My little guy

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Friday night took its sweet time showing up. By the time Shawn dragged his weary body home after work at the end of the week he wanted nothing more than to spend the next few days either in bed or on the couch in front of the TV, but as soon as he walked through the door to his small apartment it was clear that his boyfriend, Jim, had other plans.

As soon as Shawn rounded the corner from the entryway he saw his lover hard at work in front of the oven. Jim was clad in nothing but an apron which gave Shawn a nice, clear view of the slim, slender dude’s shapely, round bubbly butt. Shawn savored the view for a moment, but slowly a nagging suspicion began to overtake his arousal. Something was definitely off.

“You’re not actually cooking anything, are you?” Shawn asked upon realizing there were none of the telltale signs of food being prepared. He could hear no oil crackling nor could he smell any of the scents of food cooking wafting through the air.

Jim looked back over his shoulder and flashed a saucy wink to his lover and began to playfully knead his big, supple butt cheeks. “I was actually just about to ask if you were in the mood to eat out tonight.” Jim replied playfully.

Shawn rolled his eyes but played along with the gag. “I dunno. Those are some pretty big buns, and my doctor said I should cut back on carbs.” He replied.

“Well if you’re not feeling that tonight, maybe I could interest you in some pork. “ Jim replied. He swirled around and lifted up his apron so that his boyfriend could see his fully-boned cock. Shawn smirked at the lewd display. He had to admit his boyfriend had a nice dick. It wasn’t the biggest one around, but it was cute enough alright. The slim, five inch rod suited the slender blond just fine, but Shawn wasn’t interested in bottoming tonight.

Shawn made a show of stroking his lightly stubbled chin as if mulling it over, but his playful smirk gave him away. “Hmm… Nah. I don’t think that’d be enough to really hit the spot.” Shawn joked in reply.

Jim frowned and pouted at his much bigger, beefier beau. “It’s plenty big. Maybe it’s you who are too huge to enjoy the finer things in life.” Jim sulked. He was really hamming it up, but the extremes he went to in making a show of how put off he was just made it clear he wasn’t really offended.

Shawn sighed and rolled his eyes. “You know I didn’t mean it like that.” He said.

“Oh yeah? Well then how about letting me have the top bunk tonight?” Jim replied.

Shawn rolled his eyes again and said, “Maybe when you’re older.”

“Don’t treat me like a kid. I’m only two years younger than you.” Jim sassed back.

Shawn stepped forward and closed the gap between him and his lover. He wrapped his strong, beefy arms around his slim, slender boyfriend and whispered saucily into Jims ear, “I thought you liked me treating you like my little guy.”

“Well. Yeah. I mean, I do but…” Jim murmured. His lover’s strong arms felt so fantastic around him and his boyfriend’s cologne filled his nostrils. Shawn flooded all of Jim’s senses. It was intoxicating, but he wasn’t really to back down just yet. After a moment Jim managed to clear his head enough to make his counterargument. “… what’s so bad about letting me top once in a while?” Jim asked.

Shawn chuckled softly in reply. “I’m not opposed to the idea per se, but face it. You’re a born bottom. Every time we try and mix things up in the bedroom you inevitably end up face down on the mattress and begging for me to ream you.” Shawn explained.

Jim couldn’t deny it. Just being wrapped in his lover’s arms like this made him fantasize about being reamed by his boyfriend’s fat cock, but Shawn had just unwittingly made it a personal challenge, and Jim was not about to back down from a challenge. Jim shook his boyfriend’s arms off of him and put his hands defiantly on his hips. He stared up into his boyfriend’s brilliant green eyes and said, “Well, maybe I just need someone a little less pushy so that I can enjoy being the one to take the lead for a change.”

Shawn was about to make a counter-argument, but then he noticed a familiar an electric flash of in his lover’s crystal blue eyes. Shawn had seen that a few times before, and it rarely ended well for him. “You’re doing something aren’t you…?” He murmured softly.

“Little ol’ me? Whatever gave you that idea?” Jim replied playfully.

