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Description Jet and Vince, husband and wife, and their growing herd join others in confronting the threat identified at the end of Spring Break, leading to science fiction strangeness wrapped in lots of unusual sex.

Updated17 Nov 2018



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Part 1

A lot has happened in the years since my pickup broke down. I am still happily married to my Indian husbands, Matt, Pete and Jimmy Standing Bear and my stallion, Jet. My mom, Rosa, Pete and Jimmy’s mom, Heather, and our former girlfriends, Gina and Karla are our female co-wives. My brother Paul and Gina’s older brother Ken are our other male wives. It is good having three males among the wives as our husbands have kept the women pregnant half the time.

By now we have ten generations of super-kids, their pets and wives and so on. Our clan is over twelve thousand now with homes in California, Mars, Venus and every other inhabited world. Mars is our main base and where I live most of the time. We still run the spaceship construction enterprise for the Empire but it is mostly automated. Faith is still the family A.I. but Howard has taken over as the A.I. for ship production and design. Faith had him based on Howard Hughes, an early aircraft pioneer.

Jet and I have a separate home on the Standing Bear compound on Mars. I split my time fairly evenly between my Martian and Equine husbands. Jet has a second wife, Maya. How that happened is an interesting story.

Jet wanted a human female he could breed with me to produce future partners for his young colts. It was early on before the United States became a Martian protectorate. Hiking in the Martian lands was a popular pursuit and many would pretend to be lost to get rescued by the police that patrolled the vast forests. Faith selected Maya, a twenty three year old Chinese-American medical intern in San Francisco. With a little social media manipulation she and a gay fellow intern decided to try a hike on a short break in their studies.

When they called in their request for assistance Jet was on hand with his oldest colt, Midnight. The two hikers were surprised to be rescued by two talking horses and not the big Martians they were hoping for.

Midnight took the man back to the base for a literal roll in the hay before returning him to his car. Jet took Maya on a brisk ride through the mountains. His powerful back muscles working below her pussy as she straddled him soon excited her. They stopped at a secluded lake for a swim. It was no accident that there happened to be a grass covered mound just perfect for a good fucking by a stallion of Jet’s size. It was the fuck of her life. Jet invited her to visit our home on Mars and she accepted his proposal the next day.

Maya is now seven foot seven and as beautiful as expected for a Martian woman. Jet bred me with Maya for twenty two kids, all male. There is quite a stable of mares but they are only into sex when fertile and are not officially part of any family.

One unique thing is that my super-kids all bond with one of Jet’s colts. Most super-kids take a human pet and become the dominant member of the pair. The merger of boy and stallion is more equal. The pair are very dominant and aggressive sexually and almost always top, even with older Martians. They generally spend about half their time in each body and it is almost impossible to tell who is running each one. Seeing the Martian running in the stallion body with his partner riding him in his Martian body is quite a sight. I love being double penetrated with one of my sons controlling the horse cock and while sitting on his Martian body controlled by the stallion partner. The idea is to show me they are better males than I. I don’t need to be convinced but I’m secure knowing that I am the wife of their sire.

When they are a couple years old they are big enough to pass in human society. They often get a few to go riding on Earth where they meet up with others out for a ride. It always ends with the other group exhausted and leaking cum from every orifice. I’m glad we have edited our genes and are no longer mutual fertile with unmodified humans or horses.

The kids and colts have intermarried into most of the Indian families but the majority tend to hook up with the Standing Bear clan since they are raised together.

Maya has met all my other husbands but we treasure our time together. The three of us on a quiet morning ride or a fun filled night. A few times a year we get the whole herd together for a multi day rodeo in the thick Tharsis woods. As their sire’s mates we are in demand from everyone human and equine. It is three days with two or three cocks in you continuously and the only sustenance is cum and lots of it. Even with our enhanced bodies it takes a couple days to recover.

I figure I’m about 40% gay, 40% equine and 20% straight. Maya is probably seventy-thirty equine-straight. When Jet has me breed her he is always up my ass controlling everything as I fuck her and most of the other times Maya takes a human cock she has a stallion in one or more of her other holes. Our family life isn’t typical, even for Martians, but we like it. I enjoy the variety.

Of course, the big news has been the incident at the nova at Blue One six weeks ago. We have continued to gather data from the probes on the intruder ships.

We call them Raptors because they resemble velociraptors from Earth’s late Cretaceous Period. They stand five meters tall covered in green scales with a feathered crest on the top of their heads. They are carnivores like the Earth dinosaurs they resemble. They prefer their food alive when they eat it.

They control an area of the spiral arm inward from us roughly five hundred light years across, spanning thousands of inhabited worlds. Most of the area is for huge herds of grazing animals to support a total population of just over a trillion Raptors. There are seventeen other intelligent species in their zone with the status of slaves. A disobedient or no longer useful slave gets eaten.

As Standing Bears we were most interested in their space technology. Since their ships were over 112 meters in diameter we knew they did not use wormholes as we do. Their hyperdrive tech was similar to ours. They could also communicate through hyperspace. It is not instant like ours but much faster than light speed. And our system doesn’t workin hyperspace.

They also have hyperspace telescopes that enabled them to monitor Blue One’s star from their nearest base, twenty lightyears away, and tell when it would go nova. They knew there was a planet in the inhabitable zone but the system did not have the resolution to detect our activities.

Now they know there is another spacefaring species near their area that is at a high technological level. They consider that a threat. They don’t know where we are. Fortunately for us our nearest planet to Blue One, Ark, is over sixty lightyears away.

The Empress has called a meeting of the Imperial Council to address our options. It will be held at the palace on Mars. Jet represents the equine Martians and I will be going as his aide. Matt and Pete are also attending representing our ship construction assets.

The council chamber is a building just south of the Throne Room that dominates the Imperial Compound. The throne room is based on the structure in Beijing but about ten times larger. It looks out over the Northern Ocean, The roof is real gold.

The council chamber itself is one large free-standing room dominated by a large table. It can hold hundreds. The walls are video screens and there are a row of windows set just below the roof. The room was full. There are eighty two council members including Jet. There were representatives of the Oviedo, Bees. A foursome from the Hex appeared by video link from Blue Two. Mengzi represented the A.I.s. But what one A.I. knows they all know.

At the north end of the table were three ornate chairs. The Empress entered followed by the two Princesses. The Empress’ two husband and the Princesses’ husband followed them and stood behind their chairs. All rose as they entered, even the Bees hovered motionless in the light Mars gravity.

The Empress was projecting a sexy red dress and the Princesses their traditional yellow. I noted the every Martian was projecting some clothes as this was a formal occasion. I was projecting a dark suit that matched Jet’s color.

The Empress made a short introduction and invited the Hex to give their analysis. They had thought hard about it, linking 16 by 16 quadruple individuals together. We got the translation as they flashed colors of their speech.

It was nothing new and I found it hard to concentrate. Two of my husbands were across the table and they had both fucked me this morning. I carried their cum, held in place by my ever present butt plug in the shape of Pete’s long cock. It pulsed in time with his actual heartbeat.

Jet saw I was distracted and had Faith remodel the plug to match his horse cock. It is not as long as Pete’s but thicker at the tip and base. It now matched his heartbeat. Faith gives priority for the plug to whichever of my husbands had fucked me last and that was Jet.

“Pay attention,” he admonished me in a low voice. I looked properly embarrassed.

The short version is that the Raptors outnumber us almost a million to one. It is still a thousand to one if we bring in Earth’s population and there is no desire to involve them.

They view us as a threat as they would any space faring species. They are actively looking for us. Blue One was almost sixty lightyears beyond where we had any development and we recalled our automated exploration probes in the area. It was also almost thirty lightyears from the nearest Raptor planet. So they have no idea where to look but they have started searching nearby systems for signs.

We have knowledge of seventeen other intelligent species in their area of control that exist as slaves. Their records indicate that at least four other intelligent species have been exterminated. None of us wanted to be added to either category.

Technologically they are near our level. Their hyperspace systems are better than ours. They can communicate through hyperspace and have telescopes that can look through hyperspace. That is how they detected the impending nova. The system was good enough to detect Blue One but not our activities. We could now reproduce the communicator but they could detect it if we tried to use it.

Our advantages are instant real space communication and we have totally compromised their computer systems that apparently have no security. Their productive capacity is vastly larger than ours but their huge population uses most of it. Our reserve capacity actually exceeds theirs and we can expand it easily. They rely on fusion power and our Quan cells are more efficient.

The bottom line is that we could do a lot of damage to the Raptors but they might be able to absorb it and eventually overwhelm us by sheer numbers. There was no desire to enter into a war where, even if we won, might slaughter billions of intelligent beings. We knew though that they would not hesitate to kill us if they had the opportunity.

It was Empress May that made the decision. We would try to buy time by directing their attention away from our area of space.

Matt suggested we use the large transports we built for the Blue One evacuation as the decoy vessels. They were spheres, fifty kilometers in diameter. We had built two before we had a better method of transport. They had just returned via hyperspace from Blue Two last week and were in Mars orbit. They could be easily modified however we needed but would need a few months to reach the vicinity of Blue One. Ships that big would certainly get the Raptors’ attention.

The Empress accepted the recommendation. We would have a month for the modifications and it would take about three months in hyperspace to get the ships in position. During that time the details of the diversion plan would be finalized.

We rose again as the Empress and the Princesses left. Jet and I rejoined Matt and Pete. Several others came by to chat about the modifications but the details would be worked out by the A.I. network. We left the conference and got into the transport Faith had waiting to take us to our compound.

We started by beefing up the shields to handle anything that the Raptors could throw at us. For offense we added 1200 lasers around the surface. Each was 90% as powerful as theirs but we could aim 200 at any single point. We didn’t want to show that trick but we had it if needed. The idea was to show we were formidable but still inferior to the Raptors.

Beyond the shield we added 100 meters of superstructure. The Raptor lasers would slice that to shreds. It would spill lots of debris that would tell them about our supposed stellar empire.

