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My roommate

By LenZelig

Description Bill’s hot adventures with his irresistible sex-god of a roommate, Andy Wang.

AddedJuly 2002
Updated20 Jan 2016



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Part 1

I arrived at college to start my freshman year. I checked in late, got my room assignment and hustled over to the dorm to move in. The place was a beehive of activity with students arriving or returning from summer break.

When I got to my room, I saw that my roommate had staked out one side, stowed his stuff and gone out again. After settling in on the other side, I took the time to look over my roomie's stuff. On registration, they gave me his name, Andrew Wang, undoubtedly Chinese-American, but his desk and bulletin board didn't say much about him, just a computer displaying a Flying Windows screen saver. Must be an Asian nerd, I thought. Just then the door opened and I found out how wrong I had been.

The man who entered our room was Asian all right, but huge. He was several inches taller than my six feet and, even in his loose fitting sweat suit, wet from a strenuous workout, you could tell he was massively muscular.

“Hi, you must be Bill Foster. I'm your roommate, Andy Wang,” said the golden skinned Adonis offering his hand.

I was staring so intently that it took me a few seconds to reach out my hand and weakly reply, “Hi.” His hand engulfed mine in a grip that conveyed all the strength held restrained behind it, while being firm, not painful. I gazed into his deep black eyes as he looked back at me.

I thought of myself as something of a stud. Blond, six foot, 180 pounds and a muscular build, I was a star athlete in swimming at high school and could bench press over twice my body weight. I was also gay. Now I was living with a guy I never even dreamed could exist, who could take me apart easily.

He released my hand and I stumbled back and sat on my bed, too stunned to continue the conversation. Andy just stripped off his top, revealing his tremendous development. His chest was close to 60 inches, with biceps at least 26 inches, plate-like pecs and flaring lats that tapered down to a 30 inch waist with six clearly separated ab muscles that maintained their definition even when relaxed. He hit a few quick poses, displaying each of his muscles which bulged under his glowing golden skin, glistening with his sweat, and containing not an ounce of fat. He was obviously enjoying giving me a show.

“You should be a competitive bodybuilder. Mr. Olympia has nothing on you,” I offered, getting up my courage to speak.

“I could; but, there's a problem. I can't find posing trunks that fit me,” he replied.

“Don't joke. You're fantastic. How much of a problem can it be?”

“It's no joke,” he said, undoing the drawstring and starting to remove his sweat pants.

About to speak, I stopped. Between his huge thighs, each of which swelled with muscles thicker than his waist, was the flaccid shaft of his dick. It was as thick as my wrist and, as he slowly lowered his pants, it showed no sign of its head. Finally, near his knees the tip appeared, covered by its foreskin. He stepped out of the pants and stood upright in front of me, his 15 inch soft penis swinging slowly between the trunks of his legs.

With one hand he brought his shaft up to horizontal while the other gripped my wrist and guided my hand to hold it near the end. It responded to my touch, stiffening and lengthening, the pink head pushing out of the foreskin and stretching toward my mouth.

“Now do you understand?” he asked.

I nodded as he held my head in his hands, slowly but irresistibly moving me closer to his prick. I cleaned the head with my tongue, tasting the salty sweat from his workout. It was delicious. I opened my mouth and accepted the first few inches, cleaning each new inch with my lips and tongue. It stretches, impossibly long, over 20 inches, from my lips to his silky black pubic hair, the only fur on his body below his head. Beneath the shaft are a pair of orange sized balls that promise a massive load of cum.

There's no way I can handle all of this monster, I think, but I'm going to give my new roommate my most enthusiastic efforts. I go at his shaft stroking with both hands while attempting to suck as much as possible into my fully stretched mouth. There's still enough dick left for three normal men when, all too soon, the head presses against the back of my mouth.

Andy takes over. His hands move my head stroking my mouth along the end of his dick until the head pounds my throat.

“Try and relax your throat. Try to swallow,” he urges.

I had my share of sex in high school, but never imagined taking a dick half as big as this. My own 9-1/2 inches was the biggest I had seen. As Andy continued stroking, I tried to obey. Finally, I got it right and swallowed the head like it was the world's biggest aspirin. Half a foot of the shaft followed it down my throat. After a moment of panic, I found I could still breathe around the pole of flesh filling my face. I gave Andy a big OK sign with my hand as a gleam of triumph showed in my eyes.

But, Andy wasn't satisfied with halfway, he continued stroking. He'd pull a little out, keeping the head firmly down my throat, then plunge in, getting a little deeper each time. I could feel him pushing past my throat into my chest as I watched more and more of the shaft disappear into my straining mouth.

I dropped my hands to free my own throbbing member, which sprang to attention against my abs as soon as I loosened my pants.

Finally, I reached the base and my nose pressed into his patch of fine fur. I inhaled the fragrance of my new roommate, my lover. He embraced my head against his groin for a long minute as the shaft of his dick impaled me down my throat, through my chest and into my abdomen.

Then he resumed his stroking. He picked up the pace, his strokes more urgent, building to a climax. I caressed his balls with one hand while I reached between his mighty thighs to explore his ass. I found his hole nestled inside glutes as firm as marble. I stroked it lightly and felt him shudder, his dick bucking once inside my body. I inserted a finger.

The reaction was instantaneous. His ass hole clamped down on my invading finger, gripping it almost painfully as his muscular ass squeezed my hand. He gripped me tightly to his body, plunging his sword in to the hilt. I felt his balls pull tight to the base of his shaft as it began to throb. I could feel his first spurt as it shot down his dick to be delivered directly to my stomach. It was followed by another and another as my whole body seemed to pound in sympathy with his eruption.

My own dick exploded, coating his balls and quadriceps with my biggest, most powerful load ever. It was a trickle compared to what he was unleashing.

After almost a minute, he starts to withdraw, pushing my head away from his body as, inch after inch, his dick retreats from my mouth. He is still cumming. When he leaves my throat, his next shots flood my mouth. I taste his essence. It is salty, like his sweat, but with a tangy taste too. I like it.

He pulls the head from my mouth and his dick snaps upright against his trunk, the head reaching up to just below his pecs. The next couple of shots arc high in the air and come down coating my hair. He then points his dick at me as his last streams coat my face and shirt. As his orgasm finally subsides, I lick the last drops off the head of his softening dick.

Andy sits down next to me on my bed, wraps his arms around my chest and hugs me to him for an after sex kiss. His tongue plunges into my mouth tasting the residue of the load he pumped into me as his face is smeared with the cum on my face.

When we break our kiss, I lick his face clean. “I like your taste,” I say.

Andy wipes some of my cum from his thighs and takes a taste. “You taste pretty good yourself. I think I'm going to enjoy you as my roommate.”

“You can enjoy me any time you want,” I respond.

“I'll take you up on that for sure. You have a nice body. Let's have a look,” he says as he turns me around strips off my already lowered pants and sets me on his thighs, my legs splayed widely over his huge tree trunks. His soft shaft extends between my ass, under my balls and well beyond the front of my body as my own soft member rests along a small portion of its length.

He removes my cum stained shirt and tosses it aside. He rubs my abs which I flex to allow him to feel their definition. They're nothing like his, but I'm in good shape with no fat. “Not bad,” he mutters, moving on to my pecs. He rubs them, feeling their firmness and tweaks the tits which instantly harden into tight points. The attention awakens my dick which starts to lengthen along his still sleeping member.

“Flex your biceps,” he requests. I throw a double biceps pose while sitting on his lap. He feels my lats and arms which bulge to shapely 17 inch peaks. He flexes his own mighty arms which dwarf my own. Then he grips my fists in his own hands and extends his arms. I am helpless to resist his movements. My strength is negligible compared to his.

He sweeps me up in his arms, cuddling me like a baby. I feel safe and secure in his embrace. He sucks my sensitive tits which send shudders of pleasure through my body and further rouses my dick which is soon pointing straight out from my body. It draws his attention as he curls me up to his face and inhales my dick to the root in one motion. His ministrations have me moaning in pleasure. When he snakes first one, then two strong fingers up my ass, I unleash my second load of the day.

When I soften, he pulls me from his mouth and says, “Tastes even better fresh,” and kisses me deeply offering a sample. “I think we're ready for the main event,” he states laying me on my back on the bed. When he stands, I see that his dick is again fully hard, standing perpendicular to his body, its flaring head unsheathed and bright red. A drop of precum, the scout for legions to follow, glistens in the hole.

“I'll try, but I don't think I could take all that. Please be careful, you could hurt me,” I said, excited by the prospect of being fucked the hottest man I never dreamed of, but, still worried about what he could do to me.

“Don't worry, I'm an expert at working all my muscles,” laughed Andy. “You'll love it. I guarantee.”

With that he climbed on the bed and lifted my legs, bending my thighs back to my chest, raising and exposing my ass. He attacked my butt with his mouth, licking the crack with his tongue. The tip finds the target and massages and lubes the entrance. He pushes the tip inside, moving it around to loosen me up. Waves of pleasure wash over me and my penis hardens again, stretching out against my abs.

He pushes his tongue in further, and further, and further. How big is it? It expands and penetrates me like the biggest dick I ever had. But, it's much more active, darting in, out, up, down, swirling around, massaging and probing my guts. I'm in heaven, moaning in pleasure and squirming in his grasp, my butt contracting rhythmically around his invading tongue. When he massages my prostate, I emit a squeal of delight and unload my third massive load of cum which blasts in white streaks across my chest.

Exhausted, I rest limply on the bed as he withdraws. Andy props my legs on his shoulders and smiles down at me from between them, his perfect white teeth contrasting with the dark skin of his face. “I think you're ready,” he observes as he wipes up my jizz, using it to lubricate his shaft.

Grasping my hips, he pulls me to him until the tip of his dick touches my hole. He lets it rest there with gentle pressure. My ass lips spasm against the intruder. At each one, a little more creeps inside, expanding the opening. I wanted that dick inside me. I needed it inside me. I tried to push down on it, but his grip held me still. “Please, Andy, shove it in,” I begged. He gave me another smile, but ignored my plea. My own dick was again stiff. It throbbed in time with the contractions of my ass muscles.

After minutes of erotic agony, the head popped inside. A forceful shove of his hips slides another half foot in until the head rubs my prostate. Short, quick movements drive the head back and forth across my most sensitive spot. It makes me wild. I gasp in pleasure at each stroke. I arch my back as orgasm overtakes me again. The first blast of cum sails over my head. The second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth lay lines of white from my face to my abs. I collapse back to the bed exhausted by pleasure.

However, Andy is not done with me. He used my frenzy to slide in over half way until his shaft is stopped by a bend in my gut. The pressure inside me, where no man has gone before, brings me back to reality. He leans forward, bending me double, sucks each tit till it hardens to a point, then licks the cum from my chest, neck and face. He kisses me strongly, sharing my cum. While I'm distracted he pushes past the obstruction as his shaft flexes smoothly to conform with my anatomy.

Feeling him moving steadily inward, I stare, eyes wide, at his face just above me. He breaks our kiss and leans back again. From the look on his face I can tell he is starting to focus on the sensations radiating from his deeply embedded dick. With a last lunge his balls slap against my ass. He's in. I didn't think it possible. I can see a bulge under my abs along the path in my gut that must be filled by his tremendous sex tool.

After pausing a minute to let me adjust, Andy leans forward, again bending me double and places his hands beside my shoulders. I grab his mighty arms as he undulates his hips to force his shaft through my body. Each stroke is over a foot long. Incredible sensations pour through me as he massages my insides. Sweat pours off Andy from his exertions, dripping from his nose, the points of his pecs and the mounds of his abs.

Minutes pass of this incredible fuck. I'm delirious. With a final shove Andy buries himself to his balls and unloads. A pulsing begins deep within me. It spreads throughout my body, dominating my sensations. My dick takes up the rhythm. An eruption occurs in my guts as cum blasts from Andy's gun. Each shot strikes me like a physical blow. I shoot off in sympathy. It goes on and on, one minute, two, before the pounding slowly fades away.

Andy pushes my legs off the sides of his shoulders and I slide them down to wrap around his narrow waist. With his dick still buried, he rests his body over mine, his torso splashes in my cum as his weight presses me into the mattress. I hug him, gripping the backs of his widely flaring lats. We rest, our heads side by side. After many minutes, when my breathing returns to normal, I whisper into his ear, “Thank you.”

“Don't thank me yet,” he answers. With that he rears back onto his knees, holding me against his chest with one arm, my legs still around his waist. As I settle in his lap, a flex of his dick reminds me he is still inside me and still hard. Gripping my lats he slides me up and down along his shaft as my member, stimulated by the motion across the hills of his abdominal muscles, rapidly stiffens.

Again sensations wash over me, pleasure flows through my body. He picks up the pace. My brain is overwhelmed. When orgasm begins, it feels far away as I drift in ecstasy above my spasming body. The room spins.

I awaken on my back on the bed. I open my eyes to see Andy kneeling above my chest, smiling. The last few inches of his now soft dick are resting on my pecs glistening with his cum and my ass juice. The drying residue of my balls coats the fronts of both our bodies.

“How was that?” he asks.

In answer I grab his shaft and kiss the tip. Then I lovingly clean it, clear up to his balls, letting the tangy taste remind me of where it was, what it did, and the pleasure it brought. “Thank you, again,” I say, staring up into his eyes.

“How did you develop such an incredible build? You must spend hours in the gym?” I asked in awe.

Andy gave me his beautiful smile and laughed. “Actually the only time I go to the gym is to find new hot guys to fuck. I'm really not sure how I got this bod; it's a bit of a story.” He reclined on his side next to me with his chest propped up by one arm. His resting sex tool flopped across my hips and on top of my own, much smaller, member.

“It was summer, two years ago,” he continued. “I had gone to the beach near home South of San Francisco just after dawn to get in a little surfing before I went to my summer job. The waves were the biggest I'd seen all year. The beach was deserted in the early morning. At that time I was 5’4”, 110 pounds with a slim athletic build from my surfing and skate boarding.”

“With a wetsuit to protect me from the cold California water, I paddled out, eager to try some new moves in the big waves. I grabbed a ride and was doing great. The wave curled over me as it started to break and I rode the tube surrounded by water. Suddenly it collapsed around me and I was tossed off my board and swirled by the pounding surf.”

“I must have been knocked out, because when I opened my eyes again I was on a table with all sort of equipment around. The room was bathed in a bright white light. I could feel my wetsuit on my body and things pressing against me at various points, but I couldn't move or talk. There was no sound. Time passed but I couldn't tell how much. I must have gone to sleep or blacked out.”

“When I opened my eyes again I was being given mouth to mouth resuscitation by a hunky blond lifeguard. When he saw me awaken, he backed off and smiled at me. I just reached up with my arm and pulled him down for a kiss. My body was as huge as it is today. My wetsuit had split along all its seams, only a small portion around my waist was intact. But, at the time I didn't wonder about the changes. I had one thing on my mind, sex. My dick sprang erect as I rolled my rescuer on to his back in the sand. I pushed right up the leg of his loose fitting swim trunks and fucked him senseless on the empty public beach. It was my first sexual experience.”

“He called in sick and took me to his apartment. I made love to him all day and half the night until he fell into an exhausted sleep. Only then did I realize that I'd been changed. I knew, somehow, that it was part of an experiment, that I would never get sick, that nobody would resist my sexual desires and that I wouldn't get anyone pregnant unless I wanted. Besides the body, I now have a photographic memory which sure helps in school and gives me more time for sex.”

“Weird as it sounds, it seems to be true. I haven't been sick a day in two years, not even a zit. My body weight stays the same day after day. The more I eat, the more cum I produce. But, no sperm unless I consciously will it. One day, I'll let you feel what it's like to have superman's sperm wiggling in your guts.”

“And you never strike out?” I interjected. “Boys and girls?”

“Right, never,” Andy replied. “I became very popular in school after I explained that I had taken part in a growth experiment and was sworn to secrecy. The equipment room off the gym became my lair. One of my friends would keep watch for teachers while I had my fun. But, once, when the coach walked in on us, the problem was easily solved and I got to use the physical therapy room thereafter. When someone's parents would go out of town, we would hold round the clock sex parties. Sometimes, I'd do twenty or thirty kids a night until they all lay exhausted on the sheets we would spread out over the rugs.”

“And, yes, both boys and girls,” he added. “But, I really prefer guys, because girls can't take all this in their vagina.” As he spoke his dick hardened and lengthened. “And, if I want an ass, I'd rather have a tight muscular one like yours.”

Andy slid between my thighs and lifted my legs. With one stroke he pushed his monster in. Our previous sex had prepared and lubricated the passage. I was instantly back in ecstasy. I came almost immediately but stayed hard. He used long strokes, withdrawing until only the head remained inside, then plunging in until his balls hit my upturned ass. I could see his golden brown shaft spear my pale ass. As it reached deeper, my abs would bulge out from the pressure inside. I came again, releasing just a trickle of cum from my empty balls. After fifteen minutes of passion that left me drenched in sweat and moaning in pleasure, he unloaded deep inside me. As his fire hose quenched my burning guts, I came for a third time, shooting, from some reserve, a spurt of juice onto my chest. Andy pulled out, still unleashing solid streams of jizz. He coats me from head to balls in a blanket of white.

He stepped off my bed and stood beside me. The juices dripping from his dick forming a small pool between his feet. “I need a shower,” he announced. “Want to join me?”

“Go ahead. I'm not used to this. I need to rest a bit.” I sprawled limply on the bed.

Andy nodded and padded off to the small bath connected to our room. In a couple of minutes I heard the sound of water. I closed my eyes to try to get some sleep. There was a knock on the door. I looked up. Before I could say anything, the door opened and a student entered. He saw me and quickly shut the door behind him.

