‘Mini’ge a trois

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11 parts
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Part 1

It started as a typical Friday night for the three friends; Kevin, Rhys, and Dean. There had been plenty of drinking so they were all pretty buzzed by this point, and Kevin and Dean had been making out more and more as the night went on. It was clear it wouldn’t be long before the two love birds were full on boning each other in front of their mutual friend, but this was nothing out of the ordinary. In fact their hang outs usually culminated in the three of them rolling around naked under the covers. Tonight however Rhys had something different in mind.

Rhys stared at his two friends and slammed a small bottle down on the table in front of him. The smack of the glass bottle hitting the wood of the coffee table was enough to snap the two boyfriends out of their mutual make-out session and get them to focus on their pal for a moment. It didn’t take long for their gaze to drop down towards the table and the small container that now sat atop it. The clear, glass bottle looked only big enough to hold a few ounces, and it was filled to the brim with something that looked like a slurry of gold glitter and cough syrup.

“Is that…?” Dean began to ask.

“Yep.” Rhys replied. The huge shit-eating grin on his face said a lot more than his words did.

“How did you…?” Kevin began to ask.

“Oh, I know a guy who knows a guy.” Rhys replied.

Dean and Kevin exchanged a glance. Neither of them were sure what to make of this latest development, but their initial skepticism steadily gave way to excitement. If this stuff was the real deal then they were in for quite a night.

“Are you sure you want to go through with this?” Kevin asked, but he didn’t sound particularly worried. If anything he sounded excited, and the way his hand had slipped down to his crotch and was now stroking the hardening bulge in his slacks said it all.

“Well I dunno… I’ve only been talking about this sine, like, for forever.” Rhys replied. It is was obvious he was just being a smartass. Had his sarcastic tone not given him away, his playful smirk sure as hell would have, and the tent in his shorts said a lot too.

Dean suddenly hopped up from the couch and raised his hand as if waiting to be called upon by the teacher and said, “All in favor of moving the evening of hot fucking up by an hour say ‘Aye’!”

“AYE!” Rhys and Kevin said in unison.

Kevin hopped over the back of the couch and was halfway out of his shirt by the time he reached the door to the bedroom. Rhys was close behind and had had his t-shirt pulled up enough to expose his toned midriff when Dean suddenly clapped a hand on his shoulder and held him back.

“Dude?” Rhys asked while giving his pal a questioning glance.

“Leave the clothes on for now. I think it will be so much more fun that way.” Dean said with a sly wink.

At first Rhys was confused, but it slowly began to dawn on him what his friend was saying. “Ooooohhh..” Rhys said when it finally clicked. Pretty soon he had a grin that mimicked his friend’s in every way.

By the time Rhys and Dean made their way into the bedroom, Kevin was already down to just his boxers, and those weren’t going to stay on for long by the looks of it. Kevin already had his thumbs latched onto the waistband and was beginning to push them down which gave Rhys and Dean a good look at the well-trimmed patch of dusty brown bush he was rocking. Rhys and Dean stopped dead in their tracks and took the moment to soak up the view as Kevin stepped out of his boxers.

Kevin was by far the biggest of the three friends. He had hands down the worst eating habits, but he made up for it by spending much of his free time at the gym. The net result was that he had a broad, burly frame with just enough pudge packed onto his thick muscles to smooth out the ridges and give him the slightest trace of a paunch on his belly. He carried his weight well though, and the slight bit of fuzz he had both on his face and on his crotch suited him to a T.

Dean was practically salivating as he eyed his boyfriend’s recently released cock. Kevin’s thickness extended below the belt as well. He didn’t have the longest cock the world had ever seen, but he certainly had one of the thickest. His six solid inches were almost as fat as a beer can and his hefty golf ball sized nuts swung loosely in their sack.

Kevin noticed his pals staring and puffed up his chest dramatically. The maneuver just made his burly bod seem even more impressive. “You ladies just gonna stand there or are you going to join me?” He asked playfully.

“Oh, we’re going to join you alright.” Rhys replied.

Dean on the other hand didn’t say anything. He merely began undoing the buttons on his plaid shirt as he sauntered over to his beefy beau. It didn’t take long for Dean to fling his shirt off to the side and add it to the pile of discarded garments. Dean’s tight jeans were next to go. As he pushed the waistband down across his butt, it quickly became clear that he had been free-balling the entire evening. His cute, bubbly booty spilled out over the waistband for all to see.

By the time Dean was at his boyfriend’s side, he was as completely nude as Kevin was, but their choice in attire was about where the similarities ended. Dean was a bit shorter than his boyfriend. The top of his head only came up to about Kevin’s shoulder, and Dean was much smaller in other ways as well. He had some muscle definition to him, but his build was slim and slender. The sheer size of Kevin’s beefy body made Dean look downright scrawny, and Dean’s clean-shaven handsomeness stood in stark contrast to Kevin’s scruff. Dean was also clean shaven below the belt as well which just made his dick seem even larger.

Dean’s cock stood straight up at attention for all to see, and what a cock it was! Dean may not have had near the girth that Kevin was rocking, but his nine inches of solid schlong was by no means small. The whole ‘slim and tight’ look that Dean was rocking carried over to his nuts as well. His tight sack was filled to the brim with a pair of ping pong sized balls which pulled high and tight against the base of his incredibly long schlong.

As Rhys stared at the two nude hotties before him he was overcome by an urge to leap straight out of his clothes like Lupin the Third. He couldn’t wait to get in the sack with them and get to bumping and grinding, but there was one small matter he had to attend to first.

Rhys fished the bottle out of his pants pocket and showed it once more to his friends. They were both eyeing him intently as he pulled the stopper off and lifted the small bottle to his lips. Dean and Kevin were both so horny that their cocks were as hard as they had ever been. They looked about ready to cum just from watching their pal sip the strange concoction, and they felt like it too. They couldn’t even keep their hands off of their cocks. They stroked their big dicks and eyed their pal intently as they waited for him to get on with it. Fortunately Rhys didn’t keep them waiting long.

Rhys didn’t even need to take a moment to steel his nerves. He didn’t even give the strange concoction an experimental sip to see how it tasted. He tilted his head back, turned the bottle upside down, and drained every last drop of the strange fluid as if he was doing shots at the bar. The stuff wasn’t that bad actually. It had a strangely fruity taste to it, but that wasn’t what Rhys was really noticing. No sooner had the stuff passed his tongue and dribbled down his throat than he started to feel the changes. His skin felt warm and tingly. Everything felt more vivid than before. His skin was so sensitive that it was like he could actually feel the individual fibers of his shirt.

Rhys stared down at his skintight T-shirt. His toned pecs strained against the front of the fabric, but he doubted that would last long. He could feel the serum coursing through his body. All that was left was to watch… and wait…

Part 2

Rhys looked down at himself and tried to see if there was any difference yet, but as far as he could tell everything was the same as it ever was. His t-shirt still stretched across his toned, fit chest. In fact his shirt stretched so tight across his torso that the contours of his abs could be seen through the thin fabric.

“So. Is it working?” Dean asked excitedly.

“I dunno… I think so. I mean, I definitely felt something, but I don’t notice anything yet.” Rhys replied uncertainly.

“This stuff takes a moment to really kick in. Just give it time.” Kevin chimed in.

Thus began the waiting game. The three friends were all watching and waiting intently. The tingly feeling that Rhys was feeling was driving him mad. He wanted to pull his clothes off right away, but he also wanted to experience the changes while still clothed. Not only was he sure it’d be awesome, but he didn’t want to deprive his pals of a good show.

Kevin and Dean were watching Rhys intently. They were waiting with baited breath and ‘bated cocks. They both had one hand draped over their lover’s shoulder and their other hand wrapped around their cock. Their dicks looked ready to pop like a champagne bottle at any second. Pre oozed out their slits, cascaded over their knuckles, and dribbled onto the floor below.

“I think it’s working.” Kevin said suddenly.

Rhys was just about to ask what his buddy meant when he started to notice it too. The changes were still pretty slight, but he could already see a few wrinkles forming on the front of his shirt. His shirt just didn’t stretch as taut across his pecs and abs as they had before, and that was only the beginning. With each passing moment Rhys could see more wrinkles forming as he filled out his shirt less and less.

“Oh my god. I need to see this.” Dean said all of the sudden. He ducked out of his boyfriend’s side hug and trekked right on up to his pal. He smirked as he stared Rhys right in the eyes.

At first Rhys was confused, but then it slowly dawned on him. They were eye level! He was now as short as his pal Dean! Dean wasn’t the shortest guy around, but Rhys had been taller than him since they had started high school. For them to be the same height, Rhys had to have already lost a good five inches.

Even as Rhys processed how much height he had already lost, he was still steadily losing more. Rhys soon realized he had to look up ever so slightly to look his pal in the eyes. There was no doubt about it. He was definitely shrinking and doing so faster than he had anticipated at that.

“How small do you think I’ll get?” Rhys asked excitedly.

“Tough to say…” Dean mused out loud.

“Yeah. It varies from person to person, and we have no idea how powerful the dose you took is.” Kevin added.

“Yeah, but I’m gonna be pretty small, right?” Rhys asked excitedly. He was positively giddy as he looked up at his now taller friend. This was a dream come true for him—a wet, wild, raunchy dream come true.

“At the rate you’re dropping. I wouldn’t say ‘small’ is the right word.” Dean replied cryptically.

“So… Not small? Maybe smaller? How much smaller?” Rhys asked. He was so excited that he was shaking. He just couldn’t keep still. He felt like if he didn’t jump up and down the excess enthusiasm would cause him to explode.

“Smaller.” Dean said softly, so softly that it was almost a whisper. Rhys’s hairs stood on end just from the sound of his friend’s voice, but what Dean said next was even more amazing.

“Much… much smaller.” Dean said. He had leaned in and whispered the words directly into Rhys’s ear. Dean’s soft, sultry voice made Rhys’s legs to feel like Jell-O, but the actual words made Rhys’s dick feel like cast iron. He almost creamed his shorts just thinking about it.

Rhys’s mind was racing with thoughts of how small he would get. The more he thought about it the hornier he got. He was so caught up in his reveries that it wasn’t until he felt Dean’s hands grasp his ass that he realized that his now bigger buddy had wrapped his arms around him.

Rhys snapped out of his daze and looked up at his pal. It was then that it hit him. He was looking up! Dean stood a solid head higher than him. Rhys was eye level with Dean’s Adam’s apple. Rhys had lost so much mass that his clothes now hung loosely on his dwindling frame. His once skin-tight t-shirt now hung off of one shoulder like a stylish slip, and his shorts were in even worse shape. They were now dangerously close to falling completely off. In fact it seemed that the only reason his shorts hadn’t dropped down to his ankles was because the waistband of his shorts had caught onto his rock hard boner. The front of his shorts clung to his knob like a coat on a rack. Rhys’s basketball shorts had slipped so low that his ass was now hanging out for the world to see—a fact which Dean was taking advantage of.

Dean dug his fingers into the firm flesh of Rhys’s thick, toned, muscular booty. He could actually feel Rhys getting ever so slightly thinner in his arms. He could actually feel Rhys’s immaculately shapely mound of hot ass slowly shrinking on the palms of his hands. He looked down into his pal’s handsome face and smirked as he watched Rhys’s height drop ever so slightly with each passing second.

Rhys was so overcome by emotions that he didn’t even think twice about what he did next. He craned his neck and stood up on his tippy toes and planted a kiss right on Dean’s lips. Dean was more than happy to return the favor, and it was a good thing too. Rhys never would have made it had Dean not craned his head down a bit to meet him halfway. In fact Rhys could actually feel himself slipping away with each passing second. He had to stand up straighter and push himself further and further up on his toes to keep their lips locked, but soon the strain on his toes and his neck was too much.

Rhys stepped back and took a moment to catch his breath and regain his senses. That kiss had been intense, and there was more to it than just casual attraction. The feeling of his buddy’s arms growing longer, thicker, and stronger around him was driving him wild. He could actually feel his friend getting comparatively more powerful with each passing moment.

Rhys could actually feel himself getting smaller. With each second his clothes fit looser. With each passing moment the fabric felt thicker, heavier. With every breath he took he could feel his shirt slipping further and further off his shoulder. With each passing moment he could feel his shorts hanging heavier from his fully-boned cock. It was a miracle that they had stayed up that long, but at the rate things were going he would soon be too small for his clothes. He had already shrunk so much that he was eye level with his pal’s chest! Rhys was now as short as he had been back in middle school, and the tingling that coursed through his body hadn’t dulled in the slightest. If anything the heat that bristled through his skin felt more intense than before. He could tell he was nowhere near reaching the end of his shrinking.

Rhys’s mind was racing. How small would he get? Would he keep shrinking down to the size of a toddler? The size of an infant? An ant? … Would he get even smaller? Rhys chewed on his lower lip to stifle his moan. His whole body shuddered in anticipation. He didn’t know how small he was going to get, but he knew he couldn’t wait to find out.

Part 3

Rhys’s shorts hit the ground with a plop. They had finally lost their fight with gravity. Not even Rhys’s solid rod could keep them up, but that didn’t mean he was left naked. He had shrunk so much that the bottom hem of his shirt now hung around his knees. His t-shirt looked more like a sun dress.

Rhys took a moment to compare his current height with that of his friend’s. He was amazed to see that he no longer even reached Dean’s chest. Rhys had to stare up past his pal’s toned chest to even see Dean’s face. Rhys was starting to feel like a little kid next to his giant pal, and Dean’s next move didn’t help matters at all.

“You’re so cute like that.” Dean said as he reached down and tousled Rhys’s reddish brown hair.

Rhys found himself blushing in spite of himself. Sure, his friends had never shied away from complimenting him before. Rhys had always been the most health-conscious of the trio. He spent a lot of time eating right and working out, and as such he was often considered the hottest of the group, but this was different. This was a compliment from a giant which somehow made it more special, and not only that. The way Dean treated Rhys like some kid made the difference in their stature even more pronounced. Rhys was so overcome with joy that he found himself covering his face with his hands to hide his blushing cheeks. He felt like a giddy schoolgirl, but suddenly another voice interrupted Rhys’s thoughts.

“Ok you guys. You’ve had your fun.” Kevin said. His deep, rumbling voice sounded much more commanding and powerful at Rhys’s size. Kevin’s voice seemed to cause Rhys’s very bones to tremble, but that may have just been his excitement that had him quivering.

“Jealous of all the time our little friend gets to spend with little ol’ me?” Dean asked playfully.

“Hell no. I’m jealous of all the time you get to spend with that little guy!” Kevin quipped back. He then turned his attention solely towards Rhys. A huge, toothy grin spread across his face as he stared down at his shrunken friend.

“I think I like you better down there.” Kevin said with a devious chuckle.

Rhys was too cowed to respond. Kevin had always been a big guy. He was pretty huge even when Rhys was at his full size, but at his current shrunken size Kevin was absolutely massive! Rhys now stood eye level with Kevin’s thick, slightly fuzzy muscle gut! Kevin’s belly filled so much of Rhys’s field of view that it was like watching it on a movie screen, and with each passing second it got ever so slightly bigger. At the rate things were going it wouldn’t be long before Rhys could curl up atop his pal’s huge belly like a cat on a couch cushion. Just the thought of it excited Rhys, but nearly as much as the huge cock which was now aimed right as his chin.

Kevin’s cock had always been thick, but thanks to Rhys’s recent reduction, Kevin’s cock was as thick as Rhys’s whole arm—beefy biceps and all! Rhys couldn’t help himself. He had to feel it with his own two hands, and as it so happened he needed both hands just to handle the beast!

Rhys wrapped his hands around Kevin’s cock as best he could. His buddy’s beer can cock was so thick as his reduced size that Rhys had no chance in hell of getting a hand all the way around it. In fact he was only just barely able to get his thumbs and the tips of his fingers to touch as he held the fat shaft in his hands. Kevin’s cock felt like it was as thick as a NFL certified football, but it didn’t get narrower on each side. The enormous schlong stayed thick and meaty all the way up to the pre-dribbling tip.

Rhys was so fixated on the fantastic cock that he hardly even realized that he had begun stroking it. He watched in awe as the thick layer of foreskin rolled back and forth across the spongy tip like waves on the beach. At Rhys’s size even the folds of Kevin’s foreskin was as thick as Rhys’s own lips, and he was still getting ever so slightly smaller by the second. After only a few strokes the tips of his fingers could no longer touch on the other side of the fat schlong, and the gap between his hands grew steadily wider as the amazingly thick cock appeared to grow thicker in his hands.

Rhys was only vaguely aware of what was going on around him. He could hear the soft moans of his bigger, beefier buddy, but more than hear it he could feel it. Kevin’s deep sighs reverberated through Rhys’s whole body. It was as if the air around him was rumbling. Rhys could also feel Kevin’s fingers running through his hair, but he was too captivated by Kevin’s swelling cock to really focus on how heavy Kevin’s hand felt on his head.

Kevin couldn’t get over how drastically different Rhys looked now. He had shrunk so much that the top of his head didn’t even reach Kevin’s belly button. Rhys was little more than half his original height, but he looked far smaller. It wasn’t just that he had gotten shorter, Rhys had gotten proportionally slimmer as well. Rhys was still as muscular as he ever was, but he looked so frail standing there. Rhys used to pride himself on his ‘big guns’ but now Rhys had shrunk so much that even Dean’s slender arms were thicker. In fact even Kevin’s cock was fatter than Rhys’s beefy, upper arm albeit not by much. In fact if Rhys were to flex his bicep and put on a gun show like he liked to do Rhys may have been able to reclaim the advantage, but that wouldn’t last long. Kevin could actually see his pal getting ever so slightly smaller. He could actually feel Rhys’s small hands getting tinier as they struggled to hold his huge cock. It wouldn’t be long until Dean’s cock would completely and totally dwarf Rhys’s arm no matter how hard Rhys tried to puff up.

Kevin’s dick had always been a handful for Rhys—quite literally in fact. Rhys had always had trouble getting his hand all the way around the fat, beer can cock, but now not even two hands could do the job. He had to grip it with one hand on either side of the thick sausage, but that didn’t seem to deter the steadily shrinking dude. He was determined to stroke his friend’s fat shaft, and he was doing a remarkably good job of it too. Kevin’s cock felt amazing, but that may have had more to do with Rhys’s shrinking than with his actual technique. Kevin could see and feel his pal getting smaller, and that just made him hornier. He was so hot and bothered that even just the sensation of Rhys’s little hands softly stroking his fat cock was sending him over the edge. Kevin tried to hold out as best he could, but he could tell it was a losing battle. If he let things go as they were Rhys would soon get him to blow his load, and it was far too early for that.

Kevin pulled his hand back from Rhys’s shaggy hair and ran his fingers softly along his pal’s shrinking face. This seemed to snap Rhys from his trance somewhat, but Kevin knew his little pal would need a little more coaxing to get his attention away from the fantastic cock that more than filled both of his hands. Kevin gently placed his finger underneath Rhys’s chin and gently coaxed his pal to look upwards. Rhys was immediately compliant. He didn’t make even the slightest attempt to resist.

Rhys slowly started to snap out of his trance when he felt his friends’ fingers against his face. At first Rhys couldn’t fathom what he was feeling. Kevin’s fingers just felt so incredibly thick. Rhys had shrunk so much Kevin’s fingers seemed as thick as sausages. Even Kevin’s thumb was every bit as big as Rhys’s cock—an image that Rhys could not get out of his head. Just thinking about it made Rhys want to suck on his friend’s fat thumb as it brushed against his lips, but Rhys wasn’t given enough time to act on that thought. He felt a soft nudging on his chin guiding his view higher, and he was powerless to resist it.

