and tighten around the base of his penis. He grabbed the remote and looked I over.

There was a switch to show if it was set to penis or testicles, meaning it was also for enlarging balls, but not at the same time, odd. Below that was a slider with numbers that went from “0” to “24”, probably to set the size desired. And finally, a start button.

Bryce set it to penis, set it for 10, and pushed the start button. There was a gentle hum coming from the tube and he felt a wave of pleasure hit him as his dick seemed to enlarge before his eyes without going hard. It was definitely working. He never felt so good down there before and couldn’t help but notice he was leaking precum as his dick inched from it’s former six inch state to a thick ten incher, soft!

Finally, the humming stopped, the cushion relaxed, and the pleasure subsided. He pulled out his new and improved meat and got hard at his touch. It felt so sensitive, every touch sending waves of pleasure through him until he couldn’t control it and he blew his load all over his chest. That was amazing!

He just had to try that pump again, but this time, he wanted to try to make his now dwarfed balls match his dick. He stuffed his sack in the tube and felt the cushion tighten. He was so eager that he immediately hit start.

Again the humming began and pleasure assaulted his genitals. He closed his eyes and simply felt the pure pleasure as he felt his balls begin to go lower in the tube. His dick was immediately hard again and he was in bliss. But it eventually ended as the humming stopped and the cylinder released.

Bryce opened in eyes and let out a shocked yell when he looked down. Where his balls once were was a penis that looked much like his original. He pulled the tube off and checked if his eyes were deceiving him. He touched it and was greeted by a wave of pleasure as it hardened into an exact twin of the penis above it.

He couldn’t help it as he once again went into orgasm at the new, yet familiar sensation, but nothing came out of either cock without any balls. ’What happened!?’ though Bryce until he realized that he never switched the remote to “testicles”.

Bryce quickly took the remote, and switched it. Then he put the tube back on his new member and crossed his fingers as he hit start. And so he went through the feelings once more but this time dulling a bit as he watched his bottom dick recede a bit and inflate with the return of his missing jewels.

They were larger than original but he was just happy to have them back. And after coming to his senses, Bryce decided it was safe to play around just a bit more…

Part 6

Bryce started having a bit of fun, switching his dick with his balls, going back to having two dicks, and even two sets of balls. It made him a bit uneasy to see two sets of balls with no dick to be seen but he got to enjoy the oddness of it and even got turned on. It was like this pump kept him horny no matter what.

Even with no penis, his supersensitive sack still managed to get him to orgasm. It was the weirdest thing, he could feel him self inwardly ejaculating, with no urethra leading out, it redirected his cum to his bladder. It didn’t take long before he felt like he needed to pee badly.

An idea clicked in his head, he wondered how peeing with two dicks would feel. He quickly set it up, not wanting his balls to fill with piss or whatever might happen.

Once ready, ran to the door that should lead to his bathroom, but he remembered that this wasn’t really his house. So he put on his pants just in case and opened the door. He let out a groan to find he was back just as he expected.

Bruce ran to the front counter yelling, “Bathroom!?” feeling ready to explode. Xavier pointed to his left where another door Bryce didn’t see before was. “Thanks,” Bryce hastily said, already halfway through he door. He didn’t ever care that it looked like his own bathroom, whipping out his dicks, and letting the floodgates burst.

He could definitely see his cum flowing out and eventually some piss. It didn’t take long for him to figure out that he could control which penis to pee out of. He entertained himself switching and then peeing with both. He eventually ran out of ammo so he zipped his fly and walked out.

“So I’m guessing you had a good time?” asked Xavier with a smile on his face. Bryce only mustering a, “Yeah”.

The next question almost had Bryce blushing again, “Can I see?”. Xavier was in front of him, trying not to stare at the bulge in Bryce’s pants.

“Uh, well…” Bryce started. “It’s ok, really, sorry if I’m making you feel weird,” apologized Xavier.

“No, no, it’s alright. I guess I don’t mind letting you see,” said Bryce, hesitantly undoing his pants. He pulled them down and saw a surprised expression on Xavier’s face and a lump in his jeans.

“Cool,” Xavier muttered to himself, “er, I mean, looks like you got creative huh? Well don’t let me get in your way, I’ll leave you to it,” said Xavier with a wink that definitely got Bryce blushing.

Bryce took the suggestion and pulled his pants back up, making his way back to the private room. He picked the cylinder back up wondering how it worked, outlining the cushion with his finger, settling on the reasoning that it was affected by magic or something like the store.

He absent mindedly stuck his index finger in and felt the familiar tightening of the cushion. It was definitely a crazy idea but now ever present in his mind, ’Eh, why not?’ he thought as he picked up the remote with his free hand.

Pushing start, he immediately went through the usual cycle of feelings. He didn’t really expect it to happen but there it was, a dick for a finger. At first, it was really hot and he couldn’t help jacking off with his other hand, but then it hit him… “Crap! How do I change it back!?” he asked himself. Then the manual came to mind.

