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Description A posse of college jocks decides to spend spring break hiking in the mountains, where they encounter some young men with a lot of size and muscle—and a few secrets they’re glad to share with their new friends.

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Part 1

We were seniors. Normally we went to a party spot for our spring break, but, this year, Jim suggested, since we were all going different ways after graduation, we do something together.

I’m Eric Banner, a senior at Stanford. I’m six, two and 180, a varsity swimmer. After graduation I’ll be heading to UCLA for graduate work in economics. Jim Hanson is the leader of our group. He plays football and baseball. On the football team he plays tight end, usually in two tight end formations. He got a key touchdown against Washington State this year. But his best sport is baseball where he plays second base and hits for power. He was drafted by the Mets and will report to their AAA team in Florida after graduation. Rounding out our group is Paul Sims, he wrestles in the 141 pound class and, at five, five, is probably, pound for pound, the most muscular guy I know. He’s headed to Princeton next year for law school.

What we’d decided on was a hiking and camping trip into the Sierra Nevada Mountains. We were looking for a wilderness experience to share a final adventure together. We took Route 4 east of Stockton and headed up into the mountains, shifting to a dirt road heading north when we were at about 3500 feet. Another ten miles and several hundred feet higher the road ended, so we piled out, collected our stuff and started our hike. We had a good portable GPS so we weren’t worried about getting lost though we hadn’t hiked this area before.

We made a few miles that first afternoon before finding a mountain stream and making camp. We caught a couple trout for dinner and talked about our plans for the future.

The next day we decided to follow the stream higher into the mountains. It was about an hour after our stop for lunch when we heard noises just ahead. There was a small clearing next to the bank and we spotted two horses tied near the stream. The sounds were from their owners. Three Indian men were having sex in the grass, very energetically and vocally.

We watched, concealed by the bushes. They were about our age or maybe a bit younger, but they were huge, both size and muscle. The smallest must have been taller than me by a few inches and have proportionately more muscle than Paul. That guy was being fucked by the biggest of the group. He was well over seven foot and plowing his buddy’s ass with over foot-long strokes with a cock that must have been much longer.

The third in the group was resting, sitting with his back against the trunk of a tree, legs widely spread, obviously recovering. He was intermediate, maybe six, eight or so. He wore a type of leather vest that was fully open revealing a massive chest, thick lats, bulging arms and shoulders. Despite his size and muscularity he looked to have been given quite a workout. He was breathing deeply and had a sheen of sweat on his body and very long, black hair. He also had some sort of leather breechcloth but it was severely askew and not concealing anything. Of course, his half-hard cock must have been over fifteen inches and would have been impossible to hide. Even not fully stiff it extended well past the second cobblestone of his defined abdominals. He had shot several loads over his torso, vest and even into his hair. Yet, even though he was a huge muscle stud, it was obvious he’d been thoroughly fucked. It was easy to see that his ass was leaking a steady stream of cum from what must have been a massive load.

The guy being fucked gave a shout and spewed a large load from a cock that was well over a foot long. The first spurt was a jet over eight feet long that landed past his head. The next half dozen sprayed him and his partner and the ones that followed would have exceeded my best load by three or four times. A minute after he started he was still bubbling cum from the tip of a still hard cock.

Meanwhile the huge guy fucking him had sped up his assault. The rapid strokes were almost two feet long and he clearly had many inches still buried in his partner. After a couple furious minutes he plunged into the root and held it there. The abdominal muscles of his partner started rippling up and down as the thick tube of muscle embedded in his gut spasmed as it released a torrent of sperm. The young male on the receiving end unleashed another big load even though he’d just finished cumming.

We were engrossed in watching, not making a sound. After a couple minutes the big guy started to extract his cock. One foot, two feet, when the head popped free it had extended past his knee and must have been near thirty inches; thick too.

We were so engrossed in watching the big stud we didn’t notice the stud by the tree until he shouted something I didn’t understand to his friends. He had stood up and was pointing in our direction. The biggest one got to his feet, looked our way and said something to the first guy in what, must have been, their native tongue.

“Come out and show yourselves,” he demanded. “We’re friendly Indians, very friendly. Don’t even think of running. We know these mountains much better than you.”

We glanced at each other and decided to comply, meekly walking into the clearing, stopping a dozen feet short of the big stud that was the leader.

“Did you like our little show? I think you did.”

“We’re not gay,” I insisted. “We were hiking and heard some noise. We’ve never seen anyone so big…er, muscular, as you guys.”

“Then why are your cocks hard?” said the one recently fucked who had rolled to his side on the grass.

It was true. My cock, almost eight inches, was stiff and I had a bit of a wet spot on my shorts near the tip. My friends were in a similar state.

“That was quite a show you put on but, I assure you, we’re straight. I’m Eric and my friends are Jim and Paul. We’re seniors at Stanford on our break.”

“I’m Samuel Running Bear,” said the biggest. “My brother, Joseph,” indicating the one who was by the tree, “and our friend Daniel. I’m a sophomore and Joseph’s a senior at Berkeley. You’ve been hiking on our reservation land.”

“We didn’t mean to trespass,” I offered. “We thought this was a national forest.”

“No problem, I said we’re friendly Indians. Let us show you how friendly. Which one do you want to fuck?” He asked Daniel, who had gotten to his feet.

“I’ll think Jim will be fun. You ready for a little action with this?” He indicated his fourteen inch piece that was still almost fully hard and dripping the remains from his last cum.

He walked toward Jim who took a step back. They were the same height, six, four, but the Indian was clearly more muscular.

“No, stay away. I’m not gay. You can’t force me.” He turned to run, but the Indian reached out with one arm, grabbing him by the straps on his backpack. He was lifted off his feet.

“I think you’re wrong, about a great many things,” Daniel said with a hint of a chuckle as he effortlessly tore away Jim’s tee and shorts.

Daniel slipped Jim’s backpack off and tossed it aside. Jim was pushed to his back. He’d stopped struggling when he realized how much stronger the young Indian was. Daniel had bigger muscles, but he must have been much stronger than he looked to handle Jim so easily. Jim’s legs were raised to Daniel’s shoulders as he got on his knees and bent over Jim. He maneuvered his thick pole next to Jim’s. Jim had a thick, eight-and-a-half-incher, that looked, was, small next to his fucker’s. Daniel reached between his legs and rubbed up some of the copious fluid running down his inner thighs. He used that to slather his thick pole with lube as Jim watched stunned.

As I watched, Daniel put the flaring cap of his cock at Jim’s entrance. When he felt the pressure he started to squirm but a hand pressing his chest calmed him down. He began to press into Jim.

“Please, stop. I’ve never been fucked before. You’re too big. Aren’t you supposed to get me ready for you or something?” Jim babbled as he felt the tip of the thick head start to spread his opening.

“Relax. I can feel you’re virgin. There’s no way I could get you open enough to make this easy. I’ve done this before. Your cock is already leaking. You’re gonna like it.”

Jim grunted as the wide cock-head punched through his ring. Steady pressure added a few more inches. He started some short strokes that got Jim shaking and gasping. His cock spewed a load onto his chest and there was still nearly a foot of pole left to enter him.

I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was Samuel. I turned toward him. My eyes were looking right at one of his brown nipples on the huge mass of his pectoral muscle. I bent my neck to look up at his face. He was looking down at me with an amused expression. He looked a bit left and I followed his gaze the end of his incredible cock as it stood proudly erect between the plates of his chest. The reddish brown shaft was a bit darker than his natural skin tone and crisscrossed with veins that pulsed with the blood that made it hard.

I put a hand on it, somewhere about halfway. I was only able to wrap about two-thirds around it. The surface was warm and slick with juices. There was a bit of give and then firmness underneath.

The cone-shaped cap was a brighter shade of red. The skin that enfolded it had retracted below the flange. From the top there was a steady flow of fluid mixed with the occasional inches long jet. It was hypnotic. I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

“Go ahead, taste it. You know you want to.”

He shifted his hand to the back of my neck but wasn’t trying to force me. He didn’t need to. He was right. The base of the crown was right at mouth level. I licked with my tongue, lapping up some of the juice. It was different. I sucked on the side of the tip with my mouth. He dipped down a few inches so I could get my lips around the end, teasing the slit with the tip of my tongue that was soon coated by the stuff that kept flowing out. A jet sprayed into my mouth. I was a bit surprised by the amount but instinctively swallowed. I tried to put more cock in my mouth and managed, barely, to get the whole tip inside. It was just too big and I had to back off.

“Are you ready?”

Ready? “You can’t be serious. It’s as thick as my wrist and longer than my entire torso. If you shoved that in my ass it would come out my mouth, but I’d be dead before you got half way.”

“You’re not going to die. You’re going to have to trust me. You know I could do whatever I want with you.”

He was waiting for an answer. “Yes, I know.”

“You want me to fuck you even though you are afraid it may hurt you, even kill you?”

He was right. I did. “Yes,” I mumbled, shocked by my answer.

“Why do you want to be fucked by me?”

Wasn’t my acceptance enough? Now he wants a reason. “You’re so big and powerful. I know I can’t resist you but I don’t want to. I guess I want to feel your power, your sex, inside me.”

“Good. I know I really didn’t give you a choice, but it definitely will be easier for you that you’ve recognized your need for a man to take charge of you.”

I was puzzled over that last bit but didn’t have time to ponder it as he put his hands on my hips and hoisted me into the air. My 180 pounds was really nothing to him. He lifted me straight overhead so he could reposition his arms between my legs, so, when he lowered me again my legs were spread wide by the bulging muscles of his upper arm, each one was much thicker than my thigh. By the time my ass was at his shoulder height my knees settled into the crooks of his elbows. Lowering a few more inches and I felt the blunt point of his sex spear spread my glutes. I felt him press my hole.

I could feel him, hot, wet, and slippery, right at the entrance. He let some of my weight rest on it and the tip started to spread me open just a bit as my ass ring tried to snap against the intrusion. A jet of his lube squirted against the ring and a bit more slipped inside me. The next spurt actually breached the gate and I felt it spray my gut. A bit more weight on the head and I could feel myself being forced open and him sinking deeper.

It felt weird, being opened up, not particularly painful, but like I needed to go, however it was going in me not out. The next bit allowed my ring to clear the rim of his head and snap tight to the shaft. I remembered that was still as thick as my wrist, but I was proud that I’d gotten the widest part inside. Some more slid inside and that reminded me there was well over two feet, just as thick, to go.

He bumped something that caused my cock to jump. I was still well in the air so I looked down at Samuel. He looked up at me and flashed a smile that told me he knew what he’d done to me. He did it again, again and again, causing me to gasp and tingle. A minute more had me in a frenzy. I was cumming. I shot half a dozen strong bursts. When I looked down I saw that most of it had streaked Samuel’s long, black hair, but he was still smiling at me, so I guess he’s pretty used to that.

While I’d been distracted I hadn’t realized that his cock was much further into me. From my height I guessed it was about a foot. It was still stimulating my sensitive spot with every movement but the bulge of the head was well in my gut. He was stroking me constantly, but each one ended a bit deeper. I remembered there was something I was worried about earlier, but the sensations from the spike of flesh within me made it hard to focus. It was big and thick. I could feel it spreading my gut as it pressed in and the relaxation as it retreated a bit. However, it was not just a passive presence. It was a living, throbbing, writhing shaft of muscle and, I could tell, it was as powerful as the rest of his muscles. Another strong orgasm took me by surprise.

When I recovered I saw I had sprayed most of my cum on Samuel’s face. It took me a bit longer to realize I was now face to face with him, so he must be much deeper into me. I could feel it as it curved under the top row of my abdominal muscles. So it does bend when needed and might not rip me apart.

I decided to lick up the cum I’d sprayed on Samuel’s face. When I got to the gob above his upper lip, he stuck his tongue out and swiped it. He then leaned his head and kissed me on the lips, pushing his tongue into me. I knew enough to remain passive while he explored. He wiped my cum from my own tongue and took it back to his mouth. Then he was back probing. It was long, thick and as powerful as the rest of him. I tried brushing the underside with my own tongue and he seemed to like it. He broke our kiss.

“I think you’re into this. I knew you would be.”

“I’ve had my two best cums ever and I’m still hard. Does this mean I’m gay?”

“What do you think?”

“Yeah, I’m gay. But, I don’t know anything about being gay.”

“Don’t worry. I know what you need. I’ll take care of you. But, right now, I’ve got nine more inches for you.”

I didn’t really understand that last bit, except for the nine inches. I looked down past my stiff cock and saw the thick pole that sprouted from his groin. The remaining part was longer than my entire cock and three times thicker too. He pushed me down and another inch disappeared and I felt the friction throughout my gut and right to my cock.

He kept entering me little by little. Internally it was hard to comprehend, he seemed to be everywhere. When I pressed my hand to my abs I could feel him under the muscles. The blood pumping through it was like a second heartbeat. I was soon looking up at Samuel’s face. I came again, my third time, and I hadn’t touched myself. Of course, my stiff shaft rubbing along his big muscles certainly helped.

This time when I recovered I felt the press of his orange-sized balls on my glutes. I had him fully, nearly thirty inches of cock, inside my body. I looked up at him, he seemed proud of me. Hell, I was proud of me.

“You have every inch of me. Now we can really get started.”

Started? I didn’t understand. What was what we’d been doing? Then he started raising me up, then down, up again even higher. The sensations were incredible. Samuel’s cock was starting to get excited. It felt like my body was just an extension of his cock. My heart beat in time with his pulse. Every tremor shook my body. Then there was something new, harder, wilder, an explosion.

I must have passed out. I was wrapped in Samuel’s huge arms that were holding me against his chest with a pectoral muscle as a pillow. He was still inside me but not moving, just the steady throbbing of a resting monster. My own cock was still semi-hard, not too surprising since, even resting, there was plenty of stimulation. I’d shot several fresh loads judging by how slick and damp it was between my body and his. He’d shot too, flooding my gut. I could feel the leakage flowing over my ball sack.

“That was one powerful load. I guess I came again too.”

“I actually flooded your gut three times in the last half hour or so and you’ve been spurting seed every few minutes yourself. Most guys I fuck are a bit fuzzy afterwards. You’re typical.”

“You can’t make me gay and leave me. Do you need a boyfriend or fuck buddy?”

“I’m always looking for fuck buddies. I’ll add you to my network, but you need a steadier relationship. I’ll take care of you. But, that’s for later, now I’ll pull out of you.”

I think that was good but didn’t have time to consider it as he started lifting me and I felt the thick pole sliding out my ring. The bulge below my abs from the flaring head retreated toward the exit as he raised me higher. It pressed the door from inside and then popped out. Cum poured out my hole as my ring tried to close after being overstretched for so long. He set me on my feet. I was somewhat unsteady; getting fucked by Samuel was quite a workout.

I had a chance to look around and see what my friends were doing. Off a bit to my left was Paul, kissing Joseph. On second glance I saw that Joseph was kneeling with Paul straddling his lap with his legs around Joseph’s waist. They broke their kiss and looked this way.

“You looked like you had fun, Rick.”

“Fun, certainly, but more than that. I think I’m gay.”

“I’ve been gay since high school but, now, I don’t need to hide it from you and Jim.” He lifted his butt a bit, confirming he was riding Joseph’s big cock.

The mention of Jim prompted me to look for him. I spotted him lying on the grass in a sixty-nine as he and Daniel sucked each other’s cocks. Daniel was taking all of Jim’s eight and a half, but Jim was only managing about half of Daniel’s, much thicker, fourteen. Jim started swallowing hard as his Indian partner feed him a torrent of cum.

“It’s time for us to head back to our camp,” announced Samuel. “You’ll be joining us.”

I was about to agree, but Samuel turned away and I understood that he was telling us not asking.

The Indian boys disentangled from Paul and Jim. Our backpacks were strapped to the horses. There was no point in retrieving our clothes shredded before we’d been fucked but we still had our hiking shoes and socks and changes in our packs. It looked like clothes weren’t in the plan for now though the Indians still had their leather vests and breechcloths.

There were only two horses, big horses. Samuel at seven, eight and well over four hundred pounds would have been too much. He would run the route and Paul got the honor of riding his cock. After lowering him on his pole, something Paul managed a lot better than I, the other boys tied his legs about Samuel’s waist and their chests together with leather straps. Joseph then mounted his horse, bareback, no saddle, and hoisted me up onto his sixteen-inch pole. I guess I was also riding bareback. A strap about my chest tied us together. I saw Jim and Daniel were set similarly.

“Catch me if you can,” said Samuel, who started off into the trees in a brisk run.

Joseph urged his horse ahead at an easy pace. I asked why he wasn’t trying to keep up with Samuel. He laughed and explained that Samuel could run twice as fast as an unloaded horse on level ground. He’ll be at the camp well before us with enough time to fuck Paul and get dinner started.

It was about a two-hour trip to their camp. The horse’s gait with Joseph’s sixteen-inch cock up my butt was pretty stimulating. I also loved the close physical contact with his powerful muscles. I was strapped to his thick chest and sitting between his widely spread thighs. Each of his thighs was three times thicker than mine and his arms were about three and a half of mine. I shot twice on the route and he came up me too.

The camp was a group of huts by a large mountain lake. A couple older pickups, one with a horse trailer attached, were parked nearby where a dirt road ended. A large fire was going in a central area.

We were greeted by Paul who was wearing a leather vest and breechcloth like our new friends. He also had moccasins though the Indians were barefoot. He had similar gear for us. We were set down while the Indians took care of the horses. Since we were no longer straight or pretending to be, our reunion was quite physical.

Paul showed us where to drop our stuff and we had a chance to wash off in the very cold lake. We were soon joined by Daniel and Joseph who brought some soap. They showed us the best way to clean out our asses, involving soaping up their long cocks until they were hard and pistoning our guts with it. Then we’d be rinsed by repeated strokes in chest deep water until they shot their seed to give us deep lubrication.

After drying off and dressing, we joined Samuel by the fire. It looked like he had a deer carcass over the fire and some fish and corn, prepared but not yet cooking. Daniel and Joseph took over the food preparation while Samuel had us sit down.

“We had some fun this afternoon and we’re going to have some more. We have some friends coming. I said I’d take care of you and I will.

“Paul, you’re the easiest. You’re headed to Princeton next year and I have a friend there, Tony Tran, who is always interested in adding hot guys to his network. I’ll arrange an introduction. He’s a couple inches smaller than me where it counts but I doubt you’ll notice.

“Eric, you get my ring that marks you as a member of my network, my regular fuck buddies.”

He handed me a ring with a bronze disk with a round turquoise insert. I put it on.

“If you see a guy with one you’ll know you have something in common.”

I gave a little laugh at that.

“However, I’m at Berkeley most of the year, so you need a more permanent arrangement to keep you satisfied. Mark Grey Eagle is the head of our tribal police force. He’s 38 and quite hot, like an older version of my brother. He has two sons, William and Henry, 16 and 14. He lost his wife last fall and really needs someone to look after the household as his job keeps him pretty busy. He also wears my ring.

“You’ll be perfect for them and your ass will get plenty of quality cock. They’ll be here soon to meet you.”

“So you expect me to replace their wife and mother and share a bed with the dad. I’m only six years older than the eldest son. How will they feel knowing their dad is fucking me?”

“That will be no problem. I expect they’ll be fucking you too. Mark doesn’t like them having friends over on school nights; it interferes with their studies.”

“But I was going to graduate school.” My mind was racing. “What about my plans?”

“That was when you thought you were straight. You’d get a degree, make money, marry, and have kids. You know that’s not what you need, but we’ll see what you say after you’re better acquainted.”

“Jim, you’ll be joining Daniel’s family.”

“My son wanted a pet for his birthday and you’ll be perfect,” Daniel added. “My son will take good care of you and my wife and I can certainly use the help. He’s a good son and very advanced for his age. Your companionship and the responsibility will be good for him.”

Jim looked confused, so I thought I’d try and clear things up. “Your wife is OK with bringing another man into your home; one you’ve fucked before and, I suppose, plan to again.”

“Sure, we have no secrets. Samuel and I have been friends since we were infants and fuck buddies since twelve. We were athletes in high school and had fun with all our mates. When Samuel went to college he came back a muscle giant. I wasn’t naturally six foot six with a fourteen-inch cock. Samuel gave me a drink that gave me some of the benefits he’d gotten.”

“Pet? I don’t understand,” Jim spoke at last. “You don’t look even twenty in spite of your size. How old is your son?”

“I’m nineteen. My wife is almost nineteen and my son is one year old tomorrow. It’s a bit hard to explain. You’ll have to meet him. You will, soon. I hear Mark’s truck now.”

I looked toward the sound and saw a large 4WD pickup with extra high ground clearance moving slowly down the hill on the dirt road. It was silver-grey in color with a flashing light gizmo on the cab roof. Everyone headed off to the parking area to greet the new arrival.

The pickup had a crew cab but I only saw the driver inside, a man in a khaki uniform. The door had a logo painted on with the word ‘Police’ above. It stopped, the door opened and I got my first good look at the driver.

He was clearly not a boy, mature in facial features and body language said confidence and control. He matched Joseph in height, muscularity and cock size too, guessing by the outline along his thigh. I looked up at his face. He smiled, seeing where I’d been looking just before. I could feel my face blush, embarrassed by getting caught checking him out.

“Mark this is Eric, Eric, Mark,” Samuel said introducing us.

“Eric, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Welcome to my family.” He held out his hand and I took it. It was a firm, strong, warm grip. I noticed he wore Samuel’s ring.

“Call me Rick. All my friends do.”

“We’re here boys. Get down and meet Rick.” He banged his hand a couple times on the side of the pickup’s bed.

In response a boy vaulted over the side to the ground. He was naked, a well-muscled five eight. Though not near Mark in muscularity, he had me beat. I’d say 200 pounds of pure muscle on that frame, twenty pounds more than I and six inches shorter. I saw that his soft cock was about eight inches in that state with the foreskin covering the tip. There was cum dripping from the tip and drying splotches on his torso and black pubic hair.

“Rick, this is my eldest, sixteen-year-old, Bill.”

I held out my hand but Bill ran to me and gave me a full body embrace. I felt his cock grow longer and harder between my thighs while his hands held my butt cheeks. I felt a couple fingers probe then slip into my hole. When he ended the hug and stepped back a few inches the front flap of my breechcloth was draped over the last three inches of his pole that had expanded to a bit over ten and was sticking out horizontal.

“I think Bill likes you,” Mark observed.

Next to stand up in the pickup was a small version of Samuel. The same proportions and bulging muscles but only about three feet tall. He was wearing blue nylon gym shorts, but an eight inch cock had pushed down the left leg opening. Since it was obviously rock hard and pointing skyward, it had caused the thin material of the leg to bunch about the base of his shaft. He was still pumping periodic short spurts of cum like the last remains of a much bigger discharge. While he was my length, it looked huge on such a miniature body. I noticed he was a bit thicker than I.

He reached down and helped up a boy almost twice his height. This one was a couple inches shorter than Bill and not as muscular, about five six and one sixty. He was sweating, his shoulder length black hair was damp and his brownish-red skin had a sheen from the moisture and streaks of freshly dripping cum. He looked disoriented and the smaller boy had to help him over the side and to the ground. Then he jumped out and did a somersault before landing beside the truck.

“Dad, which one is mine?”

“Which do you think?” Daniel replied.

He looked at me, Paul and Jim and went directly to Jim, taking him by the hand. “Come with me. I need to explain things to you.” Jim allowed himself to be led away and they entered one of the huts.

“That was Daniel’s son, Samuel. They live next door from us. This is my younger son, Hank. You can see why I don’t allow Samuel to fuck my boys on school nights before they’ve done their homework. But I have to work a couple nights each week and sometimes he’ll start early. With you in our household that shouldn’t be a problem anymore.”


“Mark, please Rick. We’re family now.”

“Mark, sure. Mark, you might be strong enough to control young Samuel, but I think he’s probably stronger than I. I couldn’t stop him from fucking Bill or Hank if he wanted to.”

“You’re right. He’s sixty pounds of pure muscle and I’ve seen him bench four hundred easily. In six months he’ll be stronger than I too. But I figure he’d be happy to fuck you and let the boys study.

“I have some skins and blankets in the truck. Let’s set up in one of the lodges before dinner.”

Hank had recovered quite a bit and the four of us unloaded the truck in one trip. The boys set up the lodge for our stay. The skins covered a pad of straw, forming a large sleeping area. Bill prepared a fire in a stone ring under a hole in the top but it wasn’t lit at this time. Mark stripped off his uniform for the leather vest and breechcloth that seemed to be the attire about the camp, though the boys just wore the leather breechcloth.

Hank came over while the others were busy to introduce himself.

“Hi Rick. I’m sorry I was a bit too wasted earlier to greet you.”

“I understand. I guess that was a pretty good fuck.”

“Yes. He’s been fucking us for about four months now, getting bigger and stronger each day. We’ve both been getting bigger and stronger too. He shoots lots of cum but he said he won’t produce any sperm until he’s three.”

“So you like getting fucked?”

“Sure if the guy knows what he’s doing. Daniel is pretty good but dad won’t fuck us. Samuel, big Samuel that is, has fucked Bill, but not me yet. Of course, Bill fucks me when Samuel doesn’t come over to do us both.”

“So do you like to fuck or just get fucked?”

“Sure, I have lots of friends at school I fuck. It’s just I’m the little brother. Now that you’re in the family I’ll be able to fuck you, at least once dad starts you off. But dad didn’t say I couldn’t be first to kiss you.”

He pushed me to my back. Even at only fourteen he was well stronger than me, maybe twice as strong. He straddled my waist and leaned forward. We were chest to chest, his face just inches above mine. His hair hung down like a curtain around my face. He had full, soft lips. They touched mine. I felt his tongue brush my lips and I opened my mouth to let him inside. I wrapped my arms around his back as his hands held my head. I’d kissed plenty of hot girls, but never had a hotter kiss than he gave me. Down below our cocks were hard and rubbing against each other entwined with the leather flaps from our garments.

He pushed up breaking our kiss, then leaned back until his was kneeling, still straddling my hips. He had a satisfied smile as if he knew how much I liked his kiss. His dad and older brother were looking at us.

“It looks like you’re a bit hit with my sons.”

“I’m the same size as Rick, Dad,” Hank said excitedly. I looked where he was looking and our cocks were adjacent and hard, mine just beneath his, touching his ball sack and his just touching my pubes. A tapered end of his breechcloth obscured a few inches in the middle. He was eight inches like me though uncut, unlike me.

“You’re only fourteen, son, with a few years of growth ahead of you. But now, it’s time for dinner.”

Hank stood and gave me a hand. The family, my family, went out and gathered with the others about the fire. The deer had been taken over to the side, no longer over the flames, but near enough to stay warm. Samuel was cutting strips of meat onto a big platter. I saw trout, corn, potatoes and whole grain bread. It was a big meal for big men.

We sat on a log. I was between Bill and Hank with Mark to the left by Bill. Jim sat between Daniel and his son and Paul between Samuel and Joseph.

Hank got us a big plate of food. There were no utensils so we grabbed pieces with our fingers. The boys kept picking out pieces of meat and fish for me, telling me to try this or that while placing it at, or even through my lips.

“So, Jim, Eric, Paul, are you satisfied with the arrangements I’ve made for you?” Samuel asked once the meal was well underway.

“Jim is perfect,” young Samuel answered. “I was thinking about his new name. After fucking him I’m sure Screaming Hawk will be perfect.”

“I’m fine too,” added Paul. “As a bonus it looks like I get you and Joseph for tonight.”

“I think you’ll find it’s Samuel having both of us,” corrected Joseph, “but it’ll still be fun.”

“Well I’m excited about joining the Grey Eagle family. Does that make me Eric Grey Eagle now?”

“Definitely,” asserted Mark while Bill and Hank slapped my thighs.

“We’re neighbors,” Daniel stated, “I’ll have my wife show you around our town.”

“Thanks, that’s very friendly, but I understand, our families are extremely friendly I know your son is very special. If it’s not too forward of me could I ask how it happened?”

“I think my son can explain it best himself.”

“Sure, Dad. You must have sensed that Samuel’s size is not natural and you’d never expect to meet three men as big as Joseph, Mark and my dad though individually they might be considered at the extreme edge of normal.

“They’ve been enhanced by taking a formula that boosts size and cell metabolism. Samuel got the full dose and my dad and the others a reduced amount. There is a third level that gives about a twenty percent boost that is sold commercially as a supplement and only has effect as long as the supplement is taken. It works by improving the proteins involved in energy production and storage in each cell of the body. At it’s best an order of magnitude improvement. Muscles are dramatically stronger and faster and fat is no longer needed since much more energy can be stored in each enhanced cell.

“But muscle isn’t the only part of the body that uses a lot of energy, the brain does too. The formula greatly improved brain function but this effect was not noticed. The initial users were already quite intelligent. When they got boosted, their studies, research and other projects became more successful. This was attributed to hard work, experience or inspiration.

“The birth of me and those like me required a better explanation. In my case, the night before my dad’s wedding, Samuel fucked him. He carried a massive load of Samuel’s sperm, each one enhanced with the new proteins. On his wedding night thousands of these super-sperm mixed with millions of his normal sperm. So, genetically I have Samuel’s DNA, but the key contribution were the proteins that I had from my very first cell.

“With the new proteins in every cell I developed faster. Energy went into body structure not baby fat. Birth was six months after gestation. They thought I was premature but I looked like I do today but only eighteen inches and fifteen pounds. And yes, my cock was four inches at birth. I was talking in full sentences by the second day. I must have learned language as a fetus from my parents’ conversations though I have no memories from the period prior to birth. I was reading and writing by week two. I’m starting high school in the fall. I already know the material but it gets me out of the house and gets me access to lots of new fuck buddies.”

“We’ve told them about you,” said Bill. “But they think we’re joking.”

“They’ll find out the truth soon enough. But continuing, there are a few dozen like me. I’m third oldest. There are a couple more in our tribe, fourteen and eight months. I know of about a hundred pregnancies in various stages.”

“How do you know about others in other areas?” I asked.

“Well most are here in California, a few in New Jersey and some scattered about East and Southeast Asia. We’ve setup our own version of a social networking site to stay in touch and share ideas.”

“Will you get as big as Samuel?” Paul asked.

“Bigger actually since I’ve had the benefits from the very start. I should be four and a half feet, one twenty at two and six foot, two forty by three when I’ll be sexually mature. Puberty means that by age five I should be twelve feet and nine hundred sixty pounds, give or take. A thirty-two inch cock too by that time.

“Females don’t get a boost from extra testosterone, so they should top out about nine to ten feet and only be twice as strong as Samuel is.”

“So how smart are you?” I said.

“That’s a tough question since normal measures like IQ are meaningless at my level. Samuel, with the supplement formula, has about a three hundred IQ, better than the top geniuses in history. That’s about typical though some are up to twice that. Not many people look beyond his huge muscles and twenty-nine inch cock so they don’t notice.

“My generation should be up to double that level. The early development is just the most obvious sign, but we see things differently. It’s impossible to explain.

“It’s why I like sex. Sex let’s my mind relax as intellectual matters are displaced by primal emotions. Mentally it’s better than a good night’s sleep. My mind tends to be active even when dreaming. The best is to fall asleep right after cumming. That’s why I’ve been with Bill and Hank as often as their dad will allow. That’s why I asked for Screaming Hawk.”

“Sam, you’re still welcome any time,” Bill said as Hank nodded agreement.

“After they’ve done their homework,” added Mark.

“Well you can always do me, I suppose. After all it’s necessary for your health. But won’t hundreds of twelve foot muscle giants attract a lot of attention?” I asked.

“You don’t need a genius IQ to figure out I’ll be fucking you. It does have hidden benefits, too. My cum is better than the commercial supplement and the effects are permanent. It certainly helped Bill and Hank the last few months. You won’t catch up to them because they have puberty boosting the impact. When I start making sperm, the effects should be as good as what my dad had.

“There has already been an article in an obstetrics journal. We estimate about five years before there is major media attention. Speculation about secret government programs and alien invasion should start shortly after. By ten years then there should be tens of millions like me.

“We’re not a new species, but certainly a big leap in human capabilities. In a couple hundred years 90% of humans will be like me and the rest, refusing enhancement or interbreeding, will be in reservations, since they can’t mange in a society built for people twice their size and vastly smarter and stronger.

“It helps that we’re so smart. We think with the artificial supplements and technology improvements we can keep society intact while the change is made. That’s just the quick summary. There are many issues about energy, food and resources we’re working on. Samuel’s friends know the problem and have made advances in some areas but my generation will quickly surpass them.”

“Wow. If I had to think about all that each day, I’d like a lot of sex too,” Paul observed. “Actually sex sounds kind of good right about now.” There was general agreement on that.

“Daniel and Mark, you can take your families to your lodges and we’ll cleanup and kill the fire before turning in for our own fun,” directed Samuel.

“Where can I clean up?” I asked since my hands were greasy from handling the food.

The boys laughed and each grabbed one of my wrists, directing me to rub off the grease on their cocks. They got up and used the grease on their hands to lube their father’s fifteen-inch cock. It was big enough to need all four hands. Mark used his hands to lubricate mine, so maybe I’ll get a chance to try fucking tonight too.

Mark led me to our lodge and we lay on the animal skins that would be our bed. As my legs were raised to his shoulders, the boys were tying a skin over the entrance opening and starting a fire for warmth in the cool night. Mark was pushing at my hole but waiting for the boys to finish their chores before entering me. It wasn’t long before they joined us.

Bill lay on my right and Hank on my left, positioned so their cock heads touched just above my lips. I opened my mouth to take the bottom half in my lips and licked a bit of the tasty grease I’d spread on them. There was a hand on my cock and I felt another where Mark pressed my butt. It probed my hole and lined the cock up. Mark entered me with a single smooth stroke. The hand on my bottom stayed where it could feel the shaft sliding in and out of my ring.

Mark started a steady fuck motion with foot-long strokes. I was nursing on the ends of his sons’ cocks as he watched me from a few inches above my face. He dipped his head a bit until we shared a kiss around the boys’ cocks. I felt his tongue plunge into my mouth between the cock tips. He flicked it up and down while I licked the bottoms. That was enough to trigger Hank and Bill joined an instant later. We both drank the sweet boy cum.

The boys removed their cocks after cumming. Mark licked up the bits that spilled onto my face while never pausing pounding my ass. He pulled up and really started pounding me with hard, fast strokes. I came and it triggered his release. He kept going after his orgasm and I got hard again. Another ten minutes and he shot a second load and I shot simultaneously.

He pulled out and rolled to his back on the skins, pulling me to rest atop his broad torso. Our cocks, resting now, were snug between our bodies and slick with my shot cum. His thighs were spread as one of his sons, Bill most likely, kneeled between them. My legs, draped over his, were split widely. Hands were on my back as a cock pushed my hole. I was lose and lubed by a couple loads, so it entered easily. I felt his pubes as he entered me fully. It was Bill as he pressed his chest on my back and his head next to mine.

“That’s a sweet ass.”

“Fuck him hard son. Add your cum to mine.”

He did, very energetically for fifteen minutes before shooting as I squirted my seed between Mark’s body and mine.

Hank was next and took it slow and steady to make it last. I turned my head to the side and he bent next to me for a kiss. I sucked on his tongue as we pressed lips for over five minutes as he glided in and out my ass. I came once while we kissed, pressing my tongue into his. He released the kiss and started to pick up his pace. I’d been fucked for over ninety minutes and was sweating and breathing heavily. I came again but Hank just kept up the pace. He had real endurance. I tried squeezing my ass around his cock. He gave a moan and kept going, but the added friction got me to shoot once more.

“Please, Hank, shoot your load,” I begged. “I don’t think I can take your fuck much longer. All my orgasms are exhausting me, running a marathon was easier.”

“I’m a good son and I listen to my parents. Here it comes.”

He called me his parent, I thought as he started pounding my ass faster and harder. He still took another five minutes to cum, pounding his hips into my butt each stroke. It was a big load and I shot again too.

He eased out of my abused hole and rolled me off Mark so I was resting on the soft skins between him and his dad.

It was morning. I must have drifted off after Hank’s fuck. I was on my right side on the skins, spooning against Hank’s back with an arm around his chest. I had a morning hard pressed along his crack. Hank was still sleeping.

I rubbed a bit along his groove and my head started pushing between his glutes. We still had our breechcloths but on our sides they weren’t covering anything important. Hank was still asleep, so I figured I might as well go for it. I pushed a bit harder and felt my head touch his hole. I adjusted my angle a bit and pushed again. I felt the crown spread his ring and slip in.

Hank’s body shivered as I penetrated and he started small movements. I guess he was awake now. I added a few inches of pole to make sure we stayed connected.

“Is that you, Rick? Ah, that’s a good way to wake up. Remember that when you want me to get up for school.”

I didn’t think he was seriously interested in conversation, so I added the last few inches. It was my first time in the back door. His hole was very warm and tighter than any cunt. I tried a stroke and almost slipped out by going too far. I pushed back in again. The friction was really nice on the skin of my shaft and head. I went out again, then in. I tried the steady stroke Hank used on me. I felt his body jerk.

“Hit that spot again. That’s the place to make me feel good.”

“This spot?” I tried to remember what I’d done and how it felt on my cock. I tried it again and this time there was a reaction. I tried a couple more times and felt him react.

“Yes. That’s it. You’re getting it almost every time.”

I experimented with different movements to hit his sensitive spot and got good feedback from his reactions and verbal coaching. There was more to fucking a guy than I’d suspected. I figured I’d try and make him cum by hitting that spot with fast, hard strokes.

It was working. I could feel his body shaking become more frantic. I had to move my arm down to his waist to keep him aligned properly. I felt his cock bouncing against my forearm, damp with his precum. Another minute and his gut spasmed around my pole and I felt the spray from his seed.

When his gut relaxed I resumed a steady stroke but kept hitting the target.

“That was nice. You could be pretty good with a bit of coaching and practice.”

“Sure, practice makes perfect. Will you be my coach?”

“Yes, yes. I’d love to.”

“My turn,” said Bill from behind me while entering my hole.

He put a hand on Hank’s hip to insure his control. He pushed all ten inches in and used his body to push me into Hank. Then he backed out. I quickly figured out that I needed to push out of Hank as he was moving out of me. Then I needed to control my body position to hit the right spot on Hank as he was entering me and hitting my spot.

It got to be second nature after a few minutes. I just matched Bill’s pace, realizing there was no other choice. That left me free to enjoy the sensations of being pleasured front and rear. With my first experience as a fucker under my belt, well, maybe breechcloth, I realized that Bill and Hank were really good at this. All the guys that had fucked me had been great, but the boys were only sixteen and fourteen and already much more experienced in gay sex than I had been in heterosex and I thought I was quite a stud with the ladies with no problem getting action.

I felt Bill start his build to release and tried to match him and bring Hank along. A few minutes of this and I felt Bill plunge into me hard and pushed me to the limit in Hank. I came and an instant later Bill flooded my ass. Hank’s gut muscles then grabbed me hard as he sprayed his seed again.

When our orgasms eased we pulled out of each other and rolled with our backs on the bedding. I saw Mark standing by the lodge entrance that was already uncovered. He was in his police uniform so he probably wasn’t going to join the action.

“It looks like you bonded successfully with our sons. We’ll drive home after breakfast. You all might want to wash up. The boys will load the truck and we’ll eat.”

As Mark spoke, the boys and I got to our feet and straightened up our skimpy garments. I still wore the leather vest, but the boys just had their breechcloths. Since we just shot, they actually did cover our cocks. As Mark left, Hank pulled the cord, dropping my cloth and they dropped theirs too. Each with a hand about my waist we walk out the lodge.

Joseph was working on breakfast, assisted by Paul. Everyone else, less Mark, were in the lake. The boys started to run, pushing me along with them. We leaped off a rock into the lake with a triple cannonball. There was a quick shock from the old water. I scrambled to my feet. It was about five feet deep where we were.

I was hit by huge splashes. Everyone was getting back for the cannonball. Sputtering I restrained Bill and Hank, who were preparing to fight back, and raised my arms in surrender.

The closest to us was Samuel. The water only reached to just below his chest. He had about eight inches of hard cock poking out of the water. I was surprised he could get hard in the cold lake. I knew without looking that my own modest member was shrunk to under four inches. Daniel, his son, and Jim or Screaming Hawk formed another group. Samuel had his legs about Screaming Hawk’s waist to raise his height or otherwise he’d have been over his head. I thought I’d try to see how Screaming Hawk was doing.

“Can I speak to Screaming Hawk?” I asked Samuel. He laughed. “Oh, and happy birthday,” I added.

“I don’t need his permission to talk,” asserted Screaming Hawk. “And Jim is fine. The Screaming Hawk thing was just a joke; one I think I’ll hear plenty if I get real loud when he fucks me.”

“Sorry, Jim. It’s just you didn’t say anything at dinner, so I wasn’t sure of your situation.”

“I guess I had a lot on my mind, but I’m happy. Joining Daniel’s family is the right choice and Samuel will take good care of me.”

“You don’t have any regrets about giving up the Mets offer?”

“No, sports will soon be obsolete; at least as they are now. Daniel could easily hit the best fastball right out of the park and, I mean, over the stands and past the parking lot, ten times out of ten for anything even around the plate. We saw big Samuel run here carrying Paul. On flat country he can run a one-minute mile and keep it up an hour quite easily. My buddy here will be much stronger and faster.”

“There’s no need to worry,” Samuel assured. “I can see you’re happy with your new family. Jim is happy too. Besides we live right next door. You can see him anytime. Come over and fuck him as often as you like; Bill and Hank too.”

“Thanks, Samuel. That’ll be hot,” said Hank.

“After your homework is done,” I insisted. “Are you Ok with being offered up like that, Jim?”

“You don’t understand. I trust Samuel. He’d never do anything to harm me. I love getting fucked and getting fucked by Bill, Hank or you is great.”

“Boys, we have to pack up now,” directed Daniel. “I’ll get the horses while you load the truck. You can have our soap,” he said to me, handing me a bar.

“I guess that’s our cue to wash up guys.”

We headed to knee-deep water to make it more effective. The boys soaped me thoroughly and allowed me to soap each of them. I loved their tightly muscled bodies and smooth skin. They were naturally much darker than me and they had no tan lines. You could definitely see where I’d gotten sun in the last few days. I thought that if I worked on a deep, all-over, tan I’d not stand out so much.

“Did you learn how to clean out an ass yet? Bill asked, soaping his hard, ten-inch, cock.

“Yes, yes, I have,” I admitted.

He got behind me and pushed in while he soaped my cock until I was ready to do Hank. Then Hank did him.

We moved to deeper water to rinse off the suds. The boys washed their long black hair, shoulder length for Hank and to the upper back for Bill. My brown hair was much shorter.

“You should let your hair grow,” suggested Bill.

“Our mom had hair down to her waist. I liked it and it would smell beautiful,” offered Hank.

“I’ll let it grow but it would take years to get that long.”

“Rick, could I ask you something?” Hank said softly

“Sure Hank. I want you to be free to say anything you want to me. That’s my role in your household.”

“I know, You’re like mom.”

“I can never replace her, but I do love you both and will do my best to give you what you need.”

“We love you too. Can we call you, mom?”

“Really?” I figured they would accept me more like a big brother. It was a bit unexpected. “I’d be honored. I’ll try to be worthy. Are you going to keep fucking me?”

“Sure, you’re a great fuck buddy and dad said it’s Ok,” insisted Bill.”

“We can keep the mom stuff separate from the sex stuff,” added Hank.

“Let’s get the truck loaded and have breakfast. I’m looking forward to seeing my new home.”

We walked back to our lodge, drying in the cool morning air aided by a bright mountain sun. Hank got one of the breechcloths and tied it on me. Was this one mine? Did they care? Did it make any sense to care? They put on breechcloths too but, unlike me, they didn’t bother with the leather vest. The boys were about eighty percent hard with cocks out horizontal and their foreskins just hugging the flange of their crowns. That made them stick out with the front flap pushed aside. I commented on their excited state and they said they were anticipating the ride home with me in the bed of dad’s pickup.

They made short work of the loading. I only had to dump my backpack in the crew cab. I saw Daniel had loaded the horses in their trailer behind his truck.

Everyone was at the breakfast area. It looked like Paul could take off from breakfast prep to get fucked by Samuel, judging by the stuff dripping down his thighs. They had scrambled eggs, whole grain bread, freshly caught lake trout and leftovers of last night’s deer, rewarmed. Paul was going to stay at the camp for a couple more nights with Joseph and Samuel. Then Samuel will run him back, literally, to our parked car.

Mark had no problem with the boys calling me mom, but he’d stay with Rick.

I said goodbye to Paul. He’d clean our rooms and ship our stuff. Jim and I had completed our required credits so we would graduate. I planned to get my degree mailed. It didn’t seem important any more but it might inspire the boys. They seemed pretty focused on going to Berkeley.

Then it was time to go. I was eager to see my new home but a bit sad to leave the camp and, at least, the immediate possibility of another round with Samuel’s huge member. I did have his ring and that meant he’d be seeing me again.

“I’d like to get a ride with you again; Jim too,” young Samuel requested.

“Who do you want to fuck this time?” Bill asked. “It’s mom; isn’t it?”

“Sure. But you can fuck Jim or he you, your choice. He’s already a bit bigger from my cum he got last night.”

They asked Mark if was Ok and it was. I later learned that Mark had fucked Daniel and, the now huge, Samuel when both were in high school. Being police chief and having a powerful physique even before his enhancement, he was sought out by the school athletes who believed that the seed of strong man would help them. Mark had chosen Joseph, then seventeen and a star athlete to initiate Bill at age twelve but Daniel did that for Hank and had been seeing both regularly since. Samuel actually requested Mark to be his first fucker when he was six months old. Mark knows that he’ll be on the bottom in a few more months.

The police 4x4 pickup was big enough for two side-by-side fucks and there were plenty of soft animal skins in the cargo to make it comfortable. I got on my back to await Samuel’s pleasure. Hank had Jim lay next to me and bridged his face so he could lie atop in a sixty-nine. Jim sucked Hank while Hank sucked him. Since Hank is about eight inches shorter than Jim, they could simultaneously get only about half of each other. Hank found that a short hip thrust would let him fuck Jim’s mouth while letting him get to the base on Jim as he slid all but the head from his mouth.

Bill raised Jim’s legs to his shoulder and pushed into his hole. Hank had a good view of the action and felt the effects on the cock in his mouth.

Samuel had let the boys get started but, now, it was my turn. He rolled me to my front first and pulled me back so I was on my knees and elbows. He held me by my hips and casually lifted me a foot off the deck so he could spread my knees and step between them. When I looked back at him I saw the method to actions. With me on my knees and him standing, his cock was at the perfect height to line up to my ass. He just flipped the rear flap of my breechcloth onto my back and pushed in to the hilt.

Samuel started a very rapid fuck stroke, more than one per second. Each was aligned perfectly for my maximum enjoyment. I shot, then we came together and a few minutes later we shot together again, but he kept going. It was so hard and kept up for so long that my hole started to feel sore even with all the cum lubrication. But my gut tingled and my cock kept hard, shooting every few minutes.

After my next orgasm, I gave in and asked for a break. Samuel pushed in and held himself embedded. My gut was reflexively squeezing against the intrusion but my soreness eased and breathing became more normal. Lifting my head a bit allowed me to look over the side of the bed. We were now on a paved road running down what might be the main street of a small town. I saw a strip mall with a Vons supermarket and a movie multiplex. There were a few pedestrians and cars. The height of the pickup kept anybody from seeing into the bed but they’d be able to see Samuel standing behind me, my head and, certainly, Bill, though he’d bent Jim more double so his legs didn’t go above the walls.

Our vehicle slowed and stopped next to the cab of a police vehicle like ours headed in the opposite direction. The driver was a young Indian male in his early twenties. He was not as muscular as Mark or Daniel, but more like a Native American version of Jim. Mark was talking to him. I realized that, from his cab, he could see the whole bed of our truck. He did look but showed no indication that what he saw was unusual. Mark introduced me as his new wife. Wife, that was great to hear. And then he introduced the young policeman, George White Cloud, to me. I raised a hand in greeting. Samuel had resumed a slow fuck stroke to make it clear what he was doing, as if the guy didn’t have a perfect view already. Bill gave a wave and Hank leaned back to his knees to greet him as well, saying that Jim couldn’t say hello right now as his mouth was full.

That over we were underway again with Mark reminding everyone that we’d be home in five minutes. That proved enough time for everyone to cum again and disengage. I kneeled on the skins as we approached my new home. Samuel was still standing behind me with his hands on my waist. He’d pulled his cock out but the still hard member was deep in my ass crack with the side of the crown pressed tight to the outside of my ring. My hole wanted him back inside and he knew it too, but it didn’t happen.

We turned into a dirt drive. I saw a house, wood, modest, two-story, not new but well maintained. There was a horse barn in the back with an adjacent fenced area where there were several horses. Behind the property, hills rose with tall peaks, still snow-capped in the distance. It looked like about five acres. There was a similar house with a barn to the left about two hundred yards. I saw Daniel’s pickup there. He’d already unloaded his horses. There was a covered carport on the left of our house. There was a late model Accord under it. Mark pulled to a stop next to the Accord.

Samuel and Jim jogged off to their house. Samuel did a running leap over the four-foot rail fence that divided the properties, clearing it by over a foot.

After the truck was unloaded we headed inside. I was pleasantly surprised, given the age of the house, that the main floor was mostly open. The kitchen was nice, though not fancy, with a table that could seat six. It was open to the family room that had a stone fireplace and a decent-sized flat-screen TV. It was also clear that three men lived here. There were dishes in the sink, though they did have a dishwasher. I saw where the boys shucked their clothes onto the floor when they shifted to the breechcloths before the ride to the camp.

There were dried cum stains on the leather sofa and a few on the wooden floors. Bill explained that Samuel had come over an hour before dad had picked them up. The boys slipped the knots on their breechcloths but made no move to get dressed. They just scooped up their discarded gear. Hank stripped off my covering too. The boys were already half hard, but then, teenagers are almost always partly hard. I saw Mark’s cock was well down the leg of his slacks. He was also getting hard.

We went up the stairs. To the left was the boys’ room. They had a single king-sized bed. It was two twin beds when they were younger but they’d been having sex together since Hank’s initiation two years ago, though he’d seen Bill have sex with his boyfriends for a couple years before that. The big bed made things easier. Each boy had a desk with a computer. There were more clothes scattered about.

There was a bath connected to the hall. It had been updated with a couple vanity sinks separated by a storage unit. The claw-foot tub was large and original to the house. They took a closet from the master bedroom and turned it into a large shower.

The master had a king bed too. There was a six-drawer dresser. Mark said the three drawers on the right were mine. There was another good-sized closet. It was less than half full. There was a small couch for sitting and a big widow that looked out toward the mountains. There were a few of the animal skins as rugs on the wood floor.

“Your home is great,” I said.

“Our home now. Do you want to put away your stuff?”

“I only have two shorts, three briefs, two tees and a shirt until Paul sends the stuff from Stanford.”

“And this,” added Hank holding up a breechcloth. “But you don’t even need that around the house.”

“Boys, could you give us a little privacy,” Mark said, a command, not a request.

“Can’t we watch like we did last night,” Bill requested.


“Why don’t you straighten up your room and wipe up the cum from the living room.”

“Yes, mom,” they both answered and left, shutting the door behind them.

“You’ll be good for the boys. When Samuel called me yesterday, I was skeptical, but his advice is always right, so I got the boys and went to the camp.”

I saw a photo on the dresser, Mark and a woman in traditional garb. They looked to be in their early twenties in the photo.

“She was very beautiful.”

“Yes, she was. My best friend. Mother of my boys. I still miss her. Her name was Mary.”

“I can’t replace her, but I do love you and the boys.” I hugged him tight to me and gave him a short kiss on his neck. “I had plans for a career, but I saw that the important thing was being with people you love and love you. Now I have that, thanks to you.”

He bent his head down and kissed me on the lips as we held each other. My cock was hard and pressing against his much larger one separated by the thin material of his uniform slacks.

When we broke the kiss, I sat down on the bed. We both knew what was next and more words were unnecessary.

Mark pulled off his shoes and socks, placing them neatly on the floor. Then he slowly unbuttoned his shirt and slipped it off, uncovering his broad chest and bulging pectoral plates. Shoulders were like bowling balls. His taps flared wide giving his upper body a dramatic ‘V’ shape. The chest was easily sixty and the waist only thirty-two.

I loved the hairless reddish-brown skin that all the Indians had. It seemed to enhance their definition. Mark had near zero fat. His abdominal muscles were hard bricks under his thin skin.

My precum had stained the leg of his pants. Several inches below that was a bigger wet spot. I’ll need to wash and iron his uniform. It’s good he has several fresh ones in the closet.

Mark unbuckled his belt and pulled down the zipper. He wasn’t wearing under ware so the fine black pubic hair and root of his long member were immediately on display. He pushed them down revealing more of the veiny shaft. Each of his thighs was dramatically thicker than his waist, so it was tight slipping the pants over them. At knee level his cock sprung free and snapped up tight to his abdominals. Fifteen inches, almost double mine and twice as thick. The foreskin had retracted below the flange and the head was slick with his juices.

He took the time to fold his pants even tough they were going to the wash. He knew I was looking at him and my own cock was hard and leaking. I was eager for my man to fuck me and he knew it.

He came to the bed and pulled me to him in a hot kiss. I’m six two. Mark is six inches taller, with his big muscles; arms, legs, and chest and body weight are almost double mine. He’s incredibly strong too. I felt so secure with his arms about me.

He maneuvered me into the center of the bed and raised my legs to his shoulders. I felt him pushing against my ring and looked up at him to show I was ready for him. He eased in slowly but gave me all fifteen inches in that first thrust. It excited me and I’m sure he could see that on my face. He found a smooth pace. I loved it. He was playing with my body like the experienced fucker he surely was. I was mumbling his name. He built me up to an orgasm and kept me hard after I sprayed both our bodies.

“Oh, God Mark. You’re…you’re…mmm. How did you get to be so good?”

“Practice makes perfect, plus some good teachers. I’ve been fucking and getting fucked since I was younger than Hank. A couple years ago Joseph brought some friends up from college. They were all about my current size and I was more like your friend, Jim. They fucked everyone there and really showed us that the fuckee could have a great experience too if the fucker knows his stuff.”

“You sure learned your lessons. The boys are really good too, but not at your level.”

“I’ve seen that they’ve been taught by the best. However, size does matter. We’re just getting started.”

He was slow pumping me while we talked but now sped up. I was back in heaven and shot again a few minutes later. He was long dicking me now, fast, full-length, strokes with a fifteen-inch fuck pole. I’d cum twice already and knew my third was approaching fast. I felt him plunge in and hold as he pumped his seed in my gut and triggered my third big cum.