Rhys stared in awe at his massive pal. He was shocked to see that he was now so short that even Kevin’s belly button seemed to loom over his head. Rhys’s stared up and up at his gigantic pal. It was like staring at a wall. At Rhys’s size Kevin’s slight paunch looked big enough that he could curl up on it like a cat in a pet bed, but as nice as that thought sounded Rhys preferred to just stand there and admire how huge his friend looked. Kevin now stood twice as tall as Rhys. Staring up at his friend was like staring up at an oak tree, but instead of seeing a large bough of branches, Rhys could see his friend’s huge face smirking down at him.

“That got your attention. Not that I don’t appreciate a good handy, but if you kept that up I would have busted my nut all over you.” Kevin said with a chuckle.

“That would have been horrible.” Dean replied in a sarcastically monotonous voice.

“I wouldn’t have minded.” Rhys replied.

Dean couldn’t help but grin, and it wasn’t just because of what Rhys had said. Even Rhys’s voice had shrunk along with him. His voice was getting softer as he got smaller. It the rate thing were going, Rhys was going to need to start yelling in order to be heard by his two much larger pals.

“Oh. I’m sure you’d love it, but we want to save our loads for when you’re good and tiny.” Dean replied. He then knelt down and playfully pinched Rhys’s cheek. He couldn’t even really say why he did it. Rhys was just so cute at that size that he couldn’t help himself.

“Hey! Cut that out! I’m not a… kid…” Rhys sasses back. The beginning of his sentence was suitably defiant, but as he turned to look at his friend the wind left his sails and his voice trailed off into awed, breathy murmur. Dean had squatted down so low that his butt was mere inches off the ground. He was perched like a frog ready to pounce, and yet he stood a few inches taller than his pal.

Dean merely chuckled in reply. He once again tousled his pal’s hair and then stood back up. Rhys was already feeling puny before, but watching his buddy, who just this afternoon was shorter than he was, stand back up to his full height took Rhys’s breath away. Even the tip of Dean’s dick stood as high off the ground as Rhys did. Dean’s impressively huge cock was as thick as Rhys’s forearm and quite a bit longer. Dean’s enormous schlong stood in its full upright and locked position which meant that Rhys was now eye level with the center of the phenomenal shaft.

Dean could tell his pal was enjoying the view, and he was more than happy to give his pal an eye-full and then some. Rhys had always admired Dean’s huge cock, and at his new size it was even more amazing. Dean put his hands on his hips and jutted his hips forward in order to further accentuate how incredibly massive his dick was. The pose itself looked absolutely ridiculous, but Rhys wasn’t about to complain. He was too busy soaking up the view of his pal’s amazing cock. Kevin was also enjoying the view, but unlike Rhys, he wasn’t content to just sit back and stare. He had other things in mind.

“Alright. Enough standing around and gawking. I think it’s time for the real fun to begin.” Kevin stated. It sounded like such a casual suggestion, but his words carried so much weight to them. It may have just been the sheer size difference, but Rhys was not about to question Kevin’s authority. Dean also seemed more than happy to move things along. In fact he was already on his way towards the bed before Kevin had even finished his comment. His bubbly booty swished back and forth as he strutted his stuff towards the queen sized bed that he and Kevin shared. Rhys couldn’t help but stare at his pal’s ass. Not only was it a great ass, but at his current size, Rhys stood little higher than his pal’s booty did. In fact Rhys was eye level with the cute little dimples in the small of Dean’s toned lower back.

Dean plopped his ass down on the foot of the bed and flashed his dwindling pal a sly smirk. His pose and his expression said it all. Dean sat with his legs spread wide and his rock hard rod presented for inspection. He was practically daring Rhys to try and handle his plus sized package, and Rhys was more than ready to accept his unstated challenge. After all he wasn’t so small that he could give his pal’s fantastic cock the attention it deserved… not yet anyway, but with each passing second he grew ever smaller. Rhys could already tell that it wouldn’t be long before Dean’s dick was bigger than he was. Rhys’s body shuddered with anticipation just thinking about it.

Part 4

Rhys almost tripped over his fallen shorts as he staggered towards his pal’s massive rod. During the brief lurch his shirt almost completely fell off of his dwindling frame. It was only thanks to a last second save that Rhys was able to catch it before it slipped off his right shoulder. Rhys took a moment to roll up the sleeve of his shirt to the shoulder in hopes of making the garment stay on better, and as he did so he was once again struck by how tiny he had become. The hole which was designed to fit around his head could now fit around his torso. He had no hope of keeping the thing on both shoulders at the same time. The collar of his shirt angled from his neck, dipped down across his chest, and then came to a rest right below his defined lats on the opposite side. At his current size his garment looked more like a toga than it did a T-shirt, and it was just getting even more ludicrously oversized on his tiny frame as he shrunk further and further.

Rhys couldn’t spend too much time fixated on his shirt though nor did he want to. Rhys wasn’t about to leave his giant buddy high and dry. Rhys had one of the most amazingly hot titans he had ever seen waiting for him at the foot of the bed on the far side of the room. Rhys had a fantastically huge cock just waiting for him to pay tribute with his hands and mouth. There was no way Rhys could say no to something like that.

Rhys plodded across the carpeted floor towards his towering pal. The trek across the room had been but a few quick hops for the excited titan, but for Rhys it was a bit of a trek—a trek which was getting ever so slightly longer with each passing moment. With each step he took Rhys could feel himself getting smaller. With each passing second the fibers of the carpet felt more defined against his bare feet. Which each breath he took, Rhys’s shirt shifted slightly further off his shoulder, and Dean’s dick grew larger with each second. By the time Rhys reached the foot of the bed he stood eye level with the tip of Dean’s towering spire. Dean’s dick was fatter than Rhys’s fist! It was even fatter than Rhys’s incredibly muscular forearm!

There was no way in hell he was going to wrap a hand all the way around the fat shaft, but that didn’t stop Rhys from grabbing Dean’s dick with both hands and pulling it towards his face. The thick, puffy tip of Dean’s fat cock was far too big for Rhys to ever hope of getting it into his mouth. At Rhys’s size, just the glans of Dean’s huge dick was bigger than a softball. Dean’s knob looked bigger than even a grapefruit, and it wouldn’t long before it felt even larger than a cantaloupe in Rhys’s dwindling hands.

Rhys planted his lips against the soft, spongy head of his pal’s enormous cock as if Dean’s knob was his long lost lover. Rhys could feel the enormous shaft shudder in his hands. Rhys could feel his pal’s cock head flare up against his lips, and with each passing second he could feel it getting ever larger against his lips as he kissed and suckled the soft tissue. Warm pre flowed from the slit of Dean’s dick and flooded Rhys’s mouth and cascaded down his chin. Rhys felt like he was in heaven. He wanted this to last forever, but even as he stroked and suckled Dean’s dick he could tell he was soon going to be too small to really do give the fantastic knob the attention it deserved.

Rhys and Dean were both suddenly jostled by the sudden lurch in the bed. Kevin had flopped his beefy butt down on the bed next to his boyfriend, and the resulting shockwave had caused even the seemingly godly titan Dean to fall backwards onto the mattress. The sudden movement caused Dean’s cock to swing up like a freshly loosed catapult. The fat knob smacked Rhys right in the nose. Thankfully it was the soft part of Dean’s dick that had slapped him, but Rhys was still momentarily staggered by the wallop he had received.

Rhys glanced over to the source of the commotion. His jaw dropped as he stared at how simply massive Kevin had become. In reality it was Rhys who had dwindled further, but that hardly mattered at the moment. Kevin was so mind and load-blowingly huge that Rhys could do nothing but stare at the titan in silent awe. Rhys was so transfixed on his pal’s massive body that Rhys had almost completely forgotten about his pal’s incredibly long schlong which now stood straight up like a telephone pole and loomed over Rhys’s head.

“What? Cat got your tongue? Heh. Obviously not since I see it hanging out like a hound dog.” Kevin teased his tiny pal. He let out a soft chuckle which rumbled through the room and nodded for Rhys to start servicing his own rod.

“If you’re gonna have that tongue of yours hanging out anyway, you may as well put it to good use.” Kevin teased.

Rhys didn’t need to be told twice. He trotted happily over towards Kevin’s lap and got ready to get to work, but as he got into position he began to notice a new problem arising. It hadn’t been so bad back when he was sucking on Dean’s dick, but now that he was staring down Kevin’s incredibly fat, beer can cock Rhys was beginning to realize just how much he had shrunk while sucking on Dean’s dick. Kevin’s cock was more than a handful. It was thicker than Rhys’s neck! The puffy glans was almost as big as Rhys’s whole head and getting ever so slightly bigger with each passing moment.

Now that Rhys stood at the foot of the bed and stared down Kevin’s monster, he began to realize another issue. He had shrunken so much while servicing Dean’s dick that he was now just a smidge taller than the mattress Kevin sat atop. Rhys was now staring straight at Kevin’s massive sack, and what a massive sack it was! Either enormous orb was bigger than Rhys’s head. The combined mass of the two balls in their sack would have been enough to eclipse Rhys’s entire chest had Kevin decided to rest those nuts atop him. The mere thought of it made Rhys’s dick ready to explode at any second. Rhys had half a mind to suggest Kevin do just that, but he couldn’t muster the nerve to say the words. He was so cowed by Kevin’s sheer size. Rhys no longer felt like he had any place to speak up in the presence of such a god.

“What’s the matter, little guy? Need a lift?” Kevin asked in much the same way someone would speak to a small puppy. The childish manner in which Kevin spoke to Rhys further reinforced the disparity between them. It was all Rhys could do to nod his head in agreement.

Kevin got up from his seat at the foot of the bed, and although he was only standing for a brief moment, it was long enough to blow Rhys away. In that brief moment that Kevin was standing, Rhys found himself eye level with Kevin’s inner thighs. Kevin’s low hanging fruit were dangling dangerously close to slapping Rhys right in the forehead. Kevin towered over him like a tree. Rhys had to tilt his head back as far as he could go just to stare up at his pal, and even then he couldn’t see much. Kevin’s fat cock filled much of vision. It was like staring up at a diving board from the comfort of the waters of the deep end of the pool. The thick rod hovered so close to Rhys’s head that he could easily reach up and grab the thick knob with both hands. Rhys had half a mind to do just that, but he wasn’t given the chance.

Kevin knelt down, slipped his hands under Rhys’s arms, and effortlessly picked up the little guy. Rhys’s little legs were left dangling several feet above the ground. Rhys was now so tiny that the bottom hem of his t-shirt now dipped down to his ankles. It looked more like a nightgown than a t-shirt. That in addition to the way Kevin was carrying him as he would a small child made Rhys look more like Maggie Simpson than a member of the college lacrosse team.

Rhys could feel his pal’s hands around his chest as Kevin carried him back to the bed. Kevin’s hands were wrapped around Rhys’s torso much the same way a quarterback wraps his hands around a football while eyeing the field in preparation for his pass. Rhys could feel the very position of Kevin’s fingers digging into his back. He could actually feel the position of Kevin’s fingertips shift ever so slightly with each micrometer of mass that Rhys lost. Rhys was now so small that the tips of Kevin’s middle fingers were dangerously close to touching as they dug into the middle of his back, and Rhys could feel that distance getting ever so slightly smaller with each passing second.

Rhys’s sudden journey ended as soon as it had begun. Kevin dropped Rhys onto the bed with as much thought and ceremony as he put into chucking a dirty t-shirt into the clothes hamper. It really wasn’t much of a drop at all—at least not to Kevin. Rhys was dangling only a few inches off the mattress when Kevin let go, but to Rhys it was quite a jarring fall. The drop was so sudden and so swift that Rhys was filled with the brief sense of existential dread that typically goes along with finding out that there was one more step on the stairway than anticipated.

All things considered, the drop was little more than a foot for Rhys, but he had been given no time to prepare to stick the landing or even brace himself for impact. It was fortunate that Rhys landed on the soft, cotton-stuffed comforter and not the stiff carpet—or worse, the hardwood of the front room, but the impact was still hard enough to send Rhys sprawling onto his back.

Rhys just laid there for a moment and stared up at his pals. Somehow being flat on his back made them see all the more massive. Seeing them like that got his mind racing. It got him imagining what it would be like when he got even smaller, and it got him thinking about just how much smaller he would get. He was already down to little more than a quarter of his former height, and his shrinking was showing no signs of slowing. He was already dangerously close to being slimmer than Kevin’s incredibly fat cock, and it wouldn’t be long now until he would be even shorter than Dean’s impressive rod.

Just thinking about how small he had become and how much smaller he would get got Rhys worked up all over again. His dick was harder than he could ever remember it being. It shuddered in anticipation of what was to come. Rhys was so hot and bothered that it took every fiber of his being not to just paint his chest with his own spunk.

Rhys closed his eyes and chewed on his lower lip. He tried to bring himself down from the verge of climax. He tried to tune out his shrinking for just a little while so he could get his libido under control, but even as he laid there he could actually feel himself getting smaller. He could his shirt shifting around his dwindling frame. He could feel the individual fibers of his tight-knit athletic t-shit getting thicker against his skin. He could feel the cotton filling of his buddies’ bedspread getting firmer underneath him as he steadily became lighter and lighter. It wouldn’t be long now before the fabric wouldn’t even buckle beneath his feet. How small would he be when he got to that point? An Inch? A centimeter? A millimeter? Rhys didn’t know, but his whole body trembled in anticipation at the mere thought of finding out.

Part 5

Rhys didn’t know how long he had been lying there just soaking up the view, but he couldn’t bring himself to sit around too long. As great as it was to imagine how awesome it’d be to be even smaller, it was even more amazing to experience the shrinking firsthand, and he had two totally hot giants that he had every intention of worshiping for as long as he was physically able.

When Rhys staggered to his feet, he could feel the hem of his shirt bunching around his toes. It was a miracle his shirt had managed to stay on this long. The neck hole was wider than Rhys’s whole body. The shirt was only just barely hanging on one shoulder, and the fabric had gotten so heavy that it was becoming a chore just to lug it all around. The shirt was so huge on him that the thin, airy fabric now felt more like a thick, down-filled quilt. At this point the shirt was more of a hindrance than anything so Rhys did the only thing that made sense to him. He tilted a bit to the side to let the last bit of the collar slid off his shoulder. The shirt plummeted to the mattress and pooled around his feet.

Rhys stared up at his friends. Somehow the act of losing his shirt was a major turning point for him. He was officially now too tiny for any of his old clothing. He now understood why clothing was such a huge deal for house elves in the Harry Potter universe. The comparison seemed even more apt considering that Rhys was now every bit as small as Dobby. Rhys may have even been an inch or two shorter. Rhys was exposed and vulnerable. He was completely at the mercy of the two titans, and he couldn’t have been more excited about it. Pre dribbled from his rock hard cock which now stood openly on display for all to see.

Rhys had never been the biggest guy downstairs. He had not had anywhere near Dean’s impressive length, and he sure as hell didn’t have Kevin’s incredible girth. He had been on the small side of average before he had power slammed the potion, and now that Rhys was less than two feet tall his dick was even less impressive. His rock hard rod was only a little over an inch long and barely thicker than the prong on a power cable. It was tiny by anyone’s reckoning, but it looked positively puny next to his pal’s enormous cocks. Rhys’s rod was barely longer than his pals’ slits! His entire shaft was only about as wide as the bulging veins that adorned Kevin’s fat cock!

“Hey there, little guy.” Dean said playfully as he eyed Rhys’s reduced rod. The comment made Rhys blush bright red and Rhys’s dick give a shudder of delight. It wasn’t the first time that Dean had had a little fun at Rhys’s expense. After all, Dean was hung as hell and he knew it, but Rhys’s new size made the comment even more exciting. Rhys’s cock wasn’t just smaller than Dean’s dick. Their cocks weren’t even in the same ballpark. It was like comparing a thumbtack to a sausage. Rhys’s dick looked absolutely pathetic compared to Dean’s incredible cock. It didn’t even seem fair to call them both cocks. Rhys had a nub he could stroke with one hand, and Dean had a behemoth that Rhys could barely get his arms around! The leviathan was half as long as Rhys was tall, and it appeared to be getting bigger by the second. At the rate things were going, soon Dean’s cock would be bigger than Rhys’s entire body.

Just thinking about it made Rhys so ready to cum that his dick was lurching in anticipation. He couldn’t believe how horny he was, and his arousal was dangerously close to getting the better of him. He knew he needed to focus and fight against his arousal or he’d blow his load way too early.

Rhys tried his best to clear his head. He tried to bring his hormones under control. He anxiously chewed his lower lip and focused on steadying his breathing as he struggled against his own arousal. He knew he was fighting a losing battle. He knew he wouldn’t last long without some help, but he doubted he’d find any relief in the near future. Fortunately Kevin was there to diffuse the situation.

“Don’t tease him too much. I still want to have some more fun with him.” Kevin cooed softly as he nuzzled up against his boyfriend.

“I can’t help it. He’s just so cute like that!” Dean replied.

“Hehe. Don’t I know it. I kinda want to keep him like that.” Kevin responded.

“Nah. I’d love to see him get good… and… tiny…” Dean emphasized the last words so heavily that he was practically moaning each individual syllable. His tone sounded as orgasmic as Rhys felt, and the words sparked Rhys’s imagination anew. He pictured himself getting smaller and smaller by the second until he was so tiny that the very fibers of the sheet were like hills and valleys and his two pals were like planets.

Rhys trembled. His breaths became short “Oh… Oh… f-fuck…” He whimpered softly. It took every fiber of his being, every ounce of his willpower to stymie his need to cream. He was sure that that was it. He was sure that he would blow his load right there in front of his two towering buddies, but he resisted for a bit longer.

It took a moment or two, but eventually Rhys managed to steady his breathing and bring his arousal under control. He was fortunate that Kevin was keeping Dean otherwise preoccupied. The moment that the two titans spent nuzzling together gave Rhys the time he needed to catch his breath, but he knew he needed to be a little more careful. He knew he needed to get his imagination under control. After all, it did him no good to focus on the future and neglect all the fun he could be having in the now. He was so amazingly small already. Even though his two friends now sat beside him, Rhys’s head didn’t even reach their shoulders. In fact, Rhys barely even reached Kevin’s chest! He was smaller than he had ever dared hope he could get, and he was still getting smaller.

“I told you to stop teasing him.” Kevin said in a playfully chiding tone to his lover.

“I can’t help it. Just look at him!” Dean replied with a tone of mock indignation.

“Oh. I get what you’re saying. Don’t worry.” Kevin replied. He flashed Rhys a disarming smile that said it all. He was just as excited as his lover was over how tiny Rhys had become. Kevin couldn’t get enough of it. He couldn’t get over just how cute Rhys was at his current size, and he couldn’t wait to see Rhys get even smaller.

“He’s barely bigger than the teddy bear I’ve got back at my mom’s place.” Kevin said excitedly.

Dean chuckled in reply. “You sleep with a teddy bear?” He asked playfully.

“So do you.” Kevin replied. He even added a sly wink to really drive home his meaning.

“I know, and I love it.” Dean replied. He then leaned forward and planted a kiss right on his lover’s lips. Kevin was more than happy to return the favor, but he didn’t dare get too into it. After all they had a friend in the bed with them, and Kevin didn’t want to make Rhys feel left out.

After a brief round of passionate kissing, Kevin pulled back. “There’ll be plenty of time for that later,” he said. “For now, I don’t want to miss an inch of our buddy’s trek down.”