Shawn sighed and said, “Look. I don’t mind you getting all freaky with the laws of physics, but a little heads up would be nice.”

“Let’s just say you gave me a ‘little’ idea. If my dick’s not big enough for you, then I’ll just have to make you small enough for it.” Jim replied with a soft, playful chuckle as he sauntered closer to his huge, buff boyfriend.

“Alright. Fine.” Shawn sighed. He shrugged and then added, “Not like I could stop you anyway, but promise me you’ll put me back to normal when you’re done, ok?”

“I solemnly swear you’ll be right as rain when this is over.” Jim replied playfully.

Shawn shrugged in reply and said, “I guess that’s as good as I’m gonna get.”

“You’re damn right. I’m the greatest good you’re ever going to get.” Jim sassed back playfully. He even went so far as to shoot his boyfriend a playful wink as he said it.

Jim’s perky personality was part of what Shawn loved so much about the slender blond, and Jim’s supernatural powers meant that things never got too dull in the bedroom or out. Shawn didn’t want to admit it out loud, but he was a little excited to see what it would be like to no longer be the bigger one of the two.

Shawn leaned in and gave his little lover a passionate kiss on the lips. He could already feel the changes begin to set in. His shirt was just a little looser than usual. His belt was not quite as snug as he was used to, and the real kicker was he didn’t have to lean down as far as he usually did to give his lover a kiss. It was kind of nice in a way. Shawn’s towering, seven foot tall frame made it a little bit of a hassle to get down and see eye to eye with his much shorter, 5’5 little lover. Not having to hunch down so far or crane his neck so much was a lot easier on the back.

Jim wasted no time. His hands went to work caressing his lover’s sides. Jim’s hands quickly took inventory of the many parts of Shawn’s beefy body and catalogued how the changes were affecting them. He could feel Shawn’s shirt getting baggier by the second. The once skin-tight button-up shirt now bunched up awkwardly around the beefy dude’s shoulders and sides.

Jim’s hastily tugged at Shawn’s belt. The metal buckle didn’t take much effort to unclasp, and as soon as the loose, leather cord was undone Shawn’s slacks dropped to the floor. The khaki fabric pooled around his ankles like a skirt around a Christmas tree. Shawn didn’t waste time after that. He casually stepped out of his pants. His shoes were so loose by this point that he stepped clean out of those too as he did so.

Jim ran his fingertips along the bulge of his lover’s massive cock. Shawn’s tighty-whities were getting incredibly loose, but even so Shawn’s huge dick strained against the front of the fabric. Shawn’s dick was simply massive before the changes had begun. Shawn’s dick had been a solid foot of thick, masculine meat, and the shrinkage had done nothing to detract from it’s incredibly size. If anything it looked even bigger than before on Shawn’s shorter frame.

Shawn steadily began to notice something different. He no longer had to stoop down at all to kiss his lover. He no longer had to crane his neck either. He suddenly pulled back from their embrace and took a moment to take stock of Jim’s handsome face. Jim’s blue eyes seemed to sparkle as Shawn stared longingly into them. It was the first time that they had been able to just stand there and stare into each other’s eyes, and Shawn intended to savor the moment.

The moment didn’t last long though. Before he knew it, Shawn was having to crane his neck once more, but the angle was different this time. Shawn found himself having to stare up at his growing lover.

“Just how small am I going to get…?” He murmured.

“I’m still deciding.” Jim replied playfully. He then nodded towards the bedroom and flashed his shrinking lover a sly wink. “Come on. Let’s get to the bed while you’re still tall enough to climb on.” He added playfully.

“You’re joking right…?” Shawn sputtered, but as he watched his bigger boyfriend playfully trot over towards their shared bedroom he began to doubt that Jim had any intention of stopping the shrinking any time soon. Shawn sighed and shook his head but quickly followed after his lover.

