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About the time we all started really growing, Jay outgrew us all. He still had that sweet kid's smile in his newly angular, handsome face, and the sparkling blue eyes that twinkled beneath his straight blonde hair, and he was that much handsomer with his handsome head perched on a newly longer, more muscular neck, giant broad shoulders, and a beautiful long, wide-shouldered, narrow-waisted torso.

With his newly enlarged hands and beautifully elongated arms came a big suprise to all of us—Jay grew an extremely handsome set of four perfect, huge basketball-player's legs. Why on earth he grew four beautiful legs we didn't know, but it turned out that some of his family did that when they sprouted up in their final growth spurt. It happened every couple or three generations or so.

Well, my friends and I were eaten alive with envy for Jay's four awesome legs. They drove us crazy, just the fact of him having them.

He was a handsome tall boy to start with, but none of us knew how to deal with the fact of his having these four beautiful legs. There was no escaping them; where ever he was, there they were, all four of them, and anyone could see that they were really good-looking legs, long and beautiful, masculine, and incredibly sexual as a set of four male legs on one guy.

He didn't flaunt them or anything, but they kind of flaunted themselves, just being so big and handsome and just being four of them.

So yeah, we were insane with envy for Jay's four legs, but he was understanding about our feelings, which helped, saying he'd be envious if it happened to us and not him.

But even so, just being with him, I could never take my eyes off his four legs. I mean, four of them! And all four of Jay's legs were perfect, the great big good-looking pair of long legs in front, and then right behind them, Jay's hind pair of legs. How was it that he got to have four of these giant, beautiful legs, and four big, beautiful feet?

Anyway, it was hard to deal with the envy. Also, they were troublesome because they were so awesome-looking. I mean, here was Jay, my best friend, suddenly a man, a big, beautiful man, still with his boyish face, but this big beautiful body, and these four big long legs. Why couldn't everybody have that happen when they became a man?

But again, he was so nonchalant about them and so nice about being stared at and admired and asked about them, and although I think they kind of turned him on, too, and although he was really happy that he got to grow four legs, he was completely cool about us wishing we had four of them, too.

He was great in sports, naturally, and a fair player, even with his four-legged advantage. He didn't use his four legs unfairly to, say, block other players in basketball, although he could jump like a stallion, launching his big body so high and graceful from his four powerful long legs.

And always that boyish smile, so handsome and masculine, all the nicer for being there in spite of this enormously beautiful, powerfully graceful body and those four lithe, lengthy legs.

He didn't mind us all being totally boned around him, both on the court and in the showers afterwards; in fact, we thought it was cool that he was boned by his four legs as well.

It did cause us a lot of envy that besides those four giant legs of his, those four beautiful big feet, that he boned twice. Big boners, too, the first one right out there for everyone to see, the other one impossible to miss as well, gigantic in its cage of Jay's four long, well-shaped athlete's legs.

“Oh, dude,” is about as much as anyone of us would say as we showered with Jay, but it was so common for any of us to have to make ourselves come, because Jay with his sweet smile and huge, beautiful body and four giant legs was too much to take, especially with him just as turned on.

It became kind of a friendly joke among us to come all over each other as we showered together, trying to come all over Jay, and him trying to come all over one or more of us, and it did help relieve the awesome tension of being around him and his four beautiful legs.

But not for long. You could see the guy's eyes straying to the way Jay's four big, handsome feet walked themselves through the showers and the locker room, and all boners were huge again, as we ached with arousal and envy for Jay's four feet, his four huge feet, his four beautiful legs, so beautiful to watch as they moved together, his four beautiful hips paired one to the other.

Jay never said anything about it, but you could tell it felt good to have four legs, so long and strong and close to each other, and he kind of looked turned on most of the time, because he could not only see them as he looked down at them, but he was in them and could work them and feel them against each other, these four columns of beautiful legs, the complex array of four big, beautiful male feet.

We hadn't really discovered ourselves yet, so it was kind of a unique way to resolve the tension in our friendship by him letting me “borrow” his four legs from time to time, when we slept over together. We didn't really do anything, except that while watching TV or reading or lying by the pool or whatever he'd make his four legs available for me to relax with them, or lie among them, or hold them in my lap.

It kind of helped him, too, because they made him that much more comfortable feeling someone else through them, a kind of closeness that probably provided some comfort to him, since there was so much of him; with all that leg area it was nice for him to wrap them comfortably around me, and for me it was heaven itself as well.

It was nice that we came a lot when we were together like that, and even after I had come all I could, it still made me hard that Jay still had to come again a few times, understandably, given the size of his boners and the number of legs he had, comfortably wrapped around me.

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