Pictures of dorian’s gays

By John 
7 parts
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Part 1

Kevin remembered the face instantly. A man about 35 years old stood across the gym behind the check-in counter talking to the Assistant Manager. It was not a face Kevin would have ever forgotten, but it was one he had not thought of in almost 10 years. He was 14 going on 15 then and had only been working out for a few months. In fact, the last time he saw it was the last day the Michael worked out at this club. And, there was something odd about the face, too but Kevin couldn't quite put his finger on it.

Back then, Michael was the biggest and best built guy working out in the whole club. Everyone knew who he was and, in fact, though Michael didn't have any idea who Kevin was at the time, he had been Kevin's inspiration. Kevin had made a point of coming in to work out when he knew Michael would be in the gym. Everyone came to see Michael go through his routine; straight, gay, guys, girls—all watching as his perfectly sculpted body took on and conquered every weight and machine in the room.

Kevin was no exception. Michael had to have been in his mid-twenties then. About the same age Kevin was now, and Kevin had been a young, impressionable teenager. Kevin remembered how he used to try to maneuver his workout so that he would be only one or two stations away from whatever Michael was doing. Not too close, not too far. Just close enough to be able to see how whatever huge muscle Michael was working flexed and glowed unimaginably huge and hard with each heavy forced rep. Even now, after all these years, the images of the pulsing muscles on Michael, turned red hot with blood and prism sharp from years of pushing for size, came back clear and vivid in Kevin's mind.

Just the thought sent unexpected quivers into Kevin's groin as he, today, went through his own form of self-induced torture against the same heavy weights that had once turned Michael from a mere man into a teenage boy's vision of invincible manliness.

Now, a decade later, it was Kevin who had become the object of foremost attention in the gym when he came to work out. As sweat continued to pour through his thin skin and turned the glory of his own accomplishments in muscle sharp with the watery glow covering his just-legally clothed body, Kevin knew that there were those here today who were positioning themselves to marvel in the spectacle that was his body.

And the man from the past at the counter was no exception. Kevin had noticed how he kept looking over as he continued his conversation with the manager.

Kevin decided to give this guy the show that he obviously wanted to see. Moving over to the cable machine, Kevin slowly drew out the pin on one side and made a point of exaggerating his bending motion, almost into a “moon-pose” as he reset the pin near the bottom of the stack. He went over to the other post and did the same thing. Stepping into the center of the machine, he reached up to the wide- grip chinning bar overhead with each arm and bent his lower legs back so that he just hung there. The very, very skimpy muscle shirt let his viewer get a good glimpse of Kevin's flaring “V” shape as his lats burst out to each side and dove into his trim 30” waist.

Kevin's arms tensed slowly as he began to pull himself upward. His biceps ballooned to their full 22” as he drew his chin closer to the bar above him. The hour he had already spent at the gym had pumped most of his perfect muscles full. Veins danced across the biceps and the meat swelled into solid definition as his upper arms became parallel to the floor. The biceps rose up and split into their double-lined peaks. A similar web of crisp veins were pushed visibly to the surface of the voluminous crescents of lat muscles as the ribbed lines of their volumes assumed the brunt of the burden of carrying all 255 pounds of dense meat and bone upward to where his head was completely above the upper horizontal chinning bar.

A wide space formed between the bottom of the way-too-short excuse for a shirt and the top of the way-too-tight shorts just above the crotch. Even fully stretched, his abdominal muscles still carried clear convex curvatures and fell into sharply defined lines between each pair. For all his weight and size, Kevin carried no signs of a drug-induced bulging midsection. It was small, tight and hard—all the time. Drugs were not something he desired. Genetics had given him a unique gift and he used it to the max.

Hard, pointed nipples pinched each side of the sleeveless jersey as the massive, rounded chest pushed up against the fabric that now stretched much too tightly and began to tear around the 55” of unyielding upper body muscle. A deep dark shadow forming a dark line of cleavage hinted at the thickness of the pec-meat under the tearing cloth.

Kevin held himself at the top of the pull-up for what seemed like an eternity. His strength showed no sign of giving in to the enormous demands of gravity on his heavily sculpted body. Crunching his abs just a bit, Kevin offered the final flaunting of this act to the now gazing guest visitor from the past. As he did this, his pelvis rotated forward slightly revealing the very full, overly large mound at the front of the shorts that even the strength of the material could not hold back. It was Kevin's way of saying “Yes, you get all this muscle and so much more!”

He let himself down with the same control he had used when he began the pull-up. As the oversized muscles stretched out to their full length again, they held their thickness. The “V” of the back became a “C” turned on its side as the lats showed their full bulbous glory. Letting his feet back down on the floor, Kevin released the bar and looked forward as his mammoth arms came down toward each side. The mass of honed muscle would not permit the arms to hang vertically.

The man was no longer talking to the manager, he was just watching Kevin. No attempt was being made by him to even disguise the direct visual contact. Kevin smile wryly to himself and reached out for “act two”.

Each hand grasped one of the steel handles on either side of the cable machine. Standing fully erect with the hands held up about even with his navel, Kevin locked each arm perfectly straight as he brought both hands together in front of his body. As he did this, and with his hands below the bottom of his chest, the pecs began to fulfill the promise they had offered at the top of the pull-up. Each mound formed into a deep dense large half ball of muscle.

Then, as the hands came closer together, the balls split into a series of razor sharp rounded horizontal shadowed lines as the solid fibrous muscles turned into stepped rocks. The trench between the two mounds became a valley whose depth could only be fathomed by looking at the inverted curved “V” shaped shadow on top of the lowest point of the tattered shirt fabric below. Once the hands were touching and could go no further, Kevin gave one last, long clench as fiber crossing veins were forced into the skin from within the unforgiving density of the human meat below.

Even though he felt as if his pecs were going to be ripped right off of his amazing body by the massive amount of weight working against them, Kevin would not permit himself to show any sign of strain on his face as he let the weight perform a perfect, slow negative rep across his blood engorged chest. The striations remained sharp and clear through the entire stretching motion. Then, as the weights were just about to rejoin the few that had not been part of this demonstration, Kevin smiled openly and began to bend each lower arm back toward him.

The biceps sprung into instant action as he moved into a spread-eagle curl. The masses rounded into full balls and split, first once across the front middle of each belly and, then, as they grew ever higher, yet again as the smaller, upper peak pushed the mass of hardened muscle ever higher. The hands moved closer to the side of each ear until the thickness of the forearm muscle blocked the hardened bicep balls from bringing the hands any closer to his head.

By now, most of those in the gym had stopped their own pitiful weightlifting endeavors and just stared in awe at the wonder before them. Several of the men had had to leave the workout room out of fear as cocks reacted to the vision before them. Kevin had taped his arms at a solid 22” just yesterday but now even he would have to swear that they were probably pushed over that mark in their current dazzling display of human accomplishment.

The return movement was as slow and controlled as the others had been. The veins that had become so prominent during the contraction phase of the movement, remained pumping and hard on the surface even as the muscle gave back some space for them.

The show being over, Kevin simply picked up his towel without a second glance toward the front desk and headed off to the locker room. Many eyes followed as the monolithic muscle star headed off without a final bow to his adoring fans.

The remnants of what he called a shirt was so wet and clinging that Kevin simply ripped the remaining fabric from his upper torso as he entered the locker room and tossed it in one of the waste cans as he passed. He gave himself a side glance in the mirrors as he passed the length of counters along one wall on his way to his locker. He was fully pumped and it showed. Kevin literally glowed with spectacular naturally earned strength and vitality. He slowed his pace a bit as he clenched his fist on the mirrored side of his body and constricted his chest muscles at the same time. The meat of the back, arms and pecs sprang back into action once again as they inflated sharply and cut themselves into an uncountable number of ridged lines and separations.

Kevin looked huge as all 255 pounds of defined meat on his 5'-10” frame seemed to fill the passing mirrors. The main ball of the chest stood out almost 3” beyond the front peak of the rounded bent bicep beside it. The triceps arched back full and half-moon round as the inflated lats pushed back against them. The waist was still as small and tight as ever and the swinging leg muscles made sure that the bulge in the tight shorts stayed way out in front of their massiveness.

One last crunch as he twisted his upper body slightly toward the last of the mirrors made Kevin feel as powerful on the inside as he looked on the outside. He turned down into the adjacent bay of lockers, opened his, and yanked off of the shorts in one fluid motion. Finally freed, the ample cock bounced up forming a long soft arch over the oversized testicles. Kevin was gifted genetically in more ways than one. The semi-soft piece of maleness laid almost 7” long and over an inch across as the larger head bounced playfully at the end off the top of his balls as Kevin strode into a nearby shower and yanked the curtain shut behind him.

Warm water caressed his body and the wet, slippery soap let his hands languish over the hardness of the only-slightly yielding hot muscle meat under the smooth tight skin. Kevin had enjoyed the show just as much himself as he liked to believe the gazing guest did. His muscles were enough to impress anyone, and that included Kevin himself. He loved the feel of their pumped, primed hardness. He lingered over the movement of the massive parts of maleness as his strong hands lifted the thickness of the pecs and lats and triceps while he showered.

The thoughts of the image of himself in the mirrors as he passed and those of the images he must have left the viewers with during the unexpected muscle-show excited him. His cock began to respond to the combination of the thoughts and sensations of his own muscle self- fondling. It had been at least three days since his last release and his cock wanted to be serviced. Before too long, the head was point obstinately back at the hard spray of water from the shower nozzle.

Kevin turned the water on full force and stepped back just enough so that the rigidly pointing 10” monster was subjected to the heaviest of the water pressure attack. Needles of water stabbed at the bright red crown and pelted the rock-like shaft as they tried to beat the man-spear into submission. Kevin let the water continue the erotic assault on his manhood as his hands kneaded and attacked the other hard volumes of the muscle meat on his body that had been won through years of gravity defeating efforts.

The heat of the sharp water gave way to the heat of the physical passion. Kevin could feel the internal vibration of the creams stirring inside his gonads as lust took control of his mind and body. It would not be long now, he could feel the flow of heat from his crotch into the steel-like projectile shaft.

And it wasn't long! The force of the first volley of cum flew thick, hard and white up against the driving current of water for several inches. As the second shot erupted with equal force, it was met by the first as it was thrown back onto the still pulsing hard cock head. The rigid pole pumped several more loads as the water forced the cream to turn the head a translucent white. With one hand he wrapped the thumb and forefinger around the top of the shaft and lifted off a large globule of the man-serum. He loved the taste of his own salted sweetness and licked his hand clean. Then he was able to get one more tasting before the force of the shower had re-cleaned the still hard rod.

Suddenly the curtain was flung back and the voice of the assistant manager startled Kevin with its sudden unexpected intrusion.

“Sorry, Kevin, but there's a guy here who needs to meet you right now”.

With that, the face of the visitor from the past became visible over the shoulder of the assistant manager.

“Just who the hell do you think you are to just barge into my shower!” Shouted the shocked muscle man.

“I'm the Owner of this club, Kevin, and” with a stare down to the shiny, still rigid cock he continued “I wouldn't call what you are doing right now something that falls within our accepted rules or policies.”

“Don't tell me you've been watching the showers regularly, too!” retorted the embarrassed man.

“Oh, yes, you'd be surprised how much trouble we could get in to if we didn't make sure that everything was prim and proper in our operation.” Responded the owner. “Come on out now. It's OK, I just need to talk to you for a moment.”

Kevin grabbed his towel off the hook and tried to fling it around his wet waist but the prodigiously hard cock caught the cloth and insisted on remaining exposed.

“It's OK, don't worry about the towel. Frankly, with a body—and member—like yours, it's a pity to cover it up with anything.” Reassured the man.

Ignoring the towel, Kevin went right for the first question that came to mind as his cock began to undergo its return to a semi-flaccid state.

“If you're the owner, how come I never see you here?”

“I own a lot of things Kevin. To me this is just another piece of the portfolio.” He responded. “None-the-less, this is an important piece to me. And you are an important part of that piece. By the way, my name is Dorian, Dorian Chronos.”

A hand came out and Kevin responded by shaking it more out of a reflex action than anything. He cast his eyes up and down the aisle. There didn't seem to be anyone else around.

“Don't worry, its just the three of us and my assistant will be leaving now to make sure we aren't disturbed for a few minutes—if that is all right with you?” Mr. Chronos asked.

The assistant manager gave a reassuring nod to Kevin. Having known him to be an honorable man for all these years, Kevin nodded back toward Mr. Chronos and the assistant turned and walked out of the locker room. There was a discernible click as the door was locked from the outside.

“What is it you want?” Kevin asked as his second question.

“I want to help you. I want to help you in your quest to grow bigger and stronger than you can ever have imagined.” Dorian responded.

“If your some kind of pusher, I don't do drugs!” Kevin reacted with instant defensiveness. “What you see I'm proud of—all 255 pounds, and I did it the hard way.”

“Don't get too reactive, Kevin, all I am asking is for you to let me show you how I have helped others make the gains they only dreamed about. The assistant manager has told me about you and, someone like you, with your natural talents and unflinching drive comes along very rarely. I like to help people like you. It's been a long time since anyone with your potential has been here and I just want to let you see what is possible. If you have no interest after that, then so be it. Just ask yourself if you can walk away from a promise of enduring muscle well beyond your current accomplishments.”

“You mean Michael, don't you?” Kevin shot back. He noted a brief glimpse of surprise in the eyes of Mr. Chronos.

“Yes, Michael was the last one like you here. I didn't realize you knew him, Kevin.”

“I didn't. I just knew of him.” Kevin responded.

“Well, if you will come by my place, maybe you would finally like to meet him. In fact, I want make a point of having him available. You can see what he has accomplished and, maybe, that will help you understand that my offer is real.”

“I don't think that's a good idea.” Kevin said assertively.

Without showing any sign of giving up, Dorian placed his second offer on the table.

“I understand your feelings, Kevin.” He responded. “Tell you what, you be in the gym tomorrow at closing time. I will send Michael here. If you don't want to here anything else after you see him tomorrow then that's that. If you don't want any part of it anyway, then you just have to not be here at closing tomorrow.

With that, the visitor turned to leave. He knocked on the door and Kevin heard the click as the lock was undone. Just as Dorian's hand reached the knob, Kevin figured out what had been troubling him about Mr. Chronos.

“You haven't changed!' He blurted out.

“Huh,” responded Dorian stopping where he was.

“You look as if you haven't aged in the ten years since I saw you on the last day Michael worked out here.”

“Well,” retorted the owner, “I guess I have just had the good fortune to have the right kind of genetics to help me along, too.

With that he left. After a few more minutes, the naked muscleman tried to shake his head clear. It was all as if it had been a dream, but it had been real. He changed quickly and headed out as fast as he could.

As he left, Kevin thought to himself that maybe tomorrow would be a good day to take off from working out.

Part 2

The debate had raged inside of Kevin's mind all day at work and through dinner at home. Usually he would have gone to the gym straight from work—but not today. Kevin had attacked his job with even more concentration than usual and didn't even pause for a break other than a quick lunch off in a corner by himself. Even the construction job superintendent had noticed how hard Kevin was working and reluctantly suggested that he slow down a bit.

Just like at the gym, a lot of the other masons on the job couldn't help but enjoy the view as Kevin hauled one heavy wheelbarrow after another over to the wall on which he was working and marveled as his hard, huge muscles glowed and budged in the shirtless bib overalls that were his summer trademark uniform.

As his body got pumped and pushed by the work to occupy more space, shirts never really lasted long so he had just stopped wearing them. Even the overalls which were intended to be baggy on an “average” worker were only overly loose fitting around the waist so he had taken to tying a bit of rope around the midsection. The result only accentuated the incredible taper of his enormous upper body and made his already oversized stone-like musculature appear even larger.

Kevin liked his work a lot and was especially happy to be in a job where, in effect, he got a constant workout all day long. He had never missed a day of work and couldn't remember the last time his body didn't have a work or workout induced pump that brought and kept his fantastic muscles as big and hard as humanly possible. He had never needed nor considered taking any kind of drugs or stimulants, his work and work ethic took the place of any need in that area

He also loved the attention he got from other crew members and from passers-by who would often be so taken by the image of muscle upon which they had stumbled that they stopped dead in their tracks. Occasionally, when he caught site of this, Kevin would purposely tense and stretch at the same time to give the viewers the rare treat of seeing just how big and defined this body of meat really was. Audible gasps as the images of pure, raw muscle exploded right in front of their eyes were not unusual at all.

There had even been a number of times when some hot looking guy would catch a glimpse of the muscle monster and Kevin, in turn, during his initial muscle show could see that there was more than just curious interest being shown. A few times this had led to some “innocent” conversation and had, on occasion, turned into a pretty good night, too.

There was no doubt that Kevin loved the feel of his own muscle and loved to feel its hardness and strength. His two hands, a good pump and a large mirror were all that Kevin really needed in order to get the desired result of a 10” hard-on whose stiffness matched the solidity of the rest of the muscle on his huge, sculpted body. It was just as much fun and equally erotic to Kevin for him to have some handsome stranger relishing the feel and quivering as he fondled the unbelievable muscle presented to him.

