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Oliver clicked the button on the side of his phone and then zigzagged his finger across the screen to turn it on. He let out a dejected sigh as he looked at the complete lack of updates on his phone and then turned the screen back off again, but it didn’t end there. He anxiously flipped the phone in his hand and within mere seconds he once again clicked the button and unlocked the screen. It wasn’t the first time he had done this today, and it would by no means be the last. Unlock, check, close, flip, unlock. He had been pacing his room and repeating this pattern for what felt like an eternity.

Oliver was a bit of a worrywart by nature, but today was a different story altogether. Oliver was waiting for his friend to show up, but this wasn’t just any friend. This was his best friend. Some would even say it was his boyfriend. Oliver was one of those people who adamantly claimed that Jaimie was in fact his boyfriend, but most of his local friends would just roll their eyes whenever Oliver said this. They all had the same tired explanations. “You’ve never even met the guy.”

“Long distance relationships never work.”

“How do you know he’s not like some serial killer or something?” Oliver never paid these comment any mind. He knew Jaimie better than anyone else. They had known each other since their freshman year in high school. They had spent countless hours chatting via Skype. Not a day went by that they didn’t talk. It seemed like they had no secrets from one another… but that’s also part of the reason Oliver was so worried.

Jaimie had been uncharacteristically distant lately. They still chatted every day, but Jaimie had not had his camera on during the calls in weeks. He claimed it was just because his camera was broken, but Oliver couldn’t shake the notion that there was more going on. Then there was this whole trip. Jaimie seemed to be going out of his way to avoid seeing Oliver. Jaimie wouldn’t even allow Oliver to come pick him up at the airport. Jaimie had even gone so far as to keep the actual flight he took a secret. He had only given the vaguest inclination of what day he would be arriving. The only reason that Oliver even knew to expect Jaimie relatively soon was because Jaimie had sent him a text saying he was already in the cab and on his way.

Oliver was so startled when he heard the knock at the door that he almost dropped his phone. After a few awkwardly fumbling attempts to snag the device he managed to get a firm enough grip on it. He was so relieved to have saved his phone from certain screen cracking that he had almost forgotten about the person at the door until the knocking came again–this time louder and more insistent than before.

Oliver quickly turned and bolted for the door. He was so excited to see his friend that he hadn’t even bothered to look through the peep hole to see who it was first. He merely flung the door open as wide as he could and as fast as he could. Oliver’s heart leapt for joy as he saw a very familiar looking guy with very familiar shaggy, brown hair and an unmistakable lop-sided smirk.

Oliver was about to say something to greet his friend, but he wasn’t given the chance. Jaimie was literally on top of him in the span of a second. Upon seeing his friend, Jaimie let out a loud shout. “OLLIE!!” He cried exuberantly as he leapt forward and full on tackled his pal.

Oliver was too stunned and winded to say anything at first. He merely lay there on the floor as his best bud and boyfriend straddled him. As Oliver stared up into his buddy’s green eyes and freckled face, he couldn’t imagine anything better, but Jaimie already had plans to improve the situation.

“Hey. I’m gonna kiss you, ok?” Jaimie said softly in a voice that was little more than a sensual whisper. Oliver barely had time to even nod in agreement before Jaimie’s lips met his own. The two lovers locked lips and passionately kissed for what felt like ages, and with each passing moment they got more and more into it. Oliver’s own inhibitions quickly broke down, and his hands began to explore whatever parts of his lover he could find. Oliver’s fingertips traced a path along Jaimie’s button up shirt until they reached the waistband of Jaimie’s jeans. Oliver slid his hands under the denim of his boyfriend’s pants and began to feel the soft, supple booty that was hidden beneath. Jaimie’s ass was incredibly warm and soft to the touch with just a hint of fuzz to it.

Neither one wanted the moment to end, but something was weighing heavily on Oliver’s mind… and his legs. There was something huge and heavy resting atop his legs which was causing his legs to start to go numb. Already his legs felt like they were filled with sand and tingled with a sensation that was the tactile equivalent of a TV getting a snowy, static channel.

“Hey… could you move your bag…?” Oliver murmured between kisses.