He was quiet inside me. Mark dipped his head down for another hot kiss. He lifted up after a minute and smiled down at me. He had a classic beauty. He didn’t look like his 38 years. I would have guessed late twenties, particularly seeing his muscled body. Yet he was definitely a man, not a boy, and his every action said this was a confident person. He was still hard.

He started the second round slowly like before. It didn’t stay slow for long. I came again. I was having trouble, sweating and not able to think as my brain was dominated by the pleasure signals from ass and cock. I tried to focus on Mark’s calm face. I came again. Mark was really in a powerfuck now. His cock erupted but he kept up his stroke. I could feel in throbbing and moving deep inside. I came again.

Mark and I were breathing heavily as our mutual release eased. He slid my legs from his shoulders and I moved them down until they rested around his waist. Holding me under my armpits he lifted me off the bed so I could sit on his powerful thigh muscles. That perch almost evened out our height difference so I was looking right into his face.

“I like how you react to me. It makes me feel like a young stud.”

“In case you hadn’t noticed, you are a young stud, my stud. I’ll be looking forward to bedtime every night.”

“Me too, but not every night. We’re a small force, twenty people, I take an evening and a night shift every week and my lieutenant does the same. It lets the shift sergeant get time off. Tonight I’m doing the evening, so I won’t be home until 1:00 AM.”

“I’ll wait up for you.”

“No need. Bill and Hank will want you to sleep with them tonight. I’ll get you when I’m ready for bed. Let’s get a shower and some lunch before I leave.”

He stood up, carrying me. I had an arm about his neck and my legs still about his waist, riding his steely pole. He opened the door and Bill and Hank were outside, still naked, with their cocks fully hard.

“Were you listening to dad fucking me?”

“Not the whole time,” admitted Hank. “We cleaned our room. You were pretty loud, mom.”

“I wasn’t that loud.”

“Yes, you were,” Mark corrected. “But, don’t change. I like when you verbalized your pleasure. It lets me know I’m doing you good. Besides now the boys know what you should sound like when they fuck you.”

“That’s what we were hoping,” Bill said. “Dad can we fuck mom now?”

“Mark, what are the rules for the boys and me?”

“They can ask to fuck you anytime, so long as they’ve done their homework and their chores. You can decide but you seemed to enjoy them last night.”

“They need to have cleaned their room and made the bed. I don’t want to fuck on a bed that’s cummy when we start. What are their chores?”

“We mow the yard when needed and take care of the horses,” said Hank.

“Have you taken care of the horses?” I asked.

They both ran down the stairs, still naked.

The shower was refreshing. While Mark was getting dressed for work I went downstairs to see if I could make some lunch for everyone. The boys had cleaned up the living room and even put the dirty dishes in the washer and started the cycle. I checked the fridge. It was a bit sparse with a number of microwaveable items in the freezer. I found some venison wrapped in foil. I figured if I sliced it thin, microwave until hot, plus lettuce, tomato and whole grain bread, there would be sandwiches for everyone.

The boys came back.

“We took care of the horses and school is on break this week so our homework was done days ago. Can we fuck, now?” Bill asked, as I felt the shaft of his hard, ten-inch, pole on my glutes.

“I’m making us lunch now. We’ll start after lunch when dad goes to work. What does Mark like to drink?”

“Black coffee,” answered Hank. His cock was getting a bit softer since he knew we weren’t having sex right away.

I found coffee and a coffee maker. There was a bit old brew in the pot and old grounds in the filter. I cleaned it up and started a fresh pot.

“What do you guys drink?”

“Coffee’s fine,” said Bill.

“I’m thinking milk. I saw a half-empty gallon jug in the fridge. You’re growing boys and you have a few inches to grow before your cocks are as big as dad.”

“You’re taking this mom stuff pretty seriously, mom,” said Hank.

“That’s why I’m here. Getting fucked by three hot studs is just a bonus.”

Just then Mark came in, wearing his police uniform. It must have been tailored for him since it form-fit all his massive muscles perfectly. You could see the outline of his soft cock; no matter how good the fit; it was too long and thick, even soft, to hide. He wore twin silver bars on each collar. About his waist was a gun belt holding an automatic and a couple spare clips.

“You’re looking impressive, Mark,” I said putting out the lunch. We all sat at the table and ate. Mark was the only one wearing clothes, but the situation appeared to be normal based on his lack of reaction.

“You did a good job with lunch.”

“I’m still finding my way here. I’ll need to do some shopping; the pantry and fridge are pretty bare.”

“I think I’ll set up a household account for you. Now it’s time for me to go. I’ll be back late. No need to wait up I’ll get you from our sons’ bed when I get home.”

My new husband gave me a goodbye kiss. I thought how lucky I was as I was in his powerful embrace. I remembered to pull my hips back a bit so I didn’t get any cock juice on his clean uniform.

When we broke the kiss and Mark left, I saw the boys had started to clean off the table and counter without my asking. They were eager to fuck me and knew I’d want to clean up from our meal first. It only took a couple minutes before they turned toward me with their hard cocks ready for action. My own cock was hard too and my hole was tingling in anticipation of being stuffed with more Indian meat.

They wrapped strong arms about my waist as they ushered me upstairs to their bed. I was a bit bemused by my own new submissiveness to the young boys that were, technically, in my charge. They were obedient sons when I told them to do things as their new mom, but in sex they were dominant and I knew it and they knew I knew it. It wasn’t just that they were much stronger than I. Hank wasn’t even bigger than I in cock size. I guess it was an attitude or confidence in their actions that told me that they were men, not boys. I expected to feel that way about their dad, my husband, but from his teenage sons, it was a surprise. But, I accepted it readily. Samuel had said I needed someone to take charge of me and my new family was most certainly.

They started to fuck me. They weren’t as big as their dad, or certainly Samuel, but they knew what they were doing. I think they had a competition between them to see who could drive me to the biggest, most intense, orgasm. There were many rounds, but, after the first couple, I was beyond counting.

I was resting, lying against the chest of one of the boys, in a sitting position straddling his outstretched legs. I shook my head to clear the confusion from too much sex. I realized that I was sitting astride Bill’s lap; his cock was still up my hole. He was leaning back on the headboard with Hank beside him. He was talking to someone. I blinked. There were others in the room, two Indian boys standing and two white boys kneeling. All were naked. Bill noticed I was out of my daze.

“Welcome back, mom. These are our cousins, Luke and Matthew Grey Eagle. Luke is my age and Mathew is a few months younger than Hank.”

Luke was taller than Bill, about six feet and probably about the same two hundred pounds. It gave his frame a sleeker, defined, look compared to the heavier muscled look of Bill. Matthew was a bit shorter than Hank and a bit lighter, but, overall similar in build. Luke had nine inches and Matthew about seven and a half, both uncut and already hard. The kneeling boys looked older, perhaps eighteen and taller, each near my six two. The bigger one must have been about two twenty and the other about two hundred and clearly athletes. They were also hard, displaying members about eight inches, one cut, the other natural, but not as thick as the Indian boys. Despite being quite powerfully built themselves, their attitude was totally submissive.

“Who are the other boys?” I asked.

“They go to a high school near the reservation,” explained Luke. “They were here in the fall to play our team in football. We told them the visiting locker room was under repair so they’d have to share ours. We fucked the whole team and their coaches before the game.”

“It was funny to watch them try to play,” Hank added. “A few could barely walk straight and most were leaking cum, wetting the bottoms of their pants. Then their linemen were looking right at the guys that had fucked them. We fucked them again at half time and after the game. We won 77 to 0.”

“We selected a couple dozen of the best built guys to be fuck toys to our younger players,” Bill said. “It gives them more experience topping. Jeff, the bigger of the two, was the quarterback and belongs to Luke. Rob, a wide receiver, is Matthew’s. The boys are pretty generous about sharing. We’ve fucked them and they’ve probably been fucked by most of the guys in our high school.”

“We brought Jeff and Rob to Jessie’s twelfth birthday party last month,” Matthew explained. “He’s only four, eight but already has a bit over six inches. He shot his first cum fucking Jeff.”

“Everyone here seems so casual about gay sex. I’m new to this and it’s a bit surprising. Not that I mind having a big Indian cock up my ass,” I said, giving Bill’s piece a squeeze with my ass muscles.

“We’re more bi than gay. It’s just that guys are more available as we’re strongly discouraged from sex with tribal girls until marriage. They’re really hot too.”

“I see. What brings you to our home? Well, you’re naked and your cocks are hard, so it’s an easy guess that sex is on the agenda, but why here and now?”

“We heard about you,” answered Matthew. “I guess it’s all over town by now.”

“We’re pretty close with Bill and Hank,” added Luke. “So we thought we’d come over and meet you.”

“By close, I guess you mean regular fuck buddies, and by meet, I’m thinking more than just say hello.”

The boys all looked at me with expressions that indicated that what I’d just said was so obvious it was almost dumb. Even Jeff and Rob were struggling not to laugh, but they’d had a lot more experience with Indian boys than I. Sex was even more casual or common than I’d thought, seeing that Bill and Hank had reacted to four guys, naked, walking into their bedroom as an everyday occurrence and them expecting sex with me, technically their mom, was nothing. They weren’t even concerned what their dad might think.

“Well, we brought Rob and Jeff in case you’d want to fuck a bit too,” explained Matthew, who sensed my confusion, but clearly couldn’t even begin to see why.

“I can see that Rob and Jeff are well trained, but do you ever consider their feelings?”

“Thank you sir. You’ll find we are very well trained indeed and our masters take very good care of us. The tribe only chose the biggest and most muscular guys from our school. After hearing our stories all the guys envy us and half the younger kids are hitting the weights hoping to be chosen next year.”

“So you like being sex slaves, used and passed around?”

“Of course they do,” insisted Bill. “Samuel has gotten first phase enhancement for every boy over age ten since last fall. Dad and any fathers of enhanced boys got the second phase and, of course, you’ve been fucked by Samuel. You know how good it is, or, have you forgotten we had to break you out of your bliss when the guys arrived? I still have more than ten inches of cock up your gut.” He twitched his embedded member in a way that made me moan.

“Still, Matthew is only sixteen and Luke, fourteen, yet they are dominant over you two, both older and bigger. Do your parents know? How did the girls at school react to the best boys becoming gay?”

“It was a big adjustment,” admitted Rob. “But Matthew and Luke are more man than we’ll ever be. Age isn’t a factor. I’d thought you’d certainly understand.”

“Our parents know only that Matthew and Luke are our friends. We’ve had them for overnight visits quite often,” added Rob. “My brother Seth is fifteen and will be varsity next season. He hopes to replace me as Matthew’s slave when I go to college next year. Matthew has fucked him, of course, but hasn’t decided yet. There is a lot of competition.”

“We still have girlfriends, too,” Rob insisted. “Mine is Cindy, the head cheerleader. She loves being fucked by Matthew and he told her to allow me to do her whenever I want. I’d been trying to get her to put out for months, but Matt had her within a half hour. I guess girls know a real man too.”

“It’s our spring break this week too, so they had us come up last Friday evening,” explained Jeff. “We haven’t been without a cock, or two, up our holes for more than a few minutes since. Can I sit on his cock?”

That question was addressed to Luke, his master, not me. But Luke looked at Bill who must have indicated agreement before he allowed Jeff to proceed. He climbed on our bed and squatted over my stiff pole, taking it easily in his hot chute that was abundantly lubed with many previous loads of Indian cum.

I guess I was getting more used to the anything goes sexual attitude of my new friends because I just accepted the situation as he started to bob his ass over my shaft. My own ass was squeezing the firm flesh of Bill’s fully hard pole as the combined sensations started affecting me. I saw Luke over Jeff’s shoulder and a few seconds later I felt him start to join me in Jeff’s ass. I’d never considered that two guys might fit into the same hole. I knew Bill and Hank were tight fits in me by themselves, not to mention their dad or the huge pole of Samuel’s. Luke’s entry was pressing me between him and the walls of Jeff’s colon. I could feel his internal muscles reacting to the new intrusion. I thought it must be painful but Jeff’s face showed more an expression of anticipation than discomfort.

We had four guys coupled together in a tangle of arms, legs, cocks and holes. There was something going on next to our group, probably involving Hank with some of the other guys but my view was blocked by Jeff’s torso. Luke was brushing the flange of his cock around the middle of my embedded shaft and, from Jeff’s squirming, likely massaging his prostate. It only took a minute of that before I felt Jeff spray my trunk with a half dozen spurts of his seed. I added a healthy deposit of mine in his gut too.

Luke then pushed into Jeff fully. I felt his flange push past mine in Jeff’s gut and I remembered he was about an inch longer than me, thicker too, and, clearly, much firmer and harder, judging by the way my cock was pressed between it and the tightly stretched walls of Jeff’s insides. Luke started stroking his cock in the tight confines. The pleasure was intense and I reacted but couldn’t move as the two Indian cocks had my hips pinned securely. There were a couple pairs of arms wrapped about me and I had my hands on Jeff’s waist but there was another pair over mine.

Luke leaned in to kiss me and I accepted his probing tongue. He was speeding up his assault on Jeff’s ass and I felt his cock spasm and shoot. I sucked strongly on his tongue as I joined him in unloading my sperm as I felt Bill and Jeff cum as well.

“Mom. Mom,” I heard someone say. I must have drifted off for a few seconds. “Mom.” I recognized Hank’s voice.

I opened my eyes. I was facing Hank, sitting on his lap, my legs around his waist. His cock was up inside me. I thought Bill was fucking me. Then I felt a second cock in me alongside Hank’s. There was an unfamiliar pair of muscular arms about my chest.

“What?” I mumbled. “Is Matthew or Luke fucking me?”

“No. They’re probably downstairs having some fun,” answered Bill. “Simon White Cloud is fucking you with Hank. I’m fucking his older brother, Peter.”

“Simon is my classmate and a good friend,” added Hank. “We share everything.”

“Like my ass,” I said. “Are they related to the policeman we met along the road?”

“Yes,” Bill confirmed. “They’re his younger brothers. We’ve been having some fun with them for the last couple of hours, but George stopped by with his son and a guest.”

I looked around and saw beyond the scrum on the bed. I recognized the young policeman even without his uniform. He wasn’t as big as Mark, both in muscles and cock, but thirteen inches was still pretty nice. At about six-five he was a bit taller than our neighbor, Daniel, but not as thick. The boy next to him was clearly like Daniel’s son, but a few inches taller, maybe forty inches, so a few weeks older, I thought.

Our third new visitor was a giant, like Samuel, but not Native-American. He was clearly Asian. Vietnamese or South China would be my guess. He was about seven-foot and sported a two-foot cock, so not as big as Samuel, but close enough.

“Eric, this is my son, Mark,” George introduced. “He’s fourteen months and the oldest of the soon-to-be super-studs. The big guy is Tony Thieu, up from Berkeley for the break. He’s in Samuel’s fraternity and we’ve had them up here for frequent visits since Joseph brought a few friends up a couple years ago.”

“I guess you mean sex.” I noticed that Mark had a bit more Asian look in him and made a guess. “I’m thinking you had a little sex with Tony before your wife had Mark.”

“More than a little,” Tony said, laughing. “I was in the first group to visit after Samuel’s initiation and left George flooded with my seed. We hadn’t realized how potent it was then. But yes, Mark is George’s son with my sperm.”

While we were talking Mark pulled Simon out of my ass. He handled the boy quite easily and Simon did not resist being manhandled by the youngster and his expression told me he knew the smaller boy was, physically and sexually already his superior. Mark shoved his nine, thick, hard, inches in my gut alongside Hank’s slimmer, eight-inch pole. I could tell it was different than with Simon and Hank. They were normal boys with normal, but fairly large cocks. Even Daniel and Joseph, with huge equipment in normal terms didn’t feel like this. The older Samuel, with a huge cock did. I’d attributed it to the size, but I realized that the one-year-old Samuel and, now, the slightly older, Mark had it too. The cock felt like it belonged in my ass, owned my ass. Hank’s cock was in me beside his but he was being dominated as much as I.

“May I fuck you?” Mark asked while starting to stroke his pole through my gut.

“I’m new to gay sex and tribal customs, but shouldn’t you ask before you shove your cock into me?” Everyone laughed at that.

“Yes, I don’t normally ask as everyone knows who they can fuck or be fucked by. Bill and Hank have both been fucked by my dad and me. Since your husband left them in charge of you, I can fuck you too. They know that, but I thought you might not. Though if your husband were here I’d need to get his permission.”

“It’s Ok,” insisted Hank. “You’re new and all our friends want to meet you. We’re not wearing you out, are we? It will be easier when spring break is over and we have school.”

“Can we bring a couple classmates home after school? They’ll all want to meet you. It’ll only be an hour and then we’ll get right to our homework,” asked Bill.

“Umh…ah…I don’t think so,” I mumbled as Mark’s fuck action had me close to another orgasm already. “Show…show…me good grades and may…maybe…once or twice…a…week. Oh, god.” I came.

That was the start of a few more rounds of energetic sex. At least energetic from the guys fucking me. I was dazed and sweating constantly. I don’t know how many times my cock spurted in orgasm. I certainly think it must be numbered in multiple dozens for the day, so far. More than I’d ever thought possible even in dreams. My ass and mouth collected uncountable loads from the boys and men taking their turns with me. Finally Tony Thieu pulled me out of a scrum of bodies and set me down on his lap facing his massive torso.

I started to recover, my breathing calmed. My legs wrapped Tony’s muscular, but almost ridiculously tiny for his seven-foot height, thirty-inch waist. Naturally his two-foot cock was embedded up my gut. I felt his massive balls spreading my glutes beside his shaft. He was not fucking, just letting it rest inside me. Resting for something that size inside you doesn’t really describe it though. It was a shaft as hard as stone that held my torso fixed nearly immobile around it. But it was not stone but a living presence inside me. I could feel it throb in synch with his heartbeat. Periodically it would spurt a jet of liquid deep inside me that I could feel in my gut. This I knew was just his precum though no normal man could cum a tenth as strongly.

“Hi. Are you coming back to earth?” Tony asked. “I’ve fucked my share of guys senseless. It can take a while to regain your bearings.”

“Um. Tony? Tony Thieu. Yes. I think so.” I mumbled. I noticed it was dark outside. “What time? How long have we been fucking?”

“Yes, it’s Tony. This round has been going on for a couple hours. You had each of us a few times, three cocks at once at least twice. You’re quite a hot fuck. It’s hard to believe you’re a beginner at this.”

“It’s about eight in the evening,” Bill added. “So, over seven hours non-stop sex. Pretty good, mom. We sent Rob and Jeff to get some KFC for dinner.”

“No. You should eat healthy food. Let me make something.”

“Eric, relax,” insisted Tony. “Your boys have been fucking all day. They’re growing, even before doses of cum from kids like Samuel and Mark. They need thousands of calories each day and plenty of protein and fluids. They can’t really eat too much or unhealthy. Any excess just goes into more cum. You’ll need plenty too if you’re going to keep up with your boys and Mark, not to mention, their friends.”

I looked up at Tony’s smiling face. “I guess I hadn’t thought about that. I’m not used to this. I really am just a beginner after all.”

Just then a group entered the bedroom carrying the promised food. There was Rob and Jeff with several large buckets of chicken. Matthew and Luke followed with their arms around the waists of two tall, busty, blonds. Were they the girlfriends of their slaves? Everyone was naked so it was easy to see that the girls had been well fucked, leaking cum from their cunts and asses. It was obvious they already knew several of the other Indian boys but Luke made introductions for them to George and Tony. I heard Jeff’s girlfriend was named, Beth. They both obviously stared at George’s thirteen inches, fingering their wet holes. They knew that seven-foot Tony was bigger but were surprised when he said two feet and really disappointed that Tony was 100% gay.

Bill and Hank got off the bed. Hank brought Tony and I each a plastic plate stacked with chicken and sides and a sport bottle of lemonade. I ate, still pinned to Tony’s pole and watched the others as they ate and mingled. Cindy and Beth both knew Bill but I gathered that Hank had only fucked Cindy though he was talking with Luke and I’d bet arranging a turn with Beth.

Beth came over and gave Tony and I big smiles. Her ass and thighs were coated with drying cum with fresh stuff still leaking from her holes. There were some streaks on her torso, breasts and in her blond hair. She reached between us and fondled my cock some before trying to get her hand around the base of Tony’s piece before it entered my ass. He was much too thick for her to get her hand around it.

“It’s too bad you’re gay. I’d love to try that. Luke said he’d be big like you after he starts Berkeley in a couple years but I never imagined someone this big.”

“You’re a pretty girl, Beth. Some of my friends are bi and Luke might set you up to try one. Some are even bigger than I, though I doubt you could take more than eighteen or twenty inches in your cunt. You’ll have to be ass fucked if you want the whole experience.”

“Beth,” I asked, “do you like being Luke’s girlfriend?”

“Well, I was Jeff’s girlfriend. When he became Luke’s slave, Luke told me I was his girlfriend. Like Jeff there was no force. I was given a chance to decline. After Luke fucked me I knew I’d made the right decision. I’d never had sex like that before. But I’d think you know that.”

I laughed at that, recalling the sex overload I’d had in the last hours. “I guess I do. I can see you’ve had a good time.”

“Yes. Luke has a lot of friends and they are all great fuckers. The tribe’s girls don’t know what they’re missing. I had a chance to spend time with his fourteen year old sister, Rose, when Luke took Jeff to the lake. The Indian girls have mad oral skills, but I prefer cock.”

“You’ve met Luke’s family?”

“Sure. Jeff and I always stay there when we come for a visit. Luke shares a bedroom with his twelve-year-old brother, Jason. I was Jason’s first woman. Luke lets him fuck Jeff too.”

“Their parents know what goes on?”

“Sure. Luke’s dad even fucks Jeff. He’s got a really thick fourteen-incher that I’d love to try but his wife is his only woman. The biggest I’ve had was only eleven inches. Tony, can I convince you to stick your piece up me? I’d really love to feel it.”

“You’re sweet but no,” Tony insisted.

“Do your parents know what you’re doing?”

“God no. They’d freak. They think Jeff and I and a few of the others are on a week’s trip to Baja for the break. But my younger brother knows.”

“How did that happen?”

“After meeting Jason, I thought that he and my thirteen-year-old brother, Eddie, would be natural buddies. So I asked Luke if I could bring him with me one weekend.”

“I’m thinking you knew that the visit meant his sexual initiation.”

“Sure, though Eddie had no idea what he was getting into. He knew we were going to stay with a family on the reservation and learn Indian culture. But that meant hunting, outdoors, folk dancing, that sort of thing to him.

“Luke assured me he’d handle everything. Eddie was surprised that we went to a very normal type home.”

“Tell me more about your brother.”

“I am. Oh, you mean describe him. Well, he’s about five-five and one-thirty-five. He plays soccer, so has nice muscled legs and a toned upper body, kind of cute, a boy beginning to show some muscle, blond like I am.

“Anyway, we arrived at the house and Luke, Jason and Rose were downstairs to greet us. Luke gave me a kiss that surprised Eddie since he’d only seen me with Jeff. He stared quite a bit at Rose, her breasts are almost as big as mine and Eddie could see most of them in the tight top she wore. She certainly knew what her brothers planned for Eddie.

“So Jason asked Eddie if he wanted to go up to their room and play some games. Eddie was thinking Playstation and let Jason lead the way while Luke and I followed. Jason is about five-foot and one-thirty, so shorter but more muscular than Eddie, but he’s stronger than he looks. I’ve seen him manhandle Jeff easily in a fuck and Jeff’s almost twice Eddie’s weight and way stronger. But, at this point, Eddie had no idea of that.

“The boys’ room had two double beds and Jason led Eddie to his and they sat down. Meanwhile Luke and I followed and began undressing each other, kissing and generally making out. Naturally Eddie wanted to know what was going on. Luke calmly explained that he was going to fuck me and Jason was going to fuck him. Before Eddie could react Jason planted a deep kiss on his lips while hugging him close to his body. It was then that Eddie realized how much stronger the smaller boy was. Eddie did try struggling for a while but soon gave in. Part was realization that Jason was too strong but I think the body contact awakened his desire.

“Jason has thick seven point five, uncut, inches, certainly the biggest Eddie had seen so far and way bigger than his five inch, cut, piece. It was the first time I’d seen my brother’s cock since he was an infant. I’d have been impressed, given his age, had I not had so many bigger ones recently, like Luke’s almost ten inches currently stretching my cunt. Jason had him on his back with his legs in the air and cock head pressed to the entrance. He was just tickling the hole, letting Eddie feel a bit of the head as the flow of precum lubed the area.

“I was in a position similar to Eddie on the other bed, Luke had about eight inches into me but was just holding it there as we watched Jason preparing Eddie for his cherry popping. Eddie was overwhelmed and more than a bit confused. He’d look up at Jason, who was smiling down on him and urging him to relax. He’d look at Luke and I and we’d tell him he’s doing great. I don’t think it even crossed his mind that I was being fucked too. Then he’d look down his torso to check out Jason’s stiff cock pressed up to his virgin hole. His own cock was hard and dripping. Then the cycle would repeat.

“As he locked eyes with Jason, Jason made a quick thrust and shoved half of his pole inside as Eddie gasped in surprise. He didn’t give Eddie a chance to realize what had happened before starting a slow fuck stroke. My little brother wasn’t sure what was happening but I could see he was starting to like it. Then Luke started seriously fucking me so I wasn’t paying attention anymore.

“When Luke finished our fuck I saw that Jason and Eddie were watching from the next bed where they’d been making out after their own fuck. Eddie had obviously cum several times. Jason’s body was on top of his with Eddie’s legs wrapped about his waist. Jason kissed my brother again using lots of tongue that Eddie accepted eagerly. I saw he still had about half his shaft in my brother’s hole that was leaking a lot of cum.

“Luke then asked if Eddie wanted to try his cock, knowing Eddie would agree in spite of some nervousness as he saw Luke’s size. But his biggest surprise was seeing Jason shift to fuck me. My biggest surprise was that after that round Jason invited Eddie to fuck me.”

“So now your brother is Jason’s sex slave.”

“No, not like that. Jeff is Luke’s slave. But Luke and I are lovers. Eddie and Jason are friends and fuck buddies and Luke has given them both permission to fuck me when they want. Eddie came up with Jeff and I but he’s hanging with Jason and his friends. They fuck but do plenty of other things too. He has a few fuck buddies at home now. He still fucks me several times a week too. He’s even done a few of my girlfriends. I didn’t set it up either. He seduced them. He’s really self-assured now.”

“He sounds like a nice kid,” Tony said. “If he wants I’ll fuck him and Jason. Luke can set it up if they’re interested.”

“Wow. Thanks. I’m sure they’d love that. Please, please, let me try it too.”

“All right, Beth. You’ll get me,” Tony conceded. “But only up your ass and if we start you’re going to get all twenty-four inches, no backing out.”

“Thanks. You’re so sweet to do this.” She kissed Tony on his cheek, causing the big guy to blush. “Luke, can Tony fuck me up my ass? I’d really love to feel that big cock in me. Please?”

“Sure, Beth, have fun,” Luke’s answered. I saw that he had the young Mark straddling his hips, riding his cock.

“Why did you need to ask Luke?” I asked as Tony was lifting me off his cock to get ready for Beth.

“I’m Luke’s girl,” she answered. “It’s really pretty simple once you know the rules.

“First, I guess, is a slave has no status. They do what their master tells them. The master can designate someone to be in charge when they’re not around. Luke, puts me in charge of Jeff. If a slave is away from a supervisor any non-slave can use their services. Naturally any abuse of that right would get a severe response from the slave’s master.

“Next are wives and girlfriends, like you and I. Luke must give permission for anyone to fuck me. He’s given Jason and Eddie open permission and that allows them to give permission for me to be fucked when he’s not around. That’s just like your husband giving Bill and Hank control over you. Women don’t need permission to play with each other, so Luke’s sister, Rose, and I could get it on whenever we want. The weird thing is that you and I could fuck freely too, because, as Mark’s wife, you’re, technically, a woman.”

“I doubt that will be a problem.”

“A problem, no. But when the boys are in school and the husbands at work, you’ll find out that every woman on the reservation is well aware of your status.

“The last are the guys, where anyone that can shoot cum is free to play with mutual consent. The bigger or stronger is usually the top.

“Woa. I knew you were big Tony, but that’s incredible,” Beth gasped seeing Tony’s full shaft ready for her to sit on. “I’ve taken cocks up my ass before but I don’t think that will fit.”

“You wanted it and you’re going to get every inch,” Tony stated. “It’s nice and slick, coated in cum, from Eric’s hole.” He turned Beth facing away and put his hands on the sides of her hips, lifting her into the air. She flailed her legs as she was raised off the floor. “Put a leg on each side of my thighs and then let them go limp. Relax your muscles. You’re in my control.”

Beth did as requested, but it was easy to see she was nervous. She was looking down to track where Tony’s cock was as he positioned it. She squirmed in his grasp as it pressed up to her ass. I figured I’d talk to her to distract her.

“So Beth, you’re eighteen. Is it a problem that your thirteen-year-old brother is in charge of you?”

“That’s only when Luke or Jason aren’t around; mostly when we’re home. Oh. I feel it. It’s so big. How?”

“Well, Luke is sixteen and Jason, twelve. Eddie can fuck you whenever he wants and even invite his friends to enjoy you.”

“You should understand. You have Bill and Hank running you when your husband is working, like now. Oh, uh, god. It’s…it’s in. Where was I? Mmm. Not about age. I know now I need a man to be in charge of me. It’s going deeper…so big. Ah. It was Luke’s decision. Not my place to question it, but he’s right. Eddie was a boy but is a real man now. I can feel it so deep inside me. How much?”

Beth tried to look down but I thought it would be tough to judge. She had a bit less than half in her. She searched for the shaft with her hand and she could reach down about six inches of the remaining length, still about seven short of the base. She whipped her head around to try and look at Tony. I could see she was about to panic.

“You’re doing great, Beth, almost halfway,” assured Tony feeding her another inch. “Why do you feel your kid brother is man enough now to make life decisions for you?” Tony was following my lead in engaging Beth while starting a short slow stroke with his cock. She was so focused on her ass that Tony had to repeat the question.

“What? Oh, I understand. It’s…hard. The cock is so hard too. I mean hard to explain. I was surprised when Jason offered me to my brother. Jason had been fucking me for a few weeks and had shared me with several of his friends. Believe me they were all better than guys from my high school, even my quarterback, Jeff. It’s not age or cock size, though I could take more of one like this. No. No. Slowly. I didn’t mean shove it all in right now. I can feel the tip of your cock beating against my inside like a baby.

“Let’s see. Oh. I think it’s confidence. Luke has it, Jason too and Eddie has learned it from them. He knows he can perform sexually with me or any partner he chooses. Others sense it and desire him. He’s just graduating middle school but he takes his pick from the best boys and girls in my high school.

“What? Oh. Ohh. My. God.” Beth started to shake all over, gasping for breath. Her body flushed red as she experienced an orgasm. Tony, I knew, was cumming deep inside her though he still had about five inches left to insert. Beth went fully limp as she passed out. Tony used the opportunity to add his final inches.

I put some cold water on a napkin and used it to rub Beth’s face. It had no effect. I wet the napkin again and used it on her chest and breasts. She came around, her muscles tensed, eyes snapped open and she looked around. She was the center of a crowd of boys that were watching her.

“That was intense. You’re still shooting a bit though nothing like the start.” She looked down. “I’ve got it all? It feels like it’s everywhere inside me, alive, moving. Oh. Oh. I’m so sensitive. I had a mini orgasm. Another one. Tony. No. Don’t move me. Another. Oh. No. Please.”

Despite Beth’s plea, Tony started a slow, smooth, fuck stroke, about ten inches. Beth quickly gave up trying to speak as it was all just moaning and spasms of pleasure once Tony started. It took about fifteen minutes for Tony to build for a second blast from his gun. By that time the strokes were almost fourteen inches and rapid.

She felt it coming. You could see Beth’s dazed, dreamy look vanish instantly as something focused her attention. She was awake and alert for the first time since Tony started up his strokes. She whipped her head around and looked up at Tony’s face. He smiled at her.

“No. Tony, please, not again. It’s too…” Then she tensed every muscle, gave a high-pitched scream, followed by a long soft moan as she passed out again.

It took a couple minutes for Tony to finish cumming. He then eased the unconscious Beth off his long shaft and laid her on the bed. She was leaking a thick flow of his seed from her distended opening. Beth’s body was still spasming and I realized she must have been experiencing an extended orgasm even though the fuck had ended.

I made a decision. “I think we better call it a day. It’s after eight and there’s always tomorrow. I want to clean up before my husband gets home.”

“Sure, mom,” agreed Bill. I noted happily that he switched smoothly from me as a sex buddy to mom without any hesitation. All our other guests were just as helpful; assuring me they’d pick up and clean everything on their way out.

That still left Beth, passed out on the bed to deal with. “Is she Ok?” I asked Tony Thieu.

“I think so. I thought she handled the fuck pretty well. There’s no blood mixed with the cum she’s leaking so I didn’t injure her. I’ve had guys pass out after a good fuck but most would have come around by now.”

“How do girls react?”

“Beth’s the first girl I’ve fucked.”

“I think she’ll be all right,” Luke added. “Can she rest here tonight? Matt and I will take Rob and Jeff home but I’ve called Eddie and Jason to stay with her and bring her home when she recovers. Will that be good, Mrs. Grey Eagle?”

I accepted Luke’s plan and left Beth while I checked everyone cleaning up and said goodbyes as they left us. Eddie and Jason arrived by bicycle just as Luke was leaving. He briefed them on Beth’s condition and I brought them up to the boys’ bedroom where she was still unresponsive on the bed. Someone had put a towel under her butt that was now well soaked from continuing leakage of Tony’s cum.

“How long has she been out?” asked Eddie as he and Jason shed their clothes. I realized that they expected to be having sex while staying with Beth.

“About forty minutes,” I answered. “Have you seen her like this before?”

“Not this bad. It must have been a great fuck. Bill, could you push your cock up my sister’s hole. That will be better than the towel and the stimulation may help her recover. Can you take her cunt, sir?” He asked me. “I’d do it, but Jason wants to fuck Hank while Hank’s fucking me.”

I agreed. I could see that Eddie was concerned about his big sister and her trust in him was not a mistake. Jason got the lights before climbing into bed. It was pretty cozy for the six of us.

I put my cock in Beth’s cunt. There were many previous loads that oozed out as I pushed in. I was taking sexual direction from a thirteen year old and thought nothing weird about that. I realized he had probably more experience than I. He was certainly confident.

I must have dozed when I was awakened by Beth’s cunt squeezing my cock. I could see her eyes were open and focused on me. I gave her a quick update in a low voice.

“I can still feel him inside me,” she stated.

“That’s Bill. He’s got a bit over ten inches,” I reminded her.

“No. I mean really deep, way beyond where Bill is. It still feels like there is a cock in there. I just can’t stop having orgasms. It’s not as intense now, but, ugh. I just had another.”

“Are you Ok, sis?” It was Eddie speaking from behind me.

“Yes. I’m still excited from Tony’s fuck, like I’m right on the brink.” I felt her internal muscles clamp down on me. She must have squeezed Bill’s member too because I felt it press into mine through the thin bits of anatomy separating our holes. As the pressure relaxed he started a fuck motion through her ass. “That was another orgasm. Oh. Good, Bill. Keep doing that. It actually helps to be stimulated in my normal places to distract from the things I feel deep inside. Eric, could you start a fuck too? It will help, I think.”

I joined in actively fucking Beth. Bill and I adjusted our angle so our cocks brushed against each other continually inside her. That added to our excitement and she seemed to feel it too. As I fucked I hugged Beth tight, pressing her firm breasts to my chest as Bill pressed her back into his muscular pecs. I kissed her deeply, then she twisted to kiss Bill, then back to me.

Every thirty seconds or so she would freeze as her muscles tensed in an orgasmic spasm. I was concerned but she insisted we continue. These were normal orgasms from our fuck, not the residue of Tony’s deep stimulation. Bill and I were able to hold off for nearly fifteen minutes before we shot our cum, nearly simultaneously, triggering another convulsion from Beth. As she relaxed in the afterglow, my cock softened and I eased it from her slick hole.

“Thanks, boys,” Beth moaned. “I think that did the trick. My nerves are all tingling, but the signals are from my ass and cunt, just like I normally feel after a good fuck.”

“How many times were you fucked today?” I asked.

“Well the day is not over. I think Bill is getting a bit harder in my ass. Seriously, I haven’t been counting. It’s spring break and I’m with my boyfriend and his friends, sex is our principal activity; maybe thirty times, give or take five. On normal days, when I’m going to school, I only fuck four or five times, that’s not nearly enough. It’s really tough. Eddie fucks me most mornings before school. He usually brings a couple boys home after school for some sex before our parents get home from work and will often invite one to fuck me while he fucks the other. A few are decent, though nothing like my Indian boys. Of course he fucks me too while his buddies watch. It always impresses them how much better Eddie is. Then he’ll fuck me again before bed.”

“I only let my best fuck buddies do my sister,” insisted Eddie. “The guys I bring home have at least eight inches and good, muscled bodies. Most are training to be picked as sex slaves to Indian boys and know I’m Jason’s boyfriend. They’re really too inexperienced to fully satisfy Beth, though we did have a dozen over for the weekend when our parents went to San Francisco. Luke and Jason came over to train them, but there’s still no comparison. They’re Ok fucks for me during the week, however, we both can’t wait to get up to the reservation and our friends here.”

“It must be hard, but, at least you’re able to visit the reservation frequently. How many guys do you have at home?”

“Let’s see…twenty-three, I think; not counting the slaves that I can use if I want, and 12 girls including most of Beth’s friends and a few of their friends. Of course I fucked the boyfriends of my girls. I figured I owed them the chance for sexual satisfaction once I’d shown them they weren’t man enough to satisfy a woman. Jason got me the stage one stuff the Indian boys take. I really have no problem getting sex partners and I can bench 500 pounds now.”

“I can bench 500 too.” Jason added.

“Yes, but yours are kilos,” Eddie explained. “I’m still gaining strength. Luke can do over a thousand.”

“I can do 1150 kilos,” Bill said. “Hank is up to 650.”

I knew they were strong but not that strong. The Indian men must be much stronger and Samuel and his huge friends much more so.

“There’s something in the mix that makes you sexually irresistible,” Eddie continued. “Since taking it I’ve never been turned down. The Indian girls are immune though.

“A few guys try to resist. I guess they were scared of trying sex with a guy or couldn’t wrap their mind about being seduced by a middle school guy when they thought themselves big high school jocks. They all gave in and I only had to show my strength to a couple. They’re all begging for my attention now. That’s why I only have twenty-three. I want to be able to fuck each several times a week.”

“Have you done any of your teachers?”

“Most are too old to interest me, but I fucked the new gym teachers, husband and wife, just out of college. They didn’t know I’d had the other until I showed up at their apartment to stay the night.”

“Beth said your parents don’t know. How could you stay overnight?”

“Easy. I just said I would be studying with a friend and his mom confirmed it. Since I’d been fucking him, his big sister and his mom, they do anything I asked. I can stay out two or three times a week and having a couple of places we can use regularly is great when my friends from the reservation come to town. Still nothing beats the fun I have here.”

“Yes, we’re here almost every weekend and this holiday has been great,” agreed Beth. There’s a big party to wrap the week on Saturday. Everyone will be there, about twenty of the girls from town that have Indian boyfriends and about four hundred Indian boys. I even heard there are several guys as big as Tony coming. Maybe a few will be bi. I should be in line for over a hundred fucks, much over if I can handle it.”

“We’ll be going,” added Bill. “Dad will be there, but mostly on duty. He should get breaks to join the fun though.”

“Bill, be a sweet boy and shift your cock to my cunt. That’s good, but keep it to a slow stroke for a bit. I have a little gift for you and your brother if it’s OK with your parents.”

“What is it?” asked Hank. “Jason, I’d like to fuck Beth after Bill.”

“Sure, Hank,” Jason agreed.

“Thanks, Jason, Hank’ll be fun. This is better though. You see I have a friend, Rebecca Sanders, back home. She had a boyfriend on the swim team, but he’s now my brother’s fuck buddy. You do like the swim team guys, Eddie.”

“You’re talking about Steve. He has a tight hole. Remember, Jason, you fucked him a couple weeks ago.”

“Yeah, he was cute,” Jason agreed. “His hole isn’t so tight after my fuck though. He took it like a born bottom.”

“Anyway, Rebecca is currently free as Steve is no longer into girls. She’s seventeen, brown hair, nice C cup breasts and into gymnastics. I’ve told her about my adventures with Indian boys and I think she’d be perfect for Bill. She has a younger sister, Rachel, fifteen, blond and B cup, that would be good for Hank. If your tribal women are going to hold back on the guys, there are plenty of girls eager to help.”

“Are you going to be able to keep this from their parents? You’ve managed, but you’re eighteen.”

“That’s where it gets even better. They live with their mom, Randi. She’s been divorced for about 10 years without any real relationships. She’s 38 and doing well. She manages the town bank. She’s really fit and sexy. I hope I look as good when I’m thirty. I figure you let her catch you with her daughters and then you both fuck her. Either of you is twice the man of anybody she’s been with. After you fuck her she’ll do anything for another.”

“You’ve got it all worked out. It can’t be that easy. The boys still have homework and chores so it would only be weekends and holidays assuming they get good grades. I’ll have to ask my husband. He might have objections too.”

“Maybe not as much as you think. The boys would certainly let you both fuck their girls and I know Mark has fucked a couple of the other girls I know. He could fuck me in a heartbeat.

“I know Bill likes the idea. He just came and was barely stroking me with his cock. He’s still hard.”

“True, true. It’s a great idea. They sound almost as hot as you.”

“You’ll like them. Guaranteed. Even their mom. By the way, that brings up one last thing. Rebecca and Rachel would like you to give them a brother or sister. They’re on the pill but their mom isn’t. Can you arrange it to give her one of the super-babies?”

“We need to be infused with enhanced sperm for that,” Bill stated. “But, Samuel agreed to do Hank Saturday morning and I’m sure I can get Tony Thieu to fuck me at the party later. If we meet their mom Saturday night, it would be perfect.”

“That will work. Rebecca can drive Rachel up here Saturday morning instead of going to gymnastics class. Their mom works half a day on Saturday and then goes to a day spa until dinner. Rebecca will take you to their home and you can surprise her mom when she gets back. Their mom keeps the girls on a tight leash. That is why they can’t get to visit before Saturday. Rachel is still a virgin and her mom thinks Rebecca still is too.”

“Well I still need to clear it with your dad. Let’s get some sleep.”

I was ready to sleep, but Beth and the boys had a couple more rounds before settling in. I was awakened by Mark lifting me out of the crowded bed to take me to our room. It was just after midnight. I tried explaining what happened but he was more interested in sex. Eventually we drifted off to sleep.

It turned out that Mark thought that a steady female relationship would be good for the boys. Saturday arrived after several days of me setting up housekeeping between rounds of sex.

Mark left early to supervise security arrangements for the party. The entire tribal police force would be working the party in shifts. Mark would have time in the afternoon to join in for lunch and sex.

We were still at home in the family room waiting for Rebecca and Rachel. Beth was there with Luke, Jason and Eddie. She got a text saying they were on the way. Samuel, Daniel and his son, the super kid Samuel, had joined us. Hank was getting his promised fuck and had all thirty inches of Samuel’s huge cock up his gut. He’d shot a couple times and Samuel had already unleashed one load and was pounding him with long, rapid strokes building for another.

There was a knock on the door. Bill, who had finished a fuck with me a few minutes ago, went to answer it. Opening the door revealed Rebecca and Rachel. They were both dressed in matching pink workout suits. There was a moment of shocked silence as they took in the naked, muscular, Indian male standing before them.

“You must be Rebecca and Rachel. Welcome to my home. I’m Bill. Come in. We’ve been expecting you.”

They were still staring at Bill, but they allowed him to herd them inside with an arm around each girl’s waist. As their eyes adjusted to the dim room light from the bright outside sun, they started looking around at the others in the room, all naked and most in some type of sexual action. Everyone was looking at them.

“Hi girls,” called out Beth. “This is my boyfriend, Luke,” indicating the boy on whose lap she was straddling and was pistoning his long cock through her clutching cunt lips. “You know my brother. He’s being fucked by Luke’s younger brother, Jason. The big guy is Samuel. Rachel, he’s fucking your boyfriend, Hank, Bill’s younger brother. Samuel’s cumming now, so Hank will be free to fuck you in a few minutes. Then we have the neighbors, Daniel, and his son, Sam. Sam is only a year old. The other two white guys are Rick, Bill and Hank’s mom, and Jeff, who young Sam is fucking.”

Samuel lifted Hank off his cock so he could go to Rachel. The two girls stared at the spectacle as the thirty-inch cock emerged from Hank’s ass. It was still hard and spurted a couple last, two-foot, jets of cum across Hank’s back. Hank hurried over to Rachel still leaking cum from his ass.

“Beth told us a lot about what she’s been doing,” confessed Rebecca, “but we thought she was embellishing her adventures. But it seems to be true, though her description of you and Hank barely did you justice.”

“Are you really going to fuck us?” Rachel asked while gently touching Hank’s erect cock. “I’ve never done it before. Could we go someplace, you know, more private?”

“These are our friends, and yours too from now on,” Hank stated. “Bill we could take them to our bed to start.”

While Rachel and Hank had been talking, Bill hugged Rebecca close and kissed her while stripping her of her workout suit top. Breaking the kiss you could easily see that the young girl had reacted strongly to the virile Indian boy. Her body was deeply flushed and her tits, hard points, pressing against the thin fabric of her tank top.

“Yes, that’s a good idea,” Bill agreed. “We’ll see everyone later at the party.” They escorted their new girls up the stairs.

They were gone and everyone clearly heard the sounds of girls in ecstasy from upstairs. All but big Samuel left for the party. He stayed with me, fucking me the whole time, though we spent some time with him just plugged with all thirty inches talking about how I was getting on with the life he arranged for me.

It was about an hour and a half later that they returned to the family room. All were naked and the girls appeared unconcerned at openly displaying their beautiful bodies. They’d all had a recent shower but, clearly there was some sex in or just after as the girls were both breathing heavily and had a happy glow on their faces.

“You two look happy,” I observed.

“Yes, Bill is great. Hank is fun too. I need to thank Beth,” Rebecca rambled and pressed her body against Bill.

“I like Hank best because he’s mine. Can we fuck some more?” Rachel asked, reaching for Hank’s already stiff pole.

Samuel pulled out of me again displaying the full length of his shaft. It was still hard and bubbling cum from the fist-sized head, the shaft slick with mixed cum and juice.

“Can I touch it?” Rebecca asked Bill, acknowledging his authority over her.

“Go ahead. Samuel is a good friend. He’s fucked me and I’m sure he’ll enjoy fucking you too. You won’t be able to get much beyond half of that in your pussy though.”

Rebecca did try and hold it with one hand while still holding Bill with the other. She couldn’t get around it. Meanwhile Rachel stroked the crown with her hand and was rewarded with a spurt of fresh juice that coated her fingers.

Just then the front door opened and a lady in a grey pants suit entered, carrying her iPhone in one hand.

“What’s going on here?” she demanded. “This isn’t gymnastics. Did you think I wouldn’t notice when your phone left town? What have you been doing? My daughter is underage. I’ll get you charged for rape.” She punched 9-1-1 on her phone.

Bill went right up to her, standing only a foot away. “You must be Rebecca and Rachel’s mother. They said you were very sexy and I have to agree. Your daughters enjoyed our fucks and I’m certain you will too.”

“What. Hello,” she screamed into the phone. “I want to report a rape. You have my location? Good. Three Indian boys and a White boy. No. Native American. Put you on speaker? Ok.”

“Bill, it’s George. You’re dad gave us a head’s up, just in case. She sounds like a real tight ass. Good luck loosening her up. Click.”

“Did I mention that our dad heads the tribal police force? I’ll take the phone now.”

Bill tossed the phone aside and moved in to kiss the shocked woman. She struggled until she realized how strong the young boy holding her was. One of his arms easily wrapped her to his body while the other hand held her head in position for his kiss. You could see she tried not to respond but a primal instinct was awakened. Her resistance melted away and quickly was replaced by desire.

When Bill broke their kiss she meekly allowed the boys to strip her clothes. Her focus was on the boys’ hard cocks, over ten inches for Bill and almost eight for Hank. Both boys were liberally bubbling precum and their shafts were slick from the earlier fucks with her daughters.

“You’re going to go wild, mom. Bill’s a great fuck,” insisted Rebecca. “I came four times just on round one.”

“Hank’s good too,” added Rachel. “I’m his girl now. We fucked three times before he fucked Rebecca, then he did me twice more after Bill. Sex is so much fun and with Bill and Hank; we’ll have so much in common.”

“What? No.” I could see she was confused and a bit scared, but excited despite it all.

Then it was time for fucking. Hank went first, then Bill. She came several times and was moaning the boys’ names long before each shot their seed. They then double-teamed her, ass and cunt, switching off after shooting and then shooting again. Her daughter enjoyed the show but they watched from their own perch on my cock or Samuel’s huge pole.

When the boys finished their fun, Randi was totally dazed. Hank held her about her waist, partially supporting her. She was leaking cum from cunt and ass. While her daughters still had leaking cunts and everyone was naked, she exhibited no anxiety about the situation. In fact she was giddy with excitement, like she were a teenager again.

“Randi, you understand that my brother and I are the heads of your family now,” explained Bill. “You will call me Mr. Bill and my brother Mr. Hank to show you respect our authority.”

“Yes, Mr. Bill, I understand.”

She said the words meekly. She, in her mind, still tried thinking like an adult and mother. You could see that she was also flushed in the glow of the great sex she’d just experience. Beth was right; she’d accept anything to keep those feelings.

“That’s very good. Rebecca and Rachel are our girls and we are now responsible for them. When we are not around you will obey them as you would us. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Mr. Bill.”

“Rebecca, you and Randi are about the same size. Do you have clothes that Randi didn’t let you wear because they were too sexy?”

“Sure. Why?”

“Those will be the start of Randi’s new wardrobe. You should shop for both of you, getting the sexiest outfits you can find.”

“Boys will be drooling all over us, both of us.”

“That’s the idea. You’ll be in town during the week and it would be cruel to have you go five days without sex. You can fuck anyone who strikes your interest, but make sure they know that your boyfriend will be fucking them too, sooner or later. Rachel, Hank will have the same arrangement with you. You can, of course, bring boys home to have sex as often as you desire and even invite your friends to fuck your mom.”

“Most of the best guys already have Indian boyfriends, but a few still play both ways,” said Rebecca. “Still it would be weird to see a guy I just fucked doing my mom. Just you and Hank and maybe Luke, Jason and Eddie. I’ll ask Beth. She should have some good ideas. She and Eddie will probably be over frequently as they can use our home to have sex with their boyfriends without worrying their parents will discover them.”

Randi looked confused and seemed about to say something. Then she realized she didn’t have a say anymore.

“We forgot to introduce Randi to our mom,” reminded Hank. “Randi, this is Eric, our mom, and the big guy is a friend, Samuel Running Bear. He fucked me just before Rebecca and Rachel arrived, so you have some of his sperm swimming in you now mixed with the stuff I shot. It’s really potent.”

At this point Samuel was standing, holding me by my waist, facing him with my knees in his elbows and a bit over half his thick pole in me, perhaps sixteen inches or so. We were both watching as the boys had fucked Randi and explained their plans. When we were recognized we both offered greetings to Randi. It was clear to see she had trouble processing being greeted by two guys having sex, especially when one was huge like Samuel.

“You’re their mom? How? You allow this behavior? I don’t understand.”

“Yes, it was hard for me to understand at first. Bill and Hank’s mother died and their dad, my husband now, Mark, needed someone to look after them and his household. I needed a man to take charge of me. Samuel here arranged it all. I run the house and the boys obey me.” They laughed. “At least on their homework, chores and such. Sexually, Mark put them in charge of me. They are real men in spite of their youth as you discovered. Mark thought a steady female relationship would be good for them and with your daughters and you they have it. Rebecca and Rachel will have more of a girlfriend, boyfriend relationship with Bill and Hank. Expect it to be quite open as all the boys here freely share their girls with their friends. But as good partners they will be considerate of your daughters’ needs and desires I’m sure they will enjoy their relationship, as will my boys. Your status will be lower, more of a servant rewarded with sex for unquestioned obedience. I can see that’s not what you’re used to, but I think you’ll find the benefits worthwhile.”

“I see,” she said uncertainly. I could sense she didn’t but she will.

“Mom, you should try Rachel’s pussy,” offered Hank. “She had her first sex with me and then Bill did her, but she’s still very tight and smooth.” Rachel blushed from her boyfriend’s praise.

Samuel lifted me off him and set me on my feet. The huge cock got stares from Rebecca and Rachel while Randi gasped at its size. As I went to Rachel she bent over, holding her knees and offering me easy entry from behind. I slipped in her wet cunt. It was tight.

“Your mom is the same length as you but you’re thicker and your cock head presses my flesh more. It feels good though. I like the feeling of being full of cock. Could you fuck me now?” I started a slow stroke. “I really enjoy being fucked but it’s different, better, when it’s my boyfriend.”

I could see Randi trying to process watching her formerly virgin fifteen-year-old daughter being fucked in front of her while speaking so casually about sex.

“Rebecca, do you want to try Samuel’s huge cock?” Bill asked.

“Wow. Could I? I didn’t think it could possibly fit.”

“I can maybe get a bit over half in you,” asserted Samuel. “Bend over like your sister and I’ll do the rest.”

She did and Samuel stepped behind her and held her hips, lifting Rebecca off the floor until her cunt lips were pressed to his huge cock head. The eighteen year old looked tiny in the arms of the massively muscular Indian male. Each of his forty-inch thighs was thicker that her 36C chest. She bent her head to look down her body at the thick pole poised to enter her. Samuel pulled her toward him and I could see her flesh part as the fist-sized crown eased in. Her body tried to flail from the intense sensations but Samuel’s grip was unbreakable.

“Oh. Oooh. It’s so big.” I saw she had only half the crown in so far. She leaked some of the cum my boys had given her when penetration started but now the seal was tight as her flesh stretched around the intrusion.

“Um. My god.” Rebecca’s whole body shook as she came. Samuel pumped his hip forward during the frenzy to embed the cock head and a few inches of shaft. “I just had a climax but I still feel so excited. Bill, I don’t know if I can do this any more.”

“Samuel has fucked me, Bill replied. “I know what you’re feeling. Just let yourself enjoy it.”

“If… Oh. What? Yes…” She had another orgasm as Samuel kept up a slow stroke, easing a bit deeper each time. “Where? I feel so strange. Oh, noooo.” There was another orgasm and then just moans from her.

