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My roommate: The next generation

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3 parts
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Part 1

Bill Foster here. Well, actually Bill Foster Junior. I’m fourteen. I saw my dad’s story and thought, why not tell mine.

First off, my family is a little unusual even for these modern times. My dad is Bill Foster and my mom is Tia Nguyen. They provided the sperm and egg to make me. But my father is Julio, the head of our family.

Julio is the dad for two sons my age but their mothers are the wives, Sarah and Cathy, of two former California Highway Patrolmen, Tom Fenton and Kevin Smith. The two boys, Dai and Kal, were born the same day that I was. There were three different hospitals so it was a busy day for Father. Dai and Kal live with us a lot and we consider ourselves brothers.

I also have a one year younger brother, Taddeo where Julio is both dad and father and Tia the mother. Rounding out our family and another year younger is Tien. My dad is her dad since Julio only seems to produce sons and Mom wanted a daughter.

Just like our family was not normal, neither were we. Both Mom and Dad had some of Andy Wang Junior’s mother’s milk and that affected me and my young brother and sister. Sis and I were most impacted since we had it from both sides. But it also made my Mom’s milk more potent. It wasn’t to the level of Junior’s mom’s milk and there was no change for those who already had the stronger drink. Father tried some and gained about five percent in muscle mass and a half inch on his penis but no change in height.

So I had that milk for my first six months and Tia produced enough to support Dai and Kal too. Tia lactated for three months and we stored enough for the full six months and weekly boosts there after. We had more fresh milk on her second and third pregnancies.

Now Andy Junior looked like he does today only smaller when he was very young and he was way tall for his age too. I’ve seen the pictures. That wasn’t us. We were tall but still in a normal range; maybe at the top three percent on the growth charts. We were not miniature muscle men but we weren’t normal kids either. Our bodies were defined and you could see we had good muscles but not huge. We were strong too.

At age six, I was four feet two inches and Dai and Kal just an inch shorter. We were almost fifty-five pounds. By twelve when puberty hit, I was five-five and Dai and Kal, five-four. I was just over a hundred pounds and Dai an Kal weighed a little more, so more muscular. Well muscled but not big muscled, we could still bench press over 400 pounds for reps. We were well hung too. At six years old I had five inches and my brothers maybe a quarter inch more. By twelve I had eight inches and they eight and a half.

Obviously we knew we were way bigger than other kids and way stronger too. We tended to stay and play together and often included Taddeo who was only a year younger and not that much smaller.

I am blond like my dad. Tien got her mom’s black hair. We and Taddeo have a little Asian mix in our looks that everyone seems to like. It shows mainly in the face and our builds are sleeker, lighter boned. Dai and Kal look bigger and more powerful and actually are. Father’s sons share his dark skin but in a lighter, chocolate shade. I like it and, from a young age, I tried to maintain a deep tan so I could look more like them. Living on the beach in Malibu with a nice private deck, it was easy to do.

When we hit puberty at twelve our godfather, Andy Junior, gave us all a drink from his original mother’s milk. It was getting down to the last dozen bags from the original stock in his freezer and two are set aside for Taddeo and Tien. The effect was dramatic. I grew in a few hours from five-five to six feet and had real muscle. My cock went from eight inches to twelve. Dai and Kal grew to five-eleven and thirteen inches. While I still had my sleek, swimmer’s build, they were real muscle gods.

In the years since we continued to grow. At age fourteen I am six-four with a thirteen-inch cock. Dai and Kal are six-two and fourteen inches. Taddeo, a year younger is six-one with twelve inches and Tien, now twelve, is almost five-eight and had beautiful D-cup breasts.

Besides our immediate family we have outside friends. Dad’s friend and fellow Olympic champion swimmer, Vern Talbot Junior had a son with the wife of his coach. Vern the Third, who everyone calls Trey, is a few months older than I. He got some of Mom’s milk while growing but not enough for full benefit. But, like us, he did get a dose of the original when he reached puberty. Now, almost fifteen, he is six-one with a nice swimmer’s build and a ten-inch cock.

Our other constant companion is the son of Toshi Hamada and Ashley Simpson. After a year of diving competition Toshi and Ashley married and Ashley took a year off to have a child. Their son, Tatsuo, had the same advantages as I and the same interesting Asian mix. At twelve, nearly the same age as Tien and just old enough for Olympic diving, he is six foot with eleven inches. Vern Junior and Trey live with them.

Tatsuo, Trey and I have taken after our dads. Tatsuo in diving and Trey and I in swimming. Next year will be our first Olympics and fifth for our parents. Trey and I have beaten all their world records unofficially so our dads will get their first silvers but we will all share gold in the 4x200 relay.

Tatsuo, Toshi and Ashley will be in the synchronized diving events too. In past games Toshi and Ashley competed in the men’s springboard and platform synchronized events but this time Tatsuo and Ashley will do springboard and Tatsuo and Toshi, platform. Ashley used to compete in men’s diving since she could beat any man except Toshi. She will stick to the women’s events this time except for the springboard synchronized. It will be a close call to see if Toshi or Tatsuo get the gold in the men’s individual events, a battle between the athleticism of youth and experience of age.

My earliest memories were of swimming, Dai, Kal, Trey and I in the small, twenty-five yard, pool. Trey and I could swim rings around Dai and Kal but once out of the pool they were dominant. That was a pattern that holds true to this day. Our parents told us we could swim before we could walk even though we were walking at seven months and running around by eight.

Mom ran a preschool for us at the aquatic club. I was three when it started and we had Taddeo, Tatsuo, Trey and Tien with us. We were all good students. Over the next year we learned to read, write and do arithmetic. We already spoke English, Portuguese and Vietnamese from home and we could read and write it.

Dai and Kal spent about half their time with me at our beachfront home. When they did, we would share the bed in my room. Our family was generally nude at home. I would see Dad’s and Father’s big bodies and wonder if I would get as big. At night in bed we would rub our bodies together and test our strength. Dai and Kal were always stronger than me so it always ended with me pinned under one or both. I didn’t mind that at all. It was just friendly fun.

We knew all about sex as we’d often see our parents have sex with each other or with friends staying at our house. So we knew that our penises would fit into mouths, cunts and asses and we tried that out during our play and it felt good but it was not really sexual.

Kal has a brother, his father’s son, Kyle, who is almost four years older. By the time we were three we were stronger than he and by seven we were almost as tall. We included him in our games which were usually very physical and he didn’t mind that we were younger. As our physical dominance grew we tended to treat Kyle like he were our younger brother, helping him and instructing him.

Naturally Dai and Kal’s fathers and moms were frequent guests and I sometimes stayed at one of their homes. We were pretty hard to control, especially as we grew older, even though Julio insisted we obey their parents as if they were he. We would but, more and more, they were reluctant to assert any authority over us.

One of my early memories was the trip to China we took after the Paris Olympics. Dai, Kal and I were three. We had all gone to Paris to watch the competition but, at three, we weren’t much interested. Most of the time we were looked after by a French teenage girl. I think she was seventeen. She took us around the city and we picked up a lot of the language. We all loved the view from the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Back at our hotel suite with our folks mostly out at the venues we engaged in our normal roughhousing. We were then about forty-two inches tall and forty-five pounds but our bodies looked more like those of teenage boys, just smaller, and our cocks were about four inches. We were strong too. We each could easily lift double our body weight.

We were writhing about on the bed in our usual game. The winner is the one that gets his cock in an ass first. Usually it is my ass but sometimes Dai or Kal get tied up with each other and I can score. I had already been stripped of my shorts and was trying to pull off Dai’s top while Kal took his shorts. Our minder came in and tried to separate us but the three of us just pulled her into the middle and started to strip her.

She initially tried to escape but combined we were too strong. Plus we had seen plenty of sex and knew how to stimulate her. Kal was the first to enter her pussy while Dai and I sucked her breasts. Kal stroked his cock in her hole until she squealed in excitement. Then Dai and I had a turn with the same result. Our cocks were hard but we didn’t experience any orgasm and we were way too young to shoot sperm but is was fun to see that we could have that effect on a woman.

After that she would do anything we wanted. We played with her a couple times each day. The next to last day of the games we asked her to bring her boyfriend. She said any of us were better at satisfying her than her boyfriend so why involve him? Dai told her that we will demonstrate to him how to be better but we also wanted to see how he reacts when we play with him.

She brought him while everyone else was out at the Closing Ceremonies. He was eighteen, about five-eleven, with a slim build, flat stomach with just a little abdominal definition, a seven-inch cock and a very round butt.

She introduced him to us and we took charge. By this time we were pretty fluent in French. Kal took our minder to our bedroom and we followed. The French boy was surprised that when we got there Kal started undressing his girlfriend and she was letting him. We told him that he is not able to satisfy her like we could and we need to improve his technique. He tried to break free and leave but Dai and I took him down and pinned him on the floor. Combined we managed to handle him easily. Had he had any real muscle we probably would have needed Kal to help.

Once he realized he wasn’t going to escape us he let us strip his clothes and we shed ours. Seeing our bodies he realized we weren’t normal kids. You don’t see many three-year-olds with six packs, biceps, pecs and four-inch cocks that were almost as thick as his seven-incher.

We told him to watch Kal who was fucking his girlfriend. Kal gave her three good orgasms in about twenty minutes and pulled off. Kal told the boyfriend it was his turn. He was hard from watching the action plus Dai and I were playing with his cock as he watched. He got on the bed, entered his girl and started fucking. It wasn’t the same.

Dai got on the bed behind him and held his hips to adjust his pace and angle. It was an improvement. Then Dai slipped his cock into the boyfriend’s hole. Coupled like that it was like Dai was using the seven-inch piece as if it were his own. He brought the girl off twice before letting the boy seed her cunt.

By then we had pretty much exhausted our girl. Dai pulled the boyfriend off and put him on his back next to her and got back in his hole. Meanwhile Kal and I ate the boy’s seed out of the cunt. It was the first time we had tasted cum. It wasn’t bad. We had seen guys cum a lot but this was our first chance to try it. I coated a couple fingers with the stuff and fed it to the boyfriend. He licked my fingers clean.

Dai got the boy to shoot again and pulled out. I took a turn. His ass was warm on my flesh and gripped it tightly. I practiced stroking him to see what worked best and eventually he shot again for me. Then Kal had his turn. By then our girl had recovered enough that Dai and I took a turn with her. Her insides still had plenty of cum that soon coated our cocks.

After, we all just rested on the bed. We saw on the TV that the ceremony was almost over so we straightened things up and got back into clothes. Dai made the boyfriend promise to take good care of his girl. Then Kal suggested he find a boyfriend also to take care of his ass. He said it felt really good inside it and Dai and I added our agreement. Dai told him that if he didn’t use it he’d be missing out on a lot of fun.

About an hour later we were back in the main room when Julio and Tia returned. Dad was with them carrying his stuff from the Olympic Village. Our flight home was tomorrow afternoon.

Our minder introduced her boyfriend. He looked nervous. Julio and Dad are pretty imposing and Mom makes his sexy girlfriend look ordinary. He still smelled a little of cum since we had simply wiped it off with a towel before he got back into clothes. But, if that didn’t make things clear, Dai had a hand full on the curve of his butt that he accepted as natural while Kal’s hand was rubbing the inner thigh of his girl.

Our parents smiled at us in recognition of what we’d been doing. Julio told them that he hoped we hadn’t been too much trouble and gave our sitter a two hundred Euro tip.

When they left we got our first sex lecture from Father. We were told we could play with each other but outside of family we must stick to those over sixteen or adults and only if they were willing. That was fine with us. Normal kids our age didn’t spark our interest. When we discussed that later in bed we decided that though the boyfriend wasn’t willing at first he was before we had sex with him so that was okay.

I got off track. I mentioned we had a trip to China after the Olympics. It was billed as a cultural exchange. We had the gold medalist gymnastics teams along with Dad, Vern, Toshi and Ashley with their swimming and diving medals. Us kids got to go too. Leading the group were my godparents, Andy Wang and Junior.

Since the revolution, Junior had been an unofficial advisor to the new government. Of course at age three, I didn’t know about that. I just saw that he would have meetings with lots of important looking people as we traveled. Most were exiles he had met before the revolution and now held important positions. Looking back, I guess his status was sort of like Deng in the post-Mao communist government; no official position but his advice was followed as if he were the boss.

China had sent a plane for our trip. We started out in Beijing. The official events were a couple evening gymnastics exhibitions to sold-out arenas.

We had a minder like we did in Paris, a male Chinese gymnast, who took us around to see the sights while our parents were busy. This time we had Trey with us. Our younger brother and sister were still at home.

The first day he took us to a gymnastics training center where kids, some as young as us, were practicing. We wanted to try some of their moves. We were able to borrow some shorts and tees that fit us and got on the matt to try some tumbling moves. The young Chinese demonstrated and we tried. We picked it up really easily. I managed a triple forward but took a half step on landing. I did do a double back though. Then we tried some of the apparatuses. I really liked the horizontal bar. We made some friends and picked up a lot of Chinese. In the showers after the session they helped us soap our bodies. We would have loved to do more but Father had put them off limits.

Our minder wasn’t off limits though. We had him naked and on the bed just a few minutes after returning to our hotel. We took turns with him. He shot a lot and we all tasted it. It tasted different than the French guy.

He was embarrassed to be used by four kids but excited at the same time. From then on, though he was with us, we were in charge. Julio knew immediately that we had had sex with him. I think he expected it and was quietly proud of us taking control of an older boy.

We toured a number of major Chinese cities, Harbin, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Lhasa, Hong Kong, Taipei and ended in Shanghai. In Lhasa they put on an exhibition for the Dalai Lama in the Potala Palace. Junior had funded the installation of pressurized rooms in the palace that brought the apparent altitude down from the normal 14,000 feet to about 7,000 because during his long exile the Dalai Lama had lost his altitude adaption.

In Shanghai besides the exhibition we had the official formation of the South China Seas Development Corporation. It was jointly owned by China, forty-eight percent, Brunei, eight percent, Vietnam, twenty percent and Philippines, twenty percent. Junior, whose idea it was, had the remaining four percent and was trusted to balance the interests of the other countries. He named Julio as the president.

The corporate offices are in Santa Monica. There could be no commercial development and no money flow to anyone when the area was in dispute. Now about half the area is a marine preserve with a number of exclusive resorts. There is a thriving fishery in the rest. But the big deal is oil and natural gas. Oil production is at six million barrels per day, equal to North Sea production at its peak. With natural gas we are talking about a hundred billion dollars a year in income. The other activities are afterthoughts.

Junior gave the income from half a percent of his share to Dad and another half percent to Mark Yi and Joe Kim, friends from San Francisco. That’s hundreds of millions today even after taxes. Father gets two million a year salary as president. He retired from escorting. His youngest brother, Galtero, services most of his old clients and is in demand. Well, Father is mostly retired. He still does two or three gigs a year for special occasions, charging fifty thousand a night.

Tom Fenton was brought on as head of security with Kevin as his deputy. They travel out to the islands a few times each year. The artificial island with an airstrip that China constructed serves as a hub for the resorts, accessed with a short boat ride, and base for air and sea patrols of the islands. Tom and Kevin both have new homes in Santa Monica not far from headquarters with plenty of room for when I, Taddeo or Tien stay over with Dai or Kal.

The 2028 Olympics were right here in Los Angeles. At age seven my brothers and I were more interested in watching Dad and our buddies’ parents compete. And, naturally, we were more into sex.

By then, income from Bill’s share of South China Sea development was over two hundred million a year and climbing. He had started the Bill Foster Foundation to develop swimming and diving talent and the aquatic club was placed under it. Coach Nick Brady was now running it and he had about a dozen coaches on staff. Everyone in the program was selected and on scholarship. They purchased an apartment complex where parents could stay with younger swimmers in the program for those not in the local L.A. area. It was a fully integrated program 8AM to 5PM with its own private K-12 school. We also attended school there but our classes were separate from the others. They still did toddler swim classes at the club and several other locations. They were also free.

At just over seven years, I was four-five and sixty five pounds and Dai and Kal were and inch shorter and sixty-eight pounds, so more muscle. I had five and a half inches and my brothers were just short of six. Taddeo, a year younger, was four-one and had five inches. If you had a photo of us without a way to judge our height you would think we were well-developed high school athletes, not kids six and seven. Tien at age five could pass as a supermodel from the waist down but no breasts spoiled the illusion.

It was a week before the games started and we were all at our Malibu home. Our parents were out. Dad, Vern and Toshi were at the club getting in some final training. Until the games ended it was dedicated to elite swimmers and they had most of the U.S. swim team training there. We would have been a distraction. We would have. My brothers and I had fucked several of the early arrivals.

I was relaxing on our deck working on my deep tan when Dai called me over. He was at the low wall surrounding our space, looking toward the ocean. A powerful hurricane halfway between California and Hawaii had picked up the surf. There were four surfer dudes on the sand getting into wetsuits to try the waves. They were pretty well built.

“Those guys look pretty hot,” Dai said, sizing up his next conquest.

“You going to seduce them?” I asked but I already knew.

“No. You are, brother,” he stated. “I was thinking that we should have steady boyfriends that we can call on for action when needed. Someone with transportation so we are not dependent on our folks.”

It was a good idea. These guys looked early twenties and were probably young professionals or perhaps aspiring actors based on their looks and builds. But Dai or Kal usually handle the initial seductions.

“Why me?” I asked. “Your idea is great so why not you get it going?”

“It is time for you to step up,” Dai told me. “We’ll back you but you take the lead.”

“Okay,” I agreed. “Let’s get everyone and do some surfing.”

We went in and got the others into the plan. We all wore our small swimsuits. Tien had a backless one-piece that was padded so she appeared to have breasts. We didn’t use wetsuits since the cold doesn’t seem to bother us. We grabbed our boards from the rack at the base of the steps from the deck and ran to the water. I took a bigger board so I could ride double with my sister.

The four guys were already riding the big waves. We joined them. They were good. We were better. I did tricks with Tien, raising her overhead or having her ride my shoulders. When the guys headed in we stayed out for several more rides as they watched us from the beach. I gave a signal and we all took a last ride to shore. We all ran over to where the four young men had settled.

“Do you mind if we join you?” I asked.

But we didn’t wait for their answer before sitting down, one or two of us beside each of them. I made introductions. Beside my brothers and sister we had Trey, Tatsuo and Kyle. Kyle you remember was Kal’s half-brother and four years older. He’d had some of my mother’s milk so he had a nice defined body but not the muscles or strength of Kal, Dai or I. At eleven he was four-nine and about eighty pounds with a four-inch cock. We, even Taddeo and Tien, tended to treat him as our little brother and he realized that despite his greater age that was the case.

Our surfer dude friends were, Jim Thornton, Gavin Richards, Caesar Hernandez and Mike Wang. I asked Mike if he were related to my godfather, Andy Wang, the famous gymnastics coach, though I knew he wasn’t. Jim and Gavin were about six feet tall, Caesar a couple inches shorter and Mike was about five-eight. All were nicely developed. They had peeled off their wetsuits to their waists so they didn’t overheat.

I told them that we lived here and invited them to use the shower on our deck and take a break. They accepted. We helped them bring their stuff to our house and stacked all the boards on our rack. Once on our deck I went to Gavin, who seemed to be the leader of the group.

“Let me help you with your wetsuit,” I suggested and started stripping it off him. I ‘accidentally’ pulled his board shorts down to the top of his thigh while doing so. “Sorry about that,” I said. “You are pretty well hung.” He had about six inches soft. “You might as well lose the shorts too. We’re pretty casual about things around here.”

“Hey, enough,” Gavin insisted, pulling up his trunks. “We’re not going to have sex with a bunch of young, horny teens. We are going.”

I pushed his back against the wall, surprising him with my strength. I may only be sixty-five pounds but I can bench three-twenty for reps. I figured Gavin could manage, maybe, two-seventy. I held him there with one hand on the center of his chest and with the other stripped his trunks to below his knees. He looked down at me stunned that a smaller guy was doing this to him. In fact, he was so confused by what was happening he really wasn’t trying to resist me.

“On your knees,” I told him. He complied, slowly, hesitantly, but he complied. I thought he is starting to understand who is the man and who is the boy. “Pull my swimsuit down,” I directed and he did. I was hard. My cock stood vertical when freed. I turned on the shower spray. “You know that cock is going up your ass but you are going to suck on it first.” He did. I saw his own piece, just over eight inches, was hard.

I let him suck me for about fifteen minutes under the shower. I had both my hands lightly on his head, not controlling him but letting him know I could if I wanted.

I looked around. Dai had Mike Wang doggy style on one of the lounge chairs. Kal was fucking Caesar while he sucked Kyle’s cock. And Jim was fucking Tien while Trey fucked him and he sucked Taddeo. It looked like we were putting our new friends to good use.

I lifted Gavin off my cock and left the shower. We dried each other off. I took him to an unoccupied lounger and put him on his back, raising his legs to my shoulders. He looked up at me, knowing what was coming.

“You know I’m going to fuck you, don’t you?” I asked. I just wanted him to acknowledge his submission to complete his conversion from a man to our sex toy. “Have you been fucked before?”

“I know,” he admitted. “I’ve not been fucked before. I get plenty of action from ladies. I don’t know why I’m letting you do this.”

“I bet you did get plenty of attention from females,” I said. “You have a good body, nice muscles, firm, defined middle, good pecs, decent cock and a nice ass. It certainly got our attention. As to why you and your buddies are taking cock for the first time it’s because, for the first time, you met men, us. Lots of guys look like men and pretend to be one sort of like you were. But, when you meet the real thing, you know.”

I didn’t waste more time in talk. I punched into him with no real preparation. It hurt at first but that was soon replaced by pleasure. I may only have an average adult-size cock but I knew how to use it. I gave Gavin a quick orgasm. Then another and an another. He was writhing on the lounger as I hit all his sensitive spots driving him into a sexual frenzy.

I, none of us, actually experience orgasm from our sexual activity. Our cocks feel good moving in a tight hole or warm, wet mouth but it’s nothing like what Gavin was experiencing. And, naturally, we are too young to produce sperm, much less shoot it. I do like the taste of sperm and I was tasting plenty of Gavin’s as I worked on him and feeding him his seed too, letting him lick it off my fingers. The real payoff for me is taking an adult male and overloading his brain with sexual pleasure. Once they experience that they will do anything for the person that might make them experience it again. That was where Gavin and his friends were now.

I gave Gavin a final orgasm and kept motionless fully inside him. I watched as he slowly emerged from his sexual haze. He looked up at me, figuring he needed to say something but not knowing how to express what he felt.

“I know what you want to tell me,” I told him. “We plan on using you and your friends regularly so this was just a taste. You’ll be steady partners. When we need your services you will come and do as we request, whatever that might be.”

“I understand,” Gavin acknowledged. “You know I’ve never had sex like that or even imagined sex could be like that. I guess I’ll break it off with my girlfriend.”

“No need,” I told him. “I’m sure she is sexy and I’d like to meet her. She’ll enjoy me as much as you.”

