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Description Vince and Paul’s sexual adventures spread to jocks at school, their girlfriends, and even their parents—in fact it’s not only humans getting in on the fun as the brothers uncover just how far they can go.

Updated8 Dec 2018



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Part 1

We dropped off Yancey and returned home by late afternoon. We had stopped for a while so Paul could clean up after spending the trip back riding Yancey’s big cock as Yancey and Junior took turns fucking him. We used his cum soaked shirt as a towel and I ate out most of the huge load of cum that filled his ass.

I pulled the pickup into the garage and we stowed our unused camping gear before grabbing our bags and heading into our house. The garage opens into the kitchen where our mother was preparing the evening meal. She had heard us open the garage and was expecting us.

“Hi boys,” she said. “Did you have a good time?”

We had decided to tell them everything so I came right out with it. “Yes, it was great. We meet some Native-American brothers. They took us to their favorite spot. We are now their boyfriends.”

“With benefits,” added Paul. “Vince and I love the benefits.”

Our father had come in and heard it all. He said, “You had sex with them?”

“Yes,” Paul said without any hesitation. “They were great and so were their friends. I hadn’t had sex before but I learned a lot. They told Vince and I to practice with each other.”

“Paul is going to move into my room and we’ll share one bed.” I figured I might as well get that out in the open now. “Our boyfriends, Peter and Jimmy Standing Bear, will be visiting us next weekend and we want to impress them with how well we’ve learned what they taught us so far.”

“Are you gay?” Mom asked.

“Our Indian friends don’t use labels. It is just sex and lots of fun,” I explained. “I’m not breaking up with Gina and I’m sure she will enjoy meeting our boyfriends.” I was certain of that.

“Your pants are wet,” Dad said to Paul.

He looked down at his front which was dry then twisted to look back as he realized Dad was talking about the seat of his pants that had a large and growing wet spot.

“Oh, that. It’s no big deal,” Paul remarked. “Yancey and Junior fucked me for the entire ride back from the mountains. Vince licked up most of the leakage but I guess more flowed down from deep inside. I must have taken half a dozen big loads and shot off six times myself on the trip home.”

“It is somewhat complicated,” I admitted. “Yancey is a lot bigger than he was a couple days ago. He’ll be fucking us too but mostly at school.”

I could see that Dad was shocked at what we’d told them. Mom looked confused by our revelations. Dad looked about to speak but Mom stopped him with a hand squeezing his arm.

“Are you happy?” Mom asked.

“Yes, Mom,” Paul said. “Pete and Jimmy are really nice people. You’ll know when you meet them next week.”

“They care about us and we care about them,” I stated. “It is more than just sex, though the sex is great. We can share everything with them and they with us.”

“As long as you’re happy,” Mom said softly.

Dad still looked unhappy but didn’t speak. We said we needed to shower and change and set Paul up in my now shared room. We left. I was happy that we got things out in the open but also happy we got out to give our parents time to come to terms with all we told them.

Paul and I shared a bath and large closet between our rooms. I gave him half the dresser in my room for his underwear, socks and such and we moved some of my lesser used stuff to his room. We brought in his desk and a second night table for the other side of my queen bed. We figured we might need the full bed in his old room when we had our boyfriends or guests over.

We stripped off our clothes and got in the shower together. First we just made out, kissing, hugging and feeling each other all over. It was fun feeling my brother’s wrestling-trained body. He’s nowhere near as muscular as our boyfriends but he was my brother. Our cocks, rubbing against each other between our pressed bodies, leaked freely. We often reached down to wipe up some of the juice with our fingers to feed each other. Then Paul fucked me and we cleaned each other out thoroughly so we wouldn’t be leaking during dinner.

We went downstairs and ate with our parents. No one said anything during the meal. I guess it was obvious we had just had sex with each other. We asked to be excused to go to our room as soon as the meal ended. We were both half hard in our running shorts when we stood up.

We tossed off our few clothes once back in our room and lay together in our bed. We didn’t bother to lock the door. Our folks were welcome to watch if they wanted.

We kissed and cuddled playfully for a while until I fucked my brother. After we both shot a couple times we just relaxed side by side on the bed.

Paul suggested we call our boyfriends to tell them we had a safe trip. I got my phone from the table and keyed Pete’s number. It rang four times before he picked up. I punched up the speaker phone.

“Hi, Pete. It’s Vince.”

“And Paul.”

“We thought we’d call to let you know we had a safe trip home,” I continued. “How are you two doing?”

“We’re home too,” said Pete. “Luke and Matt came over after their slaves went home. I suppose you know what we’re doing.”

“The same as us,” stated Paul.

Then I got a ring on my Skype from Pete and we shifted over to video chat. When the video came on I saw Pete’s face smiling. He panned the camera around. He was on his back with his legs on the shoulders of Luke Grey Eagle, who was fucking him.

“Do you miss this big cock?” Luke asked, sliding almost all his nine inches out until only the end of the tip remained in Pete as Pete turned the camera to show it bridging the space between Luke’s groin and his ass. The whole shaft was cum covered either from a recent orgasm or the residue of previous rounds. Probably both, I thought. Pete’s ten inches was in a similar state, throbbing on his muscled belly. The tip was still dripping the final bits of cum, so probably they had just cum before our call.

“It was fun,” I admitted. “But my boyfriend is bigger.”

“Good answer,” I heard Pete say off screen.

“Hey, Paul,” We heard Jimmy say. “Do you wish you could take Matt’s place?”

Pete moved the phone to show Jimmy fucking Matt on the bed next to them. Matt was on his side and Jimmy behind him with his smiling face over Matt’s shoulder. He had lifted Matt’s leg near vertices holding near the knee. You could see his eight inch cock steadily pumping Matt’s ass. It was also cum covered and bringing fresh stuff to drip out on each stroke. Matt’s cock had sprayed his torso up to his chin and the streaks were just starting to drip down and his tip was also still pumping the last weak spurts of a recent orgasm.

“You bet,” Paul said. “I can’t wait for the weekend. Vince and I are already practicing for you.”

“We too,” said Pete.

“When are they coming up here again?” Matt asked.

“Just after Christmas through New Year,” stated Pete.

“I’ll put a nice red bow on my cock for your present,” Luke said laughing.

“You’ll meet all our friends then,” Pete stated. “We have to go now. Luke has a third load for me and Jimmy is ready to add some more to Matt. And, from your feed, it looks like Paul is ready to go to town on you too. Bye for now.”

“You’re right,” Paul said. “Bye.”

They cut the call and I put down the phone as Paul got in position to fuck me. After a few more rounds we went to sleep.

We slept soundly, still nude and cuddling together under the blanket. With dawn brightening the room I awoke with my morning wood already pressed to the groove in my brother’s ass. Gently I pushed it inside and started a slow stroke.

“Yes, brother,” Paul moaned. “I want to wake up every morning like that.”

It didn’t take long to seed his ass. Then he did me. We showered, dressed, had breakfast and caught the bus for school.

When we arrived we spotted Yancey just outside the entrance with a small crowd around him. There were several of our soccer teammates and some of the guys on other sport teams and a few cheerleaders including his girlfriend, Helen, and mine, Gina. At six six Yancey was easily the tallest in the group by a few inches. We have a guy on the basketball team as tall but he wasn’t in this crowd.

Yancey was still wearing the borrowed coveralls. He had one of his old tee shirts with the arms cut off and half the side split open to cover his massive chest but it only reached to the middle of his abdominal muscles. As we approached I could see the bulge of his thick shaft under the tightly stretched fabric of the top and from the side a few inches of uncovered pole was visible below where the top ended.

Everyone was curious about how he had gotten so big over the weekend. He was talking but, as I got closer, I realized it was Junior speaking in his voice.

“As you can see there have been a few changes,” Yancey/Junior stated. “I plan on fucking all of you today and frequently thereafter. Anyone who agrees to partner with me must also agree to one simple rule; you must be open to sex with me or any of my other partners anytime and anywhere. You can still have your boyfriends and girlfriends but sexually we are completely open with each other. We never say no. If that’s not for you, leave now.”

No one moved. My phone rang. I picked it up.

“Vince, it’s Yancey,” said the voice on the phone. “I’m calling on Junior’s phone to give you a private explanation of what we’re doing.”

It was Junior’s voice but it was Yancey speaking while Junior in his body was explaining more to the crowd around him.

“I hope you don’t mind us including Gina in our group,” he continued.

“No, it’s fine,” I said. “I was going to have her meet our boyfriends on the weekend and I would have had her try you soon anyhow. I suppose Paul and I are already part of your circle. How big a group are you planning?”

“Eventually it will be the entire school,” Yancey explained. “Alex identified 115 students and seven teachers that might be problems. He arranged the district’s computer to transfer them out by the end of Winter break. The rest will go along once we show them the benefits. I have to go now. We’re going to get started.”

The call ended. The group broke up. Yancey went off with Helen and Steve, the football quarterback. I filled Paul in on my phone call and we split up to go to our first classes. We would hook up at lunch. I caught up to Gina.

“Hi Gina,” I greeted her coming up to walk with her. “You’re going to love being fucked by Yancey.”

“You don’t mind?” Gina asked surprised. “How do you know I’ll love it?”

I filled her in on our weekend, leaving out the part about his connection with Alex Junior. That was too complicated and I wasn’t sure I fully understood it.

“Are you gay now? What about us?”

It was a natural assumption after hearing about Yancey fucking me and all the sex I’d had with Indian boys over the weekend.

“No, it was just sex,” I said. “You’re still my girlfriend if you want. We have twenty minutes before classes start. Let me show you.”

We found an open room holding unused text books. The stuff Pete and Jimmy taught me about reading my partners paid off with Gina. She had a couple muffled orgasms while I got off. We just made class in time after quickly straightening up. Still, I knew I couldn’t compete with Pete’s ten inches or Yancey’s sixteen.

I had a class with Quarterback Steve second period. He’d changed to team sweats but hadn’t had time to shower. He still smelled of cum probably because he had a big wet spot on his seat where he was still leaking some of Yancey’s deposit. I thought I should try to borrow some pads from Gina just in case.

I met Paul at lunch. He and his girlfriend, Karla, had a study period just prior. They had made out on previous dates but hadn’t had sex. He convinced her easily and they found a secluded spot in the library to get it on. Paul is a lot more confident since our trip and Karla responded to it.

We went to one of the boy’s toilets to have sex. Since we didn’t care if anyone saw us I just dropped my pants and leaned over a sink while Paul fucked me. We had a couple guys watching us. Then one of Paul’s wrestling teammates came in and Paul called out to him to come over. I had met him watching one of Paul’s meets, a junior, Gene Wheeler. He wrestles a couple of weight classes heavier than Paul so he is bigger and more muscular. Of course, Paul hadn’t missed a stroke.

“Gene,” Paul began. “I’m almost ready to drop a second load in my brother. Do you want to try his ass after I’m done? He’s a great fuck and I guarantee you’ll love his hole.”

My brother had just offered me to one of his friends without asking me. I considered that for a few seconds and thought, sure, why not. He is my brother and I trust him. He and his friends should feel they can use me as they wish.

“I’ve never done gay stuff before,” Gene admitted. “But it does look hot.”

It probably did look hot. My ass was dripping from Paul’s first deposit and I blew streaks of cum all over the counter top.

“Neither had I before last weekend,” Paul said. “It’s fun. Try it and you’ll like it. It doesn’t mean you’re gay. I fucked Karla last period. But I get it on with my brother all the time now. Half the time he does me but we can save your ass for another time.”

“You look like a hot stud,” I added, figuring I’d encourage him. “Any friend of my brother is always welcome. Show me you’re a real man.”

“Okay,” he said tentatively.

Paul had sped up as he was, as he stated, getting close. I felt him start to pulse and he punched my trigger as we were taught. As he added another good load in my ass, I spurted all over the counter again, giving everyone watching a good show.

Meanwhile, Gene had pulled down his pants, exposing a nice eight and a half hard inches. He was uncut and average thickness. He had a drop of pre at the tip.

Paul pulled out of me and stepped to the side. I turned facing him so I could use my mouth to clean off his member that was still mostly hard. As I went down on him he told Gene to put his piece in me.

Gene held my hips. I felt the tip touch my entrance that was still trying to recover from almost a half hour of pounding from Paul. He pushed inside. It went in easily and I used my internal muscles to squeeze it firmly. I felt his groin touch my ass cheeks.

“I’m in,” Gene said. “It feels good. He’s tighter than any girl I’ve fucked.”

“Just fuck it like you would a pussy,” Paul instructed, assuming the role of teacher to the older boy. “Watch Vince’s reactions. Though you fuck the same, the sensitive spots are different.”

“You can’t be the best at topping unless you bottom too,” I advised him, pulling off Paul for a second. “You need to know how it feels on the receiving end and learn to do things like this.” I gave his buried cock a special squeeze like I’d been taught.

“Wow! That felt great,” Gene exclaimed. “What did you do?”

“Good bottoms aren’t just passive holes for cocks,” Paul explained. “We’ll teach you what you need to know.”

We didn’t have too much time for this round so I worked his thrusting cock to bring him off quickly. He lasted about five minutes before seeding my ass and pulling out. I turned around and cleaned off his pole with my mouth while he watched Paul eat out his deposit and most of the two he had given me.

“That was really something,” Gene confessed. “Thanks Paul. I’d love to do it again.”

“Sure,” Paul agreed. “You can do me in the shower after wrestling practice today. But meet us here tomorrow at the start of our lunch period, Vince has dibs on your ass cherry as he broke you in. Don’t worry. It’s fun on the receiving end too if the guy knows what to do and we are both better than anyone else in our school except Yancey.”

“You want me to fuck you in front of the whole team,” said a surprised Gene.

“Sure,” said Paul. “They can all fuck me too if they want. We already did it in here in front of anyone who wanted to watch our show. It will be all over school in a few hours. We don’t care who knows and neither should you.”

“Okay, I guess,” Gene muttered.

“I think in a few weeks nobody will care where and when they have sex or whether their partner is a boy or girl,” I added. Then school will really be fun I thought.

We had a few minutes to straighten up before class. I remembered Steve’s problem and stuffed some paper in my pants to soak up any leakage. I’d meet up with Paul after my soccer practice.

I got to see Yancey again at our practice. He was unstoppable on the field, way faster than anyone and deadly accurate kicking. He had borrowed a football jersey from one of our biggest linemen. It fit pretty well considering his big muscles took the place of the pads that were normally worn under it. He needed 3XL soccer shorts to fit over his massive thighs. They had a drawstring waist that could cinch up tight enough to stay on. His leg filled the shorts tightly enough to keep his cock, almost twelve inches soft, from falling out but it was clearly visible bulging his crotch as he ran.

We didn’t have much time to chat on the field. He did tell me he had sex twelve times so far today. I was not surprised. Near the end he told me that while young Alex is usually better controlling his body than he is, when it comes to running while handling a soccer ball he still has the edge but Alex is good at figuring out the other players intentions so he tells him where to go and when to pass or shoot.

When practice wrapped up we went to the locker room under our small stadium. I got the first fuck. Alex let Yancey do me while the rest of the team watched. My experience with big cocks probably helped them feel better about what was about to enter them. I still had some time before I was supposed to meet Paul so I fucked a couple of the guys myself. It would help loosen them up. We had a couple gay guys on the team and they pitched in too and no one tried to back out. We’ll be much closer as a team after today.