Jaimie suddenly pulled back and stared down at his lover. His lopsided smirk was back in full force. “Oh. That’s not my bag.” He said. Oliver was confused, but he didn’t have time to ask questions. Jaimie suddenly began to stand up and gestured for Oliver to look lower. Oliver’s eyes quickly fell upon the bulge in Jaimie’s jeans. Oliver’s eyes practically popped out of his skull at what he saw.

Simply put bulge was an understatement. Oliver could make out the exact size and shape through the contours of the tightly packed fabric. Jaimie’s package was so huge that he actually had to wear custom fitting jeans specially designed to handle such impressive proportions, but even then Jaimie’s dick seemed ready to burst through the seams at any second.

Oliver could scarcely comprehend what he was seeing. He had seen Jaimie’s dick several times before during their mutually masturbatory skype sessions. It had always been big, but not nearly this big. The cock he was currently sporting was beyond huge. It was beyond massive. It was positively gargantuan! The soft shaft appeared as thick as Jaimie’s torso. His nuts appeared to be the size of yoga balls. The dick itself had to be as long as Jaimie’s legs and then some!

“What… the…?” Oliver murmured under his breath.

“Hehe. Like it?” Jaimie replied. He struck a saucy pose and flashed a smug smirk for his baffled boyfriend.

“How…?” Oliver murmured.

“Hehe. You know that little role play we like to do? Let’s just say it’s not entirely fantasy.” Jaimie replied cryptically.

“That can’t be real though, can it?” Oliver asked. He tone was an odd mix of confusion, wistfulness, and skepticism, but his eyes seemed dead set on soaking up every massive inch of his pal’s enormous bulge.

“Oh. It’s very much real, but perhaps a demonstration is in order.” Jaimie replied. He shot his boyfriend a playful wink and began pulling his shirt up and over his head. Once the shirt was off he playfully twirled it before chucking it aside as if he was putting on a strip show which was actually not far from what was really happening.

Jaimie next undid the clasp on his belt and the button of his jeans. It seemed like he was going to drop his pants right then and there, but instead he just stood there with his thumbs hooked onto his waistband. He stared right into Oliver’s eyes as if daring his boyfriend to say or do anything, but Oliver was far too stunned and aroused to react. All he could do was stare up at his boyfriend and his boyfriend’s impossibly huge bulge. His eyes silently pleaded for Jaimie to continue.

After a tense moment of sexual frustration and playful teasing Jaimie finally continued his strip show. He slowly, sensually pushed his jeans further and further down. As he did so more and more of his enormous cock spilled into view. Oliver’s eyes grew wider and his jaw dropped lower as he watched the fantastic shlong spill into view. Jaimie’s bulge had left nothing to the imagination and yet nothing could have prepared Oliver for just how magnificently huge Jaimie’s cock really was. Oliver was in awe. His throat felt tight. He could practically taste that fantastic dick. He wanted nothing more than to deep throat that monster, but he knew it was impossible. Jaimie’s cock was at least three times thicker than his own throat.

Finally the head of Jaimie’s cock fell free from its denim prison. It made contact with the carpet with a dull thud. Jaimie’s cock was so long that the head of it rested solidly on the floor beneath him, but despite the immense size, the foreskin still covered most of the head.

Oliver was so fascinated by his bud’s massive dick that he couldn’t help himself. He shakily got up and crawled forward on his hands and knees until he was face to face with his boyfriend’s enormous cock head. Oliver gave it an experimental poke and was surprised to see Jaimie’s cock react to his touch. It was hard to imagine Jaimie’s cock getting any bigger, but Oliver could both see and feel it swelling up as he ran his hand along the exposed patch of spongy cock head.

“How did this happen?” Oliver murmured in awe.

“I told you. It’s exactly like the role plays you like so much.” Jaimie replied.

“But that’s impossible…” Oliver muttered.

“So you say, but how can you deny what’s right in front of you.” Jaimie replied playfully.

“So… Just like in the role plays you can transfer size?” Oliver asked.

“Yep… and I’d be happy to show you, but first I’m gonna need you to strip too. It’s no fun if I’m the only one naked here.” Jaimie said.

“You want me to w-what!?” Oliver squeaked.

“Strip. Now.” Jaimie replied in a tone of feigned annoyance.

