Middle Eastern muscle worship

By TitMorpher 
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Around the year 2020, the largest professional bodybuilders came from Middle Eastern nations. Mass monsters from Egypt, Lebanon, and the Gulf States began consistently winning both Middle Eastern and European competitions. In many cases, these men swept the Arnold Classic and Mr. Olympia competitions as well. In 2020, the reigning Mr. Olympia was Ramy al Mommany, a 300 pound muscle freak, who showcased a physique larger than any ever seen on a contest stage. Ramy’s accomplishments were based on superior genetics, hard training, and unprecedented levels of AAS and SEO supplementation. Ramy was the pride of professional bodybuilding and a great source of honor to his country of origin.

These bodybuilders owed their success to an important organization: the Pan-Arabic Physique Sponsorship Board (PASB). The PASB was comprised of important national leaders including both traditional sheikhs as well as Western influenced businessmen and government officials. These men had a passion for fostering the careers of the most advanced muscle specimens in the world.

There were two types of sponsors. Most Board members were leaders in their respective nations who wanted to enhance their nations’ positive image in the world. These men devoted time and financial sponsorship to the sport, asking for no other reward than the satisfaction of seeing their athletes take top prizes in the world’s most difficult competitions. These men beamed with pride when their nation’s name was called out in conjunction with the victory of their sponsored competitor.

Other Board members, often traditional sheikhs, were consumed by a more personal passion. Underneath their white robes and red or white head dress, these sheikhs craved personal contact with massive musclemen. These sheikhs could be counted on for financial support necessary for the athletes’ success. They maintained special apartments for the athletes or allowed them to live in a wing of their own palaces, telling friends and family that the musclemen served as their “personal trainers”. They made sure that the men’s needs for food, AAS, and SEO were fully met, and they sometimes paid for specialized growth measures including pectoral augmentations as well as male enhancement augmentation (see titmorpher FAVORITES, specifically the first four illustrations, for exceptional male bulges inside competition posing straps; note: these bodybuilders received constant offers from judges and sponsors and hook-up offers from fellow athletes).

Sponsors of all persuasions got together at monthly PASB meetings to promote the interests of the sport. There was a conference table in the PASB Board Room where twenty to thirty Board members could be seated at one time. Adjacent to the conference table was an oiling station and, on the conference table itself, a specialized posing platform.

The posing platform was used in conjunction with the official duties of the Board. Being a member of the PASB Board was a highly coveted position for one simple reason: eighty to ninety percent of each Board meeting’s agenda was devoted to watching various bodybuilders flex and pose.

Recruiting new bodybuilding talent was a primary responsibility of the PASB. The focus of recruitment was on young men of superior genetics who demonstrated a strong personal desire for accelerated muscle growth. Gym owners and other bodybuilding sponsors presented their stables of novice bodybuilders for consideration by the Board. Muscle boys stood on the posing platform in their posing straps and were observed from every angle. Some boys were embarrassed by the level of attention showered on them but others were extremely excited to show off their physiques to the appreciative “father figures” seated around the table.

Board members were occasionally taken aback by a particular bodybuilder who not only possessed a strong physique and exceptional looks, but who had a huge penis inside his posing strap. Board members avoided direct comments about this situation. However, a certain hush in the room followed by intermittent moaning sounds of appreciation made the intensity of interest fully evident.

An especially well endowed bodybuilder might be invited to a Board member’s private quarters. There he would be offered a luxurious sauna and shower, and would be soaped and stimulated, and then orally serviced by his new mentor. After swallowing the bodybuilder’s juices, the mentor would look up at his new muscle boy and tell him that it would be a great honor to service his meat on a regular basis and receive frequent loads. With this type of special treatment, the athlete could be assured that he possessed an advocate on the Board who would help propel his career forward.

The second Board responsibility involved top-tier professional bodybuilders. These musclemen required extensive support for housing, food, supplementation, and even augmentation surgeries and generally were willing to do anything necessary to sustain their obscene level of muscle growth.