We used our adaption of the Raptor hyperspace telescope to locate a suitable world as the nearest outpost of our imaginary empire. It was a super Jupiter gas giant in the habitable zone about a star brighter and more massive than Sol. It had a nearly Earth-size moon with a thriving biosphere that we or Raptors could live on. We directed our nearest automated probe to check the system out and insure there was no intelligent life. We had a couple alternates if our first choice was unsuitable. But we would not know until we were en route. The basic idea was to direct them to a methane world around a star of a different spectral class that was at least 100 lightyears in a direction away from us. The outer works on our ships would be filled with a methane mixture matching our target system. Their sensors would easily detect it once they breached the hull.

Since we were going into a combat situation we added triple redundancy to all important systems as opposed to the standard double and separated each node by at least ten kilometers in the vast hull. Three escape vessels and a self destruct system were also added. If things went bad we wanted all our technology reduced to atoms.

Since the ships were originally designed to support living ecosystems on a long hyperspace trip, we adapted a space five kilometers high by fifty in diameter into a vast forested mountain valley that would serve as crew quarters.

Sub personalities of Faith will run the ships. The plan is to drop out of hyperspace every two weeks to allow Faith to resynch and update and to change crew. We can extrude a box right on the ship and transfer crew like we did pieces of Blue One. Faith could run everything without a crew but, like us, an A.I. needs interaction with others over a long trip. The Standing Bear clan will provide the transfer crews but when we get in position there will be others joining.

Pete, Jet and I were on the initial crew for the first transport cum warship that we designated, X-1. We had two other colts and their partners plus two males and one female with their pets from our large clan. Jimmy and Paul headed the crew of X-2 with Midnight leading the colts.

The main job en route would be to position artifacts in the methane atmosphere shell to support the story we wanted to sell the Raptors. We had nano manufacturing capability on board. Everything would be made with tool marks and random small imperfections typical of normal manufacturing and at a level just below what Raptors could achieve. The electronics would be based on a variant of the Raptor systems. It would be unique enough to show an independent origin but easy for them to decode. And, of course, it would share nothing from the coding we actually use.

The initial modifications were completed three days early but it was decided we’d depart on the original schedule. We transferred to the ship a couple days ahead.

The crew quarters were magnificent. We might almost be back in the Martian lands in the California mountains. The artificial sky, five thousand meters above, was bright and blue with an image of the sun. It was tall enough to allow us to generate real rain or snow as needed. The tops of the mountains, reaching two thousand meters, had snow cover that fed numerous streams that led to a network of lakes in the lower elevations.

“I can’t wait to take a ride,” remarked Jet.

“Me too,” I agreed.

With Jet and a pair of colts with their partners a ride meant sex and plenty of it. We only had eight humans to go with three stallions and two partners. They would keep us busy. I don’t count our colts partners as human since the paring tends to be sexually more equine even when using the human equipment. Pete and our youngsters have all been fucked by our stallions but the younger ones are probably not prepared for handling so many horses. It is going to be great.

The lodging was just a large open area that could be configured by Faith as needed for sleeping, work or eating. There were the normal walk-through windows all around and several skylights set in the roof.

We used small flyers to get around the interior of the big sphere, most of which was empty space except for nodes that had redundant systems and our emergency escape ships. The main ship control area was just a level below the lodge and could be accessed via three pairs of lift tubes spaced around the floor.

There was no plan to involve Dolphins, Hex or Bees on the mission but they would be monitoring our data feed and giving advice when we were in real space.

I spent the first night onboard with Blaze and his partner Denny. Denny was my grandson and Blaze was a stallion sired by Midnight and a pure white mare, Cotton. Blaze was black with a white blaze on his face, hence the name. He also had a stretch of white on each leg above the hoof. Denny was a typical Martian, now fully grown at seven foot ten with a twenty nine inch cock. He is a little lighter than most. His dad was partnered with Ebony and they had one of Jimmy and Gina’s granddaughters as one of their wives to sire him. Blaze has a very nice twenty six inch horse cock.

As is usual when I’m with a horse and his partner, I had a cock in both ends all night. It is pretty hard to tell which partner is running which body. I took several loads from each cock in each opening and shot plenty myself. When I woke in the morning I was in a sixty-nine with Denny’s body and had Blaze’s cock up my gut. But I thought as we started our morning round that Blaze was running Denny and visa versa.

After a nice mutual orgasm we decoupled.

“You’re a great fuck. Jet is lucky to have you,” Denny said but it was clear it was Blaze speaking. “We have a nice boyfriend but I haven’t yet convinced him to be our wife.”

“He’ll come around soon,” Denny said through Blaze. “He loves your fucking him and his cute Thai pet is a hound for either cock too.

“If you show him a good time like you did me,” I said, “I don’t see how he could resist. Invite me too the wedding.”

Horse, Martian weddings are the next best thing to rodeos. They are a little rough for friends of the bride that might not have experienced equine sex before.

The following morning both ships accelerated to half light speed and entered hyperspace to start our journeys. Each had its own hyperspace bubble and all we or they could see was a bright dot dead ahead and the rest of the area around us was the deepest black. Our destinations were different but, even had they been the same, we would have been alone in hyperspace. We had two weeks before we were scheduled to drop into normal space.

There was nothing for the human and equine crew to do. A, now independent, sub personality of Faith was running everything. We had hundreds of square kilometers of beautiful mountains and valleys to explore so we decided to take a ride.

I took Pete with me on Jet. Our third colt was Shadow with his partner, Trace. Shadow and Trace were both four years old so Trace was not fully grown yet, just six eight with an eighteen inch cock. Shadow was fully grown and had twenty five. Trace would be bigger than his partner in a couple years.

To round out the party we took Mary Tran and her pet Jen. They were on board to monitor the new ecology of the living quarters. It would need adjustment until it reached stability. They have sensors all over to help but they said there is no substitute for getting out and feeling the environment. Mary is just shy of four, so only about six four with the mixed heritage of all current generation Martians with a touch extra Asian in the mix. Jen was originally an Earth girl from Thailand. She has been enhanced to her full Martian height of seven ten. Jen rode with Denny and Mary with Trace.

We started off at a comfortable gallop. The enhanced horses had no trouble carrying two Martians and our packs. I was riding with Pete pushed up my gut while my unneeded plug dangled down Jet’s flank. Denny had his cock up Jen’s ass as they rode while Mary was turned toward Trace who had his eighteen inches in her cunt.

I was pretty sure that Blaze and Shadow were running the boys’ bodies while they handled the horses. The colts always took the lead sexually though their partners were getting the sensations from their sex as the horses’ cocks were hard and dripping as they galloped over the rising terrain. The guys were combining sexy talk while pointing out interesting things around us as we rode. I don’t think either girl realized they were talking to and being very expertly seduced by the stallions they thought they were riding. Well, they were riding them, just not how they imagined.

After a couple hours we reached a small lake in a vale about eight hundred meters above the valley floor. We dismounted for our lunch break.

The girls were still coupled with their riding partner. They both looked a little dazed, unusual for a Martian that would be used to lots of sex. As a Martian-pet pair they would have experienced what the other was feeling so it was like being fucked in ass and cunt simultaneously for both of them but that would not be unusual. It was the stallions controlling the cocks that made it special.

“I think you had fun on the ride up, Mary,” Shadow said through Trace. “I know I did. I can’t wait to fuck you with my own cock.”

“You’ll love it,” agreed Trace from the speaker wrapped about the horse’s neck. “It isn’t as long as a full Martian but when these muscles start plowing it through your gut there is nothing like it. I shot a few good loads from your action on the trip up but Shadow’s big balls have plenty left.”

“I knew you two were connected like Jen and I,” Mary said with obvious amazement. “But I had no idea that you horses were the ones fucking us. You were really good, even for Martians. We certainly wouldn’t mind finding out what else you can offer.”

“But we thought enhanced horses only had the intelligence of ten-year-olds,” added Jen. “I certainly couldn’t tell.”

“That is true for tasks like math and science,” Trace agreed, still speaking through Blaze. “But he has full access to my brain as I do to his. And his social skills with humans and horses are a match for any of us. And out in the wild his horse senses makes him a match for any of my Indian brothers.” He sniffed the air. “I can smell that the grass here is very tasty.”

Trace bent Blaze’s neck and ripped off a clump with his teeth and started chewing. Blaze licked Trace’s lips, tasting the grass in his own mouth and switched back into his own body to continue the meal.

“I guess it is human food for me,” Trace said back in his normal body. “The grass is good but this body can’t handle it.”

“I brought our bows,” Pete stated. “The lake is teeming with fish. Denny, make a fire.”

The bows were a new design made of a steel and titanium allow only possible with nano manufacturing. It would take about two metric tons of pull to flex it fully. The string was a green fiber based on the indestructible molecule from Hex technology. There was an arrow rest on the side of the bow. Gloves of the Hex fiber were needed to protect the hands though the shields on the space suits we had implanted should also work.

“These are war bows,” Pete explained. “If, for some reason, Raptors get inside, these should handle them.” He took a red arrow. “Do you see the boulder up on the mountain?”

My suit indicated the one he was referring to. I used the optics to zoom in on it. The data display said it was about five klicks away and about six hundred meters above us.

Pete pulled the bow and loosed the arrow. It was supersonic before it left the bow. There was a burst of fire from the rear as it sped on its way. It hit the boulder and there was the flash of an explosion. Fifteen seconds later we heard the sound. The boulder had disappeared.

“These are rocket boosted and guided. The suit does the targeting. I could do ten a minute easily.” He pulled out a arrow with a green shaft. “These are the normal arrows, unguided and non explosive. Do you see the tree with the knot in the trunk across the valley?”

My suit indicated it for me. It was a trunk about two feet thick, standing alone about two kilometers away. I zoomed in on it with the optics and saw the knot. Pete pulled back on the bow and loosed an arrow. It was again supersonic before leaving the bow string but there was no rocket flash in flight. It struck the knot dead center and exited the back of the trunk going a few hundred more meters before plowing into the ground.

