Mutation of bodybuilders

By Nemobodybuilder 
3 parts
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Part 1

Matt, Cody, and Dirk, three hot young bodybuilders, met at a muscleworship session and have since been training partners and friends.

One night, Matt and Cody came for Dirk to go to the gym, for a muscleworship session with a client who had hired them through a web site; but they had no idea what awaited them.

When they changed into the gym clothing which was arranged by the guy hiring them (tank top and shorts) they entered into the gym, where an older gray-haired bodybuilder waited for them dressed in jeans, cowboy boots and hat, from beneath which peeped closely cropped hair. On the man’s chest moderately hairy chest they had noted fairly large nipple rings . The session ran its course, not domination or similar nonsense, it was the men’s enjoyment in another man’s body: hard muscles, veins strained to bursting, erected nipples, sweat, testosterone, cock rings tightened to the limits of pain.

At the end of the session tighten cock rings are loosened freeing their owners their burden of seed that are dispersed by their sweaty, chest and bellies while the client, Chris, filled a cup meant for ice cream with his own seed, so he fed his mercenaries and then give a massage their jaded nipples with his seed. As they lay fairly content with seed and numb nipples from massage, Chris proposed next meeting at his farm quite away from the city, They agreed without too much thinking.

After they returned home, while others showered Dirk made dinner for everyone, proteins, chicken and lots of vegetables.

“It was a good session,” Cody says, sitting in his posing suit at the table.

“Yes, the guy is very well trained and in great shape for his age,” Matt added.

“Yeah, really, have you seen pierced nipples, it really fits the body mass, the muscle,” confirmed Dirk casually pulling on a leather tank top because of the cool air that was coming from the sea.

After dinner, our guys had a posing exercise after which they went to sleep, it was a tough day for them. Next two days came and go in ordinary routine of exercise, food and sleep.

On Saturday morning the guys packed up their stuff and headed to Chris’s farm.

The farm was indeed quite a ways out of town, and the day was hot so the guys were drinking plenty of water and, until they arrived at the front door of the farm guys managed to sweat out most of the water so that their singlets were completely wet and affixed to the body.

They stopped in front of the house, which looked just definitely not as a farm, it was a great art deco house, apparently inspired by the Chrysler building.

“Chris was a little modest!” winked Matt at the others.

“Yeah a bit, this is a palace, not farm!” added Dirk as he joined Cody who has already taken his things from the trunk. They then climbed the stone steps and rang the bell, the bell echoed through house and after a few minutes the door opened a muscular man in a leather kilt and sandals, head covered in cell block mesh hood.

“Chris is expecting you,” he informed them and led them through the house into the garden where in a glass cube Chris waited on them.

Although puzzled, Matt, Dirk and Cody entered the glass cube, in which there were three transparent chairs and a table on which were three thick volumes.

“Please be seated.” Offered Chris.

Chris, Matt and Dirk obeyed and seat at the table, which Chris interpreted as a sign that it may begin.

“Most likely you do not know why you’re here … well, now you know. Our session was by no means a random, I’m not just another customer you had.”

“Excuse me, but did you found us on the net and now hired us again and that is it.” Cody broke in.

“On the contrary, young man, today is, if you want, the start of your new life. Namely you have been selected (and others here) from the mass of the other men worthy of me and my program,” continues Chris.

“What kind of program?” interjected Dirk.

“You’d know if you listen me without interrupting,” said Chris with annoyance.

“To finally clarify, this is a life-long program of sponsorship of your lifestyle and bodybuilding, so I funded your bodybuilding while you in turn transformed into a super bodybuilders and perfect muscle worshipers. All you have checked out, and I personally think that this is a chance of life, you have no one but each other, and rather unstable source of income that is insufficient to cover your cash outlays. Your expenses are large, which is not surprising, keeping your body in such form as this the normal way. There are better ways to grow that you haven’t had before. All that you will have here under the constant surveillance of the expert team of doctors and trainers.

“Of course, that go along with some body changes, such as converting your nipples in milking nipples, an increase of some internal organs to be able to submit your changes of muscle mass painlessly; later we plan conceive your descendants who would have two ways of releasing of sperm, penis is one and nipples and are two, so that a man can fertilize or satisfy partner by secretion of semen from the nipples. Also there are exhibitions in front of interested audience, your appearance before them is obligatory.

“So, for decision making you have an hour. If you do not sign you are free to go, and if you sign you can be sure you’ll end up living doing what you love,” finished Chris.