Part 2

You must be Bill, I'm Doug Moore, captain of the swimming team. I see you've already met Andy.”

“Uh, hi,” I mumbled. “How do you know Andy?”

“Oh, I stopped by earlier looking for you and we had a chance to get acquainted. I came back to see if you, and Andy, were in. I needed to see if you would come out for the swim team and to see if Andy would…well I'm sure you understand.”

“Well, I'd love to come out for the swim team, since I'm already out for you,” I answered.

Doug walked over to my bed and placed his hand on my chest, soaking it in the pooled cum still covering me. He placed three fingers in his mouth sucking off the juice. “Don't you love his taste?” I sampled some for myself and bobbed my head yes.

“You know, I hadn't had any sex with guys before this morning,” he admitted. “I didn't understand what the attraction was and I had all the girls I needed to satisfy me. But, when I saw Andy, I had to be with him. He took charge of me. I felt both helpless and secure in his arms and I never felt anything so pleasurable as him inside me.”

As Doug remembered, I could see the good sized bulge down the leg of his jeans lengthen.

“Say, while I'm waiting for Andy, do you mind if I do you? I want to feel what it's like to give instead of receive.”

Without waiting for my answer, he peeled off his shirt. I examined his body. He was a couple of years older than me, a couple of inches taller and, when he shucked his pants, I saw to my surprise, a couple of inches longer. He was in competitive shape and, like me, a natural blond. His skin, tanned after the summer, was almost as dark as Andy's. He climbed on the bed and lay on top of me, swirling his stiff tool along my abs to cover it with cum. I rolled out from under him, turned onto my front and pushed to my knees with my head on the pillow and ass pointed up for him. He got behind me and placed the tip at my entrance. He pushed in accompanied by a squishing sound as Andy's cum was forced out to make room. I hardly felt him going in, he was so small compared to what had been there. But, after a few strokes, concentrating on squeezing my ass muscles, I adjusted.

“Ah, that's it,” he purred. “You're much tighter than a girl. This is great.”

Doug was getting into a good rhythm. I reached back and stroked my own dick to life. Then Andy returned with a damp towel draped around his thick neck.

“Hi, Andy. I wanted to see you. I thought I'd get to know your roommate a bit better while I was waiting. I hope you don't mind.” Through this little speech Doug hadn't missed a beat.

“I don't mind if Bill doesn't,” replied Andy. “And, from the look of him, he doesn't. I'll join you.”

I felt the bed sag as Andy got on. Looking between my legs, I could see him take position behind Doug. When he was ready to make penetration, Andy pushed Doug against my ass, burying him in me to the hilt. Then he slid into Doug.

“Ah…Ahh…Ahhh. That…feels…so…fantastic,” cooed Doug. “I can't get enough of this.”

When he was in deep, Andy took charge, stroking Doug's ass with his full strength. Each inward stroke would slam into his ass with a loud smack and force Doug into my own ass. I was pounded flat onto the sheets after a few impacts. When Andy would pull out, Doug would try to rise, sliding part way out of me, only to be slammed b ack.

“I'm…I'm…cumming…,” Doug announced as he unloaded up my already flooded guts.

Andy didn't slack the pace and the continued stimulation, front and rear, kept Doug hard. He was moaning almost continuously. I don't know if he was even capable of coherent speech, so overcome with pleasure was he. At last, Andy gave a tremendous lunge, sandwiching Doug's body between us. I could feel him unloading, his prick bucking inside Doug's guts beat against my back. I shot my own load into the damp sheets as Doug added a new increment to my soggy intestines.

After a few minutes to let us recover, Andy stood up, holding Doug to his body and pulling his dick from my ass. I sat up on the bed, trying, not completely successfully, to hold all the love juice inside me. Andy slid out while still supporting a somewhat dazed Doug with one arm around his chest. Doug was also having some trouble closing his ass once Andy withdrew and soon his inner thighs were coated with the leakage.

“Everyone, shower, now,” Andy ordered. He half carried Doug into the bath while I followed.

The stall shower was built for one and would have been tight for Andy alone, but, we all squeezed in. I faced Andy's back and Doug faced his front. We shared the delightful chore of washing him. I took the opportunity to slide up Andy's ass as he spread his legs slightly to improve my access. I wasn't able to move much in the tight stall but his muscle control was so fantastic that he milked my shaft. Moans from in front of Andy told me what his pole was doing. I reached between Andy's legs to rub his shaft as it pushed between Doug's legs and through his stretched ass hole.

Andy began an short undulating motion of his hips which was all the confined space would allow. The heat from his ass seemed to spread through my body. The air felt warm in spite of the cooling spray of the shower. I reached under Andy's flaring lats to hold the firm mounds of his bulging pecs. My palms rubbed the eraser-like points of his tits which poked out from his smooth skin.

Unbelievably, Andy's dick lifted Doug off the floor. He wrapped his arms around Andy's thick neck to steady himself while his feet slipped around behind muscular calves that were as big as our upper legs. When Andy climaxed, the contractions of his ass in time with those of his dick brought me off. Meanwhile, some of Doug's cum arched over Andy's shoulders to spray me in white rain.

After a few minutes more to cool down and clean up again, we left the shower. Back in the main room, we dried ourselves. Doug got dressed. Andy made no move to put on clothes. He just held me lightly in front of him, his semi-hard dick at a 45 degree angle between my thighs, one insanely bulging arm over my shoulder and across my chest while his head towered over my other shoulder. We just watched Doug as he finished dressing.

When Doug is dressed, he starts to leave, then turns back as if he remembers something. “Bill, the swim team is having a meeting tonight at eight in their training room by the pool in the athletic complex. I'd like you to come, and, bring Andy. I'm sure the guys will want to meet him.”

I look up to Andy, who smiled. “Sure, we'll be there,” I promise. With a final wave, Doug departs.

“Well, Bill, I'm hungry, how about you? We have some time to refuel before your team meeting. Let's get dressed.”

“Sounds great,” I agreed. As Andy stepped away from me I felt his shaft slide through my legs and was a little disappointed that I would have to wait a few hours to experience it again.

I watched him as he put on a white lycra muscle shirt that fit him like a second skin. The low cut neck dipped below his pecs and his lats flared out almost a foot from each arm opening. He chose some blue jeans that were almost as tight as his top. They must have been custom made to conform so well to the outrageous musculature of his legs without any slack in the hips and waist. The tube of his dick was clearly visible running down the inside of his left thigh almost to his knee. Both legs were intentionally torn just below the knees. It's a popular style that should lead to an interesting effect when Andy gets hard.

Meanwhile, I grabbed my own jeans and added a knit top. We were ready. Andy placed a hand on my shoulder and guided me across campus to the student cafeteria. It was amazing the effect he had on people. Most everyone would stare at him as we passed, but, few actually approached.

At the cafeteria, Andy piled his tray with enough food for three men his size. If he really turns all that into cum we're in for an interesting time this evening, I thought. We found a booth and, when we sat down, I pushed in on the same side as Andy so I could feel his body next to mine while we ate.

There was one thing that still worried me. “Andy, shouldn't we have used condoms today?”

“Of course, you're right. These days a guy can't be too careful. But, as I said, for some reason, I don't get sick, and, therefore, I can't make you sick. That's fortunate since they don't make condoms in my size. Another thing is the people I fuck don't seem to get sick either. But, the effect isn't permanent; if you don't see me for a couple months the effect wears off. My cum also won't cure disease; I tried. So, you don't want to get in any bad habits, use a condom unless you're with me.”

“Another effect,” he continued, “appears to be that my cum acts as a growth stimulant. Most of the guys I was with regularly added fifteen to twenty percent in size, speed and endurance. They also added a few inches to their dicks. The effect takes a few weeks and appears to increase with frequency of exposure.”

“So, I should be set up to make some spectacular gains. Now tell me how your magnetic sexual personality works,” I said, changing the subject.

“It's basically just a matter of look and touch. See that guy cleaning tables over there,” indicating a well built student working about thirty feet away. “Watch.”

The kid was stacking dishes on a large tray. As he looked up, he froze for a moment as he made eye contact with Andy. He put down his tray and walked toward our table. When he came closer, I could see that he was a serious bodybuilder. At 5’6” and about 180 pounds he looked in contest shape.

When he arrived, he stood next to Andy, looking a little confused. He asked, “Can I help you?”

“Yes, which way is the men's room?” asked Andy, touching his hand.

When their hands touched, you could see a change come over him. His eyes opened very wide as he scanned Andy's body, his face flushed and he licked his lips. “It's just over there. I'll show you,” he replied at last.

Andy got up and said to me, “I'll be back in ten minutes.” With that he followed his quarry, who looked over his shoulder every few seconds to assure himself that Andy was still coming.

I toyed with my food. Ten minutes later, Andy reappeared and sat beside me, looking calm and collected, like nothing happened. “Well,” I started, but Andy held up his hand. A couple minutes later the busboy showed up. He looked like he'd spent a hour in a sauna. His face, hair and shirt were soaked in perspiration. He was trying to adjust his pants. He looked over this way, bit his lower lip and then hurried off. He was walking a bit funny. I supposed I would have walked funny after my first fuck with Andy if I hadn't had any time to recover.

“In high school, my friends could always tell when I broke in a new boy by the walk. They would rush over, congratulate him, ask him how it was and tell him about the weekend parties.”

It was time for my meeting. We got up and left. On the way out the guy Andy fucked, looking more composed now, rushed up to him and handed him a note. He showed it to me. It said: 303 Freemont Hall Anytime

We arrived for the team meeting just a bit after eight. It was in a room just off the pool used for training. When we walked by, a few team members were swimming laps. The training room had a weight setup, a couple of massage tables and a large Jacuzzi along with the normal desks and chairs. About eight guys are lounging around waiting for the meeting to start. Doug spots Andy and I and scurries over to greet us.

Doug introduces us to the team members. Andy is naturally the center of attention. I can see he is having an effect, but, compared to his performance in the cafeteria, he's taking it slow. The guys from the pool wandered in, drying themselves. Two of them, identical twins, blond and handsome, are particularly striking. They looked familiar and, I later found out, they had done some modeling. When we were introduced, I could tell Andy was taken by them. I think he has a special fondness for blondes.

Doug went to the front of the group and started the meeting. He introduced me officially as a freshman team member and then proceeded to routine business and scheduling matters. While Doug talked, Andy moved between the twins and placed a hand on their shoulders, drawing them close to his torso. Each twin reached a hand behind his back and began exploring his muscles. Their explorations reached his butt simultaneously and their hands touched. They looked at each other across the expanse of Andy's chest and smiled. Andy gave them a squeeze.

“That ends our regular agenda,” Doug continued. “You met Andy Wang, Bill's roommate. I know we've all been admiring his development. I asked Bill to bring him along so he could help us. I met Andy only this morning and I can tell you that he's already made a big difference for me. Why don't you give us a strength demonstration, Andy. I'm sure we're all eager to see what your body can do.”

All eyes turn to Andy who raises an arm in acknowledgment. He walks with the twins over to the bench press rack and, releasing the twins with a final hug, loads the bar up with every large weight available, 600 pounds.

“Will you two sit on the bar for more resistance?” Andy asks the twins. They agree and Andy lifts them onto it, one on either side of the bench. He then strips off his top and hits a few poses for the assembled swimmers. He makes eye contact with each one, turning up the temperature. Andy lays down on the bench. He reaches up and grasps the bar right between each twin's legs, brushing their crotches with his fingers.

He strains. All his muscles pop into dramatic relief, swelling and bulging like never before. The bar rises slowly until his arms are fully extended. “One,” he says. He lowers the bar and presses it up again and again, almost a thousand pounds. By the time he hits twenty reps, the whole team is counting them off and cheering him on. His pecs and triceps are pumped to inhuman size. Also being pumped is his dick. By rep thirty it has poked its head through the hole in the knee of his jeans and, by forty, another five inches have followed.

Andy stops at fifty. He stands up and helps the twins off the bar. Both their dicks are sticking up past their speedos, almost to their navels. The blond brothers crowd around him, feeling his pumped muscles. Then they combine to strip him out of his jeans. Freed from its denim cage, his dick leaps up, pointing straight out from his body, a pole of rigid flesh almost two feet long. The twins rub their hands along its length, admiring it.

Andy offers a feel to the other team members. Doug, the team captain, takes the lead by boldly getting to his knees and sucking the head into his mouth, massaging it with his tongue. When he stands up, he quickly undresses releasing his own erection. The others follow, some eagerly, some hesitantly. The touch seems to transform them so that, by the time Andy moves on, each one is hard and most are leaking precum in anticipation of sex with this muscle god.

Andy returns to the twins, who looked disappointed when he moved off to show the others. Andy turns one around, grabs him by the waist from the back and lifts him effortlessly off his feet. He positions him so he can slide his shaft between the speedos and the butt. As he draws the twin to him, his dick slides through the crack and pushes his swim briefs clear off. Without even removing the dangling piece of fabric, he repeats the process with the other twin, who gives a little squeal of delight while being so forcefully manipulated.

Andy leads them to one of the massage tables and bends them over it, side by side. They look at each other, smile, then look back at Andy.

“Bill, could you help me with a little lubrication?” Andy requests.

I hurry over, drop to my knees, remove the two skimpy trunks still hanging from the end and open my mouth. Andy pushes in as I lubricate the invading shaft with my tongue. I repeat this afternoon's performance, taking him until my nose presses into his soft pubic bush. Everyone stares in amazement, most stroking their own hard tools.

Andy was not after a quick lick, he wants to cum. He holds my head as he slides his shaft through my body. The pace becomes more rapid and in a minute he starts to unload. After depositing one load deep inside, he pulls almost all the way out, flooding my mouth with his second spurt. Then he pushes back in, coating himself with his own juice as I struggle to swallow him and his cum. He pulls out again, all the way this time, still spurting strongly. He directs a shot at my hand, wildly beating my own meat. I cum. The next shots are directed at the twins, soaking their exposed asses. Then he turns around in a quick circle laying lines of cum across the assembled team.

When he finally stops shooting, his dick stays hard, glistening with cum and saliva. He steps up to the twins. He positions himself at the entrance of one of them. The other caresses his brother and draws close for a kiss. Tongues dart from mouth to mouth. With a finger, then two and three, he works some of his cum inside and relaxes the opening. Slowly, Andy pushes in. Using short strokes, he gets about a foot inside. He then pulls out and repeats the process with the other brother.

He continues until he has embedded himself to the hilt in both. I'm always surprised that his dick, which is so hard and unyielding when you touch it, can feel so comfortable when it's inside. Then Andy alternates, taking a full stroke on one, pulling all the way out and plowing the other. This way he excites them equally. Soon their moans and cries of pleasure fill the room. Sweat beads on their backs and their hard dicks hanging over the edge of the table steadily drip precum into growing puddles on the floor.

Then Andy unloads. It triggers the twins' orgasm. The second brother starts unloading in sympathy even before Andy switches to give him the next load from his balls. The three way explosion continues for two minutes as Andy shifts between them, not wasting a drop. Finally, he lays a line of cum down the brothers' backs from their heads to their butts. Andy bends over and shares a three way kiss with them while he rubs his cum into their backs and hair.

A couple of sophomores, impatient for their turn, urge him toward the weight bench. The evening picks up steam as Andy fucks his way through the entire team. I laid on an exercise mat and watched his performance. Sex on the weight bench, the Jacuzzi, the desk, the floor, against the wall, anywhere. The only constant was that, when his partner collapsed in pleasure and exhaustion, Andy was still hard and ready with an inexhaustible supply of cum.

After a couple of hours, Andy walks over to me carrying one twin under each arm. He had just finished doing them for the third time. He sets them down, one on each side of me. They rest, utterly spent, eyes half shut, breathing deeply.

“Now for that special treat I promised you,” he softly says to me. I wonder what he means. He kneels behind me and I know what that means. I lift my legs and rest them on his cannon ball shaped shoulders to give him easy access. Before he enters he says to the twins, “When I finish with Bill, he'll be delirious. I'd like you to stay with him and take care of him until I return.” They weakly nod agreement.

Andy pushes his monster tool right up my gut and begins a steady stroke, building the pace, intensity and pleasure. I love it. Fucking with anyone else could never be truly satisfying. After too few minutes, we reach the peak. I feel him spray my guts with his juice. I shoot with him, my jizz coating my chest and abs.

As the flow stops momentarily while he builds for the next spurt, a new sensation begins radiating from the point deep inside where his dick ends. It feels like millions of tiny fingers massaging my gut from within. The sensation builds with each new spurt. By the tenth it's overwhelming, the feelings move up and down my intestines going far beyond where even Andy could reach. He withdraws and moves off to other encounters. I don't even notice, so focused am I on the pleasure spreading inside me. Is this what a superman's sperm feels like?

I don't remember much of the rest of the night. The twins took turns, one caressing my head while the other sucked my dick which continued to spurt cum. After a timeless interval of bliss, Andy returned, poured me into my clothes, hoisted me over his shoulder and carried me back to our dorm room. I must have been shooting, because, in the morning, a leg my pants was still damp clear down to the bottom. He stripped me for bed and laid me down. Sometime in the night I drifted from ecstasy to sleep.

When I awoke in the morning for my first day of college, I saw I was in Andy's bed. He was asleep behind me with his huge shaft up my ass and mighty arm draped over my chest. I could feel his breath on the back of my neck and hear his heart beating in his chest. As I squeezed my ass muscles to arouse him, I thanked my lucky stars that I had drawn Andy as my roommate.

Part 3

A lot has happened since the start of college when I first met my roommate, Andrew Wang. On that first day Andy just overwhelmed me with his sexual energy, but he does that with everyone he meets.

