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Description What started as a simple weekend camping trip for Vince, brother Paul, and his friend Yancey became something more when their pickup broke down. A side story set in the world of Bill’s Education, The Rescue, The Surfer, and Spring Break.

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Part 1

It was the first weekend in December and it promised to be perfect with clear skies and unseasonably warm temperature. We had Friday off for a teacher training day so my friend and I planned to visit Yosemite and camp near the park. I had to take my younger brother along but we’ve done camping and hiking before and he would be no trouble.

We live in the southern suburbs of Sacramento where we attend high school. My name is Vince Taylor. I’m eighteen and a senior in high school. I’m six foot one, 160 pounds and play varsity soccer. My brother, Paul, is a sophomore and is five seven and 135 pounds. He is on the wrestling team and has a lean muscled body. My friend and soccer teammate is Yancey Harris. We look very similar but he has blond hair and I, like my brother, am brown. Yancey and I were tanned from our outdoor practices. We had our first game this week, a 2-1 victory. Paul had completely lost his summer tan but we brought plenty of sunscreen.

We piled our gear in the back of our eight-year-old Dodge pickup and hit the road to the south. It was mid morning and we were driving east on CA 120. We had passed through Groveland a few miles ago then our engine died. I coasted to the shoulder. When I tried to start the engine it wouldn’t turn over. Even the radio was dead.

Yancey’s family had a AAA membership and we still had a couple bars on our cell phones so we gave them a call. They said they would have help for us in forty minutes to an hour. It was forty-five minutes later when a tow truck pulled off the road ahead of us.

We had dropped the tailgate of the pickup and were sitting on it when it pulled up. We got off and walked to the front to meet the driver. The driver’s door opened and out stepped a huge Native-American male. He must have been almost six ten and had muscles everywhere. It was easy to see since he wore loose coveralls that were open at the sides down to his hips. He had nothing on underneath. We had never seen someone with such fantastic muscles; not even in bodybuilding web sites.

“What seems to be the problem?” he asked in a friendly tone. We were staring at his body but he didn’t seem to mind. I guess he is used to it.

I described our problem and he lifted the hood and did a few checks.

“Your battery is dead,” he responded. “That can’t happen when driving unless your generator failed. You’ll need a new generator. I can tow you to my station and I’ll try and get you going as soon as possible.”

He hooked us up for a tow by lifting the end of the truck with one hand while attaching the tow chains with the other. He showed not the slightest strain from the effort. His arms must have been about twenty-five inches but they must be even stronger than they looked to handle that weight so easily.

We all squeezed into the bench seat of the tow truck. Paul, being smallest, had the middle, mashed up against the massive muscles of our driver. I was next to him and Yancey had the window. It was a tight fit.

“It is about a half hour to the station,” he said genially. “I’m Matt Standing Bear. I’ll take good care of you. I have another priority job in the shop but my son, Peter, is helping out today and he can get you fixed up. First thing is to see if we can locate a generator for you. I also recommend a new belt. Yours is pretty worn. If our supplier has it in stock it will only take a few hours to get and install. It looks like you were going camping so we’ll try and get you going while it is still light.”

He gave Peter a call on his truck’s radio to fill him in and then we started off.

Seated, the front bib of his coveralls hung loosely allowing a great view of massive pecs and rock-like rows of abdominal muscles down to the top of his black pubic hair. His thigh muscles stretched the fabric of his leg coverings. A thick bulge extended down the inside of his left thigh. It must have been over a foot long and, I realized, still soft.

We turned off to a small two-lane paved road that climbed higher into the foothills. About thirty-five minutes later we pulled into the station. It had two gas pumps and one for diesel, a small store and a two bay garage with both doors raised. A police SUV was on the lift in one bay.

Matt towed us in front of the empty bay and unhooked our pickup. We got out and he parked his tow truck on the side of the garage. An Indian boy came out of the store and walked toward us. He looked like a slightly smaller version of the first guy, about six foot. He wore tight-fitting work shorts and a white muscle tee with worn work boots. I couldn’t help but notice the big bulge extending toward his left hip. He smiled as he approached us, seeing me checking him out.

“Guys, I’m Pete. Dad gave me the details. The generator is not in stock locally but I located one in San Jose. It can be here Saturday afternoon. It will be $235 for the generator and belt and $50 for labor. Should I order it?”

I agreed and we introduced ourselves to Pete. I could cover the repair with a check but it would put a big dent in my savings.

“What can we do until it arrives?” I asked. “We were planning on camping near Yosemite.”

“You are welcome to camp behind the station but I have an idea you might like but I need to clear it with my dad first.” He turned toward his father who was walking back after parking his truck. “Dad, the generator won’t be in until tomorrow afternoon. I told them they could camp out back if they wanted but, if I can get the afternoon off, I was thinking, Jimmy and I could take then to the lake for the weekend.”

“That sounds good. Get them back in time to fix their pickup Sunday afternoon and get them home. Make sure they’re not too exhausted to drive.”

“Sure Dad,” Pete agreed. “They look in pretty good shape. We’ll give them a workout but nothing too intense.”

His dad turned to work on the vehicle in the garage and Pete turned back to us with a big smile.

“What is this lake and what will we do there?” Yancey asked.

“It is a nice lake up in the mountains,” Pete explained. “We often take guests there. You can hunt, fish, swim and go for nice rides in the woods but the best part is meeting everybody. There should be others from our tribe there and their guests and I’m sure they will love meeting you.”

“Thanks, we appreciate the offer,” I said. “You saved our weekend.”

“Great. I’ll get some stuff together and be back here in half an hour to pick you up. We have everything you need at the lake. Just pack a small bag with some spare clothes and essentials. The rest of your stuff will be safe here until we return.”

He ran off to a house set back a couple hundred yards at a surprisingly quick pace. We got our stuff together. At about the promised time we saw a pickup towing a horse trailer drive toward us from the house.

Pete was driving and I could see another Indian boy beside him as they approached. They stopped near us and both boys got out. Pete had changed into a tan leather breechcloth and vest. The other boy was just wearing the breechcloth. He was only about five six but proportionately just as muscular as Pete and his dad. While dad had twenty-five inch arms and Pete, twenty, the younger boy had about seventeen on a smaller frame.

“This is my younger brother, Jimmy,” Pete began. “Our guests are Vince and his brother Paul and their friend Yancey.”

“Hi,” Jimmy said. “You’ll love the lake and we’ll see you have a good time. Things are pretty casual up there. We have some clothes for you when you feel comfortable enough to go native.”

Yancey got in the cab with Pete. Paul and I rode in the pickup bed with Jimmy. They had a number of blankets spread on the bed so it was a comfortable place to ride. We started off on the paved roads but soon turned onto a dirt track that headed up the mountains. It was a bumpy ride. The forest closed in around the road.

Jimmy was sitting on a big tool box mounted behind the cab while we were propped against the raised tailgate. The rough ride had caused his breechcloth to sag down exposing his black pubic hair and the first inch of a thick cock that extended several more inches under the leather. I couldn’t help but stare. He smiled at me as he saw me checking him out again.

“How old are you, Jimmy?” I asked to get out of my awkward situation.

“I’m fourteen,” he stated. “I’ll start high school next year. I have some growing to do to get a big as my brother and father but I think you’ll find I’m man enough already.” He said the last with a big smile that made me uncertain about what we had gotten into.

