By Egi 
3 parts
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Part 1

Logan was freezing.

It was bad enough that the scientists put him in this sterilized room, but now they were making him put on his birthday suit. Now he wasn’t sure if this was the experiment he signed up for or just some sick prank by the football.

He thought back to how he ended up in this admittedly bizarre situation. College started a few months ago and he couldn’t help but notice something. Namely, every other guy seemed to be smoking hot. He couldn’t go to class or the cafeteria or even right outside his own dorm without crossing paths with at least one hottie. Shirts struggled hiding thick pecs and bulging arms. Pants did a better job but left little to the imagination as they hugged tight legs and firm butts. Logan started planning when he would bathe because the communal showers were a minefield of potential boners for him.

Logan lamented his situation. Not that he found out he was gay or anything. The 3TB hard drive stashed in his closet back home entitled “Totally Not Porn, Mom” dispelled any doubts of his sexuality long ago. No, he finally realized how tiny he actually was. He never really ventured outside. His smooth light-toned skin meant he would have to apply a liter of sunscreen anytime he went outside, so he decided why bother. Logan liked to think the freckles on his face made him cute, but he didn’t need want them all over. So, he figured, staying inside to play videogames and curate his porn collection just made sense. He could have fun and stay cute.

“Height?” a scientist over an intercom asked.

“Five foot, e-eight and a half inches,” Logan fibbed.

Logan wanted to be cute, sure, but not at the expense of being a shrimp. He felt like a child among men. At least in high school he could take solace in the fact that he was bigger than (some) freshmen. Not here. Not at college. Here, he had to show his student ID to his professors who thought a middle school student had snuck into their physics class. His parents kept telling him that college was a time to really find himself, to become his own person, so Logan resolved that he would get bigger.

Problem was, spending so much time inside during high school hadn’t really developed skills like courage. Walking into the college gym for the first time, Logan headed for the weight room. But when he arrived, witnessing hot, muscled guys sweating and pumping up their already swollen bodies, he meandered his way right past all of the machines and weights and quickly headed for the back door exit. He couldn’t do it. No way in hell could he go in that room and lift anything without embarrassing himself. It had been two months since that incident and Logan still had not started his school year resolution. However, one day while searching for a campus job, he came across a flyer.

“Weight?” the intercom asked its next question.

“95 pounds,” Logan replied, honestly this time, absent-mindedly rubbing his shoulders. Logan felt bone anywhere he put his hand. Shoulder, ribs, hips, everything. There was no meat anywhere on his body. He produced a slight grin when he looked down on his flat stomach, but it quickly disappeared when he realized that despite being skin and bones, he had no abs to speak of. The grin came back when his hands traveled up to his hair. A somber laugh escaped Logan’s mouth when he realized that his messy, soft, auburn hair probably accounted for a good two pounds of his overall weight.

Looking at the flyer, Logan found it kitschy. “GET PAID TO GET BIG” it advertised in bright bold letters. The ad was looking for applicants to participate in an experiment of sorts. It promised that, if selected, the participant would travel to a state of the art training facility and be provided with all of the tools necessary to grow as much muscle as possible. The lab wanted to see how much the human body could grow in ideal conditions.

Logan was highly skeptical that this was for real. He’d jacked off to this exact scenario of a strange science experiment promising growth thousands of time. As cliché as it gets. However, this flyer was different. It didn’t mention some strange liquid or pill or procedure. All it offered was a place, a solitary place for someone to work out to their heart’s content, with the only barrier being their willpower. Logan knew he wouldn’t be sticking his head into the school gym anytime soon, so he went for it.

He applied at one of the school’s science lab. All they asked for was Logan’s name and age, and a small blood sample. A week passed and Logan forgot all about the ad. Imagine his surprise when a man called early one morning saying he’d been selected for the program. Logan was the ideal candidate, the man commended, which was odd because thinking back Logan remembered much more well-built guys getting their blood taken when he was there.