It’s not just that Andy is a Chinese-American Adonis, which he certainly is. He has the body of a muscle god, 6’4”, 280 lbs., 60 inch chest, 26 inch arms, 30 inch waist with tremendous abdominal definition and thighs that each were larger than his waist. He has amazing golden-brown skin, completely smooth except for a neat bush of black hair above his cock, and what a cock. It hangs down 15 inches between his legs when soft, the skin slightly darker than that of his body. Yet, when hard, it inflates to almost two feet of vein-covered, rock-solid flesh, thicker than my wrist. The tip pushes out from his foreskin, glowing red from the blood almost hypnotically. His orange-sized balls pump out spurts of pre-cum like normal men cum and when he unloads it’s like one of those fancy water guns that can soak you from 20 feet. He can keep that up all night, exhausting dozens of partners and still seem fresh.

He was strong. I’ve seen him bench over a thousand pounds for reps without a sign of strain. But that wasn’t his secret. It was just that when you looked into his black eyes, you would seem to fall under a spell. When you regained awareness of yourself again you were in the afterglow of the most incredible sex you’d ever imagined and there was nothing you wouldn’t do for the person that could make that possible.

I suppose I ought to bring you up to date, now that we’ve just finished the fall semester. I’m Bill Foster. I’m on the men’s swimming team. I was gay even before I’d met Andy, and pretty hot looking. At least that’s what I’d been told. I was 6’, 180 lbs. with a muscular swimmer’s build, naturally, blond hair (Andy has a sort of fondness for blonds) and blue eyes. Plus my 9.5 inch cock kept me pretty popular with the guys in high school.

When I woke up after that first night in which Andy conquered the entire swim team and sent me to levels of ecstasy I’d never imagined, I was a mess. Cum was dried on my hair, face and body. I remembered most of it being mine, but a lot was from others on the team. I thought I remembered the twins with me, but couldn’t be sure. It all sort of blended together. I was pretty sure most of Andy’s seed went into my gut. He was still there as we lay in his bed, the mighty shaft deep inside me, beating with a strong slow pulse in time with his heartbeat. One huge arm was draped over my body, holding my back securely to his chest.

When I squeezed my ass muscles around the firm pole of his shaft, he responded first with a couple reflexive twitches from his embedded flesh. Of course, with Andy’s power, those instinctive movements lifted my hips a couple inches off the bed and slapped my ass into his marble-like abs with audible thunks. I then felt his body stir as he awoke and his arm slid from my chest down my body, brushing my cock that was again hard.

He slid about half-way out of me with a squishing sound from my soggy intestines, bending me double so he could roll me to my back, coming to rest above me with my legs on his shoulders.

“Did you have fun last night?” I nodded yes, looking up into his eyes. “I thought you did,” he added. “Can you handle a little more?” I guess my gaze was answer enough.

He started to stroke, sliding smoothly inside me to depths he alone could explore. A warm glow spread from my gut throughout my body as my cock would pulse out a bit of pre-cum on each of his inward movements. He bent over me. I held onto his bulging biceps to steady myself. His head lingered over mine and his tongue darted out to lick and clean my cum-streaked face, periodically kissing me deeply so I could experience the tastes.

After a bit he leaned back and announced, “There, all clean.” Then on the next stroke he punched my button just right and I spewed four fresh loads onto my face and neck. He chuckled a bit and went back to work.

Finishing my face for a second time he started to get serious about his fucking, using long, smooth, powerful strokes that would arch my back when he was in to the hilt, his balls drawn up and deeply denting the muscles of my ass. I was out of it by this time. I gripped his arms with all of my strength to steady my thoughts, not that I made the slightest impression on the iron-bulge of his muscles. Our eyes locked as the world seemed to spin around his head.

My body shook as his cock jerked inside me, spewing its load. Each shot ricocheted off my gut walls with a force I could sense even through the haze. My own seed spurted wildly as I shot in sympathy. After a few loads, he started to pull out, holding a few seconds as each subsequent eruption flooded lower in my bowels. A last jerk yanked the flaring head through my clutching ass ring. The next spurts covered me, him, and our bed, with his cum. Gradually the flow eased.

As the last drops dripped from his cock head onto my chest, I took a deep breath. He lay lightly on top of me, splashing in cum that covered me, his cock, a thick tube between us. We kissed deeply. Then he pulled back, resting on his knees on the bed, lowering my legs, widely split, over his mountainous thighs.

“Class starts in a couple hours. You need a shower.”

“What about you? You’re as covered in cum as I am,” I observed.

“You get started. I have something to do,” he said, stepping off the bed.

He opened the door and went out in the hall, still naked, cock sticking straight up to his pecs, and dripping a trail of cum on the floor. I heard him knock on the neighbors’ door. A few minutes later as I headed to the bath, the sound of heavy action on a bed drifted through the walls.

When I returned after my shower the sound was from the room on the opposite wall. As I finished dressing the sounds eased. About fifteen minutes later Andy stepped through our door. He’d obviously showered next door. Though still naked, his 15 inch soft cock was hanging between his legs.

“Give me a few minutes. We’ll get some breakfast and I think we have our first class together.”

He put on some extremely baggy pants that hung down to mid calf and a muscle tee that fit like a second skin, grabbed a backpack, and was ready to go.

When we left the room I saw the guys from the room on the right leaving too. One was Hispanic, about 5’8” and an average build. The other was an Asian guy, just 5’2” with a slim body. I doubt he was over a hundred pounds. They had big smiles on their faces that only got bigger when they spotted Andy.

Andy made introductions. “Hi, guys. This is my roommate, Bill. These are Luis and Tony.”

“Hi,” I added. “I heard you getting acquainted with Andy a few minutes ago.”

“I hope it was as much fun as the Andy and Bill show that woke us this morning,” inserted Tony. “But then it’s better to be in the show than the audience”.

“No offense, but you’re a pretty small guy. Were you able to handle Andy? He’s awfully big,” I inquired as we were walking.

Tony looked up at Andy. “He’s wonderfully big but, yes, he got it all in. God, I thought it would be coming out my mouth. We will be able to do it again, won’t we?”

“Sure guys, you both took it like real studs.”

We ate breakfast with them. They were friends from high school in Alhambra in Southern California. They both had girls back home and hadn’t considered gay sex before today. I certainly got the impression they were going to try a few things while waiting for another go with Andy.

Our first class was in a large lecture hall with a couple hundred other freshmen. We sat about halfway down. Andy cautioned me to take good notes. I did, but Andy spent most of the time making eye contact with some of the other guys.

At the end of class Andy waved goodbye to me and I saw him take six or seven guys into the men’s room with him. I wanted to follow, but took the hint. I saw a couple of them around campus that afternoon and they definitely had the full treatment from Andy.

Andy never studied though he did whip out all the homework at a speed that astonished me. He went out every evening, but insisted I stay, work, and study every evening, Sunday to Thursday. I knew he working his way through the thousands in the student body.

He got great grades, and not just by fucking his professors, though I’m sure he did. I did fine myself through hard work. I knew Andy would be back in the room eventually and each night I got what others dreamed of.

Soon Andy would draw a crowd as he walked around. Mostly there were guys, and a few girls, looking for a repeat engagement. Quite often it was to introduce their boyfriends or girlfriends to an experience that had changed their lives. A few times friends would spot their buddies walking with Andy and realize, for the first time, that they shared a common desire.

I was pretty sought after, even when walking alone, by those that knew me as Andy’s roommate. They thought I could put in a good word for them. Several times I took advantage of offered mouths or asses from the hotter ones who thought a little extra effort would help. Most of the time I told them I didn’t have that sort of influence, but they were very insistent.

On the weekends Andy would let me tag along on his adventures. That first Friday night he went to one of the fraternities. He just went up to it and walked in. One of the members saw us, came over and started to say something, but stopped and bit his lower lip when he made eye contact. Andy put an arm round his waist, holding him close and asked where most of the brothers hang out. He led Andy to a recreation room downstairs while I followed.

There were about twenty guys in the room when Andy entered. They looked up and you could see them fall under Andy’s spell. Several were openly stroking themselves through their pants and one was starting to undo his shirt, all without a word being spoken.

“I thought we might have a little fun. Go and invite the others,” ordered Andy to the one who led us down here, giving him a little pat on the butt to speed him on the way.

Now Andy had arrived in his usual tight tee shirt and shorts that were just long enough to cover him when soft. He just stood there at the bottom of the stairs, legs spread, as his cock grew beyond the fabric and past his knee. Every eye was on it as it rose to vertical, pushing the material until it bunched at his hip.

Andy walked over to a handsome, blond, six-footer and kissed him full on the lips with his tongue diving inside as he held the stunned stud tightly to his body. The room was silent as they held the kiss for over a minute as the object of Andy’s affections eagerly returned the passion. Just then I heard feet on the steps above us. The others were arriving.

“What’s going on?” someone asked, spotting the scene below. Several of those in the room had already lowered their pants and had their cocks out. One had stripped. I stepped away to make room as a large group crowded on the stairs.

Andy broke his kiss and turned around. The guy he was with had a hand squeezing his cock about halfway up. His shirt was stained with a few streaks of Andy’s pre-cum and he had an outrageous bulge in his pants, extending nearly to the side of his hip.

“We’re having a little party. Why don’t you join us?” Andy asked while lifting his tee over his head and tossing it aside. “Help my buddy here take my shorts off,” he directed the leader.

As expected, he obeyed. The others filed into the room and began disrobing. I wasn’t going to be the last one naked. I tossed off my stuff while I watched the two fraternity brothers struggle to pull Andy’s cock from vertical so they could slide his shorts off his leg. Both of them, with four hands, couldn’t move it more than twenty degrees. All the while it was spurting pre-cum, spraying both men, and everybody within three or four feet, getting slipperier every second.

While it was a great show, I didn’t want to wait. I saw a cute guy I’d seen with the gymnastics team standing near Andy, just watching, with his removed shirt and slacks clutched in one hand. He was only about 5’4” but very muscular. His white bikini briefs showed off the firm flesh of solid glutes.

I stepped close behind him, pressing my hard cock onto his ass. He felt me and pushed back into my groin. “You won’t need these,” I said, taking the clothes from his hand and tossing them toward the wall. “Why don’t you get rid of those briefs too?”

He pushed them down and stepped out of them without any thought, still concentrating on Andy. “Are you going to fuck me?”

I just pushed on his back with my left hand while coating the fingers on my right with the pre-cum Andy had splattered on his chest. His muscular ass cheeks spread nicely when he bent over, exposing his hairless pink hole. He shuddered as I rubbed it with my middle finger, smearing the rim with some of Andy’s juice. As he seemed to relax I pushed the finger in to the limit.

“You’re very tight,” I observed. “Try and relax and enjoy it.”

“I’ve never done this before. Ah…aaah…oooo,” he cooed as I pushed his joy button. “What did you do?”

“Just finding your sensitive spots.” I added a second finger. “It will feel even better with my cock in there.”

I reached over to Andy’s cock, still the object of struggle by the two guys trying to remove his shorts, and coated my hand with its copious covering of slippery lube. I slathered my stiff shaft with his juice and pointed the tip at the entrance. “Ready?” I didn’t wait for an answer.

I grabbed his waist and pulled. My cock head punched through his ring as he grunted in surprise and pain. I felt his muscles tighten. I left it in place, teasing him with half-inch strokes of the tip while seven more inches waited. As he got used to me he started to wiggle his ass around my intrusion. I pushed a few more inches into him, pressing my tip to his prostate. He reacted immediately.

I gave him a dozen quick pokes at the same spot, feeling him buck, shiver, and shake at each touch. He suddenly bolted upright, arched his back and clamped down on my pole as he came, spraying Andy and his two playmates with several heavy loads. While he was distracted I pushed the last half of my shaft into his warm cavity.

“It looks like you’re ahead of me,” laughed Andy. “I’d better get myself into gear.” He snapped his cock from his buddies’ grips, bent over almost double and pushed his shorts to the floor.

“You’re first,” he said to the blond while leaning back on the corner of a heavy pool table. He lifted him up until he was standing on the table rails, straddling his hips. The guy’s hard eight-inch cock was standing out just over his head, dripping white blobs into Andy’s straight black hair. Andy anchored the guy’s calves between his torso and arms.

“Now sit down slowly,” he directed.

He dipped carefully lower. Andy took the opportunity to lick at his balls and shaft as his partner’s crotch passed in front of his face. By the time the cock was at mouth level Andy’s blunt mushroom had speared his glutes and rested below the puckered hole. He stopped when he felt the contact, eager yet nervous.

Andy just engulfed the guy’s cock to the root, pressing his nose into the curly, blond pubic bush. When he bent his neck forward he used the shaft as a handle to force the man down. As the tip popped in, he opened his mouth to scream, but no sound came out. About eight inches of the fleshy stake impaled him before he steadied himself by pressing on the boulders that were Andy’s shoulders. Andy let the cock slide from his mouth. It sprung up against his partner’s abs.

All the other brothers were gathered around watching. All were down to underwear or less and were openly stroking their cocks. A few had already shot a load while watching, but Andy and I were the only ones fucking.

I resumed stroking my new friend, using slow full-length strokes from my 9.5 inches. He turned his head and looked back at me when I started up again. I think he was so involved in his orgasm and Andy’s show he forgot I was inside him. He remembered quickly when my crown brushed his spot.

Meanwhile Andy had his hands on his partner’s thighs, forcing him to sit down further on his fuck pole. He’d push him down a couple inches then relax the pressure, allowing the guy to lift up, but not quite to where he started. In a few minutes he’d worked about a foot into the tight hole. The blond was now in a full squat with his thighs parallel to the table. He was sweating heavily, moaning each time Andy moved within him, adding a small grunt as each dip bottoms out and the invader in his guts opens up new territory.

Andy pumps his hips a few times, forcing a few more inches in with short, quick strokes. As he settles back you can see the bottom half of his cock throb as he begins to unload. This is too much for his partner. He throws his head back as his first shot goes over Andy’s head and lands in the center of the pool table. The next three spray Andy’s face. He licks up all that he can reach with his tongue.

As the last drops drip off the blond’s cock, he seems to lose his strength. His muscles go slack and he sits down into Andy’s lap as Andy supports his back. The bottom half of Andy’s still spewing cock disappears up his gut.

The guy is really out of it by now. Andy licks his face until he sees the eyes open and focus on him. He looks around at the crowd surrounding them, then back at Andy. “I can feel you. You’re still cumming, but not so strongly.” Andy nods. “Oh. You’ve stopped. I don’t want it to be over.”

“It’s not,” said Andy, standing up with his partner still plugged, turning around and laying the guy’s back onto the table. He put the legs up in the deep valley between his traps and deltoids, held him by the waist and extracted almost the entire cum-coated shaft until the helmet pulled against the ring from the inside. A smooth motion sheathed his sword into its human scabbard as the recipient of his assault thrashed wildly on the hard surface of pool table. A few more strokes had the guy overwhelmed, gibbering unintelligibly, eyes unfocused.

I had stopped my own fuck motions, watching the amazing scene. Most of the guys had even stopped the stroking of their own cocks as everyone was enthralled.

The blond shot another big load, but I don’t think he even noticed. Andy was upping his speed. He did a few minutes of frantic pounding of a stud now reduced to quivering Jell-O. The final stroke was in slow motion. When he bottomed out, the shaft must have flexed, lifting the guy’s back off the table for a few seconds as he fired the first volley of a new barrage of cum. The blond’s cock erupted again.

Andy pulled out slowly. When he popped free he was still spewing long white ropes of juice. He directed the first few onto his partner, soaking him thoroughly. Then he spun around, marking everyone with his seed. His partner had passed out, resting limply on the hard surface, his cock still weakly pulsing gobs of white into the deep pools of Andy’s spunk that coated his body.

Andy looked around, grabbed the nearest onlooker and bent him over the side of the table beside his last guy. His chest splashed in the puddles as Andy held him down and moved in position. “You’re next,” he announced to his new subject, stating the obvious, as his cock started to fit itself in.

As Andy went back to work, I started to get some serious fucking with my gymnast friend. I bent him over again as I started to plow him deeply.

“Fuck me. Fuck me,” he urged me on. I powered into him as hard as I could, faster and faster. “Oh…yes…yes…yes,” he sighed. I hit the target again and again as my stiff cock moved through his warm, tight tunnel.

I was close. I gave him three final thrusts, pounding against his firm butt with a loud slap as my flesh contacted him. After the last I stayed buried and started to unload. As I climaxed I pulled him upright again, holding his back to my chest. As he started his own orgasm I felt his ass muscles spasm around my shooting shaft. I leaned backward as the feelings intensified, lifting him off his feet.

I lunged up into him each time I released a fresh blast. After a few I felt my foot slip on the floor that was slick with (mostly Andy’s) cum. I lost my balance and scrambled to regain it while falling over backwards. I managed to sit back, landing heavily on the floor with my butt as my gymnast buddy bounced on top of me. I was still coupled with him and still pumping my cream into his bowels.

As my passion eased, I sprawled back on the damp floor. My gymnast friend lay back onto my chest, and then rolled beside me as my softening cock slipped from his bottom.

“That was…fun,” he said, looking into my eyes. “But, I don’t think I could handle someone as big as your friend though. By the way, I’m Jack, Jack Gardner.”

“Hi. I’m Bill Foster and my friend is Andy Lee. I’m sure you’ll get acquainted with him in a little bit. Don’t worry. You’ll love it, but I’m glad I was your first guy. You never forget your first time.” I pulled him against me and kissed him. Our tongues dueled with each other playfully.

“It won’t be my last. Could we get together again some time?”

“Sure. I’ve seen you around the gym. I’m on the swim team and we usually practice at the same time. Just stop by the swim team training room when you finish your workout.”

“Great. Ugh…You know?…Could we do it again tonight?”

Just then Andy popped into view, reached down and hoisted Jack into his arms. “Mind if I borrow your buddy. You’ve warmed him up for me I see.”