He scrambled for the manual in the box, going into orgasm when he tried to use his dick finger hand. Flipping through the manual, he realized when the box said, “anywhere”, it meant it. The pump literally “gave you a bigger package”. Also, to his relief, the manual also had a way to reverse effects:

To reverse effects, avoid sexual stimulation to the area affected.

With a sigh of relief, Bryce once again felt safe to mess around but now with more possibilities…

Part 7

Bryce looked down at his two cocks, then back to his dick-finger, and had an idea. Why not see how small of a thing the pump would recognize? Bryce took the infiniPUMP with his left hand, the one with the cock on it, and placed it on his right nipple. As the cushion tightened down on his nipple, he smiled and hit the activate button on the remote. The familiar tingling sensation returned at his nipple, and Bryce watched in fascination as the nipple grew and grew until it was the same 10 inches as his two other cocks. Excitedly, he did the same to the other nipple. As soon as the left nipple was done, he took the infiniPUMP off and started rubbing up and down both cocks on his chest at the same time. Under the dual stimulation, the rest of his cocks started to get hard as well, and soon, he reached an orgasm of epic proportions.

Winding down, his cocks went limp, and he took a breather for a few minutes.

Bryce again picked up and studied the infiniPUMP. He didn’t notice it before, but there was a small engraving on one side that said ’this side up’. Miraculously, even though he didn’t notice the engraving, he had put the tube on the right way when he was using it. Looking back down at his two cocks, he got an idea.

Sliding the infiniPUMP onto the lower cock on his crotch, he made sure that the pump was facing upside down, and activated the pump. Nothing really changed in the cock, except that now, the whole cock was upside down. Bryce again did this for his upper cock, except changing the setting from ’cock’ to ’balls’ and activated. Now, Bryce had a giant package upside down!

Laying on the ground, he curled up his body, and started sucking on his cock. When he was curled up like this, his cock and balls faced the right way up, which he thought was really hot. Bryce gave himself the best blowjob he had ever gotten, and soon, cum came pouring out of his cock and into his mouth. After lapping up his sweet semen, he uncurled from his little ball and contemplated his next move with the pump.

Part 8

After the success with the nipple-cocks, Bryce decided it was time to try something new.

Inspecting the pump for flaws, he found none, so he continued with his plan. Adjusting the size so it read 6 inches instead of 10, Bryce opened his mouth wide and stuck the pump into his mouth. It was an incredibly tight fit, but he was able to do it. Sticking his tongue all the way in, the pump closed down on it. Bryce’s tongue felt strange as it was squashed into the small cylinder of the cushion, so he eagerly pressed the button on the remote. Now, as his tongue was transformed into a cock, he could feel everything and taste everything, the taste of the electrified air in the tube, as well as the glass of the tube itself.

The tube finished its magic and released Bryce’s tongue-cock to the world. Instantly, Bryce could taste the air around him. Not wanting to delay any further, he put his right hand on the cock and started rubbing. It soon rose to glory about 7 inches from his face, hard. Bryce’s hand tasted sweet from all the cum he had ejaculated before. After a bit of rubbing, he could feel the pressure buildup in his throat, and a few seconds later, Bryce rose to orgasm, but there was no ejaculation. After cooling down a bit, Bryce decided to fix that. Taking the remote and switching it to balls, he stuck the the tube over his chin. Bryce was already a cleft chin, but now he could really be a “ballchinnyin.” Pressing start on the remote, Bryce could somewhat feel what was happening. After it was a done, he removed the tube and let his newly-christened balls swing free. He couldn’t see it that well, so he walked over to the mirror and looked. Starting at the top, he saw the cock-tongue sticking out about an inch now that it was soft. Further down on his chin there were the 2 inch wide balls he had just given himself, then the two large dicks on his chest. After that, there was the cock on his finger, then his normal cock and balls. The four cocks that made up his nipple-dicks, finger-dick, and normal dick were all the same huge 10 inches soft, and his normal balls were 3 inches across.

Overall, pretty sexy to Bryce.

Placing his hand over the tongue cock once more, he started jacking it off. Once again, he could feel the rising pressure and soon it was too much as he blew his load, chin balls churning. That time, he could taste the cum as it was traveling up the cock. Bryce, satisfied with what he had done, decided to try something else.

Part 9

Bryce stared at his reflection through the cum splattered mirror, looking himself up and down, as his tongue-cock dribbled the last bit of semen from its tip, right onto his toes below.

Feeling the drips and looking down, Bryce sees his lower half and unchanged feet, as an idea snakes its way into his head. He grabs the InfiniPUMP and walks back to the bed, sitting down on the edge and hoisting his right leg up onto the mattress. Pulling his foot in close, he pushes the slider on the pump to 10 and secures the cylinder over his big toe, the pressure formed by the seal making all of his cocks twitch with anticipation. He presses the button, initiating the process and feeling that wave of pleasure surge through him, as he strokes the cock from his mouth. Pulling the cylinder away and tossing it on the bed, revealed a new 10 inch cock, where his big toe should be, and just looking at yet another thick slab of cock made Bryce’s body quake.