“You’re bigger than anybody on my wrestling team,” stated Paul. “And you’re brother and dad are big too. Are all guys here so huge?”

“I’m typical for my age,” Jimmy stated. “If you think Dad is big you should see some of our friends. They are almost eight feet tall. And if you think we are big here,” he grabbed the exposed base of his cock with his thumb and two fingers, “you should see them. They can have almost thirty inches. The biggest I’ve had has only been twenty-seven. If we’re lucky you’ll have a chance to meet some at the lake. It’s not for beginners but we’ll get you warmed up and you can try it if you dare.”

“You’re saying you’re going to have sex with us?” Paul asked with surprise. I had suspected as much since I saw how they were dressed.

“Sure,” Jimmy stated. “Didn’t Pete tell you? Everybody has sex with everybody at the lake and newcomers are always in demand.”

“We’re not gay,” I stated. “We have girlfriends back home.”

“I’m just sixteen,” added Paul. “I haven’t had sex yet.”

“That’s OK guys,” said Jimmy laughing. “Vince, you have been staring at my cock too much to be totally straight. I’m just over eight inches hard and Pete, who is the same age as you, Paul, is over ten. Dad has eighteen. They are nice and thick too as you can see. We’re not allowed to get sexy with tribal girls until marriage but lots of guys have girlfriends from town and they share them with us. Girls are fun but guy on guy sex is too as you will learn.”

“You’re not going to force us, are you?” Paul asked in a low voice.

“No,” Jimmy stated. “But I can see your cock is hard in your shorts. I’ve never broken in a virgin before. It should be fun for both of us.”

“Won’t your brother have something to say about your plans?” I suggested.

“We agreed he has first crack at you and your friend while I do your brother. I have to settle for seconds with you. Then we’ll pass you around until everyone pairs up for the night. I can see you are getting excited in anticipation. We could easily force you. I can bench 500 kilos for reps and my brother easily twice that. But we never need to do that because you feel in your gut, cock and brain that you’ll submit.”

When he said that I knew he was right. I was shocked and scared when I first realized their intentions but now I was looking forward to it. I remembered he said he could press 500 kilos and figured that must be close to the world record. He said his brother could do double that and I thought back to his dad casually lifting the end of our truck. No wonder I felt so submissive to them.

“I guess you’re right,” I admitted. “Is the trip all sex or do we get a break now and then?”

“It’s not all sex,” Pete said. “We brought horses and we’ll take you on a ride, hunt a deer for dinner and catch a few mountain trout and show you a secluded waterfall where we can have some fun. You’ll enjoy it for more than the sex but the sex will be great; not boasting just the truth.” He looked around. “We’ll be there in fifteen minutes. Why don’t you get out of your clothes and dress for the visit. These don’t get in the way for sex,” he said, flipping the front flap over his thigh exposing his pole.

We took his suggestion and shed our clothes. We knelt in front of him while he tied our breechcloths on. We both took the vests as it was only low seventies at this elevation. He had moccasins for our feet though he was barefoot.

Our vehicle crested a ridge and the road descended into a mountain valley. I could see the deep blue lake. There was a camp by the shore with several structures surrounding a big central fire. I could make out several people in the camp. Everyone was dressed as we now were.

We parked at the foot of the dirt track, about a hundred feet from the camp. There was another pickup and a 4x4 SUV already there. The pickup had a, now empty, horse trailer behind it.

Pete and Yancey got out of the cab. It seems Pete had filled Yancey in on what to expect. Yancey changed into the Indian garb. While we made little joking references about what would be coming. We acted like it was no big deal but we were nervous.

We all grabbed stuff from the pickup to bring into camp. We left our spare clothes behind but I took the sunscreen. We were exposing a lot of skin and even Yancey and I would need the protection. We had distinct tan lines unlike the uniform reddish-brown tint of our Indian friends.

Pete selected an empty structure for us and we brought our stuff inside. The lodge was circular about twenty feet in diameter and domed to slightly more than that high. It was constructed with a frame of branches tied together in a lattice that supported a thatched grass covering. There was a round opening at the center of the dome to allow smoke from a fire to escape. Below the opening was a ring of stones with the dead embers from the previous fire. There were two pads made of dried grass on opposite sides of the fire ring. We covered these with blankets to serve as our beds. The rest of the floor was compacted soil.

Jimmy left to lead the horses to the corral while Pete gave us a tour of the camp. Around the big fire going at the central area we were introduced to Luke and Matt Grey Eagle. There were with two White boys about my age, Rob and Jeff. Also here was Alex Shadow Hawk and his son Alex Jr. Dad was mid twenties and teacher and coach at the high school. He was about six eight and almost as muscular as Pete’s dad. His breechcloth was barely able to cover his thick twelve-inch soft pole. All the younger Indian boys knew him and I thought probably had sex with him.

Alex Jr. we were told was only seven months old but he looked like a miniature muscle stud about thirty inches tall, like a superhero action figure. He talked and acted like an adult. He came up to me. The top of his head barely reached my crotch. He looked up into my eyes as I stared down at him. I felt his right hand on the back of my left thigh and tried to pull back but his small hand held my leg in place. I thought this small kid is stronger than me, way stronger. I stopped trying to resist him. He pushed up into my crack and I felt him rub my hole. He pushed a few tiny fingers inside while his thumb pressed my nuts. After a few seconds exploration he withdrew and stepped away, saying he would see me later. I knew that meant he intended to fuck me and somehow I realized that he should.

Jimmy came up to the group carrying some towels. Pete moved us toward the lake where we shed the few things we were wearing and entered the water via a beach of small smooth stones with a few larger smooth stones mixed in. The water was cold but our Indian friends didn’t seem to mind. I got used to it after a few minutes.

We returned to our lodge half an hour later cleaned inside and out. Paul ran ahead to our lodge. When the rest of us arrived he was wrapped in a blanket and sitting on one of the sleeping areas.

“I don’t want to be fucked. Take us back,” he insisted.

“We won’t fuck you if you don’t want it,” Pete agreed in a calm voice. “But it is too late to go back. By the time we load the pickup we won’t have enough daylight to make the main road before dark and it is too dangerous to drive the dirt track at night. Besides the part for your truck won’t be in until tomorrow.” He continued, “what do you guys want?”

“If I have a choice, I’ll pass,” Yancey stated. I gave him a nasty look. We usually did everything together.

“I’ll try it,” I admitted. The Indians seemed so casual about sex and Rob and Jeff looked happy with their boyfriends that I figured I’d see how it was. I’d worry later about what my kid brother and my best friend thought after watching me.

“A good choice, Vince,” Pete stated. “You won’t regret it. You two can have that bed and we’ll take this one. Enjoy the show.”

Pete pulled me into a kiss, his lips over mine as he hugged me to him with his arms about my back. I let my hands feel his twenty-inch arms and roam the muscles of his shoulders and back. He pressed his tongue to my lips and I opened my mouth to let him enter. I let him explore my mouth. I didn’t really have a choice as his tongue was as strong as the rest of him, but it felt right having him inside me.

Pete’s cock was pressed between our bodies. It hardened rapidly. It felt so big, over ten inches Jimmy said. My cock got hard too and pressed up between Pete’s legs. He moved his hips back to let me snap up beside him between our pressed torsos. I have seven inches, decently thick too, but it felt, was, small next to this Indian’s tool. I put out enough juice to make my head slick when excited. He put out a lot more and soon both poles and our abdominals were slick with it.

