Magic eye

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3 parts
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Part 1: Tony

I suppose I never would have found the way to see magic if I hadn’t been listening to a radio interview with some guy pointing out that all solid matter was pretty much just empty space.

That, along with the old text I was reading on philosophy, gave me a way to think of a 6th sense, not light or touch or sound but a different type of vibration, at the very microscopic level. If I looked at things just a certain way, I was able to see the shapes of matter and see how empty it all really was.

It was really easy to coax the atoms into agreements to be a bit further apart for a while, or permanently too. I could also make them closer together, if I tried a bit.

Well, after a few weeks of experimenting with table salt and turning the grains into boulders in the back yard, or enlarging some plants, or encouraging them to grow in a certain new way…

Well, it just became easier and easier. I had no plans to try this on myself or anyone else, or exact any revenge, as I knew how dangerous it might be. Although there were those who could use a bit of comeuppance. Or shrinking down-ance, ha ha. But here’s where I slipped up.

Tony. Tony was a friend, and a decent looking guy, and although we never dated we were both members of the Gay student alliance. I had a bit of a crush on him, I admit it. He had brown eyes flecked with gold and his hair was that dark eyebrows lighter blond-brown on top of his head. Sexy, right?

I was horny one day, and he was in the locker room, oblivious to me, chatting up a few friends. He had a lean smooth toned body, not any real muscle, and was not gifted with a large dick or anything a gay man might desire, but he was gonna do okay in life, he was so great.

So I was sitting there, and I started to look at Tony and his friends Mark and Frank. Then I started looking at them in that special magical way, you know? I could see them, their shapes and volumes and forms and the way the atoms communicated with each other, and I could even see Tony’s junk through his underwear. It was a perfectly fine normal and good-looking set of cock and balls, but I’d never quite looked at another guy with magic before, you know? So I was looking at the ways his dick worked with his balls and how constricted some things were, you know, like how much cum his prostate would make, or how often he’d be horny, and how big his cock was or how it could grow bigger, how much more his cock grew when he got a hard on, and how his balls were constricted in growth by the rules of all the genetics in his family tree, and I started to fantasize about how cool it would be if his junk was just a bit—more free—or bigger, or productive, and influencing on his emotions, like he was a total horndog, and then I thought about how big his cock was, and how it could so easily be so much more…

“Al!” a voice boomed and a hand slapped me on the shoulder, a bit too hard. I jumped. “Wake up dude!” It was Turner. Always screwing with people, never could leave anyone alone. “Oh, hey,Turner,”

“Let’s go, man, we got class!” And I looked and Tony and Mark and Frank were gone already so I grabbed my books and headed to class. I didn’t see Tony until last period. That’s when I saw it. Yeah, I check out guys’ packages. Tony’s looked a lot bigger and heavier. I looked again with magic and saw that something was happening in his body. Something magical. When Al made me jump in the locker room I’d been deep into thinking about Tony could have been and somehow I jumped a bit and that made me affect Tony. There was this energy haze, dark red, in his body but definitely centered on his junk. Dammit! I thought Hopefully not too much, I thought. It seemed like not too different, I mean, his junk was definitely bigger, but nothing grotesque, and his aura didn’t look sick. It looked healthy and vibrant.

I contrived to walk home with him, and he asked me inside. Something was bothering him. He said, “Al, I am so freaking horny I can’t stand it…! You wanna, you know, mess around or jerk off or something?”

“Sure, I am too!” I lied to Tony. Well, I was horny, Tony was practically panting like a racehorse. Horse, get it? And before I barely finished the sentence Tony had pulled off his tee shirt, slid down his jeans and boxers, and was starting to stroke his considerable meat. “Fuck yeah!” he said when he saw his junk was doubled in size. “Wow so fucking hot! My junk never felt so heavy no wonder my underwear was so tight!”

He was just turned on so I don’t think he was seeing clearly but after just a minute, and I was barely pulling down my briefs, He blew his first load. He was grunting and moaning like it was his first time ever. He sprayed a lot of cum onto the floor.

Next thing I knew he was giving me an amazing blowjob. I tried to look at him, so I could see what was changing in his body, but you know, blow job.

After he blew six loads (and I two) he was still feeling randy but he was sated for a while at least. It seemed that the changes were continuing to Tony’s junk, as I was pretty sure he wasn’t hung 8” soft when he pulled his pants off. Maybe 6” had been swinging there.

But it looked like whatever magic I’d unleashed, it was abating, I mean, the energy of it, it all seemed to be settling into a new rhythm, it looked like. He was sort—operating normally again. Only with a much more productive prostate gland and much bigger junk. Fuck this was so weird. Well, I eventually went home. Tony stayed in bed, snoozing.

So I thought that was that, you know? So for a few days everything seemed normal-ish and Tony asked me on the third day to come over for some fun. Well you know I did. But the thing was when I got there and Tony dropped his baggy jeans and boxers, his junk was a lot bigger, huge in fact. He was swinging something like 11 inches soft, and erect, well, we never got that measured because he just kept getting bigger and harder and coming more and more. It was intense. He was a total sex machine and just being in the room with him was enough to completely give me an aching hard on.