His new cock stiffened quickly just like the others, long, hard and throbbing, he couldn’t help but to jerk it along with the one protruding from his mouth, as he turned his foot towards his face. His finger-cock was flailing up and down with each jerk on his new one, it looked so thick and tantalizing to him, the urge to taste it was unbearable. Opening his mouth up wide, Bryce nudged his tongue-cock out of the way as he buried his new addition deep in his mouth, using his free hand to hold his foot as he started giving himself head a second time.

As he sucked and jerked, he couldn’t elude the desire for more wild things. And pulling his other leg up onto the bed and sitting indian style, he continued to suck on his new appendage, as he absentmindedly forced the cylinder onto his other foot, and pressed the button on the remote. Pleasure once again filled his body, but the cylinder quickly became crowded, as Bryce was feeling lots of pressure. Pulling away the cylinder again, 3 more 10 inch dicks flopped out onto the bed, making his eyes go wide. His third, fourth and fifth toes on the other foot had all become pulsing hard penises. The sight filled him with lust more than anything, and he rolled over onto the bed, sucking on his other toe-cock more intensely than ever.

Rolling around on the bed, his cock-fingered hand found its way to one of his dick nipples, and started jerking as Bryce found himself reveling in the lust and sexual wonder this pump had brought to him.

That’s when he heard a click. In his lust, he’d rolled onto the button.

He didn’t pay much attention to it at all, even when he felt the suction pulling on his smooth skin, he was far to busy playing with himself. He felt that familiar wave of pleasure surge through his body again, as he burst into orgasm. His tongue-cock violently spraying cum that landed all over his crotch, taste flooding his mouth. His finger, toe and nipple cocks all convulsing simultaneously. Coming down from it all, he allowed his foot to slide away, pulling the phallus from his mouth. Looking down at himself, he noticed that he had rolled onto the cylinder whilst enjoying himself, he pulled it from his stomach and was surprised to see a new 10 inch dick protruding from his flat stomach, just to the left of his bellybutton. It suctioned enough of his skin into the cylinder to produce yet another dick, now throbbing hard as the rest began to soften.

The sight may have been surprising to Bryce, but it wasn’t appalling. After all, he thought that everything he’d done so far with the pump was incredibly sexy, and now grabbing this new dick on his stomach, he felt no different. As a matter of fact, having so many cocks, feeling so sexual and being so horny made Bryce think of all the possibilities with the InfiniPUMP.

Part 10

Laying on his back, thick cum rolling down his crotch, Bryce kept slowly stroking the newest addition on his stomach and fondling the balls on his chin, his thoughts drifting to the InfiniPUMP. Remembering what he’d read about it, he now truly understood it’s tagline of literally giving you a bigger package, anytime, ANYWHERE.


That word kept forcing it’s way into Bryce’s head, as much as he wanted to focus on the new rock hard addition to his stomach, the pump kept invading his thoughts. Not only that, but the added excitement of cocks… literally anywhere. His eyes kept darting back and forth from his cock, to the pump laying next to him on the bed, and back again. It was just too tantalizing, and with a quick motion Bryce grabbed the pump, pushed it onto his belly button right next to his new growth, and pressed the button on the remote. Sexual feeling flashed again through his body, and he took great pride in removing the cylinder slowly, revealing inch after inch of new cock flesh erupting from his belly button. His eyes rolled back into his head, this was too much for Bryce, it was too sexy… he HAD to have more.

But the promise of more cocks just wasn’t enough, Bryce knew he was severely lacking in testicles right now, something he was going to remedy this time around. He pressed the cylinder down on his flat stomach again, pressing the button. His body wracked with that familiar feeling, it fueled his lust, his need, and as a new pulsing cock was revealed on his abs, immediately the cylinder was pressed below it against more flat skin… the switch set to testicles the button click echoing in the room.

Back and forth, again and again and again, Bryce furiously forced the cylinder and clicked the button, over a dozen hot throbbing rods of man meat, each one complete with a pulsating set of testicles sprouting up all over his abdomen. It should have sated him, more should have fulfilled his desires, but seeing so many stiff rods gushing slick pre only served to intensify his feelings. He wanted more… just more.

Sitting up, his stomach-cocks bobbing and brushing into each other and their many ball sacks, Bryce shivered from the flood of pleasure as he pulled his feet in close. The cylinder wrapped around the remaining two toes of his left foot, turning them all into sexy 10 inch dicks protruding from his foot. The right foot followed suit, 4 clicks of the button turning the remaining 4 toes into even more cocks. Bryce hesitated for a moment in his current state, all of his toes replaced with throbbing cocks, almost wondering if he’d gone too far. But Bryce, in his lust clouded mind, knew better than to think that. There was no such thing as too far, in fact it wasn’t enough, and switching the pump to testicles once again, he ballooned his feet around the new appendages with more pairs of rapidly swelling ball sacks, pre-cum quickly oozing from his 10 toe-cocks.