Kevin turned and quickly scooped Rhys up in his arms once more. He couldn’t get over just how small Rhys had gotten. Rhys was a strong guy. The two of them had been on the wrestling team together, and despite Rhys’s slightly shorter stature, Rhys had been able to pin Kevin to the mat more times than not, but now he was so tiny that Kevin could effortlessly lift the guy with just one arm. Kevin opted to use both arms though. It wasn’t that he needed the extra support to lift his little buddy, but he just couldn’t resist the urge to feel Rhys within his arms.

Kevin clenched Rhys to his chest in a big, tight bear hug. Kevin couldn’t get over how tiny his pal had become. He really was every bit as small as the teddy bear he kept at home, and he could actually feel Rhys shrinking ever so slightly within his grasp. At the rate things were going Rhys was soon going to go from being the size of a teddy bear to being the size of a gummy bear.

It all happened so fast that Rhys was left completely dazed and dizzy. He felt like he had been sent through a spin cycle. One second his titanic pal was lunging for him and then everything went dark. Rhys was able to piece things together pretty quickly though. He recognizes the scent of Kevin’s cologne. He could feel the warmth against his skin, and the soft fuzz against his face.

Rhys was face down in Kevin’s burly chest, and it was even more amazing that he could have hoped. Kevin’s chest had just enough padding to it to make it soft and squishy, but there was still a definite packing of firm muscle just below the surface. Kevin had more muscle in just one pec than Rhys now had in his whole body, and if the sheer size of Kevin’s muscles against Rhys’s face didn’t drive that fact home, the powerful grip of Kevin’s huge arms sure did. Kevin’s grip was borderline suffocating, but Rhys felt so safe in his big buddy’s firm hug that he wasn’t about to complain.

Kevin slowly lightened his grip. His hands drifted their way down towards Rhys’s firm, muscular butt and begin to caress Rhys’s sculpted ass. It was something that Kevin had done more than once in the past, but it was much different this time. Rhys was now so small that even just Kevin’s palms more than eclipsed Rhys’s shrunken cheeks. Kevin could have gripped Rhys’s entire ass with just one hand had he wanted to, but he much preferred to use both.

Rhys was floored by how huge Kevin’s hands felt. At Rhys’s size even Kevin’s thumb seemed bigger than the largest cock he had ever experienced before he had begun shrinking. It felt thicker than Kevin’s cock and longer than Dean’s had felt back when Rhys was full sized. Kevin’s thick digit was easily three times longer than Rhys’s little dick and several times fatter.

On some level Rhys knew that comparing his pal’s thumbs to cocks was silly. He was the one shrinking, not them. All the dicks out there were the same size as they had been before. It was Rhys who was now a few hairs shorter than an American Girl doll. At Rhys’s size Kevin’s beer can cock was as thick as his whole body, and Dean’s incredibly long dick was nearly as long as his torso!

As much as Rhys enjoyed how warm and soft Kevin’s belly was, he didn’t want to miss out on what was going on around him. Rhys propped himself up on his elbows and looked out into his friend’s beaming face. Kevin was so huge that his face looked like it was up on a movie screen. Rhys’s whole head was barely bigger than Kevin’s nose, and as he looked around to take stock of his surroundings, Rhys began to realize just how small he really was! Rhys’s elbows rested right on the lowest part of Kevin’s padded pecs, and his toes just barely reached Kevin’s navel. Rhys wasn’t sure how just small that meant he had gotten, but it was clear that he had shrunken even more since he had ditched his shirt.

Rhys could feel Kevin’s hands leaving his butt, but he didn’t need to ask why. He could hear the creaking of the bed. Even from his perch atop Kevin’s belly, Rhys could feel the way the mattress rocked and wobbled. By the time the shadow fell over him Rhys was already well aware that Dean was on the move. In a matter of seconds Dean was straddling his bigger, beefier lover, and Rhys was right in between them. Rhys craned his neck back as far as he could and looked up, and all he could see was Dean’s smooth chest looming over him like a ceiling.

Dean and Kevin both leaned in and met halfway, and all Rhys could do was watch as the two giants very passionately and very vocally made out in front of him. He could not just hear their moans. Je could actually feel Kevin’s breathy moans reverberating through Kevin’s chest. Rhys could feel the rise and fall of Kevin’s chest as he gasped between deep, passionate kisses. The rising and rumbling made Rhys feel almost as much a part of the make-out as his friends were, but still Rhys wanted more.

It didn’t take long before Rhys began to worry that his pals had forgotten about him. After all, at his size he was easy to overlook, and he was becoming even more insignificant by the second. Rhys wasn’t about to be ignored so easily though. He was ready to crawl up across Kevin’s beefy chest in order to get to where the action was, but Rhys had only just manage to prop himself up on his elbows and knees when he felt something pressing up against his ass. For a second he thought that Dean was going to try to fuck him, but there was no way that could ever happen at his current size. Rhys wasn’t sure how small he was compared to his pal’s cock, but he knew that it was far too big for him to ride the old fashioned way, but at the rate things were going, Rhys was sure he could find other ways to ride it. It wouldn’t be long before he got to be so small that he could ride that dick like a life boat… or better yet, like an aircraft carrier.

Rhys glanced back over his shoulder to see what was bumping against him, and his jaw dropped at what he saw. Dean’s ball sack had bumped against his butt! That in and of itself wouldn’t have been so amazing, but the sheer size of it was! The thing was wider than Rhys’s hips! Each high and tight teste was bigger than Rhys’s butt cheeks! The crease down the center of Dean’s sack lined up with Rhys’s ass crack as if they were two pieces of a puzzle! He could actually feel it brushing against the insides of his butt cheeks. The sensation sent a shiver of excitement up Rhys’s spine.

Rhys was so fixated on Dean’s balls that he was hardly aware of anything else around him, but that all changed the second he felt something warm and wet splash down in his hair. It felt like he had been hit upside the head with a water balloon, but the liquid was thicker and slicker than water. It didn’t take Rhys long to figure out what it was. The smell was so distinct that he knew what it was even before it trickled down his cheeks and into his mouth. It was pre!

Rhys looked up to see the tip of Dean’s dick hovering just above his head. Dean’s incredibly long dong now stretched all the way from Rhys’s ass to his head and then some! Rhys now had to be below nine inches from nut-sack to noggin! He had to be no more than fifteen inches tall and getting smaller by the second! Dean’s dick was now longer than his torso, and it wouldn’t be long before it was longer than his whole body!

Rhys didn’t have much time to ogle the sheer size of Dean’s dick. Soon Dean was really getting into it. He had begun to rock his hips back and forth and grind his cock against his much smaller buddy’s back. Rhys rocked back and forth in time with his gigantic pal’s rhythmic thrusts. With each pass he could feel his pal’s huge balls bump against his beefy butt. With each thrust he could feel Dean’s puffy cock head brush across his already soaked hair. He could actually feel Dean’s foreskin rolling back and forth as the monstrous cock glided against his body.

Dean’s cock seemed to be the perfect size to rest atop Rhys’s back. The puffed up ridge along the underside of Dean’s cock lined up perfectly with the defined groove that went right up the middle of the muscles that adorned Rhys’s back. Rhys’s bulging lats and the thick muscles of Rhys’s lower back were such a perfect size and shape that it was almost as if they had been created for the exact purpose of cradling Dean’s godly cock, but that wouldn’t last long. Rhys could still feel himself getting smaller. He could feel Dean’s dick poking ever so slightly further up along his back with each consecutive thrust. The difference was so slight that it would be completely imperceptible to either of Rhys’s titanic pals—Dean’s cock would stick out a mere fraction of a millimeter farther with each thrust, but at Rhys’s size he was keenly aware of the difference. He could actually see the tip of Dean’s dick protruding ever so slightly farther in front of his eyes with each pass. He could actually feel Dean’s dick getting ever so slightly thicker and heavier with each pull. He could feel Dean’s nuts getting ever so slightly heavier and slapping ever so slightly harder against his ass with each thrust.

It soon got to the point Dean’s cock was so heavy that Rhys could no longer keep himself propped up on his elbows, and it wasn’t just a factor of Rhys’s steady shrinking. Dean was getting more and more into making out with his boyfriend as the seconds ticked by. Something about having his tiny friend pinned under his dick drove him wild. Something about the way he could actually feel Rhys getting ever so slightly smaller underneath his cock with each passing second made him hornier than he could ever remember being, and as he got more and more into it, he became less and less interested in holding back. Dean was grinding harder against his boyfriend’s belly with each passing thrust which meant that his cock was bearing down on his tiny pal with more force with each pass.

Rhys couldn’t keep himself propped up anymore. His arms and legs were exhausted from trying to hold back against the enormous cock which was now as heavier than he was! Rhys’s arms wobbled and then gave out from under him. He flopped onto his chest and just laid there while Dean had his fun. It wasn’t like there was anything Rhys could do to stop him. His legs were now pinned under Dean’s ball sack and his body was sandwiched between Kevin’s chest and Dean’s cock. Rhys wasn’t about to fight back though. Something about being so small that he was easily overpowered by just his friend’s dick was enough to get Rhys dangerously close to creaming, and Rhys knew that as he got smaller and smaller the disparity would get even more extreme.

Even Rhys could hardly believe that just this morning he could have pinned his burly buddy Kevin to the mat with relative ease, but at his current size, Kevin could pin him to the mat with just one hand. Even scrawny little Dean could literally single-handedly overpower puny, little Rhys. In fact he was doing just that with less than one hand! Just his dick was more than Rhys could handle, and as Rhys continued to get smaller it would be even easier for his already colossal buddies to completely dominate him. Rhys was already just barely over a foot tall. He was barely four inches taller than Dean’s cock! He was twice as tall as Kevin’s cock, but at Rhys’s current size, Kevin’s incredibly thick beer can cock looked wider than the bed Rhys had back in his dorm! At the rate things were going, being pinned under his pal’s palm was just the beginning. At the rate things were going, thumb wrestling was soon to be a full-body event.

Rhys could still feel Dean’s cock getting bigger and heavier on top of him. Soon Dean’s dick would be bigger than Rhys’s whole body. Soon Dean could not just eclipse Rhys’s torso with his dick but Rhys’s whole body, and it wouldn’t be long until Rhys was so tiny that even just Dean’s tight little nut sack would easily eclipse his whole body.

Even as Rhys felt the force of Dean’s dick pinning him down, Rhys’s mind was drifting towards smaller sizes. He fantasized about Dean’s cute, clean-shaven sack looming over him like a planet. Rhys couldn’t hardly contain his excitement as he thought about getting so small that he could sit atop those spheres like he would a sunny hilltop, but his mind didn’t stop there. He imagined getting even smaller and smaller. So small in fact that the tight, wrinkly skin of Dean’s scrotum stretched out before him like a desert wasteland. The wrinkles of his flesh rose like dunes. The hot, humid air of Dean’s slightly sweaty nuts filling his mouth and flooding his nose with every breath he took. Rhys knew it wouldn’t be long now until he was that size. He could hardly wait to feel what it would be like to be so incredibly tiny, and he longed to be even smaller than that. That didn’t mean he was just going to ignore what was happening around him though. There was so much more that he wanted to see and do at his current size. He wanted so much to feel the slow steady trip down to even smaller sizes, and as great as it felt to have his friend’s cock weighing down on him, Rhys wished he could see what was going on around him. Fortunately it seemed like things were going to go in that direction.

He could hear his friends talking about something, but the words were muffled by the seemingly three hundred pounds of hard man meat that were weighing down on top of him. That weight, however, was steadily decreasing. It was clear that Dean and Kevin were ready for something new, and Rhys was eagerly awaiting seeing what they had in store for him next.

Part 6

It didn’t take long to figure out what his pals were talking about. Pretty much as soon as Dean had pulled back and lifted the weight of his huge cock off of Rhys's head, Rhys was able to make out a few of Dean's words.

“… oh… fuck…” Dean gasped between shaky breaths.

Rhys rolled over onto his back and looked up. His jaw dropped as he stared up as his titanic pal. Dean was absolutely massive. Dean was still on his hands and knees straddling his big, beefy lover. His chest loomed over Rhys like a solid wall. Dean was so huge that even just the rivulets of sweat that dripped off his brow were bigger than Rhys's entire ball sack. Even just the distance from Dean's head to his shoulders was longer than Rhys was tall. As Rhys stared up at the grooves and contours of Dean's smooth, slender chest and belly it was as if he was marveling at the roof of the Sistine Chapel.

Rhys didn't have long to admire the view though. Dean was already shaking like a leaf, and the tremors just got worse and worse as he shifted his weight to one hand and snaked his free hand down towards his crotch. Dean wrapped his hand around his incredibly long cock and started stroking for all he was worth. The whole bed rattled in time with Dean's fervent pumps. The tremors reverberated through Kevin's thick body and caused Rhys to rock back and forth on his perch atop Kevin's midsection.

Rhys stared in awe at his buddy's cock which was aimed right at him. The puffy knob of his pal's huge dick was bigger than his whole head. Even just the slit of the enormous dick was larger than Rhys's mouth, and the beads of pre that trickled out of the shuddering rod were as big as Rhys's balled up fist.

Even if not for the gasps and moans coming from Dean's mouth, it was clear just from the shudders coursing through his cock that he was close to blowing at any second. Some part of Rhys knew what this meant for him, but he was too transfixed by his pal's enormous cock to do anything but stare on in awe. As Dean got closer and closer to blowing, Rhys could see the puffy tip of his huge cock flare up even more. He could see Dean's cock shudder harder and buck quicker. He could see Dean's enormous nuts, each individual nut far larger than Rhys's own head, pull in tighter against the shaft in preparation for what was to come.

Rhys was too far gone to think clearly. It was purely thanks to some long dormant instinct that he raised his arm in front of his face to shield himself from the blast at the very last second. Spooge shot from Dean's cock like champagne from a fresh bottle of bubbly. The huge spurts of spunk felt like water from a fire hose to the much reduced Rhys. The first spurt hit him square in the chest with enough force to knock the wind clean out of him. Rhys tried to gasp for breath, but his mouth was quickly filled by the onrush of spunk. Dean fired a second and then a third spurt, but then his cock quickly ran out of juice. It all happened so fast that Rhys wasn't even aware that it had ended. As far as he could tell he was still getting rained on, but he was merely drenched from head to toe in his pal's spooge.

Rhys slowly managed to catch his breath and take stock of the situation. He was coated in spunk. The thick jizz clung to him like slime from an alien space craft. He half expected Ellen Ripley to bust in in an effort to save him, but there was no need for a rescue. Rhys was perfectly content to let the warm, gooey substance soak into his skin for a while longer. He loved the way the warm jizz felt against his skin. In fact he couldn't stop running his fingers through it. It felt so much different at his size. It felt much like the multicolored ooze that he used to buy for a quarter from the little vending machines in front of the super market back when he was a kid, but of course this stuff was white and was warm to the touch unlike that cold gunk he played with as a kid.

If the thickness of Dean's spunk was any indication, it had apparently been a while since his last climax. The stuff was nearly tar-like to the tiny Rhys, but it was no doubt thick even by Dean's standards. It made some sense though. It was crunch time on campus so Dean no doubt had to skip some of his weekly whack session, and Dean also liked to save his loads for Fridays when he knew the three of them were going to be getting fun and freaky.

Rhys didn't have a whole lot of time to sit back and enjoy his cocoon-like coating of cum though. Already he could hear Kevin's deep voice reverberating through the room.

"Hehe. You always were one to finish fast." The burly giant chastised his leaner lover.

"I got a little excited." Dean replied. Rhys wasn't in a position to see what Dean was up to—Dean had curled up beside Kevin on the mattress and was nuzzling against his beefier beau—but Rhys could tell from the tone of his giant pal's voice that Dean was being playfully pouty. No doubt Dean was putting on the puppy dog eyes for added effect.

Rhys wasn't at all surprised that Dean had already cum. It wasn't that Dean was a quick shot, but Dean had been edging almost as long as Rhys had been. It was a miracle that Rhys hadn't blown his own load yet, but he was sure that wouldn't last long. Just the sensation of basking in his pal's warm spunk drove him so wild that his dick was tensing up and flexing in anticipation of his own climax and the constant taste of his buddy's slightly bitter spooge seeping into his mouth just made Rhys even hornier.

Rhys didn't even try to fight it. He closed his eyes, moaned softly, and let the cum fly from his cock. He had been holding it back so long that he didn't even need to give his dick a good tug or two to get it started. He just stopped fighting it and within the span of a second spooge was shooting from his dick without him ever so much as laying a finger on his cock all evening.

It felt like the biggest and most powerful load of his life. He came again and again; a third, a fourth, and even a fifth time, but by the time he got past the third shot, his loads were all but devoid of spunk. He was shooting little more than water, but that hardly mattered. Rhys was so coated in his colossal pal's cum that his own tiny loads were completely invisible amidst the massive tar-like splatter of Dean's thick spunk.

Rhys was feeling so peaceful that he almost drifted off to sleep. The afterglow felt so fantastic and the subtle rocking of Kevin's breathing was so soothing that Rhys wanted to just lie there and soak up the moment as well as his pal's spunk, but he wasn't given the opportunity. Soon the rocking of Kevin's body changed. It was no longer just steady breaths causing Rhys to bob up and down. There were certainly those, but Kevin's breathing was getting heavier and quicker by the second, but there was another movement at work too.

What Rhys was unable to see from his cum-coated perch atop Kevin's belly was that Dean had wasted no time going from nuzzling to necking. He had curled up beside his burly boyfriend and begin gently nibbling on his lover's ear, which in turn led to Dean slowly kissing a path down the nape of his lover's neck.

Dean knew that always drove Kevin wild, and tonight was no different. Kevin instinctively fidgeted as he felt Dean's lips against the ticklish part of his neck. The soft kisses and gently nuzzling reinvigorated his already rock hard cock. Kevin had teased his boyfriend about blowing his load already, but the truth of the matter was that he himself had been on the edge for a while now. It was pure luck that he had held out longer, and with the newfound attention his lover was giving him, Kevin doubted he'd last much longer, nor did he have any reason to hold back anymore.

Kevin's hand started to drift down towards his dick, but Dean had already beaten him to it. Dean's slender fingers wrapped around Kevin's fat cock and began to slowly stroke the length of his meaty shaft. Kevin's whole body tensed up at his lover's touch. Dean knew exactly how he liked it, and today was no different. All Kevin could do was writhe and moan as Dean stroked Kevin's pre-slicked knob and teased his thumb against Kevin's oozing slit.

Kevin wanted to hold out longer—less out of pride and more so because he simply wanted to enjoy his boyfriend's touch for a bit longer, but he had been at the limits of his stamina for a while now. There was no way he could hold back for long, and Dean's masterful touch was just too amazingly good for Kevin to ever have a chance of resisting even had he not been close to blowing beforehand. Kevin gasped and moaned. His body trembled. His dick shuddered. There was a brief pause where it seemed like he would be able to regain control, but it was merely the calm before the storm. His dick gave a hard lurch, and then cum spurted forth from the tip. The jizz arced through the air. It was such a powerful shot that a few droplets even made all the way up towards Kevin's face. A few flecks of jizz sunk into his stubble, but most of his cum splattered across his belly. He ended up with a sizeable splotch on his chest and the upper part of his gut where Rhys had been lying back and relaxing. Unlike Dean's climax, Kevin's had been one solid spray. It was over as quickly as it had started, but the one spray was enough to add another layer of spunk to Rhys's cocoon of cum.

Rhys was caught off guard when the hail of Kevin's cum had splashed down atop him. He hadn't thought he was in the slash zone, but Kevin proved to have more range than usual. Rhys wasn't about to complain though. He loved the feeling of being drenched in cum, and Kevin's load wasn't nearly as thick and tarlike as his lover's. His watery wad felt more like a warm mud-bath than anything.