He invite me to try. I had practiced my archery over the years but this was a new bow for me with about three times the draw of any I’d used before. I was easily able to handle it though. I pulled it back and checked my target. My suit indicated my aim and I placed the targeting cross over the knot in the trunk right over the hole made by Pete’s arrow. I relaxed and let the arrow fly. It hit about ten centimeters low and to the right and pierced the trunk.

“You nudged it just a touch on your release,” Pete commented. “Work on that.”

Denny and Trace took turns and hit the target. Mary and Jen declined. Shadow tried using Trace’s body but the suit’s optics and targeting system didn’t interface properly when his mind was in Trace’s brain. Faith broke in to say she would fix the software in a couple days.

Trace took a bow to the lake and, though barely drawing the bow, shot half a dozen large lake trout in a few minutes. We had our lunch.

After lunch we all had a swim in the lake. I dived with Jen and Mary along the bottom so they could check out the ecology. The suits provided us air and propulsion as we cruised together.

“I think Trace is interested in a relationship with us. What do you think?” Mary asked.

“I’m certain he is,” I replied. “But their pairing is different from your and Jen. It is Shadow that takes the reins on all things sexual. They want you and Jen as wives to breed sons to pair with Shadow’s future colts. Jet has a second wife Maya that he breeds with me. We produced a son that paired with Shadow’s sire. That is how Shadow and Trace are our grandkids.”

“I’m not sure,” Mary mumbled.

“In my experience if a stallion has an eye on you whether for a quick roll in the hay or a lifetime, they’ll win you over,” I asserted.

“I liked the sex on the trip up but never thought of doing it with an actual horse,” Mary said.

“Let Shadow worry about the details. I’m sure Blaze will take Jen too. That will give you a couple good data points. When you join our herd, even though Shadow will breed you via Trace you can expect to have sex with all of us, horse and human.”

“Faith is for it,” Mary added. “But I want to speak to my family A.I.”

“What one A.I. knows, they all know. Did your A.I. suggest you join this trip?”

“Yes. Why?”

“There is your answer,” I asserted. “You were set up with a little A.I. matchmaking.”

Mary was silent after that while we swam back and joined the others.

My two husbands were waiting for me when we stepped out of the lake. I was looking forward to them double fucking me. Just a few meters from our lunch site were several grassy mounds perfect for the afternoon action. While the environment looked pristine and natural, it had been designed with our needs in mind. This was one of several areas set up to make horse-human sex comfortable.

Pete lay on his back on the mound and I popped out my plug and straddled his hips, sitting down until I had him fully up my gut. Pete is seven eleven with twenty nine inches. I lay on his torso with my twenty seven inches pressed between our bodies and my legs spit to let his thick thighs rest between mine.

On an adjacent mound Trace had his eighteen inches in Mary’s cunt as she lay on top of him. A little further on Denny had Jen in a similar position as Jet, Shadow and Blaze waited to join the action.

Jet moved over Pete and I. The mounds were, of course, just the perfect width and height to let them walk above them. I felt the tip of Jet’s horse cock nudge my hole above where Pete entered me. He pressed the flesh with more force and I yielded to the pressure as the tip slipped in. I gasped as a quick thrust shoved in the next eight inches. I’m used to their double fucks by now but the overstuffed feeling is still exciting. Jet started bucking into me as he inserted the rest of his length. Now that Pete is fully grown he is a few inches longer than Jet but not as thick.

When Jet is hard his cock is a little stronger and firmer than even a Martian cock so, when they are in me together, the horse cock is the dominant one. That is quite exciting for Pete as ordinarily a Martian alpha male is not used to being dominated sexually. It is sort of a perverse fun situation for Pete and I love have my two studs dueling inside me.

I had my first orgasm as Jet plugged me fully and that triggered both of my lovers to seed my gut. Pete then started sliding me along his body, lubricated by my spewed sperm. The twelve inch strokes allowed his cock head to slide past Jet’s inside me. I could feel my gut bulge as the two broad tips competed in the tight grip of my insides as they went by each other. I had my second orgasm. There were many more but I was beyond counting. It was enough to just experience the pleasure of my stud and stallion.

WhenI became aware again I was sitting on Pete’s lap. He was sitting on the mound still up my gut. Jet’s head was over my right shoulder and he was licking my face with his rough tongue to bring me around.

I looked around. Blaze and Shadow were munching on some grass. Denny was putting the fire out. Trace was with Jen and Mary who were recovering on the grass. Both had been thoroughly fucked. They were leaking from cunt and ass and had each taken a good load in their mouths. There was a lot of leakage. A pretty normal scene for a Martian after a good afternoon. I was covered in cum myself.

Trace was talking to Mary as she was trying to process what had just happened to her. I realized that Shadow was running Trace’s body so Trace was in Shadow, enjoying the grass and listening to his partner woo their future wife.

I didn’t bother trying to overhear them but it was obvious that both women were awed by their first horse experience. Mary kept stealing glances at Shadow’s horse cock that still was partly hard and still coated in some of the cum that it had shot inside her. It was a lot to process. The young man talking to her was actually the one normally in that stallion body while the owner of that body was calmly grazing the sweet grass and would carry them home while she was fucked again. I knew we would be holding the wedding soon, assuming nothing goes wrong with the Raptors.

Our tour on board was two weeks. By the end Mary, Jen, Trace and Shadow were inseparable. Jet and I were proud grandparents watching Shadow in action becoming a real stallion.

At the end of the two weeks we dropped into normal space in a void between stars. We extruded a box about ten meters on a side. The other extrusion of the box was on Mars. We hoisted the new crew from the box and filled them in while Faith reintegrated with her main personality and got updates on the mission. Then we were lowered into the box and hoisted out on Mars. We would have another rotation on board in three months.

Several weeks later we got the report from our probes that the moon of the target planet had a thriving biosphere but no intelligent life nor was there any in systems that were nearby that we could detect. That meant we could proceed with our mission with no modifications. At the next crew rotation that was relayed to our ships that were still en route.

At our shipyards we were working on several straight up warship designs based on our best technology. They would carry an A.I. and possibly a small crew. We figured they could handle odds of a hundred to one as long as we could keep the Raptors from adapting to them. We started production and training off a terraformed but unpopulated word about twenty lightyears from Mars.

After our second rotation we had a couple month until the decoy operation kicked off. Jet decided to join some of his young colts and their partners on a vacation on Earth. I would go along.

We owned a dude ranch in the mountains of Northern Arizona outside Flagstaff. We had a staff from one of the local Indian tribes, a stable of regular horses and a large luxurious guest house that was also home to the staff.

We would normally have some of our two to three year olds, colts and partners, even some from other herds at the ranch. At that age their partners could pass as normal, though muscular and hung, Earthlings and the colts as large, but normal, stallions. The staff knew the truth and were eager participants.

This was Earth years after the Martian Protectorate so the guests expected that a vacation was really an opportunity for new and exciting sex in a unique location. Word gets around and there was a huge waiting list. We invited those we wanted to know better.

Jet and I would only spend ten days. We had four colts and their partners with us. They would be there two months. The two dozen guests are normally on a Saturday to Saturday schedule. By their departure they will be well fucked.

The colts were Bandit, Licorice, Domino and Eclipse. All were two to two and a half. Their partners were, respectively, Han, Gene, Hank and Vin. Only Han was my and Maya’s child as Bandit was sired by Jet. Others were grandchildren and for Vin, great grandchild. All were raised in the Standing Bear clan. The bonding takes place at each stallions yearling party though they are together from birth.

I remember watching Bandit, fresh from the womb as he struggled to stand and take his first steps. He was with us a week later when Han was born, a miniature muscle stud only eighteen inches tall. Han had seen Bandit’s birth through Maya’s eyes. It takes a day or two for a newborn super-kid to get control of their muscles and walk and talk. They get their first implants, a painless nano surgery at six months. They can then dispense with the strap-on shield bands and have full space suit capabilities. It also enabled Bandit to express himself in English. But, by then, the pair were already inseparable and had no trouble understanding each other instinctively.

We arrived after the previous week’s guests had left and before the new arrivals. The normal complement is twenty four, eighteen boys and six girls, aged eighteen to twenty two. Since we brought four there would only be twenty. There are four rooms, each with a single huge bed that can easily handle a dozen. Each room berths one of the four staff members that serve as guides and teachers. They are all young men in their mid twenties from the Paiute tribe. Of course, no Earthling looks older than twenty now even if past a hundred.

We were greeted by the staff when we arrived. As the owner, Jet has a special suite separate from the main house. Our colts had special rooms in the barn that housed thirty eight normal horses and their partners would mix with the guests, one to each room. Until the guests were comfortable having sex directly with a horse, the stallions would be controlling most of the action via their partners. Until we broke the guests in I would be providing most of the sex for Jet and our four young stallions. A couple of the local mares were fertile and that would help but our enhanced horses can’t breed the normal mares. The staff would help out too when they get a break from the guests. I wouldn’t mingle with the guests until later in the week as my size marks me as a Martian.

Since we owned the ranch, Faith was running everything. When the other guests arrived Jet and I watched the video feed as the twenty flyers touched down outside within seconds of each other and the guests stepped out. Each carried a small bag of personal items as everything is provided. All wore the ranch outfit of blue denim jeans, a long sleeve denim shirt, a denim jacket and soft leather boots. The shirts and jackets had their names stitched on them in white thread.

The staff and our boys were similarly attired. The staff shirts and jackets had the ranch logo on them in addition to their names. Our boys, in order to fit in, were wearing actual garments instead of the usual projections. They fit each like a second skin. While a few of the guests displayed nice bulges in their pants, eight to ten inches, our boys equipment was easy to see at around twelve to fifteen inches and I knew they were still soft, unlike the guests.

They were ushered inside and given their room assignments. They would have a couple hours to get acquainted and then a short ride before dinner. We stopped the feed.

Bandit was at our door and we let him in. As expected it was Han running the horse body as Bandit handled the sex in the ranch house.