Regardless, Logan was ecstatic. He might actually have a chance to get bigger. He could work out as much as he wanted to without fear of judgement or teasing. Thoughts, of a bigger, stronger, sexier Logan raced through the eighteen-year-old’s mind. One who’s arms wouldn’t just fill out a shirt, but split its seams. One who’s chest prevented him from crossing his massive arms. One who’s legs resembled tree trunks rather than twigs. And one who not only had abs, but abs with deep, hard ridges. The thought gave Logan a throbbing hard-on that he took care of immediately after getting the facility’s address.

Thinking back to that moment, and the thought of a new, huge him gave Logan another boner, even in the sterile room.

“Genital size?” The intercom asked, snapping Logan from his trance but doing nothing to diminish his erection.

Logan thought about fibbing a little again, wholly unsatisfied with the size of his manhood like the rest of him, but he decided against it. If he could get as big as he thought he could with this experiment, having a slightly smaller penis wouldn’t be that big of a deal.

“4 inches,” Logan said.

“Are you sure?” The intercom questioned, clearly skeptical.

“YES!” Logan testily replied, “It’s just really cold in here!”

Part 2

Thankfully, the scientists shuffled Logan out of the examination room after the measurements. The hallways were much warmer and someone even handed him a blanket to cover himself. Logan used it like a towel to cover himself and his erection, which had only slightly died down from his fantasizing. However small his manhood was, it was still bobbing up and down with every step he took. Tiny or not, Logan found an innate pleasure in being naked. Yeah he had plenty of cute outfits, but he felt at ease without clothes. He enjoyed feeling the breeze on his lithe form and always felt just a little naughty knowing that anyone could see his cute butt.

That’s why he was still chubbed up. Sure, he was covered up from the waist down, but he felt the two scientists chaperoning him to his room looking at him. They had seen him. All of him. And while all of him was only 95 pounds, being watched by others just got him going.

After being ushered down what looked more like an office building than a research lab, Logan was shown his room. While nothing special, it felt homier than the rest of the building. A huge king bed dominated the floor plan. Interestingly, directly adjacent to the bed was a full sized fridge. In a room only slightly bigger than his dorm, Logan marveled at how many amenities there was. A small inlet on the right of the room housed the bathroom while opposite left a couch, coffee table and mounted TV filled out the rest of the room. Logan liked the light green paint covering the walls, but turning around he couldn’t help but let out a high pitched laugh. Facing him was… him. The whole wall minus the door was made of mirror. Logan had full view of his soft, bushy hair, radiant eyes and disappointing body.

He received an even fuller view when the scientists yanked the blanket away from Logan. Back to 100% nakedness, Logan looked at the scientists.

“Tomorrow we will begin the trial at 7AM sharp,” the scientist holding the blanket said.

“Eat as much as you want, and use the phone on the table to call for restocking,” the other scientist continued.

“Good luck,” both said in unison, leaving and closing the door behind them.

Logan went to the door to see if the scientists had locked it. Turning the knob, he realized there was no lock.

“Phew, looks like they don’t want to make me their mindless slave fucktoy or anything,” Logan grinned. Having had a boner for so long, Logan forgot that he had to pee. After relieving himself, he moseyed over to the couch. Muscle magazines littered the coffee table with albums of smooth, ripped men. Before he could get anything going though, his stomach let out a groan. He would have plenty of time to look at muscles later.

Inspecting the fridge, he saw that it possessed the only clock in the room. It was already 10 at night. Logan would have to sleep soon if he didn’t want to hate himself in the morning. First, he perused the fridge. Shelves upon shelves were filled with nondescript bottles of what looked like cloudy water. They were portioned by the liter. Some drawers had more recognizable food like fruits and cheese, but they were mostly filled with protein-looking bars. Logan grabbed a bar and a bottle as they were within the easiest reach.