Shawn hastily pulled off the last few articles of clothing he had left as he stumbled the few feet towards the bedroom. He liked to keep his shirt buttoned up to the very top of the collar. Normally his shirt collar was far, far too tight to get around his head, but at his reduced size he was effortlessly able to pull his shirt up and over his head and toss it aside. The shirt barely even messed up his hair as he pulled it over. Shawn’s socks were so loose that he easily kicked them off as he jogged, and once he got into his bedroom he quickly pushed his underwear down around his ankles and kicked those off as well. Once free of its cloth prison, Shawn’s huge cock sprung back up to its full upright and locked position. His huge dick slapped against the top row of his thick, sculpted abs. The sudden smack of his dick against his chest alerted Shawn to another change that he had so far managed to miss.

Shawn stared down at his cock. He was the first to admit that he had a nice, big tool, but the schlong that stood before him was simply massive. It was almost as thick as his throat, and his neck—much like the rest of his body—was incredibly beefy. Shawn stared at his massive cock in silent awe as he ran his hands along it. It wasn’t just the size that had increased but the sensation as well. Pleasure flooded his mind and overloaded his senses. He was so entranced by his huge cock that he hardly even noticed his boyfriend until Jim was standing over him.

Jim placed his hands on his little lover’s shoulder and softly chuckled. “I take it you like it?” He asked playfully.

Shawn was about to look up and ask what was going on, but his eyes only made it part of the way up. He quickly caught sight of his boyfriend’s now fully-exposed cock. The tip of Jim’s slimmer, shorter dick was now even with Shawn’s own. Shawn took a moment to take in the size discrepancy, and as he did the truth began to dawn on him.

“They’re the same…” He murmured. His cock was still the same size that it was before. It was the rest of him that was shrinking around it. Seeing it lined up with his boyfriend’s cock really drove home that fact. Jim’s dick was still a little less than half as long as Shawn’s enormous, meaty cock and far, far thinner.

“Got it in one, kiddo.” Jim replied playfully.

“K-kiddo!?” Shawn sputtered.

Jim shrugged and replied, “It’s my turn to be the big guy. That means I get to use the cute pet names tonight.”

“… and the dicks?” Shawn asked.

Jim once again shrugged as he gave his reply. “Let’s just say I like to keep my options open.” Jim then squatted down so he was staring into his shrinking lover’s eyes and planted a huge, passionate kiss right on Shawn’s lips. Jim’s hand snaked its way down towards his lover’s huge cock. He gripped it passionately and began to stroke the thick shaft. His breathing steadily became more labored as he hungrily kissed his boyfriend’s lips and eagerly stroked his lover’s cock.

“God… I need it inside me.” Jim moaned breathily into his little lover’s ear.

“I told you this would happen…” Shawn replied just as breathily.

“Shut up and fuck me, little man.” Jim playfully replied.

Jim stood up and smirked down at his little lover. Shawn was now eye level with Jim’s rock-hard cock. Shawn had lost well over three feet of height and was still rapidly shrinking, but the two lovers were beyond worrying about that. They both had other things that occupied their minds at the moment.

Jim seductively sauntered his way over towards the bed. He swayed his huge, shapely, bubble booty playfully in time with his steps. His big, juicy ass served as a beacon for Shawn’s hungry gaze. Shawn couldn’t take his eyes off of it. Just staring at it got his already fully-boned dick even harder. Pre began to flow from the tip of it. Shawn could actually feel the rivulets of pre against his chin. He had shrunken so much that his cock now poked against the underside of his jaw. It wouldn’t be long before he would be eye level with the tip of his own cock, but he doubted he’d have to worry about it blocking his view. He fully intended to have his huge cock buried deep within his lover’s beautiful butt well before then.

Jim hopped up onto the large, king sized bed and raised his shapely butt seductively for his little lover. His slender fingers worked their way back towards his beautiful booty and began to playfully work at his tight, shuddering hole. Clear fluid flowed freely from his fingertips and soon his hole glistened in the dim light of the overhead fixture.

