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Description High school football jock Jeff tells his friend Terry about his startling locker-room sex encounter with the muscled, well-hung team from the reservation and how he became a willing sex slave. Terry, Jeff’s girlfriend Beth, and eventually the whole school and Terry’s parents are drawn into the insatiable Indian youths’ world of sex, growth, and advanced technology.

Updated2 Feb 2019



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The stories Bill’s Education, The Rescue, The Surfer, Spring Break, Pickup Trouble, and School Days all share a common timeline. The time setting is coincident with Spring Break, parts 1-4, and Pickup Trouble, books I and II.

Part 1

Sitting here, waiting to go to my high school’s Spring Dance, I was reviewing my diary on my tablet. My senior year in high school started normally enough but that all changed.

I’m Terrence, Terry, Taggert, eighteen and one of our school’s best students.

It was early November. I met Jeff, our football team’s star quarterback in the library after school. I help him study math and science to keep him eligible. They normally play Thursday after school and there is no practice on Friday, so it is a good day to meet. We get together on Monday and Wednesday too on our free periods. He is a good student but needs a study buddy to help him focus.

Yesterday they had a game at the high school in the nearby Indian reservation and got creamed 77 to nothing. I normally got to the home games to root for Jeff and the team but I miss most of the away ones. The lopsided loss was the talk of the school since we beat them last year, here, on Jeff’s last second touchdown toss.

I entered our school’s small library slash study hall. We only have about four hundred students and a couple hundred at the small middle school that has a separate building on the grounds. Ours is a small town surrounded by National Forest land. We cater to tourists going to Yosemite National Park. There are several motels on the highway that offer more affordable lodging for park goers than those by the entrance. There are restaurants, stores and a couple gas stations. The only other industry is lumbering and a small sawmill that process trees thinned from the forests to reduce the fire threat.

Jeff looked pretty subdued. I thought he was not over the drubbing they took.

“Jeff, why so down?” I asked. “It is only a game and only our second loss versus six wins. That is still a great season.”

“They fucked us,” he said softly.

“Yeah, seventy-seven to zip, but you need to put it behind you,” I suggested.

“No, I mean really fucked us, up the ass and in our mouths,” he admitted. “I, all the guys, are still trying to come to grips with it. It wasn’t actually rape, I guess. They sort of seduced us. No one actually said no, at least not strongly, but they never really gave us a choice. Nobody has said anything about it but it will come out eventually. Our masters are coming to visit us this weekend and explain the rules.”

“Masters?” I was confused. “What happened?”

“Yes, it’s best if I get it out and tell someone and you have been a good friend,” Jeff said. “When we got to the reservation they told us the visitor locker room was under repair so both teams needed to share one. When we entered, the Indian team was already there and getting undressed. They were all really muscular. My guns are seventeen inches but I could see that every one of the Indian boys had me beat, some by a lot.

“Their quarterback called me over. I recognized him from last year but he was way bigger this year. He introduced himself as Martin Black Wolf and told me to call him Marty. I said, ‘I’m Jeff,’ and we shook hands. His grip was really strong and he looked into my eyes as we held our hands. I’m six two but he had an inch on me and maybe thirty pounds of muscle. I’m not used to feeling small and weak around other guys but I was definitely feeling that way now.

“He released my hand and went back to unbuttoning his shirt. I guess I was staring as he revealed his massive chest muscles. He pulled the shirt from his pants and hung it in the locker as I got a view of his equally massive back. When he turned again toward me I saw that five or six inches of his thick cock was sticking up beyond his belt. The hooded tip was above the level of his belly button. He noticed where I was looking.”

“Pretty impressive,” he commented. “It is only third biggest on the team though. Want to see the rest?”

“He undid his belt and dropped his pants. He was not wearing underwear. His cock poked out horizontal, about twelve inches and not fully hard. He turned to hang up his pants then back to me. I couldn’t take my eyes off it.”

“You can touch it if you want,” he offered. “Treat It right and it will show you how big it gets when it is ready for action.”

“I guess it sort of mesmerized me because I did. I could barely get a hand around it and my hand only covered part of its length. I mean I’ve got eight inches and the parts still exposed beyond my hand were longer than that. I stroked it a few times without being prompted. I felt it get thicker and longer. When I let it go it snapped up vertical tight to his muscled abs. The head was now unsheathed and fit in the deep grove between the top two defined muscles on his firm belly.”

“Well, now that you’ve gotten me hard you have to help me work it off,” Marty demanded in a friendly tone but I could tell he was serious, not joking. “You have a nice ass that I’m going to love plowing.”

“You let him fuck you,” I said not really believing it.

“Not at first,” Jeff admitted. “I protested that I wasn’t gay and didn’t plan to change. He then asked why I was still staring at his cock. I was. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. It had started to bubble some juice from the unsheathed crown. I was wearing our team sweat suit like all the guys. He started to strip it off and I just let him. I had a jock strap on underneath.

“I was naked in a few seconds. He felt my ass and said it was good and firm. I protested that he was too big for my first time. Now, after the fact, I realize that I was no longer objecting to be fucked just complaining over his size. He assured me that he’d get me ready for it and I’d love it once I got used to it.

“He turned me around and held me by my hips and just lifted me off the ground. I felt his tongue lap my hole. He worked my ring and even pushed a couple inches inside. It was strange but I liked it. My cock did too. I was hard.

“While he held me in the air, showing not the slightest strain holding my 220 pounds, I looked around to see the rest of our team in a similar state. A few were already being fucked by the Indian guys or had inches of cock in their mouths. Even our coaches were getting it from the Indian coaches that were even bigger than their players. One guy must have had almost eighteen inches. A few guys were protesting their treatment but their objections were ignored and the Indian players were way stronger than our guys and struggling was useless. They even seemed to enjoy subduing their prey. Those that were already being fucked appeared to be enjoying it. I saw Rob shoot a big load.

“Marty put me on my back on the bench and lifted my legs to his shoulders. My ankles were in the deep valley between the melon-sized shoulder muscle and the broad triangle of his trapezius. He was now probing my ass with a couple strong fingers. He added a third when I was loose enough. My own cock was hard and starting to leak on my abs. Beyond my legs I could see the cock that he was getting me ready for. It was standing straight up. It had put out so much lube that the whole surface was now coated and drops were dripping off the bottom of huge balls that had pulled up tight to the base.

“When I could tear my gaze away from that cock I could admire the Indian stud that was about to make me his bitch. His muscles were massive. I’d say his arms must have been almost twenty-two inches. His wide shoulders tapered to a ridiculously narrow waist, maybe thirty inches, with outrageous cobblestone abs. He had a trimmed black triangle of hair above his cock root. Each of his thighs were way thicker than his waist. He had shoulder-length black hair and tanned reddish skin that was almost hairless. I noted that his cock was a darker red than his nominal tone and the bare tip was a lighter, brighter shade.

“He told me I was ready and he would put it in. I looked at his face. He smiled at me and I realized he wasn’t asking my permission, just informing me. I nodded in acknowledgement and licked my lips. He slid back some to make room and used the hand not in my ass to lower the tip into position. I felt the tip press between his fingers. He pushed in as he eased his fingers out. My ring snapped tight to his shaft. I could feel the big head was inside me. It felt weird, stuffed. He pushed it a few more inches and started pumping me.

“God, it was great. This Indian kid, my age, was giving me more pleasure from sex than I ever had from a dozen girls or my own hand over the years. My cock was hard and dripping juice but he held me just on the brink. I was staring at his face, smiling down on me. He knew just what he was doing to me and was enjoying it. I mean, not just the sex, but demonstrating how much of a real man he was. And I realized it was true. Here I was, pretty much top dog with a great body and an impressive eight inch cock, the alpha male. But in that locker room I was just a sex toy to be used for the pleasure of real men. I guess he could see on my face when that fact dawned on me. He triggered a massive hands-free orgasm from my balls that left my face, chest and stomach soaked with my cum.

“He wasn’t done. He pounded me harder and faster and I stayed hard. He had me on the edge again as he built to his own release. I was just trying to hang on, looking into his eyes as he kept up this incredible fuck. He finally gave a last thrust and stayed buried. I could feel the seed spurt from his gun deep up my ass. I shot again, another big load, but nothing close to what he was pumping into me.

“It took me a few minutes to recover. Marty was still inside me when I came around. I was about to say something but he got in first and introduced another Indian boy as Jonny Black Wolf, their middle linebacker and his cousin. He was naked so it was easy to size him up. He was about six foot but must have massed as much as the taller quarterback, so he was massively muscular. He only had twelve inches but it was even thicker than Marty. It was coated with cum and some residue from the last ass it had been in. I knew he intended to put it in me.

“My quarterback pulled out and left me with Jonny. He said he expected to be on top of me a lot during the game and I’ll feel his cock grinding against me. When it does I’ll remember what it can do inside me and will do again after the game. Then he fucked me hard and fast to demonstrate his dominance. Unlike my last fuck it wasn’t about my pleasure but I came again anyway. He got me twelve times during the game and, it was true, each time I felt that cock press me through our uniforms, I remembered what it did to me and would do again.

“After that fuck I was exhausted. I just lay on the bench. Our whole team was like that. The Indian kids got in their uniforms. They didn’t wear pads or even jock straps. Their muscles were protection enough and you could see what they were packing in those tight pants. Then they helped us get suited up. To begin, one boy needed to hold me up while another put on my gear. By the end, ten minutes before game time, I could stand on my own.

“We just went through the motions during the game. They actually took it easy on us and let us get a few meaningless first downs to give their offense some time off the field. We were fucked again at halftime.”

“In the locker room at game end Jonny gave me the promised fuck. This one was not about dominance. That he’d amply demonstrated. He showed me he was as talented as Marty in pleasuring his bottom boy. There was no need to thank him. My reactions while he screwed me showed him I was in ecstasy.

“When he was done. Jonny introduced me to Luke Eagle Claw. Luke was a sixteen year old sophomore and a new corner back on the team. He was about six foot and a well muscled two hundred pounds with a nine inch cock. I figured that Luke was to be next to fuck me and I wasn’t wrong. What surprised me was that Jonny informed me I was to be Luke’s sex slave. The Indian boys had selected two dozen of our best built guys to be slaves to their younger teammates. I was told Luke would explain my duties.

“I was about to object. Then I remembered the great sex I’d had and being a sex slave seemed to guarantee more of that in the future. I was about to agree but Luke cut me off. He told me that all decisions are the responsibility of the master and, for me, that is him.

