Island duty

By Bud Boytaurbody 
2 parts
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Part 1

The guys in my unit don't mind going shirtless, to put it mildly. I've always thought it's pretty cool. We pretty much have the island to ourselves, so the duties are light. But we train pretty hard anyway. Nobody says anything, but it's awesome.

The other island, the only one in the whole ocean around here, is kind of our local shore leave spot. It's more exotic, especially the natives. Oddly enough, there's a large native population, said to be very handsome, all guys. They all do magic, good stuff, they call it. I've never been over.

So anyway, it's sunset, and Stewart comes back from shore leave (which means he got to go to the other island) wearing a couple of—!!—big feet strung around his neck like a couple of dogtags, dangling down the front of his parka.

"Where the fuck did you get these," I asked him, grabbing the two feet and pulling at the leather strap that held them. Holy fuck! They were alive! I quickly dropped them. Stewart smiled, boned as I was, as the big feet dangled there on his chest.

I touched one of them. It was healthy, warm, pulsing, sweating. "What the fuck . . ? I asked Stewart.

"Island magic stuff, I guess," Stewart smiled. "Look at this!" he said, with a big grin.

He lifted up the parka, baring his waist and a second pair of arms! They were tanned, with light golden-brown hairs on the hands and forearms just like his first pair of arms.

"They can do this kind of stuff all they want," Steward smiled. "I think that's why there are so many of them over there." He couldn't stop smiling. He was obviously really boned.

He removed the leather cord and the two big dangling feet from around his neck and held it in one of his hands that was protruding from under the parka, and deftly pulled off his parka using the other new hand, sliding his two original arms out from the parka sleeves as he took it off.

I was too stunned to think, but he looked awesome, the dumb galoot. All four of his hands helped with hanging the big feet and their leather cord around his neck again. The big feet dangled happily against Stewart's bare chest, where his four hands kept feeling them, holding them.

"They got everything over there we want," Steward smiled.

Owen was hiking up to us from the little pier where he and a small group of our guys had just tied up.

It was hard to make out his silhouette at first, with the sunset glare from behind him like that. As he got closer I could see that he had a pair of nice big feet dangling around his neck, too. Different, but good-looking and healthy, just like Stewart's.

"What is it with the feet?" I asked Owen. Despite myself, I was boned. Damn. Who'd have thought the guys would be coming back with these feet around their necks!

"Well, if one of the natives bonds with you, he gives you his feet," Owen said. "It brings his luck and magic with you."

"Well, what does he do, walk around on stumps?" I asked, sounding more derisive than I meant to.

"They've got four feet," Steward said, seeing Owen's surprise at the way I asked.

"Yeah," Owen said, encouraged by Stewart's help. "They just grow them back. See?" he said, turning the feet on their leather cord. "You can almost feel the magic in them."

"What kind of magic," I asked.

"Well, like Stewart did, you can use them for that," Owen said. "Most of the guys want bigger penises, you know. More penises and bigger. Everyone on that island is in love," he said.

I looked down to the little pier where I could see the figures of more of the guys silhouetted against the brilliant sunset. The guys were coming up from the little pier.

As they got closer, I could make out that Morrissey was helping Alvarez. No, that wasn't right. I had to look twice. There were two of Alvarez. Actually, one of Alvarez was on each side of Morrissey and it was Alvarez who was helping Morrissey, who was naked, hair tousled, laughing, obviously drunk, and stumbling on four bare feet. Alvarez, both of him, were also laughing, but not as drunk as Morrissey. Morrissey was boned.

I turned to watch them pass. Alvarez, that is, one of Alvarez, waved at me and smiled, patting Morrissey on the butt of his hind legs as all four of Morrissey's legs reeled by, Morrissey almost knocking one Alvarez over and then the other.

And was that the clatter of hooves? Who the fuck had a horse on the island? I turned to where the sound was coming from, my hand shielding my eyes from the receding glare of the ebbing sunset.

It was Joey, our unit's most dedicated bodybuilder, not a horse. But yes he was, a partial horse. A centaur. Big, gleaming, sleek. As he got closer and more towering, he waved at me. Yes, it was Joey all right, the crazy kid. How perfect he looked this way. He smiled, all flashing smile and muscle, and moved his centaur stallion body to and fro like the parade horses on New Years Day, his great horsetail gleaming and his four hooves noisy on the earth.

He showed me the pair of big handsome feet dangling from the leather cord around his neck.

