Just a little bigger

By Dream Big 
8 parts
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Part 1

“I wish I were bigger,” I said, aloud.

I’d thought it before, of course. Many times. Being bullied for being the scrawny kid from kindergarten through graduation. At my 17th birthday, I was the second shortest guy in the room, and the skinniest. By the time my 18th hit, it seemed like nothing was going to change. At 5’6” and 124 pounds, I was charitably called “lean”, but let’s face it, I was a scrawny little dude and I knew it. I’d tried eating more, working out, sports, all of it. No luck, not with my crazy metabolism. And it wouldn’t have been so bad had I actually been good at any of it, but I lacked the coordination for sports, and I just couldn’t seem to put on muscle—despite the best efforts of the high school coach who turned me into his pet project senior year. We’d both agreed steroids were out, and my folks were unwilling to consider anything medical. But we put a dent in GNC’s stocks for legal, over the counter stuff.

Anyway. Graduation happened, and I’d turned 18 two days prior. I’d picked a solid, reputable local university, and was ready to enjoy a summer free of other worries. I had a bit of money set aside from my part time job, which was a blessing because the place closed up unexpectedly during the last week of classes. There was little point in busting my ass to get a summer job for two months, and my folks grudgingly agreed to cover my expenses until I went off to school. After all, my scholarships were enough to cover school and expenses, and graduation and birthday gifts gave me some spending money to enjoy the summer.

First item on the agenda: a trip to New York City with my best friends. Two whole weeks, in late June! My friend Sarah had a cousin who had just bought and begun to renovate a house in Hell’s Kitchen, but ran into some legal and financing issues that kept it from completing. So the plan was we would stay there for a bit and let the contractors in to finish renovating the first floor, while Sarah’s cousin was away. Accommodations were minimal, but who cared? We planned to bring sleeping bags and air mattresses, and the kitchen was already done.

So it would be Sarah, her sister Erin, my bestie Vic, and me. Vic and I had been friends since preschool, and Sarah was my neighbor. Her sister Erin was a year older and was ostensibly the grown-up. She was on break from a school in New Jersey.

Anyway, me and Sarah and Vic got there by bus, took a Lyft over to the place, and met Erin. We missed Cousin Pete by half an hour due to traffic, but had sorted it all out by phone with him and Erin. We ditched our stuff after getting a quick tour, and then went out for dinner.

Okay, I’m sure you’re wondering when the sexy part starts.

Well, so was I.

See, I had begun to figure out that I like boys… and girls. And I had eyes for my two best friends. Crushes, really, but the sort you have when you have a deep friendship. It had only slid over to connect to lusty thoughts in the last few months. But a combination of fear, unwillingness to screw up friendships, and my own self-image issues kept all those feelings locked up inside.

But stray comments overheard at graduation parties had sparked a glimmer of hope. See, Vic is Korean and raised mostly by his aunties. And I heard Auntie Lin expressing concern over Vic’s lack of a girlfriend, and asking her sister if she thought he might be like Vic’s cousin Jun. Of course I never heard a response, but Jun, well, Jun was a hottie and probably part of why I realized I was into boys too. He would be about 23, and had been openly out for two years, and I’d been crushing on him whenever I saw him at Vic’s place, usually for some big family meal I’d wrangled my way into. He looked like the masculine guy in a K-pop band. and Vic looked like he could be the younger nerdy one.

Until that comment, it had never occurred to me that Vic might not be straight. And I was terrified to broach he topic because we talked about and shared everything but our sexual interests with each other. But I loved spending time with him, and all our interests seemed to overlap perfectly. We’d slept over at each other’s houses since elementary school, had shared gym classes and camping trips… but suddenly I found myself mentally reviewing everything and wondering whether I’d missed the signs. Maybe I’d been blind to it, or maybe I was imagining it.

Sarah, however, was more straightforward a situation. She was a smart girl, certainly, and a good looking one, very girl-next-door—of course, literally she was the girl next door. Friendly and approachable, and prone to hugs. She treated me like a brother she never had, almost from day one. Got along with everyone. But those hugs, at some point, became quite different to me, and I was forced to confront he fact that while she had a pretty average face, her real asset was her smoking hot body. For some reason she dressed to hide it in school, but she wasn’t shy around me and Vic, and she had a swimming pool. Toned, nice firm and perky boobs, long legs, and girl abs… .who knew that abs were a thing for girls? And then, at her graduation party, her grandma asked (a little too loudly) whether she liked either of those boys. Sarah had shushed her grandma and whispered something to her, and the matter was dropped. But she didn’t make eye contact with me or Vic for the rest of the party. And I think Erin, who I didn’t really know well, noticed.

So, yeah. Here I was thinking lusty thoughts about my two closest friends, both of whom would be going away to different schools from me, and I was about to be stuck in a house with them for two weeks, essentially unsupervised. And I was too much of a coward to act on it, not even to figure out if either of them were even interested.

Because I was just little Drew, the shrimp friend. They could do better. Hell, they could do better with each other….

Thoughts like that made me spring wood—hell, I was 18, nearly everything makes you spring wood that age—and made for an uncomfortable trip up, so mostly I feigned sleepiness to avoid thinking about it.

See, the other thing I haven’t mentioned yet is that I was below average and skinny, except in one area. I was the proud owner of a slightly above average bait and tackle. Five inches soft, seven and a half when erect, it looked way bigger on my small frame. Fairly big balls too. And that just added to my misery because I felt like a freak.

That first night, it was gorgeous out. Not too hot, and we had youth and energy to spare after stuffing our faces with real pizza. We laughed a lot, talked about stupid stuff, shared some hopes and dreams about our future. Erin told some funny stories about her freshman year adventures, and we found ourselves sitting by the fountain at Columbus Circle.

“Hey, we should make a wish,” Erin said. “Everyone has a penny, right?”

“I wish I knew what to wish for,” Vic laughed.

“No, make it a real one,” Sarah said.

“Fine. I wish I could always stay friends with you guys.” He tossed the coin and made a satisfying splash.

“Awww! Now I feel bad. I was gonna wish for a car.” Erin tossed hers.

“Hah. I wish I had bigger boobs, like yours.” Sarah said, and in her coin went.

“What about you, Drew?”

“I wish I were bigger.”


The shimmering reflections in the water might be imagined as stars, but let’s be real: you don’t see those with all the other lights in a big city. No magic stardust, no flash bang, just a faint shimmering as the reflected street lights, high windows, and mobile phone glows bounced off the water’s surface.

Vic laughed. “Well, that was anticlimactic.”

“What were you expecting?” Erin said, amused. “Wishing isn’t getting. Parking is a nightmare anyway, I’m better off without a car. It’s just fun. Maybe you put a little positive energy out there and see what happens. What’s the worst that could happen?”

We wandered a little more, but it was getting late anyway, so we quickly found ourselves splitting up into three rooms. Vic and I bunked together, but Sarah had her own room, and so did Erin, who claimed the master bedroom. Vic and I got our air mattresses inflated and sleeping bags out, and soon we’d all made ourselves at home.

“Hey,” Vic said. “I was serious, I love you guys.”

“I know,” I said quietly. “Stop being corny.”

“I mean, after this, we are going different places. This may be it. At least the way we are. And I don’t want to think about you guys not being part of my life.”

“Then we won’t let it.”


“Yeah.” I tossed a pillow at him. “Now let’s get some sleep, man. Whole city to explore tomorrow!”

“…Thanks, man.”

Sleep came quickly.

I woke the next morning to the loud sound of construction workers banging around downstairs, and then a loud knock on our door. It was Erin.

“Sorry, guys, you have about half an hour between you before the water gets shut off. Sarah’s in my room, so you guys can use the hall bathroom. Just don’t bitch if you run out of hot water before you’re done!”

Cue a mad rush as we scrambled to get ourselves ready. It would have been worse had we not spent so much time in each other’s houses growing up. There weren’t many boundaries, and the shower was a big walk-in model. Vic got started while I took a shit, him complaining loudly the whole time about the smell and poor timing. I couldn’t help it, my bio clock was pretty dependable. But it meant we had to share the shower a bit.

It wasn’t remotely erotic, if you were hoping that. We were in a rush, for one thing, and for another, we were kind of used to each other. Plus the shower was big enough and had room to maneuver. The water ran out as we finished brushing our teeth.

“Hey,” Vic said, “you should probably get a different t shirt. That shirt is starting to ride up.”

Annoyed, I checked, and the hem barely cleared my belt line. I decided I was fine with showing a little skin and like I said, I had a narrow waist and little flat abs going. What the heck. Not like I knew anyone here who would care.

So of course both the girls teased me shout it when they saw me.

“You should really pick up some new clothes anyway, Drew. Get some style before you go to college!” Sarah said. “Besides, we can go check out thrift stores and boutiques and stuff!”

“Knock yourselves out,” Erin said. “You’ve all got keys, and I will be busy all day. Why don’t we meet up in Chinatown for dinner at 7?”

If this were an 80s film, this is where there would be a montage of trying on clothes and goofing off together. It was glorious and fun and silly hanging out with my two best friends, and by lunchtime we had found a few things. But my feet were starting to hurt, and I wanted something really substantial for lunch. The bagel was a nice change for breakfast but that was four hours ago. My crazy metabolism was really working overtime.

It was at the deli that I realized my shoes were too tight.

“You’ve had those shoes forever, they’re practically falling apart anyway,” Vic said.

“Guess I’m getting new shoes today too,” I said.

“You keep eating like that and you’ll be shopping for bigger pants,” Sarah teased, stealing my fries blatantly. “Two loaded bagels for breakfast, and now you just ate a whole New York deli corned beef sandwich, and fries. And pickle.”

Truthfully, I’d woken up super hungry, and just chalked it up to walking a lot the prior night. Vic had made some comment about my bathroom habits and the likelihood of there being anything left in me. But that was a really big sandwich and it didn’t seem to have made much of a dent in my hunger. Or maybe something else was making my stomach grumble.

“Do you have any clue how many women would kill for your freaky metabolism?”

“It’s not fair, man, but it can’t last forever. My brother said he gained fifteen pounds his freshman year.”

“Yeah, and Jun started working out to get rid of the weight. Look how badly that turned out for him,” Sarah said. “You do know your brother is a hunk, right?”

“I hadn’t noticed. Not with the aunties making a fuss and everyone staring at his muscles.”

Sarah had the good manners to look a little guilty. “Hey, I couldn’t help it. It was a pool party and he was not leaving much to the imagination…”

As they continued to tease each other, I realized I remembered every detail of that pool party, memory of Jun did what it usually did—triggered a boner. Ugh, bad timing!

“Drew, you remember, right? Even Erin thought he was hot, and she is only a little interested in guys.”

Wait, what? Did she just out her sister?

“Wait, what?” Vic asked. “Erin went lesbian? Oh that’s hilarious.”


“Because Jun is gay?”

“OMG, that’s actually true? Now I want to encourage her just to mess with her head.”

Fuck. I was trying to pay attention to the silly moment, but once the image of Jun, muscles rippling and water dripping off his various bumps as he emerged from the pool… once that got in my head it wouldn’t leave. The boner problem was here to stay. And fuck if I hadn’t eaten so much my belt felt tight, and that made my dick strain against it. It was becoming uncomfortable.

Luckily, my stomach made a horrifying gurgle, and I broke out into a sweat. Thinking quickly, I forced a nasty belch.

“Gross, man,” Vic said. “You okay?”

“Better hit the can,” I said. Thinking quickly, I grabbed the bag with my new clothes and used it to hide my straining tent as I made for the bathroom.

Sure enough, once the door was locked, I had a situation. My dick was painfully obvious in too tight pants and my lower abs were on full display. There had to be at least an inch or two between my shirt hem and the top of my pants.

I quickly glanced around to make sure I was alone and there were no cameras, then hauled out my dick hurriedly. Man, I was on fire, hornier than I could remember. Images of Jun played on repeat in my head and I grabbed my dick, which my imagination decided was huge. I closed my eyes as I wrapped my hand around it and began furiously jacking off to the memory of my best friend’s hot brother, but it wasn’t quite doing it for me, until my mind’s eye camera pulled back, and I saw Vic, also staring, but focused on me with and odd look in his eye.