“He led me to the shower so we could wash up after the game and our post game sex. He fucked me in the shower. All of our guys were getting a final fuck from someone. Those that had been selected as slaves were with their new masters. Rob had been selected to be slave to Luke’s young cousin, Matthew, just fourteen. The cousins fucked us side by side as we leaned against the wall under the warm spray. Matt was only five five with seven and a half inches. He had a sleek muscled build and was only a freshman. He is fast and elusive and runs back punts and kickoffs. He had a touchdown on the second half kickoff against us but that wasn’t a real test of his skill. Like all the Indian boys he was way stronger than he looked.

“Luke and Matt are coming to town tomorrow morning and I told my parents he is a friend I met at the game and he’ll sleep over. Matt is staying at Rob’s house. Luke told me that he wants to meet my girlfriend, Beth. I’m certain he will fuck her and I expect that after that she will be his girl.”

I was stunned as Jeff finished relating his story. How do I react to that? He seemed resigned to his fate.

“Is there anything I can do for you?” I offered. “Maybe you should report it to the police. If the whole team goes together they’d have to act.”

“No, you got it wrong,” he corrected me. “It was a great experience for all of us. We couldn’t wait for the clock to wind down and end the game so we could be fucked again. The guys all envy those of us selected as slaves because we are guaranteed more of that great sex.”

“But how can you surrender your life to a kid two years younger than you?” I queried him.

“I guess it is hard to explain,” he admitted. “First, in spite of being smaller than me, I have twenty pounds of muscle on him, he is way stronger, maybe ten times. He has way more experience at sex than I. They gave me to him so he could get more experience topping guys but he is already great at it. He must do it with his classmates all the time. I suspect the true reason is so he can have s guy he can really dominate sexually and, while we only had that one fuck so far, he can easily dominate me.

“When you meet him you’ll understand. Come on over around eleven tomorrow. I expect him just before noon. But if you do come expect to be fucked.”

“I’m not gay,” I protested. I was looking for any excuse. I was scared of what might happen seeing how it changed Jeff. “Sally and I are doing great.”

“Look, I’ll text Luke and tell him I’d like him to meet you but that you are not sure,” Jeff suggested. “I’ll ask him to agree to let you go if you decide against sex. I know I just met him but I’m pretty sure that, if he promises, he’ll honor it. I’ll text you his answer and you can decide.”

“I guess that will be okay if he agrees,” I answered. I did want to see the type of guy that had such an effect on Jeff.

“Great. Don’t worry, if you do like gay sex you can fuck me anytime. The one rule I was given, at least so far, is that when Luke is around he gives permission for me to have sex with anyone. But, when he is away, I am required to provide sex to anyone who asks me. Though I have to tell them that using my services means that Luke can fuck them whenever he wishes.”

“You mean I could ask to fuck you now and you would do it?” I was surprised at that even after all Jeff had told me.

“Sure,” he assured me. “Fuck me, have me suck your cock, you suck me or me fuck you. Whatever you want. But then there would be no backing out tomorrow.”

“That is crazy,” I said. “I can wait a day.”

There was no point in our tutoring session. Jeff clearly had too much on his mind and I was trying to process what he’d told me and what I’d agreed to for tomorrow. I said I’d await his text and made my departure.

It was just after eight. I was home just finishing up my weekend homework when I got the text. Luke had agreed. My dreams that night were weird.

Part 2

I got to Luke’s house right at eleven. Mrs. Parker greeted me at the door and said Luke was in his room. I’d been a frequent visitor for our study sessions. I went up to his room.

Luke was seated at his desk finishing his homework. He was just wearing gym shorts and a tight tee that displayed his big muscles. I had blue jeans, a long sleeve shirt and a warm sweater as it was a cool November day in the Sierra Nevada foothills where we live. I didn’t have big muscles to display anyway though I’m very fit and I am a little proud of my defined six-pack abs even if the muscles don’t bulge like Jeff’s.

It was an awkward situation as we both knew what was coming. We talked about anything else and I checked Jeff’s homework as I normally do.

Just before noon Jeff got a text saying Luke would be arriving in a few minutes. We went downstairs to wait for him. He soon pulled into the driveway in a older model Ford F-150 4x4 pickup. He got out and Jeff opened the door as he approached. He came inside.

“Luke, this is Terry Taggert that I told you about,” Jeff said making the introductions. “Terry, Luke Eagle Claw.”

“Hi, Luke,” I said offering my hand.

He shook it firmly and looked straight into my eyes. Jeff told me he was six foot, about three inches taller than me, and two hundred muscled pounds but that description didn’t really convey how imposing he appeared in person. I had to look up some to make contact with his black eyes. He was wearing blue jeans too and a denim shirt that fit him like a second skin. I could see the bulging muscles underneath, his big package, angled off to his left hip, and even the ridge of the crown.

I thought to myself he doesn’t look or act sixteen. He sort of radiated a confidence and sexuality I’d not experienced before. He should be nervous at being with two older boys but instead I was nervous and he was calm and assured.

“I’m glad you decided to come,” he said with a bright smile. “You won’t be disappointed.”

He had agreed that I could leave if I wanted but his words told me he didn’t think I’d take that option. I wasn’t sure. Jeff was obviously excited with Luke being here. His cock was obviously hard in his shorts anticipating the action to come.

Jeff’s mom had come in and Jeff introduced Luke as a new friend he met when they played the Indian high school Thursday. He was glad he was able to visit. She gave a friendly welcome and left us to our own interests. We went up to Jeff’s room. He locked the door.

“Luke, Jeff has told me about what happened at the game,” I began, figuring it would be best to get everything out right away before we went further. “What is your relationship with him? And what do you plan for me? Jeff assumes we’ll have sex and, I guess, so do you. But I’ve never had sex with a guy and I’m not into just a casual roll in the hay just to get my rocks off.”

“I can see you are sincere,” Luke replied in a friendly tone. “First, Jeff is my sex slave. He wasn’t really given a choice. The older boys in my tribe selected him for me and told Jeff. You can see he accepted his fate because he knows we are superior to him physically and sexually. You feel it too even though we have just been together for a few minutes. I can read it in your body language. You think you have a choice but you suspect, correctly, that you don’t.”

When he said that I knew it was true.

“I see you realized your situation,” he continued. “Good. It will make things easier. You can start by taking off my clothes. Take your time and feel every part of my body. Nothing is off limits. Jeff strip and then remove Terry’s clothes while he does mine.”

It only took seconds for Jeff to shed the little he was wearing. He then moved to remove my sweater and I raised my arms to let him pull it off. When I lowered them I began by unbuttoning Luke’s shirt. I was doing what he demanded and I knew I would keep doing it. Do you understand how liberating that was? I no longer worried about whether I’d be gay or submit to anal sex or what would be my relationship with Luke. I began to understand how Jeff felt.

With the last button opened, I spread wide his shirt exposing the expanse of his chest and abdominals. I ran my hands over the muscles. There was a tiny amount of give at the surface of his skin but the mass underneath felt like carved stone. I ran a hand over the shoulders and along his neck. I traced his jaw, no stubble, and ran a couple fingers along his lips. I tried to push them inside. He let me. Nothing off limits I remembered. He licked the inches in his mouth with his tongue. I withdrew them slowly. They were wet with his saliva. I brought them to my mouth and sucked on his fluids. That brought a nice smile from him.

I paused for a minute to let Jeff strip off my shirt. Then I popped the buttons on his jeans. He wasn’t wearing underpants. First exposed was a triangle of soft black pubic hair. He obviously trims it neatly. I ran a few fingers through it and the tips brushed the root of his cock. I undid the last buttons and pealed back the fabric. His cock sprang free and snapped up against his flat belly. It was impressive. I’d seen Jeff in the showers and his eight-incher I thought was pretty big. This was bigger and thicker. The hood was partly retracted allowing about two-thirds of the bright red crown to be exposed.

I gave it a stroke. Like his other muscles there was some surface softness and stone beneath. I tried pulling it away from his belly and found it required a surprising amount of strength. I wondered what it would feel like inside me but that would soon be answered. My touch made it grow bigger and it started bubbling juice from the tip.

Jeff had finished with my remaining clothes so I took my chance to finish Luke. His toned skin showed no tan line. Each thigh was thicker than his waist. The jeans must be custom made to fit his shape so perfectly. But, if you had a body like his, you’d want to display it.

His ass muscles were as close to perfect as I could imagine. They were as hard as the rest of him too. I probed the grove with a couple fingers and felt the hole. It nibbled at the tips. He didn’t try to stop me so I pushed harder and they slipped in to the knuckle. He squeezed them with his internal muscles that were as strong as the rest of him. He held my fingers tightly. I figured he could probably squeeze me painfully if he wanted but he didn’t.

“You can fuck me if you want,” he offered. That surprised me some.

“Maybe later after I know what it feels like to have you inside me,” I countered. My six and a half could not match him but I was sure that I’d do better on top once I knew what it felt like on the bottom.

“A good choice,” he replied. “We might as well get at it.”

He picked me up by my hips like I weighed nothing and carried me to the bed where he sat on the end. He told Jeff to lick, lube and loosen my hole and pulled my hips to his face and swallowed my cock to the root. I was suspended in the air with my cock getting my best blow job ever and my friend eating at my hole. I never ever imagined such a thing but it was real and happening to me.

He kept me excited with his oral skills for fifteen minutes while Jeff prepped my hole. That completed he triggered me to explode in his mouth. He then pushed me out and lowered me for a kiss. I licked my cum from his tongue and swallowed it down. He saved some for himself and when he broke our kiss he showed me his tongue still coated with more of my seed and he swallowed it down.

I thought, he could do anything he wants with me. I know I’m powerless in this encounter but he is treating me like a lover, not a conquest. I gave him a warm smile as I didn’t really have the words to convey my thoughts.

“Are you ready?” Luke asked me. He knew I was and I just smiled again.

He put me on the bed and raised my legs to his shoulders as he knelt behind me. I looked down my torso at him, admiring his powerful muscles. But the center of my thoughts was the thick pole sticking straight up with the tip obscuring his belly button. It was thoroughly coated with the juices dripping down from the stuff that kept bubbling up from the tip. He used one hand to put it in position. I felt the tip nudge my entrance.

I could feel my hole reflexively squeezing the end of it. It wanted it inside. So did I. Why? I thought about it as he left it poised for entry. Well, he was powerful. It was natural to want to share that power, to feel some of it inside me. I also was pleased that he desired me sexually. It made me feel special and to want to please him. We hadn’t actually had real sex yet but I already knew that I’d want it again. I looked at him just calmly waiting. He knew what I was thinking and was waiting for me to work through everything. I just did.

I felt him apply pressure to my hole and start to ease inside me. He went so slow but on every spasm of my ass ring a little more slipped in and I opened just a bit wider. He could have shoved it in to the root in one thrust but didn’t. A minute later I felt my ring snap tight to the shaft as I had the bulging head fully inside me. I could feel it stretching me inside.