I had to do some serious thinking about this. I could try to undo whatever I could remember, which would almost certainly mean missing some aspect of whatever it was that I’d done when Turner startled me the other day. But if I didn’t do something, then, well, this could just continue. Tony was already too big to fuck most guys, and I know if he kept growing, or if his lust kept growing… he could be in real trouble. As incredible as it was to have a hot horse hung friend to have fun with, I didn’t want to really ruin his life.

Maybe, I thought, I could just… put the brakes back on whatever I’d loosened. As soon as Tony was sated, and that took an awfully long time that day, he tumbled into his bed and started to snooze, his giant soft dick and huge balls splayed out. As I looked at him, I saw a change, right before my eyes. His dick, which as I’d mentioned was 11” long soft, simply started to grow while I looked at him.

His balls were swelling, incessantly growing larger and heavier, and his cock grew another two inches in length, hanging further down his naked hip until it almost touched the bedsheets. and as that stopped I saw that his entire penis became fleshier, thicker, heavier. He was now swinging a 13” long flaccid cock, that was 8” in circumference. or more. fuck.

He can’t really be that big, I thought. I looked over to Tony’s desk and grabbed a ruler and measured him. Fuck, he was over 13” soft, and it looked like it was starting to inch larger yet again. His junk just throbbed and rippled and swelled larger, and this time i noticed his testicles swelled up large enough to make his scrotum tight on his balls, until his sack grew and relaxed and his giant balls slipped lower as his scrotum grew. His cock—the ruler showed me he was swelling past 14” now.

This was already gone way too far. At least Turner wasn’t here to make me screw up! I sat down and calmed myself and summoned my magic sight and looked deep into Tony. I saw what had increased in his makeup, certain aspects of gender and lust and size… but I didn’t see why it kept changing. I looked down all the pathways of energy in his body, and I found what seemed to be the source of this energy, that was fueling his growth. It was a trickle of red energy, it looked like to my sight, and it emanated close to his heart. I saw that it was unbalanced, that it was all directed to constantly increasing Tony’s size and lust. At least I had discovered the thing that I thought needed fixing. There wasn’t anyway to just shut it down, not that I could see, and I worried doing so might kill him, so I just diverted it to the rest of him, restoring balance in his energies and letting a more natural order overtake the distribution of his energies to all the aspects of his being.

So…. I thought I’d “fixed” the problem, and it seemed that I had. Tony certainly didn’t lose any size in his junk, though, or have any apparent decrease in his lustful priapism. But it was manageable, and we certainly had fun together with his sexual stamina.

But that wasn’t the end of it. I started looking deep into other men and women too, seeing how their energies worked. In Tony, there’d been a trickle, small but constant of this red energy. In most it was absent, and the few that I found with any in their system, usually muscle jocks or performance athletes, had only a tiny fraction of what Tony had flowing through him.

The week went by, and the next week, and it seemed okay, and then one day Tony was in the locker room and I looked at him again with just my regular sight. He looked bigger. Not his junk, but all of him, taller and stronger too. I mentioned it to him and he said that he was having a sudden growth spurt, and was already 6’1” tall almost. This from my 5’10” friend of a few weeks ago. Well I went home with Tony that night, and we had an insane amount of sex, and yes, he was taller and his muscles were bigger, his whole carriage seemed stronger, like his bones were thickening as well as lengthening, and his strength was suddenly off the charts. Two weeks ago we’d wrestle for fun. That night, he pinned me effortlessly. Over and over. And he fucked me too. It hurt but I loved it. I started to realise I loved him. And what was happening to him couldn’t just continue. I mean, it would kill him, eventually, I supposed. So when he finally passed out as usual, (he was very predictable in that way) I spent a few moments looking at him with my regular sight. No question about it, he was growing bigger before my eyes, a bit taller, a bit wider, a bit thicker across the pecs and lats, all without moving a muscle. The sex must be some sort of stimulant, I supposed. He seemed to grow most right afterwards.

So then I called up my magic sight and deep dived into his being where it was easy for me to find that trickle of red energy. It seemed about the same, maybe a bit more, or maybe I was just more worried. But I did something I hadn’t dared to do before, which is I dove into it to see its source.

There was a twisted bit of space and time right close to Tony’s heart, and that was where it was emanating. I swam through it, and it enveloped my consciousness, and I looked at the source. Love. Or sometime akin to it, it seemed I’d knocked a hole in Tony’s space time continuum when Turner made me jump with alarm. That crack, that twisted bit, was where the red energy was leaking up from some lower dimension. I’d been admiring Tony and the backlash of my scare was this damage. But how to stop it? I tried various forces and ideas, but nothing seemed to work, in fact, it made the energy flow a lot faster it seemed. This was no good at all. Any tampering I did just made it worse. I backed away, my mind and soul submerged in the flow of this red energy. I tried to balance his flow a bit, so it would be longer before he was in trouble again, I diverted as much of the energy to anything other than his height or muscle or cock or balls. It worked, a bit, I watched as the red energy took over some of his weaker systems and they seemed to pulse with new energy and strength.

