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Part 1

I was a senior in High School when I had the biggest change in my life, and I mean that figuratively and literally. I was a pretty average kid. I was in the top ten of my class, pretty popular, healthy, and good-looking. I always wanted more though. Being a soccer player, I stayed thin and taut, but I didn't want taut I wanted buffed, I wanted to be huge. In my spare time in the locker room I would admire the football players for their mass and strength. I was not bad, do not get the wrong idea. I was wanted by almost every girl in the class. Many went for the taut body, medium blond hair, prep in those days. I wished and hoped that I would be able to get huge like the football players. Well, I did get that and a whole hell of a lot more.

I was really good friends with one of the football players, Chris, he was the star, he was huge, he was who I wanted to be. It always amazed me how huge he was. I mean for a high school student he was huge, and it was like he was getting bigger all of the time. It was particularly weird for me, because I knew Chris a couple of years ago when he was unnaturally small. Our freshman summer though everything changed for him. Anyway, one day after school I went over his house to finish on our Literature project, and when I got there he was working out. I just walked in because his house was like a second home for me. I stood there in his basement and watched him as he lifted what looked like to be a hell of a lot of weight. I was amazed, I was in awe, and I was hard! I hoped to god he wouldn't notice, because there was no way of hiding my big package. He didn't notice me and continued to lift. I watched as his pecs expanded and pushed the weight up. He was so huge, I just could not believe it. Finishing the set, he sat up and saw me. “Hey Mike, how long have you been there?” Chris asked.

“Only a couple of minutes, god Chris you are so big!” I answered.

As he began to flex and feel his own muscles he responded, “You think so, I don't know, I want to be so much bigger.” He started to look in the mirror and flexed harder and felt him self more. Rubbing his left pec and turned and asked, “Do you really think I am big, and do you think it looks good?”

He began to approach me, and I swallowed. “yes, I guess to….um….some you may be attractive. I mean lots of people like big huge muscles…” I trailed off as he got closer and began to flex again.

“What about you Mike, do you like really big muscles, you like my muscles?” He took my hand and placed it on his flexed bicep. “Please feel them Mike, and tell me if you really do think they are huge?” Not knowing what to do I tentatively began to feel his muscles. I continued and began to get really into it. I moved from his bicep and placed both of my hands on his pecs and began to squeeze his nipple. He must have enjoyed it because he began to groan in pleasure and only interrupted me to take his shirt off.

“So, Mike, will you help me get bigger?”

“What me how?”

“All you have to do is worship me…Will my muscles to grow and they will!”

“What this is insane.” I said taking my hands off of his muscles. He just frowned and put my hands back on him and said, “Not really, give it a try. I want my chest to grow. I am only at 48 and I want at least a fifty. What do you say? Give it a try, it can't hurt anything.” He ran over to a table and grabbed tape measure and I measured his chest. He was right it was exactly 48 inches. “Now come on feel my pecs, squeeze them, and make the GROW!” I began to do it, just for the mere sake of touching the smooth hunks of beef. I rubbed and squeezed and licked his muscle tits, and really made an effort to have them grow. The entire time Chris moaned in pleasure. After about twenty minutes Chris came. I could feel it as his crotch got wet, and I could hear it as he moaned. So, I stopped. I steeped away and looked at him. He did not look that different.. Maybe his pecs were a little bigger, but that was probably a pump from him flexing them so much. We sat there and stared at each other for about a minute, and then Chris asked me to measure him. I wrapped it around him, but could not believe what I saw. “What, what does it read?” asked Chris.

“51 1/2 inches.” I said. “Chris, how the hell…”

Chris was not listening though, he was busy flexing and staring at himself. “Thanks Mike, what should we go for next 55, or my biceps.”

“But, Chris how is it possible?” I asked.

“That isn't important, what is important know is what I…I mean we….can do with it.”

Chris came over to me and flexed his chest for all it was worth. I couldn't believe how much larger it was. His chest was two slabs of grade A beef. They were tight, taut, and round. His nipples had swelled to, they were the size of a silver dollar. He ran back over to the mirror and became entranced by his own reflection. Then after snapping out of the trance he ran over to the workout bench and began to pump out a few reps. He began to laugh and he hollered, “There too light, way to light.” He added on a hell of a lot more weight and began to pump it. After about 50 reps he stopped and again came over to me. “Thank you Mike, Thank you so much.”

“For what ?” I asked.