He pushed in a couple more inches. The end bumped something that sent a jolt of pleasure right to my cock and made it buck off my groin. I’d read about the prostate but this was my first experience that stimulated it. Luke pushed past it and then drew his bulb back by it again. He began a steady stroke concentrating on that spot.

It was driving me crazy. I reached down to stroke my cock but he brushed my hand away. I looked up at his face. It was his same friendly expression but it told me that he would control my pleasure. He did. The constant stroking drove me wild. My cock leaked a steady drip onto my body. But he held me just short of release.

“Please,” I begged him.

He pulled my trigger and my cock exploded a jet of cum that splattered my face. A second jet went right in my mouth as I gasped in surprise and joy. There were several more that painted lines on my torso before the last few dribbled on my hips.

I swallowed the cum in my mouth. He leaned forward, bending me double so he could lick up the goo on my face. As he did his last few inches shoved up my gut. I had all of him in me. He shared the tasty treat with me but I responded out of pure instinct. I could feel his flesh deep in my gut, radiating heat and pulsing with power. It was still trying to spring up against his abs and my internal anatomy was trying to contain it. I remembered how much strength it took to pry it away from its desired position and hoped I could contain it.

He reared back and started his fuck stroke again, about seven inches, just letting the ridge of his crown brush my ring from inside before sliding in again to the hilt. A couple minutes of that and I was hard again. He saw that and started to speed up his thrusts building to his release. Faster and faster he went. He was thick enough that my sensitive spots were continuously firing pleasure to my brain. It made me dizzy and I lost focus. My whole universe was what was going on inside me. I don’t know how long it continued. Then it was suddenly still. He had stopped moving. Then my whole body shook as his buried flesh pulsed. I felt his seed burst from his cock deep in my gut. There was another and another and then I lost track. I think I shot too.

When the world returned, Luke was laying beside me propped up on one elbow, looking down on me. He was no longer inside me. Jeff was on the other side rubbing my face with a hand towel soaked in cold water.

“I guess I passed out for a minute,” I said. “That second orgasm was a doozy.”

“You were out for almost ten minutes,” stated Jeff. “And that was your fifth orgasm. You came three other times over the half hour Luke was pounding you. I had to put on some loud music to cover your sounds but Mom has no idea.”

“I guess I’m your sex slave too now,” I said to Luke. “If it means sex like that regularly, I volunteer.”

“No, I only need Jeff in that role,” Luke stated. “I was thinking more on the line of friends with benefits. I’ll be visiting Jeff pretty often and if he is my only fuck partner I’d wear him out.”

“Considering the sex we just had I’m getting the best of that deal,” I observed. “I’m just a convenient hole.”

“Don’t sell yourself short,” Luke responded. “You have a nice fit body and you took my fuck much better than I expected. Usually I’d have to hold back a lot to avoid injury but I was able to give you almost 60%. Jeff can handle about seventy percent which is why he was selected. Had you been on the football team you would have definitely be one of my buddies’ slaves by now. So I’m lucky you are available. And I mean it about friends. You can come up with Jeff when he visits the reservation. You’ll get plenty of great sex but I can teach you some other skills like shooting a bow or riding a horse.”

I didn’t need convincing. I would have been happy with just the sex but to have a friend like Luke was priceless.

I watched him fuck Jeff next and got an idea of what I’d experienced but was too dazed to realize. I learned cock sucking and ass eating and got a chance to fuck Luke as he promised. He gave me some pointers and made me promise to practice on Jeff at least three times a week.

After a quick shower to wash off the cum and it’s smell we got into clothes for dinner. Jeff introduced Luke to his dad. Jeff’s dad had been a football star when he was in high school and college and was still in great shape at forty. I could see he was apprehensive about Luke. We never told him Luke was only sixteen and he had no idea he’d been fucking their son but he could sense something and it made him nervous. It must have been a combination of his massive physique, easily visible under his tight clothes and his obvious confidence and demeanor that told him that Luke was the superior male. He wasn’t used to that.

As we chatted during dinner and Luke talked about his plans for himself and Jeff, Jeff’s dad started to slip into the submissive role. Luke said he planned to visit Jeff several times a month and informed them that Jeff would come to his home too on some weekends and for winter break. He just accepted Luke’s plans without even pretending to agree as he understood that Luke was telling him not asking him.

By the end of the meal it was clear that Luke was in charge. He thanked them for the meal and then announced that we would go back to Jeff’s room for the evening and did not wish to be disturbed. They should send Beth up when she arrives. He also told them that I would be spending the night. I hadn’t planned on that but it was Luke’s decision. I’d call home to clear it with my parents. I’ve stayed with Jeff before and it shouldn’t be a problem.

Back in the room we started stripping for more sex when Jeff asked, “How did you do that?”

“Do what?” Luke wasn’t aware he did anything. He must be used to us normal people submitting to him it is just what he expects as normal.

“Jeff and I were just amazed at how easily you got his parents to go along with your plans. If Jeff tried to tell them the same thing they’d have questions or objections. It was easy for me to see that you are now head of this house. They will do whatever you want.”

“Well then, it will make things easier,” Luke stated. “When I’m here we are going to have lots of sex and it is best if your folks accept the situation.”

“But you didn’t tell them we were having sex or that I am your slave,” Jeff countered.

“I didn’t have to,” Luke asserted. “How you two looked at me and acted around me made it perfectly clear. And your dad knows that I could fuck him or your mom anytime I set my mind to it. His silent submission shows he understands that and it is a request for my mercy that I will honor as long as he continues to recognize his place.”

“I really have no idea what it is like to be you,” Jeff said softly obviously thinking about it. I guess I was equally at a loss. “Are you like this at home with your own people?”

“No, at home I’m still a sixteen year old kid,” Luke confessed. “You met our quarterback. He has fucked me regularly. Having you as a slave and Terry as a boyfriend lets me interact with the outside world and practice asserting myself. You actually do have no idea since you really are not men. You have male biology but your true nature is to serve and please real males. I just showed it to you. Your dad actually is a man but, as such, he can easily recognize me as his superior and he acts accordingly.”

Luke wasn’t interested in more talk. It was time for sex.

A couple hours later Beth arrived, opening the door we no longer needed to bother to lock. She saw Luke fucking her boyfriend Jeff while I lay sprawled on the bed beside them recovering from my last round, covered in my spewed cum and leaking Luke’s load from my ass.

Luke spotted her and told her to come in. She did. He didn’t miss a stroke in Jeff as she watched. He pulled out his whole cum covered pole once so she could know its size before plunging it into a semi-delirious Jeff. He quickly shot his load, triggering Jeff, and pulled out to give his attention to the newcomer.

He stood before Beth. His body streaked with lines that Jeff and I had sprayed him with and a hard cock that was still leaking the end of his last load.

“You must be Beth,” he stated. “I’m Luke Eagle Claw. I knew Jeff’s girl friend would be beautiful and you certainly are. As you saw Jeff is no longer into girls so you can be my girl if you want.”

He actually offered her a choice and I’m sure he would have accepted it if she declined but I could see Beth was already under his spell. She knew she had a chance to be with a real man.

“Of course I want to be your girl,” Beth asserted giddily.

She started to shed her clothes without any prompting. We watched as Luke fucked her. I’d fucked several girls before and had no complaints but I’d never seen a girl react like Beth, even in porn. Luke had given us multiple orgasms but Beth must have had an almost continuous one for over thirty minutes. She was loud too. By the time Luke has shot a second load into here overflowing cunt she had passed out from sensory overload.

Luke just held her with her legs wrapped about his waist and his cock still deep inside her. Jeff got a fresh damp towel and we tried to revive her. It took twenty minutes before her wide open eyes refocused and she looked around before fixing her gaze on Luke.

“My God, Luke,” she exclaimed. “I never imagined sex could be like that.”

“I know,” Jeff said apologetically. “I thought I was man enough for a woman.”

“You were the best I’d had before today,” Beth said. “If I hadn’t had Luke I’d have gladly married you. But Luke…” Her voice trailed off.

“Beth, now that you are my girl, you need to know what I expect,” Luke said. “I’ll take good care of you. Expect me to share you with my friends and when you are with them obey them like you would me.”

She nodded.

“Jeff is now my sex slave,” Luke continued. “I tell him what to do and who to have sex with. When I’m away you will be in charge of him. If anyone wishes his sexual services they can ask you. If neither you or I are around anyone can ask Jeff directly and he is required to agree. One final point, Terry is my boyfriend so he has permission to have sex with Jeff or you whenever he wishes. Are you clear on your rules?”

“Yes Luke,” she said firmly.

Then it was time for more sex. Beth had to leave by ten. I did have sex with her. Before today she was out of my league but my status got a boost as Luke’s boyfriend. It was okay enough but we were both more interested in sex with Luke than each other. There was more sex overnight and the next day. Luke’s cousin, Matt, came over with Rob. Luke was driving them as Matt was too young to drive. Matt wasn’t too young to fuck and he fucked me and Jeff while Luke tried Rob. Matt was only fourteen and not as big as Luke but he knew how to use his seven and a half inches. Rob has a brother Matt’s age. Matt initiated him sexually.

Well, that was how things started.

Everything seemed the same when school began on Monday but everything had changed. Word that two dozen of the hottest guys in school were available to service all got around quickly. Beth in particular took care to keep Jeff busy. I had to ask her to block out some time for me to work with him academically but it soon proved easier for him to get good grades by fucking his teachers.

Beth, Jeff and I went to Luke’s home the Friday after Thanksgiving to spend the weekend. We met his parents and sister, Rose, and younger brother, Jason. Luke’s dad and Jason both fucked Jeff and I and Jason also did Beth. I got a chance to watch Rose show Beth the ins and outs of lesbian action. It was a hot show and Beth was clearly into it but she said afterwards she prefers cock. I do too.

We met lots of Luke’s friends and Jason invited several of his to fuck us too. They were all great and even guys Jason’s age were easily able to dominate us.

I got a chance to see some of Jason’s homework. It was way more advanced than I’d had as a college bound advanced placement student.

I came back for winter break. Beth also came up her younger brother, Eddie. I think they said they were going skiing with Jeff. Jeff had it easier as he didn’t need to hide his activities from his folks. It was another great visit.

Spring semester back in our high school got increasingly sexual. The boyfriends and girlfriends of Indian studs were at the top of the social pecking order. By getting close to us they hoped it would lead to sex with our Indian friends. Stories of such encounters were all over school. I had more offers to fuck asses or cunts than I could possibly handle. Even Beth’s kid brother, still in middle school, was in demand once it became known he was Jason Eagle Claw’s boyfriend. The sex slaves were technically on the bottom, having no free will. But, in reality, they were envied because they were guaranteed great sex and their services were in demand from those hoping that their master would wish to exercise the option of returning the favor. But usually the only ones that got attention were those that misused a slave’s services and no one wanted that sort of attention after word went around. Still, a few that were particularly good and respectful of their partners did get rewarded; enough to encourage the proper behavior.