I just started fucking him again for a couple more orgasms and then switched off with Dai taking him and I tried Mike. In the next couple hours I tried them all. I finished up with Caesar. By that time our friends were really frazzled. I helped Caesar over to the shower and let the cool water revive him. We dried off and I lay with him on one of the big loungers. Tien and Taddeo went off to get us some food, pizza and cold fruit juices.

We found out a little about our new friends. Mike was youngest at twenty-three and Gavin, oldest, at twenty-five. They had all graduated from USC and were aspiring actors as we had thought. They had all had a few minor roles and Gavin had done some commercials and print modeling. Caesar and Jim had gigs tending bar for a company that caters a lot of Hollywood parties to get some extra money and, with luck, meet someone that could advance their careers. They are roommates that share a rental apartment in West Los Angeles.

We had some refreshment and I was just casually feeling up and kissing Caesar when the adults returned. Father, Dad and Mom had already shed their clothes. Vern and Toshi, expecting to drive Trey and Tetsuo back to their place, still were dressed but the tight shorts and tees didn’t hide anything. They saw us naked kids with our naked guests and knew what we’d been doing. It was not an unusual sight except these guys were a little older than our normal playmates.

Dai introduced everybody and told Julio that they were intended to be steady boyfriends. Julio was delighted because he though that a steady relationship would be better for us than the casual sex that was our regular pattern.

I recommended Julio fuck Gavin first. He did and Dad took Caesar from me. Vern and Toshi took the other two. Mom ordered dinner from one of the local fine dining restaurants that offered delivery to their upscale clients that could afford the service. We could and it was our usual pattern.

After our new boyfriends had a couple of fucks from the adults they were not in any shape to drive home. Dai and I brought Gavin and Mike to the bedroom suite we shared. We have a sitting area with a loveseat and big recliner. Dai and Mike took the loveseat and I put Gavin in the recliner and went downstairs to bring up some dinner for us all.

I sat on the small coffee table and we all had some dinner.

“You were great Bill,” Gavin told me. “But your dad was amazing. He told me to give him our cards.”

“You were fucked by Julio,” I corrected him. “He’s my father but he’s Dai’s dad. Bill is my dad. Our family is not traditional but Julio is the boss. Now for you and Mike just know that we are the bosses and we’ll deal with our parents. They like you and feel that we should have a steady relationship with you. Julio asked for your cards because he has lots of friends in Hollywood and probably plans on putting in a good word about you.”

“Everyone knows Bill, Vern and Toshi,” Mike said. “We were surprised they were your parents. What does Julio do in Hollywood?”

“Julio is actually the president of a multinational corporation,” I told them. “But he used to be a top escort with numerous clients in top tier positions. They had to be; he charged twenty thousand a night. Now he has mostly retired from that life and his youngest brother, Galtero, is servicing his old clients. But Julio still does a couple escorting gigs a year as special favor to old clients. He charges fifty thousand a night, not because he needs the money, but as a reminder of his value. Consider yourself lucky you got a free sample.”

“I do consider myself lucky,” Gavin admitted. “Not just for Julio, though that was fantastic, but that you guys, Dai, Bill, all of you, want me, us in your lives as friends. I never could have imagined I’d be the boy toy for a group of young teen studs but it is quite exciting. Here we are sitting, having a good meal and chatting but all I can think of is that I’ll soon be in that bed and you’ll both be fucking me.”

“We have to tell you,” Dai began, “that we are not teens but just seven years old. We can’t cum and don’t experience orgasm like you do. It is pleasurable to stroke our cocks in tight holes or warm mouths but we really like that we can use our sexual skill to dominate older kids and even adults like you.”

“Seven,” Gavin repeated. “You don’t look or act like it. Now my brain is saying how can you let kids dominate and control you but my body is telling me that you’re superior males and it is not our place to question you but only submit and serve you. I guess it is not something you can reason. I’ll go with what I feel.”

“Good boy,” Dai told him. “You are going to enjoy your new life.”

We took them to bed and fucked them until we fell asleep.

Having steady boyfriends worked out great, even better than I expected. I got Gavin as mine primarily. Dai claimed Caesar, Kal got Jim and Taddeo took Mike. When we were out together we would share or swap and Trey and Tatsuo got plenty of action too.

First off we attended the Olympic events together, primarily to watch Dad compete. I introduced Gavin to some of the other swimmers on the team, a number of whom I’d fucked while they were training at the club. It was a little awkward when the guys started discussing being fucked by me with me right there. A few times that led to a three way in the athlete’s room in the village.

All our boyfriends’ careers started to take off soon after. That was obviously Julio’s influence. Gavin got a recurring role on a popular TV show and some interesting supporting roles in movies. He started to get invitations to events and parties where he could meet important people. I was his date. Julio took me to his tailor to get a tux for the formal events and some stylish clothes for the less formal ones.

Gavin was not shy about introducing me as his boyfriend though we pretended that I was nineteen. Except for my short stature I could easily pass. It was obvious from our body language that I was the lead male in our relationship. At these parties, filled with handsome men and stunning women, when I’d mingle the room with Gavin and we’d get talking with a couple or two, gay or straight, it was obvious that they were reacting to me sexually. Gavin saw it too and remarked to me how hot it was to see everyone desired his boyfriend. One time we went home with one of Hollywood’s power couples, supposedly straight, and we both fucked both of them. Gavin got a nice role in their next movie and we became regular guests of theirs.

A couple of times a week I’d have Gavin sleep over with me. If Taddeo wasn’t entertaining Mike we’d share Gavin and he’d repay the favor when Mike visited. Tien got into the action too as I definitely wanted to improve Gavin’s skill with women. He was decent by normal standards but not by ours. Once we got the basics down with a Tien, Julio and Tia had him for a few nights to give him advanced training. By then he was almost as good as me.

On weekends, if we had a late party, I’d spend the night at his place. Then Gavin would have to share me if any of his roommates were home without their boyfriend. Then there were times we’d stay with Dai or Kal at the home of their mother and father. By this time Dai and Kal were fucking their parents regularly and we would join them before spending the night together. Kyle has been well trained by Kal and having Jim handy for Kyle to fuck was invaluable. But even more important was teaching Kyle how to dominate and control the adult male. It wasn’t natural for Kyle but his younger brother was a good role model and patient teacher.

As sort of a graduation exercise, Kal sent Kyle to a party with Jim. Gavin and I were attending too so I could keep an eye on him though we kept our distance unless I felt he needed help. Many of the guests knew Jim was not with his normal companion and asked him about it. Whenever that happened Kyle would answer, not Jim. He’d explain that his brother couldn’t make it and asked him to take care of Jim for the night. Then he went on to say that he’d be happy to take care of the questioner too if he though he were man enough. He finally got a good-looking stud to take him up on his offer and the three of them left the party.

In the morning when Kyle returned with Jim we got the story. They’d spent the night at the stud’s condo in West Hollywood, taking turns fucking him. Kal said that Kyle had proven himself a man and it was true. But the fact of it is that Kyle didn’t need to prove himself to Kal, me or anyone. He just needed to prove himself to himself and he did. From that night you could see the change in his confidence and how he interacted with us and others.

After the L.A. Olympics, Junior retired from coaching. He turned that over to Jack Gordon and Carla Anderson, two of his original gymnasts. Jack and Carla married after Paris, when they retired from completion, and have a son and daughter, three and two. Rex Randall, also one of the original team lives with them. He takes care of Jack’s gay side and the kids when the others work. They live in the building that Junior and his dad once owned near the university.

Junior and dad moved to San Francisco, a couple doors down from Mark and Jay Howard. They invited Mark Yi and Joe Kim to live with them and stole the Howard’s Thai cooks, Chai and Nut, but the Thais had a couple cousins that were happy to take their place.

Junior took a ninety-nine year lease on an island in the South China Sea and built a private retreat on it. It is in the resort area about a half hour by fast boat from the airstrip and there are no other inhabited islands in view. They invited all their friends out for two weeks over the holidays. We were all together on the 777 that Junior had leased for long term. Trey’s grandfather is the senior captain and his partner, Alex Han, heads the cabin crew. Trey’s granddad is still in great shape and Alex is a fantastic bottom. I try to fuck both of them whenever I visit. My hole gets a workout too from Trey’s dad and his Uncle Rich and my Uncle Galtero.

The first time I brought Gavin to Trey’s house was for a weekend visit. He was so in demand that he barely got a break and that was with Galtero gone all Saturday night with a client. Sunday evening after a final fuck from Galtero he could barely stand. Trey and I dressed him and I drove him back to our place in Malibu. We had taken dad’s new Corvette. I had a couple blocks to attach to the pedals so I can drive it. It’s not legal for me to drive but it’s not legal for me to have sex either.

We all flew out together on the 777, arriving in mid afternoon of a sunny day and transferring to the island. We brought nothing with us. Wallets, phones passports were all collected and secured on the plane. We even changed out of our clothes for sarongs that were standard wear, when you wore anything, on the island.

The island had a main house with ten bedroom suites and dining facilities for everyone. In addition there were a dozen bungalows each with two bedrooms, a common area and a large shared bathroom. There were no room assignments. Gavin and I took one bedroom in a bungalow and Dai and Caesar the other. Most of the adults took rooms in the main house.

There are a dozen permanent staff on the island, a mix of young men from the Philippines and Vietnam. For our large group they had brought in extra.

As we were getting settled a young Vietnamese man came in and introduced himself. He was Bui Phong and he told us that he takes care of this bungalow and those in it. He spoke good English. Bui was about five-eight with a nicely muscled swimmer’s body and clearly defined abdominals. He had on a short sarong wrap in a green floral pattern that didn’t reach to mid thigh. His hard cock was pushing against the material and clearly outlined, a good nine inches.

He asked us if we wanted any food or refreshment but we had an other type of service in mind. Our sarongs were soon on the floor. Dai started by fucking our houseboy but then I had him fuck Gavin and I. He was a talented top and seeded both our asses before doing the same with Caesar.

The shower was big enough for all five of us. After we dried off we had Bui get us the short sarongs like he wore in stead of the knee-length ones we wore from the plane. There were plenty in different styles in the drawers.

By then it was dark. Bui brought us dinner which we ate with him on a patio just outside. It was a nice night. The island has just a few dim outside lights, mainly for path illumination. The sky was clear, dark and filled with stars, many more than you could see in L.A.. The band of the Milky Way was easy to see.

We saw Kal and Kyle with Jim and Taddeo with Mike headed to the main house led by their houseboy. They had shifted to the short sarongs as well. They saw us sitting outside and decided to join us instead. They introduced their houseboy, Cao Pham. Cao was another well put together Vietnamese boy but, judging by the outline against the sarong fabric, Bui had him by an inch. He went with Bui to bring more food. They were talking in Vietnamese as they left, but Mom had taught it to us and we could tell they were talking about us.

When they returned and started serving the extra food, Bui was still talking to Cao in Vietnamese. He told Cao that Dai likes to top but the others, meaning Caesar, Gavin and I, enjoy a good fuck. I then told him in Vietnamese that I like to top too and will prove it when we go to bed tonight. They were properly embarrassed knowing the remarks they thought private were not. Dai piped in, also in Vietnamese, that Bui has a nice tight hole and Taddeo added that Cao does too. I then added in English that my mother is Vietnamese and taught us all the language but we should stick to English for the others but we don’t mind discussing sex.

After dinner we turned in early. We were tired from the long flight. I claimed Bui but started with a fuck of Gavin and then did Bui. We fell asleep with me still deep in his ass.

It was a great time. They had gear for most any water sport, except fishing since the resort area is in a marine preserve. Gavin and I learned to scuba dive. The water was warm so we were nude except for the scuba gear. The reefs around our island were pristine and teaming with color and fish. On our first dive after qualifying we went off by ourselves and I fucked Gavin as we hovered weightless twenty feet below the surface. When Gavin shot his sperm into the ocean clouds of small fish rushed in to eat the treat. One even nipped his tip.

We all had a traditional Christmas dinner together in the main dining room. The next day Bai came to say that Junior wanted to meet Gavin and me in his suite. That certainly meant sex.

Now Junior is only a couple years older than I. But at ten he was probably full grown, now standing six-six, hugely muscled, and sporting a twenty-six inch cock. He’s bigger than his dad in every way. He can still do gymnastic moves no one, not even his gold medalists, could do but the parallel bars and horizontal bar must be specially constructed to handle his weight and size.

We knocked on his door at the precise time and were told to come in. We were both wearing our short sarongs. Junior was also in a sarong that came almost to his knees, still there was a few inches of partly hard cock extending beyond the fabric.

“You’re right on time,” Junior said as we entered. “I like that. It shows respect. Bill, I hear you and Gavin are boyfriends. Is it serious?”

“Yes, sir,” I replied. “I’ll be eight in ten weeks so we won’t be marrying anytime soon but I really like Gavin. We, Dai, Kal and I, sort of seduced Gavin and his three roommates a few months ago. While we pass them around and share them with our friends, I think Gavin and I have a special connection.”

“I like Bill,” Gavin stated. “You know, even though I’m older and bigger, Bill is really the one in charge and I like it that way. I’m an actor and a pretty good one too. I can act like a man but when I’m with Bill I can be the boy I really am.”

“Well, Gavin,” Junior said removing his sarong. “Are you ready for a ride on a real man’s pole?”

“I’ve had Bill’s dad and Julio,” Gavin told him. “They are pretty big but that’s a monster. I’m ready to do it.”

“Good boy,” Junior told him.

Junior took him to the big bed, casually removing Gavin’s sarong as they walked. Gavin was hard. I shed mine. I was also hard but Junior was only half hard, maybe twenty-three inches. He tossed Gavin into the middle of the bed like he were a pillow and climbed on behind him, raising his legs to his shoulders. Junior played with Gavin’s hole with a few fingers and soon had him dribbling pre-cum onto his flat stomach. We had both cleaned out and lubed ourselves up preparing for our visit.

Junior pushed his pole alongside Gavin’s. Gavin has a nice eight inches, a great piece in the normal world, but it was not a third the length and only half as thick as what he was about to take. I could see him looking apprehensively at it as Junior used his flowing pre to coat its surface and bring himself to full hardness.

Dad had told me about Junior’s special power and how he fucked Julio before they were married. I was somewhat apprehensive about what he might learn from Gavin but I still was confident that I knew Gavin’s heart.

Junior put himself in position. God, what a sight. Junior’s hips were more than two feet from Gavin’s ass where the tip of his cock nestled against his hole. The opening was twitching, nibbling at the tip, eager to have it inside. Junior applied a little more pressure and Gavin’s experienced bottom opened easily to let him in. Junior is only a bit thicker than Julio so the first inches were not a problem.

Using just the first foot, Junior brought Gavin to a quick orgasm. I moved over and licked up the spewed cum, feeding some to Gavin on my tongue. Junior worked himself in deeper and was soon plowing virgin territory. It was easy to follow his progress from the distended flesh bulging up the left side of Gavin’s belly. We both had a hand on the bumped out flesh.

Gavin was just staring up at Junior. He looked like he wanted to say something but didn’t know what.

“That’s okay,” Junior told him. “There is no need for words. Just relax and let me take care of your needs.”

At that point Junior had about eighteen inches in him and was slowly stroking him in foot-long thrusts. The remaining eight inches that bridged the space between Junior’s groin and Gavin’s ass was as long as Gavin’s entire cock. At that point, Junior gave a few quick, short strokes to trigger another explosion from Gavin. He went back to long and slow once Gavin stopped spewing his seed.

Junior gave Gain another orgasm just as he added the last half inch. He kept himself pressed to Gavin’s ass as my boy calmed down. When Gavin recovered he looked up at Junior, then down his body to see the wall of muscle mashed up against his bottom. His own cock, still hard was dribbling the last drops of cum from the hole in the tip. Lifting his head off the bed he could follow the path of the intrusion inside him, up his left side and turning right for several inches just below his muscled pecs.

The bulge collapsed as Junior withdrew several inches before slamming it back. He started long, fast thrusts building to his own release. Gavin dropped his head back to the bed as the sensations from inside overwhelmed him. Gavin had another orgasm before Junior pumped his ass full of cum and he shot again. Junior stayed still, fully plugged, letting Gavin recover.

You could see when Gavin’s eyes refocused and he regained awareness of the outer world.

“I heard Bill’s dad and Julio talk about you,” Gavin said after a silent minute. “They are powerful men and super studs but they were in awe of you. I didn’t understand but now I do. It is an honor to have you seed in me.”

“You have my cum in your gut but not my sperm,” Junior told him. “My dad and I can control our sperm release. If we couldn’t there would already be thousands of kids like me and the world is not ready for that. If my sperm were in you, you’d know.

“One other thing special about me,” Junior continued. “When I fuck someone I learn all about them. I know things about you that you’ve forgotten. But the most important thing I know about you is that you love Bill. You see beyond his age to the strong man that he already is. You need Bill in your life to be in charge of you, guide you and love you. I don’t need to fuck Bill to know he loves you too. You’ll be happy together.”

“Thank you, Junior,” I said. “Will you fuck me too.”

“Not today, Bill,” Junior told me. “It will be one of my presents to you when you finally marry your boy. But now Gavin, I’ll let you feel what a real man’s sperm feels like swimming in your gut.”

Junior started to fuck Gavin again. Gavin shot again as Junior built to his release. There was a final stroke and I could see the expanded flesh on Gavin’s taut belly pulse as the long tube buried inside him pumped its load. Gavin shot again. He seemed to recover and looked up at Junior. Then he felt it from deep inside. I’d heard stories from Dad that had experienced it a few times. Gavin’s eyes opened wide but he wasn’t seeing anything. Everything was focused on his insides.

“He’s going to be out of it until morning,” Junior told me. “I have Bui waiting outside to help you get him back to your room.”

“Thank you,” I told him.

“There is nothing to thank me for,” Junior said. “I’m your godfather. Your parents keep me informed on how you are doing. Very nicely, I’d say. Even at your young age you are already a man in every important way. Gavin knows that, not just in his mind but in his heart. You are lucky to have found him so early in your life.”

I didn’t say anything further. I just got Bui who was just outside the door. We got Gavin off the bed. He was in a daze but could stand if I gave him some support and stability. Bui wrapped one of the discarded sarongs around Gavin and the other around me. Both our stiff cocks stuck up above the wrap, Gavin’s bubbling cum almost continuously.

We walked him between us back to our bungalow. We got smiles from friends we saw on the way. Seeing someone overdosed on sex was not an unusual sight. We put Gavin in the bed and let him rest. He was still lost in the pleasure coming from deep within.

I just lay down next to him. Bui hoped on, undid my garment and his and sat down on my stiff rod. It felt good being inside him. He bobbed up and down on me until he shot his sperm over my chest and stomach. Then he just leaned forward, resting on my body with me still in him. We fell asleep.

When I awoke it was morning. Bui had left sometime in the night. I was laying beside Gavin who had drifted off and was still sleeping. I noticed that his cock was no longer hard. You could see where his cum had dried. There was still some liquid dripping down the side of his trunk just above his hip.

I rolled to my side and gave a light shake to Gavin’s shoulder. He stirred, opened his eyes and looked at me.

“Bill,” he began. “How long was I out? I can still feel them inside me but it’s nothing like what it was in the beginning.”

“It is the next morning,” I told him. “Do you remember what Junior told you?”

“Yes,” Gavin confirmed. “But I didn’t need Junior to tell me I love you. I knew that and so did you. But it is nice to think that no matter how successful I am in Hollywood or you in sports that we will be together.”

“You’re my boy and I’ll take good care of you,” I promised and then I kissed him.

Another Olympics has come and gone. I’m twelve. My big news is that I shot my first cum last week. Dai and Kal had their firsts a month ago. My cock had been throbbing when I had sex for a month but nothing came out. Then last week Dai was fucking me and I felt his cum squirt inside me. My cock throbbed again but this time a spurt of white cum flew from the hole and splashed on my right pec. It wasn’t a lot but when he fucked me again in the morning I shot again and more. We both tasted it. Then I fucked Dai. I shot some more inside him as Dai shot too. He made a lot more cum than I did. But he told me he didn’t shoot as much when he first started.

I called Gavin and told him to come over and spend the night with me. He was doing promotional appearance for his new movie in the afternoon but he’d be here. I set the DVR to record the show he would be on. We’d watch it in the morning.

At just over twelve years, I was five-five and one hundred one pounds. I was always well defined but I was starting to show some muscle size in my pecs, arms and thighs and my abdominal muscles started to take on a true cobblestone look. I was bench pressing about four-forty for ten reps. My cock was now eight inches.

Dai and Kal were an inch shorter, ten pounds heavier, all muscle, could press about fifty pounds more and had a half inch more cock. Trey was an inch shorter than me and hasn’t yet shot cum to my knowledge. Of course I told Father, Dad and Mom the big news. Then, after breakfast, it was off to the club and our private school.

Gavin arrived at nine. I hadn’t told him my news. I wanted it to be a surprise.

Two years ago he had his big break, staring in an action-adventure flick that did three hundred sixty million domestically and almost five hundred million in foreign markets. He had earned two million for the role and another two on profit participation. They rushed a sequel into production to establish a new franchise. It premieres next month. He gets twenty million for this one and makes another twenty if it does as well as the last. With other projects he should make seventy million this year.

We bought a nice estate in the hills above Malibu for a cool ten million. It has five bedrooms, six baths, great outdoor spaces and a panoramic ocean view. I generally spend Friday night through Sunday evening with him there and there is often some social event to do. Gavin is in demand for the A-list parties. We were at one a couple weekends ago, chatting with the producer of Gavin’s film. He recommended we try a gay escort to add some spice to our lives. He had one he uses regularly that he said was expensive but worth every dollar. We agreed just to humor him and he gave us the number. It was all we could do not to laugh. It was the number Galtero uses for his clients.

Anyhow, I was eager to get Gavin into my bed but my parents were home and it is only polite to stop by and exchange a few words and we did. Gavin was the only one in clothes and I was unbuttoning his shirt as he talked. My folks didn’t give away my secret but I almost did. My cock was hard and I started to leak. Pre-cum was a new development. I wiped a drop off and tried to stand just behind Gavin so he wouldn’t notice. Julio broke it off and sent us off to have our fun.

As soon as we got to my room I stripped him, tossed him on the bed and jumped on top of him. We kissed for several minutes. Normally I’d mash my cock against his but I was still leaking so I kept my hips off to the side and rubbed his hard pole with my knee.

I broke off our kissing and got in position. As I expected he’d prepared himself before driving over. I just pushed in and started fucking. I brought him off a couple times without shooting myself. I was new at trying to control myself but I knew the signs and backed off before going too far. But after Gavin’s second cum I took off and went for it, trying to bring him with me. I held off for another ten minutes before I slammed into him and released my seed. It was more than this morning, a lot more. Gavin shot with me.

“I felt that,” Gavin said. “You can shoot now.”

“Yes,” I confirmed. “My first was last night. You’re the first person to carry my seed inside them.”