“I don’t know… it feels a little… you know.” Oliver mumbled.

“I’ve seen it before, you know.” Jaimie replied. He kept up the tone of mock irritation and even went so far as to throw in an exasperated eye roll for good measure.

“Yeah, but that was three feet ago!” Oliver sputtered.

“Either you take those clothes off, or I’ll do it for you.” Jaimie shot back. He tried his best to sound irritated, but his playful smirk gave him away. The devious look in his eyes didn’t help his case either. It was clear that he’d be all too happy to make good on his threat.

“Ok. Fine. Geez.” Oliver muttered, but it was clear from the bemused smirk on his face that he wasn’t actually put off by his pal’s forceful nature.

Oliver did his best to strip as gracefully as his friend had, but even though he didn’t have the prodigious dong to deal with Oliver’s attempt was slow and awkward. His t-shirt got stuck around his ears as he tried to pull it up and over his head, and he kept fumbling awkwardly with his belt buckle. His hands were shaking from excitement, and the fact that he couldn’t take his eyes away from his boyfriend’s smokin’ hot bod for even a second didn’t help his predicament either.

Oliver finally managed to kick his jeans off and stood awkwardly in front of his friend. Oliver wasn’t bad off by any normal measurements, but his five inch rod looked positively puny in the face of his friend’s four feet of phallus. Oliver tried his best to strike a seductive pose, but his hand kept drifting towards his crotch in an effort to block Jaimie’s view.

“Come on. Let me see it.” Jaimie said sweetly in an effort to gently coax his boyfriend into opening up. Oliver was still hesitant to move his hand so Jaimie decided to try a different angle. He flashed his boyfriend a disarming smile and sweetly added, “You know I’ve already seen it, and it you’re worried about the size, well then…” His words started to drift off at the end.

Oliver was trying to figure out where Jaimie was going with his line of thinking, but he didn’t have time to think on it too long. He suddenly started to feel something strange down below. It was a strangely soothing, pulsing warmth flowing through his cock. He was so shocked that he moved his hand without even thinking that he’d be accidentally giving his boyfriend an eyeful. Oliver was more interested in seeing what was going on than saving his modesty.

Oliver’s jaw dropped as he stared at his rock hard cock. There was no doubt about it. It was actually growing! With each passing second it got longer and thicker. His balls grew fuller and heavier. He was so amazed and so turned on that he couldn’t help himself. He had to be sure that it was real. His hand once again found its way towards his cock, but the intent was far different this time.

Oliver wrapped his hand around his cock. He loved the way it felt in the palm of his hand. It was so big compared to what it was just a minute ago. He had already added a solid three inches of length and a good deal of thickness. His cock was already getting close to being as thick as a Coke can, and his balls had gone from fairly unremarkable ping pong ball sized nuts to the size of golf balls.

Oliver continued to stare at his cock in awe as he stroked it. He was amazed at how much room he had. Before his palm pretty much covered the whole shaft when he started to jack it, but now he had plenty of room to take long, languid strokes across his huge dick. He already loved his new size, and it seemed like his dick was still steadily getting bigger!

“See? I told you there was no reason to worry about your size.” Jaimie replied playfully.

Oliver glanced back up at his boyfriend. He was about to say something, to sputter some awkward apology or maybe a fervent thank you, but his train of thought derailed as soon as his eyes fell upon his pal’s enormous cock.

Jaimie’s dick was now fully hard, but the sheer size and weight of it made it too big to stand straight upright. Instead it poked out in front of him like a poolside diving board. The enormous shaft was definitely thick enough to be used as such, but it didn’t quite have the length–not anymore anyway.

“Wait… did it…?” Oliver murmured in awe.

“Duh. Don’t tell me you forgot the role plays already, did you? It’s a transfer of size.” Jaimie explained with a playfully flippant tone of feigned exasperation.

“So you’re giving me…?” Oliver muttered.

“Yep. You’re taking some of my size, but don’t worry. I have more than enough to go around!” Jaimie replied. He was giddy with excitement. He couldn’t wait to see Ollie’s cock get bigger and bigger. Already it had doubled in size, but Jaimie had no intention to stop there.