Shawn whimpered pitifully as he stared at his lover’s freshly slicked hole. One of the advantages of dating a wizard was never having to buy a single bottle of lube, but one of the disadvantages now loomed before him. He was now eye level with the mattress. It was going to be difficult to pull himself into bed, and the longer he waited the harder it would get. He had hoped Jim was joking earlier when he had warned that Shawn might get so small that he could no longer get into bed, but it looked like Jim had unintentionally made good on his threat.

Shawn scurried across the room. He used the running start to kick off and latch onto the top of the mattress. It took every ounce of strength in his impressive muscles to hoist himself up and over the ledge. His huge cock dug into the covers as he pulled himself up. The soft fabric rubbing against his over-sensitive cock felt fantastic. He had to suppress his urge to cream as he staggered to his feet. He left a big, wet splotch of pre on the comforter, but at least he had managed to hold back his load.

He took a second to catch his breath and fight against his need to cum, but what he saw before him undermined his efforts. His boyfriend’s huge shapely ass hovered invitingly in front of him. The sheer sight of the massive, round, sexy cheeks and cute, tight little hold took Shawn’s breath away and made his cock lurch with joy.

Shawn slowly staggered his way closer towards his lover’s inviting ass. The mattress gave and shifted beneath his feet which made walking awkward enough, but the addition of a massive cock which now reached up towards his nose made matters worse. By the time Shawn made it towards his lover’s huge, shapely ass. His crotch was even with Jim’s inviting hole.

Shawn was so fixated on his lover’s ass that he barely even registered their size disparity now, but some small part of his mind was well aware and taking notes. He marveled at just how short he had become. He once towered over the slim, slender little blond, but now he was less than half Jim’s height. Shawn was standing straight and tall and Jim was down on his hands and knees and Jim still had to lean forward a bit to lower his bubbly butt down far enough for Shawn to shove his dick in.

Shawn wasted no time in pressing the tip of his dick against his boyfriend’s hungry hole. They both moaned orgasmically as Shawn’s huge, fat cock slowly spread Jim’s tight hole wider and wider. They had done this many times before, but it was still a shock to both of them just how huge Shawn’s dick was and just how tight Jim’s hole was.

Shawn’s whole body shuddered as he sensually slid his fat cock in and out of his lover’s tight hole. Jim’s ass always felt fantastic, but this time it was beyond words. As Shawn got smaller and smaller the sensations seemed to magnify. Already his cock was coming close to rivaling the size of the rest of his body. Having so much pleasure coursing through such a large piece was mind-blowing.

Shawn was so caught up in the sensations of reaming his lover’s hole with a steadily growing cock while struggling to keep his load down that he didn’t even notice as he continued to get smaller and smaller. Soon Shawn was so much smaller than his boyfriend that he could no longer reach far enough across to grip Jim’s hips as he continued to slide his enormous cock in and out of Jim’s wonderfully tight ass. Shawn was able to use the cute little dimple in Jim’s supple buttcheeks as a decent grip at first, but it wasn’t long before even those were too big of a stretch for his dwindling arms.

Jim loved every second of having his lover’s fat cock in him. He just wished that he had a better view of his buff boyfriend as the once towering beefcake steadily dwindled. Jim occasionally glanced over his shoulder to check on his lover’s progress. He smirked as he noticed that Shawn’s shoulders barely poked over the ridge of his own big, round ass cheeks. The next time Jim glanced over, he only saw Shawn’s head poking over those jiggle hills, and it wasn’t like Jim was remaining stationary the whole time. As he felt Shawn’s huge cock begin to enter him at an uncomfortable angle, Jim would slowly lie down lower and lower against the mattress. Soon Jim was as flat as he could get except for his ass which was angled up ever so slightly, and he could still just barely make out the tip of Shawn head poking out over his ass.

Shawn was soon getting winded. As much as he loved reaming Jim for all he was worth, moving a cock that now dwarfed his body was incredibly laborious. Shawn was so small compared to his cock that his balls now rested solidly on the bed below even though he was standing straight up. His massive cock was wider than his shoulders, and there were thick veins crisscrossing the fantastically huge shaft that were thicker than his wrist.

