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By Writ Bro 
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It was a beautiful summers day, as rays of sun drenched the people in the street in a warm, cosy feeling. It was a rare day; even though it was mid-July such a day was rarely seen around here. Most people only owned bikinis and shorts for when they were not here. But today was different. Men and women were scarcely dressed, at least for local standards. Women with spaghetti tops and hotpants and men in shorts, many shirt-less, walked through the main shopping street. The weather had clearly drawn people out of their houses. And Liam was enjoying the view.

He had never quite noticed how many men in this city had tight, lean bodies. At least all the guys that were shirtless had signs of a six-pack and visibly strong legs. Although the temptation to go home and wank his dick to the image of the many hot men in the city this day, Liam decided to enjoy the rare opportunity the weather provided and take a detour via the beach.

Although the city was beautifully located, it had little benefit from it. At most it had three days of sun during the summer, and on those days everyone was outside. Liam had grown accustomed to it, having lived here for the first three years of his university degree now. Yet he was eager to move away and go somewhere with a bit more sun.

“One more year.” He thought to himself with a sigh. It was summer holidays but he was stuck here, as he had a job here that he could not afford to leave. Having gone full-time over summer as the receptionist for a local accountancy firm meant that he had a bit of extra money to spare—most of which he aimed to save for his last year.

He sighed again. Normally he had plenty of distractions from his almost desperate thoughts of wanting to leave—yet during summer with most of his friends gone and a lot of extra time to spare he was quite unhappy. The only person left was at least his best friend. Marc had stayed behind. And deep inside Liam knew it was because neither one could really do without the other for too long. They weren’t boyfriends, let alone lovers, but rather best friends that enjoyed regular sex with each other.

The reason they weren’t together, Liam knew, was because he just wasn’t quite Marc’s type. Although the sex was great Marc wanted someone bigger, not just in the cock department, but also in other areas. Liam was probably one of the skinniest guys around, at 6’4” you would expect a 34, maybe a 32-inch waist but instead Liam had a 28-inch waist. He looked like a pencil. His tall stature just made it look weird when he walked. Although most would probably consider him quite cute, the rest of his posture just didn’t quite work with his decent good looks.

During his three years here, Liam had acquired a decent sense of direction and quite confident he could take any side street and manage to get to the beach without getting too lost. So he turned into a street he had never walked down before. He walked a couple of blocks before turning onto another street from where he could see the beach. He stopped for a few seconds and just as he was about to move on he noticed a little shop to his right. Having never walked here before he had no clue whether it had always been there or whether it was something that wasn’t really supposed to be there at all.

It looked modern and very well kept, very fancy and fashionable. Yet tucked away in an old granite house with low ceilings and small doorframes. On the facade of the shop hang a sign with big black letters reading “MUSC COSMETICS” He looked into the shop through the window and was able to see a large variety of cosmetic products, laid over clean, white tables with clean cut 90 degree angles. It reminded him of a little cosmetic shop he had seen when he visited London, although that had been full of hippies, promoting recycled and reduced size packaging. This store radiated luxury and pleasure. He decided to nip in quickly. He wasn’t in a rush after all.

When he walked in he was welcomed by a beautiful blond stud wearing just a black tank top and black slacks with a pair of black formal shoes.

“Hi there” he said with a big smile.

“Hey” Liam said back, shyly.

“Can I help you today Sir?”

“Uhm,” Liam struggled with my words in front of this beautiful stud, “I just saw the shop when passing and got curious. Not really sure what to get?”

“Well why don’t I show you what we’ve got.”

He tried to listen to what he was saying but got distracted by his arms as he moved them, unconsciously flexing his biceps.

Unexpectedly the shop assistant moved, starting to take him round the shop. Although the shop was small there was an extensive range of merchandise spread across the beautiful white tables.

“So this area here contains all our muscle stimulating shower gels. This one here is just a generally stimulating shower gel. The idea is that you go to the gym or something and use this shower gel afterwards as it relaxes the muscles and fees the muscles and basically encourages the growth of you muscles. Besides the general one we have a couple focussing on specific areas, the special formula specifically stimulates the pecs, biceps, gluts or your quadriceps.

“Over here we have our shampoos. Most of these are hair stimulating shampoos, some retaining your own style while others can make you grow curly hair or even an afro! And in any colour you like of course.

“We also do some fantastic lotions. Again some of these are muscle stimulating while others are de-hairing lotions or if you like it hairy, hairing lotions. We also have my favourite product in the entire store here that’s Private Lotion.”

Private Lotion was a little tub covered in a camouflage pattern.

“Although you can use it on any part of your body it is fantastic for your privates, it makes your dick and balls seem much bigger than they were before you applied to lotion!

“We also have this specialist section here, if you find you generally just need more support for your arms or legs you can buy a custom lotion or shower gell that will provide extra support in those areas. Here are also a few massage oils and bars that make muscle grow as well, using one of these ensures a wild experience you haven’t felt before, whether your being massaged or being the masseur!”

When he finished talking Liam suddenly noticed they had walked around the entire shop. The colourful products in the colourful containers came in great varieties, in different fragrances, clear, opaque and translucent and different levels of liquidity.

“So what do you think you want to get?” The shop assistant asked.

“What products would you definitely recommend?”

“As it is your first time here I would definitely get the general muscle shower gel, Private Lotion, do you have anyone who could be your masseur?”

“Yeah I guess” he answered shyly.

“Then get some massage oil too! Are you fan of body hair?”