I topped a couple more guys and bottomed for a few before Andy had everyone too exhausted to move.

I awoke next morning to the delightful sensation of someone nursing my cock. I was in a bed in a sixty-nine position with Jack. His hard seven-inch piece was in easy reach, so I sucked it into my waiting mouth, tasting the juice already seeping from it. His legs were split by one of Andy’s massive thighs. As my nose pressed into Jack’s balls I had a great view of Andy’s pole. All but about six inches was plugged into Jack’s butt. His sphincter was stretched tightly around the invader, bright red from the friction and abuse of the past night. Dried fluids coated the area around it while a small trickle of cum managed, somehow, to find its way past the tight seal and soak into the sheets.

I backed off Jack’s sweet piece. “Good morning, Jack. How are you doing?”

He paused his work on me. “I’m fine. Last night was something. You were great, but Andy was incredible. I can still feel him within me.”

“That’s because he is in you, silly.” I reached between Jack’s spread legs and gave a firm squeeze of the exposed portion of Andy’s turgid dong.

Andy was roused from his sleep. As always his first motion was a few instinctive shakes of his cock that thrashed Jack’s body back and forth on the bed for a few seconds, causing him to utter a sharp cry of surprise. Then his body stirred. His arm reached around and he massaged my ass.

“Morning, Bill. Who’s our little friend here?”

“Hi, Andy. I’m Jack Gardner. Bill told me your name, but with everything so confusing about last night, I don’t think I introduced myself. I did have a great time though. Uh. … You know. … If it’s not, … I’m not sure how to ask this, but could you fuck me again?”

“Well Jack I’m glad to meet you formally. I like a man who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to ask for it. If you noticed, it appears we already are fucking,” moving his cock in and out a few inches as he spoke. “ But, I think you want a bit more,” he added, lengthening his strokes.

As Jack started moaning I went down on his sweet dick again. I ground my crotch into his face. He took the suggestion and sucked my stiff rod into his warm mouth. Andy is so thick that any movement he makes stimulates a guy’s prostate almost continuously. Jack was so hot that his body tensed and he flooded my mouth after only a couple long strokes. I swallowed several gulps.

Andy wasn’t done yet though. He kept up his motion, building it up by increasing the speed and length of his undulations. Jack barely softened in my mouth. A few licks on the sensitive bottom of the crown and Andy’s continued stimulation had him as hard as ever in moments. The pleasure was making him moan, or, at least, he was trying to as best he could with my cock halfway down his neck. The effect was to make his throat muscles vibrate around my shaft. It was very exciting. I started to buck my hips to fuck his mouth.

Andy lifted Jack’s upper leg, bending it up until his knee was near his shoulder, spreading his ass wider to allow his cock to penetrate just a bit further. As he raised his pace again I knew Andy was close. On the last stroke he slowed and I could see he had started to pump his load.

The first explosion inside him caused Jack to have a full body spasm. His throat clamped down on me and his cock fluttered wildly in my mouth as it poured out another big offering. I unloaded my own sperm. We both swallowed furiously.

Slowly our passion eased. I rolled to my back, resting after releasing Jack’s spent cock as mine slipped from his lips. Andy stepped off the bed, standing up as he extracted his cock that he’d allowed to go soft after soaking Jack’s intestines. He helped Jack get up. He was a bit unsteady and needed some support initially. I got up too and gave Andy a good morning kiss. He licked up some of Jack’s juices from the inside of my mouth.

“I suppose we should shower and get some breakfast. Does anyone know where our clothes are?” Andy asked, looking around the room.

“The bathroom is down the hall. I’ll show you. You can have breakfast here,” offered Jack. “Damn. I feel so empty not having a cock up there,” he added, fingering his hole.

“Our clothes are probably still downstairs in the party room,” I replied. “I doubt anyone had the energy to straighten things up.”

The scene in the rest of the house was amazing. There were some beds shared by sleeping twosomes and one threesome. They hadn’t bothered or had the energy to shut the doors. Another couple was resting at the foot of the stairs. A number of groups were huddled peacefully in the party room, its floor still slippery with puddles of cum. A few singles were draped on pieces of furniture. They probably hadn’t been strong enough to move after Andy finished with them.

We found our clothes, pretty well soaked like everything down there. “Let me toss these into the wash,” offered Jack. “They should be ready by the time we shower and eat.”

He was back in a minute and led us upstairs to the common bath area. When we entered the shower we found the blond guy sitting below a showerhead. It looked like he made it up here, but hadn’t had enough strength left to turn on the water. He was still covered in dried cum. A thin white stream seeped from his ass hole and flowed along the floor to the drain.

We turned on the spray. It revived our sleeping friend. While we started getting clean we watched him awaken. It took him a minute to get oriented. You could tell when he recognized Andy. His cock sprang to attention.

“Oh. Hi. I seem to be a bit worn out. I think you fucked me twice last night.”

“Good morning. I fucked everyone at least twice. You were a real stud. I did you four times, but I don’t think you were counting.” Andy extended a hand and helped him to his feet.

“Hey! You didn’t fuck me last night. How about one now?” I asked.

“Bill, I fucked you every day last week, at least twice a day, including yesterday.”

“I’m your roommate. You forgot about me when you met these guys. I want a fuck. I wanna fuck.” I crossed my arms and put on my best pout face. I think the effect was spoiled some by my cock sticking up vertically past my navel, already starting to leak its juice.

“OK. You win.” We were mesmerized watching his cock, untouched by him, inflate to its full hard length of nearly two feet and then rotate until it was upright, the large red mushroom cap glowing from the fresh blood that powered his weapon. It ended just in the groove between the thick bulging pillows of his pecs. “Hop up and climb aboard.”

I jumped onto him, wrapping my arms around his thick neck and legs around his small, muscled waist. His strong hands held my upper chest. His thumbs extended across the front to tease my man tits. He lifted me up easily. My cock slid along his much larger one. I felt the ridge of his crown pass down my length until the tip passed along and under my balls. When I was lowered an inch I felt the blunt point knock at my door and demand admission.

I yielded easily to his, now familiar, presence. My gut swelled as the bulging head moved deeper. After just a few inches I shuddered in pleasure as he pressed my most sensitive spot. He kept lowering my body, forcing himself deeper. The tight fit gave steady friction on the centers of ecstasy. I could feel each of the many veins that crisscrossed the firmness that snaked further and further within me. My body writhed in exquisite agony, squirming in his iron grip around the unyielding flesh that pinned my butt.

Before I hit bottom of that first deep thrust, I exploded. My cock’s first shot launched between our bodies and over Andy’s head. Several more streaked both our chests and were washed slowly away by the spray from the shower. Slightly dazed in the aftermath, I looked into Andy’s deep, black eyes to focus my attention. I felt the thicker shaft near the base expand my hole to its limit as Andy’s orange-sized balls dimpled the muscles of my glutes.

He let me stay still for a few second until my breathing steadied as I eased off the peak of my orgasm. When he thought I was ready he lifted my body and my pleasure built again as I was stimulated by the movements within me. I knew from past experience that Andy was in absolute control. I released my arms from around his neck, placing my hands on the great bulges that were his biceps. Each muscle on his 26” arms was like marble. He lifted me as if I were no heavier than a basketball.

A familiar pattern was repeating itself. He stroked me long and deep, slowly building up the speed. The sensations flowed through my body, sending me into frenzy. I’d approach my threshold. The next motion would send me over and my senses would spin. The only thing that could penetrate the veil that intense pleasure cast over my mind was the sensation from my gut that became ever stronger as Andy continued his mind-blowing fuck.

Each peak came quicker and the effect lasted longer until it became a continuous blur that nothing external could penetrate. That is until the throbbing began deep in the center of my soul. It built quickly to a tremendous crescendo that took over my whole body. I let the wave break over me as the world spun and I didn’t care, lost in the ultimate pleasure that only Andy is able to induce.

I became aware again. My head was resting on the iron-like plates that cover Andy’s massive chest. His slow breathing and clearly audible heartbeat helped steady me. I was in his secure embrace and he was still deep inside me, but no longer cumming. The cool shower spray helped to clear my head.

“Was that what you wanted?” Andy asked. I nodded weakly. “Can you stand?”

“I think so,” I mumbled.

I released my legs that were wrapped about his waist. They hung down still split widely by the outrageous bulges of his thighs. Andy bent his knees until he dipped low enough for my feet to touch the tile of the shower floor. Steadying me with his hands on my waist, he dropped lower and away, extracting a soft, but still impressive, cock from my body. It took several seconds for my body to recover when the head finally pulled clear, but he held me as he stood back up and I regained some strength.

“Wow! Is that what happened to us?” Jack asked.

“Pretty much,” offered Andy. “Of course, Bill has had a week of practice to get used to it. You were unable to move for about an hour after I first fucked you.”

“But I was able to get up almost right away this morning when you fucked me?”

“Oh, that was only a quickie, wakeup fuck, only two or three orgasms. I always start a new guy with a thorough fuck like you just saw and revisit him later to keep up his pleasure level. Then there’s my special surprise fuck that can keep a guy senseless with pleasure all night. I gave Bill one last Sunday, but don’t go asking for one. Though, if you’re lucky, you might experience one someday.”

“Hey, let’s get breakfast. I’m always starved after heavy sex,” I interjected.

We left the shower and dried ourselves. A couple others were awake by now. Anyone spotting Andy grew erect almost immediately. Jack had regained his erection watching our scene in the shower. However, Andy initiated no more sexual activity that visit.

Well that gives you the idea of what has been happening since Andy arrived on campus. I’m pretty sure he’s made a couple thousand new friends this semester. That’s only a small fraction of the school, but it’s only his first semester. This evening we’re having a little party to celebrate the end of finals. It’s just a hundred of the hottest guys he’s met so far. Jack arranged a gym we can use in privacy and enough gym mats to cover half the floor. Each invitee has to bring a date that Andy hasn’t met yet, boyfriend or girlfriend. The captain of my swim team, Doug Moore, is bringing his fiancé.

The party should last all weekend. I’d better wrap this up. Andy and I have got to leave. The fun won’t really start until he gets there.

Part 4

My second year at college promised to be even more fun than my first. My roommate from last year had arranged to live at a furnished townhouse owned by the university and asked me to join him. Apparently it was rent-free. You might ask whom he had to fuck to get that. I don't know but I'm sure that whomever it was thought they got the best of the deal.

Andy Wang defined the role of sex god. He was incredibly handsome Chinese-American, a mass of muscle 6’4” tall and 280 lbs. with not an ounce of body-fat. His 60 inch chest tapers to a 30 inch waist with 6-pack abs. His 26 inch arms and massive thighs can lift a thousand pounds like most guys handle ten. His golden skin glows in the light, smooth and hairless except for a silky black bush above his cock. A cock that is awesome enough at 15 inches soft hanging between his muscled legs, but hypnotic when it extends a two-foot pole of steel, as thick as a wrist, crisscrossed with pulsing veins, topped by a reddish head as big as a fist, spurting pre-cum like most guys cum. But when he unloads, his orange-sized balls can pump quarts with enough force to cross a large room and keep it up all night.

Given his physical attributes, Andy was anybody's wet-dream. If he would make eye contact with a person they would fall under his spell. Just a simple touch on the hand would complete the seduction. The person, male or female, was unable to resist him. A few minutes later they would be experiencing the most incredible sex they'd never imagined.

That's what I experienced almost ever night and morning as Andy's roommate last year. Of course, Andy must have had a couple thousand sex partners during the year, in singles, pairs and huge parties with dozens of guests lasing all weekend. He never failed to leave his partners in blissful exhaustion. When we first met he said he wasn't always like this. He was changed somehow one morning. I didn't understand it when he told me, but I'm more than happy to take advantage of it.

I ought to introduce myself. I'm Bill Foster. I'm on the swimming team, 6', 195 lbs. and a swimmer's build, naturally. I've put on a bit a muscle last year. It might be my workouts, but Andy thinks it's from being infused constantly with his cum. Perhaps. My cock went from 9.5 to 10 inches too, but it has been getting plenty of work as well. I'm a natural blond and Andy is particularly fond of blonds.

It was tough going home over the summer. I had lots of sex with friends back home, but it wasn't the same. I really envied the guys near Andy's home south of San Francisco.

The address Andy gave me was just a block from campus. As I reached the front door carrying my suitcases my cock had tented out the front of my shorts, anticipating our reunion with Andy. The door was unlocked. He must be home.

Once I opened the door and heard the sounds drifting out of the living room, I knew he was home. I left my stuff by the entry and moved into the house. As I expected Andy was in action with a guy on the couch. Two others were locked in an exhausted embrace while slumped together in one of the big side chairs. The guy Andy was fucking I recognized as Luis, the Hispanic guy that shared the dorm room next to ours with the small Asian guy, Tony. Tony was one of the guys on the chair. He was sitting on the lap of another Asian guy who was a bit bigger than he. Tony's chest rested on the chest of his friend, his head resting on the shoulder and legs split over the chair arms. Tony was sitting on the guy's stiff cock, but they were totally spent, having already had their turns with Andy. If their condition were not evidence enough, the small streams of cum leaking from both their holes and starting to pool on the hardwood floor confirmed my guess.

Andy noticed my arrival. “Hi Bill. Welcome back. Our bedroom is upstairs. You can put your stuff away while I finish up with Luis. He and Tony stopped over with Tony's brother who drove them up after checking into their dorm.” He hadn't missed a stroke while greeting me.

I saw Luis look over at me while Andy was talking. His legs were in the valley between Andy's boulder-like shoulders and thick neck, bending him almost double. He was holding onto Andy's biceps to steady himself as he was rocked by full-length strokes from Andy's two-foot cock plowing his hole. He'd already had at least one orgasm from the looks of the cum streaks on his face and the leather surfaces of the couch by his head, but since he still had a way to go until he reached the senseless bliss that the others were in I figured it would be a bit until Andy was ready for me.

I stepped out of my shorts, slipped off my shoes and stripped my top. “Go ahead Andy and finish up Luis. I'll warm up a bit with Tony and his brother.”

Andy spotted my erection already dripping a bit of pre-cum. “You are eager.”

I knelt in front of their big chair. It was fortunately leather like the couch and it would be easy to clean off the big puddles of cum that had already leaked. I lifted the legs of the guy Tony sat on, his brother according to Andy, and spread them across the chair's padded arms, pulling his body down until his butt rested at the end of the seat cushion. This shoved his cock just a bit deeper into Tony's clutching hole. I could see the brother's ass lips twitching. Each little spasm would allow a bit of cum to seep from his hole where it would join the stream dripping from Tony. Neither guy seemed to react to my manipulations.

I had something in mind, but I would need to be well lubed. Andy had provided plenty, but there was no need to use the juice cooling on the chair when there was plenty being kept warm at body temperature. I leaned forward and slipped easily into Tony's brother's clutching chute.

All ten of my inches shoved in as Andy's cum spurted out around my shaft as I displaced it. It felt hot inside the well-fucked gut. His internal muscles grabbed at my shaft as his face showed his first reaction. His eyes briefly focused on my face and he licked his lips. I gave him a few slow strokes, eliciting a low moan from him.

As I heard Luis experience another orgasm on the couch, I decided to move on with my plan. I eased out of the brother and repositioned my now cum-coated pole at the spot he penetrated Tony, who was still resting peacefully. I put a little pressure against their junction. The tip of my crown dug a small furrow in the bottom of the brother's shaft and rolled a bit of Tony's ass-ring away. It was enough to give me a start. I shoved and got in half the head.

That, at last, roused Tony from dreamland. He lifted his head from his brother's shoulders and looked quickly from side to side, finally twisting around to spot me behind him just as his ass muscle yielded and allowed my bulb and about three inches of shaft to scoot in alongside his brother's piece. Tony gave a silent wince as he recognized the penetration.

“Oh. Hi Bill. Andy said he expected you any minute. I guess you must have arrived while I was recovering from Andy's greeting. Have you met my big brother, Ming?”

I pushed in more of my pole. When I got about three-quarters in I felt myself pushing past the crown of Ming's cock.

“Hi Tony,” I responded. “It looks like your brother is still a bit dazed, but I did try a little sample before entering you. He's hot. You guys must have lots of fun.”

“No. Ming's straight and married. He was just dropping Luis and me off, but wanted to come in to use the bathroom before he hit the interstate to the south. He saw Andy and I guess things just happened. Mmm…Bill… You're a lot thicker than I remember.”

“That's because I'm sharing you with your brother. He feels like he has about seven inches stuffed in alongside me. Don't you remember?”

“No. Oh. I see,” Tony remarked after pushing back a bit against his brother's chest so he could glance down and see his balls resting snugly on Ming's pubic hair. “I guess Andy set me down here after our sex. I probably had passed out until you roused me when you shoved into my hole.”

We both heard Andy grunt as he started unleashing a load into Luis' belly. It triggered a sharp exhalation from Luis as he experienced another orgasm. Andy kept up his pace as Luis writhed underneath him wracked by the ecstasy from the constant stimulation from Andy's monster member moving inside him. I knew he wouldn't last many minutes longer, so I started my assault on Tony's clutching hole. His gut squeezed his brother's pole against mine as I moved so the ridge of my cock-head stimulated them both, not to mention what the friction did for me. It must have worked on Ming too because he started coming around.

“Ming…Ming,” Tony addressed him. “Wake up.”

“Little brother? What's going on?”

“You came in the house with Luis and I and met our friend Andy. He fucked you. You liked it a lot. Do you remember?”

“Yes. It's like a dream. Oooh. What was that? Is someone stroking my dick? Who? What? Aaah.”

“That must be Bill.”

“Hi Ming,” I interjected, peering over Tony's back and giving Ming a big smile while continuing full strokes into Tony's butt.

