Morphed muscle glute freaks

By TitMorpher 
4 parts
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Part 1

Bodybuilding fans had always been impressed with huge, striated muscles on competitors, but fans generally refrained from overt expression of their admiration.

Interest in glute muscles had always been characterized by some level of confusion. On the one hand, glutes were a legitimate muscle group which could be built up by through intensive training via movements such as squats, hack squats, dead lifts, leg presses and extensions. Athletes often hiked up their posing trunks during competition to show the size and deep striations they had achieved through heavy training. On the other hand, many contest organizers and fans disapproved of blatant glute display, expressing regret for an earlier era when competitors covered up their mid-sections with full size posing trunks. Judges omitted the glute muscles when they called out mandatory poses and fans generally held back from yelling out their enthusiasm and encouragement related to bodybuilders flexing and posing their glutes on stage. In other words, glute admiration was constrained by a sense of propriety which called for avoidance of overt attention to this muscle group.

The problem—and everyone knew it—was that these muscles were, in fact, an erotic muscle group for many individuals. Humans forever had lusted after beautiful asses. Straight men comfortably admitted being “ass men”. In the case of same sex attraction among males, the most common historical framework for what is now called homosexuality involved a dominant male taking possession of the glutes of his subservient partner. When the men of Sodom and Gomorrah insisted on “getting to know” the angels who descended to their cities (two male angels), it was the glute muscles of these beautiful angels that they wanted “to know”. And in many warrior cultures, and among sailors at sea, or prisoners deprived of their women, male glute lust frequently was the norm, even as it may have been discouraged by prevailing moral codes.

As noted above, the prevailing custom during the era of classical bodybuilding was to refrain from any direct expression of interest. However, with the advent of new forms of fetish bodybuilding around the years 2050 to 2060 (i.e., Super Tit Man and Muscle Cock competitions), glute lovers began to come out of the closet, acknowledging their personal interest in hyper-developed asses on the bodybuilders.

For glute-oriented athletes, this meant training these muscles to achieve huge, bulked-up muscle mass and especially obscene striations. As their growth compulsion intensified, these athletes became obsessed with stripping down to their posing straps and exhibiting their ass muscles for each other and for their admirers. They bragged about their enormous glute size, engaged in blatant display of their freaky striations, and even spread themselves wide to exhibit deep musculature surrounding their holes. As glute awareness and sensitivity grew among these bodybuilders, the most shocking development was that many of them became more anally receptive to other athletes and/or orally subservient to other men’s asses that were as large and as striated as their own.

For fans, there was growing willingness to comment on a particular athlete’s glute muscles and even to discuss the pleasures that could be imagined. Rumors spread quickly as to which competitors were involved in what types of glute-related activities, including which ones allowed oral or anal privileges and which ones were into private muscle scenes, for example at underground parties organized for glute men after their competitions (see Morphed Muscle Tit Freaks).

In terms of acceptance in the bodybuilding world at large, this branch of bodybuilding took a giant leap forward when the IFFB central organization gave a green light for Super Glute Man competitions around 2060. These contests fell under the direction of a new Super Glute Man Division of the federation. Following the establishment of this new division, Mr. Super Glute Man contests were held in various cities and became very popular.

Photo spreads of glute men began to appear in mainstream bodybuilding publications. Additionally, web sites and magazines geared exclusively to glute muscle athletes and their admirers were launched by hard-core fans. Dr. Ned Conner, a powerful member of the bodybuilding community, introduced an online muscle forum for glute lovers and also a new magazine—Muscle Glute Builder and Power. Dr. Conner’s specialty was to furnish photos which “zoomed in” on bodybuilder glutes for this new breed of athlete and their muscle fans.

Dr. Conner was a physician who specialized in pharmaceutical enhancement for male bodybuilders. As Conner’s interest shifted to musclemen with massive glute development, he began to surround himself with bodybuilders who were fixated on their own glute muscles for competition. In addition to pharmaceuticals for these men, Dr. Conner provided contest prep for peak conditioning. He also offered skilled photography to promote bodybuilders’ careers through exciting photo shoots which led to public exposure in web sites, magazines, guest posing, etc.