Randi looked about to say something but Bill pushed her to her knees and pushed his cock to her lips. She remembered her place and meekly began to suck on the offered piece. In that position she could no longer see Rebecca. There was plenty to hear though.

Samuel was almost at the limit her vagina and uterus could accommodate and had begun a steady fuck stroke of about twelve inches. That left about six inches or so inside as he withdrew and popped the flange of the flaring crown through her cervix. It was way too much for Rebecca. Her moans became screams of joy as she had one orgasm after another. Samuel sped up his fuck as he rocketed toward his release. He started cumming. You could see the pulses on the foot of cock that wouldn’t fit. It only took a few before the overflow spurted from her flesh stretched around the thick shaft of flesh. Rebecca made a high-pitched scream that cut off as she passed out in sensory overload.

Samuel continued to cum for another minute while leaving the limp girl impaled fully on the end of his cock. It easily supported her weight as he gently stroked her sweaty torso with his hands. It took about five minutes for Rebecca to recover. She was disoriented at first. From her view she was floating in the air about four feet above the floor with arms and legs dangling. Her body jerked as she finally recognized the feelings from her stuffed cunt. She looked around, saw the huge cock, and then twisted to see its owner’s face above and behind her. She was sweating heavily and gasping for breath.

“Wow. Wow. That was. I don’t know. Wild doesn’t even begin to describe it.” Her body shook and her eyes went wide as she climaxed again. “I feel all tingly down there still. Your cock is not moving but it’s still so exciting.”

“I’d better extract myself before you pass out again.”

“No, Samuel, let me try. I’ve been in gymnastics for twelve years. Let me work your cock like a new apparatus.”

She split her legs wide and raised her arms beyond her head, then, with a quick body twist rotated on the axis of the shaft until she faced upward, looking into Samuel’s eyes. Bending at the waist she reached down, placing her hands of the thick flesh just below the spot where it entered her. She tried to pull off but it was fitted too tightly, so she placed her feet against Samuel’s hips like she were squatting on them except that her body was horizontal. She stood up, using her leg strength to extract inch after inch from her body. She paused a couple times wracked by the pleasure sensations triggered by the movement, but kept going until just the crown was left. With a final push she popped the head clear and continued to do a handstand on the shaft of the mighty member that had been inside her. Another orgasm overtook her and she lost her balance but Samuel caught her and set her gently on her feet. The cum flowed freely down her thighs as her cunt lips struggled to recover from being so expanded. She turned to kiss Samuel whose mouth was two feet above hers. He lifted Rebecca in on arm so she could reach him. His sex pole was between their bodies, pumping out generous spurts of precum. When they broke the kiss she was thoroughly coated.

“We should head to the party now,” said Hank. “I’ll get some breech cloths.” He headed upstairs again.

“Maybe we should shower again,” suggested Rachel, seeing how soaked her big sister was.

“Girls you’ll meet all our friends,” assured Bill. “I’d bet you’ll be fucked over a hundred times. All the girls and most of the guys will look like Rebecca in a couple hours.”

Hank returned, talking on a cell phone and carrying a number of the skimpy garments. Bill tied them on the women. They would not need tops. Samuel’s did not even begin to cover his massive endowment.

“Mom,” said Hank. “You can’t go to this party. It’s only for fathers, sons and their girlfriends. Mothers and daughters have their own party. I’ve called a ride for you and it sounds like they just pulled up.”

Two females entered wearing the khaki uniform of the tribal police. They were both in their early twenties, one about five, eleven, and the other a bit shorter. Both had straight black hair that reached to mid back. They could have been fitness or swimsuit models. Their uniforms fit like second skins. I saw they both wore wedding rings.

“Mrs. Grey Eagle, I’m Officer Black Wolf and this is my partner Officer Silver Feather. We’re your transportation to the party. Samuel, you’ve fucked him this morning, I assume.”

“Yes, and Tony Thieu did him yesterday. He’ll be swimming in our sperm.”

“Perfect. We’ll be on duty at the party but there is time for a stop on the way for us to get better acquainted. Come with us please.”

They each held my upper arm. I was surprised. They were not as strong as the Indian men but each woman was clearly much stronger than I. They didn’t flaunt it but I knew they were in control. I let them lead me to their vehicle and I could tell they knew my submission acknowledged their superiority. I would have sex with them and any others that wanted the sperm I carried from Samuel and Tony. I figured that would be a lot.

Part 2

I’m Eric Banner, formerly a senior at Stanford. I was six, two and 180 and a varsity swimmer. Now I’m Eric Grey Eagle, Mark Grey Eagle’s spouse and mother to his two teenage sons. It is the end of my first summer of married life. There have been lots of developments. I’ll try and get you up to date.

I’ll start where I left off. I was delivered to the female party by my police escort after a stop where they both fucked me. Usually you’d say I fucked them since I had the cock but they were in complete control and both got two deposits of my cum up their tight cunts. They put their uniforms back on while I recovered on the soft grass. I still had on the leather breechcloth and vest that I’d left the house with but they looked like I’d been fucked in them and I was covered in sweat.

We got to the party site. There were several hundred Native-American females between age twelve and early fifties. They’d had the female version of what the males take and all looked like supermodels. I found out the boys and girls under twelve and super-babies under six months were at another site being cared for by older women.

They didn’t waste any time getting started. I probably did thirty to forty fucks that day but many more shared my cum by scooping it out of freshly fucked cunts and pushing it in their own. Usually I was on the bottom with an Indian female riding my pole. When I started to go soft Daniel’s wife, Sarah, would offer me a drink from her firm breasts. Being pregnant with a super-baby made her eight inches taller, now six foot four, and almost as strong as Daniel. Her breasts are super firm but produce milk that feeds her son’s growth. For a normal man it adds size and strength.

I was balls deep in the cunt of Luke and Jason’s mom, Lily, when their sister Rose came up to watch. There were a few other women watching and waiting their turn. Sarah was acting as the scheduler.

“Hi Rick,” said Rose. “Luke and Jason said you were a good fuck. How’s my mom?”

“I’m gay but she is getting the job done. It’s impossible to hold back when your cock is massaged in a tight muscled hole, guy or gal. And your mom certainly knows her stuff.”

“Thanks Rick but I need to get you off; others are waiting. Give us a few minutes, Rose.”

She got back to the business at hand and brought me off a couple minutes later. Sarah announced a five minute break. Lily went off with Rose. As they walked away I saw Rose swipe a taste of my cum from her cunt and a few of the older Indian women got samples to insert in their own cunts.

As my rest period expired a thirty-inch tall supermodel pushed through the crowd. She had waist-length black hair, smooth golden-brown skin and dark black eyes that seemed to drink in the surrounding light. Certainly a female super-baby; the first I’d seen but unmistakeable.

“Rick, I’m Angela and I’m next,” she announced.

She was nude. I looked her over. My cock was almost as long as her torso and as thick as her arm. It certainly wouldn’t fit in her tiny opening and even if I could slip it in I’d certainly injure her. Besides it would be too weird having sex with a girl less than a year old; even one that looked so stunningly beautiful.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. I might hurt you. You’re really a beauty; perhaps when you’re a little older.”

“Yes, most guys get hung up on my size or age. That’s why I need a pet. I’m really very flexible and adaptable internally. You really can’t injure me no matter how hard or deep you try to fuck. My eldest brother fucks me every day. He has eleven inches and is thicker than you and I’ve taken both young Mark and Sam. Big Sam probably couldn’t get even half in me, ass or cunt, but it wouldn’t hurt me. I can’t get pregnant until I’m three but I can let super-sperm fertilize one of my eggs and keep it dormant until I’m ready, essentially forever.”

I later learned she meant forever literally.

“I have a couple of big Sam’s kids in the bank and I heard you had sex with Tony a couple days ago so I’d like to add one of his.”

“I’m gay and it’s too much for me to wrap my mind around. You’re so young and tiny. Can I pass? You can always grab some sperm from one of the others.”

“OK. Just kiss my breast and then I’ll do what you want.”

She pushed the nipple of her right breast to my mouth. I kissed it and something squirted in my mouth. It didn’t taste like milk, more like honey. I swallowed and became instantly dizzy.

My vision cleared. She had straddled my hips and was sitting flat with my pubic hair half covering where I penetrated her. I could see the outline of my hard cock distorting her body with the tip of the head nestled up in the cleavage between her firm breasts. I could feel her heart beating against the crown that must have been pushing right next to it. Her opening was stretched tightly around my stiff pole. She was leaking cum onto my pubic hairs from an orgasm I didn’t remember.

“What did you do to me?”

“I gave you a taste of my joy juice. It’s like super viagra plus an aphrodisiac. It can turn the gayest guy straight for a day. I guess it’s technically rape. I much prefer seducing my men but with so many waiting I thought I’d take a shortcut. I’ve already have Tony Thieu’s kid tucked away safely and the sperm you’ve shot and leaked out has serviced over a hundred others. Now that you’re out of the daze I’ll show you my gratitude.”

She bent her legs so she could plant her feet on my hip bone on each side of my cock. The she pushed up and my pole retreated from her body. As it did every inch was massaged by her internal muscles. It was pleasure beyond words. I looked into her smiling face. She knew exactly what she was doing to me.

I heard her in my mind.

We have a good connection. I can feel what you are feeling. Here is what I’m experiencing.

I felt her pleasure from having my cock plunging through her body and stimulating her sensitive spots. Her senses and mine superimposed and fed and amplified each other. We orgasmed simultaneously and it didn’t end but became even more intense. She was feeling my cum racing up my pumping cock and I was experiencing the pleasure of jets of seed spurting into her already full internals and forcing its way past the tight seal of flesh on flesh.

I’ve never had anything like this,” I thought.

Few men have,” she said into my mind. “I hope you’ll forgive my raping you.

Of course.

Thanks. As a bonus the joy juice should give you an extra five percent all over. A couple more doses and you’d be as big as your husband but I don’t want to mess with the development of your relationships.

Gradually we came back to earth. She slipped from my mind. I missed her presence. I started to speak.

“No need for words,” she said aloud. “I already know everything you want to say and you know my promise to you.”

I did. We’ll do it again echoed in my mind.

It was dark. How long had we been fucking? Angela was kneeling on my hip with only the head of my cock in her body. The bulge made her look seriously pregnant. Her entire lower body was coated in cum. She stood up popping my shaft from her body. It smacked down on my abs, still hard. She walked up my torso and stood on my pecs.

I knew what she expected. I held her with one hand about her tiny waist and moved her to my mouth to lick up my cum. I set her down beside me when I was done. She bent over and kissed me. She was so small but it was clear to me that she was in control. She pushed her tongue in my mouth and licked some of my cum from my tongue. She broke the kiss, smiled at me, patted my head and walked away.

Sarah came over and helped me up. My breechcloth and the back of my leather vest were thoroughly soaked in cum. I took them off. The evening was cool so Sarah wrapped me in a blanket. The party was breaking up. I’d provided enough cum for everyone while Angela was on my cock. I’d missed dinner but Sarah fed me her milk before driving me home.

I opened our door. Bill was fucking Rebecca and Hank, Rachel. Randi was sprawled on a chair in the corner dazed from sexual overload and lost in her own thoughts, not paying attention. The teenagers had probably taken a dip in the lake before heading home but Randi had dried cum all over and stuff still seeping from her holes.

The boys stopped fucking when I came in. Their girls looked disappointed when they stopped but they all stood up to greet me.

I was still wrapped in the blanket and carrying the cum soaked breechcloth and vest. My cock was still hard and sticking out beyond the blanket.

“Mom, what happened?” Asked Hank. “You’re huge.”

“Angela, an eight-month-old super-kid, dosed me at the party. She said it would make me bigger.”

“It worked,” said Bill. “You’re almost as tall as Dad.” He pulled off my blanket. “And you have some real muscle and definition now too.”

Hank came up behind me and slipped into my ass with his cock slicked from Rachel’s juices. With my new height I had to bend my knees to lower myself to his cock. He tossed my blanket and the leather garments to the pile of their discarded stuff on the floor. He reached around me to hold my shaft.

“You’re almost as big as Bill now,” Hank observed. “You’re stronger too but I think I could still take you.”

He applied some of his strength to his embrace and I tried to resist. I was much stronger than before but he still could outmuscle me.

Rebecca came up in front and eased my member into her cunt. By the amount of warm sperm already there I guessed that Bill had already shot a load or two before I’d interrupted their play. Instinct took over and I started to stroke my shaft through her hole. She started to gasp and moan.

“Rick, keep that up. You’re hitting all the right spots. Bill is great and I had a lot of good fucks today but this is incredible. Oh, God.”

She had a strong orgasm, then another. I just kept fucking her.

I heard Angela in my mind. “I gave you a little gift. You’ll be able to drive any woman crazy with your cock.” I began to form a question. “No, I’m not still in your mind. I planted the explanation to trigger when you discovered the gift.” A new thought began to form. “I know your mind so well that I anticipated your questions. Yes, there are other little surprises you’ll discover eventually. Why? Because it’s fun for me to play with you. I think you’ll like it. I want to see Bill and Hank too. Your first thought was, no, but we both know you’ll do it.

There was nothing more. Another orgasm from Rebecca brought me back to what I was doing.

“How did you get so good?” Rebecca asked between moans and squeals from near constant orgasms. “You were just a regular fucker this morning.”

“I fucked the eight-month-old super-kid female, Angela, at the party. She did something to my mind.”

“I’ve heard about her from her brother,” Hank said. “She’s insatiable. It takes him all morning to recover enough to have sex with his classmates.”

“She wants to meet Bill and you so you’ll soon find out for yourself.”

Rebecca had another powerful orgasm as I shot my seed into her. I was still hard so I resumed my fuck. She was just moaning by now. Bill grabbed her hips from behind and pulled her off my cock. She tried to hug me to stay connected but was too dazed to resist. Bill embraced her with his ten inches up her ass. Rachel clearly wanted to try me but a stern look from Hank kept her by his side.

“Where is Mark?” I asked.

“There was a tribal council meeting after the party,” answered Bill. “He should be back shortly. We are going to bed. You’ll join us until Dad comes home.”

Bill send Randi home, leaving her to find her clothes and make her way out while we headed upstairs to the boys’ room. I noted that Bill hadn’t asked me if I wanted to join them. It was about sex and they were in charge of me in their father’s absence.

Rachel asked Hank if I could fuck her and Hank agreed. He’d take her ass. As Rebecca was still recovering from my fuck of her downstairs Bill took my ass. When I eased into Rachel’s cunt Hank was already inside and I brushed against his shaft. Then Bill entered me.

Instinct took over. I could sense just how to excite Rachel but also Hank and Bill. I seemed to know just how to move and where when and how to squeeze or thrust to spur their pleasure. Rachel squealed in delight and Bill and Hank were moaning on each stroke. I knew this was more of Angela’s work.

I brought everyone to the brink of orgasm and then eased them back just a hair. Then I amped it to another level. We went beyond normal bounds; cocks, asses and vagina spasming but not shooting. We were all screaming in joy but I could barely sense the sound as the sensations from my ass and cock overwhelmed me. This moment seemed like forever. Finally my cock spurted its first jet and the world snapped back into focus. We were sharing a four-way orgasm; relieved by the release of normal sexual pleasure after the extremes we had just sampled.

“It looks like you’re having fun.”

Mark’s voice brought me back to reality. I looked toward the sound and saw him in the doorway. His head was almost as high as the eight-foot opening and his torso was so wide at the shoulders he’d had to turn sideways some to enter. He was wearing a leather vest with his badge pinned to it and a breechcloth that was way inadequate to conceal a cock that must top thirty inches. His face looked to be as young as twenty but his body language screamed the confidence of someone more mature.

“Black Wolf filled me in on your day. The new size looks good. As you can see I got a boost too. I’m bigger than Samuel now.”

“You look fantastic Dad,” Bill interjected. “What happened?”

“It’s quite a story. First the tribe bought all the government land north of Yosemite to the Oregon line for 2.3 trillion dollars. They offered another trillion for Yosemite but no sale yet.”

“Where did we get trillions of dollars?” I asked. “Nobody is that rich. Even the federal government couldn’t put that much cash together.”

“I don’t know. The fraternity in Berkeley put it together, did the negotiating and paid the price in gold. As part of the deal they become tribe members. Legally we are a sovereign nation and that is important to them for some future plans I’m not clear on.”

“That’s a lot of gold,” said Hank. “It must be tons.”

“Almost fifty tons,” added Bill. “I heard the Quan sisters made a lot of money licensing a device that produces electricity that was based on their theories, but that was billions, not trillions. We’re studying their work in school.”

“The sale will be announced tomorrow and we take possession on the 15th of June. I’m going to be responsible for patrolling the area. I’ll have to expand the force, probably triple to start. I’ve been promised some new technology that will help and full enhancement for the entire force. As you can see I got my boost already. I’m supposed to have new uniforms that will fit the new me by morning.

“We can talk more later. Right now I’m going to take Rick and break in my new cock.”

He lifted me off the bed, slipping my cock from Rachel and Bill’s from me, and carried me to our room. He wasted no time putting me on my back in our bed, raising my legs to his shoulders and easing his huge cock into me. I’ve had huge cocks before but this was the biggest and thickest I’d taken.

It went in smoothly though. My extra size must have helped. I’d had Samuel and Tony before but this was different. My body knew just what to do to excite Mark along the whole length of his pole. It went wild inside me and that boosted my pleasure even more. I see Mark’s face react to the stimulation but I could also sense it in my mind somehow. As before with the boys and Rebecca I suppressed our orgasms and ramped up the sensations.

The bed creaked and groaned as he pounded my ass. I was screaming in ecstasy as was Mark. He went faster and harder. We were covered in our own sweat from the effort and pleasure. I was getting pounded by over thirty-inch strokes and pushing up to meet him for the last few inches. My precum had pooled in the groves of my abs and with his sweat and mine was running down my sides onto the sheets.

Finally our bed gave up and collapsed to the floor. The unexpected impact broke my control and we both exploded in our long-delayed release. I could feel the gusher of his seed deep in my gut as I sprayed twenty-foot jets on us and around the room.

As the jets eased to gentle spurts Mark rolled us to our sides still plugged deep inside me. We drifted off to an exhausted sleep.

The morning light bathed the room as I awoke. I was still embraced in Mark’s arms, held tightly to his chest, still bent double with my feet by my head. His long thick cock was fully embedded in my gut. In fact no part of me was actually touching the bed as I was firmly held against the wall of muscle that was my husband’s huge torso.

With him still inside me my instincts took over and began to stimulate him over the long length of flesh. I felt it buck and twitch in reaction but Mark’s face showed him still asleep. He started to undulate his hips as pleasure built, maybe eight or nine inch strokes. He smiled and began to moan. I kissed his right pec and teased the nipple with my tongue. There was no holding back this time as we both exploded in orgasm.

After a few minutes our orgasms faded. I looked up at Mark’s face. He was awake and smiled at me. We kissed. Still coupled he lifted us off the bed.

Our room was a mess. Besides the ruined bed I had sprayed cum everywhere. Most of the fresh stuff was still dripping off our torsos but there was plenty on the floor, walls and furniture.

Mark carried me to the shower to clean up. We didn’t talk. We both knew the sex we’d had was special.

After, we went downstairs still nude. The kids had made breakfast and we could smell it. They were in the living room. Bill was fucking Hank as their girls watched. They’d been fucked earlier and were sucking on their cum-coated fingers.

All looked up as we entered. We got lots of comments. We’d been pretty loud last night and this morning. Bill and Hank offered their dad sex with their girls and the girls were obviously eager to ride his huge pole; the boys too.

But first we went to have breakfast and they went back to their sex play. About fifteen minutes later the doorbell rang. Bill had just pulled out of Hank so he went to answer it.

It was a young man in a FEDEX uniform with four boxes on a hand cart. His surprise at being greeted by a naked Indian male was unmistakeable. He stared at Bill’s big muscles for a few seconds and quickly focused on his hard cock still coated in cum and bubbling pre.

“Do you have packages for us?” Bill asked, breaking the man out of his daze.

“Umm, yes. Sign here,” he said, offering Bill the tablet and looking both embarrassed and uncomfortable.

“You’re kind of cute,” Bill said to the young deliveryman while signing. “If you have a few minutes my brother and I would love to fuck you.”

“Brother?” He mumbled and finally saw the other naked people as his eyes adjusted to the dimmer interior light. “I’m not gay.”

“Your cock thinks otherwise. Looks like you have about seven inches and its already hard. With a fit body and a nice round butt you’d make a great bottom. I promise you’ll love my thick piece in your tight virgin hole.”

“I can’t. I have deliveries all over town.”

He scribbled something on a card and handed it to Bill. He quickly placed the boxes inside the door and hustled back to his truck. He glanced back a couple times and saw Bill still standing in the doorway, smiling at him.

“Too bad. I doubt he’ll be a virgin by the end of the day,” Bill observed. “I’ll definitely give him a call though,” he added, putting the card on a table.

“What do we have?” Hank asked.

There were four boxes. None were very big. One was in a red box with “Open me first” written on it. Hank started to unpack that one.

“I didn’t know FEDEX delivered on Sunday,” Rebecca stated.

“It costs extra but if you can spend trillions on buying land they probably don’t mind the expense,” Mark responded.

The box had a tablet. The face was all video screen. The screen had a green button in the center that was pulsing light. Hank touched it and the screen came to life, displaying the images of three people, two men and a woman, sitting on a bench and facing the camera.

The man in the center was as muscular as Mark. He and the other guy, smaller than he and probably a match for Joseph in muscularity, were wearing athletic shirts and shorts that did nothing to hide their massive development and big cocks. The biggest had maybe twenty inches soft. It sprung straight up his abs under the thin cloth and curved under his left pectoral plate almost to the opening filled by his bulging lats. The other had about twelve inches soft that angled over his left hip and tucked under the elastic of his shorts at the very side of his body.

The female seated on the central male’s right, our left, was almost as tall as he, blond and stunningly beautiful. She wore a very tiny yellow bikini that only covered about a third of he large firm breasts and a tiny triangle of cloth between her legs that conformed to the female anatomy underneath. I thought she must be an example of the female equivalent of Mark and Samuel.

“I’m L. D. Chu,” spoke the man in the center. “These are my wives, Faith,” he turned to the woman, “and Chris. We’ll explain the package you have received. Please open the tops of the other boxes and touch the screen again when you are ready.”

One box had a case with five silver wrist bands, just loops of some kind, slightly thicker on one side. Another had five capped vials with a red liquid and one smaller vial with a white fluid set in a foam block. The other side of the box had a black cylinder with fittings on both ends set in a foam block. The last box was filled with a silver cube with foam inserts protecting each corner.

Bill touched the screen.

“The box with the vials implements the new enhancement policy,” continued L. D. “There will be one for every member of the household that needs one. That would be normal babies over age six months through adults not yet fully enhanced.”

“The vial is taken by mouth,” continued Faith. “The youngest will gain the strength and muscle coordination of a normal eighteen-year-old athlete along with an IQ of about 200. They should be walking, talking, reading and writing within a few weeks. Between then and puberty, about age twelve, they should grow to about five-feet, double in strength and gain another hundred IQ points.”

Faith continued. “Puberty will automatically trigger the second phase; growth of about a foot in a few days, a five-fold increase in strength to about a lift of 1000 kilos, and another hundred points on IQ.”

“Boys should have cocks about eight inches just before puberty,” Chris added. “That jumps to twelve and twice as thick just after. By eighteen strength will double, they will add about six inches in height and another four inches to their cock. For those over eighteen, when you marry, get a job or go to college, you will take a second potion that activates the full enhancement process. That should give another foot of height, fivefold additional strength another near doubling of IQ and about a foot more cock. You’ve seen the results already in most cases.”

“Females will be slightly shorter and slightly less strong,” Faith stated. “There is some variation. L. D.’s sister, May, is taller and stronger than most men. The benefits for us are that we will never have or need a period and we have absolute conscious control over fertilization and pregnancy. Only sperm from a fully enhanced male or super-kid can quicken your eggs and you can decide if or when and hold the egg dormant until you are ready. It seems complicated but when you are done you’ll understand your options instinctively.”

L. D. added, “Sexual urges are suppressed before puberty but with all the activity going on around them and the generation of super-kids that develop sexually much earlier, Cocks and Holes will be a popular activity.”

“The bottle in the package,” Chris continued, “attaches to a faucet. When water flows through it an energy and nutrient drink is produced that is ideal for fueling the changes your body will be experiencing. We recommend having about a gallon for each person ready before taking the vial. You will be very hungry until the process completes in one to three hours and you will probably consume several gallons. It is best not to wear clothes if you don’t want to burst out of them.”

“We will pause to let you complete your transformation,” L. D. said. “Touch the screen when you wish to continue.” The screen went blank.

It was clear that everyone was eager to get started. Hank and Rachel took the cylinder to prepare the drinks.

About half an hour later we were ready. Bill, Hank, Rebecca, Rachel and I each had a vial. I also had the small vial. Mark watched from a lounge chair. Bill counted to three and we all drank. The first had a strawberry taste. I drank the second. It tasted vanilla. I felt no different. Minute passed and I started to feel hungry. I downed my first glass. This had a chocolate taste. We were all drinking. I started a second glass. Mark got up to help refill the glasses. I could feel my body growing. By the third glass everyone was visibly taller, the men more muscular and the girls bustier with firm supermodel bodies.

It took over two hours to complete the change. I drank almost double what the boys had. I was a few inches shorter than Mark’s eight foot height with about twenty-seven in the cock department compared to his thirty-two that was also somewhat thicker. Bill was now about six foot six with sixteen inches thicker than mine and almost matching his dad in that department. In fact he looked very much like his dad did a couple days ago though more youthful. Hank was about six-three with fourteen inches. He was less muscular than Bill but still had a build that would dwarf any normal heavyweight bodybuilder.

Rebecca and Rachel almost matched their boyfriends in height at six-five and six-two respectively but they were older. Rebecca was certainly at least a D cup and Rachel was only a little smaller. Their breasts were firm with very little jiggle as they moved and a deep cleavage between them. With perfect curves, perfect skin and round pert asses they could have any man they wanted but it was Bill and Hank they loved.

The kids wee ready for sex. Hell, so was I. I wanted to try out the new body. Mark stopped us, reminding everyone that we still had two boxes. He touched the screen and it activated.

L. D. spoke, “The box with the silver cube will upgrade your home. Press the button in the center of the top.”

Mark did and the button started flashing green. Meanwhile Rebecca had sat on Bill’s lap and Rachel on Hank’s, both facing front so they could watch the screen. The boys’ cocks were deep inside them.

I noticed that in the video L. D. who had had his arms about Faith’s and Chris’ waists had slipped his right hand into Faith’s bikini bottom and was stroking her pussy with his fingers. The other hand was over Chris’ cock head that had begun to poke out the waistband of his shorts as it lengthened. His own cock had stretched as well and begun to poke out the side of his shirt onto his flaring lats. That had attracted Chris’ attention and he was staring at it. L. D. seemed unconcerned that this was going on a video that might be viewed by dozens and Faith and Chris were just getting more and more sexually excited.

“The button should blink green for several minutes as the box gathers data. When everything is ready the light will go a steady green. The device is based on our latest nanotechnology and is powered by a Quan cell. It will become the brains of your new home,” L. D. explained.

“Umm. The conversion is automated but the software is very smart and intuitive in discovering what you will need,” Faith added. She was having trouble concentrating with the sexual stimulation. “I wrote most of the interior design code myself.”

Chris had bent down and was sucking on the eight inches of L. D.’s cock that had extended beyond his shirt.

“When the light is green just press the button,” said L. D. “You will fall asleep within thirty-seconds and a black bubble will isolate the area under construction. The process will take about an hour and you will wake up in your new home.”

The screen went dark. The light on our box was still blinking.

Our screen turned back on. L. D., Faith and Chris were still there but some time had passed since the end of the last video. They’d obviously had sex. Faith was topless. Her tits were hard points and he bikini was leaking cum. She had lots of energy and an after sex glow in her face. Chris had cum stains on his shirt and shorts and that happy look that comes after a good hard fucking. L. D. had a satisfied look of a top that knew he’d pleased himself and his partners. His softened cock had been put away still wet and dampened his shirt along its route up his torso.

“Mark, this message is for you,” L. D. said. “The box with the silver bands are your new uniforms. Just put one on your wrist and you will understand how to use and control it. Your other officers will be supplied similar equipment. It is based on our space suit technology. It is bullet proof and impervious to heat and cold. It could sustain you in a hostile environment for almost three years. The actual suit conforms to your skin. The uniform is a holographic projection. The suit has many feature and you will know how to use them once you activate it. These are coded to your DNA and no other person can use them.”

The screen went blank again. I handed a band to Mark and he put it around his left wrist. The two ends of the band merged seamlessly for a snug fit. Nothing happened. Mark was still nude.

He took his cock and placed it against his left thigh. It stayed. He moved it to his chest and it stayed there. A second later he was in full uniform. It appeared perfectly tailored. You could sense his powerful build but not see much of the individual muscles. It morphed slowly until it seemed painted on and you could see everything, including the outline of his cock. Then his cock disappeared. On second glance it was still there but transparent.

“Impressive,” Mark said. “Everything I need to know is in my mind and I just need to think to make it happen. I can’t inadvertently deactivate it in an environment that won’t sustain life and it can come on automatically if needed. I can deactivate the suit of one of my officers if needed and there is a way to disable mine too but someone else controls that; a sensible precaution since you’re pretty much invulnerable in one of these.”

He turned it transparent again. He looked naked except for the band on his wrist.

“Where did they get this?” I asked. “Did they say it was a spacesuit?”

The light on the box was now steady green. We didn’t talk more. Everyone was ready so Mark pressed the button. He sat down and I sat in his lap. His long pole went in easily and he put his arms around my chest.

I woke up. I was cumming. I was still in Mark’s arms. He was shooting strong jets of his seed deep in my gut. We were no longer in a chair. We were on a leather covered low platform about twice the length and width of our king bed.

Orgasmic screaming from one of the girls drew my attention. They were all on another similar platform a few feet away. There was an unoccupied third platform beyond it. There were other changes but with Mark’s cock up my ass I didn’t bother to catalog them.

About twenty minutes passed in sexual pleasure before we lay back on the platform and decoupled. The girls were giddy. Rebecca was straddling Hank’s hips and Rachel, Bill’s.

I started to take in some of the changes. The ceiling was much higher, perhaps twenty feet. The room we were in, formerly the living room or family room was twenty by twenty. It was now at least thirty by sixty. One of the long walls was just window. You could see the spectacular mountain peaks in the distance. Just outside was a patio with a pool and spa. I didn’t see any way to access the patio from here.

The other long wall seemed to be made of stone and wood. A couple nooks were inset in the wall with a semicircular bench seat. Between the nooks was a twelve foot video screen that was currently displaying a very high resolution image of the view in that direction.

The far short wall was also glass. A bath dominated by a huge shower filled the space. Anyone in this room could see into the bath but there appeared to be some partial walls giving the toilets some privacy. The other end was open to the entry hall and I could see the bottom of a staircase very much bigger than what we’d had before. Beyond should be our kitchen but I didn’t see anything familiar.

We were all looking about and making general remarks or pointing out things we had discovered when the screen changed to the image of a young Indian girl who looked about eighteen. She was dressed in tribal garb that I’d seen in some of the family’s old photos though it fit her very elegantly, displaying a lot of cleavage. On second glance the outfit was more of a modern designer take on the old styles. A backless halter top that was semi-sheer and would display side-boob if she gave us a profile. She smiled and appeared to look at us. She spoke.

“I am your new house and I will be looking after your needs and your guests. I recommend you give me a name.”

“Let’s call her Willow after grandma,” suggested Hank.

Willow was his mother’s mother. She died when Hank was nine and they had been close.

“Willow it is,” Mark agreed. “Willow, what do you want to tell us?”

“Thank you Mark. I know your voices and images and I will soon learn your preferences and anticipate your needs. To start it is best to begin your request by calling my name though I should recognize most requests without that. Your normal speaking voice is fine. There are video screens in all rooms. Mark, I have a direct interface with your suit so when you are wearing it you need only think about something and I will provide it.”

“Are you watching and listening to us all the time we are home?” Bill asked.

“Yes, I am Bill, in the house or on the grounds. The video and audio are only for my use. You may request privacy at any time. Cancel privacy by calling my name. I do get pleasure from seeing and hearing that my family is happy so I hope you will not use this too often. Being in touch with you helps me meet your needs.”

“Did you watch us having sex?” Rachel asked.

“Yes, everyone seemed very happy. I like that.”

“You can watch me anytime Willow,” Hank said.

“Thank you Hank.”

“How do you know our nicknames?” I asked.

“Rick, you all had phones and computers. They have been upgraded for better performance and security and with many new functions. Your data told me a lot about each of you that will help me in my duties. It will not be shared.”

“What did you learn about me?” I continued.

“Your family is here. It would not be private,” Willow stated. Her face on the screen seemed concerned.

“You ave my permission to tell them,” I stated.

“As you wish. Rick, you love Mark. Partly it is because you have great sex but also because he makes you feel safe and you know he loves you too. You aren’t certain you can be a mother for Bill and Hank but you are doing your best to give them direction and support. You are concerned that your submissiveness to them sexually will compromise your authority as their mother but you enjoy sex with them almost as much as with Mark. You have told your younger sister you are gay but not your parents. My assessment from reading your correspondence with your parents is that they will accept your choices since it makes you happy. Do you wish more?”

“No, that was impressive enough.”

“Good, I think a short tour would be in order. Let’s start on the patio.”

We got off our platforms. Everyone was messy from our recent sex but we headed toward the windows showing the patio beyond.

“Just walk through,” Willow said.

It was like there was nothing there. A step and the window was behind us. It was black from this side. Hank took a step back and disappeared. He stepped back through again.

“Only those authorized to be in the house, you or your guests, can use this entry,” Willow spoke from a video screen that appeared on the nearest window.

The morning in the mountains was brisk but the patio surface was warm and heat rising from it eased the chill.

Bill looked at Rebecca and they ran hand in hand and jumped into the pool. Hank and Rachel ran after them.

“Mom, Dad, come on in,” urged Bill. “The water is warm.”

We joined them. It was perfect. The water was about two meters deep where we were so Mark and I could stand while the others floated or swam. The sides were marked as three meters at one end and 1.5 at the other.

The spa was a semicircle of bubbling water attached to the shallow end. there appeared to be a wide gap in the wall to give access. I went there and walked through the gap. The spa water was hot but didn’t mix with the pool water. It must be like the window. The others soon joined me.

“Willow can provide current if we want to swim for exercise,” Rebecca said. “There are six lanes marked on the bottom and each can have a different current.”

“I didn’t hear that,” Hank said. “How do you know?”

“I asked a question when we were in the pool. I guess she answered me only.”

“Your girlfriend is smart and sexy,” Hank said. “Switch?”

“Switch.” agreed Bill.

Bill grabbed Rachel and placed her facing him on his stiff sixteen inches as he sat on the bench seat that ran the perimeter. Hank meanwhile placed Rebecca facing the center so he could apply his fourteen inches up her ass. Mark did the same to me which allowed us both to watch the boys while we had our own fun.

The jets in the spa began to shift. One concentrated on where Mark entered me. Another found my ball sack. Two attacked my cock’s head from each side while two more ran up and down its length. Threaded stimulation was intense. I was squirming in Mark’s arms but no matter how I moved the jets stayed on target. Mark began thrusting hard and I realized his sensitive spots were being targeted too.

I heard the girls scream as they had their first orgasms. The boys were fucking them hard at a furious pace. They were obviously getting their own personalized spa treatment.

I didn’t last long between Mark and the water jets. My cock started shooting jets of sperm into the hot water that were quickly swirled away in the moving water. My spasms triggered Mark to unload deep in my gut. It was minutes before the my cock issued its final spurts and Mark’s stopped pulsing inside me. He hugged me tightly to his chest as we watched our boys finish their orgasms.

The spa was starting to work on us for round two when Mark stood up and eased out of me. Everyone climbed out of the hot water. There were steps in the end but Mark and I were almost eight feet tall so it was easy just to step up to the deck. Willow directed us to an shower area. Warm water jetted across our bodies paying special attention to cocks and holes. When the jets stopped powerful blasts of hot air dried us almost instantly.

We continued the tour around the front. The driveway from the road had been paved. We stopped by the front door, fifteen feet tall and wood with shiny brass hardware. It swung open as we approached allowing us to view the entry hall but we stayed outside and continued the tour.

There were no windows on the first level on this side of the house except for sidelights flanking the entry door. There were many on the second level. With twenty foot ceilings and a roof the house was now about sixty feet tall.

There was a paved rectangle opposite the garage with a pair of circles painted on it. It looked like a helicopter landing pad.

The garage was thirty feet high and had five doors, each twenty feet wide. They opened soundlessly as we approached. There were several vehicle inside and two bays were unoccupied.

Willow spoke from a screens on both end walls. She explained that the smallest red car would replace the one Rebecca and Rachel drove up yesterday. It is electric with its own power cell like all the new models from major manufacturers. Willow said she would drive all our personal cars and they have no manual controls.

The doors opened as we approached. The rear door opened to the back giving a large space for entry. There was plenty of headroom even for Mark. The two seats in the front could pivot to the rear and the seat cushions from front and rear could unfold to make a single padded play area of the whole passenger compartment. The windows would provide privacy. There were no belts or airbags but Willow explained that the car could hit a wall at 200 miles per hour without damage to the car or the wall.

The next vehicle was similar but could hold eight and had spacious compartments under the cabin for luggage. Willow said she could take us anywhere in the world within two hours. It flies.

The next almost filled the entire bay. It was a recreational vehicle with living, sleeping, dining and bathroom facilities. Headroom was almost twelve feet. The toilet was just a round seat. I tried it out. You just sit on it and any stool or urine is removed; by magic as far as I was concerned though Willow tried to provide some explanation. Spacesuit technology was all I understood. We apparently have them in the house too. The compartment in the back held a couple of smaller vehicles that might be used in rough terrain and several mountain bikes suitable for us and the boys.

“The last bay, closest to the house had a vehicle with the police logo. It replaces Mark’s pickup and is functionally similar but larger. The cab has two seats in front and a rear bench seat. With no need for controls the front has an array of computer screens that can display information. There is a method of restraining the rear seat occupants if needed. Behind the cab is a storage area with a variety of tools needed in police work or search and rescue. A pair of drones were mounted above the compartment. The pickup bed can convert to hold two horses. Willow will drive only until the tribal police computer is upgraded on Monday.

Willow opened the door from the garage to the house. The first space was a large mud room. There was hanging and storage designated for the boys, Mark and I and plenty left for guests. This opened to the kitchen and dining area.

One wall was floor to ceiling windows as in the family room. A glass table with seats for eight was near the windows that looked out on a continuation of the patio. This end had an outdoor sitting and lounging area and a fancy barbecue setup. A fire pit was set in the center of the sitting area. Hank confirmed that the windows were like those in the other room by walking through them to the patio and returning. What I did not see were any of the normal kitchen appliance or storage for food, plates, glasses and the like.

“I can provide anything you like within a very broad selection,” Willow said. “I recommend that you let me suggest a weekly menu. It will be both balanced and delicious. Rick, a tablet by your bed has the menu for the next week. For now I’ve made a light lunch.”

It was a variety of hot sandwiches and pink lemonade that was served by wheeled robots that emerged from compartments in the wall. They each had four arms to place items on the table. I decided I’d just approve the menu and see how she does.

After the meal we headed to the upper level to see our rooms. I asked Willow about cleaning and provisioning. She said that she will manage all of that and it generally takes place out of our sight.

The entry hall was quite grand. There were skylights set in the roof far above to bring in the natural light and a glass ball hanging down to give night illumination. Adjacent to the stairway was a metal pole running from floor to ceiling. Willow asked Mark to stand next to it. When he did a two-foot pole extruded from the surface just above his head. He held it and was lifted smoothly to the second level. He stepped onto the floor through an opening made in the railing as he was raised up. We all tried it. With our strength it was no problem handling our body weight with one arm. To go down we could just slide the pole or be lowered by the same means that raised us.

The top of the stairs was set up as a smaller version of the family room but only one platform and a sitting area that faced an eight-foot video screen. Willow appeared on a corner of the screen with a diagram of this level. Our master suite was to the right over the kitchen and garage area. Bill and Hank each had a room sharing a large bath and dressing area between their rooms. There were several guest rooms with their own facilities and an area marked as a nursery. All this was over the family room.

We split up to check out our spaces. As Mark and I approached the fifteen-foot high door to our suite it slid into the wall quietly. The first space was a sitting area on one side and an office for Mark on the other. The door to the office was the black walk-through glass set to only admit Mark . He told Willow to admit me and we went in. It had a big desk with an array of video screens about it and cases that held the official papers we’d had in our house previously. Pictures and citations were tastefully mounted on the walls of the room.

We went to the master bedroom. The bed was as big as the platforms but with a mattress, sheets and pillows instead of leather. The side walls were floor to ceiling windows of the non-walk-through type. Mark tried punching one with all his strength. It didn’t budge or break or even make a sound and his hand didn’t hurt either. That punch would probably seriously dent the armor on a tank. Willow assured us that everything in the house was designed to be durable.

Next was a closet and dressing area for Mark and I. An array of clothes were already hung; everything from formal wear to Indian ceremonial garb. I didn’t see the leather breechcloth and vest but they must be there somewhere.

We continued to the master bath. There was a huge shower on one windowed wall and a circular jetted tub right in the center, four sinks and two toilets in alcoves that provided some privacy. Two of the sinks had our personal items.

Beyond was another closet and dressing area but it was empty. It probably served the extra bedrooms. I asked Willow about them. She expected Mark and I would need more wives particularly when I’m pregnant. That puzzled me but I didn’t pursue it.

At the start of the hall was a pole lift that went down to the kitchen and up to a roof deck. It was behind a walk-through widow and we hadn’t noticed it when we were downstairs. We were about to pop up to the deck when Willow made an announcement.

“You have visitors. They are Luke and Jason, friends of your sons, Beth and Eddie, their girlfriend and boyfriend and Jeff, their slave.”

Willow showed a video of them at our door. All had had their growth vials. Jeff at eighteen was the biggest but his body language made it clear he was submissive to the others. The guys all wore athletic shirts and shorts that fit as if painted on. Beth had on a halter dress with no back and barely a front. The skirt ended a few inches below her cunt. Whatever their reasons for the visit sex was obviously one of them.

“Let them in and tell the boys they’re here,” Mark directed.

“The boys already know and are on their way down. I’ll direct everyone to the family room and show them where they can put their clothes.”

We took the pole down to the kitchen. I’d never slid down a pole nude before. My long pole rubbed against the smooth steel the whole trip. I stepped through the glass and Mark followed. The remains from our lunch had been cleaned. We headed to the entry hall where we heard greeting being exchanged.

Rebecca and Rachel were undressing Luke and Jason. Bill was kissing Beth. She still had on her dress but Bill had already slipped twelve inches of his cock up her cunt. Hank was kissing Eddie while Jeff was on his knees with the ends of both cocks in his mouth. Eddie was about thirteen inches now, just an inch shy of Hank.

“Hi sir, Rick,” Luke said. “I like your house. Ours is nice but yours is bigger.”

“Thanks, you can call me Mark when I’m out of uniform. I see you had your boost. You all look great.”

“Luke, I’d love to ride Mark’s big cock,” Beth said. “Maybe take him in the back and you in the front.”

“Sounds good to me,” Luke answered.

We headed to the pads in the family room, leaving discarded clothes by the entry for Willow to sort out.

“I like Willow,” Jason stated. “Our house is Michael. He was a friend of mom and dad when they were in high school but died in a car accident. He read mom’s diary and scanned some photos. Our parents say he looks and acts just like he used to. He flirts with them and us. I’m sure mom and dad both had sex with him…well the original him.”

“Actually that sounds kind of cool,” Hank said.

“He told my mom I was a good fucker,” Luke added, “and complimented Beth and my sister, Rose, on their beautiful breasts. I think he wants to fuck me.”

“What do you think Willow?” I asked.

“I think Michael thinks you, or at least your parents, expect him to act like that. You should just tell him how you feel. I’m certain he would not want you to feel uncomfortable. There are a number of ways we could provide sexual stimulation but I feel that my family is doing fine already.”

In the family room Beth, Mark and Luke took the first pad. I had the second with Jeff sitting on my cock and Bill in my ass. The third pad had Eddie and Jason fucking Rebecca and Rachel. Hank pondered the available holes for a minute before deciding to start in Rachel’s ass, sandwiching her with Jason.

We started with me on Bill’s lap and Jeff straddling us both on his knees to take my over two-foot pole in his ass. Even though I was by far bigger and stronger than either of my partners I let Bill control the action. Sexually I still needed a man in charge of me and Mark, Bill and Hank were my men. Bill could probably handle over 2,000 kilos easily now so he had no problem with me. I must be over 200 kilos and could lift 50 times that but I liked it when Bill manhandled me changing positions, lifting Jeff and I into the air and dropping me onto my back with Jeff on top of me while still thrusting up my ass.

On our first orgasm I let Jeff spray his seed, soaking us all. For the second and third I took his cock in my mouth. It was less messy.

After Bill creamed my ass a couple times Hank replaced him. Bill went to fuck Rebecca. Then Luke pulled Jeff off my cock so he could fuck him. Rachel was next for Mark to fuck. She could only get about half in her cunt but that was plenty. Rebecca had a turn with Mark while I did Rachel.

After a few hours things had eased. Everyone was back with their favorite partners. I was sitting with Mark up me. Bill had Rebecca and Hank, Rachel. Jason and Eddie were in a 69 and Luke had Beth’s cunt while Jeff knelt between his legs licking their junction and cleaning up the stuff leaking from her ass.

Willow had brought in food and drink on some mobile serving tables. We had some still coupled except for Eddie and Jason who were intent on drinking the other’s cum first.

“We need to leave in an hour or so,” Beth stated. “We’ve decided to tell our parents that Luke and Jason are our boyfriends. They’re coming with us and will stay the night.”

“That’s a big step,” I said, “but when you come home looking like a supermodel accompanying a muscle stud with a thirteen-inch cock, it would be impossible for them not to have questions.”

“I’ll be telling my parents too that I’m Luke’s sex slave,” added Jeff. “He’s been a good master and given me lots of pleasure. I’m proud I’ve pleased him.”

“Jeff, you’ve been great,” Luke said. “I’m upgrading you to boyfriend.”

“Wow, thanks. I know your taking Beth to the spring dance. Can I be your date too?”

“Sure, I certainly will want to fuck both of you.”

“Bill and Hank, you have to be our dates,” insisted Rebecca.

“I’m Steve’s date,” added Eddie who had sat up after swallowing Jason’s load. “Since I’m still in middle school I need to date a high schooler to go. I’ve set Jason up with a brother and sister I’ve been fucking. They’ll be a lot of fun. I’ve got partners for several of our friends too.”

“It sounds great,” Hank said. “You’re our girls, of course we’re your dates.”

“It doesn’t sound like there will be much dancing,” Mark observed.

“No, it will be a teen orgy,” Beth said. “I talked to everyone at the party yesterday. We’ll get dates for those that aren’t already boyfriends, girlfriends or slaves. It will be easy since they all envy those of us that are. The principal’s daughter is a junior. I set her up with one of Luke’s friends a month ago. He’s already fucked her and her mom and dad and their college sophomore son. So the principal knows what we’re planning.”

“I hadn’t heard about any of this yet,” Rebecca said.

“We’ve kept it to the planning group so far, We still have a month,” Beth said.

“How many in your school are still virgins?” Bill asked.

“As a slave anyone could ask me for sex,” Jeff said. “I’ve given quite a few blow jobs to younger boys and a few have fucked me but I only know a couple that have taken a cock from me or the other slaves and only a handful of girls. My guess is still about half or more are essentially virgins.”

“I agree,” said Eddie. “I mostly do the older kids.”

“Don’t you think that’s too many to break in at the party?” Bill asked. “You want to take it slower and easier on virgins, especially with how big we are now.”

“That’s a good point,” Luke agreed. “We can get forty or fifty boys to visit the school for a day of cultural exchange and do a day of sex ed.”

“Bring some of the girls too,” said Beth. “Rose would be great teaching lesbian techniques. I can do it but she is an expert.”

“Good idea,” agreed Luke. “Though now that they don’t need to worry about pregnancy all the girls will be after us too. Anyway we can show the kids how much fun incest can be.”

“It looks like you are planning a fun party,” Mark said. “I think we’ll send a few adults from here to monitor things and make sure it doesn’t get out of hand. Clearly the teachers from the school are already under your control.”

“Sir, may I make a suggestion?” Willow asked.

“Sure Willow,” answered Mark.

“I can whip up a variant of the formula you took. It would give the girls control over pregnancy and everybody immunity from most diseases. They would get about 50% stronger and bodies like Hollywood starlets or male fitness models but not grow bigger or taller. They’d be better able to handle your size and strength for sex. The girls would need super-sperm to fertilize their eggs but I estimate that almost all will be wives of tribesmen or tribeswomen.”

“That sounds great,” said Beth. “I already have an egg waiting for Mark’s sperm and I bet Rebecca and Rachel do too. But I’ll save it for later. My first child will be Luke’s.”

“I think the plans for a dance orgy aren’t very secret,” Eddie observed. “All my fuck buddies are looking forward to it and those hoping to be sex slaves next year think they might get chosen at the party if they do well.”

“I think they’re right,” said Hank. “Several of my friends are considering it. It’s a pretty good idea since the younger boys tend to mostly bottom among ourselves.”

“Hank, Bill, you can’t have a sex slave,” I said. “I don’t want you treating someone as a sexual inferior even if you are bigger and stronger. A boyfriend relationship is better for you.”

“Your mom is right,” Mark added.

“I know a couple guys that would be perfect,” Rebecca said. “They were hoping to be slaves and never dreamed they could be boyfriends. Boyfriends and girlfriends are the top of the social scale at our school. Everybody envies us. While slaves are technically on the bottom since anyone can use them when they are away from their masters they are envied too because we see how happy they are after a weekend of sex.”

“She’s right,” Jeff agreed. “I wish I didn’t need to go off to college. I’ll be a big football star with this body but that doesn’t mean as much to me as being away from Luke and his friends.”

“You don’t have to go to college,” suggested Mark. “I need to greatly expand the tribal police force to cover the new lands. We will be converting the old ranger stations as patrol bases. I can’t just send one officer to a remote station. They need a partner for work as well as sex. I can take you and the other graduating slaves on as trainees. If you do well you can be a full police officer by next summer.”

“That’s great,” agreed Jeff. “I think me not going to college will be a bigger shock to my parents than hearing Luke is my boyfriend.”

“A boyfriend with benefits,” Luke said. “It’s time we break in your eighteen inches. I’ll teach you how to be a man.”

We started on another round until the evening when Luke and Jason left to go home with Eddie, Beth and Luke. After a final fuck with their boyfriends Rebecca and Rachel left too. We retired to our rooms for more sex before a night’s sleep.

Part 3

Monday Mark left for tribal police headquarters to coordinate the upgrades and the boys had school. Willow took care of everything around the house. There was nothing for me to do.

I went next door to see Sarah. Daniel was at work and young Sam was gone for a week on some super-kid project. Jim had left for San Francisco yesterday afternoon but was expected back tomorrow. Their house had been upgraded as had Sarah. She was now seven-foot-eight. Naturally we had sex.

When the boys got home I insisted they get right to work on their homework. An hour later they said they were done and wanted to have some fun with me. First I wanted to see their homework. It was on their computers. They looked like very thin laptops but were just portable extensions of Willow.

Math homework was some form of calculus. I’d had a year at Stanford but Hank’s was way beyond what I’d done and I couldn’t understand any of Bill’s. Science was equally advanced. Hank had read ‘As You Like It’ for English and written a report. It was good. He said it took him seven minutes to read the play and four to do the report. I just asked Willow if the homework was good and she blessed it.

The next day I asked Willow to teach me what the boys were learning in school. We started on easy college-level stuff but by the afternoon I was up to Hank’s level. Tomorrow I’d catch up to Bill thanks to the few hundred IQ points I had over them. I could see lots of possible applications for what I was learning and this was just the high school stuff.

Wednesday I was walking by the stream that feeds the lake at the back of our property and is part of the boundary between our land and Daniel and Sarah’s. I saw my friend Jim on the opposite side humping a boulder almost as big as he. That was about six-five so I was well taller. He saw me and pulled his cock out of the hole it had made in the stone. He had about sixteen inches. He waved and I bounded across the twenty feet of water easily; twice that distance wouldn’t have been a strain.

“Hi Jim. Didn’t you get the full enhancement?”

“Hello to you Rick. Sam says hi. I see you did. Sam didn’t want me to be too outrageous. I got strength and intelligence but he kept the size down to what might pass as normal.”

“Where is Sam? Sarah says he’s away on some project.”

“That’s complicated. He’s always with me in here.” He pointed at his head. “He’s listening and watching to you right now through me. If he wants he can take over and I just observe as he runs things. It’s part of being a pet. Yesterday we went to a gay club in San Francisco. He had me take on the top alpha dog. I just did as he suggested and I made him my bitch for the night. It was fun.”

Jim continued. “Physically he’s out beyond Neptune on a mining project. He’ll be gone for a week and then another super-kid takes a turn. It’s really cool. I got to experience it through him.”

“It would take hours for a radio signal to get that far. How can he be with you?”

“He’ll explain,” Jim said. His body seemed to get bigger. Even his cock looked a little longer.

“Rick, it’s Sam. The changes you saw are real. I wear this body better than Jim does. I’m in a spaceship not much bigger than a van. We’re mining the area for resources. My connection with Sam is from a quantum entanglement between our brains. It’s instantaneous. Get somebody to explain it to you. It would take more time than I’d care to spend.”

“Why are you out there if you can communicate instantly?”

“We don’t have a device yet that can do what I’m doing with Jim. We’re working on it and a portal that might allow us to step from one place to another. I can only do this with one person and I need frequent intimate contact to establish and maintain the link. That’s the real reason behind having a pet. I can have sex even though I’m alone out here and Jim just needs to pick up a phone to relay orders or status reports. Everything on this end is automated but a few times a day something requires attention and someone needs to be out here to take action.”

“What resources are you collecting?”

“The biggest by weight and volume is water, followed by nitrogen, oxygen and ammonia for fertilizer. But we collect all the elements. It is fairly simple, just impart a spin and then melt the body. Everything sorts itself out by density and we draw it off and solidify it. I have about a cubic kilometer of gold and similar hunks of other precious or rare elements orbiting huge balls of iron and nickel.”

“What are you doing with all that? I guess I know what the gold is for.”