At Board meetings, enormous Middle Eastern muscle freaks stripped down to tiny posing thongs and lined up on the platform for visual inspection. The bodybuilders performed close-up poses for sheikhs and officials who sat transfixed in front of them, hungry for muscle. Board room posing sessions provided an avenue for sponsors to forge a closer relationship with bodybuilders whom they wanted to know better. Specifically, the Board meeting served as a forum for discussion and evaluation of each bodybuilder’s various body parts, and this was followed by assignment of mentors and sponsors. Sponsor assignments took into account specific growth needs of each bodybuilder. Also taken into account were sponsors’ responses of stimulation and excitement to various aspects of the bodybuilders’ physiques (good looks and aesthetics, muscle thickness and striations, penis size, oil loads and implants, and rear end “receptivity”, i.e., bodybuilders who enjoyed being bottoms were especially prized) These stimulation factors were not discussed openly; rather, Board members signaled their interests in a subtle manner through their moans of excitement during individual poses and through volunteering for specific tasks, as well as via private exchanges of information regarding rumors and prior experiences. The goal was for each sponsor to make a commitment to one or more athletes before the end of the meeting.

Some bodybuilders were so popular with multiple Board members that an auction framework emerged, through which bodybuilders were assigned to sponsors who submitted the highest bids. In these cases, athletes engaged in brutal posedowns in order to secure top reimbursement. Board members feasted on the lineup of juiced-up muscle and crotch-bulging posing trunks, as the competing athletes vied for their attention and interest. Many Board members got hard-ons during their observation of the bodybuilders. However, some Board members were in denial. These closeted or latent officials refused to acknowledge that they were creaming inside their pants as they leered at every part of the muscle studs’ physiques. Meanwhile, sheikhs sitting next to them accepted the pleasure of the moment and massaged big boners underneath the conference table, shooting wads in the middle of the meeting.

The third duty of the Board was considered a privilege rather than a responsibility. Whenever a Middle Eastern competitor won a world-wide competition, that particular competitor was invited to guest pose for the Board. For example, within four to five days after winning the 2020 Mr. Olympia contest, Ramy al Mommany was asked to guest pose for Board members. When Ramy entered the Board room in his miniscule posing trunks, a hush fell over the conference room. The President of the small nation of O—gave a short testimonial, indicating to Ramy how proud the Board was of his achievements. He explained that Ramy brought great honor to the nations of the region.

Before stepping onto the posing platform, Ramy needed to get his muscles fully oiled. Board members fought for the opportunity to help out. Sheikh Abdullah raced over to the oiling station (beating out Prince Hassan) and put on oiling gloves before the Prince could do so. He gazed at Ramy’s pendulous pecs and especially at his bulging posing trunks and he offered the following observation, “Oh Ramy, may our nations bow down to your manhood! With your Mr. Olympia win, you deserve our most humble appreciation. In the name of our great nations, let me anoint you with the oil of our intense pride. Then you will step above us onto the posing platform and demonstrate the size and superiority of the most special muscles of your physique.” There was no mistaking the Sheikh’s obvious stare in the direction of Ramy’s basket as he uttered these words. Then his gaze moved upward to Ramy’s enormous pecs. In the heat of his passion and admiration, he proceeded to squeeze oil all over Ramy’s pecs and proudly worked the pecs in front of all the other dumb-struck Board members.

Prince Hassan moaned his assent to the Sheikh’s words of worship and admiration. Envious of the physical contact that Sheikh Abdullah was enjoying with Ramy’s pecs, the Prince seized the oil from the Sheikh and then kneeled down in back of Ramy and began oiling the back of his thighs. Then he reached up toward Ramy’s hyper-developed glutes and Ramy cooperated by hiking his trunks and exposing his ass. A number of Board members envied the Prince’s audacity as he rubbed oil all over Ramy’s glute muscles and placed his face nearly inside Ramy’s ass.

Observing the Prince on his knees behind Ramy’s glutes, Sheikh Abdullah followed suit by dropping to his knees in front of Ramy’s basket. Ramy flexed his huge thighs for the Sheikh, and the Sheikh oiled Ramy back and forth along the edges of the sumptuous posing strap, his mouth almost touching the meat. Excited by the presence of two VIPs positioned for sucking and rimming in front and back, Ramy’s posing strap extended into a full, round bulge. Board members, observing Ramy’s expanding meat, now clamored for Ramy to step onto the platform for the benefit of all of the members.

More than twenty Board members shouted out or quietly moaned in unison as Ramy stepped onto the platform. 300 pounds of shredded beef, ripped and striated from competition only a few days before. Buckets of synthol stretching the muscle in every direction. Monstrous pecs and massively extended deltoids. Enormous oil-jug triceps and 27 inch biceps loaded up with site injections and synthol. Shredded, enormous glutes bursting loose from the posing trunks. And to top it off a huge package of male meat inside the glittering posing trunks.