As warm, sweating hands traced the rigid peaks and crevasses of the severely hard flesh, it was never long before the veins that danced along his solid 10” erection were as pronounced and pulsing as the ones that wrapped around and into the feeding frenzy of blood shooting through his mighty arms, pecs, lats, legs and forearms. Swooning was a good word for the result usually experienced by the lucky participating stranger.

Kevin was particularly fond of having them stand behind him as he pumped and flexed his back and chest while minimizing the volume around his tightly etched waist. He would have them reach around at his waist and move their hands higher and higher so that they could use all their senses to experience the vastness of the muscle covering his upper body. Soon the entire arms of the participant would be involved as they tried to encircle the broad, sharp back and reach all the way around to man-handle the mountainous pecs and stimulate the erotic areas around his nipples.

The result of Kevin flexing his pecs, lats and back simultaneously into unbelievable hardness was to draw the body of the other closer into him as it clung onto the expanding rock-like statue. Kevin would feel it as the other cock was pulled into contact with his ridged glutes and would relax them just enough to let the man's rigid staff slide in between the clefted rear domes of posterior muscle. Then Kevin would flex the ass muscles tight once again trapping the protruding man-flesh painfully within.

Using a control of muscle that he had honed over time, Kevin would massage the impaled rod and sense the growing ecstasy as he increased the rhythm. Using his own hands, Kevin would lead the victim's hands to begin to service his own demanding tool as he would, then, continue the sensual muscle fondling himself in ways that he had come to know affected him the most.

Once or twice he had actually managed to bring his partner to orgasm at the same time that his cannon fired its first explosive charge. Kevin's hand always got there in time to catch as much of the hot, rich cream erupting from his own milk machine as possible and relished the feel of the other body writhing and spreading its slippery liquid over the small of his hot lower back and ass as he drank of his own manhood from his wet cupped hands.

Eventually, these pleasurable memories from the past gave way to the dilemma of the day. In today's world you just couldn't afford to trust the suggestions of a total stranger without having a series of suspicions. Yet, the images of the Michael who had unknowingly inspired him to actively pursue bodybuilding to its most glorious of limits kept pulling at Kevin as he finished the evening's dishes.

The club would be closing in half and hour. It was too late to even think of going there to do any kind of workout. So why even think of going at all? But, then again, there was the possibility to see the long lost image that had been the concept of perfect muscle to an impressionable teenage boy a decade ago.

Now, almost a half an hour later, Kevin sat in his car in a stall opposite the gym entrance. He could see the front door through the rearview mirror. There were no other cars present in the lot, only a mid-sized van. Kevin couldn't see any movement in the front of the gym but all the lights were still on. Finally he figured “What the hell”! He had come this far, it wouldn't hurt to walk in. The worse that would happen was that there would be nothing to see and no one to meet.

At first it was quiet as he entered the building. After a few seconds, Kevin heard the familiar clang of one of the weight bars on the arms of one of the pieces of equipment in the main weight room. He walked back toward the noise and, with a final deep breath, flung his shoulders proudly back and stepped into the room.

Laying prone on the flat-bench across the room was a single man. No, not a man—a mountain! Even reclined on the bench, the bulges of muscle attached to what appeared to be a human frame were unfathomable if not actually seen!

The involuntary gasp that issued from Kevin's mouth caught the ear of the other as the hands that were grasping each side of the overloaded weight bar resting on the stanchions released themselves as a head turned and lifted trying to peek above the unbelievable thickness of pec muscle to see from where the interrupting noise had come.

Unsuccessful in its first attempt to see over itself, the mass began to rise slowly. Kevin quickly became aware that he was in the presence of a human creature the likes of which had never been seen in public before. As the face finally moved into view about half way up to the vertical, he could see that it was, indeed, the face that had inspired the translation of endless tons of weight movement into muscle on the, then, small body of a teenager.

It was Michael's face! It was Michael! The face was the same—exactly the same as Kevin remembered it. But, only the face was the same, the body, the incredible memory of a body was totally different. What was once the body of an inspiring bodybuilder 10 years ago was now a vessel of gargantuan muscle—beautiful, bountiful muscle that covered every inch and, yet, did it while actually enhancing the beauty of the human male form.

Michael stood. Kevin gasped again—even louder!

“You must be Kevin.” it said simply, “Pleased to met you.”

Kevin stood speechless and dumbfounded. This wasn't right, it was usually Kevin who had this result on others, not the other way around.

“Mr. Chronos asked me to come talk to you.” Michael went on without waiting for any other reply. “and, based on what those tight clothes already promise, I can understand why. I'm Michael.”

A hand moved forward from one side of the muscle giant. Kevin instinctively reached back to meet it. The hand was warm, friendly and, obviously, strong in its clasp.

“Hi.” Was all that Kevin could manage to get out of his mouth as his jaw stayed open responding to the vision before him just as so many other jaws had responded to Kevin in the past.

“You know, I used to work out right here at this gym a long time ago.” Michael went on. “It's kind-a nice to be home—even if it is just for this evening.”

Kevin tried to share a small smile as no words were still forthcoming.

“It's OK, kid, I guess I sort of expected this kind of reaction from you. Please don't feel frightened or anything. I promise, I'm only here to talk with you like Mr. Chronos asked. Any time you want to leave or want me to go, just say so and we'll call it a night. OK?” Michael said reassuringly.

Kevin nodded his understanding and, actually, did feel much more comforted at the sound of the words but there was no way he could bring himself to move away from this image of muscle before him right now as he continued to stand there transfixed.

Finally Kevin stuttered his first full sentence as he continued to stare with disbelief at the mound of muscle. “H-h-how did you get so big?, I mean, look at you! You're amazing! You were big, but I never remember you being nearly this big! A-a-and what does all of this have to d-d-do with me—and Mr. Chronos?”

“Have we met?” asked the giant curiously.

“No, not really, you worked out here for the first couple of months that I was here.” Kevin explained. “But that was 10 years ago. And now, look at your body! B-b-but your face is the same as I remember it; j-j-just like Mr. Chronos'!”

“Yea, that's kind-a the way it is kid. That's what I'm here to tell you about. What you see is all the result of my working under the, uh, direction of Mr. Chronos. You see he takes people like me—and like you—sort-a under his wing and helps you, uh, maximize your potential. What you see here is the result of some10 years of special training and enhancement opportunity.” The muscle-god responded while, almost automatically lifting up one arm into a bicep pose.

Kevin gasped loudly for the third time! The arm—the amazing arm turned steel hard right before Kevin's eyes as it rose slowly and forcefully into a series of metal-like peaks. Veins simultaneously caressed and bound the unbelievable muscle masses of biceps and triceps together as they corded themselves into coils of strength with no apparent limits. The triceps wound themselves into hardened springs spiraling from elbow to lats in a full half-moon of muscle. The front part of the biceps, alone, was the size of Kevin's whole biceps muscle. It broke itself down into bundles that stretched and bowed out forward fully between the forearm and the front of the shoulder. The second mound of the gigantic ball of upper arm muscle split sharply away from the frontal lobe as it formed a mound so high that, in another climate, it was in danger of becoming snow-capped.

“This is some result, huh!” Michael said cocking his head toward the side of the unbelievable amount of dense beef. “Go ahead, it feels much like it looks. Go ahead! It ain't often someone offers you 31” of solid upper arm!”

Kevin reached out, pensively at first, and then, as his one hand questioningly passed the thought of unfathomable warm, pulsing, hardness into Kevin's mind, it pawed more determinedly. Then the other hand joined in to see if this thing was, indeed, as awesome as the first hand said it was. He felt the deep, sharp ridges separating each bundle and cord and could even feel the beat of the blood coursing through the cabled veins that, while numerous, added to the beauty and strength of this vision of muscle accomplishment.

Then the other arm came up to assume the mirrored position far away on the other side of the behemoth of muscle in between them. The chest, even stretched across the full width of the torso formed into two perfectly curved, breathtaking vertical hills blocking the visual passage between the two mountains of arms. As Kevin reached across to experience the sensual flavor of both upper arms at one time, his head was forced against the middle of the pectoral hills. They were as warm and hard to his cheeks as the arms were to his hands. As his face hugged the valley of the cleavage, Kevin could see and feel the divisions of muscle fibers that defined these equally strong male meat-breasts.

The smell of the musky sweat covering the hard-worked body only added all the more to the eroticism Kevin was feeling. Sensing this, Michael tensed his pecs while still holding the double biceps display. The masses of chest meat turned stone hard and pushed Kevin's head a full three inches away from the center valley bottom between them as the muscled hills became a series of smaller hills crossing horizontally from the center valley to the base of the biceps mountain ranges. Lifting his feet off of the floor, Kevin hung suspended, just as he had in yesterday's display for Dorian, like a mountain climber clinging singularly to the rock before him. Just like the real counterpart mountains, this human rock held fast and totally unyielding to the 255 pound force acting upon it.

Kevin suddenly realized that the lower portion of his body was beginning to shift outward and away from the muscle mountain from which he dangled. His own strong sex muscle reacted to the sensations he was experiencing as it pushed out against the equally solid legs. He quickly let go and caught himself up on his own feet. Kevin stepped back immediately and did his best to hide the cause for his sudden release.

The giant issued a friendly laugh.

“Don't worry, kid, I kind-a expected that response.” He said glancing toward the tell-tale tenting at Kevin's midsection. “Plus, I gotta tell you, your muscle against mine felt pretty god-damned good. It feels like you've got some pretty good muscle there yourself.”

“I'm sorry.” Kevin still offered. “Forgive my asking, but, with a body like yours, how come we haven't seen you in any of the competitions. There's no way anyone, not even the reigning Mr. Olympia, could stand a chance next to you.”

“Fair enough and, to be quite honest, I expect to be out in the public competitions very soon. That's why I have been training and preparing for almost a decade now. I imagine that the current Mr. 'O' will be history pretty soon. Look, let's take care of business first.” Michael moved on. “Dorian, Mr. Chronos, just wanted me to meet you and to let you know that he thinks he can do the same thing with you that he has done with me. In fact, if past experience means anything, he'll have you bigger than me in no time. That's what he wants. That's what he has done for me.”

“What's the catch!” Kevin responded with a new-found sense of conviction. “There's always a catch.”

“Yep, there's a catch. You're right.” answered Michael openly. “You train under the direction of Mr. Chronos, and only at his place. Like me, you train just with those of us there and you don't go out into the public until he says so.”

“And” Michael added “It's a 10-year renewable contract! But, what you see are the guaranteed results. Plus, I can tell you, you will want for nothing at Dorian's. The guy is loaded beyond belief and provides everything for you. It ain't the 'perfect world' but if its muscle you want, its the only place to be. All you have to do is grow all the muscle you can.”

“Ten years! That's a whole god-damned life time!” Kevin reacted. “And who are these 'others' you mentioned.”

“Well, if you join us, there will be six of us—plus Dorian and his personal staff.” Michael continued. “He's a handsome man, to be sure, but he's not a bodybuilder like the rest of us. Look, it was a hard decision for me, too and, to be honest, I took a little while to adjust. But, now, well, just look at my results! How could I have passed this up.? You're looking at about 400 pounds of prime muscle!”

Michael hit the double-bi pose again and every muscle re-erupted across, around, through and in his entire body. Kevin's still excited state of sexual arousal took control once again at the sight of the sheer volume of perfected muscle before him. His loosened cotton pants ripped away from the front of his waist as his steel-hard 10”cock pushed itself into view just below the now-extended stretched waistband. For the first time Kevin noticed the taper of the enormous upper body on Michael to a waist no larger than his own. My God, Michael's chest must be way more than double his waist size!

And, then, Kevin noticed that there was a mound moving forward in front of Michael's custom-sized loose cotton training pants that promised to put Kevin's to shame. Michael tensed extra-hard one more time so that the division between muscled human and sculpture blurred and then brought both magnificent arms down so that his hands partially covered the rising of his own appendage.

“Plus, I kind-a think we may get along pretty well, too.” Michael added in with surprising, obvious openness to Kevin. “Look, here's a ticket for a flight next Tuesday, first-class, of course. I'm going to leave it here with the request from Mr. Chronos that you take advantage of this opportunity. Bring what you need, he'll take care of the rest. Now, if you don't mind, I'm kinda interested in seeing what brought Dorian to you in the first place—and your friend there (pointing to the still aroused cock) seems to want a little help right now—and we're alone until we lock up.”

Kevin almost couldn't believe it! This paragon of muscle, the dream- man of his past was actually asking to service him! Kevin did not resist as Michael stepped in closer, reached down and starting lifting Kevin's tight tee-shirt up and over his head. As his upper body came into view, Michael smiled approvingly. Though Kevin's muscles were so much smaller, he was still quite a sight, even for this god-like muscleman. Here he was, finally, some new muscle to be had and Kevin felt like being had right now. There was no way Kevin wanted to end this part of the dream.

Michael's hands moved slowly and deliberately down the length of Kevin's arms as he dropped the shirt to the floor. He paused to take in Kevin's own 22” of bulging biceps and triceps. Kevin did his best to flex as hard as he could as the hot strong hands dug into his resisting, corded flesh. Eventually, the surveying hands wandered onto the protrusions of the inviting pecs. Michael cupped one in each hand and lifted from below as the heavy muscular volumes spilled over the top of his hands and then stiffened into their own rigidity under Kevin's flexing reaction.

The hands moved to the outside of each breasted mass and spent a scintillating amount of time ensuring that each of the wonderful, large nipples attained their own state of solid arousal before moving down over the washboard of rippling abdominal muscles by way of the crisp obliques.

Kevin pushed his own pants down off of his mid-section to the top of his upper legs finally exposing his throbbing member and large testicles to full view. Michael again smiled with an air of approval as he brought one hand to rest heavily on top of the hard, pointing tool and the other around to the twin globes of Kevin's hard, muscle- dimpled, defined posterior.

He pulled Kevin closer to him as he knelt down in front of the exposed muscleman. Lifting up one of his own amazing arms again, Michael placed Kevin's manhood on the joint between the forearm and the bicep. Then, slowly but forcibly, he began to flex his bicep and move his forearm up to the vertical position.

Kevin was speechless as Michael proceeded to capture his cock between the two sections of bulging arm muscles and then began to both flex and rock the arm at the same time. Michael was going to masturbate Kevin with his biceps! Kevin couldn't believe how awesome this was and how amazingly good it felt!

As the pressure on his dick grew to the point of ecstatic pain, Kevin reached down and tried to grab chunks of the giant's upper trapezius muscles and began to knead them as the sexual sensations increased within his embedded cock. Looking down, he watched as the bright flared head of his own cock full of trapped, hardening blood appeared and disappeared from behind the friction producing flexed rocking arm. Then he felt the other strong hand as it proceeded to force the contents of his testicles around between the messaging fingers.

Kevin's mind drifted into a whole new universe of pleasure as he could literally feel the fibers and strength of this man's amazing biceps pumping and crushing around his intensely heated, fully inflated tool. He sent pulsing, pumping signals back through his passionately aroused cock. The hardened muscle smothered it more and more with each stroke. The rhythm of the pulsing slabs of meat became mutual and then increased in pace as each part of each muscular body reacted to the other.

Kevin yelled out in unbelievable pleasure as he watched the first huge load of cum shoot out of the screaming crimson head from behind the hot hard flexed arm of passion and land large on the seat of the flat bench a few feet behind it. Then came the equally powerful second and third and fourth volley creating a sea of white man-milk on the adjacent vinyl.

When he was finally done, Michael released the sore spent prisoner and, without a pause, turned, leaned forward to the bench proceeded to lap up the still warm juices, licking the bench surface clean.

Wiping his face with a handy towel, he leaned into Kevin's face and, as the kiss ended, he whispered “I hope you decide to come, too, its' pretty important to me now.”

As he walked out the door and turned toward the van, he called back to Kevin “Be sure to lock up as you leave.”

Part 3

Premonitions of dawn outlined the enormous stone house as a silouhete against the brightening cobalt blue sky as it perched ominously at the top of the small Austrian Alps mountain. Yellow lights still shown from many of the windows, too many to count as the house kept disappearing behind the stands of trees along the winding driveway that they had been on for well over a mile now.

Kevin's exhaustion from the almost two days of traveling was kept at bay for the moment by the awe of the approaching castle-like facade. The strong solidity of the Art Nouveau stoic building seemed to contrast with the two first class modern plane rides it took to get here. He wanted sleep and a good workout. But, even in this state, his body knew that it needed rest first. The hulk of a chauffeur stopped the Bentley directly in front of the main door to the house; got out quietly; opened Kevin's door; picked up his one bag as if it weighed nothing and lead him to the front door.

At first siting at the airport, it was impossible not to notice that the driver had an obvious sensational build comparable to Michael's astounding proportions under the fitted black uniform. Even in his exhausted state, Kevin could not help but imagine at the quality of the seductively muscled body in front of him as it sauntered up the steps to the door. The back of the perfectly tailored coat caught itself repeatedly on the various back and butt muscles as they each hardened themselves to propel the body to which they were attached forward. The shoulders required the opening of both of the double door panels to permit them entrance while the hips could have easily gotten through a single one of the panels. The triceps hanging from the arm carrying what to most others would have been an extremely heavy large suitcase mooned out the fitted fabric and cut their own defining shadow.