He broke the kiss and pushed back a couple feet, holding me by my shoulders. He had a broad smile on his face. I just stared at him, a little dazed. I’d never had a kiss like that and he knew it. I looked down, shy and embarrassed by my obvious reaction to him.

No longer pressed together our cocks crossed the small gap between us. His looked huge next to mine, longer and almost twice as thick and I’m not small. The head rested in the depression of my belly button, the skin that normally covered it fully retracted. It was still bubbling juice that was running down my skin and soaking my pubic hair. My own cock, cut, was nestled in his black bush above the root of his pole. His balls were partly drawn up and big too. I started to move my right hand from his shoulder but stopped.

“Go ahead,” he urged. “You need to realize that when two people make love”

“Or three,” interjected Jimmy.

“there is no your body and my body but it is all ours to share however we want. Nothing is off limits. I know that in the past you had sex, hesitant and tentative, without fully sharing. I’ll show you how it is supposed to be.”

I moved my hand to his slick pole, holding it in the middle. I could just get my hand around it and there were inches extending on each end. It was warm and throbbed with quiet power, soft on the surface but firm underneath, very much like the Indian male that it was part of.

Pete took his hand down and rubbed some of the copious juice onto two of his fingers. He brought the hand to my lips. I remembered his words and opened my lips to let his fingers inside. I sucked his nectar. I liked the taste and licked my lips after he withdrew to show my appreciation. He fed my twice more before suggesting I sample some fresh from the source.

Why not, I thought. My body is his, inside and out, our body, nothing off limits. I knelt in front of him and used my hand to move the head to my lips. He pressed lightly to me with a hand steadying the back of my head. I opened wide and he entered. I licked the stuff that coated the tip as fresh production dribbled on my tongue.

With my left hand on his powerful thigh muscle, I let my right explore his ball sac while my tongue caressed the end of his pole. A little pressure on the back of my head urged me to take in some more and I did. There were still five inches between me and his groin.

I felt his muscular butt and eased my fingers into his crack. These muscles were as firm and strong as the rest of him but he did not resist my exploration. My finger tips touched his hole.

I put a little pressure on the ring and he slid another inch into my mouth. The tip entered the top of my throat. I gagged and he let me back off a couple inches. I slipped the tips of two fingers in him. The inside was warm and he squeezed me tightly with his internal muscles. I eased in more of my fingers and he pushed more cock into my mouth. This time I did better and it slipped into my throat.

He started a slow stroke of his thick flesh through my lips, mouth and throat; just a few inches but enough to pull out of my throat for me to get a breath and taste his juices before going deep again. I got into the rhythm and used my fingers to touch the hard spot up his ass that made his cock bounce whenever he was in deepest.

Slowly I started to take more and more until he pressed my nose into his fine black pubic hair. He just held me there with my lips around the base of his long pole and the flaring tip deep down my throat. I wondered what my brother thought seeing his sibling fully impaled on the spear of an Indian boy no older than he.

I didn’t have much chance to ponder it as he resumed his fuck stroke, moving longer and faster. I felt his explosion first on my buried fingers. Then his pole lurched against the roof of my mouth as he thrust it in for a final plunge. I felt the first jet of his cum shoot past my lips and over my tongue as it rushed down the long tube to the tip. It squirted straight to my stomach. He held my head in place as the second jet followed. Then he pushed me away until only his cock head was through my lips. I could see the long shaft pulse as the third jet raced to the tip and flooded my mouth. I swallowed. The fourth, fifth and sixth bursts were just as big. I couldn’t keep up and lost some of his seed out my lips. The flow gradually eased over the next dozen or so and I caught up and started cleaning off the stuff that coated my mouth then moved to his head as the last bits dribbled out.

He pulled his shaft from my mouth. It snapped up against his torso, still hard. I eased my fingers from his hole and looked up into his face smiling down at me. I licked my lips to get some of the spillage and used the two fingers that had been inside him to wipe up some more and lick it off. I could see that pleased him.

He knelt in front of me. He kissed me again. As he pulled my body against his I was forced to spread my legs over his massive thigh muscles. It proved easiest just to wrap them around his slim waist as he easily supported me in his wrapped arms.

When he broke the kiss he said, “I know you enjoyed that.” It was a statement of fact that must have been obvious by my awed expression looking at him. “Now the main event.”

He pushed me to my back on the blanket that covered the straw mattress. He held my legs in the air as he moved behind me. My cock was hard to my belly. I had a decent six-pack, nothing like his but well defined. My cock didn’t reach to my button and everything down there was soaked from the juices that dripped from his gun.

He licked up some of his fluid and moved his tongue into my crack. He rubbed the stuff around my hole. He licked up some more and this time he pushed himself inside and started spreading his lube while gently opening me wider. I bent my neck to look at him working. When he came out for more lube he saw me staring at him and smiled.

After some more tongue work he reared back, placed my legs on his shoulders and inserted a couple fingers. They could go deeper than his tongue. He rubbed the sensitive spot in me that I had found in him and caused my cock to bounce and leak. I would have cum had he kept it up but he backed off and added a third finger. He started stretching the ring to get me ready for his entrance.

“I think you are ready,” Pete stated.

I knew I was. “Please fuck me,” I requested. “I trust you.” I did but I didn’t know why. It was something I felt.

He used his other hand to put his cock tip between the fingers still spreading me open. He shoved in as he removed the digits. My ass clamped down on his shaft. He was in me. It was definitely bigger than the three fingers that had been there. My ass was no longer virgin. He added some more until he bumped my sensitive spot.

The pleasure went right to my cock. I reached to stroke it but he pushed my hand away. He started to move, rubbing the point continuously. I began to thrash about beneath him and tried to shove more of him in me. He easily controlled me with his powerful arms and the hard like steel shaft inside me. I relaxed and let him control everything.

He moved deeper. It felt weird being so stuffed in my ass but the pleasure of him moving in me was intense. I felt my orgasm coming. It was unstoppable now. My cock spewed my cum. The first jet went clear over my head and I had long streaks from my face to my belly from the next few before the remnants dripped onto my abs. It was my best cum ever by miles.

Pete leaned forward, bending me double, and licked up my cum on my face, tasting it. He smiled down on me. His hips kept up a steady fuck stroke in my ass all the while. I looked down between our bodies and saw he still had a few inches he had not yet inserted in me.

He moved more upright, still stroking me steadily. I started to get hard again.

“Pete, I have never had sex like that before. I don’t mean just in my no longer virgin ass but I think I mean so completely connected to another person.”

“It’s the difference between having sex and making love. You never knew there was a difference until you let me show you. But we are not done yet. It only gets better. For this round you should nurse on Jimmy’s cock. It will help keep you focused when the pleasure really gets going.”

Jimmy knelt beside my head. He had about eight inches but was not fully hard as his foreskin had not fully retracted and still covered half the tip. He pressed the side of the tip to my lips. I turned slightly toward him and sucked the end into my mouth. As Pete continued in my ass I ran my tongue around the head as he quickly hardened fully and started leaking his lube.

From my position I was looking up into Jimmy’s face. He was looking at me servicing his maleness. I thought this stud is only fourteen years old but I can see he knows he is more of a man than I. Even if he were only half as good as his brother it was true. He knew what I was thinking.