The idea that he’d caught me perving on his brother sent me over the edge.

Jesus that was hot. My dick still throbbed away, despite unloading spectacularly, but I was too startled to worry about that right away. There were paper towels and I managed to douse the sink rather than myself, mostly.

But what caught my attention was that my already respectable dick was, quite clearly, bigger than usual. In fact, as it deflated, it seemed still larger than expected.

I mopped up the mess and hurriedly switched to a new shirt, and managed to somehow tuck my dick back into my undies and zip up the jeans. But it still made for a bit of a bulge. More than usual. Or maybe it was my imagination?

There was not a lot of choice; I really needed different pants. And I was still feeling a little unsettled, and hungry, all day.

At the thrift shop, I was getting frustrated. It seemed like all the clothes were just labeled wrong or something, because nothing was fitting right. But then, it had been washed several times before, being used, right? After the third pair of painted on jeans got the veto from Sarah, I got grumpy.

“Stay put for a moment,” Sarah ordered. “Let me just get you some other jeans to try on.”

Vic was busy too, so I sat there in the cramped booth waiting while hipster music from the 80s or something played. I looked again at the reflection in the mirror.

Objectively, I realized, I wasn’t bad looking. Sandy blond hair, blue eyes, and lean. Hell, you could even see a bit of definition in my abs and Adonis belt, and I was reasonably blessed downstairs. I made a muscle and was pleasantly surprised that you could tell. Huh, maybe all those workouts were finally kicking in, even if I’d given up hope…

Oh. Goodness, my “blessing” was feeling perky today. It was starting to look obscene, half chubbed and bulging in my briefs. I should probably pick up some new undies while I was out. That elastic was looking threadbare.

“Here, dummy, catch!” I was pelted with two pair of jeans. Both looked fine, but—

“Sarah, these are too big. I wear 28s,” I complained.

“You said the others are too tight. Maybe they’re all off-size or something.”

To my surprise, they fit, and they looked okay. They were cut differently than I was used to—skinny jeans were my usual go to, what with my twig legs and lack of butt. But it was time for second opinion.

“So?” I opened the door and did a quick rotation.

“Oooh, me likey,” Sarah said, a bit more enthusiastic than usual.

“Those look good on you,” Vic said, having materialized out of thin air.

“Real good!” Sarah added. “You actually have an ass. Took long enough!”


We raided the place for a few more odds and ends—Vic found a really cool red shirt, and Sarah a little sundress—and paid the tab. I couldn’t bitch too much, for my forty bucks I did pretty well.

Since I needed t shirts too, apparently, we popped into a few of the usual suspects—Old Navy, Gap, H&M—and as we tried things on, it became apparent that I had, finally, gone up a size. Pretty much everywhere.

But it was when I tried on shoes that it finally sunk in.

A cute, well-built black guy about my age insisted on measuring my feet.

“Gotta use the old Braddock Device, man,” he said. “Cuz those kicks of yours are dead, and you want something to fit right.”

I rolled my eyes. I’d worn a size seven shoe for four years. Maybe I’d finally hit 7½?

“No wonder your shoes broke, bro. You wear an 8. Might even want to go for the half, depending on the shoe. I’ll grab a few pairs to try…”

He was already halfway to the back room, and didn’t notice what had to be an odd look on my face. I felt the flush hit me.

Yup, sitting there in the shoe store, that’s when it hit me. The realization that I was, suddenly after four or five years, just a little bit bigger.

It’s harder than you’d imagine to try on shoes when you are sporting wood. And Chuck the sales guy was back before I knew it, carrying three pairs of shoes to try on. Sure enough, he was right and I’d fit just right in the 8½s.

But if everything else about me seemed a little bigger, I reasoned, maybe my slightly bigger dick wasn’t just imagination. And as if to prove a point, Mr. Lucky began to test the theory. I hastily tucked left and stood to give the shoes a quick walking test, and decided to buy them.

Vic and Sarah were on the other side of the store, Sarah chattering away as she tried on half a dozen different pairs, and Vic looking uncharacteristically engaged by the process.

“You look taller in those,” Vic said.

“Nice,” Sarah nodded.

By this point it was almost five, so we took an Uber back up to the house so we could freshen up for dinner. My stomach was already growling, so I snacked on some junk food while I waited for the bathroom to be free. Vic was taking his good sweet time in there.

I thought about a nap, but I wasn’t really tired now, and my aching feet felt way better in the new shoes. Sarah was calling her folks, so I tuned her out and lay across my air mattress, mentally working out how I could have missed my growth spurt. I just couldn’t figure it out. I’d just bought a new suit for graduation, but then again, suits were measured a little differently…

Maybe my wish had come true and I was actually bigger because of that?

My mind wandered further, and I was still kind of horny. Thinking about getting bigger was a turn on. Before my dick reached half mast, I remembered seeing a measuring tape downstairs, so I grabbed that, and shut the door.

It took no time to get my boy revved up, and I cautiously unrolled the tape measure along the top of my penis. It really did look bigger… but I wasn’t prepared to blow my usual 7½ out of the water.

I was an entire inch bigger.

Part 2

Before I could fully explore, of course, I was interrupted.

I heard the shower fan switch off and the bathroom door open—just in time for me to grab my new pants and a change of underwear, and hold them in front of me as I stood up. Good thing too, because the briefs weren’t hiding much, and my erection poked happily out of my waistband like a demented meerkat.

Vic walked in like he hadn’t a care in the world, whistling as he tossed his stuff onto his open suitcase before flopping in the chair to pull on his socks.

Horror of horrors, he wasn’t wearing a t-shirt yet, and I could see his blemish-free skin and lightly defined muscles as he reached. My friend had apparently not been skipping arm day.

He looked up, as I froze like a deer in the headlights.

“What?” he asked, squinting. He wasn’t wearing his glasses yet.

“Nothing,” I lied, and scooted off to the bathroom across the hall before he noticed anything. Like my straining, oversized, angry penis, denied its prey and demanding blood.

I slammed the door shut and shouted, “There better be hot water left!” Though honestly, I’d probably want cold water to deal with this thing. I was still horny, and hot, and I flipped on the fan again to clear the remaining steam. I had about 20 minutes to get ready, and a blessed moment of privacy.

Glancing up at the mirror, I was stunned. Erection aside, I looked pretty good. My faintly defined muscles, the product of months of going full tilt on food and workouts (seemingly to no avail) stood out in stark relief against my pale skin. I really did look just a little bigger, all over. And Mr. Eager down there, he looked bigger than ever, and begging to be touched. Even my balls looked a little plump.

Deciding that cleanup would be easier in the shower, I ran it and found the hot water satisfyingly plentiful—but I decided on a warm shower instead. I was still warm from the day’s walking and my bout of horny heat, so lukewarm would have to work while I pounded one out. I stripped quickly and jumped in, letting the mildly warm water run all over. There was a scrubby thing in there, so I lathered it. up and applied vigorously and began rubbing myself to get clean.

Yeah, that lasted like three seconds, max. The moment my fingers brushed my newly deep abs, I lit a fire that only got worse as the rough scrunchy scraped my nipples, and then it built as I soaped and lathered up my whole body. Before I realized it, I was breathing heavily and the water felt warm and glorious against my skin as I rinsed. My dick, of course, was an attention hog, and I tossed the scrunchy aside and applied a big dollop of the body wash to my hands and began to stroke with a pressure and need I’d rarely felt. At some point I realized that I’d throbbed even larger, which meant I was well above 8½ inches. The thought sent me over the edge, and I grabbed the shower bar with my other hand before I lost my balance, so fierce was the orgasm. Six, seven, eight shots, each feeling like a full masturbatory finale. Then two more, just to prove a point, before I finally felt sated. Breathing heavily, I watched the thick sauce spiral down the drain. Seemed like a pretty big load.

I’m not entirely sure how I kept quiet, but it felt amazing. And I finally felt less crazy horny. So I switched to cooler water, did a quick shampoo, and rinsed the rest of the soap and spooge down the drain. I dried off, thinking unsexy thoughts, and threw some gel in my hair and put some deodorant on. I could probably use a shave (surprisingly) but opted to put that off.

I was just pulling up my underwear (geez, my bulge was almost obscene) when Vic pounded on the door.

“Hurry up, man, we’re supposed to be downstairs in like five minutes.”

“I’ll be there,” I promised. I just needed to pull my new shirt on. I popped off the tag and pulled it down. It didn’t look quite painted on, but it was definitely snug in the right places, despite being a size larger than normal. I finally looked like a guy who worked out. And the jeans did show off my butt and my bulge a bit. Sarah had seemed happy with them before, but that was a whole inch ago. Maybe she’d actually noticed before I did? Ugh, no time to think about that.

I ran across to the bedroom and quickly pulled on some socks and the new kicks, and stood there stupidly and vainly for a moment, deciding whether to throw on a shirt or hoody over the t-shirt. But then, Vic had opted for his new red shirt, so I went with a button down, too. I was buttoning down as I grabbed my phone and wallet, and almost ran into Sarah in the hallway when I barged out the door.

“Whoa!” she said. “You almost ran into me!”

I looked down and there she was. And I realized I was staring down at her boobs.

See, like I said, I was 5’6” at that graduation party. Erin and Vic were both about 5’9”. But Sarah was 5’10, and she was wearing boots tonight. She probably hit 6 foot even, in those heels. If you like girls, and are a short guy, that’s not a bad view. But in these new shoes, and with whatever was messing with me, I was seeing her perky breasts at a somewhat different angle.


“Oh! Sorry!”

She laughed it off breezily. “No worries. Just try not to slam into my boobs, okay? I just got this bra.”

Had she bought a bra today while we were shopping? Were her boobs looking extra perky, or was it my overactive libido?

We took the subway down to Chinatown to save a little time, but it was pretty crowded, and the operator was either new or sadistic because we kept speeding up and slamming on brakes repeatedly.

The press of people meant that I was stuck clinging to a pole—I was a little short to reach the hanging straps comfortably—and eventually wound up in a sandwich between Vic and Sarah. Try as we might, there was no avoiding almost full body contact, on both sides.

“You’re feeling pretty solid there, Mister Drew,” Sarah giggled near my ear. Her boobs were pressed into my right arm, and she was using me for balance, and I could feel my penis getting ideas.

“I noticed too,” Vic said, getting in on the ribbing. His arm was stretched over my shoulder onto the same pole. “Maybe that’s why he was showing off his abs today.”

“Funny, guys,” I groused, smiling along. “At least this shirt fits.”

At that moment, the train lurched and Sarah lost her balance. Without thinking, I blocked her fall with my body, my left hand gripping the pole firmly, and my right instinctively grabbing for Vic, so he wouldn’t fall too. Meanwhile, his hand slipped off the pole and grabbed my shoulder. All around us, people fell or nearly fell.

“My hero,” Sarah said, extracting herself. She looked a little flush from the surprise.

“Sorry to grab you like that,” Vic stammered as he got his feet under him.

“No big,” I answered truthfully. It really hadn’t been an issue at all—which was, itself, surprising. But I had little time to think about it, because we lumbered into the station just a moment later, and it was time to disembark.

Erin was waving at us at the exit, and she wasn’t alone. Her friend was, well, hot, and she was leaning comfortably up next to him.

The friend was almost stereotypically Italian looking, with big eyes and nose and thick black hair, and an easy smile with big white teeth. He was probably 6 foot even and in really, really good shape. He looked like a mix between a big friendly puppy and a hardcore jock.

“I bet his name is Tony,” I whispered conspiratorially to Sarah. She smelled nice.

“It absolutely has to be,” she chuckled. Vic just rolled his eyes.

“Hey guys, this is Antonio,” Erin said.

We must have looked disappointed, because he immediately chimed in with “Call me Tony, everyone does.”

“Anyway—Tony’s a friend and his roommate works in this little family joint in Chinatown, or what’s left of it, so we’re going there.”