“Wait here.” The handsome face that appeared to be about the same age as Kevin finally pronounced its first words with a discernible German accent as the hulking body showed Kevin into a side room off of the marble foyer. “Would you like some juice?”

Kevin nodded and smiled with the friendliest face his tired body could summon up. He only had to wait a couple of minutes before the instigator of this little excursion half way around the earth entered the room.

“Welcome.” Mr. Chronos beamed as he extended a warm, open hand toward Kevin. “I know you are extremely tired and I won't take up your time with anything too involved right now. I just wanted to tell you how glad I was that you have accepted my invitation.”

“Thanks, but I don't want to start off by misleading you. All I did was to take some vacation time from work so that I could see what this was all about.” Kevin responded directly.

“Good, good. I think that's a pretty smart way to be and I probably would have done the same thing if I were in your place.” Dorian reacted with pleasant acceptance. “Like I said last time we met, you just can't be too sure about things today. Ah, you had ordered some juice. I hope orange is OK?”

The driver reentered carrying a tray with a glass and a large pitcher of juice. He had also removed his coat and tie and was wearing a crisp white shirt, still buttoned neatly at the collar, and his black pants. This gave Kevin his first glance at the incredible size of the man under the jacket. He was enormous—and absolutely solid with muscle. The perfectly fitted shirt arched largely and gracefully over the bulbous mounds that were his pecs and then dove back at almost a thirty degree angle into the small tight waistband of his pants. The short sleeves revealed arms that challenged those he had already seen on Michael. As he raised one hand up to reach across the tray to grasp the pitcher, Kevin watched in disbelief as the bouldered bicep fought to get around to it against the dense protruding pectoral.

“Thanks, Steve,” the host acknowledged the muscled monster. Steve smiled back and, as he turned to leave, Kevin noted how the crotch of the pants moved back outward from the waistband at the same thirty degree angle and tented around a basket mound that promised to be as astounding as the muscle on the same body.

“That was Stefan, but now he likes to be called Steve. Not bad for a man of 84, is he?” Mr. Chronos remarked turning back to Kevin.

“What!” Kevin exclaimed as he caught the glass that almost shook out of his hand in reaction to the deadpan statement.

“Yes, you heard me correctly” Dorian continued as if this were a simple bit of information in a general conversation. “Steve is almost 85 now—and. I promise you, that's what you can expect to look like when you get to be his age if you choose to stay with us.”

“That's not possible! How can that be! What kind of trick is this!” Kevin demanded with growing unsettlement.

“It's no trick, I assure you.” the host responded calmingly. “You have probably noticed that Michael looks like someone about your age but, think about it, he is ten years older than you. He has benefited from the same results that Steve enjoys—that you can expect to enjoy—and that I, too, enjoy.”

“B-b but, it's not possible!” Kevin repeated. “There's no way that can be real!”

“But it is, my fine young friend. I assure you it is.” Mr. Chronos continued. “I know it's a lot to expect you to take in right now, especially after such a long, disorienting trip, but it is all true and I look forward to explaining this to you—after you get some rest. Now, Steve will show you to your suite and we will talk tonight at dinner.”

Kevin sat quietly confused.

“I understand this is all sounds very confusing, but, believe me, it's not. Now, off you go to get some rest.” Dorian concluded as he lead Kevin to the door and delivered him to the waiting Steve.

“By the way” he added as Kevin started up the stairs “I will be celebrating my 97th birthday later this month..”

With that, he turned and walked in the opposite direction.

Sleep came uneasily to Kevin but, eventually, all the confusion in his already blurred mind gave way to the demands of his over-tired body. He must have slept all day because it was dark when he awoke and the clock read 6:30. He got up, wandered from his expensively appointed sleeping chamber through a private sitting room and into what must be his own dressing room. One door lead to a large walk-in closet which was filled with many more and much finer clothes than he remembered packing. The other door lead into a phenomenal bathroom with a large whirlpool tub, walk-in shower and expansive sink counter and full mirrors everywhere.

He slept naked and this was the first he had seen his body in almost four days. Kevin lifted his right arm and watched his spectacular bicep rise and harden simultaneously in three differently angled mirrors. Instantly he felt the blood rushing to reacquaint itself with the muscle that had not been properly stimulated for a long time now. Instinctively, Kevin brought his left arm part way up on the opposite side and pushed it hard against the side of his chest as he witnessed the adjacent pectoral bulge outward and fill up to its greatest proportions, too. The back leg bent slightly as both lower extremities jointed the flesh pumping circus. The ample, but soft, cock and dangling testicles arched outward and forward from the constricted crotch area.

Kevin repeated this movement several times as he felt an increasing flow of warm blood rush happily into it's favorite body parts. A quick set of 40 push-ups and back to repeating the tensing side body pose. His skin began to flush deeper red as the veins pronounced their waiting presence everywhere on the rapidly expanded muscles. Another set of push-ups. Cuts reformed across the massive chest. Abs defined the vertical line of peaks and valleys as each reintroduced itself to the gazer in the mirror. Striations shot out up and down the upper leg muscles and around the moon of the dimpled ass. The balled biceps split into its joined upper and lower parts.

Not bad, Kevin thought to himself after about 15 minutes of posing, flexing and pushing. There didn't appear to be any damage to speak of from the forced break. The heat in his body combined with the heat growing in his mind as he watched his lovingly created monster muscles mold themselves back to their former, hard glory. He reached out and gently fondled pecs, biceps, lats, glutes and quads. His hands encountered the hot hard rock-like resistance they remembered so well.

Kevin swung his body slightly around and was able to get a good view of his equally flushed, thick back muscles . He traced their shadowed dive into the tight smallness of his lower back and the lined outward thrust of each steeled globe of invitingly defined ass muscles. On his swing back, the now equally hot inflated cock announced approval of what the eyes and were witnessing and the hands confirming. After four full days of failing to get any attention for itself, his purple- veined mighty man-tool visibly pumped as it insisted on saluting the man of muscle with its own form of fireworks.

In a moment of inspiration, Kevin began to fill the whirlpool tub with fresh warm water as he continued his personal size enhancing body pump. Within minutes both he and the tub were ready. Kevin got in and found the controls. He set the blowers to their maximum force and then slowly submerged his massive body into the excited waters. Moving to one end, he used the power of his pumped arms to push his upper body out of the water using the ledge at the end of the tub. The full mirror permitted him to watch his glistening, wet triceps and pecs glowing with tensed power as his body arced out of the water. Water dripped provocatively off of his harden, projecting nipples as if they, too, wanted to ejaculate from the forced stimulation.

He lowered himself again and repeated the motion as he watched the same muscles pump higher, fuller and harder. On the next motion, Kevin edged his body over slightly so that the crown of his submerged torpedo passed directly in front of the powerful mechanical openings shooting a painfully hard jet of water and air directly at it. The force hit his piss slit with a power and stimulation he had never experienced before. His ass and cock clenched as hard as they could in an attempt to fight the demands of the driving water/air combination to smash his mighty cock out of the way of their unyielding pressure. The pain of the assault was only outdone by the ecstasy of the erotic stimulation tripping across his entire cock helmet. Then the exotic force ripped across his tingling testicles slapping them against each other and the front of his rockened upper thighs.

He repeated the movement over and over again with growing sense of heat and arousal. His cock hardened even more as the mechanical blow job tried to reach into his groin through the love channel opening at the tip. Kevin winced in uncontrollable pleasure as the most sensitive part of his cock reacted to the full impact of the whirling stimulation. He watched in the mirror at the top of each push-up as his rigidly engaged pecs and triceps quaked maddeningly as the extraordinary stimulation reached deep into their usually overpowering massiveness.

Finally, when he knew he was as solidly ready to accept the full final challenge. Kevin locked his body in its raised, most tensed position with his steely challenging rod head to head against the mechanical onslaught. His pecs and triceps pounded themselves into cords of hot metal. He felt his ass muscles tighten so hard that no human would have been able to penetrate their muscled lock. Kevin's cock held itself rigidly against the attacking focused column of jetting forces as every ounce of his mind locked it into placed. The force became an attack of sensation. Using every ounce of control, Kevin held rigid against the demand to yield.

Kevin endeavored to show this mechanical torturer just who was in charge as he pushed against the impossibly hard current bringing the head of his cock virtually in contact with the jet opening. The pressure became insufferably erotic. Finally, the sensation became the center of the thinkable universe. With one last thrust, Kevin felt the jumbling within his balls as his cannon fired its own liquid attacking agent directly at the unstoppable water/air weapon. He screamed loud and long as the power of his own counter attack flowed forward. The second release came with equal force as did the third.

As the fourth load boomed along the length of the cannon barrel, Kevin's body collapsed fully back into the water with a groan of pure joy. He flipped himself over and laid there in relaxed joy as his cock continued to shoot into the swirling, caressing water. After a few minutes, he knew he was done and, in a more relaxed state than he could remember experiencing for a long time, Kevin lifted his spent, but pumped, body out of the water. He toweled himself dry, shut off the tub and let it drain. If the whirlpool had any sensations of its own, then Kevin was sure that it had to be very satisfied with the large liquid meal which he had just served it.

Stepping out of the expansive bathroom, Kevin's mind snapped back to the reality of the time and place he now occupied. He found that all of his clothes had been neatly hung and arranged at the front of his closet. He grabbed a pair of jeans and his favorite pullover sweatshirt. Dressing quickly, he noticed that his bed had been made up and there was a tray sitting on the bottom edge. On the tray was a pitcher of fresh juice, a filled glass, several different selections of his favorite healthy foods, and a folded note. He filled the glass and drank it in one gulp and then opened the note. It read, “Good morning, Kevin, please join me in the Parlor in which we met yesterday morning at your earliest convenience” and was signed “Dorian Chronos”.

Morning! Kevin glanced up at the windows and noticed that, indeed, it was light now. He must have slept through all of yesterday. After a quick but filling breakfast, Kevin left the suite and retraced his steps from his arrival. The hall was as heavy and austere as the outside of the house. The polished stone walls were sparsely spotted with remarkably realistic painting of appropriately handsome individuals. Kevin noticed that they were all of men and that most of them represented well proportioned persons in various stages of disrobement. Unfortunately, none were of nudes. He did not stop to take too good a look but continued on and down the massive stone stair.

“Come in, come in.” beckoned the familiar voice of his host from the opened double door at the bottom of the Foyer stair. “Welcome back to the real world my sleepy friend. Everything was OK for you? Did you get enough to eat?”

“Yes, thank you” Kevin responded politely and immediately moved to the main question at hand. “So is it now that I finally find out what all this is about and about your very strange comments about you and this “Stefan” guy?”

Of course, my friend.” Mr. Chronos responded. “Please come with me. Let's get started answering your questions immediately.”

“First, I assure you, again, that what I said yesterday is all true.” Dorian continued as he invited Kevin through a set of doors at the far end of the room. “I know it's hard to believe but that doesn't make it any less truthful.”

They entered a very large, many sided room with what must have been at least a fifteen foot high ceiling. At the far back center wall section was a full sized painting of a man wearing what appeared to be a military uniform—it was Mr. Chronos. Flanking it, on their own wall sections, were a series of extraordinarily well executed paintings of various famous bodybuilders from both the past and present, five in all, with one of Michael furthest on the left.

Each of the other men was in posing trunks. Kevin recognized all of them immediately. Each was positioned in what Kevin recognized from all his nights with bodybuilding magazines as their “signature” poses. There was a picture of the man that was the current reigning Mr. Olympia but, as with Michael's he was much smaller in the painting than he was today. Kevin finally recognized Steve as one of very first “famous” bodybuilder's from the mid 1950's. The face was the same, but there was no comparison between the old movie-star body and the one the man currently possessed.

Then there was Mark something-or-other. Kevin remembered seeing him on TV in a lot of those Italian gladiator movies in from the 60's. Finally, there was a painting of Robert Summers, the first major black bodybuilding star. He had opened the door for so many others in the 1980's by winning just about every title back then. Only the 1970's seemed to be missing from the line-up.

The picture of Michael was exactly as Kevin had remembered him from ten years ago. Every painted muscle was beautifully contoured and seemed reflect its own light from within. Graceful lines flowed flawlessly into dark shadowed valleys as one globe of refined muscled massiveness moved into the next major mass of equally sharp meat. Kevin's groin began to react again just as it had a decade ago upon viewing this lovely vision of physical accomplishment.

As his loose pants began to tent out, Kevin shifted his view to the painting of the current Mr. 'O' in a futile attempt to stop the instant muscle growth that he was experiencing in his groin. The body upon which that handsomely smiling image sat was very nice, but very dated in its look. The posing trunks were wide and covered so much more than those used today but they could still not hide the fact that he had, as could be seen in today's magazine pictures of him, quite a lot to hide. The man looked smooth but astoundingly aesthetic. Large muscles moved fluidly into other large muscles. You could almost feel the body dancing through its poses. The vacuumed waist was so small and hallow as if not to exist at all. It was the painting of an exceptionally beautiful man. The total effect merely added to Kevin's own dilemma of arousal.

“I see you like my work.” Mr. Chronos interrupted the viewing noticing the growing affect on the viewer.

“That is where I intend to hang my painting of you” Mr. Chronos continued casually pointing to a blank panel on the far right “once it is finished. That will be your first assignment—to let me paint you as you are now.”

“That's it! You brought me here to do a painting of me?” Kevin responded confused.

“Two paintings, actually. But that is only the beginning of the program.” Dorian smiled with a handsome face of reassurance. “I have done two of each of these men. I believe you recognize most of them as the best bodybuilders of their generation. Well, my finely muscled young man, I am responsible for the success of all of them… and, I might add, am about to introduce your friend Michael to the world of muscle as the next great star.”

“What does this have to do with me?” Kevin continued as the refocused conversation began to permit his cock to return to its' less aroused state.

“Well, I intend for you to be the next muscle great in a few years, about ten to be honest, and I want to sign you up and intend to be your exclusive trainer.”

“But there is no way to get ahead today without doing all sorts of steroids and other drugs that screw up your body” Kevin responded with a sense of determination “and I don't, and won't, do any kind of drugs. Sure, I love bodybuilding and all the muscle stuff, but I refuse to turn my devotion into a destructive process! If you know anything about me, which you apparently do, you know that!”

“Yes, yes my dear young man.” Dorian continued unaffected “You've seen Michael. You've seen how much bigger he has gotten. Yet, can you say that you saw any signs, any signs at all, of the traits that come from excessive drug use?”

Kevin thought. He remembered the wonderful events of that evening just about a week ago. His mind reformed the vision of the beautiful muscle giant that had appeared before him. He remembered the astoundingly defined size; the perfect definition; the fabulous hardness; and the passions and heat of the evening, but he had to admit that there were none of the telltale chemical abuse signs. Michael's skin had been perfect with no blemishes or acne—only fine, hot, paper thin skin glued directly on to hot hard muscle. His pecs had been fuller than any Kevin had ever seen and he remembered the solid, thick feel as his hands had glided over the perfectly formed mounds of meat, but there were no “bitch tits” surrounding the large, tasty nipples. And Michael's upper body had tapered continuously to that taunt, tiny waist with absolutely no “roid gut” billowing out that fabulous abdominal and oblique muscle.

Kevin nodded his agreement as he asked the obvious “But how is that possible?”

“Sit down my friend.” Mr. Chronos went on as he moved behind a large desk in front of his picture and pushed something. The wall sections holding the paintings began to turn slowly. “It isn't, not in the world you understand. But it is here—and, please, be prepared for a bit of a shock.”

Kevin's gasp must have been audible throughout the house as the opposite side of the walls came into view. Each contained the same picture—but it was not the same at all. Every one of the bodybuilder bodies was covered with exaggerated amounts of muscle—but, also, all of them were terribly distorted. The older the image, the more grotesque it looked. The bodies, while massively muscled, were covered with obvious tumors, pitting, welts, discoloration, plus they showed all the other traditional steroid abuse conditions in huge proportions—even Michael's. The one of Mr. Chronos was so distorted that Kevin had to swallow hard to keep from loosing his suddenly churning breakfast.

“What kind of crap is this!” Kevin demanded once he could speak without fear of vomiting.

“I told you there would be two paintings.” This is the other one I have done of each of us here.” Dorian became suddenly humorless. “I, honestly cannot tell you how all this works, I can only tell you that, because of the mixture of our semen with the paints on these canvases, any and all reactions that these gentlemen and I would have experienced through the taking of various chemical supplements are transferred into the image and we not only remain unaffected, but we also cease to age as long as the painting exists.”

“This is not possible!” Kevin blurted.

“Oh, but it is, is!” Dorian assured “and I am proof of it. The first painting was me almost seventy years ago. It was done when I was 35 and first became involved in a unique experiment under force as a young gay male in the German concentration camps. I managed to survive simply because this experiment required a subject to be kept around for a long time. When the Russians closed in and liberated the camp, I managed to get away with the paints with which they were working and the rest is proverbial 'history'.”

“Steve was my first volunteer, There was not much left of his hometown after the war and he was pretty desperate when I discovered him. The idea of turning a starving but pretty young man like him into the great man he dreamed of becoming intrigued me.” Mr. Chronos explained.