Ramy pumped and flexed and posed. A crescendo of excitement traveled around the room, whereupon numerous Board members allowed themselves the liberty of shooting underneath the Board room conference table.

After the guest posing session, another sheikh, Sheikh Alsama, approached Ramy. Sheikh Alsama was one of the most notorious muscle worshippers. The Sheikh owned a vacation home in Beverly Hills, California and he stayed up-to-date on the California muscle scene. He approached Ramy to discuss the enormous size of Ramy’s pectoral muscles. The sheikh knew that Ramy always got excited when he was posing his huge pecs or talking about them..

“Ramy, may I take some photos?”

“Of course.”

“Look at those pecs! Flex ‘em so I can get some shots.”

“They’re like a huge bench in front of my body. Nobody at the Olympia had ‘em any bigger.”

“Ramy, do you know Dr. Laurens in California. He can make ‘em even bigger for you.”

“Bigger than this? You’re kidding?”

“Look at these photos I’ve got here. These are guys Dr. Laurens has worked on.”

“Look at those muscle breasts! Are those implant or oil augmentations or what? Those guys definitely have rounder boobs than I’ve ever seen before. But those pecs are way out of proportion to the rest of their bodies.”

“That wouldn’t be a problem for you, Ramy. The rest of you is so big that you’d never be out of balance. Now look at these other photos. These are not just regular bodybuilders. These are professional bodybuilders, but their faces are concealed to protect their identities.”

“What’s going on with those guys?” yelled Ramy. “Not just male boobs, but look at those nipples! I’ve heard of guys in California with nipples like that. But I couldn’t walk on stage with those things! They’d laugh me out of the Mr. Olympia. Wait a minute! You said the guys in those shots are top professionals? From the size of their physiques, that looks true. But how can they have nipples like this?”

“Well, the doctor makes ‘em adjustable. They can be clamped and suctioned for expansion when you want ‘em to protrude like this (to play with ‘em or get ‘em manipulated). Then they can be massaged down to normal size for competitions.”


“Ramy, you’ve got the most bulked up pecs in the world. Wouldn’t you like to build ‘em out even further and top ‘em off with some succulent nipples. I’ll tell you a secret. Some of the men that were in the Olympia with you a week ago have nipples just like this.”


“You can find out if you come to LA with me.”

“Show me those pics again! I don’t believe it. Look at the size of those nipples. They look like fat dicks. And tell me this, Sheikh Alsama. Those guys play with themselves! I know they do, don’t they?! Please tell me, Sheikh Alsama!”

“And they play with each other too. There’s a Tit Man club for professional bodybuilders in LA that meets every Sunday.”

“What do they do?”

“The guys use suction cups and nipple cylinders. They also work on each other with tit clamps to get their nipples as big as possible. Then they snort drugs. They show off for each other in mirrors and then they man-handle each other and suck each others’ pecs and cocks.”

“And some of the Olympia guys I know are in that club?”

“You’ll be surprised who. One famous pro is extremely macho. But this dude goes into the darkest backrooms at the club. He thinks nobody knows what he’s doing because he stays “fully clothed”. But look at this photo of him ‘“fully clothed”. How about the muscle shirt he wears? Check out the slutty “tit holes” for his engorged nipples. Other bodybuilders suck and manhandle his protruding nipples and, while they’re working on his tits, he lets himself get fucked from behind through a tight hole in his pants. If anyone asks him whether he showed up at the club, he truthfully responds, “yeah, but I never took off one piece of my clothing.” The reason you know him so well: this dude comes in second or third at most Olympia competitions.”

“Who? That pic has his face hidden!”

“That’s a big secret and nobody believes it. You’ll have to show up at the party.”

So Sheikh Alsama convinced Ramy to accompany him on a trip to California. The Sheikh introduced Ramy to Dr. Laurens and he provided an entree to the Sunday night professional Tit Man club. Eventually Ramy would return to the Middle East having undergone extensive pectoral augmentation surgeries (and nipple expansion work) and the Sheikh would stun certain officials and other sheikhs when he would share the secrets about which well known Mr. Olympia competitors spent time at the tit club (identities based on actual current identities, roman a cle).

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