“Best food for five blocks,” Tony promised. “Two more blocks, though, and you gotta try my uncle’s place…”

As they walked confidently up ahead of us, I was distracted by Tony’s tight, tight jeans. If he wore briefs, you would have seen the elastic lines, but I couldn’t see any. Logically, that meant he either went commando or wore something else—a thong or boxers, maybe.

Speaking of tight, my own jeans weren’t as loose as they’d felt earlier. They were feeling downright snug.

Vic and Sarah were chatting with Erin and Tony up ahead, and I was starting to feel hot and constricted. And distracted—everywhere we walked there was some hot Chinese or Korean guy, or a tall black girl, or lean white girl in a sexy little black dress.

I was so distracted I almost walked into Tony when they all stopped and I didn’t pay attention.

“You okay, buddy? You look a little out of it,” the friendly stud said.

“Just hungry, I guess.” And that was true.

There’s nothing quite like a hole in the wall family restaurant in Chinatown in New York City. And no matter how packed it is, if you know the right people, you never have to wait too long.

Tony’s friend—Vic guessed he was named Lee, and sure enough, he called it—quickly seated us and before we could speak, we had hot tea and some dumplings “on the house”. They were amazing, so we ordered more, and more food, and spent a happy two hours there eating like only teens and twenty-somethings can. Lee’s grandma ran the place, and decided she liked us, especially me.

“Dude, you’re like a bottomless pit today,” Vic said.

“Sorry, I’ve just been hungry and we’ve been walking all day.”

Tony laughed. “Hey, it’s all good. Usually Grandma Wong tries to make me eat half the menu, today she has a new victim.”

“You probably don’t complain much,” Erin laughed. “I can just see you now going ‘MORE CARBS GRANDMA, GOTTA FEED THE BEAST’—”

“That is the worst Stallone impression I’ve ever heard,” he replied. “Besides, she’s got nothing on my grandma.”

“She thinks she’s doing Arnold,” Sarah teased.

I had been steadily eating all night, and I felt like I could eat more. And I didn’t want to disappoint the sweet old lady—well, sweet at our table, but apparently a terror in the kitchen—who kept bringing food for us to try. But I was just tired of eating, and it was also getting distracting.

Because Tony was undeniably hot, and super nice and smart, even if he looked like a reject from Jersey Shore. His friend Lee looked like he’d be cast as the sympathetic young guy in a bad martial arts movie; a little bit emo, grandma’s favorite boy, and competent at his job. He had great hair.

Erin, too, was a feast for the eyes. She was dressed like a New York hipster in a Woody Allen movie and pulled it off really well. Which brought us back to my two best friends, who I realized I was crushing on pretty badly. They sat on either side of me and we did our usual thing of whispering bad jokes to each other, teasing each other about stupid stuff, and generally being besties.

I wanted all of them. I wanted to stroke Lee’s hair, and kiss his cheekbones. I wanted to feel up Tony’s muscles and see whether his dick was as hard. I wanted to feel Erin’s boobs. And Sarah’s toned abs and thighs. And I wanted to see if Vic was caught up to his hot older brother yet. I wanted to do all of that, but I also wanted to lick and fuck and suck and be fucked and sucked and licked, and I wanted to always hang out with these amazing people…

The heat kept building, and I started to feel really warm. A long-fingered hand appeared on my shoulder.

“Hey, you need more water? You look a little flushed.” It was Lee.


“Almost right behind you. Down that little hall.”


I wasn’t sure if I’d successfully made it, but I quickly excused myself and darted to the (thankfully empty) bathroom. I quickly shucked my outer shirt and tossed it over the stall, then splashed some water on my face and let it run. I looked in the mirror.

Something was happening. Absolutely no doubt about it. I was almost panting, and I looked flush and a bit glass-eyed. Suddenly my whole body seemed to tense up, and then it released, and I felt just fine again.

But in the mirror, my reflection looked surprised, as it saw the too-tight shirt, the defined chest and biceps and abs visible, the uncomfortably snug pants and enormous bulge…

Everything looked just a bit bigger.

Part 3

A loud bang on the door startled me, and thankfully, it derailed my horny train of thought.

“Just a minute,” I said, loudly.

My erection had subsided a bit, but I really did need to think carefully about what I wore. It was a pretty hefty looking package I now sported. My flaccid dick was the size of most men’s erect one, about 6 thick inches. It was pretty noticeable, but I didn’t have many options to downplay it.

But at least my head was clear. I quickly tidied up and exited, apologizing to the older man waiting impatiently to use the can.

Back at the table, we did the usual fortune cookie silliness, then paid the bill and began filing out, though the girls decided they needed to use the bathroom too. So us boys were left waiting outside.

“Hey, Drew?” Tony said. “I hear you’re trying to bulk up a bit.”

“Um… kinda?”

“Well, looks like you have a good foundation, you got some definition going on. Young skinny guys got all the luck, man. You know how hard I gotta work to get abs like that?”

I glanced down, and realized you could see my abs through the shirt I was wearing. Was it really that tight?

“Anyway, if you wanna get some tips, I can give you pointers or just hook you up with my trainer. I’ve packed on about 25 pounds this year, all where I wanted it. And going by how much you ate in there, I’m betting you’re ready to grow.”

“Um, okay?”

He handed me a card. “Benny’s good people. I’ll be at this gym tomorrow around 4:30 if you wanna swing by. If I’m not, tell Benny I sent you. I know you’re only here a little while, but he could get you started with some basics.”

I thanked him (he seemed like a genuine nice guy), but didn’t mention that I’d spent much of my teenage life learning “the basics”. It was the genetics that were holding me back.

Until whatever this was kicked in.

We ended up doing the usual. Wandering around Chinatown and then Little Italy, grabbing some cannolis and coffee, being a little too loud, and then eventually parting ways with Tony and heading back.

Sarah quizzed her sister mercilessly the moment Tony was out of earshot.

“He’s so hot, oh my god. His muscles!”

“I hadn’t noticed,” Erin rolled her eyes. “Yes, he’s in very good shape.”

“But he didn’t seem like a gym douche,” Vic offered. “What does he do?”

“He’s in school. Pre-law, believe it or not. And no, he’s not in the mafia.”

“He’s too sweet for that. He’s like a big friendly hunky puppy,” Sarah said. “Are you guys a thing? Do you want to be a thing? Have you guys bumped uglies?”

“No, I don’t know, and none of your business,” Erin swatted back, annoyed.

“So yes, then,” Sarah teased.

“No! Wait—“ Erin was flustered. “Fine, we’ve gone out a few times with friends but were giving this a little try. And no, no sex yet.”

“Do you want there to be?”

Erin shot a withering glance at her sister.

“…You know before you die an old maid or whatever…”

Why did I invite you guys?”

“Because we’re nice and keep her out of your hair,” Vic said, laughing. “We suffer so you don’t have to.”

It went on like that for some time, but mostly I stayed quiet. I kept running through likely rational reasons for my growth, and anxiously trying to come up with explanations that made any sense. Truthfully, I was torn between being a little scared and a little excited, and my feelings were pretty complex and hard to figure out. And I was afraid they’d notice.

So when we stopped at a Duane Read, I waited outside and pretended to scroll through Instagram, but really I was frantically searching google for anything like this. Apparently there’s loads of fantasy sites full of erotica about this stuff, but nothing really useful when it was actually happening to me. I closed it all when they emerged a few minutes later.

It was still fairly early, about 11, when we rolled into the house. The big plan was to hit the museums tomorrow, and i was looking forward to it. Or I had been. Anyway we crashed early (for us, at least), and Vic and I ignored each other for a while as we scrolled our phones. After about 10 minutes, I dozed off.

When I woke, it was around 3 a.m., and I was sweating. My whole body ached like I’d been swimming or something all day. I felt gross, so I went to the bathroom and took care of the usual business there, then spent about five minutes just staring at myself in the mirror.

I couldn’t believe it. I had to be an inch or two taller, and my muscle definition had increased, as had the size of my chest and biceps, and the depth of my abs. I flexed a little in the mirror feeling stupid, but to my shock, there was a bicep showing, and it was bigger than I’d guessed.

It had to be magic, right? Nothing else made sense. But how to prove it?

If it had been the wishes… then Erin should have a car, and Sarah should have bigger boobs. Vic was already our best bud, so his request seemed redundant. Anyway I wasn’t sure how to check that.

I switched off the light, opened the bathroom door, and tiptoed quietly down the hall.


“Jesus! Don’t scare me like that!”

Of course it was Sarah. Her arms were crossed.

“Couldn’t sleep either?”


“C’mon, let’s go downstairs,” she said. As she strode past me, the perpetual outside lights of the city lit her from behind. Maybe it was my increased libido, but she looked really good. She wasn’t wearing much and it seemed to be partly see-through. I recalled hearing that what you can almost see is sexier than anything you can clearly see, and near as I could tell, that was true.

We crept down the stair and over to the kitchen, grabbed a couple bottled waters, and sat at the table. From here the only real light was from the under-counter lighting, which provided a soft glow.

“So is it just me, or have you been acting weird lately?” she said, abruptly.

I swallowed a little hard, but managed to look perplexed. “How so?”

“I dunno. Something is clearly going on with you,” she said, fixing me with her arched eyebrow stare. I couldn’t actually see her face very well due to the lighting, but I could tell.

“Fine, I guess I will have to spell it out. Are you on drugs or something? Steroids maybe?”

I laughed just a little too loudly. I wasn’t expecting that.


“Then what? You’ve been tense all day. You’ve been especially weird with me, you know,” she said, toying with her bottle cap. “You haven’t looked me in the eye since we got here. Are you mad or something?”

“What? No! No, it’s just this growth spurt; it has me out of sorts,” I fibbed.

“That’s another thing, you have to be on something. You look like you have been living in the gym, and don’t think we haven’t noticed. I mean, I know you’ve been working on it, but…”

“I have not taken anything weird. I didn’t even bring the supplements Coach put me on. I thought they weren’t working. But they’re all legit legal stuff anyway. Swear.”

“I’m just saying, you suddenly look more buff. Maybe I just didn’t notice before now.”

“Maybe? I didn’t really notice until yesterday myself.”

“Hmmm,” she said, appraising me. “Maybe there was something in the water. Hell, I seem to have grown a bit myself.”

Okay, I am not thrilled with myself, but you couldn’t blame me for my instinctive reaction. Of course I looked right at her boobs. The only reason she didn’t immediately notice was that she was looking down, too.

“Oh, um, congratulations?”

“Shut up.” But I sensed, rather than saw, her smile.

She paused a moment, as if considering something difficult.

“I gotta ask you something,” she said, “and no matter what you say, I’m on your side, okay?”


“So, are you, um, interested in girls?”

Whoa, I wasn’t expecting that conversation. I mean, eventually, maybe.


“Oh!” She seemed relieved.

“But maybe,” I hesitated. “Maybe not just girls. Maybe.” I exhaled. Somehow, a minor weight had been lifted.

“Huh. Um. Are you, like, bi?”

“Maybe? I don’t know really. What brought this on?”

God you’re dense sometimes. Drew, I have been flirting with you for months now, you dope.”

Another blessing of the dim lighting was that she couldn’t see my shock or blush clearly.


“Yeah, you dummy. Here I was afraid you were just not into me, but turns out you’re just clueless.”

“I guess I am.”

“I mean, you’ve been weird forever, but especially since the big pool party. I thought I had your attention then, but you zoned out and ignored me most of the afternoon.”

“Oh, that party. I’m sorry. If it helps, I did notice you. But I also kinda noticed a bunch of people.”

“Oh, like Jun? He’d be hard not to notice. Hell, he might even have a chance with Erin if he wanted it.”

“Yeah, I was having some uncomfortable thoughts that day. But I did notice you.”

“Did you realize other people at the party noticed you?”

“I was the short white guy in a room full of Korean guys.”

“You were showing off your abs, Drew.”

“…Was I?”

“Seemed like it.”

“I noticed your abs, too.”

It was her turn to blush now.

“Did you… like them?”

“You’re pretty, Sarah. I just assumed I was in the friend zone. And I know you like the taller, beefier guys.”

“I do! But apparently I like shorter, fitter guys, too.”