Oliver was about to murmur some form of protest, but he couldn’t think of anything to say. Jaimie seemed so gung-ho about it, and it just felt so good that he couldn’t bring himself to want to stop, and there was also that other thing…

Jaimie was grinning from ear to ear as he reached down with both hands to steady his massive dick and then began stomping forward with his enormous cock aimed forward like an erotic battering ram. Oliver instinctively began to back up as the huge rod pushed against him. It wasn’t that he was afraid of it, but the immense tool could easily bowl him right over if he wasn’t careful.

In a matter of moments, Oliver was pinned with his back to the wall and Jaimie’s enormous cock pressed hard against him. Oliver could feel the warm, soft, spongy tissue of Jaimie’s massive cockhead pressing against his crotch, but Oliver felt another far more pleasant sensation against his own dick.

Oliver glanced down and was shocked at what he saw. His cock had grown considerably. It was now well over a foot long. The head of his enormous dick now poked well past his belly button. Had he had any abs to speak of his dick would easily be even with the top row of abs, but Oliver’s soft belly didn’t give him such guideposts to gauge off of. Even if he had had abs to use as a ruler, he wouldn’t have been focused on those. What really fascinated him was the way the tip of his cock barely poked out past Jaimie’s own dick. By this point Oliver’s entire recently-enhanced shaft was every bit as long as the slit of Jaimie’s monstrously huge cock, and the way the mashed the tip of his enormous dick against Oliver’s crotch caused his slit to line up perfectly with Ollie’s fully-boned constantly-expanding cock. Oliver’s dick rested perfectly in the cleft of Jaimie’s slit like a hotdog in a bun. The warm, slick flesh of Jaimie’s pre-oozing cockhead felt fantastic against his dick.

Oliver’s cock continued to swell ever so slightly as more and more of Jaimie’s size was added to his own. Soon Oliver’s cock was far too thick to nestle in Jaimie’s slit as it had done. It wasn’t long before even the puffy ridge on the underside of Oliver’s fully grown cock had become too thick to do that too. It was at that point that Jaimie decided to take things to the next level. He slowly stepped forward. His humongous dick steadily began to angle upwards as he stepped closer and closer to his lover thanks in no small part to the natural backwards curve of his rock hard cock. Soon he was standing mere feet from Oliver. He flashed his boyfriend a lascivious smirk and placed a hand against the wall on either side of Oliver’s head.

It was at this point that a realization struck Oliver. Their cocks were sandwiched between them, and yet they could still see face to face. Oliver managed to tear his gaze away from his lover’s brilliant green eyes and down towards their mutually engorged cocks. Oliver was shocked to see that Jaimie’s dick was a mere shadow of its former self. It was still gargantuan by most normal standards, but it was barely even half of its former glory. What had once been as thick as his torso was now little thicker than his thigh. His cock which was once longer than his legs now barely even reached up to his shoulders.

As Oliver took stock of the situation he realized how much his own dick had changed. The tip of his cock now reached up to the center of his chest. It was only a scant few inches shorter than Jaimie’s own enormous piece, and it was still growing! It wouldn’t be long now until Oliver managed to rival his boyfriend’s obscene size… or even surpass it… Oliver didn’t want to admit it out loud, but the thought of having a piece as huge as the one Jaimie had been sporting when he walked in excited him. Already his mind was abuzz with thoughts of what it would be like to have a cock like that.

Oliver’s reverie was interrupted by the feeling of his boyfriend’s hands against his cheeks. Oliver quickly snapped to attention and stared longingly into Jaimie’s green eyes. It was clear from the passionate gaze in his boyfriend’s eyes what he had in mind, and Oliver was only all too happy to comply. The two lovers had to crane their necks as far as they could in order to get their lips to meet in the middle. Their massive cocks were so thick it was like having a whole nother person wedged in between them, but they managed.

It was clear that Jaimie had much more experience at this than Oliver did. Having never had a boyfriend before, this was in fact Oliver’s second kiss–the first being the short one he had shared with Jaimie mere moments before. Fortunately Jaimie gently guided him through the whole process. No words were needed. Jaimie’s deft touch was able to keep Oliver right on track. A slight pat on the cheek, a soft nudge on the chin, and some amazing skill with his lips was all it took to keep Oliver in line. Once Jaimie was sure that Oliver was ready for the next step he slowly began to slide his tongue past his lover’s lips. Oliver tensed up upon feeling the new arrival, but soon began to relax and enjoy the moment. He even began to add his own tongue into the mix, but it didn’t last long enough for him to really get the hang of that part. He began to feel something huge, and spongy, and sopping wet mashing against his chin.