“It’s my duty as your boy from now on to see that none of your cum goes to waste. It felt like a lot. Next time shoot in my mouth. I’d love to taste it.”

“Maybe you can taste it right now.”

I pulled out and put my tongue at his hole. A few seconds later a good blob of cum oozed out and I lapped it up and fed it to him. I went back for a couple more.

“Delicious,” Gavin opined.

“You’re prejudiced,” I told him. “You’d drink my urine if I let you.”

“Damn right,” he agreed. “Did you ever let someone try it?”

“Once,” I admitted. “I was fucking an Olympic swimmer and had just given him a second orgasm but I felt the need to go. He didn’t want me to leave and offered his services as an alternative. He was a hot fuck so I tried it. He obviously liked it but it was too weird even for me. I never did it again.”

“That’s good,” Gavin told me. “I’ll have plenty of cum to savor from now on. It felt like you shot a lot.”

“My first cum wasn’t much. But it seems to be increasing rapidly. Do you want to try sucking a load out of me?”

We hadn’t done much oral. At least him on me because there was no payoff. But that has changed now. Gavin went down on me. After ten minutes of increasing pleasure I shot in his mouth. He swallowed most of it down but left a little for me to lick off his inside surfaces.

“That was good,” I said. “Now that I can shoot cum, you’ll never be able to control me.”

“Bill, I’ve known you for four years,” Gavin said. “I’ve never been able to control you. You control me and that’s the way I like it. Now that puberty has hit, your sexual needs will only increase but I’m up to the challenge.”

“I know you are,” I replied. “That’s why I love you.”

“You said that Junior had something for you once you hit puberty.”

“Yes,” I confirmed. “I’m to get a drink of his mother’s breast milk. It is very potent. My mom’s milk was special but this is more so. My dad says it will change me almost instantly so I’m bigger and stronger. He and Mom have both had it. Dai, Kal and Trey will get it too but Trey hasn’t shot cum yet. I think Junior is waiting to do everyone together.”

As I told you when I began my story we did get our boost. We gave Gavin some of my mother’s milk that we had stored. It didn’t make him taller but he got about five percent more muscle mass and lost about five percent body fat. He is definitely more buff. He got almost an inch to his cock too.

I went from shorter than he to taller and much more muscular but still a sleek swimmer’s build. We made the explanation of a late growth spurt to those that knew us as a couple. I had always acted as the adult my age didn’t support but now I looked the part. I could easily pass for early to mid twenties.

Trey and I also started to beat our dads in swimming. Unofficially we broke their world records but we decided we would finish close second in any formal competition until the Olympics. My dad had always concentrated on longer races but I was competitive with Trey even in sprints. We decided to split it up. In shorter races I would do backstroke and breast stroke and Trey, freestyle and butterfly. We would team with Trey’s dad for the 4x100 relay and all four would do the 4x200 and medley relay.

I started joining dad on his morning run and swim. I could keep up easily. I think he knew I was faster than he even though I didn’t show it. Dad is only a few years from forty but hasn’t lost his fitness. I just had advantages from birth thanks to him.

Our first big event after our boost was the premiere of Gavin’s new movie. We both needed new tailored tuxedos. It was for a Friday evening, a week before it opens in the United States and internationally. I had arrived at Gavin’s place a couple hours early. The studio was sending a limo.

We had time for a leisurely shower where I fucked him and time just to relax on the bed. He showed me a script his agent had sent over earlier in the week. It was a period drama about the work and death of Raoul Wallenberg. I’m a fast reader. I scanned the first fifty pages and sampled some in the middle and then the last ten.

“It’s very different from anything you’ve been in before,” I said.

“Yes,” he confirmed. “But it is the type of role that gets noticed.” He meant for Oscars. “If I sign on it gets a go for production. If not, it probably sits on a shelf. “They offered me two million for the part, much less than I could command.”

“I can tell you want to do it. Respect from your peers is important and an Oscar would look good on the mantle in the living room. Go for it.”

“I thought you’d say that. I’ll tell my agent.”

We dressed and the limo took us to the theater, the Fox in Westwood. We got out. I stayed in the background as Gavin talked with the Hollywood press and local media. Inside he greeted and chatted with others before taking our seats. Several knew me. I had visited Gavin on a couple of his location shoots for several days. I had also fucked a couple of the hotter supporting actors.

We took our seats. We didn’t have to sit through popcorn and soda commercials or coming attractions. The movie ran two hours, ten minutes. I liked it.

There was a party afterwards. Gavin received lots of congratulations. They project a big opening. Gavin worked his way around, talking to other actors and actresses and those behind the cameras. We saw one of the producers that had financed the original film and made out handsomely had a hot date with him. It was Galtero. When we talked we all pretended not to know each other. Gavin told him his hot date was making his boyfriend, me, jealous. The guy asked Gavin if he was ready for movie number three. Gavin said he was. His contract for this film has options for three more but there is no script yet.

After a while Gavin said softly to me, “How about we split? I can’t wait to get your cock in me.”

“This is a big day for you. There are lots of built guys here. Let’s invite a couple to come with us and we’ll both fuck them,” I suggested.

“Do you have anyone in mind?”

“Those two look hot,” I said indicating two early twenties guys with athletic builds chatting up a couple actresses.

“They seem more interested in girls,” Gavin observed. “Are they gay?”

“My experience has been that anyone I’m interested in will be gay for me. Remember how we met. You’re my boy. I’m your man. I’ll take care of things.”

We went over to them.

“Girls, we’d like to speak with the guys alone,” I began. “You’re cute and there are lots of guys for you besides these.” They looked disappointed but left us.

“You’ll have more fun with us than you would have had with them,” I told them. “I’m Bill Foster. Gavin, who you know, is my boyfriend. We’d like to invite you to our place for a little fun.”

“I’m Jerry Evans,” said the taller one with blond hair like mine. “My buddy is Antonio Rodriguez.” Antonio was just shorter but more muscular. He had black hair and the darker complexion of a Hispanic. “Are you related to the Olympic swimmer?”

“He’s my dad,” I replied. I noted that they didn’t complain about me chasing off the girls or immediately reject the invitation. They were as good as ours. “You looked like you were ready to split. We have plenty of room in our limo.”

“You want to fuck us?” Antonio asked. “I’m not gay. We had those girls ready to go with us.”

Antonio it seems will need a little convincing.

“Antonio, can I call you Tony?” I began and put an arm around his back with my hand on his far shoulder. “That declaration, ‘I’m not gay’, that was you trying to convince yourself. We both know you want me to fuck you. Your cock knows. It’s already hard. It looks to be a decent size, eight inches. Mine is bigger.”

“Sure, my friends call me Tonio. You can call me that.”

“Tonio, for tonight I’m going to be your best friend,” I told him. His resistance was gone. “Let’s go.”

In the limo Gavin played with Jerry who seemed more compliant while I loosened up Tonio. I lifted him off the seat and set him facing me, straddling my thighs. We were still fully clothed. I placed one of his hands on my pole. I’d told him I was bigger than his eight but he didn’t expect what he felt. Twelve inches are more than a handful.

I pulled him to me for a kiss. He didn’t want to be kissed but I was too strong and we touched lips. He still tried to keep me out. I let him push back and slapped his ass hard. The crack of my hand on his muscled ass reverberated in the space.

“What was that for?” Tonio asked, stung by the pain of the blow.

“You were fighting me, Tonio,” I explained. “You decided to come with us. From then on all the decisions are ours. We will take care of you and we will all have a good time. If you resist, we will still enjoy fucking you but you won’t like it very much.”

“Can’t I change my mind?”

“You don’t want to change your mind,” I told him. “You are afraid to give up control but you know you don’t have any control over what will happen. Once you accept your situation you will feel better.”

It was advice I’d give others but it was true. I pulled him in for another kiss. Initially he was passive but did not resist. He let me enter his mouth and play with his tongue. Gradually he started to respond and he pressed his body against mine as we felt each other’s muscles though the clothes we still wore.

We arrived at Gavin’s Malibu home and escorted our new friends inside and to our bedroom. We hung the four sets of formal wear in the closet and it was time to get started. I suggested we all shower first. It would give us a chance to clean them out, something these formerly straights probably didn’t do, and we could get their holes relaxed and lubed.

We were bigger than they, both in body and cock. I had twelve, Gavin, nine. They easily beat Tonio’s eight and Jerry only had just over seven. We washed each other which gave them plenty of opportunity to explore. Then we turned our attention to preparing them. When they were clean, inside and out, we turned off the water. We dried each other and returned to the bed.

Tonio was still apprehensive but not resisting. Jerry appeared eager. Gavin put him in position and bent him almost double to kiss him as he slowly breached the entrance. When he broke the kiss he had gotten half his stiff pole into Jerry and he started to fuck. It was obvious Jerry liked it.

Gavin mostly bottoms when he has sex with me or my family but I didn’t neglect his education just so he can handle situations like this. And, just like I am following in my dad’s path as a swimmer, Dai and Kal plan to escort like their dad and uncle, at least for a few years. They have let Gavin top them to practice their bottoming skills because they need to be expert in any situation. Mom and Tien have helped too to teach him how to properly please a woman. It means that when we are together, whatever sexual situation I decide to pursue, I can be confident that Gavin can handle it.

I had let Tonio watch his friend lose his anal cherry. Now it was his turn, I pushed him to his back beside the others and straddled his chest, placing the tip of my cock at his lips. He knew what I wanted. He took a tentative lick of the end. A gob of my pre-cum dripped onto his tongue. Since my milk dose I put out a lot more pre and regular cum, way more than your normal male produces. Tonio soon opened wide and took the end of my long shaft inside and rubbed it with his tongue. I rewarded him with a steady flow of my pre-sex juices.

I leaned forward until I was on my hands and knees, bridging his head. In this position I could fuck Tonio’s mouth and I did. I used tiny strokes and only the first few inches. I could bend my neck to see how he was doing. He looked okay but I didn’t try to get him to take me down his throat. I just kept it comfortable for him. As I got close I sped up. I gave him a warning and told him to be ready to swallow. Seconds later I shot my seed into his mouth. He listened to me and did not try to push me out. He drank my cum.

I pushed back until I was straddling him again. My cock popped from his lips still oozing the last of its load. I slid back. My cock left a trail of slime on his chest. I bent down and kissed Tonio, tasting my cum on his lips. He accepted my kiss eagerly. When I broke our kiss Tonio started to speak but I pressed my index finger over his lips to indicate it was not time to talk.

I got in position and raised his legs to my shoulders. Tonio looked down his torso at my cock resting beside his own. The tips were side by side even though my groin was below his butt. My cock, slick with his saliva and my cum, was significantly thicker than his own. I pulled it back and he felt the end press his entrance. I applied some pressure.

I was watching Tonio’s face as my flesh slowly forced him open and moved inside. It wasn’t showing pain. He looked surprised by feeling something he’d never imagined. My crown cleared the ring and a few inches of hard flesh eased in behind it. I started a slow fuck stroke. I could see Tonio react when I found his sensitive spot. I’m big and thick enough that every movement stimulates him.

He went to grab his cock but I brushed his hand away. He was leaking pre like crazy. When he came I wanted no doubt about who was responsible. A minute later his gun went off. The first couple shots sprayed his face and the next few laid lines on his chest and abdomen. I wiped up some of his cum on my fingers and brought them to my mouth and licked them clean. The next time I put my fingers in his mouth for him to lick. Then I alternated between me and him until most was gone.

As I was doing that I had kept up my stroke, working deeper. As I got more in my strokes became longer. Tonio shot again. This time I kept him just on the edge as I slowly opened him up until he was taking all twelve inches. His body was mine but it wasn’t what I wanted. He needed to acknowledge his submission.

“Tonio, I’ve remolded your gut to match my cock,” I told him. “Until you find someone bigger, good luck with that, no man will fit you quite as well as I.”

“Yes, Bill,” Tonio said. “It feels so big when it is inside me and empty when you pull it most of the way out. Please make me cum again,” he pleaded.

“You’d cum if I shot my seed inside you,” I told him. “Do you want me to breed you?”

“Yes, of course,” he replied quickly.

“But there is a catch,” I added. “If I give you my seed you have to agree to let me seed you again whenever I want. That means if I call you, you come to me, cancelling any other plans you might have. You are mine to use at my pleasure. If that is acceptable to you just say the word and we’ll start you on your new life.”

“Yes, please. I agree,” he said frantically. In the state I’d put him he would agree to anything.

I pumped him hard and fast for another five minutes before flooding his gut and triggering his own release. It made his previous shots seem small in comparison.

I let him recover and then started round two. Then we did round three. He shot six more times but the last couple were only dribbles from empty balls.

Then Gavin and I switched. He said I’d so exhausted Tonio that all he’d be able to do is push up his hole and sleep with him and he did. I got ready to fuck Jerry.

“I agree too,” Jerry said as I prepared to enter him. “Gavin was good but I could tell your fuck of Tonio was a whole different level. Having you call me offering that kind of pleasure is something I’d love.”

“I like a man who knows what he wants and is not shy asking for it,” I told him. “Let me know if I meet your high expectations.”

So I fucked him. Jerry was very verbal and made it clear he was loving it. He had cum a few times as Gavin fucked him. I got three more out of him and seeded him twice. Then we cuddled together and fell asleep.

The sun was high in the sky when I awoke. Gavin was finally getting to fuck Tonio. I started to stroke Jerry and that woke him up. We fucked them and switched to do the other. Just gentle sex but it was fun for all and we didn’t exhaust our guests. We followed that with a refreshing shower.

“I really enjoyed last night,” Tonio told me as he soaped my body. “I’m not sorry about what I agreed to. It means I get to experience the best night of my life again. But could I ask a favor?”

“Of course,” I said.

“Sometimes, when I’m working or on a location shot, coming to see you immediately would be awkward and, if it happens too often, I might be considered unreliable and not be able to get work,” Tonio explained. “It would be great if I didn’t need to come then.”

“I understand Tonio. If you send me your schedule I’ll make sure I don’t interfere with your work. You too Jerry.”

“About work,” Gavin began as Jerry was soaping him. “The second sequel will start shooting in about a year. We don’t have a script yet. And there is another project I’ll be on. Leave me your cards. I’ll see if we can find a part for you. Anything with lines and screen time is useful and, if you impress the director, you might get something significant. Besides, it is always nice to have friends around when on location. Bill visits me when he can.”

We left the shower. Gavin’s houseboy was finishing remaking the bed with clean sheets. He is Thai, another of Chai and Nut’s many cousins. He is five-ten with a sleek, defined muscular body and and the all-over tan color so many Thais seem to have. He wore his usual outfit, white Lycra micro shorts and a white Lycra top that displayed a every muscle and were so thin the brown color of his skin partly showed through it. The bulge from his eight-inch cock, a little deeper brown than his normal skin was barely contained in the skimpy shorts. He was called Gem. Gem stays in the background when we have guests over. But when Gavin is home alone they generally sleep together. Gem is a talented, almost exclusive, top but he will bottom for me. I do often let him top me when I visit.

We introduced Gem to Jerry and Tonio. He came right up to them, feeling their cocks and butts, even touching their holes and remarked to us that they must have been fun. He then told us that he had set out breakfast on the patio. He left us carrying the old sheets and our used towels.

We lent the boys some gym shorts since they only had their formal wear. We donned the same and headed down to breakfast. The patio has a panoramic ocean view. Gem was there waiting. He cooked us some omelets. We had a leisurely meal and chatted with our new friends.

They were looking at our crotches and obviously wanted another ride before we sent them home. Jerry final got up the courage to ask. I told them Gem would fuck them both. I made a bet with Gem. If he could get both to shoot, hands free, within five minutes of penetration, I would let him breed my ass. He won the bet.

The guys got dressed in their formal shirts, mostly unbuttoned, and slacks and carried the rest as we got an Uber to take them to the apartment they shared. Then we went back to the patio where Gem collected his winnings.

I did have an interesting adventure in the summer of my thirteenth year. China had sent an aircraft carrier battle group to visit San Diego. The United States, China, Japan, Korea, Australia, Canada and Chile had signed a NATO style alliance about ten years earlier. India joined a few years later. China had been replacing most of their Russian equipment with American designs and this was their first of three aircraft carriers. It is about eighty percent the size of an American carrier and it is nuclear powered and operates American F-35s with catapult launchers.

As part of the visit they were hosting a reception for U.S. Navy personnel and local VIPs. Julio was on the list. Julio, Dad, Dai, Kal and I drove down in the Mercedes. It is about three hours. Julio took the first stint as driver while the rest of us had fun in the back two rows. Dai and Kal fucked Dad and Dai fucked me before I let Dad top me. Then Dad drove and Julio fucked us all. When Julio did Dai, Kal felt sorry that I had not had a chance to top and let me fuck him. Dai and Kal are great tops but they plan to escort for a few years once they are eighteen so they know they have to be good bottoms too. Kal really knew how to work my cock when I fucked him. They mostly top me but, when I get the chance, I really enjoy fucking them.

We had booked a couple suites at the Hotel Del Coronado where we would spend the night. The aircraft carrier piers are nearby. We checked in and showered the sex smell from the ride off and headed to the Navy Base. The invitation got us a pass and directions to where we could park.

I spotted the Chinese ship right away. They had set up a tent on the flight deck for the reception. We went aboard. An officer check our invitation and identification against a list. He welcomed us and offered our group a tour of the ship. Julio accepted and a young officer who spoke good English came forward to lead us.

The first stop was the hanger deck. We were shown the aircraft, the elevators to lift them up to the flight deck and other facilities. Then we headed into the ship. I hung back and as my family followed the guide I took a side passage to look around on my own. I found some steps and went down a couple levels.

Leaving the steps I didn’t see anyone so I just walked. It appeared to be a berthing area. I passed a washroom and heard the sound of a shower. There were several doors further down. I stopped and was debating with myself whether I should open one.

“Who are you? What are you doing here?” I heard from behind me in Chinese.

I turned. It was young Chinese man with a towel wrapped about his waist. He had just left the washroom I passed. He was early twenties, about five-eight, good pecs and defined abs, decent biceps and nice legs leading to a round butt. Not bad I thought.

“I was with a tour but I seem to have lost them,” I answered in Chinese.

“I’ll get you back after I get some clothes. Follow me,” he directed.

We went down the passage a few yards and he opened a door. He motioned for me to go in and I did. It was a berthing compartment with twelve bunk beds, six on each side stacked three high. There were twelve lockers on the back wall and a couple chairs and a table in the center. Four of the bunks were occupied by young men wearing just underwear. One was looking at a magazine and the others were watching phones or pads. They looked pretty hot and the guy with the magazine had a definite hard going, about seven inches.

“Is this where you live?” I asked in Chinese. “I’m Bill. I got separated from a tour group.”

“Yes,” my sailor said, removing his towel. He had a cock that was five inches soft and a patch of black hair above it. “I’m Li. The others are Ling, Gui, Wei and Yang.” Wei was the one with the magazine.

“Where are the others in your room?” I asked.

“They are on a tour of Sea World and won’t be back until late,” Ling on one of the bottom bunks explained as he sat up. “We have to work today.”

“Are all Chinese sailors so handsome? Li here has a very nice body and the rest of you look like you do too.” I went to Li and started to feel his muscles. “Just being with you guys is enough to get me hard.”

“How come you know Chinese?” Wei asked, putting down his magazine. I saw it had pictures of nearly naked Chinese girls.

“A friend of my dad is Chinese,” I replied. “I have visited China a few times and picked up the language. I find Chinese boys are very friendly and I hope we can be friends.”

Ling stood up and came over to me where I still had hands on Li’s body. He started to feel mine. Wei and Gui had also gotten out of their bunks and I was soon surrounded by the Chinese sailors. I was six-two at that age so I was well taller than any of the Chinese. Ling was the first to discover what I had in my pants.

“The American is huge,” Ling said, feeling the bulge under the denim of my jeans. I was hard and over twelve inches.

“Which of you is brave enough to try and ride it?” I asked. “But I’ll give you a choice. Take me in you or, if you are scared, you can fuck me. Who wants the first ride?”

“I’ll go first,” Li offered. “I’m already undressed.”

I was hoping he’d volunteer. Li had a very sweet ass. I got out of my clothes. Ling hung them on one of the hooks by the door. I had a small half-ounce bottle of lube in my back pocket for emergencies like this. I had Li lean against a bank of bunks and spread his legs. I lubed his hole and my pole. Then using a couple lubed fingers I eased into his hole. He took it easily. I was not the first to explore him as I expected. Li turned his head and looked at me. He wanted cock not fingers.

I pushed into him. He took me easily but he was tight inside. I’m pretty thick. I started to fuck him. The others were getting out of their underwire. They had decent bodies, well defined with a little muscle from hard work not gym. Wei had the biggest cock at just under eight inches. The others were five to seven.

“You are so big,” Li remarked. “It feels great so far.”

“What was the biggest you’ve had?” I asked him.

“Twenty-five centimeters,” he answered.

“I’m thirty-two but I only have twenty in you now. Don’t touch your cock,” I cautioned him. “I’ll take care of you.”

I triggered his orgasm. He spurted his cum on the taut sheets of a bottom bunk while I added a couple more inches. He shot a second and third time before I was all the way in him. Then I pumped him hard and fast until I shot up his gut and he came again.

I pulled out. Li sat in one of the chairs to recover. His ass was oozing my cum. Ling was next. I fucked all but Wei who wanted to fuck me. He wasn’t very good so I brought him off quickly.

“Bill, that was my best fuck ever,” Li told me and the others I’d fucked added agreement. “I guess we should be getting you back before they start a search.”

“You guys were fun,” I told them. “Your holes were nice, warm and tight.”

“I bet every guy feels tight to that monster,” Yang said. “It may take me a few days to recover.”

Li put on a uniform and led me up to the flight deck where the tent was set up. I spotted my family and we went over. I told them that I got separated and Li guided me back. Father thanked Li in Chinese then Dai added that he hoped I had been properly grateful for Li’s assistance. It was obvious to Li that everyone knew what we had been doing plus he was almost surrounded by five huge men. He said a few words and left hurriedly.

We sampled the food, all Chinese dishes, set out on tables inside the tent. There was a bar but we stuck to fruit juice or tea.

The Chinese captain came over trailed by a younger officer. He addressed Father and Dad by name and asked them what they thought of his ship, The Fourth Of June. They said they were impressed by it and the crew. The next carrier due next year will be called The Twenty-Ninth Of July after the recent revolution and the last about three years later is to be the Fourth Of May after a significant date about a hundred years ago.

I asked the Captain where he was during the revolution. He said he was a young officer on a destroyer based in Qingdao. On July thirty-first, two days after the start in Beijing, crowds of city residents massed to seize the government buildings. Their Political Officer told their Captain to use the destroyer’s guns on the crowd. The government offices were just inland from the ocean front. He and the other junior officers talked the Captain out of taking action. We tossed the Political Officer overboard. The new Chinese People’s Navy does not have Political Officers.