Rhys was content to lie back and enjoy the warmth of his titanic pal's combined loads, but Dean had other ideas. No sooner had Kevin begun to catch his breath than Dean had hopped up from his bed and stared down at his shrunken pal. Dean couldn't help but chuckle at what he saw. Rhys was a mess. He looked like the victim of some giant spider in a fantasy movie. It was hard to believe that the blob that bogged Rhys down was not spider web at all but rather Dean's own spunk.

"We gotta get you cleaned up, little man," Dean said with a chuckle.

Dean didn't wait for a reply from his shrunken friend, but he doubted he would have heard it even had there been one. He simply crouched down over top of his beefy lover like he had done earlier, but this time Dean made no effort to dig his dick onto his dwindling pal. Instead Dean leaned in nice and close as if he was about to kiss his shrunken friend, but instead Dean stuck out his tongue and licked a long swath across the cum coated expanse of his boyfriend's belly.

Rhys gasped as he felt the warm, slick expanse of his pal's tongue brush against his toes and then slowly slide up the length of his legs. It was such a strange sensation. It was like someone had taken an impossibly heavy, incredibly waterlogged sponge and dragged it across his body, but there was more to it than that. At Rhys's reduced size he could feel each individual taste bud as it rubbed against his legs. He could feel the warmth emanating from his pal's tongue, and he could feel Dean's hot breath against his skin. It felt magnificent. It was simply breathtaking, but the sensations didn't take his breath away nearly as much as what he saw before him.

Dean had leaned in so close that his nose was scant inches from Rhys's face. In fact it was even closer. Dean's nose was so close that Rhys could reach out and touch it, and of course that meant that the rest of Dean's face was incredibly close as well. As Rhys stared up at his colossal pal, Dean's gigantic visage filled his entire field of view. Even just Dean's eyeballs were every bit as bit as Rhys's entire head.

Rhys shuddered as he felt his pal's massive tongue brush against the extra sensitive space between his thighs. He had always been ticklish there, and Dean had never missed a chance to use that to his advantage. Today was no exception. Rhys knew that Dean was just toying with him. He knew that Dean was intention stalling on going just another inch forward purely so he could build up the anticipation, and he was doing a masterful job of it. Rhys's dick was already boning up all over again in anticipation of his pal's huge, hot tongue slowly sliding up against it. Rhys couldn't even begin to imagine what it would feel like. All he knew was that he was excited to find out.

Dean nudged forward a few more inches, but that was more than enough to hit his target. In fact the quick motion caused his tongue to completely eclipse Rhys's torso. Rhys was suddenly pinned under just his pal's warm, wriggling muscle. It felt like he had been pinned under a warm, soggy waterbed mattress, and yet somehow it felt incredibly hot, and it wasn't just the way the Dean was playfully flicking Rhys's shrunken balls with the tip of his tongue. There was something amazingly awe inspiring about the fact that Dean could so easily pin him to the ground using just his tongue. Rhys could writhe and fidget, but there was no way he would win. There was no way he could even wriggle his way out from under his pal's tongue, but he had no intention of trying. He was too content just lying back and basking in the sensations.

Dean took a moment to playfully tease his shrunken friend's tiny dick with the tip of his tongue. Even just the very tip of his tongue was enough to eclipse Rhys's entire package. Rhys shuddered in ecstasy as he felt his pal's colossal tongue sensually bump and nudge his cock and balls. Rhys had already blown his load, but his dick was still amazingly sensitive. That coupled with the sheer, awe-inspiring view of having his titanic pal's handsome, humongous face so close to his own caused Rhys's dick to start stirring to life once more.

Rhys writhed and wriggled as Dean continued to tease his tiny dick. Rhys was so overcome by the powerful sensations that he felt like he needed something to hold onto or he would go crazy. He reached out and grabbed the only thing in range—the tip of Dean's nose! Dean had always had a cute little button nose, but at Rhys's reduced size, even just Dean's adorable schnozz was bigger than his whole head! Rhys clung to it like he would a buoy while being tossed around at sea. He clasped his hands to it and pressed his forehead to the tip of his pal's cute nose as he shuddered like a leaf from the mind-blowing pleasure that coursed through his body.

Rhys was sure he was going to get rock hard and blow his load all over again, but all too soon Dean pulled back. Dean licked up a thick wad of spunk and took a moment to savor the taste. He could make out the subtle differences from his own wad and his lover's, and he also had gotten a hint of the taste of Rhys's bare skin. Dean thought for a moment he could make out yet another flavor mixed into the thick soupy spunk, but it was too faint to be sure. What he was sure about was that Rhys had already cum. That much was evidenced by his tiny pal's semi-softened cock. Dean had felt his pal's tiny dick against his tongue as he had playfully flicked his pal's crotch. Rhys's shrunken cock was so small that it felt like a broken off quarter of a well-cooked Spaghetti-O. His pal's tiny chub was yet another testament to just how small Rhys had become over the course of the evening, and even as Dean pondered the changes that Rhys had gone through, he was sure that Rhys was still steadily dwindling.

Dean swallowed his load and went back in for another slurp. This time thought he didn't use his tongue. He tilted his head and brought his lips directly into contact with Rhys's thick, swole chest. His nose touched down right between Rhys's head and shoulder and nudged against Kevin's belly. Dean planted a soft kiss right on Rhys's cum-splattered chest and then slowly kissed a path down Rhys's sculpted abs and down towards his crotch. Dean gave one last peck right on his pal's shrunken package.

Rhys could feel his pal's lips against his cock. For a moment he thought that Dean was going to try to suck him off, but there was no way that would be possible. Rhys could tell just from feeling his pal's lips against his crotch that there was no way that Rhys's reduced rod would be long enough to get past Dean's pouty lips. That new bit of knowledge once again drove home how absolutely tiny he had become.

Dean pulled back and stared down at his shrunken pal. Rhys actually looked pretty cute lying there atop Kevin's belly. Some part of Dean wanted to just sit back and admire his little buddy for a while longer, but he knew better than to do that. Rhys was still splattered with jizz. Dean had barely made a dent in Rhys's cum coating when he had been playfully licking at his little buddy, and now the jizz was beginning to cool and dry. Dean knew that if he didn't get Rhys hosed off soon, the shrunken stud would soon be covered in a caked on cast of cum.

Dean wasted no time. He didn't even bother to tell Rhys what he was planning nor did he ask if Rhys was ready. He simply reached down and scooped his shrunken pal up in his hand. Rhys had shrunken considerably even since Dean had plastered the little guy with his load. Dean could easily wrap his fingers around Rhys's tiny torso. Rhys had dipped below the foot tall mark. Rhys was even smaller than a Barbie doll now, and he felt even lighter than one. He was so light that Dean hardly felt like he was carrying anything at all. Dean could hardly believe that this was the same guy that just this morning Dean would never in a million years have been able to budge even an inch no matter how hard he pushed and pried, but now he carried Rhys in his hand much the way King Kong carried Fay Wray all those years ago.

The motion had been pretty subtle as far as Dean could tell, but at Rhys's size the sheer speed at which he was moving was dizzying. He felt like he was going to be sick. One second Rhys had been lying back on Kevin's belly, and the next thing he knew he had a giant hand wrapped around him, and then a mere second later Rhys had been lifted into the air so fast that he felt his stomach drop down into his ankles. Rhys felt ready to puke, and the constant swaying from the way that Dean casually rocked his hands back and forth as he walked towards the restroom didn't help matters either. By the time Dean got into the restroom, Rhys was looking a little green in the gills, and he felt even worse than he looked! Rhys was so close to blowing chunks that he was actually grateful when Dean haphazardly dropped him onto the bathroom counter top with as much ceremony as he dropped his car keys onto the nightstand every night before bed. Rhys hit the faux marble hard enough to send him bouncing and rolling a few feet, but aside from a few minor bumps he was perfect fine and extremely grateful not to be on the carnival ride that had been his pal's grasp.

Rhys stared up in awe at his towering pal. Dean had never been the tallest dude, but even he was tall enough that the base of his dick was higher than the countertop as he stood before it. This gave Rhys a front row view of his pal's cock and crotch. Rhys couldn't see just how long Dean's dick was without peering over the edge of the countertop, but he wasn't too interested in doing that. He had never been a fan of heights even on a good day, and Rhys was still so shaken from the ride over that he was sure he'd lose his dinner if he went looking down.

The height off the ground didn't matter as much as the thickness of the dick in front of his face though. Dean's cock was thicker than Rhys's whole body! Rhys couldn't even begin to fathom how huge it must be at his size. Had he finally gotten shorter than his pal's dick? Given that Dean had a pretty skinny dick, Rhys had no doubt that that was the case, but the question was just how much smaller had he gotten? He was below nine inches, that much was clear, but that didn't really give him much to go off of.

Rhys glanced around the countertop to get a better feel for his new size, and what he saw made him feel even tinier than before. He was about eye level with the base of the neck of the huge bottle of mouthwash that Dean and Kevin kept right next to the sink. Even the pair of toothbrushes which stood propped up on their little racks came up to Rhys's shoulders. The bristly heads of the two toothbrushes were every bit as big as Rhys's noggin, and the stems of the two brushes were as thick as Rhys's neck.

Rhys was so tiny even just compared to his pals' toiletries, and yet he could feel that he was still getting smaller. The half-used brick of soap which sat on the tray beside the faucet looked to be the size of a couch cushion at Rhys's reduced size, but how long would that last, and how much smaller would he get compared to it? Rhys had been steadily shrinking all evening. Over the course of the evening he had gone from a huge, swole six foot tall hunk of a man to being smaller than his slender pal's cock, and Rhys could still feel himself shrinking. It was slight, but he could actually see the sizes of the items around him steadily creeping up around him as he got smaller and smaller. At the rate he was going it was a very real possibility that he'd soon be able to sleep atop that bar of soap as if it were a king sized mattress, and that was being generous. Rhys had no reason to doubt that the tiny, tic-tac sized remnant of an ancient bar of soap which was now stuck to the bottom of the tray would soon be as big as a surfboard to him. By that point Rhys would be as tiny as a gnat, and the mere thought of it excited him. Rhys's balls begged for a break, but his cock stirred to life at the mere thought of being so mind-blowingly miniscule. He couldn't wait to experience life at a mere millimeter in height, but more importantly he couldn't wait to see how fantastically huge his two best pals would be when he got to be that tiny.

Part 7

”Time to get you cleaned up, little man.” Dean said playfully as he nudged his tiny pal towards the edge of the sink. It wasn’t more than a soft tap to Dean, but at Rhys’s reduced size, the soft nudge was enough to send him staggering forward. Rhys only just barely managed to regain his footing right before he would have otherwise gone toppling over and into the sink.

Rhys stood at the edge of the sink and stared down into the basin. The bowl was looking less like a bathroom sink and more like a halfpipe at a skate park by the second. At Rhys’s reduced dimensions the sink looked to be the size of a backyard swimming pool and was getting ever so slightly bigger with each passing moment.

Rhys knew better than to hop on into the bowl. If he tried that he was sure to face plant onto the ceramic surface, and he would no doubt slide right on over towards the drain. He wasn’t so small that he ran the risk of being washed right down the drain—not yet, anyway—but getting his foot or fingers caught between the small gap between the circular drain stopper and the metal ring of the drain didn’t sound like his idea of a good time. Instead Rhys squatted down on the edge of the sink and slid down the side as if it were a play yard slide. He hopped back up to his feet just in time to stop himself from sliding over the drain and took a moment to take stock of his position.

Rhys had never felt tinier than he did in that moment. Dean looked even more massive than he had a moment ago, and it wasn’t just because Rhys had shrunken even further since then. Rhys’s new position at the bottom of the basin put him well below belt-level to his titanic pal. Rhys found himself staring up past Dean’s smooth belly and flat chest all the way towards the titan’s face which loomed above him like a parkway billboard.

It wasn’t just the sheer scope of his pal that made Rhys feel so puny. Everywhere he looked he saw white walls all around him. He was so short that his head only just barely poked up above the rim of the sink bowl. At his current size he had no doubt that getting out of the sink would be a monumental undertaking, and that was even without the water running. Once the ceramic sides of the white basin got soaked Rhys doubted he’d ever be able to get out on his own. He was no doubt trapped down there until his pals decided to bail him out.

Rhys’s cock was already chubbing up all over again. Just the thought of how puny and helpless he had become thrilled him. He was a veritable prisoner in his buddies’ sink. He was trapped unless one of his two gigantic buddies stopped by to lend him a hand, and what a hand it would be. Even Dean’s slender fingers were now so huge compared to the shrunken stud that they could wrap completely around Rhys’s reduced torso. Rhys could feel the blood once again gravitating towards his groin. It wouldn’t be long before he was fully boned all over again, but before he could get past half-mast his erotic reveries were derailed.

Dean reached over and casually turned the handle on the sink as far as it would go. It was a simple motion he had done countless times in the past whenever he needed to wash his hands. The stream never seemed a big deal to him, but at Rhys’s small size, the jet of warm water that came rushing from the faucet was enough to send him sprawling. It was like being nailed by one of those power hoses they used to disperse rioters. Rhys was glad that he had not been standing directly under the faucet at the time. A blast to the shoulder was enough to send him sprawling onto his ass. He didn’t even want to think about what a blow to the head would be like.

Rhys tried to stand up, but it just wasn’t happening. The current around his feet was too strong, and the ceramic basin was just too slippery. Try as he might all he managed to do was slip around a bit and then fall flat onto his ass once more. It was clear he had no chance of standing up so he instead flopped onto his back and let the warm water wash over him.

The warm water felt fantastic against his skin. The thick layer of spunk that had clung to his skin had long since begun to cool and crustify. It felt so heavy and gross, and every time he moved it felt like he had a layer of scotch tape stretched over his skin that was pulling the hairs out of his arms and legs. It had felt great when he had first been doused in his gigantic pals’ enormous loads, but now Rhys was more than happy to let the water rinse him clean. As an added bonus his resting place at the bottom of the sink gave him a great glimpse of what his two towering pals were up to.

Kevin had followed Dean into the bathroom and had sidled up behind his lean little lover. Despite the fact that the two of them had just cum mere moments ago they both seemed ready for more. Kevin had wrapped his big, burly arms around his shorter lover’s slim frame and had begun nuzzling against the nape of Dean’s pale neck. Dean wriggled and murmured at his lover’s soft, playful touches. He looked like he was in ecstasy, but Rhys could not make out what Kevin was saying in between soft kisses against Dean’s neck. The roar of the torrent of tap water and the water lapping at Rhys’s ears drowned out all other noises.

“I have a better idea of how to get our little buddy cleaned up.” Kevin said softly as he nuzzled against his boyfriend’s neck.

“Do you now?” Dean replied coyly.

“Yeah. He’s not the only one who got covered in your cum... maybe you should help me clean off in the shower, and you can bring our little friend with you.” Kevin whispered playfully into his boyfriend’s ear between kisses.

Dean chuckled in reply. After a moment he managed a more definite response. “Get the shower ready. We’ll join you in a moment.” Dean said.

Kevin didn’t need to be told twice. He gave his lover one more quick peck on the cheek and then made his way over to the shower. He had lived here long enough to know just the right temperature to set the knob to so a quick turn was all it took. Then came the waiting game.

Dean shut off the flow of water to the sink and stared down at his little pal. Rhys was looking a bit cleaner now than he had before, but he still had quite a bit of cum clinging to his tiny body. It had been almost a week since Dean had had a chance to bust his nut so his wad was extra thick and sticky. A quick rinse in the sink was simply not going to cut it. In fact there was a large wad of spunk that still clung to Rhys’s shrunken body. The spray of warm water had only really managed to cause the wad of jizz to clump together into a long, gooey string of cum. Thick strand of extra-sticky spooge stuck to Rhys’s shoulder and clung across his chest like a sash worn by a pageant contestant. Dean reached down and playfully plucked up the strand of spunk between his thumb and pointer finger and dangled the soggy strand of jizz in front of his shrunken pal’s face.

Rhys tried his best to track the motion of his pal’s hand as Dean did so, but the motion was so fast that Rhys was left dazed and dizzy. Dean’s hand was the size of an industrial crane, but it moved like a humming bird. When Rhys’s eyes finally managed to focus he was staring down a strand of jizz that hung over his face like a gooey stalactite. Large, softball-sized droplets of water dripped off the tip of the gooey strand and dribbled right onto Rhys’s face. It was like being nailed in the face with a water balloon. The droplets splatted against his forehead and splashed across his face. It was yet another reminder of just how tiny he had become, and Rhys knew it wasn’t stopping yet. He couldn’t say how much smaller he would get, but he could still feel himself steadily shrinking by the second.

“The shower is warmed up enough, I think.” Kevin called over to his lover.

“Oh, great. I’ll be right there.” Dean replied. He looked back down at the sink and shook the strand of jizz free from his fingers. The sticky wad hit the side of the sink bowl with a splat.

Rhys was again stunned by the sheer speed at which Dean seemed to move. His titanic hand seemed to be moving meters per millisecond. Rhys couldn’t even keep track of the movement as Dean shook the wad from his fingers. It wasn’t until the huge, thick strand of jizz hit the porcelain with a resounding splat mere millimeters from Rhys’s face that he realized what was happening. For the first time all evening, Rhys really began to realize just how precarious his position could be. With a simple flick of his finger Dean had sent the wad sailing to the ground with enough force that the pageant-sash sized strand was reduced to a splatter against the sink-basin. Seeing the jizz hit the bowl was like seeing a bug splat against a windshield in vivid, high def. Rhys knew that the cum was goo-like to begin with, but it was still jarring nonetheless to see how thoroughly splattered it had become.

Rhys took his eyes off the cum-splatter and focused instead of figuring out why Dean had stopped the water. Rhys hastily scampered to his feet. The water had stopped running, but the porcelain was still covered with a wet residue that left it as slick and slippery as an ice-skating rink, and the curvature of the floor just made footing even more precarious. After spending a moment slipping and sliding and attempting to regain his balance, Rhys finally managed to stabilize himself in the basin.

Once he finally managed to stand up, Rhys noticed something about his surroundings. He was no longer tall enough to peer over the edge of the sink. The faucet which was once little more than eye level to him now loomed over him like an overhead lamp in an interrogation room. It was low enough that he could still easily reach up and grab the rim of the faucet, but Rhys wasn’t sure how much longer that would last nor was he given the chance to really think it over. Dean was already once more on the move.

Dean casually reached down and plucked his little pal up into his hand with little more thought than if he were picking up the TV remote. Rhys was once more sent for a ride, and this time he doubted his dinner would still be in his belly by the time he reached his destination. Fortunately the ride only took a matter of seconds. The distance from the sink to the shower may have seemed like a mile at Rhys’s size, but for Dean it was little more than two steps.

Rhys slowly started to regain his senses after what felt like being chucked into a washing machine which was set to tumble for about five seconds. Once he managed to take stock of his surroundings he realized just how much smaller he had become during his time in the sink. His head now rested in the nook between Dean’s thumb and the side of Dean’s hand, and the other side of Dean’s palm came almost to Rhys’s knees leaving the lower half of his legs to dangle free. He could now comfortably rest in the palm of his pal’s hand with only just a little bit hanging over, and at the rate he was going he would soon be so tiny that he would completely fit in his pal’s palm without so much as needing to scrunch up.

Dean may have seemed like a titan to the tiny Rhys, but even Dean had to step up on his toes in order to kiss his huge lover on the lips. The two didn’t exchange any words. The gazes they were giving were enough. They held each other’s gaze for a moment and then stepped into the crowded, glass cubicle.