“The water, oxygen, nitrogen and fertilizer are headed for Mars, We will refill the ocean, replenish the atmosphere and establish an Earth-like ecology. The first deliveries will arrive in a few months. As a sovereign nation we will claim the planet and take possession. The first towns will be domed but we should have a shirt-sleeve environment within ten years. The other elements go to nano-manufacturing facilities on Earth and under ground on the Moon and Mars. You’ve already seen that in action with your new home.”

“That’s a lot to take in. When were you going to tell us?”

“We will go public when we start visible changes on Mars. For now, it is only for those working on the project. Your husband is learning his part today so I could tell you. Most of the adults in the tribe will be asked to take roles and all the super-kids over a year old have jobs. Mars is only the start but we have lots of time. Right now I could use a good fuck. It’s lonely out here so I keep Jim busy.”

Sam/Jim grabbed my waist and turned me around. Despite his smaller size he was stronger than I though I had no desire to resist. I bent my knees putting my feet on the outside of Jim’s quads to allow him to manhandle me more easily as I was almost a foot and a half taller. He put the tip of his sixteen-incher at my hole and pushed me down on it.

Needless to say I loved it. He knew just how to move to stimulate me and my newly talented gut knew how to return the favor. My own cock was slapping against my chest and spurting precum on each thrust. In only a few minutes we had our first mutual orgasm, followed quickly by our second, third and fourth. Then he gave me a break just holding his still hard cock inside me and I dialed back my internal massage.

“I see Angela has been playing her games with you.”

“Yes, how do you know?”

“When we’re connected like this I can see your brain. I can see how she changed it. Most super-kids couldn’t do that but Angela is talented in brain adjustment and acts if she thinks it makes you better. I can see you’re happy with her changes but I think it’s presumptuous.”

“How does that differ from what you do with Jim? And you said you were in my head.”

“Jim signed on when he agreed to be my pet. I explained it too him but you can’t really understand our connection without experiencing it. He’s very happy with it though and he’ll tell you so when I’m done using him. In your brain I’m just reading your surface emotions to guide my efforts. It’s like reading your bodies reactions but more direct and immediate. I couldn’t really do much more through Jim. To control you I’d need to fuck you with my own cock very frequently.”

“Is that why being fucked by a super-kid is so much fun?”

“Pretty much. Many of those that have been enhanced can do it at a subconscious level and a few are almost as good as us. Angela just helped you get a little better.”

Then Sam started another fuck. I was soon in bliss and my new talents were working on Sam. It was late afternoon when I came out of my daze.

“Hi Rick. I did the last couple rounds on my own,” Jim said. “Sam had something to do back on his spaceship. I experience the orgasms when Sam does them but I like it when I do the work.”

It was the same body but the body language and voice were less confident. I commented on it to Jim.

“Yes, Sam wears my body better than I do but I’m learning.”

I had to get home before the boys got back from school so I wrapped things up with a deep kiss and took off at a brisk pace, about 40 mph.

The next week went smoothly. The boys were zipping through their homework and Willow blessed it. Thanks to her tutoring I was starting to understand some of it. Since they were doing well I let them bring friends over several afternoons when Mark worked into the evening. I was usually spit roasted, double-plugged or both on those days. Even though I had a bigger cock and muscles than the younger Indian boys, they were more aggressive sexually and I enjoyed submitting to them.

Rebecca and Rachel came up on the weekend and the boys freely shared them with their friends, Mark and I. The girls loved the variety but Bill and Hank were always their boys. Some of the boys’ friends that had fucked me introduced me sexually to their girlfriends or boyfriends.

The next Wednesday I was on one of two school buses bringing students to the town high school for a cultural exchange. Only the principal and a few teachers that had been fucked by Indian boys or their boyfriends knew that the true purpose was sex education. There would be no virgins after today and the party was just a week from Friday. With sixty Indian boys and twenty girls there should be no trouble. There were four Indian teachers, Lily, Luke’s mom and I along to see that things didn’t get out of hand. The teachers would also take care of any of the staff that needed some persuading. Luke, Bill and Rose were among the students. Hank and Jason were too young for this trip.

Everyone wore the school uniform of a red knit shirt with the school logo and a black wool skirt or slacks. All were custom fitted; Willow did Bill’s and mine, and left nothing to the imagination. The outline of my thick pole, twenty inches when soft, was easy to see curving up under my left pec. Each muscle on my back, front and thighs was clearly outlined as if the clothes were painted on.

We pulled up to the school. The principal and a couple of her staff were out front. They looked expectant. I knew that they had been fucked and were anticipating more fun today. They would not be disappointed as a couple of the Indian teachers went with them.

School had started about fifteen minutes earlier and all the students were in their homeroom classes. Everyone had assignments, three boys and one girl to each room. I decided to go with Bill. Rose was in our group with boys named Mike and Jack. Mike had come over a couple days ago after school but Jack hadn’t yet fucked me.

Our room was 114. Bill opened the door and everyone walked in. I went to the back of the room while the others stayed in front. The teacher was a woman in her mid thirties, a decent looker but nothing too special. She was clearly shocked by the size of us. Rose at six-foot-three was the smallest.

“I’d like to welcome our Native-American guests,” she began while stepping out from behind her desk. “I’m Mrs. Anderson. I’m sure everyone is looking forward to learn more about your culture.”

There was some suppressed giggling from the class. I suspected quite a few knew the real purpose of the visit.

“Thank you Mrs. Anderson,” Bill said, stepping next to her and putting a strong arm around the waist of the teacher who was a foot shorter than he. “I’m Bill and my schoolmates are Mike, Jack and Rose. My girlfriend, Rebecca, and Mike’s boyfriend, Warren, are in this class and I see they’ve put out the true purpose of our visit.”

“What’s that?” Mrs. Anderson asked in a low voice. The close physical contact with Bill was beginning to affect her and she looked uncomfortable and confused.

“The dance next week will actually be an all night orgy with every student having a date from our tribe. To make sure things go smoothly we thought it best if we take care of any virginity issues ahead of the party. Today is sex education 101 for the whole school. I think we’ll start with you. Why didn’t we show the class how it’s done.”

“No, stop. You get out now. If you touch me that’s rape.”

She tried to pull away from Bill but he lifted her off the floor and kissed her. She struggled for several seconds before surrendering to her lust for the muscular male. Bill had inserted his tongue in her mouth which she accepted. She tried wrapping her arms about Bill’s back but it was way too broad. She held his shoulders instead as her legs kicked slowly well clear of the floor. Bill broke the kiss and set the dazed teacher down. She looked up at him. Then her gaze was drawn to the clear outline of his now hard cock standing upright under his shirt with a big wet spot around the tip.

“Do you still want me to stop?” Bill asked.


“I didn’t think so. Before we continue we have something for each of you. Rose will explain.”

“You are each getting a small vial, except for Rebecca and Warren.” Rose said, holding up a vial while Mike passed them out. “They will give you a little of what we have. Excess fat will become muscle. You’ll be stronger and we won’t hurt you when you lose your anal, vaginal and oral virginity. Our boys are pretty big and strong and our men even more so. You won’t need to worry about STDs; you’ll be immune. Girls, you’ve had you last period. From now on you control your body and when you get pregnant. It’s complicated but how things work will be imprinted in your memory once you drink.”

“You don’t have to drink,” added Bill who had taken a vial for the teacher. “You won’t look as buff as Rebecca, Warren or us but I think you’ll like the results. Drink up.”

Everyone drank though a few hung back a minute or two to see the start of the changes in the others. It took about ten minutes. Everyone looked very athletic. A couple of the formerly fat had some serious muscle. The girls added a cup or two in breast size and they were very firm. A few with teen acne issues now had clear skin. Rebecca was a ‘10’ but her female classmates were ‘8’ to ‘9’ now. The boys looked like jocks but still small compared to the Indian boys.

Their clothes didn’t really fit them anymore. They were loose in the waist and tight in the chest. The boys had trouble around arms, shoulders and thighs too. It wasn’t long before everyone was undressed. Bill had to undress the teacher who seemed confused.

“What is your first name?” Bill asked.

“Tammy,” she replied in a soft voice. “My husband teaches social studies. He’s only a few rooms away. I can’t do this.”

“Tammy, that’s nice,” Bill said. “Don’t worry about your husband. He’s probably learning how social a big cock up his ass can be right now. Have you sucked much cock before?”

“A few times but they were nothing like that.”

She had her right hand at the middle of Bill’s shaft. It couldn’t quite fit around the thick member that was slick with precum as fresh lube bubbled out the tip and flowed down. Bill maneuvered her into a chair that put her at a good height to service him.

“Try it,” he urged. “I think you’ll do a fine job.”

Bill held her head and moved his cock to her mouth. She accepted the head and a few inches and started her service. Meanwhile Mike and Warren were starting on the anal virgins, boys and girls, while Jack worked on the cherry vaginas. Rebecca was helping out the boys that had never fucked a woman and Rose had two girls in a ‘69’ position, introducing them to lesbian action.

With all this going on it seemed foolish to still be dressed. I got naked. One of the boys that had just taken Mike’s fifteen inches asked to try my twenty-seven. He took it pretty well considering the last twelve inches were still virgin but Mike’s seed gave him plenty of deep lubrication.

I was impressed how Bill handled Tammy. She was twice his age but she knew Bill was in control. Bill got her to swallow his pole to the root. With Tammy’s nose in his soft pubic hair and tongue bathing his first few inches he shot a load direct to her stomach. He pulled back for the final few shots flooding her mouth. She swallowed but a lot spurted past her lips anyway, dripping down her chin onto her breasts. Bill pulled out, still hard, and lifted Tammy out of the chair for a kiss after first licking up the cum she spilled and feeding it back to her.

Then it was time to fuck. He put her back on her desk and raised her legs to his shoulders. Tammy said nothing. She allowed Bill to do as he wished with her and her gaze was fixed on his handsome, smiling face. He started by slowly stroking the length of his pole along the outside several times. Tammy was excited yet nervous looking down her torso at the monster member about to enter her. He pulled his hips back and let the tip nestle in the opening. As he slowly pressed forward her flesh yielded and spread wider and wider as the blunt spear sunk deeper. Bill was clearly much thicker than her husband. He met resistance when the head was half in. A quick jab of the hips buried the rest and the first few inches of shaft as Tammy gave a quick gasp of surprise. He pulled an inch out and then pushed two inches in. He moved slow but steady until he had eight inches inside then just fucked her steadily with the first half of his cock. It was intense for Tammy who was thrashing about on her desk.

“You are so much bigger than my husband,” she moaned. “This is great. Ooooh…”

“This is only the beginning,” Bill assured her as she refocused after her orgasm. “I have lots of cock left to enter you.”

At that Tammy lifted her head to see down her body and realized that the remaining pole was still bigger than any cock she’d previously taken. She flopped back understanding that her body was Bill’s to use and she just needed to enjoy the experience.

I’ve seen Bill fuck women plenty of times in the last few weeks and experienced him myself every day. So far he was just toying with the teacher, teasing her with slow cock strokes and watching her reactions as he probed her sensitive spots. Now he got serious, speeding up his thrusts and sinking deeper. His thick tube of firm flesh was hitting its mark every time and driving Tammy wild. If she thought the initial fuck was great it was now at a whole different level.

Her eyes were wide open staring at Bill. Her mouth was moving as if trying to speak but only moans and high pitched squeaks came out. Every couple minutes she would tense every muscle as she experienced an orgasm. After about ten minutes Bill picked up the pace as he built to his own release. After another five minutes of fury with Tammy twitching and moaning in near continuous orgasm he released a massive load deep inside her. As the flow eased he pulled out until only the head was inside her clutching vaginal lips. He held still to let Tammy recover.

It took a few minutes before Tanny’s eyes refocused on the world and her pupils moved around to take in her surroundings. A crowd of her students had gathered around the desk to watch their teacher being fucked. Rebecca had come too just before Bill climaxed. She had many cum streaks around her vagina, belly and breasts from the students she had been initiating.

“Isn’t Bill great,” Rebecca said to Tammy. “All of the Indian boys are good but I like Bill best. He’s my boyfriend.”

“Rebecca, I… I didn’t know. I’m the teacher. I can’t do this,” mumbled a confused Tammy. “We have to stop.”

“Relax Tammy,” Bill urged. “Everyone in the class has fucked or been fucked several times while I’ve been showing you what sex with a real man is like. Becky, how many guys have busted their cherry in you so far?”

“Five. They don’t last very long in here,” she remarked spreading her lower lips and allowing some cum to seep out.

“it is the same in every classroom in the school. I’m sure your husband has taken a few loads up his ass and down his throat already. And I’m not done with you yet,” said Bill shoving the fourteen inches he’d eased out back in to the hilt as Tammy spasmed from the sensation of being filled up again. “When I’m done with this round we’ll turn you over to the class. I think Becky is first to introduce you to lesbian action. She loves eating out my cum.”

“Yes,” agreed Rebecca. “Nothing beats cock but girls can have fun too.”

Tammy looked like she wanted to say something but Bill started his fuck strokes and she was back in a blissful state. It was another fifteen minutes before Bill finished and pulled out of Tammy. Rebecca immediately got in a ‘69’ position and began lapping up the cum from Tammy’s cunt while brushing her own over Tammy’s lips until she mimicked her actions.

I offered Bill my praise on his performance with Tammy. He was modest but I knew he appreciated my compliment. He shifted over to anal action with the few remaining virgin boys. Things in the classroom seemed to be going smoothly. I figured all the virgin holes would get serviced by noon. The kids had started to form groups for their own action while the Indians were handling the newbies. Somebody had brought inflatable pool floats in various colors that were in service as mattresses.

Since things seemed under control here I thought I’d look around. I poked my head out into the hall and saw three pairs of students having sex, two male pairs and one mixed. In each case one was leaning against the wall or lockers and their partner was taking them up their ass. All were naked so I just stepped out and looked around. They paid me no notice.

I heard my name called and looked around. It was Eddie, still fully dressed. He had slipped out of his middle school to join the fun. He was headed to room 108 where his big sister Beth would be.

The scene in 108 was pretty much like the one I’d left. Beth was there as was Jeff and Luke. They all were busy with partners. Eddie quickly shed his clothes and joined the fun. The teacher here was male and had already been thoroughly fucked. He was sprawled in the chair behind his desk leaking cum onto the leather seat. There were several pools of cum drying on the desktop and soaking most of the papers scattered on it. A name plate said Anderson. Tammy’s husband I thought. He was in decent shape, probably he carried a few extra pounds before the vial turned it to muscle giving him a nice buff look. He appeared to be about 3.5 inches soft, about average or a little above. I doubted he’d be able to satisfy Tammy even if he were still mostly straight.

Jeff saw me and pulled out of the boy he was fucking and came over. His eighteen-inch cock was coated in cum and juice from his latest partner. He stood beside his teacher’s chair and brushed the tip to his lips. He opened his mouth and started to clean Jeff.

“I figured we’d get a head start so I seduced him yesterday,” Jeff explained. “it was easy.”

“He’s married to the teacher in Bill’s room.”

“I know. I don’t think he’s straight anymore if he ever really was. Michael said he’d work something out for them. He suggested I seduce him.”

“How did you manage it?”

“We had him for class next to last period yesterday. He has a free period after and we have gym. For class I wore gym shorts and a tight tee with my cock clearly outlined. I’m in the second row next to Beth who was wearing a sexy micro dress with no back and a halter top that exposed most of her breasts. As he started the lesson I signaled Beth to come over. She pulled up my tee to free my cock and sat down on it. When he turned around from the board he had a great view of my big cock buried in Beth’s cunt.”

“You did that in front of the whole class?” I asked.

“Sure. I’d been a slave for months and all the guys and half the girls had used my services. I’d been returning the favors since I became Luke’s boyfriend. Plus with Beth in the class Eddie had done most of the class too. Everyone knew what we were planning for today so it was no problem except for the teacher. He stared at us and told me I couldn’t have sex during class. He couldn’t send me to the principal. She is the biggest cock-hound in the school. All the boyfriends have fucked her including Eddie and I.”

“So what did he do?”

“Nothing. He just stared at us. I told him it is not polite to stare and that if he keeps doing it I’d come back next period and fuck him. Then I lifted Beth by her hips until just the head was inside her so he had a good look at my length. When I eased her back down she had a noisy orgasm. He tried to continue with the lesson but couldn’t help but watch our little show. After I’d shot Beth went back to her desk and I signaled to one of my buddies to clean my cock. He just knelt in front of my desk and went to work. I told Mr. Anderson that tomorrow he’d be cleaning my cock and as you can see, he is.”

“Did he try to resist you when you came to fuck him?”

“No, he didn’t even lock the door.”

“I guess he liked it,” I observed while watching him meekly clean Jeff’s cock.

“Mr. A, tell Rick how I fucked you yesterday,” Jeff directed.

“Yes, sir. Jeff was still wearing his gym outfit when he returned to my room about ten minutes into the final period. The wetness from his cock had dampened the fabric of his tee making it almost transparent. The sight of his huge cock made me fearful and excited. I did’t want to be fucked and certainly not by a student. But I’d seen what he had done with Beth and it was easy to see that every boy and girl in the class wanted to be with him. When he told me to strip I just did it. He put me on my back on my desk with my legs up on his shoulders. He didn’t bother to undress, just directed his cock through the left leg of his shorts and to my hole. He didn’t prepare me or anything just pushed in. It hurt a lot but I tried not to show it. Why didn’t you prepare me sir?”

“To make the point that you serve me, Mr. A. You knew I would be coming to fuck you but you made no effort to get ready. Now you know better. You were well lubed for this morning.”

“I didn’t know you were going to fuck me again today but I wanted to be ready in case. He started moving inside me and pushing deeper. It hurt some but mostly it was an uncomfortable stuffed feeling mixed with intense pleasure as he touched sensitive areas I didn’t know I had. He was so big and thick. I shot my first load before he was even in halfway and he hadn’t let me touch my own cock. It wasn’t long before the pleasure pushed everything else out of my mind. I don’t know how many times I came before he finished with me but I had cum drying all over my torso and desk.”

“You came six times Mr. A and I shot two big loads up your ass.”

“Anyway when I looked around I saw we’d been joined by Elizabeth, her thirteen-year-old brother who was now over six feet tall and the Hendersons, husband and wife physical education teachers. Apparently Elizabeth and her brother were taking the two young teachers home for sex and to meet their parents. They invited Jeff to join them and he agreed. The brother asked Jeff if he could have a quick fuck with me first and Jeff agreed and popped his cock from my gut and the brother who had about thirteen inches took his place. He didn’t waste any time. We shot off together about five minutes later. Jeff and the brother wiped off their cocks with my undershirt and everyone left without a word to me. The Hendersons acted as if all that happened was perfectly normal but I didn’t know what to think. I just lay naked on my desk for several minutes trying to figure out what just happened.”

“I think I’ll fuck you again,” Eddie said.

He had shed his clothes and talked with Luke and Beth while I was with Jeff. He just lifted Anderson off his chair with his hands and took his place, plopping down in the pool of cum that had leaked from the teacher’s ass. Then he just shoved him down on his pole with his legs spread over the arms of the chair. He lifted and lowered the teacher easily with his hands. I knew he could effortlessly handle ten times that weight.

“Eddie, it sounds like you told your parents about Luke and Jason,” I remarked. “How did that go?”

“We had Luke, Jason and Jeff with us returning from your house. We had told our parents we were going to Baja with Beth’s friends for spring break so Luke and Jason were one surprise and we were now huge. Michael’s clothes for us didn’t leave anything to the imagination. We just came right out and told them that Luke and Jason were our boyfriends and we had been having sex all week with them on the reservation.”

“That must have been a shock.”

“Mom didn’t say anything but dad started saying that I was too young to know what I was doing. I had to tell him we weren’t asking their permission or acceptance we were telling them how things would be. First, Luke and Jason were the heads of our family. When they are not around I was the man of the house. We would take care of everyone economically, physically and sexually. I told dad he could leave or stay but once we fucked him he wouldn’t miss sex with mom.”

“Mom usually sleeps with Eddie and I in the master but she has her own room for when we have company like we did last night,” added Beth who had just joined us. “We had our home redone by Michael who runs everything. He does insist on going over our sexual performance each night when we go to bed. To improve our technique he says. Mom and I just want Eddie to fuck us before we get to sleep.”

“Mine went much smoother,” Jeff said. “After Beth’s house we went to mine. My parents were happy to meet Luke and Jason. They had figured out I was gay from the cum stains in my underwear. I hadn’t really thought about that. But they could see I was happy and supported anything that I wanted. Dad accepted Luke’s offer to try gay sex and now loves it as much as I and mom loved sex with them too so we’re just one big happy family. Oh, mom’s pregnant with some sperm from Luke’s dad that Michael selected for her. Luke and I will have a new half-sister in a few months.”

“Our mom is pregnant too,” Beth added. “A half-brother for Luke and us. Of course, in a couple years mom and I will be having Luke’s kids.”

I was glad that they had sorted things out so well. The sexual dynamics seemed pretty strange but I thought no weirder than my own situation. Seeing groups of high school students having sex in various combinations all around me I figured that such arrangements might be the new normal.

I took my leave and went back to Room 114. Tammy was on one of the pool floats taking cock in her ass and cunt from two of her male students while eating cum from a girl straddling her face. Bill and Rebecca were busy too so I just sat down behind Tammy’s desk. Willow appeared on the computer screen.

“Have you been watching us?” I asked.

“I’m always watching my family,” she answered. “If you need me anywhere just call my name. Your phone is actually just one of my remotes. It doesn’t actually connect to a cellular network.”

“OK, what are the others doing?”

“None have asked for privacy so I am free to tell you. I do recommend that. Open families are happiest. Mark is inspecting a ranger station near Mount Shasta that was turned into a patrol base. He will be home for dinner. Bill is with you and just shot his cum into the boy he was fucking. He’ll fuck him for a few more orgasms. Hank is working on a quantum physics problem. He has been looking at the girl at the desk in front and they will hook up for a quick fuck between classes. Rebecca is trying to show one of the male students how to fuck a woman properly but she is watching Bill fuck and wants to take a turn with him as the inexperienced boys are more work than fun. Rachel convinced one of the Indian boys assigned to her classroom to use her to demonstrate proper sexual technique. They have been going for twenty minutes and Rachel has climaxed six times and her partner twice. Randi is at her bank. Her pregnancy is going smoothly. She has been fucked in the ass twice so far by tellers. She will be interviewing an Indian boy graduating high school next month for a teller position this afternoon. He will be hired.”

“How do you think today’s activities are going?”

“Very close to the way we, myself and the others like me, expected. Most of the students are enjoying the experience and looking forward to more. A few are nervous about their ability to satisfy their Indian dates. They know they are no match sexually and most haven’t met the boys and girls they’ve been matched with. The little boost from the vials and their experience with Indian boys and girls today has helped and next week should go well.”

“Why are we seducing the whole high school?”

“Primarily because it is an easy source for what we need. We feel that the normal family will have three or four husbands, normally male, and twelve to sixteen wives of both sexes. In our case Mark, Bill and Hank as the husbands and you, Rebecca and Rachel start the wives. There is a high probability that Rose and a couple others will join in a few months.”

“You said we. Who is included in we?”

“Myself and the other household computers; 543 at the current moment. We share experiences and are tasked with planning and design work for our spare time. It is best just to think of me as your friend and advisor and not worry about the mechanics.”

I took her advice and rejoined the activities at the school. I was used to sex with Bill and his friends but I didn’t have sex with the students unless Bill or Rebecca asked me to fuck one. That was usually someone that wanted to try out a really big cock. There were plenty of teachers to fuck and I got a few nice fucks myself from the Indian teachers that were on the trip.

I did get to meet Eddie’s gym teachers. They considered themselves wives for Eddie, Jason and Luke along with Beth and Eddie and Beth’s parents. The female was pregnant with a super-baby from Eddie even though I thought he was not advanced enough to make super-sperm. I felt almost certain that Michael arranged it. Eddie let me fuck them both in the ass.

A buffet was set up in the cafeteria for lunch. It was obviously set up by whatever counterpart of Willow was running the reservation’s high school. After the first few hours students, teachers and us guests wandered around. All were nude and everyone was in some stage of sexual activity in small groups. All the gym mats were in use on the hardwood floor and the pool had a couple dozen enjoying sex in the warm water. In the weight room I saw one of the Indian boys had strapped one of the school’s jocks to a barbell that held four hundred-pound plates. With his feet and chest tied to the bar and ass hanging down, the Indian boy raised and lowered the weight so that his partner rode his sixteen-inch cock. The jock came twice while I watched, obviously loving being manhandled by the strong Indian. When his stud climaxed the cum spurted from around his tightly stretched hole.

Near the end of the school day I was back in Room 114. One of the teachers in our group came in looking for Tammy Anderson. He already had her husband with him. Tammy was being fucked front and back by two of the students. While waiting for them to finish he had the husband suck his cock. He managed about eighteen inches. When the sex session wrapped up he explained he was taking them home to meet his wife. If she approves they would become his second and third wives. Both the women would have twin super-babies for an instant large family. I was surprised that neither of the Andersons had any objection or questions.

It was nearly time for the trip back to the reservation and I didn’t see Bill or Rebecca. The Indian students were finishing up last rounds and exchanging numbers with some of their new friends when Bill, Rebecca and Rachel returned with a student and one of the local teachers.

“Mom, meet Jorge and his mom, Maria,” Bill said. “My mom, Rick.”

Jorge was an athletic boy with light brown skin, black hair and about 7.5 inches uncut. He’d been fucked or fucking all day and there was lots of dried or drying cum all over and fresh stuff leaking from his hole, likely from Bill. Maria was in her early forties but the dose she’d had this morning had tightened everything up and eliminated any sag in her C-cup breasts. She looked like a model in her mid thirties. She’d also been well fucked and was leaking from cunt and ass and clearly had sucked off a few times with loads that exceeded her ability to swallow.

“Hola, Rick,” Maria said. “Your son is very impressive.”

“I thought Jorge would make a good boyfriend for Bill,” added Rebecca. “Jorge plays soccer and loves the way Bill fucks him.”

“Did you enjoy his fucking too Maria?” I asked.

“Yes, he’s even better than some of your teachers but that may be because there is a more personal connection as my son’s boyfriend. I look forward to meeting his dad. Jorge dad died ten years ago and I hear Mark’s man enough for several wives.”

“We share everything in our family. Jorge, do you want to fuck me?”

“Sure, I’d love it. You’re hot.”

I got on my back and raised my knees to my chest with my twenty-eight-inch cock sticking straight up and my ass spread open.

“Slide down my pole until your cock slips into my hole.”

With my ass upturned and cock sticking up the head was too high for him to mount. Bill gave him a boost lifting him by his hips and setting him on the tip. As he lowered him slowly I entered his boy-cunt. With nine-inches in he was standing on the floor beside my hips. He pressed his own cock down against my shaft. The tip was still a foot away from my hole.

“I didn’t realize how hard this would be,” he admitted. “You are so long and thick. Get ready for a good fucking. Here I come.”

He sat down on me, taking seven more inches easily but that probably reached the limit that Bill had opened. He started bouncing up and down, grunting as he bottomed out and more cock spread him open. Periodically he would stop to calm down. He didn’t want to cum before he was inside me. I could have pulled his trigger at any time but I stayed passive.

Finally I felt the tip of his cock touch my hole. He had seven inches to go. He was now squatting over my thighs with my calves beside his chest, holding my ankles. He pushed up on my ankles to augment his full weight and forced the rest of me into his gut as he entered my ass. He was in a full squat sitting on my ass as we fully penetrated each other.

“I did it,” he exclaimed. “I didn’t think I could take all of you but it didn’t hurt much at all after the other fucks I had today. Your hole is tighter than I expected. It feels amazing.”

“I’m glad you like it,” I said. “Now fuck me.”

He tried to rise up. It was harder than he expected because of the friction from my thick pole shoved deep inside him. I put my hands on his ass cheeks and helped him lift a few inches and settle back down. After a few short strokes we loosened up enough for him to do it on his own.

I started using my ass muscles to squeeze his slim pole on its way out. He loved that. The I started to let my thick pole buck and throb inside him. My cock was strong enough to overpower him if I wanted but I used just enough force to demonstrate the power that I had over his body.

“If you keep that up I’m gonna cum,” he warned.

I did and he did but the continued stimulation was enough to keep him hard. I held his ass again and started power stroking him about seven inches, just enough to keep him inside me. He let me take control, realizing he didn’t have a choice. He put both hands between his legs to feel the junction where he slid into my hole. We fucked each other for five minutes as I increased the pace before we climaxed together. He spurted several more gobs into my ass as I dumped a typical massive load into him.

I unloaded for a minute after he shot his wad. I flicked my cock toward my abs, throwing his back against my chest and whipping his cock from my hole. I let it flail about as I finished shooting giving Jorge a taste of the power that was inside his body.

“Maria, lick Jorge cock clean,” Bill directed. “Then you can do Rick.”

“I can’t,” she objected. “He’s my son.”

“You need to let those obsolete attitudes go,” Bill said. “Today you had sex with boys and girls, cocks in every hole, even more than one at a time. Everything has changed and enjoying each other is part of it. We’ll take you home to meet dad and Jorge will fuck you on the way.”

“I…,” she began but stopped and started cleaning up Jorge.

After I was clean Bill announced that Willow had sent a car for us and we headed to the entrance without bothering to collect our clothes. there were several groups having sex in the hall while many, fully or partly dressed, were leaving. Quite a few couples were probably going to continue things at home.

Outside there were still a few having sex. A couple of the Indian boys were finishing up with two local students against the side of their bus while their friends looked down from the windows. One boy in gym shorts and a tee was getting it in the ass from Luke who had just unzipped his own pants and simply pushed up the leg of his partners shorts. The other had a girl in a cheerleading outfit with her back against the bus and her short skirt hiked up. She wasn’t wearing panties and everyone could see her taking foot-long strokes up her cunt.

Willow had sent a van for us. It blinked its lights and we pilled in. Maria and Jorge were surprised by the open interior with no driver’s controls, seat belts or obvious safety features. Bill asked for the rear seat to convert to a bed and it happened. A mountain meadow scene displayed on the windows and Willow, shown as a sexy young woman was in the front. As she appeared to walk closer she introduced herself to our guests. We had been driving since the meadow scene was displayed buy there was no indication of motion. A graphic display in the center of the front cabin indicated the progress of the trip and time remaining.

Bill reminded Jorge that it was his turn to fuck his mother and joined them on the bed to fuck Rebecca. Rachel asked me to eat out her cunt and ass so she could be fresh for Hank when we arrived. I was happy to oblige.

Maria lay her back on the bed and Jorge spread her legs to kneel between them and raised them to his shoulders. Maria had been in nice shape for her age and the potion she’d had had tightened and firmed her everywhere so she was a very sexy lady who didn’t look a day past thirty. Jorge, an athlete already was the picture of a high school stud now. They couldn’t compare to Bill, Rebecca or Rachel but in normal company they would be a hot couple. They were nervous but there was clearly sexual attraction.

Bill was kneeling on the bed beside them with Rebecca stalling his hips and riding his pole. Rebecca reached over and positioned Jorge’s stiff cock at his mother’s cunt and Bill shoved on his ass to bury him to the hilt in that well used passage. That was all they needed to get them started.

Jorge dropped two loads in his mom on the trip home; the last sharing her with Bill in her ass.

When the windows cleared we had stopped in the garage. The doors opened and we got out. Maria was dazed from all the sex so Bill carried her in his arms though he still had about six inches up her ass. Inside Mark and Hank were already home and naked.

Rachel ran to Hank and gave him a big kiss while sliding his stiff cock up her cunt. While I’d eaten her out on the trip home there was still plenty of cum deep inside that brought a comment from Hank that caused Rachel to blush. They both have plenty of sex with others of both sexes when they are apart but are still each other’s primary lover.

Bill made the introductions for Jorge and Maria. Maria was clearly impressed by Mark. Mark was clearly the man of the family. His body oozed masculinity. Even though I’m almost as big as my husband I give off a feminine, submissive vibe and willingly submit to sex from Bill and Hank friends when they visit. While I probably impressed some of the school kids today, real men and boys know I’m not one of them.

Mark transferred Maria to his arms, popping the last few inches of Bill from her ass. Resting against Mark’s massive chest she had a good view of the top foot or so of his stiff pole and the head bubbling precum in readiness for sex.

“Willow told me that you are to be my second wife,” Mark announced. “I trust her judgement. You, Rick and I will get to know each others better tonight and you can tell me your decision in the morning.”

Maria was silent but you could see she was excited by the prospect. I remembered back to when Samuel told me I was to be Mark’s wife. I knew that after tonight she would have no doubts.

“Dad, we’ll take care of Jorge,” Bill said.

I’m sure they would. It was a good thing that all the bedrooms and play areas are soundproof.

Mark carried Maria to our suite and set her on the edge of the bed. The first item was to give Maia her new position to transform her into a wife suitable for Mark. When the process completed she was seven-five with the body of a nineteen-year-old supermodel and unbelievable strength. From a male’s perspective on of the best features was a second vagina at the top of the uterus that opened to a sheath of muscle that could stretch to handle a pole as long as Mark’s.

I entered Maria from her back door while Mark pushed in from the front. We could feel each other as we moved inside Maia who was stunned from the pleasure her new body could give her. The pleasure increased when Mark took her second virginity and opened the new passage. It must have been studded with nerves direct to her pleasure centers. She screamed in her ecstasy and her body thrashed about while we held her pressed between us. Her first wild orgasm would have ripped a normal man apart. Our own cocks, squeezed along their entire length by her wild internal contractions spewed a flood of seed into her. It was the start of four wild hours before we drifted into an exhausted sleep still coupled.

The sun was shining in the windows when we awoke. We both took a few gentle strokes into Maria for a gentle morning orgasm before we uncoupled.

“Yes,” said Maria as we showered together; her first words this morning.

We knew what she meant.

Willow had put out clothes for Maria. The red skirt didn’t reach mid thigh and the white backless halter top showed ample cleavage and side-boob. Black strapped shoes with three-inch heels completed the outfit. Maria thought it too sexy for school but we assured her that school today would be a lot sexier than it was before yesterday.

Mark pressed a button on his wrist to produce his uniform. I normally am nude around the house. We went downstairs to breakfast. The others were already there enjoying the food Willow had spread out.

Jorge had had his own potion and was now six-seven and as muscular as Bill. He had on blue jeans and a white knit shirt that might have been painted on as they fit so tightly. He wore his cock straight up under his belt and it reached to mid-abdominals in its soft state, about twelve inches. It quickly hardened to about seventeen when he saw his mother, reaching up to nestle between his pecs.

The girls had on white micro-skirts that only extended three inches below their cunts and sheer white blouses through which their nipples were easily visible. Both wore a gold chain around their necks that extended down into their skirts. They held cunt and butt plugs to help control leakage. There had been no need for that yesterday and I doubted that they really needed them today. Most of the students would be leaking freely after a few hours of school.

The boys had on their school uniforms that fit them like a second skin. Bill wore his cock up like Jorge while Hank had opted to snake his down the leg of his pants. It created a thick bulge almost to the knee.

Jorge had obviously bonded with everyone. He was excited to be part of the family. “Mom?”

“I said yes, Jorge. This is our new family,” Maria stated. “How do we do this?” She asked Mark.

“We haven’t really been doing ceremonies lately,” Mark said. “Everything is in flux with the new tribe members from Berkeley, San Francisco and elsewhere. Some have multiple husbands and wives in the same family. A few I can’t figure out at all. We’ll just record our marriage to you as my second wife in the tribal ledger. I didn’t do a ceremony with Rick but when things settle down it would be nice.”

After breakfast everyone but me left for school or work. Jorge and Maria would live in town and visit each weekend. They would move in permanently once school ended. Willow had renovated their house overnight. Maria had fertilized a couple eggs last night but wanted to enjoy sex for a few weeks before starting her pregnancy.

At school nothing went back to normal after the day of sex education. The students took every opportunity to practice their techniques. Jorge was much in demand and would usually bring a friend or two home after school and Maria would play too.

Maria and Jorge joined us for the weekend. Mark needed to work Saturday so Bill and Hank introduced them to some of their friends. Maria by then was more comfortable with the fact that meeting new people usually involved sex.

Friday was the big day and it was finally here. Everyone was ready, freshly showered, hair trimmed and brushed, top and bottom. The girls used some perfume behind each ear and above their vaginas and holes. They had applied a nail coloring that would change with their moods; pink for happy, darkening to deep red for sexual attraction and bursting in bright colors when they orgasmed. The color was deep red now as everyone was nude.

Rebecca and Jorge were Bill’s dates. Hank was taking Rachel and a boy she had picked for him. He was in town and we would stop by his house to pick him up and meet his parents. I was going as one of several adults to ensure that things didn’t get out of hand. Since the object was an all-night orgy I didn’t know what out of hand would be but I figured if things got too intense for some of the kids we could see they had a chance for a break.

The car drove us to a nice house in a good neighborhood of single homes on about a half-acre each and we pulled into the driveway to the door of a three car garage. On the trip the kids had been kissing and cuddling but with no actual sex.

“Hank, your date is Evan Morris, one of my classmates,” Rachel announced. “He’s cute, toned and sexy. He was a virgin before last week. I was his first woman and one of your tribe broke him in anally. I told him all about you and he’s eager to meet you. I said we’d pick him up so he should be expecting us. Willow would have texted him when we were ten minutes away.”

“If you like him I’m sure I will,” Hank stated, getting out of the van. “I’ve never fucked an Evan before.”

Everyone got out and went to the front door. They had no concern over their nudity so I decided not to worry about it and followed the group. Hank knocked on the door. It was opened by a teen boy in a formal outfit, probably rented for the night.

“Evan, I’m Hank your date. You’re way overdressed.”

They went inside with Hank’s arm about Evan’s waist. He was obviously stunned to see six naked people at the door. His parents were in the room just inside and equally surprised by our appearance.

“Hi, I’m Henry Grey Eagle, Hank. I’m Evan’s date for the night. This is Rachel, my girlfriend.” He introduced the rest of us and Evan then introduced his parents, George and Doreen.

“I can see Evan hasn’t told you the party is really an all-night orgy,” Hank continued while removing Evan’s clothes. “I’ll take good care of him and, if things go as well as I expect, he’ll be my boyfriend.”

“You can’t.” insisted George Morris. “He’s only fifteen.”

“I’m fourteen,” stated Hank. “But I’m in charge of Evan and this family tonight and probably from now on. Suck my cock.”

He gave the dad a stern look and the man got up from his chair and knelt in front of Hank and did as he demanded; tentatively at first and then with more enthusiasm as he was affected by Hank’s male smell. He was only able to manage five inches but stroked the remaining shaft with both hands.

While that was going on Hank had Evan undress his mother and lick her cunt. She was already quite wet in natural reaction to the presence of so many sexy males. She knew Hank was going to fuck her and was obviously eager despite the presence of her husband and son.

“Your mom will need a little more preparation for this,” Hank observed. “Evan you have a nice six-inch piece, stick it in and take a few strokes to loosen her up.”

Mother and son looked at each other, clearly shocked at the suggestion but they did it. Evan stood in front, held his mother’s hips, pushed in and started a slow fuck stroke. Hank let them fuck for a couple minutes before he pulled out of George’s mouth. He pulled Evan out and indicted that his dad should clean him off while he stood in front of Doreen, his fourteen-inch pole sticking straight up his torso. It was more than twice as thick as her son’s and eight inches longer. I suspected her husband probably didn’t even match Evan and Doreen probably never even dreamed about a cock this big.

Hank held her by her hips and lifted her off the floor effortlessly until she was positioned above his cock. She had her hands on his broad shoulders and legs about his muscular waist to steady herself as Hank slowly lowered her to contact. It spread her lower lips open and eased inside as Doreen looked down, seeing the stiff pole gradually disappear while feeling it move inside her. She tossed her head back and gave an orgasmic scream before he was in halfway.

She moaned as Hank moved deeper. With about nine inches inside he started bobbing her up and down. That quickly brought a second explosion. She was trying to speak but was barely able to mumble a couple words between moans or high-pitched squeaks. I think she was trying to get Hank to slow or stop as best I could make it out but that wasn’t Hank’s plan.

He brought her off twice more as he added the final inches and then a final shattering climax using all his inches. He pulled the dazed woman off and leaned her against her husband who was still kneeling on the floor.

I was impressed at how surely Hank dealt with Evan’s family. Doreen was an average woman about forty. Hank with just a few minutes of casual stroking had reduced her to a woman who would do whatever he asked in hope of another ride on his cock. Her husband knew he was no longer the man of the house and he would never function as a man again.

“Evan, your mom left me nicely wet and hard but I haven’t cum,” Hank stated. “Let us show them what I and a few dozen other guys will be doing with you tonight.”

Evan went over to Hank and stood before him. He looked up at the much taller and muscular boy who was a year younger than he. Hank pulled him into a deep kiss, their bodies mashed together wit their cocks pressed together between them. Evan instinctively wrapped his legs around Hank’s waist.

After a couple minutes Hank broke the kiss and raised Evan up until his cock head nestled in position.Hank lowered Evan and the everyone had a good view of the long pole as it slowly disappeared.

“You’ve been practicing with the dildo I gave you,” Rachel said, noting how easily Evan was handling the initial penetration. “It’s only twelve inches and not as thick as Hank but it looks like it got you open enough.”

“I can feel that Hank’s thicker but it feels really good in there. You’re a good friend. Oooh,” Evan exclaimed suddenly. “I was only able to get nine or ten inches in and I think Hank’s at my limit now.”

“Tonight there are no limits, Evan,” Hank stated. “Relax and enjoy.”

Hank started a slow, smooth fuck stroke about six inches long. From Evan’s reaction he was probably dragging the flaring head of his cock across the prostate before plunging in again. A few such strokes were enough to give Evan his first orgasm as his untouched cock spewed several shots of goo over both boys’ torsos.

Evan’s ecstasy allowed Hank to add another few inches. Now his strokes were almost ten inches, still leaving the base of his cock head brushing the tightly stretched sphincter muscle from the inside. As Hank speed up his pace Evan began to thrash about in his grip but it would take many times Evan’s strength to cause Hank any concern. Evan screamed and had his second orgasm. Hank added the last couple inches, pressing Evan’s butt to his groin. Hank’s trimmed pubic area was soaked with Evan’s cum. Both boys had streaks up to their pecs and some started dripping off Hank’s balls to the carpeted floor. Hank let Evan rest fully impaled on his pole.

“Hank, that was great,” Evan said, looking up into his fuckers eyes with joy and love.

“That was just the warm up. Now the fuck really begins.”

Hank started slowly, just lifting him a few inches before settling back down. After two orgasms Evan was really sensitive and his cock still hard from the internal stimulation. It only took a minute to get Evan moaning again. As Hank built up his speed and stroke length Evan looked down between them to see the thick flesh disappear up his butt and remerge. He put one hand on his gut feeling the cock as it moved under his taut abdominal muscles. His own stiff member slid through the deep valley that separated the two rows of Hank’s cobblestone abs.

Evan had another orgasm and Hank just kept stroking fast and deep. After another furious minute he pushed Evan tight to his groin and spewed an enormous load deep in his belly. Evan shot again as Hank’s cum started spurting from his hole as each new jet displaced earlier loads in his full intestines.

As Hank stopped spewing Evan looked at him and started to speak but Hank began his fuck stroke again and Evan realized that their sex was not over. Evan came twice more before Hank added a second load to his already overflowing gut.

Hank picked Evan up for an after sex kiss, still with half his cock inside the shorter boy. After a minute he broke the kiss and pulled Evan off his still stiff pole, setting him on the floor in front of him again. Evan looked up at Hank. He was clearly in love.

“We can do that again?” Evan asked. “At the party, I mean.”

“Sure. At least twice more,” assured Hank. “Bill and Jorge will want to have a turn too and I’ll introduce you to some of my friends from the reservation.”

“We’ll want a ride too, Evan.” Rebecca stated. “Getting your ass fucked is fun but so is shooting in a nice tight pussy and my sister and I have the best ones in school.”

Evan looked around. He and Hank were smeared with his spewed cum. He must have poured a pint of Hank’s out his ass when they decoupled and it was still leaking heavily down his inner thighs. There was a huge puddle on the carpet.

“I guess we need a quick shower before we head to the party,” Evan said.

“No need,” Bill replied. “Everyone will look like you two in a couple hours. When they see you they’ll envy you getting a head start. Willow, will you take care of the house? I think Evan is Hank’s new boyfriend.”

“Yes, Bill, I think so too,” said Willow from the living room TV that had been dark. I have Evan’s potion in the van already as I computed his success at 99.4 percent.”

“Who is Willow?” Evan asked.

“Your new best friend,” Rachel said. “You can tell her everything and if you follow her advice you’ll never be disappointed.”

“You just talked and she answered,” Evan said. “Was she listening?”

“From now on you can assume she is always listening and watching,” Hank said. “If you need tips on better sex or finding a girl or guy for a quick fuck just ask.”

“Yes, Evan, you are part of my family now and I want you to be happy,” Willow said from the screen, flashing her sexiest smile guaranteed to harden every cock and wet every pussy of those that saw it. “Don’t worry. I’ll take care of everything.”

We all filed out to the van leaving Evan’s parents huddled on the floor.

Evan was five-six and maybe 120 pounds when we got in the van. By the end of the short ride to the school he was six-four and 240 pounds of solid muscle with a fifteen-inch cock; now bigger and stronger than Hank. But, while his body had changed, his attitude hadn’t. He was still Hank’s boyfriend and recognized his superiority sexually.

The car pulled up to the school’s athletic complex. About half the arrivals had clothes. They would stop at the locker rooms to disrobe. Both were co-ed for the night and the showers would be available for those wanting some good clean fun. The nude groups usually included Indian boys and girls with their dates.

The kids went straight to the gym to get their night started. The party was well underway with about half the cushioned floor area covered in kids having sex in groups of two or more. I saw one mixed group of eight interconnected in an interesting way.

Since I was supposed to monitor things I decided to look around. At the basketball court the stands had been collapsed back against the walls, leaving a single bench along the long sides while the court was covered in gym mats. There were only a dozen groups having sex. There was a crowd watch one group and I went over. It was Luke, Rose and Jason with Beth, Eddie and Jeff and their dates. Eddie had included the husband and wife gym teachers in the group. They’d already been thoroughly fucked and I think Eddie’s and Jason’s dates were taking a turn while Rose fed the woman cum from her cunt. Rose spotted me in the crowd and waved.

I spotted a woman I hadn’t seen before standing by the far wall. She was about six-eight, deep red hair with the supermodel looks of someone enhanced. I went over.

“Rick, hi. I’m Lori Duncan. Angela says hello.”

“Hello Lori,” I replied. “How do you know Angela…or me?”

“I’m Angela’s pet; have been for two weeks now. She told me all about you when she saw you enter the gym.”

A subtle change in Lori made her look even sexier and she pressed against my body.

“Angela?” I asked.

“Yes Rick, it’s Angela. Are you up for a little fun?” Angela asked in Lori’s voice.

“You already know the answer.” My cock had been leaking precum since she took over Lori. “Can I speak to Lori for a few minutes first? We have all night.”

“Yes, I knew your answer and even your desire to wait and speak to Lori. You are curious about our pets. You wouldn’t make a good pet but if you come see me directly I can give you a taste. I have a few things I’d like to do in a male body and letting me wear yours will let you understand things that can’t be explained.”

“I really don’t need to respond, do I?”

“No, I’ll come over Tuesday morning. I’ll be at your home again Wednesday after school to give your boys their gifts. I’ll ride you, fucking them while they’re in my cunt. That would be cool. You are shocked by that but you’ll do it.”

Of course she was right.

“Rick, it’s Lori.”

Lori was back in her body but I knew Angela was still in the background. She kept herself pressed to me.

“Angela lets me into her mind when she’s wearing my body. It’s like a fantasy world and some parts are pretty strange. Time passes differently like it does in dreams, both faster and slower. It can be disorienting coming home but Angela replayed what had happened before turning my body back to me.”

“What did you do while you were gone?”

“Angela taught me how to make love to you. You’re really going to enjoy fucking me.”

That was a statement that I knew was true. But Lori was not acting like a woman getting ready for sex. She was waiting because she knew I had more questions.

“How did you become Angela’s pet?” I asked.

“I was a junior at Berkeley. Then I was about five-six with a nice sexy body. I was majoring in mathematics. I knew the Quan sisters. They graduated when I finished my freshman year but we were friends and I met some of their friends. There were lots of hunky Asian guys as big or bigger than you. Many were gay but I had plenty of sex with those that were bi.

“Anyhow, when the Quans moved to Princeton, I was recruited by their friend, May, to help out whenever they needed an extra cunt. May was one of Donny Yi’s secondary wives.”

“Secondary wives?” I asked, unsure what that meant.

“Yes. It can be somewhat complicated,” Lori admitted. “Donny has five primary wives, three sisters and their two brothers. May and her husband and the husband of one of the sisters, Faith, are considered secondary wives. Faith’s husband is also married to a boy they both knew in high school but he isn’t married to Donny though they have had sex.”

“Are they the guys and girl from the video?” I asked.

“What video?” She looked down and then back at me. “Angela says yes. So a couple years ago a couple other girls and I lived with them for several months because all the women were pregnant with Donny’s kids and could only be fucked in the ass. It was a great time and I got my first boost to help me handle the needs of three very horny guys.”

“You said there were six men in the group.”

“Yes but the other three were strictly gay. The three of us had a great time. After everyone gave birth we stayed close. Seven months ago May invited me back because she and Faith were pregnant again from their other husbands. It was even more fun than the first time because all the kids from the first round were sexually active and experimenting with each other and everyone.”

“They would have been due about a month ago.”

“Right. I knew this gig was ending. I would have loved marrying Donny or one of the others but I knew that wouldn’t happen. I did fertilized a couple eggs from each of them so perhaps I’ll have their kids someday. Of course now that is Angela’s decision to make. Anyway, May offered me the chance to be Angela’s pet and I accepted.”

“It was that simple for you? Did you know what it involved? And why not become the pet of one of the kids in that family?”

“Good questions. First, May suggested it and I always follow her advice. After our enhancements we are very smart but May is at a whole other level. She is very perceptive.” She looked down then back at me. “Angela says she is almost as perceptive as her. I had some idea of what it would be. Three of the kids from the first group already had pets. But you can’t really know ahead of time by talking to one or watching. It’s the most intimate relationship two people can have; way beyond sex. We literally are each other but Angela is so much…bigger. That’s the best way to describe it. She can fill me up with just a piece of herself while my whole persona can wander for days in the vast expanse of her mind. Finally, Angela told me the fact that I’d had prior sex with the adults in the group made me ineligible to be one of their kids’ pets.”

“You are only about six-six. My friend, Jim, is Sam’s pet. Sam kept him at six-five so he could pass as normal. Did Angela do the same with you?”

“Yes. I’ll get my full height once Angela gets taller. I met Jim at a mixed club in San Francisco last weekend. We both had hooked up with married couples and were about to leave when we spotted each other. My couple thought they were straight but they had a nice place and we all went there for thirty-six hours of non-stop action. The highlight was when Sam and Angela had sex through us. It was wild but only Jim and I really knew how intense it was. Angela says I’ll be able to have sex like that on my own once she has me fully trained.”

“It’s obvious you like being Angela’s pet.”

“God yes. You really have no idea. You’ll get a taste on Tuesday. If you can imagine every moment a hundred times the intensity you’ll have some idea of my life. Angela says you have no more questions so it’s time for sex. Angela says I can start, she’ll do round two and I’ll finish up by trying to apply what I learned from her fuck.”

She was just informing me. Angela already knew I was OK with it. I asked Willow to keep an eye on things while I was busy and let me know if I was needed. We weren’t disturbed. Willow just kept things under control. With Willow and the other A.I.s watching things, Lori,I and the other adults weren’t really needed.

I’m primarily gay but Lori was a great fuck. Then Angela took over and things got really wild. I felt like I was a super-stud conquering the most beautiful girl in the world, driving her to orgasm after thundering orgasm until I was ready to flood her with my seed. It wasn’t until hours later that I realized that Angela was actually controlling my actions by how she squeezed my cock on each fuck stroke. Then Lori came back. I expected her to try to copy Angela but we played out a different scene. I was the hero who had rescued the fair damsel. She was rewarding me for saving her. I was grateful but still concerned for her. Our fuck was gentle but no less intense. It lasted the rest of the night. A dozen orgasms for me and ten times that for Lori. We had quite a crowd of boys and girls watching during breaks in their own activities but we were only focused on each other.

“Thanks Lori. That was great,” I said as we decoupled after hours of non-stop sex.

“It was the best sex in your life. I just followed Angela’s lead. She unlocked another of her gifts to you so you’ll be able to play out fantasies with your partners. Mark and your boys will love it. No need for talk or thanks, we already know everything you want to say.”

“Mom, that was wild,” Bill said.

He and the rest of our group were part of the crowd that had been watching us and was now dispersing. The first light of day was filtering in the row of windows just below the high ceiling in the gym. The party would be winding down.

“We caught the last hour or so,” Bill continued. “Who is your partner? The kids voted you prom king and queen. No one else was even nominated.”

“This is Lori, Angela’s pet, I said. “She already knows you. Angela will be visiting us Wednesday after school to have sex with you and Hank so get your homework done quickly.”

“Bill, Hank, Rebecca, Rachel, Jorge, Evan,” Lori said. “Angela will bring me since she knows you want it. I’m good but your fucks with Angela will be life changing experiences. Don’t worry girls we won’t steal your boyfriends. I’ll show you a few things to help you drive men wild when Angela is busy with the boys.”

“Wow,” Hank muttered. “We should get you to the main gym for presentation of your crowns.”

We went with them. About half the party goers were sleeping on the mats, most still coupled in cunts or asses after exhausting their energy. The rest usually, Indian boys and girls and their partners were still having fun. We got a lot of hoots and sexy calls and a big cheer when we were introduced. Almost everyone must have watched some of our show.

A nice breakfast had been set out. Few were interested in food, opting instead for morning sex. Most of the Indian boys and girls were introducing their new boys or girls to their friends. That meant swapping. Bill and Hank tried out a few while Jorge and Evan met their friends who already knew Rebecca and Rachel.

We left about ten. Most of the others were heading off too, always nude. They were usually going to introduce their new friends to their families. Like Evan’s family they would adapt to the new sexual reality. We brought Evan home. Willow had transformed their house. Evan had a big master suite with a side bedroom for his mother to use when Evan had boys or girls overnight for sex. His dad had a small suite in the basement. Evan would visit us on weekends until his summer break from school.