“Better believe it,” Jimmy said. His brother chuckled at the remark.

I felt Pete’s groin pound my ass. He was in all the way. He started using full thrusts, leaving only the head in me before he plunged inward again. He was fast and hard like a pile driver. His cock twitched inside me each time he bottomed out. With his strength it lifted my ass off the blanket an inch before I bounced back down as he started the out stroke.

The sensations rocked my body even more than the physical pounding. My cock was hard and bouncing. He leaned forward, bending me almost double with his arms on either side of my chest and his head just above mine. In this position he had the best angle for maximum penetration and he pounded me even faster. I gripped his big biceps to steady my mind that was being continually assaulted by the sensations of the powerful stake he was thrusting through my quivering flesh. I knew I would have been moaning in ecstasy had I not been furiously sucking on Jimmy’s cock.

Then there was a last powerful thrust and he stayed buried to the hilt. I felt his embedded flesh pulse along its entire length as the first jet of cum burst from the end deep in my gut. I joined him in orgasm but barely noticed the spurts of my own cum as what he was doing deep inside me dominate my senses. Jimmy also shot into my mouth and I just swallowed his big load as his brother was still pumping more of his seed in my gut.

Finally calm returned. Jimmy popped his cock from my lips and it snapped upright against his abs. I was about to try to speak when Pete started fucking me some more and I realized we weren’t done. The pleasure flowed through me again. I looked up at Pete whose face filled my vision just a foot above mine. He was smiling, secure in his casual mastery of my body. My friends later told me I had a strange expression on my face. I think it must have been a mix of surprise, awe and love.

At that point I guess I just stopped thinking as my mind was washed by sensations of pleasure. When I refocused on the world again. I was sitting on Jimmy’s lap with my legs around his muscular waist. My butt rested on his groin with his cock plugged fully up my hole. He was kneeling on the blanket and just held us chest to chest. I was leaking a lot of cum from my bottom.

Yancey was beside us getting fucked by Pete. He had already cum at least once but Pete still had almost half his pole to work into him. He saw that I was alert and looking at him.

“Hi, Vince,” Yancey greeted me. “You seemed to have so much fun I had to try it. It is actually even better getting fucked than it appeared from watching you and your scene was better than any porn video I’ve watched and I’ve seen a lot.”

I was still getting oriented so I didn’t reply. I looked for my brother. He was sitting cross-legged on the other blanket watching the action. He had put on his breechcloth and vest. His cock was hard, about six inches and cut like I. It had pushed the breechcloth aside. He wasn’t touching it at the moment but I could see that he had cum at least once from splotches on the vest and blanket.

Jimmy saw where I was looking and took it as a cue to bring Paul into the action.

“Was I a good fucker?” Jimmy asked me.

“I was so out of it when you did me, I don’t remember anything until I recovered on your lap a couple minutes ago,” I admitted.

“You were watching,” Jimmy said to Paul. “Do you think your brother enjoyed my fucking?”

“He shot twice after cumming five times with your brother and you added a big load to his ass, so I guess he did. I never thought my big brother was gay.”

“I don’t know that I am gay,” I responded, “But one thing is certain I’d never turn down a chance for sex like that no matter how it is labeled.”

“You came with us to experience some of our culture,” Jimmy said. “White guys get so involved in trying to have sex that they never get very good at it. Here sex is fun and we enjoy it and our partners do too. Let me show you how good it can be.”

“But you are only fourteen. I’m sixteen.” Paul hedged, trying to find an excuse.

“Don’t get hung up on his age,” I urged. “He’s more man than anyone we knew back home. If you still refuse, I’ll get the chance to enjoy his talents while I’m aware enough to really appreciate them. His cock is hard and starting to twitch in my gut.”

“OK,” Paul conceded. “I’ll try it. But go easy on me and, if I want to stop, promise you’ll listen.”

“Of course, I’ll go easy…to start. And I’ll stop if you request it. I know you are a true virgin sexually and it is an honor and a responsibility being your first. If I break you in right you will be begging me to go harder, faster and deeper before we are done and those requests I’ll be eager to follow.”

He stood up with me still riding him and moved us over to the other bed, stopping just before it. He just lifted me off his stiff pole, showing no strain with my weight. He popped clear and the cum-coated member snapped up tight to his muscled belly. I lowered my legs from his waist and he set me on my feet in front of him. I dropped to my knees to clean his cock with my mouth without being asked. He looked pleased by my display of respect and submission. It just was the right thing to do to show my appreciation for being serviced by a stud of his caliber.

Jimmy went to Paul and knelt down in front of where he was sitting. I stayed kneeling just off the edge of the pad. With Jimmy no longer in me I was leaking quite profusely as my stretched ring tried to recover.

Jimmy was an inch shorter than Paul but outweighed him by at least thirty pounds and it was all muscle. Paul’s white skin was in sharp contrast to the reddish-brown tint of the Indian boy. Paul just stared ahead, glancing frequently at the stiff cock of the younger boy. The cock that had just been inside his big brother and would soon be into him. Jimmy just looked into his face with a friendly smile.

After a minute of calm Jimmy just reached out with his hands under Paul’s armpits and pulled him into a strong kiss. As their bodies came together one arm wrapped Paul’s back and the other secured the back of his head so he could not back away. Paul struggled some initially but he was securely in the control of the much stronger boy. Shortly he relaxed as the kiss and close physical contact worked on his brain.

I knew what he was experiencing. I’d felt it too. It is the moment you realize your partner is a real man and your role is to submit to his needs and give him pleasure while he shows you what sex is all about.

After a few minutes Jimmy broke the kiss and laid Paul on his back, positioning himself between his legs. Words weren’t needed now. Jimmy raised Paul’s legs and Paul held his knees to his chest to give Jimmy access to prepare him. Paul still wore the leather vest but it was spread open and not covering his front. Jimmy just flipped the front flap of the breechcloth up on his abdominals so it was out of the way and went to work.

Jimmy was thorough in readying Paul for his initial penetration. He played with his opening with his tongue while stroking Paul’s cock. Paul liked what he was doing. Once the ring was relaxed Jimmy shifted to fingers to stretch him open enough to allow easy entry for his big cock. He wasn’t as long or wide as his elder brother but still 50% thicker than me. It was obvious Jimmy knew what he was doing so I wasn’t too concerned.

“I think you’re ready for me,” Jimmy asserted. He had positioned himself behind Paul and holding his thighs just above the knees to keep him bent and spread. His stiff rod was just lightly pressed against Paul’s virgin rosebud that seemed to be nibbling on the tip. “There may be some initial discomfort as I spread you open to handle my thickness; maybe even a twinge of pain as I force the entrance. That will pass quickly and pleasure will follow. Trust me. If you want me to go slower or stop just say so but I’ll probably see from your reactions what I need to do before you need to ask.”

“I do trust you,” said Paul looking into the eyes of the young Indian boy that was about to initiate his sexual life. “Put it in and fuck me, please.”

Jimmy just put a bit more pressure from his cock on the hole. Now each little spasm of the ring allowed a little more of the head to slip inside as the ring stretched around it. It took about a minute for the flaring crown to get inside and the ring snap onto the shaft.

“I’m in,” Jimmy announced.