“For this.” He said as his pecs bundled up into a huge mass of muscle. As he stood there he began to squeeze one of his nipples, and I couldn't resist and began to lick the other one. In a matter of seconds his nipple was hard, and seconds after that another part of his anatomy was hard. Chris stepped back for a second and pulled down his workout shorts to reveal a nice cock. “Suck me please, Mike, I have wanted you to for so long.” I stripped and within in seconds my mouth was on his cock. I was sucking like a Hoover. With my tongue I gave his slit a nice work over. The entire time Chris flexed and felt his muscles. This turned me on even more. We worked harder and harder, until I felt his 7 incher swell even larger. I took my mouth off and let him cum. I had never seen so much cum in all of my life. He must have shot a quart of it, he didn't mind though. Every time he shot he seemed to go into an orgasm. When he was done I went right back to his cock to get him to cum again.

This time while I was working him, he began to coach me between the moans. “Picture it Mike, picture my chest and biceps even larger, think of how sexy your muscle man would be. Think of it.” I did think of it, I couldn't think of anything if I wanted to, which I didn't. I pictured my best friend swelled even larger than his unnatural state. I pictured big huge muscle tits, and biceps the size of my head. Meanwhile I continued to work his cock. I wondered if this willing of his muscles would work this time. I hoped so. Finally he came, and again I wussed out and avoided the shot. When he was done shooting Chris I both passed out from exhaustion.

I woke up to a metallic banging noise. It took me a minute to figure out what it was. It must have been Chris working out. I asked myself was it all a dream? Did I imagine everything that happened? My thoughts were interrupted by Chris's voice.

“Hey, finally you decided to join the rest of us in this little thing called life.”

I looked over to the workout machine and saw him. I could not believe it. He was even larger than when I passed out.

“I was going to wait for you to wake up to measure myself, considering it is you that made it possible, but I couldn't resist. I hope you are not mad.” Chris said smiling. “I know I was very happy.”

Part 2

What I was looking at was amazing. Chris could match any professional bodybuilder in size, and definitely was larger than any of our friends at school. I was at a loss for words, but I had an overabundance of drool. “How big are you now?”

“Bigger than I thought I would ever get.” He flashed me his sexy smile and flexed. “Why don't you come over and feel how big I am.” I got up and went over to him almost as if I was in a daze. I could not believe I was feeling up the biggest sexiest boy… I knew. “So come on, tell me how big are you?”

“My chest is a shade over 60 inches.” He said while jutting out his shelf like pecs. “My biceps are 26.5” he said while striking his sexiest double bicep pose. “My waist has dropped al the way down to thirty inches.”

“Thirty, but aren't you a 32?”

“Not any more!!!!”

“What do you say we get started on the project.”

“What, you want to pretend this didn't happen and you want to work on a school project, are you insane?” I asked while tracing the outline of his abs. “Life can't stop just because I am growing.”

“Your not growing like the rest of us, your are amazing!!! How the hell is this happening to you?”

“We can talk about that later, let's get working on the project.”

“If you really want me to even try to take my eyes and hands off you, you had better put a shirt on.”

“What you don't want to see this?” He asked while smiling and flexing every muscle he could. My cock immediately got hard, and I saw that his was not to late in following. “hey, I am not the one that wants to work on the project, I would rather work on you!!” I said with a coy grin. “Fine you win.” He walked over and put the shirt he was wearing earlier on, well ate least he tried. The second he took a breath it spilt at the seems, he groaned as it split, and continued to flex the rest of it off. “It might not be that easy to find one that fits.” He walked over and gabbed his under shirt which he always bought big because he always joked that one day he might grow into them. I don't think even he really meant it. Now was the time though. It fit like a charm. It was so large that it was still a little loose on him. “Okay? Now let's get to work.”

We began to work, after a half hour of thinking of nothing but Chris I looked at him. His short cropped blond hair, his deep blue eyes. I could not believe I was sitting across from this hunk. I looked down at his chest, I could swear the shirt looked tighter than before. Just the thought of him growing larger was so sexy. Was it me or was he larger? He didn't seem to notice so I didn't say anything. I could not get the image out of my head though. I thought “what the hell, I am sure he won't mind if I make him a little bit bigger, just enough to make the shirt a little tighter. While I am at it maybe I will make his hair grow longer. I always though he looked sexy when he grew it out.” I began to think about it and really imagine it. Almost immediately I saw the change in Chris. His once fairly loose shirt was now tight enough to show off his swollen nipples. And it began to cling to his biceps. His hair was no longer cropped but reached down to his ears. I was getting very hot and bothered, and still Chris didn't seem to notice. I only reinforced the image and saw the second wave of growth occurring. The shirt was now so tight, how could he not notice. Did he not feel his hair on his now mountainous shoulders. Just when I thought I couldn't stand staying silent Chris looked up, smiled, and said, “You just couldn't resist huh?”

“tell me, tell me, how big are you making me?” He stretched and flexed and the shirt just tore open. After it had fallen off of him I heard another tear. I wonder where that one could have been?

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