“Not at all!” Liam said quickly.

“Well get some de-hairing lotion too then. One last thing, what’s your favourite muscle group?”

“Probably my pecs.” He was getting shy with all these questions. Liam wasn’t expecting much from these products but I could use some new shower gels and other toiletries. “I could use some shampoo too…”

“You’re blond and I bet you would look really cute with blond curly hair.”

He handed Liam some general muscle shower gel, pec shower gel, blond curly shampoo, Private Lotion and some amazing smelling massage oil.

“That’s 13.40 please.” The stud said as he scanned the products at the till.

“That’s a really good price!” Liam said, quite surprised.

“Yeah we want to keep it affordable here! And I will throw in this tester of leg support lotion. Although I would wait a couple of days before using it.”

And with a wink that melted Liam’s heart he left the shop and went home.

Once he got home he decided it was probably time to hit the gym. He hadn’t been in ages and could use a good workout. Following the advice from the cute guy in the shop he decided he would bully himself in a long workout before heading home and taking a long shower using his newly acquired products.

He went to the gym and quickly got changed. After a quick warm-up on the treadmill it was time to hit the weights. Not that he was remotely strong, he thought to himself. But he liked working out. With the men around in the gym it wasn’t usually a confidence boost though, especially when the guy next to hi, was bench-pressing ten times the weight that Liam was able to.

Nevertheless, he stayed for two hours and by the end of it he was exhausted. After quickly getting changed he went home, undressed rapidly before jumping into the shower. He had made sure my shower-gels, shampoos and lotions were all in the bathroom waiting for his sweaty body.

As the water run over Liam’s exhausted muscles and head he opened the shampoo and a beautiful sweet fragrance came out of the bottle. Pouring some onto his hand, more of the intensely amazing smell was released and started to rub it into his hair.

The golden colour liquid started to foam up. He carefully massaged it into his head, the feeling more intense than the feeling any other shampoo had ever provided. Leaving it to sit in his hair for a few minutes, he poured some shower gel onto a sponge and started to lather up his body, carefully starting at my legs before moving up to my crotch and bum, my abs, pecs, arms and shoulders.

He had stepped away from the water to ensure that the gel wasn’t washed off straight away. He then stepped back underneath the shower, first rinsing out my hear, allowing the water to rinse of the rest of my body as well. He carefully cleaned the sponge before pouring some pec shower gel onto it and giving his pecs a rough additional wash, ensuring they were properly fed, if he could believe the guy in the shop anyways.

He rinsed off, turned the water off and stepped out of the shower, drying himself before applying some private lotion. He put on a pair of sweatpants and a tight t-shirt. Taking a steak out of the fridge and quickly frying it, leaving most of the meat nice and red, Liam felt surprisingly energetic despite having gone to the gym. He sat down and wolfed down the steak together with some salad. When he finished and downed a glass of milk he suddenly felt really light-headed.

Liam tried sitting down but suddenly he felt a strong tug at his biceps, pulling upwards. As he was lurched forward and found stability the tugging feeling continued and when he looked down he saw that his biceps were expanding, growing slowly, first his nipples pointing straight forward until they grew so big his nipples were pointing down, they were becoming the size of basketballs. He would have to measure the size of these, he thought to himself.

But before he got the chance to so much as even move to get the measuring tape he got strangely lighted headed again and suddenly he felt his body being pulled on from all angles, and suddenly his muscles started to explode, not in any one place but in all places at once. His biceps exploded to extreme proportions, maybe twice the size of a softball, his thighs expanded to the size of tree trunks, his waist grew just a couple of inches to accommodate the size of his growing six pack, which in a matter of minutes turned into a ten pack. And again his pecs, they grew more! The really stood out, almost like a set of tits, from his body. Rock solid, muscular tits.

He walked to a mirror, the inside of his thighs brushing against each other. He had to sort of squeeze through the door, walking into his room at the full-length mirror. He looked in awe at his new body. He was ripped, every inch of his body was covered in muscle. His six-inch dick got so hard at the sight of his extremely ripped body

Then suddenly he felt it. A tug on his crotch. And then he remember everything. The shower gel, but then he remembered the lotion he put on and just as that crossed his mind his balls started to grow, surpassing the size of oranges, reaching the size of softballs. And then his hard on started to grow, the girth and length increasing rapidly, growing from its 3 inches circumference to at least 7 inches, and the length doubling. Liam thought it would stabilise at 12 inches, but within a few seconds it had grown another couple of inches, before finally staying at 17 inches long.

He started jacking himself off, his right hand at first until he realised he had plenty of cock for two. Once in a while one of his hands would wonder, feeling my abs, pecs and biceps. He was so horny the first shot of cum came out within a matter of minutes, and another followed, and another. And 9 more followed and covered his hot body in cum.

Over the course of that evening he wanked out another five big loads of cum, one after the other, some shots going straight over his head, and eventually he was lying on a bed that was soaked through with cum, he was covered in cum himself and he could feel muscles glowing, strength radiating from them and despite his repeated cum shots he felt more alive then ever.

He changed the sheets of the bed, jumped into the shower and as he felt the hot water flowing over his bulging muscles his big cock started to get hard again. He got so horny he wanked out another two loads. As the hot cum flowed away into the drain-hole he quickly soaped up and got out of the shower. He hardly felt sleepy but decided to try and sleep for a few hours anyways. He wasn’t busy the next day so he had decided to go back to the shop and see if he could get some more things.

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