The washrag had been draped over the curved, metallic neck of the showerhead and had so far managed to escape getting so much of a drop of water on it. The cloth was still stiff as a board and stuck in a taco-like shape from the dried soap residue that it had accrued since its last use, but that was just perfect for Dean. He had the perfect filling for the taco anyway. He chuckled softly as he dropped his little buddy right into the depths of the washrag as if Rhys were little more than beef and beans.

At Rhys’s reduced size the washrag felt like cardboard wrapped in AstroTurf. The stiff bristles scratched his bare skin, and the sides of his soap-scale hardened hammock were so stiff that he couldn’t so much as shimmy himself into a more comfortable position, but that hardly mattered. With each drop of the shower water that splashed onto the washrag, the fabric became softer and more malleable in the titan’s hand. Soon the stiff walls of his washrag prison softened to the point where they collapsed in on themselves and left Rhys completely buried in the soggy bundle of cloth. In a matter of seconds Rhys had gone from being the filling in a washcloth taco to being the center of a washcloth burrito. Rhys tried to shove the damp washcloth off of his face, but the waterlogged rag was simply too heavy. Even his thick muscles were no match for soggy swath of polyester fibers. Rhys was sure he was going to be stuck amidst the damp folds of the washcloth for the rest of the shower, but no sooner had he given up hope than he saw light above him. Rhys was glad to see the dingy overhead light of his pal’s bathroom, but his joy was short-lived. His joy gave way to shock as he stared up at the monolithic bottle of shower gel which was now aimed right at him.

Rhys braced for impact. He raised his hands over his face and closed his eyes at the last possible second to stop at least some of the gel from splashing into his face. He could feel the cool, damp gel slowly ooze over his body. He could feel the path of the downpour slowly make its way down towards his toes and then back up again. Dean was pouring the shower gel all over him as if he were pouring ketchup on a hotdog. The analogy was even more apt considering that Rhys was now shorter than the average hotdog and that the sides of the once taco-shaped washcloth had softened and fallen into clumps on either side of him almost as if he was sitting amidst a bun rather than atop a rag.

Once he could feel the dense downpour of soap stop, Rhys hurriedly scrubbed his face as quickly as he could. Although the water stung quite a bit as it hit him, he was thankful for the warm droplets of water that were now raining down upon him because it made the de-soaping process that much faster. Rhys finally managed to rinse his eyes enough that he could see, and as soon as his vision cleared he gasped at what he saw.

Kevin’s burly chest loomed before him. At Rhys’s reduced size, Kevin’s chest looked more like the side of a building than it did the front of a dude, and his chest seemed to be getting bigger by the second! It wasn’t just Rhys’s shrinking that made Kevin appear to be growing though. Dean was steadily lifting Rhys closer and closer to his lover’s huge, hairy chest. It was as if Dean was intentionally drawing it out to give Rhys a good look at what was in store for him, and given what Rhys knew of his slender friend, he had no doubt that Dean was doing just that.

Soon Rhys was so close that he could reach out and touch Kevin’s fuzzy gut. In fact, Rhys could even see what little remained of the splotch of Dean and Kevin’s cum that had been sprayed all over Kevin’s chest and gut. The steady stream of water coming from the shower head had done an amazing job of washing most of it off already, but even so Rhys could still make out the general size of the splotch. The splotch itself wasn’t so important as what it represented. It gave him a good benchmark to gauge just how much he had shrunk since then, and the answer astounded even him. Rhys had to be little more than half the size he had been back when he had been basking in the afterglow atop his buddy’s midsection!

There was a brief moment where Rhys was wracked with conflicting emotions. Had he really shrunk so much in such a small amount of time? He had to have halved in size! Did that mean the shrinking was speeding up? The worst part was Rhys didn’t know whether he was excited or terrified. He was ecstatic that he had gotten so tiny and that he was still getting smaller, but was there such a thing as too small? He had always assumed the shrinking would taper off when he got good and tiny, but there was a brief second there where the notion that he might shrink and shrink until there was nothing left was a very real possibility.

Once the initial shock subsided, Rhys was able to think clearly again. His rate of shrinking hadn’t really sped up. It was just that he was now so tiny that every inch he lost felt like a foot. He may have nearly halved in size since he was resting atop his buddy’s gut, but that only really meant he had lost some three or four inches. Of course that also meant he had precious few inches left to lose. At the rate things were going he would soon shrink smaller than a G.I. Joe. Hell, at the rate things were going he’d soon be knee high to a little green army man. The mere thought of it excited him to no end. His cock had already started stirring to life before, but now he was damn near fully boned all over again.

Rhys didn’t have too long to bask in his daydreams though. He soon found himself pressed face down against his humongous buddy’s gut. Rhys could feel himself traveling up and down and to the side as Dean dragged his soap-covered body all over his lover’s gut. Rhys clenched his eyes shut tight—in part because he knew it would help alleviate his motion sickness, but more because he needed to keep the suds out of his eyes. The constant motion had caused the layer of soap that Rhys had been coated in to form a nice, thick lather over his entire body. Oddly enough, his newfound blindness seemed to have heightened his other senses. He could feel the warmth of Kevin’s skin and the heat of the shower water permeating his whole body. Every breath Rhys took was filled with the bitter taste of soap and the hot, humid mist of the hot shower. Rhys could feel the soggy hairs brush against his face, and with each passing moment the hairs seemed to get thicker and coarser. At first Rhys assumed it was just a byproduct of his shrinking, but he quickly realized that there was another culprit at work. Kevin’s hairs really were getting coarser. They really were getting thicker, and that could only mean one thing.

Rhys soon found himself being brushed up against the dense, damp tangle of his buddy’s pubes, but things didn’t stop there. Rhys kept drifting lower and lower until soon he found himself facedown against his pal’s soft cock.

Even in its soft state Kevin’s cock was an impressive specimen to behold. Kevin was a bit of a grower but not by much. His soft cock was a solid five inches in length and was easily as thick as one of those fancy, glass Coke bottles. Rhys couldn’t admire the sheer size of his pal’s dick though. His eyes were still too full of soap suds to dare try to open them, but he could sure feel the fat tool against his body. He could feel the veins on the shaft brush against his body as his was rubbed against the incredible cock. He could feel the warmth emanating from it even amidst the hot steam of the shower. He could even catch a vague whiff of the smell of Kevin’s fantastic cock amidst the cloying scent of Ocean Breeze body wash.

Rhys tried to grip his pal’s phenomenal cock. He tried to hug it and nuzzle against it, but Dean wasn’t giving him the chance to really find purchase. Rhys wouldn’t have been able to grasp the amazing cock even if he had had all the time in the world though. Kevin’s cock was far too thick for Rhys to ever hope to get his arms around it. There’s no way he could even grip it enough to cling to it like a Koala in a tree. There was just no way Rhys could grab it. At his size it would have been like him trying to hug a U-Haul, but Rhys was so hot and horny that he wasn’t about to let anything as silly as the sheer impossibility of his actions stop him from trying. He buried his face against his pal’s cock and dug his fingers into the fat shaft as best he could. He soaked up the sheer size of his pal’s dick even as Dean kept sliding Rhys’s dwindling body up and down the length of the enormous shaft.

Rhys’s toes tended to bump against the tip of Kevin’s soft cock as he slid up and down the length of the fat shaft, but with each pass Rhys could tell that his feet hung past the tip of his pal’s dick slightly less with each dip. Rhys felt like he was hosting a rave for butterflies in his belly. He was so excited by the sheer notion that he was still shrinking and by how massive his pal’s cock already was compared to him that he just couldn’t help it. He was so giddy that his whole body was actually trembling which just made the full body hand-job that he was giving (with Dean’s assistance, of course) feel even more amazing to the lucky, colossal recipient.

Rhys was so focused on his shrinking and how horny he was that he didn’t even consider the real reason that Kevin’s cock seemed to be getting bigger so fast. Sure, Rhys was still shrinking, but that wasn’t the primary culprit. The feeling of Rhys’s tiny body wriggling against his cock caused Kevin’s libido to get its second wind. With each passing second and each successive stroke, Kevin’s cock stirred to life anew. With each pump that Dean gave his shaft, Kevin’s cock got thicker. With each pass that Rhys’s body slid along the length of Kevin’s thick cock, Kevin’s shaft got longer and harder. Rhys couldn’t tell because he was blind as a bat and completely disoriented from the motion, but Dean was no longer just stroking up and down along the length of Kevin’s cock. Kevin’s cock was already well past half mast and jutted out in front of him like a diving board. As a result Dean’s strokes were now gliding back and forth along the rigid shaft. It wasn’t until Dean pulled his hand back long enough to shift position that Rhys realized what was happening.

Rhys quickly wiped the suds from his eyes as best he could and glanced around to see why he had been so rudely taken from worshiping that fantastic cock. His eyes stung from the residual soap. Tears flowed from his eyes, but he didn’t dare close them. He had to soak up what view he could, and the view was totally worth it. He soon saw Kevin’s fat cock once again come into view. The huge shaft loomed over Rhys’s head like something out of Close Encounters. The shaft was so huge that it filled Rhys’s entire field of vision, and as he was steadily lifted up and up, ever closer to the glorious schlong, it was like coming in for an approach with a Star Destroyer.

On some level Rhys knew that his pal’s cock wasn’t really that huge. It wasn’t even longer than Rhys was tall, but the angle and the proximity and Rhys’s own blurry eyesight amplified the sensation and made Kevin’s cock feel even more massive than it really was.

As soon as Rhys was once again in range to do so he quickly began grabbing and stroking his pal’s huge cock with all his might. His hands kept gripping and groping up and down the slippery, puffy underside of his pal’s fully boned cock. Rhys fervently ground his own fully boned cock against the underside of his pal’s enormous schlong. Rhys buried his face into the soft, spongy head of Kevin’s fat cock whenever he came in range of it.

Rhys was so into it that he was only vaguely aware something strange. It soon got to the point where even at the lowest point of his path along Kevin’s cock, Rhys’s toes no longer dug into his pal’s sack even though his face was buried against the lower ridge of his Kevin’s puffy cock head. Despite how horny and excited he was, the gears were still turning in the back of his mind as some part of his consciousness attempted to decode this new experience. He was eye level with the tip of Kevin’s dick, but his toes still did not reach Kevin’s balls. What did that mean then? How could that happen? Unlesss...

Rhys actually gasped in shock when the answer hit him, and he sucked in a mouthful of suds in the process. He was now shorter than Kevin’s cock!

Somehow this revelation was a major turning point. Kevin’s fat beer can cock had been thicker than even Rhys’s swole torso for a while now, but up until just a moment ago Rhys had actually been taller than his pal’s dick. Now Rhys was so tiny that he was categorically smaller than even just his bud’s dick. The thought of it hit him like a ton of bricks. Rhys bit his lower lip and braced himself as best he could, but it was no use. The muscles in his sculpted eight-pack set of abs flexed and trembled. His whole body shuddered in anticipation. His cock lurched. His nuts pulled up, and then it happened. A few, weak, watery spurts erupted from his cock.

Rhys had just cum mere moments ago. His tired nuts had nothing left to give, but that didn’t stop them from giving it the good old college try. Even without a huge, messy cum shot, Rhys was still flooded with a rush of euphoria. He was so ecstatic that he didn’t even notice that he was still burying his face against his pal’s spongy cock head. He hadn’t even noticed that Dean had stopped stroking.

“W-wait. Stop.” Kevin gasped.

“Hmm? Why should I do that?” Dean asked impishly.

“Because I think it’s time for round two.” Kevin replied with a similar tone. The two lovers stared into each other’s eyes. They both had a horny, devious glint in their eyes that said it all.

Kevin reached over and turned the knob to shut off the shower, but not before giving his boyfriend’s bubbly butt a good squeeze for good measure. No sooner had the shower stopped than Dean turned and traipsed out of the shower stall and over towards the sink. Rhys was once more unceremoniously discarded on the countertop while Dean and Kevin giggled and dried each other off with a nearby towel.

Rhys was once again left jarred and dazed by his rough landing. It took a moment for the room to stop spinning and another moment longer for Rhys to feel comfortable standing up. He shakily got to his feet and glanced around at the landscape around him. It was the same place he had been mere moments before, but it looked far different at his reduced size. The bottle of mouthwash which Rhys once reached the base of the neck of now towered over him like an oak tree. The stems of the toothbrushes on the stand beside him were now thicker than his neck by a good margin. The stick of deodorant beside him was now nearly as tall as he was. The top of the thing came up to his chin, and the stick was wider than even his broad shoulders. The fairly fresh tube of toothpaste beside him was now the size of an inflatable pool lounger. Rhys had to be little bigger than five inches tall and still getting smaller with each passing second. He had no idea how much smaller he would get, but he did know he couldn’t wait to find out.

Part 8

Rhys wasn’t given much time to sit and take stock of his surroundings. No sooner had his head cleared and he had begun to really understand just how tiny he had become than Dean once again reached towards the shrunken stud. Rhys instinctively recoiled at the sudden movement of a hand that was the size of a sedan. At Rhys’s reduced size a clean smack from that massive palm could have swatted him clean off the countertop. Fortunately Dean stopped before his hand actually came near his reduced pal. Something else had caught his attention.

Kevin had sidled up behind his lean, lithe little lover and had wrapped his huge, muscular arms around his much smaller and slimmer boyfriend. He gave Dean a few quick, passionate kissed on the shoulder and moved his way up the nape of his boyfriend’s neck before whispering into Dean’s ear.

“Go ahead and lie down. We’ll be along in a minute.” Kevin said in a deep, rumbling voice. His voice was so soft and so sensual that it was almost a feral growl. It was music to Dean’s ears, but at Rhys’s reduced size, the deep rumbling of Kevin’s baritone voice seemed the make the air itself roil.

Rhys watched in awe as Dean turned around, gave his boyfriend a quick peck on the cheek, and then bolted happily towards the bedroom. The sheer speed at which Dean moved made Rhys sick to his stomach. It was like watching a mountain enter warp drive. Dean was easily the size of a skyscraper and he appeared to move fast enough to break the sound barrier. In the span of a few short seconds he had darted all the way across his apartment and into the bedroom. At Dean’s size that trek was little more than ten feet, but to Rhys it looked as if Dean had just crossed the span of a city in a few short steps.

Rhys was in for yet another jarring view when Kevin turned and looked down at him. Kevin had always been an imposing figure, and that had been back when he only had a few inches of height on Rhys. Now Rhys only had a few inches of height in total! Kevin now loomed over him like a god. Even Kevin’s cock was longer than Rhys was tall and as wide as a barn door, and at Kevin’s towering height said cock now loomed directly above of the reduced Rhys. Thanks to Rhys’s perch atop the bathroom counter, he now found himself eye level with Kevin’s massive nut sack with Kevin’s colossal, semi-boned cock sticking out over his head.

Rhys found himself staring up in awe at his pal’s cock which was now so massive that even the veins that bulged out of the sides of the monolithic piece of meat were thicker than Rhys’s wrist. Kevin’s cock was so huge that even just the soft, spongy head of the now semi-erect cock could have eclipsed Rhys’s entire torso and then some. His nuts were so enormous that the enormous orbs appeared to be as big as couches. Kevin’s cock was so massive that pre-dribbling slit at the tip of his semi-boned wang was bigger than Rhys’s mouth! And as Rhys stared up at the tip of Kevin’s massive cock, all he could think of was how amazing it looked. That slit was the perfect size. Rhys had no doubt in his mind that his cock could easily slide right inside the pre-slicked slit of his colossal buddy’s massive cock.

Kevin didn’t even try to ask Rhys what he thought of the view, and it wouldn’t have mattered even if he had because Rhys was now far too tiny for Kevin to ever hope to hear. Rhys was now little taller than four inches high. He was barely bigger than a G.I. Joe. He was now two inches shorter than Kevin’s fat cock and less than half as tall as Dean’s incredibly long schlong. Rhys was smaller than a mouse, and he was still getting smaller with each passing moment.

Kevin smirked as he noticed the intensity of Rhys’s gaze, and blood began to rush to his cock anew when he noticed exactly where Rhys was staring. Thoughts started speeding through his mind of what Rhys could possibly have in mind, and even just thinking about what might happen next was enough to get Kevin fully boned all over again. Kevin had half a mind to give Rhys unrestricted access to his cock and see where things went from there, but he knew better than to leave Dean unattended for too long. If Kevin didn’t hurry up and rejoin him in the bedroom, then Kevin could be sure that his lean little lover would be right back in the restroom with him and wanting in on the fun. It was just easer for everyone involved to move the festivities back into the bedroom, but that didn’t mean Kevin wasn’t going to have a bit of fun in the meantime.

Kevin moved his hand towards the countertop and held his palm up right next to the countertop and nodded for his reduced pal to hop on. Rhys was hesitant at first, but he quickly worked up the nerve and hopped right onto the Kevin’s outstretched palm and prepared for yet another bumpy ride like the previous excursions he had had in Dean’s hands, but Kevin had a completely different plan in mind for Rhys. No sooner had Rhys gotten settled on Kevin’s hand than Kevin tipped his palm to the side and sent the tiny jock tumbling down.

There was a brief moment where Rhys was sure that this was the end for him. At his current height a fall from the countertop was like a fall from the fourth floor balcony. He may as well be base jumping off of a mall rather than tumbling from his friend’s palm, but no sooner had he reached the edge of Kevin’s hand than Rhys landed on another part of his pal’s anatomy—Kevin’s rock hard cock.

Rhys was too awed to say or do anything at first. All he could do was stare down at the thick slab of meat that now carried his entire weight. There was once a time where Rhys had ridden Kevin’s cock in a much different fashion, but the days of Rhys bottoming for his bros seemed like a distant memory at this point. Now Kevin’s cock was so huge that Rhys could lay across it like a bed. His toes just barely brushed against the well-trimmed bristles of Kevin’s bush and his outstretched hands only just barely managed to reach the ridge of Kevin’s puffy cock head. Kevin’s thick dick was so wide that it was even roomier than a king size bed.

Rhys didn’t have long to admire his perch though. All too soon Kevin was on the move. It was all Rhys could do to grip the flesh of his pal’s cock for dear life to hold on as his buddy’s massive dong bobbed and swayed back and forth and he sauntered from the restroom and into the bedroom, but oddly enough the ride wasn’t nearly as bad as the trip had been while held in Dean’s hand. Even though Rhys was now even smaller than before and Kevin’s cock was wobbling this way and that, Rhys still wasn’t being slung around near as fast as he had been in Dean’s hand. It was as if Kevin was intentionally taking things much slower than Dean had for Rhys’s benefit, but the truth of the matter was slightly different.

Kevin was in no hurry to reach the bed or even the bedroom. He was enjoying watching his tiny pal resting atop his fat cock. He loved the feeling of Rhys’s reduced body lying atop his huge cock. He couldn’t get enough of how amazing it looked and felt to have a dick that absolutely dwarfed one of his best buds. He wanted to make the trip take as long as possible, and the fact that Dean was staring straight at his cock and his tiny passenger as Kevin made his march from the restroom just made it all the more satisfying.

Rhys slowly managed to crawl forward like a soldier on the battlefield until he was right at the ridge of Kevin’s spongy cockhead. Rhys gripped the edge of the soft tissue and slowly peered over as if he was peeking up from the trenches, and what he saw took his breath away. Dean was lying on his back and had propped himself up on his elbows to stare right at Rhys as he rode atop Kevin’s cock. The look in Dean’s eyes could only rightly be described as horny as hell. Dean was no doubt cocked, locked, and ready to rock, and Rhys was sure he was going to be getting well acquainted with Dean’s recently re-boned cock in very short order, but what he didn’t know was just how close he already was to Dean’s massive cock nor did he realize how soon he and Dean’s dick were going to be reunited.