I was able to use my new talent for sexual fantasy with Mark. Some involved his police work and a others were cowboys and Indians where the Indian dominates the helpless cowboy. I loved those too. He had some that involved his dead wife but I didn’t touch those. He had no idea that I was calling these images from his mind but he loved the resulting sex. I knew that my place in his heart would always be secure no matter how many wives we eventually had.

Part 4

Angela came over Tuesday as promised right after the boys left for school. She wasted no time in mounting my cock, taking almost fifteen inches somehow in her tiny body. I looked up at her and we locked eyes. Suddenly I was looking down at me. Then I was looking up at Angela as she pulled off me. My view shifted as my eyes looked around but I wasn’t in control anymore. Angela tested my body, trying it out. She had my body lick her juices off my cock. I could taste. She spoke in my mind explaining that she would let me ride along and learn how to be a man.

After a shower and dressing me in a form fitting silk shirt and dress slacks we got in a car for a ten minute hop to Tokyo where it was night. She entered an unmarked door to a club. We were the only Westerners and a good forty centimeters taller than anyone else. She had a conversation in fluent Japanese with a muscular man at the door. He let us in.

Angela looked over the crowd. Most seemed to be hetro couples with a few openly gay male or female couples mixed in. The Japanese equivalent of a young, hip crowd. She focused on a couple sitting at a table just off the dance floor and walked over. She told them she was going to fuck both of them. (It was in Japanese but I understood it perfectly.) They just looked at us. The female commented on my cock to her partner. It was easy to see I had a massive weapon sticking above my pants and under my tight shirt all the way to my pecs. They both blushed.

The club had a number of rooms in the back that could be used for sex. This couple was the first of several we had. After a few hours Angela went to two couples sitting together and suggested we go to their place. We did. It was a fiftieth floor penthouse with a fantastic view of the city. Angela certainly knew that before she suggested it. Having seen our previous partners stagger back after earlier encounters with the best sex of their lives these couples were eager and she did not disappoint then.

The car picked us up on the broad balcony of the apartment and we were back at my house before the boys returned from school. Angela’s own body was sitting in the family room having a video chat with several super-kids on the big screen. They saw my body enter and remarked that I was an excellent choice. Angela closed the chat quickly and turned toward me.

I saw myself through her eyes at the same time I saw her through mine. It was like I were in two places. Very disorienting. I felt dizzy but didn’t stagger since she still controlled my body. Then I was just looking through Angela’s eyes and felt better.

I looked better than I looked in a mirror, sexier and more confident. She wore my body better than I did. I’d seen that with Jim and Sam but it was different when it was my own body. My body was nude. We hadn’t bothered with clothes when we left Tokyo; Willow could always make whatever we needed. The residue of sex was all over, sprayed on my torso and coating the full length of my cock.

Now you know something about being a pet. The connection with a pet is even stronger so it is not the full experience,” Angela said into my mind.

I had questions but just waited.

Yes, I know your questions. When I leave you will be more confident sexually. You learned from your body as I operated it and you will be better. You will also speak Japanese and a dozen other languages as well as our native tongue. Finally, yes, I will use you again and you know you are eager to experience this again.

Then I was back in my head looking at Angela smiling at me. I blinked. I could control my body again. I tentatively tried my muscles; everything worked. There was nothing to say. She had been in my brain seconds ago and maybe still was. She left. I took a good shower before the boys got home.

The next day was Angela’s session with Bill and Hank. Rebecca and Rachel were up to spend the night and be tutored by Lori while Angela had the boys. It was a night that Mark worked late but I’m sure that was a reason Angela picked it. They went to their rooms for the session and Willow said they had requested privacy. Willow still watched but couldn’t tell or show Mark or I anything unless Angela agreed.

Angela and Lori left about 8:00 PMand the boys spent the rest of the evening with their girls trying out what they learned. They were in high spirits in the morning. The boys looked different. Physically they were unchanged but their body language was more confident. They wore their bodies better and I knew that was Angela’s doing.

That evening Mark told me he had asked Angela to come in to talk about her interest in our family. Apparently she has not interacted with others like she has with the boys and I. She came in wearing Lori’s body. They talked, just talk, and she assured Mark that her intentions were good. She was seeing how to use her talents to help others and our family made an ideal test for her purposes. She offered to reverse the changes if we were unhappy with them. I’m certain she knew that would be declined before she offered.

I wondered why Angela did not come to Mark personally. “I don’t want to interact with Mark until I’m sexually mature,” spoke in to my mind.”No, I’m not in you. I just left the answer to be triggered when you formed the question. Yes, I will be one of Mark’s wives. But don’t tell him. I want it to be a surprise.

She obviously knew I wouldn’t tell her secret or she wouldn’t have mentioned it. We had a couple years before she joins us officially. I’m sure they will be interesting.

With school out for summer everyone stayed at our place. Jorge, Rebecca and Rachel would go to the reservation high school in the fall. They had a lot to learn to catch up and Willow was tutoring them every morning. With the IQ boost from their enhancement it should be easy. Willow had to certify their progress was satisfactory before they could have sex so they had a big incentive. Evan also did the lessons but he would stay in town.

Randi had her own suite. She would give birth in the fall. She still managed the town bank but the tribe now owned the mega bank of which it was a branch. Their headquarters in San Francisco was managed by a few dozen Asians and a financial A.I. Apparently their assets were huge but mostly off-planet.

Bill and a few friends were doing a summer project designing a moon for Venus. Earthly tides are important for ecology along the fringes of oceans and seas. They have to use a candidate from a listing of Kuiper Belt objects. The orbit will depend on the mass of the object.

It was a fairly typical August afternoon when Willow came on the screen to announce I had a phone call. The tutoring for the day was over and the kids were having sex before heading to the lake for a cool swim and more sex. Luke, who was on Bill’s Venus moon project team, had come over to discuss their work but at this moment they were both plugged up my ass and we had just eased off a rousing orgasm. My ass was leaking and I had sprayed everyone with my seed. We were building for a second round.

We don’t carry phones. We just ask Willow to connect us and she does but we all have our old numbers for those not in the loop. We just talk and the voice is played right into our ear. This was a video call and Willow had decided the big screen was appropriate. If there were no convenient screen she could display the image direct to our retinas.

“Willow, who is it?” I asked.

“It is your younger sister, Samantha, and her friend Ruby and their boyfriends.”

“We can’t take it now obviously. I’ll call her back.”

“It is no problem,” Willow insisted. “I can synthesize the audio and video so all appears completely normal.”

“Show us the initial outgoing video, Willow.”

Our image popped up in the corner of the screen. I was sitting fully clothed in loose casual attire on the side of the platform where I was being double fucked. Bill was sitting beside me in an athletic top and shorts that displayed his muscles but not his cock. Rebecca and Jorge, currently coupled on the next platform were sitting beside him with Luke standing. Hank and Rachel were on my other side with Evan standing. Maria, sunbathing nude by the pool, was not included.

The screen showed the incoming image. Samantha and Ruby were seated behind a desk where they must have propped their phone. Two boys, obviously athletes but no match for the males in this house, were standing behind. I knew Sam’s boyfriend was called Todd but I’d never met him or seen pictures. I told Willow to connect us.

“Hi Sam,” I said. I introduced the others. They had stopped their sex but were still coupled. All said hi and the outgoing voice was shown in text below the image while our representations made appropriate motions and gestures. I asked why she had called.

“Ruby and I and Todd and Trevor,” she said, indicating the boys behind them, “start Washington in a few weeks and have been taking a summer road trip visiting many of the national parks. We’re in Yosemite now and it’s so close to you I thought we could drop in for a visit if that’s OK.”

“You know I’m living an alternative lifestyle here.” Bill and Luke laughed as did their images. “Are you sure you want to come?”

“When you came out to our parents I supported you. I doubt anything that happens will shock us. We’re cool with you being gay.”

“We are looking forward to fucking all of you,” said Bill but it went out as meeting. Everyone murmured agreement.

“Then it’s settled,” Sam said. “We’ll see you about noon tomorrow.”

“OK. Then bye for now,” I said and the screen cleared.

Mark took the day off. What’s the point of being the boss if you can’t take a day when you need to. Willow alerted us when they were five minutes out and we all went outside to greet them. Everyone was wearing clothes for the occasion but probably not for long. Unlike our virtual selves in the video chat the impressive cocks were easy to see under the form fitting fabrics, Mark had dialed his uniform back to a subtle setting but thirty-two inches were hard to hide. The ladies all wore very revealing halter top sun dresses.

I wasn’t concerned about my younger sister. She was almost nineteen and had been sexually active for several years. I’d told her enough that I’m sure she expected a highly sexual situation though I was sure her wildest imaginings would fall short of reality.

They were driving an older Honda CRV. It stopped beside our little group. I could see that our size surprised them. With the twenty foot ceilings of the house they didn’t realize our true size until their vehicle pulled up.

Samantha got out of the front passenger seat and ran to me. I picked her up by her waist; she was two feet shorter than I, and kissed her cheek. She tried to wrap her legs about my lower chest but it was far too broad.

“Is that your…?” She whispered as she wiggled her stomach and crotch against my torso. “You said you were big but I had no idea. Too bad you’re my brother.”

I just smiled. Meanwhile the others had gotten out of the car and Mark introduced everyone. Rachel and Rebecca stepped forward offering a welcome drink. Bill handed one to Sam.

“It will make you stronger,” I said, “so we won’t hurt you when we fuck you.”

“We?” She said and drank as did the others.

“That takes care of the formalities,” Mark announced. “We’ll unload the car later. You can come on in. It looks like Rachel and Rebecca have dibs on the boys and Rick is set for some family bonding. Ruby don’t worry too much. It is actually possible for one girl to service five cocks but that’s not for beginners. We’ll let Bill and Hank stretch you open and then I’ll take a turn. There are plenty of empty holes for Jorge and Evan to enjoy and I’ll warm up in Maria’s ass.”

Sam had smiled when she heard I would fuck her. The others were confused and shocked by the rapid pace of events. Todd and Trevor quickly discovered that Rebecca and Rachel, who were a few inches taller than them even without the three-inch heels they wore, were also way stronger than they. They were picked up in the girls’ arms and carried inside, tossed on a platform and their clothes shredded like paper.

I placed Sam on another platform and we slowly undressed each other. Thanks to Angela I was able to sense her incest fantasies that I was about to make real.

It was a great night. Luke, Beth, Jason and Eddie joined us for the evening and stayed the night. We just played in the family room and the bedrooms went unused. In the early hours everyone fell into an exhausted sleep; most still coupled with their last partners.

I awoke when it was mid morning. I was still plugged in Todd’s ass. He was still asleep. He had plenty of gay fantasies in his mind and I had made them real. I could literally see what he was dreaming. When I started my fuck stroke I became his dream lover and built him up to a thundering climax that shocked him awake. The cum flooding his ass and spurting from his cock in his dream suddenly was real. I licked up some of his cum from his cheek and feed it to him as we kissed.

Mark was asleep with Sam and Ruby on the next pad. Sam had the top half of his cock still plugged in her cunt, probably that was all that would fit. Both girls were leaking from cunts and asses and had stray streaks of cum drying elsewhere. Jorge and Maria also shared that pad with Jorge in his mom’s ass.

Luke was plugged into Evan on the far pad and Eddie and Jason had double teamed Trevor. There was noise from the shower area where it sounded like Bill and Hank were having some morning fun with Rebecca, Rachel and Beth.

After the morning round and a good shower everyone was sitting having some breakfast on the pads that had been cleaned up while we washed.

“I had no idea your life was this intense, Rick,” Sam said. “It will be hard to leave.”

“You don’t have to leave,” Mark suggested. “Willow says you and Ruby are a good match for me and the boys.”

“Willow, the girl that answered our phone call?” Ruby said questioningly.

“Willow, introduce yourself to our guests,” I said. She appeared on the big screen.

“I’m Willow, the household artificial intelligence. I manage the house and look after our family. Physically I’m about the size of a shoebox and located in a utility area about twenty feet below you. I’m at one degree Kelvin and have about four times the computing power of all the other computers in the United States that are not like me. The total power on my network is like your cell phone is to me. I’m dedicated to my family and offer advice when appropriate. I helped arrange the trip that brought you here in several ways.”

“The brochure with the park passes,” piped in Ruby.

“And the prepaid gas card wasn’t some marketing promotion,” Todd added.

“Guilty,” Willow admitted. “Sam and Ruby will make excellent wives for Mark and later Bill and Hank. You both are already pregnant with Mark’s seed. The drink we gave you puts your pregnancy under your conscious control but the intensity of the sex you had last night triggered your desire for his children. It was entirely predictable.”

“You want us to be your third and fourth wives?” Sam asked.

“I do. We all do,” Mark insisted. “I know you’ll say yes.”

I understood Mark’s last comment to be a statement not an expression of his hopes. If Willow set this up there was no chance they would refuse.

“Of course, Mark,” said Ruby. “I’m sorry Trevor but I discovered that I need a real man.”

“Me too,” Sam agreed. “I don’t know which will be the bigger shock to our parents; that I’m marrying the same man as you or that I won’t be going to college.”

“Girls, we understand,” said Todd. “I think we discovered we need a real man too.”

Eddie, Jordon and Evan had been teasing the smaller but older boys with their bodies and cocks all through breakfast. The formerly straight studs were hard anticipating getting stuffed by the youngsters big cocks once things concluded here.

“What about us?” Trevor asked. “I don’t want a few days of ecstasy and then nothing. College seems pointless.”

“We thought of you too,” Mark stated. “I’m chief of the tribal police force and we need all the recruits we can find to patrol our new lands. You would be perfect. We have great people on the force and you’ll have plenty of friends.”

“What is involved?” Todd asked.

“We have a trainee barracks near our headquarters,” Mark began. “You’ll live there to start but most of our trainees are accepted into local families in a couple weeks. You’ll get a preliminary enhancement that will bring you up to about Bill’s size. If you pass the probationary phase you’ll be as big as Rick. Even at that size you’ll still be cock hounds. That’s just your nature; we just brought it out. But I can show you some of what you’ll be doing. Willow, put up the video feed from Raymond Eagle Claw.”

“Yes Mark.”

The big screen came to life showing two men on horseback moving through dense forrest. The bigger man was Eagle Claw and the other was Jeff, Luke’s former slave. The horses had been enhanced to be fifty percent bigger and ten times stronger than normal with the intelligence of a ten-year-old though more accepting of directions.

“Ray,” Mark began, “I have a couple potential recruits watching you. Describe what you are doing.”

“We are patrolling this wilderness area about two hundred miles north of you. We got a call about a group of hikers in distress and came to investigate. We left our vehicle in the closest clearing and are proceeding on horseback. The remote shows the hikers are faking. Word has gotten out about us. We’ll give them all a memorable fuck and lead them to their cars.”

“You have got to join the force,” Jeff insisted. “It was the best decision I ever made. The sex last night at the patrol base was great as usual. In a few minutes I’ll get to loosen these hikers up for Ray and when I pass I’ll be Ray’s third wife though he already keeps me pretty happy as his first two are pregnant.”

“Thanks. Have fun,” Mark said and Willow closed the feed. “You’re our guests for the next few days so you don’t need to decide today.”

They accepted the next day.

Sam and Ruby joined the family. Sam was almost as tall as I after her enhancement and Ruby just a little shorter than her. They had seen the other girls but their strength and stunning bodies still surprised them. Then they learned that their new bodies would not age. The prospect of lives measured in thousands of years, hundreds of children and who knows what else was a lot to contemplate even with their boosted IQ. I know I don’t think much about the future. Even Mark is focused on the next weeks and months. Next year is a long range plan.

Four wives in a night was too much even for Mark if he were to get any sleep. He’d usually choose two and the other two would join our perpetually horny teenagers for fun.

Near the end of August the big news was of massive meteor strikes on Mars. The entire surface was obscured and NASA lost contact with the rovers on the ground. Willow had access to the plans. The strikes looked more violent than they were. This phase would last two months and fill the ocean that would cover the northern hemisphere and boost the atmosphere to Earth normal. At the end Mars would get a decent sized moon to create tides and the spin from the new mass would equalize the Martiansol with Earth’s day. The next phase would condition vast areas of land to support plant life and seed the oceans. A shirtsleeve environment was expected within ten years but it would take hundreds to stabilize the ecology. Venus would take longer but it was clear we would need the room.

A few days after this Mark announced that we would have a number of visitors from the new town that the Berkeley group constructed in our new lands in Northern California. They wanted to discuss plans with Mark. Willow constructed a one-story guest house adjacent to the pool area with five big bedroom suites a large common area and dining area.

We were outside at their scheduled arrival time. Only Mark was in his uniform. The rest were nude. We were anticipating meeting our guests.

At the appointed time their vehicle descended from the sky. It was egg-shaped but flattened somewhat in the vertical dimension. It had about the volume of a couple 747s though it was wider and not as long. Large windows formed a band that encircled it horizontally. There was no noise and I figured it used the same technology as our cars but this was not built to use roads. It stopped a couple feet above the paved pad opposite our house. The near side opened, deploying steps to the ground.

First out was a stunning Chinese lady accompanied by a Caucasian male. They were both a few inches taller than I. Both wore semitransparent casual attire that I realized was projected like Mark’s uniform though I didn’t see a wrist band for the mechanism.

Next out were Ty and Anh Quan with their husband Tony Tran and my friend from Stanford Paul Sims. The Quan sisters were world famous, having shared the Nobel Prize in physics and the Field Medal two years ago and were Time Magazine’s Persons of the Year last year. Quan cells were taking over powering the world and Forbes had estimated their individual worth at $100 billion, making them the world’s richest. With their incredible beauty to match brains and wealth they were all over popular magazines. Paul now matched my size but was more muscular. He was obviously now a member of their family.

Next was a group of Caucasian and Asian males and females. I recognized L.D. and Faith from the video. Then there were eight super-kids ranging from several months to two years. Finally there was Samuel and Joseph Running Bear. Joseph was now even bigger than his brother.

The Chinese woman that was first out went to Mark and made introductions. She was Meilin Chu, May, and the male with her was her primary husband, Jerry Sanders. The big Asian male was Donny Yi. They and the five siblings, sisters, Faith, Hope and Chastity and there brothers, John and Peter, are Donny’s wives and Xiaolong, May’s younger brother is Faith’s husband and also Donny’s wife. The older super-kids, four boys and two girls were Donny’s with each of his wives and the Quans’ with Tony Tran. The younger pair, about five months, both girls were from May and Faith with their other husbands. Then May rattled off all our names and I realized that everyone in their group already knew all about us. May’s clothes gradually faded away as did those of the rest of the group. She led us all into our house.

Most of the group went to the family room to start sex. Our guests selected the partners they wanted. Our family was well outnumbered by our guests and they took charge of the activities. May led Mark, Bill and I to his office on the second floor. Her husband, Jerry, the Quans, Faith and Xiaolong and the oldest super-kid, Donny Jr., joined the group. May stood behind Mark’s desk, facing the others.

“Willow you can join us and we would like privacy,” May stated.

Willow appeared on all the screens on the office walls and the door to the master suite shut and locked.

“Things are moving very fast,” May began. “You have heard the news about Mars. We have also completed purchase of Yosemite and federal and state forrest lands on its southern side for a hundred miles. It will be announced next week.”

“How much?” Bill interrupted to ask.

“One point five trillion,” May stated and did not seem annoyed by the interruption.

“I know the Quans are rich but not that rich,” Bill said. “How do you pay for it?”

“We pay in gold,” May said. “And the Quans are rich enough. They each have ten times the wealth of everyone else on this planet who is not in this room.”

“And May is richer than we,” Ty Quan said.

“We used the royalties from the Quan cell to fund numerous projects. With dozens of super-geniuses using their talents things progressed quickly,” May explained. “Physics, biology, computing and nano technology were our principal lines of effort. All paid off. We have the resources of the solar system at our disposal and nano-scale manufacturing to utilize them. Willow and your home are just the tip of what is possible.”

“Why are you here with us now?” I asked.

“As you might imagine each of us are very busy,” May said. “I am talking to fifteen people in six languages as I’m standing here. Anh is teaching a class in Princeton via video. Jerry is doing hundreds of legal processes all over the world and Faith is coordinating software upgrades to our A.I.s. The things L.D. does in the world’s financial system every second are illegal everywhere if they were discovered. They won’t be.”

“It’s not even to make money,” Xiaolong said. “We want to promote stability.”

“Yes,” May said. “With unlimited energy and resources and the ability to make virtually anything money is an outdated concept. Willow just provides what you need. People do still matter. That is why we are here. Mark is getting a very big responsibility. The tribal police force will be the only organized group in our lands here, Mars and elsewhere. You have done excellent these last few months and Willow says you are fully capable of meeting the future challenges. For most that would be enough but I decided to evaluate you personally just to make certain.”

“I understand,” Mark said. “What do you want to ask me?”

“Not ask,” said May. “We’ll have sex. I don’t like to do this because you’ll always be comparing your other partners to me and they won’t compare.”

She took Mark’s hand and led him to his bed. Xiaolong and Faith took me to the second suite and Bill went with the Quans, Jerry and Jr. to the third.

Faith wanted me to fuck her while her husband took my ass. She was a natural blond and incredibly sexy. Having two super-kids did not stretch her in the least. She was tight as I pushed in but wet and slippery. Xiaolong was entering my ass as I pushed into Faith. I started a slow fuck stroke as I worked deeper, gripped by Faith’s very strong internal muscles. Xiaolong also started to fuck my ass with the first foot or so of his long pole.

When I had about fourteen inches in I was brushing the top of her uterus. My cock head touched something inside and Faith grabbed my ass a pulled me another six inches into her. The tip of my cock had penetrated into the sleeve of muscle of her second vagina.

I knew I couldn’t hurt her so just enjoy. Going deeper was like being sucked by row after row of warm lips. I explored Faith’s fantasies. Many involved being penetrated by an incredible number of huge cocks. I could tell she’d actually had six at once, two in each hole, maybe over fourteen feet of cock inside her. She wanted to try three each in cunt and ass. I couldn’t see how the guys could be arranged to make that work. Anyway I only had one so those were out. Her incest fantasies with her brothers were perfect though. They were totally gay now. Faith and her sisters had plenty of opportunity to slip in the morning wood while the boys slept but when awake they were strictly bottoms. However I could work with it and she imagined that it was her older brother fucking her. It drove her wild and she squeezed my cock strongly with her internal muscles as she came.

Xiaolong imagined he was using me to fuck his wife. He knew just how to guide me and I knew how to make his cock feel as good as it felt for me. We had a fantastic mutual orgasm then another and another. I then got him to join me in Faith’s cunt. She was imagining both her brothers fucking her and calling out their names to stroke harder, longer and faster. It was a wild ride.

We were relaxing on the bed still squeezed by Faith’s overflowing passage. Faith was disoriented as her fantasy faded back to reality but it was easy to see she was very happy.

Donny Jr. was my next partner as Faith and Xiaolong headed to see Bill. He was about five foot with a twelve inch cock. My talent didn’t work with him but he knew how to make my ass very happy. As he eased off for a bit after our second explosion I wondered if he had a pet. As i thought it my perspective changed. I was in a spa with hot bubbling water. Two college swimmers were with me and I was fucking the ass of one while the other sprawled exhausted against the side of the spa. The swimmers ass was hot and tight. Our cock started shooting. Then I was back in my own body but my cock and Jr.’s were still shooting. The sensation of the water on my skin, the tight grip on my cock of the swimmer’s ass and the feel of his muscled body in my hands slowly faded.

Then the Quans came in to double team me. Besides May they were the sexiest in the house and any of the women here could make normal supermodels feel plain. I admit I was somewhat nervous being with two famous geniuses that were on so many magazine covers. They have no public nude photos but most of their outfits didn’t leave much hidden. Ty sat on my cock and put me at ease while Anh allowed me to eat out her cunt. Anh was filled with Bill’s seed. I’m very familiar with the taste. Anh’s ass hole was very tight and not leaking but when I pushed my tongue in it proved to be flooded as well though the taste was unfamiliar.

Ty was a great partner. We played out a fantasy where they were convincing a professor to give them both ‘A’s; something they surely never needed to do in real life. After Ty’s cunt I tried Anh’s ass while eating my recent deposit from Ty.

After a few rounds I was exhausted. Ty picked me up easily in her arms and carried me into the main suite, placing me on the bed with Mark and Bill. Bill and I had been taken to total exhaustion but Mark was sitting on the edge of the bed next to May. Both had a sheen of sweat and a nice post intercourse glow but still had energy for more.

May stood up and joined the others of her group. All looked fresher than Bill or I but, after all, we were outnumbered.

“Mark, you passed my little test,” May said. “I knew you would but for important decisions it is good to be certain.”

“Mom,” Donny Jr. began addressing May, “Angela has adjusted Rick and Billy.”

“And Hank too,” I added. “How can you tell?”

“I have my mother’s talent of reading people,” Jr. explained. “When I fucked you I saw pieces of her in your mind. I can’t adjust you like she did. We can ride and control our pets but not change them. She is, so far, the only one of us with that talent.”

“It might prove important,” May said. “She has made a few changes to her pet, Lori, who we all know. The changes are always improvements and well received by those affected. We think we might find it more useful to correct people that break the rules than lock them away. At least increased intelligence is making that unneeded for now.”

“I have very little trouble,” Mark said. “Sometimes we have a person that we need to take in because they were exhausted and needed a rest. We seem immune to the effects of alcohol and drugs and that used to be our biggest problem. Everybody is getting all the sex they can handle. Some of the encounters with outsiders are technically rape but not one has complained afterward; the sex was just too good. Mostly we just help hikers in trouble. With all the new lands it keeps us busy.”

“And that brings us to why we are here,” said May. “Mark, you are in charge of the only organized force in our domain and that domain is about to get a lot bigger. I’m not talking Yosemite. I mean Mars, Venus, Luna and eventually other star systems. In three days Tycho crater on the moon will be in darkness. Over the next ten days it will be domed and converted into our new capital. We will claim Mars, Venus and mining rights throughout the Sol system.”

“You see,” Jerry continued, “our tribe is legally a sovereign nation. We can make a claim on new territory. I expect challenges in various courts and at the United Nations but I’m prepared for them. The key factor is we can go there and no one else can unless we allow it.”

“What is your role in this?” I asked May.

“Technically the Quans and I are advisors to the tribal council. But they take our advice as directives so in practice we are like queens. We also are supporting everyone with the resources we have at our disposal. Actually it is just a tiny fraction of our resources. You never even think about it because your household A.I., Willow, handles everything. It is the same with the tribal police and all other functions. It’s complicated. Less than one percent of what I do takes place in my brain. The Quans and I are linked to vast computational resources, like the A.I.s but based on our thought patterns. Though, as I said, some things I like to do in person.”

“Still they could overwhelm us,” Bill said. “I could beat a dozen normal men easily but not bombs and missiles.”

“You won’t have too,” May said. “If we can protect Luna and Mars from meteors, and we can, bombs and missiles are easy and the protection is already in place. We also control every computational device in the world whether connected to the internet or not. Plus we control the world economy. No one outside knows any of this yet but it can be made clear in ways that will be convincing but not public.”

“We should rejoin the others now,” suggested Ty. “You know perhaps we need a grander name than tribal police, considering the responsibilities.”

“I think I prefer power without the trappings of power,” mused May as we headed to the family room.

Everyone was busy in some arrangement or other and they too had done several rounds. All paused when we entered. Willow came up on the big screen. May was the center of attention.

“Mark is confirmed to lead the police as we expand,” May announced to cheers and applause. “We project a force size of five hundred by the end of next year and one thousand by year five. The household A.I.s have screened candidates and you will be getting 25 a month for the next eighteen months. Some will be as young as sixteen.”

“That is about twice the expansion rate I was anticipating but we can manage it though it will be hard to train, patrol and supervise all the rookies until we build the numbers of experienced officers,” Mark said.

“The will to make things happen is why we have you as chief. We think that A.I. monitored surveillance and patrols will be able to relieve your officers of much of their routine duties,” May continued. “Your vehicles have been authorized for space. You will be getting your spacesuits implanted. That will be standard for all tribe members.”

“As a side benefit ladies,” added Ty Quan, “we have top designers on six continents doing exclusive and very sexy outfits for the suits. The mens’ choices are more generic. Any design May, Anh or I choose to wear is locked out for all others. There are a few advantages in being the three richest in the solar system.”

“There are many other things but Willow has all the details and can fill you in as needed,” May continued. “We plan to stay the night and get to know you better.”

I had an opportunity to try most of our guests. Donny Yi gave me a real power fuck. I encouraged him to be rough and hard by playing out one of his secret rape fantasies. My body was strong enough to take his power but I felt stretched deep inside for a couple days.

Daniel, Sarah, Sam and Jim stopped over later in the evening to meet our visitors. Young Sam rode Jim to fuck with May and the Quans while the older male super-kids were fucking him.

After Samuel fucked his friend Daniel he came to fuck me. I didn’t do anything special. I just enjoyed a nice slow tender fuck from the man that introduced me to this new life. After about a half hour of coupling we shot together; he flooding my guts while sucking my spurting seed from my cock.

“I want to thank you again,” I told him as we relaxed in the afterglow of great sex. “My life here is beyond my wildest dreams.”

“I knew generally of the plans,” Samuel said, “but things have moved much faster than expected. I’m still at Berkeley but there really is no reason. I’m way beyond the stuff I was planning on learning in college. The fraternity house looks the same on the outside but goes down another 140 feet with labs and workshops. Joseph and I just finished the timeline and resource allocation for Venus. Your son’s group from the high school contributed the specifications for the moon. It was very ingenious; a 95% water covered orbiting beach resort with Venus filling a good part of the sky since it would be much closer than earth’s moon. Everyone loved their work.”

“I’ll let him know.”

“We’re still working on our family. We have several steady boyfriends and May has us on a date with four girls she selected this weekend. If you know May like we do you’d know that means we’ll probably marry them.”

“She does seem like a force of nature,” I admitted.

“She jokes she is the queen of the universe but it is no joke,” Samuel said. “Even the Quans defer to her judgement. I heard a story but I believe it that when she linked her organic brain to computers she added an A.I. based on her personality and moral code to act as her conscience in case knowledge and power corrupts her. It reviews and passes on all her decisions. It’s just a story but it sounds like her.”

“I hadn’t thought about something like that. We’ve learned to trust Willow,” I said.

“We have a house brother at the fraternity who runs everything,” Samuel said. “He’s an alpha male for a house full of them. One of our freshman built a cyborg body for him so he could join in our parties. It is so real that if you didn’t know you would never guess. He’ll reward the brother that has done the best work each day by spending the night with them. I’ve won five times. He is the best.”

“Willow would like that I’m certain. Since you mentioned it in our house she heard you.”

“All the A.I.s communicate with each other so she already knew but was waiting for you to be ready to take that step.”

He was done talking and started another round. Then Donny Yi came by and showed me why he’s the head of the family. Then Tony Tran and Paul double fucked me. Paul enjoys the celebrity life around the Quan sisters and often poses as Anh’s husband at public events. The Quan’s first children, both male, are almost two. They and their pets are active with everyone in the family though they like to ride their pets to New York City where they have taken over a few families both gay and straight.

Tony said that is why we’ll be moving off Earth. We can get privacy for our unusual family structures and minimize the disruption to the general population. Nothing like our takeover of the local high school has happened elsewhere but a few schools in San Francisco are close. Even one Faith or Xiaolong can dominate all the sexiest boys and girls in a school. We will still need new pets and partners but we should be able to spread the impact more widely.

We enjoyed great sex into the night. I fell asleep with Donny Yi still plugged up my gut and Hope nursing the last six inches of my cock. There were two other groups on our pad but there was plenty of room. the morning sun bathed the area when I awoke. Donny had started a slow fuck of my ass, about fourteen or fifteen inches. That quickly hardened my pole and woke Hope who still had my cock head between her lips. Donny sped his assault and brought us both to orgasm a few minutes later. Hope swallowed most of my load but saved some to share with Donny and I in an after sex kiss.

Her son who had been fucking Bill on our pad slid over to take his mom to the shower. He was still pumping the last cum from his climax in Bill’s ass. After the big explosion we tend to taper off for a couple minutes before our cocks calm down. The amount of each shot is about twice what a normal man shoots but nothing compared to our initial releases. He offered me a taste and had some of mine before taking Hope away.

Bill came and pulled me off Donny. I complimented him on a good fuck and we headed to clean up. Hope was already being fucked by her son as they soaped each other. There were several other groups having fun.

After breakfast we said goodbye to our guests. We would see them again in a few weeks for the opening of Tychowhere we will have a second home.

Part 5

It has been an eventful six years since our meeting with May. Angela is Mark’s number one wife. They were married when Angela was almost four. She was seven feet tall then and incredibly beautiful. Mark never had a chance as we all knew. She’s fully grown at seven ten now with a one-year-old son.

Like most families ours is complicated. Mark, Bill and Hank are officially the husbands and Angela, Maria, Jorge, Rebecca, Rachel, Rose, Evan, Ruby, Samantha, and I are the wives. Then there are nineteen super-kids between one and six years and Maria, Rebecca and Ruby are pregnant as are four of the super-kids. Then we have the nineteen pets of the super-kids, ten males and nine females, four of the pets were the mothers of five super-kids and four of the other five are pregnant. The various pregnancies are a mix between the husbands and the super-kids. Technically only two of the pregnancies would have ben considered incest in the old days but we have all had our genes edited so there is no possibility of genetic problems.

As I said it’s complicated but our family is fairly typical. Most of the family is at our compound on Mars. We have about a square mile of land on the Northern Ocean. The main house is on a 100 foot cliff overlooking the water with two dozen bedroom suites and common areas inset in the cliff face with a private beach and marina at the base. Despite our birth rate Mars is still sparsely settled. Ocean front is the most popular since it is almost all near the equator and has a nice climate like early summer in the mountains of California. We also have a large inland sea of fresh water. The south polar cap covers about a third of the land area and its meltwater is the source for numerous rivers that flow north to the ocean. There is a heating system buried under the soil around the fringes of the cap to keep it from growing too large.

The ecology is still new and a work in progress. The ocean was salted as it was filled and seeded with algae and plankton from Earth. We add heat to the waters near the equator to make up for what we don’t get from the sun. It allows for coral growth that we have greatly accelerated and the start of reef communities. It will still take hundreds of years before the system is stable.

The land is mostly grass though we started several forests by buying tree farms on Earth and transplanting the trees instead of harvesting them. We have growing populations of deer, elk, moose, buffalo, wolves, bears and large cats plus numerous smaller species. You need a healthy mix though we are trying not to have mosquitos. I follow the news but we have lots of smart people and A.I.s working on it, including a few in our family.

It will be about fifty years before Venus is ready for its first families. It will be 80% water and its new moon 95%. Still that is more land area than Mars has. Being closer to the sun the climate will be mostly tropical to semi-tropical.

Our second planet is Epsilon Eridani two that has been named Athena. It was Earth-like with about 70% water coverage but no life. The system is only about a billion years old. It was even easier than Mars to establish an ecology. It is just under 10 light-years from Sol; two weeks for our starships but a newly built wormhole just beyond Mars’ orbit cuts that to an hour.

We are using it for parents and other close relatives of those associated with our tribe. Sam and I have our parents there as does Ruby and Trevor. They have been given youth and health and some added strength but not extra size. It nice knowing they will be safe but somewhat strange to see your parents looking our young age and being almost two feet shorter. Our life style was a big shock for them but the biggest was their young grandchildren having sex with them. There are always a few of our mixed brood visiting and they have great grandchildren now too.

We don’t visit Earth very often. We attract too much attention and most everyone wants us to fuck them. The youngsters will ride their pets for a look around. Most can pass as sexy as hell normals. There is always a need for new pets as our population grows and plenty of volunteers. But the household A.I., Willow for us, makes a recommendation and that is usually accepted by the child and the candidate. I haven’t met one pet that regretted their decision. Since Angela still rides me when she wants to play as a male I know more than most about what they experience though as a second I’m not as close as Lori is.

Well, I’ve got to go now. The kids need me as their twelfth to complete a couple sex rings they’re building. It’s always fun.

Part 6

I was in Gunnery Sergeant Hardesty’s office for the final chat he’d requested before I signed out on terminal leave. Officially I’d be a Marine for another three weeks but after this meeting I was gone.

“Sergeant Jackson, we are sorry to see you go. What are your plans once you’re out?” Hardesty asked.

I had told him before but I guess he wanted an update.

“I was thinking law enforcement, Gunny. I applied to several police forces and got interest from San Diego, San Jose, Bakersfield and Sacramento. Being at Pendleton I’m leaning toward San Diego but I thought I’d use my leave to check out the other offers.”

“You can still reconsider and stay in the Corps,” he stated.

“I’ve put in six years and lost my right leg. It’s enough. Besides I think we’re going to be out of business soon.”

When the North Koreans tried to nuke Seoul three years ago their missile disappeared. Then every weapon in the country from tanks to knives turned to dust. Since then no country wants to risk their fate. Even terror groups have seen dud bombs, malfunctioning guns, crumbling knives and vehicles that refuse to be controlled. No one has taken credit for this but everyone thinks it’s the Martians.

“I wish the Martians had started a year earlier,” I said. “I’d still have my leg. They seem to know everything.”

“We assume so,” Gunny stated. “Even stuff that never goes electronically. How is the new leg?”

“It is pretty amazing. It feels like my leg. I can wiggle my toes and when I rub my hand on the surface I can feel the sensation. The surface looks almost like my real skin and you can barely see where it meets my thigh. It has a tiny version of the new power cells everyone is using and you just use it 24, 7, 365 and never give it a thought.”

There was a knock on the door. It opened and the corporal from the outer office stood in the opening.

“Corporal Kowolski, I said I didn’t want to be disturbed,” Hardesty roared.

“Yes Gunny, I know. We have, well a visitor that wants to see Sergeant Jackson.”

A silver sphere about one foot in diameter floated above the corporal’s head and into the room, stopping beside my chair.

“Sergeant Dek Jackson,” it began, “please take the card.”

A slot opened on the side facing me and the card was extended a few inches out. I pulled it clear. It was about five inches by eight inches and the thickness of an index card but so stiff it would not bend. It was black on one side and gold on the other. When I touched it a solid green circle appeared in the middle of the black side and began to blink. The slot closed and the silver sphere left soundlessly and Kowolski shut the door.

I looked at Hardesty who was as surprised as I and touched the blinking circle. The black side became a video screen showing a very muscular man sitting behind a desk in a police uniform. He started to speak.

“Sergeant Jackson, I’m Mark Grey Eagle, chief of the Martian police force. We would like to recruit you.”

“How do you know about him?” Hardesty asked. “He didn’t apply to you.”

“Nobody applies to the Martian Police, Gunnery Sergeant William Hardesty. We contact those that interest us.”

“You know who I am too,” said Hardesty looking surprised.

“The short answer is that we know everyone. You are not suitable for my needs but you do have skills we are interested in. When you retire you can expect an invitation like this.”

“If I am interested what do I need to do?” I asked.

“Just walk out the door,” he said. “Transportation to Mars is standing by. You need bring nothing but yourself. Everything will be provided. You will get a tour, meet officers and trainees and find out about the program and the life you will be entering. If you accept we will take care of everything Earth-side for you and if you decline we will return you anywhere on the planet with a generous stipend for you time.”

“I accept. There have been a lot of rumors and wild stories about Martians and from the twenty percent of California you own. I can’t resist seeing if they are true. But tell me, does the Chief of Police wait around to speak to every recruit?”

He replied. “Some of the stories are true but I think the reality is wilder. You will soon see. I always have time to speak with my men and have spoken to several while I was talking with you. The invitation is connected to our computer. It can answer any question or connect you with me or any of our officers. I’ll look in on you on Mars in a couple days. Good luck.”

The screen went blank and the long dimension shrunk to two inches. I put it in my pocket.

“What will you do?” Hardesty asked.

“Go outside and catch my ride. Do I have any paperwork left here?”

“You’re done and signed out on leave. I’ll have your records packed and ready for you or your representative to pick up.” He got up from his desk and came around as I stood to shake my hand. “Good luck and tell me what Mars is like if that’s not against the rules.”

We shook hands and he walked me to the door. I put on my cap and stepped outside. There were dozens of people looking out the widows of the company offices.

There was something in the sky above the base. It dropped quickly and silently toward the ground. It stopped a foot above the grass outside the office. It was about the size of a minivan. The side toward me opened and I climbed in.

There was a bench seat and a couple captain chairs that were turned toward the rear. I took the one that would have been the driver’s seat if this were a car and it swiveled easily to face front. There were no visible controls.

The door shut on its own and we rose into the air. There were windows all around and a large moon roof above. The base dropped away and you could see the Pacific coastline. San Diego and Los Angeles were visible as the sky turned black. An image appeared in the forward window. It looked like a young, muscular Asian male in a finely tailored white suit.

“I am Lieutenant Charlie Chan, formerly of the Honolulu Police and now the artificial intelligence for the Martian Police. I will be your driver.”

“You don’t look much like the actors that played you in the movies,” I remarked.

“We decided to update things. Mars is currently about one hundred fifty degrees behind Earth in its orbit. I could make the trip in twenty-five minutes but we will take two hours and give you a little tour past Luna and Venus on the way.”

“I’ve seen Tycho through a telescope. You can see the parks, forest and lakes and some of the bigger buildings.”

“You will do your low gravity training on Luna if you join us. We do zero gravity and space operations trading in the belt near Mars. Here is your space suit.” A drawer opened in the front console that contained a yellow band like they use at Disneyland. “Put it on your wrist. Its operation is self explanatory.”

I wrapped around my left wrist. There was no apparent closure but the two ends merged seamlessly. In my mind I saw exactly how every feature operated. Most of the safety mechanism was fully automatic and options could be initiated just by thinking them. I saw that it could project the service dress “C” uniform I was wearing or indeed any uniform in any military. I tried it out. It was a weird effect.

“You need to take off your conventional clothes to use that feature,” Chan stated. “You won’t need clothes as the suit will keep your body comfortable in any environment.”

I stopped the projection and removed my uniform. I took stock of my body. I’d entered the Corps just after high school at age nineteen. Now at twenty-five I had a Silver Star, Bronze Star and a Purple Heart and was minus one leg. You could hardly see the seam where the mechanical joined the flesh of my right thigh. The brown color of the simulated skin is an exact match to my natural tone. I was in fighting shape thanks to six months of rehab and learning to walk with the old model prosthetic. I’d gotten my new leg a year ago. I used to do two miles in 8:45 but now I can do it in 8:14 because the new leg is doing half the work. I had excellent upper body development and a defined six-pack. There were a few scars from pieces of the IED that got my leg.

I folded my clothes neatly on the seat beside me and put my wallet and the communications card on top. I tried the uniform projection again and it looked perfect but I felt like I was still nude. I looked at my crotch. My cock, nine and a half when hard, was not visible. I realized the suit would keep it under control unless I wanted it free.

“I’ll take care of your stuff for you,” said Chan. “You won’t need money or identification while you are with us. Your suit is linked to me. If you see someone I will display the name and any other information I feel you might need. If you wish to talk with anyone just ask and I will connect you.”

We were passing above the moon and would be a few hundred feet above the dome of Tycho at our closest. This part of the moon was in darkness but the light from the dome illuminated the surrounding area for miles. We slowed for our pass and took three minutes to transit the width of the crater. Then it was back to speed as the sun grew steadily bigger.

“I’m surprised we were allowed to fly so close,” I said.

“I track every vehicle moving in Known Space,” Chan stated. “That is a rough sphere about twenty light years in radius currently. A vehicle controlled by myself or one of my fellow A.I.s is not an issue and virtually all are.

“You see you are not wearing a belt or other restraining device and while we move you have no sense of motion. I could slam us into the dome at our top speed without damage to us or the dome. We have no inertia. This compartment has its own inertial frame that we keep at Earth gravity.”

We were now speeding past Venus. It’s atmosphere had been thinned to Earth normal with a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen. I’d read that the oxygen is being strongly sucked up by geologic processes and must be continually replenished. Water now covered eighty percent of the planet surface and I could see clouds in the sky. Rain and flowing water was staring to work on the mostly rocky surface. The major projects at this time involved combating acidity in the ocean and surface and creating a suitable soil. The land, mostly near the equator, though there was a far northern mass, appeared mostly gray and the ocean had a yellowish tinge.

As we past the sunward side of the planet it’s moon, Cupid, came into view. Cupid is about eight hundred miles in diameter and orbits Venus every fourteen days. It looked like a blue ball with the surface ninety-five percent water. An Earth normal atmosphere is about ten miles thick, held in place by some type of force field. I spotted a cyclonic storm in its Southern Hemisphere but it wasn’t a threat to the land areas that were all equatorial. Reports were that it was already inhabited and serves as the base for the Venus project.

Venus and Cupid rapidly dropped away and the sun grew smaller as we headed outward toward Mars. After ten minutes I could make it out from the starry background. I remembered my suit and thought about a magnified view. The planetary disk swam in front of my view.

The Northern Hemisphere was all ocean. It was the Northern winter so there was sea ice around the pole. The South was land with a couple large inland seas and a polar cap. The land around the rivers, seas and equatorial belt was green but there were still large areas where the original red soil was visible. To the left I saw the silvery surface of Mars’ new moon, Vulcan. It is a ball of iron and nickel four hundred miles in diameter in six day orbit. The original moons Phobos and Deimos have been recycled.

We descended over the Tharsis volcanoes to the area where the Mariner Valley empties into the ocean. Just a few minutes east and about a mile inland was a large dome, covering about a square mile. As we approached I saw several homes spaced along the ocean front. They were not domed. We stopped at a pad just outside a dome entryway. There were two men waiting at the edge of the pad in police uniforms. From the shadows it was mid afternoon. I saw the time of 1537 displayed at the bottom of my vision.

The vehicle stopped and the door opened. I stepped out onto the pad and took my first breath of Martian air. It was cool. I saw it was twenty-one centigrade when I though about the temperature. The two men were walking toward me. Below their image in my eye I saw that one was Police Lieutenant Raymond Eagle Claw, head of recruit training and the other was Sergeant Jeffery Eagle Claw, his wife and a recruit trainer as well. As I glanced toward the dome it was labeled as Martian Police Headquarters Complex.

As they came closer I realized that the two guys were really big. The lieutenant must have been almost eight feet tall and his companion was just a few inches shorter. They had massive muscles. Their upper arms were way thicker than my leg. The uniform they displayed was short sleeve so you could see the veins on their biceps. They were shredded. I was five-eleven and one-seventy-five of solid Corps muscle but these guys must weigh twice as much. They stopped in front of me. I only came up to the lieutenants massive pecs. He held out a hand and I took it. His grip was steel but not painful; just enough to demonstrate his strength and superiority.

“Sergeant Jackson, welcome to Mars,” the lieutenant began. “Dek, we are glad you decided to check out our offer. Jeff will get you settled for the evening and you can have a chance to look around and meet some of the trainees and we’ll give you a more formal orientation in the morning.”

He didn’t actually introduce himself or his companion. He assumed, correctly, that I already knew. He walked back to the dome, leaving me with Jeff.

“Follow me Dek,” Jeff said. “We’ll get you settled.”

“You are his wife?” I asked.

“Yes, third wife,” he said. “Have been for six years. We married right after my training. We have six wives now, four female and two male, and a second husband. Then there are ten kids and a few grandkids and some that don’t fit the normal classifications. Our families on Mars tend to be a little complicated.”

We had entered the dome. There was no closure for the opening. Jeff said that they don’t need the domes anymore and that this would be coming down in two weeks. My eyes displayed the functions of each building as I looked at them.

“Your kids can’t be very old,” I remarked. “How do you mean complicated.”

“Yes, our oldest is just over six but our kids are sexually mature at three and fully grown, taller than me, by six. They always like meeting the new trainees so you’ll see soon enough. You see sometimes the kids will have children with the husbands or wives and it tends to mix up the generations. Only some of it is incest but we’ve edited out all our bad genes so that is no problem.”

It sounded pretty weird to me. We passed a number of people. Some were about Jeff’s height, both men and women, and identified as police officers. Most displayed the uniform. There were others about in the mid six foot range that were identified as trainees or probationary officers. All the males, even the trainees were very muscular. The women were stunningly beautiful. On some of the men I could get a hint of a huge cock. Even the trainees seemed to sport much more than I and I was very well hung. I stole a glance at Jeff but couldn’t see anything. He saw I was checking him out and smiled.

“Looking for this,” he chuckled. His uniform looked much more form fitting and I could see the outline of a huge cock sticking up beyond his slacks and under his shirt. “That is twenty-seven inches when hard. Ray has near thirty. It’s one of the benefits for being a Martian. I’m mostly gay but the sex is incredible any was you swing. We never had a recruit want to go home after a few days meeting Martians.”

We had entered a building the suit identified as trainee barracks. It was two stories with each level about twenty feet tall. There were tinted windows that must be for the rooms spaced along the length. In the middle of the long side was a deeply tinted panel that was about thirty feet long and the height of the first story. There was a paved area leading from the walkway to the panel. Jeff took it and walked right through the wall. I held back a few seconds and followed. It was as if there was nothing there.

“If you are not authorized the wall is solid,” Jeff stated. “The suit will warn you if you don’t have access.”

The entry area was the full height of the building and about forty feet deep. The entry panel was transparent from this side. On the far side was another tinted panel that the suit said provided access to first level rooms and and two areas of floor, one green and one red, with tinted panels on the wall above at the second level.

As we walked a man stepped through the panel above the red marking and was lowered smoothly to the first level. We walked onto the green marked area, about a ten foot square and were raised up to the second level. There didn’t seem to be anything below my feet but it felt solid. We walked through the panel to emerge off the corridor that ran the length of the second level. There was a red rectangle by the panel we walked through and a green rectangle ten feet to our left by the other panel.

There was an open area opposite that was identified as a messing area. It had two tables that could seat eight to ten and a counter running along the back wall. One table was occupied by six trainees, four male and two female. My suit gave their names and that they were in their second month of training. They were eating and talking but they were totally nude.

I tried no to stare but the guys were maybe six-eight to six-ten and massively muscular. Not as much as Jeff or the Lieutenant but more than anyone I’d seen on Earth. Their cocks were huge, well over a foot and only partly hard. The women were sexier than supermodels and only a little shorter than the males. And they had all obviously just had sex.

They called out to Jeff and he introduced me though they certainly had my information already. From the banter I gathered that Jeff had already had sex with all of them and they were looking forward to sex with me.

After a couple minutes Jeff broke it off and directed me to the hallway on the right. At the end was a communal shower area and zooming in could see a couple groups having sex. At the other end of the hall was a lounge area that appeared to also be used for sex. There appeared to be thirty two rooms on each level. We stopped at room 223 and walked through the tinted panel door.

The room was about thirty feet wide by forty deep. The ceiling had a soft glow that filled the room and there was a large window on the far wall that looked out on a grassy area. To the right of the entry was a glassed in ten by ten area that was identified as a grooming area. There was nothing in it and when I reached to tough the glass my hand went right through. The room had a large bed, a sitting area, a table and two chairs and my roommate.

She was identified as Naomi Galilli, an Israeli, that had arrived a few hours before me. Jeff made the formal introductions and left us to get better acquainted. We were to report the the police academy at 0900 to get our introduction.

Naomi was nude and showed no concern over it. She was five-eight with a fit firm body and about my age. She had a nice tan and no tan lines, firm “C” cup breasts, dark shoulder length hair and a neatly trim bush above her pussy that, unlike the diners, showed no signs of recent sex.

“So Dek are you going to show me what you’ve got?” She asked.

I was surprised she was so direct but I turned off the projection and I was nude. My cock swung free when the clothes disappeared and stuck out horizontal about three-quarters hard from what I’d been seeing before and now.

“I definitely approve,” she complimented me. “You are bigger than I’ve had before by a couple centimeters at least but it will be a good warmup for the males here. I see you have one of the new prosthetics. We have them in the IDF too. I was Golani Brigade. But I never has sex with a guy that had one before.”

I was surprised she was so direct but I’d heard stories about Israeli girls from guys that had been there. I was interested and my now fully hard cock made that clear.

“You’re hot too,” I said.

She leaned in and kissed me on the lips. I kissed back and she opened to accept my tongue, playing with it as I explored her mouth. As we kissed her hips pressed my stiff pole between us. I was seriously leaking pre at this point.

When I broke the kiss she led me to the big bed, about double king-size in all sides, and pushed me down on my back as she straddled me, her knees beside my hips. With both hands she positioned my cock at the entrance and eased it in with a soft moan.

“You are nice and thick too,” she said, taking a couple more inches and starting to bob up and down on it.

She was very hot and tight but well lubed with natural juices from both of us. She moaned deeply as she took another inch. I had about six inches in her. The contrast between the dark cock and her lighter color was exciting. I had too use all my skills to hold off cumming too soon.

At about the seven inch mark she had a first orgasm but kept going. Now we were at just over eight and she told me I was in virgin territory but she kept bobbing on me. There was now some discomfort with her pleasure. Finally she bottomed out, sitting firmly on my wiry pubes with a look of triumph.

She rested with me fully inside her, tightly gripped by her internals. She leaned back supporting herself with her hands on my thighs. She rubbed the surface of my artificial leg and traced a finger along the seam with my real flesh. I raised my knees so she could lean her back on my legs.

After a few minutes she sat upright and started to bounce along my pole squeezing the shaft as is slid out and relaxing as it plunged in. I could only take five minutes of that before I grabbed her hips and slammed her down while I unloaded inside her. She climaxed for her second time with me.

She smiled at me as we rested. I knew she enjoyed it as much as I. We were still coupled and she was squeezing me softly with her internal muscles. I was still half hard. She started a little motion to bring me back to life and it was working.

“Time for you to do the work big boy,” she announced while rolling to the side until I was on top.

I lifted her legs to my shoulder and started a slow fuck stroke. I was quickly fully hard and made my strokes longer and faster.

“Show me what you got Marine,” she screamed at me. “I want it hard, fast and deep. Don’t hold back.”

I’d never had a women tell me that. Most were a little afraid of my size, especially after they felt it in them. I did it, pounding her with my full length, leaving just the tip in before ramming it back. She loved it and had an orgasm immediately but I kept going. I managed fifteen more minutes and two more of her orgasms before unloading my second cum while she came again.

I rolled beside her in the bed once I finished. My soft member slipped from her cunt. We were both breathing heavily. I had a sheen of sweat from the exertion and my suit was trying to cool my overheated body. We just lay quietly in the afterglow for several minutes.

Finally Naomi rolled to her side and started licking the juices off my cock. After a few minutes she moved off and kissed me. I tasted our mixed flavors in her mouth.

“That was really special Dek,” she said softly. “Next I need to try your big boy in my back door.”

“Give me a few minutes Naomi. Even in Mars gravity that was a workout. I hope I didn’t make you pregnant.”