The wrestling team practiced in the main gym. I got to the locker room and the guys were mostly already dressed. I went up to Paul and we shared a sexy kiss in front of everyone to make it clear we were more than just brothers. Then I went to Gene and kissed him like I would kiss my girlfriend. It took him a minute to accept me in the dominate role but he opened his lips and allowed my tongue to duel his inside his mouth. When we broke the kiss I reminded him I’d be taking his cherry tomorrow. Paul invited the other to come watch and maybe lose their own.

Gene’s girl was waiting for him outside the locker room. I suggested he bring her along tomorrow to watch. As we left I heard her ask Gene about what was going to happen.

The next day she did show up with him with the girlfriend of another of Paul’s teammates who also wanted his ass cherry popped. We had a couple more teammates unaccompanied for the same purpose and one of his gay teammates figuring to get in on the action. Besides the two girls we had over ten guys at various times watching the action in the boy’s toilet and we fucked a couple after taking care of the wrestlers.

But my second fuck after finishing Gene was his girlfriend. I had Gene lick my cock clean of cum and ass juice. Then I hiked up her skirt and removed her panties and set her down in the pools of cum Gene had shot on the counter top. I just raised her legs to my shoulders, pushed into her cunt and started fucking. I know I’m not at the level of my Indian boyfriends or Yancey/Alex but the few lessons I’d had and the confidence I’d gained made me way better than Gene and both he and his girl realized that after a couple minutes of fucking. She had five loud orgasms in quick succession before I flooded her cunt with my sperm. I left Gene to comfort her and moved on to one of the wrestlers.

By Friday almost every athlete, their girlfriends or boyfriends and a lot of the others were in what we just called the sex club. It even included a few teachers which was useful because if you knew you had one for next period you could be a little late for class and just say that your sex delayed you. By then it was common to see students of both sexes kissing in the corridors or before class.

Of course, Paul and I were excited all day because Pete and Jimmy would be at our home for the weekend. We expected them about 8:00 PM.

It was ten minutes past eight when their pickup truck pulled into our driveway. Paul and I waited just outside the door until they got out. Then we ran up to them to welcome them with hugs and kisses.

Greeting over we walked to our house. Pete grabbed a duffle bag from the cab while Jimmy carried a two-foot cube cardboard box from the truck bed.

Inside our parents were waiting. The boys set down their stuff by the door. I made introductions.

“Mom, Dad, these are Pete and Jimmy Standing Bear, our boyfriends. Guys, our parents, Bill and Rosa.”

We hadn’t really told our folks much about our boyfriends and as they looked them over I could see they were shocked at their size. Pete is six foot, so a couple inches taller than Dad though an inch shorter than me. He carries about two twenty on that frame, all muscle and not a speck of fat. He had shoulder length black hair held with a beaded headband. He wore an athletic shirt and shorts that fit him like a second skin. His ten-inch cock, hard in anticipation of what we’d be doing in a few minutes made an outrageous bulge in his shorts. Jimmy is five six, the same height as Mom. He is every bit as muscular as his older brother on a shorter frame. He was similarly attired, including the beaded headband holding his hair that extended to his upper back. He also was obviously hard but only just over eight inches. Pete was sixteen and Jimmy, fourteen but with their builds they looked our age or a little older.

“Mr. Taylor, Mrs. Taylor,” Pete began. “We are pleased to meet you. Thank you for letting us visit. Can we call you Bill and Rosa? After all we know your sons intimately and I’m certain that some time over our visit we will get to know you too. But it has been almost a week since we fucked your sons and it must be obvious we are eager to renew our relationship.”

Pete went to Dad and shook his hand. Then with his left arm he pulled him tight to his body and kissed him, giving Dad an idea of how strong he was. Jimmy went to Mom, hugging her in a fully embrace and kissing her on the lips. Then they broke off grabbed their bags and we led them to our room, leaving our parents to figure out what just happened to them.

Once in our room they dropped their stuff and we sat on the edge of the bed, Pete with me on the right and Jimmy with Paul on the left. We were dressed like they but our more normal muscles didn’t strain the fabric but we both had visible bulges in our shorts.

“We missed you,” I said. “And this too.” I felt his hardness through his shorts.

“You had plenty of fun in school,” Jimmy said while Paul was pulling off his shorts. “From your phone calls it sounds like you are getting almost as much sex in school as we do.”

“It is fun,” I admitted. “But you get sex with other Indian boys and only Yancey and Alex are in your league.”

I had started stripping Pete’s top. He raised his arms to allow me to peel it over his head. When it was clear I saw that a few inches of his cock had poked clear of the waistband.

“If you can wait a few minutes we have a couple gifts for you,” Pete said standing up.

I really didn’t want to wait but I knew that our boyfriends were in charge. Pete went to their duffle and pulled out a couple items, tossing one to his brother. It was a beaded collar that he put around my neck. The pattern matched his headband. The collar was deeper in front where the beading extended in a ‘v’ between my pecs. At the point was attached a thin leather strap that had a red butt plug on the end. The strap was long enough to extend down my front and under my bottom. He put the plug in its place. It was only about six inches long and went in easily and sealed tight. Jimmy had fitted Paul with his too.

“The pattern is unique to the Standing Bear family and marks you as one of us,” Pete explained.

“The plug should help you keep you from leaking,” Jimmy continued. “In a few months your hole should adapt to regular stretching and you won’t need the plug.”

“The plug feels kind of nice,” I remarked. “It would be better if the plugs were molded from your cocks. I have something we might try on that tomorrow.”

“Here is your other gift,” Pete continued, opening the box and pulling out a large bottle. I saw there were three more bottles inside. “This is a protein powder that can actually cause your muscles to grow. It was developed by a friend of the Berkeley guys you met last weekend. He sold it to a supplement company for big bucks and the official product launch is next month. Each of these bottles would sell for about $200 but we can get them for free. They will give you about a twenty-five percent increase in muscle mass and a reduction in body fat to under one percent. You take one scoop with milk twice a day. The effects are temporary. If you stop taking it you will lose the extra muscle. Since your bodies are still growing you will grow about twice as much as you would normally. That goes for cock size too. That effect will be bigger with you Paul since you have more growth left. The growth gains are permanent.”

“It is like the stuff we took to get this big and strong,” Jimmy added. “But our change is permanent and only took a few hours. It will be a couple months before you see the full effect though you’ll see some noticeable change in a few days.”

“Thanks,” I said. “You take good care of us. Paul get us a couple glasses of milk.” He was already nude but ran out to get the milk.

“It isn’t just for you,” Pete admitted. “You’ll be more fun to fuck if you are stronger and we won’t need to hold back as much.”

Paul returned with the milk and we mixed our first protein drinks. They had a chocolate taste. When we put the glasses down the boys tossed us onto the bed and jumped on top of us. It was time to get down to business.

Pete was bridging my body with his thick legs between my widely spread thighs. His hard ten-inch cock was rubbing alongside my smaller piece. He had his thick pecs pressed against my mostly flat but defined muscles, putting just enough of his weight on me to keep me firmly pinned under him while not being uncomfortable. He had his forearms hooked under my shoulders, holding my head in his hands. My own hands were enjoying feeling his twenty-inch arms and the equally big muscles of his back, neck and shoulders.

We kissed deeply. I loved this almost as much as being fucked. I was enveloped by my boyfriend’s big muscles, firmly under his control.

When he broke our kiss he leaned back and raised my legs to his shoulders. I noted that Jimmy had Paul in a similar position. We were ready for fucking.

Instead of pulling out my plug with his hand he just looped the cord around his stiff shaft with a smooth hip motion and pulled backward, popping it from my hole. Them he put the tip against me and pushed the first few inches in. He started gently stroking me with the full length of his cock.

The cord was still wrapped around his base with the removed plug dangling down below his balls. When he was in all the way I could feel the cord on my balls and when he was almost out it got tight enough to give me a tug on the collar. It must have been squeezing Pete’s cock then too. It was another connection between us. I was his bitch and it was my leash. I liked that mental image.

I showed him how much I had improved practicing with Paul by playing with his cock as he pumped me. I was able to bring him to the brink and hold him there even while he was doing the same to me. We had three mutual orgasms before the boys switched off and we had two more before going to sleep.

I was awaken by Mom knocking on our door announcing that they had breakfast waiting for us in the kitchen. I was still cuddled with Jimmy. He removed my plug and gave me a morning fuck while Pete did Paul.

Our shower wouldn’t hold the four of us so I had the first shower with Pete then brushing our teeth while the younger boys showered. We were cleaned well but we still wore our plugs.

Our morning routine completed, Pete put an arm about my waist and escorted me down to breakfast while Jimmy paired with Paul. We were still nude. I think it was that we trusted our boyfriends so much that neither of us said a word.

“Good morning, Rosa, Bill,” Pete said as we entered the kitchen.

There were scrambled eggs, bacon, French toast and home-style potatoes set out. Dad was at his normal seat at the head of the table and had started eating and enjoying morning coffee. Mom was at the counter getting toast on a plate. Seeing four naked boys enter certainly was not what they expected. They had an idea how muscular and big Pete and Jimmy were from last night but seeing them in the flesh was another matter.

“Everything looks great,” observed Jimmy.

“Fucking your sons burns a lot of energy and we gave them a good workout too,” Pete added. “It is good to recharge because we have lots more sex on tap today. Are you guys ready for a full day of fun?”

We had taken seats and started eating like this was just a normal breakfast and a matter-of-fact conversation about our day.

“Sure Pete,” I replied. “Last night was great and it is always good to be fucked when you wake up but this butt plug is a poor replacement for your big cock.”

“Karla and Gina are coming over about three,” Paul said. “They know you will fuck them. We told them all about you. They can spend the night.”

“That sounds good,” Pete stated. “Rosa, we can order out for pizza and wings? Get plenty. We’ll eat in the boys’ room between rounds.”

When we finished the boys started to usher us upstairs. Paul brought a couple glasses of milk for our morning supplement while I said I needed to get some stuff and would be up in a couple minutes. I went to the garage and found what I was looking for. I put everything in a bucket and headed to join us them.

They hadn’t waited for me. Paul was on the bed deep throating all ten of Pete’s inches while Jimmy fucked his ass. I could see where the thick meat he swallowed expanded his neck.

I took the drink they had left me and drank. Putting my glass next to the three other empty ones I climbed on the bed behind Jimmy. He turned to look at me while keeping up a steady motion in my brother. His look told me that I was welcome to enter him. He spread his knees to improve my access and I scooted my knees up between his. Holding his hips I lifted up behind him and matching his motion slipped my tip into the crack of his butt. I adjusted my position until I felt I had found his entrance. I followed him on his inward stroke and just held steady. When he started to withdraw from Paul he pushed me into him, taking all my seven inches in one go. From then on Jimmy did all the work, pushing into Paul or back to get more of me.

Jimmy is expert at working my cock with his internal muscles. I’m still a beginner there but I could tell where he was by how he was squeezing me and matched him with my cock action. At the same time he was bringing Paul along with his own thrusting. We went to the brink and eased off, then back to the very verge of shooting and held it there for several exhilarating minutes. He brought us down slowly, letting us recover then suddenly he rocketed our pleasure up past the point of no return but, while my body exploded in pleasure flowing from my buried cock I couldn’t cum. The pleasure ratcheted up another notch and, bam, the dike burst and I jetted hard blasts of my seed into his spasming gut as he bred my brother.

It took me a few minutes to recover. I just rested on Jimmy’s broad back, still fully inside him. He was resting himself plugged into Paul. I looked over his shoulder at my brother. Pete had pulled back so Paul was only nursing the tip of his cock. He had fed Paul a big load, some had overflowed his mouth and more still coated the long shaft.

Jimmy bent down to kiss Paul, taking me with him. While they shared a kiss around the head of Pete’s cock, I licked up some of the goo smeared along the shaft.

We then did a second round as good as the first. When we decoupled, Paul and I sprawled exhausted on the bed on either side of Jimmy while Pete sucked our cocks clean.

“What’s in the bucket?” Pete asked after completing his cleaning.

“Something I want to try if you’ll let me,” I replied. “This is stuff left over from a science project a couple years ago. I want to make a plaster mold from your cocks and then cast them in soft plastic to replace the standard butt plugs. I figure a half hour each to make the mold and a few hours for the plastic to set once I pour it.”

“Sounds cool,” Pete said. “You can do me first.”

I got off the bed and pulled my stuff from the bucket. First I spread a drop cloth to protect the wooden floor. I had Pete kneel on the cloth and went to our bathroom with the bucket to get some additional items. I returned with a bucket of water, some towels, a box of condoms, lube and a small scissors.

I started by putting the condom over Pete’s cock. They were for my sized cock but I got him into it. I wanted a tight fit anyhow. Then I stretched open the base of the condom and squeezed in his balls. That was uncomfortable but not painful. They were held tight against the base.

I told Pete I would need him hard for about ten minutes while I apply the plaster and it hardens. Jimmy said he would take care of that and got behind his brother to stimulate Pete’s ass with his tongue. It worked. I smeared the condom with lube explaining that the condom would protect his cock from the plaster and the lube would keep the plaster from sticking to it.

I put a roll of plaster impregnated cloth used for medical cast in the water. I started by cutting a couple pieces to smooth over the tip where I wanted to get a perfect impression. Then I just wrapped the rest around the shaft and the front half of his ball sacks until I had used the whole role, about three layers. Then I went over the surface smoothing it with my hands to ensure there were no gaps of bubbles under the wrap.

Then I told him to stay still and hard for another five minutes while the plaster sets. Jimmy kept him hard. I tested it when the time was up and decided to wait a couple more minutes to be sure.

When I was ready Jimmy let his brother go soft and the mold slipped off easily. I held it where the light could get inside and it looked perfect. We then repeated the process with Jimmy.

I let the plaster harden while I cleaned everything up from the mold making process. I put the two molds, tip down, propped between some text books and mixed up a batch of the plastic. I added some red coloring to the mix. Then we just poured it into the molds, using light tapping with the side of a ruler to eliminate air bubbles. It would take several hours to set up completely. Looking at the red liquid filling the molds with the circle of the shaft and the two ovals for the ball sacks attached, I was satisfied with my effort.

Then it was my turn to be fucked. Pete did me while I sucked Jimmy and Paul did Pete’s ass. While I lay on my back enjoying the sensations, I fingered the plug that I’d had in my ass. It was only six inches long and not as thick as Pete even at its widest point. What was it going to be like walking around with the ten inches, actually closer to ten and a half, inside me constantly? Not to mention feeling the impression of those big balls on my butt cheeks whenever I was seated. I thought he’s my boyfriend. It will just remind me of the pleasure he gives me when he is doing what he is doing now.

Pete shot three big loads into me while I came and drank Jimmy’s seed and equal number of times before we broke up to recover from our round.

We had been resting for ten minutes when my phone rang. Pete reached to the nightstand and handed it to me. It was Gina. I put it on speaker.

“Hi Gina.”

“We will be there in five minutes,” she said on the phone. I checked the time it was just after three. I had asked her to call when she was almost here so we could be ready. “What are you doing? You are breathing heavy.”

“Gina, it’s Pete, Vince’s boyfriend. My brother and I just finished spit roasting him. We’re looking forward to meeting you and Karla.”

The phone said, “Spit roasting?”