Part 3

I was enjoying my life immensely when things took another turn over Spring Break. We were all spending it on the reservation while our parents thought we were at a resort in Baja.

I only spent the first day with Luke and Jason. Luke had lent me to three Indian boys. They were all fifteen and were planning on camping for a week in the mountains. They would hunt, fish and exercise their traditional skills. It would be done on horseback. I was the entertainment though they would certainly have sex with each other too. I was promised they would teach me a lot about living in the wilderness and naturally the sex would be great too.

Sunday morning Luke dropped me off at a stable that would be our starting point. One of the boys came out to claim me. He was wearing a leather breechcloth and vest and nothing else. He was about five eight and 180 well-muscled pounds.

Luke introduced me and the kid as Mark Red Hawk. He promised Luke they’d show me a good time. He led me back to the stable, explaining we should be ready to leave in about an hour.

At the stable I was introduced to our other two adventurers, John and Gene Red Hawk, Mark’s cousins from different brothers of his dad. John was about five six and he packed a lot of muscle on that frame. He must have weighed as much as John. Gene was the tallest, just shy of six feet. I figure him at about two hundred so the effect was just like a bigger version of John. They were both just wearing the breechcloths and each had a sheen of sweat from the exertions of getting the horses ready and packed.

I was wearing blue jeans and a blue denim shirt. I’m five seven and a well-defined 145 pounds but by now I was used to being around the much more massive Indian men and boys. They gathered around me and I could tell they were assessing me sexually.

After a few moments Gene said, “You are overdressed. We have some traditional garb for you.”

They all started stripping me out of my clothes and in a couple minutes I was naked before them. Gene showed me how the breechcloth was tied while John helped me into the vest. They had moccasins for my feet though they didn’t need them.

“This is fine now but won’t it be cold at night?” I asked.

“We have blankets and will start a fire. With shared body heat we will all be fine,” Gene assured me.

“And these,” Mark added, flipping aside the front flap of his breechcloth, “don’t get in the way of sex.” He displayed a cock with a nice thick six inches soft.

The other two revealed what they were packing. John, the shortest overall seemed the biggest below. He was seven and a half soft. Gene had six and a half soft. That is what I am when hard.

Mark slipped his hand under my rear flap and stroked my firm bubble butt, sliding a couple fingers into my hole. They came out coated with cum from Luke’s last load.

“I’m sure we’ll have fun,” he remarked. So was I.

They had been placing gear on four stallions, two brown, a black and a pinto.

“Which one is mine?” I asked.

“You’ll ride War Arrow,” John said, indicating the brown one with a white blaze on its forehead. “Can you ride bareback?”

“Yes,” I replied. “Luke and Jason took me out a few times. I’m used to being ridden bareback too.”

“Yes, part of the fun of getting fucked is receiving the seed of a strong male and sharing his strength,” Gene explained.

As they finished up I got a few carrots that I spotted in a bag off to one side and fed them to my horse to get acquainted. I stroked his face and he looked at me. We’d get along fine.

We were soon on our way, single file, on a trail up into the mountains. My horse was third in line with Gene behind me. I always liked the feeling of the horse’s muscles working beneath my cock and balls that are resting on its soft hair with no fabric separating me from my horse.

The dense trees closed around us. The forest was quiet; just the clomping of the horses’ hooves and the calls of some birds. From time to time the boys would point out some animal almost invisible in the brush or tracks that one left in the dirt. The forest was strange to me but home to them.

I heard the sound of falling water well before it was visible. We rode past a final row of tall pines into a clearing that had a grassy field with a small lake. The water tumbled down a cliff face about fifty feet into the lake. A small stream flowed from the opposite side to continue the journey to the ocean.

This was obviously our stop for the day. John took care of the horses and Mark worked on getting a fire going. I went with Gene. He grabbed a bow and arrows from his gear and strode to the lake. A few minutes later we had half a dozen good-sized lake trout for our meal. He let me try but I missed. He said I needed to adjust my aim for the light bending in water.

I helped carry the catch back to our camp. Mark had the fire going and both boys had spread out some blankets on the grass. John took our fish for cooking while Gene and Mark took me to the blankets.

We were sitting up with one boy on either side of me. Gene moved to kiss me while Mark flipped aside my front flap and started sucking my cock. By now I knew that with Indian males I just let them take control and enjoy the action.

Gene knew how to kiss. His tongue dominated my mouth like his cock would later dominate my ass. I stroked it gently with my tongue, showing that he was welcome inside me and that I accepted his superiority.

Meanwhile Mark had me hard and paused his cock sucking. He stripped my vest off. When Gene broke our kiss the boys pushed my back to the blankets and Mark got on top of me for some sixty-nine action. I took him into my mouth. He was now eight and a half hard inches. He went back to sucking me. Then my legs were lifted and I felt Gene’s piece at my entrance. He knew my ass was experience and carried a load from earlier so he just pushed in. He felt as big as Luke, nine inches.

After a few minutes of being fucked and sucked I shot a big load to Mark and he flooded my mouth in return. Mark then switched off with John. When Gene flooded my gut with his seed I gave John a load and took his in my mouth.

John rolled off to lay beside me as Gene withdrew. Gene helped me sit up and I used my mouth to clean off his cock. John was seated beside me when I finished and pulled me in for a kiss so he could share some of what I cleaned from his cousin.

Mark brought the cooked trout and we sat together on the blankets for the meal.

“We’re happy to have you with us for the trip,” Gene remarked. “We’ll make sure you don’t miss Luke too much.”

“I’m excited to be here,” I replied. “I’ve never done a camping trip before and I think I couldn’t find better companions for the experience. I’ll miss Luke some but I think being the object for the attentions of three wild Indian studs will keep me satisfied.”

“We will,” Mark assured me, not that I needed any assurance. “A couple years ago we weren’t so strong and muscular. We were plenty fit and knew our traditional skills and, yes, very sexual. A couple of our tribesmen met some Asian studs at college. They had developed a potion to build super muscles. They invited them up for sex frequently. Then, last year, they took it to the next level and became almost eight foot tall behemoths.”

“Yes, I’ve seen a few around but haven’t had sex with one yet,” I added.

“I have,” John boasted. “You can’t imagine what it is like to have a 28 inch cock explode inside you.”

“Anyway,” Mark continued, “it turned out their sperm became super potent too and we had a couple dozen of our women get pregnant because their partner had had sex with one and was so saturated with the super sperm that a few mixed with that from their normal partner. That was all that was needed. The result was the super-kids.”

“Yeah, a few of them have fucked me,” I admitted. “It was wild being manhandled by someone half my height and not even a year old. They were good though.”

“Yes,” Mark said. “That was why we got the muscle boost. It lets us be more equal to them. Though by the time they turn two they’ll be as strong as we are now. I’ve heard rumors that something will be done to fix that.”

“The super-kids are really smart too,” Gene stated. “The stuff we took made us way smarter but the kids have us beat.”

“I saw some of what Luke and Jason were taking in high school,” I said. “I’m one of the best in my school but it was way beyond me. How smart are you?”

“The new courses only started this year,” Gene said. “But the work moves pretty quickly and we have no trouble keeping up. They have us doing some school projects that are really interesting. Our best estimate is that we are about twice as smart as the top geniuses in history and the adults are even smarter but the kids have everyone beat.”

“We can read and understand a math or physics book as fast as you read a comic book,” John added. “But the part that might interest you the most is we can read your body just as easily. That means we know how what we do sexually is affecting you. We can hold you on the brink or trigger your cock at will. If we get really familiar with you we can push you past orgasm but keep you from shooting. That can be a wild feeling.”

“I’m sure you’ve had that done to you before,” Gene explained. “We love doing it to White guys. It drives you wild and you lose all sense of time or place and probably pass out once we let you cum. Most will do anything to experience that again and they view us as sex gods, which we are.”

“Yes, I’ve felt that,” I confessed. “It is great. And, you are sex gods. I feel no shame in worshiping you or serving you in any way you might desire.”

“You’re Luke’s boyfriend,” Gene stated. “That makes you almost part of the tribe. When you agreed to come with us you became part of us; our honorary cousin. We’ll give you pleasure as a friend not as a worshipper. But first we need to hunt dinner.”

The boys stood up and John lent me a hand. They got their bows and each strapped a big knife to their right thigh. We then set off on foot through the forest. They made no sound walking through the dense growth and showed me how to move silently.

About twenty minutes later Gene signaled us to stop. John pointed to show me a deer just visible beyond a clump of brush a hundred yards away. I never would have seen it.

Gene shot an arrow. It hit. The deer took three frenzied steps and collapsed. We ran over. Gene retrieved his arrow from the carcass as Mark and John set about cutting off the meat. We had brought one of the packs that had supplies for the trip, empty except for a supply of plastic zip bags. We were using traditional skills but the bows, arrows, knives and such were of modern construction.

They made short work of butchering the deer and we started back with a full load of venison that would last us several days. The job left Mark and John bloody and they were looking forward to a dip in the lake. The carcass would be a meal for nature’s cleanup crew.

We dropped our stuff at camp. I shed my breechcloth and vest. Mark and John had taken theirs off earlier to avoid getting them bloody. I thought that if the days are as warm as it was now why bother with clothes at all.

The lake was fed from snow melting higher up and was cold. It took a few minutes to get used to it. It was shallow enough to stand except in the very center. We walked to the waterfall and all stood under the falling stream.

I used my hands to rub and feel their muscles. Then they lifted me, ass up, under the strongest flow to clean me out. When I was put right side up John had me by my waist with my back to him and lowered me onto his cock, nine and a half hard inches. Gene lifted my legs to his shoulders and pushed into my ass beside John. It wasn’t my first time at being double stuffed. I’d done it seven or eight times previously; possibly a couple more times because I was always a little disoriented when the action got intense.

“That’s great guys,” I encouraged them. “I wish we could squeeze Mark in too.”

“You still have an unoccupied hole,” Gene observed.

He put his right hand between Mark’s legs and lifted him into the air, showing the same effort I might display using a ten pound dumbbell. Mark was now at the perfect height for me to suck him. I did as the other boys started stroking in my gut.

This is almost perfect. We had moved out of the main flow of the waterfall but were surrounded by the fine mist from the splashing water. The sky was a cloudless deep blue and the afternoon sun was warm. I had three big Indian cocks in me and these big muscled boys were in total control just the way I like it.