No sooner had Rhys managed to peer over the ridge of Kevin’s cock head than he felt the world shift out from under him. Rhys glanced back over his shoulder just in time to see Kevin’s enormous thumb press down against the base of his cock, causing his rock hard cock to suddenly angle downward. Rhys felt like his stomach had been launched into his throat as he suddenly tumbled head over heels right over the ridge of Kevin’s cock head and landed flat on his back atop something very warm and very firm.

It didn’t take Rhys long to regain his bearings. Once he sat up and got a look of his surroundings it was clear that he was straddling the sensitive, puffy ridge along the underside of Dean’s incredible cock. Even just the bulging mound along the underside of Dean’s dick was wider than Rhys’s torso. Seating atop it was like straddling one of those ride-on inflatable pool dolphins only without the annoying and itchy crease down the center and without the squeaky rubber rubbing against the insides of his thighs. Instead Rhys had the warm and supple flesh of his best bud’s boner nestled between his thighs.

Rhys slowly managed to scramble to his feet and awkwardly staggered for a moment until he managed to get his balance, but it didn’t last long. No sooner had he gotten his balance than he felt something slam into his back. He wasn’t hit hard enough to hurt, but whatever it was definitely hit him hard enough to send him staggering forward. Rhys was once again sent tumbling forward, but this time he managed to stop his fall before he was left completely splayed out. Instead Rhys found himself on his knees and clinging to Dean’s cock head to keep himself from rolling off the side.

Rhys was floored at huge the tip of Dean’s dick was. The enormous knob was wider than Rhys’s shoulders by a good margin. At Rhys’s reduced size even just the head of Dean’s dick appeared to be the size of a large exercise ball, and yet Rhys knew that Kevin’s cock head was even larger. In fact, as Rhys slowly pieced things together he came to realize just what it was that had knocked him over. It had felt like he had been hit from behind by a soft-sided slow moving vehicle, and the truth had not been that far from the truth. He had been bumped by the pre-oozing knob of Kevin’s cock. The spongy tip of Kevin’s cock alone was easily the size of a smart car and had enough momentum behind it that it could send Rhys sailing if Kevin had really intended to do any harm.

Rhys managed to once again clamber to his feet. Once he did he stared up in awe at the beefy titan that smirked down at him. Kevin loomed over him like the side of a cliff. His burly chest looked to be as wide as a skyscraper and every bit as tall. Kevin’s humongous faced loomed over the miniature Rhys like a planet. Even the individual pearly whites that flashed in his massive grin were every bit as big as Rhys’s whole head!

Kevin smirked down at the ridiculously tiny, beefy jock and nodded towards his own huge cock. The gesture seemed benign enough, but Rhys understood the message perfectly. Kevin wanted Rhys to service his huge cock, and Rhys had the perfect idea of how to do it.

Rhys staggered forward and wrapped his arms around the tip of Kevin’s cock. Kevin’s fat cock was so thick that even though the underside of his dick was mashed against Dean’s cock which Rhys now stood atop, the topside of his spongy cock head crested at almost Rhys’s shoulders. Kevin’s cock was so huge that Rhys could only barely get arms to wrap far enough around Kevin’s cock head so that his fingers could grip the ridge of the soft, spongy tip.

Kevin’s slit was at the perfect height. It lined up perfectly with Rhys’s crotch so that Rhys could slide his cock right in as he hugged the warm, thick, spongy head. Kevin’s cock provided only the most minimal of resistance. It was as if it wanted this as much as Rhys did, but the truth of the matter was that Rhys was just so small that his meager cock was too tiny to even fully fill the pre-drooling slit of his buddy’s massive cock.

Rhys wasted no time settling into a rhythm. He rocked his hips back and forth and slid his cock in and out of his colossal pal’s cock slit. The way the warm, slick pre oozed over his cock and cascaded down his inner thighs felt so wonderful. The way the inner walls of Kevin’s cock gripped Rhys’s dick like a warm, wet mouth felt so fantastic. Rhys felt absolutely fantastic, but no matter how amazing fucking Kevin’s cock felt, it didn’t feel anywhere near as amazing as the knowledge that Rhys had that he was now so tiny that what he was doing was even possible.

Rhys had lost even more height even in just the trip from the restroom to the bed. He had dropped below four inches in height and was quickly approaching three. Even as he slammed his cock in and out of Kevin’s thick dick, Rhys could feel the sides of Kevin’s dick gripping his cock less and less. He could feel his grip on the ridge of Kevin’s cock head getting more and more tenuous by the second. He could feel his perch atop Dean’s cock shifting as the puffy ridge grew seemingly wider and wider beneath his shrinking toes.

Rhys held out as long as he was able, but his steady shrinkage soon got the better of him. His arms were soon simply too short to reach all the way around Kevin’s fat cock head. Rhys rocked his hips and slid his dick into Kevin’s cock. His crotch smacked against the tip of Kevin’s cock, and Rhys’s pinkies slipped from the ridge of Kevin’s knob, but despite the fact that he was now so tiny that he could only just barely get his fingers to reach the ridge of Kevin’s cock head, still Rhys held on.

Rhys wasn’t about to stop now. He felt too fantastic, and the sensation of shrinking just made everything feel even more amazing. He kept rocking his hips and slamming his cock into Kevin’s slit. Rhys was now so small that he was barely even touching the sides, and soon he was so small that his ring fingers slipped off of the ridge of Kevin’s cock as well.

Rhys was left holding on with two fingers on each hand. He was just too damn small to do more than that. His arms were just too short to reach across Kevin’s fat knob. Rhys was just too tiny to even handle merely the head of Kevin’s cock, but still he persevered. Still Rhys continued to rock his hips and hump his pal’s cock for all he was worth. His footing started to slip and so did his grip. He dug his fingers in as best he could, but it was no good. His arms were just too short. He couldn’t reach across Kevin’s cock!

Rhys’s fingers slipped free of Kevin’s knob. Without his tenuous grip, Rhys quickly lost his footing too. He managed one last hump for the road before his feet slipped out from under him. He quickly fell flat on his ass and found himself staring straight down the slit he had been fucking mere moments before. The cavernous maw of his pal’s cock was now so huge, that Rhys could easily get his whole arm in there. In fact it wouldn’t be long before he could get his whole head in there too, and at the rate things were going he would soon be so tiny that his entire body could slide straight down the slit and into the shaft of his pal’s colossal cock. Kevin’s cock already dwarfed Rhys’s whole body, but soon the behemoth would be so massive to the shrinking stud that it could swallow Rhys’s brawny body whole! The mere thought of it made Rhys even hornier than he already was. Rhys didn’t even know that was possible, but somehow staring down into the darkness of his buddy’s cock was enough to get Rhys’s fully-boned cock lurching with approval. Rhys was about to once again blow his load!

Rhys had no idea how many times he had cum this night already. He had counted at least three, and his nuts were pleading with him to stop. His balls were so thoroughly drained that they practically ached, but his dick was ready for more. Unfortunately Rhys wasn’t given the chance to shoot once more. No sooner had he begun to accept that he was reaching his limit than he felt Kevin’s colossal fingers close down around him.

Rhys was now so tiny that Kevin could effortlessly pluck the little guy up between his thumb and forefinger. Rhys was so small that even just the pad of Kevin’s thumb was big enough to eclipse Rhys’s whole chest. Rhys was dangerously close to the size of a green army man figure. In fact, he’d probably be as tall as one if he ever found one of those figures where the soldier was actually standing up, but that hardly mattered to him now. What did matter to him was that his whole world was once again topsy-turvy as he was sent careening through the sky in the vise-like grip of his titanic buddy’s fingers.

Rhys was once again dropped unceremoniously in a new location, but by this point Rhys was getting used to this treatment. It didn’t take him long to get his bearings, but that wasn’t really a matter of him clearing his head. He didn’t even need to see to know where he was. The steady rise and fall of the floor said it all. He had been dropped right atop Dean’s chest!

Rhys could hardly believe how tiny he had become. At Rhys’s reduced size Dean’s chest may as well have been a football field. The distance down to Dean’s dick was a full 100-yard dash, and that distance was growing larger and larger with each passing second as Rhys shrunk ever so slightly more. Rhys couldn’t help but wonder just how small would he get. He was already so tiny that he would be dwarfed by a mouse. There were even several insects out there that were bigger than him, and yet he knew he had a ways to go before his shrinking was done. He was going to keep shrinking and shrinking with no end in sight, and by the time he was done, Dean’s chest and belly being like a football field would be a far gone dream. By the time Rhys was done dwindling he was sure that Dean would be a veritable country to him—maybe even a planet! Rhys could hardly contain his glee as he imagined himself shrinking smaller and smaller until he was so small that even the pores on Dean’s otherwise perfectly smooth skin opened up like chasms before the microscopic stud.

Rhys had no doubt in his mind that he was going to get good and tiny by the end of it all. He was already so small, and there was nowhere left to go but down. The sheer thought of it sent shivers of excitement down his spine, but as much fun as it was to fantasize about the future, Rhys wasn’t about to let his daydreams detract from the now. He had an amazingly erotic dreamscape spread out before him, and a towering giant staring down at him from the far side of the field who seemed to be thinking up the next new and exciting game that the two titans were going to play with their bug-sized friend.

Part 9

Rhys could barely stay on his feet, and it wasn’t just because his legs felt like jelly on account of how hot his surroundings were or how close to creaming he felt at that very moment. The ground beneath him was literally moving beneath his feet. From Rhys’s perch atop his pal’s chest, every breath that Dean took felt like the very earth roiled beneath him. It was all Rhys could do to keep standing each and every breath Dean took, and the tremors were just getting worse with each passing second. Rhys’s steady shrinkage wasn’t solely to blame for that though. Much of the blame fell upon Kevin—Dean’s huge and hunky boyfriend—who was hard at work tending to Dean’s towering erection that loomed on the far side of the vast expanse of Dean’s flat, smooth torso like a tree on the far side of a field. Rhys could scarcely comprehend how huge his pal’s cock was!

Sure, Dean had always been exceptionally gifted downstairs, but now Dean’s nine inch python looked more like a towering spruce than a trouser snake. The thing was easily three times as tall as Rhys was and then some, and that wasn’t even factoring in its incredible thickness. There was no way Rhys could ever hope to wrap his arms around the beast. It would be like trying to hug a king sized mattress. Kevin had no such problems though. His huge, hefty hand easily gripped and groped his lover’s huge cock before Rhys’s very eyes. Then again that same hand was so huge that Rhys had ridden in the palm of it mere moments before, and Rhys was even tinier than he had been back then.

Kevin gripped his lover’s cock in his hand and slowly stroked each and every last inch of his boyfriend’s huge rod. His hand made long, languid strides across the smooth surface of the towering spire. Rhys was transfixed. He was hypnotized, and it wasn’t just the sheer size of both Dean’s cock and Kevin’s hand that had him so enthralled. The way Kevin was staring right at him as he sucked the tip of Dean’s huge cock and stroked the shaft of Dean’s towering rod was as if he was silently goading Rhys on to do something about it. He was practically daring Rhys to try and join in the fun, but what could Rhys do? He was barely as tall as a Lego man and getting smaller by the second! A trek across Dean’s flat belly may as well have been a sprint across a football field except a football field typically doesn’t shudder beneath his feet, and with each moment that passed Dean’s breaths became shorter and more ragged as Kevin played with his rigid cock. Dean’s quivering breaths made the ground beneath Rhys’s feet feel like it was in the throes of a force five earthquake. It was all Rhys could do to keep upright, and yet he knew he couldn’t leave it at that. He knew he couldn’t sit this one out—not while there was so much to experience at his shrunken size, and certainly not while Kevin was daring him to do more.

Rhys awkwardly staggered across the expanse of Dean’s shuddering chest. Rhys felt tinier and tinier with each passing second, and it wasn’t just his steady shrinkage to blame. As he moved away from Dean’s collarbone and further down towards the middle of Dean’s quivering chest, Rhys began to feel more and more exposed. There was no safe spot to run if things took a turn for the worse. He was out in the open. It may as well be a mile in any direction just to escape his pal’s chest, and even if he did make it to the edge, what would he do then? It would be like a three story drop to the mattress below. He was completely at the mercy of his colossal pals! The mere thought of which excited him to no end but also terrified him. He had no reason to doubt that his pals would do all they could to keep him safe, but how could he be sure that that would be enough? He was quickly shrinking down to the size of a bug. There were spiders out there that looked like monster trucks to him. Hell, a tarantula may as well be a tank! He was so puny and pathetic that seemingly harmless insects were now monstrous entities, and as he got smaller and smaller he would become even weaker and more vulnerable. Kevin and Dean were great friends, but would they really be able to keep Rhys safe when even a tardigrade could swallow him whole?

Yet despite his feeling of powerlessness, Rhys’s cock was as hard as it had ever been. He had blown so many loads that night that his nuts practically ached for him to stop. He had no more spunk to shoot, but that didn’t stop the pre from dribbling out the tip of his fully-boned cock. The smaller he got, the hornier he got. Somehow the feeling of powerlessness seemed to amplify his desires. Being so completely at the mercy of his two titanic buddies was the hottest thing he had ever experienced—even hotter than the view of Dean’s colossal cock looming before him like a magic tower out of a fantasy novel.

With each inch he trekked he could actually see his goal getting larger and larger in front of him, and it wasn’t just the proximity that was making Dean’s rod seem so massive. With each step Rhys took he could feel himself getting ever so slightly smaller. By the time Rhys had made it past the ridges and valleys of Dean’s ribcage Rhys was well below the two inch mark. He was barely shoulder high to a Lego guy if that, and his shrinking continued as he awkwardly stumbled across the soft skin of his pal’s belly. Dean had never really had the squishiest of bellies, but even so, at Rhys’s reduced size his pal’s soft flesh barely even bent beneath his bare feet. There was hardly any give. Rhys was just so tiny that he couldn’t even make a dimple in his buddy’s skin, and at the rate things were going he would be too tiny for Dean to even feel. He would be so small and insignificant that even a mosquito would make a more noticeable landfall on his pal’s exposed flesh than Rhys could, and somehow the mere thought of being more insignificant than even a gnat just fueled Rhys’s already raging hard-on.

Rhys balked for a moment. The sheer scope of his pal’s smooth belly was daunting, and then there was the towering colossus he called a cock looming at the far side of the flat expanse that stretched out before him. What could he even do at his size? The best he could do was throw himself at the mercy of such a godly cock and worship every inch of the beast that was within his reach. Even Kevin seemed to think that Rhys was not up to such a task, and Rhys was finding it hard to deny. Kevin’s gaze as he sensually licked and sucked every last inch of Dean’s immaculate cock seemed to be teasing Rhys and daring him to try to do something. Kevin was practically mocking Rhys for his powerlessness, but that didn’t seem like something he would do. Kevin was always the nicest of the trio. He always pushed his friends to try their hardest even when things seemed impossible…

It was then that Rhys realized that he had let his own thoughts get away from him. So what if he was half the size of a G.I. Joe? This was a dream come true! Even if he was so tiny that all he could do was grind against his pal’s skyscraper sized cock and lick ever micrometer that he could reach, then that was still something. It wasn’t all about the end result—it was about the effort and the passion, and Rhys had passion in spades. He might be the size of a pebble but he had a mountain of passion boiling within him.

Rhys redoubled his efforts and then some. He flat out sprinted across his pal’s smooth belly. Even as the flesh beneath his feet rocked and shuddered as if it was in the throes of a force five earthquake Rhys kept speeding across the milky white landscape towards his goal, and he made amazing progress despite his small size. In less than a minute he had made it towards Dean’s tiny belly button. Much like the small nipples on Dean’s smooth, slender body, his belly button was barely more than a blip, but at Rhys’s reduced size, the small dimple of a cute, little belly button was nearly the size of a manhole cover. Rhys didn’t let that deter him though. He didn’t even bother to redirect his course. He hopped over the small pit as if it were a hurdle on the track field. He stuck the landing perfectly, but then the real trouble began. Rhys couldn’t tell if it was an intentional maneuver on Kevin’s part or if it was just pure dumb luck, but no sooner had Rhys made the hop than he felt an extra powerful shudder arc through Dean’s colossal body. Dean’s sharp intake of air was so loud that it even made Rhys’s ear ring from halfway across the football field size expanse of Dean’s smooth belly.

Dean’s back arced. His body trembled, and Rhys fell flat back onto his ass. The landing was anything but graceful, but that wasn’t even the half of it. Rhys soon found himself sitting in an extremely awkward position. His knees were near his chest, and his but was wedged into the tiny little dimple of his buddy’s shallow belly button. Rhys wasn’t stuck per se, but he was so shocked at his position that it was all he could do to just sit there and gawp at his surroundings. Dean’s belly button was so tiny that Rhys could toy with it with just the tip of his pinky back when he had been full sized—a maneuver that made the extremely ticklish twink wriggle and writhe and laugh to no end which was why Rhys liked to tease him with it, but now Rhys was so tiny that his butt fit into the same small socket. He was seated in the little dip of his pal’s belly as if he had fallen into a toilet which didn’t have the seat down. Some small part of him made a mental note to be more conscientious when his mom complained about him leaving the seat all the time, but that small part of his mind was drowned out by the rest of his senses with shouted for joy at how ridiculously tiny he had become and at how much smaller he would soon be. Even now he could feel the small dip he found himself seated in getting slightly roomier as he steadily shrunk even smaller. It wouldn’t be long until the toilet bowl sized indentation was more the size of a pitfall trap from some Roadrunner cartoon.

Rhys shook the thought from his mind and once again focused on rushing towards his target. He awkwardly pushed himself up and out of the pit and hurriedly scrambled to his feet—a maneuver that was far easier said than done because the way Rhys’s hands pushed against the sensitive center spot of Dean’s ticklish belly and the way Rhys’s butt wriggled within the pitfall trap that was Dean’s belly button made the titan shudder as he stifled his giggles.

Soon Rhys was back on his feet and hurriedly dashing once more towards his ultimate goal—the towering spire of Dean’s magnificent cock. Even as he hauled ass towards it, Rhys could scarcely comprehend how huge it was. It defied logic and explanation. It was like staring up at a centuries old redwood, but it was really just a twenty year old college wood. Rhys soon found himself trotting across the smooth, clean shaved expanse of Dean’s crotch. Dean was incredibly tidy when it came to manscaping, but at Rhys’s tiny size the shrunken stud could see small bumps and tiny red blips upon the seemingly silky smooth and milky white flesh. He could even catch small glimpses of tiny bits of black stubble trying to poke its way out from beneath the pale white flesh like gnarled roots from an old tree. Rhys didn’t spend much time looking at that though. It was tough to even think about such things when a towering marvel of raw masculinity loomed over him. He was so close to it that he could actually smell the pre which oozed from the tip. The scent of Dean’s cock was absolutely overwhelming, but not in a bad way. Just being so close to such a magnificent dick made Rhys horny as he had ever been and then some.

Rhys lost sight of everything except for the cock which loomed before him like an archaic obelisk from some Stanley Kubrick film. He slowly stepped closer and closer, his hand shakily outstretched as he steadily moved in closer to touch the godly relic. He didn’t feel like he even had the right to be in the presence of such splendor, but he knew he had no chance of backing down now. He couldn’t leave even if he wanted. The draw of such a magnificent cock was too much for him to deny.

Just as Rhys was about to lay his hand upon the object of his obsession he once more fell flat on his ass due to the sudden intervention of the third member of the ménage a trois. Kevin slid so far down Dean’s cock that his lips nearly touched the smooth flesh of his lover’s crotch.