I didn’t know how to reply to that, so instead I tried to offer my usually shy grin and feigned interest in the glass of water I was holding.

“Shit, did I move too fast? Oh god, I’m sorry—”

“No no! I just… I’m not used to being the center of attention,” I said.

“Well,” she said, a sultry purr in her voice I’d never noticed before, “better get used to it. I mean, you look damn good. Those college kids are gonna want some of you.”

“Stop it,” I whined.

“Oh, fuck it,” she said, and then she grabbed me and kissed me.

I was so shocked it honestly took me four whole seconds to respond to her intruding tongue, and three more for me to enthusiastically return the sentiment. I felt all hot and bothered, and my dick was absolutely rigid, and I was half mortified by getting boned again in front of her… and half even more turned on. We began making out in earnest, slowly ramping up our tongue wrestling and stepping up the exploration with our hands. Mine were on her tits, the first time I had ever done that, and hers were grabbing my butt and I oculi feel my erection throbbing against her stomach—

And that was when we realized that we didn’t dare do anything more. The kitchen was noisy and prone to echoes, and her bedroom was right next to her sister’s.

And the upstairs hall light flicked on.

“Helloo?” a groggy voice, belonging to Erin, asked tentatively.

“Just getting some water,” Sarah replied. And up the stairs we trudged, guiltily.

As quietly as I could, I crept back into our room. I thought Vic was asleep, but he made an exasperated noise and rolled over angrily. Had he heard us? If so, how much?

I lay there quietly for a few minutes looking at the ceiling, trying to control my breathing. In out, in out, in, out, in… out… in…

“So did you do anything?” Vic whispered quietly.


“With Sarah.” Was it my imagination or did I detect a note of bitterness in his voice? Snark? Jealousy? Something not entirely Vic-like was there.

“No.” I whispered back. “But I think she wanted to.”

He rolled to face me. “Duh.”

“What do you mean, ‘duh’?”

“Dude, she has been staring at your ass all day.” He sounded annoyed, though it was hard to tell through the whispering.


“Yeah. Not that I blame her,” he said, even lower. But I have good hearing.


“Nothing. It’s nothing.”

I desperately wanted to explore this line of inquiry, but I was suddenly gripped by a hot sweat. And I realized whatever had been happening was happening again. Right now, when I was trying to have a whispered conversation with my best friend about whether my other best friend was into me or not and why it was pissing him off.

And oh shit, I was still springing wood. I squeezed my eyes shut, afraid to out my hands anywhere near my dick, and hoping to just ride it out or something.

I heard Vic sit up.

“No, wait, it’s not nothing. Dude, do you even know what you’ve been like lately? For a year I’ve been watching you work out and get all buff. I mean I know you’re short but you need to get over that. You’re always so down on yourself about something you can’t control. It’s hard to watch you chase something you know you will never catch.”

Oh man, I was trying to focus on Vic’s words, but it was really hard. Shit, everything was hard. I was clenched so tight, my eyes were starting to hurt from being squinted shut. My dick, startled back into temporary flaccidness, got the hint and joined what felt for all the world like a full body erection. It was all I could do not to moan, and I had to be sweating copiously.

“I’ve been trying to figure out whether you were ignoring her on purpose, or ignoring all the other hints and looks you have been getting, but I think you’ve just been so down on yourself because of your size that you really couldn’t see it.” He continued ranting, still in a whisper but a bit stronger now.

“And then I noticed how you were acting at my party. And so did Jun.”

Oh fuck. Hot, unattainable Jun noticed I was into him? Hell, I hadn’t realized it until that day.

“And when he asked me I realized I didn’t really know. I mean, we never talked about it,” he continued.

Fuck, he was about to say something really important, but why now? I was still trying to ride out this… growth spurt or whatever it was, but it was really kicking in now, and I was sweating like a racehorse. Everything was so… the opposite of relaxed, and I could feel my dick straining again. Shit, why had I worn boxers? Oh right, that’s what fit. Fuck, oh man, that meant I was seconds away from my arousal being on display, and I just could not move… .

“But I have to, Drew. I hope it doesn’t fuck anything up, but I have been holding this in since 8th grade…”

Shit, this time I could actually feel it, I could feel what was happening, feel my whole body sort of pulse and extend, and swell, just a bit. It was starting to feel really good… .

“Dude, I have been crushing on you since I was a kid. And when Jun came out, it made me realize that I was into guys. Well, specifically you.” He sniffed. “God, I can’t believe I finally said it. I hope I didn’t fuck things up.”

I opened my eyes as the swelling reached its climax, and managed to look over, but I could barely move, I was so caught up in the physical sensation. Vic was sitting up, outlines by the ever-present New York lights outside, but he was facing the door, not me. His head was in his hands. He hadn’t noticed, not yet…

“Nothing? If you fell asleep on me, I’m going to be so…”

At that moment he turned to face me.

“Drew? Are you… okay?”

I managed a faint moan, then felt the sudden presence of cool air on my throbbing, aching, straining dick.

“Holy shit,” he said a little too loudly.

Fuck, I still couldn’t really move, but Vic could. I heard him shift around in his bed to get a better look.

“Dude, is that really your dick?”

Part 4

I mean you have to see this from Vic’s perspective. Given what he’s just admitted and all. Crushing on me quietly for years, watching me throw myself into the gym (looking back, I was pretty decently swole even before Coach started working with me in earnest), and then on this trip I suddenly hit a late growth spurt. And apparently I make out with our mutual friend just a floor away from him while he listens. We’ve seen each other naked plenty of times, but not sexually, and so he had a vague idea of what I was packing. And how I looked shirtless. And I was already larger than average in the bait and tackle department, though nothing like I had become.

“Fuck,” he said.

And I still couldn’t really move, so I did the only thing I could think of—I shut my eyes again. Maybe I’d wake up and this would be a distant, embarrassing, dream.

“God, you are huge!” he said. “How did I not notice that?”

I heard him get out of bed and make sure the door was locked. I just lay there, sweating and still swelling…

“You really have been getting bigger, haven’t you? Do you have any idea what you look like right now? Fuck. No, your eyes are closed. You are almost glowing with sweat and the light is making an outline of all your muscles. Fuck, you are glistening. You look ripped. But that thing, that is just so much more than I imagined…”

Then he crept closer and sat gently on the edge of the bed.

“Is this on purpose, for me? I mean, if I’m reading you wrong just say something. But man, I hope you don’t say no…”

I couldn’t say no. I didn’t want to say no. I was still paralyzed, and I realized, still growing. Maybe just a bit, but it was still gripping me like a giant’s hand, and I couldn’t move. I could barely swallow. Fuck, another pulse…

Then I felt his hand tentatively touch my underwear.

“You really should take these off, before you hurt yourself,” he said. “Can… can I help you do that?”

He really did it. He tugged a little and lifted my waistband over the throbbing head of my apparently huge dick. The cool air surrounded me.

“Wow, man. Are you serious? Are you sure you’re okay with this?”

I couldn’t move, still, I felt every molecule of my body tense up again. But even then… .I was afraid, afraid we might screw up our friendship, afraid we might pass off Sarah, afraid we might—

And just like that, he was licking on my dick, sucking me in, stroking me… I felt a spurt of pre leak out and he just said “oh” and used it to lube his stroking.

“I can’t get over how big you are. I had guessed about seven inches, but man, no wonder you didn’t say anything.” He paused to taste me again.

“Is this hot? Am I doing it right? You’re not saying anything, so I guess it’s okay…”

Fuck, I was confused and afraid and horny, and still paralyzed!

Either this wasn’t his first time giving head, or he was really talented amateur. But it’s not like I was experienced myself. And it felt amazing either way. It was hot. Almost hotter because I couldn’t do anything to stop it. Oh god.

And then, I felt my butt cheeks clench and one last surge—and I came rather spectacularly with a gasp. And I could move at last, finally! I lay there gasping for air.

I’d caught Vic by surprise, so his mouth wasn’t quite on me when I exploded. The result was pasted all over him, and me, and certainly the bed, and the wall, and probably the ceiling for all I knew.

“Wow, a little warning next time would be nice. But I don’t mind…” He crawled in next to me and cuddled, despite the sticky mess…

“Vic, I—”


And then he kissed me. “We can talk later.”

And like most guys on receiving their first unexpected blowjob, I passed out.

I managed a faint moan, cool air on my dick as I drifted into the black.

I woke later from what I assumed was an amazing dream about getting really buff and having Vic blow me… and realized we were still cuddling in my bed, sticky from the sweat and cum I’d shot when Vic unexpectedly came out to me and then blew me while I lay paralyzed by a magic growth spurt that kicked in after my other best friend put the moves on me in the kitchen… .

Yeah, it was a lot to come to grips with suddenly.

Jesus. I really had hit the ceiling. Which was about 12 feet above us.

I cautiously extracted myself from Vic, who was still sleeping. The morning light made him look cuddly and adorable, and I wanted to stay with him, but I had to pee, and I probably needed to shower, and I definitely needed to change before the girls caught me covered in cum.

the city was already waking up outside and the light was amazing despite being broken by tall buildings. I felt fantastic… but I had to pee. And I was naked. I grabbed a pair of basketball shirt and slid them on, but they clearly no longer fit. Still, better than nothing. I found my cum-encrusted boxers and used them to wipe off the worst of it, then grabbed my towel and cautiously stepped into the hall. The house was quiet.

In the bathroom I peed as quickly as I could, studiously ignoring my obviously heftier dick, and then took stock of the fallout from my latest growth spurt. I resolved to ignore the patches of dried cum.

I was unmistakably taller, judging by where my head lined up with the mirror. And I was also much bigger, muscle-wise. I made a muscle and sure enough, my biceps looked a lot bigger. I would have to get real numbers eventually…

And then, looking down, my dick. It was definitely not the same as last week. It hung thickly down the right side of my surely-larger balls, and was both thicker and longer than I was used to. It now reached the mole halfway down my right thigh. Which started to turn my engine thinking about it. And then it started to get thicker, then longer, then erect…

How big was it? Fuck!

It was longer than my toothbrush. It was longer than that by a lot, and in the distant past before this trip, it was almost the same length. Oh fuck. I looked around the room as it got larger still, and finally grabbed the shower gel bottle.

I was the same length as the shower gel bottle. That had to be over nine inches.

I heard another noise in the house, so I turned on the shower and grabbed the gel bottle, and set to the task of scrubbing myself clean.

By the time I finished, I had rubbed one out and felt like I could go again, but by this time Vic would be stirring and need to use the loo too.

I brushed my teeth and grabbed a wet washcloth and my towel.

I found Vic sitting quietly in his bed, waiting for me. He’d put his shirt back on, but there was still cum in his hair.

“Hey,” he said.

“Hey.” I didn’t know what to say or how to begin. “Shower is yours, I… um. I guess I will clean up in here.”

“Okay,” he said. “I really do need to go, but when I come back, can we… talk?”

“Yeah, I think we should probably do that.”

“Um… okay,” he said, and then he had grabbed his stuff and was gone, while I tried to figure out whether any of my new clothes would fit me now.

I fit, but only just. Those new pants looked like they were in trouble already, and that was just the legs. The butt and crotch were really snug… .snug to the point of distraction. And if I got any bigger…

Honestly, that was a real concern.

The last few days, I’d kind of been living a fantasy, and yesterday had been the pinnacle of that. I’d wanted to be a little bigger, and my dream had come true. I mean, let’s be real—I had to be at least two inches taller, and I’d filled out pretty nicely. Really nicely, if I was honest. I was probably 5’8” or so, no longer a shrimp—but I was a damned athletic looking guy now, and I was packing.

And, I realized, I’d just had my first real sexual experience. With my best friend. Still wasn’t sure how I felt about that. Especially since my other best friend had put the moves on me too, and I probably would have been up for it. Parts of me were really up for it. I felt pretty sexy, which was a pleasant new feeling.

But I started to get worried now, because sex was a game changer. And I didn’t know how long all this stuff would last.

There was another worrying thought: was I even done growing? And more, would I go back to normal little pipsqueak me? What caused this? Was it magic or fate or superpowers or some chemical thing from those supplements? The only thing I could think of was that wish on the fountain the other night.