He slowly added three more inches. I saw Paul’s surprise reaction when his most sensitive spot was touched. Jimmy did too and began a slow fuck stroke concentrating on that spot. Jimmy played Paul like a virtuoso building his excitement as he gradually claimed more of his interior. Then he built to a crescendo with full length, fast thrusts. A final thrust and he shot his hot sperm into my brother’s no longer virgin ass as Paul joined him in his first orgasm not from his own hand.

Jimmy stayed still inside Paul, letting him recover. It took a few minutes. Paul finally looked into Jimmy’s eyes. I knew he was wondering what to say.

“I guess you know I liked it,” he finally uttered. “It felt a little odd at first but you were right and pleasure took over. I can’t believe I almost missed my chance to experience that. Jimmy, you can fuck me anytime you want.”

“We are both soaked from all the cum you shot, so yes, I know you liked it,” Jimmy said. “I plan on taking you up on your offer.”

Yes they were soaked. Paul’s first shot went over his shoulder and the others sprayed his chest and vest while the front flap of his breechcloth was resting in a pool on his abs from the later spurts. His rear flap was soaked from the stuff leaking from his ass.

“I suppose I need to wash these,” Paul remarked.

“No need,” Jimmy stated. “The cum stains and smell just announce to everyone you are having a good time. Meanwhile, I’m still hard and I bet I can coax a few more loads from your balls.”

Paul wisely didn’t take the bet. Jimmy came twice and Paul five times over the next forty minutes. Meanwhile Pete exhausted Yancey in time to throw me another fuck while the younger boys finished up.

Part 2

It was sunset when we ended this session. Pete and Jimmy looked energized but Paul, Yancey and I looked like we just finished a serious workout. The young Indian males were gods to us. We felt the need to compliment and thank them but it all sounded confused and garbled but they knew what we were trying, unsuccessfully, to express.

They got us into our clothes. Everyone, including our Indian studs wore their vest as it was turning into a cool fall evening. Jimmy put some logs in the fire pit for lighting later and we moved out into the camp.

Everyone was gathered around the large fire in the central area. They had cooked a deer and some lake trout for dinner. The elder Shadow Hawk had done the dinner preparations while his young son hung out with the Grey Eagles and their guests.

Everyone knew that Paul and Jimmy had fucked us. It was obvious from our appearance but it was clear that it was also standard treatment for guests at the lake. Rob and Jeff had been fucked too but managed to handle it better, having more experience with Indian boys. There was no need to ask us if we liked it, it was obvious we did.

The dinner conversation was about sex naturally but not the way we might have expected. The Indian boys talked about us and other guys they fucked, making comparisons. Paul and Jimmy rated us pretty highly and it was decided that Paul and I would go with Matt and Luke for the night while Yancey went with the Shadow Hawks and our boys had Rob and Jeff. This conversation was strictly for the men in the group. Men included the seven month Alex Jr. but not us, Rob or Jeff. We were expected to accept what they decided. Rob and Jeff did not consider this unusual. My first thought was to object to this treatment but then I understood that they had so much more experience in these matters that I should trust their judgement. While I didn’t know the others I did trust Pete and Jimmy.

So while the men had their discussion I took the time to find out more about Rob and Jeff. They are seniors at a nearby high school and on the football team. Both were very athletic and bigger and more muscular than Yancey or I. A couple months ago they came to the reservation to play a game. They were told that the visiting locker room was under repair and both teams would have to share. The Indian players fucked their team and their coaches. It started as rape but by game time they were all addicted to Indian cock. They were fucked again at halftime and after the game. The game was one sided but I was surprised they could even manage to take the field after the sex they had.

The visitors were chosen by Indian players as personal sex slaves. Rob belongs to Matt and Jeff to Luke. They are freely shared with the boys’ friends. When with Matt or Luke you just ask them for their service but when they are away from their master apparently anyone can request them directly and they are not permitted to refuse. Back in their high school they usually handle several requests each day. You’d think that would be degrading but they are envied by the other students.

Hearing their story made me wonder if our boys had any special plans for us.

It was time to go with Matt and Luke for the night. Luke brought a burning branch from big fire to light the one in their lodge. It was similar to the other one except there was only one large sleeping area. After we were inside Matt secured animal skins across the entrance to keep out any wandering animals.

Luke appeared to be Pete’s age and they were, in fact, classmates. He was about six foot and about two hundred pounds of lean, defined muscle rather than the bodybuilder look of our boys. He had nine hard inches, uncut like all the Indians we’ve met.

Matt was near Jimmy’s age and only about five foot four tall. He packed 140 pounds of muscle on that small frame so he definitely had the bodybuilder look. A nice 7.5 inch cock completed the package. He was also hard with his front flap just draped over the side of the shaft.

“Pete and Jimmy said you were good fucks,” Luke began. “That is quite an achievement considering it is your first time with a man and first time period for you, Paul. I think you are lucky that your first is with us. We’ll show you how men are supposed to have sex and you haven’t picked up any bad habits from guys just out for a quick release. You’ll probably be comparing us with Pete and Jimmy. Go ahead. You’ll soon see we are just as skilled.”

“Thanks,” I replied. “We are as hard as you so you know we are eager to see what you can do. Enough talk, just fuck us.”

They did. Paul started with Luke’s nine-inches while I enjoyed the attentions of young Matt. They then suggested that I fuck Paul but I thought it would be best if he did me because he has only been on the receiving end so far. They watched for a while. Then Luke offered Paul some pointers. He got behind my brother and put his cock back in his ass and used that to guide his thrusts into me while explaining the best techniques. He also showed Paul how to gauge my reactions to get feedback on how he was doing in pleasuring me. It was twenty minutes of real sex education. Then Luke pulled out to let Paul practice on his own. It worked. He was much more fun after the session and we had a nice mutual orgasm after another fifteen minutes of fun. We fell asleep with Paul and I sixty-nining while Luke fucked my ass and Matt did Paul.

There was morning light filtering in the lodge when I opened my eyes. Paul was sucking my cock. I moved to suck his again and saw through his legs split by one of Matt’s thick thighs that Matt was already fucking him. I had a good view of the toned rod working his pale ass. There was plenty of white cum coating everything down there but It might have been from last night’s activity. My movement must have roused Luke from his slumber as he started to pump my ass again. We managed to all shoot together about fifteen minutes of pleasure later. Paul shot a good load in my mouth. It was only a few jets unlike the mouthfuls I get from the Indian boys but I liked it. He got mine while Luke filled my ass to overflowing. After swallowing Paul’s cum I moved in to get the stuff squirting around Matt’s rod as he pumped fresh seed into Paul’s already full gut.

After a few minutes relaxing in the afterglow of good sex we decoupled and stood up. I felt energized for what adventures the new day would bring. We thanked Luke and Matt for a great night. It was obvious we enjoyed it. They asked if they were better than Pete and Jimmy but we had sense enough to say that they were all way better than anyone we knew or heard of. Paul specifically thanked Luke for his sex lesson last night. Luke suggested we ask Pete and Jimmy to continue our training.

Our first stop was the lake to clean up. It was maybe low sixties but the sun was bright and already warming the air. We saw Pete and Jimmy were already in the water with Rob and Jeff. We shed our few clothes and joined them. Rob and Jeff made a point of thanking Matt and Luke for sharing them with Pete and Jimmy. Paul started to do the same with Jimmy but they said it was unnecessary since we weren’t their slaves. Pete said he hoped we could be boyfriends.