I finally backed away and found may way back to my own body. I sat there in silence, waiting for my consciousness to fully subsume in my body, and I looked at Tony. Damn it. He looked bigger again. Especially more muscular. It was like finding Callum Van Molger or Holger whatever in your bed one day. I’d caused more damage with the red energy increasing in flow when I tried to stem its tide.

I stood up and my boxer briefs ripped. Out tumbled my junk. My much, much, enlarged junk. The red energy had affected me strongly while I was immersed in it. My 2.5” soft, 6” erect dick was now 9” flaccid, and really thick. My balls were disproportionately huge, like large oranges. I was also now about 6” taller and built like Captain America. I was actually bigger than Tony, by quite a lot. My muscles were swole with power. I looked at the clock. I’d been “out” for about an hour. Plenty of time for the red energy to work on me. I felt solid. Strong. Powerful. None of my clothes were gonna fit. I borrowed some of Tony’s cargo shorts, which were not baggy at all on my expanded quads, and my giant muscled glutes, and a muscle tee, which was ridiculously small on me.

I made it to the thrift store before they closed and bought some things that fit the new me, then I went home to survey the damage.

I hid from my Mom, and snuck upstairs, aware that my tread was now that of a big muscle man. I locked my bedroom door and turned on the lights and looked in the full length mirror. I gasped, a bit. I was gorgeous. Freaking gorgeous. Not just big and muscled but my skin was flawless and my features seemed far more handsome, more regular, perfected. I pulled off the muscle tee, not that it did much to hide anything, but it was astonishing to see that much muscled flesh comprising my body. I pulled off the cargo shorts, and they were a lot tighter than when I’d pulled them on a few hours earlier, and I stood naked except for my socks, and my junk tumbled down and flopped a new, larger grown weight. I mean, I was 13 or 14” flaccid. My balls were gross big and only the size of my body and musculature made any of me look in any way reasonably proportioned, except of course I wasn’t. I looked into myself with my magic sight and there was a residue of that red energy suffusing my body, but it was decreasing. There wasn’t any flowing into me. Hopefully the worst of the damage was already done. I stood there checking myself out and I heard my socks rip, a bit. My feet were expanding, as were my hands. Suddenly I was completely overcome with exhaustion, and I made it to my bed and fell across it and was out like a light.

In the morning, it was worse. I was a lot taller—I figured I’d measure at the gym on the scale (it had a slidey ruler thingy) and I was also stupidly big muscled, and my junk was so big there wasn’t gonna be any hiding it in cargo shorts. I wore the baggiest khakis I’d found, and they were too short, too tight, and there was a glaring big dick bulge running down my inner right thigh. Way, way down.

I went to school. I was suddenly the centre of attention, due to my size, but most seemed to accept that I’d just grown this past year. But talk about BDE—Big Dick Energy, or is it BDC—Big Dick Confidence? I felt different and everyone acted differently with me, even my closer friends.

I refrained from saying, “hey—my eyes are up here!” but man was I tempted. Especially Turner. So him I just sorta would chat with and stretch a bit, pretending to yawn, and of course I had to flex my bicep tight when I covered my mouth politely, and then I sat there and said, “Damn my shoulders are tight today! Really sore and swole from the gym!” Turner’s eyes bugged out as I rolled my shoulders, the giant muscles putting on quite a show. “Ah, that’s better” I said. I was lying, I felt great, never better, but it was a good excuse to flex without appearing a deliberate show off. Turner didn’t complain anyways.

Tony came into gym class, and he looked at me, and he knew. i mean, how could be not?

He was bigger than before although not as tall or muscled or frankly as hung as I was. But he still had that red energy flowing into him. I explained it all, and Tony is pretty smart, he caught on quick.

“I hope you can forgive me!!” I said.

“I’m not mad at you I just can’t decide whether to beat up Turner or put him on my Christmas card list.” Tony said. “Look,” he said, “If you can figure out a way to stop this red energy, then everything will be cool. We can get pretty far in life being tall, hung, muscled, male model sorts of guys.”

I spent the whole next day reading ancient texts and quantum theory, and it wasn’t too hopeful.

And although my growth had stabilised, Tony’s continued to skyrocket. In another day he was gonna be my size or bigger.

Finally I decided to try to brute force it, if I could. Tony was screwed if nothing was done. So this way there was some hope.

After a bit of fun comprising a two-hour, cumming-10-times session at Tony’s, he was resting on the bed and I dove into him to try and stop the damage.

I found the trail of red energy quick enough, and followed it, but to do that I had to dive into it, so I went as quickly forward as I possibly could to limit my exposure.

I found the rift quick enough and grappled with it, and red energy spewed out in great quantity, but I managed to seal the breach to the point that nothing detectable was coming through. There was still a… something there, but it just wasn’t opened. I waited, and it seemed stable, so then I came back to myself. When I awoke, Tony was also awake. He was looking at me. He was changed, his muscled form bigger than ever. I realised it was the red energy that had spilled from that rift while I was brute forcing it shut. He was about as big as I was, now.

The thing was, he wasn’t looking at himself. He was looking at me. I’d grown again. Quite a bit. He was as big as I’d been, now I was bigger than that.