Plopping on the bed, Logan spread out his slim body. Even when trying to take up room, the bed could have held another 4 Logans at least. He went about eating his food. Logan could view his reflection mimic his every move as the bed faced the mirror wall. He winced when he saw himself struggle to open the cap on the milky water bottle. His straining was rewarded, though when he took a swig. How is this so delicious, Logan thought. The drink tasted like a mixture of chocolate milk and his own cum (of course he had tried himself). Velvety smooth and sweet, but a nice salty note that complimented its richness made Logan chug half the liter without even taking a breath. He did, however, remember the bar in his other hand and ripped it open. He hoped it would be as great as the water, but alas, it was a simple protein bar. The texture was like wet cement while the only flavour he noticed was a fake caramel. Nevertheless, he choked it down with the help of the nectar of the gods in the bottle and let out a satisfying belch when both were finished. Man that drink was good. It was so tasty, Logan’s dick got a little chubby with how great it made him feel.

He threw away the wrapper and bottle into a nearby wastebasket and looked at himself in the mirror once more. Logan could only think of how small he felt being enveloped by the massive bed. Only his gorgeous purple eyes could be distinguished from his body. Logan thought about tomorrow, questioning if a shrimp like him could actually grow any muscle at all. His heart raced again as he thought about growing and growing and being able to feel thick hard muscles on his own body. Veins crawling across his body as he pumped himself larger and larger.

Logan’s manhood was at attention for what seemed like the 20th time today and it would no longer be ignored. Using a couple of fingers, Logan slowly stroked himself. Each time he would go all the way down and then back up having his foreskin cover his slick, shiny head before going down again. In only a few strokes, Logan came, releasing only the smallest amount of cum right below his belly button. For such a small amount, Logan didn’t even bother to clean it up. Finally exhausted, Logan reached for the light behind his bed and quickly drifted off.

Logan sawed logs all night, a sleep so deep nothing raced through his head, only calm. The next sound Logan would hear was a loud knocking on the door to his room. Blindly reaching for the light, Logan flipped the switch just in time to see one of the scientists from before enter the room.

“It’s 7 a.m. Logan, let’s go,” the man ordered. Surveying the room, the scientist fixed his eyes on Logan once again. One part of the sheets was tented up ever so slightly.

“Maybe it was actually 4 inches,” the scientist sneered.

The little jab brought Logan to full attention. His face of annoyance did nothing to wipe away the scientists grin, so he rose from bed and wiped the crud out of his eyes. Waltzing over to the fridge, he grabbed another bottle before heading over to the scientist. About to leave the room, Logan’s hard-on the scientist teased him over had not diminished at all. Logan himself was too entranced in drinking the mystery liquid he already loved.

Walking down the hallway, Logan asked about the drink in between swigs.

“Damn, this is so good. Is it like that serum they put in Captain America to get him so big?” Logan mused.

The scientist chuckled, “It’s just protein powder man.”

Logan reddened, his blush covering up his freckles for a moment. He quickly forgot about his naïve statement though when they arrived at their location.

There must have been at least 5000 pounds of weights in this room, Logan mused. Squat racks and pull up bars lined the walls. Logan spied dumbbells that weighed more than he did! Stacks of plates dwarfed his puny height. Logan was in awe at all the weight, but quickly his heart sank.

“What am I doing,” he thought, “There’s no way I’ll be able to lift any of this stuff up!”

The scientist broke Logan from his self-deprecating thoughts, shoving something into his face. “Put these on,” he ordered.

Logan gazed at the small pair of workout shorts in front of him and took them. It was a little difficult to put them on as his morning boner still stood at attention. With his uniform on, the scientist led him to a weight rack.

“Now we will begin the trial. Lift as much weight as you can for as many reps as you can. Do not worry about form, you will be lifting so much in the coming time that your body will quickly learn how to lift properly. We will be monitoring you through the one-way mirror opposite us and be sending in provisions and nutrition throughout the day. Remember, you are the perfect genetic candidate to grow, but you still must put in the work. Lift until you cannot lift anymore and then lift twice as hard for twice as long. Good luck.”

With that speech, the scientist abruptly left and closed the door behind him, leaving Logan alone.

When the door closed, shivers traveled down Logan’s spine. Nervous could not adequately describe what he was feeling. He was scared of looking like a fool. So distressed, his morning wood had gone down. What if they were judging him, laughing at him behind the mirror. What if he couldn’t pick anything up?

Logan fretted for a long minute, but through a moment of clarity he stepped closer to the weights. “So what if they judge me?” he thought. “I have all this time to work on myself. This is their experiment. They want me to succeed!”