“You and Bill are fucking me now. It feels great with both of you in my ass. Together you must be almost as thick as Andy. How does Bill feel sliding along your shaft? He's got a pretty nice cock. Nothing like Andy's, but what is?”

“Oh God! I am fucking you. We can't. You're my brother.” Ming tried to squirm out from beneath Tony but he was pretty well pinned to the chair and his efforts only served to move his shaft in and out of his brother's butt a few inches. I certainly enjoyed his attempt, but my hands on Tony's slim hips kept him planted firmly on Ming's groin. “Ooooh…God!” He exclaimed again as the stimulation from his movements started to affect him.

“Come on Ming. I love being fucked. So do you if you remember when Andy did you, and it sure looks like you're having fun now. Just let yourself enjoy it and experiment with your movements to see what feels good.”

“It does feel good. It's so warm and tight and I tingle all over when Bill slides alongside me.”

There was a short scream from the couch as Luis experienced another orgasm, his fourth or fifth, I think. He was starting to lose consciousness as Andy built up his pace. I knew Andy was about done with Luis.

“Is that Andy with your roommate?” Ming asked, noticing the action on the couch for the first time. He continued to move in and out of his brother's hole trying to find what worked best for him as I helped out. “Is that what I looked like when Andy fucked me?” At this point Luis was gibbering unintelligibly while his eyes stared widely up at Andy's face.

“Sure,” answered Tony. “That's what everyone looks like when Andy really turns it on…Yes…That's a good motion. Keep that up guys,” Tony ordered us as we got into a rhythm where I slid out as Ming slid in.

I managed to work my cock in position where my flange was squeezed between Ming's pole and the bump of Tony's prostate. I held Tony down on Ming while I took advantage of our alignment to stimulate Tony's sensitive spot with short, swift strokes across it. Tony reacted instantly. His whole body shook and shuddered. He arched his back and gave a strangled cry as he exploded in sexual pleasure. Tony's anal cavity convulsed around the paired poles as I shoved in to the hilt. I felt the spray against my shaft as Ming joined his brother in ecstasy. Squeezed in an orgasmic embrace my cock joined the party.

When I eased off I held Tony in position so our softening cocks wouldn't slip out. I stayed half-hard anyway due to the tight fit of sharing the space with Ming. I saw that Tony had splattered Ming's face and chest with several big gobs of his sperm. Tony noticed too and started licking it up and sharing it with his brother in deep kisses. Ming was initially startled by the kiss and the entry and taste of his brother's tongue, but soon got into it. I managed to lap up a streak Tony missed and leaned over to share a three-way kiss with them.

While we were busy Andy had finished up with Luis. Breaking our kiss we saw him standing beside our chair in all his massive muscular glory, cock vertically erect in front of his torso, covered and dripping with some of the residue of the loads he'd deposited inside Luis who was now sprawled limply on the sofa. Tony and I immediately twisted around to lap up the juices. Ming hung back a few seconds before taking a tentative lick after which he joined us with enthusiasm.

“Tony, I see you and your brother have discovered some new interests in common. Get me nice and clean for Bill's welcome back fuck.”

Ming backed off and looked up at Andy. “I can't believe that something that huge could be stuffed up my ass, or Tony's. It must be half as big as he is.”

“Oh, you took it all and sure had fun, but you probably don't remember most of your fuck session. Most first timers get kind of dreamy after a couple minutes. I'll give all of you something to remember.” Andy moved behind me. “Tony lean forward and wrap your hands around your brother's neck,” he directed. Then Andy lifted me up by my thighs until I straddled the arms of the chair snuggly behind where Tony also straddled. “Bill, lay over Tony's back so he's sandwiched between you and Ming.” When I complied our three butts hung over the front cushion of the chair with Ming on the bottom, Tony in the middle and me on top. Ming and I were still inserted in Tony's tight bottom. “Ready? This should be fun.”

Andy pressed his marble-like pecs to my back and wrapped his arms around the pile of guy flesh on the chair until he held Ming's waist in his hands. Suddenly Ming started to thrash around, shaking the chair, and his cock stiffened instantly to full hardness and started to twitch against mine in Tony's hole. However, Andy had full control so Ming wasn't able to move enough to slip away.

“What are you doing? It's too big,” Ming almost screamed. “It's so hard. Oh. Oh. Oh. It's in. I feel so full.”

“That's just half my tip. Here's the rest of the head,” Andy remarked as he gave a quick stab and Ming yelped in surprise. “Here's some of the shaft.” Ming moaned. “That was my rim rubbing your prostate. Everybody likes that. Try it some more.” He gave Ming a couple of minutes of stimulation until I felt Ming's cock erupt inside Tony's gut spraying my member with his hot seed.

“That was great. I never had such good sex.”

“I just used the first eight inches, Get ready. Here's the rest.”

“What are you doing? I feel you moving inside me. Where is it going? I feel it in my belly. It's so big. It's rubbing that spot all the time. How much more is there?” Ming was growing more frantic.

“Just another eight or nine inches,” Andy assured him.

“You're doing great big brother. Rub your hand on your stomach and you can feel him inside.”

“I can feel him just fine already. He's like a steel pole in my gut. Every move I try to make feels like my internal anatomy is rearranging itself around him. Oh. That's his balls on my ass. It feels like the tip is near my heart. Oh. He's pulling out. Now it feels like I'm being turned inside out.”

I was a bit envious that Ming was getting a second fuck while I waited. Of course there was no point in being upset with Andy helping Ming explore his sexuality. It's what he does. So I figured I might as well help out and have a bit of fun too. I started to make steady strokes inside Tony, rubbing my shaft along the full length of Ming's embedded pole that was already twitching from the internal massage he was getting from Andy.

“Yeah, Bill, I like that. It's like two different voices singing in my gut. You're the base and Ming's the tenor. Do you like that too, Ming?”

“What? Tony? I feel…I…”

I felt Andy pound an ultimate stroke into Ming's gut and unleash his cum. Ming went wild and unloaded in Tony's hole triggering Tony and I to join in the mutual orgasm.

“Wow. That was a good one,” sighed Tony. “It looks like I sprayed your face again Ming. Ming?” Tony shook Ming's shoulders. “Are you OK?”

“Tony? Yes. I'm OK. I can still feel Andy. Oh. Oooh. He's still shooting in my gut. I'm going to… to…again.” He tensed all his muscles, moaned and sprayed my pole.

“Ming,” called Tony again with more concern. “Ming.”

“Tony?” Ming answered weakly. “I must have blanked out for a second. Andy has stopped now but I still feel him in me. I loved it but I'd be like your roommate if he keeps going.”

“I kept going on our first fuck, but I want you to remember more this time,” put in Andy. “I'll ease out now and give Bill what he's been waiting for.”

“It was great, Andy. Oh. Even pulling out makes me tingle all over. Ah. It's out. I think I'm leaking.”

“Don't worry, Ming,” assured Tony. “That's normal after sex with Andy. He must have dumped a quart of cum into your gut. You'll leak for a while until your ring recovers from being stretched so wide. I'm still leaking Andy's cum and some that you and Bill just added. Of course, it's impossible to get a really good seal with two cocks up your butt.”

“Well I'm not leaking and I want to be,” I complained. As if to answer I felt Andy press against my back door. It spread my butt cheeks easily. The juice covering it felt cool against my skin. The tip nestled in the center of my ass lips. Andy pressed in just a half inch or so as my sphincter nipped around the intruder. I tried to push back on it, but I was pinned between Andy and Tony. I felt Andy spew a couple shots of his precum into my hole. “Do it Andy. Fuck me hard. I've waited all summer for this.”

“Sure. Here's what you've been waiting for.”

I felt my hole stretch as his flesh entered me slowly but irresistibly. The ring snapped to the shaft once the wider bulb popped into my bowels. I could sense each bump and vein along its surface as more and more eased through the sensitive band of muscle. The tight fit wiped the excess juices that still coated his member from its previous immersion in Ming's depths. They flowed down my crack, over my balls and cock until blocked by the lips of Tony's ass to pass down Ming's cock.

Andy expanded my intestines as he pushed deeper. There was constant pressure on my joy button that was only heightened by the pulsing of the shaft as the blood spurted through it driven by the slow throb of Andy's heart. More entered me until he was into the areas only he could reach. I felt him press my abdominal muscles from the inside. He kept going until the head poked the top of my belly just under my heart.

Andy just left it there for the time being. It was an inescapable presence in the center of my body, radiating warmth and beating slowly with a power that rocked my entire frame. My cock grew harder than ever, straining in the grip of Tony's gut and exciting Ming's well-used shaft back to hardness.

As Andy started his fuck strokes, he moved his hands to Tony's hips so he could slip Tony almost off the paired cocks as he withdrew his own. Then he would impale Tony as he impaled me. It drove me wild and both Tony and Ming writhed in pleasure from the new stimulation.

Andy drove me right over the top. I arched my back as I spewed a huge load up Tony's hole as he and Ming joined in the explosion. When I came off the peak I rested my head on Tony's back. Every nerve in my body was hyper-stimulated.

As Andy picked up the pace of his fucking I was propelled back to sexual delight. I could tell that Andy was building to his own climax and we were all going to get a wild ride. He pounded my ass harder and harder. The impact reverberated through the entire pile of male flesh coupled on the big chair. The slaps of flesh on flesh as Andy drove his sex spear into my guts was punctuated by the groans, grunts and moans as the three of us reacted to the impact.

Andy gave me a final stab, burying himself to the max while holding Tony onto my groin with Ming along for the ride. I felt his pipe pulse as he pumped me with his essence. Each load reverberated in my intestines with the force of a punch. My body was sweep up into a whole body spasm of sexual frenzy, pumping its offering into Tony's tiny body that was fluttering under my torso in his own ecstasy.

Unexpectedly Andy yanks his wildly beating member from the tight confines of my body. I barely had time to react from its snapping from my ass when I felt in plunging besides Ming and I deep into Tony, whose scream, more in surprise than pain, probably could be heard outside. My own cock was wedged against the sides of Tony's overstretched bowels as Andy filled the center outreaching me by almost a foot. As he continued to unleash his juice Ming and I were pumped dry by the muscular waves that passed down its surface.

Tony's body became stiff as a board as every muscle contracted in reaction to the sudden invasion. As I sensed Andy easing off his orgasm, Tony passed out. Every muscle grew slack as he collapsed onto his brother's chest who himself was gasping in exhaustion with his head rolled back on the top of the chair.

Just then the doorbell rang. “Come in,” shouted Andy.

As my cock dribbled its last I heard the door open and some commotion at the entry.

“Look at that,” someone said. “We'd better go.”

I managed to look up and spotted two big black guys. They were dressed in baggy sweat shorts and football jerseys. They were both about six foot five or six and very muscular. Defensive backs was my guess. The one on the right had a very big bulge in his shorts, but the other had a hand on his elbow trying to move him away.

As I was taking in the situation Andy reared back and stood up. The action whipped the entire two-foot cum-coated penis from Tony's tight butt. Ming's cock and mine were trapped by the flange of his withdrawing crown and ejected just before his cock head pulled clear with an audible pop. As Andy rose like a golden muscle god, his sexual equipment extended out over my back and I felt juices dripping onto the sweaty skin of my back.

“Hello Earl. I see you brought a friend,” greeted Andy. “You're welcome to stay. We're really just getting warmed up.”

The guy trying to leave just froze when he saw Andy. A confused expression passed over his face as he made eye contact. A big bulge that matched that of the other grew in his shorts.

“We're pretty informal here,” said Andy while walking over to the new guys. “You're way overdressed. What's your name?” Andy asked the nervous guy who was a few inches taller than he but had about 40 lbs. less muscle.

“Henry,” he stammered.

“There's nothing to be nervous about, Henry. We're all friends here.” Andy had walked right in front of him, his cock pressed against the guys football jersey had already splashed it with a couple of spurts of precum. Henry was just staring down at the cock head. Meanwhile his friend had stripped off his shirt and was stepping out of his shorts. His thick, twelve-inch cock was hard and dripping. “Let me help you with your shirt,” urged Andy.

I moved to the couch, leaving Tony and his brother sleeping peacefully on the chair in the afterglow of great sex. I lifted Luis up a bit to sit down then rested his head on my lap. He started to nurse my crown as I rubbed my hands on his hair and neck and relaxed to watch Andy in action.

Henry meekly let Andy lift his jersey over his head and toss it aside. Andy's cock head wound up resting in the valley between Henry's pectoral plates. “You're nicely developed, Henry,” said Andy rubbing his hands along the muscles of Henry's chest. “Those biceps must be eighteen inches. How do you like mine?” He asked raising his arm and putting Henry's hand on its 26 inch peak all the while staring into Henry's eyes. Henry seemed to be in a mental fog while Earl was now naked and watching the interplay between his friend and Andy.

“That's a nice six-pack,” continued Andy running his hand over Henry's flat, muscular, waist. “That's a good-sized bulge in your shorts too,” Andy remarked while wrapping a powerful hand around the cloth-covered shaft as a shiver ran through Henry's body. “I know it's not as big as mine, but it's nothing to be ashamed of. Let's have a look at it.”

Andy slipped Henry's shorts down until they dropped off his slim hips to the floor. Henry looked to also have a thick twelve-inch piece of uncut meat. It was by now fully hard with the reddish-brown tip poking fully clear of the darker flesh of the shaft. Andy smoothed the lube from the tip over his hand and pumped the shaft a few times, bringing forth more drops of natural lube.

“Here, have a feel of mine,” offered Andy moving Henry's hand to the middle of his pole. Henry wrapped his big hand on it, but it didn't quite fit all the way around the thick tube of flesh. “It looks like you'll need both hands.” Henry accepted the suggestion. “You can stroke it if you want.” Henry took the hint and started running his hands along the steely surface still heavily coated in slippery cum and juice from its adventures in probing the depths of Tony and I. Each stroke resulted in a small jet of Andy's precum that splashed over Henry's face and chest.

“You came already?” asked Henry questioningly.

“No that's only a few spurts of natural lube. A cock this big needs a lot. It tastes really good. Give it a try. Earl, show Henry how it's done. There's plenty for both of you.”

Earl, who had been standing by just watching, eagerly stepped beside his buddy. He gripped Andy's pole about half a foot below the tip and bent over to lick around the flange. He opened his mouth to its widest and stuffed the entire mushroom cap and a few inches of the shaft inside. You could see his tongue moving around his bulging cheeks as he cleaned the surface.

Andy had one hand behind Henry's neck. He used it to urge Henry to bend over until his head was just above where he held the slippery pole. He licked at the juices experimentally then with more and more enthusiasm, moving up and down, even removing Earl's hands and cleaning his fingers.

“Earl, give Henry a chance at my cock head,” Andy ordered. “You can lick my balls. See if you can get one of those big orbs into your mouth.”

Earl got to his knees while Andy split his massive thighs widely to give him access. Earl's nuzzled his nose into the sack, licking the surface while staring up along the impressive length of the shaft and Andy's muscular torso.

Henry took Earl's old spot. He jacked the top, watching the foreskin extend around the crown and retract back. He extended it again and poked his tongue inside, moving it around under the hood. Andy, with steady pressure on his neck, urged him to go down. Henry mimicked what he'd seen Earl do and opened wide enough to fit in the bulbous top. Andy rewarded his success with several spurts of precum that Henry swallowed eagerly.

“You've gotten me pretty clean, Henry. You can stand up now.” He was a bit reluctant to stop sucking on Andy's pole, but did as requested, however, he kept a hand holding the shaft. Andy put one of his massive arms around Henry's muscular waist and moved him until they stood face to face. Henry had to straddle Earl who was still on his knees ministering to Andy's balls.

Andy wrapped his other arm under Henry's and around his back, holding the rear of his head in his hand. With that and the arm about his waist he pulled Henry to him with their erect cocks pinned between their torsos. Henry's chest was pec to pec with Andy's broader and deeper one while Andy's bulging 26 inch arms between Henry's lats and his triceps forced his arms out to the side so Henry could only try and hold the huge melons of muscle that formed Andy's shoulders. Their thigh muscles dueled unequally too. Forced wider by Andy's huge muscles Henry lost contact with the floor and quickly wrapped his legs around Andy's waist to steady himself. Andy held the 240 pound stud in the air without the slightest strain.

I think it was only then, held helpless in the powerful grip of an Asian stud he'd only met moments before, but who had already dominated him physically and mentally, that Henry realized where this encounter would lead. “You're going to fuck me?” he whispered.

“What do you think?” Andy asked back quietly, his face only a couple of inches from that of the muscular black athlete he held in his arms.

“You're going to fuck me,” Henry repeated, this time with certitude. He kissed Andy strongly. His eyes went wide with surprise as Andy plunged his tongue into his mouth, but Henry was soon sucking it with gusto. Henry became quite excited, squirming in Andy's strong embrace, sliding his cock against Andy's thick pole and the rock hard sculpture that formed Andy's abdominals.

When they broke their kissing several minutes later, Andy just hoisted Henry over one shoulder. Henry's entire front side was smeared with Andy's precum. Andy was too, of course. Andy stepped away from Earl, popping out one of his orange-sized balls that Earl had managed to suck into his mouth.

“I'll take Henry to our bedroom. Earl, help Bill take his suitcases upstairs. You guys can have some fun together while I break in Henry.” He slapped Henry's ass once hard and walked out.

“Hi Earl. I'm Bill.” He walked over to the couch where I sat with Luis sucking my cock. He took a good long look at the chair where Tony and his brother were still sleeping. “That's Tony and his brother, Ming, on the chair. Andy sort of wore them out. This is Luis, Tony's roommate. It looks like he's almost recovered from being fucked.”