Well, that was just the start of our first day. The rest of the week was just as good. We only wore our vests in the evening after the sun went down and didn’t bother with the breechcloths at all. By the end of the week I was tanned almost as deeply as an Indian’s natural shade and no tan lines. My Indian buddies had thought to bring some sunscreen for me. I had forgotten that detail.

Part 4

On Saturday morning we rode into town at the site of the all day party that would wrap up the week. This party was for men and boys over twelve, though non-Indian girlfriends were allowed. The Indian women and girls had a separate party.

Four nude guys arriving on horseback caused no stir. It was almost noon and the action was well underway. Everyone was naked and either having sex, recovering from it or setting up their next round. It was quite a sight. There were a few hundred Indian males, muscular boys and more muscular adults. The short super-kids, none much taller than forty inches and about half a dozen guys that were almost eight feet tall. I recognized the Indian, Samuel. The others looked more Asian and I didn’t know them but heard the stories.

We dismounted and John had one of the younger boys take care of our horses. There was a corral nearby with several other horses. Gene took me over to where the Eagle Claw clan was. I spotted Luke and Jeff as we approached. Matt and Rob were there too. Rob was being fucked by one of Matt’s friends while Matt was pumping his friend’s ass. I saw Beth and Cindy on blankets being taken in cunt and ass while sucking a cock. Jason and Beth’s brother Eddie were side by side being fucked by older boys with cocks about twelve inches. Luke turned toward us as we approached.

“Hi Luke,” Gene greeted him. “I want to thank you for lending us Terry. He was a great companion.”

“It was nothing,” Luke replied. “Did you learn anything interesting, Terry?”

“They showed me plenty of survival skills,” I said. “But mostly I learned that Indian boys are sexually insatiable but I already knew that.”

“Ha,” Gene laughed. “You took on the three of us for six days. We thought we’d have to fuck each other some but that wasn’t necessary. You’ve got a good boy here Luke.”

“I know,” Luke replied as Gene departed.

I was pleased by being praised to my boyfriend. I was a little nonplussed by being called a boy by Gene who was three years younger than I. Of course physically, sexually and even intellectually he and his cousins were way superior to me. By now I am so used to that I don’t think about it usually and I’m comfortable in a totally submissive role. It is not that much different than Jeff’s status as a slave. Theoretically I could refuse but I never would.

“Come with me,” Luke said. “There is someone I want you to meet.”

We started walking. By now I understood that meet meant ‘have sex with’.

We went to a nearby group. There was an adult Indian male wearing a police uniform that fit his big muscles tightly. And four boys and two girls having sex. One of the boys was white and older, a young man, fucking a high school girl. Another was one of the super-kids, fucking a young Indian boy about Jason’s age. The other Indian was about Luke’s age and I recognized his partner as Rebecca Sanders from our high school. She had a boyfriend Steve on the swim team but Eddie stole him from her. I think the other girl must be Rachel, her sister.

“Terry, this is Mark Grey Eagle, Chief of our tribal police,” Luke began. “Chief, this is Terry Parker, my boyfriend. I brought him over to meet Bill and Hank. The Chief has a new wife, Rick, we met a few days ago. I guess she is with the other women.”

“Right,” the Chief confirmed. “I’d love to meet you Terry but I’m on duty. My boys will take good care of you and you can come back later in the afternoon if you’re free.”

“Hi Luke,” called the biggest of the Indian boys who kept a steady stroke with Rebecca. “Terry, I’m Bill and this is my girlfriend, Rebecca. Our neighbor, Sam, is fucking Hank and his pet, Jim, is fucking Hank’s girl Rachel.”

“No,” said Jim. “I’m fucking Rachel and Jim is doing Hank. We switched bodies for this round.” That had me confused.

“Hi,” I said. I know Rebecca. We are in some classes together in my high school and I’ve seen Rachel around campus. They are pretty nice catches for girlfriends. I’d be jealous of Indian guys taking the best girls in our school if I were still into girls but I know why they are attracted to you.”

Bill pumped a load into Rebecca’s cunt which was already full from her earlier sex and stood up. He was about five eight and two hundred pounds with a nice ten inch cock, still hard and coated with cum. He took me next and offered Luke a turn with Rebecca.

I had sex with all the males. The super-kid, Samuel, fucked me using Jim’s body and then let Jim fuck me on his own. It was better with the kid running things even though he’s only about a year old. It seemed like an odd arrangement to me but Jim said it was great and I could tell he was happy about it.

It was the start of a great day. I had the chance to try one of the big studs, Tony Thieu. He had a twenty-four inch cock and really gave me a workout. He came twice, each a huge load, and he’d been having sex all day.

We got back to Like’s home about ten in the evening. We were all tired enough to go right to sleep. Luke and Jason share a bedroom with two beds. With Jeff, Eddie, Beth and I, both beds were crowded.

It was morning when movement on the bed woke me. Luke had sat up, pulling his cock from my ass. Someone was knocking on the room door. I turned to look and saw Luke’s dad, Ray, at the open door. Everyone was now awake and looking at him.

“We had some boxes delivered this morning,” he explained. “I opened the one marked to open first and a video played. It detected that we were not all present and directed me to get everyone together. Come downstairs.”

He left and we all went down. It was just after eight in the morning. No need for clothes and Luke, Jason and Eddie had morning wood that they hadn’t been able to work off. Ray and his wife, Iris, were waiting as we filed in and found places to sit. A tablet that was all screen was propped up in front. It displayed a green dot that Ray pressed when we were seated.

The screen brightened and displayed three people seated facing us. The central figure was an muscular Asian male. To his right was a slightly smaller Caucasian male and to his left was a stunningly beautiful and sexy blond female. I realized the men must be as big as the huge studs I met yesterday and the girl the female equivalent.

They introduced themselves and gave us a rundown on what was happening. I realized that the video was not a recording but synthesized for us. I asked a question and they answered it.

We were directed to take a potion and then drink a nutritional supplement that would enhance our bodies. Jeff, Beth, Eddie and I were included in the process. We all drank. I immediately felt hungry and started on the supplement drink. The others did too.

About three hours later the process completed. I no longer felt hungry. I was now six seven and a mass of shredded muscle. My cock was now sixteen inches.

Jeff finished at six eight and his muscles were bulkier than mine but he was muscular to start while I was lean. He had eighteen inches to go with it. Luke was sixteen so he finished at six five and had fifteen inches while Eddie and Jason, a couple years younger were six two and six three respectively and both with twelve inches.

Raymond was definitely still the man of the house topping out a half inch shy of eight feet with twenty nine inches of cock. He looked no older than twenty. Iris was a beautiful woman before but she would shame supermodels now. She was seven eight and I don’t think they have enough letters for her breast size. The same was true for Beth and Rose. Beth was now six four with double D breasts and Rose was six one with a D cup size. They were amazing knockers, perfectly shaped with no sag or wobble as the ladies moved. I really love cock but they were definitely tempting me to try.

The main room was crowded now that everyone was so big. We were eager to try our our new bodies with each other but the video came on and told us to do the next step which was to upgrade the house. That apparently is done by a silver cube with a green button on the top. We would sleep through the process. Ray pressed the button.

When I woke up I was laying on a large leather padded square with Luke, Jeff and Beth. It was about ten feet on a side so there was plenty of room. Another pad held Ray and Iris and Jason, Eddie and Rose shared the third. Everyone was waking up.

The main room was now many times it’s former size and had twenty foot ceilings. On wall was a huge video screen that displayed the image of a muscular, but not enhanced muscular, Indian male wearing only a breechcloth that was tied so loosely that it exposed the top two inches of a what appeared to be a soft ten inch cock.

“That’s Michael!” Iris exclaimed. “He’s a friend of Ray and I from long ago. He died in a car crash before Luke was born.”

“Yes, it is,” Ray confirmed. “He actually was that big and would often flaunt it just like that.”

“Ray, Iris, Luke, Rose, Jason and Jeff, Terry and Beth,” the image said, looking at each of us as it did. “I chose this image from what I know about you which is almost everything. You can call me Michael. I am an artificial intelligence and run this house. If you need anything just call my name and I will be with you.”

“How much do you know about us?” I asked.

“I know more about you than you know about yourself,” Michael assured me. “I know the answers to questions you haven’t formulated yet. For example, you are wondering that now that you are bigger and stronger than Luke, Jason and Eddie will they still fuck you. The answer is, yes they will because they are men. You have the anatomy but you get you know your role is to give pleasure to real men and receive it from them. You fuck boys in your school because you know they cannot pleasure you, so fucking them is the next best option for you. How did I do?”

“I think that was more than I wanted to know,” I admitted. Michael was right. “That wasn’t something I wanted put out to everyone.”

“They already knew,” Michael insisted. “It is something men sense. They know their superiority as surely as you know they are superior. Your unease comes from them being younger but the sexual assurance they have is a matter of temperament not age. I can’t actually explain it to you. It would be like explaining color to a blind man.”

“Don’t worry, Terry. We will take care of you,” Eddie assured me as Luke and Jason added agreement. I was being soothed by a fourteen year old who was a virgin five months ago but, as Michael said, I knew somehow he was more man than I.

Next up was a tour of the house. It was about four times the previous size with twenty foot ceilings in the first level and fifteen foot on the second. There was a pool that you could swim laps on against a current and a spacious hot tub. You got to the pool area by walking right through floor to ceiling windows that appeared solid but when you went through there was nothing in your way. If Michael didn’t think you should be allowed through it was solid.

Luke, Rose and Jason had there own rooms with attached baths. The shower used the same tricky glass. There were no controls, Michael ran everything. There were a couple guest rooms, also with their own facilities but the beds in the boys’ rooms were huge and we wouldn’t need them. There were clothes in the closets for all of our new sizes, but not many. Michael could make anything we need in about two minutes.

Then it was time to break in the new beds. First up was to end Rose’s virginity. There was no worry about getting her pregnant. The girls had total control of their bodies now. Luke had the honor and Jason would go next.

“I don’t need to watch straight porn,” Eddie said to me. “I fuck my sister all the time. I said I’d take care of you. Come with me.”

He grabbed my hand and I let him lead me to Jason’s new room. When there he held me to him and with a hand behind my head bent my neck to kiss me. I was five inches taller and four years older but Eddie knew he was in control and the kiss was his way of reminding me.

He put me on the bed, raised my legs and shoved in all his new twelve inches in one thrust. He was a good fucker before but he was better now. He seemed to instinctively know how to handle his big cock and me. He brought me to a quick climax. My new cock shot buckets. The first blast shot way over my head and splattered against the wall at least five feet beyond that. Follow on jets soaked my face and trunk.

He kept me hard by vigorous pumping my ass, hitting all the right spots. He put my right at the edge and held me there for what seemed forever.

“Please,” I begged.