Almost motivated, Logan reached for some weights. He tried the 10s but those were too heavy. So he got the 5s. They still felt heavy to him, but they were manageable. With little knowledge of what to do, he referenced some charts on the wall outlining various exercises.

He started with simple bicep curls. He did 2 before his hands let out and the weights fell on the floor. Upset but not discouraged, Logan remembered the scientist’s advice and tried again. This time he got 4 reps. Logan was already breathing hard, but he was proud. He could lift weights, and if he got tired, he could still lift them up. His heart was racing and his arms felt tingly, looking a little swollen from the new motions they went through. His erection returned with a vengeance, making a clear tent despite the shorts being quite baggy and large for the redhead.

This was Logan’s entire day. Looking at the charts, he tried all sorts of exercises. Everything started with 5 pound dumbbells. Flys, rows, curls, all done with the little weight Logan could lift. He tired frequently, but kept at it. His whole body felt like it was vibrating. Shoulders, back, arms and chest all had blood coursing through them as Logan kept lifting. He finally understood what a pump meant, as his body coursed with power and adrenaline. Anytime he felt a little too taxed, a man or woman would enter with another protein drink, bar or meal. Logan was wary of eating so much, but the scientists assured him that he would only grow fast if he ate as much as possible.

The day raced by. Logan became consumed with lifting. He started squats and deadlifts and bench presses, getting as high as 35 pounds on some of the exercises! By the end of the day he had even started trying to do some stuff with 10 pound dumbbells. His boner never let up but Logan only paid attention to the weights.

As Logan was polishing off another set of 5 for his bench press, a buzzer sounded in the room and the scientist entered once again.

“Quite admirable for a first day,” the scientist commended. “But sleep and recovery are just as important for growth.”

Logan understood but felt a twinge of sadness as he left the weight room. He had done so much! If he could just keep going he would be huge in a matter of days

Back in his room after a shower, Logan rushed to the fridge to get another drink and more protein bars. The only other thing he did today besides lifting was eat, but his stomach felt like he had been stranded in the desert for weeks! A stupid grin crept across Logan’s face when he plopped down on the couch and effortlessly opened the protein drinks. He turned on the TV and gorged himself.

Unsurprisingly some muscle documentary was on, showing the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime. Logan absent-mindedly demolished two pounds of food while transfixed on the show. Looking at Arnie’s huge, veiny arms and ridiculously tight shirt mesmerized Logan. Then, an odd scene about “The Pump” came on. Arnold spoke of how the pump was like a perpetual orgasm, feeling so big as your whole body vibrates with raw power. Logan thought about his day, reflecting on how different he felt. His mind wasn’t occupied with what others thought of him or how he looked. His entire body became devoted to lifting, the sole goal of becoming larger. At once peaceful and exhilarating, he understood what the much larger man meant by the pump.

It was not like cumming at all. It was more than that. It was taking yourself and becoming more. Becoming a better you, a stronger you, a sexier you. Logan sighed as he came down from his revelation. Something much more urgent, more tangible took his attention. And it was pressing out of his new shorts. So, just like the night before, the small, underendowed Logan beat off hard, came a little and crashed on the couch.

The following day, the scientist once again knocked on the door. This time the light was already on, and Logan’s morning wood was once again visible. But when he tried to get up, a new definition of sore wracked Logan’s body. He could barely move! It almost hurt to breathe because of his sore abs and chest. Once he rose from the couch, it felt a little better, but each step still caused Logan to wince. Logan certainly felt something other than The Pump.

Nevertheless, the scientist beckoned him to the weight room once again. He handed Logan his shorts which had been stripped off last night. Logan accidentally missed putting his dick in the shorts as it slightly bobbed up and down. He didn’t pull them out far enough. Once on, Logan’s soreness slightly alleviated when he realized the shorts felt different. Not tighter or form-fitting, but his legs touched the fabric a bit more often when he walked.