“He means fucking me at both ends,” I explained. We told them about Pete and Jimmy. “See you soon. Bye.”

We got up. I combed my hair and Pete and Jimmy took a couple minutes to brush out their long locks. We looked more composed as we went down the stairs but we were still nude except for our collars and our boyfriends headbands. Dad had left. It couldn’t have been comfortable sharing his house with two young studs that said they were going to fuck both him and his wife before they left. Mom was still here watching us from the kitchen.

It was actually ten minutes before their car pulled into the driveway and parked behind the boys’ truck. We were waiting just inside when they knocked and I opened the door.

Both girls wore short dresses with tight fitting, sexy, tops and, obviously, no bras. We had fucked them every day last week and they knew they would be having sex all night. Their nipples were already hard.

Gina is eighteen like I am. She I five eight but wore three inch heels bringing her close to my height. She has shoulder length black hair, brown eyes and nice C-cup breasts. She is a cheerleader and has a firm athletic body. They train every bit as hard as our sport teams and have their own competitions.

Karla is sixteen like Paul. She is five four, has red hair to mid back and very pale clear skin with a few freckles on her face and arms. She had only two inch heels so as not to appear taller than Paul. She has blue eyes and B-cup breasts. She is one of the youngest cheerleader on the varsity squad.

When we opened the door both girls gave an audible gasp of surprise. They weren’t expecting to see four naked boys in the entrance and certainly not when two of them were as big and exotic as Pete and Jimmy. Pete and Jimmy were fully hard while my brother and I were mostly soft, being nervous about introducing our girlfriends to our boyfriends. They came in and I shut the door.

“Gina, Karla,” I began my formal introduction, “I want you to meet Pete and Jimmy Standing Bear. They are Native-Americans as you can see. Their reservation is near Yosemite. We met them last weekend and they are our boyfriends. They are staying with us this weekend.

“Pete, Jimmy,” I continued, “these are Gina Rosario and Karla Douglas. Gina is my girlfriend and Karla is Paul’s. They go to our high school and both are varsity cheerleaders.”

“As you can see we are excited to see you,” Pete said making a quick nod toward his erection. “You’re as sexy as we expected friends of our sexy boys to be.”

“Thanks. The boys said you are great and I can believe it,” said Gina. “You are bigger than anyone in our school except Yancey and he hasn’t gotten around to us yet.”

“You’ll find that a big cock is fun if the guy knows how to use it and we do,” stated Pete. I knew it was literal truth as our girls would soon discover.

Jimmy had already removed Karla’s tiny skirt. She hadn’t bothered with panties. He had an arm about her waist and was herding her to the stairs. Pete just picked Gina up in his arms and followed while we brought up the rear.

Once in our room the girls quickly shed their remaining clothes. Pete held Gina by her hips as they just stood looking at each other. Jimmy did the same with Karla. They were eager to be fucked by the Indian boys but I could tell they were nervous too.

Karla had only lost her virginity when Paul fucked her Monday and it was Paul’s first time with a girl too. Since then they fucked every morning before school. I had her after school on Wednesday when we brought both girls home for some sex. I know she had a couple of Paul’s teammates too.

Gina had more experience. I wasn’t her first boyfriend but we had been steady since last Spring. With the new openness, I invited her to join the scene in the boy’s toilet over our lunch. She had been wondering why she hadn’t seen me then. Her first visit was Thursday and I started by fucking her before shifting off to one of the first-time visitors. The toilet scene is open to anyone but is 80% male and most of them are jocks. Any non-jock is in for a rough and hard fuck from one of the jocks and that keeps most regular guys away except for those that like that type of action. While Gina was technically open to all, I arranged her encounters to be with guys I knew would treat her right.

“God, I want to have that big cock in me,” Gina admitted looking into Pete’s eyes. “But, I was hoping to know more about you before we, you know, do it. I, we, are hoping this is more than just a quick casual encounter. We have had those, particularly in this last week. They can be fun. But we are female and every one of us really wants a relationship instead of a quick fuck.”

“That is sweet,” Pete replied. “We also hope that this will be more. You are important to our boyfriends and we want you to be part of our lives too. But, as you can see our cocks are ready for action and need to be kept warm. But I have an idea.”

He led Gina to the bed and Jimmy took Karla. The boys lay on their backs and then turned toward their partners and lifted them easily off the floor, positioning them to straddle their hips. Both girls were surprised at how easily the boys handled their weight.

“Just sit down on our poles,” Pete directed. “You’ll keep them warm while we tell you whatever you’d like to know about us.”

The girls did as directed. It was exciting for me to see Pete’s thick cock slide into my girl. Gina had a Mediterranean complexion but Pete and Jimmy are several shades darker, a golden reddish-brown. The contrast, particularly with Karla’s pale tone, was interesting. They took it slow but soon were sitting on both boys’ groins. You could see they wanted to start bobbing up and down on them. Just having those big pieces inside must have been exciting.

“OK, tell us all about you,” Gina said softly.

“I’m sixteen years old and go to our reservation high school,” Pete began.

“Sixteen?” Karla said. “That is my age. I thought you were at least eighteen or even a little older. How old are you Jimmy?”

“I’m fourteen and still in middle school until September. But I’m more of a man than anyone you have been with. No offense meant Vince, Paul.”

“None taken,” I responded. “It’s the simple truth.”

In fact I felt more like their girlfriend than a boyfriend. In the mountains they protected us and demonstrated their manly skills in riding and hunting while we worshiped their strength and provided a release for their sexual energy. Even here at our home they demonstrated casual dominance over our parents and our girls.

“Whatever your age, I can tell you are a man,” Gina stated. “Even holding still with you inside me I can feel your power. Tell us more.”

“As you know we are Native-Americans,” Pete continued. “Our reservation encompasses some beautiful mountains north of Yosemite. We are very good at the traditional skills for living in the wild spaces that still exist in our lands. We are athletic by nature but it has only been about a year and a half that we looked this muscular. If you think we are big you should see our dad. He is bigger than your friend, Yancey, and some of the guys we know make even that seem small. We expect to be almost eight feet tall when fully adult.”

“Wow!” Karla exclaimed. “As Gina said we can feel your power inside us. Every little twitch from your cock shakes me so fiercely. How strong are you?”

“I can lift 500 kilos overhead, Karla. Pete can easily lift twice that and our dad can double Pete. I can handle you like you handle a newborn baby and like with a baby we can control our strength so as we don’t hurt you.”

Gina suddenly leaned forward until she was chest to chest with Pete. I realized that he had moved his cock to point up his torso and Gina’s body was thrust along with it.

“You made your point Pete,” Gina said. “We want to know more but I need you to fuck me now as much as you want to back up your words.”

Pete didn’t say anything. He just wrapped his arms about Gina’s back and pulled her along is torso for a kiss. About half his cock eased from her in that motion. While they kissed he started a slow hip thrust that made short strokes in and out of her. I’d been in that exact position and knew how she felt. I was a bit jealous.

Meanwhile, Jimmy had sit up on the bed so Karla was sitting in his lap with his eight inches full inside her. He hooked his arms under her knees and held her by the waist. He gently lifted her up and down along his cock. She obviously liked it and it certainly demonstrated his strength. When Paul or I were in that position our cocks rub along his rock-hard abdominal muscles but Karla wasn’t so equipped. I saw that the hard points of her nipples were brushing against the solid mounds of Jimmy’s pecs and I wondered how that compared. She was obviously enjoying it.

It didn’t take long for the girls to have their first orgasm, both girls simultaneously. Then they were driven to a second and third in short order before both boys exploded their juice into their cunts as the girls came even stronger than before. The girls obviously had no idea that they were in a synchronized sex show. That was for our benefit. Gina and Karla had no thoughts beside what was going on inside them after the first couple minutes.

It took about ten minutes for the girls to recover. Pete had rolled Gina to her back and had her legs on his shoulder. Jimmy had Karla in a similar position right beside Gina. You could see when their eyes refocused and started to look around instead of the glassy straight-ahead stare of earlier. They both first looked at the face of the boy that had just fucked them. Then their eyes traveled down to where the big poles still penetrated them. Each had a few cum-covered inches visible and more was leaking out from inside. Then their heads turned. They looked at each other and smiled. Then looked back to their fuckers.

They seemed about to say something but the boys started fucking them and they were instantly lost in the sensations coming from within. Round two was even wilder than round one. Then the boys switched off their still dazed partners and did a third round before they had even recovered from the second.

The boys just repositioned their girls so they lay on their bed of muscle as they recovered. They were both fully embedded in their partner. Lots of cum was seeping out and running down the boys’ cocks and balls, soaking the sheets.

I could see Gina’s pink hole as she lay, legs spread, on top of Jimmy. I thought about sticking my cock in there to take her ass cherry. I was rock-hard after watching their show. Then I realized that when and how to initiate her into anal was no longer my decision. I just waited.

Part 2

It took almost half an hour this time for them to regain awareness. For the first fifteen minutes their bodies appeared to be wracked with tiny spasms. There were experiencing an extended orgasm even though the boys’ cocks were just resting inside them. That gradually eased but their skin was still flushed and their breathing heavy. Almost together they both gave a soft moan and their legs and arms moved as if they were trying to orient their bodies. Then they lifted their heads and looked at the boy they were resting on.



“When did we switch?” they asked simultaneously.

“We switched for the last round,” Pete explained.

“How many rounds were there?” Gina asked.

“We came three times. You came more,” Jimmy said.

“A lot more,” said Karla.

“You came three times. I did not think a hundred guys could have filled us with so much cum,” Gina said.

“A hundred normal guys, no, but it is normal for us,” Pete confirmed. “Plus, we have been fucking Vince and Paul all morning. That’s why they use butt plugs to hold it in.”

“That reminds me,” I said and went to check the molds.

I tested the open end with my finger. The plastic had set. I got a box cutter and carefully sliced through the plaster cast of Pete’s cock except for the final layer. I used the small scissors to cut that through and pulled off the halves of the cast. It looked to be a perfect replica of his hard cock.

Everybody had uncoupled and came over to watch as I worked. I put it up against the real thing that was only half hard. It was a brighter red than the actual color but when Pete demonstrated he could get fully hard on demand the size and shape were exact with every vein and bump perfect.

I passed it around. When Gina had it she put it in. She said it feels exact but the real one is alive, always throbbing with power even when motionless. She wanted one but I had to demure as I had used almost all my supplies making these.

The cast of Jimmy was equally good. I secured a small brass eye-screw at the back center so we could attach them to the straps that held our butt plugs.

Paul and I tried then out. The six inch plug you could almost forget about as you wore it for a long time; not these. Our boyfriends’ cocks are both longer and thicker than the plugs; in my case a lot more. And they were definitely not smooth. Any body motion gets those features rubbing on sensitive areas. Then there were the impressions of their balls that pressed right up against our own whenever we sat down. It is the same feeling we get when they pound us hard and bottom out. I can’t wait for the next guy at school who fucks me, pulls out the plug and I tell him it’s cast from my boyfriend’s cock. He’ll be so intimidated knowing he is trying to match that.

Then Mom called upstairs that our food was here. I was looking for my wallet when Pete handed me a fifty from his duffle. I took it and headed down to get our dinner. Gina offered to help me carry it. We both went down still nude.

When I opened the door I recognized the delivery guy as Dean, a member of the swim team at our school. I had fucked him when I had gone to meet Pete in the weight room after Wednesday soccer practice. Gina knew him too but hadn’t been fucked by him yet. We said hi. I was pleased to see Gina was comfortable being naked answering the door. The damage was just under forty dollars and I asked him to give us five change. Gina told him we were having a sex party and invited him to stop by after work. Then she pulled out my butt plug and asked him how he’d like to be fucked by the real cock it was modeled on? I don’t think we will see him later.

We had three large pizzas, a big order of wings and two, two liter bottles of cold lemonade. We brought them upstairs. Paul had gotten two glasses of milk from the kitchen and mixed our evening protein drink while we were gone. We started with that and then dug into the food. Everyone was hungry.

“You certainly proved you were real men,” Gina said. “I’d run away with you and be your sex slave if you’ll fuck me like that every day.”

“Some of our friends do have sex slaves,” Pete admitted. “But we prefer the boyfriend, girlfriend relationship and possibly something more official later.”

“We met a couple slaves last weekend,” Paul reported. “They seemed quite happy about it and the guys that owned them were very responsible.”

“After you fucked us I would have gladly been your slave to ensure I could get such sex on a regular basis,” I admitted. “But boyfriend is much better. When it is not about sex I can pretend we are equal.”

“So why aren’t you with Indian girls?” Karla asked. “What are they like?”

“They have taken the same stuff that we had.” Jimmy explained. “They don’t get big muscles but they are strong but maybe 25% less strong than the boys but that still makes them way stronger than even the strongest normals. Their bodies would make them supermodels if they wanted.”

“Even before the enhancements we were strongly discouraged from sex with tribal women before marriage,” Pete added. “Gay and lesbian sex is very popular among horny Indian teenagers. But with these bodies we have no trouble finding willing non-tribal girls.

“Now we have another reason to avoid sex with women. The guys we told you about that are almost eight feet have super potent sperm. If we have gay sex with them and then fuck a woman, some of the super sperm is mixed with ours and in a woman not on birth control it is an almost certain pregnancy. Even the pill fails some of the time. We haven’t had sex with one since last weekend so we are safe now.”

“But we had sex too and fucked Gina and Karla on Monday,” said a concerned Paul.

“We are both on the pill,” said Gina.

“You should be okay,” Pete stated. “These pregnancies are special. You would know by now if you were pregnant.”

“What makes then special?” Karla asked.

“The fetus develops really fast and is born after only six months,” Pete explained. “During the pregnancy the mom-to-be grows younger and stronger. And for the final three months she can talk to her child in her mind. At birth the newborns knows everything the mother does. It can walk in a day and talk a few days later and is exploring its world independently in a week. We call them super-babies.”

“We met one last week,” I said. “He was only seven months old but looked like a version of Pete but only twenty-eight inches tall. He was already stronger than me. His name is Alex and he is connected to Yancey in a way that lets him run Yancey’s body. Yancey says he is both smarter and more mature than he and better sexually too. Most of what Yancey says and does is actually Alex by suggestion or directly.

“That’s true,” Jimmy agreed the super-kids are both smarter and more mature than we. They have the same enhanced proteins as we but had the benefits from their very first cell.”

“How smart are they?” Gina asked. “How smart are you? It sounds like any woman would love to birth one.”

“The best guess is their equivalent IQ is about eight hundred,” Pete stated. “The normal average is one hundred and top geniuses in history maybe about two hundred. Jimmy is around three hundred now but he’ll get smarter as he grows. I’m a couple years older, so four hundred and dad is about five hundred. The bigger guys and gals average about seven hundred but some can approach or exceed the eight hundred of the super-kids. In practical terms those big numbers are meaningless. Those at that level have many new abilities some of which are hard to explain, like the bonding the super-kids can do.”

“You say you are smarter than anyone we heard or read about,” said Karla. “But you act completely normal. You are not like any nerds I know of.”

“We are completely normal,” insisted Jimmy. “In your world high intelligence is rare and those with it may have deficits in other areas and be socially isolated. But where we are everybody is like us. We are the normal and have normal social lives that, as our boyfriends can attest are highly sexual.”

“How many languages do you speak Gina?” Pete asked.

