Mad scientists and mind control

By Anonymous 
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Subject of a fantasy

Doctor James Hill smiled to himself. Oh dear, Greg, you will regret it all now. You will learn not to spurn me.

When he had first seen Greg, he hadn’t been able to do anything but stare. The man was almost unspeakably beautiful. When he had tried to talk to him, however, the other man had been so cold and callous to him that James had almost flown into a rage.

He was, of course, a perfectly reasonable man. He knew his own strengths, weaknesses, and limitations. He wouldn’t show such unbridled emotions in public. He could have forgotten the incident if he hadn’t seen Greg around on a regular basis, his very existence teasing James.

James was now in such a state over this other man that he felt a thrill of arousal every time he saw Greg. It was a situation he had decided to remedy. He wanted Greg. He needed Greg. He would have Greg.

So he put his brain to work. It was easy for him to modify his vast array of machinery—he was, after all, one of the top scientists in the country—into something tailored for his wonderful object of desire. He already had the strangest technology to play with people’s bodies. That was his area of expertise. He had invented many new weapons for the military—weapons that disabled people by increasing the volume of their bodies to the point where they could no longer move. He was a master of the body. He wanted to be a master of the mind. He wanted to be a master of Greg’s mind.

So he built a device that let him control thoughts. It allowed him to take over any being he wanted—to make them do anything he wanted to, to make them think anything he wanted them to.

And today was the day he would have Greg.

He was ready. It was all ready. Greg was at the mall right now. He picked up his mind control ray, along with a few other gadgets for fun, and headed off.

Greg gets a little cocky

Greg was happily chatting with a bunch of his friends at the mall, eating fast food and talking about what they would do next when he suddenly felt the strongest thrill of arousal he had ever experienced.

He must have shown it too because he was suddenly getting strange looks from the other two guys with him. It hit him again. He could feel himself starting to grow hard.

“I’m not feeling too well,” he mumbled, standing, trying to hide his growing erection. “I think I’m going to head home now.”

He practically bolted away, ardour rushing through him. He was in public with his pants steadily growing tighter and tighter. He made sure he was as far from his friends as he could be. At the very least, he wouldn’t embarrass himself in front of them.

Did his pants normally get this tight? It was almost unbearable, the tortuous emotions flooding through him. His cock was standing at full attention, begging for touch. But it was more than that. There was no way his pants were normally this tight.

He had to get out of here. He was in the middle of a crowded mall. He had to. He had to…

His hand started to rub against his clothed cock. Oh yes, certainly bigger than he’d ever felt before… and so much more sensitive. So good.

He was in a somewhat secluded area now, far enough away from the bustle that he didn’t feel hundreds of eyes on him. His cock was clearly outlined against his pants, trapped and desperate. He couldn’t stop rubbing it, the feeling was more than exquisite. He could feel it twitching and pulsing beneath his fingers.

The tightness was growing unbearable. He couldn’t leave himself like this. He could hide himself in his boxers, but he had to get the tightness of his pants off and away from his leaking engorged penis.

It was a struggle to get the zipper down. He was so sensitive, he couldn’t help but react every time he brushed against it. He started to stroke himself, though his hand didn’t fully fit around his thick erection. The tip was poking out of the top of his boxers. His balls were huge and heavy, tight and full.

Then something changed. He could clearly feel his penis growing in his hand. With a massive effort, he stopped his motions and looked. It was almost a foot long now and abnormally wide, harder than it had ever been in his life. The growth had accelerated.

He could see it grow an extra foot in almost ten seconds. Then another. His balls were growing too, dragging his boxers down his legs. He had to get out of here.

James "rescues" Greg

Greg was fleeing blindly, out the doors, his three foot cock bobbing in front of him. He was worried it would drag on the floor, but it was so hard, it managed to stay up. It was hard to run with it though, his sense of balance not used to having such an unreal cock and matching balls.

Greg made it out the mall doors, hearing one or two gasps on the way, and even a muffled shriek. Fuck, people were noticing.

“Greg, over here!”

Greg whirled to look where the voice had come from. He saw Dr. Hill, or James, as he insisted on being called, over to one side, beckoning him.