The day proceeded like yesterday but with much more grunting. Logan could not believe how sore he was. He also couldn’t believe how he still had the willpower to keep working out despite the pain. Slowly but surely, he kept increasing the weight. His bench press was up to 60 pounds and 12.5 dumbbells were the norm by the end of the day. All the while, the scientists continually fed him all the protein, fat and carbs he desperately needed throughout the day. He must have drank half a dozen gallons of the protein drink, but Logan continued to glug it down as if his life depended on it.

The day felt slower than the first to Logan, as soreness replaced some of his enthusiasm, but suddenly it was night once again. Logan was shipped off to the showers and back to his room. Logan barely remembered entering his room, grabbing one more bottle that he finished in less than a minute, and immediately falling asleep. There would be no play time for his little buddy tonight.

However, Logan soon learned that dicks are never to be ignored. During the night, Logan awoke to a straining feeling in his crotch. The lights were off but he could clearly feel the shorts he had not taken off constricting his legs. Half-asleep, Logan groggily reached down and took off the shorts. They did not come off easy, as they were so tight they almost hugged his thighs. However, Once Logan got them under his knees, a wave of relief rushed over him. His legs were freed, no longer subject to the pressure. Furthermore, with his groin now pants-less, his dick popped out and slapped him on his stomach. Logan must have arched his hips a little as he felt his erection hit all the way up to his belly button. With the pressure gone, Logan quickly dozed off again.

Morning came with the scientist knocking once again. As Logan roused from his slumber, he felt a cold spot on his stomach. Glancing down, he realized there was still some wet cum on his midsection. Some had clearly dried, but even more was freshly made. Logan, usually used to using a hand to wipe it off, had to use two to completely clean the contents of his wet dream off himself.

Logan was entirely clean when the scientist entered. Well except for his morning wood. Despite clearing having blown a load recently, Logan was still sporting a strong erection, for his size at least. It even had a bead of precum on the tip, which Logan rarely ever produced. However, Logan had no time to notice as the scientist called him to move.

Getting off the bed, Logan felt a little heavier when he landed on his feet. Looking down on his skinny body, he thought he saw a few dips in his stomach that could be mistaken for abs. He also glanced at his legs which appeared looked like sticks instead of twigs. Unsure if he had grown or he was just swollen from the (admittedly less) soreness, he followed the scientist to the weight room once more.

Things started to take a routine. The scientist handed Logan some shorts which were always a little baggy and left him to work out for the day. Logan, slowly but surely, increased the weight each day. Sometimes 2 pounds, sometimes only half of pound, but progress was made every day. He continued to eat with the hunger of an entire rugby team before going back to lift even more. A shower, a protein drink or two and an immediate trip to dreamland signaled the end of the day.

Logan, despite feeling more and more pumped up and less sore, was doubtful he was growing much the first week. However, that quickly changed on the sixth day. He once again forgot to take off his workout shorts before going to sleep. This time in the middle of the night, there was not some discomfort, but an extreme pinching all around his groin. Jolted awake, Logan felt like he was being squeezed like a tube of toothpaste. He thrust his arms to his waist to pull off his pants. He missed the first time as the pants were soaked in sweat or something. His hands felt slick but he quickly tried again and forced the shorts off.

Small tearing sounds accompanied his un-pantsing as a couple seams tore. His cock sprang and hit him in his belly button. His free legs were still pulsing. As he reached down to massage his left thigh, he realized he could not reach all the way around his leg like he used to. They were bigger no question.

Logan was absolutely floored. He didn’t know how much bigger they were, but they were definitely not twigs anymore. So excited about his new development Logan turned on the light to inspect the rest of himself in the mirror. As he crudely flexed, he could see the faintest outline of abs. His arms had the slightest curves to them. His favorite silver necklace was even closer to his face because his shoulders pushed it up some.

Logan could not contain himself. He shouted and squealed. Being 110 pounds is still small for any guy, but not when you were 95 pounds less than a week ago! Still looking at himself, horniness overtook his joy. Looking down and grabbing his cock, he frowned a bit when he realized it felt no bigger than usual, but he soon realized how much more sensitive his member had become. He barely had to stroke it. Just a few tugs at his foreskin while smearing pre over his shiny cockhead was enough to take Logan over the edge. After a grunt, a healthy amount of cream splattered onto the mirror. Three, full shots of cum squirted out of Logan’s dick. Usually Logan could catch all of his cum in one hand, but the mirror dripping cream would require more than a shot glass to contain.