Once the Captain moved on Dai, Kal and I split from our parents and moved off on our own. As soon as we were away they pressed me to tell them what I really did when I disappeared. In a low voice, switching to French, I told them.

“Would you like a spring roll?” I heard in English from behind us.

It was Ling, carrying a tray of what he offered. Yang was beside him with a tray of something I didn’t recognize. About half of each were already served.

“Ling, Yang, these are my brothers, Dai and Kal,” I said switching to Chinese. “They have spring rolls bigger than mine. Would you like a sample?”

They told us to wait by the tent opening on the bow side while they completed their rounds. We did. A few minutes later they returned with empty trays and we followed them out. Once inside the ship Ling led us to a room used to store parts for the aircraft.

Dai pushed down Ling’s pants and went right up his hole while he took my cock in his mouth and, eventually, his throat. Meanwhile, Kal fucked Yang standing up with Yang’s legs wrapped around his waist. After we dropped our loads, Ling told us to wait here until they returned and he and Yang left.

A few minutes later the door opened and three Chinese sailors entered saying Ling sent them. We each fucked one and they left without giving us their names. The next time the door opened it was Ling, carrying a fresh tray of food. He led us back to the party.

We rejoined our parents who knew what we had been up to. It was time to leave. We were soon back in our room at the hotel. We grabbed a shower and were getting ready to get into bed when there was a knock on the door.

I went to answer it, putting my body behind the door since I was naked. It was Li in his sailor uniform flanked by two Chinese in uniforms of Chinese Marines. I let them in. I didn’t know how they found us. I had mentioned our hotel but not our room.

They quickly shed their clothes. The two Marines were both nearly six feet tall and much more muscular than Li. Our suite had a bedroom with two big beds. Dai and Kal took one with the Marines and left Li and I the other.

Li and I sucked each other in a sixty-nine until we both drank each other’s seed. Then I fucked him to a couple more orgasms before dropping my second load up his ass. We fell asleep.

It was a fun trip.

I think I have you up to date. Now at fourteen I’m off to my first Olympics as a competitor. This year they are in Shanghai, China’s second summer games. Junior made their final presentation of the bid to the IOC ten years ago. Naturally, they chose Shanghai.

China is a lot different and it would be another story to list everything. But just adding anti-pollution technology to the coal power plants made a big difference and they are well on the way to replacing most of the older ones with nuclear power. Air quality in Shanghai for the games won’t be an issue and they won’t have to shut down the city as was done for Beijing.

Junior would be the world’s richest man just from the three percent he retains from the South China Sea development. But he used that income, over three billion a year, to make other investments, mostly in China that easily doubled his wealth. Dad’s half percent puts him on the list but not near the top. We also have small stakes in Junior’s China investments as do many of his former gymnasts. Most of those in our family are in our names so Dai, Kal, Taddeo, Tien and I are actually pretty rich.

We are flying to China on Junior’s new plane. He bought a Boom Corporation supersonic airliner with a custom interior that seats thirty instead of the normal seventy five. With the lighter cabin and cargo load he had them add extra fuel tanks to almost double the range to 8,000 nm. It will be under five hours from San Francisco to Shanghai.

One other change he insisted upon is the ability to override the flight computers. The company told him there was no need but they added a disconnect button. It disables the system for just five minutes unless pressed again.

Junior had Vern Senior trained on the new aircraft but he took his usual shortcut by fucking their senior test pilot. Then he took his aircraft out with the test pilot, Vern and himself to see what it could do. Alex Han, who is going to be one of the two cabin crew for the plane, went along strapped into a crew seat in the main cabin. He said it was a wild ride.

The big news from me is not the Olympics. I married a Gavin. We had a big fourteenth birthday bash for Dai, Kal and I at the beach house. All the family and our friends were there. Right after the three of us blew out the candles on the cake, I got down on one knee and asked Gavin if he would marry me. He said yes.

We flew to Massachusetts where a man of fourteen years can marry with parental consent and had a private ceremony. I knew my parents would approve. Gavin and I have been a couple for seven years and recently I had been spending most nights at his home.

I did get the fuck Junior promised me several years ago. I don’t have any dark secrets that he could discover but he did learn that Trey and I are faster swimmers than our dads.

At the opening ceremony Vern Junior carried the U.S. flag. His forty gold medals in four Olympics made him the obvious choice. Trey walked beside him. Vern raised our flag high as Junior had done years ago as we passed the box of the Chinese President.

Junior was in that box along with the current IOC head, the six year old Dalai Lama and Cardinal Zhu of the Shanghai arch diocese.

When Vern lowered the flag he passed it to his son. It was symbolic of what would happen in the competition.

Gavin, my father, mother, brothers and sister were up in the crowd somewhere. They had a luxury box, one of a ring that hung below the upper deck. Then I saw it. A window opened and a couple American flags were being waved by Dai and Kal.

The competition went as expected. Trey and I broke all our dads’ world and Olympic records but we all shared new ones in the relay events. But the big news was unexpected.

The 777 Junior had leased was being sold by the leasing company. The prospective buyers, looking over its history, saw the airframe inspection and wondered why it had been required. It turned out that, at the time, maintenance personnel had downloaded data from the flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder but did not review it when the inspection showed no damage. But the data, on a flash drive, was still with the records, so they took a look. It was a story on a popular Sunday news show back home, Monday morning in China the day after swimming and gymnastics wrapped up and diving begins. They had done a video simulating the planes motion synchronized with the cockpit conversation. I saw it from a BBC feed on the TV in our room at the Olympic Village.

Vern Senior, the listed pilot in command, was first to be contacted. He told them he had no comment and alerted Junior. That afternoon Junior said that he did not want to distract from the games but he would explain everything the day after the games conclude.

That didn’t stop everything. The cockpit voices identified the attacking planes as Chinese carrier-based jets and the sinking of the Chinese aircraft carrier on the same day was easily found. There was plenty of speculation and theories. Us kids knew the story, at least parts of it. Our parents were on that plane. But the stories were all speculative and without fresh facts they stayed off the top of the news.

NBC, at least, wasn’t interested in anything that distracted from their coverage of the games. Our dad and son stories got plenty of air time. I was also able to do a segment with Gavin. While my age was mentioned in other stories, it wasn’t in that one and I certainly looked old enough to be a match to my spouse.

Saturday, the next to last day, Junior got everyone together in his apartment. He owns the top two floors of a luxury building on the Pudong side riverfront. He has a helicopter hanger on the roof.

He explained what he will be saying on Monday and said that he briefed the Chinese government of his involvement in their revolution. Many were former exiles that he had worked with and encouraged in the year prior to the revolution. They knew him as an early supporter of a democratic China but not of the actions he took to bring it about. Needless to say, the Chinese won’t be a problem.

Anyhow Dad was happy that everything will be out in the open. Gavin thought it would make a good movie and he’d love to play Dad even though it is just a supporting character. I was more focused on us. We had a private civil wedding and I thought, once home, we should do a wedding celebration and invite all our friends. Gavin agreed and added we should have a real honeymoon too. I thought of the private island in Tahiti that my parents went to. That would be fun.

Part 2

It was the summer after the Shanghai Olympics. I had completed my sophomore year at UCLA where I am on the swim team. About a month before the end of the school year, Coach called me in. He had recommended me for a summer program at the aquatic club in Santa Monica run by Olympic Medalists, Vern Talbot and Bill Foster and their sons. They had accepted me.

I’d heard about it. You can’t apply. It is by invitation only and they invited me. I had been planning on going home to Mission Viejo in Orange County where I train and swim with the Nadadores men but I couldn’t pass up this opportunity.

I’m Roy Palmer, twenty years old, a good student in a pre-med program and a nationally competitive swimmer in freestyle and butterfly. I can’t match Talbot or Foster but I still had dreams of making the national team before the next Olympics. The top two qualifiers get to go so it is a race to see who finishes second to our stars.

The Spring Quarter ended the second Friday in June. I spent the weekend at home and drove up on Monday with a suitcase and a couple duffle bags in the trunk. I had a ten AM meeting with Coach Nick Brady who runs the operation. I was right on time.

When I entered his office he had another swimmer already there. I knew him. He was Gary Johnson who swims for the University of Texas. I had four races against him at the last NCAA championship. We both won two. He had flown in from Houston yesterday afternoon. We were to be roommates, sharing an apartment in a complex owned by the club.

Coach Brady welcomed me and got me set up with an access badge and took biometrics of my right index finger. The biometrics were the keys for my locker and the doors in the club and apartment complex.

Brady explained the program. Training and coaching was scheduled for six days a week. Sunday’s are open but the club is available for personal practice and training. Pretty much everything is provided. Meals are free at the cafeteria and they have a shop with a full range of sportswear, donated by Nike, so also free for us. Our room has a kitchen and fridge but we were responsible for stocking that. He told us that our first event was a physical assessment in the gym at one and that gave us some time to get settled and have lunch.

I left with Gary. He had moved into our room, 302, yesterday. I drove my car over and parked in our assigned spot under the building. He helped me carry my stuff to the room. My finger unlocked it.

It was a one bedroom suite with a small kitchen and dining set in the sitting room. It had a large, wall-mounted, TV. It was displaying the club app with our schedules. It looked like we could review training videos on it too but none were yet available. The seating was a large leather couch and a big reclining chair. The bedroom had two queen-sized beds and a dresser. Gary had his stuff in half the dresser and some in the large closet. The bath had a big shower and double vanities. Gary had set up on one.

I figured I’d shower and change into gym gear and grab some lunch before our physical assessment session. I wore my gym shorts and a tee under my UCLA warmup suit. Gary took a shower after me and was attired similarly with his UT warmup.

We walked across the street to the club. They had eight electric city cars at charging stations outside the door with spots for twelve. We could get one to use with just a finger scan. It would be useful for Gary who flew in.

We went into the cafeteria. There were a number of tables, some with club members or staff already eating. At the front was a counter manned by a young Asian man, Thai, I guessed from his dark complexion. We went there.

“Hello,” he greeted us. “I can see you are new. I’m Peng. Give me your order and I’ll bring it to your table.” He handed us menus.

“What do you recommend?” I asked. He was looking us up and down like he was checking us out.

“The Pad Thai is excellent,” he said. “There are plenty of Western choices but you will find Thai very pleasing.”

We both took that. I noticed there were a couple more Thais in the kitchen doing the food. We found an empty table.

Our food was soon served. We chatted. Gary’s coach had recommended him for the program as mine did for me.

We went to the gym. They had separate facilities for men and women, both divided into elite and junior locker rooms. We found our lockers in the elite section and put our warmups in them and headed to the gym in our gym gear with our access badges on a ribbon about our necks.

The gym was very well equipped with a variety of machines for cardio and strength plus free weights. There were several people working out, both Gary and I knew a couple from collegiate competitions. We had a few minutes so we went over to say hello. After we greeted them they asked if we had our physical assessment yet and, when we said no, they just smiled. Then a couple big Black guys entered and our friends told us they were the instructors.

We went over to them. They looked even bigger up close. I’m five-eleven and we’ll muscled for a swimmer. These guys were well over six feet and way bigger. Both just wore white gym shorts that were almost painted on and so sheer the dark tone of their skin showed through. Even without the thin fabric their cocks would have been unmistakeable, a thick bulge angling off to their left hips and so long that the tip actually popped the material out beyond the edge of their hips. They had to be at least eleven inches. I have eight and have seen a couple in the locker rooms bigger than mine but never anything like that.

One put his left arm across my back and held me tight to his side. His badge, hung from his neck like ours said, “Dai”. The other one held Gary similarly. He was Kal.

“You must be our new trainees,” the one holding me said. “I’m Dai and my fellow trainer is my brother, Kal. We are in charge of your physical training and by that we mean not just your muscles and endurance but training your mind to use your body in any way the situation demands.”

“Right now you are uncomfortable,” Kal stated, correctly. “We came right up to you and are in your personal space. You are not used to that. Not used to someone who can dominate you and that is what we are doing.”

“So that is your first lesson,” Dai continued. “You have no personal space with us. We are dominant and we will control you and your body. I think you already understand that we are not giving you a choice, accept our dominance or go home. We are just telling you how things are.”

“We understand,” Gary said softly as I nodded agreement.

“You actually don’t but you will,” Dai said, squeezing me to him with a little extra strength. “You sense that we are superior males and instinctively assume the submissive role that is appropriate. Part of your training will be on how to serve a superior.”

“But we will also teach you how to interact with your equals,” Kal added. “And, naturally, how to assert your dominance over lesser men and women. Those, you will find will be most of whom you encounter, once you return to your regular lives.”

They really weren’t asking us to obey them or anything. They just assumed we would and I realized that was true. We actually did know instinctively it was our duty to do as they said.

“First up,” Kal began. “We’ll take some initial photos. You can strip off your clothes.”

We did as we were directed even though there were a couple females in the gym. As I was getting naked I looked around. The guys we had greeted earlier were having sex on a weight bench in full view. Everyone else acted as if that was a normal sight. It probably was.

“This is our assistant, Ten,” Dai introduced a young Thai, carrying a high-end digital camera and wearing mini gym shorts.

Ten was my height, five-eleven, but more muscular. He must have gotten his name from his hard cock which was easily ten and already oozing some pre-cum, making the material near the tip see-through.

He took pictures of us from all angles. Then we were tested for strength. I benched three hundred, Gary two-ninety. Then we did cardio on a treadmill to test our top speed followed by two miles at a five minute per mile pace.

“Great,” Kal told us as we finished on the treadmill. “Go with Ten and he’ll prepare you for phase two.”

We followed Ten into the locker room. He went to the showers, hung his badge on a hook and started to strip his gym shorts. We did likewise.

“What is phase two?” I asked as we entered and he turned on three adjacent shower heads.

“Dai and Kal will fuck you,” Ten told us. “My job is to show you how to clean yourself out and get you loosened up. If you haven’t pooped this morning you should start in the toilet.”

We had just before heading out.

“Good,” Ten said. “The shower, like those in your room, has a couple hand spays. This is standard wand and should be used to get your crack nice and clean.”

He demonstrated on himself, spreading his legs and bending over to open his crack. I saw that his hole had some cum leaking from it but the spray washed it away.

“The other wand you insert in your hole, just the tip, and fill your gut up,” Ten explained as he demonstrated. “You can hold it inside for a minute and then release it.” He did. The water streamed out carrying cum and some ass juice but mostly clear water. “If you do this right after you pooped it is best to release the first couple into a toilet but this washes down the drain easily. Who wants to be first?”

I volunteered. He had me bend over and used the spray to wash my bottom. He soaped it up and got a razor from the shower tray and shaved my crack clean. Then he switched to the other wand. I felt the tip on my hole and he pushed against it until it sealed tight. He started with a slow stream of warm water. I felt it fill my gut.

“Enough,” I said.

“A little more,” Ten insisted. He had a hand on my abdominals to hold me in place. “Hold it in,” he said as he stopped and removed the tip.

I did until he told me to release it. The water was a lot dirtier than what he released. He washed it down and the bits that got on my legs. Then we did it three times more until the water released was clear. Then it was Gary’s turn.

“Ten, are you related to Peng, who we met in the cafeteria?” I asked as he worked on Gary.

“Yes, he, Dang and Ram are my cousins,” Ten confirmed. “We are a large family. I have thirty-two cousins, twenty are male, and a brother, Gem, who got me this gig.”

“Where do you live?” I asked.

“We have a room in the apartment complex you are in but we never sleep there,” Ten stated. “We just hook up with others for the night. I’ll be with you and Gary tonight.”

“Were you going to ask us?” I said.

“No need,” Ten responded. “I just told you. Oh, you’re new. I’ll explain. My badge has a green dot. You badges have white. That means you are beginners. After some training, you’ll advance to yellow and then green. Anyone with a higher or equal color, male or female, can ask you for sex and you are required to accept. If they have green they will rate your performance. Get enough good marks and you advance in status. The junior swimmers in the program have red dots and are off limits. The older ones play with each other but we pretend not to notice.”

“How many times will we have sex each day?” Gary asked as he released clean water from his gut. “Will we have time to train?”

“Newbies generally have sex about four or five times a day,” Ten explained. “When you get more experience, it will be more. The sex is actually part of your training. If you want to be a world-class athlete you need the confidence world-class sex can give you. But you’ll have plenty of swimming too. As for me, I’ll fuck you both a couple times this evening and again after we wake up. But, I could tell you’re both cherry and my job is to loosen you up for Dai and Kal, so get ready for your first lesson.”

Ten had me lean against the wall under the warm shower spray. He got on his knees behind me and spread my legs wide. I felt his tongue lick along my crack and settle at my hole. He licked around it before pushing the tip inside. It was a new sensation but I liked it. My cock grew hard, a full eight inches. Ten wrapped a hand around it and slowly stroked it as he played inside my hole. I started to leak.

Ten pulled his tongue from my hole and stood up, pressing his body to my back, his left arm about my chest and his head beside mine. He raised his right hand, gooey with my pre-cum, to my lips. I opened my mouth and let him put his fingers inside me and licked my juice off. He kept them in me for a while after, just stroking my tongue. I thought he is just showing me that he is in control. I knew he was. He removed his fingers. I looked down where I could feel his pole pressing my ball sack from below. I could see the last few inches as it extended beneath my own hard pole. The light brown shaft was thicker than mine.

“We are almost ready,” Ten told me. “I just need to lube up my cock and your ass and then use my fingers to loosen and stretch your hole. It may hurt a little at first but you’re going to like it. The real fun is going to be when Dai and Kal fuck you but I get to warm you up for their monsters.”

He did as he told me and resumed his spot behind me. By then my hole was eager to be filled by this Thai stud.

“I’m ready,” I told Ten. “I thought about asking you to take it slow and be gentle but I think I realize that you know best how to initiate me and my body is yours to use however you want.”

“Good boy,” Ten said acknowledging my remark. I figured he was a year or two younger than I but with Asian guys it is difficult for me to tell. But to him I was the inexperienced one and I guess I was.

He pulled back and I felt the tip of his pole slide up my crack until it found my opening. He pressed it lightly to me. He put a little more pressure and I felt it start to spread my flesh apart. I could feel my ass muscle spasm, tighten and relax, again and again. But each time it relaxed just a fraction more would slip into me.

Ten let the tip tease me for a couple minutes before surprising me with a sudden thrust that forced me open and allowed the crown and some shaft to shove inside. I gasped as he breached me but it wasn’t painful. I felt him inside me. It stuffed me like a big turd but it was not just a passive presence in my rectum. It was warm, alive and throbbing. A bit of the powerful Thai stud standing behind me was now inside me.

He pushed in a few more inches and started to stroke my gut. I reached behind me and felt his pole where it entered me. There was more than a hand’s width separating my hole from his groin. I returned my hand to the wall as he slowly put more into me. My cock was bouncing from the sensations each time he moved.

Ten did a minute of rapid thrusts and my cock spewed its seed onto the shower wall. When I calmed down I felt Ten’s body pressed to my ass. He was fully in me. I could feel it way deep inside me where I’d never felt anything before. I could sense its power, feel the blood pulsing through it in time with the best of his heart. My body was his now to use for his pleasure.

And he did. Ten started long, powerful strokes through my gut. The sensations of pleasure went right to my cock and my brain. Gary afterward said I was just moaning and occasionally saying Ten’s name. Finally the cock inside me exploded, jetting its seed into me as I shot again.

Ten eased out of me. I didn’t want him to go but I was drained and dazed. I just slumped to the floor, resting under the warm spray with my back against the wall.

When I recovered, Gary was getting his power fuck. I saw Ten shoot inside him as Gary sprayed his seed onto the tiles. Ten eased out of him and helped Gary sit beside me. He then stood, straddling me with his cock in front of my face, slimy with cum and whatever from inside Gary. I knew what he expected of me. Yesterday I would have thought it disgusting but I did not hesitate taking him into my mouth and cleaning it off with my tongue. It tasted a mix of salty, bitter and sweet.

Ten held my head and gently moved himself through my lips. He was still hard. He slowly fed me more of his pole. When it hit my throat I gagged and he backed off. It took several tries but I finally got it to slip down my throat. My nose was nestled in his fine pubic bush. I put a hand on my throat and could feel where it expanded my neck.

Ten eased out and helped my stand. There was a small puddle of his cum below where I’d sat. The spray soon washed it away. He helped Gary up next and we left the shower.

“I know you enjoyed being fucked,” Ten observed as we were drying ourselves and getting back into our gym clothes.

“I guess that was obvious,” Gary told him. “They were my two best orgasms ever and I never touched my cock. But it sort of messes with my head that you, Ten, another man, used my body for your pleasure. I feel that my body is no longer mine. I gave it to you to use and my mind tells me that I am now yours to use whenever you want. It’s not just the dot thing on the badges but something deeper.”

As he expressed it, I knew I felt the same way. Ten now owned my body.

“Good,” Ten said. “You have correctly recognized me as a superior male. I’m sure you know already that Dai and Kal are too even though they have not yet fucked you. When my cousins fuck you, you’ll enjoy it but you won’t see them in the same way. But once we train you and you visit your old friends, they will react to you like you did to me and you’ll be able to understand how they feel about you. But it is a responsibility, having that sort of power over another person.”

We went back to the gym. Dai was fucking one of the female swimmers. I recognized her from the Olympic telecast. She took a silver. Her friend and fellow Olympian looked on. The friend had already been fucked and was dripping cum from her cunt.

Kal was spotting a male swimmer on the bench press. Both were wearing gym shorts but Kal’s now bulged a couple inches past his hip bone. There were several others working on equipment and a couple guys having sex on a gym mat. But everyone was acting as if this were normal and I guess it was.

Dai and Kal finished up their current activities and joined us and Ten. Dai was still hard, his cock, coated in cum and female lube, was easily fourteen inches and even thicker than Ten. The dampness had soaked the thin material of his tight shorts making them transparent where his cock was. Seeing it I knew why they had let Ten start us off.

“I don’t need to ask you if you enjoyed your introduction from Ten,” Kal said. “Everybody does and your body language shows that you’ve accepted him as superior.”

“You’re apprehensive about sex with us,” Dai continued. “That’s normal. We’re both over fourteen inches. Get on your knees and get acquainted with the cocks that will soon be up your asses.”

We didn’t hesitate. I knelt before Dai and Gary, Kal. I pulled his shorts down, freeing that cock that sprung up almost vertical, reaching to the top row of his abdominal muscles. I held it in both my hands. The surface was soft but hard just beneath. It took more strength than I imagined to move it down toward horizontal. I saw a small flow of juice at the tip and licked it off. I had to open wide to get the head in my mouth.

I’d had had Ten in my mouth but this cock was bigger and more powerful like the man it was attached to. The shaft extending from my mouth to Dai was longer than Ten’s entire piece. Dai put one hand on the back of my head. He wasn’t pressing me but just using it to urge me to take more. I did. It took a few tries but I relaxed my throat enough to let him slip into it. It felt, was, big in there but I managed somehow. Once the flaring crown got below my Adan’s Apple, the rest was easy. I had my nose in Dai’s wiry black pubic hair. The sex smells from his earlier encounters were distinct.