It was then that he realized that their cocks were no longer evenly matched for size. Oliver had taken the lead and now had Jaimie beat by a good margin. Oliver was so shocked that he couldn’t even properly return his boyfriend’s fervent kisses. Fortunately Jaimie picked up on this and took a step back.

“Like what you see?” Jaimie asked as he gestured towards himself.

Oliver could only nod in reply. Now that there was some space between them Oliver could get a better look at his boyfriend’s cock. Jaimie’s dick was still enormous by any normal reckoning, but it was nowhere near the colossal cock he had walked in with. The tip of his fully boned cock now only reached up to his chest. It had to be down to a foot and a half in length which was barely a third of what he had started with. It had gone from being as thick as his chest to being little thicker than his toned, muscular upper arm. His nuts, which had once been the size of beanbag chairs, were now closer to the size of basketballs.

As hot as Jaimie was, there was something weighing heavily on Oliver’s mind. “Just how much are you going to give me?” Oliver asked nervously. To Oliver’s surprise Jaimie responded by flashing him the biggest, sappiest grin he had ever seen.

“As much as you want and then some.” Jaimie replied ecstatically.

“R-really?” Oliver squeaked. He wasn’t sure if his question came off as hopeful or shocked, and he wasn’t even sure which of those two emotions he was feeling at the moment. As much as he loved having a huge cock and dreamed about having a dick that was bigger and bigger than even this, he wasn’t so thrilled about watching Jaimie’s fantastic piece slip away. Jaimie’s dick was already just barely long enough to reach up to his belly button. He was now on the upper end of what would be considered normal. His dick had to be a solid ten inches, which while fantastic even by porn star standards, was absolutely pathetic compared to what he had started with.

“Yep! I brought this allll for you.” Jaimie replied playfully. He even went so far as to strike a sexy pose for his lover as he did so, and it was no secret that Oliver enjoyed the show. His huge, fully boned cock lurched with excitement. By this point, Oliver’s cock was so huge that the tip of it reached well above his head. He had to clutch it to his chest and maneuver it to the side a bit just so that he could catch a glimpse of his boyfriend’s hot, nude form. As such the shudders of arousal coursing through his cock threatened to knock him clean off balance. With each passing second he got hornier and hornier and his cock grew and grew. He already had huge gobs of pre oozing out of his massive cock. His nuts were so huge they rested solidly on the ground.

As much as he loved having such an enormous cock, Oliver started to feel more uncomfortable by the second as he watched his boyfriend’s cock shrink away. Jaimie’s dick was already closing in on his old size of five inches, and although it looked hot as hell, Oliver just didn’t feel right about it.

“That’s too much…” Oliver murmured as he watched his lover’s dick shrink ever so slightly more.

“Oh? Still too big for you? Well, if you insist I can give you some more.” Jaimie replied playfully.

“That’s not what I meant…” Oliver replied sheepishly.

“Oh, don’t be so uptight. I knew exactly what you meant, but I’m not satisfied just yet. I want to see you get bigger and bigger. You remember how huge you always said you wanted to get? Well I’m going to see you get that big and then some.” Jaimie replied. His voice had shifted to a sultry growl, and the salacious look in his eyes was every bit as seductive as his voice. Oliver wanted to protest even more, but he was finding it hard to argue. If nothing else Jamie sure seemed to know what he was doing.

“I don’t think you’ve got enough.” Oliver managed to murmur. It wasn’t what he meant to say, but it was close enough.

Jaimie chuckled in reply and began to saunter the last few steps towards Oliver’s side. Jaimie gave Oliver a kiss on the cheek and nuzzled against his neck and whispered softly into Oliver’s ear, “Oh, I didn’t expect to finish the job today.”