The next morning, Jack was reinvigorated. He pushed twice as hard, used even more weight and ate everything in sight. He knew he could grow; knew he could make himself grow.

And grow he did. Gaining 15 pounds the first week was just the appetizer. It started simple enough. 2 pounds a day was unreal in its own right. But by week 2, Logan put on 3 or even 4 pounds of pure muscle every single day. Week 3 was even crazier as Logan packed on as much as 6 pounds in one day.

And boy did it show. Slight definition chiseled into hard, angled cuts. Logan loved looking at his six pack every morning before leaving to workout. Logan’s calves stuck out a full inch where there was once only skin and bones. His thighs were even more extraordinary. As his legs grew larger, individual muscles started to become defined, almost jockeying each for a more prominent position on his legs. Logan’s upper body began to push out, his shoulders becoming round and sturdy. That space gave him room for his growing arms. Not only were his biceps the size of clementines, but his tris and forearms kept the redhead beautifully proportioned.

Logan was starting to look hot. And while Logan never dared to be so braggadocios, his body reacted to his increasing sex appeal. Logan now sported a perennial boner. He knew not to wear shorts to sleep anymore because of his growing legs and bobbing dick. Even when he was working out, blood pumping to his muscles, his cock would be semi-engorged, sometimes even leaking a small bead of precum. He either had to jerk off at night after his shower or wake up to a sticky stomach and chest. Best of all, it seemed like his dick did grow a little, if only because it was throbbing with blood so much. Not as quickly as his muscles, but he had to have grown a solid inch by week three because now he could get a hand and a half up the shaft most days.

The end of week 4 was the end of the month, which meant measuring Logan’s new stats. Another great week. Logan continued adding pounds of muscle every day. His dick had grown a little more, but something even bigger happened. He had an eight-pack. Eight perfectly proportioned, creviced abs were so gorgeous they almost distracted you from his magnificent chest. With each breath, Logan’s pecs rose and fell like a wave. When Logan looked down, they dominated half of his field of vision. He loved squeezing them together, feeling the hard slabs of muscle strain under his smooth body.

As Logan entered the examination room, he was excited. Of course he was sporting a rock hard erection, but he wanted to know how much he had packed on in such a short time.

“Height,” one scientist asked.

“5 foot 8,” Logan replied. Despite his growth it seemed like getting taller was not part of it. Logan didn’t mind though, as it meant that the muscle he packed on was even denser on his small frame.

“Weight,” the other scientist asked.

A scale had been provided for Logan which he giddily jumped on.

Logan squealed when he saw the number.

“203 pounds,” Logan danced a little with his eyes closed. He pushed his hair back out of his head to wipe his eyes which were welling up a little he was so happy.

Finally, the first scientist, the one who had been providing Logan his workout shorts asked the final measurement. “Genital size?”

For this Logan took the ruler on the table behind him. While he placed it on his stomach, he closed his eyes, hoping that he would at least be 6 inches now. When he opened his eyes Logan was stupefied.

“10.7 i-inch-ches,” Logan stammered. He couldn’t believe it! How could he have grown 1 and half times his original size? As he stared at his double-digit cock, he understood what happened. His hands had grown with the rest of him. It seemed like it hadn’t grown because when his hands touched his enlarged dick, they too were bigger. With the same handful of cock as always, Logan thought it stayed the same size. That must have contributed to his tight shorts. Every night, his boner got even bigger, pulsing with even more blood, pressing more and more against his tiny shorts. Now with close to a footlong of hot man meat along with growing balls, churning more and more cum, Logan couldn’t believe it. Not only did his short cute frame have 200 pounds of muscle on it, but he had the dick of his dreams. And this was only the first month.

“Still feeling cold in there?” the scientist teased.

Logan was snapped from his trance admiring his beautiful body. When he heard the scientists voice and realized they were looking at his hot, naked body, a gob of precum escaped his twitching, ten-inch cock.