“Son, what brings you here?” Jet neighed in horse. I could understand most of their lingo.

“Bandit has already got me hard from the action he’s starting with the Earthlings,” Han explained in English. “I was hoping I could fuck Mom while Dad fucks me.”

Bandit would not take a cock up his ass, especially from another horse, even his Dad, but Han had no such hangups. Bandit would feel the action just as Han felt what he was doing but he had no issues with anal when in the human body.

“Sure son. Faith raise the bed for Vince.”

A padded platform rose from the floor and I lay my back on it and removed my plug. Han wasted no time stepping above me and I felt his already leaking pole at my entrance. He bucked to embed the first eight inches.

Jet reared up and put his forelegs on Han-Bandit’s back. When he shoved in I got anther six inches of our son’s horse cock. Jet’s fuck motion controlled the action. I soon had all of him in my gut as he had all of Jet. It was a wild fuck. We came three times and then decoupled. I had Bandit’s seed running out until I replaced my plug. Jet had overfilled the horse’s ass too.

“That was fun,” Han stated. “I triggered Bandit too when I shot but his partners probably thought it was from him fucking them.”

He licked up the cum that leaked from my hole and fed it to me on his tongue. Jet did the same, feeding our son the cum leaking from his hole and then sharing some with me.

“The action in the house is pretty good,” Han remarked. “Faith, can you put my visual feed on the screen.”

We saw the view from Han’s eyes on the ten foot screen on the far wall. He was fucking one of the male guests with foot-long strokes. The guy was on his back with his ankles on Han’s shoulders. He had a nine inch hard cock laying on his defined abdominals and had already shot a big load over his neck and chest. He was definitely enjoying the action.

“I don’t want to intrude on Bandit,” I said.

“It’s OK,” Han stated. We really are one mind now in two bodies. He knows I have let you watch and agrees. We want to show off a little for Dad to let you see we can be real stallions too. Mom, better take this.”

Han moved over me and feed me six inches of cock. He quickly flooded my mouth with his juices. When he pulled back I saw that Bandit had decoupled from his last conquest. He scanned the room. One stud was fucking the lone female guest in the room. Bandit just pulled him off. The ten inch cock slipped from the girl’s cunt.

“I’m the top male in this room,” Bandit stated truthfully. “When I’m done with him, I’ll show you what sex with a real stallion is like.”

The feed was ended.

“I’m letting Han deal with this guy,” Bandit said, now back in his own body. He has ten inches and thought that a big deal. Han will show him that it is nothing compared to his fifteen. Then I’ll take the girl. I can’t wait to show them what we can do in my horse body.”

“What are your plans?” Jet asked.

“We have forty five minutes before the ride starts. I’ll get with the others and set our plan. Han will ride me bareback initially but we’ll use a bridle without a bit to make it look normal. They have a break after about an hour riding and naturally everyone will have sex. Once they get started we’ll join in, first with our partners and, once the ice is broken, the more adventurous will join. By tomorrow evening I bet we’ll have done everybody.”

I would not bet against him. He trotted off to make plans with the other stallions. I figured we would join the group on Monday.

After the trip and the good sex this afternoon, Jet wanted some exercise so he took me for a ride in the mountain forest. We have a private spot and we’d be well away from where the guests would rest. I loved feeling Jet’s powerful muscles move under my body as he ran full tilt through the terrain. After an hour we arrived at our destination and I dismounted while Jet walked to cool down. His spacesuit had removed the sweat and kept his body temperature stable while he was exerting himself so he just needed a few minutes to slow his heart rate to normal.

While I lay in the grass, Jet cropped off some of the nearby blades and munched.

“Let’s check in on the youngsters,” Jet suggested.

A thought to Faith and she projected the scene over our visual field. Initially we had a view from above of the twenty four guests riding their horses, mostly in line, with a staff member riding at the front and rear. Our boys were riding bareback but the others had saddles. Our stallions were larger than the normal horses but at two not fully grown. The riders had jeans except for our boys. They had switched to breechcloths. It was cool in the mountains but their spacesuits would keep them comfortable. The Earthlings wore a shield band around their wrist but it had no environmental functions except in emergencies. Our guys wore a phony band so as not to stand out but our suits are implanted.

Jet was controlling the view and he moved in closer. We moved in on Domino and Hank. Domino is easy to identify by the white spots on his flank that gives him his name. They had pulled abreast of another male rider who was staring at Hank’s massive muscles and sixteen inch hard cock that had pushed the leather cloth aside.

“Remember when that cock was inside you, Greg,” Hank said.

He had obviously fucked him in the earlier session. Greg gulped so he did.

“I’m pretty big,” Hank stated. “ But not as big as my stallion here. His name is Domino. When I feel his muscles moving beneath my crotch it makes me hard. I think Domino is hard too. Have you ever imagined getting fucked by a horse?”

Greg glance at the horse. Since Domino was about eighteen inches taller that his mount he probably had a good view of Domino’s twenty-six inches. He didn’t realize that Domino was speaking to him as Hank occupied the equine body but it was clear to us.

“A horse fuck me?” Greg was incredulous. “What makes you think it is even interested?”

“I’m pretty good with horses,” Domino said via Hank. “When we stop I’ll go first and if it looks hot to you, you can take a turn. If you thought I shot a lot in your ass, you’ll be amazed by how much a horse can seed you.”

“You’ve done this before? Greg asked.

“Yeah, you’ll love it,” Domino assured him. “Domino here is a big stallion but I think he’ll be gentle with us.”

They had reached the point where they would take a break. It was a mountain meadow with a stream flowing through it. Everyone dismounted. They started to discard their clothes as they would have sex on their rest period. Han as Bandit told the normal horses to enjoy the grass but stay close.

Hank went to a bag and pulled out a couple carrots that he fed to Domino. We knew that the boys had switched bodies again, so Hank was Hank. He went up to a large rock next to a tree and stepped up on the rock, leaning his head on the tree trunk. He flipped up the back flap of his breechcloth and wiggled his ass.

“Here Domino,” he called.

Domino walked up behind and sniffed the offered ass. He then reared up on his hind legs with his forelegs on the trunk above Hank’s head. He was lined up perfectly. A thrust of his hips and Hank had the first seven inches inside. Domino started his fuck motion as Hank moaned more than normal so Greg could know how good it felt. In a few minutes Hank had taken all twenty-six inches and Domino was pounding him with eighteen inch strokes.

“This is great Greg,” Hank stated. “You have got to try it. Domino is a real stud.”

“It does lot hot,” Greg admitted.

“I’m going to cum,” moaned Hank.

He did, hands free and you could see Domino was cumming too. In a short while horse sperm was spurting out Hank’s ass as Domino fed him a massive load. Hank’s cum had coated his face, chest and the trunk of the tree.

When he stopped cumming, Domino backed out of Hank and returned to a four footed stance. Hank sat on the rock he was standing on. Domino licked the cum off Hank’s chest and fed it to him with his tongue.

“That was hot,” Greg said.

“It was,” Hank agreed. “Feeling a stallion as powerful as Domino inside you is something you will never forget. And you have never experienced anything like it when he cums inside you. Do you want to try?”

“I don’t know,” Greg said uncertainly.

“Do you want to fuck Greg, Domino?” Hank asked the horse, ribbing it’s head with the palm of his hand.

Domino gave a sharp whinny and looked at Greg with his big black eyes as if asking him to agree.

“OK, I’ll try it,” Greg agreed. “What do I do?”

“First get a couple carrots and come over and give them to Domino,” Hank directed. “Then talk to him like you would to a new stud you met who you want to fuck you. He can understand you better than you think.”

Greg got the carrots and started to hand feed them to Domino.

“Will you fuck me like you did Hank,” Greg asked. I want to feel your big cock in me. Make me your mare.”

Domino whinnied and shook his head in agreement.

“That’s good,” Hank assured him. “I think he’ll do it. Get in position like I was.”

Greg did. The boys had seduced the unsuspecting Greg.

Domino stepped behind him and soon was in position.

“It feels huge,” Greg stated. “I never had a cock this big. Your sixteen inches was great but I’m not sure about this.”

Domino didn’t give him a chance for more second thoughts. He pushed in eight inches and started a slow fuck stroke. Except for the extra thickness it would feel pretty normal to Greg. It was obvious he was enjoying it. Domino slowly added more inches.

A couple of other guys and a girl came over to watch. By this time Bandit, Licorice and Eclipse were in action with their first conquests and had their own small crowds though a few were still in action with each other.

“This is really good,” Greg admitted. “How much is in me?”

“You have about twelve inches and you’re getting six inch strokes,” Hank replied. “Domino knows to be gentle while he opens you up. Wait until he shows you his full stallion strength.”

At sixteen inches, Greg had his first orgasm, hands free. Domino took the opportunity while he was dazed to feed him the last ten inches. Greg was sweating heavily even though the air was cool. Domino had stopped his thrusting to let Greg come to terms with being fully impaled on his horse cock. I could see Greg try to adjust his ass position but he realized that the flesh inside him had him effectively immobilized. Domino resumed his slow thrusting.

“That looks hot,” one of the boys watching said. “I wonder if I can try when he’s done?”

Domino turned his head to look at the boy and nodded yes and gave a whinny.

“It looks like you’re next,” Hank stated. Hank’s cock was hard because he was feeling everything Domino felt as he plugged Greg’s ass.

Domino turned up the action with long rapid thrusts. Greg had another orgasm. A few more minutes of fucking and Greg was holding the tree for dear life. A final thrust and Domino unloads as Greg shoots again. Finally Domino pulls back. Greg sinks to his knees on the rock still using the tree trunk to support his upper body. Huge gobs of horse cum leak from his ass hole that still gapes open, trying to recover from being stretched and abused way beyond what it was used to.

Domino nuzzled his head against the recovering boy. Greg turns his head and looks up into one of Domino’s big black eyes. His face shows that he recognizes Domino as his sexual superior. Domino licks his face and pushes the tip of his tongue into Greg’s mouth. Greg lets himself be orally dominated by the horse that just fucked him. Greg knows without words that Domino plans on fucking him again.

