Mike and brad

By James Fourlegs 
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Mike and Brad are the guys next door. I don't know how they met, but they are the most active gay couple I have ever seen. They are the kind of guys you hear about but never meet—totally turned on by each other, all the time.

Mike worked at the supermarket and Brad used to pump gas and do odd jobs until he won the lottery, and since then, he and Mike bought some gym equipment and a couple really nice 4X4s. They're actually pretty smart guys, so I guess they put almost all of the money away into safe investments. They kept their little place, for which I am grateful. They're great neighbors and friends. Ours isn't the worst neighborhood, but it isn't the greatest.

Anyway, the neighborhood doesn't seem to matter to Mike and Brad. In fact, nothing seems to bother them—I can always hear them laughing and grunting and wrestling. I might be annoyed if it were anyone else, but thinking of these two cute guys getting in on with each other kinda turns me on, so I enjoy the sound of their virile young voices and the smacks and thumps of their bodies as they play with each other.

They know I think they're cute; in fact, they both have told me outright that they find me attractive as well. I kinda get a kick out of visiting them every now and then; their place is generally a bit of a mess, but they're very affectionate and open with the hugs and all, and it's nice being hugged or massaged by a guy with a body to die for, not to mention two of them!

From time to time since Brad won the lottery, they'd get large packages delivered, from various overseas delivery services. One evening I was over visiting and sort of soaking up the sexuality of their place, while they were opening up some of the packages. They don't wear much in the way of clothing indoors, and sometimes none; but Mike and Brad in the nude would outshine anyone else in a tuxedo. And there is something in the way that they always touch or lean upon each other that communicates their mutual hunger for each other. So my visits there are fairly frequent, and when I am not visiting them I think about them a lot. A lot.

“Oh, great, check this out. I didn't think this would ever really get here,” Brad said, opening a package.

“Cool,” Mike said. “I was sure it was one of those teaser ads that turns out to be bogus.”

It was packed in straw, real straw, like from somebody's farm. Ordinary Mason jars with a greenish-grey powder inside. “What is it, some kind of watercolor paint?” I asked.

“No, way better than that,” Brad said, reading a poorly-printed flyer that was packed with the jars of powder. “It's a body-building supplement from a remote Amazon river tribe. I forget which muscle magazine I saw the ad in, but I only bought it as a joke.”

“Yeah, right!” Mike smirked.

He showed me the flyer, which was in really bad English, but with excellent silhouettes of muscular men doing their exercises. They looked like how-to illustrations, showing two or more positions superimposed on each body. “Get more muscles, more legs and arms,” the flyer said. “Make life easy and better love.”

“That's wild,” I laughed. “It looks like they mean you can have extra arms and legs!”

“It's cool,” Mike said. “Even if it's just a joke, it's fun stuff to show people. The ad was just as bad, and said the tribe is respected because they have great strength and extra limbs.”

“We were also hoping on the off-chance that the stuff really does give you extra arms and legs,” Brad smiled, exchanging a lusty look with Mike. Suddenly the room was charged with male arousal, as the two guys looked at each other.

They had excellent simmers' bodies, tall and muscular, with wonderful long- muscled arms from their workouts, and splendid long legs. They were physically a beautiful male couple, and very much in love and in lust with each other.

I immediately got hard, imagining Brad and Mike as multiple-limbed love animals. “Well,” I said, trying to control my pulse, “I hope it does work for you. Say, I have to get going. Thanks for having me over.”

“Cool—come on by tomorrow and you can see if it works or not,” Mike said, sounding like his mind was on something else. “I'm going to give some of this stuff to Brad.”

“And I'm going to give some to you,” Brad said to Mike.

I was almost glad to get out into the fresh night air and then back to my own place next door. God, those guys were turn-ons. I didn't sleep much that night. I kept hearing their laughter, which sounded wilder than usual, and soooo sexy. There were the usual sounds of horseplay and thumping of bodies and the heavy sound of bare feet running. As usual, vivid images of their gorgeous bodies swirled in my mind. It sounded like they were having one of their beer parties. Of course, I was now picturing them in my mind with extra muscular arms, and I could almost hear the sound of extra bare feet pounding the floor as they ran after each other.

I did eventually fall asleep, but a few hours later I was awakened by their laughter. They sounded aroused and pretty wasted. That alone was enough to turn me on, and turn me on it did.

“Woooo-hooo!” Brad's voice called out. “My legs are too clumsy!” A heavy crash. I pictures Brad's beautiful body sprawling on the floor, multiple long legs tangled hopelessly.

Mike's voice howled with laughter. “I'll save you, bud! Gimmee your hands!”

“Gimmee YOUR hands!” Brad laughed. “Gimmee your legs!”

“You got plenty legs of your own,” Mike laughed, his words slurred. “Get up, clumsy. You got too many legs. I'm gonna take'em off you. Gimmee your hands and I'll help you stand up.”

“What ya gonna do to me?” Brad said, sounding slurred and sultry, a laugh in his voice.

“I'm gonna fuck you about four times, is what,” Mike said, breathing heavily.

“All at once.”

“Oh, shit, please do!” Brad was begging. “I want all of 'em!”

I heard them grunting and breathing heavily, and both voices groaning. Brad screamed. “I love it when you do that, Mike!”

“Lookin' good, man!” Mike said. Brad howled with laughter.

“Oh, my God!” he screamed.

I was sure they were just playing out their fantasies, I kept telling myself.

But my mind served up such vivid pictures of their muscular male bodies, with legs and arms everywhere, that I was unbelievably aroused. I couldn't help myself. I had to jack off. I vividly saw Brad and Mike as muscular multi- limbers making wild love to each other, and I quickly came came, powerfully, with explosive spurts of burning come, over and over.