Part 3

Downing another protein shake, Logan admired himself in the mirror. It was his second favourite thing to do when he wasn’t in the gym. And after looking at his sculpted legs, feeling the ridges of his six-pack and seeing his shoulders and arms strain as he flexed his 200 pound frame, he became horny enough to do his first favourite non-gym activity. Logan clenched his hips as a glob of pre hit the floor.

Just thinking about his huge piece of meat got him leaking. His now 11 and a half inch cock jut out from his chiseled stomach at a high angle. His cock grew even as his height remained unchanged, meaning the shiny purple head was well past his belly button on its way to pec level. Another flex by Logan pushed even more, sweet pre out of his slick cockhead. Logan eyed the stream of precum slightly pool at the crest of his flared cockhead before cascading down his shaft like a newly formed river. Despite Logan nearly being as thick as a soda can, the gushing precum nearly covered his entire two inch wide shaft. Logan patiently waited as his sweet pre traveled down his dick at a maddeningly slow pace. Every time his cock twitched, the stream would bump a little closer to his stomach, aided by even more pre leaving his slit. When the precum’s nearly footlong journey was almost over, Logan’s cock bucked even stronger. As the nectar finally reached his stomach, the slightly cool pre gave him goosebumps, jerking his hot hard rod even more.

Overflowing with sexual energy, Logan finally allowed his hands to touch his aching, bobbing member. Both of his soft hands quickly spread the pre all around his cock. Rapidly stroking his lubricated dick nearly overwhelmed the muscleboy. His cock twitched and bobbed and jerked, filling with even more blood for its climax. At the same time, Logan felt his arms bulge with each stroke and his legs and ass clench, ready to unleash the torrent of cum. Even when cumming, Logan could feel his newfound size, the heft and power that came with so much muscle pushed all into his orgasm. Finally, one last strong, two-handed stroke over his slick member sent Logan over the edge.

His orgasm was so strong Logan shut his eyes, solely focusing on his dick’s eruption. Logan was always a shooter, but his shots lasted longer and longer. One solid rope hit the mirror 4 feet in front of him before final breaking off from his cockhead. Every streak of cum shot out with so much force and pleasure, Logan grasped his firing dick even harder, hanging onto it like a guardrail to prevent him from falling down by the pleasure.

Such was a typical Tuesday night for Logan. And Wednesday. And Thursday…

It had only been a week since his first weigh-in, but he couldn’t help himself anymore. He was growing so much (110 pounds of muscle and almost 7 inches of cock in a month, how the hell is that possible?!) and it kept feeling better and better. So Logan decided, fuck it, pretense and shame be damned, he was going to enjoy his growth as much as possible, no matter how unworldly it seemed.

In the week since, Logan knew his cock he was already much, much bigger. In the gym, the shorts still fit him (barely) but he realized he was going to run out of heavy enough weights soon. He was already using 100 pound dumbbells and a barbell can only hold so many 45 pound plates. He would have to start lifting some of the machines to adequately challenge himself.

Not that he complained. His muscle growth was both steady and ridiculous. Adding five pounds of dense muscle every day brought new and hot ways for Logan to show his power. Nowadays, his chest puffed out so much that it was a struggle to cross his arms. Every time he took a step he could feel his round butt tense a little while his chest bounced up and down with its heavy weight. Anytime he bent his arms, to pick up weights or stroke his meat, he saw his biceps peak and felt them strain against his skin.

If the first month was gaining muscles, this second month was sharpening them up. Logan’s eight pack became indisputable, while the cuts on his oblique became just as noticeable as his bulging calves. It was unreal. Logan packed on more and more weight every hour, but somehow got more cut, more defined and much denser.

Even better, with the second month, Logan started getting used to the routine. Sure, each workout pushed Logan’s growing muscles to the brink of exhaustion, but Logan magically felt less and less tired each day. Maybe it was the supplements in his food. Maybe it was because whenever he didn’t have a weight or his dick in his hand, he was chugging down the delicious protein drink every chance he got. Whatever the case, Logan did not immediately crash when he returned to his room. That meant play time.