I may have previously slightly exaggerated my size due to my panic, (hey you try going from medium to XXXL in a week!) but no more. Now I was a muscle monster.

Part 2: Tommy

Okay, so I never even fantasised about being 7’ tall. But I was now. Tony was only 6’8”. I won’t even tell you about my junk except I came to appreciate the utili-kilt. Tony was the only one to match me, ever, in the bedroom, and I liked him long before this started so it wasn’t unreasonable we started to date. It was easy enough to tolerate the unkind jibes people would make about the giant muscle men, when I was in his company. I think he felt the same. We had excellent hearing. Red energy improved.

We were too big for a lot of purposes, but we did get invited to a lot of pool parties. And I enjoyed making the people I met feel special, like I’d wanted to feel before all of this happened to me. I was super careful to give attention to anyone who was nice or who I could find even one thing to compliment. It was easy to compliment a man’s eyes, for instance, or the feel of their hair, and I made it clear I was with Tony, but we had an open relationship. We had to have an open relationship. Our libidos demanded it. But an off the chart libido also meant you could perform at will, essentially. So I tried to heal a lot of hurt with kindness and encouragement.

Besides, if you could cum 20 times in a day at a weho pool party, wouldn’t you once in a while? They never thought to card us, we were both 18, legal adults but not for drinking. Occasionally I would sneak a beer, but I never really liked more than one for a party. So I found myself carrying the same bottle around about one-third full all night saying things like “I am so blitzed” or, “This is my sixth beer.” Hey, don’t judge me.

I still studied magic but I didn’t practice it on people. And I stayed away from Turner. At least I did try. Because that’s what happened. You know how when you get a new toy and can’t stop playing it? It was like that with magic and me. A big video game. I kept looking at all the guys in school, and thinking about what I’d do to them if I dared, as it were. And of course now that I was a muscle beast with a very high libido, it was difficult to think of anything else, you know?

So I was looking at Tommy one day. Skinny little slender short Tommy, who had always been a good friend, and still was, even though I know it was more difficult for him now I was a muscle beast. I just wasn’t as relatable, and Tommy didn’t spend 3 hours a day having sex. He didn’t know how much I was getting but he knew things had changed. I was sitting alone, watching Tommy in the library, doing his homework, and I wasn’t planning on anything, I swear, but magic was coming easier and easier to me as I practiced. So I was daydreaming about what I would do to Tommy, if I were to do something to Tommy, and I saw all the energies balanced in his body, and knew exactly what push to give to punch a hole inside Tommy and let in some red energy, and I was thinking about how it would all work, and how much to give him, and suddenly a hand slapped me hard on the back out of nowhere, stinging, and it made me jump, and it was Turner standing there with that fucking shit eating grin on his face. “Wake up man!” I stood up and Turner stumbled backwards.

I stuck my finger in the middle of his chest and said, “Don’t touch people without their permission!” I knew I was pretty intimidating. Turner apologised and floundered and exited. I turned around and Tommy was gone. He’d taken off. I wondered if I’d scared him off by intimidating Turner. I didn’t want to be a bully especially in the eyes of my friends. Sheesh now that I weighed about 380 lbs you’d think I was made of eggshells, everyone was so worried about upsetting me like I would ever ever hurt anyone. I just wouldn’t. I think they knew it, but… 380 lbs. I get it.

The next day passed and I didn’t think of anything but schoolwork and spending time with Tony. The next day Tommy was back. He’d skipped a day, said he felt off and rested, and dummy me didn’t even connect the dots. So we did the gym class, although it was a breeze for Tony and me, but we tried to be cool and play fair and all. Tommy did okay, I do have to say, we were playing basketball and he jumped up and slammed in a basket. Whoo! Everyone cheered. Even Tommy looked surprised. But back in the locker room, that’s when I saw it. Tommy’s cock was huge. I only got a glimpse of it, from the back on the side as he was dressing, and I was stunned. Dude was swinging 8” soft, 12” erect probably, and his balls were like oranges. I knew that wasn’t right. I looked at him and realised his shirt, his regular old baggy loose school tee shirt that he wore at least twice a week, that was way too big for him like some emo fashion statement, was pulling across his shoulders and lats. When he stood up his pecs stuck out like a shelf of muscle under that stretched and complaining t-shirt fabric. The bottom hem was only a couple of inches below his waist on his blue jeans, which was certainly a lot higher than I’d seen it before, like usually his shirt tail was 6 inches or more below his belt. And even in his baggy jeans, I saw the evidence of his growth. After gym he switched his shirt to a muscle tee and a green button-down shirt. Maybe he was going out after school, or maybe his regular old tee shirt was now way too fucking tight?

His junk was rolling around as he moved, stretching and overstretching his boxer briefs, so he had a lot of junk rolling and bulging under the canvas denim of his baggy jeans. His legs looked longer and were definitely piling on muscle. Those jeans were tighter now too cause his quads were swole. No wonder he’d made that jump shot with ease. Oh, hell.

I started to pull up my magic sight but before I could do anything Tommy said, “See you tomorrow I gotta run!” and was out the door! I went after him as quick as possible but I was naked and had to dress and his bike was gone and he was nowhere in sight.