Luis pulled off my cock, leaving it glistening with his saliva and sticking straight up from my blond bush. He sat up next to me and pulled his knees up to his chest and fingered his hole. “I don't really recover for a day or two. I'm still leaking Andy's cum.” He dipped a couple fingers through the ring and brought them out dripping with cum that he licked off. “Tastes great though. Help yourself. There's plenty for everybody,” he offered, taking another gob.

“Thanks Luis, but I have my own supply.” I licked a couple fingers worth from my own leaking hole and then took another sample for Earl. “Try some.” He did.

“I'm not gay.”

I looked up at Earl. “You're standing here naked with your cock pointing to the ceiling, licking cum from my asshole, and waiting your turn to be fucked, but you're not gay?”

“That's not what I mean. I have a girlfriend.”

“Luis and Tony have girlfriends and Ming is married and they like sex with guys. I'm 100% gay though. I love all cocks, but nothing beats Andy's.”

“Bill, Tony and I dumped our girls. We're a couple now,” asserted Luis.

“Oh. Congratulations. So, Earl, how did you meet Andy?”

“I was at the football weight-room about 6:00 AM yesterday. I like to do my heavy work early. I'm usually the only one there at that hour. I was getting ready for some heavy work on the leg press machine. When I heard someone ask if I needed a spotter. It was Andy. He was carrying a barbell in one arm. It must have been stacked with 600 pounds that had bent the thick bar into a substantial arc. As I stared he curled the weight with one arm, showing the biggest biceps I'd ever seen. After a dozen reps I saw his cock extend below the leg of his shorts. It rose up and pointed at me. Then Andy asked me if I wanted to help him with his workout. I did. It was the best sex I ever had, but my memories are a bit confused. The next thing I am certain of is Henry asking if I was Ok. I was sitting on the floor of the showers with the cool water spraying me. When I found my clothes there was a note asking me to come here today and bring a friend.”

“Tony and I got an e-mail,” added Luis.

“It sounds like Andy set up a little housewarming party. We may have more visitors. Luis, I'd like you to stay down here and meet anyone who arrives. We can pile their clothes in the entry closet. I'm sure they can have fun together until Andy gives them their turns. Meanwhile, Earl, let's bring my bags up and see how Henry is doing with a couple feet of cock up his butt.”

There were a couple rooms at the front of the second floor. One had a queen bed and the other was set up as a study with a couple desks and computers. Sounds from the back room indicated that we'd find Andy and Henry there. We put the suitcase in the hall and went to see the action.

A king-sized bed dominated the bedroom. Andy was sitting on one corner of the huge bed with his legs split to allow one on each side of the corner. He had Henry sitting on his lap, facing him. Andy was holding the big black stud by his flaring lats. Henry's muscular legs were draped over Andy's arms, his knees bent over the crook of Andy's elbows. Henry was completely helpless in this position. The best he could manage was to wrap his arms around Andy's thick neck to steady himself.

It appeared they were resting up, but I could tell that was deceptive. Henry had obviously already had a few orgasms. There was cum streaked all over his and Andy's chests, faces and hair, some very recent and just starting to drip. He was staring right at Andy's smiling face, but the eyes were unfocused. Every few seconds the eyes would open wide and his entire body would shake for an instant. The cause was not evident, but for anyone who has experienced sex with Andy the signs were unmistakable. Andy's sex pole, as powerful as the rest of him, was rocking Henry's body as it spewed jet after jet of cum deep inside.

“Hi guys,” greeted Andy as he spotted us. “Earl, thanks for bringing Henry. He's a real athlete. I think he may be able to handle another round or two.”

Henry understood Andy's last remark. His eyes seemed to focus on Andy for an instant and then he looked over at Earl. However, his body was rocked again and his mind returned to the overwhelming sensations being generated internally.

Clearly we had some time to pass before Andy finished, so I decided to help Earl experiment with another aspect of his sexuality. I pushed my muscular butt into his groin, rubbing his rampant twelve-inch cock into my crack. He didn't react immediately to my actions, as he was still intent on what Andy was doing with his friend. Earl was half a foot taller than I and with his pole sticking up another foot I couldn't get the head into my hole even on tiptoes. I took matters into hand by reaching behind me to rotate him near horizontal so I could slip it in.

“What are you doing?” Earl asked, finally noticing my efforts, but not stopping me.

“Having some fun while we wait for Andy.” I had split my legs a couple of feet to open my glutes a bit and was adjusting my height on my toes to get him aligned. “This would be easier if you helped.”

He didn't help, but he didn't try to move away either. I felt his cock hit the right spot and pushed my ass back. He started to spread me open and I did half a step on my toes backward. His crown popped in. Earl tried to pull out then while I tried to move back with him to keep him in. I lost my balance and fell against him. He wrapped me with his arms to keep me from toppling to the floor. When we were steady again he was in a half-squat with both knees between my thighs and all twelve- inches in my gut. It may only be half as thick and half as long as Andy's, but it sure felt good. I squeezed my internal muscles around it.

“You're nice and tight. It feels pretty good,” commented Earl.

“Let me bend over the end of the bed and you can fuck me. I've already been fucked by Andy this afternoon and you can feel how well lubed I am with his cum, so you don't have to hold back. Show me what a black muscle stud can do.”

“You asked for it, fag boy.”

He eased me into position, grabbing my hips. Slowly he withdrew his shaft until the rim bumped my ring from the inside. Then he plunged back at full speed, smacking his groin on my ass loudly. He tried to pull it out just as quickly, but I squeezed him again and he slowed a bit and moaned as the friction affected him.

Meanwhile, Andy had dumped Henry onto his back in the middle of the bed and was on his hands and knees above the overwhelmed football jock. He still had his legs hooked around Andy's arms which had him bent double and raised his ass off the mattress. Andy was plowing his partner with almost the full length of his two-foot cock at a pretty good pace. Henry was covered in sweat like he might after a hard practice on a summer day. Andy's face was hovering about a foot over his. I could see that Henry was staring right into Andy's eyes. I recognized it because it's something I do too when the world seems to be spinning out of control.

A hard slap of a hand on my ass cheek brought my thoughts back to Earl. He was certainly fucking me with energy and enthusiasm. He just wasn't hitting the best spots. I adjusted my position a bit until he started connecting.

“Feel that spot. There. Try and hit that when you plunge in and rub it as much as you can.”


“Because it makes me feel good. What's the point of having a big dick if you don't know how to use it? Guys that are bigger and thicker have a natural advantage since they can get more friction on the sensitive spots, but if you don't know how it's just a pain in the butt.”

“Is that why Andy is so good? How's that stroke?”

“Good. Good. You're getting it. Andy has the Stradivarius of cocks and is a virtuoso at playing it. You and Henry are very nicely equipped. You just need practice. Ah. Oh. That's it. You're a quick learner. Let me know if you someone to help you polish your skills.”

A sharp cry drew our attention back to Henry. His body was bouncing up and down several inches as Andy's cock fluttered wildly while erupting inside him. He was experiencing the ultimate in sexual frenzy that his earlier orgasms had been but a prelude. His cock shoots bullets of cum like a machine gun. I'm hit with several volleys. After a minute he runs out of ammunition, but he is still being wracked by Andy's continued release. Finally Andy finishes and withdraws, leaving a totally exhausted Henry sprawled on the bed.

Andy is kneeling on the bed between Henry's widely split thighs. His mammoth pole extends over the prone jock's body angled upward at about 45 degrees. A small white ribbon of liquid cascades from the tip with only a hint of the force that propelled it moments before as the flow is just slightly modulated by the gentle contractions still lingering several minutes after the start of Andy's explosion. The discharge forms a small lake on Henry's belly with the muscles of his abdominals as islands poking through the surface, the brown skin contrasting sharply with the liquid. I suppose I could compare Henry's soft cock to a beached whale, but that might be taking the image too far.

Andy turns his head toward us and makes scans Earl with a look that says Ð next. Earl stops his assault on my hole in mid stroke. He understands.

Andy gets off the bed and moves behind Earl. He pushes Earl tight to my butt. Earl's cock jerked upward when Andy penetrated his backdoor. He started breathing rapidly as Andy filled him with inch after inch. Earl was trapped. He couldn't move forward because he was plugged to the root in me and if he tried to move back he only impales himself more on Andy's stake of flesh.

A tremor runs through Earl's body as Andy punches his joy button. He pulls Earl's hips back, sliding about half his cock out of my ass, while embedding another six inches of his. Then he pushes Earl back to the hilt into me while no surrendering any of the internal territory he dominated. Another pull and he plunges deeper into an ever more frantic jock who realizes that he is a helpless boy-toy for this dominant Asian stud.

Earl's mounting panic is quickly overcome by the sensations of pleasure arising from the stimulation of his cock and ass. I feel his cock expand in my bowels, begin to pulse and jet its seed. His strength seems to drain with this initial release as he slumps over my back. I can still feel Andy pumping him and know that this round is just beginning.

“Let's move Earl onto the bed. He'll be too weak in a while to stand.” Andy put his big arms around my chest and lifted Earl and I into the center of the bed. He laid me with my head on Henry's abdomen as my pillow, a wet pillow. My head splashed into the pool of cum that covered it. I lapped it up. Earl rested on my back, his head on my shoulder, and his legs between mine. My legs were splayed much wider as Andy split Earl's thighs to allow best access for deepest penetration.

“You've worn Earl out already. He's just dead weight on my back now.”

Andy slapped Earl's ass hard. I felt the impact reverberate through his body. He snapped his head up from my back as it shocked him awake.

“What? What's happening?”

“You passed out for a minute. I expected a big guy like you would have more endurance.”

“I'm sorry. I feel funny. I don't know what got into me.”

“Two feet of thick Chinese cock are what's gotten into you. It's right into your belly. Feel that. That's my cock slipping through your gut.”

“I love that. Keep going.”

“I'm going to fuck you until you collapse, just like your buddy here and like I did with you yesterday. Henry shot five times before he passed out, but I lost you after only one. So, I want you to concentrate on fucking Bill. It will help you stay focused when the action gets heavy. Now I want you to get on your knees and elbows and move your hips between my groin and Bill's ass.”

Earl followed Andy's orders and his weight lifted from me and he started pulling his cock out. It felt like he got about eight inches before bottoming out on Andy and starting back in. Andy told him he had the idea, but pick up the pace. He did and I could sense that he was getting back into it.

The bed really started rocking when Andy joined the action. He was pulling out of Earl when Earl was plunging into me. Then when Earl was on the out-stroke Andy would impale the black jock, slamming into his glutes before Earl could pop free of my ring. Since Andy's motion was about three times the amplitude of Earl's, he was moving much faster.

It sure felt good to me. I was pushing my butt up to meet Earl's plunges. I reached down to stroke my cock that was again hard.

“I think he's getting the hang of it, Andy,” I observed.

“You may be right. It's time to give him a bit of reward.”

Andy speared Earl harder than ever, driving him down until he was pinned between us. I felt Earl shake as Andy began to unleash a torrent within him.

Earl screeched in shock as the sensations built. “What? Oh! Oh. Yes! I'm coming. Ooooh.”

I feel Earl's hot seed spurt into me as I released into the sheets. The pleasant glow of a good climax had barely dimmed when I felt Andy resume his fuck to build up for round two.

Slap. Slap. Slap. I heard the sound and felt the impact as Andy urged Earl to get moving again. He did.

The recent commotion must have roused Henry. I felt his body shift a bit under my head and a hand rubbed through my hair. I turned to look at his face and saw him prop up his chest with an elbow and look around at the scene on the bed.

“I must have been out for a time. You're the guy who fucked me. Andy?”

“Yes. That's right.”

“I'm Bill, Andy's roommate,” I inserted. “Nice to meet you.”

“I can hardly believe I was fucked by that thing except that my body knows it was in there. I can feel your cum leaking out a bit too. Earl, how do you like it?”

“I don't think Earl is interested in conversation just now,” I offered.

“Yeah. He does seem to be busy. He makes a good filling for your sandwich.”

I felt Henry's cock poke the back of my head. I turned around and saw that it had started to come back to life since he woke up. He was partially hard and his head was poking about halfway clear of his hood. I licked at the tip and it jerked at the touch.

“Would you suck it for me?”

I didn't need a second invitation. I bent my neck and got the head and about half the shaft into my mouth and went to work on it. It responded immediately growing harder and filling out to its full twelve inches. That pushed a couple more inches into my mouth. Henry had one of those cocks that are kind of streamlined. The head doesn't flare much beyond the thickness of the shaft and gradually grows thicker toward the base. It makes it easy to slip it down your throat, but I really like the extra friction a wide flange gives in the gut.

“Why don't you turn around and let Bill between your legs. He'll have better access,” suggested Andy.

I backed off his cock to let him move. He propped his back up with a couple pillows, split his legs and raised his knees. With my head between his strong thighs, I wrapped an arm around his leg to grab his cock that had snapped to his abdomen and put it in my mouth. I swallowed it to the root and nuzzled my nose in his wiry pubic hair that was still soaked in cum.

I was getting some good action with a foot-long black pole in both my mouth and butt. I'd push back letting Henry's tube slide through my lips until Earl's plugged to the hilt in my butt, pushing me forward until I had my face mashed into Henry's groin.

“I always hated it when I saw a gay guy checking me out. I despised them. Now I'll be checking them out. You've really opened my eyes.”

“And your ass,” added Andy.

“I'm sure I'll never be quite as much of a 'tight ass' again.”

At this point Andy started raising the tempo. He started pounding Earl harder and faster. That meant I was hit harder too. Earl was grunting and moaning as he started getting closer. After a minute he groaned and shot another load in my ass. Andy just kept pounding him, building to his own explosion.

Earl tried to keep going, but I could tell he was just being carried along by Andy manhandling him. I squeezed my ass around Earl's cock that stayed hard even after he released a load. I was trying hard to milk Henry too, who was rewarding me with moans and tasty precum.

Andy started things with an ultimate plunge into Earl's abused ass. The stimulation from his wildly pulsing cock brought Earl to another climax more intense than his last. I shot my own load as I gulped down a hefty shot of Henry's cream.

Part 5

I was awakened by the feeling of a large cock rubbing alongside my own. This was not at all unusual for me. Since starting college over a year and a half ago and rooming with Andy Wang, I normally find myself roused by some sort of sexual stimulus. More than likely it's the feeling of Andy plugged deep in my gut.

If you haven't read my earlier experiences, perhaps I ought to explain. Andy Wang defined the role of sex god. He was an incredibly handsome Chinese-American, a mass of muscle 6’4” tall and 280 lbs. with not an ounce of body-fat. His 60-inch chest tapers to a 30-inch waist with 6-pack abs. His 26-inch arms and massive thighs can lift a thousand pounds like most guys handle ten. His golden skin glows in the light, smooth and hairless except for a silky black bush above his cock. A cock that is awesome enough at 15 inches soft hanging between his muscled legs, but hypnotic when it extends a two-foot pole of steel, as thick as a wrist, crisscrossed with pulsing veins, topped by a reddish head as big as a fist, spurting pre-cum like most guys cum. But when he unloads, his orange-sized balls can pump quarts with enough force to cross a large room and keep it up all night.

Given his physical attributes, Andy was anybody's wet dream. If he would make eye contact with a person they would fall under his spell. Just a simple touch on the hand would complete the seduction. The person, male or female, was unable to resist him. A few minutes later they would be experiencing the most incredible sex they'd never imagined. When I first met he said he wasn't always like this. He was changed somehow one morning. I didn't understand it when he told me, but I'm more than happy to take advantage of it.

That's what I experienced almost every night and morning as Andy's roommate last year. This year we moved off campus to a furnished university townhouse that Andy arranged to use rent-free; probably after a few hours of sexual persuasion to the right people. Andy would be out most weeknights satisfying the sexual fantasies of dozens of lucky students while I would study. He didn't need to, always seeming to know any material needed. At the end of the evenings he'd come home to fuck me. Weekends were our time to really party and I would get to go along to gatherings where he'd take on a whole fraternity or we'd have a couple dozen friends at our place for a two day orgy.

I'm Bill Foster, a collegiate swimmer, 6', 195 lbs. I've got a defined muscular build and a nice 10 inches too, though nothing to compare with Andy's monster. I'm a natural blond and Andy finds blonds really sexy.

Spring break had started yesterday afternoon. We were staying home, but don't feel sorry for me. Andy had arranged for plenty of his friends to drop by. I was feeling a nice friction from the large cock rubbing mine. It seemed a bit longer than mine, though not as thick. As my senses cleared a bit from the haze of sleep, I could feel that our poles were sharing a warm wet cavity that was being tightly stretched by the two members invading it.

A soft moan prompted me to open my eyes and got a big surprise when I recognized the face of Jun, the lovely, and quite petite, Chinese-American wife of Ming. Ming was Tony Han's older brother. He had driven up yesterday with his wife to take Tony and his Hispanic friend and lover, Luis, back to Southern California for the vacation. Since Ming had encountered Andy at the commencement of the year while dropping his brother off, this trip was certainly planned to introduce his wife to the same experience that he enjoyed, while getting another round with Andy himself.

I remember the shocked expression on Jun's face when they walked into our living room, seeing Tony and Luis fucking furiously on the couch. Then Andy came up from the basement recreation room and she was instantly under his spell.

The expression on Jun's face this morning was bliss, not shock. Actually, I might have been a bit shocked, since I'm 100% gay and I was definitely balls deep into her cunt. Though sharing it with another guy made it a bit more acceptable to me.

Jun had definitely been given the full treatment from Andy. Cum had dried on her face when she obviously couldn't swallow fast enough and it spurted through her lips. Numerous streams had matted her fine black hair. Her pussy was fully soaked with Andy's juice that provided great lube for the current activity. I'm sure her gut was full too. I know mine was. In the morning after a night with Andy I'm certain no one in the house wasn't filled beyond capacity.