The cycle repeated as Bryce found himself enveloped in the constant pleasure and stimulation of it all. The cylinder pressed into the tops of his feet, the button clicked. The cylinder was pressed in numerous places all over his calves, the button clicked furiously once again. The cylinder was pressed against the smooth flesh of his thighs and over the available space at his crotch around his original cock, the button clicked like mad. The cylinder slid over all the remaining fingers of his cock fingered hand, and the 4 fingers of his normal hand, all his fingers becoming useless except for his lone right thumb, to continue clicking the remote of course. The cylinder dotted it’s way up length of his arms, and spaces on his chest above his nipple-cocks, clicking all the way. All the while, Bryce going back to add a pair of large testicles to every single one, his whole form was slick at this point with so many towering 10 inch penises covering most of his body, and his bed in this private room was developing a giant dark spot beneath him.

Bryce’s desire to continue was won over by the massive waves of pleasure flooding his body with each movement. At this point, even the slightest body jerk or twitch rubbed numerous cocks and massive balls together, stimulating every inch of his body.

He needed release.

Flicking the setting on the pump as best he could one-handed, he was going to finish up his set of hand cocks with the largest set of testicles this pump would allow. He, as well as his tongue-cock, were dribbling saliva and pre from his mouth at the thought. Pushing the pre-slicked pump into the palm of his cock hand, pushing the slider up as high as he could, he clicked the button on the drenched remote with his remaining thumb and felt a growing heaviness in his palm. Thick bulging testicles were swelling, filling up and descending from his hand. Pulling deep into the cylinder, bulging, growing and pulsing larger and larger. Finally, Bryce wrenches the pump off his new sack, seeing the melon sized growth, feeding his 5 finger cocks with delicious spunk. At this point, Bryce could barely manipulate the juice slimed cylinder with such awkward hands, but after a few seconds of effort he managed to prop it between the bed and his other palm, awkwardly clicking the remote that lay on the bed beside him by pressing a hard finger cock into it.

Pleasurable swelling, all to familiar to Bryce at this point, made him seize up. His whole body tensed, all of his innumerable penises rock hard, the purplish, engorged heads and dripping slits staring him right in the face almost. The allure was too much, he shook his hand and it’s new massive sack free from the confines of the cylinder, as it fell to the ground with a loud clank. He brought his other hand to his mouth, all the cocks on his arm rubbing and bunching together making him twitch violently, and forced them all past his lips around his tongue-cock, stretching his cheeks as he overloaded his mouth with 6 bulging lengths, fucking his own face with his foreign dick fingers.

The massive bowling ball sized ball sack descending from his palm slapped vigorously into his chin balls with each massive thrust into his own mouth, there was no pain however, it only served to intensify his pleasure. Pre was building up quickly in his mouth and gushing out of the corners, clear strands dripping down the balls at his chin, leaving glistening strings of the stuff between the myriad dicks on his chest, stomach and crotch in his hunched over position. The slick stuff was lubing his 10 inch rods well, each thrust of his hand shoving more and more man meat into his mouth, he could feel the throbbing finger-cocks rubbing his tongue-cock furiously, as they nudged and rammed the back of his throat, his mouth looking like a fountain as copious amounts of pre gushed forth, filled to capacity.

His remaining ‘hand’ latched onto his original piece at his crotch jerking it maddeningly, but it wasn’t the only rod getting attention, he had grown so many raging dicks that each jerk up and down had the penises growing from his arm, pounding and slapping into more shafts on his stomach and crotch. His legs and feet instinctively almost, started rubbing together, sending more of his new appendages towards climax. Dozens upon dozens of orgasms were building all over Bryce’s body, and this time, they all had a hot creamy payload to empty…

The thought was enough to set it in motion.

Bryce’s tongue-cock fired from the many shafts pounding in his mouth, hot cum shooting to coat the sack on his palm. Bryce moaned loudly, burying his entire hand worth of dicks as far down his throat as he could manage, all of them cumming simultaneously. It almost gagged him, but he kept himself in check, and gulped down his hot seed with sexual fury, most of it gushing in torrents out of his mouth, dumping down his ball chin onto his chest cocks with a wet spattering sounds. A few cocks on his arm started cumming, followed by a few of his toe and leg-cocks, thick white seed volleying into the air, raining down cum onto the rest of the towering shafts on his body. With a wet pop, the cocks were pulled from his mouth, dripping cum and going soft, just as more of his dicks surged with orgasm.

His dick-nipples, chest and stomach cocks unloaded at once, a wave of semen firing onto his legs and bed, slicking his original cock with copious amounts. With the hot cum rolling and coating his body, he fired again. His other fingers, original cock and many surrounding it shot hard onto his face, as a pleasure fueled scream burst out of him. Bryce collapsed on his back, his form mostly white with his own spunk, many of his dicks quickly softening to rest on the bed beneath him, which was now thoroughly soaked. He huffed and gasped for air, the quaking orgasms leaving him drained. The InfiniPUMP was beyond his wildest dreams, the intensity of what he had just experienced was unparalleled. And as Bryce lay there, dragging his limp and dripping finger-cocks over all of his new additions, he thought only about what to do next.