“I know this is a lot to swallow but, if you feel strong enough, please come with me to see one more thing.” Dorian invited as he offered a reassuring hand.

Kevin got up weakly and appreciated the chance to get out of view of those disgusting paintings. They went down a long corridor and through yet another pair of doors. Sunlight poured into the expansive gym they had entered. As they walked in the sounds of metal weights clanging ceased and the four men present got up from the various equipment they had been occupying and turned to face the intruders.

But these were not mere men—they were the most astonishingly muscled human gods on which Kevin had ever laid eyes. The faces were all familiar as those in the many muscle magazines and in the paintings. Steve was there. His torso bare to the waist and dripping with sweat and honed muscle that would have served as enough for any two bodybuilders. He was drenched in as much muscle as Kevin had witnessed on Michael. And Michael. Was, indeed, there in all his equal glory. All of these magnificent specimens literally defined the term “muscleman”. Kevin was in a room with more muscle than imaginable. And all of it sharply cut into unfathomable, aesthetic volumes outlined by the stark sunlight soaking the room.

“As I told you, Kevin” Mr. Chronos said interrupting the visual feast “They are all part of our training circle and you can see the truth of the results for yourself.”

Kevin shook his head clear. Sure, this was something only dreams were made of in the mind of every young gay bodybuilder, but it was still the result of drugs—drugs and some kind of voodoo.

“I can't do this Mr. Chronos!” Kevin reacted. “I can't be part of this.”

“That's not an unusual initial reaction my fine young friend.” Chronos replied “But give it just a little time and if that's still the way you feel, then—off to home you will go. I promise.”

Michael suddenly smiled broadly as the huge, hard body moved forward with amazing grace and threw two gargantuan arms around the new arrival. Kevin became enveloped in muscle so thick, dense and warm that he just wanted to let the giant absorb him so that he would become one with all the pulsing muscle.

“I'm so glad you decided to come.” Michael said loudly and passionately as he lean in to the hug.

Kevin was momentarily in heaven once again but, once Michael's head was next to his ear, Kevin heard him whisper “Don't be stupid, if you try to leave now, the only way you'll get home is in a casket.”

Part 4

“Have you heard the news!” Kevin shouted as he rushed into the gym.

It was early in the morning and he hoped he would find Dorian's harem there, as usual.

“They said on the radio this morning that Mr. Olympia was killed in a plane crash in the Italian Alps last night!” He rushed on bringing everyone to an instant stop in their workout..

“You're kidding!” reacted Michael.

“No! No! Honest to God, I heard it this morning!” Kevin went on, forgetting about the distance that had grown between the two of them.

First Michael burst into laugher, then the others joined in as a fifth hulking image stepped out from behind two of the other muscle giants.

“Let me assure you that reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” Laughed the real Mr. Olympia, Jeff.

“Huh! What the—? How can—? Where d—d—?” Kevin stammered in complete disbelief.

“It's OK kid” came a voice from behind him. “It was time to begin the transfer of power and this was the easiest way.”

Kevin spun around to face Mr. Chronos. “What do you mean?”

“Well, think about it logically, Kevin” the head master went on. “If Michael is to assume his rightful role as the next big muscle star of the world, then Jeff has to step aside or be pushed aside, doesn't he. Well, this way, it's easy. In the eyes of the world, Jeff is gone. Now Michael can step right in, after a suitable period of grief, of course, and assume his promised position.”

“Huh!” was all that Kevin could think of to respond.

“Hi, Kevin, I'm Jeff” the reigning muscle demigod announced stepping into Kevin and offering a large, solid hand that was attached to an expanding map of veins and muscle called a forearm. “Glad to meet you. Sorry to do it this way, but Mr. Chronos is right, as usual. He knows how to do this stuff and he's had this planned for quite some time now.”

“Uh, nice to meet you, too.” Kevin stammered.

“Anyway,” Jeff continued “as you know, we don't age, so, if we didn't do this soon, people would begin to talk too much about how we look and that could become quite uncomfortable for all of us.”

“I guess that makes sense.” Kevin responded as he regained his composure.

“This way, I simply disappear for a while and, in the meantime, can go on here doing the two things I love best—getting bigger and getting off.” Jeff added with an obvious smile. “And, I'll bet your hiding just the right equipment for that!”

“Don't let him intimidate you, Kevin.” Dorian jumped in. “After ten years at the top of the bodybuilding world, he's pretty used to getting what—and who—he wants but, actually, Jeff is just a big muscle-headed baby.”

“And he does mean big!” Jeff cut in as he threw the torn sleeve of his sweat shirt up revealing his infamous upper arm.

Jeff quickly brought the arm up into a single bicep pose the likes of which caused Kevin to jump back a full step as the muscle literally exploded out from the body of the arm. Clearly the man had already been doing warm-ups with his arms. How else could the amount of stiffly crafted meat announce its' presence so completely and suddenly. The definition exceeded any Kevin had ever seen in any of the magazine photos. Jeff clenched his fist harder in Kevin's face and the thick veins became even more pronounced as the skin stretched even tighter around the newly expanded mounds of the biceps. The famous double split became so pronounced that it seemed as if there were two separate huge muscles occupying the same space.

“It's hot, hard and ready!” Jeff insisted as he moved the giant so close to Kevin's face that he could feel the heat rising off of the thinly wrapped rock of flesh.

Kevin understood the invitation and reached up. He slowly stroked the leading face with two fingers, gently feeling each and every of the endless number of bumpy fibers that fanned out crisply from the deep valley of the connection with the partially fabric covered ball of the deltoids. His hand traced the deep, curving division between the front mass and the cantaloupe of the upper ball. His entire hand spread out as wide as possible to cap the upper mound and, instinctively, began to squeeze. As Kevin increased the pressure, he could feel it as Jeff contracted the muscle even more. The hot flesh refused to give any ground to the penetrating fingers. The surrounding network of veins throbbed on the underside of Kevin's hand.

Just when Kevin was ready to yield victory to the double domed monster, Jeff straightened his arm and tensed the belly of the even more astounding triceps. The muscle ballooned into what could only be described as an inserted football on the lower part of the upper arm. Kevin let his fingers trace the flow of a couple of the still protruding veins down the face of the lined biceps, over the large collector vein running parallel between the two opposing muscles, and on to the surface of the newly constricted lower mass. Where the biceps had felt like a rich, hard series of fibrous metal, the triceps were a bundling of steely cables spiraling from elbow to outer pec.

It took two hands to get a true sense of the size and strength contained within this instrument of pleasure. It, too, re-solidified as Jeff concentrated on his flexion and Kevin's hands discovered the deep, hidden valley on the bottom that, when exposed formed the muscle-defining horseshoe effect. Even the tendons that disappeared into the arm to connect meat to bone felt as dense and hard as the rest of the massive monument. While the same beauty remained that Kevin had witnessed in the painting of Jeff earlier, this was not the same smoother body that had been depicted at all. It was a rock hard, crystal cut body that had been remade to relish, cherish and honor.

“God, that feels good!” were the first words Kevin heard as he became aware of the hand movement inside the waistband of his sweatpants.

Kevin had been so engrossed in this unbelievable muscle exploration of the (formerly) most highly recognized muscle god of today that he hadn't even been aware of his own “natural” response nor of the fact that it was getting its own attention from the muscle giant. Jeff's free hand had invaded the tented pants and fully grasped the rigid 10” tool that threatened to poke him in his own groin area. His forefinger moved over the top of the hardened crown and tripped playfully back and forth over the slit opening at the tip. Kevin's already perfectly rigid tool tried to respond to the stimulation by twitching harder and higher only to meet the resistance of the brutally strong hand endeavoring to conquer it.

Most of the others, including Mr. Chronos, were very much enjoying this unexpected show. Michael, seeing how lost Kevin had become in his companion's displays, had chosen to leave. Steve, not wanting to miss the final act, reached over and pushed Kevin's pants down around his ankles exposing the rigid red rod, inflated testicles, pumping muscular upper legs, and dimpled striated ass.

Then Jeff took his controlling hand off of Kevin's pipe just long enough to throw his shirt up off of his body and on to the floor. Kevin's reaction to the exposed muscle was instantaneous as his cock pumped wider and grew even stiffer with veins dancing in delight along and around its entire surface. His balls bounced gleefully as the sacs readied their shower of passion-juice.

Jeff brought both massive 27” arms forward and locked them straight and hard on either side of the front of his award-winning dense upper body and grasped Kevin's begging cock with both hands. Jeff's pecs thrust out full and round as these prominent features of the 65” torso became trapped between the two ham-sized arms. Both pectoral mounds creased into lined waves of muscle as they ballooned out several inches between the confining arms and the cleft between both of them. Kevin reached forward with both hands and tried to shove his fingers into the middle canyon. The muscle was so solid that Kevin's hands had no chance.

Sensing this, Jeff relaxed his muscle-crunch briefly, permitting the fingers to penetrate almost up to the knuckle joint. He flexed hard again and trapped all eight fingers within the muscled massiveness. Both men shared equally in the sensation of Kevin's fingers bumping in between the multitude of muscled fibers as they tried to rub up and down inside the valley. Then Kevin stretched his free thumbs over across the hills of meat and let them dance over the ends of Jeff's aroused nipples as his mouth salivated over the visual image of the controlled deathlock of dense muscle constraining his lusting fingers.

The boulders underlying Jeff's skin which he called shoulders cracked and formed a series of sweeping striations disappearing over the top and headed down toward his thickly bound back. Kevin only felt the cloth of his muscled attacker's ballooned pants briefly pushing into his left thigh when Steve pushed Jeff's pants down to the floor too. From his restricted vantage point, Kevin could not see much below the Olympian's 31” waist, but the freshly exposed cock was equal the body to which it was attached. The crown on the fat 12” man-muscle forced itself straight and hard against Kevin's inner thigh. He spread his legs slightly and flexed so that the throbbing crown soon found itself as trapped between Kevin's thighs as his fingers were in the deeply muscled bosom.

Jeff let the underside of the top portion of Kevin's hardened 10” cock rub up again his taut lower abdominal muscles while his hands continued their hard, faster manipulation of the main part of Kevin's broad cock shaft. Kevin pumped ever faster against the containing hands and abs as his own thumbs continued their erotic nipple taunting. Jeff responded with equal passion as his pecs flexed and massaged the groping fingers while his cock pounded within the moist muscular thighs under a growing sensation of enhanced friction.

Jeff hit Kevin with one densely solid painful pec flex that sent shivers of muscle enhanced delight through his engulfed fingers. Kevin's cock took one last jump and pumped hard and high as he felt the warm wetness of the first load splash thickly into the bottom of his hands and his torturer's protruding pecs. By the third volley, the bottom of Kevin's hands and Jeff's pecs were saturated in cum. The sensation of the hot fluid triggered the frictional reaction in Jeff's own tool as his cum spilled hard and heavy like a white fountain out back from between Kevin's legs. He kept up this seemingly endless stream for almost a full minute as Kevin finished his eruptions onto the giantly muscled torso.

An exhausted Jeff released the capture hold on Kevin's hands as the pecs reformed into the two expansively rounded globes of semi-relaxed muscle. Without awaiting any signal or permission, Kevin's tongue moved in on his own juices as he licked the contoured meat into glistening cleanliness and partook of his liquid meal. As Kevin finish removing the last of his deposits, Jeff lifted Kevin's face gently up to his and brought their lips passionately together. Inserting his own tongue into Kevin's parted lips, he took back what he could of the milky serving for his own.

Turning their attention to the spectators, they noted that they had not been alone in their involvement. It was obvious from the white splatterings on the floor that all four, including Dorian, had responded expectedly to the muscle bonding show which they had just witnessed.

For the first time Kevin became aware that Michael was no longer present and realized that it was best that way.

“Well, well,” Dorian interjected “It seems that the two of you are going to get along pretty well. Now, if all of you don't mind, maybe we can get this room cleaned up and, then, Kevin, I need to see you in the studio for your sitting. With any luck, we should finish your first painting today.”

Chronos called for a couple of the servants to come and assist in the cleanup as he, Kevin and Jeff went off in their separate ways to attend to themselves.

About an hour later, Kevin reported to Dorian's private painting studio as requested. Dorian was already there readying his brushes. It had been two weeks since Kevin had first arrived. It hadn't taken long for him to realize that Michael's whispered warning was probably more true than not. After all, since no one had ever heard of this unique individual who had apparently controlled the most elite of muscledom for over half a century now, it was fair to assume that Mr. Chronos had no interest in his secret getting out to the rest of the world.

Secretly Kevin had no desire to move forward with this bizarre program but, at least for the time being, he had no specific plan in place that would get him away from here and give him the peace of mind for his long term safety. As time went on, it became more and more evident that Mr. Chronos had done his homework and knew Kevin all too well. Kevin was sure that Dorian would not stop short of harming his family to get to him should he elect to leave.

At first, he was deeply grateful to Michael for the warning. However, it wasn't long before it occurred to Kevin that, had it not been for the visit by Michael to his gym, he never would have followed through on coming here. All this came to the surface on the third day when he had been assigned to his own house only a short distance from Michael's. On his way back that evening he had passed Michael and they had pretty much had it out very publicly.

In private, Michael had insisted that there was not much he could do without putting his own life in jeopardy. Michael alleged that he had not counted on falling so heavily and quickly for the young Kevin. There had been a lot more that got said between the two. In the end, they agreed it was best just to stay as far apart from each other as possible.

For now, Kevin just wanted to finish this painting and get back to his house where he could think things out on his own. As much as he was appalled by the concept of allowing any kind of drugs or unnatural hormone cocktails into his hard earned muscular body, there was no way he was going to let Chronos be aware of his true feelings. He was, however, cautious enough to be playing the “hard to get” role so that Dorian would not get suspicious at an apparent immediate reversal of position.

“Good, Kevin, we have great light today. I'm sure we can finish this first painting today.” Dorian welcomed his model. “Let's take off that robe and get that magnificent body into position, shall we?”

Kevin dropped the robe onto the floor and moved over to the windowed backdrop of the platform. He immediately did a couple of quick stretches to stimulate his still pumped muscles and adjusted the all- too-small excuse for posing trunks. Mr. Chronos had suggest the provocative mini-thong saying that he liked to dress his men in the outfit that he suspected would be the style of the day when they burst upon the muscle world in about 10 years. He seemed convinced that within a decade the showing of the entire gluteal area couple with stretched fabric that clearly outlined the penis and testicles- almost as if it was painted on—would be the style.

He said that he couldn't wait because this would bring more and more heavily equipped men into the bodybuilding game. In fact, Dorian indicated that Kevin's sizable package had been part of the consideration in his selection. That was why he had mounted the camera in the shower area of Kevin's, and a number of other, gyms. As it was, when he reached up to raise his clenched fists high over his head in his stretched clench “signature” pose, the top of his cock where it intersected his groin was clearly visible. Dorian though this only added to the image. The deep blue stitch of fabric grasped the soft length of the sizable dick and bulged out, yet again, over the large mushroomed cap. Dark crevasses were visible at each side as Kevin's balls pushed the material away from his body creating another inviting gap to each shadowed testicle.

He held the stretch as he clenched his fists forcing his forearms to flare out as full and thick as an average bodybuilder's upper arms. The biceps formed into their opposing half moon spheres as their nearly 22” fullness just about came in contact with his ears. The triceps served as appropriate counterbalances to the bicep volumes as they cut themselves into sharply divided ladders of muscle. Parts of the massive shoulders were just barely visible above and behind the sudden fullness of the voluminous lats. Combined with the still protruding pectoral muscles, it was not hard to see the effect a full 55” of muscle could have visually when appropriately sculpted onto the male upper body.

Rather than forming into two half wedges of the infamous “V” shape down to the ever-so-tight, small waist, Kevin's lats flowed outward from the shoulder joint first before curving lovingly and continuously into the middle of the obliques. Veins caressed and seemed to fondle the fanned muscles as the pose forced them into erotically inviting width.

This width was only further exaggerated by the narrowness of the 31” waist girdle. The chiseled abdominal muscles each still showed in their individual glory even completely stretched out and lengthened. Their extended flatness helped to pronoun the true girth and fullness of the blue-painted package. Only the thick fullness of the upper leg masses seemed to reduce the actual hugeness of the package. Diagonal lines of striation cut in opposing directions across both the inner and outer thighs added to the impression of their power. Kevin had been blessed with small joints at the wrist, elbows, ankles and knees. The result created yet another sizing illusion at the forearms, upper arms, thighs and, especially, the calf muscles. The 21” of lower leg muscle seemed several inches larger.

Dorian had been right to select this pose for Kevin, it exemplified the compelling beauty of his astounding 255 pound body of muscle and made his 5'-10” tall frame seem all that much bigger.

“When this one's done, how long before we start the other painting?” Kevin finally worked up the courage to ask.

“We can start right away.” Dorian answered and added with a smile. “We can begin just as soon as you are ready to give us another one of those fountain shows like the one you had with Jeff. You know, the second one will only work if we mix those paints with your own cum.”

“Is that when I have to start taking the steroids, growth hormones and all?” Kevin asked a bit more timidly.