Logan loved developing new methods of masturbation. A lot of them involved his sexy muscle body goading his boner on. His favourite variation he liked to call the Push. Logan’s growth and development had the side effect of putting his hormones into overdrive. A constant erection bothered Logan when not working out and sometimes when he was. After cumming, he had a 5-minute window where he would stay soft.

As Logan slowly became horny again, he shook his hips. His impressive softie reached an impressive 8 and a half inches halfway through month two and made an irresistible slapping sound as is bounced between his massive thighs. The stimulation started to chub up Logan’s smooth prick, making louder, more audible slaps as more and more cock smacked his thighs. Eventually his foreskin peeled back, exposing the shiny, deep purple head. In his semi-aroused state, Logan’s dick still rested between his legs. However, as it continued to stretch, Logan started squeezing and flexing. Putting his arms behind his head, he tensed his entire lower body, giving his abs, legs and butt even more delicious definition.

With each flex, more blood rushed into his growing erection. More blood meant more dick as it slowly rose up to stick straight up with Logan on his back. Now at his full 13 inches, Logan kept pushing. He flexed harder, breathed harder and forced even more power into his pulsing dick. Each flex he would hold the ballooning effect for as long as possible, watching his head bulge. This technique had the wonderful side effect of veins. Each push made more and more long, sexy veins snake around Logan’s growing member. Logan held for as long as he could until he let the extra blood exit his overloaded member.

To his extreme arousal, Logan would let go of a flex but his dick would not shrink. He gained even more cock just from flexing his beautiful body. His dick stuck out even further than when he started. His hands couldn’t wrap as far around. Veins became more pronounced. And Logan felt every bit of it. Eventually, the dam had to burst. His stomach a hot, musky pool of pre and sweat, and his pulsing, veiny member aching for release came together. With another strong flex and an expert squeeze with his hands, Logan pushed torrents of cum into the air, the long ropes falling everywhere. On his chest, in his hair, on the dresser, everywhere. His blasts lasted around a minute now. One long, deeply satisfying minute when Logan’s cock became a fire hose of thick, delicious cream.

This, along with other variations became Logan’s routine at night. In the day he worked his body and at night he worked his dick. Synergy is a wonderful thing.

The month was a blur. When Logan wasn’t feeling the blood rush to his growing muscles, he was mesmerized by his prick. Walking into the examination room, Logan could only smile. He knew he’d have fun with this program, but this was thrill ride never let up. As he stood in front of the two-way mirror with the scientists on the other side, he reached towards his bobbing cockhead and rubbed the ever-present pre over his shiny helmet.

“Height, 5 feet 8 inches,” the scientist recorded.

Damn, Logan, thought, this is some dese muscle. Even when he exhaled, his heaving chest strained as his eight-pack contracted.

“Weight, 303 pounds,” the same scientist stated.

“Wowwie, another hundred pounds. This is like an RPG. It’s like I’m leveling up!” Logan nerded out.

“Genital size?” The scientist asked.

Logan reached for the ruler slowly. When he placed it on his pulsing member, he feigned surprised when his cock outpaced the ruler by more than a few inches.

“It’s not enough,” Logan spoke to the scientists, flashing a smile. For all of his massive developments, the cute freckles and red hair made Logan an adorable muscleboy.

“P-please use the ruler provided,” the scientist stammered out.

To get an accurate measurement, Logan got creative. Place the ruler on his oversized cock, he spurt out another stream of pre. When the precum reached the ruler, Logan used it as a marker for where he would place the ruler for the extra measurement. The pre under the ruler made it a little slippery, but Logan only got harder when measuring his powerful cock in front of the scientists.

“16.6 inches,” Logan finally gave his measurement to the scientists.

His late night fun must have been helping his cock along, because he gained almost 6 more inches from last month. God this was so fun! Logan thought about the thrill of being bigger, seeing how much he could pack on, how he would look with 300 more pounds on him.

In his daydream, Logan realized that the waterfall of pre seeping from his cock finally reached his stomach. Seeing his cock easily surpass the ruler almost took Logan over the edge, but he didn’t want to cum in front of the scientists. Not yet at least.

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