Domino fucked the other two boys and then Hank and Domino doubled the girl with Hank in her cunt as Domino did her up the ass.

We stopped our video feed and headed back to the ranch. By tomorrow we should be full participants in the fun. It was as good as we expected.

Part 2

Now it was time to start our mission. Our decoy ship had dropped to normal space in the interstellar void a day’s hyperspace jump from our destination. We had extruded our box and just been hoisted out with the rest of the operational crew. The final transit crew was lowered into the box and hoisted out on Mars. We then collapsed the box and jumped to hyperspace.

We had considered a second A.I. Since Faith was not a natural fighter but she insisted she could do the job. We are not planning on injuring any of the Raptors unless things go wrong but you never can tell.

We had a dozen of the Standing Bear clan, headed by Pete to operate backup system in manual if there were a problem. Two dozen Imperial Police were on board for internal security and to operate weapons locally if there were a failure. We had six stallions and their partners besides Jet and I for security on the living level.

As a final redundancy Faith operated from five widely spaced nodes and we could lose two with no loss of capability. In real space we had links to the entire A.I. network. Because we had completely compromised the Raptor computers we would have real time information on everything they did.

We knew that the system we were approaching had one major warship, a sphere about five kilometers in diameter and three escorting ships, each a little over one kilometer in diameter. Our sphere of over fifty kilometers would certainly gain their attention but the Raptors would not hesitate to attack us.

We dropped into normal space about a light hour from where we expected them to be. They would instantly detect our hyperspace exit but they would have to wait for our light to reach them before knowing our location. But once in normal space we got the update on their position via their computer data. They were fifty two light minutes inward from us.

Jet and I were monitoring from the main control station just a level under the living quarters. It was a circular room about fifty meters in diameter and twenty meters high. The wall was a huge video display and there were a number of tables that were also video displays. Most were watching the big tactical display in what was nominally the front of the room. A nearby table had a ship diagram. Everything was indicating green for full function.

The Raptor ships were moving randomly. When they detected our hyper wave exit they knew there was an intruder in the system and they were not expecting one of their own. They had not enough time to see us but we could see them. There is no point in using a laser since they would have moved before the beam could reach them.

They detected us almost as soon as our light reached them and started to accelerate toward us. We would not react until the light from their ships had time to get back to us. The smaller ships started to separate to envelop us. They were soon at half light speed.

The big ship fired several laser beams toward us. They would hit if we did not change our motion but we wanted to get hit. The lasers hit our hull ripping great gaps in the superstructure but were absorbed by the shield on our true hull. We accelerated away from the approaching ships, firing lasers back at them from across our surface. Our beams were dialed back to be less powerful than theirs and their shields could handle it. Meanwhile their lasers were doing damage to our exterior and we were spewing gear and venting the phony methane atmosphere into space. But our actual ship was intact.

Our shields absorb any energy that impacts them from intense radiation to kinetic and dumps it into a cold dead universe. Their shields do the same but rely on an internal sphere of ice to take the energy. The ice first melts then the water heats up and eventually turns to steam that is vented. When that is gone the shield fails. The bigger ships can carry more ice and absorb more energy. But our system is essential unlimited, even in our personal spacesuits.

The smaller ships were now even with us and only a few light seconds away. We were exchanging laser fire with all the ships and they we were deeply scared on the surface. It was time to leave. We moved toward one of the small ships concentrating fire on it. We knew that at this rate it’s shield would fail in a few minutes. They did too and started to accelerate away toward the big sphere, opening a gap that we moved through.

We jumped to hyperspace. We know they can track us in hyperspace if they are near our jump point and they were. We headed to a system in the direction of our decoy system. It would be three days until arrival. So far everything is according to plan.

The sex on the trip was especially wild. I think it was Churchill on Earth that said there is nothing quite as exhilarating as being shot at without effect. It was true.

We dropped into our second system and rejoined our second ship. Just under twenty minutes later, the big Raptor ship and two of the smaller ones joined us. Our data feed told us they had left the one we roughed up behind to rebuild its shield and collect the debris we had spread in our wake.

This time both of our ships poured laser fire into the Raptor vessels as we accelerated away but we both sustained some damage. We both jumped to hyperspace. It was five days to the next system.

We dropped in within a few seconds of each other near a group of asteroids that had obviously been mined for resources. The phony mining operation was set up by our second ship before we rendezvoused. It would yield more decoy information but no technology.

Our pursuers entered just over twenty minutes later about ten light minutes from us. We immediately fled and jumped to hyperspace. We had confirmed that we had almost twenty minutes to make our escape.

Three days later we dropped into the system of a dying star surrounded by a dense planetary nebula. We immediately entered the nebula cloud. We then extruded a box big enough for both our ships and flew inside. We were hauled out near Mars and the boxes collapsed. It took less than ten minutes.

The data feed showed that our pursuers searched for us and entered the nebula but found nothing. One of the small ships made a short hyperspace jump to a spot about a light hour above the system plane. They saw our entry into the system and that we had moved into the nebula but no indication of what we had done inside as the cloud blocked their view. They could detect no hyperspace trail from the system. There was none. We had disappeared cleanly.

The next day both crews assembled in the control room of our first ship and we received a congratulatory call from Empress May that Faith displayed on the big video screen.

The ships went to be repaired and we went home to our compound on Mars.

The Raptors immediately redirected their attention in the direction we hoped to lead them. They were no longer sending probes in our direction. It took them almost a year to decode the computers they had captured. We had thought it would take only a week or two. But, finally, they identified the target star and the information about our supposed methane based civilization.

They began sending probes to gather information. Since we compromised their computers, all their probes disappeared without sending back anything.

While the Raptors were considering their next move we had a big event on Mars. It was a rodeo of most of the herd to celebrate the marriages of a couple dozen of our now three year old colts and their partners. Bandit, Licorice, Domino and Eclipse were among the grooms. Greg, that we saw Domino seduce at the ranch was to be one of his and Hank’s wives. It was typical to start with one male and one female wife. Domino’s female was Tina that they had met at the ranch later in their stay. Her skin was almost as black as his hair. At three years Hank was just over seven feet. Their wives had been enhanced to their full Martian height, seven ten for Greg and seven nine for Tina, and their genes edited so they could be fertile with Martians.

It is always a little awkward when the future wives introduce their prospective husbands to their families. Many try to pretend that their son or daughter is really marrying the humanoid partner but, after they have sex with their soon to be sons-in-laws, they understand that the stallion is the lead male.

The rodeo is held in the thick Tharsis forests that surround the huge dormant volcanoes and spread up their lower slopes. Numerous streams flow down from the snowpack high up the slopes but the tops are bare as the peaks extend almost out of the atmosphere.

The ceremony would be in a clearing by a lake fed by a hundred meter waterfall off Mount Olympus. We had tents for the Earthling guests though the herd and our Martian guests would sleep under the stars. A rodeo is always a sexual marathon but the addition of the weddings makes it extra special. Jet cautioned his stallions to go easy on the Earthlings that were not used to their power.

The first evening after the ceremony I met Greg’s younger brother, Paul. He was sixteen and reminded me of my brother, Paul, when he was that age. He had had sex with Domino and Hank when they visited his home on Earth and he met some of Dominos’ brothers on Mars. He clearly envied his big brother and was hoping a stallion might be interested in him.

I figured he’d be a good wife so I introduced him to one of Midnight’s new yearlings, Ink. Ink had just paired with his partner, Jack. Jack was four eight with about ten inches while Ink was about five feet to his back and had about a foot between his hind legs.

Paul was bigger than the two young Martian males but they were way stronger and more sexually experienced even at their young age. They considered Paul their personal sex toy for the rodeo. They had him riding Ink holding on to Paul as they galloped off for a private romp with their Earth boy. I figured when they turned three we would have another wedding.

While we had the Raptors looking in the wrong direction, Empress May decided we need to evaluate a few prisoners. We needed to know how they think to determine if there were a way of living with them. Was there an alternative to a war that would exterminate them or us?

We had our A.I.s evaluate the data looking for a target. They found a system at the edge of Raptor space almost opposite from our decoy system. The only habitableplanet was home to an intelligent race of herbivores that traveled in vast herds. They were not technological but practiced agriculture and had primitive tools. Using their numbers and intelligence they had eliminated the large predators on their world.

Then the Raptors found them. They were delicious. They demanded a culling of the herds at intervals that were about five Earth months. While they had previously limited their breeding to avoid outstripping the food supply they have been required to breed furiously to overcome the losses to the Raptors.

There was only a small contingent of Raptors on the planet, about sixty. They managed the transport of the culled individuals. At the appropriate time a single large transport would set down and load the tribute that would soon be food for the Raptor masses.

The natives were four footed and looked somewhat similar and about the size of our enhanced horses. Their heads were not as elongated and there were two tentacles on each side of the mouth that aided food handling and let them hold the local equivalent of wood branches that they shaped with sharp front teeth much like Earth beavers. Their tools were mostly handled by mouth though they did have some they could drag behind them using makeshift harnesses.

The plan was simple. We would build a replica of their transport to land the invasion team. Using our control over their computer systems we would divert the actual transport elsewhere and reassign all those with knowledge of the planet far away from it. We would then erase all mention of it from their systems and star charts.

The key would be to overwhelm the garrison, capturing as many as possible. We can block any outgoing communication and disable any space going vessels via their computers. Raptors are egg layer and the young are raised communally so they have no family or friends that might miss them. The Raptors would fight until they died. We would need to disable and subdue them while trying to not kill them or be killed by them.

We had two months to get ready. That was plenty of time to build our replica ship and train our force. We sent a automated probe ahead to open a box and extract our ship when we were ready to leave. We would not return to Mars. An empty terraformed world was set up as a holding and interrogation area.

We would be taking a dozen horses and their partners to deal with the natives. Jet would be leading the horses and I would be along too. We had their language and our suits could handle the translation.