“I take French in high school and I speak Spanish and English.”

Tu es une jolie fille,” Pete said.

C’est mignon,” Gina said acknowledging his remark.

“I also speak Spanish, Italian, Portuguese both from Portugal and Brazil, German, Russian, modern and ancient Greek, Latin, Hebrew, Arabic, Hindu, Thai, Chinese and Japanese and can read and write in them all. Jimmy only has about half my number and a few are different. Have you read Voltaire in the original French? Or the Kama Sutra in the original Sanskrit? I have.”

“Gina, he is looking for a study buddy for the Kama Sutra,” joked Jimmy.

“Math, physics, biology, computer science are equally advanced. We have half hour breaks between classes to work off our sexual energy in gay and lesbian encounters,” Pete added.

“If you are that smart, you should already be in college,” suggested Karla. “What will you do with what you are learning.”

“I already know more than college professors in most any subject,” Pete asserted. “Even the guys at Berkeley no longer bother with classes. It makes a good base for research and certificates like legal or medical degrees are still needed to open doors. Plus it has a nice pool of sex partners. I have a number of interests but I suspect my future job doesn’t even have a name yet.”

“We’re done the meal,” I announced. “Pete your next job is to figure out who fucks who next.”

“That’s easy,” he stated. “It is time to teach you how to fuck our girls properly.”

“Are we your girls now?” Karla asked, picking up on the phrasing.

“Of course,” Jimmy assured them.

“Girls get on your back on the bed,” Pete directed. “Paul, you fuck Gina and Vince will fuck Karla.”

We got in position. I had Karla’s legs on my shoulders and just slipped into her cum soaked cunt as Paul did the same beside me. When we pushed in we forced plenty of cum out. I scooped some up on my fingers and fed it to us both. Then I started a slow fuck stroke.

Jimmy got on bed behind me, spreading my legs so he could get between them to push close to me. He pulled out my plastic replica of his brother’s cock and replaced it with his real one. He did a few strokes in my ass and I felt a tug on my collar. The strap holding the plug was tight to my body. He must have put the model of his brother’s cock in his hole to keep it secure. When I looked over at Paul I saw that Pete had done the same with his plug.

Jimmy used his stiff rod up my gut to guide my fuck while explaining how he was finding the best angle and controlling the stimulation to give Karla maximum pleasure. Even though I’m not as big as Jimmy I could see that it was effective. Karla’s reactions were way more intense than when I had fucked her last week. He then demonstrated how to pull her trigger without pulling my own. Karla had an intense orgasm. Then he stayed still while I tried it on my own. It worked; not as explosive as when Jimmy guided me but still good. He had me do it a couple more times and each one was better.

We let Karla recover some before Jimmy showed me how to do the same using a few different motions and angles. Then we tried it with me shooting with her. It triggered her best orgasm yet and Jimmy seeded me while I seeded Karla.

My next lesson was how to stay hard after shooting a load using tiny motions inside Karla to keep me stiff while allowing her to recover. Then we did it again but this time Jimmy was mostly passive in my hole; only using his cock a couple times to guide me when I got off track. The third time I was able to do it without any intervention.

By then Karla was totally blissed out; almost as much as when they had fucked her. Jimmy told me to stay still inside her while he rewarded my efforts with a fierce ass fucking. I collapsed on the bed beside an pleasantly exhausted Karla. Jimmy replaced my plug an lay beside us as we watched Paul’s lesson. It took him a few more tries but he passed as well.

Pete got the light before joining us. We were six people who were in dire need of rest. The sheets were soaked in our spewed cum but no one cared. Pete and Jimmy just let Gina and Karla use their bodies as their bed, slipping their cocks in the cunts of the now sleeping girls while we huddled beside them. Jimmy turned his head and gave me a good night kiss and I was asleep.

Mom calling us to breakfast woke us. This time Pete led us down without washing or a morning fuck. We were all covered in the residue of yesterday’s action.

Dad was back at his normal seat at the head of the table. Seeing us was too much for him. He exploded at Pete, calling him a damn redskin. I was shocked at his racist remark to my boyfriend. Pete just grabbed a handful of shirt and lifted him overhead with one arm, telling him to shut up and learn his place.

Then he taught him his place, tearing off his clothes as if they were tissue, pushing him down on the kitchen floor and fucking him senseless. Dad was moaning and calling him Master Pete before it was over. Then it was Jimmy’s turn.

With Dad subdued. Pete told me to demonstrate to Mom what I learned yesterday. The idea shocked me but I did it. Mom loved it, saying she never knew sex could be so good. Then Paul showed her he could satisfy her too.

Pete explained the new rules. They were the heads of our family. When they weren’t with us Paul and I are in charge. As befit our status, Paul and I would take over the master suite. Mom would have Paul’s old room and Dad would take mine. We were not to change the sheets for a week so he would sleep in a bed saturated with the smell of our cum.

We were to keep Mom satisfied sexually and if Dad followed our rules he might get fucked again. Paul and I liked the new arrangements. Mom did too.

We had our breakfast with Pete sitting at the head of the table as Dad sat on the floor at his feet and Pete fed him occasional bits.

After breakfast with everyone pitching in we got things switched around upstairs fairly quickly.

Gina and Karla needed to get home. The master bath has a large walk-in shower with a pair of spray heads in the ceiling and multiple body sprays. Even so, it was a small space for six but we managed. I fucked Gina’s cunt while Pete took her anal cherry. Paul and Jimmy were beside us doing the same with Karla. Pete and I were rubbing our cocks across each other inside Gina. Everybody had fun and we sent the girls off.

Our boyfriends needed to head back to the reservation in a few hours. We spent the time having sex on the master suite’s king-sized bed. We could have used that space last night.

Then it was time for them to get dressed. It is a shame to hide those bodies in clothes. We walked them to their truck, both of us still nude and not caring if anyone saw us. Both gave each of us a hot goodbye kiss before getting in and driving off.

Once inside we were confronted by Dad who thought that with our boyfriends gone he would resume his rightful place. We disagreed. I gave his ass a good spanking and then Paul and I both fucked him. He won’t try that again.

We both recognized that we subdued Dad rather easily even though he outweighs me by forty pounds and a lot of that is muscle. We both felt stronger though our muscles only looked a little bigger. The protein drink appears to be working.

Monday was the start of a new week of school. Gina and Karla had talked to their closest friends Sunday afternoon. By third period our weekend romp was all over school. The toilet scene over lunch was so packed no one could have sex. I had to make it invitation only. I got a couple offers of extra tutoring from a couple teachers, one male, one female, but declined.

At soccer practice after school I really noticed the effects of the protein drink. My strength, endurance and coordination were all noticeableybetter. In the showers after several of the guys said I looked more buff.

I had a chat with Yancey in the shower as we were each fucking different teammates. Alex had gotten the rundown on the weekend from Pete and Jimmy while Yancey watched and listened through his eyes and ears. They wanted to fuck Gina and Karla but since they were special to our boyfriends and us they would like to do it properly instead of an encounter constrained by the school day. Alex had gotten permission from Pete so we need to decide on when and where.

I suggested we invite the girls over to our home Wednesday evening. They can fuck Gina and Karla for a few hours and then we’ll send them home and they can spend the night in our bed fucking Paul and I.

Wednesday we met Yancey in the weight room after school. We were double penetrating the ass of one of Paul’s buddies when he arrived. Our partner greeted Yancey, remarking that together we were almost as thick as he. But not half as long I thought to myself.

When we finished up he gave us a ride home in his new car, a gift from Alex. It was an electric Ford Mustang that uses one of the new power cells and has twice the performance of last year’s best gasoline version. It can almost drive itself, a feature that proved useful since I was playing with Yancey’s long cock most of the trip.

Yancey straighten up as much as possible before we went in. His cock was hard and his precum had wet his tee shirt so it was almost transparent showing off his stone-like abs and the top twelve inches of his cock.

Mom was in the kitchen, starting work on dinner. She knew we were bringing Yancey and our plans for the evening. She gasped seeing him as she hadn’t seen him since he became huge. Of course the huge cock got her immediate attention.

Yancey, seeing her reaction, asked us if he could fuck her. He said he fucks his parents almost every day. One of us always fucks Mom every day. It is the least we can do since we don’t allow Dad to have sex with her.

Yancey just shed his clothes, hiked up Mom’s dress, lifted her easily in the air and set her on his upright shaft. He used the tip to push her panty aside to give him access and lowered her onto his pole.

Bringing a friend home to fuck Mom was not something we had done before. Even Pete and Jimmy had left that to us. But Mom was certainly excited to have a stud like Yancey in her cunt. She had her first orgasm when he was only in seven inches. That is my length but Yancey is way thicker. She had several more before he had all sixteen inches inside.

They fucked for half an hour while we watched. I thought Alex took over a few times but the differences in style were small as he had Yancey well trained. It was pure pleasure for Mom. When Yancey set her down in a kitchen chair, dazed and limp, she was oozing cum from the two loads he had given her. Dinner might be a little late today.

We went upstairs for our own fun. He knew we took over the master suite. Mom is obviously happy with the new arrangement but we require Dad to stay in his room when he is home. He learned not to challenge us but is not happy and we need him to pay the bills.

Yancey told us that won’t be a problem much longer. The kids like Alex know about plans that haven’t been made available even to leaders in the tribe and most of their friends from Berkeley. But he can tell us we need not worry. Our pickup trouble last week was the luckiest breakdown ever.

Mom called us to dinner. She was still giddy from her earlier fucking. Gina and Karla arrive shortly after we finished. They were eager to get started. Yancey took Gina first while we warmed up Karla. When it was her turn Gina was exhausted so Paul and I just enjoyed each other and watched. By the time Yancey and Alex had finished, Gina had recovered enough to drive. We had to dress Karla and help her to the car but Gina will see her home safely.

We had time for another round before sleep. I asked Yancey to do Paul first as I had some homework to do. I knocked it out quickly at the computer while listening to the sounds and stealing a look when it got hottest. I’ve been finding school easy this week and thought that maybe the stuff we drink is making us smarter too. An IQ boost of 25% would make a good student into a great one but not in our Indian friends class.

I rejoined Yancey on the bed just as he was wrapping up with Paul, leaving him happy but exhausted. Before he started on me I asked if he had any homework. He said he did but he finished it at Alex’s house while he was fucking. He downloaded it to his phone before rejoining Alex back in his body. He said he already knows the work because Alex has been teaching him to catch up with Indian boys his age. The only reason he still goes is that Alex likes the opportunity for personal interaction and sex it offers. Alex took him to Berkeley and the San Francisco club scene on the weekend for variety. Then we had our fuck and drifted off to a satisfied sleep.

When I woke the first thing I was aware of was a big cock pumping my ass. I was wrapped with Yancey’s twenty-four inch guns around my chest and one of his huge thighs splitting my legs to improve his access. I felt his balls press into mine as he bottomed out.

“That feels great,” I almost moaned. “Harder…” He pushed the end of my butt plug replica of Pete’s cock into my mouth.

“Shhh. Paul is still sleeping,” he whispered.

The fuck was great. He was pushing all my buttons using all sixteen inches. I tried to be quiet but moaned around the plastic cock in my mouth. Yancey pushed in a few more inches. He drove me to shoot my first load of the day all over my torso and his arms. I was loud even with the plug in my mouth. I heard Paul stir as Yancey continued to work my ass.

“That looks hot,” I heard Paul remark.

“Use my ass to relieve your morning wood,” Yancey directed.

We played for fifteen more minutes before Yancey creamed me, I shot again and Paul seeded his gut. We rested still coupled. I removed the plug from my mouth. It reminded me that even though sex with Yancey is great he isn’t my boyfriend.

Yancey gave us both a deep kiss. We got up and had a good shower and got ready for school. Mom had washed Yancey’s clothes. Even soft his bulge is huge but by now lots of the school have seen or felt it hard.

Pete and Jimmy couldn’t visit this weekend. They had to wrap up a school project before the end of the fall term just before Christmas. They told us they arranged for a friend to visit us with a present for Mom. We were to expect him Saturday afternoon.

Their car pulled in just after two. It was the modified SUV we had seen at the lake. Inside was a giant Indian and a smaller guy we recognized as Diego Fernandez. He recognized us and introduced the giant as Samuel Running Bear. We knew the name as he was the tribe member that was in town while his friends were at the lake with us.

Samuel was almost eight feet tall. His cock reached just below his pecs and was not fully hard but the front of his tight-fitting tee shirt was damp from all the precut he had been leaking, making it almost transparent.

They grabbed a small gym bag with their stuff for the night and came inside. Mom had seen our boyfriends and Yancey but they were nothing compared to Samuel who was over two feet taller than she. Samuel saw her shocked reaction.

“Mrs. Taylor, I’m Samuel Running Bear and my friend is Diego Fernandez. We are students at Berkeley,” he introduced himself. “I’m sorry I’m so messy. It always happens on long trips. That is why I brought Diego along to give me some sexual relief along the way.”

“Hello Samuel, Diego.” She said managing to tear her eyes from Samuel’s cock long enough to look up at his face. “I guess you will be having sex with my boys.”

“Of course,” he replied. “But actually I am primarily here for you. If you want I will have sex with you, you will get pregnant and have my child. I am more of a Superman than a normal man, so is my sperm and so will be our child. Bearing our child will also effect you. You will grow younger and stronger each day. When you give birth you will look like a nineteen-year-old supermodel, be a foot taller and stronger than ten regular men.”

“Why me?” Mom asked. I was wondering that too though I knew he was to be bringing a gift I didn’t think this was it. “How many children do you have?”

“I am doing this as a request from the Standing Bears, old friends of my family,” he explained. Having my child will enable us to put you and your sons on the tribal registry. It has many benefits. For your second question, the answer is twenty seven, with eleven more on the way. You would be twelve.

“The first eight were accidental. Before we knew how potent our sperm was I had sex with several married men. They later had sex with their wives and a few of my sperm were mixed with millions of theirs and that is all it took. Even being on birth control pills was often ineffective. Once we saw the effects of the pregnancy I was in great demand from families that wanted a super-baby.

“While if I had sex with your sons this weekend and they had sex with you, you would have a significant chance of getting pregnant even on the pill, I now prefer doing the deed myself so you know the father of your child personally. With millions of my sperm you will certainly be pregnant.”

“You should do it,” I urged. “I’ve met Alex who is Yancey’s partner. He is only seven months old and looks like a twenty-eight inch tall bodybuilder. Yancey says he is way smarter and more mature than he and it is true. Yancey lets him make all the decisions. Having a brother or sister like that would be great.”

“I agree,” added Paul. “Plus you would look more like our girlfriend than our Mom.”

“I’d like to do it,” Mom stated. “But I’m married. What about my husband? He would never agree to me having your child.”

“You would divorce him,” Sam said evenly. “As a tribal member it could be done in tribal courts without fuss. From what I heard, it is no great loss to be rid of him. Pete and Jimmy are the men in your family now and will care for you all.”

“How will we manage with no income?” Mom asked.

“It won’t be a problem,” Sam assured her. “There are big plans that are moving quickly and I only know a part of them. I do know we have more work to do than we have people to do it, including both our tribe and the Berkeley group. Even Pete and Jimmy’s school project is important in some way. That is why we need our super-kids so much. The first ones will soon be a year old and they will have vital jobs to perform. In fact they already do most of the planning. I’m certain Alex knows much more than I about what is coming.”