I went by his house. He wasn’t there. I went by his house after dinner and knocked, and his folks said he was spending the night with a friend “up hiking” the back trail. So that was it until tomorrow.

I sat with him the next day at lunch, early, before gym, that was hours later, and he was definitely bigger. He was kinda weirded out a bit. I asked him what was wrong.

He whispered to me in confidence, “ Al, I made a wish on a shooting star last night and it came true!” He looked at me, already sorry he’d said anything, and I said, “I bet I know what you wished for because I wished for the same thing a couple months back.”

His eyes grew open wide. “Is that what happened to you and Tony?”

I shrugged my shoulders. Nearly tore out the sleeves on my shirt, I had to not do that sort of thing.

“Yeah, but Al, my junk… it’s big.”

“I believe you.”

“No, I mean, it’s really big, Al.”

“I still believe you.”

“Al, it’s massive, and I don’t know what I’ll do if it keeps getting bigger.”

“How big is it?”

“Well, you know how I’ve seen you in the showers?”

“Yeah, I noticed a few people checking me out from time to time.”

“I’m that big. I’m as big as you but you’re 7 feet tall and I’m barely 6’1”. I measured this morning. And that’s not the worst of it. I’m so fucking horny I can’t stand it. Just looking at you I wanna rip your clothes off and … I can’t even say or I’ll rip the crotch out of my jeans.”

“I’ve had that sorta problem myself, Tony and I…”



“You wanna skip gym and go to my house my Mom’s gone all day?”

“Let’s go!”

And we were on our way off campus, and the guard looked at me funny because I was leaving towards the end of lunch period but you know, 7’ tall and 380 lbs. So in about 45 minutes we were at Tommy’s and upstairs in his bedroom and in that sort of awkward two seconds of chit chat before we started to undress.

But Tommy said, “Let me undress you. I want to undress you like a present.” I let him. It was cute. He was cute. And definitely taller than 6’1” more like 6’3” tall … that’s a lot of growth in a day. Last week he’d been, what, 5’6”, maybe 5’7” tall? and I noticed when we were walking to his place his big dick bulge just got bigger and bulgier as his dick was obviously getting bigger… not just longer but a lot thicker too… it was really obvious by the time we got to Tommy’s.

“Fuck, man,” Tommy said, cupping his hand on his bulging package, which even in his big hand overwhelmed the size of his grasp, “I just hit this growth spurt it feels like just last week but I’m growing like a weed.” He flexed his bicep, looked at me with a wink and said, “Everywhere. I’m growing like a weed everywhere.” He slid across the room, kissed me, and stepped back to unbutton his own shirt first. Something was strange, though, because he was growing so very fast. Even unbuttoning his shirt, a shock of sexy chest hair ran across his pecs, but even as I watched it seemed the cleft in his pecs just deepened a bit more, the shadow there got a bit darker, and some of his chest hair slipped down between his pecs as his skin grew with the burgeoning muscle swelling under it. It was slow enough you couldn’t see it like in real time, but every time my eyes strayed back to his chest or his upper arms they looked just a bit bigger. He tried to slip off the shirt, but it stuck and then tore a bit when his bicep flexed on his right arm. I guess he was a right-handed guy, he was probably just a little bit bigger on his dominant size.

“Dammit, I liked that shirt,” Tommy said, throwing the torn remnants to the ground.

“I like that shirt too,” I said, “but you look better shirtless. We can find you another green shirt.” That was a bit of a joke, Tommy tended to like brighter colors for his shirts, usually green or purple of some kind, but usually wore dark jeans or slacks. Today though he was wearing blue jeans, and I watched as he let go of his package still in his jeans where he was holding it up like a display, so he could take off his torn shirt, and as he let go his junk, pressed behind the denim, slid down. I mean, way down. Like, halfway down his thigh for his balls and his cockhead was pressed what looked painfully tight behind the fabric about five inches above his knee. And he was a tall guy now with long legs. I gulped. He saw me staring and laughed.

“Like you aren’t hung like a horse!” Tommy said, teasing me. “Or am I wrong? Are you hung more like a bull, or maybe a mule?” He had moved closer again, and his hand over my junk through my slacks was incredibly tantalising and sexy and mesmerising. Fuck this guy was a natural at seduction. Lucky me, I thought. His hand slid along my junk, and when he reach my big knobby cock head, he said, “Hmmm. I can’t quite decide. Horse, bull, or mule? I’m leaning towards you having a mule dick.” As he said this it was so hot my cock swelled in my pants and lengthened, the knobby bulge sliding lower on my leg.

“Well, which is it?” I asked a bit boldly, and he smiled and felt my cock growing fatter and he slid his hand lower to find again the bulge of my even larger cock head—the glans inflating mightily as I became aroused.

“Oh, no, I’m sorry, I was wrong,” he said a bit sadly, but still teasing. “This is not a mule dick. Perhaps it’s a donkey dick.”

You understand I was getting larger as my junk inflated. I kinda smiled, I knew I had a damn sexy grin than made guys wanna tear off my clothes and… do everything.

“Uhhh… ohhh…. no, no, I was wrong again,” Tommy said just a bit sorrowfully. “This is a monster cock and huge balls package, no doubt.” Fuck my pants were gonna rip if this kept on!