The boys were left in wonder as Chris left the glass cube.

“Well has the right, we only have each other,” Dirk starts.

“Yes, indeed, we have a problem with the purchase of food supplements, just as we have problems with supply of food and not to mention the cost of the flat,” added Matt.

“Just—such drastic changes of body—is that what we want? Milk and sperm from our nipples, and much more …” Cody wondered. “Is it worth it?”

“Well I think it is,” says Dirk “Until now god knows I didn’t have anything from the life.”

“Something like that is my opinion, since my grandmother died I just fuck around … this way my life would gain some sort of sense,” Matt continues.

“Then it’s agreed, we will sign the contract,” concludes Dirk.

Part 2

After they signed the contracts, the walls of cube, transparent until then, become mirrors. The guys were still talking about their decision, but they were irresistibly attracted to the large mirrored surface, and eventually took off their sweat-soaked singlets and began to pose, straining their muscular bodies. Their nipples got harder, it did not take long as the fresh breeze from outside chilled their sweaty skin and rigid nipples and they were ready for treatment.

While our friends were approaching the peak they were stopped by arrival of off season bodybuilder with a towel wrapped around his waist. His biceps were restrained with tight leather armband, his face covered with half mask and bulky pectorals extra aggravated with the weight of large nipples.

“Master Chris said to show you your room, go with me” he told them, and Cody, Matt and Dirk followed him to a remote building, an elongated two-storey building, a light green color and lots of doors.

“Your rooms are 6, 7 and 8, on the upper porch,” the man explained to them. “All rooms are identical, so you do not have to choose. Master expects you to dinner, you are obliged to do cardio training on the devices that are in the rooms.” With these words masked man turned away and walked away.

The boys went to look the room, and indeed rooms were identically furnished, queen size bed, a desk with a laptop, a plasma TV, a shelf with the literature on bodybuilding and stand with dvds from famous muscleworship internet sites, the bathrooms are small but with everything what is necessary even a narrow tall cabinet with monthly stock of testosterone, growth hormone, insulin and adrenaline with the belonging equipment. After they have done cardio, they take a shower and headed to main house.

If the house outwardly gave the phase of art nouveau, in the dining room that was not the case, dining room was modern large, bright room; the floor was from black marble, in the middle of room was a glass and metal table with eight stainless steel chairs around.

At the head of the table Chris was already sitting.

“Good evening, welcome, please be seated.” Offer them Cody,Jhonny,Dirk and Matt selected the chairs closest to Chirs. When they sat down Chris snapped his fingers, into room walked barefoot bodybuilders in simple black lycra boxers carrying trays of chicken, red meat, fruits and vegetables.

Dinner companions wished bon appetit one another and get down to dinner. After they had Chris spoke to them

“And now to sleep, tomorrow we start with yours transformation program, so you need to be well rested”

When they returned to the room, on the bed were waiting for them lower parts of silk pajamas, the boys are a little hanging on the porch and talking after which were retreated to their rooms, put on the pajamas they’d found and fell asleep.

Part 3

Matt were woke up in the morning by sharp knock at the door.

“Come on, rise and shine, open the door!” came a bossy tone from the outside.

Matt opened the door and saw the doctor in front of them in the company a blond and blue-eyed bodybuilder in latex briefs with tight latex gloves that went up to halfway of his swollen biceps.

“Chad, go and awaken others and bring them over here” the doctor ordered a bodybuilder and so Chad went toward the neighboring rooms to bring Dirk and Cody.

“You go in bathroom and bring six doses of adrenaline and six injections” requests the doctor of Matt

When Matt returned with doses of adrenaline from the bathroom, Dirk and Cody were already in the room, Matt gave a doses of adrenaline to doctor.

“Ok,thanks, let’s go, who wants first? Matt, you?” asked the doctor.

“Sure, why not!”

“Great, then lay on floor and relax your biceps.” instructed him a doctor

Matt listen and lay down on the floor relaxing biceps, a doctor then touch his biceps to determine if they are relaxed enough.

“Ok, we can start. Chad, sterilize his right muscle” command the doctor

Chad crouched and with alcohol over Matt biceps, after which the doctor filled the injection syringe and emptied it into Matt’s relaxed biceps. Same procedure was repeated with Matt’s left bicep and then on biceps Dirk and Cody.

“Ok, we are done here Chad for today, you three do not get up for fifteen minutes and certainly do not tighten your biceps in that time. I will set a timer, and when it rings, you can stand up, dress in the low waist wrestling suit and you must come into the facility,” the Doctor tells them.