Rhys soon found himself splayed out on his back and staring up at his pal’s massive face. Kevin was so huge compared to the shrunken stud that even just his nose dwarfed Rhys’s entire body. Rhys was so floored by the sheer size of Kevin’s face that he couldn’t even appreciate how impressive it was that Kevin had managed to deep throat nearly every last inch of Dean’s monster cock.

Rhys propped himself up on his elbow and slowly reached a hand out to touch his pal’s nose. Part of him needed to be sure it was real. Part of him couldn’t fathom that he had become so tiny. It was one thing to see Dean’s cock looming before him. It was easy to forget that something like that was even part of someone’s body. At Rhys’s size, Dean’s cock seemed so foreign and alien that it almost didn’t register that this was the same dick he had sucked several times in the past, but it was not so with Kevin’s face. This was unmistakably his friend, and his friend was unmistakably massive. It was like having front row seats at an IMAX. Kevin’s full face didn’t even fit in Rhys’s field of vision. Kevin’s nose seemed the size of a smart car, and the bit of Kevin’s upper lip that Rhys could see made it clear that Kevin’s mouth was more than big enough to take Rhys’s entire body inside of it. It was hard to fathom that just this afternoon Rhys coulda gone toe to toe with the titan on the wrestling mat, but now Rhys wasn’t even a snack. He was little more than a Halloween size Snickers and getting smaller with each passing second.

Rhys could feel Kevin’s nose pulling away from him, but this time Rhys’s steady shrinkage wasn’t solely to blame. Kevin was pulling back along the length of his lover’s incredibly long cock. Each inch after long, thick inch of dick that slid out of his mouth was left slick and shiny from his spit which just made the super-sized schlong seem even more alien to the shrunken stud. Rhys couldn’t help but stare up in awe at the enormous tool which loomed over him like a redwood. Rhys was once more overwhelmed by the desire to press his body against it and service every last long inch of the beast that he could reach, but he quickly realized that that would be a bad idea. As the last of Dean’s dick slipped out of Kevin’s mouth, Kevin began to grip the tip of Dean’s cock between his fingers and toy with the huge dick. The maneuver not only caused Dean’s body—the same body which was now the entire world upon which the reduced Rhys now stood—to shudder violently but also caused his already rock hard cock to tilt like the leaning tower of Pisa. Rhys’s eyes went wide as it slowly dawned on him what Kevin was doing. The playful smirk that played at the corner of Kevin’s lips and the devious glint in his eyes just served to reaffirm what Rhys already knew. Rhys watched in shock and awe as Kevin slowly tilted his lover’s rock hard cock even further away. The flesh beneath Rhys’s very feet began to stretch and tilt as Dean’s rigid boner moved into an uncomfortable position.

Rhys wasted no time. He scrambled back to his feet and booked it back towards Dean’s belly. It was the only chance he could think of. As he awkwardly scrambled and stumbled across the smooth expanse of Dean’s belly, Rhys occasionally glanced over his shoulder to see Kevin still staring back down at him. Kevin still had Dean’s massive cock pulled back like a catapult ready to fire. Rhys was nearly out of breath by the time he made it back towards Dean’s belly button. He wasted no time and vaulted over the gap with all his might. It was hard to believe that just moments earlier the small dimple in his buddy’s belly was little bigger than a toilet bowl. Now it was closer to the size of a wash basin. He could go bobbing for apples in a bowl that big, but Rhys didn’t have time to admire his own shrinkage or how massive his pal had become. No sooner had he cleared the gap then the ground beneath him shuddered as Dean’s massive cock slapped against his flat belly like a falling pine tree. The impact sent Rhys reeling. He tumbled head over heels and went sprawling onto his back atop his friend’s belly. When Rhys finally manage to get his head to stop spinning, he managed to look up and marveled at what he saw.

Rhys was face to face with Dean’s cock! The thick, spongy tip of the massive cock was as wide as Rhys was tall! Even just the slit of the monstrous member was as long as Rhys’s face and then some! It wouldn’t be long before the slit of Dean’s cock was as long as Rhys’s leg! Rhys could easily slip his entire arm in there! Hell, he could fit both arms! And at the rate things were going in the matter of mere moments he would be able to slide his entire body right down the pre-drooling slit that stared back at him like the eye of Sauron.

With the immediate danger passed and the sheer scope of Dean’s massive cock too mind-boggling to ignore, Rhys slowly crept closer to the monstrous schlong which lay splayed out before him. He couldn’t help himself. It was far too hot and sexy for him to ignore even though just mere seconds ago he had feared that the beast would crush him like a bug. Rhys could hardly even believe it. Just staring at it made him hard as a rock all over again. He had become so tiny, so insignificant, that even just his pal’s dick could smother him completely. Just this morning Dean had been so much smaller than him that Rhys could hoist the tiny dude onto his shoulders and stomp around campus with the little guy riding on top like a kid on his dad’s shoulders. Dean was a shrimpy little twink. He didn’t have an ounce of muscle on his slender body, and yet despite all of Rhys’s rippling muscles, he was now no more than a bug compared to the slender titan. He was so tiny he barely even registered as a blip against Dean’s titanic cock.

Rhys didn’t even try to resist the siren’s call of Dean’s fantastic cock. No sooner had Rhys managed to once again clamber to his feet than he threw himself upon the massive cock. Rhys pressed his whole body against the tip of the titanic wang and began kissing and licking every square micrometer that he could reach, but given how much Rhys had shrunken, he couldn’t even fully service the head. He would have better luck hugging a buffalo than he would trying to wrap his arms around Dean’s thick dick.

Rhys’s body was running on pure instinct and desire. He couldn’t even think about how strange his surrounding were. He couldn’t even fathom how tiny he had become or how much smaller he would get. All he could do was worship his pal’s monstrously huge cock. Rhys dug his fingers into the soft, spongy tissue of Dean’s fat cockhead, but despite the supple texture of the massive tip, Rhys was too tiny to so much as make a dent. Instead of feeling soft and spongy, Dean’s cock head felt stiff like hard rubber. No matter how hard Dean tried to dig his fingers in he was just too weak to even make a dent in Dean’s skin. That didn’t deter him though. Rhys threw himself on the task of servicing his pal’s cock in any way he could. He pressed his entire body against the tip of his pal’s dick. Rhys’s body was so tiny that he barely weighed more than an ounce or two, but it was enough to please the glorious titan. Rhys could feel Dean’s cock begin to shudder as he rubbed his whole body against the tip of it. He could feel Dean’s already rock hard cock stiffen and twitch in excitement. Each small shudder felt like an earthquake for the shrunken jock. Each small twitch felt like a full on jolt, but Rhys dug in and braced himself as best as he could.

As Rhys continued to grind and hug and kiss the tip of his pal’s cock, his hands slid along the supple surface until his hands bumped against the warm tissue of the thick flesh that encircled Dean’s engorged cock head. At Rhys’s reduced size even just the foreskin which pooled around the head of Dean’s cock was as thick as his forearm. As he shoved with all his might to slide his hands under the rim of the thick flesh Rhys was once again struck by how small and puny he had become. Just this morning he could have effortlessly pulled back Dean’s foreskin with just his thumb, but now he had to struggle with all his might just to slide his arms into the space between the hot, heavy blanket of flesh and the soft, spongy tissue of Dean’s dick tip that rested beneath. Dean’s foreskin, which Rhys doubted weighed more than a single gram, was so heavy that it was as if he was trying to slide his arms underneath a fully inflated waterbed mattress only Dean’s skin was much softer and much warmer than any rubber waterbed mattress Rhys had ever manhandled before.

As Rhys dug his arms in, he bucked his hips and ground his cock against his pal’s huge cock. Rhys could scarcely fathom how tiny he was. Just being in the presence of his pal’s cock made him feel so tiny and insignificant that it made him want to cum and cum again. He was already smaller than he had ever dreamed possible, and he couldn’t help but crave getting even smaller. Even now as his dick slid effortlessly into Dean’s slit Rhys couldn’t help but marvel at the disparity. Rhys’s cock was now so small that it barely even brushed the walls of Dean’s cock as he rammed his dick in and out of the pre-oozing maw of Dean’s monster cock, and Rhys was still getting smaller! Even has he humped and kissed, licked and rubbed, he could feel the solid wall of Dean’s enormous cock getting even larger and larger.

Rhys would have been content to stand there and worshiping his pal’s cock for as long as he was large enough to physically do so, but his pals had other ideas. Dean’s cock began to rise back to its full upright and locked position and Rhys found himself along for the ride. Fortunately Rhys was quick to adapt. He quickly dug his toes into the gap between Dean’s foreskin and the puffy head of Dean’s cock and held on for dear life. Rhys found himself splayed out facedown atop the tip of his friend’s dick like a miniature version of the Vitruvian Man. He could feel the warmth from Dean’s cock permeating every inch of his body, and that wasn’t the only thing. Rhys was getting absolutely drenched in pre. Dean’s dick was leaking like a faucet, and at Rhys’s reduced size he was getting positively laminated in the slick liquid. Pre was gurgling up to the surface so fast that Rhys could actually feel the very size of the slit as the liquid pushed out against his belly. It was clear that he had already shrunken a bit more even since pressing himself against his friend’s cock, and he was still steadily dwindling. Even now he could feel the slit that pressed against his belly getting ever so slightly larger with each passing second. Rhys exulted in the feeling of his own steady shrinkage, but he didn’t have time to really focus on it. Soon he had reached the end of his upward journey.

Dean’s cock came to an abrupt halt. The stop was so jarring that had Rhys not had his hands and feet buried under the folds of Dean’s foreskin, he might have been flung clear off from his perch atop the titanic cock.

Rhys waited a moment. He wasn’t sure why he had stopped, but he wasn’t sure he wanted to push his luck with letting go of the one thing keeping him steady. Eventually the curiosity got to be too much for him. He slowly pulled his hands out from under Dean’s thick skin and steadily climbed to his feet. Rhys stared out at his surroundings in awe. He was perched atop his friend’s dick, but he may as well be standing atop Sears Tower! The smooth expanse of Dean’s flat belly and Dean’s cute, little nutsack seemed to be a mile below him. It was hard for Rhys to comprehend that Dean’s balls could ever be considered small. Even when he was full sized, Dean’s balls were bigger than his, but even so they were barely as big as ping pong balls. Now though they seemed so huge that Rhys could rest atop them as if he were stargazing while lying on the roof of a van… a warm, soft, supple van in any case. Part of Rhys wanted to do just that. He wanted to slide down the several feet of dick and land gracefully atop Dean’s inviting sack, but he was in no position to do just that. He was having a hard enough time just standing upright. The ground beneath him shuddered in excitement, and pre still bubbled up from the depths of Dean’s towering cock. The slick liquid made his footing even more precarious. As Rhys glanced down at the slit at his feet he couldn’t help but be blown away by how huge it had become. It was so huge that he could almost slide right into it! It would be a tight fit, but he couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to climb right in. Just imagining what it would feel like to have the inner walls of Dean’s cock gripping his shrinking body on all sides was enough to make Rhys’s dick shudder in anticipation once more. Even though his thoroughly drained balls had no more spunk left to give, he couldn’t help crave cumming again and again. The whole scenery and scenario was just so damn hot he wanted to cream his proverbial jeans right then and there, but Kevin had another idea.

With a soft chuckle that rumbled in the shrunken jock’s ears like the din of a low flying helicopter Kevin began to slowly and sensually stroke the length of his boyfriend’s huge cock. The motion caused the skin of Dean’s dick to slide upward along the soft, spongy surface of Dean’s shuddering cock head.

Rhys gasped as he felt the thick folds of Dean’s foreskin brush against his feet. At his shrunken size the scene was even more bizarre than he could imagine. It was as if he was standing on some alien beach and the fleshy tide rolled in and lapped at his ankles, but this was no sea water. This was a sheet of flesh that was thicker than even Rhys’s meaty quads.

Kevin continued to stroke his lover’s cock causing the rising tide of Dean’s foreskin to lap against Rhys’s ankles and then some. With each passing stroke Kevin pushed upwards a little farther. The distance was scarcely more than a millimeter each time, but it was a noticeable amount to the now barely more than an inch high Rhys. Soon the tide of foreskin was no longer lapping at just his ankles but slowly rising up to his shins, and then his knees, and then his hips. With each pass the flow of flesh from Dean’s cock covered more and more of Rhys’s body. Soon it threatened to swallow him whole, and there was another problem that this new form of teasing presented. Rhys was finding it harder and harder to maintain his balance. He could no longer keep a foot planted firmly on either side of the pre-seeping chasm at his feet. With the wall of skin steadily pushing inward, Rhys’s stance steadily narrowed as well. Soon he was balancing precariously on the precipice of the cavernous maw of his buddy’s cock.

Kevin’s teasing and Rhys’s own steady shrinkage colluded against him. Soon he was no longer able to maintain his footing. He felt his left foot slip first. He stumbled awkwardly to one side and tried in vain to salvage his footing, but he just didn’t have enough mobility. Dean’s foreskin pinned his entire lower body in place. It was like being swallowed by a shield-stealing Zelda villain, but this was much hotter and much realer. Rhys’s heart was beating in his chest and his cock practically ached because it was so thoroughly boned that it seemed a miracle he hadn’t cum yet even as he felt his feet slowly slide into the abyss of Dean’s dick.

It was a tight fit even at Rhys’s reduced size. He was tiny, but he was not so tiny that his whole body could slide into Dean’s dick without hitting the sides, and the way Kevin kept his hand wrapped around the tip of Dean’s dick just made it an even snugger fit. Rhys ended up slowly sinking into Dean’s dick like a cartoon character into a pit of quicksand. Soon the lips of Dean’s cock slit were wrapped around his knees. Not long after that Rhys was buried down to his balls. In a matter of seconds after that Rhys was snugly buried in his pal’s cock all the way down to his midriff. It was only thanks to the fact that he had his hands firmly planted on either side of his pal’s slit that he hadn’t been wholly by the Leviathan that was Dean’s dick.

The jarring shaking of Dean’s dick and the sound of bedsprings squeaking alerted Rhys that something was afoot, and it didn’t take long for Rhys to figure out what. Soon Kevin was looming over him. The sheer size and scale of his burly friend took Rhys’s breath away. Rhys could scarcely believe how tiny he had become. He was so small that he was buried down to his belly button in his pal’s dick, and now his normally seven foot tall friend was looming over him like some kind of all-powerful deity. Buildings didn’t do the sheer scale of Kevin’s thick body justice. Kevin seemed bigger than the tallest skyscraper. He seemed as wide as the Grand Canyon and as tall as Angel Falls. Kevin’s enormous, fuzzy gut filled the entire skyline of Rhys’s view. Rhys couldn’t even crane his neck back far enough to stare up into the smirking giant’s colossal face. Rhys’s neck began to hurt when he craned his neck far enough just to see Kevin’s chest, and his ability to look up was soon even further hampered.

This time it was Dean that was on the move. He quickly scrambled to his knees and propped himself up on the foot of the bed. It was a maneuver he had done many times in the past. The height of the bed afforded him a little bit of extra size which made it possible for him to plant a kiss on his lover’s lips, but never before had he had a micro-sized man along for the ride stuffed halfway inside his cock. The speed at which Rhys was flung around as Dean’s rock hard cock bobbed and wobbled was dizzying to say the least. Rhys felt like he was going through astronaut boot camp as the Gs crashed down against his tiny body, but soon Dean’s dick came to a stop—not that it helped Rhys much. Rhys found himself sticking straight out of Dean’s dick. His upper body was parallel with the floor—the floor which at his position nestled within Dean’s cock appeared to be hundreds of feet below.

The plush carpet beneath Kevin’s feet looked more like he was viewing wheat fields from the window of an airplane. It hardly registered that that cream-colored landscape was actually the same carpet he had walked across many times before in the past. Had Rhys been down on the ground walking on the same carpet at his current size, it would have seemed like an even more foreign landscape. Rhys had no doubt in his mind that it would be like wading through tall grass rather than walking across a carpet, and even more shocking was the realization that in the very near future even those stalks of faux-wool that comprised the carpeted floor would soon tower over the steadily shrinking college stud.

Rhys wasn’t given much time to admire the view though. Soon Kevin was once again on the move. The towering titan stepped forward and locked lips with his lean, lithe little lover. He stroked his fat cock and steadily brought it into position as their lips met and their tongues passionately slid into each other’s mouths and rubbed sensually against one another. From Rhys’s face down position, he couldn’t see all this happening. All he could see was Kevin’s colossal feet stepping forward—feet which even from Rhys’s perch seemingly several hundred feet in the air, Rhys could tell that even the pinky toe was bigger than he was. Kevin’s shadow fell over him. The sheer size and scale of even Kevin’s shadow made it seem as if Rhys could actually feel the weight of the titanic shadow bearing down on him, but even that was nothing compared to the darkness to come.

Even from his perch nestled halfway inside of Dean’s dick like some human cannonball preparing for blast off, Rhys could see Kevin’s cock slowly moving into position. It was so huge that it blew Rhys’s mind. It was like watching a 747 maneuver into position, but this was no airplane. It was six solid inches of incredibly fat cock—six inches which now seemed more like forty feet of thick dick. Rhys watched in awe as Kevin’s own pre-drooling slit steadily descended upon him. Rhys knew he had nowhere to run. Even if he could escape from his current position, it was seemingly hundreds of feet to the floor below. All he could do was sit back and watch in awe as Kevin’s cock steadily moved closer and closer. Rhys was terrified, but he was also beyond horny. He couldn’t imagine a hotter scenario than what he was sure that Kevin had in mind, and as Kevin’s cock began to press up against him and Rhys felt his head slowly begin to be swallowed into the spacious mouth of Kevin’s huge cock, Rhys was grinning from ear to ear.

The two titanic lovers passionately locked lips as the tips of their cocks ground against each other. It was as if their cocks too were kissing one another, and Rhys was along for the ride. He was stuck between the two dicks like a piece of spaghetti from Lady and the Tramp—the upper half of his body buried headfirst in Kevin’s cock and the lower half of his body wedged into Dean’s dick. It was more amazing than anything Rhys had ever dreamed possible. He was inside his pals’ cocks! The inner linings of their hard cocks squeezed down upon his entire body! The very air he breathed was thick with the smell of their dicks and damp with pre. Every inch of his body and his hair was covered in pre. He was completely laminated in the stuff. It seeped into his mouth and permeated his pores, and still he wanted more. He wanted to experience even more, but even as he writhed nestled between his friends’ cocks Rhys could feel himself getting even smaller. The grip of his pals’ cocks were loosening. Rhys found his perch getting more and more precarious by the moment until he found himself sliding.

Rhys could feel himself falling, but he couldn’t tell which direction he was sliding. Up seemed like down and down seemed like up. Directions had no meaning in this world were all he could see was darkness and all he could feel was cock. All he knew for certain was that he was steadily sliding deeper and deeper into one of his pal’s cocks. He had no way of telling for sure which friend’s cock had swallowed him whole, but Rhys had his hopes. If he was deep within Dean’s dick, Rhys knew he had a long, long ride to the bottom, and he was going to enjoy every second. Even as he descended into darkness, Rhys couldn’t help but dream about how much smaller he would get. He was already so small that he was sliding down his friend’s dick as if it were a tube slide, but he wanted to get even smaller. He didn’t want to just be coated in pre, he wanted to actually swim with the sperm that he knew would soon be surrounding him. He didn’t even care if he never made it back. This day was so amazing that he could die happy right then and there. In fact a huge smile was plastered across Rhys’s nearly microscopic face as he slid steadily deeper into the darkness of his pal’s cock…

Part 10: Finale

The whole evening had felt like a dream, but this was by far the most surreal thing that Rhys had experienced thus far. He wasn’t so much falling so much as he was sinking. He was drifting deeper and deeper by the second, but he couldn’t really tell up from down. Everything was so dark, and he was suspended in something akin to syrup. Rhys knew what he was sinking in, but that knowledge didn’t help him. If anything, it just amplified the dreamlike feeling. He wasn’t sinking in a pool or anything like that. This wasn’t water that surrounded him. This was slick, slimy pre, and Rhys was drifting deeper and deeper down his pal’s cock. Rhys was now so tiny that there was plenty of room for him to wiggle inside his pal’s cock, and as the seconds ticked on, Rhys could tell he was still getting smaller.