I watched his face as he carefully and slowly unbuttoned my shirt, and I helped him slide that off, and then I had to sit down so he could pull off my giant sized muscle tee I usually wore under my shirts, and he struggled to get it over my lats, and I was looking at his pecs, now much bigger and more luscious than the day before, even more dense hair sticking out from his carelessly manicured chest. Fuck.

He had an area of short, dense sexy hair between his pecs and spreading across them. I glanced down. Tommy was obviously enjoying himself, he was obviously sporting a considerable hard on, his fat erection jammed down his thigh. I had to stand up again for him to unbutton my trousers and then he just pulled them and my super stretchy boxers down over my muscle ass and giant quads and he saw my giant cock, just starting to rise to its full glory, and he grabbed it, and licked it, and it twisted in his grasp as I sprang rampantly erect in about 15 seconds, but he was holding on and stroking it and… well, it’s always wonderful to make a new connection with a lover, you know? Especially someone as sweet as Tommy. He played with my dick a while and my cock was sticking up, right to the bottom of my pecs, and then I stopped him gently and started to undress his jeans. His muscle tee shirt came off easy enough It was cut in a low swoop on his chest to show off his pecs, it was black and sexy, and as I pulled the stretch fabric over his head I looked down and saw his 6-pack abs seemed to be growing and splitting into an 8 pack. Fucking Hot.

But I had to seriously wrestle his jeans down over his ass and considerably more muscular legs, and then I gasped. He wasn’t hard at all, you see. He was fucking huge and he wasn’t erect yet. His dick was almost as big as mine and he wasn’t even hard. Fuck me but that was so fucking hot. Such a turn on. I kinda forgot about the save Tommy in mortal peril of outgrowing his basketball gym shorts and everything else.

I grabbed his fat member and stroked it and he shivered. I swear his eyes unfocused, I mean, he was in the zone. His cock took almost a full two minutes to become completely erect, or at least as erect as I could tease it into becoming, it was still a bit spongy like it was gonna grow a few more inches any second. His cock was way bigger than mine. What had I done? Poor Tommy.

Well, we sucked and fucked and did anything we could think of, and I swear in the few hours we were… occupied, Tommy’s cock did grow about another two inches, still remaining a bit spongy as if it was gonna get bigger and harder any second. His muscles were nowhere near as big as mine, but he was about 6’5” tall or so. I did enjoy his giant dick smacking me on my face (gently) and all over my chest and shoulders. Fucking amazing piece of meat!

Then about the 7th time he came, he stood up with a twisted sorta expression on his face, and his cock was still erect, not even softening, and his giant grapefruit sized balls were dangling below, and he kinda gasped and moaned and cried out and grabbed the base of his dick, and as I watched and he strained his fucking cock extended another 4 fucking inches in about 10 seconds. His balls grew heavier, hung lower, expanding larger and larger. Holy fuck!!! I had waited too long or something! I reached out and grabbed onto his tower of meat, and it was still spongy feeling. As soon as I grabbed it he came, shooting more than ever, and then after about 20 streaking shots of cum flying everywhere (and I mean everywhere!) He grabbed onto the base of his cock again and started straining as blood vessels rose up all over his body and especially on his cock as it swelled fatter and longer and longer yet again!!! I looked down and his testicles were now growing into definite softball sized territory.

I opened my magic sight and jumped my mind into his body, which was aflame with red energy. Tommy was gonna burn up. First thing I could do was divert the flow of energy away from his genitals and into the rest of him… by which I mean, his height and his muscles, primarily. I held most of the red energy away from myself but it was everywhere, coming from every direction, and I dove deep and found the twisted crack in space time where the red energy was streaming into Tommy. I grappled with it. This was a lot worse than with Tony. There was so much more, but I just forced it closed. There was a red energy haze permeating Tommy, and I jumped back to myself. I was disoriented for just a few seconds and I looked up as Tommy swelled with growth, quickly, adding inches to his height and breadth and a hundred lbs. or more of muscle to his body just as quickly as I typed this sentence.

Hell, it looked good on him. But he wasn’t much slowing down. There was still a lot of red energy in him and he grew and grew. Finally it subsided, and he came again, showering the room with a cum fountain.

Finally things kinda stopped, you know. for a few minutes. We checked the mirror, after we wiped the cum off of it with a towel. I was definitely bigger. Tommy was freaking almost as tall as me and definitely was more muscled. Fuck what a monster. My own cock had grown up to the centre of my pecs but Tommy’s reached all the way to the base of his neck. Complete monster cock. Finally though, even though Tommy’s dick was bigger than ever, it was rock hard under the soft skin—not spongy anymore, at all.

I had to try shrinking someone—not my favorite thing, but Tommy was way off the charts even flaccid where his cock hung down 13 or 14 or 15”, depending on the weather, it seemed, and it’s root was so wide his pants had to be buttoned on the top of the shelf it created.

I couldn’t wish Tommy, if he got bigger, you know and then I thought… “Turner!”