“Oh, no, my apprehensive friend.” Chronos responded with a noticeable tenderness in his voice. “You can't take any of that stuff until we're done with the second painting. Your cum has to be all natural for it to be most effective. The paint can't decipher what effects to take on if you have disguised any of them in your own semen.”

“Is that why I have to take this blood test every day?” Kevin went on.

“Yes, my friend. Look, I know how hard this is for you, but believe me, you will be fine.” Dorian continued. “It won't be long before you start seeing results on your body that will both astound and please you. And as much as I want to believe that you are beginning to accept this proposition, I need to know that you aren't doing anything, like secretly taking anything now, to interfere with this program until we are ready to begin.”

“How long will that be, then?” Kevin figured it was worth the question.

“It should only take the same two weeks to do the other painting, that is if you can cum like you did today on a daily basis for that long.” Dorian smiled wryly. “Then we will induct your pictures into our “Hall of Infamy” and get you started right away.”

“Oh, cumming is not a problem for me. It never has been. But” Kevin hesitated and then went on, “can I ask why you have to do this every ten years?”

“It's a fair question.” Mr. Chronos responded with apparent sincerity. “It doesn't have to be exactly ten years, that's my choice. If we don't do this regularly, the public will begin to ask too many questions. So, I give each of you ten years of uninterrupted training and then ten years of public glory. Then, as you see with the others, you have, potentially, an endless lifetime of muscle joy and love right here after that. When you think about it, it's not a bad deal.”

“But Jeff is pretty much stuck here now. I mean—now that he's officially “dead.” Kevin pushed forward boldly.

“Only for a while. In a bit of time people will forget him and he can always have some plastic surgery” Dorian said matter-of-factly. “That option is available to any of you if you want. Plus, there are other benefits you will learn about all in good time. For now, I think we're done with this painting! Want to see?”

“Sure” responded Kevin as he leapt off of the platform and moved around to the life-sized image of himself.

He was beautiful! Very, very beautiful! The same light that he had witnessed in the painting of Michael seemed to emanate from within his own exquisitely displayed muscles. Kevin found that he wanted to reach out and fondle his own image. The muscles looked three- dimensional. Sure, he had spent many hundreds of hours gazing at himself in the mirrors but now, for the first time, he was seeing himself as everyone else saw him—not as his mirror image. His cock immediately began to respond by pushing the tiny fabric to limits it was not intended to test.

Dorian noticed the response and quickly released the expanding captive from it's clothed envelope. Kevin did not resist as he continued his gaze into his own muscle bulging image. Before he knew it, he had lifted one arm overhead into the same position it held in the painting and, using his other hand, began to caress the corresponding actual extension of lat muscle. His hand moved broadly and sweepingly to cover every expansive inch of hot flesh and then drifted up the triceps and back down the inflated bicep. He wrapped the hand across the endless broadness of the plated pectoral and down over the dimpled length of the abdominals as his eyes followed the path on the image.

During the process of this self-absorbed exploration, Kevin's cock had responded with full approval and was back at full, blood-engorged attention. Dorian focused all his attention on this particular muscle of interest. His hands gently enveloped the 10” youthful iron- hard erection as hungry fingers sought to learn every exposed inch, each pulsing vein and the strength of the hot hardness. The head bulbed out and flushed itself with pliable stiffness and became hot to the touch as the surface temperature of the sex-rod rose closer to that of the internal body heat.

Chronos' mind began to imagine the extent to which this monster meat would grow, along with the boy himself, over the next ten years. Visions of, at least, a 15” cock attached to a 400-plus pound demigod of muscle danced through his mind as his hands and mouth moved in automatic reaction over the length and breadth of Kevin's already ample steel-hard rod.

Dorian surrounded the broad cap carefully with his mouth and let his tongue pursue the same learning experience that his fingers had just enjoyed. Kevin began to pump back and forth as he drifted further into the connection of his rendered to physical selves. His hands took turns exploring how the pictured anatomy felt as his rocking rhythm increased in response. Chronos gulped in reaction as he was forced to accept more and more of the young man's pile driver with each thrust. He clasped Kevin's equally hot balls in his hands and began stirring their contents.

Kevin fell into lost self-passion as he let the artist continue the internalized anatomical study of his cock while he extended his own exploration of the body both of them had, in their own way, created—one painted and one hot muscular flesh. The mighty cock bulged harder once more as the heat drove a final flush of divine blood into the organ.

Suddenly, the passion fulfilled it's aspiration as Kevin released a volume of his own liquid cream equal to that of just a few hours ago directly into the wanting mouth of his benefactor. Dorian worked hard and fast to swallow each volley as it shot hard against the back of his throat. He managed to take most of the considerable quantity but a few globules leaked out and down the side of his mouth and chin.

When he felt that Kevin had finally finished, Dorian let the still hard tool plop out. He picked up a clean paint rag as he stood back up and wiped his mouth as Kevin's gaze drifted away from the painting and refocused on Dorian.

“Oh, yes, I think we can begin that other painting tomorrow.” Dorian concluded.

Kevin hoped that the muscle contortions resulting from his release of passion juice had hidden his own reactive fear to this unwanted future.

Part 5

Bob, formally Robert, had been selected to become the first black man in the entourage by Mr. Chronos in 1972 and would be 56 in a couple of months. Mark's enlistment went back to 1954 and he was approaching 73. Both men, like the others, still looked to be in their mid- twenties. Both men, like the others, were veritable muscle-gods. Unlike the others, these two lived together in the same house. According to them, it was an almost instant connection when Bob first arrived.

Bodybuilding was not even thought of as a “career opportunity” when Mark was young. Everything he knew about it growing up he had read in the ads at the back of comic books. He had always been aware of his sexual persuasion and had drifted into “performance muscle” when he was discovered by a European movie producer named Dorian Chronos. Several years of making gladiator movies in Italy sure beat the preceding years he had spent struggling as an accountant in a small Midwest town. Now, he had the benefits of both, all the muscle he wanted plus he did most of the “behind the scenes” bookkeeping for Mr. Chronos—and both endeavors were set to pay dividends for life. Plus he had Bob!

Bob's free-spirited personality was exactly the opposite of Mark's when he joined the training camp in the early 70's. Bob's talent was his creative visioning. Offered any set of circumstances, he could dream up a viable scheme, plot or solution. Bob never let the reality of the moment get in the way of the goal and never, never lost hope. He always said his skills came from having to grow up black in the America of the 1960's. Yet, it was the combination of extreme differences that bonded them together. Long nights of arguing over free-love, stay-at-home motherhood, and racism grew quickly into mutual respect and, then, actual love.

Today they were in the gym later than usual because they had been up late at their own little “pot party” the night before. This seemed only natural to them since they had been teenagers during the generations that often partook in these and other experimental experiences. It had also given them a chance to get together with Steve over a number of things and to celebrate what would have been Dan's 63rd birthday.

Though they seemed to be just about everywhere all the time, Kevin had not had a chance to run in to Mark or Bob too much due to his always busy schedule. Today, their late workout put them at the gym at about the same time Kevin arrived. They always seemed friendly and somewhat curious in spite of their more isolated routines.

“Hey, boy, how's the posing coming? Your paintings should be pretty far along by now. When is the great unveiling party?” Bob shouted out as they walked in to the gym. “We're always ready for a good party! It'll sure be nice when you can join in with us on all the fun.”

“I'm not much of a party guy.” Kevin responded with a friendly demeanor. “But, I guess we have a little over a week to go. Today will be the fourth session on the second painting.”

“How's the old “cum machine” holding up for Mr. Chronos paint concoction?” Mark added with a little laugh. “Still supplying all the juice he needs?”

“Un-huh.” Kevin responded a bit shyly. “That hasn't been much of a problem. You know, it just seems a little strange and all.”

“Don't worry, it's fine. We've all been through it “and a lot more—here.” Bob responded reassuringly. “And don't think we're falling for the 'shy little boy' crap from you either. You put on quite a show with Jeff there last week and our presence didn't seem to bother you too much then! Have you two been keeping at it since then? You guys seemed pretty chummy.”

“As you know, I see him over this painting thing. That, alone, keeps me pretty tied up right now.” Kevin replied a bit more guarded.

“How's Mike handling that. Weren't you two 'good friends' before coming here? After his visit to you, he couldn't stop talking about how much he hoped you would come here. God, we had you two hooked up from the get-go.” Bob pushed forward.

“Oh, no, he was just a guy that I had seen a few times at the gym where I used to work out ten years ago.” Kevin reacted quickly. “Then, right after I started he must have come here. I didn't ever really know him at all.”

“Well, he sure seemed to act like there was something there.” Bob went on. “You should have seen him before you came. All he could talk about was the night at the old gym with you and how much—”

“I told you, there's nothing there!” Kevin interrupted curtly. “If you don't mind, I need to get my workout in before going back for my next painting session.”

“Sure, sure, kid. Sorry, we didn't mean to pry.” Mark stepped into the conversation. “Forgive us. Bob can be a lot more forward than most people. We didn't mean anything by it; just trying to get to know you a little better. See, we've been together here for thirty years now. It's been pretty special for us, and still is, we just hope you may be as lucky as us. The other guys seem to like you a lot and, for what little we know of you, you seem like a great kid.”

“Yea, I guess I'm just becoming an 'old fart' like Mark and it's beginning to show. Forgive me Kevin.” Bob laughed with an outstretched hand.

“It's OK! I apologize, too.” Kevin said as he accepted the offer of forgiveness from yet another hand attached to an amazingly muscled forearm. “I guess I've been under more stress than I realize with all these changes and weird discoveries all coming at me so fast.”

“Well, we're all here to help you kid. Don't be afraid to call on any of us. We've all been through it before.” Mark reassured Kevin with the placement of his own muscle supported hand on Kevin's shoulder.

Just then, the large frame that belonged to Steve entered the gym and moved directly back to a flat bench with a quick “Hello” in German, a wave and a smile.

“Thanks, right now, I better get going on my work out.” Kevin concluded. “That's still hard work for me—I don't have the advantage of all the enhancers you guys can have.”

“You got a good start Kevin. Don't worry, you'll catch up in no time.” Mark added loud enough for Steve to hear, too. “We're the two smallest here, by our own choice, but you'll probably outpace Steve over there, and Mike, before you know it—especially under the right guidance.”

Then, Mark closed in on Kevin and added in a low whisper, “And don't worry about Steve just because he has lived in the main house with Dorian for the past decade. We know he can be depended upon when we really need him to be.”

Kevin quietly filed away that curious comment in his mind for future consideration. He simply smiled back at the two men and moved over to a nearby squat machine. Legs were the order of the day for him, that was all he wanted to focus upon right now. Of all the body parts, legs were his least favorite so, of course, he worked harder at them than anything else and the results showed.

Bob and Mark were getting set for a good arm workout, so they went off to another part of the gym and immediately took off their sweat shirts.

Steve was still wearing his sweatshirt which, though it was supposed to be loose, was already stretched to it's limit as his warm-up sets of bench presses had pumped size enhancing blood into his huge male- muscled breasts.

Kevin had learned that it was not unusual at for the guys to work out wearing next to nothing. After all, they were all astoundingly developed men who loved the bodies that had been created for and by them. None of them had anything to hide in the male equipment department either. Kevin guessed that both Bob and Mark were pretty evenly matched there and Steve clearly challenged Mike in the cock department just as he did with the amount of muscle he carried. On the day they had all shared ring-side seats at the Kevin and Jeff show, their spent tools were still pretty hard when Kevin re-noticed them.

Kevin noted today that, while Mark and Bob may be the smallest of the long-timers, each of these colossal muscle men carried a good 70 or 80 pounds of additional muscle on their almost 6' frames than he did. The results were two fabulously sculpted huge-but-lean bodies. The only difference was in the color of each beautifully wrapped package. He watched through his first set of squats as these giants each grabbed a pair of 100 pound dumbbells with which to do their warm-up sets of biceps curls. Kevin loaded his squat rack to 450 pounds for his second burning set of squats as the two long-time lovers moved up to 110 and then 120 pound dumbbells.

Steve finally got up off the bench and removed his shirt as all of his amazing chest meat and back muscle literally spilled solidly into view above the minuscule 31” waist. Even though it was about be become Michael's turn in the public limelight, it was Steve who held the record for the most accumulated muscle in this camp. He had, after all, been here the longest—going on 60 years now according to Mr. Chronos.

Steve, the others had said, was constantly in pursuit of more and more size and would take anything and everything Mr. Chronos offered. Kevin swore that Steve's chest must have grown a good 3” or 4” since his arrival alone. The result was a physical body almost beyond description and a painting, Kevin remembered, almost as distorted as that of Mr. Chronos, himself. As much as Kevin dreamed of looking like Steve, he could not bring himself to image accomplishing this at the physical expense demonstrated in the paintings.

By the beginning of their fourth sets of curls, both Mark's and Bob's biceps had exploded into giant proportions as heavy veins were pushed and pull around under the too tight skin by the rhythmic extensions and contractions. After the fourth sets, they moved on to bent bar curls. The heavily loaded metal bar was no match against the writhing muscle that challenge it. The voluminous muscles sharpened and glistened as sweat began to cover the exposed flesh that moved to attain the full 26” circumference that each man proclaimed.

Both men wore only gray shorts that showed no tell-tale lines of any undergarments as they proceeded further into their workout.. Kevin was doing his normal leg routine and, try as he might to stay focused, could not avoid relishing the view of the twin monsters of muscle as they pushed already overly-large muscle to higher levels.

Steve was still off in his corner, facing away from the rest of them doing incline flies. His chest heaved mightily like two inflated domes visible above his thickly muscled shoulder caps as the arms moved repeatedly outward and then upward. Struggle as he might at the top of the movement, after a few reps, the enlarged volumes of pec meat refused to allow the hands to come together without bending at the elbow joints. He grunted only slightly now and again as he fought to reverse the movement of the 200 pound dumbbells from downward to up using only the marvelous strength contained in the mountainous chest muscles.

Kevin's attention moved back and forth between the two muscle shows before him as his crotch continued applauding both displays.

Mark and Bob took turns as they moved onto the preacher bench that sat only a few feet in front of where Kevin was now doing leg extensions. The men seemed to be enjoying the view of Kevin's not-too- shabby upper leg muscles contorting into bulbous cords of muscle with each lockout at the top of his movements. The work forced the hardened muscle in Kevin's inner thighs to push his own ample fabric- covered cock and balls into a high mound directly in front of their faces.

Kevin, at the same time, witnessed the astounding images of the fat fully-rounded balling of Bob's and Mark's engorged mind-blowing biceps as the enormously heavy weight forced the volume of the biceps forward against the arm-rest of the machine. Shadowed veins and deeply cut striations taunted the young viewer. Kevin's package responded even more by slowly protruding further and further with each of his leg movements.

Noting the response, Mark and Bob took turns standing behind their partner and placing their hands onto other's biceps as they contracted through each frightfully beautiful movement. Kevin could see clearly that, even with the pressure being applied by a correspondingly muscular arm, the owner's biceps were so rock hard that they refused giving permission to damage their cherished pumped volumes. Mark started opening his covering fingers during Bob's upward movement and pinching the rope sized veins causing them to jut out even more. On Bob's last set, Mark leaned over and licked the rigid ball seductively with his tongue. Kevin dared not stand up from the extension machine without it becoming apparent that his cock was now in control of his flimsy shorts.

As if to save Kevin from his own devices, the two men moved back a bit to one of the cable machines and began to work their triceps. As with the biceps warm-up, it only took a couple of sets of rope pushdowns for the horseshoe of muscles to become as largely pronounced as their brothers on the front of the arms. Roped springs of muscle cut their way through the skin running the length of the triceps to define the totality of each of the darkly etched heads with each succeeding set of push-downs. The upper back muscles on each side of the rear of the upper arm mass took on its own sharp definition as the massive backs absorbed a secondary benefit from this portion of the workout. The two guys started to rearrange the set-up so that they could do overhead triceps rope extensions.

Steve was now set to do cable chest crunches in the cable machine next to Mark and Bob. Kevin took advantage of this repositioning to move quickly to the leg curl machine behind and between both cable set-ups. Here he had a great view of all three men as they continued. Bob and Mark faced each other as they went through their sets of extensions. The heavily bellied triceps flared out on each of them and came into huge crisp sharpness as the arms straightened out almost pointing to one another. Each man locked his gaze in on that of his partner. With the second set Kevin watched as the shorts each man was wearing moved out largely and quickly in their own response to each other. By the fourth set, there was no way to deny that they each sported fully engaged erections.

Steve's pecs were virtually impossible to believe as they cut themselves into razor-sharp ribbons of muscled fibers with each crunch. They had to be at least two inches thicker in the middle than Jeff's and projected a very, very solid five to six inches out over the rocklike abdominal area. Each mound shuttered and quaked deliciously as each hand forced over two-hundred and fifty pounds of resistance into the depth of each muscle with every rep. Sweat dripped lovingly off of each nipple as it was channeled to their hardened protrusions by the meandering fan of veins that feed the demanding monsters.

All three soaked, glowing musclemen finished their last sets simultaneously.

“You guys are ready, no?” Steve shot over to Mark and Bob in his heavy accented English with a glance at their tented shorts.