Once the timer rang, the boys got up from the floor and changed clothes into the low waist wrestling suit and headed toward the facility. The structure was not higher than one floor, the main front was art nouveau facade, which was done in combination yellowish stone and orange. Cody with a large grey-blue oval window which occupied 80% of facade, above which was pediment with a small round window, and entrance doors from the side.

The door seemed to lead into some kind of medical examination room that was brightly illuminated by the light coming through the large oval window. In the room was Chad who was standing in the corner with his feet apart and arms crossed on his chest and two unknown bodybuilders: all three man wore white cotton briefs, white linked armband with snapstuds, and black working boots over whose edge you could see white socks, while the doctor was preparing some medical instruments.

“Oh, you’ve come, we will first examine you, weigh, measure, and so on, then we will prepare you for the initial phase of the procedure,” said the doctor to them. “Who got the first injection of adrenaline?”

“I was the first,” said Matt.

“Well, do you feel tingling in your muscles?”

“Yes, but not heavily.”

“Well, then, get up, and stand on the scale.”

Matt took off his clothes and stood on the weight beam scale.

“Ok, 245 lbs, now stand on height measuring scale, let’s see, back straight, 5’9” ok. Give me a moment to write …”

“Now sit on a desk.”

Matt crossed the room, feeling the cold floor beneath his bare feet and sat on the table, after doctor examined his eyes, nose, teeth doctor again turned back to record results.

“Please come down off the table, turn your back on me and bend over table and spread your legs, so I can view your anus.” Matt could feel how doctor anoints his anus with lubricant, and shortly after that he felt a smooth entry of cold speculum slightly stretching his anus so he clenched his teeth .

“And there’s all fine, the elasticity of the anus is satisfactory,” the doc said. ‘Well you’re finished next please.” -

Next was Dirk, who also began to feel a tingling sensation in the muscles, Dirk was 5’7” feet tall and weighs 220 lbs, everything was ok so nude Dirk also stood beside Matt. Shortly Cody also joined them, and he was ok with only that his anus was a something wider what is according to the doctor—which was easily solvable with one minor surgery, if it ever should be necessary. He weighed 255 lbs and was 5’9” tall. Doctor’s data recording lasted for several minutes, after which the doctor once again spoke to Dirk, Matt and Cody.

“Now you will stand straight, turn your back to window, arms crossed on your back chin up and look straight ahead.”

When Cody, Dirk and Matt set in the said position doctor sad

“Do not respond to anything what my assistants do to you, ok?”

“Ok, doctor,” all three respond at the same time.

“Let’s go then, assistants please begin.”

Chad move and takes from table two wartenberg pinwheels and then slowly starts rolling over Matt’s nipples which automatically become hard and few seconds after Matt felt how his penis becoming stiff.

“Okay, he is ready, Tony, put him cock-cage.”

Matt felt how Tony pulls his balls through metal cock ring, pull the metal sleeve onto penis itself and locking the padlock at the joint the metal sleeve and cock ring.

Tony and Chad were then crossed on Dirk. Matt saw with corner of eye how Chad passes with Wartenberg wheel over his nipples, during which Dirk managed to suppress a gasp from the reaction and few seconds once again hears the locking of cock-cage, then Chad and Tony crossed on Cody. When Chad started treated his nipples Cody felt light bites of Wartenberg wheel on nipples he knew that his skin is the outer edge of the nipple bristled what caused the rise of the outer edge of the nipples, then he felt how tingling like electricity flowing to his penis which was rapidly coming the state of full erection and consequently ejaculation—which was inconvenient because at that very moment Tony was about to pull the metal sleeve on his cock.

“Shit, his ejaculation hit me straight in the face, Chad,” says Tony.

“Okay, never mind, take a tissue in and wipe your face, and finish with the cock-cage setting,” says Chad.

“It’s just a sign that you are chosen well,” the doctor observed while Tony was wiping his face covered with Cody’s sperm. After a few seconds, and Cody cock-cage was placed and locked.

Hunter, you can now put them neoprene face shield mask” Chad said third bodybuilder who was still standing with his arms crossed on his chest. Hunter has quickly ended with pulling of the masks, that hiding the face of Cody, Dirk and Matt from below the chin to the glabella, and was supported with two straps around the head

“Doctor,they are ready for next phase,” says Chad, when the Hunter entered with set of masks.

“Ok, Chad, I now can call attendants, that will take them into caffeine bath,” said doctor and pushed the button on the wall.

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