Oliver was too horny to say anything in response. He merely stood there and whimpered pitifully as Jaimie continued to kiss him and run his hand along the length of his huge cock. Oliver’s dick was beyond huge at this point. It was so massive that the tip of it almost poked the ceiling above. The puffy glans of his fully boned cock stood at least three feet above his own head. The shaft was easily thicker than his whole body. His heavy nuts were the size of beanbag chairs and sat firmly on the ground at his feet.

Jaimie reached over and gently pushed down on Oliver’s cock. Oliver was too horny to try and resist even had his cock not been so huge that he could barely grapple it. His huge cock easily slid out of his hands.

Jaimie soon had Oliver’s cock aimed parallel to the floor. Jaimie then clambered up onto the enormous schlong. Oliver’s dick was so massive that it was like trying to mount a Clydesdale. Jaimie was able to straddle the beast, but he had to spread his legs as wide as they would go to do so. Oliver wasn’t about to complain though. The way Jaimie’s legs gripped his fat cock felt fantastic, and the pose gave him a clear view of Jaimie’s sexy, rigid dick.

Jaimie’s dick wasn’t even a shadow of its former glory. It was small by anyone’s standards. It was far smaller than even Oliver’s dick had been before they started swapping size. Jaimie’s dick now stood tall at just shy of three inches. It was about as long as his middle finger and barely as thick as a magic marker. His sack was filled to the brim with marble sized nuts, but the size did nothing to stop it from being sexy as hell. Somehow it looked right on him. The thick, defined V of Jaimie’s Adonis Belt seemed to point directly towards his small cock as if telling the whole world to stare at it.

Oliver could still feel the telltale warmth and tingling coursing through his cock. He could tell that he was still growing, but at his current size whatever scant few inches Jaimie had left to offer were hardly noticeable. It hardly mattered though. Each ounce of mass his cock added put him that much closer to his dream. Images of how truly massive Oliver had dreamed of being flooded his mind. It was almost enough to send him over the edge right then and there, and Jaimie was more than happy to give him that last push he needed.

Jaimie could feel his lover’s enormous cock shuddering beneath him. He knew it could only mean one thing, and he was more than happy to help matters along. Jaimie laid back atop his boyfriend’s dick. Oliver’s cock was so huge that Jaimie was able to rest his head against the spongy, flared up tip and use it like a pillow. The soft flesh of his lover’s glans felt fantastic. It was so soft and comfortable that Jaimie felt like he could easily drift into a blissful slumber right then and there, but he had more important matters to attend to and wasn’t at all sleepy.

Jaimie moaned and writhed as he gripped what was left of his dick between his thumb and forefinger. He had only an inch left to work with so his strokes were little more than small tugs, but he didn’t mind. He was so turned on that his dick felt ready to pop at any second whether he touched it or not. His stroking was merely for show. He wanted Oliver to see how much he was enjoying himself, and they had Skyped enough in the past that Jaimie knew that his moaning and whimpering would be enough to make Oliver finally cream.

Oliver couldn’t imagine anything hotter. His boyfriend was laying atop his cock like a bed while writhing and moaning in ecstasy. Oliver tried his best to hold back. He tried to make it last as long as possible, but as he stared at Jaimie’s lithe, toned muscles flexing and unflexing while he writhed and wriggled he knew he was fighting a losing battle. Then Jaimie’s back arched. His short strokes stopped. Then from underneath his fingertip a small, spurt of creamy white jizz shot forth… followed by another… and another… The wads of jizz splattered against the lowest two rows of Jaimie’s eight-pack set of abs. the pool of spunk didn’t look like much now that it was dripping from his abs, but it was an absurdly huge load compared to the size of Jaimie’s package. Jaimie had never cum like that in his life. It was literally mind blowing. He could barely even think. What few scattered thoughts he could piece together were all thoughts about how happy he was to finally get the chance to do this with the guy he loved.

It was a miracle that Oliver had held out as long as he did, but the second Jaimie started shooting Oliver lost his own battle with his arousal. His monstrous cock bucked and lurched. The sheer force of the tremors threatened to shake Jaimie clean off, but Jaimie’s legs remained locked around Oliver’s dick like a vise grip.