There was an issue of what to call the natives. They looked somewhat like horses but Jet objected to any name resembling that so we settled on Rovers, an approximation of what their name for themselves means.

The strike force that would assault the Raptor base complex was one hundred Imperial Police, headed by their chief, Mark Grey Eagle. Empress May would personally lead the assault but she would not join us until after the final hyperspace jump to avoid being out of contact with her duties in the Sol System and elsewhere. A replica of the Raptor base was constructed on Mars and we boosted the gravity in the area to match the target world that was slightly smaller than Earth.

While our horses were not expected to take on Raptors directly we would carry bows for protection. They could pierce the body armor the Raptors wore but we would need a well placed shot to take one down. We had the red arrows for emergencies.

It was soon enough time to go. The replica transport was just under ten kilometers in diameter. Our horse contingent had a meadow and forest about five kilometers square on a middle deck. The lower deck had vehicle storage and the upper decks had five space capable flyers mounting a serious X-ray laser and guided rockets. They would deploy out hidden doors once we landed. There was one deck devoted to securing any captives. We hoped to transport them unconscious.

We entered the extruded box just beyond Mars. Our probe removed us from its mate in the void about a day’s hyperspace trip from the Rover planet. We entered hyperspace.

A day later we dropped into normal space. Everyone was in position.

Empress May joined us via a small version of the box that shifted our transport. She was displaying a skimpy red dress and carrying a six foot long sword with a red tassel on the hilt. It was rumored that its blade could slice inch thick steel plate like paper.

We were expected. Faith presented a convincing avatar of a Raptor to go though the expected landing procedures. We were cleared and began our descent. We touched down next to the large fenced containment area for the Rovers we were expected to load. We extended the ramp to the ground.

Empress May raised her sword and yelled, “Follow me.” She ran full speed at the base entrance three hundred meters away. Fifty Imperial Police ran after her. It took ten seconds to reach the entrance. May sliced the startled Raptor at the door in two as she ran by. We were inside.

Next out were vehicles carrying more Imperial Police. They would surround the base and force an entry from the rear. Also deployed were the fliers to keep the Raptors on the ground. We had disabled their communications and the control systems but they had one space capable ship and a number of atmospheric ships that could be piloted manually in an emergency.

We were last out. We went to the gate. I dismounted and opened it. We told them they were free but they would not leave. They feared Raptor reprisals against all of their kind if the tribute was not provided. We told them they would not be bothered by the Raptors after today but they were still reluctant.

Just then a Raptor flyer took off from their base. Two of ours jumped on its tail. They fired their lasers and the Raptor flyer crashed in a field about half a kilometer from the gate in a ball of flame. That convinced them and they trotted out. We sent four horses to go with them until they rejoined the main herd.

Jet and I turned toward the Raptor base. As we turned we saw their spaceship start to ascend. Our flyers were some distance away. I pulled my bow and notched a red arrow. The suit gave me an aiming reticle. I centered it on the ship, exhaled slowly and released the arrow. There was a sharp crack as it went supersonic and a red flare as the rocket boost kicked in. It struck true as the ship passed a thousand meters. There was a small explosion followed by a much bigger one. The pieces rained down.

At the base gate the first prisoners were being hauled out, sedated but still entangled in the nets of Hex fiber. There were five holdouts locked in the base control room. Teams were going room by room looking for any Raptors in hiding.

The control room situation was resolved when May cut a hole on the door with her sword and tossed in an anesthetic grenade. The final count was forty nine prisoners and twelve dead. We had no injuries.

Before we left, Empress May visited the leaders of the local Rovers to explain ourselves and the situation. She rode Jet. The Empress has her own, pure white, Imperial stallion but he did not make this trip. She invited them to join the alliance once the wider situation with the Raptors was resolved. May believes that every intelligent species in our spaces deserve some input on Imperial policy.

May returned to Mars before we entered hyperspace for the short trip into the void. We dropped off our prisoners and returned to Mars. It was good to be home and with my families.

Everyone had lots of questions. What was the Empress like was most popular from the females. Pete congratulated me on bringing down a spaceship. It was not a big deal. The red arrows are boosted and guided. Pete could probably have nailed it with a green arrow.

All the horses on the trip bred with fertile mares to sire new colts. Jet breed two. Mom was so proud of me she offered to let me breed her for a brother/son to partner with one of Jet’s colts. Jet used me to breed Maya for the other.

I brought Mom to my home with Jet and Maya to do the deed. She brought an apple as a gift for Jet. We can get all we need from the synthesizer but we noticed that she had been observing my routine and was showing respect by following it. Jet ate it from her hand.

I lay Mom on the platform that Faith raised. She expected me to mount her but I explained that my husband would go first.

Jet took his time, first rubbing his head against hers, then moving down to lick her firm double D breasts until he was rewarded with a small stream of milk. He licked down her firm supermodel body until his tongue was licking her cunt. Mom was already wet. He pushed inside to taste her juices. After a few more minutes of horseplay Jet backed off and walked forward straddling the platform until his still pole pressed her vagina. Mom lifted her legs and split them wide to grip the flanks of the powerful stallion above her. Jet thrust in several inches.

Mom is used to big cocks in all her openings but Jet was her first horse. He is thicker than Matt or Pete and he handles it differently. Call it animalistic because it is. Though Jet is intelligent and gentle in sex there is always that wild aspect that comes out. But I could see Mom liked it. She had a quick orgasm, then another and another. When Jet was fully inside her and thrusting hard and long her whole body was shaking with the intense pleasure. Then Jet flooded her with horse sperm. Mom passed out. I hadn’t seen her do that since her first experience with Sam.

Jet pulled back. Mom was leaking his seed. I climbed up on the platform and mounted her. My cock plugged the hole and stopped the flow. My member was bathed in the cum Jet had flooded her with. I just held it inside waiting for Mom to recover.

Jet moved beside her and licked her face. She opened her eyes, looked at me above her and turned to Jet.

“Jet, that was incredible,” she said sincerely. “I know now why my son loves you so. I’m certain my new son will be happy with your colt.”

“Thank you, Rosa,” Jet replied. “With two of your sons in my herd you must visit more often. All my young stallions will want to meet you.”

As we all understood, when a Martian says ‘meet’ it means have sex with.

But now it was my turn. I’ve had sex with Mom regularly since we first brought Paul and Jimmy home the weekend after our pickup trouble but this was the first time we would make a baby. With our bodies enhanced and both our genomes edited to remove any undesirable variants and a few billion years of junk, there was no downside to a little incest. It is common in Martian families but it is my first time with Mom.

I started a slow stroke of about eighteen inches. My withdrawn shaft would be coated with Jet’s cum. As I moved Mom gradually adapted to my thinner cock and she tightened up which enhanced the friction. As I continued Jet moved behind me and entered my ass. Soon he was controlling my movements.

Mom looked past me into Jet’s big black eyes. She knew the big stallion was using me to fuck her. She liked it. I did too. I’m more of a bottom anyway. Jet is the male in our family.

We fucked for another hour. Jet pumped three of my loads into Mom before flooding my ass and seeding Mom with a fourth load. Mom was delirious for the last forty minutes.

Jet pulled out of me and I collapsed on top of Mom. I was totally spent. Jet licked up some of the sperm leaking from Mom around my still buried but soft cock and shared it with us, pushing his tongue between our lips. Even after four of my loads there was still a lot of his taste to the mixture. But Mom would be able to pick the sperm she wanted to get the boy child we needed.

We had the Hex quadruple, Greeter, examine four sedated Raptors. The Raptors were in a version of our spacesuits so we could immerse them deep underwater where the Hex operate. Greeter said it was an uncomfortable experience but it learned a lot.

We had a council meeting to get their findings.

Raptors have a hierarchical society. Their area is led by the equivalent of an Emperor. The unwritten lore says that if you challenge and defeat the Emperor you become the new Emperor. But to earn the right to challenge you must be either the Crown Prince or defeat an Imperial army.

Empress May began, getting right to the point.

“I want to fight their Emperor. How do we make that happen?”

“I saw you in action,” Mark Eagle Claw said, “but are you sure you can beat him? You won’t be able to use your shield. If the records we see are right only wearable body armor and traditional weapons are permitted. Your sword would be OK.”

“There is no guarantee,” May admitted. “But I like the option of Emperor versus Empress instead of a battle of civilizations.

Greeter of the Hex flashed colors and we got the translation. “We support the Empress. We calculate the chance of success this way as greater than those of war. In a war we see early success but the outcome is uncertain and even what might be called victory is undesirable.”

The reasoning resonated among the council and clearly reflected the Empress’ thinking.

“So, we are agreed,” May stated. “How do we arrange it? First, we need to defeat an army.”

“The idea of the decoy operation was always to direct the Raptor toward attacking that system,” the Police Chief observed. “We can give them a target that requires their maximum effort and use our control over their computer systems to strand them there. But even if we draw most of their force away their capital system is well defended by a fleet of over a hundred of their best warships and orbital defense stations.”

Matt spoke up. “We have been building warships with our excess capacity since we identified the Raptor threat. They are mostly A.I. controlled or require a crew of only a few. We put our best technology into the weapons and defense and each would be more than a match for even the largest Raptor warship. Right now we could field over a thousand. We could double that in six months, triple if we add extra capacity.”

“Mengzi,” Empress May addressed the A.I., “How do you analyze the situation?”

“First,” Mengzi began, “it will take about an Earth year for the Raptors to react to the situation and assemble a force for an major assault on our decoy planet. They are limited to hyperspace communication. Since we embedded our communicators in their systems, we actually know more about where their forces are located than they do.

“Second, we should be ready to enter their capital system as soon as the decoy trap is executed. They would not know of it by then so our ability to use their systems against them would not be compromised. The defeat of the capital system defenses should be sufficient to back your claim to individual combat.

“Third, the fleet size of a thousand should be adequate but we have never practiced fleet tactics. We can split the existing force in half and practice against each other with an A.I. controlling each half. We can have one fleet use what we know of Raptor tactics and impose the communication delay they would experience. Once we get some real world experience the A.I.s can run exercises as simulations, hundreds a day.