“That’s pretty impressive,” Dai said. “You’re a natural cock sucker. Such talent deserves a reward.”

He put both hands on my head to steady and control me and started to fuck my throat. There was little for me to do. I could squeeze him some with my throat and rub the bottom of his thick pole with my tongue as it moved in and out of my mouth. He built the pace until he made a last thrust holding me, fully impaled, against his crotch. I felt his pole throb as the first jet pushed past my lips and down the long tube to jet out the tip. I could feel it hit my insides deep in my chest. He started to pull out. The second burst was still so deep there was no need to swallow but the third flooded my mouth and I tried to gulp it down. But others followed so quickly that quite a lot escaped my lips. When the flow eased I had a chance to catch up. I captured the last spurts on my tongue before he pulled out. He was still hard.

“I didn’t think anyone could cum so much,” I said, looking up at Dai. “Tastes good.” I licked the stuff smeared on my lips.

Dai helped me stand and used his fingers to wipe up the cum on my chin and feed it to me. Then he led me over to a padded massage table. It was perfect height for fucking. I lay back on it and he raised my legs to rest on his shoulders.

I looked down my body at the big stud who was getting set to fuck me. My legs are strong and developed from my swimming but his upper arms were thicker than my thighs. Every muscle on his torso was bulging and defined.

And then there was that cock, darker than his chocolate tone, with a reddish-brown head. The skin covering the tip was fully retracted. It was slick and shiny from my saliva but fresh juice was bubbling from the hole in the end. Yesterday I thought I had a big cock. I never imagined something like this even existed.

I looked into Dai’s eyes. He smiled down at me. I thought, he knows what I’m thinking, scared of his size and power yet eager to experience having that inside me. I wondered what it would be like to be him, powerful, confident and casually dominating everyone around. I didn’t have time to ponder it. I felt him position himself for entry.

He applied pressure and my soft flesh yielded to the steely shaft pressed against it. He was thicker than Ten. I sensed my insides as he expanded me to make room for himself. Several inches followed the crown into my gut in that first thrust.

He started a slow fuck stroke. Every movement of him inside me stimulated my most sensitive spots. I reached to stroke my cock but Dai brushed my hand away. My own cock was tingling, bouncing and dripping pre-cum. He pushed me over the edge. I lifted my head off the bench just in time to be struck by three blasts of my own seed full on my face. I flopped back down as the next few sprayed on my chest and belly.

Dai wiped up the cum on my face with his fingers. I thought he was going to feed it to me but he brought them to his own mouth and licked them clean. He went back for seconds and thirds and then smeared the rest on the skin of my face and trunk.

Now he had ten inches in me and was opening up new territory. His crown was up past my hip bone. When I looked down I could see the bulge up the left side of my normally flat, muscled, abdominals. He let me rest a hand on it. I could feel the hard shaft underneath the muscles. But it wasn’t just a lump inside me. It was pulsing with power and moving, not just the in and out from Dai’s thrusting, but flexing and wriggling on its own as if trying to escape from my internal tissues attempting to contain it.

But it was all so stimulating, I came again. When I calmed back down from my orgasm I noted that his thrusts ended with him tight to my butt. He was fully in me. I looked up at Dai and he smiled. He started to speed up and lengthen his strokes. I was instantly back in a heaven of sexual frenzy, on the edge of exploding but just short. He kept me there for what seemed like forever. Then there was a final plunge into my ass and his buried member went wild inside me as it spewed its seed deep in the middle of my body. I shot too but barely noticed amid the sensory overload from what was happening inside me.

I was in a daze for a few minutes. When the world came into focus again, Dai was pressed tight to my butt. He was still deep inside me but his member was calm, resting. It still throbbed with quiet power. As long as it was in me I realized that my body was its, not mine. I looked up at Dai. He knew what his fuck had done to me. I was about to say something when he started stroking again. My thoughts fled as pleasure took over.

I was sitting on the floor in the shower. A cool spray was falling over me. I didn’t remember anything after Dai starting to fuck me again. Gary was standing under the adjacent shower head.

“What happened?” I asked.

“Dai fucked you senseless,” Gary replied. “Ten and I brought you to the shower to recover. You’ve been sitting under the water for twenty minutes, leaking Dai’s cum onto the tiles. Welcome back.”

“Were you fucked,” I asked him.

“Yes, Kal did me. It was great but I didn’t react the way you did,” Gary replied. “They said you are especially sensitive to anal stimulation.”

What does that mean? Am I going to be a bottom boy from now on?”

“Your asking the wrong guy,” Gary said. “My first gay sex was an hour ago like you. Maybe Ten can help you. He was getting some things but we are to meet him by our lockers once you recover.”

I got to my feet. I felt great, energized by the sex I’d had. We left the showers and grabbed towels to dry off. Ten was waiting by our lockers.

“Roy, I see you recovered,” Ten said as we approached. “I’ve put a selection of our club gear in your lockers and a full wardrobe will be sent to your room. It’s free from our sponsors to all members.”

I opened my locker with the finger sensor. Inside were a new warmup suit, swimsuits and gym gear in the red and white club colors.

“How did you open our lockers?” I asked Ten.

“Staff, this can open any locker or door in the club or apartment complex,” Ten said, holding up his right index finger.

“It’s good for opening up asses too,” I joked.

At Ten’s direction we donned our new swimsuits with a warmup suit on top and aqua socks for our feet. Our next event was to meet our coach at the pool.

Ten led us to the Olympic-size pool. There were several swimmers and coaches already working. Our new coach was waiting for us.

“Coach, these are your new recruits,” Ten began. “Roy Palmer and Gary Johnson. Roy, Gary, Coach Heath Winston will be your trainer. He is a coach on the national team and Shanghai was his first Olympics.”

Heath was obviously a swimmer himself. He was probably in his late twenties, six feet tall, tanned skin and blond hair. He had on a red club-logo knit shirt that highlighted the muscles beneath it. It was embroidered with ‘Coach Heath Winston under the logo though he, like we, had his badge hanging from his neck. He had white shorts on that hugged his skin. A nice bulge was obvious, about six inches, soft I guessed.

“How is your wife doing?” Ten asked him.

“Things are going smoothly. She’s five month along.” Heath told him. “We found out by ultrasound it is a boy. You’ll have a son in a few months. You are coming over this weekend, right?”

“Of course,” Ten confirmed. “I’ll leave you to your training.”

Ten left us. I was still trying to get past hearing his wife was having Ten’s child and he seemed fine with it.

Heath had reserved us two adjacent lanes. He had us warm up by doing a couple laps freestyle and butterfly and then had us race each other for a hundred meter freestyle and then a hundred butterfly.

When we got out and dried off he showed us our races on a large video display at the side of the pool. We were tracked by underwater cameras the whole way. He could freeze or slow the playback to point out problems. We did another couple races and our form was better. He then had us practice while he observed. After another half hour he had us finish up with twenty laps, alternating sprinting and cruising, for cardio development.

We swam for a couple hours that first day. After Heath left us we chatted with some of the others we knew from the NCAA championship. We left with a couple. When we put on our badges theirs showed yellow dots. They’d been here a couple weeks. They took advantage of their status to fuck us in the shower. It was fun but not anything like what we had earlier.

Once we dressed we went to dinner in the cafeteria together. We chatted about the program and they showed us how to use the app to view our schedule for tomorrow and access training videos. Apparently training videos included the sex we had in the gym. They showed us how we could book a bed mate for the night once we advanced from white. They tried to select us but someone reserved us first. It didn’t indicate who.

After dinner we returned to our rooms. Gary and I make a quick run in one of the electrics to a nearby Vons market to stock our kitchen and fridge. After we put the stuff away, I thought I’d watch the video of Dai fucking me. I was about to turn on the TV when there was a knock on our door.

I went to open the door but it opened before I reached it. It was Ten and his cousin, Peng. They were both wearing white tees and tiny gym shorts, little more than briefs, that fit them tightly. Peng, who I knew was fit from seeing him in the cafeteria, was not nearly as muscular as Ten, but still showed decent muscle and defined abdominals. He had a very nice, round butt and about seven inches in the front. He was several inches shorter than Ten, about five-seven.

“Hi Roy,” Ten greeted me. “You know Peng. We will be spending the night with you. Hi Gary.” He had come from the bedroom after hearing our noise. “We’ll be sharing your beds tonight. Peng is an excellent bottom.”

“Thanks, cousin,” Peng said. “But, I don’t get to ride your pole as often as I’d like. We always try to spend the first night with new arrivals.”

“Are we getting right to it or can we offer you something?” Gary asked.

“No rush,” Ten told him. “Do you have milk? Alcohol is bad for performance though some guys need it to overcome their inhibitions. We have none and after a few days with us neither will you.”

They got out of their clothes, as did we. We just left them in a pile on the floor and moved to the couch. Gary brought a tray with four glasses of milk.

“Ten, why did I react so intensely to Dai’s fuck?”

“Everyone reacts as their prostate is stimulated by an anal fuck,” Ten explained. “You are one of the lucky guys that have a deep sensitive spot but you need a big cock to reach it. I watched the video of Dai and you and I think I may be just long enough to reach it. Peng is sensitive deep too. But he is shorter than you so your cock might be long enough to hit it. You’ll know when you do by his reaction.”

“Don’t worry Gary. I still enjoy smaller guys,” Peng assured him.

“Can I ask you what is your relationship with our Coach?” I asked Ten. “I don’t want to pry so it’s fine if it’s private.”

“I don’t mind,” Ten assured me. “First let me tell you about Heath. He’s fairly rich. His family is old Boston money and his dad runs a big investment firm there. Heath swam for a Harvard. He was good but not great and went into coaching after graduation, becoming an assistant at Harvard. He planned to do that for a few years before joining his dad’s firm. He married Cathrine, Cathy, also from a prominent Boston family, straight after graduation.

“He had a good reputation as a coach,” Ten continued. “So Coach Brady recruited him for our staff a couple years ago. With a good salary, a nice house as a perk and the promise of an Olympic coaching gig, he accepted. Well Heath was a good coach but he was overwhelmed by the sexual environment here. He had thought he was a man but he’d never actually encountered a real man before. We have plenty here and Heath was well used and naturally submissive.”

“It only got worse after Shanghai when Dai and Kal came on as physical trainers. That’s when I came on too, just after I turned eighteen. Peng had recommended me to Dai. Well, I was only here a short time, but I could see Heath was struggling. I talked to my cousin’s and we unofficially adopted he and Cathy into our family.”

“Yes,” Peng added. “Ten is the youngest of us here at the club but for obvious reasons he’s our family head. But, anyway we were happy to help them.”

“Peng is being too modest,” Ten countered. “While sexually I’m in charge, Peng, Dang and Ram are men too. It is not a matter of preferred sexual position or orientation but of knowing who you are and asserting yourself with equals and inferiors and knowing and acting appropriately with your superiors. You will do that once we train you but Heath was confused in such situations. He needed a man to take charge of him. That is what we did.”

“Dang is with he and Cathy tonight, Ram, tomorrow and me, Wednesday. Ten generally does the weekends.”

“It sounded like he said Cathy was having your child,” I mentioned.

“Yes,” Ten confirmed. “Obviously Heath isn’t man enough to satisfy a woman. Cathy was happy enough with him before they came here. She never had sex with a real man for comparison. Even that dropped off as Heath became dependent on cock. We saved their marriage. They were both excited to have my child and I’m excited to be getting a son. Eventually Cathy will have a child from each of us.”

“Hey, enough talk,” Peng stated. “My ass needs a cock in it.”

Peng got on his knees, leaning over the side of the couch, offering Gary a good view of his hole nestled between the firm globes of his ass. It glistened with the lube he’d applied before coming over.

Ten stood and I did too. I led him to the bedroom. Once there he spun me around and hugged me to him. We kissed as our cocks mashed together between our pressed bodies. We were both hard in anticipation of imminent sex.

Ten kissed me. It was my first kiss with a man. It was clear to me that I was the one being kissed. Ten controlled me orally with his mouth and tongue as easily as he could with his cock. I loved feeling him inside my mouth, dominating my space. He brought his tongue back to his mouth and returned it with a big gob of his saliva that he deposited on my tongue. I swallowed it as readily as I would his cum.

He broke our kiss and we moved to the bed. I was eager for his fuck.

“I really am anticipating your fuck,” I told him. “How am I different than Heath?”

“Well, Heath would not be anticipating,” Ten explained. “He would passively be accepting. When you get a turn with Peng, you will easily switch to the active roll. Heath can no longer do that. He is only comfortable being used by better men which my cousins and I are. We make the decisions for he and Cathy and they know we will take good care of them.”

It was a new concept for me. But there was no time to ponder it. Ten got in position and entered me smoothly. He was great and when he was in almost his full ten inches he found my inner sensitive spot. He could see from my reaction when he was on target and pretty soon that was every stroke. I shot a few times before he filled my gut.

Then I had a turn with Peng bottoming. I was long enough, just, to touch his inner spot and brought him to a couple nice orgasms before I shot. But Peng wasn’t just a hole for my cock. He squeezed and worked it with his internal muscles to heighten my pleasure or relaxed when he wanted to let me avoid shooting to soon. It was a technique I needed to practice to be a bottom guys want to fuck.

We did another round with each before we drifted off to sleep. I was still in Peng hugging him to me.

All in all it was a pretty nice first day.

The next day Coach Heath told us that the boys had given us permission to fuck him whenever we wanted. We did it in the showers after our swim training. Gary and I felt that if we didn’t use our benefit right away he’d feel we were rejecting him. But after that he wouldn’t give us order but phrase his advice as suggestions. We followed it like orders though and our form and times improved.

Friday we had a race among eight swimmers in the program. Vern Talbot and his son and Bill Foster with his were there to witness it. The elder Talbot and Foster, gold medalists in multiple Olympics head up the coaching program. We all did a hundred meters butterfly race followed a half hour later with a two-hundred meters freestyle. I took the butterfly race with Gary a close second and we reversed the order on the freestyle. Third place was a couple seconds back. All four times were personal bests for us though not near the Olympic and World records our audience held.

The four Olympians came by after to congratulate us and praise Heath on his coaching. It was deserved. At the start of the week our times would have placed us in the middle of the pack. In a few days with Heath we made real progress.

The older two left with Heath, leaving us with their sons.

“Keep up your training and you’ll be on the team with us for the World Aquatics Championships next year,” young Vern told us.

“That is our goal, Vern,” I told him as we donned our warmup suits.

“Call me Trey,” he told us. “All my friends do. Come with us.”

They walked us toward the gym and locker rooms. I figured they were going to fuck us. With all the sex we were getting amongst our training routine, I’d have been more surprised if they didn’t. We knew Bill and Trey were only fifteen years old. But they looked fully adult. Both were big guys. Bill was six-four and well muscled, not as big as out trainers, Dai and Kal, but big for a swimmer. Trey was about six-one and not as muscled as Bill but much more than Gary or I. Both had big bulges in their warmup suits. I figured Bill was almost as big as Dai or Kal and Trey must have over ten inches.

At the gym, Dai was working with one of our fellow swimmers on the leg press machine. Kal had just pulled out of fucking another who was recovering on a gym mat. Ten had one of the female swimmers on his massage table and was working on her shoulder and arm muscles as he straddled her hips with his cock deep in her cunt. There were a few others working out individually or in pairs and another pair having sex. It was pretty normal.

“Brother, Trey, we heard Roy and Gary won the races today so we were expecting you,” Kal said as he walked over to us. His big cock, still hard, was coated with some of the cum he’d deposited in his partner’s ass.

“Yes, they were well ahead of the others,” Bill told him. “How are they doing on the physical training program?”

“They both have added twenty pounds to their bench press in the week and we expect their progress will continue,” Kal reported. “Sexually it has been good too but you’ll obviously know that directly soon enough.”

“They are actually ahead of where we expected,” Ten said, having come over after giving the girl he was working on another strong orgasm. “Roy has a deep sensitive spot and has picked up some of Peng’s bottoming skills. Gary is good but not at Roy’s level. How is Gem?”

It felt a little weird to hear two guys that have fucked you discuss your sexual skills with two who were about to.

“You know. You call him every day but you should visit your brother more,” Bill said. “He’s practically part of our family and sleeps with Gavin and me whenever we don’t have guests. We are taking him with us in a few weeks to Gavin’s location shoot in Thailand but we haven’t told him yet. You can give him the news.”

“That’s great,” Ten said. “Gem knows all the best boys in Bangkok. You’ll have lots of fun.”

“We will,” Bill agreed. “But we got an invitation from a couple young princes to stay at the royal guest residence. Since we are openly gay, I expect we will be getting a lot of royal Thai ass to fuck. But there is always plenty of down time between takes and Gavin has a luxury motor home on location. I’ll ask Gem for some names. There are always plenty of go-for jobs on these location shoots.”

“Enough chat for now,” Trey said. “Our friends need to wash off the chlorine from the pool. We’ll fuck them in the showers.”

We went with them to the locker room. We started to head for our lockers but Bill and Trey said we could put our stuff in theirs until we were done. We were soon naked. Bill and Trey looked even more impressive without clothes. Bill had over thirteen inches and Trey was almost eleven.

Bill had a bottle of lube in his locker. I asked to borrow it and re-lubed my hole. We had prepped and lubed before the race but the water washed the lube away. Bill then let me slick up his big cock. It felt as powerful as the rest of him. I really wanted that thing inside of me.

They led us into the shower room. We had a small audience. Someone had turned on a couple spray heads along the far wall for us and we went there.

Ten was there watching with the girl he’d been fucking. Ten was behind her hugging her body and probably up her ass. She was really quite sexy, five-eight, red hair, pale skin with a few freckles, good firm breasts about a C-cup. She was still leaking Ten’s cum from her cunt. I thought her light skin and Ten’s deep tan color made an interesting contrast.

Bill positioned me leaning to the wall with my legs spread and got behind me. He fingered my hole for a couple minutes and probed inside. Then I felt him at my back door. He applied a little pressure and slipped in easily. He went right to work.

With a steady stroke he moved steadily deeper. When he hit my deep switch he triggered my first orgasm. I sprayed my cum on the wall. He gave me full-length strokes and built to his own release. He held me on the brink of shooting for a long time before jetting his juice in my gut and triggering my release.

He eased out of me. I turned around and leaned my back on the shower wall for support. I was happy but it had been a real workout. They swapped. It was Trey’s turn with me.

Trey picked me off the floor, holding me by my hips. I’m a well-muscled hundred-eighty pounds but he handled me as if I weighed twenty. He stepped in and lowered me onto his hard cock. The almost eleven inches slipped into my cum filled chute easily. I wrapped my legs about his waist. My back was still leaning on the wall.

Trey alternated moving me up and down on his pole and holding me steady while he thrusted in and out. I came twice in the next half hour before he added a hefty deposit to my already full gut and I shot again.

He pulled out of me and I unwrapped my legs and stood beside him. I was physically exhausted from an hour of nonstop sex but tried not to show it. Lots of cum was leaking from me as my ass was having trouble closing up after being stretch so wide for so long. I made the best of it by reaching behind and scooping a lot of it onto my fingers that I then licked clean.

“You boys did very good,” Bill told us. “We can get a little enthusiastic when our partners are particularly good but you handled it well. Let us get dressed and you can join us for dinner.”

We were joined for dinner by Dai, Kal and Ten. We had a big round table in the cafeteria. I was seated between Dai and Bill. It was somewhat intimidating to be sitting with five guys way bigger than us, all of whom have fucked us. They were all younger than we but it felt like we were the boys sitting with men and, I guess, that was true.

Bill praised my bottoming skills. Trey said Gary was good but not at my level. Dai and Kal thought it was excellent progress for our first week and said we should be ready to top soon. Ten said we should start our straight sex training too and Dai agreed. Gary said we were not virgins when we arrived. We’d had plenty of sex with girls. That got the guys laughing. Trey explained that if you can’t get a woman as sexually excited as you were when we fucked you, you have a lot to learn. But you have the best teachers he added.

The conversation then turned. Bill wanted Dai and Kal to compete in the next Olympics. He though Dai should take up decathlon and Kal do the throwing and strength events, javelin, shot put, discus and hammer. Dai could add pole vault, high jump and long jump if he wanted more medals. If they competed they could join Trey and he in the Olympic Village instead of staying at a hotel and watching from the stands.

They were interested in the idea. Then Dai brought up that since their dad was a Brazilian citizen when they were born, they could compete for Brazil. America has lots of medalists but they’d be gods to Brazil where their grandparents and a couple uncles still lived. It was assumed by everyone they’d win and that’s undoubtedly true after they master the technical skills.

We finished dinner but before we left Dai updated our badges to yellow dots. After we guys left we spotted two of the swimmers we defeated this afternoon and used our new status to have them for sex tonight. We topped them both. It was a nice change and we got to try some of the things that we had enjoyed as bottoms.

The next day there were races for the female elite swimmers. One of the winners was the sexy redhead that Ten was working on yesterday. The other was a very hot blond number. With all the gay sex we’d been having I certainly still reacted to the opposite sex.

The winners got congratulated by Trey and Bill. We figured we’d watch as we had been yesterday. We stopped when they entered the elite woman’s locker room.

“What are you waiting for?” Ten asked, coming up behind us and pushing the door open. “Several girls watched you yesterday.”

Inside the girls were getting out of their suits. Several waved to Ten. None were concerned with men in their locker room.

“Ten, you and your friends can use my locker,” said a shapely, brown-haired number, hanging up her suit.

“Thanks, Sue. These boys are Roy and Gary.”

“I know,” Sue stated. “I watched them get their reward yesterday. I was only two-tenths behind on the freestyle or I’d be getting fucked today. Ten can you come over this evening? Watching Viv and Lou will get me super hot. You can bring your friends too.”

“Sure,” Ten agreed, “I need to get them trained in straight sex.”

“If you get half as good as Ten you’ll have so many women begging for your cocks you won’t need men,” Sue advised.

I expect we’d still appreciate the variety in bisexuality. Though a woman couldn’t please my anal hot spots. Yet there was no denying that Sue and the other female swimmers were sexy. You’d have to be near a hundred percent gay to turn down the chance to get it on with one of them and we weren’t.

Today’s action was taking place on a couple air mattresses spread out on an open area of floor. I realized the mattresses were here for just this purpose, sex. Trey was fucking Viv, Vivian, the redhead Ten was with yesterday, missionary position. Lou was getting it from Bill Junior doggy style.

As I watched they both had an orgasm, then a second and a third. Lou lost muscle control. Her head slumped to the pad, her legs limply draped over the sides of Bill’s thick thighs as he supported her hips and continued fucking her. She had another orgasm.

I’d fucked plenty of girls but never had seen any react like these two, not even in porn. They were obviously in ecstasy. It was incredibly hot to watch.