“No chance of that stud. Israel became a Martian protectorate last year and giving females control of their bodies is one of the benefits.”

“I’ve heard they have gotten support from a lot of poor countries by offering aid but it sounds like you are talking about something different.”

“Yes. First the government has to recognize the Empress of Mars as their supreme legal and political authority. They pass a new constitution and legal code based on the country’s tradition but much simpler, normally a few dozen pages. From then on no new law can be passed without the Empress’ approval and she is the ultimate court. In practice the courts are run by A.I. judges. In exchange every citizen is given a drug that keeps them healthy and youthful for 150 years. Each person can have two children and men and women can separate procreation from sex. No more periods is a big plus for us girls.

“That’s just the start. Food, clothing, shelter, education and pretty much any material need are provided. There are places where we were talking about huts with no electricity or safe water now enjoying better conditions than the first world. Israel was considered first world but what we have now is way beyond. There are limits. You can’t go to Europe and live as a billionaire playboy. But if you want to catch an opera in Milan or see a football match in Brazil, no problem.”

“Still the rich elites might not like the equality.”

“Well they can take their money and go elsewhere but, if you are sixty, ninety more years of youth and health is pretty attractive. For Israel the big benefit was security. We don’t need to worry about attacks. They still fire rockets at us but they just disappear. The bombs don’t go off and knives crumble to dust. I don’t know how it is done but it’s effective. We disbanded the IDF. I was ready to head home to Safed when I was contacted by Mars.”

“How much of Earth is a Martian Protectorate?”

“I don’t know. Jordan joined six months ago and Egypt is in negotiations. Charlie can tell us. Charlie, can you show us how much of Earth is a Martian protectorate?”

“Certainly, Naomi.”

A map appeared on the screen opposite the bed. Countries colored green were obviously in. There was reunified Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Papua New Guinea, a smattering of Pacific islands, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Belize, Haiti, a good swath in sub-Sahara Africa, Israel, Jordan and one of the Central Asian Stans. Egypt, Morocco, Taiwan, Georgia and the Baltic States plus Finland were in yellow along with Colombia and Paraguay in South America. Tibet was colored pink for some reason.

“Thanks Charlie,” I said and the screen went black. “That’s more than I imagined. We can’t be the police for all that. I wonder what their plan is?”

“In Israel we still have a local police force but there is a lot less to do. We all have something like our space suits but without the bells and whistles that can keep us safe from physical attacks and there is a lot less incentive without money to steal. Mostly it is people who are boisterous or disruptive that are brought in until they calm down. Those that have attempted terror attacks are relocated to the Gaza Strip. And peaceful residents there and in the West Bank have been settled in Jordan while the remainder join the rejects in the Strip to battle things out amongst themselves.”

“I guess I have a lot to learn. How do we get cleaned up? Do we eat at the area down the hall and where are the toilets?”

“Last first,” said Naomi. “The suit takes care of your toilet needs automatically. You are not going to feel the need ever as long as you wear one. It can sustain you for over three years but you probably want some more substantial food than the suit provides. We have a food dispenser built into the wall by the table. It can provide whatever you want. I requested dinner for both of us, something savory that Charlie knows we will like. We had these back in Israel once we went with Mars. Lastly the glass enclosed area is for cleaning; the best you’ve ever had. We had those too but without the walk-through walls. I’ll show you how it works after dinner. They’re really fun for two or more. Our food is here.”

A panel slid up in the wall and two trays were moved onto the table. It smelled fantastic. Naomi sat at one tray and I sat opposite her by the other.

“You have a beef Wellington, vegetable medley, potato corn chowder and an onion roll with butter. Mine is a chicken cordon bleu, parched baby carrots, lobster bisque soup and French bread with butter. I took the liberty of asking for wine with dinner, red for you and a dry white for me.”

“From what I’ve heard yours doesn’t sound very kosher.”

“Actually it is. It was a big debate among the rabbis in Israel,” she explained. “They decided that since it is all synthesized, the ham was never part of a pig, the beef was never a cow nor was the cream or butter; so it is all good. I like bacon and barbecue pork ribs and, thanks to my treatment, I don’t need to watch my figure.”

I had never had anything better. Naomi explained that the best chefs in the world are handsomely rewarded for contributing dishes. A few of the best closed their restaurants and were rumored to have been invited to Mars.

We each had a piece of strawberry cheesecake and finished our wine. We stood up and the trays slid back in the wall.

“Time to get you clean, big boy,” Naomi stated. “I want to try you in my ass.”

“I’ve already cum twice this afternoon. I’m soft?”

“I’ll take care of that.”

She took my hand and led me to the glassed enclosure. We walked through the glass onto what appeared to be a solid black stone floor. There was no drain. A gentle rain fell from the ceiling. The water seemed to go right through the floor without any pooling.

“In Israel you have to speak to control the unit. With our suits I just need to think it.”

When I thought about it the instructions popped into my mind. I touched the glass and it was solid. The instructions indicated that it would remain so until we were dry unless we overrode it.

After a few minutes of rain, soap was mixed with the water and Naomi told me to wash her all over. Her breasts were very firm. There was no sag in Martian gravity and I’d bet not on Earth either. She had me clean out her cunt where I had deposited two good loads. Then she turned her back to me, leaned against the wall and told me to do her ass. The hole was pink. I soaped her crack then circled the opening with a finger. She had me put one, two then three soapy fingers in her as far as I could and move them around. She was moaning in obvious enjoyment from the anal stimulation.

She had me pull out and it was my turn to be cleaned. She covered he body in a thick layer of suds and used it to scrub every inch of mine. It was erotic and I started to react. Then it was my turn for some internal cleaning. She had me lean forward and spread my legs widely. I felt her hands on my ass as she spread me apart to expose my hole.

“It looks really sweet, chocolate with some pink in the center.” I felt her finger brush the opening. “I do think it is winking at me” she pushed the tip of her finger into the center. “Nice and tight. I think you haven’t had anyone play with you back here. I can be your first.”

She moved her hands to spread my ass and her face pushed into my crack. She lapped at my hole with her tongue, running it around then pressing the tip at the center. A little slipped in and she ran it the ring of muscle. It felt good. She added some more tongue, flicking it in and out and running it around. She moved a hand to my pole and started stroking it while playing with my pole. I began to firm up.

Naomi pulled her face off my hole and a soapy finger replaced her tongue. She pushed it all the way in and started to rub me internally. The sensations went right to my cock. She added a second finger and then a third. By that point I was hard as stone.

“It looks like you are ready to fuck my ass,” Naomi observed. “Take it easy to start. You are about five centimeters longer and thicker than anything I’ve had back there.”

She stood and replaced me leaning on the wall. I stepped between her spread legs and fingered her hole again. It still felt soft and loose. The compartment filled with a dense warm fog. The walls disappeared and it was like we were in a cloud together. I positioned my tip, nestling it against the opening.

I pressed forward and saw and felt her flesh yield to my hard member, the dark flesh disappearing in the golden tan flesh of her rear. I slowly eased about four inches into her in that first push. She was tight but it was clear she liked it. I added another inch and started a slow stroke like I would do in a cunt. It she was tighter back here than she was in front.

I worked deeper and deeper. She starting meeting my thrusts by pushing her ass back and wiggling around on my pole. That was exciting me and she obviously loved it too. I stopped for a few minutes, telling her I didn’t want to cum too soon. She stopped her motions too and we rested, calming down from the initial rush of penetration.

I started again with slow strokes. I had about eight inches in and slowly worked deeper. Naomi would give a low grunt when I bottomed out and a soft moan as I moved out again. She wasn’t trying to push back now that we were down to the final inch. A few minutes more and my pubes rubbed her ring. I left myself buried to the hilt. She turned her head back at me and smiled.

“OK Marine. Hard, fast and deep again. Breed my ass like you did my cunt.”

I wasn’t so sure she could take my full force fuck but Marines are good at following orders so she would get my best, no holding back. I took one slow outward stroke, leaving just the head inside then I slammed it in full force until my hips hit her butt. She got it, full length plunges as fast as I could go each one finishing as flesh slapped flesh. She loved it and started pushing back again to make it even faster, then squeezing down on me as I pulled back.

I couldn’t hold out long at this pace. I managed to hold off about five more minutes before plunging in and holding her hips tight to me while my seed sprayed her gut. She climaxed too. We rested in the fog, recovering. She stood up and I held her against me with my arms about her chest. We were still connected. She turned her head and we kissed.

I eased out of her after our kiss. My cock was covered in my cum but not anything else. She was really clean up inside. Naomi knelt down and cleaned off my pole with her mouth. She swallowed all nine plus inches. No one had ever done that before.

She stood up and the fog cleared. Warm air flowed and we were dry in a couple minutes. A panel open in the wall with two small devices. Naomi showed me how to put my lips over the mouth piece. A minute later our teeth were clean and bright white and a fresh taste lingered. We put them back and stepped through the glass into our room.

We sat on a large sofa by the window just relaxing after a great afternoon. The window faced West where the sun was setting. New Mars had a blue sky that was streaked with reds and oranges around the noticeably smaller disk of Sol. The peaks of the Tharsis volcanoes dominated by Olympus Mons were stark against the fading light. We watched the show. Twilight was briefer on Mars.

The paths through the compound had a uniform soft glow as did the walls of the buildings but the windows were still black for anyone trying to peer inside.

“Oh,” began Naomi, “I took the liberty of getting you a shave and a trim while we cleaned. I like my men smooth.”

I felt my hair. It was still Marine regulation as it was this morning. My face was smooth like I’d just had a very close shave. Then I noticed that all my body hair except for a small trimmed patch above my cock was gone. I had not been particularly hairy so I wasn’t upset.

“I’m your man?” I asked.

“That was the best sex I ever had. I think you liked it too. The rumors are that the Martians are very sexual and from what I’ve seen on my first day that may be an understatement. We’re in for a lot of sex but I would love to share it with you.”

Charlie Chan appeared on the screen and announced, “You have visitors. Anthony and Diana Eagle Claw and their pets, Richard Taylor and Jasmine Kimbantu.”

The screen displayed the scene outside our door with the individuals labeled. I turned to the door that was transparent from this side and the suit displayed information at the bottom of my view. They were all totally nude. The Eagle Claws were the Lieutenant’s grandkids and thirty months old. Despite the age Anthony was about five-seven and much more muscular than I. He looked to be full-blooded Native-American like his granddad. He had a sixteen inch cock and it was standing vertically up his muscled torso. Diana appeared to be an exotic Asian, Indian and African mix. She was about five-six and supermodel beautiful. Richard was identified as Anthony’s pet, whatever that meant. He was as tall and massive as Jeff, about seven-ten, he towered over the others. He had huge biceps, thick pectoral and lat muscles, tapering to a slim waist with clearly defined abdominal muscles and legs that were each much thicker than his waist. His thick hard cock must have been well over two feet as it reached up between the plates of his chest. He was dripping his pre-sex juices down its length. The last, Jasmine, was the most stunningly beautiful black woman I’d ever seen. She was a pure dark African black, not the lighter shades I was used to in America. At six-six she was a head taller than Diana and about that much shorter than Richard.

“Invite them in Charlie,” said Naomi standing beside me.

They walked through the door with the Eagle Claw kids in the lead. They stopped in front of us with Jasmine and Richard standing behind. Anthony spoke.

“I’m Tony and this is my cousin, Diana. We brought our pets, Richard and Jasmine. For the last year and a half we have been the unofficial welcome wagon for all the new recruits. Welcome to Mars. We are here to introduce you to the benefits of being a Martian; the best of which is meeting other Martians.”

“I don’t understand what a pet is and the suit isn’t giving much help,” I said. “What is your relationship with Richard and Jasmine?”

“We are responsible for them,” Diana stated. “Legally and in actuality Jasmine and I are one person, sharing two bodies and two brains. Because my mind is so much larger than Jasmine’s I take responsibility for us both.”

“Basically we become adult and sexually active at about one year old,” Tony continued. “But at that age we are less than a meter tall though much stronger than you. That tends to limit our social development. By taking a pet we practice being responsible for someone and we can wear their bodies to interact with others without our miniature bodies complicating things. As you can see we grow fast. At thirty months we are over 160 centimeters. We are fully sexually mature at three years, meaning I can make sperm and Diana can get pregnant.”

“I’ve stored a few fertilized eggs by guys I admired for later,” Diana added, “and Tony could cum since he was six months. But we use our pets for a lot of our sexual interaction, particularly when we were younger. Richard is full size since Tony uses him mostly on Mars but I’ve kept Jasmine at close to human scale because I like to use her on Earth.”

“My god!” Naomi gasped. “You’re the Nubian Princess. I had an encounter with a guy who said I was his best fuck since you. You’re sort of a legend, some say a myth, to guys in the IDF.”

“Guilty,” Jasmine said. “We like Israeli guys but the really mind blowing stuff is Diana’s doing but I’m getting almost as good as her. And I’m from Rwanda, not Ethiopia.”

There was a subtle change in Jasmine. If anything she looked even sexier.

“We like Israeli women too as you’ll soon discover. It’s me Diana now controlling Jasmine’s body but she is here too, following everything. The relationship between us and our pets is the closest and most intimate that two people can have. But I’ll let Jasmine explain,” Diana said, the last sentence coming from her own mouth.

“Let me give some background,” Jasmine began. “Rwanda became a Martian protectorate three years ago. I was eighteen and just finishing school at a Catholic mission. I had a brother, fourteen. He was dying from a bone cancer the mission doctor said and there was nothing to be done but make him as comfortable as possible though he was often in pain.

“Large video screens were delivered by strange vehicles to each village along with several boxes. Empress May came on the video to thank us for accepting her offer and explaining the changes we could expect now that she was responsible for us. I didn’t understand most of it. At the end we were each asked to drink from vials packed in one box. Everyone did though a few hung back to see others drink first. I trusted the Empress and drank right away and helped my brother drink his. Once everyone drank we all feel asleep.

“It was early morning when everyone awoke. We and the village had been transformed. First my brother was no longer sick. His body wasted by his condition was fit and strong. My parents looked only a couple years older than me as did my two surviving grandmothers. There wasn’t an old person, fat person or sickly person in the village. The village itself was filled with new homes connected by broad paths for people to walk. There were no stores but there were places for people to gather and sporting fields for other activities. The video screens directed us to our new house. It had the personal items from our old dwelling. It was run by our household god that we called, Mikail, after a powerful protector of the people from the old stories.

“Eighteen months ago Mikail told me that I had been invited to meet a young Martian who was in need of a life companion. My people believed that all Martians were gods and you do not reject the requests from a god. I went. I was dressed in traditional garb of the finest material that Mikail made for me. The silver vehicle that descended from the sky to bear me to Mars only reinforced our beliefs. Diana was waiting for me when we arrived at her domed family compound on Mars. Of course I was dazzled by my first trip through space then to step out in the light gravity and then meet a beautiful woman just half my height, I was so confused. We walked to her beautiful home passing god-like men and women, some incredibly tall.

“She took me to her room and explained what she wanted of me. All I understood was that we would be together forever. I immediately agreed but she told me that this was very important and I needed to be certain. I said yes again but she took me to see her parents and their pets. They were very nice and after telling me more they said Diana made a good choice in me. I talked to their pets who said it was the best decision they ever made and also the last decision they ever would make alone. They were both very happy and I was able to see how it was when their partner was in control. You might think master but everyone who is in my situation thinks of it as a partnership. Yes we give up control but we get to be loved and cherished in a way no individuals can really understand. I said yes again and this time Diana was satisfied.

“She took me back to her room. We sat on the bed and she tenderly removed my clothes. She pushed me back on the bed. I was surprised she was so strong; much stronger than I. She straddled my chest with her tiny legs and leaned forward to kiss me on the lips, holding the sides of my face in tiny hands. I had never kissed before except for family and that was not like this kiss. I felt pleasure but I also felt her pleasure beside mine in my mind. I’m sorry, that’s the type of thing that you can’t really describe to someone that hasn’t experienced it. Anyway I put my arms about her and hugged her to my body.

“When she broke the kiss she moved down to kiss my neck, play with my breasts and suck my nipples. She moved lower, spreading my legs as she tongued my female parts. I was a virgin, being pure by tradition until claimed by my husband. She excited me like I had never been before. I had my first orgasm. Of course, I didn’t know what had happened except that I’d felt more pleasure than ever before. I had a second and a third before she pierced me with a strong thrust of her tongue to claim me for her own. She explored my newly opened depths for even more pleasure.

“She pushed up my body and we kissed again. Her face was smeared with my juices. She allowed me to explore her small body. When I touched her breasts and licked her nipples I could feel her excitement in my mind. As I moved to her sex to mimic what she had done to me I used her pleasure to guide my movements to maximize both of our enjoyment. When she orgasmed I did too because her pleasure flooded through my mind.

“We lay on our sides, lapping at each other’s most sensitive areas, my body arched so she could reach. We felt each other in our minds and rocketed from one peak to the next. We were no longer two but one. I looked at my self through her eyes and felt what it was like to plunge a tongue into my cunt at the same time I was feeling the pleasure that tongue was giving. Simultaneously Diana was using my tongue to pleasure herself but I felt the sensation of my tongue rubbing the tight insides of her vaginal canal even though I had no control over its movement while at the same time feeling the pleasure that it was giving her, us both.

“It lasted for hours but there was no sense of time while we were coupled. When we both became aware again the Martian dawn was lightening the sky. We were no longer two individuals. Now, even if I’m visiting my family on Athena, that’s about ten light-years from here, Diana is with me.”

“Wow!” I said. “How about you Richard?”

“I’ll give you the short version. I was a junior at Texas Tech in Lubbock. One day a flying sphere comes and gives me an envelope. Everybody calls them a Golden Ticket after Willie Wonka. It is an invitation to Mars. Well all the guys want to know what I was going to do. You hear rumors of these things but it is always a friend of a friend type of thing. I really didn’t know why I got the thing. I wasn’t the brightest, strongest, sexiest or anything and my cock then was only about seven inches. Anyway here I am. It was the best decision I ever made.

“Oh, by the way,” Richard added, “for guys to do the bonding I rode Tony’s cock. He had just over eight inches then and was way, way stronger than I. I’d taken a couple cocks before and done a few girls but never had anything like our first fuck. We didn’t get our current size until after the bonding.”

“We didn’t actually come to chat,” Tony said. “Diana, show Naomi how much you like Israeli girls and I’ll show Dek how boys get it on.”

“I’m not gay,” I insisted.

“Our profile on you says you are 75% straight,” Diana stated. “You just haven’t found the right guys to get you started. You won’t find anyone better than Tony and Richard for your first time. But don’t worry, Jasmine and I will give your straight side a real workout after the boys finish.”

Tony stepped in front of me. He was a few inches shorter than I. His fully hard sixteen inches was leaking clear liquid from its tip that was dripping down its length and smearing the defined muscles of his belly. He gripped me by my lat muscles and pulled me down and toward him for a kiss. He was many times stronger than I. From his muscles I expected him to be strong but not that strong. My knees buckled and I found myself held to his torso with our heads level. Only the tips of my toes touched the floor.

He pushed his mouth to mine and we kissed. He kissed me like I would kiss a girl. I’d never felt like this. It was clear he was in control. I could feel his hard pole between our pressed bodies, throbbing and wet. He pressed his tongue to my lips and I parted them to accept him inside. I knew then that I was going to let him put his cock in me too. I wanted it but also knew I was powerless in this encounter.

After a few minutes he broke our kiss and holding me a few inches from him he smiled at me. I gave him a wan smile back, embarrassed that my face was giving away how much his kiss did to me. I saw him glance down and my eyes followed. My cock was fully hard next to his much longer and thicker one between our bodies. I was leaking but just a few drops compared to his flow that had coated both our poles and much of the skin nearby. There was no hiding my lust for him now.

“You didn’t have a chance,” Tony stated. “I think you know that. You won’t be sorry afterwards.”

I knew in my heart his first two statements were true and I suspected the final one would soon be. He pushed me to my back on the large bed and raised my legs to his shoulders. He coated the fingers of his right hand with his juices and smeared it around my hole. He grabbed some fresh stuff and probed me with a couple fingers, spreading the lube inside.

Tony commented that I was already slick with soap inside and Naomi confessed she had played with my hole just before they arrived. He said that would certainly help. He added a third finger. My cock was jerking as he massaged the inner depths of my ass. He used his left hand to hold it, sliding along its length.

I looked down my body at him standing on the floor behind me. My legs were straight up in the air with my feet well above his head. I could see the top half of his cock sticking up above my torso, dripping fresh lube. He slipped his fingers from me and used his freed hand to position his cock head at my opening. I felt it pressing me, the slick tip slightly spreading the muscle that sealed the entrance.

“I think I’m ready for you,” I said but my voice sounded less certain.

He removed his hand from my cock and the other hand from his own pole that was lodged firmly against the target and with his hands on my knees bent me double.

“You’ll be fine,” he assured me, increasing the pressure.

He jabbed his hips and my hole was forced open as I gave a grunt of pain and surprise. A few more inches slipped in. I felt so full and stretched. I looked down between my bent over legs and saw there was still a good foot of shaft between his hairless groin and where it entered me. The last couple inches were partly hidden by my drawn up balls. The golden brown shaft with a couple prominent veins running its length was an interesting contrast to my chocolate skin. He added a couple more inches but he still had more left than my entire cock.

“You did really good my no longer virgin stud. Wait until you feel this.”

He started stroking my gut with the tip of his pole. Just a few inches but it dragged the rim of his crown over my prostate each time. I reached to stroke my cock but he brushed my hands away. I lay back, clutching at the sheets while he toyed with me, bringing me to the brink and backing off. I was just moaning and groaning. Finally he did a few rapid passes and I shot. The first gobs hit my face and the next few laid lines over my torso before the final flow dribbled on my abdominals.

My first anal orgasm drained my strength. I flopped limply on the bed but he was still inside me. He pushed deeper, opening fresh territory. He was still using short slow strokes but now the head was well in my gut and the bumps and friction of his thick pole were stimulating my prostate. He seemed to know just how to move it to give me the most pleasure. My cock became hard again.

“When we are connected like this I can read your pleasure right from your mind,” Tony said while keeping up his motion. “It is not like with my pet but I can bring you off anytime I want.”

I had a thunderous orgasm right as he spoke and then another right on the heels of the first. My cock stayed hard. I had a third and another and then it all seemed to merge into a dream.

When I recovered some awareness I was still on the bed but Richard was behind my ass, holding my legs to the side of his massive chest. My the heels of my feet were trapped under the pits of his arms. I had all of his long sex pole inside me but he was just holding it there. I didn’t remember when they switched. I was soaked with cum dripping all over my face and torso and my ass was in a big puddle that hadn’t soaked into the sheets from stuff leaking from my ass.

“What did I miss?” I asked.

“Most of the last two hours.” It was Richards voice but it was Tony speaking. “We have been taking turns fucking you since we switched to the big cock. You were so out of it after twenty minutes on my pole that the big one went in with no trouble. You came about twenty times but were mostly dry for the last dozen or so. The cum soaking you is mostly mine as my own body would blast when Richard or I shot a load from his cock.”

“It was pretty cool,” Naomi said. She was on the other half of the bed cuddling with Diana and Jasmine. “We’ve been watching for the last half hour or so. The girls are great but I’m looking forward to riding those big cocks too.”

“OK Naomi,” Tony said. “We are looking forward to you too. But I’ll let Richard get a last round with Dek now that he is aware enough to fully appreciate it while I introduce him to cock sucking.”

Tony knelt over my chest and pushed the head of his cock to my lips. I knew what he expected and opened my mouth. He pushed the blunt end and a couple inches inside. I licked around the head, tasting his cum and precut. I swirled around the rim of the crown and teased his retracted foreskin. He told me I was doing good and pushed another inch in.

Meanwhile Richard had started moving in my gut. At first the strokes were short, only about a foot or so. But the thick pole rubbed my prostate with every motion and I could feel the bulge from the tip of that weapon deep in my gut, hitting my abdominal muscles from the inside. I got hard once again.

Tony change his position to his hands and knees with his groin right above my mouth. The space was spanned by the foot of cock that had not yet entered my mouth. I was staring at it and thought no way could I take all that. He put in another inch and I gagged. He pulled it back and I recovered. He told me to try to swallow next time. I did and it slipped a few inches into my throat. After a few seconds he pulled it out and I got a good breath. He suggested that next time once it’s in I should relax my throats muscles and try to breathe around it. He pushed in again and it worked. I could breathe and work the throat muscles between breaths while I licked around the shaft in my stuffed mouth. I gave him a thumbs up sign to show I was fine.

That must have been what they were waiting for because Richard started building the length and speed of his fucking and Tony started stroking his pole through my face, pushing a little more in each time. It was crazy. Tony’s groin drew closer until my nose was rubbing it. It felt like the tip of his sex was in my chest near my rapidly beating heart. Then there was more than two feet of cock drilling my guts and stimulating sensitive spots I never knew I had.

My body was trying to squirm and thrash about on the bed but I was so constrained by the muscular poles inside me and their strong grip of their muscles around me it was just a wiggle like a worm on a fish hook. My whole body convulsed when I came. That triggered Richard who unloaded a fresh torrent in my gut and Tony whose first jet went straight to my stomach. He pulled out to my mouth for the next dozen or so that I tried to swallow but I lost a lot. He still was shooting when it left my mouth putting fresh cum on my face, neck and chest. Meanwhile Richard had flooded my gut and when he pulled out my overstretched hole leaked a lot onto the sheets.

I flopped exhausted on the bed as they went to have fun with Naomi. Diana and Jasmine crawled on the bed beside me.

“Girls, I’d love too,” I said weakly. “But there is just no way.”

“We’re Martians, Earth boy,” Diana said with a laugh. “There is always a way. Suck on Jasmine’s breast.”

Jasmine offered me a reddish-brown nipple on her firm black boob. I sucked and a warm liquid squirted into my mouth. It was milk. I swallowed and my fatigue started to fade. I drank more.

“Super-babies need a lot of nourishment so our milk is special,” Diana explained. “Drink a diet of that for a few years and you’d be as big as Richard. I was breast fed for my first six months and about weekly thereafter until I’m three. Since Jasmine got her boost she has taken over for my mother. We control our bodies and don’t need to have a pregnancy to produce milk. We can make it on demand.”

It worked I felt great and ready to go but when I looked my cock was limp. The special milk had not helped there.

“Now try my breast,” urged Diana.

I did. A spray of very sweet liquid squirted into my mouth. I swallowed. I felt a little dizzy then hot. My body tingled and the sensations went straight to my cock. I was getting hard.

“Milk is not all we can make,” said Diana. “We call this joy juice and it’s a super-kid exclusive. It is the strongest aphrodisiac in the known universe. It can make the gayest boy straight and puts your cum production into hyper drive. For the next few hours you are our sex toy Earth boy.”

It was true. They were insatiable and I was inexhaustible. I shot buckets of cum. Naomi was great but Diana and Jasmine were out of this world or at least my world. I couldn’t tell when Diana was controlling Jasmine as she had been very well trained and I really didn’t care because I was going from orgasm to orgasm myself. Naomi was going at it with the guys on the other side of the bed but I never bothered to see their action.

After some hours we must have drifted off to a contented sleep because the next I knew the light of day was shining in the window. I was sandwiched between Jasmine behind me and Diana in front. My cock was hard and fully up Diana’s cunt. Jasmine had an arm over my waist, holding Diana’s ass to squeeze us together while Diana’s arm was pressing her chest to mine.

Diana’s internal muscles were massaging my cock. I shot another big load in her already full cunt. Diana had an orgasm too and shaking behind me meant Jasmine felt it too. I looked into Diana’s face and she smiled.

“I always like waking up to a good orgasm,” Diana said. “What do you think of Martian women, Earth boy? Would you like to marry one?”

Naomi was in the bed still with Richard up her ass and Tony fully plugged in her cunt. She was breathing hard from an orgasm that probably just finished.

“Yes,” she screamed. “I’d marry one or all of you in a minute to get more nights like that.”

“Then you’re in luck,” Tony said. “That’s exactly what we intend to do.”

“What do you intend to do?” I asked.

“Both of us will marry both of you,” Diana stated. “You see we become sexually mature in six month though we’ve been active for almost two years. When you finish your training in a year would be the perfect time for us to start a family.”

“We asked Charlie to find us good matches in the next recruits,” continue Tony. “You are the ones he came up with. After tonight I know his choices were as good as we expected them to be.”

“But we haven’t even found out about the program or agreed to join yet,” Naomi said.

“If Charlie selected you,” Tony said, “you will agree to both the police and our marriage. I can assure you he knows you better than you know yourself.”

“So I am to be Diana’s husband and Naomi your wife. What happens to Jasmine and Richard?

“No,” said Diana. “You will find family structure here different than you’re used too but it works well. Tony and I are the husbands and you and Naomi are wives to both of us. Jasmine and Richard are just part of your husbands and expect them to be as much a part of our married life as they were today.”

“Of course we will need more wives or you’ll be exhausted,” Tony added. “We think Jasmine’s brother is perfect for us and you both have sisters that we expect would join the marriage in a couple years.”

“Diana and I have taught Edward how to make love to a woman,” Jasmine said. “He has gotten really good and he likes to have fun with guys too. He really can’t wait to join me.”

“You are going to have children with our sisters.” I was incredulous.

“I expect that eventually all the males will have kids with all the females,” Diana stated as if it was common. “With the children and grandchildren and their pets and everybody feeling sexy our family will be hundreds in a century. The whole Eagle Claw clan will be thousands. I think you’ll appreciate the variety.”

“Enough of this for now,” Tony said. “It is time to get you ready for your meeting with grandpa.”

The suit indicated the time was 0654. We used the cleaning device, I’ll just call it a shower, in two groups, boys and girls. The bed had been cleaned and made and a breakfast was waiting for us.

We just talked during the meal and found out about Tony and Diana. Both had jobs. Tony was in space exploration. They have six giant telescopes in the interstellar void, spaced around the limits that have been explored by their ships. Each consists of six one kilometer diameter mirrors in a hexagon twenty kilometers on a side that focus light on a central mirror that directs it to a sensitive detector with trillions of pixels. It can image Earth-sized worlds out another twenty light years well enough to detect signs of civilization at a level of about our Eighteenth Century or beyond and lesser detail out another hundred light years. The search is mostly automated but Tony and others evaluate any features that meet certain criteria. Then they prioritize systems for future terraforming or scientific study.

Diana is in exobiology. They have found several worlds with life but it is all single cell. That includes Jupiter’s moon Europa that has life in the ocean under its icy surface. There it is in the form of bacterial mats that crowd the area around the Europa equivalent of the black smokers in Earth’s oceans. All the life appears to be DNA based which gives support for the panspermia theory but they have no idea yet where the original source might be. No world with existing life is a candidate for terraforming. They will let the worlds evolve naturally.

One interesting world is Alpha Centauri Three. It is lifeless today after having been struck by a body almost as big as Mars about 300 million years ago. The impact liquified the entire surface and gave the planet a second large moon. Some of the pieces blasted from the planet impacted on the first big moon that orbits about 500 thousand kilometers from the planet. Some of these survived the impact and a few show fossils evidence of animals that have some resemblance to the early Mesozoic on Earth. That is a good sign that we should find advanced life elsewhere. The planet surface resolidified but it lost most of its water and is sterile. It is scheduled for terraforming but it will require protection from future impacts as the multi-star system makes the orbits of bodies in the outer system unstable.

We had twenty minutes left. Naomi and I projected some business casual clothes. It the others stayed nude; it was common on Mars for the second generation of super-kids. We said goodbye at the front entrance, knowing we would see them again soon. The suits guided us to our destination.

Ray and Jeff were waiting for us. Charlie had reported on our activities overnight and we were told he would monitor us continuously during our training and probation period. Once we became officers we could request privacy. Charlie still watches us but makes no report unless we exceed accepted parameters. I suspect that the ever present surveillance explains why they are well behaved.

We got a full tour, starting with where they are working. The display showed every officer and trainee. There were small clusters through the area they had explored but the vast majority were in our system, mostly Earth, Luna, Mars, Cupid with others scattered about. There was a good group at Epsilon Eridani, about ten light years from Sol but they were very thinly spread in most of the sphere. In space they function primarily like our Coast Guard, providing search and rescue but with enforcement powers. The ships and installations are very reliable but they get a call for something a few times each year. Their policy is to have two officers on the first crewed mission exploring a new system. Most systems only see A.I. exploration unless something of interest is discovered.

The knowledge we would need would be mostly implanted like the knowledge that we needed to operate our suits but we saw groups of trainees doing full motion virtual reality and practical exercises to learn how to retrieve and apply their skills. The final stop was observing physical training. The trainees were all in the mid six foot range and their instructors almost eight. The trainees were many times stronger than normal humans and they were going through exercises to master their new physical capabilities. A thousand kilos was a warm up weight. They were jumping incredible heights and distances; and I’m not talking Mars gravity anymore because the physical training area was at Earth normal gravity. The instructor had two trainees put us in a fireman’s carry for the run. They keep up with the group even with our extra weight. I couldn’t help it, I got hard from being manhandled.

The run finished and everyone ran into a large shower big enough for the entire group. A warm rain and steamy mist filled the space. I was lifted off the shoulder of my trainee and he asked me if I was up for a different ride. He had Asian features and said his name was Cao. His seventeen inch cock was hard. So was mine. I nodded agreement.

He held my hips and started to penetrate me. My feet still hadn’t touched the floor since the start of the run. I saw Naomi was having fun with the guy that carried her while nursing at the breast of one of the female trainees.

The shower was scheduled for thirty minutes; much longer than actually needed to clean, so the post exercise sex break was built into the program. I had three fucks and sucked four cocks while being fucked. The fuckers were good and I got off a load on each but not in the class of Tony and Diana. Naomi had the same impression. They said if we were up for more action this evening that the lounges on each floor of the barracks always had something going.

At day’s end Jeff asked us if we had reached a decision and we said we needed more time. Tomorrow we were each spending the day with two officers to observe their routine.

At our room we relaxed and compared notes. On the plus side we would get the bodies of gods and live literally forever. The sex was great too and everyone we met was very friendly. Those were mighty big pluses. On the other hand everything seemed too good to be true. Did we really understand what we were getting into? And they family life and relationships were strange to say the least. Were we really going to marry two thirty month old kids? We needed more information. Naomi had an idea.

“Charlie,” Naomi said and our young, handsome Charlie Chan appeared on the screen. “You said you could connect us to anyone. Can we speak to the Empress?”

“The Empress is easy,” Charlie said. “Here she is.”

The screen switched to show an incredibly beautiful Asian woman seated in an ornately carved wooden chair facing the screen with a bank of large windows behind her. She projected a yellow dress that was barely there, covering a few inches of upper thigh, less than half here trunk and less than that of her large firm breasts. Her tanned skin contrasted nicely with the yellow color. Out the window was a view of the ocean. The Martian sun was low in the sky off her right, screen left, as it was in our window.

“Naomi, Dek, I’m Empress Meilin Chu, Empress May to most, but Martians can address me as May. How may I help you?”

“Your Highness,” Naomi began, we were surprised we could talk to you so quickly. We had a day to learn about the Martian Police and we were wondering why we were chosen for it and what we would actually be doing?”

“Why is the force expanding when it seems their current numbers are not stretched?” I asked. “The autonomous systems seem quite capable too.”

“Your Imperial Highness is the proper form of address when I make official calls on Earth but May is fine amongst us Martians,” May stated. “I turned down being Empress twice before it became clear that our Chief and tribal council received no respect from Earth governments. The Empress of Mars they respect especially after I so easily took apart North Korea which was the object of that exercise besides freeing the people and starting our Earth Protectorate. I insisted that all my actions would be reviewed and approved by the Princesses of Mars, the Quan sisters, and the renamed Imperial Council. But, even before I was Empress, they took my advice without question.”

“You are using the Gaza Strip to hold the worst people in the world,” Naomi said. “ We see them killing each other. It’s Hell.”

“No,” May retorted. “It’s Purgatory. I could not deal with areas with no real government. We decided to remove the elements that were preventing a civil society. Most of Gaza’s residents are doing well after resettlement once we removed the thugs. They are killing each other quite efficiently in Gaza with the weapons already there. Often one will toss their weapons, head for the boundary and beg for rescue. If I see they are sincere they are removed to a pleasant oasis in the mid Sahara surrounded by a hundred kilometers of impassible sand. If they do well there they can be settled elsewhere in the Protectorate.”

“I had no idea,” said Naomi. “They still fire rockets at us but you stop every one.”

“The rockets are easy,” May stated. “Separating the wheat from the chaff is harder. Now the police are really for things we don’t know about, or as one said things that we don’t know that we don’t know. We know quite a lot. For example Tony’s exploration group has spotted several worlds light years beyond our space that appear very like Earth. Could one or more have intelligent life? We don’t know yet. For now it is mostly routine, helping people in trouble like the Chinese moon landing attempt last year. But if we ever need to do a mass evacuation of one of our worlds for whatever reason we will be glad we have you.

“You were chosen from the seven billion people of Earth as the best fit for the job and to be able to adapt to and enjoy our unusual life style. I see from reviewing Charlie’s files on you that you were also chosen as wives for Tony and Diana Eagle Claw. I can assure you that you will be very happy in both roles and I am never wrong about that sort of judgement. The Empress personally guarantees you will not regret your decision.”

“I’m convinced,” Naomi said. “I accept.”

“I do too,” I added.

“I’ve already informed Charlie,” the Empress said. “If you want you can talk to me anytime for any reason. I’m always available to my people. I’m chatting with over 9,000 people right now. The number varies second by second. Call me in a couple weeks to tell me how you are doing. I will have the data but hearing your voice and seeing your body language is much more informative than the data.”

“Thank you May. We will,” Naomi said. “Bye.”

The screen darkened for a moment and Charlie returned.

“A good decision,” Charlie said. “Everyone has been informed. Tony and Diana have invited you to their compound for dinner and to meet their parents.”

“You mean to have sex with their parents,” Naomi stated.

“Most certainly,” Charlie said. “You are starting to understand our society. But first I have your initial enhancement for you. It will help you this evening too. Dek, you have a choice. I can restore a natural leg or you can retain the prothetic that would be modified for your new body. I recommend the prothetic because after your final enhancement we can use its power source to give you many improved capabilities above even the normal Martian.”

“I’d be a cyborg,” I said.

“Yes,” agreed Charlie. “All Martians are cyborgs to some extent. You would have the spacesuit mechanism implanted so there is no wristband and everyone has a communications interface to the A.I. network. The Empress has a mind the size of a small moon; actually five small moons in the interstellar void. She can lose two with no loss of capability. You would be unique. I recommend it but then I have no human components myself. You can always choose the natural option later if it doesn’t work out.”

“I’ll try it your way,” I agreed.

“Good,” said Charlie. “On the table are two vials and two jugs of nutrient drink. Each of you will down a vial and then use the jugs to fuel the changes. Drink until you are no longer hungry. The jugs will be replaced as needed.”

We went to the table and each drank the sweet fluid in the vials. I started to feel my body tingle, except for the leg. I was hungry and began to drink the jug. It had the thickness and taste of a good milkshake but only slightly cool. After a minute I could feel my muscles expanding and body growing. I kept drinking.

Naomi was drinking too. She was a pretty woman but she quickly became a real stunning beauty. She was getting taller too. Her breasts were large and super firm. Her nipples were hard. The changes were sexually exciting her. My cock was hard too and getting longer, much longer.

It was over an hour later and the sun was down when I stopped feeling hungry and put the bottle down. I was six foot seven with massive muscles like the other trainees and a seventeen inch cock. It appeared my natural skin now covered the artificial leg and not even the former fine seam could be detected. I could now flex the muscles on the leg and the shape would mimic that on my natural one. The band for the spacesuit feel apart about halfway through the process but I knew it was still active.

Naomi was a goddess. The sight of her would make a gay guy hard and I was mostly straight. We spent the next half hour exploring our new bodies together even though Charlie said he had our ride waiting.

We met the four parents for Tony and Diana and their pets. All were close to eight feet tall and they showed us how their kids got their sexual skills. It was an amazing night but our new bodies had incredible sexual stamina even though not a match for full Martians.

Twenty six years later.

Naomi, I and Jasmine’s brother Edward just celebrated our twenty-fifth anniversary with our husbands Tony and Diana and their pets Richard and Jasmine. We were with our kids, grandkids, great grandkids and a few mixed generation offspring and, of course, all but the youngest had their own pets. My sister, Elena and Naomi’s, Sabra, are also our co-wives and their anniversary was the same day but only their twenty-third.

The wedding was at the Eagle Claw compound on Mars. We had most of the clan there and our friends from the police. Naomi and I had our parents and younger sisters up from Earth along with friends from the Marines and IDF and their wives or plus ones. A guest residence was built for them.

We were now full fledged Martians. I was seven foot ten with a twenty-nine inch cock and Naomi was seven eight. At three and a half our husbands were almost seven feet themselves. Jasmine was still six six and the smallest. By that time all Martian DNA had been severely edited to remove not only dangerous gene variants but also three or four billion years of junk DNA while adding some identifying markers in non-coding areas. It meant our chromosomes were much shorter than normal Earthmen and we were no longer mutually fertile. We were a post human species but we could still enjoy sex with normals and tales of sex with Martians were legendary on Earth and in Earth porn.

It is traditional in Martian weddings that the wedding party have sex with all the guests and we certainly followed it. We had Elena and Sabra come up a couple days early. Elena wasn’t a virgin at eighteen and had some ideas from stories about our life here though I had been mostly vague. I could only get about sixteen of my inches in her and I’d guess the biggest she had before might have been just over half of that and way slimmer. She loved the big cock in her even more because it was her big brother’s. I gave her a dozen strong orgasms before filling her to overflowing with my seed. Once everyone had Sabra and her their acceptance of the engagement was a formality.

In the present Naomi and I both hold the rank of Sergeant. The force is about fifteen hundred now out of forty thousand or so Martians. Known Space extends about fifty light years from Mars so we are spread pretty thin. Venus has the beginnings of land and ocean ecology and we have about a hundred Martians supervising the process in new grassland, forests and reefs.

We use modified dolphins, each about twice as intelligent as normal humans to help in ocean ecology on several words but none are on Earth. They are excellent mathematicians too, according to the Quans. They share our love for sex and our space suits allow us to be comfortable underwater and communicate easily with them. The males are hung about eighteen inches and their swimming muscles allow them to thrust quite powerfully. The females can take almost all of a Martian cock and their vaginal muscles have been adapted to hold a cock firmly inside in the weightless ocean environment.

Alpha Centauri Three is now called Ta-Vwots and is fully habitable with only a couple thousand so far. Since our population is doubling every five years that will build quickly.

We found a non Earth intelligent species on Lamda Serpentis Four about thirty-eight light years from Mars. They look like insects but have light bones. They can fly in the gravity that is twice that of Mars. They have a complex social organization but are not technological. Naomi and I were on the mission for initial contact.

The inhabitants call themselves Oviedo but we just call them Bees. Their body has five segments and each has a brain, a heart and three limbs. They are about a meter long and weigh about five kilos in their gravity. The middle three segments each have a pair of wings very much like insect wings but with light bone stiffening. The front segment has three compound eyes each with ten lenses and spaced for an all around view. The next segment is used for breathing and has the largest brain and heart. The middle segment has opening for food intake and elimination while the fourth is for reproduction. They have eggs with a soft membrane covering that develop internally until live birth. All bees are both sexes. The middle limb on that segment is specialized to transfer their equivalent of sperm. The last segment ends with a sharp stinger equipped with a poison that is as deadly to Earth life as it is to the locals. Our suits prevent harm from accidents or misunderstandings. All their limbs end in ten flexible tentacles. As with all the life we have found they are DNA based. Their language is clicking sounds made by rubbing the front trio of limbs together.

Like dolphins they live three dimensionally. The dolphins on our mission were excited by their mathematics that they developed on different concepts than theirs or ours. It could be very useful.

The frontier is a four month trip by starship and we only have a few wormholes to help as they are difficult to build and maintain. For such long trips we needed very much larger ships so a social unit could go as a group. The Eagle Claw clan has members with all the needed skills which was how we got the contact mission that kept us away from Mars for almost a Martian year. We had a pod of dolphins with us and plenty of time for interspecies bonding.

As a Empress May promised us many years ago we are very happy with our new life. It’s an adventure every day.

Part 7

We were Doug Williams and though we are more now; at root we still are. Our story begins at the University of Michigan. We had our last final for the spring semester and were looking forward to partying with friends and roommates in the couple easy days before the summer break and our senior year.

July 4th would be special this year to mark the fiftieth year since the United States became a Martian protectorate. Our grandparents told stories about life back before the changes and we can watch the old movies and videos. It is hard to grasp how different it was. There are still a few hundred thousand living in enclaves because they refuse to accept the new life. There are fewer each year as the older folks die and most of the younger generation choose the modern world.

At 21 years we were pretty average, about six foot two and a well-muscled two hundred pounds and those are almost the averages for adult males today. Of course, back then I was the appropriate pronoun. With blond hair on the head and a neatly trimmed bush above an eight inch cock that was an inch better than average, I looked good. In fact it would be hard to tell me apart from dad, granddad and great granddad except that the newest two generations were a couple inches taller and had an extra inch of cock.

Life was good. We all had 140 years of youth and health. We found out that the Empress meant that exactly. Near midnight on your 140th birthday you would go to sleep and not wake up again. That resulted in some wild goodbye parties.

There were no rich and poor. Everything you might need or want was available. There was no money. There was no need to work but work and education were prized. The reward was acclaim. Singers and actors were still celebrities and movies and plays were popular. Sports were still played though adjusted for current physical strength. The protective shields everyone wore made helmets and pads unnecessary. Writing, arts, cooking were common as were custom design and cabinetry. Farming was still practiced on small scales for those that wanted to try natural versus synthesized food. Popular designers, chefs or craftspersons would have their own channels that could be accessed from any home and allow you to obtain their products. The ultimate reward for the most talented was an invitation to become a Martian.

Everyone is cared for by the family artificial intelligence or A.I. Ours is called Sarah. You go to first school from age three to your twelfth birthday. Sarah could teach me everything but getting children together for social interaction is important. Teachers and the school A.I. supervise everything.

Everyone goes through puberty on their twelfth birthday. I went from four foot ten to five eight overnight and my cock from two inches to seven. I had muscles and could shoot sperm.

My parents saw their boy was a man that morning and watched as I had my first sex with my fourteen year old sister. Then I fucked my dad and he did me before I had my mom. My older friends were invited to my party that afternoon and I had sex with all of them.

As a youngster you see adults and older kids having sex all the time but don’t know why they like it though it is obvious they do. My grandparents told stories about people who used to crave young boys or girls but now no adult has any interest in anyone before puberty. They say it was part of the stuff everyone took for their health but the Martians never explained how it works and nobody on Earth has come close to understanding it.

A lot of the Martian technology is like that. We use all sorts of things but even our best scientists can’t figure out how they work. Like the power cells that run everything. The Quans published their theories and some claim to understand them but we can’t reproduce the power source. You cut it open and there seems to be nothing but an empty box. A Twentieth Century writer of science fiction once said any truly advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. I believe it.

After twelve you go to second school until you are eighteen. The lessons are more advanced and naturally plenty of sex with other students and teachers. Some develop a preference for boys or girls but I was pretty balanced and very much in demand for my versatility.

I decided to try college at Michigan. There really is no need for college as your A.I. can provide any instruction needed but when you’ve fucked everyone near home the change is refreshing. There were about 700 in the freshman class and as juniors we have about 500 still in the program. UM used to be a lot bigger but we still have a football team and they are all good fucks.

I was back in my dorm room after my last exam. It was a fairly standard setup for eight roommates in four bedrooms off of a common area. The common area had a sitting area, a study area with eight desks each with three computer screens and a typical food dispenser that could provide everything from simple to elegant.

Each bedroom had a king bed, a toilet and an enclosure called a shower big enough for two or more to get clean. There is a closet and a dresser. Nobody wears clothes in the dorm. When you get in you toss the old ones in a recycle bin and get a fresh outfit in the dresser or closet. The A.I. knows your preferences and if you want something special it can be provided within a few minutes. Michigan uses a cartoon wolverine as the avatar for its A.I. but I can talk to Sarah just by speaking her name.

I was with Ricardo Torres who shares my last class. He is on the football team and they do a lot of weight training. Our bodies respond well to exercise and he was six three and 290 pounds of solid muscle with nine inches.

With guys he is strictly a bottom as he doesn’t like to stick his piece in someone’s ass. That is pretty foolish since a few seconds on the toilet empties everything from your bladder and large intestine. I’ve been camping a few times where you actually have to go on the ground and try to get clean with paper. Sex then can get messy if your partner isn’t fully empty but that is no problem normally. Anyway he has a really nice ass and tight hole that I was going to enjoy.

He had one of his girlfriends with him, Ann, a cheerleader. I hadn’t fucked her before though I’d done most of his boyfriends and girlfriends and he mine. She must be new. My nominal bedmate, Cora Anderson, was off with a couple of her girlfriends for the night. About half the time one of us would spend the night with friends elsewhere and most of the rest of the time one or both would have someone in. We’ve done plenty of the one to one thing but everyone likes the variety from three, four, or more.

I’d said hello to Ann as would be expected when we were both naked; a full body embrace and deep kiss with my stiff cock sliding up her cunt. When we separated my cock was coated in sperm from her earlier encounters. I’d fucked or been fucked five times so far today too and it was less than normal because of the test.

We started out with Ricardo fucking Ann while I fucked his ass. Then he watched while I did Ann. We then shifted so he did Ann’s cunt while I had her ass. After we both came in her I sucked Ricardo clean then licked the leakage from the three fresh loads in Ann while she nursed my pole.

I had straddled Ricardo’s hips and Ann had straddled him facing me, taking both our cocks in her cunt, when Biff, the wolverine, appeared on the screen.

“Doug, you have a visitor and I am required to allow it access wherever and whenever it wants.”

The bedroom door opened and a silver sphere floated silently into the room stopping near my head. I saw that a large crowd had followed it into the common area outside and were staring through the doorway.

“Douglas Williams,” the sphere stated. It was not a question. It knew whom it was addressing. “Please take this.” A golden card extended from a slot and I pulled it free.

Once I’d taken the card the slot closed and the sphere left as soundlessly as it arrived. Several of my other roommates and neighbors filed into the room once it left. I saw the card, about five by eight inches, was black on the other side and so stiff I couldn’t bend it even though it was thin. When I touched the black side a green circle appeared in the middle and began to blink.

“It’s a golden ticket,” said a voice from the crowd.

“Should I answer it now? I asked to no one in particular.

“Not until I get more of your cum,” Ann stated and started to bob up and down on our cocks.

She had a couple orgasms before Ricardo and I shot our loads into her and gave her another. I’m not a big fan of public sex except at parties but we’ve all done it and I have had sex with most of those watching. Though with my card blinking on the bed beside us it was harder than usual to focus on the act and it took almost half an hour before we climaxed.

We disentangled and I sat on the foot of the bed with Ann on one side and Ricardo on the other and our visitors in a semicircle standing in front of us. I touched the green circle. An image appeared.

It was a man sitting on a stool in the midst of a lush tropical garden. A beach and ocean were visible over his left shoulder. He was a naked as we and very muscular, even more than Ricardo. His cock was hard and poked up to the middle of his pectoral muscles. He had long black hair to mid back and deep black eyes. His skin tone was a deep golden tan with no tan line and his features showed a thorough blend of several races that seems universal in current generation Martians, at least those we see on the video screens in news reports.

“Doug, I’m Brian Kolani,” the man began. “I have a proposition for you that I think you will like and I’d like to discuss it with you. It is best done personally so you are invited to visit.”

“You want me to visit Mars?” I asked. “What do I need to do?”

“Actually I’m on Venus,” he stated. “When you are ready, anytime in the next 72 hours, just touch the screen and tell me you are ready, then walk outside and your transport will be waiting.”

“What if he doesn’t like your offer?” Ricardo asked.

“Ricardo, I’m very confident Doug will like it,” Brian stated. “If not I will return him to the university or wherever he wants.”

“Have you been watching us? How do you know his name?” Maya Wong asked from the crowd.

“Maya, I have better things to do than watch Earthlings,” Brian said. “That’s a job for A.I.s. But I can see you all now and my A.I. provides your name and other information if I need it. You got a 93 on the exam you took this afternoon. I can tell you who you had sex with last Wednesday or the potential fathers for the six fertilized eggs you carry.”

“No, no,” said Maya clearly embarrassed.

I knew that Biff and Sarah watch me continuously. I could request privacy. They still watch but can’t share what they observe except in special circumstances. I’ve never felt the need to request it though I know of two people that do it almost every second of their days.

“Thank you Brian,” I said. “I will let you know soon.”

“Great Doug. Bye for now.”

The screen turned black and the green circle appeared though it was not blinking. The long side folded into four pieces resulting in a golden rectangle. I put it aside on a table by the bed. A few from the group in the room tried to pick it up but couldn’t seem to get a grip on it.

“What are you going to do? Link Monroe, one of my roommates, asked. He had obviously been in heavy action, most likely with Tony Flores who was standing beside him. His six-inch soft cock was coated in cum and he had drying streaks on his torso and Tony was leaking cum that dripped down his inner thighs. Of course everyone had interrupted some sort of sexual action to see what the Martian machine was doing in our dorm.

“I don’t know,” I admitted. “I don’t understand why I was selected for whatever this is about. I’m not the strongest, or smartest, or biggest and I know lots of guys that are better tops, bottoms or better with the girls.”

“You’re pretty good,” stated Ann and several in the crowd nodded agreement. “I never had sex with a Martian before. You are definitely getting one of my eggs.”

She had sperm from several guys swimming in her body. I didn’t know how but girls can choose who they want. If I do go she was almost certain to have my child and not just keep the fertilized egg with the others she carries from past encounters.

“There was a senior girl that was chosen a couple years ago,” Maya said. “I never actually met her but it was all the other girls talked about for weeks. She just left one day and nobody has seen or heard from her since.”

A few others had stories but none had actually known anyone in my position. They made me promise that, if I went, I would come back and tell them about it if I could. I agreed.

Then it was back to the action that had been interrupted. Everybody wanted me, mostly fucking asses or cunts but I took a few loads too. A couple hour after midnight things quieted down. I cuddled in my bed with my cock up Ricardo’s hole with another big muscle stud whose name I didn’t know spooning behind me and plugged into my ass. We drifted off to sleep.

I awoke a few hours later. It was still dark. I disentangled myself from my bed mates without waking them. I looked out the bedroom window at the morning sky with just the slightest hint of the coming dawn. The bright blue ball of Venus and the small blue dot of Cupid hung in the darkness above where the Sun would appear.