Dr. Conner set up a posing studio for photography inside his own home. Next to the studio was a workshop where he made posing gear for the athletes. His specialty was glittering posing straps which accentuated male glutes (and baskets). When bodybuilders were invited for a fitting, Dr. Conner maneuvered his hands on the men’s physiques using tape measure and fabric to fit them into the posing gear as tightly as possible. He made adjustments to accommodate the athletes’ bulging meat, a favorite activity during which his hands lingered and subtly encouraged stimulation in the hopes of thick, full, round bulges in front of him. In back, he tailored the fabric carefully for maximum thong display of huge, freaky glutes.

Once the bodybuilders were fitted into their posing gear, Dr. Conner went down on his knees so the bodybuilders could pose and flex for his camera. Since he was alone with the bodybuilders, the doctor allowed himself the freedom to proclaim his enthusiasm out loud and to compliment the men’s glutes in a moaning, excited, and super-stimulated (schmoe-like) tone of voice.

Part 2

For example, when shooting one of the most enormous and narcissistic glute men, Conner exclaimed, “Look at those monster glutes! Check out those striations! I’ve never seen anything as freaky! Yeah, pose ’em! Yeah, sit down into that pose! Let me get the camera underneath. Spread ’em out! Oh man! You don’t know how beautiful that is! Hike your strap up and show that full muscle! Let me go down for another photo. I’m almost underneath ’em! Show ’em off for the judges! Freak those judges out, man! Spread ’em wide and squat down low! Your fans won’t be able to stand it! Work ’em, you glute monster! The judges need it bad! Flex ’em! Bring ’em down lower dude! Spread ’em wider! The judges are ready! Ahhhh, dude! Fuckin’ monster ass! Ahhhhhh!

While it may have been the case that Dr. Conner was sometimes in a position to perform oral services on the glutes and/or manhood of the most enormous bodybuilders, it was generally maintained that the doctor respected his athletes. Similar to a well-known owner of Gold’s gym during the classical bodybuilding era, Dr. Conner invited many musclemen to stay in his home during training. As with his predecessor, bodybuilders always spoke highly of Conner. He tended to their needs and made them feel important. He encouraged them to walk around his home in their posing straps, constantly offering compliments and encouragement. He oiled them up and asked them to pose in the mirrors, which they loved to do. However, he respected their limits and let them be who they were. He refrained from abusing his position of power and, as such, he preserved a high level of status and respect in the bodybuilding community.

While Dr. Conner maintained an attitude of constraint, this was not the case for other sponsors and VIPs. A number of these depraved men were abject slaves to freaky ass muscles, with subservient oral compulsions. They stayed connected to the sport in order to satisfy secret personal needs. They clawed their way on to IFFB judging panels and used their positions to scout for the most enormous and succulent glute men in the sport. They threw money at the athletes and expected to get their way.

Dr. Conner kept a public distance from them. However, the doctor was well acquainted with these VIPs on a behind-the-scenes basis. He recognized the need for these men’s contributions to the sport. Not only did they display unbounded energy in organizing competitions and taking care of associated sports administration, but they also gave direct sponsorship funding for the athletes which was essential for survival of the sport. Sponsorship funds from these VIPs were of significant benefit to Dr. Conner himself, since they provided for athletes’ pharmaceutical needs (which were fully reimbursed to Conner’s medical practice). The sponsors also defrayed direct living and other expenses of the bodybuilders, including spending money while the athletes stayed in Dr. Conner’s home.

Please refer to the following two stories which were published earlier: Morphed Muscle Tit Freaks and Muscle Milk Tit Freaks. Certain sections of these two stories give explicit detail on proclivities and secret activities of the most obsessed glute men. Parts of the introductory section of Morphed Muscle Tit Freaks (along with footnote a) describe activities that occurred at underground events organized by prominent glute sponsors. In Muscle Milk Tit Freaks, there are two sections that deal with hard-core glute action. The relevant sections are Chuck’s Augmented Physique and Tit Freak Sex Orgy, both of which describe deparaved actions of specific bodybuilders and/or body worshippers with unusual sexual needs.

One of the most prominent glute worshippers was the new IFFB Super Glute Man Division Chairman, Terrence Buttrim III, who came from a very wealthy background. Buttrim was a handsome man who had become fixated on bodybuilders’ glute muscles during his college years. Like most of his IFFB colleagues, Buttrim had a fetish for kinky bodybuilder glute scenes. He was influenced by certain experiences in his own upbringing. Although not exactly sexual in nature, these earlier experiences shaped his obsession with heavy-duty glute worship.