Part 3: Turner

My experiment with Turner started okay and then went off the rails. I found him in the library, reading, so I had him distracted, and I could try. So first thing I knew I needed some red energy, I thought. That was my first mistake. But what could I do? Turner was about 6’ tall and had a bit of muscle and … I was looking with my sight…. his package was actually pretty decent. He had about 4” soft but I could tell he was a grower… so maybe he was 9”? maybe even 10”? His balls were big too. So, perfect for the test. See I was gonna temporarily shrink him for like one day with the red energy. He’d get smaller, if it worked, and then rebound in a day. Not an exact measurement, you know, but the next day.

So I knocked a hole in reality inside Turner and directed the red energy to temporarily shrink his cock, balls, muscle, and height. Damn it worked!! His package shrank to half sized, as I slowly coaxed it to, and his muscles slimmed down until he was more of a swimmer build, and he shrank too, I could tell cause his sleeves became too long.

I’d be able to see him later in gym class. I made sure there was a sort of deterioration on the shrinking, that would dissolve it in a day. He should rebound to himself, none the wiser. I left a good flow of red energy to power his “stasis” as the littler guy. It was simple.

You know, for being such a big, muscular, nice, handsome guy, I was pretty dumb, every once in a while.

He dressed in gym class, tied his shorts a bit tighter, he was definitely 2 inches shorter at least, but then again, when a 6’ guy becomes 5’10” tall standing next to a 7’ tall muscle monster, there is really not that much difference in contrast. I could tell, because I knew. But no one else seemed to notice. On the basketball court, Turner had some trouble. But I have to give him credit. He redoubled his efforts, being lighter he compensated by jumping higher. He was a hell of a jumper. I wondered if his muscles were still as strong now but just lighter and smaller? I didn’t think that was how it worked, anyways, I got lost in the game.

Turner every once in a while would grab at his junk and pull it down, like it wasn’t hanging as low as he was used to. I didn’t laugh. I swear. Maybe a smile, but I knew it would all go away tomorrow.

Well he went home. I went to Tony’s. Tommy came over. That kept us occupied, you know, I almost forgot about Turner when I told Tommy what I was doing. He was actually grateful. I mean, dude, his cock was huge. Bigger than huge. A day or two and probably I could take 5 or 10 inches off of Tommy’s cock. Whatever made him happiest. I wanted him to be happy. Yeah, he’d figured out it wasn’t the wishing on the star thing. I think perhaps it was when I was fucking Tony and he yelled out something about how fucking happy he was I’d made them grow.

Well, I can be a distraction in the bedroom, to Tony’s defence. But Tommy said he would not go back to his old normal, but something a bit less unwieldy between his legs would be nicer for gym. And the pool. And fucking.

So the next morning I was almost to school when I remembered Turner. I found him sitting, a bit dejected, in the quad by the lunch benches. He told me he’d had “really weird dreams” last night.

Well, I knew he’d be back to his usual jackass self after study period, or soon after that. I peeked at him and saw it was all going perfectly, the red energy was feeding the shrink “routine” I guess I’ll call it, but it wasn’t gonna last much longer. Easy peasy. I hate that expression. Now.

So study period came and went, but no change. I peeked. Just a few hours more, maybe.

So I’m in the gym locker room and Turner is there and I contrive to be close enough to watch him but not to stare or be too obvious. We’re dressing for gym class and I see Turner shift, just a little bit bigger. I mean, he swelled up a bit taller and his shoulders filled out his shirt a bit more. It was kinda hot. I didn’t even bother to peek with magic I was so sure of myself.

I glanced, yeah, he’d put on his jock and it looked a bit smaller than normal, but definitely bigger than before. Not as big as normal, but close to normal. His biceps were definitely filling his gym shirt sleeves again, experiment a success! Now I could set up Tommy, but permanent, whatever he wanted.

Tommy would be so happy.

We played basketball again, hey the coach was a fan so that was that, and I liked the game. It’s about ten minutes into the game, and I catch a breather, and I look, and there’s Turner the showoff, high fiving his buds and looking just like yesterday. I don’t have time to look with my magic vision, but it’s obvious Turner’s junk has returned as well bouncing in his shorts.

So the game goes on, and on, and after about thirty minutes Turner and I are kinda going one on one, he’s got the ball, I’m defence, but he slips under my arm, jumps and shoots, scores, turns and sticks his finger in my face and says, “In your face, Albert!”

Hey, that’s one of his nicer sayings. But suddenly the hair on the back of my neck is standing up. I mean, I’m way taller than Turner, but… Turner’s maybe 6’, right? Not anymore. Now he’s 6’5” or so. Not that he’d notice looking up at my 7’ stature but still. WTF? I was in the middle of the game and I couldn’t use the sight without concentration. Also didn’t help that Turner was pounding up and down the court like he was in the Lakers or something.

With my regular vision I could see two, no three, no four other things. One was his cock flopping in his shorts was way bigger. No wonder I’d noticed it earlier. Two, his scrotum and balls were obviously way bigger too. Boing boing flippity floppy. His balls were huge, even for a 6’5” guy who’s now 6’6” tall. three, his muscles were growing fast. Hell, they weren’t growing they were inflating, swelling, I feigned a stitch in my side and tagged out, sat down, opened my magic sight. Oh, hell. He was growing like … like a weed. Oh yes, the fourth thing? Mr. Insufferable was now handsome as a male model. What had I done?