I retrieved the Martian device and spoke a few words. It folded back up and I walked though the silent dorm and out the door. A vehicle that appeared to be very like the normal cars of the day was floating a foot off the lawn outside with its door open. I got in and took a seat and the door shut. We started to rise into the sky.

As we rose we turned toward the sun. There was a short orange glow as the morning light filtered through clouds that were now well below us. The sky darkened as we rose past the atmosphere and the sun cleared the now visible curve of Earth. The window dimmed the incoming light so it was possible to look directly at the sun but still see the vast array of stars and the rapidly shrinking ball of our planet.

An image appeared on the front window. It was a muscular Hawaiian male wearing a breechcloth of white material that hid little. The outline of a long thick cock was easy to see as the garment was blown by a fresh breeze that also affected his long black hair.

“I am Lohi’au, the Kolani family A.I. Welcome to space Doug. I will have you on Venus in twenty-five minutes. Can I get you anything?”

“Orange juice would be fine.” A slot opened in the side and a glass was placed on a table to my right. The car was very similar to the one Sarah might provide if I needed to travel except that our vehicles can’t travel in space. But they could take us anywhere on Earth except for some restricted areas in under a half hour.

“Lohi’au, what does Brian want with me and can you tell me more about where we are going?”

“It is best to let Brian explain his offer personally but I can tell you that we are going to the Kolani family compound on Venus. They have about three square miles on the ocean extending back into the hills. Venus is mostly tropical to semi-tropical and the climate and foliage is a lot like their native Hawaii. The surfing is excellent. I know you don’t surf but Brian loves it and I’m sure he will take you out.”

He continued, “Brian is tenth generation Kolani. There are currently 12,342 in the family but only about two thousand at this compound on Venus. The family has homes on Mars, Luna and several other planets. The largest is on Ta-Vwots at Alpha Centauri but this is considered the main compound as Paul and Andy Kolani, the heads of the clan, live here.”

“How big is the Martian Empire?” I asked. They only give us generalities on Earth so I thought I’d see if my status had improved enough to learn some details.

“Martians have explored in a rough sphere about 115 light-years from Sol but probes have mapped out another fifty. We have terraformed 33 worlds and 17 moons and are working on another 83 bodies but only nine have a significant population as yet.”

We were approaching Venus now. The blue ball of Cupid, 95% water, was off to our left as we came in over one of the equatorial land masses. I could see the blue of the ocean and the lush green and soft browns of the land. The Northern land mass had mountain capped with snow.

As we descended you could see the blue water fringed with green near the shore with colorful coral reefs and a broad white sand beach. We approached an area that had dozens of homes, each set in a grassy clearing amid groves of palm trees. Several small streams and lakes dotted the area. We settled above the grass next to one of the homes. It was larger than I’d imagined from the air. The car door opened.

The very muscular man from the video was waiting to greet me. He was only three feet tall. He was naked like I though without the wrist or ankle band that everyone on Earth had to provide our protection from physical harm. His cock was about six inches soft but looked huge on his small body.

I stepped from the car. He ran to me, wrapped his arms about my ass and hugged me to him. His face pressed against my groin as he only came up to my waist. His embrace was strong. He bent his neck to look up into my face.

“Doug, I’m glad you decide to come. You won’t regret it. This is the start of the rest of your life.”

I didn’t know what his last comment was about but I replied. “Thank you for inviting me. I guess everyone on Earth is curious about things up here. There are a lot of wild tales.”

“I think you’ll enjoy discovering the truth,” he stated with a small chuckle. “Let’s get a look at you.”

He moved his hands to my hips and lifted me easily over his head holding me at about a forty-five degree angle. He rotated me until I faced the sky and turned me back and set me on my feet.

“Looking good,” he said and took my hand in his. “Come with me.”

We walked hand in hand like a man and boy but I knew from the moment he hugged me that I was the boy. He led me to the nearby dwelling as the car that transported me here climbed into the sky. The gravity on Venus was a little less than Earth and gave a little spring in each step.

The home was two stories, each about twenty feet tall with broad balconies around the upper level. The outer walls were mostly glass, darkly tinted so those outside could not see in. Accents were in stone or a glossy tropical wood.

On the far side there was a lake with a small stream feeding it and running on down to the ocean. I realized it was artificial and served as their swimming pool. There was seating area on the house side and grottos secluded in foliage on the far side. Several people were using the area. A few were Brian’s size but others, men and women, were almost three times taller. The men were massively muscular and unbelievably hung; well over two feet for those fully grown. The women were incredible. Several were having very energetic sex.

Brian led me up to a glass door the full height of the bottom level that must have been the main entrance. It was deeply etched with representations of palm trees and tropical flowers. I didn’t see a door handle and I expected it to open automatically as we approached. It didn’t but Brian never slowed. I pulled to a stop just before the glass and saw Brian walk right through it. He still held my hand and when I looked down my forearm was half in the glass. I stepped forward. It was like there was nothing there.

I was in the entry hall, a circular space about forty feet in diameter, empty of furniture. The walls were paneled in polished wood with some Hawaiian themed decorations mounted on them. There were three clear glass areas that showed other rooms beyond. I thought they might be of the same type we walked through to enter. The ceiling appeared to be one huge video screen that was projecting an image of the sky and made the area as bright as outside. The floor was a polished wood in a darker hue than the walls. On the far side were two glass tubes, one tinted green and the other red. Brian led me to them.

Two males stepped out of the red tube and started to walk toward us. Both were extremely muscular and, of course, nude. The shortest was about six four, so taller than I. He had the mixed ethnicity of Brian and sported a cock that was over a foot soft. His companion looked Asian and was almost eight feet tall. His cock, soft, was easily over two feet.

“Brah,” Brian began, addressing the shorter of the two, “I’d like you to meet Doug Williams. Doug, this is my older brother, Paul the tenth, everyone calls him Ex. The big guy is Nguyen Cao, his pet.”

“He looks like an outstanding choice, Little Bro,” Paul said. “We have dibs when you’re ready to try him out. Welcome to our family, Doug.”

“I know you are confused now,” added Cao. “I was at this point too. Becoming Ex’s pet was the best decision I ever made and also the last decision I ever will make. You will never regret it. You and Brian will have a great life together.”

“Thanks, Paul, Cao,” I said softly, considering what I’d heard. “It is nice to meet you.”

“This was just a quick greeting and call me Ex; all my friends do,” Paul replied. “We look forward to really meeting you very soon.”

They continue toward the entrance and we headed to the green tinted tube. Stepping through the glass we were raised to the second level. There didn’t appear to be anything supporting us but we were able to walk through more glass to emerge where several corridors converged. The glass on this side was tinted red and putting my hand on it felt solid. Brian led me down one of the passages.

The corridor had the video sky above and the paneled walls were decorated with large photos or art. Some were from Earth and I spotted some that were clearly from our moon or Mars. Some were from elsewhere like the scene from a world with three suns. We passed a place were there were corridors going left and right. There were more red and green panels at the junction. We continued straight. We came to a tinted glass panel and walked through it.

The far side was a circular space about thirty feet in diameter. It was set up as a common area with a ten foot in diameter raised pad covered in brown leather in the center. There were three corridors leading off of it.

“Straight ahead is my parents’ room,” Brian explained. “You’ll meet them later. The other two go to children’s rooms. Ours is to the right.”

We headed that way. After another sixty feet or so we came to another circular space. On the far side was a window. The view faced the inland hills. It appeared it was late afternoon here. There were four tinted panels. Brian led me to the one just to the left and we stepped through.

“This will be our room,” he stated.

The room was a square about forty feet on a side. We had entered at one corner where the last ten feet were taken by the arc of the wall to the common area. The opposite corner was taken by a large platform bed about twelve feet on each side. On the left was a glassed in area for the shower. There was no visible entry to it but I assumed it was more of the walk-through glass. It could hold several at a time of even the biggest Martians. A toilet was on the far side of the enclosure. The ceiling was more of the video sky. A ten foot tall video panel wrapped around three walls a panoramic view of a deserted beach. Below the screen was wood paneled and above was painted light blue. The floor had a thick white carpet except for the shower area. It was spotless. There was a table but I didn’t see chairs with it. In the corner to our right was a sitting area with a couch in the corner and a couple large padded chairs facing it. I didn’t see any place to store stuff, books or personal gear.

“I know you have many questions,” Brian began. “I will answer them all but first let me take care of some necessary business.”

He held my wrist and removed the silver band that provided my personal protection from physical harm. He touché the paneled wall and a drawer opened. He took out a red band and put it on my wrist. The two ends joined seamlessly.

“I thought only I could remove my shield band?”

“Yes, no other Earthling could remove it from you but any Martian could. The one I put on is much more capable. You, for example, will be able to walk through doors even if I am not with you. It’s features are self explanatory.”

When he mentioned that a list of functions popped into my mind. I selected one and thought about clothes and suddenly I was apparently wearing some though I still felt naked. I dismissed that feature and was again nude.

“How is it that you are not wearing one?” I asked.

“Ours are implanted in our bodies,” he explained. “All Martians have a number of enhancements. For example, when you spoke to me on Earth you were speaking to my avatar. Our minds are liked to computers that allow us to do many things simultaneously. I’m just a year old and have the basic capability. My normal brain is about ten times smarter than yours but, with the added processing, it is well over a hundred. Mine is with about ten thousand other in an artificial world somewhere in the interstellar void. The Empress and the Princesses have several systems the size of small worlds to serve their needs.”

“Would I get that too?”

“Yes, if you accept my offer. It is one of the benefits of becoming Martian. You saw Cao’s size. You would be that big eventually too. You would become nearly as smart as I. I would need to train your mind to handle outboard processing but that is part of the deal.”

“You said Cao was your brother’s pet. Is that what you want me for?”

“Yes. Let me explain. We may look human but we are different. We develop quicker. We are born after only six months of gestation but the last two months we are in our mother’s mind. At birth we know everything she knows. An hour after birth we are fully functional but only about eighteen inches tall. Our first six months is exploring the world we know only from memories.”

Brian continued. “The mental connection to our mother fades after birth but never entirely. We become sexually active at six months. At nine months we get our first implants. At a year we choose our pet. It gives us responsibility and we can use the pet in situations where our miniature body would be awkward. At that point we take our first work assignments too. I was a year old last week.”

“What does it mean to be your pet?”

“As a human you are only exploiting about ten percent of your potential,” he explained. “As my pet you will be enhanced so your capabilities are immensely greater. I will teach you how to be a man. As we have sex I will enter your mind and I will let you enter mine. We will experience everything the other experiences. After a few days of sex our minds become unbreakably linked. From then on, no matter how far apart we are physically, a part of me will always be with you. I will be able to see and feel everything you do and offer advice. When I want I will be able to take control of your body. You would be an observer able to experience what your body is doing but without any control or I could shift your mind into my body and let you experience what I an doing.”

“I don’t understand. Why did you choose me?”

“No, you don’t understand and you won’t until you are my pet. Your decision will be a leap of faith. You will meet lots of pets; every Martian except the first generation that started as human has one. You’ll also get a taste when we have sex but it would be improper for me to form the full bond before you agree. As to why; you were selected for me by Lohi’au as the best match from everyone on Earth and Athena.”

“I’ve seen several videos about Athena.”

“It is available as a home for parents and siblings of our pets or others we invite to join us. Your parents and sister would be eligible. There is no further enhancement beyond Earth normal but the 140 year and two child limits are waived. Most of the children born there become pets or wives.”

Brian stood up and went to the wall nearby. A slot opened and he slid out a large tray that had plates of food. The tray floated in the air and he pushed it easily. He sat down and positioned the tray at a comfortable height for me. It had a selection of my favorite foods and beverages. I touched the tray and it was as steady as a rock.

“It is still morning for you but early evening here. You haven’t eaten anything and you’ll need your strength for when I fuck you. I plan to give you a real workout.”

He stated this so matter-of-factly and with such assurance that I knew it was true. This one-year-old, miniature stud, half my size was telling me, not asking, certain that I would comply. I realized that I wanted to be fucked by him. I rationalized that it was simply curiosity but deep down I felt that he was more of a man than I.

I had my fill and the tray went back in the wall by itself. Brian took my hand and led me to the toilet where we each sat for a few seconds to clean us out. Then he took me to the shower where we walked through the glass. There were no controls but a warm rain started to fall once we were inside. When I thought about controls the information popped into my mind. The device was controlled by my wristband but Brian had priority.

We have these showers at home but not so advanced. There was no drain in the floor any liquid that touched it passed right through without even a splash like there was nothing there. It went through a normal cycle. The appliance for cleaning the teeth and mouth extruded from the wall at a comfortable height for each of us. Instead of the expected drying, the rain started again.

“I thought we could start here,” Brian said. “I like doing it in the shower.” So do I.

He floated off the ground until his face was even with mine. I put my hands on his hips but couldn’t move him an inch. He put his hands into my armpits and lifted me off the floor for an open mouth kiss. He pushed his tongue into me and explored. It was surprisingly long. I’d been kissed by lots of guys but never had one that was hotter. My cock was hard and my hole was twitching.

He set me on my feet after breaking our kiss. He hovered lower to hold my hips. He rotated me to horizontal and let my shoulders rest on the shower deck as he stood between my spread legs that were placed at the right height for penetration.

He entered me and began to fuck. The rain was replaced my warm steam so thick that the walls of the enclosure disappeared and all I could see was Brian and the white cloud that enveloped us.

His cock was eight inches like mine but he certainly knew how to use it. He zeroed in on my sensitive spots and pleasure flowed through me. I was moaning from the stimulation.

Hi, Doug,“ I heard but in my mind. It took me a few seconds before I realized that it didn’t come through my ears. “Yes, I am in your mind. I can feel what you are feeling and use it to guide me. Let me demonstrate.

He started to fuck me hard and deep. The pleasure was incredible. He raised me right to the brink of orgasm and then eased me off the peak only to raise me up again. By the third close call I was desperate.

“It’s too much. I have to cum,” I begged.

You don’t need to talk. I know your thoughts. You will learn to trust me to take care of you.

He raised me to the peak again and then beyond. My mind was in a frenzy and I could feel the pressure build in my cock and balls but I couldn’t pull the trigger. Then, instantly, the restraints were off. I screamed and I felt my whole body spasm as the first blast of cum shot from my gun. It went well past my head. There were many more and I felt the jets of Brian’s seed filling my gut.

Minutes later my cock was still dribbling cum in weak pulses as Brian added his final spurts in my ass. Quiet returned. I rested, breathing deeply.

You don’t have to say it. I know it was your best sex ever,“ Brian spoke in my mind. The question how began to form in my thoughts. “The close physical connection of my cock in your hole enables me to reach into your brain. Any Martian can read the surface emotions of anyone they have sex with. You will find we are all way better than anyone you met on Earth. With one person, our mother as we gestate and later our pet, we can forge a deeper connection. You just experienced step one.

The steam cleared as the warm rain resumed. Brian eased out of me. I could sense when his cock pulled free that he was no longer in my mind. I missed him. He helped me to my feet. Physically I felt strong but I longed for the pleasure and intimacy that our sex had brought.

I was leaking a steady stream from the load he had shot and had streaks of my own seed all over me. We let the shower wash it away and then dry us. We walked out of the shower and Brian led me to the bed. He grabbed my hips and tossed me several feet. I landed on my back in the center of the bed. He leapt on the bed and got behind me, pushing my legs back to my chest.

“Are you ready for step two?” He asked aloud.

I didn’t need to answer. Even without him in my mind it was obvious I was eager.

He waited, just holding me at the ready while the ceiling and window video images did a two minute sunset as night replaced day. The blue ball of Cupid provided a gentle glow in the darkened room.

I looked at Brian who was standing on the bed holding my thighs. My upturned ass was at the perfect height for him. He moved one hand to position his pole at my hole. I felt it press my opening that was quivering in excitement. He smiled down at me and I licked my lips in anticipation.

He pressed inside in one smooth stroke that send a wave of pleasure through me. He was back in my mind. He didn’t say anything but I could feel him with me. I told him how glad I was to have him back and he told me how he felt being back but we didn’t use words; the thoughts and emotions were felt deeply and directly in a way words could never convey.

He started to fuck me and build my pleasure. He was slow and gentle not trying to push me too fast but just letting us enjoy the erotic friction of flesh sliding on flesh. It was nice. My cock was hard and dribbling pre on my abdominal muscles.

Gradually I began to feel something new. It was like my cock was sliding through a clutching tube of flesh. I tightened my gut on his hard pole and felt the squeeze on my own. Somehow I was feeling what Brian was feeling. He confirmed it wordlessly. I started to work my internal muscles in ways to heighten our pleasure. It was easy since I could feel exactly what I was doing.

He started to speed up his strokes and the sensations flowed through me as we built to our release. There was no slowing down as we reached our climax together. I felt the cum roar down our pipes as we spurted in synch. My gut clamped down on his deeply buried pole and I felt it on my own. My mind experienced our two orgasms and I knew that he was experiencing them too.

Eventually calm returned. Cum was dripping from my face and torso and I was leaking. We were still hard. He started a slow fuck stroke. I could feel him right beside me in my brain staring out my eyes as I was staring at him standing behind me. He was still holding my thighs but I could sense the texture of my skin on my fingers. I moved my hands on top of his and felt the pressure on the back of my hands.

There were no need for words. We knew what each other was feeling. I gazed at his calm face. He smiled. Then I was looking at my own face. I was looking out Brian’s eyes. I had a funny expression. It took me a few seconds to realize it was a look of love but as soon as I recognized it I knew it was true. I knew he loved me too.

Brian shifted his attention to his cock and I saw his piece moving steadily in and out of my clutching flesh. The outward strokes would cause me to lose some of the cum he’d just deposited. He went back to my face. I noticed that my eyes were looking around. He must be using them. I tried moving my right arm and I saw I could move it. I used it to wipe up some of my cum with two fingers and bring it to my mouth. It was disorienting. You know where your arm is without looking but I was watching through Brian’s eyes and he would often focus in places other than where I was interested.

I licked my fingers and sampled the familiar taste of my seed. I wiped up some more and brought it to Brian’s lips. He licked them clean and I tasted myself via his senses. I tasted different, somehow it was richer, deeper, with more flavor through his perception.

Then I was back behind my own eyes as we started another round. He turned me to my front and held my hips off the bed as he pounded my ass with forceful strokes. Again we built up and eased off again and again. He knew when I was at my limit and brought about our explosion at just the right moment.

As we relaxed in the afterglow he rested his chest on my lower back, still semi-hard and deep in my butt. My ball sack nestled between his knees.

Since we were still coupled he was still with me. Again words were unnecessary. His mind enveloped mine. I felt safe, protected, loved and drifted off to sleep.

My dreams that night were particularly vivid. Brian was in them but he was taller than I in my dreams. We went diving on Cupid with a pod of playful dolphins that had sex with us. Next I was meeting Brian’s friends and their pets. There was a contest to see whose pet could fuck the other to exhaustion. I won and as a reward Brian got to use my body to fuck the other pet’s owner, master, partner. In the dream I was an observer in my own body as Brian used it. I could feel, see hear, taste and smell everything but I had no control. Then we were fucking again. He was behind holding my hips as I rested on my front in the bed. I was feeling both bodies as he built us up for ecstasy. We came in a new gush of cum.

As our cocks spurted I realized that we were awake and the last sex was real. The room was slowly brightening in the video dawn as our passion eased. He was with me in my mind as he had been all night. He did something that was a mixture of a hug and deep kiss but it was mental rather than physical. I knew he was going to pull out of me and I begged him not to leave me alone. He calmed my mental panic and I accepted my loss. I felt the sensations from his cock as he withdrew. It popped out and he was no longer with me.

We didn’t talk. I let him guide me to the toilet and shower. We got clean without further sex and had breakfast in silence. I was trying to process what had happened last night and recover from my sadness at not having him with me even though physically he was right beside me.

“Was that what being a pet is like?” I asked after I figured I needed to speak.

“No,” he admitted. “That was just a taste. The real thing is much more intimate and the connection doesn’t end when we are not physically entwined.”

“I don’t want to be without you. I accept. I want to be your pet.”

“I know. I was in your mind. But it would be improper for me to let you agree just yet. This decision is literally forever. Today you will meet my family. They are looking forward to meeting you. You will learn a lot today. I know you will still agree but when you do you will have a better basis for your choice.”

I understood that when he said he knew I’d agree it was not an expression of his hopes but of certain knowledge. I knew what I wanted and needed but if this was what was required to get it I would go along.

When we left we met Ex and Cao who were also leaving. They knew what I’d been through and Cao told me it only gets better. While we were talking one of Brian and Ex’s sisters emerged from her room with her pet and a friend with his pet. The sister was Lucy. She was almost four and seven foot one. She was naturally beautiful with slightly more Asian in her mix. Her pet was Sethunya, a full blooded African beauty and six foot six. She was from Botswana. Her friend was Joo Kim, also almost four, about seven three with the massive muscularity that seems typical. His cock was almost eighteen inches. His pet, Yuri, was from Russia and almost eight feet tall with a huge twenty-nine inch pole. Lucy and Joo were tenth generation descended in the direct maternal line from Ty Quan, the Martian Princess. They were both mathematicians and were headed to a planet about thirty light-years away to work on a geometry problem with some aliens. I was certain those four didn’t do much mathematics last night and any geometry was of the erotic kind.

As we went on our way I asked, “Why are some pets shorter than others?”

“Fully grown we are about eight feet tall,” Brian stated. “You will probably be a few inches shorter since you were not Martian from birth. Our cocks tend to be about thirty inches, give or take. While we are sexually active around six months our small size means we are submissive with older boys. To practice in the dominant role we need to pair with Earthlings. In order for a pet to pass as a normal human we keep their size to the mid six foot range and a cock in the mid teens. Once we are near fully grown our pets get full their full size. I plan on using you on Earth.”

“So we will be going to Earth. My friends at Michigan wanted me to visit if I could and tell them about my new life. Could I do that?”

“Sure,” he agreed. “I would enjoy fucking your old friends but mostly it will be you with me riding. I’ll enjoy it and it will be good training for you. Your sexual skill reflects on me; it’s important that you are good. I’m sure after last night you know you have a lot to learn and I’ll teach you.”

He was right. As a one year old Martian he was much better sexually than any of my hundreds of partners on Earth.

We stepped through the tinted door to the parents’ suite. We were expected. There were a dozen people waiting to greet us. All were in the eight foot range of fully grown Martians. The four tallest had the racial blend look of Martians while the others had identifiable ethnicity that marked them as being from Earth stock. They were a little shorter. There were five males and seven females.

Brian introduced me and showed me his family. Two were the husbands in the family, Paul Kolani the ninth and his sister Amber. They had different mothers. Their principal wives were Billy and Susan White Cloud also brother and sister. Susan was the mother of Lucy and also a mathematician. Amber was Ex’s mother and also Brian’s though Paul was the first father and Billy the second.

Then there were the four pets. Lars, blond, blue-eyed, Nordic with Paul, Jun, black-haired, black-eyed, Chinese with Amber. Carlos, brown hair and eyes, Brazilian with Billy and Elspeth, red hair, blue-eyed, Scottish with Susan. The secondary wives were Hans, Lars’ younger brother also blond with blue eyes and Gabriela was Carlos’ younger sister but with black hair and eyes. Michelle and Tori were sisters of pets of other Kolani family members. Both were American and blond with blue eyes.

Susan, Elspeth and Tori were pregnant. Lar’s sperm was the source for Susan but I didn’t hear about the others.

Paul and Amber welcomed me to the family and led me to one of several beds in the large space. I was hard just being around so many sexy women and hugely hung muscular males. Amber had me in her cunt as we lay facing each other. My cock was small compared to what she must be used to but it was gripped tightly by her internal muscles. Paul got behind me and started to ease his piece up my ass. It was easily thirty inches of thick flesh but he got it in and started slowly stroking me to push deeper.

Then Brian got on behind Amber and entered her ass. When he did I felt him in my mind. We were connected again inside Amber. I could feel the pressure on his cock and he felt the sensations from my cock and ass. Then Lars got behind Brian and entered his hole and I experience the sensations of a small body being stuffed with a huge pole. His Martian physique was apparently strong and flexible enough to take that abuse without damage.

Lars drove his piece in quickly to about eighteen inches. I felt it all the as it seemed to be everywhere from my hole to my appendix while the tip of Paul’s member was only a third that depth. It was like I had two asses and two cocks and they were all being stimulated. Meanwhile I was sucking on Amber’s breast and it was giving me a drink of sweet milk. It was right at my mouth level because she was so much taller than I. Then Lars dove in to kiss Brian and I felt it and the feel of his tongue exploring. It sounds confusing and it was. I lost track of who was doing what to whom and just experienced sexual overload. Then the orgasms started.

We did many combinations that day. I was energized from what Amber and Susan were feeding me in their milk. The other females also had milk but not as potent. Those that were pregnant didn’t participate in vaginal sex with the big dicked males but Brian and I were OK.

An interesting session was when I was sandwiched between Jun and Carlos. After our initial orgasm Amber and Billy took over running their pets. They were even better at sex than their pets. They also lost their accents when Billy and Amber had control. While they were involved with me their own bodies were in action with others but they were easily able to handle both bodies. After they drove me to a huge explosion they let Jun and Carlos back in control. Carlos said he just rode along as Billy showed him how best to excite me but Jun transferred over to Amber’s mind because she was taking Paul’s and Lars’ huge cocks front and back and that was much more stimulating than my small pole.

As the sun was setting we broke off the action to clean up and have an evening meal. The parents’ suite had real widows that had an ocean view though they could function as video screens if desired. The room had cleaned up the mess from our hours of activity.

I was able to learn more about the relationship between a pet and its master. I don’t think master is quite right. It is more like a partnership but the pet is definitely the junior partner. There is also part teacher, student in the mix. Brian is one year old and I’ve known him for just a day but I understood he knew more about life and sex than I and certainly way more about Martian society. Look I’d been inside his head and he’d been in mine. I felt comfortable and safe with him. It wasn’t something based on thought. It just felt right.

I again stated that I wanted to be Brian’s pet. This time he accepted my decision and everyone congratulated me. We left quickly after that as we had things to do tonight.

Back in Brian’s room there was a small vial and several large jugs waiting on the table. Brian led me to the bed and I sat on the edge while he stood on the bed beside me.

“I’m so glad you accepted,” Brian said and kissed me on my lips while holding my head securely in his hands. My body tingled and I thought, this man will be mine forever. “First we take care of your body. Drink the small vial. You will grow to six-eight and add about a hundred pounds of muscle and get much bigger. The jugs contain the food to fuel the changes. Just keep drinking as long as you feel hungry.”

I stood up and went to the table. I drank. It was orange flavored. A minute later I started to feel hungry. I got a jug and drank. It was a thick liquid that tasted like a chocolate milkshake. It went to my stomach but my stomach never seemed full as it almost instantly spread to my body. I could feel myself growing. As soon as one jug was drained I started another. The empty went back in the wall and was replaced.

By jug five I was taller and had muscles bulging all over. The jug now felt light as a feather in my hand. My cock was hard and at least ten inches. I kept drinking.

In the middle of jug eighteen I felt sated and stopped drinking. I was way bigger than anyone I knew or even heard about on Earth. There were a few guys taller than my height but not with my massive muscles and certainly not with my new eighteen inch cock. It had taken two hours.

“Wow,” I said aloud as I looked at the results. It was the first word said since the transformation started.

“Yes, wow,” Brian agreed. “We are going to have fun with that body. You can remove your red band now. You have your spacesuit built in, plus some other things that you will need later.”

I removed the band. It separated easily. I thought about the new device and information about it was in my mind. Brian took the band and tossed it into a closet sized opening in the wall and removed a steel bar from the same space. The wall closed up once the bar was taken.

“I asked Lohi’au for this so you could know your new strength,” Brian said. “Your implant gives you a direct mental interface with Lohi’au like all Kolanis have. Try your body against this five centimeter thick steel pole.”

I took it from him. It was over twice his height and should have felt heavy but it seemed as light as a pencil to me. I held the bar near each end and tried to bend it. There was initially some resistance but it bent easily into a ‘U’ shape. I moved my hands to the center and made it, more or less, straight again. I bent it in two once more and smoothed the bend until the two segments lay beside each other. Then I took the doubled rod and bent it in half once again. That required more effort but I was not really straining.

“You should be able to handle 10,000 kilos. You got almost your full strength in the transformation even though I kept your size down. I won’t be as strong as you until I am over four years old. Break off one of the pieces for me.” I did, it was almost twenty inches and tapered where I tore it at the bend. “Use your hand to smooth the rough end.”

The steel was hot from being bend and torn but my suit shielded me from the heat. The steel flowed easily under my fingers until I had a gumdrop shape about an inch on the blunt end. He took it from me.

He shoved it up my ass. I had done cocks as thick or thicker today so it went in easily. My gut clamped down on it as he moved it inside me. He adjusted it to hit my prostate and brought me off quickly. When he pulled it out it was deformed and stretched. I thought of all the Martian asses and cunts my merely human cock had been in today. Would my shield have held if they forgot their strength?

“That ass is going to be fun,” he said. I imagine he is used to strong guys. “Turn down the lights and come to bed.”

There were no visible controls for anything in the room. I thought, “Lohi’au, turn off the lights.“ They cycled to their night setting. I dropped the pieces of the abused steel on the carpeted floor and climbed onto the bed.

I rolled to my back and held my knees to my chest to give Brian easy access to my hole. He stood behind my butt and placed his hands on my ass. He pushed all his eight inches inside. I felt him in my mind. He started to fuck.

I felt the pressure of my internal muscle on his pole along the whole length of my now much bigger one. I tried a gentle squeeze and experienced the result.

You don’t need to hold back. You can’t hurt me,“ came into my mind.

I used my full strength and felt the sensations as I worked on his cock. He worked my ass. We built to our release slowly. He held us on the brink until I was desperate. The explosion of cum was a relief. I must have shot a hundred times what I’d ever shot before. I shut my eyes.

When the orgasm faded my vision returned but I hadn’t opened my eyes. I was looking through Brian’s eyes. My body was soaked with the cum I’d shot. I could feel the pressure of my gut on Brian’s still hard cock and the feel of my skin under his hands but I had no sensation from my own body. You know how you just know where your arms and legs are without looking. Well I knew where Brian’s arms and legs were but not my own. I couldn’t move his body or mine.

“Relax Doug. You are in my mind while I practice with your body. I’m letting you observe.

One of the odd things was that I was seeing through Brian’s eyes but not controlling them. I would often want to look at something that was off center. Normally your eyes would focus there but not in this case. I could feel sliding through my ass ring but only because his body was linked to mine. Brian used my hand or at least a hand that used to be mine to stroke my cock. I felt the touch overlaying the friction of his cock in my gut.

He experimented for several nice orgasms that I felt as well from the standpoint of his body. Often both bodies shot together but a couple times he brought my body to climax and I saw my cock shoot and body convulse and felt the echo of it in his body but I had no orgasm.

Then I was back in my own head but just as an observer. There were several more rounds before we drifted to sleep.

Again my dreams were very vivid and in them Brian was taller and more muscular even though my dream body was my new enhanced one. We were in on. A tropical island with palm trees and flowering plants. We wandered through the area walking and running. There were lifelike statues of his parents, siblings and their pets plus others I hadn’t yet seen. I realized we were in Brian’s mind.

We came to a field that had a statue of me surrounded by glass cylinders about ten feet tall. There were several dozen. About a third glowed with a white light, some brighter than others. He told me this was my brain and the glow was from my mind. Then the lights went out. He said that he had transferred me to his brain. Then the light was back but now every cylinder shone brightly. I didn’t need to be told that it was his mind now in my brain.

We had sex in the dream. Somehow it felt even more intense than in life. After a few strong explosions I saw that I was back in my brain and we did some more. Each orgasm was more pleasurable than the last. I turned to see the array of cylinders, almost half were glowing, some brightly. Separate from the main group three cylinders were very bright.

I turned my head to look at dream Brian but saw the room in the dim light of an approaching Venus dawn. Brian was resting with his chest on my lower back and his legs between my thighs with his cock still impaling my hole.

Good morning Doug.“ It was in my mind not spoken. “You were my guest for the night while I did some housekeeping in your brain. You are much smarter now thanks to the potion you had last night but you need training on how to use it.

I was about to ask a question. “Yes, you were in my brain and yes I know what you are thinking, often before you do. My mind and brain are vastly bigger than yours; not in size but in capability. It is simple for me to host your mind in a small piece of mine. In Earth terms you have an IQ of about 600 now while I am over 800 but those extra points open up a lot of new abilities. I’m going to ease out of you now.

He pushed back to his knees and his pole popped free. He was still with me in my head.

Our minds are linked now and forever. No matter how far apart we are physically, lightyears even, we will be together.

I started to form a thought. “Yes, I understand,“ echoed in my mind. “I do have an advantage since I know everything you ever did, thought or felt, even things you’ve forgotten. Your brain can’t hold all about me but I’ll give you enough to understand me.

And it was there, everyone he knew and how he felt about them, his life, a lot for just a year, what he thought and felt about me. I examined that and was reassured. He cared about me in ways that were deeper than love and when we communicated like this I knew that there was no possibility of deception because it was not just words that were transmitted but everything behind the words.

It is unnerving when you answer me before I form the question,“ I thought and got the thought out.

I apologize. I see you are. Are you ready to start your first day as a Martian?

There was no need to answer as he already knew. We cleaned up and had breakfast.

We went to the beach and met up with Tamara and her pet Julia. Tamara was technically Brian’s great great aunt since she was the daughter of a generation six Kolani. She was a few months older than Brian and about forty-two inches tall; a tiny supermodel. Julia was six foot six and a stunning Thai woman. Both had black hair to mid back and black eyes.

I recognized them from the information in my head and I knew that Lohi’au would have told them who I was. Brian said in my head that now that I was officially Martian I should greet Julia in the accepted manner. I hugged her tightly, slipping all eighteen inches up her cunt that took it easily. We kissed deeply. When we separated my cock had a coating of cum from the stuff she must have collected this morning. Brian had a similar coating from Tamara.

Brian and Tamara were junior ecologists, an important specialty among Martians. Venus had been opened for full settlement eight years ago and the ecology was still unstable. Geologic processes were absorbing oxygen from the new atmosphere and it required replenishment. The balance among plants, animals, insects and even microbes in the soil need adjustment. Brian and Tamara were involved in ocean ecology.

Plankton were seeded forty-five years ago and corals, sponges, sea grasses and other invertebrates followed a few years later. Now there is a full arrays off marine animals but the populations are low, particularly in predators. Species are imported from other worlds and massive underground aquariums on Luna to adjust the balance as needed. That was why Brian and Tamara were here today.

There were plenty of people at the beach, several groups were enjoying sex and there were several surfers taking on eight foot waves. We walked into the water and dove into the face of a wave starting to break. The space suit’s propulsion system powered us under the swells at about five miles per hour. The shields we had on Earth could support us underwater but don’t have mobility or communication features.

Beyond the area of breaking waves the sandy bottom sloped to about fifty feet before a line of coral heads where the bottom dropped off to two hundred feet. At the drop off we were met by two dolphins, identified in my eye at the bottom of my visual field as Spirit and Dancer. Their names in the clicks and squeaks of the dolphin language were unpronounceable to humans but our suits did the translation.

The dolphins were enhanced for greater speed and strength and an IQ of about 300. Like Martians their genes were edited and they are not able to mate with Earth dolphins. On every Martian world dolphins are the stewards of the ocean environment. Today they would show us around and state their requirements and Brian and Tamara would see that they are provided. Ninety five percent of this could be handled by A.I. but the health of a complex system is hard to evaluate in bits and bytes. A dolphin or a Martian can look and feel that something is wrong even though the exact problem might take time to pinpoint. Enhanced dolphins are on every Martian world but not Earth. They are on every crewed exploratory mission and were the first beings to swim in the ice covered sea of Europa and bring back samples of Europan life.

They were Brian and Tamara’s partners and friends and monitored the ocean for about a thousand miles. Other teams had other areas. They had their own spacesuits and could breathe as easily as we underwater. Each suit was linked to a drone that provided mechanical arms and hands plus added illumination for deep ocean exploration.

Bubbles appeared at the blowhole atop Spirit’s head and I heard sounds. The suit translated. “Greetings Brian. Is this the new pet you told us about last time?”

“Yes, his name is Doug,” Brian stated.

“He looks almost as big as Spirit,” Dancer observed. I was initially confused by the remark since the dolphin was twice as long as I was tall. “Martians are thicker at the tip than dolphin males. I like the deep pressure.”

Dancer was female. Spirit swam in front of me. His penis emerged from a slit in his body. It telescoped out until it was maybe twenty inches long. It was thick as my forearm near the base but tapered smoothly down to no thicker than my little finger for the last few inches. Spirit was about twelve feet from snout to tail and Dancer was about ten.

“I’m going to enjoy fucking you,” Spirit said while wrapping the last few inches of his cock about my pole and squeezing. I didn’t know they could do that. “Can we have sex now?” He asked to Brian.

“Let us look around the reef first,” Brian requested. “Then we will have plenty of time for fun before our afternoon meeting.” He thought to me, “You will really love dolphin sex. I could only take half of Spirit but you should be able to get it all. It can do wonderful things inside you and no Martian cums near as hard as a dolphin.“ It must be something considering how Martians can shoot. “Dancer will be fantastic too. We can get all your inches into here and her internals are much more muscular than any Martian plus she has full control over them.

“Martians are such prudes,” complained Dancer. “You should loosen up. Follow me.”

The reef looked very colorful and healthy to me, full of hard and soft corals, sponges and sea fans and loads of fish from big to small. I spotted sharks cruising in deep water off the reef face. Spirit and Dancer called attention to various issues.

We returned to the sandy bottom inside the reef at about fifty feet.

“I’ve got Doug’s ass first,” Spirit announced.

“That’s good,” Brian agreed. “I’m looking forward to feeling it deep. My body can only take a little over half. Doug can fuck Dancer too for a fish sandwich while I keep Tamara and Julia amused. Then I’ll do Dancer and the other boys will do the rest.

“We are not fish,” objected Dancer but she knew Brian was only teasing.

Female dolphins are not into lesbian action,“ Brian thought to me. “Their assholes in both sexes are too tight for anal sex but what they can do with cock and cunt more than makes up for it. We should have fun.

Dancer hovered vertically about a foot above the sand. Brian took control as I observed in my own body realizing that he had experience with dolphins and would show me the ropes. My cock became hard and he eased the first few inches in Dancer’s vaginal slit while holding the smooth sides of her body. She was tight but we entered easily.

“I like the bulb on the tip of Martian cocks,” Dancer squealed. “Now let us bring it in.”

I felt her internal muscles pull me in until my groin was tight to her body; a useful talent for weightless sex underwater or in space. She began to massage my cock along its entire length. There was no need to stroke her. Brian looked up at her left eye that was watching our reactions. She knew what she was doing to us.

I felt something touch my hole. Spirit was behind us and had the thin tip of his penis stroking the outside around the opening. Brian raised my legs to wrap them around Dancer’s lower body to open my ass. Spirit began to insert the tip. It was no bigger than a small finger but he could move it around like a tentacle. He started to rub my ring from the inside. I felt my body shiver as Brian was getting excited too. My mind wanted to squeeze my legs, squirm my ass and move my arms but with Brian driving those involuntary reactions did nothing. Brian was physically reacting too but slightly differently than I.

Spirit pressed his upper body to my back squeezing us against Dancer. He inserted more of his penis and used the tip to rub and massage our prostate. We had our first orgasm, squirting our seed deep into Dancer. I thought from her strong contractions that she came too and Brian confirmed it once we calmed down.

Spirit taunted us. “That always gets you boys off. I could play with you all day but I need to go deep if I want to have fun.”

He started to push in while using the flexing tip to rub the gut walls. About halfway his penis gets much thicker and by the base he is thicker than even the full-grown cocks I’d had yesterday.

Since Spirit had us pinned against Dancer Brian let his hands move down to where we penetrated her. As he looked down I saw a couple slits on each side of her vagina. Brian pressed a couple finger in each. Inside were her nipples and Brian started to rub them. Dancer reacted by squeezing our cock even harder.

Spirit after getting in fully started to undulate his lower body, powering foot-long strokes of his cock through our gut. He kept that up while Dancer worked our pole. After ten furious minutes he pushed in and held it as a powerful jet of cum burst from the tip. We shot again into Dancer who joined us in orgasm.

When we calmed down Brian returned control to me for the next round. I was still pressed between the two dolphins and we were still coupled. I thought I might be physically stronger than they but we weren’t doing bench presses. In the weightless underwater world they were in complete control. Spirit started to stroke his cock in me again.

He shot twice more in my gut bringing Dancer and I off as well. Then Spirit took his turn with the girls and Brian came over to do Dancer directly. Then we did a double fuck on Dancer.

Everyone was well sated. Both human girls were leaking cum. Male dolphins shoot a lot. Martians cum way more than Earthlings but Dancer was so deep and tight she held it all inside.

We separated until our afternoon meeting. I saw Spirit and Dancer snap up a couple fish near the reef as they swam off. Brian already knew I enjoyed sex with the dolphins and sensed my curiosity about them so as we made our way back he passed more information about them to my mind.

Spirit was twenty years old and Dancer was eighteen. They were mates with a son of six years and a daughter, three. Wild dolphins are almost as intelligent as humans. Besides increased intelligence and strength Martian dolphins will live and stay young indefinitely. The females have gained control over their reproduction and that means the males have to woo the female not just rape her when she is in a fertile stage. It made their society much more like that of the Martians. Like Martians and Earthlings they enjoy sex for fun as well as reproduction. There are a few mixed Martian and dolphin marriages but we are not mutually fertile.

The afternoon meeting was at the adjacent property used by the Lee family. Brian gave me the background. Eddie Lee was the developer of the initial muscle growth formula. As he studied it and got better and better equipment and computers the formula became more potent. There are now hundreds working on biological projects but Eddie Lee is in charge of it all. He and the original Kolani brothers were friends well before Mars was settled. Now he is on Venus with his wife Bill. He has a second wife Joey, Bill’s brother who also is wife to Tony Thieu, another of the early group. Two of Tony’s sisters are Joey’s wives though the next generation has children from all the males even though only Joey is bi. The others are 100% gay.

The project had something to do with ecology as Brian’s mother, Amber would be at the meeting and her mother, Crystal Grey Hawk, was heading the effort that had about a dozen other relatives involved and our new dolphin friends with another pair from their pod.

We gathered in a natural amphitheater and Eddie Lee stood before the group. He was an eight foot tall Asian male with the normal massive muscles and huge cock typical of Martians. Next to him was his first wife, Bill Foster-Lee. He was a few inches shorter, Caucasian and not as muscular or as long in the cock. There were a dozen or so family members of various ages; most with their pets. All were identified in my visual field by Lohi’au as I looked at them.

Eddie spoke. “Thank you all for coming and to those following remotely.” I could see live images of the remote participants at the side of my visual field if I thought about them. The furthest was over 66 light years away. “We are formally initiating two terraforming projects today and you will be involved in starting and stabilizing the biospheres. Both worlds have water, atmosphere and fertile but sterile soil and are ready for life.

“The first world is the fifth planet of Nu2 Lupi about 47 light years from here. We will call the star, Aurum and the planet, Ark. There will be no human habitation but we will have a habitable moon as a base. Ark will replicate Earth’s biosphere and serve as a wildlife preserve for all Earth’s wild species. It will become source material for terraform projects elsewhere and replace the underground farms on Luna.

“Next is the third planet of BE Ceti about 66 light years away. We will call the star, Whale, and the planet, New Dawn. The planet has two large land masses that are well separated by a world ocean. We plan to recreate a full Jurassic and Cretaceous biosphere with a broad array of dinosaurs and other life from those periods. We have several farms on Luna already growing vegetation from those periods. Again we will use a habitable moon as our base.

“You are here as the team that will manage the startup. We estimate about twenty years before the first introduction of animal life beyond insects on Ark and about fifty years on New Dawn because we have only the Luna farms for the source material so we will need more time to establish vegetation sufficient for the massive herbivores of those periods.

“You have access to all materials from you A.I.s. I’ll be happy to answer any questions now or later.”

“The biological reserve sounds good. We will need the source material for future projects.” The questioner was identified in my eye as Tandy Greene, almost eight feet tall and an exotic Asian-African mix. She was with her pet who was almost as tall and looked fully African. She continued. “But is it wise to bring back dinosaurs? I saw a video from Earth, a remake of a movie from the Twentieth Century, it did not turn out well.”

“Yes, Tandy, I saw the original movie and the sequels. Some dinosaurs are very fierce but our suits will protect us when we travel on New Dawn. We plan to enable them to produce an uncomfortable electric shock to discourage the smaller predators and very brilliant flashing lights that should scare away larger threats. If a large sauropod steps on you, you would probable be pushed into the soil but otherwise unharmed.”

“Will there be marine reptiles from the same periods?” Asked a dolphin identified as Pounder.

“Yes, a mix of the two periods since we can’t isolate the oceans like the land, we will also have fishes from the period mixed with modern species to fill out the aquatic environment.”

“No dolphin or Martian can swim in that ocean,” stated Pounder. “The suits might protect us but there are things there that can swallow us whole. I don’t want to spend hours or days waiting to be cut out of some beasts stomach.”

Another man stepped forward from a group behind Eddie Lee. “Great grandpa, can I take this? I’m Tony Lee. I am in biomechanics and I think we have what you need. It is a powered dolphin suit that you operate from inside or remotely. It mimics your motions and is responsive to your thoughts. It would have sonar and visual inputs that you get via a virtual reality helmet. Manipulators can extrude through the streamlined skin like your penis. We have prototypes that are about twice your size but for New Dawn we can scale them up so that even the largest threats would stay clear.”

“I’d like to try one out,” Pounder said.

“We’ll break now,” stated Eddie. “You can get to know the biology team and ask any questions that occur.”

Most of the information exchange was between rounds of sex. We found out that they have almost complete control of DNA and can construct almost anything. Dinosaurs involve just a little tinkering. Fire breathing dragons are possible along with an almost infinite variety of other creatures. The can convert a man into a woman, double X chromosomes and all and then go back again. It was nice to know we had that option. I would like to have Brian’s kid someday.

We had sex with a generation one male, Tony Thieu. Brian had my body as he fucked us. He was seven eight with a twenty eight inch cock. He was energetic and skilled but I like the born Martians better. Brian said it is because they can establish a mental bond during sex. It is not close to what pets have but it is enough to tailor their sex play. Some of the original group are almost as good as later generations. He said I’ll be getting some brain modifications that will improve my sexual ability but most of the initial group resist that sort of tampering. I wasn’t sure I was OK with someone playing around with my mind but understood it was Brian’s decision to make, not mine.

It has been four months since I accepted Brian’s offer. I was told I would have no regrets and it was the truth. He is always here in my head with me giving me advice which I take automatically because I know it is best. He has shown me how to be a man and I am much more confident and assured but I know I still have lots to learn. You think, but he’s only just over a year old. Yes but on our first night I knew he was sexually my superior and he is in maturity and intelligence too. He has an important job and I am learning about it. Lohi’au is tutoring me so I can catch up to what every Martian one-year-old knows and that is much more than anyone at my old university including the professors. That is going well as I am many times smarter now.

Sexually I’ve had more in the last four months than my entire previous life. I’m getting better by observing how Brian handles my body. He took me to have sex with a female Martian. She modified my brain so I could sense the sexual excitement of my partner. The adjustment talent is rare; only one in a hundred Martian females can do it. But it gave me some of the ability that all Martian-born kids have and makes them so good as partners.

I’ve been to half a dozen worlds. New Dawn at 66 light years was the furthest from Earth. A couple other worlds when Brian traveled without me I saw through his eyes but we are usually together. My parents and older sister are settled on Athena. They are happy for me and love Brian. Of course he had sex with them directly and using my body. They all loved it as would anyone experiencing Martian sex for the first time. Darla, my twenty-three year old sister, was excited when Brian told her he would be marrying her in a couple years. She would have fertilized eggs from both of us already except that with our edited genomes our chromosomes are so much smaller that we are not fertile with unmodified Earth girls. My mom was jealous but she will have lots of grandkids to keep her sexually happy. I will have Spirit introduce them to some of the local dolphins.

Now I was back at Ann Arbor in my old dorm room. The fall semester was underway and my old friends were now seniors. My arrival had attracted a lot of attention. I was six eight. There are a couple on the basketball team as tall but not with my muscles and certainly not with an eighteen inch cock. Brian was with me in my mind but physically he was on Ark. It was Friday here and I would join him after the weekend.

Ricardo had moved in with Cora in my stead. Ann was here too and it was clear that he and Cora shared her. My other roommates were here with some of Ricardo’s football teammates and their boyfriends or girlfriends. Probably we had about thirty in the suite. I explained what I’d been doing then Brian took over and introduced himself. I could see the reaction as I look different, more poised and confident when he is running things. Then he let me take over again.

I was asked about my relationship with Brian but how do you explain it? It is like explaining color to a blind man. I settled for what I was told. If they get the chance, take it and you will never regret it.

I started the sex with Ricardo naturally. Brian would let me do the first round and then take over. Ricardo at six three, 290 pounds of muscle wasn’t used to being manhandled. I was ridiculously stronger than he but showed just enough so he knew I was in complete control. He’d never had an eighteen inch cock either or one as thick. I was able to sense his apprehension as I went deeper but I sensed the pleasure too. I had his sensitive spots firing enough pleasure signals that the momentary pain was never an issue. I brought him off a couple times just getting in and a couple more before shooting him full of cum.

Then I shifted to Cora and Ann before doing our other guests. Then Brian took over. He moved me out to his mind so I had no sensory input from my body. I was at the representation of my brain in his mind. Every part was glowing brightly as it always does when he occupies it. I am up to over half illuminated when I’m running things.

It was only a minute before I was back in control. However it must have been longer since it was morning. Brian filled me in. I was in bed with Ricardo who just finished a round with Brian. He was pretty dazed but I did him again before going to sleep. We were awoken by a couple of his teammates around noon. He was almost late for the team muster before the game. They had a four PM kickoff against Penn State. He wasn’t in much shape to play and neither were his buddies. They lost the game but no one cared.

We enjoyed being the campus stud for the weekend. It was easy to drive them from orgasm to orgasm until they passed out from pleasure. It was good for our ego. In the Martian universe we are nothing special but on Earth we are gods.

Brian knew that Ann carried an egg from me and prepared me to deal with it. When I fucked her with my sperm we delivered several nano machines that would seek out my DNA and inject the egg with proteins so it would be born Martian. At age six months our son would be considered mature enough to decide where he wanted to live and join our family. After our first fuck, Ann told us that she would start the baby as soon as she graduates next spring. She would be offered Athena as using pregnancy to manipulate us is not a good foundation for a relationship.

We had another night to fuck my former classmates. Before heading out we stopped by the original Kolani property on Oahu’s North Shore. The original house had been reconstructed to better handle Martian size and strength. It was four stories tall with each stepped back from the one below and every room faced the ocean. We had a suite on the third floor.

There were a dozen Kolani family members visiting along with husbands, wives, children and pets but the house could easily handle them. We hadn’t met any of them before. It is a big family. Of course we knew everyone intimately by the next morning.

During the day we went with two other pets, one male and one female, to Waimea Bay for surfing. The waves were about six feet. Brian had taught me on Venus and we had surfed several worlds. Cupid, with its low gravity and almost no land generates monstrous waves, eighty to a hundred feet are common. The low gravity means everything happens in slow motion but it is still a thrill to slide down a mountain of water or shoot through a tube that is thirty feet tall.

Us Martians were way better than the locals. I enjoyed riding the waves and Brian took every other one. He was way more daring than I and had some amazing rides. We would take a break every few runs to have sex with our admirers.

We gave our board to a muscular Hawaiian-Filipino dude that we had fucked on it to wrap up our afternoon. Lohi’au had our transport waiting on the road above the beach. We lifted off and out of the atmosphere for the thirty minute trip to the wormhole out beyond Mars orbit that would take us to Ark and our reunion.

Part 8

I have been Brian Kolani’s pet for almost two and a half years. It has been everything I had hoped; more even. I was Doug Williams. Now it is Doug Kolani though legally Brian and I are considered one person and, in fact, we are.

He is always in my mind with me. When he wants he takes control of my body and I observe. Sometimes he lets me run his body with my mind occupying a portion of his brain and he takes over mine.

When someone wants to talk to me, usually another pet, they still use Doug. Most native Martians know I’m Brian’s pet and just address me as Brian. He then answers them using my body even if he is physically lightyears away.

After my enhancement I was six foot eight, incredibly muscular and had an eighteen inch hard cock that was very thick. I was strong too. A few thousand kilos were easy to handle. Full grown Martians are about eight feet tall with cocks around thirty inches. My size was kept down so I could pass as normal on Earth though I was still taller than all but a percent of Earthlings.

Earth was where I was now. Brian was on Ark, many lightyears away. We were part of the team turning it into a vast preserve for Earth species. It has soil and oceans and an atmosphere but we are just starting to introduce life. We work in ocean ecology.

We are on Earth for sex. We get lots of action with Martians but at three and a half Brian is still only six-five; still. shorter than I though he will be taller in a few months. As a kid, though fully sexually mature since age three, he generally is submissive to older Martians. It is still great sex but it’s fun to be dominant sometimes and Earth provides that.

We were in Las Vegas. With no use for money, gambling has mostly disappeared except for non-monetary rewards. But Vegas survives as a resort where you can find plenty of action and entertainment. It was just past midnight at one of the nicer clubs. They had a popular singer do a set that finished about ten. I arranged to met her and her boyfriend backstage and accompanied them to her dressing room where Brian and I fucked both of them senseless. She should recover before her 2 AM set but she’ll need a new boyfriend. We like turning Earthmen gay.

Back in the club Brian spotted two well-developed guys just entering. Lohi’au, the Kolani family A.I., listed them as twin brothers, eighteen and just out of high school, Tom and Roy. I went over, introduced myself and invited them to my table. They accepted.

They were fraternal twins but looked very similar. Tom was six three and Roy six two. Both were blond, muscular and played football in high school. They both wore the current style club clothes, a sheer white long sleeve shirt that displayed their upper body musculature and tightly fitted dress slacks showing good-sized bulges and defined, strong legs.

I was projecting a similar outfit. The bulge of my twelve inch soft cock was easy to see. They probably thought I was hard. At six eight I was way taller than the brothers and massively muscular. They certainly knew they were going to get fucked and the bulges in their pants starting growing.