“I love dominating the high school guys,” Eddie admitted. “They always start by thinking I’m just a boy trying to be around big guys. They never imagine that their ass would be clutching my cock until it happens. Then they know who is the man and who the boy. Just being bigger and stronger than I hadn’t changed a thing. Since you begged nicely, I’ll let you cum.”

He pulled my trigger and my cock spurted again as strong as the first time.

But I didn’t get any relief from my orgasm. Eddie fucked me harder and faster and I was still on the edge. I knew what was coming. He pounded me for minutes before making a final plunge and seeding my ass. His new cock shot as much as mine and with just as much force but his was deep inside me and my whole body shook as he unloaded. My own cock spewed again but I barely noticed it compared to what Eddie was doing inside me.

I was totally drained of energy. I felt Eddie pull out and another cock entered me but I didn’t know who. I was fucked several more times that afternoon. Mostly I was in a daze.

I recovered my senses in the shower with Luke. He was washing us in fairly cool water. My chin was on my chest so I raised my head. My arms and legs were limp but started to work as I recovered my awareness. I was being supported my Luke’s cock up my gut. When I got my legs under me and stood, a couple inches slipped out.

“Welcome back,” Luke said. “You had fun this afternoon. We are going to have dinner.”

“What time is it?” I asked.

“It is five forty seven,” said Michael as his image appeared on a screen that had appeared to be part of the wall. “You need to work on remaining conscious and alert during sex so you can actively participate with your top. I’ll coach you.”

“I really need to get home,” I said. “I promised my parents I would be back around six. They think we were in Baja for the week.”

“I called them for you and told them you were running late,” Michael said. “They now expect you at eight.”

“We were all going to go over to the Grey Eagle’s home to check out their new place and new bodies,” Luke said. “Come with us.”

“I’d love to,” I said and meant it. “But I need to explain what happened. This new body can’t be hidden.”

“Don’t try,” Luke suggested. “Just tell them the truth, all of it. The worst that can happen is they kick you out. Then you just come up here and live with us. You have taken so much Indian sperm in the last few months you can’t possibly be White anymore.”

He was right about that.

“I will,” I resolved.

We finished up and had dinner made by Michael. It was really good. Then I got into my new outfit, jeans and a muscle tee that fit me like a second skin. Wherever I tried to put my cock it would show a thick bulge. I was twelve inches soft. I finally decided to let it ride across my left hip. If I got hard I thought the tip might rip through the side.

Part 5

Michael had recycled my old car. My transport home was like a van but had no wheels. It floated about a foot off the driveway. Michael said he could take me anyplace on Earth in under an hour. Home was five minutes away. If I need transportation just say it aloud and a vehicle will be there almost immediately because, Michael said, he will know I need it before I do and have it standing by.

I said goodbye to the others. They were going about a mile so no need for anything but a quick jog. With our new bodies they could make it in two minutes without breaking a sweat.

I got in. There were several seats but no controls and no seat belts. I sat in what would have been the driver’s seat. It could freely swivel to face the rear.

“We will depart,” Michael said, appearing in the windshield in front of me. We rose in the air and started moving. There was no feeling of motion. “The propulsion is inertialess so no need for restraints. If I crashed into a mountain we would stop instantly with no damage to us or the mountain.”

I had a quick look out the window and we were descending to the driveway in front of my house. A tray extended from the front and Michael said to take my updated phone. It was just a 4” by 6” bendable piece of black plastic. It could display video on either side and could be used like that or unfold to eight by twelve with no sign of a seam. There were no controls. I just need to speak. It is actually just an extension of Michael.

We were home. I stepped out and the ‘car’ lifted into the darkening sky. I entered. Mom and Dad were in the main room watching TV. They looked up as I entered and did a double take on seeing my size.

“What happened to you?” Dad asked. “How did you get so big?”

“It is time I told you the story,” I started. “I didn’t go to Baja. I went to the reservation. I have an Indian boyfriend, Luke Eagle Claw. When I told you I was spending the weekends with Jeff, we were actually at the reservation or Luke was visiting us here. Luke is big and muscular like I am now.” I decided to leave out the part about him being sixteen. “He has sex with us and I have sex with his friends too. I’m gay.” It was out.

They didn’t say anything for a long while. I looked at their reactions and realized I could almost see what they were thinking. They said what we took made us smarter and this may be part of it. My dad was confused and subdued. I thought he might be angry but he is reacting to me as if I were superior to him. It struck me that here I am the alpha male and he knows it. In Indian country I know they are superior but here it is different, especially looking like this. But it is also my body language and attitude I realized. Mom was reacting too. She is sexually attracted to me but trying not to show it but Dad knows and it feeds his insecurity.

“And how did you get big?” Mom asked.

“Yes,” I didn’t tell that before. “The Indians have a potion to make you big like this. Since I am Luke’s boyfriend, they let me try it. I am actually way stronger than I look. I could lift dad’s SUV easily.”

“You got a package this morning,” Mom said, trying to change the subject.

She indicated a cube just inside the door. As they considered what to say next I opened it. It was the same silver cube with the green button on the top that upgraded Luke’s home.

“We won’t try to control you,” Dad said. “You have made your choice. But in our house you have to follow our rules.” He was trying to assert authority but I could see he was uncertain.

“About our house, I’m going to do an upgrade,” I said, pressing the green button. We feel asleep.

I was first to wake up in the transformed house. Michael was on a big video panel that filled one wall. He was still wearing the loose breechcloth. I asked him to put more on for my parents sake but he responded logically that they might as well get used to it as they will see that and more when my friends visit.

The main level was open plan. We could only add a little to the footprint because of lot limits but the living area now incorporates the space of the garage. Michael moved the garage below ground. There were no pads for play in the main room but very nice seating. We now had a heated pool and spa and the fence around the rear yard was upgraded for privacy.

On the upper level, my parents had a very expansive suit facing the front of the house. I had a bedroom fitted with a huge bed. There were two guest rooms and a lounge area that all interconnected with my room and shared a very expansive bath area. There was a full deck on the rear of the upper level with steps to the pool area. It was like my own home within a home and Michael would ensure privacy for me and my guests. And naturally it was designed to be comfortable for massive eight footers.

Michael let my parents wake up and their reaction to him was as I expected. He explained that he was in charge of the house and It would be a mistake to make him angry. I didn’t think he would do anything hurtful but he does want his authority respected and he can be somewhat controlling. They were impressed with the new house and Michael gave them one time access to my rooms.

I went to sleep alone for the first time in over a week.

School on Monday was unusual in that all the boyfriends, girlfriends and slaves showed off their new bodies. Michael had given me a white knit shirt and black slacks to wear. They didn’t hide anything, my cock included.

I caught up with Beth and Jeff and got their news and told them mine. Jeff told me about being upgraded to boyfriend and about the offer to join the tribal police. That offer sounded good to me too. I had been accepted to UCLA but I didn’t really want to be away from my friends here. Michael said he could get me into Berkeley where I could join the fraternity with the big Asian studs but, even that, would take me away. I asked Michael about it during first period and he said I could join too.

During the day the purchase of the federal and state forest land by the Indians was announced. When the transfer is complete in June our town will be surrounded by the reservation. The tribe announced that they will allow logging under the existing rules so the town won’t suffer. But they also offered to buy any property from those wishing to relocate at a very generous price.

Beth had filled me in on the plans for the dance, if it could still be called that. They planned to bring in several dozen Indians, boys and girls, to do sexual initiation for the whole student body. We had been pretty free with our sexual activity but never so open. I knew that they would not be doing this unless they were certain it would work and it would.

I’ll let Beth and the other girlfriends handle the arrangements. I was never in the cool kids circle that did such things.

Luke was taking her and Jeff. I had assumed that Luke would take me. No problem, Luke would take me but thought having a date that could devote more time to me would be better. He suggested Gene. I had Michael connect me with Gene and I asked him. He said yes and I definitely liked his new body with, now, fourteen inches.

Jeff no longer needed my tutoring but we still got together for sex. He was fucking all the guys that fucked him when he was a slave and I frequently got seconds.

Of course, I was way smarter too. My actual school work only took minutes. In class while the teachers droned on, I and the other enhanced students were getting caught up with our Indian friends with lessons on our video by our A.I.s. In a couple weeks I had completed college work and was starting the Indian high school stuff.

Michael wanted me to fuck my Mom and Dad. I was uncomfortable with that but he insisted. I asked if someone else could get them started so it was arranged that we’d have the whole Eagle Claw family over to meet my parents.

When they arrived the guys were in shorts and muscle tees. Their huge cocks, including Ray’s piece that was twenty four soft were unmistakeable. Iris and Rose were in flimsy dresses that barely covered anything. It wasn’t long before the girls had Dad alone in a guest room and the guys had Mom naked on her bed. With Ray’s super-sperm it will only be a few months until I have a half brother or sister. When they had Mom crazy with lust it was my turn. Then everybody switched and we did Dad.

I will say Michael was right. Having Mom and Dad dependent on me for sexual satisfaction enhances my authority and eliminates problems at home. With Luke only minutes away I would visit there of he here a few times a week, sometimes at Jeff or Beth’s homes, sometimes here.

At school I was mostly a top but I preferred being a bottom with the big dicked Indian boys. That was the case with most of the boyfriends and slaves but we picked up enough and now were very well equipped to help each other out when our guys weren’t handy.

Part 6

Finally it was the day for the cultural exchange with the Indian high school. At least a third of the kids knew it would be sex education and only some of those had anything beyond our descriptions of what the Indian boys looked like.

I was in Room 106 for American History with Mr. Walker. He was going over the history of the local tribe. The treaty that established their reservation was negotiated by early California Governor Leland Stanford to ensure peace for the construction of the Western Pacific Railroad just after the Civil War. In response to a question he mentioned that Stanford University was actually named to memorialize his son.

At that point our guests arrived in their school uniforms that were as form fitting as the garb that Michael has me wearing. We had the cousins from my camping trip, Gene and Mark Red Hawk, Simon White Cloud and Mark’s sister Daisy. Since Gene and Mark had met me it was no coincidence that they had this room and I was expecting them.

“I’m the teacher, Benjamin Walker,” he began a greeting but you could tell he was surprised by their muscles, size and, in Daisy’s case, beauty. “We were discussing some of the history of your tribe. Perhaps you could give your perspective.”

“Thank you Ben,” Gene began, putting a big arm around the teacher’s waist. He was now about six four so half a foot taller than the teacher. “I’m Gene Red Hawk. We have my cousin, Mark Red Hawk, and his sister, Daisy, and Simon White Cloud. Today is more about the future. Your school dance is this Friday and almost every student has a date from our tribe. Instead of a dance we are planning an all night orgy and that will be more fun if you students have some sexual experience ahead of the event. We are your teachers for the day but feel free to practice among yourselves.”