Part 11

Bryce’s thoughts were interrupted, however, as the door to the Private Room slowly swung open to reveal Xander standing outside. The apparent CYOC Store owner stepped into the room, gently closing the door behind him, a wide smile on his face as he turned back to face Bryce, who was near completely covered in his own cum, with innumberable sets of dicks and balls covering the majority of his limbs and slim frame. Xander walked closer to the bed where Bryce lay exhausted, and said,

“Well, it certainly looks like you’ve been having some fun with the InfiniPUMP! In all my years at this store, I’ve seen some people get pretty adventurous, but I have to admit I’ve never seen anyone go quite as wild as you. It was quite the display seeing these cocks spring up all over your body.”

Bryce was a little embarrassed with Xander walking in on him, he tried foolishly to cover himself out of instinct while Xander was talking, but awkwardly gave up realizing that dozens of genitals covered most of his being. “Tho… ‘ou were wathing me?” Bryce strangely garbled, around his tongue-cock.

“Well…” A smile cracked on Xander’s face as he spoke. “not you per se, your model on my computer at the front desk reflects your changes. It was easy to tell with all the rods popping up, that you were having a good time. And now that I see this,” He paused, dipping his fingers into globs of warm cum on the sheets, lifting out thick gooey strands of the stuff. “I really know you were having fun. But it looks like you dropped the pump.”

He bent down and picked up the InfiniPUMP, almost dropping it from the copious amounts of pre-cum slicked over it’s smooth plastic, as he said, “I was wondering what that noise was, but I can see now why you dropped it. You’ve got this a slippery little mess,” He said with a chuckle, wiping it off on his shirt. “but it looks to be in working order. Good for you, cause if you break it, you buy it.”

Bryce laughed, as he tried to roll over onto his side, being careful not to lay on the sensitive testicles he’d given himself all over the place. Shifting his chest, he went into a coughing fit, tiny specks of cum flying out and dotting his tongue-cock. He covered his mouth clumsily with his fully cocked hand, it’s huge sack pounding the head of the cock that lay there, as his finger-cocks flopped uselessly, rubbing into each other… it felt good, really good… and he felt his pulse quicken, each beat engorging them further.

“Haha,” Xander laughs, patting Bryce on the shoulder. “hard to resist the temptation, isn’t it? This thing’s magic sure is something.”

“Sure ith…” Bryce garbled once again, past the raging hard on jutting from his mouth. “howth tha thing wourk?”

“Latest advancements in technology, married with good ol’ fashioned magic. It’s an extremely powerful magic, completely self-sufficient and kept in check by this lovely tech inside that remote, never has to be charged, and the remote along with the slider control the potency of the magic inside. Just a click of the button sends a burst of it’s powerful magic to the cylinder here and voila, instant cock growth. Just make sure you’re extra careful with that remote there,” Xander motions to the small black box on the bed, completely drenched in hot spunk. “God only knows what might happen if that magic weren’t contained. That being said, this is probably the most advanced piece we have in the store, and lucky you went right for it. Seems to have served you well.”

“Yah… eht haths…” Bryce managed to eek out, feeling slightly embarrassed again that Xander had seen the carelessly cum-covered remote, but also curious as to what would really happen if it were to break, especially if it was truly as powerful as Xander was telling him. Just from thinking about the InfiniPUMP, and cocks were starting to spark all of Bryce’s new genitals to life with lust, shafts stiffening and elongating all over. Lust jumping back to the front of his mind.

“Well,” Xander started, setting the cylinder back down into a pool of cum on the bed next to Bryce. “I figured I’d check up on you, didn’t know what the crashing and screaming was all about. It’s obvious now though,” He said with a smirk, as he turned to walk back out into the store. “so I’ll just be going. Unless, of course, you need some help… or have something I can lend a hand with?”

Xander stopped to stare at Bryce.

Part 12

Bryce was nervous under Xander’s stare, his heart was throbbing at a marathon runner’s pace threatening to burst out of his chest. He was most certainly blushing, how well one could spot the crimson patches of his cheeks was uncertain, plastered over by his own thick white spunk. Eyes returning to his own deformed body, nerves and embarrassment were fast melting away, as his throbbing heart led the charge to engorge and make throb themselves his innumerable shafts of magical man-meat. Dangling his hand close to his face, each beat of his quickened pulse, jarring his swaying and limp finger cocks harder, perking up and starting to gush copious amounts of pre-cum as a faucet would water. The weight of the massive ball sack sagging from his palm only served to intensify his feelings of lust, he had so overloaded himself with the InfiniPUMP that his whole body was heavy and difficult to move, weighed down purely by dozens upon dozens of sensitive genitals. Bryce moved his cock fingers towards his mouth, around his tongue cock they entered, stretching his mouth wide with 5 pulsing shafts as he buried them into his throat, pre-cum gushing in torrents out of his mouth like a fountain, dripping down his chin balls to splatter on the cocks sprouting from his chest and stomach. Xander couldn’t help but smile, in all his days of employment he’d never seen anything quite this extensive, it was difficult to tear his eyes away from but duty called, so he turned on his heel and silently headed for the door.