Ten was fucking Sue up the ass while they both looked on. One of the other girls backed onto my hard cock and I started a slow stroke up her ass as I hugged her to me. I put one hand on her pussy. Her hand was already there playing with her clit. I pushed a couple fingers inside her. She was very wet. The girls on the mattresses had another orgasm and she joined them.

Now Trey and Bill were building to their own release. Their partners were delirious from the sensations. Ten minutes or so later they both shot. Cunts overflowed with the massive load as the girls squealed in a last orgasm. I pumped my cum into the ass of the girl I was holding as she came again.

Both pulled out and hugged their partners to their bodies. They were both exhausted and dazed, eyes wide but unfocused. These were trained athletes in peak condition. I knew why they laughed when we told them we’d had plenty of sex with girls.

It took a while but Viv and Lou recovered. First their eyes started to look around and their muscles firmed up as they regained control. First they turned to look into the eyes of the stud that fucked them. They didn’t say anything. I knew from experience when the sex is that good it is impossible to express what you feel in words to the person responsible. The boys just gave them a gentle kiss and helped them stand. Then they and everyone headed to the showers.

It was just before eight when there was a knock on our door and Ten let himself in. He was just wearing his sheer white mini gym shorts. The ones that let his skin color and cock show through. We were dressed in white gym shorts and tees but not see through.

“I see you’re ready,” Ten began. “You can lose the tops.” We did.

“When we enter the room go to Sue and her roommate, Dauphine, and kiss them. Roy, you have Sue and Gary, Dauphine. The kiss is important to establish your dominance and control. You’ve been on the receiving end when I’ve kissed you. I want you each to kiss me like you’ll kiss your girls. Your mouth must dominant hers. Push her pubic mound tight to your hard cock and roam your hands over her body, especially breasts and ass, to establish that no part of her is off limits to you.

We tried it with Ten. He remained passive.

“You both did good,” Ten reported. “Gary, be more aggressive with your hands and, both of you, use more strength. These are athletes you’ll be fucking. You won’t hurt them and they expect their men to be powerful. When Dai, Kal or I fuck them, we don’t hold back. You saw what it is suppose to be like. How close can you come to matching them?”

The night went well. I got Sue two orgasms on my first fuck. When Ten did her she had eight by my count. But, on our morning fuck, I got her to do five and I shot twice. Ten said he was satisfied with our progress but we needed more practice. Sue and Dauphine invited me back for Sunday night without a Gary. He was jealous but I accepted.

That night I managed to shoot three times, twice in Sue and once in Dauphine. But I got four orgasms out of Sue the first time and six the second. Dauphine had five. I did them both in the morning with another five for each.

I was running late so told them I needed to leave to get dressed for gym. They told me to stay. They had clothes in their closet for guys short on time. Sitting on the toilet in front of two naked girls was uncomfortable even though we’d had plenty of sex together. Then we showered and Sue used the hand wand on my ass to clean me out for the gay sex I’d get in the gym.

We had breakfast together in the cafeteria. Before we split, they to the pool and me to the gym, they invited me to stay over whenever I wanted. A week ago that would have been a dream come true but today I get great sex from guys too.

Next week I won both races, the fifty meter freestyle and a four hundred individual medley. That meant I got a double fuck. I had added another twenty pounds to my bench press and I was breaking my personal bests at all my distances. Sue also took one race and was a close second to Vivian in the other. She had her victory fuck from young Bill and I lost count of how many times she came. Of course, Ten fucking me up my ass while we watched made it hard to keep track.

That evening I was with Sue and Dauphine. We were resting on the bed after I had a round with each of them.

“I know I’m not Bill but I hope you enjoy my efforts,” I told Sue. “I get so much gay sex but I still enjoy a sexy woman.”

“Don’t sell yourself short,” Sue replied, turning to her side. “Bill, Dai, Kal and even Ten are super but you are almost in their league. I came five times just now.”

“Me too,” added Dauphine.

“Back at Michigan with my boyfriend, I’d be lucky to orgasm once while he had his fun,” Sue stated. “I can’t go back to that after this. I’d marry you in a heartbeat. But that’s for later. Will you be my boyfriend? I know you are bi. That’s okay. With everything going on this summer we will both have sex with lots of people. I get in on with Dauphine too and obviously share you with her.”

“To tell you the truth,” I started. “I like being fucked by the big studs here. I get to cum multiple times and it is a lot of fun and less pressure than with you ladies. But I don’t feel as close to any of the guys as I do with you. I’ll be your boyfriend. You really are already thinking of me as marriage material?”

“Yes, I totally understand. The sex here is amazing and so free,” Sue responded. “But having a special someone is important too. And I was serious about marriage eventually if things work out as I hope. One thing though. I promised Ten that when I married I’d have his kid first. I hope you are okay with that. We’ll have plenty of our own.”

“I promised him too,” added Dauphin. “So did Vivian.”

“I guess Ten is planning a big family,” I said. “He already had one on the way from Coach Heath’s wife. Ten is going to be with Dai and Kal. Once Dai and Kal turn eighteen they are going to do escorting. It seems to be a family tradition. Ten will be their houseboy and I think he will do some escorting too. I couldn’t afford what they expect to charge but I guess Ten will visit us or we him pretty often. I’m for it.”

The next week I won both my races again and my personal bests continued to improve. As a reward for consecutive double wins, Bill allowed me to top him. I did my best and got him to shoot twice before cumming again with me. I earned my green dot. That night Gary and I entertained all four Thai boys. We were white meat between two tanned bodies all evening. It was great.

Sue also won twice. One was unofficially an American record time. She asked if she could give one of her fucks to Dauphine and Trey fucked her but then did Sue after.

That night, as was now my usual routine, I was with Sue and Dauphine. We were relaxing after our initial round.

“I won’t be able to make it next Saturday,” I informed her. “Bill and his spouse, Gavin Richards, the movie star, are hosting a party at their place in the hills above Malibu. It’s guys only. All our male swimmers, Dai and the Thai boys and some of Gavin’s movie friends will be there.”

“We won’t be left out,”Sue said. “Ashley Simpson and Toshi Hamada are hosting a party for the female swimmers. Trey and his dad, Kal and some others will be there. I love our sessions but this should be a lot of fun too.”

The next weekend we took the club’s electrics to the party. The estate was gated and inside there were several cars already parked in the drive or adjacent grass. The door to the main house was propped open. We went in.

We were greeted by their Thai houseboy, Gem, Ten’s older brother. He was nude. Gem was about five-eight with a sleek, defined, swimmers build. Ten is more of a muscle-boy but Gem still looked powerful with sixteen-inch guns, muscled pectoral plates and cobblestone abdominal definition. He had an eight-inch cock that was already hard and poking out and slightly up.

He told us to put our clothes in bins arrayed by the entrance. Everyone was wearing the red and white warmup suits with nothing on underneath. We were soon naked and headed out to the back yard where the party had started.

The back had a panoramic view of the coast, up toward Santa Barbara and down to Los Angeles. You could see planes taking off from LAX, climbing over the ocean and turning toward their destinations. There was a half moon high in the sky providing some illumination and dim outside lights around the yard where a hedge gave some privacy without compromising the view. On the opposite side of the yard was a guest house, open with its lights on.

The fun had started. Dai was fucking Gavin on one of the lounge chairs. Young Bill was in action with someone I recognized. It was Antonio Rodriquez who plays an FBI agent in last season’s new hit procedural drama on CBS. I didn’t know he was gay.

Ten was helping a guy up from the air mattress they’d used for their sex. They went to get a drink. I joined them.

“Hi Roy,” Ten greeted me. “This is Jerry Evans. Jerry meet Roy Palmer. Roy is the top swimmer in our summer program.”

Ten handed Jerry a cold beer and got fruit juice for himself and me. I don’t use alcohol. It hurts performance both in the pool and in bed and, after a few weeks in the program, I don’t have any sexual inhibitions or anxiety that need loosening.

“Hi Jerry,” I greeted him. “You look familiar. You must be one of Gavin’s actor friends.”

“I had a number of supporting roles in movies and television,” Jerry said. “Next spring I’ll be one of three leads in a new HBO drama about three gay escort roommates. They will shoot ten episodes for season one. I have five sex scenes.”

“I wish you luck and hope it’s a hit,” I said. “No offense but you look a little small for an escort.” He had just over seven and only slightly above normal thickness.

“They have cock doubles for close-ups,” Jerry said. “One of the others is smaller than me. In action you can’t tell what we have. In four of my sex scenes, I top. In life though, I generally bottom.”

“I’m versatile. You can top me. Ten is a good teacher. He can give you some pointers on technique.”

I lay on the air mattress they had just left. There was a little pool of Ten’s cum that had overflowed Jerry’s ass between the rows of tubes. I used some for added lube around my hole. Jerry lifted my legs to his shoulders, pushed in and started a slow fuck stroke.

It was okay but nothing special. Ten gave him suggestions and had him pound me more aggressively. He became more verbal, telling me to take it as if he were fucking me with a lot more cock than he actually had. Was that part from his dialog on the show? He lasted about ten minutes before shooting. He pulled out and sprayed my torso with his cum.

We had an audience when we finished. Gem came by with a huge older Black stud. Ten made introductions. The big stud was Julio, dad to Dai and Kal. He was six-four, hugely muscled and had almost fourteen inches. He must be near forty but looked much younger. He had heard that I was the best swimmer in the summer program from Bill Senior, one of his wives, and Dai and Kal said I was a good fuck. That sounded like an opening and I suggested he should judge for himself and lay back on the mattress.

Julio pushed right in. He was huge but I’ve had his sons and they are even bigger. But they didn’t have their dad’s experience. I was instantly in heaven. I shot four times before he flooded my gut. I was a little disoriented as Julio finished and pulled out. Gem helped me stand.

Ten introduced Jerry to Julio and mentioned that Jerry would be playing an escort in a new series. Julio told him he just saw an escort, him, in action but he might like a more intimate demonstration. With that he just hugged Jerry to his muscled body and kissed him. That instantly brought out the submissive bottom boy that was Jerry’s true nature. Julio put him down on the mattress and gave him a real power fuck. Twenty minutes later, Jerry lay senseless and covered in his own spewed cum.

Julio moved on, leaving me with Gem and Ten. They looked at each other and decided something between themselves without words as brothers can. They moved me to a free mattress and Gem lay down. Ten maneuvered me to straddle Gem’s hips and sit down on his eight-inch pole, facing Gem’s feet. It slipped in easily. Then Ten got in front of me and raised my legs to his shoulders as I lay back on Gem. I felt his tip touch me where his brother entered me. He pushed at the juncture and slowly my flesh gave way. He eased inside me beside Gem.

I never had two cocks inside my ass at the same time before. Each of the Thai brothers was fairly thick. Together they were thicker than anyone I’d had before and I’d had some really thick ones. But it felt a lot different than a single cock. First, the paired poles weren’t round and my hole couldn’t seal properly so I felt the big load I got from Julio leaking out. Second, there were two crowns and two independent motions, so I got stimulated in many spots in an unpredictable fashion.

Initially, Gem stayed still as Ten stroked his crown along the bottom part of Gem and across my prostate. A few minutes of that and I shot. He took that time to push in deep. Ten is ten-inches so a couple more than his older brother. I could feel it when the two tips passed each other.

They both started stroking me. Sometimes they moved together and sometimes in opposite directions. I would lose track of who was where until my deep spot was triggered. Only Ten was long enough to reach it.

I shot my cum again and again. Ten eventually had me bent double with my ankles beside my head. He started fast, full-length strokes up my gut as his brother stayed still. A few minutes of that and he made a final plunge. Both brothers’ cocks jetted their juices inside me as I came again.

We rested in the afterglow. I moved my legs to wrap Ten’s waist to hold him inside me. Both their poles were still twitching in my gut, putting out the final small spurts of sperm. I could feel some of it leaking down my crack.

Ten lowered his head beside mine and kissed his brother beneath me. I turned my head and watched as their tongues played with each other. They both turned a little toward me and we made it a three-way. It started with us licking each other in the middle but soon the dominant Thais were both inside my mouth, shoving my tongue this way and that.

As we kissed Ten had started to flex his hips, moving his cock inside me. They broke the kiss and treated me to a second round of double fucking. It was as good as our first. When we finally untangled we were smeared with cum. Ten and I had my stuff smeared over most of our torsos while Gem’s groin and thighs were soaked with all the seed that leaked from my ass.

Gem directed us to an outdoor shower pillar set in the middle of a circular concrete pad. It had three heads, two already in use. We shared the third and soon were cum free though I was still leaking a little.

Gem left to take care of his duties and see that the food set out was replenished and to wash some of the used towels. I told Ten that I thought his brother is hot. Ten agreed and told me he plans to breed him with Coach Heath’s wife about a year after his son is born. The siblings, hopefully brothers, would then have the same age difference but Ten’s would be the older one.

I have an older brother too. He is three years my senior and in law school. He swam for UCLA too but I beat his times even before this summer. He was always bossing me around but that is going to change.

I had several other encounters into the evening. But best was being invited to sleep with young Bill and Gavin in their bed for overnight. As Bill fucked me, I fucked Gavin. It would be difficult to say what was best, Bill’s expert fuck or the fact that I was fucking one of the biggest stars in Hollywood.

It was a great party. After that, my times continued to improve until I was in territory only a Talbot or Foster had exceeded. I was no threat to Bill or Trey but I could beat everyone else. Sue also moved to near world record pace in her events.

It meant we got a lot of attention both in training and sexual. My bench press got up to three-eighty. Our gym sessions always wrapped up with a fuck by Dai or Kal. Then after our pool training in the afternoon, Ten would have us both on adjacent massage tables, relaxing our muscles before depositing his sperm in my ass and Sue’s cunt.

For Labor Day weekend Sue and I were invited to spend it at Dai and Kal’s Malibu beach home. That Tuesday our program would conclude but we were offered membership in the aquatic club. Membership is by invitation only and we both accepted.

Sue transferred from Michigan to UCLA where she was given a swimming scholarship. Coach Heath arranged it with my coach at UCLA and they were eager to get her when they learned her times. We will share a room in the athletic dorm but we also will have a room at the club’s complex. Until school starts we are going to stay with my family in Mission Viejo.

Friday afternoon there was a farewell party for the summer program invitees. There was food and beverages but mostly it was a last chance to have sex with those you might not see for a while. I made a point to do Gary, Dauphine and Coach Heath. When the party ended and everyone was splitting up into small groups for a final night, we grabbed a quick shower and met Dai and Kal for the trip to Malibu.

They had a new Mercedes SUV. Bill drove with Trey in the passenger seat. We rode in the second row sitting on the laps of Dai and Kal. We all had club warmup suits but ours were pushed down to let the big cocks up my ass and Sue’s cunt. None of the boys were actually old enough to drive but they’d been driving for a couple years already. They weren’t old enough to have sex either but they’d been doing that even longer. We got in a few orgasms on the short trip as Dai and Kal timed their release to just prior to our arrival.

They pulled into the middle slot in a three-car garage. There were a couple cars parked just outside on the short driveway. The boys pulled our warmup suit bottoms off before we got out. Sue and I leaked their cum as we walked into the house. Everyone stripped off completely in the laundry slash mud room that attached to the garage. Nude we were herded into the main living area.

Julio, Bill Senior, Tia Nguyen, brother, Taddeo, and sister, Tien, Kal’s older brother, Kyle, and Bill’s wife, Gavin, were already there and nude like we were. We had met all of them before at various times over the summer but I’d only had sex with Julio and Gavin.

Taddeo was a slightly smaller version of Dai and Kal. He was six-three and had big muscles but he didn’t have the blocky bodybuilder look. He was sleeker with a smaller waist giving a dramatic v-shape. He had thirteen inches. He had more of a caramel skin tone, lighter than his brothers and his face, especially his eyes, gave a somewhat Asian look.

Kyle was about five-ten, smaller and, at nineteen, older than his half-brother, Kal. He had an athletic build but nothing like Kal. He had a nice eight-inch cock. He was comfortable being around the younger but bigger boys, sexually and physically far superior.

Tia and Tien were both stunningly beautiful and sexy. Tien, only thirteen, was already five-eight and taller than her mother. Both could be models. Tia was in her early thirties but looked younger while Tien looked like she was in her late teens. Being naked with a group of big men was nothing new to them and I figured they’d had sex with all of them.

“Welcome, Roy and Sue,” Bill Senior greeted us. “I have been following your progress all summer and am very pleased with the results. Roy your times put you equal or better to any male swimmer except for the Talbots and Fosters. Sue you are only a few hundredths from world records in several events. The party this weekend is to celebrate your progress.”

“Before we get started we have something for you,” Bill Junior said. “I have a glass of milk for each of you. This is some of Mom’s milk we froze and stored. It is very potent. We were raised on it as infants but just one glass can have a dramatic effect. Drink up.”

He handed each of us a glass. It looked like normal milk. We drank. It tasted like milk. A couple minutes after my body tingled and I told them I felt hungry. I was given a big glass of a protein drink. Sue was given the same. We drank the glass and had a few more before the hunger went away.

I had a chance to see the results. Sue was Sue but sexier. Her breasts were only a little bigger but much firmer. Her whole body was like that, no big muscles but everything was firmer and she said she felt stronger.

I had definitely gained some muscle mass and lost almost all my body fat. I was shredded. I also felt stronger, way stronger. The other big change was my cock. It was now nine inches. It all happened in less than half an hour.

“You definitely got full benefit from the milk,” Dai said. “Roy you should be able to bench about five-fifty and even you, Sue, should do about three-twenty. But don’t get cocky. Kyle can match you and my brothers and I easily double you and Mom and Tien can double Sue. So be respectful when you fuck my little sister, Roy. She is stronger than you and is not shy about demonstrating it on any cock inside her.”

Everyone laughed. I did notice Dai said when I fuck his little sister, not if. But Bill Senior had a hand about my very muscled waist and I expected he was planning on starting me off. It looked like a Julio and Tia had dibs on Sue.

“We have six bedrooms,” Bill Senior said, leading me upstairs. “One suite is for Julio, Tia and I and the kids each have one. This one is nominally a guest room though where guests sleep usually depends on who they are with at the time they are exhausted. Even when it is just family anyone could be in any room.”

“I’m not surprised, having plenty of experience with your kids at the club,” I told him. “I’ve never been in such a free and open sexual environment. It took me by surprise but I love the freedom and they’re very good. I never imagined sex like that.”

“Yes, the kids are really good,” Bill said as we entered a suite with an expansive ocean view. “Dai, Kal and Taddeo plan to escort when they turn eighteen like their dad and uncle, at least for a while. Julio has trained them very well and Tia, Tien and I assist in the training sessions. Junior won’t escort but he has had the training.”

“You know sir,” I began. “You have been a hero of mine since I was just starting swimming at four years old. I have that poster of Talbot, Hamada and you with your medals from Tokyo. It is still in my room at home.”

“Do you ever beat off looking at it?” He asked. I blushed. “I guess that is a yes.”

“Now I get to be fucked by my hero,” I said.

“How about you fuck me,” he suggested. “You have a newly grown cock and a new strong muscled body. Let us see what they can do. I always enjoy a good fucking and the kids say you are pretty good.”

He got on his back with his ass at the side of the bed and lifted his legs, holding them too his muscled chest with his hands inside the knees. His big cock was flat to his abs. The tip extended past his naval. I couldn’t believe I was going to fuck my hero but my cock could; it was hard and leaking.

I got on my knees and held his ass in my hands. His crack was clean and hairless. The hole was a little red and had a drop of cum in the center from earlier sex. I licked the crack and then concentrated on his hole. The cum at the entrance was fresh. There was plenty more inside when I pushed my tongue through the ring. It was obviously an experienced hole. I pulled my tongue out and licked his balls and along his long pole to the tip where I dipped it into the little pool of pre in the valley between his abdominal muscles.

I moved back and put my now bigger cock in position. It felt harder and stiffer than I’d remembered as I pushed against his hole. It eased in slowly, all nine inches. I started to stroke him. I watched his reaction until I felt I was at the optimum position. I sped up and got him to shoot a few minutes later. His gut clamped down on me and I had to hold still until his orgasm ended and he relaxed. I almost shot myself but managed to hold off. His internal vice grip on me actually helped keep me from triggering too soon.

I resumed my fuck stroke. I varied my pace to keep Bill just short of exploding while I moved to my own release. I kept going for almost fifteen minutes before I did a last few quick, hard thrusts to push me over the edge. I plunged in to the max and shot my seed. It brought Bill to another climax. He clamped down on me but I was already all in and spewing my cum.

I stayed inside as we eased down from our sexual high. I scooped up some of the cum he’d shot on my fingers and fed it to him, sampling some myself.

I was still rock hard. I usually soften a little after a good cum. Maybe it’s an effect from the drink. Anyway, I started a slow fuck stroke, built us both to another peak until we shot again. I eased out.

Bill surprised me. He grabbed me by my waist and flipped me to my back. He was so strong. Before I realized it he was in me to the hilt and really pounding me with full length strokes from a cock well over a foot long. It was great. I shot twice before he seeded my gut.

“You were great,” I told him as we recovered laying on our backs on the big bed. “I wish I were as good a fucker as you.”

“Thanks for the compliment,” Bill told me. “I’m mostly a bottom. Julio, Dai, Kal and my son are way better than me. But you are pretty good yourself. Getting fucked regularly by Dai, Kal and such you think you don’t have their skills. But once out in the normal world you will come into your own. Now you had better move on to your next fucker. I’ll see you again.”

I hoped he was right. I got up and left the room. Kyle was outside waiting in a chair in the common area shared by all the bedrooms.

“Roy, great,” Kyle greeted me. “I was been waiting for you. Kal and I have you next.”

Kyle was Kal’s older brother, now nineteen. He was five-ten with an athletic body and decent muscles. Arms were about sixteen inches and his waist was very slim, about twenty-eight, with well defined abdominals. He had good pecs, shoulders and traps, giving a good v-shape. He had a trimmed, small triangle of pubic hair above an eight-and-a-half inch cock, slightly thicker than average. He was deeply tanned with no tan line, much like Bill Junior.

“I’m all yours,” I replied.

He led me to one of the other bedroom. Kal was there, nude, sitting in a comfortable chair, looking at a tablet.

“Edwardo, I’ve got to go now,” Kal said to the tablet. “Our guest is here.”

“Let me see him,” came from the speaker on the tablet. Kal pressed the screen and pointed the camera on the back in our direction. “He looks like a lot of fun, cousin. He is. Roy, come here and say hello to my cousin, Edwardo, in Rio.”

I went and knelt beside his chair. On the screen was a muscular Black male, late teens or early twenties. He was shirtless. Kal adjusted the angle until my face was on the outgoing feed.

“Hello, Edwardo,” I said.

“He looks even better up close,” Edwardo said. “Would you like a ride on this?” The image shifted to show his erect cock. It wasn’t as big as Kal’s but still it looked over a foot long.

“Sure,” I replied. “If you are as good as Kal it would be literally my pleasure.”

“I am,” he assured me. “I normally charge 5000 Reals an hour and have plenty of bookings each week from those that appreciate quality service. But for friends of my young cousins, the first two hours are free.”