Yancey and the Shadow Hawks, father and son, were next to arrive. Yancey was holding the hand of Alex Jr. It looked like the youngster had to reach way above his head to hold Yancey’s hand. At first glance it looked like a father helping his son get around but on closer examination you could see that the bigger man was the one being led and his expression and demeanor showed that he accepted the superiority of the smaller man.

When they entered the water Junior rode Yancey’s shoulder and told him where to go and how to wash him. Yancey had had a good night. Alex senior had about seventeen inches. Junior was only six inches on a thirty inch body but he knew how to use them. He was also about twice as strong as Yancey.

Junior told us that he and his dads would be fucking us. I noticed the plural on dads and asked him about it. It seems The older Alex is not his biological father. His seed was from a student at Berkeley, Charlie Kim. He is a real super stud, almost eight feet tall with a twenty-eight inch cock. I couldn’t even wrap my mind around being fucked by one that big. Some tribe members go to Berkeley and brought their friends to the lake. Initially they were no bigger than the tribesmen are now. I gathered that the Indians were more normal then too. Then their friends became giants and their sperm super potent. Alex was fucked by Charlie at the lake and later at home fucked his wife. A few of Kim’s sperm was mixed with his millions and that’s all it took. It explains the more Asian features on the young Shadow Hawk boy.

There are a couple dozen kids like Alex Jr. in the tribe and others elsewhere. More are on the way. Pete says their mom is four months pregnant with a girl and can talk to her daughter in her mind. She has grown younger and stronger during the pregnancy and now looks no more than eighteen. Kids like Alex are born after only six months and can walk and talk within a day.

Charlie Kim and some friends are expected to arrive by mid afternoon.

After the lake we went with Pete and Jimmy. Alex Jr. wanted more time with Yancey and he readily agreed. The central fire was going strong. There was still meat from yesterday’s deer and they were making fried eggs. We washed it and the lingering taste of cum with fresh water from one of the mountain streams that fed the lake.

At breakfast the boys told us they planned to take us on a horseback ride in the mountains. We will need a couple deer for the larger group tonight.

We decided to just go in our breechcloths like the boys though with plenty of sunscreen to guard against burn. We did take the moccasins but Pete and Jimmy were bare. The horses looked like normal quarter horses but about 25% larger. We were told they were about five times stronger than normal horses and could easily handle our weight riding double. The Indians would ride bareback.

Pete and Jimmy leaped easily to the back of their horses and offered us a hand, pulling us up to straddle the horse behind them. As I held his sides my hard cock nestled between his ass crack and the soft horse hair.

Alex trotted over on his own horse. He would go with us and undoubtedly fuck us at some point. His son was staying in camp to get better connected with Yancey. He was carrying a bow slung on his back. It was made by a student at Berkeley of some metal alloy and took about a ton of force to draw. He had a couple for Pete and Jimmy that only need about half that. I couldn’t pull their bows more than a couple inched. The arrows were titanium with steel tips, razor sharp. He demonstrated targeting a two foot pine tree a hundred yards or so away. The arrow went right through the trunk and was stopped by a second tree fifty yards further on. I thought he missed until I saw the hole in the target tree as we rode over to retrieve the arrow.

We continued at a normal pace up the mountain following a stream that fed our lake. It was a beautiful ride but the best part was holding Pete’s muscular body. My hands felt his muscles from chest to abs to his cock. We were both soon hard. He adjusted his riding position a little and took my cock in his hole saying that he really meant it when he said that nothing is off limits. He was hot and very tight inside and the motion of the horse provide a gentle fuck stroke.

We had been riding for about an hour and a half when we heard the sound of a waterfall ahead. The steam cascaded down a hundred foot drop into a small pond. A couple deer had come to drink. They were about two hundred yards away and unaware of us. Alex and Pete drew their bows and agreed on their targets. Alex counted down and the arrows were away simultaneously. Both shots went clean through the hearts and embedded in the ground beyond. The deer staggered a couple steps and dropped.

We rode up and dismounted. Pete tied the horses. There were trout in the pond. Jimmy stood on the bank with his bow partly drawn. Five arrows later we had our lunch.

We set up around the pond. Jimmy would handle the cooking. The rest of us dropped our breechcloths and enjoyed the pond and waterfall. I couldn’t help but stare at Alex’s huge body. His cock had gotten partly hard and was over fifteen inches. Pete saw me checking Alex out.

“That big cock feels as good as it looks inside you,” he told me. “Coach, our boyfriends would like a ride. Will you show them a good time?”

“Of course,” Alex said. “Just waiting for your invitation. Vince come over here.”

“Yes, sir,” I answered and moved next to him. I noted that Pete had called us his boyfriends publicly so it was official.

The water was chest deep for me but only waist deep for him. The first two rows of his abdominal muscles were above the water level. The top of my head only reached his chin. The tip and about three inches of his thick pole were poking up out of the water a fist length ahead of his torso. I gripped the shaft just below the surface in both hands and put the end in my mouth. He was definitely thicker than Pete. It was too thick for me to get in my throat so I concentrated on the end. It quickly filled out to its full size, reaching to the bottom of the groove between his bulging pectoral plates, just over seventeen inches.

He had me lean against a boulder almost as tall as he was. I felt his fingers rubbing my hole. I had cleaned out in the lake this morning and not been fucked since. I relaxed my body and felt the cool water seeping inside as he stretched me open. He held me by the sides of my back and I spread my thighs to allow his legs, each one thicker than my waist, between them. I felt him at the entrance. He added pressure and slowly but inexorably eased inside. It felt great being so stuffed. He pushed a few inches more in and started a slow stroke.

He complimented me for taking him so easily and I urged him to give me more and not hold back. He fed me a few more inches but said that he would have to be somewhat gentle since I’m not as strong internally as an Indian boy. He gave me some more inches and I felt him as deep as Pete had been but he still has at least seven inches to go. That thought triggered me to shoot my first load into the lake water.

Then he really got serious, going faster, harder and longer. It took fifteen minutes to add the remaining inches. I was hard again. As he bottomed out he turned it up another notch and really pounded me with full-length pile driver thrusts. I asked myself is this his definition of gentle? What must it be like when he cuts loose? It was great though. He kept me right on the verge for several minutes and then made a final plunge and hosed my insides with his cum. I came again too.

When things calmed down he pushed his head next to mine and I turned to him for an after sex kiss. He slowly extracted his long pole from my gut bringing with it gobs of the seed that clouded the water. When he was out I turned to him and we shared another deep kiss, our cocks mashed together between us.

I saw that Pete and Jimmy had doubled Paul with Jimmy down his mouth and Pete up his ass. They had just wrapped up so Paul was free to switch to Alex while I had the boys.

I thought what they had done with Paul looked hot but the brothers had other ideas. Pete held me by my waist, hooking my knees in his elbows. He then lowered me onto his stiff cock until I had all ten inches. It went in easily since Alex had just been there. Jimmy got behind me and I felt him press me where his brother entered me. He stabbed upward and shoved in beside Pete. He must be standing on a rock to equalize their size difference. All three of us shot a couple times while Alex showed Paul the pleasures of his long cock.

We had lunch after. Then Alex headed back to the lake with the two deer tied to his horse so he could get them ready for the evening meal. We would enjoy a quiet afternoon by the waterfall with our boyfriends.