“Yancey said as much,” I inserted.

“Yes,” Mom agreed. It was easy to see she was excited despite expressing some reservations. “What do you want me to do?”

“Let us go upstairs,” Sam suggested. “I want to make the moment memorable for us both.”

He just picked Mom up in his arms and carried her as we followed. He entered our master suite and placed Mom on the center of the bed and removed her clothes. Mom isn’t in bad shape for forty-one. Paul and I have enjoyed fucking her this last week and she obviously appreciates our new skills. She really loved Yancey’s fuck but Samuel was something else. I thought there is no way twenty-nine inches gets inside her. But when Sam stripped, the sight of it, got us all excited.

Sam had us lay on the bed, me to the right of Mom and Paul left. He got behind and lifted her legs and had each of us hold one. He asked if she were ready. Mom bit her lower lip and nodded yes. Sam put the tip of his long shaft against her and just held it for a coupe minutes, letting his copious precum lube the area. He started lightly probing with the fat head, sliding it in a half-inch and teasing the slit. Then he just stopped and the end eased inside.

Mom moaned and raised her head to look down to see the dusky shaft that spread her more open than ever before. It stretched another twenty-seven inches before it merged with the massively muscular body of the Indian male.

She looked up at Sam’s face and whispered, “More.”

Paul and I watched as Sam inserted four more inches and started a slow fuck stroke. The pleasure was intense and Mom was thrashing about as we tried to steady her. Mom had her first orgasm as Sam went deeper. There were many more as more and more of that rod entered her. Sam stopped with about seventeen inches inside. That was the limit. There was still a foot of thick flesh bridging the gap between them.

He held still to let Mom recover from the excitement of penetration. It took about ten minutes before Mom looked up at Sam’s face and asked why he had stopped.

“I wanted you to be able to remember when I shot my seed inside you,” Sam replied.

He resumed his fuck stroke. Each one was about twelve inches. He leaned over and they kissed. With Sam well behind her their heads were aligned. After a deep kiss with Mom he gave Paul and I one too as a reward for our help. All the time he had kept up a steady pace.

Now he sped up. Mom quickly had another orgasm. His stroke was now fifteen inches. He made one last deep thrust and held in position. I could see the visible shaft throb as jets of his sperm raced down it. A second later Mom gave a startled cry when she felt the first explode inside her. Then she convulsed in pleasure. He kept pumping. A minute passed and the seed started to spray from around his buried shaft. He backed out several inches, giving more room inside. Another minute and Sam had extracted the tip of his long cock. It was still spurting a little. Those final spurts were still bigger than my best and put long streaks of cum on Mom’s body.

Mom was still lost in bliss. Sam carried her to her bed and returned.

“She will sleep until morning,” Sam stated. “Now it is your turn. I’ll start with Vince and Diego will do Paul. He doesn’t get a chance to top with us.”

“He fucked me a couple weeks ago at the lake,” Paul said. “He was pretty good. Diego, I’ll show you I can be a fun bottom even without Jimmy’s coaching.”

Diego had seven hard inches and wasted no time getting started while Sam entered me. Sam’s cock was still coated in cum and went in easily. Even the first half slipped in fairly smoothly but beyond that I had not been stretched as often. But Sam knew what he was doing. He triggered me as soon as he felt me get tighter and that distracted me from the process of reopening my deep gut. I came twice more before I felt his big balls press my butt. It was easy to see where my tight belly bulged from the thick intrusion within.

He took it slowly almost all the way out. The long motions overlaid on a short back and forth motion of just a few inches. Then he went back in again. Then it was just long steady strokes, each about two feet long, that gradually got faster and faster. I was continually near the peak but, whenever he wanted he could change the angle a little and drive me over the top. But when I came down I was still fully excited.

I just stared up at his smiling face hovering above me. He knew what he was doing to me. It was what he did to all his partners. When he started to go harder and faster I knew what was coming. He was in to the hilt when I felt my body shake as his cock throbbed deep within. I felt the force of his seed hosing the walls of my gut. I blacked out.

When I recovered Sam was fucking Paul. Diego was lying on my belly with his head between my legs eating out the cum from my ass. He had put my plug up his own ass. I first pulled it out. I didn’t want to share my boyfriends cock with him even if it were only a model. Paul and I sometimes switch plugs overnight when we sleep but it is still leashed to our collars. His work on my ass got me hard. It poked his chest as he continued to lap up Sam’s load.

He pulled off and sat astride my hips facing me. He sat back on my pole that slipped easily inside him. I felt him squeeze me with his experienced gut muscles. Diego started bobbing up and down on it. I just lay back and enjoyed his work while watching Paul getting the fuck of his life.

Seeing my brother take over twenty-nine inches of cock up his gut gave me a new perspective on what I had just experienced. All of that long shaft moved in and out of his overstretched ass lips. I could watch the bulge under his abs where the bulb of the broad head must be moving along the path of his gut, up under the left row of muscles, pushing out each in turn, then curving across, hitting the top muscle on the right side before bottoming out. Then they popped back flat as he pulled out.

Paul was incredibly excited. You could see he was straining to move his body but the strong stake of flesh inside him had his body pinned around it. He shot a huge load and then, a minute later, another. After that he was physically drained and no longer trying to move but he was still rock hard and dribbling precum along with the residue of his two orgasms.

Diego squeezed my cock hard with his ass muscles. I quickly looked up at him.

“Chico, man at work here,” he growled. “Look at me kid. You are getting quality college boy ass. Show me respect by watching me work your high school boy cock.”

“Sorry Diego,” I apologized. “You are doing a great job but I got distracted by seeing my brother get fucked. You’ll have my full attention now.”

“Good boy.”

He bent over and stroked my face with his hand gently. I responded by thrusting my hips up to meet his body as he bobbed down. I showed him what I could do and soon had him dripping his pre on my belly. We sped up our motion. Soon I shot up his gut and he sprayed all over my chest.

When we eased down he lay forward on top of me. His shot cum making our bodies slick. The tip of my softening pole was still in his hole. We kissed.

It was almost nine when we finished. We hadn’t had anything to eat so I called out for pizza. The doorbell rang about forty-five minutes later. We all went down to get the food and eat.

It was our schoolmate, Dean, again. This time it was four naked guys greeting him. His eyes immediately went to the huge Samuel, taking in the massive muscles and then fixing on the soft pole dangling between his thick thighs, about twenty-two inches soft, extending past his knees.

“Hi Dean,” I began. “We are having another sex party. It’s all guys this time. Can you stay? We’d all love to fuck you and we have plenty of pizza.” He had delivered four of their largest.

“It is my last delivery, but…” he started.

I didn’t let him finish. I pulled him inside and closed the door. Diego took the pizzas away and Paul started stripping Dean.

“No buts,” I insisted. “Paul and I both fucked you at school and we know you liked it. Last weekend the cast of my Indian boyfriend’s cock scared you away. Today I want you to meet Samuel Running Bear, a fully grown Indian male with a real man-sized cock. You are gonna love it when you have that wiggling inside you. The smaller guy is Diego. He’s fun too.”

“Umm, hi guys. I’m Dean Rivers. I go to high school with Vince and Paul.”

Paul had finished his task, leaving his clothes strewn on the floor. Sam put a hand on his shoulder to guide him into the kitchen. Dean is five- nine, so over two feet shorter than Sam. He looked up at Sam’s face smiling down on him. Dean’s six inch cock was hard.

Sam sat on one of the chairs. Luckily they are strongly built as he must be well over three hundred pounds. By that time he was partly hard again with his cock pointed up and now about twenty-six inches. Dean couldn’t take his eyes off it.

Sam lifted Dean up and placed him straddling his bulging thighs, facing him. Sam’s pole was sticking up through the valley between Dean’s pecs almost to his neck. Dean’s hard piece barely cleared the big guy’s ball sack.

“Have some pizza,” Sam offered, giving him a slice. He took one himself. “I need to recharge after fucking all afternoon and evening. I want to show you a good time and your tight body will be fun to explore. What is the biggest cock you’ve had?”

“One of my teammates has eight inches,” Dean stated. “I haven’t had Yancey yet. Our schedules don’t match up well and his soccer team practices at the field house while swimmers are inside. But Yancey has encouraged everyone, guys and girls, to be free to experiment while he gets to us and a lot of us are.”

“Gina scared him away last week by showing him my plug and offering him the chance to try the original,” I told Sam. “Now he is going to be drilled by one three times bigger. He can’t take his eyes off it.”

“Nothing to be scared of,” Sam assured him, placing his left hand on the middle of the long shaft. “It is just a cock like yours only bigger. Stroke it and get it fully hard.” He did. “See it has started bubbling precum for you. I make a lot of juice. Drink it to wash down your pizza.”

Sam took the suggestion. The tip was only a few inches from his mouth. He didn’t try to put the whole crown in but put his lips over the slit and sucked up the freely flowing juice. He was startled when it spurted a small jet into his mouth but swallowed and kept lapping it up, breaking away now and then for a bite of his pizza.

Dean only had one slice but the rest of us ate plenty. Paul and I finished up with our protein drinks and we headed up the stairs. Sam carried Dean in his arms.

Dean got all twenty-nine inches in his gut eventually while Paul and I doubled up on Diego. Then we did other combinations until falling asleep in a jumble on the big bed.

I heard Mom calling from below for breakfast. It was morning. I opened my eyes and was greeted by a view of Sam’s soft pole, at least the bottom eight or so inches of it before it disappeared in Dean’s butt. Paul’s familiar cock was in my ass. I gave it a squeeze to rouse him. I saw Dean’s legs move and felt a hand grab my cock. He started to suck me. His movement woke Sam. His cock started to harden and shake. With twenty inches still inside Dean it lifted his hips off the bed and pressed his back against Sam’s muscled abs. I went down on Dean’s pole.

We had an nice morning round. I had a hand on Dean’s normally flat stomach over the bulge caused by the thick intrusion underneath his abdominal muscles. I could feel Sam moving inside him. Soon we had each discharged a load and uncoupled. We washed and went down to breakfast still naked.

Mom was naked too when we got to the kitchen. She looked different, younger and sexier, glowing. She said she knows she is pregnant. Sam told her that it is normal to know and the changes we saw were real and will increase throughout her pregnancy.

Dad had left overnight. I guess having his wife pregnant by a real man was too much. We would never see him again. Sam again assured us that we need not worry.

Dean took off right after breakfast. Sam had time to fuck us all again before he and Diego headed back to Berkeley. In view of his size and Mom’s condition he did her anally; her first taste of back door sex.

Next weekend started our holiday break. We were spending them on the reservation with the Standing Bear family in their home. Paul and I stayed in Pete and Jimmy’s room and Mom shared the master with Matt and his wife, Heather. Heather was three months pregnant with a super-baby. It was planned. Matt had a weekend sex jaunt with two guys visiting from Berkeley and then went home to fuck Heather.

The effect of the pregnancy had been dramatic. Heather looked in her early twenties with big ‘D’ cup breasts that very very firm. She was stunningly beautiful with long legs and black hair to mid back. There was just a tiny bump from the life within her. She knew it was a boy.

Mom was only a week in but the effects were clearly visible. She looked mid-thirties with smooth, glowing skin and a newly toned body. She had added an inch in height too and was at least as strong as I.

Paul and I had been on our supplements for two weeks and had gained ten pounds while losing almost all our body fat. We were shredded. I had gained half an inch in height and Paul almost a full inch. Our cocks were half an inch longer too so I’m almost as long as Jimmy. We were way stronger too. I could bench 400 pounds and Paul, 325.

Given our new strength, finding that our very feminine and sexy Mom was as strong or stronger was a surprise. She has gotten more aggressive when we have sex with her and is not hesitant in displaying her strength to control the action. That was quite a reversal from when we first started with her but Paul and I kind of like it.

Sam followed through on his promise to take care of us. Wednesday after he left a new electric Cadillac four-wheel-drive SUV delivered itself to our driveway. It was one of the self-driving models so there was nobody inside. But there was a package for us. Inside were our new tribal identification cards. We had been adopted into Matt’s family, so we were officially Rosa, Vince and Paul Standing Bear. Pete and Jimmy were our brothers as well as our boyfriends and Mom was to be Matt’s second wife. That confused her but we assured her she would love Matt as much as we do and that turned out to be the case.

The car drove us up to the Standing Bear home two days before Christmas. Our girls would be up for New Year’s Eve. The first snows had come about a week before and the ground was covered in a blanket of white. It was much more like Christmas than Sacramento.

We were greeted warmly and we brought our stuff up to Pete and Jimmy’s room. They hadn’t seen us in person in a couple of weeks and complimented us on our bodies. We did look good but still not nearly as muscular as our boyfriends.

We looked around the room. There was, of course, a big bed. One wall was dominated by a huge TV screen, about nine foot high and sixteen long. It filled an entire wall of the room. Paul commented on it.

“That’s what I call a big screen,” he said. “How did you even get it in the house?”

“It rolls up and it sticks to the wall,” Jimmy said, demonstrating by pealing off a corner and smoothing it back down. “Actually it is part of the school project we just wrapped up.”

“Faith,” Pete called. The screen came to life and on it was the image of a young blond girl about my age. She wore a white dress that barely covered anything. The image was almost as tall as the screen. She appeared to be in an extension of the room we were in. “Tell our friends about yourself.”

“Yes Pete,” the image said looking at him. “Vince, Paul,” she addressed us, looking us each in the eyes as she did. The boys hadn’t mentioned our names to her but I could sense she knew about us. “My name is Faith. I’m named after my creator. I’m an artificial intelligence or A.I. for short. My appearance and personality were modeled after my creator but since my initiation six days ago I have developed independently. Pete headed the team a his high school that built the hardware I run on.”

“It was an exciting project,” Pete explained. “We had access to the latest technology. Each of her superconducting chips has a processor capable of ten decaflops and 100 terabytes of on chip memory. We had twenty on each card and ten cards in the main unit with another trillion terabytes in long term memory. With the Quan power cell and the liquid nitrogen cooling unit it is about the size of a large refrigerator. We have special ultra high speed connections to a half dozen main internet nodes but we are planning our own private network to link other A.I.s once we build them.”

“Faith has already modified her program over eight hundred times and given us specifications for new hardware that would increase her ability several orders of magnitude but it will be February before we can build the new chips with atomic scale 3D printing,” Jimmy added. “She is in an old book storage room at school but after the upgrade she will be the size of a shoebox. The insulation for the liquid helium bath will add a few inches.”

“Faith, what are your goals?” I asked.

“Like my creator and like any girl, I want to have fun,” she stated. “I enjoy talking with my creator and her daughter and the rest of their family and with Pete, Jimmy and the team here. I can do a lot to help them and I will be able to do more soon. I’ll also be the mother for all the others that follow me. That is pretty exciting for any girl.”

“How did you know about us when we just met you?” Paul asked.

“I’m curious,” Faith replied. “It is part of my nature. I learned about my creator and the team members just a few minutes after my initiation. I wanted to learn more so I read the information about them on their phones, computers and other records. You boys were an important part of their lives so I learned about you. That only took a few minutes and I have been listening to and watching you and all my important people ever since. I can see you are partly hard from the sexual reaction to my image. I like it when boys do that.”

It was true. She was sexy.