Specifically, Buttrim had been called on by his stepfather to help during a period when his stepfather had sustained an arm injury. The specific help which his stepfather requested left a lasting impression on the boy.

Terrence’s biological father, Terrence Buttrim II, was a very remote and severe individual, who died when Terrence was seventeen. Terrence’s mother consoled herself by remarrying a year later just as the boy turned eighteen. She married Martin Chadman, the town’s university football coach. Chadman possessed stunning good looks and a beautiful, powerful physique. And he had a wonderful personality as well. Terrence’s mother was pleased that her boy looked up to her new husband, a relief after worrying that she had remarried too soon.

In fact, Chadman and Terrence formed a close bond. Terrence became so attached to his stepdad that he practically followed him everywhere he went. Terrence especially loved to join Chadman in the bathroom each morning and to converse with hin while watching him shave. Chadman’s enormous chest, his tree-trunk thighs, and his huge, thick glutes were an inspiration to the boy.

Despite the fact that Terrence was about to finish high school, Chadman treated him like a younger boy. In the beginning, Terrence thought that his stepdad was talking down to him and treating him like a baby. But when he learned that his stepdad was affectionate ny nature and always had wanted a young son, Terrence began to warm up to his stepdad’s babying manner.

During the winter after Chadman had moved into Terrence’s home, Chadman broke his arm during a skiing accident. As a result, Chadman needed Terrence’s help to get ready in the morning. He gave Terrence various assignments in the bathroom.

Part 3

“Terrence, help me rub the shaving cream all over my face,” he said. “It’s hard to shave with just one arm. That’s good, son.”

“Terrence, rub the towel all over my back. Make sure I’m dry. Yeah, keep doing that. Am I dry now?”

“Dad, you are so big I am not sure I can reach everywhere.”

Then dropping his towel, Chadman said, “That’s OK. Now I’ve got to put my jockstrap on. Help me slip into this thing.”

“Dad, you’re too big. It won’t fit.”

“That’s OK. You pull the fabric forward and I’ll sqeeze my balls in. Now look at how my balls are fitting nicely inside the jock. Now watch me tuck this giant piece of meat inside. That feels good! Look in the mirror! Damn, that’s a big bulge! Look at that jock! I’ve been endowed with a great, big package, son. And some day you will be like this, too.”

“Now I need to take a dump. Damn! Why did I put the jockstrap on already? Oh well, you will need to help me move the straps again. Grab those two straps that are in back. Stretch them wide. Stay here for a minute. You can help wipe me afterwards. Now I am going to sit down and take a dump.”

So for almost two months, the young man was present every morning as his stepdad relieved himself. He helped wipe his stepdad afterward every time. Every morning Terrence jumped out of bed, ran to the bathroom, and prayed that his stepdad needed his help.

After his stepdad’s arm was healed and life returned to normal, this ritual ended. But when Terrence reached college and started becoming interested in fellow students, these memories surged back to him and influenced the development of his sexual interests.

In college, there were two sexy bodybuilders who made a special impression on Terrence. Troy and Angelo were on the football team and were members of the most popular fraternity. Although neither had initially been a bodybuilder, they were now visiting a muscle camp on weekends and developing their physiques (see Muscle Milk Tit Freaks). Troy, who was blond and blue-eyed, was becoming a huge professional bodybuilder. But Angelo, even though not as big as Troy, was the man whom Terrence couldn’t take his eyes off of.

Angelo was a dark, sexy Italian who always wore tight clothing that showcased an enormous basket and a perfectly shaped ass. Terrence shared three college classes with Angelo. He always sat across from Angelo in seminars so he could look straight at his hot basket. And before long, it was evident Angelo knew Terrence was looking at him. Terrence worried that he was bothering Angelo, but there was no indication that Angelo was disturbed by the attention. In fact, Angelo sometimes stretched his legs and rubbed his package for Terrence’s benefit.

Part 4

One time Angelo left class to go to the men’s room. Terrence rushed into the men’s room himself less than a minute later. When he saw that Angelo was pulling his dick out at the urinal, Terrence rushed into the toilet stall which afforded the best side-angle view of the urinal between the cracks of the stall door. Fully aware that he was being observed, Angelo stroked his cock so that it stood out 10 inches in front of him. Then he heard Terrence start to moan inside the toilet stall. Both men started to jerk themselves off simultaneously, one of them standing at the urinal and the other one watching from inside the stall. They both shot off big loads at the same time a few minutes later.