Bryce caught a glance in Xander’s direction as he rolled around, trying desperately to stimulate all of his cocks. He almost forgot Xander’s offer in his lust, hell, he barely remembered even hearing it. Xander could help, if Bryce could bring himself to pull his own cocks out of his mouth. “Mmmrphh!” He grunted, suckling on his swollen heads far more important than anything else to him right now. “Mmmmrphh… UGHN! UGHN! ACK!” He grunted and coughed, as five swollen shafts exploded down his throat. So far buried down his throat, they pumped their thick creamy payload into his esophagus. Bryce felt it swelling, the hot goo warming his stomach as his shafts pumped hard. There was simply too much, he gagged loudly and wrenched them from his mouth, mouthfuls of the white stuff dumping from his slick opened lips with each cough and burp, as his finger cocks continued spurting hot jizz every which way. The quick volleys of hot cum erupting from his mouth proved too much for the painfully stiff organ jutting from his mouth, his chin balls tensed up hard he moaned and felt the tool tingle as it started convulsing, pleasure washing over him again as huge spurts of seed flew from his tongue cock.

“T-t-thanda!” Bryce garbled, having failed to get the man’s attention earlier. “H-hep… m-meh!” He tried to focus hard, the orgasms quivering through him breaking his concentration, and with the endless prospects of so very many more lining his body, he was tempted.

Xander paused as he reached for the door, rounding himself to face the figure of Bryce across the room. “Ah, well help is always needed at times.” He chuckled to himself as he walked closer to the bed. “As attractive as temptation is, it can overwhelm even the best of us at times, even if it is a good feeling. And by the looks of it, you’re sure having more than your fair share.” He said, winking and pulling a small device out of his pocket. “It had to end sometime though, now let’s get you back to normal.”

Bryce’s eyes went wide with shock. Back to normal?! Not when he had so many more cocks to empty, not when he had so much more ‘empty’ space left on his body. He let out a loud wailing “M-Mo! Unh-uh! T-thop!”

Bryce had suddenly turned panicked, and Xander didn’t really understand why. He had asked for help, but here he was shouting ‘no’ and ‘stop’. Xander raised an eyebrow, putting the multicocked boy under scrutiny. “If you don’t want to change back, what do you want my help for?”

Bryce relaxed, he wasn’t going to change back, not yet at least. His excitement and sexual fury was bolstered as he pointed with a softening cock to the slick cylinder of the InfiniPUMP, resting neatly in a pool of cool white spunk. “H-hep… UNG. M-moare… moare c-cocth…” Bryce trailed off, his tongue cock lessening it’s spritz of cum.

“You want more cocks?!” Xander threw his chest back and laughed hard into the air. “Hahahaha, you have looked at yourself, haven’t you? I’m not judging, but you don’t think this is one too many?” He finished, winking again.

Bryce simply shook his head, his tongue cock leaking it’s last bits of cum and going soft. Using his other hand and it’s multiple stiff appendages, he tried grabbing a big bundle of the cocks growing around his groin surrounding his original to jerk all at once. Grabbing, manipulating any kind of objects at this point was nearly impossible. He resorted to pressing them into his stomach, cum drenched ball sacks and dozens of rock hard cocks rubbing, bobbing, sliding, flopping and gushing pre-cum into each other as he worked them all towards orgasm. His only response to Xander’s inquiry was holding out his thumb on his already spent hand, his last remaining normal finger stuck out distinctly against the others. A hitchhikers thumb, desperately wanting to take a transformative trip like the others had as Bryce ravenously jerked himself and his many appendages, his only utterance to Xander being, “Ebewywheur…”

Xander picked up the cum covered cylinder of they InfiniPUMP, turning it around in his hands admiring almost what it was capable of given Bryce’s drastic new appearance. The many dozens of new cocks weren’t enough for this horny young man, as Xander lowered the cylinder onto Bryce’s thumb, pushing the slider up high. Who knew when enough would be enough, but there was no denying his interest as he reached for the remote. “Just tell me when, though I have a feeling that moment will never come for you.” Xander laughed again, as he clicked the button on the remote.

Bryce’s thumb flared in the cylinder, his fingernail and flesh melting and molding into a new shape, the bulbous mushroom head of a penis. Longer and longer, thicker and thicker it grew and stretched, a gaping slit forming at its peak, gushing clear fluid like all of its companions. With a wet ‘pop’ the cylinder pulled off, the last of Bryce’s fingers gone, leaving him with hands (if they could still even be called those) of four beyond massive testicles and ten dripping penises. The cock boy jerked his dicks against his body with one arm, and with the growth of a new cock where his thumb used to be, he spared no time at all dragging the massive sack of his hand to his mouth to bury his new friend deep into his throat.