At first his shoulders pressed against the sides of the narrow passage down his pal’s dick, but it wasn’t long before he had enough room to move his arms, and as he sunk deeper and deeper the free space grew and grew. Soon he was so tiny that he could actually roll around inside his buddy’s cock. Rhys pulled into a fetal position and tumbled this way and that as he sunk steadily deeper. Soon he couldn’t tell left from right or up from down. All he knew was that he was sinking in the thick fluid.

All things considered, Rhys enjoyed the feeling. It was strangely peaceful just drifting off into the abyss, but at the same time he knew he couldn’t stay there. His lungs burned for fresh air. If he didn’t get out soon he was sure to suffocate. Of all the ways that Rhys had thought the night would end, drowning in pre as he floated inside his pal’s dick was definitely not the way he had foreseen it. Although even that didn’t sound so bad. He had heard drowning was one of the most peaceful ways to go, and if it was his time, at least he got to go out living his deepest fantasy.

Rhys was just about to surrender himself to his fate when he suddenly felt the flow of pre around him speed up. Soon instead of drifting downward, Rhys was sliding upwards. It wouldn’t be quite precise to say he was buffeted by the current. Rather he was now so tiny that the stream of pre carried him along. Rhys was so weak and insignificant by this point that the river of pre that surrounded him held him in place as if he was a fly trapped in tree sap only to someday be excavated in thousands of years as a specimen encased in amber.

“Ok… You’re doing great…” Kevin said reassuringly to his boyfriend who was lying on his back atop the bed. Dean was shuddering like a leaf and had both hands wrapped around his huge cock, but he wasn’t exactly stroking it. His hands were around the shaft, but they were only ever so slightly moving along the length of his big dick. Dean was caught in his own sort of predicament. Knowing that Rhys was sinking deep down his cock was a huge turn on. He never could have imagined how exciting it would be to have a tiny guy wriggling around in his cock, but it didn’t take long for him to realize that he could no longer feel Rhys inside of him. What could that mean? Was Rhys now too tiny to sense? Or had something worse happened. Whatever the case may be, Dean and Kevin both knew that Rhys could not remain there for long which is why the two of them set to work on getting him out. The real problem that was despite the sensitive nature of Rhys’s situation, Dean could feel his need to cream rising. He was so hot and bothered by the mere notion of having a tiny guy inside his cock that Dean felt like he could bust his nut at any second, but that could be disastrous. At Rhys’s size, there was no telling what would happen if that happened. In the worst-case scenario, Rhys could be fired from Dean’s cock like a human cannonball only without the array of safety devices commonly used in such a stunt.

Dean gripped his shuddering cock in his hands and moaned softly. Having to balance himself between oozing pre without actually cumming was maddening. He had never been the best at edging, and the added knowledge of having Rhys inside of him just made it worse, but Kevin’s steady cheering helped keep Dean grounded. Dean powered through his own desires and steadily let his shuddering cock drain pre onto his flat, smooth stomach.

“Wait… wait…” Kevin said soothingly as he stared intently at the trickle of pre oozing out the tip of his lover’s huge cock. Suddenly Kevin’s steady coaxing came to a halt. There was a moment of deafening silence and then Kevin suddenly shouted, “I see him!”

Rhys was jolted from his daze by a sensation he had never experienced before. His gooey prison began to rumble. It was like he was stuck in a bowl of Jell-O during an earthquake. The goop that held him in place was wriggling and rumbling all around him, and all the while he could tell there was some loud sound around him. Rhys couldn’t hear the sound per se. He was too tiny for his ears to really process what he was hearing. Rather it was as if he felt the rumble of his pal’s booming voice rattle his very bones. Rhys felt like he was vibrating like a silenced cell phone.

Kevin stared in awe as a single, small droplet of pre dripped from his boyfriend’s cock. The droplet clung to the tip of Dean’s dick for a moment before slowly dribbling off the tip of his dick. The bead dripped lower and lower. The strand of pre that connected it to the cock grew thinner and weaker until it dangled like a piñata from the tip of Dean’s cock. Kevin had to move in so closely that his nose almost bumped against the bead of pre and sent it splattering to the base of Dean’s cock before he could get a good glimpse of what was inside. Inside that small, bead of pre which was no bigger than a drop of dew on a blade of grass was suspended an even smaller man. Rhys wasn’t even a millimeter tall by this point. He looked knee high to an ant. He was so tiny that Kevin couldn’t even make out any real features other than his copper-red hair and muscular body.

Suddenly the strand snapped, and the bead of pre came tumbling down just like all the others which had come before it. Rhys’s stomach felt like it launched into his throat as he felt the entire world around him begin hurtling downward. Had the fall lasted more than a split second, Rhys may have started to panic, but as soon as the lurch downward had begun, it came to an equally jarring end. The bead of pre made landfall on the expanse of smooth, pale flesh between Dean’s crotch and belly button. The drop was barely more than an inch for the titan who viewed it from the outside, but for the nearly microscopic Rhys it had felt like he had taken a tour on the Tower of Terror. He felt like he had just been slam-dunked several stories. Fortunately, the gelatinous blog that surrounded him cushioned his fall so that he was only rattled and not wrecked.

The sudden, jarring drop had been enough to knock Rhys out of his trance. His lack of air felt became apparent all at once. His lungs burned. He started to panic. He clawed furiously at the gelatinous goop that encased him. At Rhys’s tiny size the pre that surrounded him was so thick that it felt like he was trying to swim through rubber cement. It wasn’t so much sticking to him so much as it was wrapped around him. He was too tiny for the stuff to even cling to his flesh, but that didn’t make escaping it any easier. Even Rhys’s toned and tested muscles were screaming at him as he clawed his way towards what he assumed to be the top. It wasn’t swimming so much as it was like pulling himself through thick sap. By the time his head finally broke the surface of the bead, his muscles were starting to cramp up, and he was nearly ready to pass out from lack of air.

The second his head poked through the goop, Rhys gasped for air. It was as if it was the first time he had ever tasted clean air in his life. The crisp air burned his oxygen starved lungs. Rhys waited there for a few moments as he struggled to catch his breath. It wasn’t so much that he was treading water as it was that he was buried up to his shoulders in the pre. He was so tiny that he was held in place by the otherwise thin liquid. By this point in the night Dean had cum so much that he pre was barely any thicker than water, but even that was too thick for Rhys to sink into.

Once Rhys had recovered enough, he mustered his strength and pulled himself the rest of the way out of the tar-like trap. Much to his surprise, his hand didn’t sink into the goop even as he pushed and pulled the rest of his body out from beneath it. Once he was finally free he flopped onto his back and stared up into space. He was so tiny, so insignificant by this point that he wasn’t even heavy enough to break the skin of a droplet of water. He sat atop it like a mosquito skittering across the surface of a pond. The water-like pre beneath him felt almost like a giant water bed. It jiggled ever so slightly beneath him while he laid there, but it wasn’t his breathing that caused the motion—it was Dean’s! The small droplet which sat atop Dean’s belly jiggled in time with the shudders that coursed through Dean’s titanic body.

Rhys let the rocking motion of the small bead of pre rock him to sleep. By this point he was so exhausted both from cumming more times in one night than he had in the past month and from the extreme physical exertion it took to pull himself out of the gelatinous prison. Rhys felt like he was in another world. There was no way he was still on earth. Everything looked so strange and so foreign. The ceiling of Dean and Kevin’s small bedroom looked hundreds of miles away. It was so massive and so far away that it seemed more like a sky than a ceiling. The grey sky seemed to stretch on forever with a dingy orange light where a sun should be.

As much as Rhys wanted to drift off to sleep on that water-bed-like bubble, he knew he couldn’t live with himself if he didn’t look around. He shakily pulled himself to his feet and glanced around at the terrain around him. The ceiling-sky had seemed surreal, but it was nothing compared to the sight that awaited him below. Rhys looked off into the distance. From atop the seemingly mountain-sized bead, Rhys could see the pale flesh of his lean, lithe pal stretching out for miles and miles. It was almost as if he was staring down at an endless desert. The pale skin stretched on for miles and miles. Far off in the distance Rhys saw a gaping pit that rivaled even the largest Lunar oceans. The bottomless pit in the Siberian wastelands had nothing on the colossal crater that was Dean’s cute little belly button, and as Rhys stared further and further out into the distance he was even more in awe of the sheer scope and scale of his pal’s slender body. Far off in the distance, what seemed to be hundreds of miles away, rose Dean’s colossal face. Dean’s head may have been its own planet. Even just Dean’s nose would have dwarfed mount Everest. Dean’s forehead could have housed the entire District of Columbia. Dean’s sheer scope and size was so overwhelming that Rhys very nearly collapsed to his knees in awe, but before he could let himself be overcome by the wonder of his tiny he had become, Rhys knew he needed to see something else firsthand.

Rhys unsteadily turned around. Even before he managed to look upward, he was completely cowed by the sheer size of Dean’s megalithic shaft. Just the shaft of Dean’s cock looked wider than the Grand Canyon, and as Rhys tilted his head further and further back he could see more and more of Dean’s cock looming over him. Rhys was so overwhelmed by how massive even just Dean’s dick was that he fell flat on his back. All he could do was stare up in awe at the planet-sized knob of Dean’s huge cock. Dean’s dick had been pretty big when Rhys had been full-sized, but now it was like the size of an entire city and then some! Dean’s schlong may as well be Staten Island. Even just the slit of Dean’s dick was enormous. Rhys could hardly believe that he had been inside of that just mere moments ago. He wasn’t even a gnat compared to his pals. Rhys was now so tiny that he was barely a microbe. Rhys was so awed by what he saw and so overcome by how astoundingly tiny he had become that his dick was as hard as it had ever been, but Rhys couldn’t bring himself to stroke it. His own release seemed so insignificant by this point. All he wanted to do was lay back and admire the godlike visage of his titanic pal.

Rhys couldn’t even imagine what it must be like to be so huge. The very notion of being ‘normal sized’ seemed so foreign to him. Even though on some level Rhys knew that Dean was pretty small compared to most people, he just could not comprehend anyone being even larger than Dean. Even though some part of him deep down remembered that he was once even taller than Dean, the thought that anyone or anything could come close to even rivaling the sheer scope and scale of the reclining god seemed physically impossible.

Rhys was so fixated on Dean that he had all but forgotten about the existence of another titan in the room—one that was much bigger and broader than even the planet-like Dean. If Dean was a planet, Kevin was a star—a celestial body so massive that Rhys could never hope to fully understand the sheer magnitude of it. Even just thinking about how huge Dean was made Rhys lightheaded. He was dealing with numbers and extremes that existed outside of his puny reckoning. It was not his place to try and fathom the existence of such godly beings.

Rhys was too caught up in his existential crisis to notice the motion around him until he was once again buffeted by a force so powerful that it sent him sprawling. The entire mountain that Rhys sat upon was moving, and at speeds fast enough to break the sound barrier it felt like! The jarring motion lasted mere seconds but the force was enough to leave Rhys so shaken that for a moment he couldn’t even tell up from down. Had he not been sitting atop such soft surface he probably would have been badly bruised by the trek. Once the motion finally stopped, Rhys clambered shakily to his knees and glanced out at his surroundings. He was once again at a loss for words. The view before him was unlike anything he had ever seen. He couldn’t even fathom where he was. It seemed like pink crystal stretched out in all directions as far as the eye could see, and miles and miles away, far over the horizon, Rhys could see a gigantic wall, a wall that put the fabled Wall of the Night Watch to shame. This wall was made of the strange, semi-translucent pink substance that the ground beneath him was comprised of, and the wall encircled him on all sides. It was as if he was in his own country. A country with towering walls around it to seal it off from the outside world.

Rhys couldn’t even fathom where he was or what had happened so he stopped even trying. Instead he looked down at the bead of pre that had become his home. It was clear he had shrunk even more since being dropped from the tip of Dean’s dick. He now barely even bent the surface of the spunk. It had gone from having the consistence of tar to having the consistence of hard, gym-floor rubber. He could hop and bound with all his might and still not even dent the surface, but that wasn’t what really had him so awed. There was something in the clear, gel-like mountain. It was more than just one thing. There were several. At first he had written it off as a trick of the light, but as he stared it became clearer and clearer that what he saw beneath his feet was a genuine shadow of something massive that lurked beneath the surface. Rhys stared down at his feet as he trekked up and down the length of the massive shadow. It was so far beneath the surface that he couldn’t quite make out the exact size and shape of it, but it seemed massive, and the rough shape of it reminded him of a fish. It was like something out of Jaws. The camera pans out to show the small fishing boat, and then beneath the water a giant shadow appears. A shadow that dwarfs the little fishing boat. A shadow that looked much the shame shape and size as the enormous shadow which now loomed beneath Rhys’s feet.

It took Rhys a moment to process what he was seeing. The idea first popped into his head, but it seemed so ludicrous that he quickly dismissed it. It was impossible. There was no way he had become that tiny already, had he? Whatever he saw was probably a piece of lint or something that had gotten caught in the blob of pre, nothing else, but even that was enough to make Rhys’s cock give an excited lurch. Rhys had become so tiny that even a piece of lint would look like an asteroid. A dust bunny would be a kaiju class creature. If he kept dwindling like this he would soon be able to ride a water bear like a rodeo bull. The mere thought of how tiny he would have to be to even see a tardigrade let alone ride one, made his gut sink and his cock rise. He would be microscopic by that point. His pals wouldn’t even be able to find him with a magnifying glass. If he were anywhere near that size then he would even be able to make out the shapes in the spunk of…

Rhys once again stared at the shadow below him. It was thick at one end and tapered off like a tail on the other side. It was shaped like a tadpole but was the size of a whale. There was no way, right? Surely he couldn’t be so tiny… but even as he tried to talk himself out of it, he knew the truth. He was so small that water felt like a solid object. Even were he to cannonball onto the bead of pre he now stood atop, he wouldn’t even make a ripple. He wouldn’t even break the surface. He may as well be stage diving onto concrete. In order for him to be so tiny that water wouldn’t even bend beneath his weight he would have to be smaller than a gnat—much smaller!

Rhys once again collapsed to his knees. He knew what was beneath him, and as he looked deeper down into the murky liquid he could see other such shadows further in. They were spread far apart, but that was to be expected given how much Dean had cum during the course of the night. It was probably a miracle his balls even had enough stamina left to crank out a few more of them. The whale-sized shadows which rested within the bead of pre were none other than Dean’s sperm. Rhys was now so tiny that a he had mistaken a micro-organism for Moby Dick!

Rhys stared up at the ceiling—or at least he stared towards what he assumed was the ceiling. It was so far away that he couldn’t even see it. Whatever it was he thought he saw far above him loomed lightyears away. It may as well be another galaxy instead of just the ceiling of a small bedroom. As Rhys stared out into the abyss that was his buddies’ bedroom, he couldn’t help but wonder how much smaller he could possibly get. Part of him wondered if he would slip below the molecular level. He wondered what it would be like to be so tiny that atoms whizzed around him like solar systems. He wondered if he would get so tiny that he could verify the existence of quarks with his own two eyes, but even as he daydreamed about what it would be like to shrink below the size of electrons, he could feel the steady sinking start to taper off. He was nearing the end of his journey. For better or worse, he wasn’t going to be getting much smaller, but it was probably for the best. He was already at the size where he would have to fight off bacteria with his fists.

Rhys flopped onto his back and stared up into space. It had been the best night of his life. He had lived out his wildest dreams, and lived to tell the tale. All that remained now was for him to wait out the serum. As he drifted off to sleep he couldn’t help but wonder when he would grow back… or if he even would.


Rhys fidgeted and groaned. His back hurt like hell and his shoulder was cramping up on him. Wherever he had slept the night before had been the most uncomfortable bed he had ever experienced, and he had once passed out on the floor of Kevin and Dean’s apartment after a particularly booze-filled party. Whatever it was that Rhys was sleeping on was too tiny for him. His neck was tilted at an annoying angle and his shoulder mashed against the outer rim.

Rhys sat up and looked around at his surroundings. His ‘bed’, if it could be called that, was little more than a pink, circular disk with walls around it that stood maybe six inches high. It was quite possibly the least practical bed he had ever seen.

“Good morning, sleepy head,” came a rumbling voice that was so loud it made Rhys’s ears ring. Rhys clasped his hands to his ears and looked towards the source of the voice only to see his pal Dean smiling down at him… only Dean was very different than how Rhys remembered him. Rhys used to stand a good head taller than Dean, but now Dean loomed over him like a skyscraper.

Rhys jumped to his feet. All his memories came rushing back to him. It hadn’t been a dream! He had really shrunken so small that he could stare down microbes and lose. He had really experienced his friends’ bodies in ways he had never imagined.

Rhys glanced around to get a feel for his location. From what he could tell he was atop Dean’s dining room table. Off in the distance Rhys could see the small counter that separated the dining area from the kitchen although at Rhys’s size that ‘small’ counter may as well be a few city blocks. Rhys slowly soaked in the sheer size of his pal’s apartment. In was so cavernous he half expected his voice to echo, but as he looked around he began to realize something was missing… or someone.

“If you’re looking for Kevin, he went to bed. He stayed up all night baby-sitting the coaster to make sure you were fine. Once I woke up I sent him to bed and took over guard duty,” Dean explained.

Rhys looked around him. The pink disk he had been sleeping in was little more than a coaster—a small pad for resting drinks atop. This same coaster had been the size of an entire country last night. The small rim of the disk had seemed to be an impossibly tall wall that towered into the heavens. In reality the ‘wall’ was little more than a centimeter high rim.

“How long have I been growing!?” Rhys asked. He shouted with all his might, but his voice just didn’t carry. Dean didn’t even register than Rhys had said anything. Dean just kept absentmindedly chewing his Cheerios. Rhys had to jump up and down and flail his arms to even catch Dean’s attention. When Dean finally glanced Rhys’s way, Rhys tapped his wrist in an exaggerated gesture to ask about the time. It took Dean a while to catch on to what was Rhys was asking, but when he finally realized he was quick to reply.

“Well. It’s about 9 am now. I don’t know how long you’ve been growing though. Kevin said he couldn’t even see you ’til 6, and he was sweating buckets all night. He was really freaked out that you might be gone for good,” Dean explained. He let out a sigh and then stretched and rolled his shoulders. “Man… you really gave us a scare though. I mean, I realize that this is your ‘thing’ but when you vanished it kinda freaked us out.” Dean grumbled.

It was then that Rhys noticed the bags under the titan’s eyes. Kevin may have been the one to stay up all night doing guard duty, but it didn’t look like Dean really slept all that much either. For a brief moment Rhys felt a twinge of guilt for having worried his friends, but the twinge was quickly replaced by another more powerful emotion. As Rhys took stock of his surroundings he was able to guestimate his size to be only a few inches high. If what Dean said was true, Rhys had only grown about three inches in as many hours. At this rate, it could take him days to grow back all the way… if he even did fully grow back. It looked like his fun didn’t have to end just yet. He had a long way to grow, and there was still plenty of time left in the weekend.

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