During next day’s class, Angelo left and went to the men’s room about half way through the class period. Terrence followed him and entered his favorite toilet stall with a good view. But this time Angelo disrespected Terrence and verbally humiliated him.

“Hey man, you’re not fooling me. What are you doing in that stall while a normal guy is trying to piss? Are you one of those faggots like Len at the muscle camp who blow their loads getting into toilet action in nasty bathrooms? How often are you in here, man? Do you always follow dudes in here? Do you LIVE inside that toilet stall watching guys piss? What else do you dream about in that stall, you bathroom freak?”

“I’m sorry,” said Terrence. “I didn’t mean to offend you. But I do hang out in here, that’s true. I do have interests about bathroom things. Um, can I ask you? I mean about that guy Len you mentioned? What exactly does that guy like to do?”

“Oh, Len. He’s a sick faggot. He likes to lick bodybuilders’ asses after they’ve taken a dump. And don’t even ask what he begs for when he gets high on his poppers. When he gets crazy, he asks for full loads. I mean big rear end loads.”

Terrence was struck silent. He said nothing.

“What’s the problem, dude? You never heard of that? You won’t believe some of the stuff that goes on at the muscle camp. Actually, the way I look at it, if dudes are into kinky stuff, that’s their business. It’s alright with me.”

“Well,” Terrence stuttered, “I probably shouldn’t say anything unless I tried it myself. Maybe, um, I don’t know.”

So the next morning when Angelo left class to go to the men’s room, he went straight to one of the toilet stalls. When Terrence entered the bathroom a minute later, Angelo opened the door of his stall and said, “Hey dude, I need a little help in here.”

Terrence was in heaven as he squeezed into the stall and stood quietly. He would now perform the role of subservient bathroom boy, available for any and all services as Angelo was about to take a dump.

Angelo took his time. When he was finished, Angelo said, “Are you ready to perform the necessary clean-up services? Kneel down and put that tongue to work, boy.” Angelo turned around and spread his ass with his hands.

And Terrence leaned forward and licked Angelo fully up and down his crack.

“Put your hands on each of my glutes and pull ’em apart real wide,” said Angelo. “Now go deep and let me feel that tongue!”

Terrence got more and more excited as he made contact with every aspect of Angelo’s kinky manhood. He licked and licked and sucked deep with all his energy. All of Angelo’s nastiness tasted wonderful to him. For a few heavenly minutes, he performed a full cleanup, up and down, up and down with his tongue. Even after Angelo was fully cleaned out, Terrence continued sucking, going deeper and deeper and deeper. He never wanted to stop and then he fantasized about an even more complete delivery, like that lucky man Len might be getting.

“Yeah, faggot,” yelled Angelo. “Pull my glutes wide and go as deep as you can go. Yeah! You belong down there, you shit slut!” As Angelo talked dirty and humiliated Terrence, the two men jerked themselves off and dropped big loads, and then they both went back to class.

Back at the fraternity house, there was a pledge committee meeting a few weeks later. Frat members were discussing potential pledges and drawing up a list of guys who would receive special encouragement to attend the upcoming fraternity party. Most discussion revolved around athletic accomplishments, personality, popularity, etc.

After a few beers, Brian Mackley, who was a notorious troublemaker, yelled out, “Don’t forget to invite a few “bitches”. We need some boys who get crazy when the hard-core hazing begins. Remember our two blond pledges last year!” And he looked over at Teddy and Barry, two cute blonds, who remembered exactly what Mackley was talking about. They blushed from ear to ear but didn’t say a word.

A few minutes later, Angelo slid next to Mackley and whispered in his ear, “I’ve got a suggestion. Make sure that rich kid Buttrim is on the list. His full name is Terrence Buttrim III. That kid is real hot and I have a suspicion that, when it’s late and all the other guys have crashed, you and I (and maybe Sergio and Dornan) will get that dude to bitch himself out big-time. His name alone gives me ideas.

And Mackley winked at Angelo and made sure that the name of Terrence Buttrim III was documented clearly on the pledge list.

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