“My my! You certainly are ravenous, aren’t you? Let’s give you some more to enjoy.” Xander said almost deviously. He had to admit there was something intriguing and almost liberating seeing Bryce take himself so far, indulging like no other well past the extremes, giving into his simplest of desires that most look at as lewd and inappropriate, to cum and feel pleasure. And he was certainly feeling that as he began to cum, while Xander started filling in the bare space on his legs, between the hastily placed cocks Bryce had done himself earlier. Loud grunts and heavy moans could barely be heard over the splatter of so many loads being spilled at once. At least twenty cocks flopped and jiggled on his forearm and bicep, shooting spunk sideways onto the floor as well as up into his face, his new thumb cock pumping it’s hot load into his mouth, grunts gargling through his cum as Bryce struggled to choke down the hot froth. Finger cocks shot in all directions as they flopped about, raining droplets of semen down all over his form. Dozens billowing from his groin, were shooting sloppily upwards into the shafts of his myriad chest and stomach pieces. Ropes of hot seed stringing them all together as they themselves, roughly 30 or more, twitched and volleyed their own loads forward onto his leg cocks and Xander himself, as he busily parted shafts apart and lifted ball sacks, wedging the cylinder wherever he could find space to erect a new 24 inch erection and a pair of swollen softball nuts.

Bryce couldn’t keep his hands off himself as Xander worked over his form with the InfiniPUMP, the sensation and pleasure coursing through his body and new genitals was far too powerful for him to resist. Another dozen cocks fired their steamy loads of cum, followed by a dozen more, and another set, and another set and another set. The bed was thoroughly soaked through with the gloppy stuff, the ornate head and foot boards were dripping much like the surrounding walls themselves. The nightstand and everything that lay upon it, glistening in his opaque white slime. A sound not unlike rainwater bounding down steel gutters filled the room now, the dull metal twang of it replaced with the heavy sounds of thick wet plops and drips, as rivulets of spunk glided off the soaked bed into the equally soaked carpet, cum flowing on the floor to coat at least half of it. He switched off cramming each of his hands finger, and various other arm cocks into his mouth, stretching his mouth open to the point of absurdity for the sole reason of feeling more of that wonderful pleasure, those quaking orgasms that ripped through his body, amplified 20 sometimes even 50 fold, depending on how many of his new shafts blew. Cum dumped from his mouth thickly, like a pearly white syrup as he choked and spit up the fresh loads his finger cocks had once again just blown. His stomach filled from gulping so much of his own spunk, try as he might to get more down, it was a difficult task which left his gaping mouth a fountain of seed.

Bryce was rolled over onto his stomach very carefully by Xander, he certainly didn’t want to harm any of his sensitive bulging ball sacks, as he went to work on his backside. Working around all of Bryce’s own work with the pump, Xander was surely eliminating any and all smooth skin from Bryce. No space was left bare, and he was quickly resembling a mass of cocks more than the boy that walked into the store earlier today. The backs of his thighs and his ass cheeks sprouted new additions just as Bryce groaned and grunted again, more hot cum flooding quickly from beneath his body as the cocks he was laying on emptied more loads. Xander parted Bryce’s young ass cheeks, cum slick between them his puckered hole staring him in the face. At this point, even the proprietor of this wondrous store became curious, as he pushed the cylinder hard against Bryce’s hole. The cum made for great lubrication as it stretched open and took the slick plastic tube deep inside of him, Xander held the remote in his other hand and with a fleeting look of ‘What could it hurt?’ flashing across his face, he clicked it.

Bryce wailed, as new appendages began cumming again, and some for the first time because of the wonderful sensation in his backside. It felt strange at first, something hard and fleshy growing inside of him, but he quickly dismissed it as he started cumming and was lost to the sensations once again. Xander couldn’t help but smirk as he clicked the remote again, and again and again, burying it inside Bryce’s ass. He flicked the cylinder back and forth from cocks to balls as he kept clicking, pushing deeper, rotating and slowly pulling it out of the store patron’s hole. Bryce gasped and clenched his asshole when the pump pulled free from it with a wet ‘schlorp’, but that didn’t hold back his anal intrusion, as great glistening cock heads were erupting from his asshole, grown with the pump inside of his horny hole. One, two, three, four… Xander counted them with a smile, amazed even himself at the little toy’s capabilities. Six was the grand total, six thick rods of his own man-meat that his ass was stretched wide to accommodate, that Xander could see at least. Bryce’s insides bulged, it felt like someone was fucking him with the worlds biggest cock, but far deeper than he ever thought possible. The snaking growth in his insides built up and continued, as cocks sprouted, thickened and elongated hidden from sight, bulging his colon from the inside and stiffening deeper as they pulsed and gushed slick pre.

Bryce clenched his asshole as he felt yet another wave of orgasms approaching, his senses flooded as more cocks sprouted up on his sides and back thanks to Xander. All six of the cocks protruding from his ass along with the many growing deeper on his insides exploded, showering ropes of cum into the air and flooding his ass deep with his many loads, the shower landing on more cocks that erupted with their payloads as well. His legs jerked, the many shafts rubbing together only slightly from how tightly packed they were now, but it was more than enough as many more began the familiar build up, spraying cum with hard pulses leaving Bryce to groan and rub more of himself to orgasm.