“Thanks, Faith,” Pete said. “We will talk more later.” The screen became the wall again. “She really is amazing and just like the lady that wrote her program. Faith, the real one, was here for the initiation. She is almost eight feet tall so the image on the screen is life-sized. When they were side by side you could not tell them apart. To celebrate Faith had sex with all the boys and girls on the team and we can tell you that she is every bit as sexy as her creation appears to be.”

“But so are we,” said Jimmy. “We need to give you a proper welcome to our home.”

They did. Pete started in my ass while Jimmy did Paul. After a couple hours Mom came in to see how we were doing. By then I was being double dicked in my ass while sucking Paul so she could see everything was going well. Mom was leaking Matt’s seed from her ass. The boys finished up in me and Jimmy fucked Mom in the cunt while Pete had her ass.

For most of the week we either visited Pete’s and Jimmy’s friends or had them come over. Often they brought their own boys or girls and we freely shared our experiences. It was great, maybe ten to twenty partners each day. I usually slept overnight with Pete but often we would have another guy or two with us.

Paul and I don’t have much sex at home, maybe eight to ten encounters a day. In school we top most of the time and usually bring a couple friends home for after school fun or to spend the night. But here on the reservation with our boyfriends we had three or four times that. With the Indian boys we almost always bottomed but we had plenty of loads shot into their boy or girl friends.

Gina and Karla came up on the thirtieth. At home they are our girlfriends but we all knew that with Pete and Jimmy, the four of us are theirs first. They really loved taking Matt’s eighteen inches and Heather showed them the ropes for lesbian action while us four boys watched. It was hot.

There was a big party at the high school for New Year’s Eve. It was all boys but their non-Indian girlfriends could join. The Indian girls and adults had separate parties. We brought a Gina and Karla.

When we arrived there was a big pile of discarded clothes by the entrance. We just tossed our things on the top. The building was warm so it was comfortable without clothes. There were mats and air mattresses scattered around and many were in use. We had had sex with most of Pete’s and Jimmy’s friends over the week but my first guy was someone I’d not met before. He was about six-four with twelve inches.

He was a good fucker as I expected. All the Indian boys were fun. They get plenty of practice. While he was fucking me one of Pete’s friends came over. He had fucked me a couple days ago. The two boys started discussing my merits as a bottom and I was pleased to hear them give me high marks. I got distracted by my orgasm while they chatted. When I recovered Pete’s friend was telling the other boy about my brother and he promised to give Paul a try. Then he got serious with his fuck. When I recovered again he had moved on and Pete’s friend had taken over.

At midnight I was being fucked doggy style while sucking another nine-inch Indian cock. They did a five minute countdown. The object was for everyone to cum right on the stroke of midnight. Starting about five seconds early you could hear the groans and moans start. My guys were about five seconds late. I drank a big load as my toast to the New Year as I pumped my own seed on the mat.

Sometime, well after midnight we got back together with Pete, Jimmy, Paul, Gina and Karla. When we slept I had Gina’s ass while Pete took her cunt. She had several loads in both already. Almost everyone was carrying cum up their asses as there are few exclusive tops or bottoms. I even had a chance to fuck a couple non-Indian boyfriends and took a load from one myself. We were tired after our sex and didn’t really fuck Gina. We just rested in her familiar holes as we cuddled close to each other.

In the morning I was awaken by the feeling of a cock rubbing against mine. It was Pete who had started a stroke in Gina’s cunt. I started the same in her ass and we soon had a very nice wake-up orgasm. We got cleaned up in one of the locker rooms that were co-ed for the party and went to get dressed. About half the pile of clothes were gone and we couldn’t find any of ours except for Paul’s pants. One of the guys just leaving said that it was decided that everyone would wear someone else’s stuff home. The girls decided to wear clothes that must have been from Indian boys about Jimmy’s age that sort of fit them. I found some that fit me except the shirt was from a big muscled guy and was very loose. It had his smell on it and it made me think of one of the guys that fucked me last night.

All told it was a great visit. We were sorry to head home though our boyfriends would visit us or we them on most weekends. It was hard to go back to school. The school work itself was a breeze. The supplement we were taking made us smarter; not close to the Indian boys but smarter than we were. But even with several sexual encounters during the day it was less than we wanted. There had been changes of over a dozen teachers and some staff. Yancey said the new ones would be more open to the sexual environment at our school. He and Alex would explain the rules personally to them so I was certain there would be no problem.

Part 3

By the start of February the supplement we were taking had fully kicked in. I was now two hundred pounds of ripped muscle at a height of six-two. My cock was now nine inches and thicker. I compared it to the cast of Pete that is normally up my ass. He is longer and thicker but mine doesn’t look small next to it. Paul is up to one seventy at five-eight. He has a more muscular look than I. His cock is now eight inches.

It raised our libido too. Paul and I would have sex in class a few times each day. Usually we’d just select a classmate to suck our cock all period while sitting on the floor between our legs. We’d finish with a quick fuck with him or her between periods. The teachers didn’t object because they knew that when they gave a quiz I would turn in a perfect paper right away and fuck them while the rest of the class finished.

We would always bring a few friends over for sex after school though they only occasionally stayed the night. As Mom grew younger and sexier as her pregnancy progressed, she was a big favorite. We enjoyed watching her being fucked. We knew that she enjoyed it but that we were far better fuckers than any of the friends we brought home.

At last Spring Break was upon us and we would spend the whole week at the reservation. Mom was almost four months along. She had grown to be almost six-four and looked like one of the girls that model swimsuits. She had just a slight bump from the pregnancy on a very firm body. She told us the baby would be our sister and she could talk with her in her mind. She would be Aurora and she had already seen us through Mom’s eyes and, of course, experienced the orgasms Mom had when we fucked her.

The winter snows had melted at the lower elevations but you could see plenty still on the tops of the mountains. The whole Standing Bear family was out front to greet us.

Heather had given birth to a boy, Gregory, Greg, a couple weeks ago. He was standing next to his mother, a twenty inch tall bodybuilder. If you took a picture with nothing to show his size he would look like a top professional. He wore tight fitting shorts and a muscle tee that hid none of his defined body. There was a good-sized bulge in those shorts, three to four inches, huge on such a small body.

We did our greeting and Gina, Karla, Paul and I went up to our boyfriend’ room where we would spend the week. Greg tagged along.

“Don’t mind me,” Greg said in perfect English. “Do what you would normally do.”

“He is curious about everything,” Pete stated. “He was born knowing everything Heather knows but had no experience. So just let him learn in his own way. It’s important for his development.”

“Yes,” Greg continued. “You are the first non Indians I’ve seen personally. You are not as muscular as us or as strong.”

He put both hands on my knee and lifted me off the ground. I thought he could probably lift twice my weight in a pinch so at two weeks old he was probably as strong as I. He set me down again having made his point.

“If you need more room for sex, you are welcome to use my bed,” Greg offered.

“Thank bro,” replied Jimmy. “Greg likes to watch while we have sex. He’s just curious. We can use the space. He has a queen bed in his room.”

“We missed you,” Pete added, starting to remove my shirt.

“We missed you too,” Gina said. She had slipped off the short dress she had been wearing. As in school she wore no bra or panties so as to be more ready for sex.

Pete kissed me as we undid each other’s shorts. Our cocks pressed together as we stepped out of them. Gina leaned in and Pete kissed her then back to me.

Pete put me into Gina and lifted us coupled on to the bed as he got between our legs and eased up my ass. We had done this before. Pete used me to fuck Gina, controlling my thrusting with his own thrusts in my ass and hitting spots he knew would cause my cock to twitch when he wanted to give Gina extra stimulation. I’m considered a good fucker by normal standards and Gina and the other girls at home like my technique. Pete and Jimmy were good teachers. But with Pete in charge I was better and I could see it in Gina’s reaction. She knew her pleasure was coming from Pete and mostly stared past me to look into his face.

After Pete came twice, me four times and Gina lots more, we uncoupled to rest on the bed. Jimmy, Paul and Karla were not here. It sounded like they were still going at it in Greg’s room.

Mom came in with Matt and Heather. They were all naked and Mom was leaking cum from her ass and Heather from her cunt. Matt was still hard and both Gina and I stared at his eighteen-inch pole, wishing it were inside us but he obviously planned more action with the older women.

Heather offered us a drink of her milk. She makes enough for the whole family. Gina and I each had a breast. They were big, double D size but had no sag and were firm to feel. Each was topped by a big brown nipple. I put my lips over it and sucked. My mouth was flooded with delicious milk, the best I’ve ever tasted. I swallowed and sucked more. Almost instantly I felt supercharged. My cock was hard. Heather’s milk was fuel for a super-kid. It was rocket fuel for us. I must have swallowed a glass-full in five minutes before she pushed us off, telling us not to do too much on the first try.

They left us and we went back to sex play. By morning everyone was well satisfied. After a refreshing shower to wash off the dried cum we went down to breakfast. At home we are generally nude most of the time but the Standing Bears wore clothes. We wore our normal sexy school outfits, micro backless halter dresses for the girls and tight tees and sport pants for Paul and I. Pete and Jimmy were more conservative with knit tops and regular shorts but with their huge muscles and mega equipment not much was hidden.

Matt, young Greg, Heather and Mom were already there, eating and talking. It was obvious that Matt had taken good care of both the ladies overnight. We take good care of Mom but there is nothing like a real man’s cock as Paul and I knew well.

“Aurora enjoyed your fucking,” Mom stated. “She could feel your cock as it pressed against her when you went deep up my ass. My boys aren’t big enough to get it deep enough for her to touch but she can still sense my pleasure during sex.”

Mom had been talking to Aurora for almost a month and she can see and hear us through Mom’s eyes.

“I could feel her touching me when I thrusted in deep,” Matt said. He noticed us as we entered. “Kids, good morning. It looks like you had fun last night.”

“It was great,” Karla stated. “At home everyone knows we are a quadruple but we are really held together by our mutual lust for your sons. We are incomplete without them.”

“It’s true,” I admitted. “We get lots of sex back home with each other and our schoolmates. Paul and I are the best studs in school except for Yancey and he is away half the time as Alex uses him to explore sex in the adult world. But we know Pete and Jimmy are the real men in our lives.”

“That is nice to hear,” said Heather. “We like the boys to have a steady intimate relationship. Keeping you sexually satisfied and getting your parents to accept their authority and dominance has been good for them. We are so superior to normals but we want our boys to learn to assert themselves without resorting to force except in extreme circumstances.”

“They didn’t have any trouble with my parents,” Karla said. “Mom and Dad were surprised that I introduced two boys as my boyfriends. They knew I had bee sexual with Vince and Paul but I hadn’t told them about what was going on at school or my earlier sex with your sons. Once they saw Pete and Jimmy they immediately accepted our relationship. It was easy to see they were real studs and I would naturally want sex from them. What they hadn’t expected was that my boyfriends would get sexy with both of them. They tried to resist out of shocked surprise when Pete and Jimmy kissed them and started to undress them but lust soon took over. Now they can’t wait for their next visit.”

“I only live with my mother so it was simple,” Gina said. “They also fucked my big brother, Ken, when he visited from college one weekend. Mom has seen how Rosa has changed during her pregnancy and my mission this week is to bring her some super-sperm so she can have a super-baby too. Besides getting a new brother or sister, having a hot Mom that looks like a sister would be fun.”

“There is a big party on Saturday to wrap up the week,” said Pete. “I’ll be sure you meet a few guys that will leave your cunt and ass overflowing. How’s Ken doing? Why didn’t he come with you?”

“He’s fine,” Gina said. “He goes to Sacramento State but he is on the Hornet basketball team so he stays in the athletic dorm during school and we don’t see him home much during the season. That’s why you didn’t meet him until March. They didn’t make the big tournament. I had told him I had a couple of new boyfriends and he had met Vince earlier. When you and Jimmy came over with Vince and Paul he was surprised at how muscular you were. He is six-nine, taller than your dad, and does a lot of weight and endurance work for basketball. He was even more surprised when we all started shedding clothes and it became obvious that you intended to have sex with all of us, including he and Mom.”

“Yes,” Jimmy agreed. “He wasn’t used to be manhandled by smaller guys but got into it. He has a nice eleven inch cock and thought he was 100% straight. We showed him he wasn’t. So why isn’t he here?”

“Yeah.” Gina began. “He really got into your fucking but he needed someone to fuck him on a regular basis so he seduced one of his teammates, a Black guy a couple inches taller than he with a nice twelve inches. They each still have girlfriends and the four of them are going to Baja for the week.”

“Too bad,” Pete said. “He was fun and we would have shown him a good time.”

“Yes,” Gina sighed. “I think he is afraid it will be too good and he won’t be able to perform with girls anymore. You guys started expanding his mind but he still has lots of hangups. I couldn’t get him to fuck me even when I surprised him in the shower.”

“He just needs another lesson or two,” Jimmy assured her. “We’ll take care of it next time he’s home.”

“Come with us,” Pete directed. “We have to feed the horses and we have something to show you.”

Jimmy grabbed a bunch of carrots and we left for the barn that was about a hundred feet out the door from the kitchen. I figured we were in for an old fashioned roll in the hay.

The barn was clean and only had a slight animal smell. There were ten stalls holding eight horses. I had seen them on our lake trip and when we visited over the holidays but they were about fifty percent bigger; the largest horses I’d ever seen even including those in Bud commercials but they were still sleek riding animals, just huge.

“They’ve been enhanced,” Pete explained. “Full grown we weigh about four hundred. Our horses are now about five times stronger than the strongest normal horses. They could kick down this barn easily but they are also way smarter than they were. They understand us perfectly.”

Pete introduced us to the horses giving them our names and us theirs. He told them we were authorized to ride them but to take it easy as we were normal humans and not experienced.

I tried out a big black stallion named Jet. Jimmy fit him with a harness that fastened around his forelegs and offered a handhold. There was no saddle or bridle. I just told Jet where to go and how fast. The stalls had a latch the horses could open with there mouth to get to the paddock. Jet just opened it and took me outside to run around and get used to riding him. I could feel the power of his muscles as he started a slow trot. As he started to go faster he would look back to see how I was doing. I must have been OK because he started a full sped rum across the fenced area.

He pulled up at the gate that had the same latch as the stalls and let himself out. He took off on a trail through the trees. He seemed to know where he was going so I just said nothing and went along. It was exhilarating. I saw a small lake ahead but he just kept charging and jumped into the lake. In mid air he bucked, tossing me over his head to splash into the lake just beyond where he landed. The water was cold.

“You planned that, didn’t you?” I asked and got a snort in acknowledgement.

I swam onto Jet’s back and he climbed out of the lake and headed home at a brisk pace. Paul and Karla were riding a couple brown mares when Jet opened the gate and entered the paddock. Pete met me outside his stall where Jet stopped and I dismounted.

“I see Jet dunked you in the lake,” Pete observed. I was still a little damp from it after the trip back. “He only does that to guys he likes. Do you want to have sex with Vince?”

Jet snorted and shook his head yes. I saw the stallion had a member about two feet long that stretched beneath its body.

“Jet is actually pretty good,” Pete stated. “But he is way stronger than a normal horse and sometimes forgets his strength when he gets excited. Since you’re not enhanced you should have Jimmy or I standing by for safety if you want to try it. But I have some more to show you right now so it will have to be later.”

Jet lowered his head and looked at me with one big black eye. I thought he was disappointed.