“Get out! We can’t do this,” our teacher protested, trying to push Gene away but the strong Indian boy easily held him to his side.

“Ben, relax,” Gene said. “I know you have been divorced for five years. You couldn’t satisfy a woman. I’ll show you how you can satisfy a man and we’ll show the class how two guys have fun.” His A.I. must have given him the information.

“Terry, get up here and take Ben’s clothes off while I get the rest of the class started,” he continued and I moved to do as directed.

He pushed the subdued teacher toward me with a firm pat on his ass and then Daisy explained the vials they had for the class to take.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Walker,” I tried to reassure him as I was removing his clothes. “Gene has fucked me and he is very good. You’ll enjoy it. And after he breaks you in I’ll be here to fuck you once in a while until you find a steady boyfriend.”

By then the preliminaries were over. The vial had done a good job on Mr. Walker. He now had a defined six-pack and a firm ass and a little bit of muscle as his moderate body fat was repurposed. Gene took the teacher from me and bent him chest down over his desk. He made no attempt to struggle or protest.

Gene started by spreading the teacher’s legs wide and working the hole with his tongue, first around the rim, then plunging inside. We all could hear the moans. Then he used one, two and then three fingers to stretch his hole, adding lube with the plentiful flow of juice from his cock.

While Gene was working I decided to get one of our formerly fat students started. He was still a short five seven but had serious muscle on that frame. The best part was the tight and muscled ass he now had. He only had five inches of dick but that was not my focus. I bent him on the desk beside our teacher. I didn’t get any resistance. He hadn’t had any sexual interest from girls or boys and was eager to change that.

“Good, Terry,” Gene said seeing me getting ready to fuck next to him. “I’ll hold off popping this cherry until you’re ready and have a contest with you to see who can make their partner shoot first. Ben, you heard that, a competition, and I don’t like to lose.” He slapped the teacher’s ass, hard.

I got my guy ready then we placed out cocks in position and Gene did a countdown from three to signal the start. Ben gave a scream as he got half of Gene’s fourteen inches in the first thrust. I was going slow and took a minute to push my fat cockhead in. By that time Gene has started a short stroke and his guy was starting to recover from the initial pain. I slowly added a few more inches and began to tease the prostate. That got mine to start leaking down the side of the desk.

“How about a second bet?” Gene asked. “First one to get fully inside their partner wins.”

“That’s not fair,” I suggested. “I have two extra inches and Stu, here, is smaller than Ben. By the way, what are we playing for?”

“Pkay, you only have to put the first fourteen inches into your guy,” He conceded. “How about if you win you get to fuck me on dance night and if I win I get to fuck your parents? You have two chance to win and if we split we both win.”

Gene had eight inches into our teacher and had sped up his stroke. Mr. Walker was begging him to stop and saying no between moans of pleasure but after another couple minutes he stopped trying to talk and only moaned.

I was behind Gene in getting it in, only seven inches, but Stu was loving it. I kept up the massage of his prostate and I could sense he was close. Stu said he was going to cum and I gave him a slow inward stroke to try and finish him off.

But Gene was just toying with me. He punched the teacher’s trigger and he shot a few seconds ahead of Stu to win round one. I uttered a quick apology to Stu and shoved in my entire sixteen inches while he was cumming. He screamed as I stretched his gut but I knew the stuff we gave him would protect from any serious damage. I left myself fully embedded as he finished shooting and swearing at me.

“Looks like we both win,” Gene observed while slowly adding his final inches.

We fucked both of our partners to a second orgasm as we came inside them, leaving them both happy and exhausted on the desk. There were a few guys that had already finished their cherry popping. I and the other boyfriends had fucked maybe half the class, usually the ones that were better looking and in shape. Now, with the stuff they’d taken everyone was very fuckable. The guys had firm bodies and the girls were very sexy but couldn’t match the girlfriends that had the full treatment.

I helped out with some of my male classmates. Daisy did double duty, teaching inexperienced boys how to please a woman and showing the girls lesbian techniques. It wasn’t much fun for her but she did get a break when she and brother Mark put on a heterosexual demo to show how it should be done.

I took a break to see Luke who I knew was with the group. He was in Room 108 where Jeff and Beth have class. I went naked into the hall. There were a few other students in the hall having sex with each other. One leaning against a locker with another behind seemed the most popular position. There was an Indian boy fucking a guy on the basketball team who had his legs wrapped around the Indian’s waist as he was lifted up and down on the long cock in his bottom.

Luke, Jeff and Beth were in the room and in action. I saw that Beth’s younger brother, Eddie, had skipped out of middle school to join the fun. There was a White stud, well over seven feet tall with more than two feet of cock. Luke introduced him as Rick, Bill and Hank’s new mother. I managed to convince him to fuck me. He was good but not up to the level of the Indian boys. I loved having that long fat cock deep inside me.

Too soon it was time for our sex tutors to head back to their school. The girlfriends had set dates up for most of the students previously but those that hadn’t yet were given their dates and told that they would be called this evening so they could get better acquainted. Most of the Indians are bisexual so had a boy and a girl from our school as dates. That left quite a few of our girls with Indian girls as dates. Daisy and the others on the trip showed all our girls that they don’t need boys but even most of the Indians love a well handled big cock. However, even though we have dates, it is an orgy so anyone can partner up with anyone for some fun.

I saw my Indian friends off on their bus. A few were getting some last minute action with one of ours by the loading area. When the buses left I went back to my classroom. About half our students were at least partially dressed and the others were still practicing what they’d learned today. Mr. Walker was still being fucked by a student with another using his mouth until his ass was free. He’d been moved to an gym pad after the initial fucks but hadn’t had his hole unoccupied for six hours. He was pretty crummy.

“Mr. Walker,” I greeted the obviously exhausted teacher. “It looks like you had fun today. Your new firm butt is a big hit with your students. I don’t like to wait in line so I won’t fuck you today.”

With a cock in his mouth I didn’t expect a response. He had always posted a sign up sheet on his room door every Monday for students who wanted to see him during his free period or right after school. It normally had one or two names on it but from then on it was full. I wonder what it was like for him, teaching a class full of boys that had fucked him and looking at those that had signed up to fuck him later that day.

I saw my first fuck, Stu, getting dressed and offered to walk him home and fuck him in his room. He accepted. There were many pairs or groups heading out to continue the day’s activities at home. Stu’s parents are certain to notice the change in their formerly chubby son and I intend to make it clear what we will be doing in his bed.

Part 7

So, that brings things up to date. Gene will be here soon. I’m ready. There is no point in wearing clothes. I trimmed my pubes to a neat triangle, shaved the rest of my light body hair and cleaned out and lubed up internally.

Michael announced that Gene was here and I went down to greet him. Michael had let him enter and he was waiting for me. My parents were already there. Mom’s pregnancy with Ray’s super-kid was starting to effect her. She looked in her early thirties and her body was firm and fit. I had given a vial of the stuff we used at school for Dad and he was nicely fit now too.

My guests usually arrived with clothes on but that never lasted long. Coming nude just speeded things up. Gene just told them that he would fuck them before we left for the party and they started to shed their clothes. Mom and Dad are used to being fucked by my friends by now. They enjoy it.

Leaving my folks nicely exhausted Gene escorted me to his ride. His family A.I. was also a muscular Indian male just wearing a breech cloth that never seemed to conceal much of his huge endowment. He was called, Red, as in the spirit of the Red Hawk. It was just a short hop to my high school.

Most of our students and all of their Indian dates were arriving naked like we were. Quite a few had obviously had sex before hand and were leaking from the ass, cunt or had cum covered cocks or bodies. Gene would have had cum on his cock but Dad cleaned it off with his mouth after he fucked him. Dad is getting to be a pretty good cock sucker.

Just inside I spotted Stuart, who I had fucked on the exchange day, with Gene’s cousin, John, who I knew well from our camping trip, and a slightly smaller Indian boy. Gene explained that he set Stu up with John and the other boy was John’s younger brother, Mike.

“Hi Stu, John,” I greeted them. “Gene said he set you up. John is a great fucker and I’m sure he will show you a good time.”

“Hi guys,” John said. “You haven’t met my younger brother, Mikey. He’s getting good too.”

“It’s Mike,” insisted the brother who was six four and about twelve inches. With that size, muscle and cock, I wouldn’t call him Mikey. “I’m as good a fucker as my brother and I’ll prove it to you tonight.”

“Okay Mike. I’m looking forward to it.” I replied and I was. “Stu, you have quite a pair of studs for dates. I hope you can handle it.”

“Me too,” Stu replied. “They already fucked me at home in front of my parents.” He turned around so I could easily see his used hole that was still leaking white juice. “They knew that you fucked me and that John would be my date for the dance. I was dressed in the tuxedo that we had rented when they knocked at the door. They were surprised to open it to find two huge and muscular naked Indians standing there. I guess I was too as I only expected John and thought we’d undress here.”

“Almost all those going decided to be upfront about what was going on,” John explained. “If their date really insisted, they would arrive dressed and keep things quiet until they brought them home again. By that time it would be obvious what had happened and the new boyfriend, fuck toy or sex slave wouldn’t care who knew.”

“We just undressed Stu in the living room and fucked him while his parents watched,” Mike continued. “I think they hoped we’d fuck them and we probably will tomorrow morning when we return Stu.”

“Which will I be, boyfriend, fuck toy or sex slave?” Stu asked.

“A little bit of all three,” John confirmed. “White boys and girls are so easy when they meet a real man.” I knew that was true from personal experience.

Gene led me to the main gym which was party central. The action was well underway with couples or groups having fun on the floor covered in pads or air mattresses. I had met quite a few Indians over the past few months and recognized them. Most were still with their dates but a few had already switched off. I also saw the tribe had sent a few adults, easily spotted by their almost eight foot size, to make sure things didn’t get out of hand. Our teacher’s certainly couldn’t. If any were here they were probably already being fucked.

We found an empty air mattress and Gene put me on my back for a good fuck to warm us up. The mattress had already served others as there was pooled and sprayed cum on it. It was no matter. I’ll have much more on me and in me in the next few hours.

Gene raised my legs to rest on his shoulders and got his hefty pole in position. We locked eyes and smiled at each other. He pushed gently and I opened up to let him inside. We had fucked several times a day for a week on our wilderness trip and several times thereafter in our newly enhanced bodies. He knew my insides as well as I knew the feel of him in me. We took it slow and enjoyed the steadily mounting pleasure.

I enjoy watching the muscles on my Indian studs as they fuck me. They were big but now they are huge and the skin is so thin that you can see them defined perfectly. My muscles are similarly defined and even bigger than Gene’s now because I’m a couple years older but somehow I think they look better on him.