“Sure are!” both men shouted excitedly at the same time. “It's been a while, this ought to be fun.!

“OK, then we get started now.” Steve smiled back.

“Hey kid, you're in for a real treat today.” Bob tossed to Kevin. “This'll be our way of returning the favor of your show with Jeff from last week.”

Kevin returned a curious look as Bob and Mark quickly flipped off their shorts. Indeed, neither was wearing anything else and both heavily heated cocks sprang up and down in excitement as they followed the larger muscle-machine back over to a nearby flat bench. Both of the men seemed pretty equally endowed with a good 13” of fat, hard meat rigidly leading the way as they went by Kevin. Then, for the first time, he caught site of two of the most perfectly sculpted asses he had ever laid eyes upon. His gaze moved back and forth between both sets of undulating cheeks as they tightened and stretched their ridged muscles in the hypnotic rhythm of their walk.

The strength of the gluteal meat was evident in both men by the fact that their butts never looked full relaxed in any part of the movement. Deep side dimples remained visibly surrounded by laddered striations that appeared strong enough to climb. The upper parts of each ass separated widely and sharply as the “Christmas Tree” of the lower back muscles invaded their fullness. Not an ounce of loose flesh was visible in the connecting turns of the lower ass muscle into the backs of the upper legs. Kevin found himself wanting to leap from his machine and dive head-first into the inviting depths created in the middle by the enticingly rubbing masses.

All three men approached the flat bench and then, turning, beckoned Kevin to join them. Ignoring his own hard-on, Kevin jumped up and moved over to the foot of the bench where they had pointed. Bob stepped around a pulled Kevin's shorts off exposing his not- insignificant excited 10” tool. Bob briefly stroked it gently along the top as if he were petting it and smiled at the younger man. Kevin's cock responded by wagging up and down like a good, happy puppy.

Kevin's mouth fell open as Bob then unveiled Steve's cock. Kevin could see that it was already writhing with anticipated excitement as the gargantuan head seemed to, first, crawl down Steve's upper leg. Then, when it was over a foot long, it began to thicken past the 2” wide point and move up and away from the expansive leg mass. Soon, 14” of semi-erect cock arced out from the groin revealing two balls the size of Florida juice oranges. Kevin's gaze was transfixed.

At first he did not notice as Mark and Bob secured two bottles of oils from and adjacent shelf. They poured generous amounts into their hands and each began the process of massaging Steve's pecs into glowing glory. The massive amounts of meat moved heavily in their hands and spilled out solidly between their widely spaced fingers. Clearly they had done this before and were enjoying doing it again very much. Oil ran generously down each side of the abdominal muscles and the men fondled the stiff washboards to a matching glow like the pecs. Cupped hands simultaneously tweaked the large brown nipples to full arousal as Kevin stood aghast as the globed pecs stood out fully and broadly over the large hands cupped beneath them.

Four hands strongly caressed the two giant 31” arms that had been pumped hard under the heavy demands of the earlier chest workout. Finally, huge amounts of oil were applied to a pair of forearms that would have served as upper arms for almost any other bodybuilder. Kevin guessed that the upper part of the forearms must have be 24” in circumference when fully flexed.

By the time they were done, Kevin found himself staring straight on at the hot flaring head of a fully erect 15” long by 3” wide monster organ. Kevin could see the blood pounding through the giant instrument of torturous pleasure as the head pumped up and down a couple inches in it's raw powered excitement. A thick network of veins appeared to anchor this pile-driver of meat like steel reinforcing rods to the groin at the broad, solid root. Just like the man of muscle in front of him, his cock looked strong enough for Kevin to stand on without affecting it.

The intimidating tool moved down and away as Steve sat on the end on the flat bench and then launched itself into an upright pylon as he laid back on the bench. Letting his arms go wide and pushing his hands almost down to the ground, Steve's pecs, fully stretched, still carried thick arches across each side of his upper torso. The huge volumes of lat meat hung heavily well beyond each side of the supporting metal bench. Again, the arms moved up and down several times offering Kevin a new show of the pectoral's strength and thickness as they were pinched together between the ham-sized biceps and triceps.

The glistening tower of muscle brought his arms rapidly together and apart quickly several times bringing the mighty chest into fully pumped glory once again. After a couple of these weightless flies, Steve announced that he was ready and lowered his arms widely one last time. Kevin was caught by surprise as Bob tossed his bottle of oils and told him to do Steve's cock.

Having missed the catch, Kevin was even more surprised when he turned back from picking up the bottle. Steve had brought both forearms up vertical to the floor with his upper arms still outstretched. Kevin had, of course, expected that Bob and Mark were going to get a bar and load it up for Steve. However, instead both men were straddling the broadly muscled forearms. It was only then that Kevin, shockingly, surmised what they were going to do!

Each of the 320 pound “little” musclemen grabbed each of their marvelous ass cheeks with their hands and pulled them as far apart as possible. Then, gently at first, they positioned their respective sphincter holes over the waiting fists. Kevin's mouth opening shock continued as he witnessed Steve's fingers reach up and begin the process of slowly invading the waiting love tunnels. The heavily oiled digits danced playfully under each fabulously carved posterior and then, one finger at a time, slowly opened the muscle ringed doors.

Both men groaned with delight as the fourth finger rounded it's way inside and the thumb closed in right behind. Then they, too, disappeared into the hot yearning caverns with louder responding groans of passion. Kevin swore he heard the “plop” as the knuckles popped the muscles that guarded the gateway point as sounds of clear painful ecstasy emanated from both men. All too quickly, the rest of the hand and the first 4 to 5 inches of the narrow part of the forearms were gone. The resulting reaction by the two lovers was a simultaneous display of muscle undulation stimulated by sensations of pure eroticism up and down the beautifully defined cheeks of ass muscles as they merged with the heavily muscled forearms

Then, without warning, both men squatted suddenly until two-thirds of the mighty leading arm muscle was within them. They forced themselves down harder with wincing pain as, maybe, another inch of the rapidly widening muscled invaders penetrated. At this point, it was clear that the opened orifices had permitted as much girth inside as they would allow willingly. Kevin's shock turned to disbelief as the gargantuan arms suddenly turned to sharpened muscle-rock and began to move upward. The heaving chest exploded into a million strands of steel as it absorbed the challenge of lifting over 600 pounds of living impaled weight.

Groans turned into screams of mixed delight and sheer pain as the feet of the trapped slabs of breathing beef left the floor. The overworked chest crimsoned itself from striated rock to diamond hardness under the heated pressure. All three involved cocks responded by matching themselves to the look of the chest hardness and bouncing in gonad driven pumping rhythm. The forearms forced their way in, perhaps, another inch until the impalement formed a complete weld of muscle between the connected body parts. At the top of the movement, the protrusions of the tensely striated chests of the two riders smashed together as hard as any two steel dumbbells as two supremely rigid cocks crashed into rock hard lower abs. The resulting confrontation of steeled body parts to steeled body parts only increased the overall stimulation for all involved—including Kevin.

Kevin's gaze drifted down to the amazing pectoral mountains on the German Alpine giant that now stood so high as to deserve to be named. This brought the unyielding flagpole that was Steve's cock back into full view, too. Remembering the bottle, Kevin dumped a large amount of oil into his hands and attempted to wrap both of them around the flared crown. The amount of heat within its hardness was the first thing Kevin noticed. Then, as his hands moved down the unending length of the arm-thick pole, he, again, astounded himself in the sensation of the hardness of this amazing tool. The rigidity was so complete that his hands bumped heavily across a series of veins that had no space left in which to move and just stood there in rigid glory and pumping with their own hardness as blood enriched flesh consumed every micro-millimeter of space.

Steve groaned loudly under the feel of Kevin's hands attempting to manipulate his enraged cock while his chest screamed for more focus on it's need for strength. He was in his own form of heaven—as were Bob and Mark. By the third rep, the three working musclemen were equally engaged in contracting every ounce of strength out of every muscle on their inhumanly muscled bodies while heated juices stirred to readiness in their testicles. Shivers of density inducing muscle quaking flowed across and around the embedded bodies threatening to expand all the staggering muscles beyond the limits of the thinly defining skin.

Kevin felt the first rush of fulfillment as Steve's cock hardened suddenly and forcefully to the point where, even with all his considerable strength, Kevin would not have been able to move it from it's reinforced vertical position. The sense of the impending eruption rumbled from deep within the solidified monster and moved outward as dense vibrations into Kevin's hands. The rumbling intensified as the hot love lava gathered at the base and heated with explosive power. Then it shot!

It was not a load of cum, it was a fountain of cum! The thick stream would have traveled several feet into the air had it not been for Kevin's quick reactions. His open mouth caught what his face did not get as thick cum splashed painfully hard into him as he continued to stroke the throbbing 15” column. The second flow started even before the first on had ended and was delivered out from the shaft with equal force. By the time of the third eruption, Kevin was able to get his opened lips secured over the slitted end of the belching chimney. His mouth could not fully devour the extraordinarily large crimsoned head, but was able to get a good solid grip over it as he lapped up the remaining white showering.

Bob and Mark came almost at the same time sending long tubular spurts of liquid white arcing across the air at each other as the volleys splashed first on the lower abdomen of the two living weights and then downward creating the effect of snowcapped mountains on the vibrating pecs of the anal invader.

One last rep and all three men collapsed into a pile with the two “smaller” men laying in their own cum on top of the larger giant's hot, quivering pecs. Bob looked over at Kevin's as of yet unleashed rigid tool and said. “I think you may want to take that thing over to the art studio before it goes off here and ruins your chance at a posing session today.

Reluctantly, Kevin finished one last long lick of the still rigid pole he had been enjoying and headed off with his own cock stiffly refusing to go down until it got it's own milking.

Part 6

It was moving in on 8PM as Jeff started out toward Kevin's house.

After their first encounter, Jeff had been afforded the benefit of “milking” the newest member of the muscle flock at the painting posing sessions. As a result, he was all too familiar with the young man's body and felt he had developed a good handle on what and how to stimulate this wonderful new play-toy. Sure, Kevin wasn't as big as any of the rest of them—yet—but Jeff knew there was something special there to be had.

Besides, Mr. Chronos had told Jeff that, with the newest line of steroids and growth drugs that were about to come out, Kevin would become the biggest and most amazing muscle stud of all of them. There was no way Jeff was going to pass up this opportunity for any reason. He had worked hard to try to build on Kevin's confidence and Dorian had encouraged him to develop as much trust as possible. After all, it would be a real pity if Kevin wouldn't come around and accept his obvious future.

The path brought Jeff in site of Michael's place and a significant level of emotional discomfort entered the mind of the walking compilation of honed muscle. Jeff knew what he had signed on for those twenty years ago but it was just hard to accept that his time in the limelight was now over and the baton was being turned over to this next generation of muscle definition.

Jeff reaffirmed to himself that, like Steve, he was going to partake of every new drug and additive that Mr. Chronos presented to them so that he would become bigger and better than Michael could ever imagine. Look at Steve, he had managed to grow to be as big as Mike in just the last few months and, recently, had been making remarkable gains.

Of course, ever since the issue with Dan ten years ago, Steve had gotten all sorts of advantages. Jeff had thought that, considering his relationship with Dan, Steve should have been the last one to get this close to Mr. Chronos. Maybe it was their common European heritage that kept them together. All Jeff knew was that if something new was on the horizon, Steve got the advantage of having it first and getting the most. They were all anxious to understand just how it was that, suddenly, Steve's cock had also kicked into the growth process to the point where, at it's rate of expansion, that, too, would soon pass the inhuman capacities of Michael's. Sure, all of them had experienced some ongoing benefits, but nothing like that of Steve—and Mike.

Shifting gears, a small smile crossed Jeff's face as he went past Michael's knowing that he was apparently not alone in his growing dislike for Mike. Kevin had, since just after arriving here, made clear his distaste for the ultimate muscle giant. From bits and pieces of comments during the painting sessions, one could gather that Kevin held a deep contempt for Michael's overt sexual methods in luring Kevin here to his trapped destiny. Kevin seemed unaware that, through these comments, his deep-rooted reluctance to accept the life direction being offered to him was made apparent. Jeff hoped that this stubborn young man would come around soon. It would be such a shame to loose him to his own resistance to growth possibilities.

As he passed by Mike's house, Jeff's mind raced back to the beginning of Kevin's painting session earlier today. The boy had arrived excited and ready. Dorian was not yet there but seeing Kevin fully aroused got Jeff going immediately as he rushed over to greet his young charge. The boy's muscular body trembled as it was enveloped in the longing embrace of the “recently deceased” Mr. Olympia. Jeff remembered how much he loved the feel of the emotionally vibrating muscles covering the young body as they twitched spasmodically under his skin.

Jeff enjoyed surrounding the fresh new body with his own significantly larger muscle mass and combining his warmest hugs with spastic contact flexing. Intermittent flexion turned a simple hug into sensory overload as thickly ballooned muscles pounded into instant hardness as if to create a full body massage from a full body. Pecs pummeled into pecs. Radiating lats flared and consumed voids. Waist-sized biceps and triceps threatened to crush with love. Uncaring thighs entrapped tender groins in heated prisons.

It wasn't long before both of them were fully aroused with all their precious muscles in the glory of fully pumped growth. Hands explored previously discovered volumes of muscle as if they were experiencing it for the first erotic time. Lust conquered all as Kevin found himself face to groin with to fullness of Jeff's manmade ruler. Jeff was all the more excited at the musky smell emulating from the excited newcomer—unaware that Kevin still sported the remnants of his most recent encounter with Bob, Mark and, mostly, Steve and his prodigious member

Kevin seemed to enjoy the handling he got from Jeff, and that was all Jeff needed to know—for now.

The studio was filled with the brilliant light that Mr. Chronos converted almost magically into his life-like renditions of the pre- drug musclegods. The sunlight dripped fully off of the two great musclemen and they moved together in their collected massiveness and off to the side of the room where they usually performed their mutual admiration. Jeff had already set the bucket in place to collect Kevin's magic painting transforming elixir. He knew that Dorian would still be about 15 or 20 minutes. Since the vital cum had to be fresh and used within a couple of hours in the painting, this left time for some much loved foreplay with the boy before he had to deliver the goods into the lucky, waiting container.

Kevin saw the array of toys and, from his encounters with Jeff in the last few days, he knew what the muscle giant wanted. Kevin took sadistic pleasure when they got to play this way and the erotic stimulation made him all the more productive in his ejaculations.

Jeff started, as usual with his own special posing routine for Kevin. His body shown fully pumped and prepped. Kevin loaded up the barbell mounted in the waiting Smith rack with 630 pounds in heavy clanging plates as Jeff stepped into position with his hands securely grasping the steel weight bar on either side of his bulging trapezius muscles behind his neck. Kevin stepped up behind the excited giant with the leather straps and excitedly corded one around each wrist so as to bind to throbbing mound of muscle to the bar at each hand.

As he did this, Kevin let his own hardened upper body rub deeply into the captured broad, thick back. Jeff responded immediately by forcing his boulder sized shoulder muscles down as low and hard as possible. The moons of muscle formed long arcs of linear craters as the various strands separated into their individual ropes. The resulting flex brought the entire array of bulging back muscles to scored hardness as they fought back against the pressure of the full young pecs attacking them. Kevin tensed hard in return and looked down at the amazingly deep double valley formed between his pecs and the even thicker sets of impenetrable back muscles resisting them.

Shoving his hips forward, Kevin's cock slid resistingly up over the crest of the invisible rocks that served as the top of Jeff's ass and pointed upward resting the crown in the deep valley at the small of Jeff's lower back.

Peering into the cavernous shadow between them, Kevin could see the tip of his aroused manhood looking back at him. Jeff crunched again, hard and fast and sent a spasm of back muscle cording suddenly so thick that Kevin's pecs were bounced away from the resulting angered, petrified muscle. This provided Kevin with an unobstructed view of the writhing muscle machine before him. Snake after snake of voluminous muscle piled on top of and around one another as the lats formed into broad tubular bands and fanned ever wider from the impossibly small waistband.

From only about a foot across at the base, the two sweeps of ribbed erecting muscles literally flew outward and upward until the tips of the mighty fans were a full four feet apart. The traps refused to permit the hundreds of pounds of applied weight resting on them to even dimple the glowing muscle supporting it. Kevin's hands reached out to the upper flair of each of the ham-thick side muscles and fully embraced as much as possible (which wasn't much at all) within his outstretched digits. Fingers slipped from mounded snake to mounded snake ever downward and inward until they, finally, found the very bottom of the inverted crescents.

Sweat covered palms traced over the short distance to the racks of impressively strong lower back muscle that bumped along in the harsh light forming a fully dimensional inverted “Christmas tree” that appeared to have been driven into the top of the platformed gluteal masses by their own formidable strength. The domed marvels were more massive than those aesthetically sculpted ones that graced the backsides of Mark and Bob but they surrendered nothing in sheer desirability.

Knowing that they would soon be the subject of the coming gratification procedure, Kevin caressed each doomed plated sphincter protector and marveled in the solidity of these gluteal monsters. Just for fun, he tried to force his exploring hands in between these granited slabs and met with the usual unfathomable resistance. Sensing the desire, Jeff relaxed just long enough for the begging hands to dive down to the base of the clifted sides. Then the muscle- trained regemortice set in again with painful results on the unprotected fingers.