What had I wished? I just wished I were bigger, right? All those fantasy novels and games, and I hadn’t been specific with my wish… .

I was so in my own head, I hadn’t heard the shower finish or the door open.

There was Vic, still damp from the shower and wearing nothing but a towel, looking fresh and fit.

He looked great… and with that thought, my blood headed south.

“Whoa, buddy, hold on. We just got clean, get your mind out of the gutter.”

“How did you know?”

He laughed and closed the door and whispered: “Because it moved.”

I looked down, sheepishly, and there it was, bunched in my too-snug crotch. I tried to think un-sexy thoughts.

“Maybe you should put a shirt on.”

“So what’s the plan today, kids?” Erin asked between mouthfuls of cereal.

“I’m not sure,” Sarah said. “I want to check out the Village, but I also want to hit 5th avenue and all the fancy stores.”

“We’d kind of planned to split up today and check out some stuff,” Vic said. “But I don’t know if I want to go alone,” he said, looking anywhere but at me.

“I might wander a bit and check out that gym your friend mentioned,” I said. “I haven’t had time to work out since we got here, other than some calisthenics and the walking.”

Sarah rolled her eyes. “Really? You look like you’ve been living in the gym, Drew. Don’t you get bored? Aren’t you sexy enough yet?”

I stood up and went to put my bowl in the dishwasher. “I’ve been eating like a pig since we got here. If I don’t work some of it off, I’ll get fat.”

“Hah! As if. Actually,” Erin said, “Maybe you should check out the gym. You can spy on Tony for me. Though I gotta say, Drew, Sarah is right—you look like you’re in pretty good shape.” She stood up and walked over to me.

“Hang on—are you wearing different shoes or something? I could have sworn I was taller than you.”

Uh oh. I wasn’t prepared for anyone noticing.

“We bought new shoes yesterday, his old ones blew out,” Vic said helpfully.

“Looks like those jeans are a little tight, actually,” Sarah said. “Not that I mind.”

I felt myself blushing.


“Relax, muscles, I’m just teasing. You’ve been the same height for four years, that doesn’t just change overnight,” Erin said, playfully punching my arm.

“Damn!” She exclaimed. “Okay, you *have* been living in the gym.”

“Duh,” Sarah said. “For the past few years. Looks good on him, don’t you think?”

“…Annnnyway, I want to check out that gaming store, Drew, you in?” Vic offered.


“Okay, boys, see you at 7 for dinner? I’ll text details but I think I might be able to get us into this hole-in-the-wall place a friend of mine works at—they do amazing Peruvian chicken…”

We weren’t fifty feet from the house when Vic stopped.

“Okay, are we going to talk?”

“Yeah, just … let’s grab some coffee and walk a bit, okay?”

Five minutes later, we were strolling east on one of the smaller streets, cutting across town to the nerd store.

“So, last night,” Vic said. “I came on a little strong, huh?”

“I got no complaints.”

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

Ah. That. Do I tell him I was in the midst of some weird growth spurt and I was effectively paralyzed, and helpless while he blew me? That I would absolutely have said something if I could have? That I kind of got off on the helplessness?

“I thought I was dreaming at first. It was a weird night, okay?”

“And now you want to forget it?”

“What? No! Why are you being weird about this?”

“I don’t know any other way to be. I’ve been terrified I fucked up and we’d stop being friends. That’s why I didn’t say anything for all these years.”

“Oh,” I said. I didn’t really know how to react. It was pretty momentous stuff.

Oh? Is that all?”

“Dude, I’m wrestling with it too. My two best friends suddenly tried to get into my pants last night.”

“One of us succeeded,” Vic mumbled.

“Vic.” I stopped and grabbed his shoulder.


“Vic, I’m serious. I really enjoyed last night. You’re my friend and I love you, you know that, right? But both of you made the play within twenty minutes of each other. And I don’t really know how I feel about any of it yet—other than I’d like to see where it goes.”

“With me?”

Fuck it. “Yeah, with you. But may be also with Sarah. Would that be fucked up?”

Vic’s nose did that wrinkly thing he does when he’s really puzzled, and then he made a surprised sort of noise.

“Actually… no. Not if it’s her.”


“I thought I would be, but you know… no, I don’t honestly think I would be too upset if you fooled around with her.”

Really? I couldn’t believe it.

“I told you the other night, I don’t want us to drift apart. Any of us.”

“Huh,” I said, and started walking again.

“I mean, this is like, prime time to explore yourself, right? Try shit out?”

“I guess. Would you? I mean, you know, with a girl?”

“Vicky Matthews in 10th grade.”

“Whoa, really?”

“Yeah. She was really nice about it but other than crossing it off the list, I didn’t get into it much.”

“I didn’t even know you guys went out.”

“We didn’t. Apparently there was a bet about whether I was gay, and she offered to find out. Turns out she has a little fetish about K-Pop stars and I was the best she could manage.”

“Was it fun?”

“You know, it kinda was, but it was also kinda… I don’t know. Like getting a flu shot.”

“You have to be the weirdest kid in the world to compare your first sexual experience with a girl, with getting a flu shot.”

“I mean, I’m glad I did it, but I think it was the nail on the coffin for my interest in girls. Sexually I mean.”

“You know we never talked about sex stuff before.”

“Because if we started, I was afraid I’d confess I was into you.”


“Yeah. So, are we cool? Because it’s going be very awkward if we aren’t.”

“We’re absolutely cool,” I said.

“Oh my god that is such a relief,” he said.

We walked on in silence for a bit more, and tossed our empty cups into a bin. As we waited to cross the street, Vic had another question.

“So I gotta ask. Did coach put you on steroids or something? Because you are definitely bigger than you were at the pool party.”

“Real talk?” I asked. “No. But something is definitely going on. I’m just not sure what.”

Part 5

As we walked cross-town, I decided to just spill. So I told him—about perving on Jun and just about everyone else in sight, about the hot flashes and growth, even about being paralyzed while he blew me.

“I had no idea! I thought you were just being, I dunno, Drew about what was happening. Fuck I wouldn’t have—-”

“I would. I would have said yes, and you gave me the chance to say no, so don’t worry. We’re good, Vic.”

“So… all of this,” he gestured up and down my whole body, “is basically recent?”

“Recent since we got here.”

“Right, we will need to figure this out. Step one is to figure out what is happening, and then maybe why.”


“Meaning measurements. I know you have measurements from when Coach was working with you. I’ll grab a measuring thingie and we’ll see what we’re working with.”

“Why don’t we just go to this awesome gaming store, and then check out the gym after lunch? They’ll probably have everything we need there.”

“Okay. Hey man, I’m really glad you told me.”

We ended up spending about two hours in the Compleat Strategist and walked out hauling some games and books. By that point I was hungry, so we stopped for pizza.

Three bites into my third slice, I felt it starting to kick in. This time it was just a hot flash, the dull body ache thing, and a sense of dizziness.

“Hey, are you okay? You just got real red all of a sudden.”

“Can’t—” I managed. I could feel everything throbbing.

“Oh fuck,” he whispered, leaning in. “Is it happening again right now?”

I could barely move, but managed a nod. I could feel myself sweating.

“Shit, you’re just dripping with sweat, dude,” he said quietly. “Your shirt is soaking.”

I was helpless, just trying to ride it out, lost in the sensations.

“Hey, your friend tripping or something?”

“No, he’s just having an asthma attack,” Vic lied. “He took his inhaler, he just needs to sit for a minute.”

I don’t think the guy believed him, but Vic had offered him a plausible reason for what has happening, and that was good enough for the moment. And sure enough, a few minutes later—a few excruciating, throbbing, sweaty minutes—I hit the end of it. Embarrassed, I apologized and shoved the rest of the pizza in my face before we left.

“You sure you’re okay?”

“Yeah.” I wasn’t sure, but I wasn’t sure about anything right now.

“Does it hurt?”

“Not really. It’s just intense.”

“Looked like it. Um, we better stop and grab a cheap t-shirt, you look kinda sticky in that.”

I looked at my reflection in a shop window and was stunned. My t-shirt clung to my pecs and showed off my abs—and those little Adonis belt thingies were also visible, because the shirt was not long enough for me. I looked down and my pants seemed to be just about this side of decent, but I would need something else.

New York is littered with shitty little shops and we found one that seemed to do the trick—we grabbed some cheap shirts, uncertain about sizes, and a few pairs of cargo shorts. I stepped into the changing stall to try them on, and was astounded when I peeled my shirt off..

I had the sort of body I’d dreamed of. I was clearly well into normal range for height, and well above normal for muscle—not freakish or anything (provided you didn’t know what I looked like last week), but I looked like a really dedicated fitness model. At a guess, I hadn’t grown more than half an inch in height, but maybe went up a size or two everywhere else.

Fuck, I do mean everywhere. Free of my constricting pants (brand new! I only got one day wear out of them!), it was more than obvious that these underwear were not going to keep my junk properly stowed. And I felt bigger there, too.

And if I kept staring at myself, I’d probably wind up making a mess. So I had Vic grab some underwear too. Anything would do for now. Somehow we found something decent and relatively cheap—but I still ended up spending about $80. Who knew getting bigger would be so expensive?

“Actually, wait a minute,” I said. Vic nodded and toodled on his phone for a bit, and I came out a few minutes later with some more clothes—the next size up, just in case. And some sandals. My feet were already feeling a little cramped. It all went into my backpack along with the junk we’d bought at the game store. I’d had to loosen the straps.

“Fuck,” Vic said. “You look hot as hell.”

“It’s like 80-something out.”

“I didn’t mean that, stupid.”

“I know.”

“I think I like you beefy.”

“Speaking of which, let’s head south to that gym.”

“You do realize you’re just magically growing, apparently. You don’t need to go to the gym.”

“I want to. Walking is one thing but I have been training for like two solid years, and it just feels wrong not to lift.”

“You’re just going to hulk out on me if you keep this up. But I guess I should get a workout in too. Oh! And we can measure you properly.”

I wasn’t 100% certain I wanted to see those measurements.

Tony was already here by the time we arrived, and was in a good mood. He was surprised that Vic had come, because Vic didn’t look like he worked out. By this point, I certainly did.

“Leo here is my trainer and he will put you through your paces.”

“Yeah yeah, no slacking for you though, Tony! Good to meet ya, kid. Ready to see what you can do?”

Leo was a big red headed bear of a man, and he looked like a pro. Thick, solid muscle all over, but a bit too ginger and hairy for my preference. But he had a broad, friendly smile.

“I’m just going to do some cardio, but Drew has been working out all last year, so don’t go easy on him,” Vic said. I shot him a withering glance for ratting me out, but then I caught on.

“yeah, I know the basics, but I kinda slacked off a bit now that I’m not working with my coach,” I said.

“Huh, I had you figured for a noob, the way Tony described you. You’re not nearly as scrawny as he made out, but let’s get you weighed and measured before we start, and you can tell me what you’re working towards…”

I followed Leo into a little office.

“Okay, let’s get those measurements. You can keep your shirt on, though I think you probably need a bigger one. Showing off is one thing, but rules say you gotta wear something.”

“Height, let’s call it 5 feet, 9 and three quarters inches.” I’d guessed right.

“Weight, 174. Not bad.” Not bad? That was fifty pounds!

“Neck, 16.5. Chest, 42.5. Shoulder 19.5, Arms, 16.25, forearm 12.75, thigh 22.5, calf 15.5, waist 31.”

He noted the measurements but I was in disbelief. That was nowhere near what I’d been. Holy crap. I really had been hulking out. 2 to 4 inches all over!

“Whoa, buddy. Don’t get too excited. Or um, wear a dance belt.”

Shit, my dick was reacting.


“From the looks of it you got nothing to be sorry about, but try to keep it decent. Or find a gym in Chelsea!”

My mortification did the trick, at least temporarily, to kill my impending boner.