Behind Jun's head I saw the face of my third partner in this morning's activity. I recognized him as the black basketball player who had arrived later in the evening. A big guy, about 6' 11”, and an eleven-inch cock, if I remembered right. I believe I had fucked him a couple months ago when Andy visited the team locker room after a game.

“Morning,” he said, seeing that my eyes were open. “Do you mind if I change our position a bit?” He didn't wait for my answer before rolling me onto my back with Jun face down on top of me as he settled between my spread thighs while never losing our dual penetration of Jun, still sandwiched, her legs widely split beyond my own, giving him plenty of access to her sopping cunt from the rear.

He started an aggressive fuck on Jun, doggy style, while I relaxed and enjoyed the stimulation. Jun gave a strangled little cry as she came almost immediately. Her muscles spasmed around our shafts. However, the black stud was just getting started, so she was soon stimulated to a second orgasm and a third. Jun's body bucked wildly, her head swinging side-to-side, waving the strands of her long, black, hair over my face. Finally, I felt the start of the cum explosion from my partner and joined him with my own spurting seed, our offerings mixing with the large load Andy already deposited. Jun's final orgasm wracked her body, leaving her limp on top of me. Satisfied, the black guy pulled out, and, without further comment left the bed and room.

I saw we had ended the evening, or begun the day, in the basement recreation room. Recreation in our home means sex, so it had been equipped with four large beds, one in each corner. I saw Ming on another bed being fucked by his younger brother while Luis sucked his cock. Andy must have been upstairs with another guest. I felt Jun begin to stir again.

“Good mooring, Jun,” I greeted her.

She looked down on my face, probably really in control for the first time since awakening. “Bill?” She inquired.

“Yes, Bill,” I assured her. “We met last night.”

“Oh. What's happening?” She cried, realizing that she was naked in bed with me. She rolled on her side, letting my cock slip from her body. It slapped up against my abdominals, coated in cum. She stared at it, fingering the tender lips of her vagina that was continuing to ooze some of the fluids that filled it. “Did I have sex with you?”

“Yes, eventually. Do you remember Andy? Andy Wang”

“Andy?” She murmured. “He was big, so much bigger than Ming,” she said, remembering. “We. We. It was wonderful. No. No. What will Ming think of me?”

“Don't worry. Ming had sex with Andy too. In fact, I'm sure he brought you here just to meet Andy. He wanted to share him with you. I'm sure you had fun.”

“It's so confusing. My body is still so sensitive. It tingles in places I've never felt before. But, I do like it,” she remarked, smiling at me. “Where is Ming?”

“Over there,” I answered, looking across the room while she followed my gaze to see her husband in hot gay action with his brother and friend. While she was still considering the scene, Andy walked in with a guy I knew from the wrestling team. Andy had already pinned him a few times this morning based on the fresh cum dripping off his body.

He saw Jun and I on the bed and came over. With his massive muscles gleaming in a light sheen of sweat, he looked magnificent. He dwarfed the smaller wrestler, who was about my size, but much more muscular. Jun was staring at Andy's hard cock that stood straight up in front of his body, bubbling a bit of pre-cum.

“Hi, Jun. How are you this morning?” Andy asked, sitting down on the bed next to her. “I think I'll fuck you again,” he said, stroking the tits of her pert breasts that instantly hardened to firm points as a flush of blood colored her skin. Her hand wrapped part way around the firm pole of his shaft about halfway up its two-foot length.

Jun contemplated the man who was about to possess her again. “Will I get pregnant?” She whispered.

“Only if you want to,” Andy assured her. “Do you want to have my son?”

Jun's eyes screamed yes, but she replied, “I can't agree without Ming.”

“Ming, come over here,” Andy directed. As Ming began to disentangle himself from Tony and Luis to obey Andy's summons, I pulled the wrestler down onto my lap, slipping my 10 inches up his cum dripping ass. I figured I should have my own fun while watching Andy with a woman. While I' d known he'd fucked hundreds of women in the university, this was my first opportunity to see him in action that way.

Ming hustled over with Tony and Luis trailing behind. He looked at his wife, her hand still gripping the middle of the long pole of flesh sprouting from Andy's groin. Andy looked him square in the eyes and asked, “Do you want me to have a son with your wife?”

Ming nodded his assent as Jun looked on and smiled broadly. Andy put his hands around her small waist and lifted her effortlessly in the air, holding her suspended. The large blunt mushroom cap of his sex spear nestled between her firm breasts. Jun's small hands still held it at about a foot below that point as Andy smeared her skin with his slippery natural lube.

Andy lifted her higher, letting her hands slip along his length until the flaring crown pressed onto her fingers. Her hands now held him just in front of the gash that marked her entrance. Andy looked far too big to fit the small opening. Jun shuddered as she pressed the flesh to her clit and was rewarded with a spurt of fresh juice from the tip.

“Put me in your wife,” Andy directed Ming. Ming reached around his wife's hips and brushed his hands on top of hers before taking hold of Andy from her. She held onto the top of Andy's head as Ming pushed the steely point at her tight opening. Everyone watched silently as it disappeared in her body.

Everyone but Jun that is. It drove her frantic, yielding a continual string of high-pitched squeaks and moans. Suddenly you could see her every muscle go taut. She threw her neck back so she was looking up at the ceiling, arched her back and split her legs out about 45 degrees, feet pointed and toes curled. She remained frozen in that position for almost a minute as her skin flushed and she breathed in shallow pants, uttering not a sound. At the end she exhaled loudly and you could see her muscles slack. She now rested limply in Andy's grip, sweating heavily. It was a foretaste of what was to come because Andy was only a quarter in her.

The next motion of Andy continuing to penetrate her sent another wave of pleasure through her body that snapped her eyes wide and the muscles all over her body trembling. Again and again she was pushed into an orgasm that drained her energy only to be reinvigorated by the next motion as Andy moved slowly deeper inside her warm womb.

Andy took about fifteen minutes to completely penetrate her. I think I spotted at least half a dozen orgasms wash over Jun, but there might have been more because toward the end she was definitely dazed and had lost muscle control with legs, arms and body twitching in an uncoordinated fashion.

Andy let her rest on his lap. He had about twenty inches up inside her, leaving a four inch cylinder near the base, as thick as Jun's forearm, joining her to his groin. He cradled Jun's back, holding the 5' 2” delicate Asian beauty against his chest, her head resting on the firm pillows of his massive pectoral plates. Jun sat in the valley between Andy's tremendous thighs, each one bigger around than her torso. Her legs were bent up near her waist to allow her to accept most of Andy's pole. It seemed certain that way up inside her the blunt head must be pressed to the top of her uterus, but I knew Andy would be careful with this delicate flower.

“Ming, bring some towels soaked in cold water. I want your wife to be refreshed before we continue.”

When Ming returned Andy started cleaning Jun off. The cool water revived her. Her eyes focused on Andy and her body began to respond. She relaxed as Andy cleaned off the residue of a night of non-stop sex. Finished he tossed the towel back to Ming and bent his head forward to kiss Jun who returned it passionately, caressing his large tongue with her own as he explored her.

“How do you feel?”

“Wonderful. So alive. You' re so big,” she observed looking down to where Andy entered her. “I can feel you way up here,” rubbing her body just below the level of her firm breasts. “When your heart beats the big vein on top of your shaft pressed my button. It's so exciting. But before, when you were moving, I was on fire. I. I. I can' t describe it.” She looked up at Andy' s face. “I don't want it to be over,” she whispered.

“Actually that was just the prologue. I wanted you to recover a bit so you would remember when we created our child. Do you think you are ready?”

She nodded and licked he lips as she stared back at him. Andy hooked her knees in the crook of his elbows as he held her back, pressing Jun to his torso as he laid her onto the center of the bed. He placed a couple pillows beneath her hips. His body hovered over hers, almost three times her size and weight. The few inches of dark shaft that extended beyond the blood engorged lips of her pussy throbbed with quiet power. Silently, her lips mouthed the plea, “Fuck me.”

Slowly Andy withdrew several inches from her body and, just as slowly, shoved it back. The effect on Jun was electric. She wrapped her arms around her chest and hugged herself tightly, upper body rocking, while moaning softly. Andy continued, longer and faster, building to his climax. Jun thrashed on the bed below him. She tensed with the first orgasm of this new round, then relaxed, sweating and panting as the pleasure continued.

Another orgasm hits her. She shrieks. Her hands grab at the boulders that form Andy's shoulders. Her nails try to press into the skin, but can't dent the firm muscle. The pleasure is continuous and too much for the woman to stand as Andy strokes through her body. The cries of joy echo through the house. She is close to collapse when Andy plunges in for the final stroke and begins to unleash his seed.

Jun had a few seconds to recognize that Andy had stopped. You could see her begin to recover when she felt the throbbing of the incredible phallus that transfixed her body. Her eyes grew wide as the first pulse plunged down the shaft and must have been clearly felt as it moved up the flesh of her tightly stretched vaginal canal and spewed into her uterus.

Now Andy doesn't normally release sperm when he ejaculates. When he does it is special, having a superman's seed swimming through your body. He gave it to me on our first night as roommates and each year on my birthday. While normal sex with Andy is intense, this is a whole different level.

I could see her sense it, just a little, as the first legion is deposited inside her and begin to move. More and more spew forth filling her up and starting to explore. I see she can feel them. It's like a wave of pleasure spreading out from the epicenter that is the tip of Andy's pulsing sex organ.

“Oh! Oh! Oooh!” She ejaculated, her voice rising in pitch and volume. Her arms wrapped around the thick pillar of Andy's neck. A muscle spasm lifted her entire body off the bed, only supported by her arms and the pole that speared her body. She remained locked in this embrace of Andy for over a minute before her arms let loose and she collapsed to the bed unconscious, yet still wracked by the spasms of a continuous orgasm.

I came up the ass of the wrestler sitting on my lap as other onlookers joined in. I saw Ming shoot his load over the prostrate form of his wife as Andy finished inseminating her and began to remove himself from her body. Jun continued to writhe on the bed, stimulated solely from the swimming sperm within her.

It was early afternoon before Jun's body relaxed into a deep contented sleep. Andy had another round with everyone in the meantime. I was one of many, including her husband, Ming, that dipped into the unconscious Jun's flooded twat. My cock was massaged to orgasm by Andy's squirming seed. My sperm had no chance in a battle with Andy's. I could feel some of his seed swimming up my tube, even against my ejaculation, where they tingled my nut sack for the next day, keeping me constantly erect.

After a lunch we dressed Jun's limp body and helped Ming, Tony and Luis load their SUV for the trip south.

A couple weeks later, we confirmed Jun's pregnancy. Jun had her son just before Christmas.

Tony brought us pictures when he started the spring semester. The baby was nine pounds at birth and had Andy's facial features. His four-inch stiff cock surprised the doctors in the delivery room. Tony says the baby has been named Andrew Ming Han. He eats constantly and is growing quickly. Jun has had her hands full with the new baby and Ming has taken some leave from work to help out.

However, after the first couple weeks, we had trouble finding out information. They insisted all was well but really provided nothing new. Andy promised to visit over spring break, but Ming and Jun said they would bring young Andy up for a visit.

So our break this year was not planned as the continuous orgy we had last year. Andy had combed the toy stores for gifts for his infant son. We cleaned and straightened the house in anticipation of their visit, though we knew the three-month-old couldn't possibly notice.

Just Andy, Luis, Tony and I awaited their arrival. Just after five we heard a knock on the door. When we opened the door we all had a big surprise. Jun and Ming flanked a young boy, just a bit shy of four feet tall, about the size of a ten year old. But he was like a miniature version of our Andy. He had his arms possessively around the waists of two young guys who appeared to be high school athletes. He had a big smile but everyone else appeared frazzled.

Needless to say, young Andy was not a normal baby. We learned he was talking in a week. By a month he was almost three feet tall and stronger than Ming. By six weeks he had discovered sex, first with his parents. At that age, about three and a quarter feet tall, his cock was twelve inches. He joined their bed one night and left both parents exhausted and satisfied. They got little sleep the next month until young Andy discovered the pleasures of the athletes at the local high school.

Now at three feet ten inches and one hundred fifteen pounds, young Andy had a sixteen-inch cock as thick as a beer can. He was a tiny version of his biological father with a muscular forty-two inch chest tapering to a twenty-inch waist. His eighteen-inch arms and twenty-six inch thighs appeared massive on such a small body. In the weight room at the high school he bench-pressed five hundred twenty pounds for a dozen reps. But he didn't go to the high school to exercise his muscles.

At the door, Jun introduced Andy to his amazing son. Randy and Hank, the high school athletes, were called his boyfriends.

“Mother, they' re not my boyfriends,” the youngster insisted. “They're just fuck buddies. It's a long ride. I can't go that long without sex and you and Ming aren't able to drive after we have sex.”

“He's right about that, Andy,” Jun confirmed. “Ming and I spent a week in bed with him when he discovered sex before he tried other partners. We gave the first pizza delivery boy a twenty dollar tip.”

“I really didn't expect this,” confessed Andy. “You should come in.”

Young Andy spotted Tony and Luis in the living room, dropped his buddies and ran to Tony. He hugged him about his waist and said, “You must be Uncle Tony.” He kissed Tony on the lips, pushing his tongue in Tony's mouth. “Let's have sex,” he stated, breaking the kiss and pushing Tony to the floor. Tony was under his spell and allowed the youth to pull off his clothes. Everyone was watching the scene, but the boy ignored us, concentrating on Tony.

“He's definitely your son,” I observed. “He has your sexual energy, but no experience with controlling it.”

“I think you're right, Bill. You're lucky, Jun, that he hasn't injured anyone in his enthusiasm. Has he produced sperm yet?”

“No. We would have certainly noticed that if his were anything like yours,” offered Ming. “But, he cums almost as much as you and hasn't gone more than two or three hours between sex sessions since he discovered it. He was fucking his buddies the whole trip from L. A. We asked him to give them a break when we reached the Bay Area so they could be ready for our arrival. It looks like he's recharged and ready to go again,” Ming added, looking at young Andy finish stripping Tony.

The kid pulled his tee shirt over his head, revealing an upper body development almost as big relative to his smaller size as his biological father's. His cock was already straining against the loose fabric of the baggy sweat pants he wore. He stood up over Tony and kicked off his shoes and socks. Tony tried to sit up but he pushed him back to the floor with a foot to the center of Tony's chest. He stepped between Tony's legs and pushed down his pants. The shaft of his cock stuck straight out from his groin with a slight upward arc. The head was an angry red mushroom sticking out of its foreskin. It spurted a stream of precum onto Tony's chest. He only had a few strands of black pubic hair above the shaft.

He knelt down and grabbed Tony's legs by the back of his knees, pushing them up and back to bend him double and upend his ass. A quick adjustment put the tip of his spear at his uncle's hole. He didn't waste time shoving all his sixteen inches up Tony's gut.

“Oh, you' re already soggy,” Andy exclaimed as his thrust displaced cum already filling Tony's ass.

“Yeah, Andy, the other Andy, did me this morning.”

I'll soon make you forget that, uncle,” the powerful youngster announced as he started to power his cock through Tony's slim body.

“Why is your son ignoring you, Andy?” I asked.

“I don't know,” answered Jun. “We told him who his biological father was. He's seen your picture and knows why we were traveling here.”

“Well he seems occupied for the time being with his uncle,” Andy observed. “I'll see how he handles himself. He certainly seems to be skillful. But there's no need for us to just stand around watching when we can have our fun too. Let me help you with your clothes, Jun. Luis, you can have some fun with Ming and Bill can handle your son's two buddies.”

Well that was enough for me. There's no need to puzzle over things when I could be having sex. I went over to the two high school studs and put an arm around each guy's waist. “Come with me,” I suggested, leading them to the recreation room downstairs. They allowed me to direct them while gazing at young Andy pounding his uncle. As we reached the steps, Tony's high pitched squeal announced his first orgasm.

I steered the boys to one of the four beds we had in our play area. We had changed all the sheets this morning, but one bed was already messed from our action with Luis and Tony and the room always retained a strong sex smell. I liked it. I was heading to one of the clean beds, but the boys pulled me toward the used one. They flopped down on the soaked sheets and started tossing off their clothes while I stripped by the bedside.

Randy was about five foot eight with a trim muscular body really just starting to develop. He had a nice six-pack and a seven-inch cut cock that was already hard. Hank was about five foot ten built like a young bodybuilder. He had a little treasure trail that led from hard abdominals to an eight-inch uncut piece that was standing straight up against his torso. Young Andy had them well trained. They were eager for male sex, staring at my ten-inch tool that was bubbling a bit of lube, anticipating the action.

I sat between them and shared a kiss with each one. I figured I'd get to know a bit about them before I fucked their brains out. They said they were both seventeen and juniors at their school. They were both on the wrestling team and were working out after class in the school gym with the rest of the team when Andy walked in. Someone demanded to know what he wanted. His answer was sex and the questioner the first. By morning everyone in the gym was exhausted. Their coach caught them in the morning, sprawled over the exercise equipment. Before he could react Andy had fucked him senseless.

Wow was all I could say. Apparently Andy has been working through the high school student bodies like his biological father has been doing at the university. The guys didn't know why Andy chose them for this trip, but the other students really envied them. I saw they'd had quite a ride on the trip here. Both their ass rings were red from the strain of accommodating Andy's thickness. Leakage had soaked the seats of their slacks in the few minutes they'd had them on.

I dipped a few fingers in Hank's hole. It was filled with cum as I expected. I tried a taste. It tasted like his father's. No sense in waiting, so I positioned Hank on his knees with his face in a pillow, and plugged my cock into his chute. I've gotten used to sloppy holes filled with warm cum. Of course, mine is the same way. Young Andy had his buddies trained well. Hank clamped down on my entering shaft, giving me great friction, in spite of the fact that I'm not nearly as big as what had been stretching him earlier.