I couldn’t see much as he was moving so quickly. But all the routines were down, and he’d rebounded to his original size, and a lot more. I realised his whole body was suffused with red energy. A lot of red energy, everywhere. He looked like a forest fire inside. WTF?

Then it hit me. That red energy had fed his shrinking, but it hadn’t gone away, it was still there. I’d coaxed it into going backwards for a day, and it had “filled up his tank” (I’d like to fill up Turner’s tank his ass was amazing in those shorts now… oh, right, sorry) and all that red energy spilled out everywhere when the wards fell on the shrinking spell routines. I couldn’t do anything until Turner slowed down. I went back in the game and played like crap and Turner let me know it. Then he turned and smiled at me, about 6’8” tall heading into Mr Olympia territory and said, “This is fun!” Oh yeah, I forgot number five. His voice alone would now give you a hard on. I thought was my secret superpower.

What? What was fun? Me fucking up? Him beating me? Or did he realise he was taller?

While I was watching him, he turned around and did that grab and pull and arrange your junk thing from yesterday, when he’d been a too small guy. Now, today, even through the fabric he was grabbing a monster cock and balls quite obviously. And so he pulled his junk down, way, way down. then he looked at me, smiled and winked. That asshole he obviously knew he was growing!

So I tried to do the magic thing while he was in the middle of the game. Big mistake. By big, I mean mean big. I ended up making the tear inside him a whole lot bigger, all at once, and red energy, more than I’d ever seen, came flooding into this universe. More importantly, I=into Turner. And some into me as well.

His growth easily redoubled. He’d been maybe 6’7, 6’8” tall? Nope. in moments he was approaching my height. And I was over 7’. His muscles were expanding like carnival balloons. Whatever size his cock had been, now it was bigger.

OMG, out of control. The coach blew a whistle. Free throw. Everybody stood still. I jumped my mind into Turner’s body. I wrenched and grabbed and twisted shut that tear in space-time. More red energy spilled into me and a whole lot more into Turner.

I came back to myself. Turner was not far from me and he walked over to me. Right up to me. He was still swelling. Even his basketball shorts were being ripped open on the sides from is very, very long and swelling huge quadriceps.

Yup. He was taller than me. Obviously. Like by two inches, maybe three. As he got to me his growth diminished and stopped.

“Hey Albert,” said Turner, “that was an awesome game. Wow. You really do like ‘em big, dontcha?”

And he walked to the locker room. I trailed behind in defeat. He stripped by carefully peeling his shorts off. His jock had long since exploded. The remnants of his XL muscle tee were so tight after trying for a moment he stripped it off by tearing it. He walked to the shower. I walked to the shower. Fuck he was beautiful. Like Captain America beautiful. Only two inches—okay, three inches taller than me. And as my granddad used to say, that man was very big all over and “very well set up.” Which is how they used to describe hot muscle guys.

His cock sprang rampantly erect. So did mine. We were about 10 feet apart. We both jerked in the hot steamy shower. That was an image to remember. Burned into my brain, more like. We both came together, him I thought in triumph, me in defeat. I hated we were in sync like that so easily. I didn’t know you could cum in defeat. Trust me, you can!

Turner, that new American Superhero, wrapped a towel around himself and went to the student store for clothes. We had some overweight kids so they had really large sizes.

I dried and dressed in silence. So did Turner. For once he shut up. Thank you Lord for small favours. Okay it’s a big favour to get him quiet for ten minutes. Turner’s hair looked fucking fabulous. Hey, I’m gay, I can legit hate on that. He was standing there in gym shorts, I think he’d found a giant jockstrap too, which actually made his package more distracting. Still a bunch of swinging meat, but a bit more guesswork and mystery involved God I hated this guy. Every time he moved his junk swayed or bulged and made me want to spring a boner.

He’d split the shirt in front down the pec crevice, which fucking looked hot as hell, and the fat guy sleeves clung and pulled on his astonishing huge biceps. I turned to leave. Turner being quiet was unnerving me.

“Hey, Al,” said Turner, “Wait a minute.”

I waited.

He walked over sexy as sexy as fuck, and said, “I just wanted to say thank you. This is awesome. I’m so happy. And I’m sorry man, I was wrong about you. I didn’t even think you liked me.” He looked down at his incredible body, glanced at the mirror and said, “Obviously I was mistaken. Wanna hang sometime?”

“Sure.” I said, not realising I said it, still startled as fuck by the fact Turner was actually a human being.

“Tomorrow?” he asked.

“Sure,” I said cleverly.

As he was heading to the door, he spun back and said, “Don’t worry, man, I know. With great power comes great responsibility. I won’t be so much of a dick. Not so much, anyways.”

And he smiled that infuriating smile and exited. Fuck I wanted to fuck that fucking fuck fucker now. Maybe tomorrow? Was Turner gay? or bi? Oh, God what if he’s asexual? Well, I guess we can cuddle, if he likes that. Tony and Tommy and we can make a giant sized puppy pile. Or perhaps regular puppy pile out of giants…..

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