Massive spurts of chum shot forth from Oliver’s monstrous cock. Each spurt was like a blast from a firehose. The thick wads smashed against the door on the far side of Oliver’s studio apartment. Each spurt was so fantastic that Oliver felt his mind going blank anew with each individual spurt. He never could have believed that an orgasm could feel this good. He knew a lot of it had to do with the sheer size of his cock and balls, but he doubted that was all of it or even most of it. He had no doubt in his mind that the joy he felt was thanks in no small part to the company he was with.

Oliver came again and again. Thick wads of cum oozed down the door and wall and pooled on the floor below. Each spurt had to be enough to fill a deep sink and then some. By the time he had finally stopped cumming the floor of his apartment was completely saturated in spooge, but he couldn’t bring himself to care about the mess. He simply felt too fantastic.

Oliver collapsed into a sex-addled heap against the wall. He was so winded and dazed from that fantastic climax that he could barely even think let alone move. Fortunately Jaimie was in better condition. Jaimie staggered up from his perch atop his boyfriend’s deflating cock and sidled up beside his winded lover. No words were exchanged. The two merely wrapped arms around each other and cuddled up against one another and savored the afterglow.

It took a good twenty minutes for either of them to feel refreshed enough to move and longer still for either of them to want to. Finally Oliver broke the silence. His gaze fell upon the small acorn of a nub between his lover’s legs. He felt so embarrassed that he had let things get so out of hand.

“I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have taken so much.” Oliver murmured dejectedly.

“You can’t apologize because you didn’t do anything. I was the one who gave it.” Jaimie chided softly.

“Still… That’s too much. You should take some back.” Oliver replied.

“Nope.” Jaimie replied flatly. Oliver looked startled for a second, but then he turned his soulful puppy dog eyes on his lover. Jaimie merely smirked and shook his head. “It was a gift. I’m not going to take back a gift. I wanted you to have it.” He explained.

“Still… are you sure you’re fine with just… that?” Oliver asked.

“Of course I’m fine! It’s not like it’s going to stay that way, and between you and me, my lower back could use a vacation from having all that cock.” Jaimie replied and started laughing. His laughter was so infectious that Oliver began to join in.

Finally Oliver managed to steady his giggling enough to continue his line of questioning. “So. Does it just grow back?” He asked.

“Oh. No. I have to get some size from someone else.” Jaimie explained. He didn’t even need to look at Oliver’s face to know what kind of expression he was making, and Jaimie was quick to cut off his lover’s inevitable protest. “It’s not like I just take it. It’s all given willingly.”

Oliver still looked skeptical, but he made no effort to argue. Fortunately Jaimie was quick to continue his explanation. “You’d be amazed how many guys out there are willing to give up an inch or two to watch me grow. I’ve got a web show where stroke my dick on camera and other guys let me drain them. All I need is a direct line of sight with someone else’s dick and I can transfer size. Turns out it works via video chat as well.” Jaimie explained.

“Wait… so you’ve been doing this with other guys, and you’re just now telling me about it?” Oliver gasped.

“It’s not like that.” Jaimie said soothingly. “You got me into this before I even knew it was possible. I wanted it to be special with you. That’s why I waited until we could meet in person. That’s why I had been so scarce on Skype lately. I didn’t want you to see all of this until I was ready to give it to you.” Jaimie explained. He even went so far as to give Oliver’s massive cock a gentle rub for emphasis.

“Wow…” Oliver murmured. To say he was flattered would be an understatement. His first face to face meeting with his boyfriend had exceeded all of his wildest expectations.

Jaimie leaned in and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. “Come on. Let’s clean up real quick. I haven’t eaten since this morning, and I’m famished.” He said.

“I can heat up some pizza or something real quick.” Oliver replied.

“Nope. We’re going on a date. A real date. My treat.” Jaimie countered.

“W-what!?” Oliver sputtered.

“What? You don’t want to?” Jaimie replied playfully. He knew full well what had Oliver so flustered, but he couldn’t pass up a chance to push his lover’s buttons like this.

“I can’t go out like this? What would I even wear?” Oliver replied.

“I brought plenty of my old pants that should fit you. You’ll have a decent wardrobe to last you… until the next time I come visit anyway.” Jaimie explained. He then gave Oliver another kiss on the cheek and whispered seductively into his ear, “Next time I come by I’m going to bring you so much more cock that these pants will be obsolete.”

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