“My car is right here!” James added.

That settled it. Greg trotted over to where James was pointing, and slid into the passenger seat of a nice BMW. His huge cock brushed against the underside of the glove box, sending spasms through him. His balls were so big, it was hard to sit on the seat, but he managed. He was adjusting himself as James got in the driver’s seat and started the engine. Within moments, they were speeding away, out of the parking lot and down the road.

“Oh fuck, what’s happening to me?” Greg moaned, a hint of pleasure and lust in his voice. The road was a bit bumpy, and with every jolt, his engorged megacock rubbed against the glove box, sending shivers up his spine.

James was silent, but a slight smile curled his lip. Greg was too distracted to notice it though.

After ten more minutes of erotic torture to Greg’s throbbing cock, they arrived at James’ house, parking in the garage. James led Greg in to the main house, and took him to his bedroom. “Lie down, Greg. Just rest a minute.”

Greg gratefully lay down on the big bed, his huge cock looming in his vision. How the hell had it gotten so big? Just looking at it seemed to make it throb and swell with desire…

Greg let out a low breath, and grabbed his huge tool with his hands. Pleasure shot through him at his touch, and he started to rub the big shaft with his hands, feeling its contours, the meaty rod of iron, the thick veins that ran over it. Greg groaned, shifting his hips on the bed, writing in pleasure as he slowly jerked his three foot fuckrod.

James stood to the side and watched, his smile now wider and obvious. Greg, the beautiful stud, was lying on James’ bed, working that big prong over, not minding or caring that James was standing there and observing. Oh yes. James’ plan was unfolding nicely. Greg would be his. Body and mind.

Help with stroking

Greg was frantically stroking the huge dick between his legs, unable to get his hands around it all he could do was run his hands down the three foot length. With Greg’s attention occupied, James pulled out another small device, aiming it in the stud’s direction. A small beam of light shot out and struck him, but with all his attention on trying to get off, Greg didn’t even notice.

James watched carefully, licking his lips in anticipation. A small bump appeared on Greg, a few inches below his meaty pecs. The bump swelled ever so slightly, the skin darkening on and around it becoming a second set of nipples. Muscle began to bulge under them, swelling into another pair of pecs, directly below Greg’s original pair. Growths appeared on his sides, slowly pushing outwards. Soon there were another pair of round muscular shoulders beneath Greg’s arms.

Greg still seemed oblivious to the changes, even as the growth continued, arms beginning to grow from his newly formed shoulders. As it grew down to the elbow, the new biceps and triceps swelled in size to easily match Greg’s original arms, and even as the forearms grew and gained muscle, Greg just kept desperately trying to stroke his shaft. It was only when the growths split into five directions, finally forming a pair of meaty hands did the new arms start moving. The second pair of hands moved to his cock as well, two hands stroking the shaft, a third rubbing the head and the fourth hand massaging his melon sized balls.

Greg moaned and grunted, closing his eyes, his back arched. With a loud grown of pleasure his cock spasmed, shooting a stream of cum all the way to the ceiling, splattering the thick seed all over. More and more came, splattering the wall, Greg’s four muscular pecs some even splashing James. With a gallon of cum spread all over the room, Greg finally relaxed going limp on the bed.

James took some of the cum with his fingers, tasting the salty liquid still watching Greg. After a few moments Greg lifted his hands, holding all four in front of his face, and screamed…

The bigger the better

Greg writhed on the bed, his hands gripping his huge rod as best he could. All questions banished from his head as he was overwhelmed with nothing but pleasure.

But James wasn’t done with him. Greg was his and his alone. He would make sure of this.

With each stroke, Greg’s cock continued to grow. Three feet. Four feet. Five feet.

It swelled and twitched in need till it stood tall between his legs, the veins and bumps prominent as he desperately worked his hands over his cock.

“It won’t stop… Ah… James… What’s happening to me? Please… Help!” Whimpers escaped him as he desperately tried to stroke himself, his hands no longer able to fit around his large tool.

James moved closer and lay a hand on the hot meat. “You should lick it. Maybe if you come, you’ll shrink.” He smirked to himself. Like he was ever going to shrink this beautiful prize.

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