He ended the call.

“He was joking,” Kal said. “Those are his normal rates but you would be free for your whole visit. Have a seat. You are still breathing hard from Bill. Kyle, get Roy a cool drink and some dinner.”

I sat in a chair matching Kal’s as Kyle went on his errand.

“Dai and I were very happy with your progress over the summer,” Kal said. “Physically and sexually you have become a real man. You probably don’t realize what that will mean. Here, with us, you naturally assume a submissive role as you recognize, properly, that we, Dai, Ten, I and others are your sexual superiors. But once you are in the outside world you will find that others react to you as you do to us and you will casually dominate them in normal encounters and sexually.”

“Bill Senior said much the same to me a few minutes ago,” I reported.

Kyle returned with food and drink for everyone. Three covered dishes and a pitcher of fruit punch. He put the dishes down and poured drinks using glasses from a small wet bar in the room. The meal was a stuffed chicken breast, potatoes and a salad. It was good.

“We usually order in from one of several local fine dining restaurants that provide delivery service,” Kyle told me.

“Take Kyle for example,” Kal said, continuing our previous discussion. “He’s nineteen but by the time Dai and I were four and he eight we treated him as our little brother.”

“Well, I am,” Kyle said. “It is not age. By four they were much stronger than I and already getting sex from older boys and girls. They were smart too and confident. I just naturally followed them and they took care of me. Julio had forbidden them from sex with young boys or girls but, I guess, everyone knew I’d be an exception.”

“Kyle is being modest,” Kal said. “He enjoyed our games even though they always ended with a cock in his ass, mouth or both. But we taught him to be a man. For the first years he attended our private school at the aquatic club but he was shifted to an elite private school in Santa Monica for grades eight through twelve.”

“Elite is right,” Kyle said. “Over forty thousand a year. But what a change. I was physically stronger and more athletic than even the top senior boys and had much more experience sexually, both gay and straight. They didn’t know why but they reacted to me as their superior and I was. Even the teachers and coaches could sense I was special. I had my pick. After I had fucked a few boys and girls word spread and I’d have kids trying to arrange a way to have sex with me.”

“By Winter Break in ninth grade, Kyle had as boyfriend, the senior quarterback, and girlfriend the, head cheerleader,” Kal told me.

“Yes, it was pretty cool,” Kyle said. “I loved being dominant after years of submission. I sort of went overboard. I’d join the football team after practice or a game and fuck my guy in the showers and then do some of his teammates and the cheerleaders would have parties where I was the only boy. If I were horny during class I’d just call a guy over to suck me off under my desk while the teacher pretended not to notice.”

“He brings them home sometimes. Not here but our home with mother and father in Santa Monica,” Kal said. “So, I’ve fucked them. A few I’ve invited to fuck our parents.”

“Your parents?” I questioned.

“Not Julio obviously but my mom and Kyle’s mom and dad,” Kal said. “I’ve been the man of our house since I was seven and make all the decisions. Father knew I was more man than he from an early age but once I started to bring guys home for sex it was necessary to officially take charge. He can concentrate on his gay side while I and, now, Kyle keep them both satisfied.”

“Of course, I visit my friends homes too,” Kyle added. “When I meet their families, I make it clear what we’ll be doing. Then I make the sex as noisy as possible. Knowing they are hearing the moans and screams in orgasm of a son or daughter is a kind of power trip for me. After that I will usually do a brother or sister if one is interesting or a parent if they are sexy enough.”

“I haven’t been home since I started here in June,” I said. “I only live a short way in Mission Viejo. I’m bringing Sue home with me on Tuesday and we’ll stay until UCLA starts. I have an older brother and friends at home and obviously wonder how the changes in me will affect things. Kyle are you going to college?”

“Kyle is starting USC in a couple weeks. His latest boyfriend got a football scholarship and his girlfriend will join the cheerleaders there,” Kal answered for Kyle.

“It won’t take you long to see that everyone at home reacts differently to you,” Kyle added. “When I go to a new place where no one knows me, I see it all the time. I went with my boyfriend to his tryout at USC. They had several prospects and a number of their regulars to run the new guys through workouts and football drills. I introduced myself and it was clear from our body language that my boyfriend, their prospect, was subordinate. I was a better athlete than anyone on the field. They even asked me to tryout. I humored them by throwing a few eighty yard spirals right into the hands of my boyfriend running at full speed. After that they wanted me but I told them I get physical in other ways and they knew what I meant. But my boy got his scholarship. They’ll make him a wide receiver even though he was our quarterback. I think they still hope to recruit me.”

“Why not do it?” I asked. “I heard they want Dai to do decathlon and Kal the field events in the next Olympics. Why not have football as your way to emerge from the shadows? Take USC to a national title and you’ll be a god on campus and, given the relative popularity of football to track, by the time the Olympics kick off, Kal will be your little brother again.”

“Well, Kyle will always know I’m the big brother,” Kal stated. “Especially when my cock is up his ass. But it is a good idea.”

“Their season actually starts tomorrow but there are a couple easy games before the first PAC-12 game. I’ll go in Tuesday.”

“If you start the game in two weeks, you can fuck me,” Kal offered.

“With that as an incentive, count on it,” Kyle said.

“Don’t tell anyone it was my idea,” I told them. “If you do, I won’t have any friends at UCLA.”

We had finished our meal and it was time to get down to business. That meant the brothers spit roasting me, first with Kyle in my ass and then the thicker and longer Kal.

It was the start of a fun weekend. We took a break Saturday afternoon to watch USC beat Boise State rather easily up in Idaho. Kyle’s boyfriend caught two passes for thirty yards but didn’t get in the game until the second half when it was well under control. Ten and Gem stopped by on Sunday and both fucked Sue and I.

Monday we did some surfing just in front of the house. Only Kyle wore a wetsuit. The others said the cold water didn’t bother them. I was able to borrow one from Kyle that I could squeeze into. The waves were in the four foot range and I had a few decent rides. The kids, all of them including Kyle, were really good.

After surfing we had sex on their deck. Dai claimed me for overnight. In the morning before breakfast in the Master Suite, Julio did Sue while I fucked Senior and Tia. Julio gave Sue the full treatment. I had to carry her down to breakfast and feed her as she was too disoriented from too many orgasms too quickly to do anything for herself. By the end of the meal she had mostly recovered.

We got a ride back to the club with Dai and Kal. Dai drove the Mercedes SUV. We had Sue, still recovering, in the front passenger seat while Kal gave me a final fuck in the second row. A couple hours later, after goodbyes and cleaning out our rooms we were in my car headed south on the Five Freeway.

We stopped just short of my home to get ready. We were wearing our warmup suits in the red and white club colors. We both stripped off our tops. We had Lycra muscle tees on beneath that showed my every muscle and Sue’s had a scoop neck revealing lots of cleavage. As a final touch I rubbed her nipples until they were hard and trying to poke through the thin material of her top.

We have a nice house on a quiet street with a big fenced back yard and a pool. I keyed open the garage. The three spots were full so I parked on the side of the driveway. We got out, leaving our stuff in the trunk, and entered via the garage. Our main living area is open plan and Mom, Dad and my older brother, Brian, were there, alerted to our arrival by the sound of the garage opening. They got up when they saw us.

“We missed you,” Mom said. “But you look good.”

“This is Sue Anderson, my girlfriend and a fellow swimmer in my program,” I said introducing her. “She transferred to UCLA. She’ll be staying in my room for her visit and rooming with me in the athletic dorm at school.” I got that out of the way. “Sue, this is my dad, Ray, my mom, Carol, and my brother, Brian. Brian used to be my big brother but, as you can see, that is no longer the case.”

As I said that I went to Brian and hugged him about his waist giving him a taste of how much stronger I was now. He was an inch taller than I but I had much more muscle and, while his cock used to be a fraction longer, I now had him by an inch and was thicker too.

“I’m pleased to meet you,” Sue said. “You have a lovely home and I’m sure I’ll enjoy my stay. I want to apologize in advance if my noises disturb you. I get pretty loud when Roy fucks me. After multiple orgasms I tend to lose control.”

We hadn’t discussed that ahead of time but I was glad she got that out. We were not going to pretend we weren’t sexual and the others need to accept that. But it was interesting to see my family react. We told them and they accepted. Without quite realizing it, they submitted to our dominance. We were told it would happen but seeing it unfold was a revelation.

My older brother especially. I still had my hand about his waist. Initially he resisted the contact but when I demonstrated some of my strength he relaxed. Now he was letting me control his movements with gentle pressure. I used the tips of my fingers to stroke his firm abdominals. He looked down to see what I was doing but made no move to stop me or pull away.

“I want to show Sue our room,” I told everybody. “Dad, get our stuff from the trunk and bring it up.”

I just gave my father an order and he accepted it, acknowledging my dominance. We headed upstairs and I was taking Brian with me. We entered my room.

My room was a decent size with a queen bed, dresser, desk and a big chair by the window that looks out over the back yard and our lap pool. I share a bathroom with Brian and there is a walk-in closet that serves both of us.

Once in the room I began to strip my brother’s clothes, starting by unbuckling his belt. He passively let me.

“I want to watch you fuck your brother,” Sue said, stripping her top.

“I have to do a good job to impress my girl,” I told my brother. I had his pants off. He was hard in his white briefs. “From now on I your nickname will be Bree. It’s a girl’s name to remind you of your role with me.”

I pulled off his briefs. His cock popped out horizontal from his body.

“Take off your shirt,” I told him and he did while I stepped out of my clothes.

I held him to me with an arm about his waist again. We stood naked, side by side. He had nice muscular development. My muscles were bigger and I was shredded where every muscle stood out clearly defined and pulsing veins crossed my biceps. His cock, at over eight inches was nice. Mine, at nine, was longer and thicker and stood straight up against my abs. It was already bubbling pre-cum at the tip. He was just staring at it.

But it wasn’t the physical contrast that was affecting him. I could sense my superiority just as I could with the guys at the club.

“Bree, tell me you want me to fuck you,” I told him.

“I want you to fuck me, Roy,” he said automatically.

“Bree, you are to call me, Mr. Palmer or sir,” I told him. “And my girl is Miss Anderson. But you are not to speak to her unless she addresses you first. If she tells you to do something you will obey her as you would me. You understand?”

“Yes, Mr. Palmer,” he replied.

“Good,” I said. “Have you ever been fucked before?”

“No, sir. Once I let a teammate suck my cock.”

“When was the last time you took a dump?”

“This morning, sir.”

There was a knock on the door. It must be our stuff. I said, “Come in.”

It was Dad carrying three bags and Mom with the last one. I think it was pretty clear what we were going to do. They looked at all our naked forms but I got most of the attention. Mom blushed from the reaction of sexual attraction to her son and Dad focused on my hard cock. I had them drop the bags and told them we’d be down after we were done.

They left and I got back to business with my brother.

“Go to the bathroom and see if you can poop more out. Then shower. Use the hand spray to squirt water up inside and repeat until what runs out is clear. Then scrub thoroughly including your crack and hole. We will wait here.”

He left us.

“Are you going to fuck your parents?” Sue asked.

“Probably,” I answered. “I think I’ll wait until they ask me to though. I want them to understand they desire me and I didn’t seduce or force them.”

“You won’t have a long wait,” Sue observed. “On Winter Break I’m going to take you to my home to meet my family. I have a brother, two years younger. He’s kind of sexy. You’ll love his tight butt and I want you to teach him how to fuck a girl properly.”

“Sure,” I agreed.

My brother returned, freshly showered. I got a bottle of lube from my duffle.

“I want you to do that every morning and after you poop so you will be ready to serve me when I need you,” I told him. “This is lube to make your hole slick and ease my entry. Put some on your hole and my cock.”

I handed him the bottle and he did as directed. He spent more time on my cock than was actually needed, just feeling how hard and firm it was. I put him on his back at the edge of my bed and used a couple pillows under his ass to get a little extra height. I had him hold his knees to his chest and got into position behind him.

I put the tip of my cock at his hole and pressed with light pressure to hold it in place. I looked at my brother. He was looking up at me. The expression on his face seemed to alternate between nervous fear and expectation. His cock was hard.

I applied more pressure and his flesh started to yield to me. My crown popped in and I eased in some shaft until I felt his prostate. I started slowly stroking him with just the first half of my cock, concentrating on stimulating his prostate. I could see he was liking it. He reached to stroke his cock but I brushed his hand away.

I brought him off quickly with my prostate work. He started to relax after the orgasm but I just kept stroking and working deeper into his virgin ass. He got hard again quickly. This time I kept him right at the edge of shooting. He was moaning loudly each time I bottomed out a little deeper. He started begging me to let him cum. I didn’t until I had all nine inches into him. Then I triggered him again. His scream easily was heard all over the house.

I didn’t give him a break as I pounded him with full-length strokes, fast and hard, building to my own release. He was hard again after cumming twice. He was overwhelmed by what he was feeling, sweating and confused. I took my time, pounding him for another fifteen minutes before I flooded his gut with my sperm. He shot again.

I stayed motionless, still in him to the hilt, and let him recover. It took a while.

“Bree?” I called his name when I thought he was aware again.

“Yes, sir,” he replied, recognizing his name and addressing me properly.

“You will have lots more fun using your pussy to please guys than you ever got from your cock.”

“Yes, sir, you are right,” he agreed. “That was amazing.”

“It was,” Sue agreed. “I can hardly wait to watch you do my brother.”

“Me neither,” I told her. “But I won’t turn him into a pussy boy, just a sex buddy who will share you. But my brother only wants cock from now on.”

“Yes sir. Will you fuck me some more, please, sir.”

And I did for two more orgasms of his and one of mine. Then we let him watch as I fucked Sue. I gave her five orgasms before I shot into her cunt. She was as loud as usual by orgasm three.

That was the start of a fun visit. I brought Sue to Marguerite Aquatics Complex to sign her up with the Nadadores. When she swam for the coaches she set unofficial world records. It was her first swim since we’d had our milk. My times wouldn’t beat Trey or Bill but they blew away anyone else and were way better than my times last week. They waived the usual fees, more than happy to have future medal winner on a team with a long line of them.

The club in Santa Monica doesn’t do any domestic meets but focuses on preparing swimmers for international competition.

Sue’s younger brother, Paul, turned out to be quite a little stud. The next year he started UCLA so he could be with us and I share Sue with him. He still loves my cock up his ass but he has plenty of guys he tops regularly too. We took him out to the club when we trained there over Thanksgiving and turned him over to the four Thai cousins for a night. Then he was passed around among the elite swimmers for the rest of the weekend.

At the Olympic in Tel Aviv Sue was the big star for the female swimmers, taking eight golds, five in world record time. Dauphine, who returned and won the summer program the year after us took five. I got three gold and five silver. All my gold were in relays as Trey and Bill Junior dominated. We had a big group for the medal photo. Trey and Bill are in the center with Sue and Dauphine to the right and me behind and between them. On the left are the divers, Toshi, Ashley and son, Tatsuo.

Dai took the decathlon and Kal got gold in javelin, discus, shot put and hammer throw. They did compete for Brazil. I got to meet Cousin Edwardo, who flew to Israel to cheer them on. I was glad my swimming was over for the games when we got together because it took me a day to recover from his fuck. It took Sue even longer.

Sue and I got married after the games. Endorsements and personal appearances give us a nice income. Sue took time away from swimming to start a family. In a couple months she’ll have a son fathered by Ten as she promised. Then we’ll have one together.

Dai and Kal were over eighteen so, after the Olympics, they started escorting. They bought an oceanfront house in Malibu about a mile north of the other house. Ten went with them as their houseboy but Ten does some escorting when the guys have special requests. They don’t actually need the money they earn. Apparently they have investments that have them independently wealthy. They invited Sue and I over for a weekend. It was a lot of fun even though Sue could only take a big cock in her ass because of her condition. Ten told me they would charge a client a quarter million for a weekend party with the three of them and, even at that price already have six weekends booked. If you have the money, I’d say it’s worth it.

Kyle did start the first PAC-12 game as quarterback for USC. He threw three touchdown passes to his boyfriend, one for eighty yards. By the second half the coach told him to take more time and let the defense rest. They went on to the National Championship, the first of what should be, after this season, four. He could have gone pro at any time but was in no hurry. He’ll be in the NFL next season and surely break all quarterback records.

Julio offered Sue and I jobs with his company. The hours are flexible to allow time for our training and the pay and benefits are generous. An even dozen national team swimmers work there. But they are real jobs. I’m in project management for a new gas and oil field discovery we are ramping up production. We have an international workforce, eighty percent male and a hundred percent hot. There are enough bi guys, like me, to keep the ladies happy.

It’s a good life and it all goes back to my summer a few years ago.

Part 3

The surfing was good. A storm out in the Pacific had kicked up some nice waves and I was out just after sunrise to enjoy a couple hours at my favorite sport before hitting the books.

I’m Alvin Flores, mixed White, Filipino from Hawaii where mon and dad are both lawyers. I’m here in Malibu at Pepperdine, a 2L in the Caruso School of Law. I’m near the top of my class. I found law easy, maybe because of my background. Anyway it is good to relax on occasion and surfing is a lifelong love of mine. The California water is a lot colder than Hawaii and I wore a wetsuit for warmth.

This early I had the waves to myself. I finished a series of good rides and headed to the beach. I grabbed a drink of water from my bottle and was looking out to the surf, evaluating the conditions. The waves seemed to have dropped off a little as the sun rose higher.

“That was pretty impressive,” I heard from behind me.

I turned toward the sound. It was a young Asian, Thai or Malaysian was my guess based on his deep tan tone. He was my height, about five-eleven but more muscular. He only wore gym shorts that conformed tightly to his body. I couldn’t help but notice he had a big bulge in them.

“I’m called, Ten,” the new arrival said.

“I’m Alvin, Alvin Flores,” I replied, jerking up from where I was looking to look at his face. “I’m a second year law student at Pepperdine but from Hawaii. I’ve been surfing all my life.”

Ten was smiling. I suppose he was used to being check out. You don’t wear such tight shorts without intending to advertise your assets.

“I surf too,” Ten said. “Living here next to the ocean it would be a crime not to. My friends taught me but I’m not at your level. It looks like you are taking a break. I came to invite you to relax on our deck, maybe get some breakfast. You were surfing just in front of where I live. It is a public beach but we don’t get many visitors in this area.”

“Sure. Thank you,” I replied. “I could use a break and it seems the surf is less interesting now.”

I grabbed my board and bag and he led the way to a nice beachfront house next to my surfing spot. They had a rack with a few boards by the steps to their deck and I put my board there. The deck was nicely equipped with an outdoor kitchen, hot tub and lounge chairs. I dropped my bag by the steps.

“Why don’t you start with a shower and wash off the salt,” he said, pointing to the shower set on the house’s wall.

I stripped my wetsuit and carried it with me to rinse under the shower. I turned on the water to a nice warm setting and stepped into the spray. I started with my suit.

“I’ll hang that for you,” Ten said.

I handed the suit to him and started soaping my body. Ten returned after his task and just stepped under the spray with me. He took the soap from me.

“Let me give you a hand,” he suggested and started soaping my body.

I just let him. He started by soaping my back. Then he reached around my sides to soap my front. I don’t know why I was letting him do this. He had his hands all over my torso, rubbing suds on my muscles. He pulled me to his body and I felt the bulge in his shorts press to my ass. I instinctively pushed my hips forward when I felt the contact but he pulled me back quite easily. I knew he was more muscular than I but his strength was much more than I was expecting even so.

He turned me around so I was facing him. The water had made his skimpy shorts almost transparent. I could see his cock through them. The shaft had a couple thick veins running over its surface. It was long and thick. The foreskin was only partly retracted over the tip so I figured it was not yet fully hard. I have a decent sized cock, seven and a half. His was already at least an inch more and thicker too.

“It is really nice when it gets hard,” Ten said. “My shorts aren’t really hiding anything so I might as well lose them.”

He pushed them to the deck and kicked them out of the way. His hands went to my swim trunks.

“Let’s see what you have.” He pulled mine down. “Not bad,” was his comment on my now hard cock.

“What are you doing?” I finally got the nerve to ask. “You invited me for breakfast.”

“I invited you to relax and have breakfast,” he retorted. “I find sex very relaxing. Don’t you? And I’ll make you breakfast afterwards.”

“You don’t even know if I’m gay,” I said.

“I don’t care if you’re gay or not,” Ten said. “You’ve been lusting after my cock since you first saw the bulge in my shorts. It wasn’t hunger for breakfast that got you to come with me. But that is your issue, not mine. If I want to fuck someone, male or female, I just do it. Just like you will, they’ll let me and be glad they did afterwards.”

I knew he was right. I was going to let this guy I’d just met fuck me. My mind was still struggling with that fact but my body had already surrendered. My cock was throbbing and starting to put out pre-cum. His hands were all over me. He pulled me to him again. Our fronts pressed together and his hands slipped around my back. He had his fingers in my crack, soaping it throughly and rinsing it off with a hand spray.

I didn’t say a word when he put a finger tip through my ring, then two. He directed the water up inside. He didn’t want to put that big piece of his in a dirty hole.

“I’m a law student at Pepperdine. I know the law. If I tell you to stop and you don’t, it’s rape. You’d be in big trouble.”

“Are you telling me to stop?”

“No. It was a hypothetical. Would you stop if I asked you to?”

“Well hypothetically, if I didn’t stop, it would only be rape if you felt unhappy after I’d fucked you. That has never happened with me, ever, and we’re talking hundreds of partners.”

“Hundreds? Oh,” I muttered.

I’d had maybe fifteen including a gay friend I let blow me once. He looked a few years younger than me but claims hundreds. But, when he said it, I knew it was true. It was just that he was so confident and assured, I just let him do as he wanted.

Ten turned off the water and grabbed a big towel from a nearby bin and dried us both. My abs and his were smeared with the juices we leaked when pressed together. He didn’t wipe that area. We were both hard. Mine was sticking out horizontal but his was pointed to the sky, the tip reached his naval.

He moved me to one of the loungers and laid me down on it. The back was tilted up about twenty degrees. He got behind me and raised my legs to his shoulders. There was a bottle on the table by the side. He got it and squeezed some of the clear lube onto his fingers. He slathered some in my crack then worked his slippery digits into me.

“I met you less than half an hour ago,” I said. “All I know about you is your name and that you are going to fuck me. Will you tell me something about yourself before you do it?”

“All you really need to know is that I have a ten-inch cock that is ready to plow your ass,” Ten said. “But, if you want more, I’ll give it. I’m going to put the tip right at your entrance and then I’ll give you what you want.”

I felt it apply slight pressure right to my ring. My ass muscles started to nibble at the end.

“I’m twenty-two years old. I was born in Thailand and have an older brother. My parents moved to the United States when I was five. They do Asian marketing for one of the giant internet companies. They wanted us to go to college but my brother and I were more into sex than studies. I’m the houseboy here for two brothers that are gay escorts. Both are away now. They had overnight appointments with two different clients. Friday and Saturday nights are their busiest. I also do some sex work when we have special requests or parties. As a student or beginning lawyer, you couldn’t afford their services, or mine.”