When he leans forward to kiss me his long black hair, to mid back when he’s upright, tends to fall down around my head like a curtain so we are in our own private world as his tongue claims my mouth like his cock claims my ass.

We stay coupled, top and bottom, as he raises us to an explosive mutual climax. I clamp down on his tongue as my cock spurts between our pressed bodies while I feel his jetting deep inside me. Our new bodies can spew cum for well over a minute but in the passion and pleasure of orgasm it feels like forever.

As we drip the last drops he breaks our kiss and returns to upright. Gene’s abs and pecs are coated in my cum as are mine. I know I’m leaking some of his but not much with his thick cock stretching my ring and still deep inside me.

Gene runs a couple fingers through the goo and licks them clean, making exaggerated expressions to show he likes my taste. After a couple scoops, he wipes some from me and pushes his two fingers in my mouth so I can share. We alternate until most of the cum pooled on our muscles is gone. He then puts a hand under my bottom and eases out about twelve inches of cock leaving only the bulging crown inside. He brings out his hand, dripping with juice he dragged from inside me. He licks off his fingers and then puts his hand above my lips. I stick out my tongue and lick his palm clean. I know his taste well. The cum was kept warm inside me and that makes it taste even better.

“Do you like me?” Gene asks.

“That’s an odd question to ask when you have your cock in me and we just shared each other’s cum,” I respond as he slides his thick pole back in fully. “I do. Why do you ask?”

“Well,” Gene began, “Luke has Jeff and Beth and there is also Jason and Eddie. With Luke you are almost a fifth wheel. If you were my boyfriend you’d be number one not one of many.”

“Luke has been a great boyfriend,” I asserted. “I am not going to ditch him. We will soon have a half brother or sister in common as my mom is pregnant with a super-kid from his dad. But he lent me to you twice. If you convince him to make it permanent, I would be happy to be yours.”

“Thanks,” Gene said. “I knew you would be loyal to Luke. That is part of what attracts me to you. I’ll ask him tonight. I’m pretty sure he will agree.”

He was done talking as he started round two. As the pleasure built I wasn’t thinking about it either. He kept me just on the brink of shooting forever it seemed. I know a couple of his friends stopped by while he was fucking but he didn’t stop his thrusting while he interacted with them. I was in such a daze that I couldn’t understand what was being said or even who was saying it. Everything in my vision except for Gene’s face was a blur. I think during the final moments he had me beyond the point of orgasm. My mind was exploding but my cock would not shoot. Then I felt him explode inside me and my cream erupted from the tip of my cock almost like it was his sperm using that exit to vent my overfilled body.

As we came down from the peak Gene stayed inside me and just lay on top of me. I shifted my legs to wrap his waist and hugged his back. We rested, recovering. It took me a few minutes until my head stopped spinning but physically my body was ready for action. I could see Gene was pleased with himself, seeing how disoriented he made me. It meant he’d done a good job. He had.

We uncoupled and Gene helped me stand up. We left the air mattress a lot messier for the next users than we found it.

I looked around. There was action everywhere. I saw who my classmates were connected with. I had met most of the Indian boys over the months and could recognize them even with their upgraded bodies.

Quite a few of our girls were already exhausted, just laying on the mats leaking cum from every orifice. The true girlfriends, with more strength and stamina, were still going strong. But the loss of so many females, at least for the time being, meant the guys were starting to pull double or triple duty. It’s fun having two big cocks up your gut and another down your throat, however our guys weren’t used to it like I was.

We went to the area set up for refreshments and had a drink, it tasted like fruit punch but was really an energy drink. There was no point in spiking anything with alcohol or drugs because they don’t work. Our new metabolism just converts it to energy and our students got that part in what we gave them.

I spotted Mike not too far away and asked Gene if we could go over. He knew why and agreed. Mike and John had just finished spit roasting Stu. He was exhausted for now. I had seen so we brought over some of the energy drink for them. John knelt down to help Stu drink. A lot of his last cum load had overflowed his mouth and John used the edge of the cup to scoop a lot of that into the drink before helping Stu sip it.

“Are you ready for that fuck I promised you?” Mike asked me but he already knew the answer.

“Sure, Mike.” I replied confidently. “Show me you’re as much a man as your big brother.”

“More,” he asserted and scooped me up in his arms, easily handling my almost three hundred pounds of muscle.

He kissed me forcefully. I realized that he took me from my feet so he could kiss down on me. Standing I was several inches taller and he would have had to bend his head up and mine down to kiss. In his arms he had total control.

I enjoy being kissed, feeling my soon to be fuckers lips on mine, claiming entry to my mouth as he will soon claim my ass, surrendering to him and accepting his dominance. Looking into Mike’s eyes I could see he understood.

He put me down on the cummy mat and raised my legs. He wasted no time in giving me all twelve inches and starting his fuck. He knew he was several inches shorter than Gene but he was almost as thick.

He started to stroke me, finding my special spots and watching my body react to his movements. The Indians all seem especially good at that. I’ve been fucked by plenty of my classmates, even boyfriends after our bodies were enhanced but never seem to get the same connection that my Indian fuckers achieve. Maybe it is part of their heritage of heightened observation skills from a close connection to nature.

Exploration complete, he started to use the knowledge he gained on me, it worked. He gave me a quick orgasm but kept me hard and built to a second. He had me just at the point of release and he kept me there. I knew what he wanted.

“Please, Mike,” I begged. “Let me cum.”

He didn’t reply but built his pace. We would come together. He gave a final, deep plunge and pumped me full of his seed as my own cock jetted wildly like an out of control fire hose.

Eventually calm returned. He helped me up. I just looked at him. He said nothing. I said nothing. It was unnecessary. We both knew he proved his point.

That was the start of our fun. We circulated and joined the fun when it looked interesting. I even managed one triple penetration, my first. I think they managed to get at least ten inches of each of the three sixteen inchers inside.

At the basketball court there was more action. I saw Bill and Hank’s new mom in action with an enhanced non-Indian girl. They were really going at it and had attracted a big crowd. They said the show had been going on for over an hour. We watched about a half hour ourselves before moving on.

I led Gene to the boys’ locker room for a shower we both needed. Others had the same idea. There were several groups using the space for sex, cleaning or both. We spotted Luke with his brother, Jason, boyfriend, Jeff, girlfriend Beth and her brother Eddie. I didn’t see my classmate Steve, Eddie’s date. Luke was fucking Jeff while Jason and Eddie had Beth, ass and cunt. They saw us and we exchanged greetings.

“Has Gene been good to you tonight?” Luke asked me.

“Yes, he’s been great,” I replied. “After spending a week with him in the mountains, we have great rapport.”

“Thanks Luke,” Gene added. “I really like Terry and I was hoping you might let this arrangement be something permanent. I wouldn’t try to steal him from you but you have others and I could give him more total attention.”

“That’s a good point,” Luke said. “Do you want to be Gene’s boyfriend, Terry?”

“It is not fair to ask,” I stated. “To say yes feels like rejecting you and I would never do that. Why not leave it to Michael to decide what he feels is best?” We have all learned to trust our A.I. to have our best interests at heart dispute a cocky attitude.

“That sounds fair,” Luke agreed. “Michael, what is best for Terry and me?”

We had come to understand that Michael is always listening and watching.

“Luke, it would be best to let Gene become Terry’s boyfriend,” Michael’s voice came from a speaker set into the ceiling of the showers that was normally used for school announcements or emergencies. “You will still see him frequently.”

“That settles it,” Luke agreed.

Luke gave me a nice parting fuck as I leaned against the shower wall while Gene did Jeff. Then Jason and Eddie doubled in my ass before we cleaned up and left the showers.

By that time the sun was up and the party was breaking up. Our ride was waiting for us outside. Red, the Red Hawk A.I. already knew about the change and announced that he will be taking over my house management from Michael. We headed off to the reservation so I could meet Gene’s family.


Now it is almost twenty years from that night. I did join the tribal police, now the Imperial Police. I got my adult enhancement after completing training. I’m seven ten with a twenty eight inch cock. Now I’m a senior sergeant. I was offered promotion to lieutenant but it would mean more desk work, so maybe later.

I married Gene when he graduated high school and we started our own branch of the Red Hawk clan. Now he is seven eleven with thirty inches. I like that he turned out bigger than me.

Almost every one of the students became a boyfriend or girlfriend after that night and ended up as a wife of some Indian male or joined to one of the rapidly increasing number of super-kids. The adults were controlled by their sexual dependency on their kids and their Indian friends. The town was surrounded by the expanded reservation and eventually annexed.

Gene is a member of the Explorer Corps. When a system is considered suitable for exploitation or terraforming, they go out to confirm what we gathered from our automated probes. We always have at least a couple police on those missions, so I usually arrange to accompany him. Except for super-kids links to their pets at home we are cut off in hyperspace. The trip can take a few weeks. There is lots of sex.

Gene and I are mostly gay but we both wanted children. We asked Red to find us a suitable candidate for Gene’s second wife. He selected a beautiful Taiwanese actress, Shu Chen. Taiwan had just become a Martian protectorate, much to the distress of China that realized they were powerless to stop it.

We arranged a date. Our meeting was extensively photographed and videoed. Martians were exotic in most places. The sight of the slim, sexy actress, only five eight, between to massively muscular men almost eight feet tall was a big story. We gave a short statement to the press; both of us speak fluent Mandarin.

We took her to our home on Mars. We had a nice compound on the Northern Ocean. It was still domed in those early days but the outside was habitable if still a little cool and the air still thin as on a high mountain.

As a Protectorate citizen she had taken a variant of what we gave the high school years before. She would have youth, beauty and health for 140 years on Earth. We offered her forever and the Universe.

We held a party to let her meet other Martians and see what her super-kids would be like. As with all Martian parties it was a sexual marathon. Waking up in the red light of a Martian sunrise between Gene and I, each with half our long cocks still inside her, she said yes. Gene and I are mostly gay but, considering how much sex is normal for us, we have more heterosexual skill than any Earthling she met.

She is now seven eight, even more sexy and beautiful, and still a frequent cover girl in web magazines on Earth and the Empire.

We have six children now, three boys and three girls. Our clan has children grandchildren and some great grandchildren as the super-kids are sexually active at six months, mature at three years and full grown by six. There are pets, the life partners of super-kids, and the various husbands, wives or friends at our compound. We have homes in the Martian land in California and in Taiwan and are planning on places on new worlds in other systems. The clan is growing rapidly.

It is a good life.

Description High school football jock Jeff tells his friend Terry about his startling locker-room sex encounter with the muscled, well-hung team from the reservation and how he became a willing sex slave. Terry, Jeff’s girlfriend Beth, and eventually the whole school and Terry’s parents are drawn into the insatiable Indian youths’ world of sex, growth, and advanced technology.

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