Kevin challenged the resistance by tensing his fingers and attempting to push the clenched masses of desire apart. The strong fingers were forced by the bulges of muscle into the shallows created between the lumped striations that had become a signature of the award-winning muscleman. Kevin's own significantly sized biceps, triceps and forearms formed into responding cut hardness as the fingers fought their valiant battle against the protective posterior globes.

After a moment or two, Kevin was prepared to surrender victory to the entrapping masses. With an unseen smile, Jeff released his conquering hold and Kevin quickly removed his hands taking them immediately all the way up to the protrusions that Jeff called his trapezius muscles.

Instead of enjoying the inviting pleasure they offered, Kevin quickly shot back to the securing straps and wound them around bar and wrists a couple more times making sure that the giant was completed secured to the metal tube. That would teach Jeff to toy with Kevin's hands that way again!

With a last, longing glance at the rear muscle spread before him, Kevin moved widely around to the front. The 27” arms stood full and readied. They twitched between semi-hard and fully rigid as they awaited the oncoming invasion the body knew was imminent. From this view, the shoulders appeared more like speared basketballs as they arched like looming hills over and in front of the weight bar. Kevin's hands traced their still-divided contours as he reveled in their heated excitement.

Pecs stretched endlessly from one wide shoulder to the next separated only by the sharp cleft between their own attention grabbing hugeness. Hands tripped lightly, almost ticklish, as they found and provoked the broad nipples to pointed resplendence. The full 65” circumference of the upper part of the crucified muscle formed was exaggerated by the smallness of the tight, 31” muscular waist. The body bespoke the power of muscle to conquer at all odds.

The trunk-like 38” upper legs were poised and ready for the coming onslaught against their inhuman capacity. The same piling of angular snakes visible on the back defined the inner and outer upper thighs as two giant pythons crawled vertically between them on each leg and disappeared behind the twin lined teardrops above the knees. The lower legs were as widely spaced as the heavily muscled body would allow yet the two calf muscles zoomed out so sharply at each other leaving only a few inches between their combined masses.

As if to signal that everything was ready, the other metal pole, the one attached to Jeff at the groin, bounded up and down a few times in anxious anticipation. Kevin stepped closer as the fleshy tube beckoned him and, reaching forward, petted the begging lust animal in long, reassuring strokes. It responded like a gleeful puppy by pushing it's excited head up against Kevin's living hand. Out of fear of causing a premature reaction, Kevin stepped away and over to the waiting array of toys.

None of the assembled dildos were less than the 12” length of the real thing that Jeff sported. Kevin selected the third largest, a wrist-thick 15” flesh colored giant. He showed it to his captive who merely shook his head and suggested that they go for broke today. Kevin returned a questioning look but was assured that it was time to move to the limit. Turning back to the array, the boy removed the heaviest of the objects—an 18”long x 3 ½” wide black lacquered threatening instrument. Jeff nodded his acceptance.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about each of these playthings was the coil of thick, industrial spring that extended a couple of feet beyond the base of each one. Kevin greased up the elected torture device and returned to the heaving, secured muscleman. Jeff's eyes widened in a combination of glee and fear as Kevin showed him his challenge for today up close. Kneeling on the floor in front of Jeff, Kevin fastened the bottom of the spring assembly to a plate directly below the muscled mountain.

Kevin's arousal was enhanced as he noticed the sweat that was dripping profusely off of the poised demigod as he positioned the crown head of the menacing latex tool directly in contact with the sphincter opening that had, to this point been so well guarded by the luscious rectal cheeks. Turning over and laying back, Kevin placed his head on the floor directly in front of the coiled metal so that his face was immediately below the heavy hanging testicles. He really liked the resulting view.

From where he was, juicy male sacs dangled above his salivating mouth and his eyes were privy to the scene of their fullness topped by the broadness of the extended male measuring rod. It pumped and flared as the pounding heart turned the excitement to visible throbs in the imposing human tool. The crease running the length of the bottom of the ample head wound its way into a shadowed smile below the flaring crown. The bulge of the usually tender delivery tube along the bottom of the shaft appeared to have achieved a solidity consistent with the rest of the protruding organ.

Above and beyond were the two massive flatly-rounded pectorals. These heavily fleshed mounds heaved all the more fully as the time involved supporting the heavy weights while the remainder of the setup had taken place had caused the giant to become anxiously aroused. Light reflected off of the two aroused down-pointing nipples as flicks of sweat were tossed off of their vibrating endpoints by the quaking pectoral muscle. From Kevin's angle the considerable male breast meat was visually overwhelmed by the foreshortened domed thickness of the unbelievable latissimus volumes.

Kevin was also able to focus on the beauty of the soon-to-be assaulted gluteal globes. They stood there armed and ready to face the challenge. Based on Kevin's recent experience with Jeff ass muscles, he could not imagine these mighty masses falling to a simple piece of formed plastic, no matter what the size of the attacker.

With a simple “OK” the field of muscle that filled Kevin's range of vision began to grow—or so it seemed—as all of the sharply defined massiveness moved downward toward his face in it's first forced squat. At first, the powerful spring was no match against the ass cheeks and their years of strength building reps. Then, as the applied pressure within the spring was increased the muscle fought harder and harder against the coiled metal and mounted plastic. The moving rear cheeks striated themselves in both directions as they automatically endeavored to perform their assigned task to protect the giant's love-hole from invasion.

Ultimately, the ringed shadow surrounding the flesh opening became visible as the cheeks began to separate. The ring began to darken as it was both pushed inward and stretched simultaneously. Kevin watched as the ebony attacker's gargantuan head began to push in to the channel opening Kevin witnessed as the body of muscle above him visibly hardened to a stone-like appearance as it all entered into the invasion resistance movement.

The lats rippled in waves of solidarity followed by the hanging triceps. Then the abs undulated like waves moving to shore as they tried to apply external pressure internally so as to refuse room into the internal organs being invaded.

As the hardened mass of muscle continued down, ever closer to Kevin's face, the 4” wide extruded head unfeelingly insisted on entry. The sphincter skin stretched red as all the muscle began to yield to the contradiction of weighted gravity and upward pressure. Suddenly, with a corresponding scream from the victimized god, the ring of opening muscle snapped back from the head's widest girth as it clamped around the slightly narrower column of the shined thick awaiting shaft.

This moment of conquering entry always sent shivers of erotic excitement throughout Kevin's body and down into his groin. The site of this extraordinary fabricated monster succeeding over the glory of the muscle it challenged nearly caused Kevin to ejaculate on the spot but he didn't went to miss the rest of the show. Using all the physical control left to him, Kevin talked his demanding cock and balls into holding out for just a bit longer.

Jeff did not stop in his pursuit of the perfect rep. All that was left now was for his amazing body to absorb a foot and a half of unforgiving molded material! He continued to force his way down as the pressurized object penetrated ever further. Inch by inch it worked it's way in and forced acceptance by the violated tunnel as Jeff's cock and balls danced in painful sensual excitement.

The coiled spring forced more and more of the thick black assaulter into the tearful man as pure physics took over the puncturing activity. He had taken the 15” instrument before, but this was 20% longer and over and inch bigger in circumference. He continued more slowly on the weighted downward drive. Kevin's awe was endless as less and less of the black column remained visible.

Finally, two things told Jeff that he had been fully conquered. First, he felt the ring of the compressed spring at the bottom of his magnificent ass muscles signaling complete immersion of the ebony giant. His guts were filled beyond any previous level of imagination. He dared not loose his balance in fear of endangering the already shifted internal arrangements within his body. His astounding muscle had been created and formed to resist any challenge offered from the outside—not from the inside.

Second, and even more joyfully, he felt the teasing and lapping of Kevin's well-trained tongue on his jiggling, excited testicles. The boy had an amazing talent and knew just how sensitive his distended globes of joy-juice could be when appropriately stimulated. The warm wetness he felt on the outside of each sac served to further heat the internal liquid gyrations occurring within them.

After a perfect but sensually painful two-count, using all his considerable leg strength, Jeff reversed the motion and began forcing his body upward. The colossal leg muscles snapped into chiseled hardness as they undertook the double demand of lifting the weighted body and forcing the release of the taunting tool. Having been through this before, Kevin instinctively reached over his head with both arms and grasped the tightly coiled spring hard as his own biceps became springs of resisting muscle assisting the forced removal of most of the length of the intruding tube. The sheer size of the embedded object required the use of more strength than was expected by the boy at first.

Kevin could hear as the resultant internal vacuum sucked the inside flesh lining against the fabricated tubular material. When the full length of all but the expansive head had extracted itself, Kevin released his muscled hold so that the mushroomed cap remained within the victimized muscle giant.

As with any good set, Jeff began to repeat the downward phase for the second rep as the column of blackened imitation penis reinserted itself with no less intensity. This time, he remained lowered for a full three count giving more pleasure for Kevin's tongue to perform it's erotically stimulating service on the increasing agitated balls. Jeff's cock reacted by seeking to attain a level of hardness equal to that of the manmade penatraiter.

An additional second was added at the bottom of each succeeding rep. By the eighth rep, Jeff's entire massiveness was palpating with overly stimulated breathing. Kevin's own cock was reacting to the excitement from the show of human-built strength and non-human conquest. The ninth rep proved to be all that Jeff could handle on this set as his cock cannonized itself to eject the first of many, many volleys. As soon as Kevin noted the coming eruption, he jumped into action and was ready to catch the first issuance of yet another partaking of muscle-juice into his gaping mouth today.

Jeff's extraordinary body could no longer be contained as the spasms from his own ejaculations shuttered his muscles beyond rock and literally ripped the binding straps apart freeing the bound muscle to explode to it's most gigantic proportions for a visually erotic instant.

The resultant issuance of liquid warmth filled Kevin quickly as it shot endlessly from the heaving fountain sculpture. Recognizing his own cues as he reacted to the final images of muscle before him, Kevin grabbed the waiting pail and began his own flowing cascade of cum turning the bottom of the pail into silky whiteness.

That had all been a good 6 hours ago and Jeff figured, as he walked up to the front door of the house, that Kevin should be good and ready for a “night-cap” by now. Even though no lights were on, Jeff rang the bell. When, after close to a minute, there was no answer, Jeff both rang the bell again and knocked. Still no response. After the third attempt, Jeff became angrily frustrated.

Kevin had become reputed to be pretty much of a homebody. They all knew that, regardless of what he was beginning to profess, he was still probably not completely sold on this idea of crossing over to the “druggy” side of their culture. The kid wanted muscle, that was for sure. He had one hell of a beginning, that was obvious. He made no attempt to hide how much he enjoyed the view, feel and sensations experienced from his new fellow muscle-growth buddies.

Oh well, it would come with time, Jeff thought to himself as he turned to head back to his unit. And when the time came he, Jeff, was going to be sure that Kevin partnered with him! If Jeff was expected to give up all the glories of the “real world” that had been his for the past decade, then the least that Mr. Chronos could do was to make sure that Kevin was his boy! He had earned that right.

On the way back, Jeff noticed that the lights were on in Mike's bedroom and on this warm summer evening, the window was cracked open. Figuring he might be in for a possible show of his own, Jeff crept around and peered up over the bottom sill.

There was the heir-apparent himself all right. Nude and hard—completely hard! Mike's taut left arm caressed the astounding several inch thickness of the striated right breast as his right hand gave equal service to a cock head that more matched the size of the dildo that had found its way into Jeff's ass earlier today. Shit! That sucker was beyond big! And every part of the posing muscular body was equally proportioned to the gigantic male member.

The valley in the horseshoe shaped triceps alone was a good 3” to 4” deep. The coiled muscle wound insanely around the shadowed depth from corded front tendon up and around the football sized belly below the bulbous shoulder over to the back part of the elbow. Every part of the mighty triceps jumped and twitched invincibly as the hand fought to contain whatever small amount it could of the human totem pole that could no longer just be thought of as a cock.

The half hidden massive bicep buried itself into the side of the carved moon-sized pec thrusting it forward several inches beyond the man's chin. A wave of undulating muscle flowed outward as the movement of the hand, translated through the biceps and triceps, activated different muscled parts of the triple-E sized tit in the action.

Just as Jeff was about to release his own cock in its demand for attention resulting from the display, another naked body stepped into the bedroom and up to the alter of muscle awaiting it. Of all people, it was Kevin!

In his shock, Jeff only caught bits of the whispered conversation as the muscle boy and the muscle god came together in an embrace of naked muscle melding into muscle.

“—only three days—painting will be done—it's all set—I promise—stop worrying—he's got it under control—it's set at the house—soon, honey, soon—”

Anger overcame any desire on the part of the peeping dejected silhouette of muscle. There was no way this stupid little shit of a kid and this arrogant muscle-title claims-jumper were going to get the best of Jeff. Whatever they were planning, they'd better just forget it. Kevin was going to be his—or belong to no one!

Shoving his deflated instrument back into his loosened pants, Jeff turned with no more interest in the pending muscle and lust show and headed directly up to the main house.

Steve was nowhere to be seen. Dorian was up and in the study.

Part 7

A double dose of an amazing muscle adventure had been promised by Mr. Chronos for today. The big day had finally arrived for both Kevin and Michael. The last four days had been absolutely crazy as everyone shifted into high gear and had worked out alone to get to today.

Tonight, much to Kevin's chagrin, his paintings would officially be unveiled and he would have no choice left but to begin his drug- assisted, decade-long climb to the ultimate muscle throne. Dorian had already outlined a frightening program of brand new steroids, growth hormones and performance enhancers that were not even available to the public He promised this would add over 200 pounds of new muscle to the newly time-frozen young mans body.

But, first, Michael was to premier the posing routine designed to showcase this newest muscle dream to the world of muscle-starved young men. Chronos said that Michael had been on an accelerated stimulant program for the past few days designed to strip his body of any superfluous non-muscle related elements while, Dorian promised, adding yet another 10 to 20 pounds of glorious muscle to his overall development. If true, this would put Michael in the 400 pound range of pure sinew and muscle.

In view of accelerated public desires world-wide for more and more muscle on the new professional giants, Chronos had determined that it would be beneficial to push Michael even further than initially planned and so all stops had been pulled out on the promotion of “Michael—the amazing muscle machine”—at least that was what was programmed to be his tag line.

They gathered in the small auditorium at the main house that usually served as a private movie theater. The screen had been removed to reveal a rather large stage. Lighting had been coordinated and set to show a perfectly muscled body to it's greatest advantage. Having removed them from their typical hanging place and forming a sort of a half circle at the back of the stage, the original “clean” paintings of Dorian and the five other long-time residents were present. In the middle at the back, still covered, were the two paintings of Kevin for use in tonight's ceremony.

Kevin had been escorted to the theater by Mr. Chronos himself. Mark, Bob and Jeff were already there. Kevin took a seat in the front row next to Mark and Bob with Jeff sitting quietly behind them. Dorian went directly up to the podium off to one side of the stage. The house and stage lights immediately dimmed and a solitary spot shown down on their self-anointed benefactor.

“Well, guys,” he began “I think you're going to find that you are in for quite a treat. As has been traditional, we like to send our latest conqueror out into the world of muscle competition by letting him give his first official performance here for all of us.”

“This year is no exception” Dorian continued. “Michael has worked long and hard to move away from us into the public. Now tens of thousands of muscle starved boys and men may see what, with 'proper support', they can aspire to become. As most of you know, there is a world full of anxious, muscle hungry young men out there and they yearn for a new 'God' to become the centerpiece for their lustful driving force.”

“What you are about to witness goes beyond anything you have conceived and imagined. We have had Michael in an isolated program for these past few days. With Steve's assistance over the past couple of years, I am pleased to announce that we have developed new enhancements to our various support products that can potentially add tens of pounds of muscle in just months instead of years. Michael has been a part of this experiment these last days and the results, as you shall see, are nothing short of astounding.”

“Sure, we still have as few side-effect bugs to work out, but, as you know, that doesn't affect us, so you are the perfect persons to test what, someday, will be possible for others.” Dorian added. “Anyway, enough of my initial comments. What say we get started!”

With that, the center of the stage glowed with a line of sharp crisp light from directly overhead and the cape-draped figure of the huge muscle-sheathed Michael stepped under the lights. Even fully shrouded as he was, the width of the material promised a spectacular show. Michael assumed his place as Dorian turned back to the podium.

“I promised you something special this time,” he started again. “Well, here it is!”

With that, a second draped figure stepped on to the stage. It was Steve. The draped German giant assumed a matching position of the stage next to Mike.

“As I said, much of the accomplishment you are about to witness on Michael is because of the work Steve has permitted me to do with him. I can also tell you that Michael is so far ahead of the curve now in the muscle game that we faced the real problem that we could actually suffer a loss of interest since there would be no real competition for him. So I have decided to release Steve to the world, too. He will be introduced as his own 'grandson'. Just imagine the marketing possibilities. The world of muscle will reach new heights of desire and prominence as these two giants stir the competitive arena into a new frenzy.”