That agrees with my analysis,” the Empress stated. “Mengzi, pass all needed data to the Hex for their independent assessment. They might see what we have overlooked and find any hidden assumptions in our plans. Pending that, it is decided.”

She left followed by the Princesses and their husbands. We stood as they left and then filed out.

It was actually just over eighteen months. Just long enough to see the bonding at their yearling party between Onyx and my son/brother Victor.

We had constructed a training base, a disk two hundred kilometers in diameter and fifty thick, in the interstellar void just beyond Ark. It had formidable defenses. The fleets and our personnel for the event were assembled on the base. We had Martians, horses, dolphins, sixteen quadruples from the Hex and three representatives of the Bees.

We had sent an automated probe ahead to the void beyond the Raptor capital system. It was far enough out so the Raptors could not detect us. It’s only purpose was to extrude a box big enough for our base and haul the base from the box.

We were ready. The base lowered itself into the box at this end. A cable was sent into the box from the open end via a small jet back and shackled to the lifting eye. We were hauled out almost three hundred lightyears from where we entered.

The First Fleet, one thousand ships of various sizes, was lifted out next by multiple lines from the base. They docked with the base. The Second Fleet, another thousand ships, was hauled out and took station around the base. Third Fleet would remain past Ark and Fourth Fleet was in Sol space.

When the transfer was complete we assemble in the base control room. A small box was extruded and Empress May was removed via a trapeze bar that descended from above. She was attired in a red jumpsuit in our variation of Kevlar fabric. Below that was a similar suit of the Hex fiber that should be totally impervious. Of course, for now, her space suit and shields were functional. The garments were for later if, when, we were successful in the upcoming battle. The rest of the Martians were projecting jumpsuits in different colors depending on function. Police showed black and support staff, blue. I was in blue.

Jet and the other stallions from the Rover operation were here. Mark Grey Eagle would ride Jet and other police the other stallions. The Imperial Mount, a pure white stallion as big as Jet, named Lightning, would carry the Empress. We thought being mounted would equalize our height disadvantage with the Raptors who are about five meters tall.

Empress May gave a short speech to the group. Mengzi, that runs the base was on one screen. The A.I.s for the two fleets, Horatio Nelson and John Paul Jones were displayed adjacent. There were screens showing the Dolphins, Hex and Bees in their environmental spaces.

May emphasized that our object is to get her into single combat with the Raptor Emperor. To do that we must defeat their capital system defenses as our first priority but minimizing loss of life, ours and theirs is second. She finished with a simple, “let’s go.”

We were all on one ship, a sphere about a kilometer in diameter. It would take an inconspicuous position in the fleet. We had refit our big transports from the Blue One and decoy operations as warships. They were painted black and at fifty kilometers in diameter they were the largest ships in the fleet. They would attract plenty of attention but had no one on board.

We detached from our base and accelerated into the system at 95% of light speed. We would be right behind our light when they detected us. The Raptors had a sensor net just beyond the orbit of the system’s twelfth planet. It triggered their alarms. Their fleet came out to meet us.

We greatly out numbered them but they did not hesitate to attack. We and they were jogging side to side randomly to disrupt laser fire. It you are more than a few light seconds apart it is easy to do with our inertial drives. But we had planned for that. Our main weapon was a hyperdrive missile mounting X-Ray lasers. We could read their location in real time. The missile would pop out of hyperspace a couple light seconds from its target, fire three beams and be back in hyperspace before the Raptors even knew it was there. Our beams were strong enough to overwhelm the Raptor shields locally. Most of the shots intentionally did only superficial damage but after a while we would direct one at a vital spot and put the Raptor ship out of action. We could have directed all the shots to vitals but we did not want them to know we had that ability.

In fifteen minutes it was over. We left the disabled ships drifting in space and headed to the capital on planet two. It had two small moons and sixteen orbital battle stations. We targeted their weapon mounts on four battle stations to open a hole in their coverage. Our ship and three escorts slipped through the hole. The orbital defenses were constructed to be unable to fire toward the surface.

We broadcast our demands. They were accepted. They had no choice.

The combat would be held at a ceremonial arena near the palace. We landed in a shuttle on the side opposite the Raptor party. The side door opened and May rode out on Lightning followed by the mounted police led by Mark on Jet. I walked out with other Martians. We each had lasers mounted on our shoulders that we could target via our suits. In addition we had our main ship, a kilometer in diameter, hovering behind the arena a few thousand meters above the ground.

The Empress’ group halted about fifty meters short of the assembled Raptors. Their Emperor was in the center. To his left my suit identified the Crown Prince, his eldest male, and other high officials. About two dozen carried arms and were likely for security.

May advanced alone on Lightning, covering about half the remaining distance. She spoke in the Raptor language and we got the translation via our suits.

“I am May, Empress of my people. I have defeated your forces and claim the right under your laws to single combat to become Empress of yours.”

Next to me, also projecting the blue jump suit, was Angela Grey Eagle, one of the wives of the Police Chief. She was the first Martian with a talent of brain manipulation and still considered the best. She could also read emotions from alien species without actual physical contact. That is why she was here. She had a chance to practice with our prisoners so we knew she could help. We were getting her comments displayed at the bottom of our visual field.

Some Raptors were experiencing fear but the Emperor was showing curiosity.

“Why did you attack us?” the Emperor asked. “We have never seen your kind before to my knowledge.”

“You encountered us at the recent nova. Your ships fired on ours without provocation. We had just relocated the inhabitants and were allowing them to view the destruction they had avoided. Since then you have been searching for us. You just attacked a world that you thought we occupied. It was a decoy.”

“I suppose that fleet will not be returning,” the Raptor Emperor observed. “Your challenge is accepted. If I defeat you do I become your Emperor?”

Angela indicated that the Raptor Emperor considered May his equal.

“Our situations are not equal,” May stated. “If you kill me I will be replaced but we will evacuate your space and not bother you again as long as you do not bother us. I hope we can settle things leader to leader and not engage in more wasteful conflict.”

Angela said he would agree.

“My armor,” he demanded and several retainers brought it forth and started fitting it on. It was shiny and ornately cast, polished to a gleam, some light but strong alloy that covered him from head to tail with chain armor protecting the joins and gaps. Straps secured it in place. The final was a helmet that had a slot on the top to allow his feathered crest to slip through.

“Will you wear armor?” He asked.

“I am,” May replied, dismounting Lightning. “It is tougher than it looks. This is the final piece.”

She removed a helmet from Lightning’s side. It was a strong but light alloys plated in gold. It had plates to protect the back of the neck and a large red ruby in front. She drew her sword.

“Ah, a fine weapon. We have something similar. Bring me mine,” he directed. “These are deadly too.” He displayed the three razor sharp claws on one hand. He had similar claws on his feet. “You can begin when you are ready.”

May raised her sword in front of her face and dipped it in the Emperor’s direction. Angela said he correctly interpreted the gesture as one of respect. In response he moved his weapon in a circle. It was almost three meters long but he handled it with one arm. The other had a two meter shield.

May circled the larger Raptor, feigning attacks to check his reaction. He made a sudden strike with his weapon that May dodged.

“Ah, small prey is often fast and agile.”

The circled each other. The Emperor made a couple other attacks that May avoided and one she blocked with her own sword. They tested each other’s strength with their swords locked before the Emperor struck May in the side with his shield knocking her away.

May swung her sword. He blocked with his shield but the sword split it in two. He tossed the pieces aside.

They locked swords again. The Emperor swiped at May’s side with his free hand. Three cuts appeared in the tough Kevlar but the green Hex material below was undamaged.

“You won’t need your armor,” May stated.

She made several quick swipes at the joints of his armor while dodging his sword thrusts. Pieces fell away until he had only the chest plate and helmet.

Angela reported that the Raptors watching were concerned. The Emperor thinks he might lose but is not ready to quit.

The Emperor made another swipe with his sword that May reached to block. He then whipped around and struck May in the side with his tail. She went flying ten meters, did a backflip and landed on her feet. She pointed her sword at the Emperor.

She charged at the Emperor, ducking under his sword and swiped at his arm with the tip of hers. He dropped the weapon. She lunged at the back of his right leg and he dropped to the ground hobbled. She jumped over the tail swinging at her and placed her blade on his neck from behind him.

“Yield,” May demanded.

“Finish it,” he requested. “You have beaten my fleets and have my world at your feet. I have nothing to live for. Do it.”

“I have too much respect for you,” May stated. “Accept the mercy from one leader to another. You will be surprised how much you have to live for.”

“I yield,” he said softly and May removed her blade.

Angela flashed a warning.

“I challenge you,” shouted the Crown Prince. “You weak fool,” he screamed at his father. “How can you yield to these things. They should be our food.”

“You cannot,” the Emperor stated. “I forbid it.”

“You lost. You are no longer my Emperor, but I am still Crown Prince and it is my right to challenge.”

“I accept,” May said moving away from the fallen Emperor.

“My father was old and slow. I should have challenged him myself long ago. I need no armor or weapons. These will do fine.”

He displayed the twenty centimeter claws on his hands and feet and charged at May. She slipped under his swipe at her body and avoided a kick as he passed by. May rolled over his back and took off the last ten centimeters of his tail with her blade as he thundered on.

Angela reported the Prince was enraged but you did not need any special powers to deduce that.

He put his head down and charged at May. The thick skull bones might even challenge her blade. At the last instant May leaped into the air as the Prince roared below her. She thrust her blade down, severing his spine. He plowed into the ground stopping adjacent his his fallen father.

“I suppose you will not put an end to even this worthless life,” the Emperor observed. He retrieved his blade with his good arm and severed the Prince’s neck. “There are more worthy candidates.”

May went over to the Emperor and knelt beside him.

“Medic,” she called.

A blue suited Martian ran to her. He rubbed an ointment on the injured Raptor wrist and leg. Some was rubbed on May’s slashed red dress. It was our medical nano. We rarely need it ourselves but it is good to have.