I asked Pete what our being boyfriends meant besides lots of great sex. He said that we were welcome to visit them anytime, stay at their house and meet their friends. I realized that when he said meet he meant have sex with. They would also like to visit us and meet our friends. I had no problem letting my friends know I had such a hot boyfriend and maybe experience some of what I would be getting regularly.

Paul mentioned the sex lesson he got from Luke last night and asked if they could continue our education. They said they certainly would since our performance reflects on them.

Then the boys fucked us again and I got my first lesson fucking Paul with Pete guiding me in my ass. He showed be how to play with Paul’s sensitive spots and how to recognize when I was hitting them just right. I also learned how to gauge how close he was to orgasm so I could hold him just on the brink and control his release. That meant I had to learn to control myself as well so I could use my orgasm to trigger his. Of course, when I really learn the skills I won’t have to think about them. They made us promise to practice with each other every day when we get home. Paul and I are looking forward to it.

Then it was time to head back to the lake. When we arrived there was an SUV in the vehicle area that appeared to have been modified to handle extremely tall occupants. Jimmy took care of the horses while Pete and we stowed our gear. Paul and I donned our vests as it was turning cool in the late afternoon.

Around the fire, Alex had the two deer prepped and cooking assisted by two newcomers but not the giants we were expecting. We introduce ourselves. They were students at Berkeley and boyfriends of the big studs. One was a sophomore, Diego Fernandez, Hispanic, about five six and one hundred thirty pounds with seven inches. He wasn’t a big guy but very fit and stronger than he looked; maybe twice as strong as I. The other was a junior, Terry Cooper. He was a tight end on Cal football and got a start by being a fuck buddy of Joey Foster, their big star. He was six three and two hundred ten pounds with almost eleven inches and also way strong but not in the class of our Indian friends. They were given a little boost so the big guys didn’t need to hold back when fucking them.

They came up with three of their big friends, senior Charlie Kim, Alex Jr.’s biological father, sophomores, Tony Tran and Samuel Running Bear, a member of the tribe. Samuel is visiting friends and family in town. Charlie is with his son and Yancey. Tony is with Matt, Luke, Rob and Jeff. Diego and Terry were used heavily to entertain the big boys on the drive up and will be needed on the drive back. They had a few hours to recharge and accepted Pete’s invitation to our lodge.

Being sex toys to a house with forty super studs is as much fun as you could imagine. They both had yin-yang ear studs that they said indicated their status.

Pete and Jimmy enjoyed wildly pounding the two guys, knowing they couldn’t hurt them. Then Paul and I got a lesson in bottoming. Paul fucked Jimmy and I did Pete. While we did that Diego and Terry fucked our asses. Jimmy and Paul were facing us so they could watch us and our fuckers behind us. They told us to do to our fuckers what they did to our cocks. That is easier to say than to do because I didn’t know how to control my internals like he could. But, by the time Terry shot his load up my ass, I was getting the hang of it and, of course, feeling the effect Pete’s actions had on my cock explained why he was doing it. Now we have top and bottom things to practice when we get home.

We saw Charlie and Tony at dinner. Charlie was seven ten, all muscle and God only knows what he weighs, twenty-eight inches of thick cock. Tony Tran was seven eight and had twenty-seven inches. His build was sleeker and more defined. They both wore breechcloths but it didn’t even try to conceal cocks that were over twenty soft.

Tran will spend the night with us while Diego and Terry join Luke’s group. Charlie Kim will stay with the Shadow Hawk family and Yancey. We didn’t see Yancey and Junior at dinner. They were doing some special bonding in their lodge. I guess that meant sex.

We took Tony Tran back to our lodge and Jimmy started the fire while Pete secured the entrance for the night. Then Pete introduced us all again and offered Tony his choice of which of us he wanted to start with as we gathered about him. The top of my head didn’t reach his shoulders and I would have to stand on my toes to lick the top of his cock-head if he were standing.

“Guys, we have all night,” Tony said. “Tell me about yourselves. I usually like to know a little about guys or girls I fuck, even at sex parties.”

Pete told him about himself and his brother and I described how we met and mentioned that he must have already met our friend, Yancey, who has been spending the stay with Charlie Kim’s son

“Yes,” he began, “Alex chose him to bond with. It is early for that but he is quite advanced for his age. Anyway Yancey was over eighteen and made an informed choice. I’m sure Junior will take good care of him.” I didn’t understand why being over eighteen was important for Yancey when it didn’t seem to be a concern for anything else.

Then he told us some about himself. He started college at sixteen and is just seventeen now. He was in his fraternity pledge class with Samuel Running Bear and has made several trips to the reservation with him or his brother Joseph. He has a couple kids due in a few months from the wives of married guys he fucked in past trips. He then said that Pete should choose the order. He chose to go first. I was to be third after Jimmy.

Jimmy fucked me on the second bed as I sucked my brother while Pete got drilled. He and Jimmy had been fucked by giant cocks before and had enough internal strength that Tony didn’t need to hold back. Even being fucked myself I watched as much as I could to get an idea of what was coming. Tony’s piece was nearly as thick as my wrist and when it was in deep you could see Pete’s muscled abdominals bulge outward as the cock pressed them from below. Pete came three times before Tony pumped him full with a massive load that sprayed from the tight seal around his buried cock with some force.

Then it was Jimmy’s turn. Pete needed a break so Paul shifted to fucking me. By the time Tony withdrew from an exhausted Jimmy, Pete had recovered enough to sandwich Paul as he fucked me. It would help loosen him up for his turn. I slid off my brother, carrying some fresh cum for deep lubrication and went over to Tony. Jimmy was still sprawled of the blankets unable to move but there was still lots of room.

“What is the biggest cock you’ve had?” Tony asked me.

“Seventeen inches from big Alex,” I answered.

“That’s good and I see that the boys got you warmed up and lubed with their cum. I’m only ten inches longer than what you had.”

Only ten inches I thought. One giant normal cock more than the huge one I had this afternoon. I’m in a world where ten inches is no big deal.

“Will it hurt?”

“No way. I’ve fucked lots of normal guys and you’ll love it. I’ll pump you a big load before I get past what has already been explored. That will expand your gut deep like pumping up a balloon and make it nice and slick. Then I’ll claim all that virgin territory. Let’s get started.”

He put me on my back and knelt between my widely spread legs, his knees between both of mine. When he pushed his cock down to horizontal it extended many inches past his knee. He leaned toward me, pushing his arms under my legs to hold me by the sides of my chest and raised me off the blanket until I was held vertical in front of him.

Pointing up, his pole extended to the middle of his breast bone but the thick muscles pressed it forward so the tip was about eight inches out. He just held me at a comfortable height where I could use both hands to feel his powerful shaft and lick around the crown with my tongue. He would periodically spurt out a jet of lube that was more than most guys cum and I swallowed several of the tasty offerings.

He then raised me another foot and kissed me strongly. His tongue was as long and strong as I might have expected. It was a good kiss but not like with Pete where it expresses our mutual love. This was more of a casual display of the dominance I already knew he had.

When he broke the kiss he lifted me above his head so he could position the tip at my hole. He let me sit on it with light pressure. His face was at my chest level. I looked down past my hard cock and saw the long stiff shaft extending from his groin to nestle in my ass crack. He looked up at my face, smiled and let more of my weight press on his pole. It was enough to force me open and let him pop inside. I felt really stuffed.