Some of the end of his cock had slipped in me while he was talking. It made it hard to follow. But I understood he had lots of experience but I already knew that.

“Okay, enough. Fuck me.”

Before I finished the last sentence, he stabbed my hole and pierced me with several inches of his long pole. I let out a sharp cry, more in surprise than pain, though there was some pain as he ripped open my ass. He started slowly moving in and out. The gentle rubbing of his flesh on the stretched opening actually helped sooth it.

“That was a cherry hole,” Ten said. “You’ll never forget who your first was.”

“I know I’ll never forget you,” I told him and it was true.

“Now I’ll show you how much pleasure you can get from your new man-pussy.”

As he moved he was rubbing spots inside me that sent pleasure signals straight to my cock and my brain. I went to stroke my pole in time with his motions but he brushed my hand away. It wasn’t necessary for me to do anything. My own cock was stiff and bouncing against my abs each time he pushed in.

The raised back of the lounger gave me a good view. He was only in me half way. My Filipino side had given me a light caramel skin tone. Ten, pure Thai, was several shades deeper. I just watched his flesh go in and out of my bottom as he kept me just on the edge of shooting.

After minutes of gentle fucking, Ten switched to quick, short thrusts right to my most sensitive spot. I shot a massive load all over my chest.

He went back to slow stroking but now each one finished a little deeper inside me. The sensations kept my cock hard. There was nothing for me to do except watch as inch by inch his groin crept toward my upturned butt. For the final inch he returned to fast thrusting but now each was several inches long. Just as he bumped my ass with his crotch he triggered me into shooting another big load.

When I came off my sexual high he was motionless, pressed tight to my bottom, fully inside me. I looked up at his smiling face. I thought he’s enjoying messing with my mind as much or more than the pleasure of sex. This young Thai stud just demonstrated that he controls my body and I’m good with that. If he keeps giving me such pleasure my body is his to use as he wishes.

Ten wiped up some of my cum pooled on my chest and abs and brought his fingers to my mouth. I licked them clean. He grabbed some more. This time he pushed a couple through my lips so I could suck off my sperm. A third gob he brought to his own mouth and tasted.

He then resumed his stroke. He started slow but built up both speed and length until he was pounding my butt with rapid, full-length, thrusts. I shot again but he kept going, minute after minute. I was in ecstasy, thrashing about on the lounger as he kept fucking my ass. He gave a final thrust, finishing with his balls pressed to my butt. I felt his cock buck deep inside as he jetted his seed into me. I came again.

It took me longer to recover after that pounding. Ten was still balls deep in my ass. He was still just smiling at me, completely aware of what his fuck had done to me.

“You have a nice ass,” Ten said. “You are going to make a lot of guys happy with it.”

“Thanks for the compliment,” I said. I was glad I’d pleased him. “If I’d known getting fucked was so much fun I’d have done it long ago. I have no basis for comparison but I’m guessing you are way better than average at this.” He laughed.

“Are you up for some more?”

He didn’t wait for an answer before starting again. He didn’t take it slow this time. It was fast, full and powerful right from the start. The pleasure was intense. My vision blurred and it seemed that the only thing in the universe was Ten’s cock moving inside me.

“No, please, stop. It’s too much,” I begged him with my last reserve of mental clarity.

He ignored me or, perhaps, I never actually had enough control left to actually speak.

When I became aware again we were both back under the shower. It was set to a cool spray. Ten was holding me upright, having no trouble managing my weight. I got my body back under control and was able to stand on my own. Ten relaxed his hold, seeing if I were steady and, when satisfied, released me.

“I guess your fuck was just too much for me to handle,” I said as an apology for my blackout.

“Your reaction was pretty normal when I really get going on a guy,” Ten said. “You’re not used to being stimulated so intensely.”

“Dad is a really good fucker,” I heard from behind me.

I turned toward the sound. It was a young boy as naked as we were.

“That’s my son, Gan,” Ten said. “He is four years old. Gan, this is Alvin Flores.”

Gan was about three and a half feet tall. Tall for only four years. But he didn’t have the soft body of a youngster. His body was defined, almost shredded. He had muscles; not big like Ten but very visible and large for the small body. He had black hair, black eyes and tan skin, lighter than his dad but darker than mine. The body was hairless. His cock was almost five inches and looked huge on his small body. It was hard.

“Hi Gan.” I didn’t know what else to say to this boy.

“Hi Alvin,” Gan said back to me. “My father dropped me off half an hour ago and I watched Dad finish fucking you. You were too wrapped up in what Dad was doing to you to notice me. Can I play with him now, Dad?”

“Play? Gan, you want to fuck me? You’re only four. It’s against the law for me to have sex with you.”

“Relax Alvin,” Ten admonished. “As you can see, Gan is not a normal four-year-old. He’s already as strong as you. He can read and write in several languages. He obviously can’t play with normal kids his age so we let him play with older teenagers and adults.”

“I do want to fuck you,” Gan confirmed. “I’ve been having sex for a year now. Dad and my uncles taught me. I only have five inches but I know how to use them. I won’t be able to do to you what Dad did but you’ll enjoy it. I promise. At my age I really don’t get a sexual high from fucking but I enjoy seeing what I can do to the guys or girls I fuck. Taking a nice fit guy like you, making him writhe in pleasure, and finally realize that a young kid, me, is more of a man than he is, is a real power trip. But have no doubt, that is where you will be when I finish with you. I’m not boasting; it’s fact.”

“I’ve already done stuff I never thought I’d do,” I admitted. “Okay, Gan, I’ll be your boy-toy.”

“A good decision,” Ten said. “I’ll make some breakfast. Are omelets okay?”

“Yes, Dad,” Gan said before I could reply. “Bacon and home fries too, please. Alvin will need his energy restored after I do him.”

“Yes, son.”

“Alvin…I don’t like that name. It makes you sound like a little kid. From now on I’m going to call you Vin. Now, Vin, we need to get some things clear. When you’re with me I make all the decisions.”

“Yes Gan,”

I figured I’d humor him and not start an argument. He had led me to a lounger. This time I was positioned kneeling at the end and he had me lay my chest on the pad. It put my butt at a perfect height to be fucked by him when standing. He stepped behind me, straddled my legs, lifted my hips and knees up off the pad and deck and stepped between my legs, casually spreading them wide to give him access. Then he set me back down. He adjusted my cock so it pointed down just off the end of the pad. I didn’t expect to be manhandled by a kid more than two feet shorter than I.

“You still have plenty of Dad’s cum in you,” Gan said after inserting a couple fingers into me. “I’ll use some to lube my cock.”

He just pushed right into me. He may only have had five inches but it was as thick as mine and long enough to hit my most sensitive spot. He knew just how to thrust it for maximum effect. Over the next half hour he brought me off three times. He only stopped when Ten said breakfast was ready.

Gan pulled out and helped me up. There was a good-sized puddle of cum on the deck below where my cock hung. I looked at Gan. He had a satisfied smile. I saw his cock was still hard and coated in cum.

“It’s Dad’s cum from inside you,” Gan explained, seeing where I was looking. “I can’t cum yet. It feels good in a tight ass or cunt but I don’t get a sexual high. My reward is seeing what I can do to you. You’ll give me your number and I’ll call you when I want you to sleep over. I have several guys and a few girls that I call on. I don’t like to sleep alone.”

I just stood in silence trying to process what he just said. He really expected me to be his on-call fuck toy.

“Clean Dad’s cum from my cock,” he directed.

I went to my knees and took his full pole into my mouth and licked off the cum. It was the first I’d tasted, other than my own.

“Good boy,” Gan told me. “You are not used to the obedience your new role requires. But I think you are a quick learner.”

He urged me to stand and I let his now clean piece slip from my lips and stood. We went and sat down at a round teak table that seated six. There were water glasses and glasses of orange juice already set out for three. We took adjacent seats.

Ten came over and set plates in front of us with our food and put down one for himself. He had donned a red apron for cooking but removed it before sitting down. I was between the two. We started eating. The food was excellent and I was hungry after the energetic sex.

“I’m glad you decided to join my son’s group of fuck buddies,” Ten said. I didn’t remember actually agreeing to anything but he and Gan seemed to think so. “Having a steady group of partners is good for Gan. It builds a solid relationship that is better than just getting a casual fuck. When you stay over you’ll meet his father and mother, Heath and Cathy Winston. They are good people and very supportive of Gan.”

“I live with Heath and Cathy at their Santa Monica home during the week and visit Dad most weekends,” Gan added. “My younger brother, Kla, is almost three, so we’ll be getting him involved pretty soon. It should be fun for you, feeling him improve his sexual skills and learning how to take charge of a man like I’ve taken charge of you.”

“Kla’s dad is my older brother, Gem,” Ten explained. “Cathy is the mom. I have another son due in a couple months but Sue Anderson, the Olympic swimmer, is the mother.”

“It all seems rather complicated,” I said.

“You don’t need to worry about it,” Gan told me. “The men in your life, primarily me, will handle things.”

It surprised even me that I was more than willing to turn my life over to this kid I’d just met. But it was also liberating.

Just then a new arrival appeared on the deck. It was a massively muscular black male. He was well over six feet tall and he sported a huge cock. It was soft but easily larger than Ten’s ten-inch cock was when hard. How much bigger would it be hard?

“Dai, how did it go?” Ten asked. “Our guest for breakfast is Alvin Flores. He goes to Pepperdine. Gan and I have been enjoying his company. Vin meet Dai. He and his brother own the house and employ me.”

“Vin is now part of my gang,” Gan added.

He came over to us and I stood up thinking I’d shake his hand. “Hello, Dai,” I got out before he grabbed my extended hand by the wrist and pulled me tight to his muscled body. He wrapped those big arms about me and his hands caressed my ass. His long pole was against my flat stomach. Mine, now hard, was poking against his thick thighs. He slipped a couple fingers into my ass as I looked up into his face.

“Vin, you made a wise choice,” Dai told me. “Gan will take good care of you. And, while you are his boy, when you’re in our house you are available to anyone who wants to use you.”

He broke the hug and I just stood before him. He took the fingers that were inside me to his mouth and licked off Ten’s cum.

“The date went well, as usual,” Dai reported in response to Ten’s original question. “The payment is in the living room. We have another engagement in two weeks. But he made me an interesting proposition. He has a son, now eighteen and in an exclusive private school. Our dates have always been when the son is with his mother so I haven’t met him. Anyway, he offered me a million dollars to teach his son to be a man. Obviously he can’t do that and he doesn’t want his son to go through life pretending to be one as he does.”

“We can’t know if it is possible without meeting the boy,” Ten said. “But if anyone can do it, you can. We can. It is an interesting challenge.”

“My boys and girls are yours to use if you need someone to train on and I’m happy to help too,” Gan said.

I guess I looked confused about what they were discussing. Dai saw and put a hand on my shoulder. A shiver went though my body at the renewed contact with him. Just the light touch reminded me of his power. I looked up at his eyes.

“Vin,” he began. “This is a matter that us men will handle. You need not concern yourself with such things. Gan, you take him and explain things.”

Gan got up and took my hand. I let him lead me to the lounger on which he’d fucked me. The puddle of my cum had mostly dried on the deck, leaving a gray splotch. He had me sit on the side and sat beside me, still holding my hand.

“Vin, Dai, Dad and I, we are men. You’ve probably never met a real man before this morning. Most of those you know are like you, pretending to be men and doing what they think is expected of them. You’ve never really been in charge of your life and you never will be. But instead of the usual amorphous direction from societal pressures, You have found a man, me, to take charge of you and give your life direction and meaning. It is a good thing for you and a responsibility for me.”

“So your interest in me is more than sexual?”

“I’m really too young to get an orgasm from sex. Rubbing my penis through your ass is pleasurable but, and I told you this before, the big payoff is seeing what my actions do to you, giving you intense pleasure. Taking charge of you and giving direction in your life is pretty much the same. My reward is seeing that, with my help, you are both happy and successful. Since you are not a real man, it is actually in your nature to submit to one who is. Look into your heart and you’ll know this is right for you.”

He was correct of course. I knew he, Ten and Dai were somehow different, more, than I. Gan was offering me something I knew I needed even if I wasn’t yet sure what that something was. But I also realized I didn’t need to worry about it because Gan would take care of me. It didn’t matter that Gan was four years old because in the important things he was much more experienced than I.

“You are right Gan. I guess this is my lucky day.”

Gan stood, helped me up and led me back to where Dai and Ten were still talking.

“I see from your body language that you have accepted and are comfortable with Gan as your mentor,” Dai observed.

“Can you really train someone to be a man?” I asked.

“Not really,” Dai replied. “We didn’t change your nature. We just revealed it and helped you come to terms with it. You were always going to be submissive but with Gan’s guidance your submission will be to people who are worthy of it and properly appreciative of it. Now, if my client’s son has the potential to be a man, we can reveal it and show him how to use his innate ability to dominate lesser men and to recognize and act appropriately when in the presence of superior males.”

“There are many guys that have the potential to be men,” Ten added. “But, if they don’t have a proper role model, they never reach their full potential or misuse their powers.”

Another big Black stud, almost a twin of Dai joined us. Dai made introductions. The newcomer was Kal, Dai’s brother, and also an escort.

“He looks like a nice addition to your stable,” Kal said, referring to me but addressing Gan. “How many is that now?”

“Fourteen boys and three girls, Uncle Kal,” Gan responded. “I’m thinking I’ll get everyone together for Kla’s third birthday party next month.”

“Your home in Santa Monica is too small for such a big group,” Dai said. “You must hold your party here. Your Dad will set it up.”

“I’m already on it,” Ten said. “We blocked off that weekend so you and Kal have no appointments. Kla will have a memorable time.”

So I was one of seventeen that Gan fucks regularly and we were all going to be the entertainment for his brother’s birthday party. That’s a change from the normal clown or magician. I gathered everyone here would be there but it sounded like there may be others too. Anyway, by now, I knew that the details didn’t really concern me.

“Guys, we can plan later,” Gan said. “I think Vin is feeling neglected, surrounded by four men but with an empty pussy. Dai or Kal, will you do him. I want him to feel what a really huge cock is like inside him.”

“Dai, you can have him,” Kal said. “I need some breakfast. My client and his partner gave me a workout last night. It took me until three in the morning to exhaust both of them.”

“Vin, we will go to my bedroom,” Dai said and took me by my hand to lead the way.

“You are in for a treat, Vin,” Gan told me as he followed. “Dai and Kal normally charge a thousand dollars an hour.”

“A two hour minimum or eight grand for overnight, at least fourteen hours,” Dai added. “We will eventually charge more but we are just starting out. We are way more affordable than Uncle Galtero or the occasional gigs our Dad still does but the clients we see really don’t care about the price if the experience is worth it. We are.”

The bedrooms were on the second floor. The one we entered was a large suite with a nice sitting area and a bigger than king-size bed. It looked out to the ocean and had a wide balcony. There was a large, about four feet by five, framed photo on one wall of Dai and Kal wearing form-fitting green track suits with BRAZIL in white letters across their chests sporting gold medals, one for Dai and four for Kal.

“You were Olympic gold medalists?” I asked.

“Yes, Decathlon for me and Discus, Javelin, Shot Put and Hammer Throw for Kal. But my Decathlon discus throw erased his world record. We were both awarded the Order of Sports Merit by the Brazilian government.”

“I didn’t know.”

“In this country most people don’t and that would be true even if we competed for the United States. Track doesn’t have a big sports following. But in Brazil we are mobbed by fans everywhere.”

Another wall had a couple photos, almost as large, of people I did recognize. One was the famous photo of the swimmers and divers from the last Olympics wearing their medals. Only in this one they were all nude. Each had signed below their picture.

“Dai, Kal and Dad have fucked all of them,” Gan said, seeing where I was looking.

The other was of Dai and Kal flanking Kyle Smith, the famous USC and now Rams, quarterback. Kyle is wearing his USC uniform without pads and the others just white gym shorts. They are each holding one of Kyle’s three Heisman Trophies.

“Kyle is our brother,” Dai explained. “He’ll take the Rams to the Super Bowl this year.”

“I think Vin is intimated, seeing your display,” Gan correctly observed. I was.

“Vin you have crossed into a world where sex is as normal as breathing,” Dai told me. “We get pretty good at it. You will to. But remember you are not alone. You have Gan to guide you.”

Just as he finished a Dai picked me up by my hips and tossed me into the center of the bed. I landed on my back. Before I could recover my knees were touching my chest and Dai was kneeling behind me ready to enter.

He was thicker than Ten but, when he pressed me, I opened smoothly and he eased inside followed by several inches of his long shaft. Gan straddled my chest and slipped between my thighs to take my cock into his mouth and throat. Gan’s cock nestled between my pecs and I could see his pink hole between the globes of his firm ass.

With Dai working my ass and Gan my cock, I shot quickly. They kept going. I had my hands on Gan’s ass. I pushed a couple fingers through his ring. He actually pushed his hips back a little to take me deeper. I started to play in his ass but the sensations as Dai fucked me deeper and deeper and Gan’s sucking soon distracted me. I shot again. Dai was going fast. I felt him deep in my belly, pressing my abs from the inside as Gan’s hand pressed from above. I came again but I don’t think I had anything left to shoot. I was exhausted. I lay back. My hands slipped off Gan to flop on the bed as Dai powered through me. My whole being was dominated by what was happening inside me. I don’t think I even registered Gan’s sucking. My whole body shook as eventually Dai filled my gut with his cum.

Slowly my mind cleared. Dai was still behind me and still in my ass, but quiet, not moving. Gan was sprawled on my torso but only the tip of my cock was in his mouth. He was licking it with his tongue. I looked up at Dai. He gave me a big smile, his white teeth in stark contrast to his dark skin.

He started to fuck me again. It was too much stimulation. I was lost in the swirl of pleasurable sensations.

When my mind cleared again I was in a big shower stall. Dai’s big muscular arms wrapped my body, holding me against him as he stood under the cool spray that had revived me. I could feel his thick pole still up my ass. I had no memory of our second fuck or the trip to the shower.

Gan was in front of me soaping up my body and Dai’s. He noticed I was alert and looked up at my face.

“Hey, Vin, you’re back with us,” Gan said.

“Yes, it was pretty intense,” I admitted. “I never passed out from sex before today but you guys push me beyond my ability to endure pleasure. Is this how you handle your clients?”

“No, they normally pay for a full night,” Dai explained. “I take it easy for the first few rounds. We have sex, relax and chat, then more sex. Most of my clients are pretty prominent. Before a date I research what is going on in their lives via social media and Hollywood trade and gossip reporting. I don’t turn it on until well after midnight. Then a couple easy rounds in the morning usually before and after breakfast. But it does often include a shower like this. Do you think you can stand?”

When he said that, I realized that I was suspended several inches off the shower floor. My legs split around his massive thighs. I put them together in front of his legs.

“I think so,” I replied.

Dai dipped down and my feet touched the tiles. He shifted to hold my hips and eased his long cock out of me. When it popped free my hole had trouble sealing. I lost a lot of cum in the next couple minutes. Gan scooped up as much as he could and fed it to me.

Now I was just standing in the shower with the big stud that had just fucked me and the young boy that was my, I guess master is the right word.

“Let us dry off and I’ll go with you back to Pepperdine,” Gan decided, seeing my confusion. “I’ll spend the night with you.”

I hadn’t expected that. I wasn’t sure how I explain sleeping with a youngster to the three others that share our unit. We each have private bedrooms but they are sure to hear the sounds of me being fucked. But it was Gan’s decision and I knew by now it was not my place to question or object.

A half hour later I was driving back to Pepperdine. Gan was in the passenger seat dressed in white gym shorts and tee that fit like a second skin. Gan had me leave my board in their rack.

As a law student I lived in the George Page Residential Complex. In my unit one of my suite mates, Pete Hamlin, was watching football on the TV in the common area. It was USC versus Oregon. The Ducks were up a touchdown. Without Kyle Smith, USC was not expected to compete for a fifth national title.

I was about to introduce Gan but he introduced himself and told Pete he’d be spending the night with me. Pete was taken aback by Gan’s forceful manner. He may be short but he acts and talks like an adult.

We went to my bedroom. Gan looked around.

“It’s cozy,” he remarked. “The bed is big enough for two.” It was full-size and extra long. “What do you have on your desk?”

“It is legal research for a paper I’m doing. I was planning on working on it when I returned from surfing but I spent longer than I planned. It can wait.”

“No. Do your work. I can amuse myself for a while.”

He left my room. I changed into shorts from my swimsuit and got to work. I made good progress before Gan returned a couple hours later. He was nude and carrying his clothes in one hand.

“Did you do the work you needed?”

“Yes. Do you want to get some dinner before we have sex? We have a cafe nearby.”

“No need. I told Tony to get us something and bring it to our room. I’ll fuck you until he gets here.”

Tony was Tony Garcia, another of my suite mates. I assume Gan had fucked him and probably Pete as well. I think the third guy, Ted Bancroft was out for the weekend.

Gan was fucking me when there was a knock on the door. He just had the visitor come in while he kept fucking. It was Tony with our food. He put it on the desk and left. So, it turned out there was no need to concern myself about what others might think. Gan handled it. I learned my lesson. It was the last time I gave any concern to what others my think seeing me with Gan.

It was a great night. In the morning Gan fucked me in the shower while Tony and Pete were using the dual vanities. They watched us through the glass door. When we left the shower Gan asked them if they fucked each other last night. They had. I knew both had steady girlfriends. They obviously both wanted Gan to fuck them again but he didn’t on that visit.

As I was driving him back to the beach house I asked him, “why didn’t you add Pete and Tony to your crew? They would have gladly joined.”

“They would,” Gan admitted. “But I’m not interested in them though they are fine for casual fun. I told you it is a responsibility being in charge of you or my others. I don’t enter into it lightly.”

“How do you mean?”

“Well, I am responsible to see you are happy. But that is more than keeping you sexually satisfied. That part is easy. I need to see your life is good outside that. For you it might mean dealing with a professor giving you a hard time. For others it is getting them a good job, a deserved promotion, a loving partner, dealing with an abusive boss, a bully or the occasional homophobe.”

“I had no idea.”

“I know.”

Well, that’s how I got started with Gan. He has a sizable group of buddies but I usually get to see him once or twice a week. Tony and Pete let me fuck them whenever I wish, Ted too after he met Gan on a later visit. Pete even invited me to do a threesome with his girl. She enjoyed watching me fuck her boyfriend and we both did her with me in her ass and Pete in her cunt.

I’ve met a few of Gan’s other buddies. He encourages us to have fun with each other even if he is busy elsewhere. Obviously we compare notes on how Gan has changed our lives. For me, I got an offer of a clerkship with a judge on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals after graduation. I hadn’t even applied.

Today starts his brother’s birthday bash at the Malibu beach house. I’ll get to meet everyone. It should be fun.

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