“What magic is this?” asked the Emperor, already regaining function in his hand and leg.

“One of our writers once said that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic,” May told him. “We have a lot of magic.”

Her dress was healed too as she helped him to his feet and over to his spot at the center of the Raptor delegation.

“You should have my seat but I sense you would refuse,” the Emperor observed. “This seat is available.”

He was referring to that of the former Crown Prince just to his left. The Raptor seats are just padded stools, about chest height for a Martian. May put her hand on the edge and jumped up into a one armed hand stand before tucking her legs and twisting to a seated position facing the Emperor.

“What do you wish of us?” He asked.

“I wish you to continue to lead your people,” May explained. “We will leave you an advisor but you can speak to me directly at any time. You rule sixteen other species that we consider intelligent. As a first step you are to evacuate their planets and return any beings elsewhere in your realm to their home worlds.”

“I thought I ruled seventeen other species.” He looked at an advisor who entered something on a tablet device and shook his head.

“You did. We liberated one world two years ago but thought it best not to tell you. Regrettably twelve of your people were killed in the operation and the others have been our unwilling guests ever since. We will return them to you.”

“Some of the species do important work in our empire.”

“If they have no choice in their work, we call it slavery and it is not permitted,” May explained. “There are other intelligent species that work with us but they do so willingly. Is that not so, Lightning.”

“It is, your highness.” Lightning spoke in the Raptor tongue from the speaker on his chest.

“That animal is intelligent?” The Emperor was surprised.

“We are,” insisted Jet.

“The green material beneath my dress is from another species. Many species contributed to this day’s result.”

“Yes, today’s result,” mused the Emperor. “I must ask you for assistance in caring for those wounded and retrieving the dead from our devastated fleet.”

“You shall have it,” May assured him. “But I think you will find your casualties very light. If you give the order to cease fire we will provide transport for your people to give assistance.”

He gave the order and a Raptor moved to comply.

“Can your people not help directly?” He asked.

“These are all of our people,” May stated, indicating the group in the arena.

“You will find that the fleet you sent to what you believed to be our world are disabled but safe in a world that is quite habitable for your kind,” May continued. “We will restore your communications and consider this new world my gift to you.”

The Empress was invited to the palace that served as the government center. Angela blessed it and she went alone, riding Lightning. The rest of us went back to our ship, hovering above the grounds. Two police delivered the A.I. that would be the advisor. They waited and returned with May and Lightning.

Recovery operations were underway. With communications restored the count was twenty three dead and thirty wounded out of over two hundred thousand Raptors involved.

We set course for our base at a more leisurely pace. It would take us two days. Everyone was in high spirits. Faith was routing us calls from friends and family back home. They had watched everything in real time and all of us were heroes even though it was all the Empress.

After a few hours, Admiral Nelson announce we had a visitor. It was Lightning. Lightning walked in and we told Faith to hold our calls.

“Busy. I know,” said Lightning. “I have been taking calls since we started moving. Everyone thinks being the Imperial Mount is an exciting honor and, at times like today, it is. But I only get ridden on ceremonial occasions. Sometimes I envy your normal life.”

“You are welcome to visit,” Jet offered. “My colts and their partners would love to meet you. We have multi day rodeos in the Tharsis forests several times each year. They are lots of fun.”

“Thank you,” Lightning answered. “I’ve had sex with the Empress from time to time but it is not really her thing. She says I should take a wife or two to meet my needs more regularly.”

“That is an excellent idea,” Jet agreed. “And you must follow a suggestion from the Empress. Vince and I are very happy. I’m sure he would love you to fuck him.”

I was a little surprised that Jet offered me up but he was right that I wanted to be fucked by Lightning.”

“It would be my honor and a real pleasure,” I assured him.

I went over to the padded platform and lay down on my back. I removed my plug. With the battle and post battle events I hadn’t had sex in nearly a day. I was empty.

Lightning was pure white but his horse cock was more of a dirty white shade. My guess was about twenty five inches, a little bigger than Jet. He looked at me with brown eyes and walked over and started to straddle me. I felt him at the hole. He thrust and shoved in a foot in one motion. I wrapped my arms and legs about his flanks as he began to piston me. He fucked me hard, deep and long as I hugged him to steady myself and feel the power of his muscles.

I sprayed him with several loads from my full balls before he seeded me. But he just kept going until he unleashed a second load. I felt him pull out while I rested, exhausted but satisfied.

“I could get used to that,” Lightning admitted.

“Vince is not just my fuck toy,” insisted Jet. “He is my friend and the sire of partners for my colts. You should certainly have your own boy.”

“You are right,” he agreed. “Thank you, both of you.”

He took his leave. Faith broke in now that we were free.

“Angela Eagle Claw has requested to meet you. She will be here in an hour.”

Jet agreed and Faith relayed our acknowledgment. No one turns down a meeting with Angela.

Angela arrived just as scheduled. She is a big woman, just shy of eight feet tall. She wasted no time on small talk. She led me to the platform and had me lay back. She then mounted my cock and lay on top of me. She directed Jet to plug her ass. Soon we were tightly entwined with her in the middle. I could feel Jet’s thick pole as it rubbed along me inside Angela.

“Ah, a good connection. Now we can talk.”

It was Jet that first realized what was happening.

“You are in my mind,” he said, but not in words. I heard his thoughts in my mind too.

“Yes. I am here to give you what you want,” she thought at us. “It is a technique I learned from the Hex and this will be my first try at it. It will work but you need to trust me.”

I was about to think, how do you know what we want, but I got the emotion that told me she considered it a stupid question before I even framed the thought.

Then Jet thought to me, “She is in our minds and knows everything.”

Angela didn’t reply in words but she wrapped our minds in hers and we wordlessly agreed to whatever she wished.

We started to fuck her. Well, not really, we had no control over our bodies. She was fucking herself using us.

It was strange. I was feeling what Jet was feeling on top of what my body was experiencing and I knew he was as well. Things started getting mixed up. I was one moment seeing out of Jet’s eyes and the next my own and even out Angela’s.

I started to experience Jet’s memories. There was the first time he saw me and decided to seduce me. Then our first time having sex as Pete watched to make sure things didn’t get out of control. I felt Jet’s concern for me and the effort it took to not let his stallion instincts push him too far. It made me love him even more.

And he was reading me. He saw that I recognized him as the superior male and submitted to him willingly. He was about to ask a question but my emotions answered it before hand as I assured him that I was his forever. Mind merged as we were there is nothing but truth communicated on the deepest level possible.

Our thoughts blanked as orgasm overtook us. We experienced it from all three perspectives as we pumped our sperm into Angela and felt them gush inside her. She kept us fucking her.

Jet was experiencing all my memories, even ones I’d forgotten. Sucking milk as an infant, kindergarten, youth soccer, my first time with a woman, and first with a man. Meanwhile I experience his first steps right after birth, the joy he felt running in the forest, the new awareness that came with his enhancement.

We had a second orgasm as wild as the first. Then Angela had Jet pull out and dismounted me. Angela was no long in our minds but Jet and I were still linked. Jet began a thought but Angela told us we were linked as partners now. We could experience what our children knew. She explained she was no longer with us but left answers to our expected questions. She said there was no need to thank her.

The real Angela gave us a look that said she knew what had just transpired in our minds, or is it mind now, and left with a smile but not a word.

As with our youngsters, Jet controls who is where. I found myself in his body as he tried out mine. I tried a few steps. It was a different experience but the muscle memory seems to go with the body not the mind so I got the hang of it. The hang of the horse cock between my hind legs felt different. I wanted to try it out. I saw Jet playing with my butt plug, pushing a few inches in his/my ass and pulling it out. We had the same thought.

Jet took my position on the pad and I walked over and straddled him moving up until I felt my cock in the area. It took me a few tries to put it right at the hole as I couldn’t do it by sight and had no hands to steady it. Jet tried to give me a little coaching on how to do it.

I pushed in. It felt really tight in there and I loved the friction. I could also feel what my normal body was feeling but it was not as intense as the sensations from the horse body I was controlling.

I tried fucking. I experimented with the unfamiliar muscles until I got a smooth stroke going and adjusted my angle to get a good rub on my prostate. Then it was my turn to coach Jet on how to relax his gut as I plunged in and squeeze as I pulled out. But, pretty soon, that was all second nature and we just enjoyed the sensations from our bodies.

Jet sprayed seed over himself and me several times while I shot up his gut twice. I knew he came a lot but it was great feeling it from his perspective. When I pulled out I licked up the cum from his torso and tasted my cum with a horse’s senses. It was definitely different but nice. I let him taste some off my tongue. He liked it too.

Back at base it was time to return to Mars. The Empress was first to go. She is always busy. We heard from Faith that she was communicating with hundreds of her subjects while she was fighting the Emperor and, at the same time, analyzing every muscle in his body to anticipate his next move. She probably could tell what his actions were going to be before he was aware of his decision. All of that is done outside her physical body. She does not travel by hyperspace because she would lose the connection to her external mind.

Before she departed she said that she has directed sensors be placed in the voids beyond all our world. She doesn’t want anyone to surprise us as we surprised the Raptors. She also observed that we know too little about what exists between the stars. We have considered it as just distance we need to cover to get to someplace interesting. We will send our probes through it and see if it is just empty space.

Chief Grey Eagle and Angela were in the next group with others in the force. A half dozen would stay behind on the base. The Chief was grumbling about needing to triple the size of his force to meet the new responsibilities. We just expanded the volume and population of the empire over a hundred times.

We were next with the other horses and Jet invited Lightning to join us for a celebratory rodeo. Lightning was surprised when Jet made the proposal in my body but he accepted. It is early Spring on Mars with new grass in the meadows and fast streams feed from the melting snow. It will be fun.

Description Jet and Vince, husband and wife, and their growing herd join others in confronting the threat identified at the end of Spring Break, leading to science fiction strangeness wrapped in lots of unusual sex.

Updated17 Nov 2018



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