They had settled down, into some sort of erotic groove. It was beautiful, and went on for some time. I heard their beautiful voices groaning softly. It was such a beautiful sound. After a while, I warmly drifted off to sleep thinking of them.

I awoke late the next morning, to the sounds of breakfast being made next door.

I drifted back into a fitful sleep, but I awoke frequently as my ear unfailingly picked up on their voices.

“I'm hungry as a horse,” Brad was saying.

“You should be,” Mike laughed. “All those legs. What about your arms?”

“I'm not sure,” Brad said. “I know I had more. You pulled some of them off me when you pulled some of the legs off. I think I left some lying around the house.”

“I did, too,” Mike said. “I'm doing pretty well with these.”

“Pretty?” Brad said slyly. “Mmmmmm, they're gorgeous on you.”

It was quiet for a while. I guessed they must be hugging. My imagination saw them wrapped in several long-muscled arms, the two of them swaying nude on several pairs of long male legs. I was hard again.

“Whose legs are those on the sofa,” Mike said.

Suddenly, I was no longer sleepy. I listened as hard as I could.

“I'm not sure whose legs they are, since our legs are so much alike,” Mike laughed, his voice muffled. I pictured him nuzzling the nape of Brad's neck.

“That stuff makes you drunk.”

“And verrry sexy,” said Brad in a throaty whisper. “I think we should move in with that tribe.”

“They'd love you,” Mike said, still muffled.

“They'd really love you,” Brad said, a touch sarcastically. “Leaving your legs all over the village.”

“And arms,” Mike said. “And arms,” agreed Brad.

“Well, while the omelets are baking, help me figure out whose is whose,” Mike said.

“Here, help me dry my hands, pass me a couple towels,” Brad said.

It was quiet a moment. “You're turning me on,” Brad said.”

It was all I could stand. I was trembling with arousal. I realized I was dressing myself and headed over to their front door. I had to see what was going on, to put my overactive imagination to rest. How rude of me, I thought.

They did invite me over, I answered myself. It will be such a relief. I'll tell them everything. We'll have a good laugh about the whole thing and I'll have breakfast with them maybe, and then come home and beat off again. In fact, any time I need to come I'll just think of them that way.

“Come in,” Brad called. I realized I had rung their doorbell. “It's me,” I said, amazed at the quaver in my voice.

“We know,” Mike said. “Come in and help us figure this out. We'll give you breakfast. Brad, get him a plate. I'll get the door.”

“No, you just stay where you are,” Brad said. “I was going to have him join us anyway, and his plate's in the warming oven. I'll get the door.” The door opened, and I nearly blacked out.

“Easy, dude! I've got you!”

Dark spots swirled and hissed around me and then faded away as I came to. I found my cheek resting heavily on Brad's bare shoulder. Or should I say shoulders. They were handsomely broadened and muscular. In my recovering swoon I noticed the triple deltoid muscles, and felt the three arms firmly around me, my own muscular body useless and pressed against Brad's. From Brad's other shoulder, two arms held me and a third closed the door. It was heaven to be held this way by Brad. “Six arms,” I said. “Whoa.”

“We think, but we're not sure,” Mike laughed. “If I was in my right mind, I'd probably be passing out, too. But all bets are off just now.”

Brad held me close and sat me down on the sofa next to him. Naturally, his beautiful body was nude. Mike's body was nude, also. Broad shouldered, muscular, alive with extra pairs of handsome, muscular arms; I think I counted four arms on Mike. Six long swimmers' legs, however. Brad had six, too. Except there were more arms and legs. Mike had a couple detached pairs of legs across his lap, the detached legs looking muscular and relaxed. He was showing Brad the handsome legs and the large, relaxed feet that hung from the fine ankles.

“These are yours, aren't they?” Mike asked Brad.

“Pass 'em over; let me take a look,” Brad said, taking the legs in his six arms. “They're nice. And look.”

Sure enough, the hardons between the leg pairs were growing huge, bobbing as Brad clumsily settled the long pairs of legs on his lap.

“Careful,” Mike said.

“Well, they're heavy!” Brad retorted in mock defense. But then he noticed something. “They're just like mine, but just like yours also,” he said. “I think when we had sex after taking the stuff, we somehow dosed each other and cross-pollinated, so to speak. Notice how our hands and arms are now alike as well?”

“Cool!” Mike smiled. They compared their several pairs of hands, also checking the detached hands and arms on the sofa. They were matched identically. Mike raised his rearmost arm, and attached one of the arms. It grew onto him instantly. He did the same with the other arm of the pair. “They're interchangeable!” Mike said. “It turns me on to have the same arms and legs as you—and the same hardons!”

“Awesome,” Brad smiled, laughing at the huge hardons he and Mike were sprouting between their pairs of legs. They were just like the hardons on the legs on Brad's lap. I was about to cream.

“By the way,” Mike said to me, exchanging a nod of agreement with Brad, “These legs are for you. We've decided to 'adopt' you, and you can join the tribe with us. If it's okay with you, we'd like to give you some of the stuff, and then dose you properly.” Three of Brad's beautiful arms enfolded me and squeezed me against his beautiful nude body. “Your body is about like ours, “Brad said. “Do you mind if we all have the same arms and legs? And hardons?” I was harder than I have ever been in my life.

“Sure,” I said. “I'm dying to be one of you.” With either his third or fourth arm, I don't know, Brad reached to the breakfast tray and passed me what looked like a milk shake, greenish grey in color. I drank it down—it was delicious.

“Shall we kiss on it?” Mike laughed. Brad kissed me first, then Mike. I creamed on the spot. I could almost feel my body changing already.

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