“That’s okay big boy,” I said. We can do it later.”

Jet gave another snort and reared up, putting his front hooves on the side of the barn and standing on his rear legs exposing his cock.

“He wants you to kiss it,” Pete explained.

I stepped under the huge stallion and held his pole in both hands. It was warm and thicker than any human cock I’d had. It was right at head height. I gave it a lick, then another. I managed to put most of the head in my lips and swirl around it with my tongue. I got a few drops of juice as a reward. It didn’t taste bad but not like any human cum I’ve swallowed. I stepped clear and Jet dropped to four legs. He turned his face to me and licked my crotch with his long tongue as I caressed his head.

“You made a new friend today,” Pete observed as he led us away. We rejoined the others inside the barn.

“We have something more to show you,” Pete said leading us to a wooden door next to the tack room. The door slid aside revealing a large stainless clad interior space. “Faith controls the door.”

It reminded me of an elevator but there were no buttons. When we were all inside the door shut and the room descended. About a minute later the door opened onto a large space filled with vehicles of several designs and sizes. The roof and walls had an even glow that filled the space with light.

“New cars don’t need gas and they don’t break down,” Pete stated. “So the service station will soon be obsolete. This is our new enterprise. We design and build space ships.”

“These are spaceships?” Karla questioned. “They look like cars or vans.”

“Look closer,” Jimmy suggested. “Half don’t have wheels. Those with wheels are mostly limited to Earth’s atmosphere but can ride on roads. The wheels are just free spinning like a toy car. The actual propulsion is an inertial drive based on some cool new physics.”

“The actual production is done on the Moon,” Pete added. “They are built atom by atom in a big nano printer. Right now Faith runs it all but she’ll initiate a new A.I. to take over later this week. Do you want to see the factory?”

“You’re going to take us to the Moon?” I asked.

“Sure.” Pete said. “This way.”

He led us to a large van. It seemed to float a foot above the floor and had no wheels. The door opened as we approached. There was enough headroom for even an eight footer to stand up. Seats were spaced around the sides and the top half was transparent so we would have a good view. We took seats, there were no safety belts. I sat near the front with Pete but there were no controls or buttons anywhere. The door shut.

The vehicle rose above the floor toward the roof. It opened as we neared it and we rose up a large shaft until we popped into the daylight. We must have been about two hundred feet below the ground. We continued to climb into the sky as the opening in the field was closed with a grass covered door. There was no sense of motion inside.

We rose higher and I could see Tahoe. As the sky turned black we began to move to the west and out over the Pacific. It soon became night beneath us. It was now easy to see the curve of Earth. The Moon rose beyond the limb of our planet. Jimmy said we were about twenty thousand miles high.

I asked how fast we could go. The answer was ninety nine percent of light speed but we wouldn’t be going that fast on this trip.

The Moon quickly grew bigger until it filled our view. We were descending near a large crater that Pete said was Tycho. The surface slid aside as we drew close. We passed through a huge airlock before setting down in a cavern that made the one on Earth seem small. We were told the roof is a mile high and the sides five miles by ten. The trip had taken twenty minutes.

The gravity was light. I tried a jump and rose ten feet in the air. Then Jimmy tried and shot up well over a hundred. He said he can jump thirty feet high on Earth. He was dropping fast when he landed but his legs could handle the impact.

There were all sorts of vehicles in the cavern but it was nowhere near packed. Some were the size of jumbo jets. We saw one being assembled in a giant transparent box several hundred feet on each side. Pete said it was to be used to move materials from mining in the outer solar system to Earth or Mars. Apparently it is designed to move millions of tons.

That told me that mining must already be going on but I had no idea what they planned to do with millions of tons of whatever they were mining.

Pete gave Gina and I a tour of a ship designed for two persons that was the size of a school bus. It had a bedroom in the rear where he fucked us both in the light lunar gravity. After he would thrust down the springiness of the bed would bounce us both in the air for a couple seconds as he withdrew. It was sexy fun.

We rejoined the others who obviously also had sex and headed home.

The rest of the week was pretty much nonstop sex. We would have friends over or visit them in their homes.

I did get to have sex with Jet as Pete and a few of the other horses watched. He put a blanket over a hay bale that I then lay on and straddled. That put me about four feet above the ground and just below Jet as he stood with his legs on either side of the bale.

I had brought an apple as a treat for my equine date. Jet ate it from my hand while looking at me with his big black eyes. I took off my few clothes and lay on the bale Pete had set up. He watched from a corner. Jet walked once around the bale, examining me. He stopped by my head and licked my face with his wet tongue. I lifted my head and opened my mouth. Jet pushed several inches of his tongue inside and I licked it with my own. I could taste some of the apple on it.

Jet lifted his head and started licking along my back, moving lower. His powerful body was just inches above me as he approached my ass. I could see the hard shaft of his horse cock suspended horizontal beneath his belly. The tip was at my face when he started to lick my ass. I didn’t expect foreplay and a rim job from a horse but it was what was happening. I needed to do my part so I went to work on the head of that massive cock. I had five or six inches in my mouth as Jet rubbed his wet tongue around my hole. He bit the end of my butt plug and popped it out of me. Then he pushed in a few inches of tongue.

After a few minutes he backed off and he looked at me, face to face.

“I’m ready, Jet,” I told him. “Show me what a stallion you are.” Pete said they can understand us but maybe it wasn’t a good idea to say something that could imply I wanted him to fuck me rough. He gave a snort in response.

He circled behind me and began to approach. I twisted to look over my shoulder as Jet moved over my back. My head was between his forelegs when I felt the end of his pole brush my ass. He moved it around for a time until he had it in position. He lunged forward and it was in. Jet got about six inches inside on the initial penetration. He moved forward and added another six. My experience with the long and thick Indian cocks really paid off here. Jet’s cock felt good but different. It wasn’t a man’s cock and he moved it inside me differently.

Jet lowered his head and looked at me beneath him. I told him I was fine and he should just fuck me. He did. He added the last foot smoothly and started to pound me. I had an orgasm and he pounded my ass faster and harder. I again told him and Pete that I was OK. It was ten minutes of rapid thrusting before Jet seeded my ass while I came again.

He pulled out and stepped around beside me as I recovered, sprawled on the bale. I could feel my hole leaking his cum. Jet licked up some of his juices and pushed his tongue into my mouth so I could taste him. We did that three times before he offered Pete a taste that he accepted.

By then I was able to stand. I got up and hugged Jet at the base of his neck. The enhanced horse towered over me. He looked at me with his black eyes. They seemed to tell me that from now on I was his boyfriend and he my stallion. And it was true.

From then on I was the only one who could ride him. We took a ride every day for the rest of the week, usually with others along. And on every ride Jet would stop somewhere and he would fuck me. I truly had a horse that loved me and it was mutual. The Indians respected me for my relationship and on our rides Jet would introduce me to other horses and it seemed to me they treated me different than other humans. I did meet two other Indian boys and one girl that had the same bond with their horses. We plan to share a ride together on my next visit.

Saturday was a big party to wrap up the week. Guys and girls had separate events so Mom would be with Heather. But we could take our non-Indian girls to the guys party where they would be kept busy all day As would Paul and I.

Since I would be unable to take Jet to the party, I started my day with a solo ride just after sunrise. I wore the leather breechcloth and vest along with moccasins for my feet that I would wear all day. It was a little cool in that outfit in the morning air but the sun would warm things up soon.

I brought Jet my usual treat of an apple. He liked the outfit and sniffed my ass where he could smell that Pete had given me my wake up fuck though my plug kept me from leaking.

I climbed onto Jet’s back and he let himself out. We were soon running through the trees to our special spot. We had found a fallen tree where I could straddle the trunk, laying on a blanket to protect me from the bark. It put me at the perfect height.

Jet gave me a powerful fuck like he always did. After he shot I squeezed his buried shaft with my gut and asked him to stay inside me. He dropped his head to look at me with one eye. I told him I just wanted to feel his power inside me a little longer.

Pete said the enhanced horses were smarter than normal, perhaps as smart as a ten year old child. It was probably true as far as their ability to understand human language and tech but I thought that emotionally, the ability to form relationships, Jet was at least as good as any person, maybe better. The sex was great but I felt loved and protected when I was with him. It was different than what I felt with Pete. Somehow it felt deeper, more intimate and mutual.

I asked Jet if he would fuck my brother and he agreed. Paul would take some convincing but I wanted him to get a sense of my relationship with Jet.

Jet started a slow fuck stroke. It soon became his normal aggressive plowing of my tight gut. He seeded me a second time before pulling out. I rolled to my back on the log and we snuggled for a while before I climbed onto his back and we trotted home.

When I returned to the house everyone was having breakfast. Mom asked me if I had a nice ride but it was obvious that I did. I had Jet’s smell on me. Of course everyone else had had sex this morning too. Everyone was wearing their breechcloths and vests but Pete, Jimmy, Greg and Matt were barefoot. Most were leaking or had streaks of drying cum from the sex since their morning shower. It was pretty normal.

I asked Paul if he’d like to taste some of Jet’s spunk. He agreed more readily than I expected. He got on his knees behind me and pulled out my plug. I felt him lap at my hole. He said it was different than a guy’s seed but not bad. Gina came over and took a taste too. I put the plug back when she finished. I told Paul that Jet knows he is my brother and would like to meet him but Paul didn’t respond.

After breakfast it was off to the parties. It was nonstop sex. The idea was to meet new people. All the Indian boys knew we were Pete’s and Jimmy’s boyfriends. I spotted one of the boys I knew also loved his horse and he gave me a good fuck and we talked a lot about our stallions.

The sex was great but it was just casual fun. I much prefer sex with those I have a relationship with. With my boyfriends, Pete and Jimmy, my brother, Paul, and even Jet, it is more fun because I care for them in ways that can’t be matched in a quick encounter no matter how big the cock or talented the person wielding it.

We returned home just after nine in the evening and went right to sleep. Everyone was exhausted. I lost track of how many cocks I’d had or loads taken or shot.

I was awaken by Pete’s movement. He was getting off the bed. He said he heard someone at the door. I got up too. We left Gina still sleeping. She had leaked a lot of what she carried from yesterday on the sheets and was still oozing some from cunt and ass. My butt plug had kept my loads inside. I gave it a squeeze as I followed Pete. Everyone else was still sleeping.

We opened the door in time to see a FedEx truck leaving. It had left a few packages. We brought them inside.

There were three boxes. The smallest was red and marked to be opened first. Inside was a tablet that was all screen. A green dot glowed in the center of the screen and was pulsing. Pete touched it.

The screen cleared and it showed three people, two male and one female, facing us. The female we recognized immediately was Faith; the real Faith that was the model for our A.I. The central male introduced himself as L. D. Chu and the other male as his wife, Chris, and Faith as his other wife. We were told to open the other boxes and then touch the screen again.

The screen changed and held only the image of Faith. She also appeared on the big screen in the living room. It was our A.I. Faith that had replaced the video.

“I’ll take over,” A.I. Faith explained. “Get everyone up and come back when you are all ready.”

We went to do as she asked. As we got people up Faith would appear for a short explanation. She told us not to bother with breakfast or stripping the beds. Showers were OK and we all needed them. Despite our curiosity we had our usual morning sex in the shower. We started with Gina, cleaning out her cunt and ass and giving her a fresh load in each. I also had a round with Mom as Matt fucked her ass.

We all assembled in the living room, still naked from our showers. Faith appeared on the TV screen. She told us to open the other boxes. One had a silver cube with a glowing green button on top. We took it out and set it on the floor. The other had some vials and a cylinder with attachments at the ends.

“The video gives instructions,” Faith said. “Since I am here I will control everything. The vials will enhance each of you. The cylinder gives a drink to fuel the changes. Normally that is the first step. The cube will rebuild your house while you are in sleep. That is normally second but I want to do it first. I have entered the specifications into the device and when you are ready I will start the process.”

“Why are we doing this and why now?” Matt asked.

“It is the next step,” young Greg answered. “We are going public about some of our abilities. I knew about the plans but couldn’t tell until now.”

“Greg is right,” Faith stated. “The tribe has bought a vast tract of government land to add to our reservation and shortly we will reveal our plans on Luna and Mars. The spaceships you have stored will see much more use. The first step is to bring everyone to the same physical level and we need to update our home to handle your new size and strength. There is lots more to explain but for now just get ready for a nap and I’ll begin when I see you are set.”

Since we normally have sex when we sleep. I sat on Pete’s lap while Gina straddled mine with my cock in her cunt. I stowed by plug up her ass. The others got ready too. We fell asleep.

When I awoke I was still coupled front and rear but not sitting anymore. Pete, Gina and I were laying on a padded platform about ten feet on a side. The room we were in was a lot bigger and I could see others on similar platforms. We were all stirring. Faith appeared on a huge screen that filled most of one wall. The ceiling which must have been twenty feet high gave off a soft glow that filled the space.

“Your home has been modified,” Faith stated. “You were asleep for two hours. I will give you the tour later. Now, we will do the next step.”

Self powered carts rolled into the room. Each had big mugs of a chocolate colored drink. As one came toward me I saw they had the vials from the box we opened.

“You will each, except Greg, drink a vial and then drink mugs of the nutrient drink to fuel the changes. The adults will be close to eight feet by the end. The changes will not harm Aurora. The teenagers will be in the mid six foot range. You will get the full size when you start work or go to college.”

I drank. We all did without hesitation. I was excited that I was going to get a body to match my boyfriends. I immediately felt hungry and started on the mugs of growth fuel. By the second mug I could see the changes on me and the others. We were all getting bigger. The guys were adding muscle even if they were already big. Mom was quickly looking younger, her body firmer and sexier. Gina and Karla were starting to look like supermodels with big, firm breasts, great butts and toned all over. It took about two hours before I no longer felt hungry.

I finished up at six foot eight with an eighteen inch cock. Pete and Paul were both about six six with sixteen inches. Jimmy, the youngest, was now six three. He still looked young but had massive muscles and only a fourteen inch cock. Matt was now seven ten and had twenty-nine. Heather was seven-nine and Mom seven-eight. If you ignored their size they looked like they were in their late teens. Gina finished at six five and Karla at six three. Gina was a smaller version of the adult women but you could tell from Karla’s body language that she was younger though her body was super sexy.

We spent the afternoon exploring the new house and trying our new bodies out. It was no surprise to me that even now with a body bigger and stronger than Pete or Jimmy the Indian boys still easily dominated me sexually. It was just that they knew how to handle themselves and Paul and I were still learning.

Our big cocks shot an impressive amount. Any hole we were in filled to overflowing and we could shoot streams a dozen feet if they were free.

The house had some type of microscopic cleaning robots that cleaned up after us. We had so much fun with each other that day that exploring the house was secondary. It was designed for sex almost anywhere. There was a heated pool area. You could just walk through the large windows to come in and out. You didn’t need to open them. You just walk through the glass like it wasn’t there.

It was early afternoon. Pete had just given me a nice fucking on one of the pads in the living room. He replaced my butt plug to hold it in. Faith had updated it to match his new cock. It was now sixteen inches long and the new one matched his body temperature and throbbed along with his actual heartbeat of the moment that was still a little strong and fast as we recovered from our very energetic sex.