“Anyway, you are in pretty great shape, from what I can see. In fact you might even be in the right zone to go pro, if you apply yourself. Pretty much ideal measurements, and that waist is unfair. When you’re a little older, you’ll remember it fondly,” he laughed. “I can see why Tony sent you my way. But let’s go see if it’s all for show, or whether you can actually move some iron…”

For the next hour, my ass was his, and he pushed me to my limits. It felt great, and I kept quiet about the fact that I was pushing a lot more weight than I’d ever managed in my life. Seemed like whatever was making me bigger was doing so along pretty classic models, and all the stuff I was good at was still where I was strongest. I was caught up in it, just like with coach, and actually enjoying the workout, and was totally losing track of time until Vic reminded me about dinner.

“Damn, kid, you did good! You got great form and real potential. I bet we could make a real beast out of you if you came here regularly. In fact, let me put you on the list. you come back here, even if I’m not around, and tell them you’re on my list.”

I felt great, like I could do more, but I was covered in sweat. I followed Vic and Tony to the lockers. Vic’s was next to mine, but Tony was a regular and in the other section. There weren’t many other guys around.

I reached up to pull up my top, and heard a ripping sound.

“Shit, dude, you really did hulk out!”

“Shut up, it was a cheap shirt,” I said.

“That was unbelievably hot,” Vic whispered. “I’m going to have to buy some more cheap shirts for you.”

Shit, that sounded like fun, but it was really hot, and I needed to cool down. I was tempted to take the bait, but we were kind of in public, so I had to ignore him…


I shucked my shorts and undies and staggered off to the showers before I started to get too excited.

I stepped into the shower area and turned on the tap. I could feel myself sweating still, and the room felt like a sauna. At least there weren’t too many folks around—lucky timing, especially since the idea of pushing all that iron around and hulking out of my shirt already turned my crank a bit… and the idea that Vic was getting boned up over me just added fuel to the flame. Fuck, it was hot. And my dick wanted to celebrate. But it was just so blasted warm in the—

Shit, that wasn’t the room, I was growing again! I clenched everything down as hard as I could and grabbed the wall so I didn’t fall over, but barely managed to twist the knob a little colder…

Just like last night, I could feel my skin stretching, feel my muscle fibers multiplying, feel my bones moving just a bit further apart. My dick straining and engorged…

“Whoa,” said Vic, from behind me. “Dude, are you…”

I could barely hear him over the throbbing pulse of my own growth. Despite the cold water, I still felt like a furnace was in my gut, and lava in my veins. Bigger again… would it stop? Did I want it to?

Then I came, furiously and copiously and other words like that. It was a lot, a ridiculous amount really. Thank goodness for industrial showers. My head began to clear again as I regained my sense of self. Though I guessed that self-image would need recalibration.

“Holy shit,” Vic said. His eyes were wide as I turned around.


“Dude, you gotta see yourself. But for now, stay put. Trust me.” And with that he ran off.

“Bring me some clothes?”

“I’ll try,” he said.

I shrugged, and washed my hair. I could tell that I’d gotten bigger—just what I could see proved that—but let Vic have his fun.

I looked down at my softening dick, and realized that I might have been premature in sending him off. It refused to go all the way down. And half chubbed, I guesses it was nearing seven inches, though again, I wasn’t sure how I had scaled up, so the scale was off.

Vic came back, breathless. “Hang on, before you try to squeeze into these, I’m satisfying my curiosity.”

I admit, I was curious too. I mean, I’d just measured before my workout, so who knew what being pumped up from that might do?

Annoyingly, Vic refused to tell me the measurements right away. He just kept making odd noises as he measured, though he avoided my junk.

“Shit, man. I don’t know what he measured you at in that office, but here’s you now…

Height, 5’10 and a quarter. We will have to get the weight on the way out.

Neck, 17.5.

Chest, 44.25.

Shoulder, 21.

Arms, 18.

Forearm, 13.75.

Thigh, 24.75.

Calf, 17.25.

Waist, 32.”

Shit, that had been a big one.

“And I would offer to measure that thing,” he said, gesturing down, “But I don’t want to make it angry.”

Oh. My dick was rapidly filling back up… and up, and up.

“O my god,” Vic whimpered. “Is it… is it done yet?”

“Um, I think?”

He stretched out the tape along the top, almost afraid to touch it.

“Jesus, you’re eleven inches long,” he said.

I was stunned.

“No way is that going to fit in your pants now,” he said. “Fuck, I want to help you with that but we really are going to be late, and we have to find something for you to wear. Think you can manage to deal with that thing?”

“I don’t honestly know,” I admitted. It was so hard it almost hurt.

“Try this,” Vic said, and turned the spray on to ice cold.

Part 6

Thank goodness that worked. I was shivering by the time Vic came back with another towel and some sweatpants and an XL shirt.

“I borrowed these from Tony,” he said. “He thought they’d be big on you, but he had spares.”

“I can’t wear those to dinner,” I said.

“One problem at a time. I just hope your shoes fit.”

They didn’t, but the sandals weren’t too bad. We left, and Leo gave a wave from across the room as we filed out.

“First stop is some cheap clothes. No time to waste. God damn your ass looks nice in those,” Vic whispered as we walked. “Focus. Old Navy.”

Any concept of my old size was a memory, as we rushed to find something decent to wear. I was annoyed at outgrowing the nice pants and shoes Sarah had talked me into buying, but these would have to do. Had to go up a couple sizes on the underwear, too. The waist was loose enough, but they weren’t made with my salami in mind. Also annoying was the expense. I was eating into my college cash.

Vic was in crisis mode, pushing me to hurry, and texting the girls to get the location for dinner. Some Japanese steak place. The thought of steak had my mouth watering.

As we hurried uptown toward 50th, I wasn’t even breathing hard. I was now roughly the same size as Vic, but had a longer stride so I kept outpacing him. Around 46th street I paused and he caught up again, with a frown on his face.

“Okay, Goliath, hang on a sec. Take a moment and think. How are we going to explain this?”


“Dummy. Three days ago you were 5’6” and a buck twenty.”

“A buck twenty four,” I said.

“Yeah. And now you’re a half a foot taller and weigh at least fifty pounds more than you did on the ride up. Sarah has been ogling you the whole time. You really honk she won’t notice?”

“Maybe we can convince her it was a growth spurt?”

“No way. An inch and a few pounds maybe, given how much you’ve been shoveling down lately, but she’d have to be an idiot not to notice. And I am not gas lighting her.”

“No. No, you’re right. But we don’t know what’s really going on.”

“Maybe with miss smarty pants helping, we will. Did you forget who has a full ride to Stanford?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Yeah. I bet she already noticed.”

“She did ask if I was using steroids,” I recalled.


“Last night before I came back upstairs.”

“Oh, is that what you were discussing? Before you started making out?”

“That and her big boobs, yes, “ I replied with more snark than intended.

We looked at each other.

“Wait, if her boobs got bigger too, then…”

“…She is also affected…”

“By the wishes!”

We sprinted the remaining few blocks to Ikari.

The steak place was surprisingly small but it smelled amazing. From like a block away.

At the head of the line waited our friends, who hadn’t yet noticed us. They were smiling and laughing and chatting with some other people in the line, which stretched most of the block.

And maybe it was because I looked for it, but it was obvious to me (and from the sidelong glimpse I got from Vic, obvious to him, too) that Sarah was affected too.

See, I don’t know it was clear, before, but Erin was a very, very attractive woman, and Erin’s most noticeable assets were her nearly perfect breasts. Sarah, however, looked like her cute, accessible, girl next door, younger sister.

Except now, her breasts were every bit as large as Erin’s. I was hardly an expert but I was a teenaged guy who had at least some interest in girls. I was sure.

And something about those fantastic boobs made Sarah stand differently, carry herself differently, approach the world a little differently. And it was transformative. She drew the eye in a way she hadn’t before, every bit as much as Erin did.

“Wow,” Vic said.

“She looks incredible,” I said.

“You know, I am really regretting my wish didn’t include a clause about turning into a sexy version of me,” Vic said.

I looked him over critically. “You always looked great to me.”

“Just feeling… a bit left out, I suppose.”

Then the girls noticed us, and moment we joined them, we got called to go in.

“You look good,” Sarah grinned.

“So do you.”

“I feel good! And hungry!”

Yeah, me too. And it wasn’t just for the steak, though the smell was mouth watering. Something primal seemed to be stirring. A deeper hunger… and I didn’t dare let it grab me right now.

Food is a universal constant; we need it for fuel, obviously, but something about a great meal shared with friends or loved ones just kind of transcends the act of eating. I’d wager it releases some brain chemicals that enhance the experience in our memories or something.

Otherwise, I can’t explain why, despite all the weirdness and bizarre experiences over the last day, certain details of that dinner will probably never fail to be etched in my mind. I felt incredibly close to them, even to Erin, from the moment we sat down. Sarah’s chopsticks breaking. Vic being picky about the corn before finally deciding he liked it. The weird shape of my steak, which Sarah solved by stealing the corner of it playfully. The meaty, salty flavor that lingered. The teasing I got for ordering (and devouring) $80 worth of steak.

But at the time, I was struggling to appear smaller than I was, hoping that they wouldn’t notice, hoping I wouldn’t have another episode here in the restaurant. Trying not to keep staring at Sarah’s boobs.

We made small talk, catching up on the days adventures, and the girls had a lot to brag about from their expedition. Whereas after the game store, we had basically gone shopping and then worked out.

“Ugh, boys,” Erin joked.

“Ooh, wait, was Tony there?”

“Yeah, he was there, and he says hi, Erin.”

She blushed and tried to laugh it off.

“Looks like he pumped you up, though. Good workout, Mister Muscles?”

“Well, his friend Leo did.”

Erin playfully poked me in the chest. “Damn, boy, you keep that up and you’ll have boobs like me,” she laughed. Then she poked again, fascinated.

“Hey, he’s my friend,” Sarah said, and poked me in the other one. “And—damn, you did get pumped up!”

“You should see his abs,” Vic added, caught up in the moment. And he grabbed my shirt by the hem and lifted. I instinctively tensed up, expecting him to tickle me or something, the bastard.

“Whoa! What the—”

I yanked my shirt down, huffily. “I am not a piece of meat, you know.”

“I dunno, I bet you’re Prime USDA beef,” Vic added.

“Those are some serious abs, mister!” Erin said, with real admiration. “At first I thought maybe you and Sarah both got visited by the boob fairy, but now I’m just annoyed I didn’t notice before. You got hunky, boy!”

“Maybe that’s why Tony was flirting with you—he wanted to feel up Drew’s chest, not yours!”

“Oh fuck off,” Erin laughed. “Seriously, I guess I was so used to you, that it took a wardrobe change to realize you got all jacked.”

“I noticed,” Sarah said. “But I could swear you weren’t this buff yesterday.”

“We did basically just come from the gym,” Vic said.

“No wonder you ware enough for three people,” Sarah chuckled. “Vic, I think we need to sabotage our friend and his abs. You thinking what I’m thinking?”

Vic was in on the secret but was playing along. “Ice cream?”

“I do not understand where you put it all,” Erin said. “Either of you!”

Vic laughed. “Well, obviously Sir Beefy here needs it for his bulking phase. Me, I’m just taking advantage of my Korean genetics.”

“I’ve seen you put away Sunday dinner at your aunties’ place. You should weigh two hundred pounds by now.”

Before long we were seated, and the ice cream came, and we sat there in relative silence, making appreciative noises. Erin excused herself to go to the restroom, and Vic pretended to play with his phone (having already polished off his double dip cone).

Sarah had been staring sidelong at me all through the walk to the ice cream place, with a funny look in her eye. And now that she was halfway through her sundae, she finally got around to asking.

“So,” she finally said, as I loaded up another spoonful of banana split, “it is just me, or are you like, a little bigger than you should be?”

Part 7

I probably looked like a deer in the headlights.

Y’know, a deer who was about four or five inches bigger all over than he was at the start of the week, and who was trying to avoid blind panic when his bestie was barreling toward him in a 4x4 with the lights on.


“I’m not blind, Drew. And Vic, I can tell you know something,” she said, a little sharply. “You would suck at poker.”

Vic stopped pretending to play with his phone, and instead glanced hurriedly over at the hall where the restroom was.