“After all, we have magazines to sell.” Dorian continued. “Magazines full of ads promoting the products that have become so integral to our organization. We have memberships that need to be maintained in our health clubs and suppliers who depend on the salivating, hormone driven young male bodies world-wide to aspire to “be like Mike” (he added with a smile).

It all hit Kevin like a ton of bricks! So, that was the game! Somehow Mr. Chronos was the main man behind a large chunk of the worldwide muscle and related stimulant industry today.

Sure, suddenly it all made sense!

Make the drugs! Own the biggest magazines! Run a string of muscle- head gyms! Introduce the muscle starved young bodies to expensive, often illegal, supplements! Even control the major contests!

Of course! Chronos had access to more than just the magical paints when he was liberated those many decades ago, he had access to the experimental drugs themselves that they had used on him and those other poor souls who were lost! Rather than destroy those disgusting chemicals, he had, apparently, used them to build what had become the basis of today's steroid and growth industry. There must have been a huge fortune made in enticing innocent young men to wanting to be big at any cost! And all this promise with just a little help from your friendly neighborhood supplier—and many of them linked to the always improving lines of drugs being developed by Chronos himself.

To top it all off, he had his personal bevy of “perfected role models”. The apparent epitomes of muscledom were nothing more than the greatest of his marketing tools! Didn't every boy—gay or straight—dream to be like the greatest muscle god on the planet? And Dorian manufactured them to his own specifications; safe from the very side-effects they promoted.

So what about the long-term damage to the muscle-craving young bodies! To hell with the life-shortening affects on the many innocent victims! There was a fortune to be made over and over again—and Chronos was positioned to keep making it!

And here Kevin was, another one of the damned!

The very thought sickened Kevin more than anything else had in this perverted endeavor to date. Well, won't Mr. Chronos be surprised when he finds out what he and Michael have up their well-muscled sleeves!

That thought, alone, kept Kevin from reacting to his sudden and sickening understanding of this speaking horror that pretended to be a man.

Kevin strove to maintain his composure as Mr. Chronos continued.

“So, guys” Dorian finally concluded “Here they are—the muscle of tomorrow—today!”

The light over the podium went dark and a swell of dramatic music with a heavy base beat began to rise in the background as both of the shrouded images on stage became the center of attention.

“Oh, shit” Bob reacted involuntarily as the two blankets of heavy material fell simultaneously to the stage floor.

There was no stage. There was no backdrop. There was no music. There was only muscle! Two twin towers of muscle so large as to defy belief—even to those who had lived decades where they should know better.

Dorian had understated the gains. Each man matched the other: inch for monstrous inch; pound for beautiful pound; and muscle for glorious muscle! At 410 pounds each, they were, indeed, sights to behold as instant erections introduced themselves throughout their audience.

Even Kevin forgot his most recent shocking discoveries as he became overwhelmed by the array of white-hot muscle before him.

Both men on stage assumed the traditional “relaxed” position as readied shoulders broadened and torso widths expanded beyond their already impossible dimensions. Columns of legs arched and anchored themselves to the ground. The waists all but disappeared between masses of upper and lower muscle so full that only the visible strength within the unrelaxible abdominal and obliques muscles insisted on affording the tight waists the credit they deserved for uniting these volumes into their human wholes.

A mere ribbon-width of a silvery waistband draw a slim metallic pencil line around the extremely narrow girdle of flesh connecting the upper and lower sections of muscled sinew. At front and center this covering balled out into full bumpy half globes as the shiny, textured material stretched so hard across the massive, massive soft cocks and balls that their own true flesh color could be seen showing between the opened gaps in the silver container. Because of the size of their maleness, fully half the horizontal expanse of the men's groins were covered by the size of the crotch containing material.

Something in the beat of the music alerted both men to begin the slow raising of both arms to horizontal extensions. The triceps boiled into gigantic inverted snail-shell shapes the size of watermelons. Curving lines of roped coils rounded their way ever outward below the arms from elbow and shoulder achieving more than eight inches of vertical thickness at their centers. The steeply angled light caused the rich, binding veins to show as if the sculpting butcher had wrapped the monster slabs of meat with heavy rope. Rather than ending at the bottom of the exposed arms, the bellied bodies of muscle simply disappeared under their own shadow to wrap around to the unseen back side of the arms.

A deep sharp line announced the division between the voluminous triceps and the burgeoning biceps atop them. This separation of muscle by muscle was amplified by the overshadowing promise of volume by the biceps themselves. The deep dark separating line was, itself, split into two distinct horizontal parts as hemp-thick veins ran their length as if forced there by the two giant muscles that depended upon the sizable channel for their unending feeding demands.

Another change in the beat signaled the start of the movement of the football-sized muscle-stuffed forearms toward the vertical. The always-mooned tops of the biceps began their taunting gyrations toward full-mooned prominence. Perhaps multiple moons would have been a more accurate description. As the rigid solidity of the unyielding forearms and shoulders insisted on maximum bunching of the biceps equally dense meat, they grew upward and forward in the only directions left to them.

The Jupiter scaled frontal moons finally gave birth to secondary upper moons as they, too, re-separated into crevasse curved linear hillocks on all four unfathomable arms. Before long four sets of 33” of virtually skinless densely packed muscle consumed the salivating visions of all the onlookers. Bluish cables of veins were brought to corresponding fleshy redness by the resulting pumping of rockened flesh as forearms writhed back and forth pushing the peaked mountain top biceps ever higher until, indeed, they actually rose to come in contact with the clenched fists driving them ever upward.

Audience hands shuffled noisily over steely hard cocks. The masturbation rhythm quickened when Steve actually opened his constricted fingers and began to embrace the tops of his triple-hand sized biceps while keeping them fully contracted and peaked. Forearm muscles rippled as they supplied strength to the manipulating fingers as Steve tried to drive his own fingers into the rocks of the personally sculpted meat of his own refusing biceps. The spectators own hand movements grew into a frenzy at the thought of having so much muscle as to be able to stroke your own yearning bicep with it's own corresponding connected hand.

Michael joined into the visual game as the arms of both men became a dance of muscle fighting against it's own muscle. The flexing Gods turned with astounding grace so that their thickly etched backs were now to the astonished audience. The view-consuming chiseled double biceps were further complimented, rather than reduced, by the beachballed rear deltoids. If the biceps were the moons of Jupiter, then the shoulders were the planets themselves. The global outlines of the rock-surfaced delts literally ejected themselves from, above and between the trench-deep trapezius and the multi-split biceps.

It was only now that the spectators realized that the silvery posing trunks were, indeed, made of a metal netting of chainmail. Only the links of a single chain strap extended all the way around as the waistband. At the rear center, an equally thin single chain extended down vertically and disappeared into the otherwise nude ass cheeks. The result from the rear was a combination of erotic and excitingly torturous.

Then, during one of the arm bicep pumping arm extensions, the two giants interlocked their near forearms and both used the impossible strength of the other to force the contraction of each stupendous upper arm to new unimaginable limits under the pressure of a standing arm-wrestle Already multiple-split biceps peaks split, yet again, as fibers threatened to exit the very skin containing them. Every muscled strand assumed visible identity under the sheer flesh-tone covering. Shoulders matched in veracity as they mushroomed to explosive, divided proportions in the shared man-against-man struggle.

The strain exerted as each arm fought for full contraction in spite of the efforts of the other translated directly down into the visibly pulsing, undulating back muscles on each stupendous body. Stripped erectors fought to keep each upper mass vertical as they fingered themselves like tensile claws into the base of the corded lats. The lats themselves were so broad and thick that they began to sweep out from a horizontal position above the invisible waist and fanned up in a visual cross between aesthetic, striated stingrays and thickly crystallized giant clam shells. Each muscled fan side stood out fully one and one-half times the width of the waist.

The immense power applied through the connected arms sent a display of muscle activity shooting through each extended latissimus marvel that, in any other human would have resulted in tearing of the arm off the challenger. The spasms of muscular movements rocked down and into the rock-terraced gluteal composites. Each crafted posterior mound clenched and crested as if a series of limestone plates were being subjected to laterally applied tectonic forces. As the small hips of each collossus shifted to secure the position of the fighting muscles, the ass muscles responded with clenched control that wrote the definition of the word striation as shadowed lines of power erupted across their cleft ridged masses.

As the audience watched the inhuman struggle of clenched fibrous assault, they could not help but note the promise being offered as the horizontal waist chains began to show forced signs of movement as the vertical center chain drew the waistband lower and lower into the shadowed canyon between the mountainous ass striations. Clearly, the onlookers were not the only ones being stimulated by the assault of impossible muscle by opposing impossible muscle. The limestone piled ass cheek mounds turned to granite as they sought to capture and control the pull of the chains dragging through the base of the invisible, deep valleys. The rocky sides formed bottomless craters as each man struggled to trap and secure the slipping vertical chain links tripping across their sensitive dream-holes.

Responding again to the music and as if to shift to another diversion as the clasping cheeks, apparently began to accept failure in their endeavors, the men released their mutual hold and began to pivot toward one another. As they did so, the fully steeled arms came down toward each side and then moved back. A new struggle ensued as bulbous mounds of latissimus meat was attempted to be crushed by equally compelling triceps volumes as hand sought wrist behind the small of the tight lower backs.

The first visible sign of the promises offered by the turn was the reflection of light off of the tops of the mounded pectoral protrusions. As if to emulate the vanishing ass muscles, the nearer pecs came into view as piles of compressed overhanging layered cliffs of muscle. As with the rocked outcrops overlaying a Pueblo village, the projections overshadowed each lower projection up past the midpoint of the rising monsters. Then, they cut back in a graceful curving of cut layers finally diving in horizontally just under the chiseled chins at the base of each handsome smiling face. The cantilevered effect out from the invisible abdominal saturated ribcages carried the bouldered breast mounds out a full 10” beyond the upper front facade of each man.

The clasping hands performed the reverse effect on the canyon-deep horseshoe triceps as they arched back another 8” beyond either the elbow joint or the connection point with the striped shoulders. By the end of the spin, over almost 30” of solidified muscle carved the thickness of the side of each upper body. Backs, pecs and lats added up to a never-before-conceivable 72” of upper torso diameter—and all of it pure muscle.

With wrists clasped tightly behind each breathing statue, the viewers were left to marvel at the amazing image of this much upper muscle sitting atop a side waistband that could not have been more than 6” from front to back. The translation of scale of five times the upper thickness set on the minuscule girdle only served to further exaggerate their astounding accomplishment of muscle gain and definition.

To amplify the effect, the pinned upper legs blew ever outward from the impossibly small waistband to their own commanding 18” thick presence as over 40” of thigh girth fought to bring itself crushingly adjacent to its rear partner. The leg biceps rounded out like fully pulled bows and drew vertical lines from their outermost crests directly down from the crowning point of the carved gluteal marvels.

The groan of metal under stress brought attention away from the boggling array of displayed muscle to the two mounded crotches. The cantaloupe of the near testicle of each man dangled round and fully exposed in front of the horizontal section of single chain that had been pulled forward underneath by the pressure of the visibly expanding cocks. The balls were painfully solid and cut into their two distinct globes as the intervening strap of metal was pulled forward and upward by the expanding male tools. The mesh baskets that had been intended to constrain the sleeping giants was no match for their desire to be fully aroused.

Each of the creaking containers stood out almost as far as the mountainous pectorals perched far above. Endeavoring to continue with the scheduled program, as the music moved to a new beat, the men, now facing each other, began to lean forward while holding the same poses. When it seemed as if they would were sure to fall over, they clenched hard and sudden. Pec muscles shot ever further as the two opposing sets of solid breasts crashed together. Even joined as they were, the depth of the pounded muscles kept the two faces a full foot apart.

The image of pumped pec supporting pumped pec sent a new frenzy into the hands of the viewers. The primping Gods of muscle moved into a series of alternating pectoral flexion and relaxation as they took turns sinking into and then flexing away from each other. The massive pecs began to handlessly massage one another as fans of honed muscle rocked and then, densely caressed the equally sensual musculature of the opposing quaking giant.

The muscled behemoths shifted and slid their pulsing pectorals as muscled bundle after visibly muscled bundled pushed each of the writhing volumes around and over each other. Soon each of their hardened nipples tripped and tickled together and apart in the rhythmic movement. The result of the manipulation of sensitive nipple by another aroused nipple was only to be expected.

Metal creaked against metal as the two expanding male members finally pushed forward with enough of their own newly-gained blood-fed strength to bring each container in contact with the other. Sensing this, both flexing, undulating giants thrust their hips forward so that the contact was full and hard as the steel fabric screamed under the threat of oncoming fatigue. Ass cheeks clenched harder still as they made one last desperate attempt to keep the invading steel chain from digging further into the depths between the sacred mounds.

Finally, in the challenge of carbon hardened metal against man- hardening muscle, the growing column of muscle won as one of the links in the trapped connecting chain gave way to the increasing tubular pressure of Michael's cock and the entire steel basket flew off of the growing giant. It crashed into the equally hardening pole that was forming under Steve's metal container with a loud clang and fell to the floor in defeat leaving Michael's member to complete its assent.

Not wanting to be left out of the process, Steve reached down with his back hand and, grabbing the waistband of metal, pulled mightily as it, too, surrendered to the greater forces of inhuman muscle.

The growth of the uncontrollable heated organs pushed by one another and soon extended to the groin of the fellow combatant. Using one last simultaneous pec flex, the two musclemen pounded themselves back up to standing positions in an amazing display of pure muscle control. The audible slap of flared cock head against cock head as they re-passed each other in reverse sent both instruments into further hardening side-ward waves.

Within no time, both expansive tools stood full, stiff and consistent in scale and hardness with the muscles attached to their respective owners. As with the rest of the magnificent bodies, their cocks were almost a matched pair. Steve's newly attained 17” of stiff horizontally pointing maleness seemed as equally foreboding as Michael's 18” upward curving power-pole. Neither was less than 4” in diameter as it emerged from the rigidly muscled groin and both maintained their girth for virtually the full length of the vein encrusted shafts.

Steve's phallus dove into a gentle taper just under the gloriously crimson crown as the bottom of the helmeted head was deep sharp and broad—shooting out sharply to over 4 ½” across. The bottom of the fat cap curved up to meet the straight top portion at an inviting long vertical piss-slit. If the others had thought it was immovable when rigid before, it was now anchored as if cast in place. Once triggered, only its ultimate release from within could dislodge this cannon from its' mounting.

Michael's maleness was nothing short of impenetrable unless authorized. Along its 18” length, the self-controlling monster retained the full 4” diameter until, about 1/3rd of the way along the trunk it actually began to thicken another full inch across as the resulting torpedo shape then fluidly curved back down to 4” before it entered into the back of the 5” wide, moonlike, tilted mushroom head. While just as strongly anchored as Steve's, Michael could, and did, taunt the spectators with muscle controls that caused the giant shaft to pulse and wave its' excitement.

The two men instinctively reached out to the opposing member and cupped the gleaming heads in their respective hands. Michael gasped at the stiffness he met as his exploring fingers wrapped around and behind the bulbous cap cleavage. His thumb moved gingerly across the protruding veins that emerged from the hatted giant and snaked thickly along the top of Steve's steely piped marvel. Precum pushed open the large slit at the end as if to announce that this inhuman creation was filled with human need after all.

Steve's hand moved all the way in to the groin and grasped as much of Mike's column shaft as possible. His arced hand glided solidly the full length of Michael's curved organ and relished the feel as its' width grew between his strong fingers as he approached the ungodly crowning mushroom. The thought of the threat of Michael's double- girth muscled monster invading his striation protected posterior drove Steve to such muscle aroused intensity that every expansive surface fiber jumped to full glory below his vanishing skin.

Michael's self-induced rhythmic cock waves and pulsing sent renewed shivers of delight through all of Steve's delicious muscles. The quaking body reactions only intensified as Steve fondled the extraordinary leading opening and began to insert his own forefinger into the inviting wetted hole at the end of Mike's weapon. The dance of the 18” reinforced explosive device pumped the widest part of the impossible girth out another half an inch in diameter as Steve's strong fingers fought to retain a grip on the hot steeled shell encasing.

Michael reacted in his own aroused state of exaggerated lust with the placement of his free hand on Steve's vibrating pec just under the erotic nipple as the massive amounts of contained breast muscle quivered back in its' own sensual anxiety. Ungodly strong fingers tried to penetrate a pectoral muscle density forged to diamond hardness in the fires of Vulcan's own furnace. Only the excited spastic vibrations of the hot blood-fed meat signaled its' human belonging. Under the pressures applied by the prying fingers, the stiff nipple filled hard to bursting with the same sense of arousal that the entire body under it was experiencing.

The viewers signaled their mutual approval of this special muscle and lust show by sending waves of cum cascading on to the stage floor as if offering their own flower seeds to the performers.

Not to be left out, Dorian stepped in between the entwined piles of undulating muscle and prodigious cocks on the stage. He lifted his arms up as if to join into the cock worship. Just as his hands came down toward both astounding poles, Kevin noticed the syringes as they met and punctured the seemingly impenetrable marvels.

The last things Kevin remembered were the expulsion of yet another load of muscle-worship induced cum and the prick of a needle on the back of his neck.

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