He added a few more inches and started a short fuck stroke. It felt great. Besides the internal feeling I could track our progress as I gradually sat lower. When he was about halfway I was face to face with him. With the stroking, my eyes would be up by his hairline to down by his mouth. He brought me off and I sprayed both our faces with my seed. We licked each other clean.

By the time he reached my previous limit I was hard again. A few quick thrusts and he exploded inside me as I came again. It was a massive discharge that I could feel pumping up my guts and he had had several orgasms already this evening.

When the flow eased, I looked down at the ten inches that remained. Then I looked up into his eyes. He smiled again and resumed his fuck stroke. Now the strokes were over a foot long. Each time I bottomed out a little lower as he boldly went where no man had gone before.

My stiff piece was bumping along the cobblestones of his abs as he moved me up and down. When I put my hand on my own tight belly I could feel his thick flesh moving underneath, bending under my diaphragm to follow my intestine as he pushed deep into me. Ten minutes more and he pushed me tight to his groin and held me there. I had all of him inside me. I felt proud and looked up at him and smiled. He smiled back.

Then he began the real fuck. The strokes were long, hard and got increasingly faster; not as hard or as fast as with the Indian boys but plenty. How can I explain how a two foot long fuck stroke feels? Even your wildest imaginings probably fall short of the reality. He pounded me for what seemed forever but I was told it was twelve minutes before exploding inside me as I came once more.

He just left me sprawled on the blankets as he switched to my younger brother. I was still in the dazed afterglow of his fuck as Paul had his turn. When he finished with Paul he left him beside me and moved for seconds with Pete and Jimmy. Somewhere in there we feel asleep hugging each other.

It was morning when we awoke. I was being fucked by Pete and Paul by Jimmy.

“That’s the best way to wake up,” Paul stated. “I wish we could do that every morning.”

“We fuck each other every morning,” said Pete. “There’s no reason you two can’t do the same.”

I was thinking of what reason we could give our parents to start sharing one room and maybe one bed.

Tony had fucked the boys before we woke and left. We stripped the blankets and folded them to get set for the trip home. We then headed to the lake to clean up.

Alex Jr. was there with both his dads. He was riding Yancey’s shoulders. Yancey was bigger, about six six with some serious muscle and a sixteen inch cock.

“Yancey, how did you get so big?” I asked.

“I bonded with Junior this weekend and my new size and strength is a little bonus in the deal. We’ll be happy to give you and Paul a ride any time.”

“We?” I asked.

“Junior and I,” he replied. “Since our bonding he is always with me.” A subtle change seemed to come over his body. He seemed a little bigger and he continued in a confident voice. “I’m so small now that it limits my interactions with others. With Yancey I can explore the world while my own body grows.” Yancey went back to normal, “That was Junior if you didn’t guess. He can run my body while I observe anytime he wants. He uses it better than I and I’ve already learned a lot from watching. Plus what I experience through his mind is so much deeper than I get direct from my senses. Since you can’t experience an orgasm like we do you don’t know what you are missing.”

“Are you still you? Are you still our friend? Are you going to come home with us today?”

“Some of that is complicated,” he began. “I’m still me but I’m also part Junior and there are lots we share. It is a partnership but I know that it is best if he makes all the decisions. I, we are still your friends and you know that after this trip our friendship will be much more intimate even if I had reminded just Yancey. Finally, yes, we will be coming home with you. Junior wants to meet my family and all my friends. Then we’ll do some exploring.”

I knew what he meant by meet. I wasn’t really certain what their arrangement was but Yancey seemed happy with it. It will be fun to see the impact from unleashing a super stud on our high school.

We ate a light breakfast and said our goodbyes to our new friends. That was usually a full body embrace and deep kiss with our cocks mashed between us; cocks that knew us intimately. I wished we could have had more rounds with them but I knew we’d be back.

We packed up the truck and loaded the horses. I rode in the bed on the soft surface made by our cum soaked blankets. Yancey was with me. Pete drove with Paul and Jimmy in the cab. We started off.

Yancey immediately put me on my back and positioned himself to fuck me. I was eager to try out his enhanced body and sixteen inch cock. He was good and we soon enjoyed a nice mutual orgasm. Then there was a change in him that told me Junior had taken charge. Yancey was good but Junior was incredible. Then he let Yancey back for round three. We finished that round just before we left the woods and turned onto the paved road.

I had a few minutes to recover before we would arrive at the service station. Both Yancey and I were covered in the cum I spewed as were the leather garments. I was leaking from my ass and I wiped up some and took a taste as I hadn’t tried Yancey’s sperm before. I saw Paul through the back window of the cab. He had been busy too, sucking both our Indian friends. He had leaked cum smeared on his face.

We pulled into the station. Matt, Pete and Jimmy’s father, came out of the office. He still wore loose fitting coveralls. I noticed that the vehicle he had been working on was no longer on the lift but was parked by the side. Our pickup was still in front of the second bay.

“Hi,” he greeted us. “It is obvious you had a good time. My boys can be lots of fun. This is a small community and I already heard Junior chose a pet. It looks like you were the lucky one,” he said to Yancey. “Congratulations.”

“Yes, sir.” I replied. “Pete and Jimmy showed us a lot. We’re their boyfriends now.”

“We hope we can have them over frequently and visit them,” said Pete.

“Sure. It is not like we need extra room since you’ll share one bed. I think it is great you’ll have a steady relationship instead of just the usual casual sex,” Matt agreed. “But, for now, you should fix their pickup so they can get home. The generator was delivered yesterday.”

“I’ll get right on it and Jimmy will unload the truck and take care of the horses,” Pete said. He went to the garage, dropped his breechcloth and took coveralls from a wall hook.

“It will take Pete about an hour to get you ready. I charged your battery yesterday. That gives me some time to meet my boys’ friends,” Matt said. I knew what he meant.

We followed him through the station office to a back room that had a bed and wash basin. He washed his hands and unsnapped the straps holding up his loose coveralls. They fell to the floor. I guess I’m getting comfortable with things. I was looking forward to my boyfriends’ dad fucking me. He was a hot guy and he awed us from the first time we saw him but two days ago I would not have imagined him fucking us. Now I expected it.

We were not disappointed. I loved his eighteen hard inches and Paul got a chance to try Yancey and Junior before getting his turn with Matt. Jimmy returned in time to get Yancey up his ass while sucking me.

We had just wrapped the second round when Pete knocked. Our pickup was ready. We took a quick shower from a head on the wall in the garage before getting into our regular clothes for the drive home. Nothing Yancey brought would fit him now so Matt lent him one of his coveralls.

With a final hug and kiss we did our goodbyes with Pete and Jimmy. They would stay with us next weekend and we planned to spend the days after Christmas with them. Paul and I decided to tell our parents everything. We didn’t want to pretend or hide the sex we will have between ourselves or with our boyfriends.

We headed home in high spirits. Our pickup trouble had changed our lives.


Continued in Pickup Trouble II. For how the stories fit together, see the common timeline.

Description What started as a simple weekend camping trip for Vince, brother Paul, and his friend Yancey became something more when their pickup broke down. A side story set in the world of Bill’s Education, The Rescue, The Surfer, and Spring Break.

AddedJanuary 2018
Updated8 Dec 2018



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