The flow of cum never stopped, Bryce had far too many cocks now for there to ever be a moment of rest. There was a sensation tingling somewhere at all times, it built until he came violently, the twitches and pulses of orgasm were enough to nudge and rub the surrounding ones to blissful release as well. Xander was well covered in Bryce’s ejaculate as he moved up the back of his neck with the pump, clicking and switching to add a pulsing pair of testicles to go with each thick shaft. Bryce’s hair parted to make way for more engorged phalli, the thought excited him that his body was almost completely covered with so many cocks that it would be impossible to even attempt to add another. He wanted it so badly, the thought made him shiver, his body tensed and wracked with pleasure, and just as Xander pulled him up onto his side to roll him back over onto his back, his whole body exploded. Cum flew hard in every direction, the intense splatter resounding all over as they continued pumping hard, ejecting more hot spunk to coat the room, every area of the floor now soaked and sitting in at least half an inch of it.

All of a sudden, sound went dark on Bryce’s left side. It was worrisome, he reached a spurting cocked arm to his head to feel none other, than a stiff pulsing cock. Sound had left him as Xander repeated the process for the other ear, repurposing it’s function from hearing, to cumming. It was exhilarating to him, losing a sense so he could feel more intense pleasure. He started cumming harder as Xander moved onto his face. All over his forehead, his temples, his cheeks, his chin and the underside of his neck, massive shafts and huge balls took over. He could feel his insides swelling and bulging as the cocks in his ass came hard, filling him with cum. Bryce could see Xander smiling as he lifted his upper and lower lips clicking the cylinder all over them, then doing the same to the insides of his cheeks, angling the plastic tube and stretching his cheeks open to expose more smooth flesh to be changed, Bryce did ask for them everywhere as Xander recalled.

The insides of his lips and cheeks swelled maddeningly, his mouth slowly opening as cock head after cock head poked its way out. Pre was flooding from his mouth uncontrollably, stretched open huge as a mass of cocks emerged from his hot, wet and cum covered mouth. From his position on his back, some of his new additions in his mouth dangled and grew towards the back of his mouth. He welcomed as much cock as possible, tilting his head back and swallowing the growing shafts, letting them grow, bulge and stiffen down his throat. He could no longer smell as Xander removed the pump from his face once again, his nose had been transformed, a new phallus reaching into the air, leaving him to gasp in heady musk through his cock-packed mouth. His face felt so foreign to him now, it didn’t feel at all like it used to, his whole body certainly didn’t feel even remotely like what it used to… it felt better, immensely better, especially when he was cumming, which was now all the time.

Bryce watched as the cylinder came down over his eye, filtering the world in an opaque cum-covered gloss, and he heard a click. He felt a pressure on his eye, it felt like a weight was being pushed on it. Two weights to be precise, he knew immediately what they were as his eyelid became to heavy to support, growing and sagging downwards to be supported on his other face cocks and ball sacks. His eyelid had swelled into a new ball sack for his many new dicks to feed off of, and shrouding his eyeball completely, unable to open it to see a single thing. And just as soon as he lost sight in his left eye, his right followed suit, leaving his whole being near completely senseless. With all of his features transformed into hard dicks, he couldn’t smell, taste, hear or see at all. He was only left with feeling, and feel he did, indeed. Everything seemed to be amplified now that his other senses were gone, twitch after twitch, pulse after pulse, orgasm after orgasm assaulted him with pleasure. Every minute, every single second even was pure bliss, a tingle in his arm a spurt of cum, a tingle in his leg, even more cum. His insides churned, the cocks deep in his ass filled him with cum as the cocks forcing down his throat pumped him from the other end, flooding his insides with hot seed.

Xander finished packing as many more cocks as he could on Bryce’s form, placing the InfiniPUMP and the remote on the cum soaked nightstand, and stood back admiring Bryce and his now literally hundreds of cocks, no less than 15 of them shooting cum in some direction at any given time. Bryce couldn’t move all that much now aside from a twitch or jerk, so many huge cocks pointing in all directions, packed tightly between his joints and sensitive sacks bulging everywhere, it was a struggle to move without pinching or outright crushing his new additions. He didn’t mind though as he lay back, motionless in a pool of his own hot seed, he felt incredible with so many dicks sprouting from him, not a single spot of room for anymore, it was perfect as he lay gasping, grunting and cumming on the warm wet bed.

Xander admired for a great long while, the customer so ambitious that he completely changed and covered his entire body with genitals. He hadn’t seen anything so miraculous in quite a long time, perhaps never at all. It was a sight to behold, watching the smooth bulbous heads quiver, shake and tense before the slit gapes open to release a thick heavy rope of pearly white semen, raining back down over more smooth cocks, setting them off as well, spunk flying in all directions, dripping down the walls, torrents of it surging off the bed adding to the small wading pool the room was being filled with. He wiped his face clean of Bryce’s cum before announcing,

“Well, it looks like my work is done. I’m happy to have helped out someone as ambitious as yourself. You are, of course, still welcome to enjoy this for as long as you like. It sure looks like fun, if I do say so myself.” He chuckled. “I’ll leave you be, and remember if you need anything, I’ll be at the front of the store like always.”

It may not have occurred to Xander that Bryce could no longer hear, his ears having been turned into cumming cocks. So Bryce continued to lay on the bed, convulsing and erupting copious jets of cum blissfully every second, ignorant to all around him as Xander left the room and closed the door. Orgasm after orgasm surging through Bryce every second, volleys of cum spraying into the air all over.

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