“If you missed it last night,” she said, sotto voce, “I have been paying close attention to your body, dummy, and if you thought I wasn’t going to notice that you put on a couple inches in height and muscle this week, I think I’m insulted.” She leaned in. “So are you going to spill, or what?”

I was cornered. That’s my excuse.

“Me? What about you?” And now she was on the defensive. “You think either of us missed your visit from the tit fairy?”

She had the good grace to blush a little. “That’s different.”

“Maybe, maybe not. But do you think maybe we should talk about whatever you think is happening when we’re not sitting in a public place?”

“Speaking of,” Vic said.

Erin came walking back, obviously distressed.

“Why do I never remember that I don’t handle dairy well after meat?” she groused. “Guys, mind if I call it an early night? I’m not feeling great all of a sudden.”

By that point I’d already finished my slightly obscene sundae, so we all decided to call it an early night. Vic walked up with Erin, giving us a little space to talk. I wasn’t sure if that made him an understanding bestie, or a coward avoiding a tense situation. But he kept Erin talking and that gave us an opening.



“So you did grow.”


“Me too. But all in the boobs. Three cup sizes.”

“We noticed,” I said, attempting (badly) to deflect.

“Kinda hard not to when you suddenly blow through two bras in two days,” she said. “But you…”


“How much?”

“We, uh, measured at the gym.”


“I’m like 5’10” now.”


“And I put on about four inches everywhere.”

“Really? Wow. That’s…” She stopped and looked at me with a critical eye. Of course her gaze stalled around my midsection.

“Ummm,” she said.


“Oh my.” She frowned as we walked. “So I’ve been thinking about it, but what do you think is behind it?”

“Well, Vic and I were talking today, and the only thing that makes any kind of sense is the fountain the other night where we wished.”

“That’s what I was thinking. I wanted boobs like Erin’s. Well, I haven’t compared up close, but they even look different. Like, they don’t look the same at all. Different moles and stuff, aside from the size.”

“Yeah, and I wanted to be bigger. A little bigger.”

“I’d say you got it. And Vic just wanted to stay friends, right? And Erin wanted a car.”

“I think so.”

“Well, Erin doesn’t have a car, and Vic’s already our friend.”

We walked on, thinking.

“So do you, uh… think you’re going to keep getting bigger?”

“I don’t know. I mean at least you specified a size. I was pretty vague.”

“I didn’t think of that.” She frowned again. “Don’t get me wrong, the tits are nice, but it’s weird that they’re almost exactly like hers. And they kind of hurt when they came in.”

“Like how?”

“I got a hot flash or something, like three times. Each time I got bigger. Lasted like 10 minutes or something each time.”

“Me too. When we met up last night, I’d just had one.”

“So had I. Did yours, um…”

“Yeah, I get stupid horny. Like it’s really hard to control myself, that kind of horny.”

“Fun.” She seemed to be thinking it over. “Yeah, I could kinda tell you’d just… you know.”

“It’s been pretty embarrassing, honestly.”

“I can imagine. But I’ve got some panties that are no longer fit for human wear myself.”

I made a face. “At least yours still fit.”

“What does Vicster think of the improved Drew?”

“You’d have to ask him, but um…” I wasn’t sure I was ready to share that whole thing with her yet.

“He was mostly okay with you going all jock last year, right? So probably this doesn’t seem too different.”

“I guess.”

“It almost looked like he was into you, you know.”

I chuckled. “This is a really bizarre conversation, you know that?”

“Well… it is you, after all.” She smiled.

“So now what?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, now what? Do we try to stop it? or reverse it? Are we sure it’s because of the wishes?”

“I don’t even know. But if I keep getting bigger it’s going to be stupidly awkward.”

“I don’t know, a little bigger might be even nicer. It looks good on you so far.”

It was only about 9:30 when we got back to the house, but Erin announced herself unfit for human consumption, and went to bed. The three of us hung out in the kitchen, and to their annoyance, I opened up a pack of cookies and tucked in while we chatted.

“Okay, shirt off,” Sarah said. Vic nodded, so I figured what the hell, and stripped it off sensually.

Well, what I thought was probably sensually. Mostly it was just slow.

“That is downright impressive,” Sarah said. “You look like internet porn.”

“That’s not the most impressive part,” Vic mumbled. But we both heard him.

“Oh really,” Sarah said, arching an eyebrow.

“Yes, really,” Vic said. “It is pretty hard to miss.”

“Wait, you’re not kidding? Your um…”

“Sigh.” This was getting old. “Yes, my dick is bigger too. Happy?”

Vic started to say something, then thought better of it and settled for giving me a look.

Sarah seemed intrigued. “Huh. How large are we talking, big boy?”

“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”

Now it was her turn to blush. “You had your chance last night,” she said coyly.

The memory of my hands on her near-perfect breasts triggered me. And the memory of how the rest of that night played out… well, that woke the beast.

At this point, it was too late to be embarrassed.

“The offer still stands,” I said.

“…’He said, firmly…’” Vic added. “Be careful, you might put an eye out.”

Oh shit, it really was waking the beast. I could feel my blood rushing, my balls churning, and my dick straightening, and my pulse quickening…

“Oh my god,” Sarah said. “Are you sporting wood? For me?”

I mean, we’d danced this dance last night, or at least the start of it. But now I was a few inches larger, and Vic was sitting three feet away.

Which somehow made it hotter. Because I knew that Vic was playing it cool on the surface but he was super turned on. And apparently so was Sarah, as a telltale smell began to permeate.

“Yeah… but not just for you,” I admitted.

“Oh, you’re bi? Cool.”

As nonreactions to earth-shattering, life-altering, personal truths go, it was everything.

“Well, bi-curious, at least.”

“I see. And have you satisfied that curiosity?”

“Not completely.”

“You and Vic?”

Vic actually gasped.

“Guess that answers that,” she said. “Figures.”

“Sarah, wait. That doesn’t mean I’m not interested.”

“I’m not going to even try to get between you guys.”

“Sarah, you dummy. I’m clearly interested in you,” I said, gesturing rudely down at my obscene sausage outline, “…and I think Vic is cool with that.”


Vic nodded. “I mean, if it’s you, I feel like it’s okay. You’re my bestie too. And I want you guys to figure it out. For some reason it feels safe.”

Sarah seemed genuinely conflicted. “I just don’t want to fuck anything up, for any of us.”

For a moment, we all sat there, half daring each other to say something first.

No wait, that wasn’t right. It was just hot in the house, and I was fighting an awkward erection during an awkward conversation… .and somehow that made it feel sexier. I could smell Sarah and her increasingly damp panties. I could sense Vic across the table, adjusting his own pants a bit and trying to downplay his response. I’m not even sure how I could tell these things; it was like I was tuned into some podcast that only I could hear. And it was hot

“I’m going to call your bluff,” Sarah finally said. “I really hope you are not lying about being okay with this,” she said. “But I can’t… … fuck it, my room. Come on. Quietly.”

“Drew, seriously. Go. Figure it out,” Vic said. His smile was sweet, but a little sad.

We left Vic there with his phone and an expression between sadness and lust, and crept up the stairs and over to her office. It seemed warmer upstairs, and there was a little danger; Erin was already in bed or in the master bathroom). The idea of her hearing it and pretending not to was kind of hot. The idea of being caught was a little hot as well.

She didn’t say much, just unwrapped me like a present and sat me on the bed. Then she pulled off her own top, and showed off her rack and her abs—I suspect on purpose—as she stretched to remove it. She leaned in and kissed me, tentatively at first.

It felt nice. It felt right and okay to do this. I’d been terrified it would feel wrong!

She thought so too, apparently, because the steaminess of the kiss kicked up a notch or two, and very quickly we were making out with a ferocity born of years of repressed sexual interest. She grabbed my hands from her neck and back, and put them on her boobs where instinctively I groped and caressed them, feeling the engorged nipples respond and the skin prickle and tighten up. That half-perceived undercurrent of “what if” was actually a raging river.

Before I realized it, she’d tugged my shorts free, and my … .god, I can’t believe I’m using this expression, but it’s accurate—my huge cock sprung free.

“Wow, you undersold this,” she said. “I mean, the muscles are really, really nice,” she said, running her fingers sensuously all around my abs and then down my Adonis belt. “But that … well, that’s fucking amazing.”

It’s a curious thing that I could tell that I wasn’t her first blowjob. And I think she could tell she wasn’t my first either. But with the vast experience granted me by this, my second BJ, I gotta say—Vic was better at it. Which is not to say it wasn’t fun and sexy and hot to get one from Sarah. She did this thing with her tongue…

“Goddammit, I got to have you in me,” she said, surrendering to her lust and not even bothering to disguise it. She turned on the clock radio and found a little music to provide some plausible cover for the noise, and returned with a handful of condoms.

“Jesus, that’s a tight fit,” she said, unrolling one around my prodigious member.

“Do we need lube or something?”

“I’m wet enough for almost anything, and you’ve been leaking so much I thought you might have already come.”

And with that she guided me in, and we started in earnest.

And it went beyond just fucking, honestly. It felt important and meaningful and connecting. It bound us somehow. She was my first girl. And I was buried in her up to the hilt, as she whimpered and squirmed and opened her mouth and gasped a little… .

My god that little noise was so fucking hot. And downstairs, my first guy—though I sensed Vic and I had plenty left to explore—was patiently letting me do this without guilt. I fucking loved him for it. I loved them both. I wished I were fucking them both. My goodness that would be even hotter…

Oh shit… .she was starting to get really into it, and I felt the hot flash really grab me.

Fuuuuuck. The hot flash wasn’t just being steamed up from sex. It was another spurt.

Two things happened almost at once. First I felt Sarah clench her insides around me, gripping my fuckstick with significant force. But I wasn’t stopping—and suddenly he heat concentrated for me, all along my dick I filled her. Then I felt that amazing surge again, and then my whole body strained and I tensed up, realizing I was helpless as my body did what it wanted, needed, to do.

I was getting bigger again. And it started in the one place where I’d pretty much figured enough was enough.

I heard her squeal in surprise as my dick surged larger within her. For me, it was a phenomenal sense of sexual power and a big manly thrust, but I hadn’t moved—it was literally just my penis getting bigger and longer, suddenly. I worried I might hurt her, but I couldn’t do anything to stop at this point. God, how big would I be after this? I was torn between being eager to see and being afraid of what I’d be faced with… .

Then the wave of heat washed over the rest of my body, and I could hear the cracks of my bones and ligaments as I surged a little bigger. My muscles—and there were already a lot of them—burned intensely as they swelled a little larger. I was starting to lose my sense of self again, and I almost felt dizzy—like my body was having trouble coping with the demands of a larger body.

And then Sarah shouted my name and came, and I grunted like a fucking caveman or something and felt a hot torrent of spunk blow out.

It was probably 2:30 a.m. when I woke up.

In Sarah’s bed.

And with her snoring softly beside me. The sheets were either damp or crusty. Either way, kind of gross.

I needed to pee, so it was time to extract myself, as gently as I could, from her bed and head directly for the can. Had she always been this light?

I stood up, and carefully got my bearings. A bit of light from the bathroom was visible and served as my guide—but already I could tell I was bigger. As stealthily as I could, I tiptoed to the en suite and shut the door behind me, then switched on the bright overhead light.

The dick I grabbed to point at the toilet was beastly. Soft, I was more than a large handful, but the second I shook the last drop free, I felt a tug, and my dick started to lengthen and straighten. Up and up it went, until it was obvious that I had grown quite a bit. I was longer than the standard magazines, so I had evidently blown past a foot long. At a guess, I was at least thirteen inches long, and thick as hell.

Following my hand up my arm, I saw thick, corded muscle. I had the forearms of s professional drummer. Below my thin, but solid, waist, meaty and well-defined legs and bulging calves awaited.

I stepped to the side and took in my latest changes… a quick pose showed biceps that had to have gained two inches, and a chest that might have gained three. My abs continued to be a marvel of their own, with eight bricks and a web of supporting bulges on the sides. My laterals were huge too.

I was also taller, but couldn’t immediately tell by how much. I guessed an inch, maybe two. And I had to assume my feet were also bigger.