“I think you’ve earned a break.” Jim said suddenly. He didn’t even give Shawn a chance to reply, but it was for the best. By this point Shawn was so exhausted and addled with lust and erotic bliss that he couldn’t think straight anyway.

Jim slowly staggered to his knees. The motion was far too much for Shawn to keep up with. He staggered backwards and landed flat on his ass atop the plush covers. His cock slid the rest of his way out of his lover’s tight ass and stood straight up. The full length of his impossibly huge shaft towered over him. Shawn could merely sit there and silently marvel at his own massive cock. It was easily twice as tall as he was and much, much thicker, but what was even more impressive was his boyfriend. Jim towered over Shawn like a skyscraper. His nuts dangled like a chandelier above Shawn’s head. His cock jutted out like a truss above that. Jim’s flat, smooth belly stretched out like a billboard high into the sky, and far above that was Jim’s enormous smiling face.

“Just lay back and leave the rest to me.” Jim softly cooed as he slowly moved himself into position atop Shawn’s towering shaft. Shawn could only gawk in awe as he stared up and up at his massive boyfriend. Jim’s poofy taint alone was the size of Jim’s torso.

Jim moaned and sighed in ecstasy as he slowly slid down his lover’s fat shaft. He could feel it hitting him deeper and deeper with each passing second. It felt so great that he wanted to just surrender himself to the ecstasy and lower himself the rest of the way down, but he knew he couldn’t do that. At Shawn’s current, diminutive size, there was no telling how much damage that could do, and besides, he wanted Shawn to enjoy this just as much as he did.

Jim carefully lowered himself down so low that his tight, small nutsack pressed down upon his lover’s face. Shawn breathed deeply and soaked up as much of his lover’s sack as he could. As he passionately began to kiss the central ridge of his lover’s tight sack Shawn could taste the faint bit of sweat on his lover’s nuts, but there was another flavor there too—something mellow with just a hint of bitterness to it. Shawn knew the taste well. The taste of pre was unmistakable. Shawn soon began to feel the rivulets of warm liquid splash across his face as the little droplets of pre worked their way down Jim’s fully boned shaft, along the ridge of his tight nutsack, and eventually down onto his little lover’s body. Each bead was almost as big as Shawn’s whole head, but Shawn didn’t mind. He drank deeply of each droplet and resumed passionately kissing his lover’s balls. As he did so, Shawn’s hands ran across Jim’s nuts as if exploring each and every tiny wrinkle of his lover’s balls. It was as if he was trying to read Jim’s life story by Braille as his fingertips caressed his lover’s nuts.

As Jim continued to slide himself up and down along Shawn’s shaft Shawn continued to lick, kiss, and suck a path straight down the middle of Jim’s nuts each time that huge, full sack came in range of his hands and mouth, but Shawn was still shrinking. Soon he could no longer reach his lover’s fantastically sexy nuts, but that hardly mattered. Shawn was more than happy with his consolation prize. Each time Jim sank low enough, Shawn reached up and caressed the soft, supply mass of his lover’s taint. The puffy ridge of his boyfriend’s sexy gooch was large enough that Shawn could lie down across it like a king sized bed, and at that moment nothing seemed sexier. Shawn fantasized about snuggling up against the soft swath of erogenous flesh each time he dug his fingertips against it and each time he ran his tongue along the ridge that ran along the center.

Jim was so close to cumming. He could barely think about anything other than how great this night was and how amazing it felt, but his legs were getting sore and tired. He couldn’t keep squatting down on his little lover’s fantastic rod much longer.

Jim knew he needed to shake things up. He reached down and scooped Shawn up into the palm of his hand. Shawn was beyond tiny by this point. His body alone was barely as tall as the top segment of Jim’s little finger, but Shawn’s nuts were as massive as ever. The two chicken-egg sized orbs filled Jim’s entire palm and then some. The huge, full nutsack made the perfect grip for his new, incredibly lifelike dildo. Jim flopped onto his back and began to fervently ream himself with his boyfriend’s cock.