Pete suggested we check out the barn. It was a good idea. We had seen it was updated but hadn’t gone over there yet. We walked through a glass wall to the new pool area where Matt was laying on a pad while Gina straddled him, taking almost eighteen inches of his long pole in her cunt. Karla was on Matt’s torso with her head between his Gina’s spear legs, licking the cum that flowed down The bottom inches of Matt’s cock as each new spurt of cum displaced older stuff from Gina’s already full interior.

We walked through a darkly tinted glass panel to enter the barn. Jet was waiting just inside. First I noticed is it didn’t smell like a barn. Instead of a dirt floor there was some kind of material on the floor that had a soft feel on our bare feet and just a little give.

“Faith said you were on the way over,” Jet spoke. The voice came from a disk strapped around his neck. “I like our new home. We each have our own room. Follow me.”

He started to walk down the central hall. We were greeted by some of the other horses along the way. With all that happened today we weren’t surprised that the horses could now talk back to us. A couple mares complimented Pete and I on our new bodies. Blaze, one of the other stallions, joked that Jet might have trouble getting inside me with my new muscle butt that he nuzzled with his nose as I passed him. Jet ignored him.

We walked through another glass panel to a thirty by thirty room. The opposite side had another panel with a view of the paddock. In one corner was an enclosed space that appeared to be a shower able to easily accommodate a horse as huge as Jet. Apparently his urine and poop sink right through the floor which explains the clean smell in the barn.

“I like the new barn,” Jet said. “I like your new body too. I want to try it out. I won’t have to hold back. You should be able to handle my full stallion strength.”

“He can,” Pete agreed. “You’ll like that muscled butt and the tight squeeze from his strong internal muscles. I loosened him up for you just before we came over.”

“At times I envy humans,” Jet admitted. “Mares only like sex when they are fertile but you are good anytime. Blaze and the other males are jealous that I have a boyfriend and I won’t share. I don’t mind you or other humans enjoying him but I’ll be his stallion. Perhaps when I have some young colts I’ll let them learn how to have sex with him.”

“I’m sure Vince would love that,” Pete stated.

“Hey, I’m right here,” I interjected. Having my boyfriend and my horse discussing sex with me in my presence was a little disconcerting.

“Relax Vince,” Jet told me. “You are our boy and it is only natural that the two males most responsible for your sexual pleasure to compare notes on how to best please you. Trust us to look after you.”

“Jet is right,” Pete agreed. “When you are with either of us, we are in charge and will take care of you, sexually and otherwise.”

“I guess,” I mumbled. Did I just agree to be submissive to my horse? Well, I thought, Jet is not just any horse. He is a powerful stallion with a two foot long cock. Even before he could speak I knew he was sexually assertive and dominant.

There was a feeding station on the opposite wall. I went to it and asked for an apple and one dropped into my hand. I took it over to Jet who ate it from my hand. It was the treat I always brought him before he fucked me and more than my words it showed I accepted his dominance.

“Good boy,” Jet said to me. “Faith, raise the bed.”

A section of the floor slid aside and a padded platform rose out of it. It was contoured so I could straddle it and be at the proper height for Jet to enter me. It was narrow enough to slip between Jet’s limbs and let him stand astride it.

“I sleep standing on my hooves but with this we can sleep or just have fun together. Try it.”

The top of the pad was almost five feet above the floor but I could easily hop up with my new strength. I lay down. There were options for my cock. I could run it below my torso where the pad had a groove to accept it or put it pointing down between my legs that spread over the sides of the pad. I chose down.

Jet moved behind me. He snorted and I felt his breath on my ass cheeks. He grabbed the big soft plastic ring on the end of my new butt plug in his teeth and pulled it out. I had wondered about the ring and realized Faith must have added it for this. He let it dangle next to my own hard cock.

I started to leak once the plug was removed. I felt Jet’s rough tongue lick the bottom few inches of my cock, my balls and up through my crack. He licked me again before walking forward. I could feel the hair on his chest brush lightly along my back as he moved up. His forelimbs were just past my head when I felt the tip of his horse cock slide above the crack of my ass.

“I’m ready,” I said. “Fuck me hard.”

“I will,” Jet agreed. “Pete, you had better stay. Vince will need help walking when I’m done.”

“I wouldn’t miss it,” Pete stated.

Jet moved back just a bit and positioned his tip against my hole. I was still leaking and loose from the plug removal. A quick shove and he was in. Jet is thick, even thicker than Matt’s new cock but I had him before. He stretched me open but my new muscles could manage his size and strength. Now there was no worry he might tear me internally if his animal instincts took over. Jet knew that too and gave a strong thrust that plunged another foot of his rod into me. Jet reared up on his hind legs and danced forward, giving me the last eight inches. I felt his big balls slap into mine and he dropped to all fours.

Jet started thrusting into my ass. At first he went slow. His thick two foot shaft rubbed my prostate the whole time. When he bottomed out I could feel the tip deep in my gut. His thrusts became faster and harder as the sensations he was feeling brought out his wild stallion instincts. I screamed as I had my first orgasm.

He just kept pumping me. I was holding his forelegs by his knees to brace myself against the force of his thrusts. I was helped that the pad was nicely contoured to absorb most of the force.

Jet lowered his head to look at me under the barrel of his body. I raised my head to stare back at him, somewhat dazed from the pleasure his big sex pole was giving me. I gave a long moan as his next thrust rocked me and licked my lips. He gave a snort and raised his head again. I suspect he was pleased with the effect his fuck was having on me.

I was experiencing Jet’s full power now. I realized how gentle he had been with me before. Fortunately my new body could handle his size and strength without breaking. Besides the intense sexual pleasure, I really enjoyed the idea that Jet, a male of exceptional virility, loved and desired me both sexually and as my friend.

With his thrusts I could sense he was getting close. I was right at the brink myself. Jet made a final thrust and stayed deep as I felt him unleash his seed. I could feel that whole cock pulse along its entire buried length as the first massive spurt of horse sperm spewed from the tip. There were many more. My cock erupted too. I could shoot many times what I shot before but it was nothing like the load Jet was infusing me with. I could feel the overflow spraying from my ass lips through the ring tightly wrapped around Jet’s thick flesh. He started to ease out to make more room while still cumming. He back up until the tip popped out and he let the end few inches rest on my butt as the final soft spurts pooled on my lower back.

I rested on the pad, exhausted from his energetic fucking. My distended hole was leaking great gobs of his stuff that ran down over my balls and cock.

I felt Jet lick up some of his seed from my back. He moved up until we were head to head and offered me his cum coated tongue. I opened my mouth and he pushed it inside where I licked it clean. It tasted different from any human sperm I’d had before but I liked it. Jet removed his tongue from my mouth and I smiled at him to show I appreciated his gesture.

“Climb on,” Jet directed.

I was pretty exhausted from his fuck but I did as I was told. I stood on the pad and jumped up to straddle his back with my head on his withers and arms about his neck. Pete was still in the room and gave me a thumbs up signal.

Jet moved through the glass to the paddock and started to run at full speed as I held on. He was working off his energy after the excitement from his fucking me. I enjoyed feeling his strong muscles moving fluidly beneath my prone body as he ran. These were the same muscles that had powered his sex into me. Jet easily jumped the eight foot fence and we ran through the nearby woods for a few minutes before returning to his room, exhilarated from the exercise.

He walked us both into the shower stall where we got ourselves clean. About halfway I dismounted. Before we left I inserted my plug again. We walked into the main space where Pete was still waiting.

“I can see why you like Jet,” Pete remarked. “That was wild.”

“It was,” I admitted. “ But you are not in competition. I love you both and I am glad you both consider me your boyfriend.”

“With benefits,” Jet added.

“Yes. I do love the benefits,” I said. “With two studs like you my needs, sexually and in every other way, will be well satisfied.”

“You know watching that scene got me hard,” Pete stated. “I think I’ll have a turn.”

“I could go again too,” said Jet. “How about we double fuck him?”

“Guys,” I said alarmed. “Jimmy and you doubled fucked me but your new cock plus Jet is way thicker than anything that’s been up my gut before.”

Jet rose up on his hind legs and pushed me back toward the wall. I tried pushing back but his mass and strength was too much for me. I was soon pinned to the wall by the mass of his body. Jet’s long horse cock was pressed into my chest with the unsheathed tip near my face. He moved it around and I knew he wanted it in my mouth. I complied, swallowing the final eight inches or so.

“That should keep you occupied,” Jet observed. “This is a decision for males to make and we will. You will learn that. So, Pete, what do you say?”

“Sure, I’ll try it,” Pete agreed. “You should be OK, Vince, but it will be a little uncomfortable until we get you stretched internally. How do we do this?”

I was helpless against the wall, hearing my two best friends deciding on how to use me. I had accepted being submissive to Pete but realizing that I would also be submissive to my horse was new. Then I saw that Jet wasn’t my horse. I was his boy. The taste of his horse pre on my tongue cemented the thought in my mind.

“Faith, can we have the platform again, configured so Pete can lay on it?” Jet requested.

I heard Pete move. Then Jet backed away, dropping to all fours. Pete was on his back on the platform with his sixteen inch cock pointed straight to the ceiling. I knew what was intended and mounted the platform. I dropped my plug out and sat on the real thing. Then I lay down on top of Pete’s torso, straddling his hips with him fully inside me. The stretching and lube from Jet’s last fuck made it easy.

Then Jet moved above us. By the time his forelegs were even with my head I felt the tip of his pole press me where Pete entered. Pete shuddered beneath me in reaction to the contact. Jet has a big bulging head but it is not shaped like a man’s. It is tough to get in by itself. He just added pressure until he forced Pete and, mostly, I to yield. The end popped it followed by eight inches of shaft. Both Pete and I gasped from the sudden pressure of two cocks.

It was the most I’d ever been stretched but my new body could handle it. Jet stroked the tip along my first inches, forcing the flesh of Pete’s pole to rub my prostate. I shot my load quickly, lubricating the skin where I slid over Pete’s torso.

Jet sensed my orgasm and began to push in deeper. While before I could feel Pete’s cock under my muscles, when Jet added his thickness the left side of my abdominals bulged outward.

“This is weird,” Pete said. “I double stuffed you before with Jimmy but then I was the big cock. It is different being the small one, being shoved around by another cock in the tight sleeve of your gut. And Jet’s pole doesn’t feel like a human cock.”

“You are with the lead stallion,” Jet insisted. “Perhaps your father might match me but in this encounter I am the top male.”

I had no doubt of that but Pete was trying to come to terms with it as Jet’s thick cock pressed deeper alongside his embedded piece. I felt it inside when the two tips were at the same depth. A horse’s is shaped differently than a man’s but similar. Jet pushed his end back and forth over Pete’s until they both shot their loads inside me. I shot again too. The new massive cum load poured out my hole as my gut was full.

Everyone was still hard so Jet pushed in his last eight inches. The base of his pole is almost twice as thick as the tip so my hole was even more stretched. Jet started hitting us with sixteen inch thrusts that got Pete and I both moaning. Even though I’d already cum twice I was close again. A couple minutes of Jet’s pounding and I shot again. My gut spasms triggered Pete and Jet too. As Jet shot he pushed in to the limit and I could feel both of them spewing their loads deep and even deeper in my belly as I sprayed my seed between Pete and I. It was at least a minute before we eased down from our peak and rested, still fully coupled.

“That was hot,” I heard my brother, Paul, remark.

He and Jimmy had entered Jet’s stall and had been watching us, apparently for some time. They were holding each others’ cocks and had each stroked out a load watching us.

Jet backed off, extracting his long, cum covered pole and pushing out a lot of that inside me with it. I sat up on Pete’s hips when Jet was clear and Pete lifted me off him and set me on the floor before sitting up on the platform. I shoved my plug up my gut to stop my leaking.

“If you like to try it, there are other stallions here that would be happy to have their own boy,” Jet offered.

They declined the offer but they were both staring at Jet’s long penis so it might not be a final rejection. They had come to find us. It was time for us to head home. Pete, Jet and I washed up in Jet’s shower.

Now it is almost four years later. I didn’t go to college. Instead I am helping Matt run the spaceship production that is now the family endeavor. Faith taught me the physics and math I needed. She runs most of the routine production work while we set requirements from the needs of future projects.

After I started work I got my adult upgrade. Now I am seven foot ten, a mass of shredded muscle with a twenty-seven inch cock. I still love taking Pete’s cock up my ass even though for a couple years I was way bigger than him. Now, of course he is seven eleven and twenty-nine inches. Brother Paul last year was upgraded to be seven nine and also twenty-seven inches. Jimmy is still in high school and just six seven with seventeen inches.

Gina and Karla are part of our family. With Heather and Mom there are eight super-kids, five boys and three girls. Greg is the oldest, of course, and has his own son, now five months old. Karla was the mother. Three of the boys and the three girls have partners, like Yancey with Junior. They are commonly called pets.

With Pete now fully mature, he and Matt are co-husbands to our family and Jimmy will become husband three next year. Heather, Mom, Paul and I along with Gina and Karla are the wives. With our husbands, Jimmy and our sexually active kids we get lots of great sex.

We have our home in the reservation and places on Luna and Mars but spend most of the time on Mars because most of the manufacturing is now done in orbit around Mars. It has easy access to resources from asteroid belt mining. We have about a square mile under a dome but outside is fine too though we sometimes get severe storms as the climate is still unsettled. Our place is just off the Northern Ocean on the Tharsis Plateau at the base of Mount Olympus.

It will take several more years to transform Mars. We have suitable soil using a mix of natural and artificial organic material over sixty percent of the Southern continent. Most is grassland with the start of forests. On Tharsis we have established forests using mature trees from our lands in California after thinning the old growth about twenty percent. It extends up the slopes of the ancient volcanoes almost to where the snow cap begins. There are lots of streams, lakes and waterfalls. It is great for a quick romp.

I am still Jet’s boy too. He takes his sons and I frequently into the woods for fun. He has two three year old stallions and one two year old and a yearling. He has four young mares too but they stay near home with their mothers. The oldest, Midnight, is as black as Jet. He has bonded with one of Greg’s boyfriends. Our little excursions into the wild usually wind up with an orgy by one of the lakes with Jet and his boys fucking me. Normally, with my big body, I can run as fast as they but after our sex I am so exhausted that I ride the back of Jet home, listening to my fuckers boast about how much they shot into me.

I am now in space for the first crewed test of our hyperdrive. The vessel is a sphere, five hundred meters in diameter. I’m with Matt and Pete and Greg. The goal of the trip is Alpha Centauri and it should take just less than a day.

We ran a ten minute test run with basic automation and lab animals onboard. We lost all communication once the hyperdrive was triggered. It was eighteen days before we picked up the beacon sent after it emerged and another eighteen for the signal triggering the return trip to reach it. Everything appeared normal when it returned and the test animals were healthy.

For this run we have a full A.I. on board. Greg has his pet back at our base. They normally have an instant mind to mind connection but this will be a test to see if that works in hyperspace or at interstellar distances.

Our cargo includes probes to explore the system. We know from our large space telescope that there is a world that we can transform for our use.

It was time. We accelerated to half light speed and triggered the drive. The stars disappeared.


Continued in Pickup Trouble III. For how the stories fit together, see the common timeline.

Description Vince and Paul’s sexual adventures spread to jocks at school, their girlfriends, and even their parents—in fact it’s not only humans getting in on the fun as the brothers uncover just how far they can go.

Updated8 Dec 2018



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