"I know, I know, an islander bonded with you," I smiled. I liked Joey.

I tried to hide my shock and then my arousal as Joey sprung huge stallion hardons from between his front and rear stallion legs, thinking of his island love.

"He wants me back," Joey smiled.

"So do I," I smiled.

Joey looked straight at me, as if searching inside me, and he smiled.

"Here, put these on," he said, reaching the big dangling pair of feet down to me. They felt warm against my chest as I settled the leather cord around my neck.

I looked back up at my Joey, the handsome centaur. Or now, Joey, the two handsome centaurs.

"How do you want me," they both said to me—then they laughed, smiling at each other and me, surprised to say the same thing at the same time.

Part 2

"Well, can I have you stacked?" I asked Joey. I wasn't sure which of him to ask, since there were two of him, so I asked both of him.

"Stacked?" one of the Joeys said. The other Joey looked at him, and then looked at me, his sweet face also a question mark.

"You know, stacked, like you're two stories," I explained. "You have two torsos, the top one growing out of the shoulders of the bottom one."

Both Joeys tried to visualize being stacked, and a slow smile spread over the face of the first Joey, and he grew two huge centaur boners as he pictured being stacked, his huge boners bobbing enormously from between his front horselegs and between his hind horselegs.

"Cool!" he said. "Let me put the feet on," he said, reaching for the handsome pair of live male feet dangling lazily against my chest from their leather cord around my neck.

So I grasped the big, smooth soles of the gorgeous pair of feet with one hand, which I used to hold them both together at once, and used my other hand to lift the leather cord from around my neck.

I passed the feet and their cord to the Joey who was about to stack. He took both of the feet in one hand, holding the leather cord in the other, kissed the beautiful feet and put the cord around his neck, settling the big pair of feet comfortably against his chest as they dangled heavily from their leather cord.

"So how do you stack?" the other Joey asked him.

"I think I just make a wish on the feet," he said, closing his eyes and mentally making the wish. "Oh, wow, I think I know how to do it!" he said excitedly, his bodybuilder's torso clenching.

He clenched his eyes shut, pressed the pair of feet tightly against his chest and held his breath, almost as if he were about to bench press a thousand pounds.

The huge, sleek, shiny lower stallion's body part of him crouched on its four horselegs, then reared itself on its hind legs. I expected Joey to neigh, except, with their human upper part, centaurs don't neigh.

But he may as well have—sure enough, as he towered way up there at his full centaur height, his head and shoulders shot up yet another torso-height, springing anew out of the shoulders of his original torso.

He settled back down on his four stallion legs and stopped holding his breath, unclenching his muscles and opening his eyes.

"Whew!" he said, smiling, brushing the sweat from his forehead, pushing his hair back. "This is nice up here!"

Nice wasn't the word for it. He was awesome this way, tall even for a centaur, what with a second beautiful bodybuilder's narrow-waisted torso springing from the massive shoulders of his first.

His upper torso's shoulders were just as muscular and broad as the shoulders of his lower torso, and each torso had its own beautifully developed pair of muscular bodybuilder's arms.

As the other Joey and I gazed at him, we could tell he was getting acclimatized to his new height. His four hands were slowly exploring his double-decked human half.

"This is cool," he smiled, his upper hands reaching down to feel the part of him where his abs grew out of his lower torso's broad shoulders.

His lower torso's hands were likewise feeling their shoulders and the place where his upper torso grew up out of them. Then they reached up and touched his upper hands. "Wow, there's a lot of me!" he smiled.

He flicked his horse's tail and pranced around a bit on his four hooves, getting used to his extraordinary height.

"I'm gonna like this," he smiled, feeling his tall two-story body with his four hands. He paused, his upper arms holding the pair of feet to his lips while his lower arms patted their big hands idly on his lower torso's abs.

"I have an idea," he said. "I'll stay here with you, but first let's take Joey back to my island love. He can have him, and you can have me."

Both Joeys nodded smiling at each other, and then both turned to me. They were quite a pair, Joey my handsome body builder centaur, and Joey my newly stacked body builder centaur.

Noticing my reaction to seeing the two of them like this, they walked their glorious stallion centaur bodies over to each other and stood side by side, looking at me, arm in arm, the stacked Joey's torso towering over that of the other Joey.

"Fine," I smiled. I was aching from being so very boned for so very long. "I've got to see this island for myself, anyway."

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