Tiny Shawn was along for the ride, but he wasn’t about to complain. At his miniscule size, the sensation of his cock sliding in and out of his lover’s fantastic ass was beyond mind-blowing. Shawn gritted his teeth and fought back against his need to cream, but it was no good. It just felt so amazing. Try as he might he couldn’t stop it. He threw his head back and cried in ecstasy as his dick gave one last lurch and shudder.

Jim knew it was time. He heard the faint sound of his lover’s orgasmic wail. He felt the hard lurch of Shawn’s massive cock inside of him, and Jim was more than ready for the cumming storm. He had been struggling to hold back his load for what felt like ages as he waited for Shawn to climax. Jim threw his head back and let out a loud, low, guttural moan. He shoved his boyfriend’s cock as deep inside of it as it could go. He sighed and moaned orgasmically as he felt the tip of his lover’s cock mash against that sensitive spot deep inside of him. His cock lurched. Cum erupted from the tip. The long, slender ropes of jizz arced through the air and splattered against his face. Jim greedily licked off his own cream as he continued to cum and cum again. The ropes of jizz got waterier with each spurt, but he showed no signs of stopping any time soon. He painted his face and chest with his loads before his wads finally began to taper off, but it was such a fantastic orgasm that his dick was still lurching and shuddering as it tried in vain to pump out a few last droplets of cum from his pleasantly drained nuts.

Shawn couldn’t see anything, but it wasn’t just because his eyes had lost the ability to focus due to the intensity of his climax. He was mashed face down against his lover’s warm, squishy taint. Shawn didn’t mind though. It felt fantastic, and he was too busy moaning and crying in ecstasy to worry. His moans were muffled beneath his lover’s supple swath of flesh. He writhed and moaned as he fired huge shots of spunk straight up his lover’s tight ass. Shawn had no idea how much he had managed to shoot. It could have just been his greatly reduced stature, but it felt like the largest load of his life. He could hardly fathom how much he was cumming as he fired again and again and again. Each spurt felt just as powerful as the last. Each wad felt just as thick as the one before. He felt like he was shooting for hours by the time his loads finally tapered off.

Once he had finally stopped cumming, Shawn felt his lover’s hand slowly pull him away from that warm, puffy taint. Part of Shawn wanted to stay snuggled up against it, but as more and more of his lover’s titanic form came into view, Shawn quickly shook the notion from his mind.

Jim slowly sat his tiny lover down atop the bed and giggled as he soaked up his boyfriend’s tiny form. It could have been the afterglow, but something about seeing Shawn lying atop his own massive schlong was incredibly cute. Jim flopped over onto his front and crawled in closer to his tiny lover. He leaned in close and gave Shawn a quick peck on the cheek. Although at his current size, Shawn was so tiny that Jim’s lips eclipsed his whole body.

“God. You’re so adorable like that.” Jim gushed.

Shawn gazed up at his towering boyfriend. Jim’s beaming face was so huge that it was like watching him on an Imax screen. Jim’s humongous, toothy grin gleamed in vivid, high-definition. Shawn didn’t want to admit it out loud, but he kind of liked being so little. It allowed him to really appreciate the smaller features on his lover’s gigantic face. That cute little curve of his lopsided grin; the dimples on his cheek; even Jim’s slightly crooked incisor looked even more endearing at this size.

“I’m glad you’re enjoying it, but you said you’d turn me back.” Shawn replied.

“Yes. I did say that…” Jim replied. He voice trailed off as if he was mulling something over. His crooked grin suddenly returned in full force. The devious glint in his eye said it all. “… When we’re done.” Jim added playfully.

Jim scooped up Shawn’s huge, chubbed up cock and placed it gently on the pillow at the head of the bed. Jim then leaned in and gave his tiny lover another playful kiss before laying his head upon the same pillow.

“Get some rest, little guy.” Jim said sweetly. “We’ve got a long weekend ahead of us.”

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