Bigger. Why hadn’t I been more specific?

Sighing, I began to walk back Sarah’s bed, but had a moment of indecision. Sarah’s warm, satisfied form, or the hallway bathroom where I could rub one out in peace, or my own room to see if Vic was up for a quickie…

Part 8

I switched off the light and opened the door, and stepped quietly back into the room. Sarah had rolled over and now lay sprawled across it, rolled up in the sticky sheets.

Here is how my brain was working.

Me: (uncertain if I should move her)

Brain: if we wake her up, maybe more sex?

Me: but

Brain: okay but also if we creep back to the room, maybe vic will sex with us

Me: but what if he is asleep too?

Brain: then we will give him a blowjob and when he shoots, he will want to return the favor. Or we could just start fucking him…

Me: hey wait you’re not my brain.

Dick: hah! I’m in charge now, buddy! Sex!

Joking aside, my libido was off the hook, no doubt due to my recent growth and the new batch of testosterone coursing through my enlarged body. It really was making it harder to think about anything else. My insane dick was leading the way, determined to get there first.

I crept down the hallway, somewhat surprised at how quietly I could still move, and stopped in front of the door to our room. Deep breath… a different prospect, now that I had a much bigger chest; I could feel it swell as I inhaled. I was doing this.

The door opened easily—thanks to the remodel, no doubt—and I shut it quietly behind me. To my surprise, Vic was laying on my mattress, wrapped in my sheets. He was completely asleep, but he was also mumbling something I couldn’t make out. He was on his side, facing the center of the room, and the outside lights hit his face at the best possible angle. Those cheekbones, the ones he had in common with Jun, were sooo sexy. his lips, plump and slightly parted, looked very kissable. I knelt at his side, and leaned my face up to his.

Whatever he was saying, he was half smiling, so I was guessing it was a good dream.

Time to make it better.

As I said… my dick was leading the way.

I wanted Vic. Part of me wanted Sarah. Part of me wanted both of them at once, and was curious about Erin and Tony and Lee and Leo and the shoe guy and the hot waitress at the steak place…

But Vic was here, and I would have him. No; I would seduce him.

And so I started by kissing him, gently at first, but insistently. I worked my way around his face until I met his lips, and shorty after I began, he moaned a little and began to reciprocate, though his eyes remained closed. My tongue was aggressive, making his mouth mine and dueling over possession. I pulled the hot breath out of him and returned my own, and the duel became a dance as we found our rhythm… .

Kissing is never the same, is it, from partner to partner. Each person you kiss with lust and passion has a different flavor, and a different technique is required to find the right rhythm, the right electrical current that makes you click.

Last night, Vic and I had kissed, and made out, but it was not yet what tonight was shaping up to be. We’d made out, but now we were making love. The positions, the specific activities, none of that matters when you’re with the right person. A hug can be deeply arousing, and a simple back rub can be as good as a good deep fuck when the intent is there and the connection is real.

I had known Vic forever, and he had been my first proper sexual experience less than twenty-four hours ago. Now, I wanted him to be my first truly gay lovemaking experience.

We kissed, lovingly, for a while, and once he was fully awake, he sat up, inviting me in with him.

“You smell a little like her right now, you know. So you um…”

“Yes. We did. But she’s asleep now.”

He reached out and traced my nipples and pecs and the cobbles of my torso.

“You grew again,” he said.

“Evidently,” I answered. “Is that a problem?”

“That depends on what you think we are going to do,” he said.

“Anything you want. Everything we can.”

He gestured for me to stand up, so I did.

“Hooo boy,” he whispered. “Fuck, I thought you were huge before!” His hands traced my dick—and it felt really nice. It throbbed in answer and spurted a little pre.

“I hope it’s okay,” I whispered.

“It’s… a challenge.”

I am happy to report that it was a challenge he was up to.

Everything about me felt strong, powerful, dominant… of course it did. I was bigger, bigger than I’d ever been, bigger than Vic, bigger than most guys I’d meet. No wonder Vic was so into it, I was pure man, all sex and confidence and strength.

And as ashamed as I am to say it, having a huge dick was part of it.

Vic practically worshipped it, and I reveled in him doing so. He attacked it like a starving thing, and I’ve told you before that he was rather talented at it. So every bit of expertise he possessed was put to use, and I had thousands of new nerve endings to stimulate.

But like I said, this wasn’t supposed to be just about me getting satisfied. No, I wanted to seduce my best friend and make him love me, and lust after me, as much as I realized I both loved and lusted after him. But my raging libido was not giving way, so I just let Vic enjoy his fantasy for the moment, And hoped that once I blew, I could think again.

I looked down and saw him straining to cover the enormous glans with his lips, to no avail. I’m not joking when I say that the head of my dick was verging on the ridiculous. Had to be the size of a wine bottle or a fist, and lips are only so elastic.

And then, suddenly, it fit, and I was startled enough to ignore the sensation of hot mouth on hotter dick, momentarily worried that his mouth might be hurt. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case, but it looked really strange. And then, even more unbelievably, he began to inhale my newly massive dick, an expression of bliss and surrender on his face as he shoved more and more inches into his mouth. All the while, his tongue never stopped caressing me.

Jesus, it was incredible, and I lost myself to the sensation of it. He was really really good at this and it kept feeling better and better. And shockingly, I felt his nose bury itself in my pubes and realized he’d taken the whole thing. I couldn’t hold back at that point, and replayed his hospitality with a warm gift. Ten, twelve, fifteen, sixteen distinct squirts of hot spunk.

I was probably a bit loud. I looked down, grateful, and couldn’t believe he’d sucked all of my incredible size into him. His eyes popped open and I could see he was also shocked, and backed away as he instinctively swallowed my load. And then he kept backing away.

I swung around and sat next him, temporarily spent, but not for long.

“Wow,” I said, panting. “How did you even do that?”

He too seemed perplexed, making an odd face and rubbing his jaw a little.

“Man, I don’t even know.” He looked down at my dick, which hadn’t seemed to go soft despite the pic load I had just spewed. “That’s just unreal,” he said. And then he reached over to his nightstand and grabbed the measuring tape and switched on the small lamp.

“Fuck, you really did get bigger. A lot bigger, but that’s for later. I just have to know…”

Shit, I wanted to know, too. The metal tip of the measuring tape was cold as it base of my cock. And Vic unrolled it slowly. He reached eleven inches and slowed down; looking up at me in awe.

And then kept going. Twelve. Thirteen. Fourteen.

“Fourteen and a half.”


“Good luck. That thing is as big as my forearm.”

“I can’t believe you swallowed that thing!”

“Me neither, but it was like I suddenly knew it was possible. Like, if it were with you, I could just… do it. Anything.” He was thoughtful for a minute. “And you said you and Sarah did it? Were you that big then?”

“I was in her when I grew.”

“No offense, but that seems like it should have ripped her in half.”

A bit of cockiness crept into my voice. “She didn’t complain. But I was afraid I might have hurt her, for a minute.”

“But you didn’t. And my mouth seems fine. I wonder if my wish did this.”

“Shit dude, you didn’t wish for me to have a huge dick did you?”

“Not consciously. But I wished we’d always be together as friends, and maybe this is part of it. Being able to do anything for you. I really do love you, and I think I love Sarah almost as much. And maybe being able to do anything for you is part of that.”

He looked lustily at me, and my prodigious dick, and mouthed “anything” without realizing it.

If that was true…

“We um, could try… Do you have any lube?”

“No… but we could see if there’s any—oh!”


“I don’t think that will be necessary. Stay there. Lay down…”

He stood up, and dropped his boxers—his own satisfyingly standard size schlong bobbing excitedly at attention. And then he climbed on top of me, rubbing our dicks together … oh man.

And then he grabbed my steel girder of a dick, aimed it, and slid back onto it. His eyes almost immediately rolled back in his head.

“Hooooo oh man, go slow…”

Amazing. Either I was covered in enough pre to provide adequate lube, or he was somehow producing it. Either way, the apple-sized head slid into him far more easily than I would have imagined, and his eyes fluttered back open.

“Oh my god,” he said. “I don’t even care that this is impossible.” He scooted back slowly, gasping as he did so with cute little noises. I was almost to surprised to react, but my balls were roiling in their big sack, renewing what was apparently an inexhaustible resource.

If anything, this felt better than Sarah had, though it would be a tough call.

“Careful… oh god, this feels fantastic, it should hurt but somehow… oh”

And then I felt him touch base… completely engulfing me.

“Oh my god.”

We began to fuck in earnest at that point, now that I was sure I wouldn’t hurt him. we lost ourselves to a slow, grinding, motion, then sped up, then slower… with glorious abandon I plumbed his depths. He was so out of it, he just making noises without any meaning. But I was still trying to seduce him, to show him how much I wanted him, and somehow splitting him with my giant dick felt like only making me happy. It only took one meaty arm to support myself, but he was hard as a rock as we ground and bounced together.

“Oh fuck… fuck… if you … if your dick was as big as mine, I would blow you while I fucked you…”

And then, inch by inch, he began to grow.

Well, his dick did. And greedy bastard that I am, I leaned forward, my own mouth begging for it, and never breaking the incredible rhythm we’d found. My size had not cost me much in terms of flexibility, but my powerful abs did take up space. They’d only crunch so far.

But whatever power was making me grow, it was making Vic super adaptable, apparently. And so he met me halfway, his dick adding inches until I could kiss tip with my lips, then just enough so that I could tackle the head and lick the underparts of his helmet…

Hard to believe we lasted for more than a second like that, but we did… and then we found that magic rhythm and got completely in sync, and we both shot at the exact same moment. I got a mouthful of come from Vic’s newly enhanced dick, but he must have got a pint from mine. He collapsed on me, trapping his dick between us, and instinctively clenching to milk the last drops from me.

We collapsed in the bed, and as we panted from our efforts, Vic mumbled something under his breath that sounded a lot like my name. I lazily turned my head, and saw his dick retreating back to its normal length, rather than to the extra-long monster that I’d just finished sucking.

He returned my gaze, lust still dancing in his eyes, but he seemed to be as sated as I was. even my own enormous pecker was shrinking down to something resembling human. Though I may need to revise my assumptions about human limits.

“Shit. Did I just grow a penis longer than yours, and lose it, or have I completely lost my mind?”

“Yes, you did grow a huge dick. I can still taste you,” I said, hoping to sound sexy, but probably only managing awkward.

“And I took your dick to the hilt,” he said.

“Absolutely,” I said. “I was worried I hurt you.”

“If I am right, I don’t think you can,” he said thoughtfully, between deep breaths as he rode the post-fuck high down.

“Because of the wish?”

“Well, I’ve never had any real dick up my ass before, believe it or not, but I did barely manage a six-inch vibrator. I thought I was gonna die then. So the only logical explanation…”

“I think this is all beyond logical explanations at this point,” I replied, in a tone so dry it probably drained the Hudson.

He reached around his own ass and felt around a little.

“Dude, I don’t even hurt. And my butt hole feels tight like normal.”

He was so cute, with that quizzical expression on his face, his mind all engaged in some mystery … while he prodded his own asshole to make sure he wasn’t destroyed by being impaled on a 14½-inch dick all night. I rolled over and gently stroked his completely limp dick, smiling at him.

“This seems to be back to your normal size, too.” I licked my lips. “Pity. Might be nice to not be the only one dealing with a third leg.”

“Yours seems big as ever, though.”

“I finally feel like I got my rocks off properly,” I agreed.

“Yeah, even though it took fucking two people senseless to manage it,” he chuckled. “Or did you fuck Erin too?”

“No, I didn’t fuck her,” I said.

“Good,” he said, snuggling into the crook of my meaty pec. “No get some rest, you big goofball. I am fucked out and too tired to think. Let me bask in the endorphins for a while.”

Around five thirty, I heard someone in the hallway, and woke up tensed and ready to fight. But as soon as I focused on it, the faint footsteps lightly tapped away. Going by the minimal floorboard creaks, it was probably just Sarah, wondering why I wasn’t in her bed with her… and then finding our door shut. Shit, I hoped she wouldn’t be mad.

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