As I got to down to a smooth, steady stroke, I directed Randy to straddle his buddy so I could eat out his ass. I pulled him back onto my mouth with a hand around his waist and one stroking his hard cock. I lapped the juices that had leaked down the crack and coated the back of his balls before probing his ring with my tongue. He moaned as I forced a couple inches inside, tapping the reservoir of sex juice stored within. A tasty flow coated my tongue until I pulled out, savoring the flavor before swallowing and going back for another.

After a few minutes of this, Randy asked if he could fuck me. I've never said no to that question, so in a few seconds I was sandwiched between the two high school studs, enjoying my cock up one ass while another stroked mine. It was Hank that came first, spurting his seed onto his chest and the bed sheets. The contractions of his orgasm, milked my cock, adding to the load in his bowels, while Randy mixed his seed with the juices I always held from my roommate. As the glow faded we disentangled and lay side by side by side on the large bed as our breathing returned to normal.

I'd not yet fully recovered when young Andy came down the stairs carrying his Uncle Tony over his shoulder. He'd already fucked him to exhaustion. Tony's exhaustion that is. Young Andy's 16 inch cock was standing straight up along his torso, dripping streams of pre-cum down its impressive length. Just looking at him made my cock hard. He saw the scene on the bed and locked eyes with me. I knew I was his next conquest and there was nothing I wanted more.

I've seen my roommate put guys under his spell, but he can control it and uses it only when needed. When I first met him he sensed I was gay and just let his natural charms seduce me. I guess the son, really only three months old, in spite of the way he looks and acts, can't control it yet. He just exudes a raw sexuality to everyone he's interested in and now that was me. I couldn't take my eyes off him as he deposited his uncle on one of the other beds and walked over here. He said something and the other guys rushed away. He was looking at me and his mouth was moving but I couldn't hear anything except a low rumble in my ears. I could see him clearly, his powerful body just in front of me, but the rest of the room was indistinct and blurry.

I knew he was a couple of feet shorter than I, but he seemed huge to my eyes, filling my field of view. He was kneeling on the bed between my spread legs. He lifted my upper body off the bed until I was facing him vertically suspended, my ass a couple feet above the bed, my legs were splayed with my knees hooked in the crook of his massive arms. He handled my weight as if I were no more than a stuffed play toy. And to him, I probably was. As I looked down, as if viewing the scene from a point outside my body, I saw his cock. It appeared to be glowing. Every few seconds a spurt of pre-cum leapt from the tip, spraying my body.

I lost sight of it as he positioned me above it. Then I felt the tip touch my hole. It felt hot to my skin. My ass lips were trying to suck it in. I wanted it inside me so badly. He lowered me onto himself as I felt my hole spread to welcome him. I felt bolts of his pre-cum spear into my already cum-coated gut. He was like a miniature version of his dad in so many ways. The cock wasn't that miniature as it forced its way inside, stretching me like only his father could.

He wasted no time sliding into the hilt. In a slow, smooth, motion he lowered my body onto his steel pole. It throbbed with each beat of his heart with a quiet power that dominated my senses. I remember looking down through the space between our bodies, my head high above his, seeing his calm face as he licked the shaft of my dick as it lowered past his mouth, looking past his muscular chest to his groin where the irresistible rod of flesh began, looking along its length, still a whole foot visible until it disappears in my bottom.

The shaft slowly sinks deeper as I descend toward his base. It goes further up inside me, spreading sexual sensations to my balls and straining cock that is now sliding in the valley between massive pectoral muscles. I explode. I started shaking and bright lights in a rainbow of colors seared my vision. I closed my eyes but it made no difference. I drifted.

My body was limp when I recovered awareness, though still held securely in the hands of my child stud. My face, his face and our torsos were soaked in my seed. I felt the last pulses of the fading orgasm pump a few weak spurts from my cock and looked down to see the sticky fluid running down the shaft and over my drawn-up balls to coat the initial inch of the thick cock that had now thoroughly penetrated my depths.

He looked up at me, a slight smile on his angelic face. He lifted me up, sliding my body over his rigid fuck-pole, spreading exquisite sensations of sexual pleasure through my body. My entire frame shuddered as I gasped out a loud moan. His smile broadened to a devilish grin when he saw his effect on me.

After raising me over a foot off his lap, he lets me slide down his pole. My balls press into his few strands of pubic hair as my cock rubs along the hills and valleys of his granite hard abdominals. I try and steady myself by gripping his shoulders between the flaring triangles of his strong neck and the boulders of his deltoids. As he continues a steady slow stroke, my excitement builds and builds. I give up to ecstasy as I explode again.

He was moving me faster when I recovered enough to notice. I barely had time to register the fact when the continuing stimulation from his internal massage of my gut overwhelmed me again. I think I screamed when I came again. I gave myself up to a sexual release. As I crested the peak, he came, throbbing with power and unleashing a torrent of his hot cum deep into my body. I lost all memory of time or place.

I was on my back on a bed. My knees were bent back to my chest. There was a huge cock up my ass. The world started to come back into focus. I saw Andy's son bent over my body. I remembered he had been fucking me. I thought I recalled him bouncing me on his lap. As my mind cleared, I saw the others from the house gathered around the bed. They seemed concerned about something. Andy had a hand on his son's shoulder, as if restraining him.

“Are you OK?” He asked.

“Sure. Your son has been fucking me. You know I always enjoy a good fuck and he's great.” I felt my cum drying on my body and face. “We just started and I must have already shot a few loads.”

“You shot ten times in the half hour we've been watching,” blurted out Tony. “He must've been doing you for well over an hour. Ming heard your screams and got Andy.”

“You weren't very coherent, but seemed to be enjoying the sex,” added Andy. “But after a while I figured I'd get my son to give you a breather.”

“He's your son for sure. I didn't know it was so long, but I know I enjoyed it. Oh god! I feel that cock way up inside me, almost as deep as you go. It's like a base drum beating in my gut. Can't you let him fuck me a bit more?”

“All right, Bill, he can do you once more, but then I'll have to insist he give you a chance to recover.” Andy removed his restraining hand from his son's shoulder and stepped back a bit. He watched, holding Jun and Ming to his side. His cum was dripping down the inner thighs of both husband and wife, so it was obvious what he was doing before coming to my rescue. But now the youngster and I were the centers of attention.

Young Andy flexed his cock inside me lifting my lower body, up to my shoulders, off the bed. He twisted around, sliding me across the sheets until my torso slid over the side. Relaxing his cock, my head and shoulders lowered to the floor. He stood on the bed over my ass, pulling out about half his 16 inch cock. He pushed down, plunging into my clutching hole while pressing on my upper thighs, bending my body into an arc. My toes touched the wooden floor behind my head. I stared up at his powerful body, towering over my ass.

Only half an inch of cock was visible above my widely stretched hole. My own ten inches was like a steel pole angled out over my head. It was thick, but his was over twice as thick. Each of his big balls spread on either side of his shaft like oranges. They forced my own, much smaller orbs, down, pressing them with their weight of stored cum.

He reached a strong hand between my legs, gripping my straining member at its midpoint, maneuvering it along my face until the head pressed my lips. I opened my mouth as he inserted the head of my own cock into my mouth. As he rested more of his muscular weight on my butt, three or four inches followed the crown into my oral cavity. I tasted the copious residue of my previous loads.

He eased out of my gut while relaxing some of the pressure bending me double, allowing a couple inches of my cock to ease from my taut lips along with a foot of his cock in my belly. He started pounding my butt while forcing me to fuck myself in my mouth. It was only seconds before I lost myself in pleasure, moaning continuously around the plug in my mouth while tasting my own pre-cum hat dripped steadily onto my tongue. I could just stare, eyes wide, at his stupendous shaft as he pounded my insides with foot-long strokes.

He wasn't wasting time building my pleasure. I came. It was all I could do to swallow my cum fast enough to avoid choking on my seed. I didn't go soft as he continued to stimulate my internal pleasure spots, now faster than ever. I saw his cock swell as his first burst passed down its full length as he plunged into my gut to the hilt for a final thrust. As he bottomed out, I felt him unleash his cum. As he pulsed powerfully in the center of my body, I flooded my mouth again with my second load.

Continuing to unleash his cum, he withdrew most of his massive shaft from my body until the flaring head beat against my prostate with each new jet. The loads he'd infused in my body became too much. Each new increment forced up a river of juice around the tight seal my ass lips made to his thick pole. As I watched, stunned, it flowed down the surface of my own cock. I strained to open my lips wide enough to allow enough of a gap around my cock to let it into my mouth. I was rewarded by the taste of his cum.

He must have unloaded for a couple minutes before I felt the throbbing in my gut fade. I wasn't counting, having all I could handle with my own spurting cock as his orgasm forced mine to go on and on. I swallowed furiously to handle the juices flooding my mouth from my own seed and the flood, ten times as much, that poured down my cock from my overfull colon. I was upset when the others watching the scene scooped up some of the overflow flowing down my pole for their own tasting, not that I could do anything about it with my head nailed to the floor by my own dick.

Finally the moment ended. The kid eased off me and my body relaxed and my cock pulled from my mouth. He reached down and grabbed my chest tossing me over his head as his cock was yanked out my body. I landed on my back in the center of the large bed, exhausted, but still tingling, from the aftereffects of great sex.

“He's a great fuck buddy,” I heard him exclaim. “But I'm a bit hungry now. Mother, how about some refreshment?” I saw Jun react to his demand by straddling her son's lap, sitting, facing him, on his rampant cock. With his maleness embedded in his mother's pussy, young Andy began to nurse strongly at his mother's breasts. I saw Jun toss her head in orgasm as her son continued to drink from her.

The young muscle boy pulled off the breast, licking a few drops that lingered on his lips. “Do you want to try some?” He asked, looking at his biological father. “I love it and it has everything a growing boy needs. Mom has two breasts and makes plenty of milk, so we can share. We can share mom's bottom too if you'll slide up beneath me like I do with Ming.”

Andy accepted his son's invitation by lifting him together with Jun onto his own lap. As he set them in place his own two-foot-long pleasure pole extended beneath his son's bottom, sinking into Jun's gash just below the spot where her flesh was pried open by the thick probe already impaling her. As Andy sunk about 18 inches of his prick into her, a penis that was 50% thicker than his son's, Jun's canal was stretched as it hadn't been since the birth of the boy that was now sharing her with his dad.

Of course, I doubt she thought anything about the unique sexual situation she was in. The stimulation from two massive cocks in her cunt as her fuckers drank deeply of the milk from her breasts had her in a continuous state of orgasmic bliss as she thrashed about in uncoordinated spasms in their combined embrace. Everyone else in the house was just watching the show.

After feeding for half an hour from the semi-delirious woman, both men allowed themselves to reach their own sexual peak, coming simultaneously, flooding Jun's womb with their male essence. Once their cum began to overflow her vessel, they lifted her off their still jetting hoses and placed her on the bed next to me. I tried to comfort her, holding her in my arms, her body still wracked by a continuing orgasm that showed no sign of fading. The Andy's two cocks sprayed their cum high in the air like a fountain. It rained down on everyone like a summer shower.

Andy hoisted his son off his lap, tossing him in the air with a twist, catching him when he'd rotated 180 degrees and allowing him to settle on his erupting cock in one swift plunge as the young boy wrapped his arms and legs around his father's powerful torso. They shared a deep kiss as the son's cock creamed both their chests, lubricating their muscles as their bodies embraced.

As Andy and son were sharing their passion, I rolled on my side to check out Jun. She was not shaking as violently anymore. Perhaps she was coming around, though her skin was still flushed and body warm and damp from sweat, covered, as we all were, with drops of spewed cum. A steady ooze from the massive load deposited in her body made it past the reddened lips of her cunt. I saw a small trickle of milk dripping over the shaped surface of her left breast. I leaned over to lap it up.

It had an unusual taste. It made my mouth tingle. I put my lips over her tit to try and get some more from the source. I was rewarded with a generous squirt that filed my mouth. I swallowed. I loved the taste now and wanted more. She had plenty to offer. I could drink from her breast as fast as I could swallow. My body felt warm.

As I drank deeply from her milk, my cock grew hard, but I didn't want to stop my feeding to satisfy my awakened sexual need. I just rolled on top of Jun and plunged into her well-used hole. It was much tighter than I'd remembered from last year, in spite of giving birth and, just moments ago, hosting two massive cocks, each much thicker than my own. At least the cum filling her provided more than enough lubrication.

I must have suckled a few quarts by the time I released my load. When I finished I was exhausted. I rolled off Jun onto my back on the bed, catching my breath, my body flush with heat.

“What happened to you?” I heard someone say. I looked up to see Luis staring at me.

“I'm just resting after fucking Jun. What's the problem? I've fucked a few girls, even Jun last year. I'm still gay and I'll be happy to prove it to you anytime.”

“It's just you look bigger,” Luis responded. “Your pectorals, lats and arms seem thicker and, if your cock has gone fully soft after your fuck, I'd bet that's bigger too.”

I raised my arm over my chest and flexed. My biceps did look much bigger, like I'd added a couple inches to the thickness of my arm and my chest was deeper too. “I think you're right. Why don't you suck my cock and we'll see if that's affected.”

It was. Luis was really struggling with it and when he backed off it was hard at, maybe, 12 inches. He didn't hesitate at straddling my hips and sitting down on it. Its size was no problem for my Hispanic friend, well used by Andy, who was still twice as long and thick.

“How did you grow so much and so quickly?” Luis asked while bouncing on my cock.

“The last thing I did was drinking Jun's milk. Maybe that had some effect on me?”

I shot a big load up Luis' gut while he creamed my chest.

“I think I'll try it too,” he said, pulling off my, again, softening pole and crawling over to Jun. She was still sprawled on the bed beside me, exhausted from the double fucking by both Andys. She instinctively cradled Luis's head as he started to feed on one breast.

It worked. We all tried it and I went back for another meal. I only gained a little the second go. There seemed to be a limit, but everyone gained about 25% in muscle mass and cock size. Except for our Andys, that is. It didn't seem to effect them, but they were already huge, even by comparison to our enhanced size.

Little Jun was the center of attention for the next couple of days with a suckling mouth at each breast and at least two holes filled with cock continuously. It seemed to help her energy and milk production to have Andy, young or old, feeding their cum to her stomach from either, or, often both, ends.

When the orgy of growth and sex was over, Jun was a mess. Dried and drying cum coated her body and hair and seeped from her orifices. Her breasts, finally drained, had recovered their pre-pregnancy size and firmness. Her overstimulated body was wracked by weak, involuntary, spasms from a multi-day orgasm that would continue for another few hours. Her eyes were open, but unfocused, as she was overcome by pleasure.

It's amazing what adding 25% of your body mass in additional muscle will do to even an ordinary guy, but everyone here started in decent shape and the two high school kids were already athletes. Tony was still the smallest at 5’2”, but now looked like a muscular gymnast. The cock that grew to 7.5 inches was a nice bonus. His big brother, Ming, was more like a light-heavyweight class bodybuilder and Jun will enjoy his 9 inches when she recovers. Luis is about a weight-class down from Ming, but he started smaller. His 8.5 inch cock is only small if you're used to Andy. Young Andy's fuck-buddies really turned out great. They'll have to move up a couple weight classes in their wrestling, but, with their now huge muscles, they'll easily pin their opponents. With Randy's equipment now at 9.5 inches and Hank's topping ten, I think they'll be pinning a lot of guys in bed too.

We carried her gently to a shower and cleaned her thoroughly, grateful for the gift her milk had given us. We put her in the guest bedroom, watched over by Ming. When she calmed down eventually, she drifted off to a sleep that lasted 40 hours.

After putting Jun to bed it was time for some overdue rest for everyone else. Andy (senior) took his son's fuck buddies, Randy and Hank. Tony and Luis got together to explore the pleasures of their new size. And young Andy grabbed me as his new toy.

I do mean grabbed. He reached around my waist and tucked me under his arm, carrying my now almost 240 lbs. like it were nothing heavier than a pillow. He tossed me into the center of one of the cleaner beds and jumped in after me. My added size only meant that he could be more unrestrained in his use of my body. It would have been hopeless to try to resist him if I were so inclined. I wasn't. No matter how single-mindedly he used me for his pleasure, the result was unimaginable ecstasy for me.

Sometime later I either passed out or fell asleep. When I awoke, he was on the other bed with Tony and Luis, whom he had already fucked to the point of their exhaustion. He was about to come back to me when his dad came down to call a halt for a bit so we could eat something to regain our strength. I, for one, was grateful for the break. I'd never thought I could overdose on sex before.

Though for all the sex I had, it was nothing compared to little Jun, who we put through another marathon after she awoke to see if we could gain any more size. Unfortunately, we couldn't. But it took her another day after it for her to recover and, by then, our break was almost over and it was time for them to head back to Southern California.

Andy insisted that they leave his son to stay with us. It was the only way he would be able to teach the youngster how to control his sexual powers. He didn't know how long before his son began producing sperm and, in his current state, that would soon lead to thousands of super-sexual children and a breakdown of normal society.

Young Andy recognized his father's wisdom, though I could see him planning more fun with me in his mind. I knew I'd be in for a rough time until he learned more control, but I was happy to make the sacrifice to save the planet.

I could tell Jun and Ming were disappointed, though promised frequent visits. Randy and Hank offered to help them out and, that seemed a good alternative, as they were now all accustomed to more action than one normal partner could provide.

That night in the master bed between Andy, father and son, I didn't get much sleep.

Description Bill’s hot adventures with his irresistible sex-god of a roommate, Andy Wang.

AddedJuly 2002
Updated20 Jan 2016



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