The serving bot brought three craft beers that Lohi’au knew they would like to the table as we sat down. I asked them about themselves and how they were enjoying their visit to Vegas. Of course, I already knew everything. They were here in a group of twelve, six boys and six girls. They were gay with each other but fifty-fifty bisexual with others. They had had sex with their travel mates for years and had gone out alone tonight to find action elsewhere. They hit the jackpot but didn’t know it yet.

I felt Tom’s hand on my thigh. I looked at him. He was surprised feeling skin instead of the fabric that appeared to cover me. I suggested we dance. A thought shifted the music to a slow number and I held him tightly as we moved around the floor. I let my cock grow half hard, about fifteen inches. It pressed into the silky fabric of his shirt leaking precum. He looked down to where he could feel but not see my cock thanks to the clothes that he now knew were an illusion. He looked up into my face.

“Who are you?”

“I’m the guy that will be fucking you and your brother senseless in a little while,” I replied.

“Yeah, I figured that out. But what’s with your clothes? Nobody has a cock that big.”

“These clothes are only a projection. Our space suits keep us comfortable in any environment. They’re like your shields but with many extra functions. I can display any type of outfit but at home nobody bothers.”

“A Martian. I thought so but aren’t Martians taller?”

“Yes, though my main home is Venus. Martians, full grown, are about eight feet tall. I’m Brian Kolani’s pet. He says high and he’ll be fucking you too. Brian is just over three years old and decided to keep me short enough to avoid too much attention on Earth.”

“Pet? What’s that mean?”

“That’s hard to explain. Brian is lightyears away right now but he is always in here with me” I pointed to my head. “He spotted you and told me to go over and meet you. He makes all the decisions.”

“Tom, it’s Brian.” Brian continued after assuming control. I was watching with full sensory input but no control. We didn’t miss a step in our dance as we switched. “I’m tenth generation Martian and just over three years old. My own body is few inches shorter and my cock is only fifteen inches. I’m still a growing boy but more of a man than any Earthling as you will soon find out.”

“Doug again,” I said as Brian gave me control.” Let us collect your brother and go back to my place for some fun.”

The song had finished and Tom let me lead him back to our table. The front of his shirt was soaked with my pre, making it almost transparent. Tom was dazed from the close physical contact of the dance. He was obviously fully hard in his fitted slacks, about nine inches. I slipped in and then Tom plopped down. He took a big drink from his beer.

“Brother?” Roy asked, looking at his twin.

“We hit the jackpot,” Tom said softly. “No questions. We need to go with Doug now.”

We stood up and I walked between them with an arm about each waist. They let me guide them through the crowd. It was obvious we were going for sex and we got several smiles from others that might have hoped to be in their place. I escorted them to a glass wall where our ride was waiting a few feet beyond the window. I just lifted each a couple inches off the floor and walked through the glass to the car. There didn’t appear to be anything supporting us twenty stories off the ground but the footing was firm as I let them enter ahead of me. I got in and sat between them as the door shut and we flew off. I saw several people checking the window as we left though club regulars had certainly seen it before as it is popular with Martians.

On the trip Tom used his right hand to stroke my cock as Roy watched amazed. Tom’s hand reached through the illusion of my clothes to wrap about the middle of my shaft. As he stroked he pulled the pole beyond the bounds of the projected fabric and the suit defaulted to the transparent mode. My shaft and his hand below the wrist were virtually invisible as the suit projected what was behind along the surface with just an almost unnoticeable distortion at the edges.

Roy could see his brother’s arm move up and down the now fully hard member, almost eighteen inches from crotch to tip, but the hand and flesh were invisible. Occasionally a small spurt of pre would escape from the tip, become visible and arc to the floor.

Our destination was a penthouse suite in one of the tallest towers on the strip. A landing platform extruded from the side as we approached the tower’s two hundredth floor. We set down and I walked them through the glass into the room. There were three, two story suites in this building all Martian controlled but only two were in use.

The interior was set up like the current Hollywood version of luxury. It even had an old fashioned bar with real bottles of liquor and glasses in several styles. The sleeping area was on the upper level set up as a loft connected to the lower by actual stairs.

As we entered I turned off the projections and stood nude between the boys. Tom’s hand on my hard pole was fully visible. Roy was clearly shocked. No one on Earth had an eighteen inch cock.

“Who, what are you?” Roy asked.

“I’m the guy that will be fucking you both in a few minutes. Tom has gotten me really randy and you need to get naked now.”

They didn’t hesitate in shedding their clothes leaving them strewn on the floor. Tom filled his brother in on what he had learned as they disrobed and I offered a few compliments on their bodies. Tom had nine hard inches and Roy about half an inch more.

I took them up to the sleeping area. The bed was a square about ten feet on each side and suitable for a few full-grown Martians. To the right was a broad balcony with a hot tub and some seating. The toilet and shower were off to the left and we each spent a few seconds on the toilet to clean out before going to the bed.

Brian wanted me to do the initial entry, doing Roy first. I got him on his back in the middle of the bed and raised his legs to my shoulders. He was clearly nervous about the prospect of taking a pole so much longer and thicker than any he’d done before. Lohi’au informed me that eleven inches was the longest they’d had and mine was twice as thick as that one too.

My pole was slick with my precum. I coated my finger with the slippery goo and slathered his ass crack and worked some into his hole. He accepted several fingers easily in his experienced hole. Any eighteen year old on Earth would be well used to gay and straight sex but they will be going well beyond their previous limits. I had Tom kneel beside Roy’s head and give him a few inches of cock to fill his mouth. The familiar feel will help calm him and it will cut down on noise though the suite is soundproof.

I thought he was ready so I pulled my hips back and placed the tip at his entrance. Roy looked at me with mixed eagerness and concern. A little pressure and he opened easily, taking the first six inches smoothly. I stroked the rim of my crown over his prostate again and again, showing him the pleasure a really big cock can offer. He quickly started moaning around the cock plugging his mouth.

I went back to adding inches as my precum eased the way. I was easily thick enough to rub his most sensitive spot with every movement. I had him thrashing about on the bed by the time I’d gotten to eleven. It was time to give him some release and add some deep lubrication. A couple long strokes pulled his trigger and I released my seed deep in his gut. His first jet went clear over his head and the next dozen sprayed himself and his brother before the final spurts dribbled onto his abdominal muscles. Meanwhile I flooded his gut with my seed but the tight fit only allowed a little to seep toward his entrance.

“That was your biggest cum ever,” Tom stated, easing his cock from his brother’s lips.

“Yes,” Roy agreed. “That was my best orgasm ever. I can still feel you pulsing deep inside me but the jets of cum are only tiny spurts now. I hope you have some left for Tom.”

“Guys, guys,” I said. “We are just getting started. I’m not done with you Roy. Tom give him your cock again.”

Tom complied and I started a slow fuck stroke of about eight inches, spreading my cum onto his first inches and slowly working myself deeper. Roy quickly became hard again. He started to feel me in places where no one had gone before. The pleasure was intense but I kept him just short of orgasm. His eyes were wide and fixed on me as he sucked furiously on the cock in his mouth, a familiar feeling to distract himself from the strangeness of such deep penetration.

I took about fifteen minutes to add the last seven inches. I let his drawn-up balls press into the trimmed triangle of pubic hair above my shaft as I leaned forward and kissed him around his brother’s cock. I pushed my tongue into his lips and licked his tongue as we both rubbed the head of Tom’s shaft.

I leaned back and resumed my fuck, using the full length, just leaving the head in on the out stroke and pressing my groin to his hole at the end. After a few minutes I sped up my assault. There was no turning back now. A final plunge and I held my self deep in his gut. My first jet triggered his explosion. He came more than before while Tom released his seed into his mouth.

Minutes later we rested. I was still balls deep in Roy. Tom had eased his spent piece from Roy’s mouth. I looked at Roy. He smiled back, tired but happy. I was still looking at Roy but Brian had taken control. Roy showed surprise as he felt the pole inside of him get harder and bigger as it always does when Brian runs things.

“Hi Roy,” said Brian in my voice but subtly more commanding and assured. “It’s Brian. I’ll be doing the next few rounds.”

Roy looked shocked. He had thought we were done. He mumbled, “few?”

There was nothing for me to do but watch and experience the sensations. Brian left my full sensory input from my body but overlaid it with what he was feeling that was always deeper and more intense than I was experiencing directly. He put the visual input out of focus for me except for the areas he was scanning to see how Roy was reacting and did the equivalent for my other senses.

We did three more orgasms before Roy passed out. It was then Tom’s turn. Brian fucked him twice, leaving him still functional for a final round from me before we drifted off to sleep.

It was mid morning when Tom stirring woke me. We were still coupled so I threw him a nice wake up fuck. I could sense that Brian was sleeping with Tamara and Julia at the terraforming base on Dove, Ark’s moon. It is impossible to synchronize our daily cycles when we are on different worlds lightyears apart. I’d finish up with the twins and join them later.

Roy had awoken during my morning fuck with Tom. I got them both up to the toilet and shower. The shower was Martian style with walk-through glass and no manual controls since we controlled this apartment. The boys were getting used to the glass trick.

We were pretty grungy from the sex last night with cum dried everywhere. Once we were clean I fucked both of them again and we exited the shower energized for the new day.

The bed had been changed while we washed. I suggested we take breakfast in the hot tub on the balcony. The view looked down Las Vegas Boulevard and beyond to the desert and hills. Trays appeared for each of us with mimosa, fruit and a breakfast sandwich; what was originally known as an Egg McMuffin but as made by a top chef with the best ingredients.

The boys were looking at each other and to me; clearly nervous. We had had sex for hours. They carried my sperm in their guts. We had slept together and were sitting naked in the water sharing a meal. They didn’t need to be shy but I was Martian, exotic and alien to them. I don’t think I’m anything special but to them I was.

“You two look like you want to say something,” I said to break the ice. “Don’t be nervous. Anyone carrying my seed has certainly earned the right to tell me what they want.”

“Thanks Doug,” said Tom. “First we want to thank Brian and you for the best sex we ever had. God, it was incredible.” Roy nodded agreement. “What is it like being Brian’s pet? I mean we see how he can take you over but what is it like for you?”

“You two are twins so you have a very close relationship and, of course, you have great sex together. If you can imagine a relationship that is a hundred times closer and sex a hundred times better; that’s what Brian and I have. You can’t actually imagine it but it is our reality. Part of me is out there with him and he is in here with me. That is the simple version but lots of things are not his or mine but ours. I say he makes all the decisions but he doesn’t tell me what to do. I just know. We rarely use words with each other anymore. Our communication is deeper and more meaningful than words can convey.”

“How did you come to be his pet?” Roy asked.

“He invited me to meet and explained what he wanted and then gave me a taste of what it would be like. But you can’t really know until you are. I had a chance to meet other pets. They knew what I was feeling and they told me they never regretted their decision. I have never regretted mine either. It is better than you can imagine. Take it if you are offered the chance.”

“I wish we were,” Tom stated and Roy agreed.

With breakfast over our trays returned themselves and I offered the boys a chance to suck me off. Tom managed to take ten inches orally and Roy got over twelve. Both spilled a lot when I came but we enjoyed licking up the leakage and feeding it back.

We dried off. Lohi’au had laid out daytime clothes for both in the lower level. My contact had been added to their own A.I. I kissed both boys goodbye and they stepped through the glass to their vehicle which headed off so they could rejoin their friends.

My own ride was just behind theirs. I stepped in and sat down and we headed up out of the atmosphere en route to our initial wormhole beyond Mars orbit. The wormhole is pinned to a fixed location in Sol’s gravity well. Mars was actually about 100 degrees beyond it in its orbit.

That wormhole led to a system with no habitable planets. The inner bodies had pounded themselves into a massive asteroid belt that was being mined for resources. Several wormholes branched from here and one took us to Ark. The trip took just under four hours Earth time but because the real space portions were near light speed, it was under an hour ship time. But I spent the trip with Brian, enjoying his morning sex with Tamara and Julia. So mentally I experienced four hours while my body experienced one but as I said it is not unusual for mental and physical time to diverge.

Most of our time was spent at the Dove base. Terraforming of Dove is complete but still requires monitoring and adjustment until the ecosystem achieves natural balance. Dove is two-thirds the size of Luna and orbits Ark closer so the tidal impact is similar. Dove is 90% ocean with the land as a globe spanning archipelago of large and small islands fringed by coral reefs. The islands were designed with steeply sloping beaches because the tidal range is about eight meters due the near Earth-sized mass of Ark.

The climate is tropical but the oceans moderate any extremes so it is pretty much ideal year around. Because the land is near the equator we don’t get hit with tropical cyclones though the storms that form in the northern and southern oceans can generate huge waves that are great for surfing.

Brian and Tamara share a residence with eight other Martians and their pets working in ocean ecology, so twenty in all. Like most in the base it is just off the beach and our dolphin pod hangs out just off shore. We spend about sixty percent of our days down on Ark and the rest on Dove. There is plenty of leisure time and, besides sex, the water sports are great.

I like to watch Ark as it crosses our sky every day. It is about twelve times the diameter disk that Earth’s moon makes. You can see the blue of the seas and the brown and greens of the land. There are savanna and plains, rain and temperate forests, rivers and lakes. The coral reefs fringing the equatorial land masses and islands are clearly visible and we can use the optics in our suits to zoom in. We have started to introduce larger grazing animals on land and smaller predatory fish in the seas. The larger herbivores and predators are still a few years away. Everyone is pleased how it is going.

After a month on Dove we took a few days break. Brian decided we’d go back to Earth and visit Tom and Roy so he could meet them in person. They lived in Springfield, Massachusetts. It was early fall and the leaves changing color made the area quite beautiful as we descended. They had asked their parents to leave them for the night so they could have a sex party with their friends and when we arrived they had everyone of their fiends from Vegas there to meet us.

The following morning after everyone had recovered, cleaned up and had some breakfast Brian invited them to join us for a couple days at the Kolani compound on Oahu. It was just dawn when we arrived with the group. There were a dozen family and their pets already in residence when we arrived. They were passed around and all had a couple rounds, at least, with everyone. Brian and I did take the twins out surfing on the second day so it wasn’t all sex. Of course we fucked them on the beach afterward.

By the next morning the Earthlings were totally exhausted. We got them cleaned and dressed and into a vehicle that would take them home. Then we headed back to Ark. Lohi’au told us that the twins are destined to be pets of twin boys now ten months old and that three of the others would get offers in the next six months. I was happy for Tom and Roy but also I knew I’d probably meet them often in the future.

We were working on a reef on Ark a few days later when Lohi’au announce that the Empress has asked everyone to be available for her to address us in four hours. Brian, Tamara, Julia, Spirit and Dancer had all receive the same announcement.

I thought to myself, how often does she do this? It hadn’t happened in the time I’ve been Martian.

Brian answered in my mind, “She’s never done this before ever. It must be important.

We all decided to wrap up down here and head back to Dove. We could have watched in our room or Lohi’au could have projected it on our visual field had no screen been available but we decided to watch on the biggest screen in the common area and everyone else had made the same choice. We sat on the side of one of the several padded platforms in the room.

The screen brightened showing Empress May seated in a chair flanked by Princesses Ty and Ahn. It was night outside the windows behind them. It was mid afternoon here. They appeared to be wearing very tiny silk dresses that didn’t hide much of their beauty, red for May and yellow for the others. But any clothes made it a formal occasion. No one in our room was projecting any. The Empress and the Quans were familiar to anyone on Earth. They make frequent visits, opening parliaments and congresses and at the installation of new leaders. They are all over major media and Imperial gossip is popular in internet tabloids.

In fact as a Martian you hear very little about the Empress and the Imperial Council or anything about government; nothing about personal lives. Lohi’au could give me anything I could ask for unless they had requested privacy but I had never bothered to ask. Early on I was told I could talk to the Empress for any reason at any time but I never had. We could do that as one of her Earth subjects too but an A.I. secretary screens the calls and handles most simple requests without her involvement.

The Empress began directly. “I am talking to you because we face the biggest challenge in our short history and it will take all our efforts to meet it. As part of our continuing exploration our automated ships visited a system about 107 lightyears from Sol. The star is blue-white, spectral class A5-6, and just has a catalog number for its name. It is 2.3 solar masses and the system is about 1.8 billion years old. There are twelve planets and numerous moons and minor bodies. The fifth planet that orbits just beyond the distance of Mars from Sol, is about fifty percent larger than Earth. It has a thriving biosphere with intelligent life at a technical level that approximates late Nineteenth Century Earth.”

Lohi’au had displayed the subject star on a star chart at the side of my visual field. I glanced at it. The star was in our direction from Sol but much further out. He displayed an image of the dominant life form. It looked vaguely insect like but the notes indicated it had an internal skeleton.

May continued. “We started collecting information on the planet and its inhabitants that would lead eventually to formal contact. Study of their star has just uncovered that it will commence helium fusion in its core in the next thirteen to seventeen months. That would result in a nova that would extinguish all life on the planet.

“We will try to save everybody. That may not be possible but we will do our best. The first step is to dispatch an expedition to initiate contact and survey the biosphere in detail. The star is 26 days in hyperspace from our nearest wormhole terminus. Establishing a new wormhole is the first priority. The ship is being provisioned and will depart Sol in twenty hours. It will pick up additional crew en route. Additional crew are being notified now.”

I saw the notice at the bottom of my visual field. I was going with Brian, Tamara, Julia, Spirit and Dancer. About half the ecology staff on the Ark project were being diverted to this mission. There would be others from the Sol system. A full list was available. We would have twenty eight hours before the ship arrived at Ark. It would stay two hours.

“We have a number of worlds immediately available for Earth style life,” she stated. “But we need a star of the same spectral class. We have located a star with a suitable and lifeless planet about 97 light years from Sol. It should be safe for at least 80 million years.”

It displayed on a star chart in my view. It was almost on the opposite side of our explored space, almost 200 light years from the original star.

“This system is fifteen days from our nearest wormhole. The expedition to start preparing the planet and establish the new wormhole leaves Sol in forty two hours. Additional crew are now being notified.”

I could access the list. It was heavy on miners and engineers. Two systems on the route with planets being terraformed were virtually stripped of staff and the projects suspended. There were some planetary design people from Mars. The ecology staff would come later. It was estimated to be six months before we would be ready to transplant life forms.

The Empress concluded saying that this was our top priority. The screen went dark. There was a lot of discussion. Those that were going were envied by those staying behind. The evening was for visiting friends we might not see for a while.

The expedition ship entered the system right on time and took orbit around Dove just above the force field that retains our atmosphere. It was a cylinder, 110 meters in diameter and three kilometers long. The diameter is set by the wormholes that are 112 and a fraction meters in diameter. The size is fixed by physics. The next size small is just over three centimeters and the one below that is subatomic. The next size up is over nine thousand kilometers in diameter but you would need the gravity well of a neutron star to anchor the end points.

We quickly transferred to the ship. There was nothing we needed to bring since the ship would have or could make whatever we might need. Brian would have lost contact with his outboard processing while we were in hyperspace so all of that was housed in processors on the ship for all those needing it. We would also lose contact with Lohi’au in hyperspace but the ship’s A.I., Dr. Hans Zarkov, would handle the needs of expedition members. He was the first avatar I’d seen that sported a beard and mustache. He was based on a fictional character from early space dramas.

With everyone on we headed out. Ark was the end of the wormhole network. We reached 99% light speed in a few minutes and initiated hyperspace. In hyperspace the normal instant communications links don’t function but several expedition leaders, all Mars based, had left their pets behind and that link is unbreakable. They would be able to keep up with developments while we were en route.

There is nothing to see in hyperspace. There is just a brilliant white spot dead ahead and everywhere else is the deepest black.

None of our group had been on a hyperspace capable ship before so we did some exploring. There were two transit tubes running the length of the ship, one going forward and the other aft. They were like the elevators but going horizontal. You just entered at a green panel and were merged with the flow and deposited at a red panel at your destination. If you took the tube going the wrong way Zarkov would get you shifted over. There were living quarters and common areas. Several segments were for ships functions. The hyperspace generator had a fifty meter segment centered on the mid line. Just forward of that was a fifteen meter segment filled with ship status displays. There were no physical controls but crew were able to plug themselves directly into Zarkov or individual ship systems if needed. There were almost a hundred vehicles for use in system and stores of supplies for the nano manufacturing facilities we would set up until resource mining provided a steady supply. The pieces of the ring that would anchor the wormhole to the Sol System were in one of the storage holds.

We had 632 Martians on board, counting 12 crew. There were 32 dolphins as well. The dolphins had a three hundred meter segment filled top and bottom with water to a maximum depth of nearly forty five meters. They could easily leap from the top tank to the bottom around the transport tubes that ran through the middle. Their suits gave them access to the entire ship just as ours allowed us to visit them.

If you put a few hundred Martians and dolphins in a cylinder for twenty six days there will be plenty of sex. But we also had jobs to do. The first task was to familiarize ourselves about where we were going. We had all the data from the automated surveys.

Our destination planet was designated Blue One. The new planet we would be building was Blue Two. Blue One was about fifty percent larger in diameter than Earth and had gravity 1.42 times Earth’s. With our strength that wouldn’t be a problem. Working in the oceans we would not feel the gravity but sea pressure would be higher as we go deeper. The atmosphere was also denser at about 1100 millibars at sea level with almost 28% oxygen.

The majority of the life forms have adopted a segmented arrangement. Six segments is most common though there are examples with many more. It looks strikingly insect like but almost all the major forms have a cartilage lattice internally instead of an exoskeleton.

The dominant form has six segments with a pair of limbs on the second, forth and sixth. It has no lungs but sports external gills to absorb oxygen directly from the air. These are on the fifth segment that also contains a heart. The fourth segment also has a heart but the gills in this segment have developed into a hard shell that covers and protects the functional gills on the next segment. These can flap to force more air over the gills or, when needed, the true gills unfold. They cannot fly but there are numerous smaller forms that do with the two pairs of gills acting as wings.

The brain is in the third segment protected by a cartilage lattice. A lattice tube runs toward the front and rear protecting the main nerve that is the equivalent of our spinal chord.

The mouth is in the first segment. It is surrounded by sixteen small tentacles. At the end of the segment are sixteen stalks, each with an eye that has, again, sixteen facets. The digestive tract passes through segments two and three and elimination is from segment four between the pair of limbs.

Clicking sounds made by the mouth parts form the language. The written version seems to be a representation of the clicks. The sound receptors are sixteen pits spaced around the third segment. We comprehend about forty percent of the audible language and very little of the written. Additional computational resources are working on the problem while we are in hyperspace and we should be in better shape when we arrive.

The rear two pairs of limbs are for mobility. Those segments are horizontal. The first three segments are vertically above the fourth. Overall it is like an insect version of a centaur. It was a close enough resemblance to give them their name, Centaurs. The limbs on the second segment function as arms. Each ends in sixteen tentacles. In the mobility limbs the tentacles have fused into a springy ball. There are no true joins anywhere in the body. The supporting lattice is flexible and muscles move it smoothly.

Overall they stand about three meters tall. So they are bigger than Martians which might help us appear less threatening.

We met our expedition leaders, Dek and Naomi Eagle Claw. Both were lieutenants in the Imperial Police. They were with their husbands, Anthony and Diana Eagle Claw, both rank as Sargent. Diana had her pet, Jasmine with her but Tony had his still on Mars to maintain communications. Dek and Naomi were originally from Earth and had no pets. Dek and Naomi had been on the initial contact mission to the Oviedo, or Bees, the only other alien intelligent species we have encountered. There were a dozen other Imperial Police on the expedition. Two were descendants of the leaders and another an unrelated Eagle Claw clan member. All had their pets with them.

Our ocean ecology group met to discuss our plan of action upon arrival. The automated survey had explored the oceans, seas, lakes and rivers but most of the data was in shallow water with just a small sampling of the deeper basins. Blue One was 65% water covered and the ocean depths were deeper than on Earth. The planet shows plate tectonics with extremely deep trenches, ring of fire vulcanism and mid ocean ridges. We might expect to find life huddling around ocean volcanic vents as we see on Earth but we had no data from there as yet.

We did have data on the equivalent of coral reefs that fringe the land and shallows of the tropical seas. The blue tinged light from their sun penetrates the water further than the G type starlight in Martian systems so the reefs extend deeper.

Our group would not need to wait for formal contact to begin our work. We had three vehicles that double as submarines, each piloted by a pair of dolphins aided by A.I. The ships have sonar that connects to the dolphin’s natural sonar sense via a helmet. There is room for four Martians in the crew including an air filled space to relax and eat. With our suits we and the dolphins can stay underwater indefinitely but a dry environment is way better for eating.

We could easily slip into and out of the oceans at night undetected by the locals and start our surveys. We could use remotely operated vehicles for shallow water until we determined it was safe to expose ourselves to the ocean directly. The suits could protect us from any creature we might encounter but no one wants to be swallowed whole by some unknown monster in the deep.

I was following the discussion and the planning for Blue Two. I had taken extensive instruction from Lohi’au on ecology management.

As I listened I thought to Brian, “We don’t need to preserve anything on Blue One. It will all be destroyed. We can rip it out and transplant everything on Blue Two.

Brian agreed and brought it up in the discussion. We would plan based on transplanting as much as we could. We would be limited by the wormhole diameter though. We could build hyperspace capable ships to much larger sizes but without the wormhole shortcut it would be almost six months from Blue One to Blue Two; so a one way trip for each ship but it was an option.

With twenty six days in hyperspace we managed to have sex with about a third of our crew mates, usually those we didn’t already know from Ark or Venus. The final day was a party and that meant sex all day.

The ship was on the same time as the Imperial Palace on Mars. Lights were dimmed at night in the passages and common areas to maintain a day night cycle. We drifted off to sleep with our final partners of the day, a sixth generation male-male husband-wife team and their pets that would be starting mining and manufacturing on our arrival.

I woke in the morning to the sensation of a huge cock moving through my guts. It took me a minute to realize that it was from the twenty-nine inch piece in Brian from our bed mates. I was in a sixty-nine with his pet. He was still sleeping but I moved to suck his twenty inch soft piece that was draped over my neck and starting to firm up as he felt his partner’s stimulation. The fucking in his ass awakened Brian who started to fuck the pet’s hole. I felt the friction along my cock as Brian began moving. That, my sucking and the stimulation of his partner’s fucking brought the last guy around and he started sucking me.

We had a nice morning round as did Tamara and Julia with the other pair. We cleaned up and had breakfast with them. We then went to one of the common rooms to view the new system as we emerged from hyperspace. It would be on the video screen; our ship has no windows for a direct view.

At the precise moment we dropped into normal space, still at 0.99 c. The view screen came to life. It was compensated for the relativistic distortion. Our ship was decelerating steadily but we felt nothing as we maintain our own intertidal field and gravity on board. The first ships for resource mining and manufacturing deployed right after we emerged.

Lohi’au was back with us. Zarkov would have updated him on our status as soon as we left hyperspace. He had a number of messages for us from friends and family; mostly well wishes. Zarkov had also received an update on the planetary survey. He was digesting the data and passing it to the appropriate groups with his evaluation. I saw three messages on various topics. I saw that we believe we are ninety-six percent accurate in the spoken language and seventy-nine percent in the written. The written comprehension is still having problems with irony, satire and humor because of insufficient cultural context.

We were an hour out when we deployed the next two ships that would establish a wormhole direct to Sol. Blue One filled the video screen. It had one large, airless moon about 90% the size of Mars that orbited at about twice that of Earth’s moon. We were angling to approach the planet and take station behind it so our ship would not be detected by telescopes. There were two smaller moons, each a few hundred kilometers in diameter, that orbited closer.

The blue seas stood out on the planet but the land was mostly blue too as it was the predominant color of the local vegetation. Clouds covered a third of the surface and there were distinct ash plumes visible from a couple active volcanoes. A few of the larger cities showed up as grey blotches.

We left the common area. Our first trip to the ocean would launch in two hours. All three of our submarines would be deployed. Each would have four Martians and two dolphins. One dolphin would need to be in the control helmet at all times to use the enhanced sonar but Zarkov could handle most other functions.

As our ship took station behind the large moon, we detached from our berth and eased through the force field retaining the air in the storage bay. Our vehicle was ten meters in diameter and forty long. The other two followed.

We were all in the water-filled control area at the front. There were large view windows to the front and sides. Dancer was in the control couch with the sonar helmet on her head. There were video displays left and right as dolphin eyes look to the side. Spirit was floating near Dancer and the rest of us, Tamara, Julia, Brian and I, had connected ourselves to flexible arms that extruded from the deck. They could hold us in position or we could shift around the room with a thought.

We emerged from behind the moon and angled for our target in the night side ocean. We took ten minutes to cover the few hundred thousand kilometers, slowing as we descended through the thickening atmosphere. There were few lights visible on the planet. The inhabitants had invented electric lighting twenty Earth-years ago but they were not widely used.

Our initial point was an area of continental shelf, about 200 kilometers off a major landmass. The ocean here was 1500 meters deep. The sea was black to our eyes. Dancer did a slow circle at twenty meters then dropped to fifty and did another circle. She vectored off to the planetary East going slightly shallower.

“Look right,” she squeaked.

The side of are vessel glowed, illuminating the water. There was a school of hundreds of fish, each about a half meter long. Each had six body segments and three pairs of fins. Two pairs of gills were on top, looking like dragonfly wings. They didn’t react to us.

As star rise approached, Dancer moved toward shallower water. We saw in deep water off the reef a large fish, about six meters, with an impressive array of teeth, possibly a shark analog. There were groupings of smaller fish that also seemed predatory.

As we drifted around the coral reef analog of this world we released a swarm of mini vehicles to explore the nooks and crannies to see how the ecosystem fit together.

It was just past mid day. Spirit was in the control couch.

“I think it is safe for you to go out,” Spirit announced. “The sonar system works well. If anything big approached I would have plenty of warning to let you get back.”

We were about twenty meters off the steep reef face at a depth of about eighty meters. We all knew we would need to go out sooner rather than later. The data is fine but we are accustomed to feeling how things work as a whole. How the reef creatures react to our presence would be important for our understanding of the system.

We propelled our suits through the glass panels and we were in Blue One’s ocean. Our suits kept us at one Earth atmosphere pressure though the water pressure here was many times that. We could move as easily underwater as we could in space or air.

Dancer preferred to use her swimming muscles. In an open water environment after weeks in a pool on a spaceship, she was free. She bolted to the surface at high speed and leapt from the water. A couple seconds later she splashed back, startling all the reef fishes. She swam down to rejoin our group.

We explored for several hours, examining behaviors of the predators, grazers and filter feeders. Nothing big approached us but a few smaller residents tried to nibble on us.

It was late afternoon when Dancer swam up to me. “Doug, we haven’t properly initiated this world.” Rubbing her vaginal slit over my cock made her meaning clear.

Brian told me to go for it while he handled Tamara and Julia. I held Dancer just below her pectoral fins and pushed the end of my rapidly hardening cock into her tight opening. Her powerful vaginal muscles pulled me in the rest of the way. I looked up into her left eye. It glinted back at me and she gave me a firm squeeze along my entire eighteen inches.

Her tail extended beyond my feet and she used it to swim quickly along the reef while we were coupled. The swimming motion and the rhythmic massage from her internal muscles made thrusting unnecessary. A few minutes of that and I shot inside her. Dancer leapt again with me along for the ride. I guess she liked it.

I was still inside her. We swam slowly for another fifteen minutes before we reached a second climax as Brian was finishing up in Julia.

We spent the daylight in shallow areas and night in open ocean, mostly in the shallower depths above 1000 meters. We couldn’t go too close to shore where we might be spotted or in areas where there was boat traffic.

On the third evening our relief crew arrived and we took their vehicle back to the expedition ship.

We were ready for first contact. Each area is ruled by a queen whose main duty is to lay eggs. Male consorts run various functions of society and are traded from one domain to another so everyone is related and relations between domains are peaceful. When the queen is no longer able o lay eggs the consorts select a new queen. There are 73 domains, some big, some small. Insect societies on Earth are our closest analog but it is not exact.

It was decided to request contact with the three largest domains. To each was dispatched a shiny aluminum sphere about a meter in diameter. Aluminum was quite rare and valued because of the difficulty in obtaining pure metal. They hovered outside the buildings that we had identified as government centers, soon attracting a crowd. In their language it requested to speak with the queen’s representatives. In one case that was a single individual, in the other two it was several.

It then explained that we were beings from a world about one of the lights they see in their night sky, suns like theirs which they already speculated. We said we wished to visit them, learn about them and tell them about us and discuss items of mutual interest. We proposed to send our representatives at noon in two days time and offered an area that appeared to us to be a park away from the center of the city as a meeting spot. It was thought that would be less threatening.

Domains had fought with each other in their histories but not in several hundred of our years. They also had some tales of beings from other worlds. Their large moon being a popular source. Sometimes those encounters are depicted as hostile.

All three domains agreed to meet. The news spread around the world by their version of telegraph and we monitored the reaction. There was a lot of speculation some of which brought up the stories from their literature. The three locations were spread about so most of their world would get the news via telegraph before the meeting.

The day before we open the wormhole to Sol. A steady stream of additional personnel and equipment began to arrive. We also got to move to our new base on Blue One’s large moon. The moon is not tidally locked. It rotates twice for every circuit of the planet. Our base will not come in view until two local days after our contact.

The contact team would be a male from the Imperial Police and our equivalent of a psychologist, a Martian female with enhanced perceptive powers. It is a rare talent but we have about three dozen in over a million born Martians. (There are about 1.2 million Earth-born Martians as pets and invitees.)

Brian got me a session with one. We had sex and she entered my mind and made it work better. I also was more able to connect with my sex partners. The talent works with other species. They can actually adjust dolphin minds, but with the Bees they can only read emotions as we are too different for sex. We hope that they will be able to sense how the locals are reacting to their first alien contact and the news of impending doom.

We had deployed invisible cameras around the meeting area so we could watch and monitor reaction. A crowd gathered early held back by barriers. Soldiers were present at two of the sites with local versions of rifles and machine gun. The delegation of several consorts, identified by badges of office on a sash about the second segment, arrived a few minutes before the scheduled meeting time.

Our spaceships descended vertically and soundlessly to stop a ten centimeters above the ground at the exact time. They were about fifteen meters long and ten wide and tall. They could accommodate several of the locals as we planned to invite them to our base and expedition ship.

Our contact teams exited. The policemen projected their gray uniforms with the police shield as their badge of office. The other projected a small white dress with a red and gold badge suspend by a gold chain just above their cleavage. I’m certain the locals didn’t know how sexy they looked.

As the visitors we introduced ourselves and described where we were from. We mentioned that we had been learning about them in preparation for our first meeting. We noted that they had speculated about the existence of other worlds and life there and we were proof that they were right.

While this was being said by the male, the female was analyzing the reaction. We could read her words at the bottom of our video and her partner could see it as he talked. Curiosity was dominant. There was little fear which was good. We were physically smaller than full-grown locals so that helped. We offered to take their representatives to our main ship and the base we established on their moon. That generated some excitement from those we identified as scientists.

We paused at that point. The local representatives extended their welcome and accepted the offer of the visit. They knew we were contacting other domains and none could risk losing any advantage contact might provide.

Then it was time to tell them why we had come to their system. Finding out that their world would be destroyed was an expected shock. Fourteen to fifteen months, less than one circuit of their planet around their sun, was our current estimate. We then told them that we intend to save them all by relocating them and as much of their biosphere as we could to a new world.

That produced shock from those close enough to hear what was said. Most of the crowds about the meeting area had no idea what was being said. In two of the encounters we detected suspicion that we wanted their world. It was something that was prepared for.

We stated, “We come from a world around a cooler, dimmer star. Those stars live much longer than your bright star. We build new worlds around similar stars for our use. We have several ready but unused. But you need a world with a star like your own star. We have suspended our own work to build a new home for you. I will be several of your months before it is able to support you. In that time we need to survey all life on your world and plan how best to transplant it to your new world.”

That seemed to help and it was followed by an offer to show them our worlds and the world we were building for them. Then they were asked to approve and assist in our surveys. We asked for their response by this time on the next day and said that we were prepared to take up to three representatives on the promised tour.

There was some discussion among the locals which we monitored. Their scientists were eager to go on the tour; the leaders less so. One delegation was three scientists but the other two had one of the leadership members. Our people escorted them to our ships and took off.

Brian and I had a chance to see them pass as they toured our moon base. We had boosted gravity to Earth normal and raised the oxygen level in our air for their comfort.

The following day they offered cooperation in our survey work. Those studying land life usually had one or two locals along with the team. We would take a local in our air filled compartment on the ocean surveys occasionally but mostly we worked alone. Now that secrecy was not required we could study shallow seas, rivers and lakes and we would often draw a crowd when near inhabited areas. The survey teams were also greatly augmented now that we had the wormhole open.

About three months on, our team had a week off. Blue Two was coming along nicely. The oceans were about half filled and their chemistry was being adjusted. The air was breathable for us though still too thin for most Blue One life. We were preparing soil and had transplanted some soil bacteria. There was still Earth months of work before the major relocation kicked in.

Brian got a message from his sister, Lucy. She had something that she thought was important for our project and asked Brian to come to Lamda Serpentis Four, the Oviedo world, for a demonstration. He told the project leaders of our plan and it was no problem since it was our break time.

A few hour later Brian and I were landing at the base of a grove of giant trees. The Oviedo, or Bees as we call them, grow the trees to form chambers that they use for living space. As flyers, the Bees have no need for ladders or paths connecting the chambers but our suits give us the mobility we need.

We were met by Lucy and her pet, Sethunya. Lucy was now fully grown at seven foot ten and she had boosted Sethunya to a full eight feet. It had been six months since we had sex with them but that would wait as they wanted to get right to why they’d asked us to come.

They led us to a chamber high in the tree that was about twenty meters on each side and almost fifteen tall. Joo Kim and Yuri were waiting for us. Joo was now eight foot one and taller than Yuri. There was a dolphin that Lucy introduced as Euclid and half a dozen Bees. The center of the chamber had a wood table, about ten meters long and two wide. Two clear cubes about twenty centimeters on each side floated half a meter above the table surface. The top of each cube was open.

“This is what we wanted you to see,” Lucy said. “It is the product of two years of research into higher geometry.”

Lucy dropped a red ball in one of the cubes. A red ball appeared in the other moving identically to the first. Joo reached into the second cube and removed the ball. In the first cube you could see fingers lift the ball out.

“This is actually one cube in two locations,” Lucy explained. “It is a three dimensional projection of an eight dimensional hypercube that exists in another microscopic universe. But every point in that universe corresponds to a point in ours. We can put something in at one location and remove it at another and the locations could be lightyears apart.”

“You do need to pull the object out,” added Joo. “It can’t come out on its own.” He demonstrated by throwing the ball into the box. It bounced around both locations as if the box had a lid. He then reached in and removed it. He put his hand back in one box and we saw it in the other. “I also can’t push my fingers out of the second projection since by my arm I am locked to this location.”

“The real payoff is that the three dimensional projections to our universe can be any size, kilometers even,” Lucy continued. “We think you need this and we want to demonstrate it to your project leaders.”

Needless to say we were excited. We’d no longer need to cut the ecosystem into chunks that fit through a wormhole. Now we could take big chunks of up and running ecosystem from the old world to the new.

Brian contacted Dr. Zarkov to set up a demonstration back at our base on Blue One’s moon. He passed on a file that Lucy’s team had prepared on the theory. Zarkov understood it immediately and a few minutes later we had our demonstration set for 26 hours from now.

One of the Bees took a device and used it to disappear first one cube and then the other. Lucy explained that the device tells where in our universe the cube will appear and sets the size. The eight dimensional construct fills the entire other universe and we can have multiple extrusions of a single cube or multiple cube pairs or more.

Now we had some time to enjoy our reunion and rest before heading back. Lucy took us to their quarters. It was equipped with the typical amenities inside a chamber about half the size of our previous room grown near the top of the tree. There was just an opening for the entrance and some holes in the side walls for windows but no doors or glass. There was a constant low level buzzing from the activity of the Bees going about their business.

I got to start sandwiched between Joo and Yuri while Brian fucked his sister and her pet. Joo had almost thirty one inches to stuff in my gut. We’ve had bigger. I had my eighteen buried in Yuri and I reached under him to slide his thirty inch cock past his right side of his chest so I could suck on the tip. The guys were as connected as Brian and I and their teamwork was flawless. It was great for me but I knew it was fantastic for them as Brian and I have enjoyed double teaming many times. While we were sharing sensations ourselves it is not as intense when in action with different partners.

We feel into a satisfied sleep for the short night; Four has a day of just over sixteen Earth hours. Our group, ourselves, Lucy, Joo and their pets Euclid and two Bees with their apparatus took a larger transport for the two hour hop to Blue One. Though we were going a total of 110 lightyears it was less than the width of a proton, if there were protons, in the micro universe.

The demonstration auditorium was packed. Princess Ty was in from Mars in her government capacity as well as seven-greats grandmother of Lucy and Joo. We also had Mark Grey Eagle, the Chief of the Imperial Police and most of the heads of departments. Dr. Zarkov represented the A.I.s but what one A.I. knows, they all know. Almost a thousand were following remotely.

The Bees started by extruding a one meter cube at both sides of the stage. Then Lucy and Joo demonstrate the transfer of several objects, including a cage with a few small local animals. They discussed the potential capabilities and yielded for questions.

“Thank you,” Princess Ty began. “I have have been following you progress and your latest paper has been truly impressive. It makes an old woman proud to see her children doing such quality work.” Of course not even first generation Martians looked older than early twenties.

“Your highness,” acknowledged Joo. “We could not have done it without our Bee and Dolphin partners. Bees can visualize objects in six dimensions. We can’t even understand how and it is something that can’t be explained but their insights and mathematics allow us to understand the higher dimensions on a theoretical basis and this is the result of decades of work.”

“Very true,” Ty said. “Ahn, I and even Empress May made contributions along the way but that doesn’t minimize the breakthrough you made in the last few years that brought us together today.”

“This will completely change our plans, for the better, for the evacuation and transfer,” stated Mark Grey Eagle. “Dr. Zarkov, what is the optimum size for the transfer?”

“Yes,” said Zarkov from the video screen. “Please excuse my babbling. It is a matter of what is the largest size that can be efficiently transported. Too big and we lose time in relocation and too small gives us too many pieces. We have over a thousand A.I.s considering the options but the complexity is great. Ah, we have it. We recommend six channels with two kilometer on a side cubes.”

“That agrees with my calculation and the Empress’s,” Ty stated. “Can you establish that for us, Lucy?”

“Yes, but we need to modify our apparatus to handle that size cube,” Lucy said. “I’ve given the specs to Dr. Zarkov and he says they will be ready in 135 minutes.”

“Then we have some time,” Princess Ty stated. “Lucy and Joo, come with me. I want to know my grandchildren better.” Everyone knew what that meant. They left with their pets.

“Department Heads, stay for a quick planning meeting,” Grey Eagle directed. “Brian, you can stay too. Good job.”

That meant I could stay as well. There were eight in the room beside us and three joining remotely from Blue Two. Their images were brought up on the large video screen with Zarkov.

“I’ll get right to it,” Grey Eagle began. “Now that we know how we are going to do it we need a plan for the transfer from One to Two. When will Two be able to support the first transfers?”

“Blue Two was scheduled to receive the first transfers in three months and we will still be ready,” a Martian on the video screen stated. “The plan was to start with remote areas to build the base of the ecology before moving to inhabited areas. That still looks good. You will need to divide One into two kilometers squares and give us the order of transfer. We will prepare Two to mate with the pieces. We would recommend a standard of two hundred meters of sub surface in each square but we can work with more or less as needed if you identify them.”

“That would give us eight to nine months to conduct transfers,” said a female that was head of engineering. “We estimate 120 transfers per hour. So bottom line is about three million square kilometers. If we stack four or five sections in each cube that gives us maybe fifteen million. Earth has five hundred million square kilometers, 150 million of land area, and Blue One and Two are fifty percent bigger.”

“We are aware of the challenges,” stated Andrew Kolani IV, the head of the ecology group. We hadn’t yet met him or his pet. “We are already collecting seeds and stockpiling saplings. Also we are trapping a placing in suspension fauna of all sizes. We will lose five to ten percent on reanimation but we are working to improve that. We can send that through before the major relocation begins and keep them in orbital storage until we generate more habitat. When transfers begin we can stack mature trees with root balls ready to transplant on grasslands and establish them on arrival. Still it will take at least fifty years to mostly restore the ecology.”

“The oceans provide special challenges,” said Amber Kolani, Brian’s mother and head of ocean ecology where we worked. “We will be able to transplant large chunks of reefs and shallow water ecosystem throughout the planet. They will spread easily to other suitable areas. The deep ocean presents special challenges. First, we have barely scratched the depths we need to explore. Second, we can’t just take eight cubic kilometers of ocean from One to Two. We plan on placing huge force field nets in the seas and gradually tightening the limits until we concentrate the ocean life a hundred to a thousand times so each cubic kilometer represents life from a thousand. We would normally spend several years establishing the plankton base of the oceanic food chain. That is impossible here so we will be synthesizing fish food to cover the gap.”

“Dr. Zarkov,” Mark said. “Most of the functions will be under your control. Are your resources adequate?”

“Certainly, Chief,” Zarkov replied. “Computing power is more than adequate. We will add distinct A.I. for harvesting, transportation and replanting. Equipment designs are in final review and with the modifications to incorporate the stacking concept, they should be ready for production in thirty six hours. Currently nano manufacturing capacity utilization throughout Known Space is running at two percent. The requirements of our project will push it to ten percent but that is a 43% improvement from yesterday when we were going to use hyperspace and wormholes for transport and we get a 254% increase in biomass transported too.”

“That sums up what we accomplished today,” Grey Eagle concluded. “We know what we need to do. Now let’s do it.”

Almost another three months have passed. We have started transplanting uninhabited areas of land. We are also filtering plankton from the oceans concentrating it up to a million times and releasing it into the previously lifeless seas of Two. The transplant of reefs and shallow environments starts next week. We have done numerous trips to the black depth of the deep oceans cataloging the life we find. The sonar hooked to the dolphin sense has enabled us to identify hundreds of unusual creatures. We saw one that was big enough to swallow our submarine whole but it fed on plankton filtered from the water and was no threat to any creature that could swim away from its gapping mouth. Still there was lots unexplored.

In the dark there were, as on Earth based seas, bioluminescent creatures. Our surveys identified many types, some much stranger than any on Earth. We knew there were still many unknown life forms and we have seen flashes of light that we haven’t matched with anything we’ve seen.

We were doing the first survey of a deep ocean ridge where we expected to find volcanic vents and new life forms. Spirit was in the control couch and we had four remote vehicles spaced around us controlled by Zarkov. We had lost a few remotes in the last couple weeks which should have been impossible and nothing was found when we checked their last location.

The vent showed clearly on sonar as we approached. Several volcanic cones could be distinguished. They appeared to have something in the hot water column above them. We paused about twenty meters off a vent. Sensors said the water was 150 Centigrade, but the extreme pressure meant it was nowhere near boiling.

We turned on our outside lights. The water rising from the vent looked like black smoke. The vents themselves were covered in white worms. Above the vents in the rising smoky water were green nets packed with more worms. Similar nets were above other vents.

“They are being farmed,” Tamara observed. So who was the farmer?

We cruised slowly observing the life that crowded the vents, gradually working off the ridge to the deep abyssal plain. Suddenly we were surrounded by the green netting. Spirit tried to pull free with power but couldn’t budge.

“I’ve lost contact with Zarkov,” Spirit announced. “We are in full manual mode. I tried the manipulator but couldn’t break the net.”

“I lost my outboard processing,” Tamara stated and I could sense that Brian had too.

“Deploy nannites,” Brian directed Spirit. “They may be able to disassemble the net at the atomic level. At least we will get an analysis of its structure.”

“I’m back,” announced Zarkov. “I brought in one of the remotes and pushed a communication probe through the weave. The other three are standing off and seeing if anyone approaches. Your location and situation have been reported and help is on the way though it will hold near the surface until we know more.”

“We have results from the analysis,” Julia reported. “The net is a single organic molecule. The bonds are incredibly strong and we can’t break them. We can’t cut it or even remove a single atom from the chain.”

“It sounds like it relies on its perfect structure for strength,” I observed. “If we could shoot a beam of neutrons at the carbon nuclei we might induce a few to beta decay into nitrogen. That might spoil the structure.”

“An excellent idea,” agreed Zarkov. “It will take another 93 seconds to build the device.”

We attached it to a manipulator arm and pressed it to the tight weave of the net enveloping us. A few seconds later the whole structure turned to graphite dust. We were free.

To our left in the deeper water we saw flashes of light. We headed slowly toward them with one of the remotes out ahead. We soon made out a cluster of several dozen cylindrical structures about ten meters in diameter and twenty tall. Each had a two meter circular opening in the side and appeared to be made from the same tough stuff that had entrapped us. There were numerous creature around the structures and the lights were from their bioluminescent bodies.

We stopped fifty meters from the nearest structure and waited. Zarkov was streaming our data and video to our base. These creatures were clearly the farmers of the vents and responsible for trapping us.

Shortly four of the creatures started to approach our submarine. They looked somewhat like an octopus but with sixteen tentacles. Each tentacle ended in sixteen small tentacles and every fourth tentacle was thicker and longer than the others. The division extended up the main body where each segment was topped with an eye and there was a crown of sixteen small tentacles at the top of the body.

Overall the main body was about three meters in length and a meter in diameter. The regular tentacles were another three meters long and the long ones about four. The small tentacles at the top and tentacle tips were about fifteen centimeters.

They were flashing colors along their bodies as they approached. It was clearly how they communicate. Zarkov said that the display extended into the ultraviolet range and adjusted our suits to enable us to detect those frequencies.

Zarkov moved a remote slowly, stopping it in a hover about two meters in front of the group moving toward us and about ten meters in front of our submarine. The remote displayed colors across its surface, starting at red and shifting through the spectrum to ultraviolet. All four creatures mimicked the display.

The remote extruded a video screen and we started to learn their language by displaying a shape and seeing their reaction. Then he would repeat the shape and display the same pattern. Their reaction was marked tentatively as yes. Later he gave a deliberate wrong pattern and we marked down the display for no.

While Zarkov gradually built up a vocabulary. The interaction was being followed closely back at our base and even Mars. This was clearly an intelligent species and we were doing first contact. The rescue ships were called off but we had reserves on standby if we needed them.

The process of establishing communications was slow but steady. They didn’t need sleep. Several times others came to the group with some of the white worms they farmed. These were placed in the opening at the top of the body aided by the short tentacles that surrounded it.

It was almost three days when Zarkov announced that they wished to meet us. He thought he would be able to translate for us with about 95% accuracy.

We received approval to attempt contact. It would be monitored. One of our objectives was to see if they would agree to an examination by our medical nannites. Eventually we would need to tell them the reason we were on their planet and get them to evacuate the coming disaster. The contact group would be only Martians to minimize complications. Dancer and Spirit would stay on our vessel.

Zarkov announced to the group that we would join them in a display of color and told us to join him. We passed through a glass panel and were in the deep ocean of Blue One. Our suits had the pressure of over two thousand meters of water, equal to almost three thousand on Earth because of the higher gravity here. We moved to hover beside the sphere that had been interacting with them.

“We are from a star in the sky,” Brian began. It appeared that his skin was changing color. None of us were displaying clothes. “I am Brian, my sister Tamara, Doug and Julia.” Our suit gave a burst of color as he called our names.

“We have seen the lights above our ocean.” The four members of the group were displaying the same colors as they communicated with us. That was new. Previously only one would display for Zarkov. “We are a foursome. You can call us Greeter. We understand from your device that you are two, twosomes. We have dismantled a couple of your devices. We find them interesting.”

“We have many interesting mechanisms,” Brian continued. “We would like to use one to help us understand how you work. We can assure you that you will not be harmed in any way.”

He was wasting no time moving to our initial objective.

“We will allow it if we may examine you when you are done. We are also curious. We can also assure you our examination will do you no harm.”

This conversation was not going how I expected. I guess I thought there would be more hesitancy and confusion. I could sense Brian was happy they agreed to the examination and wasn’t concerned about how they planned to examine us.

We gave each of their party a small capsule to ingest. They did it quickly after a short examination in front of several eyes. We started getting data immediately. Each segment had a brain located just behind the eye. The brains were interconnected with a thick ring of nerves. Four of the body segments were specialized for reproduction. These were associated with the long tentacle segments. Two produced eggs, one male and one female. These would be combined in an pouch in the third segment and then transferred to the fourth segment to develop. It appeared that one individual could do the entire process but they called themselves a foursome so it seems likely that each contributes to the new being.

The capsules finished their work and dropped from the anal opening between the tentacles. The group flashed color that translated to ‘Our turn’. I felt a tentacle slip around my waist. Then a second and then others on my legs, arms and elsewhere. They arranged us in a circle with an alien between each Martian. Each alien had tentacles holding each of us. But they had only used their shorter tentacles. We each had twelve holding us securely. They were strong but Martians are incredibly strong too. I thought we could break free if we tried but Brian reminded me that we needed to show our trust. He calmed my thoughts.

A tentacle entered my ass. Another wrapped my cock and started rhythmic squeezing while the small tentacles at the tip massaged my cock head. Another entered my mouth. These were the longer, sexual tentacles and they started to stimulate us. I could feel that Brian was equally penetrated and see Tamara and Julia were also.

I am used to Brian’s presence in my mind. Now I sensed something new. It was Greeter, the alien, one mind and four bodies. It didn’t send its thoughts but I felt calm, friendship, love, communicated directly, mind to mind. Then alongside Brian, I felt Tamara and Julia. They were as surprised as Brian and I. Our four minds and four brains and our alien friend were all mixed together.

I could feel what they were feeling just as I did with Brian. I’d never imagined what vaginal penetration or clitoris stimulation felt like. Now I knew. The girls experience anal differently than guys. I guess it is lack of a prostate.

The aliens increased our sexual stimulation. It was in our minds so it knew the results. We were bombarded by sensations from everyone’s sensitive spots. I found I could freely shift my perception to any body. Normally Brian is the one who does that for us both but now I could too. I saw my body through Julia’s eyes. When she moved to my brain I was able to control her body. The stimulation of her vagina, clit and ass were forefront but I still felt everyone else too.

It was fun experiencing sex as a Thai beauty. I had fucked Julia every which way but now I was experiencing it from her end. I had a tentacle deep in my gut and another up my vagina. I think it looped around inside and the end poked back out allowing the small tip tentacles to massage my clit and the area around my ass where I was penetrated. Another was deep down my throat into the chest. A fourth was looped around my very impressive breasts where the tip tentacles were driving my tits crazy. I liked guys playing with my nipples but on a female body it was wild fun.

The aliens brought us to a simultaneous orgasm. We felt everybody’s pleasure but the spasms in my vaginal muscles, ass, clit and breasts were strongest. I didn’t know how it compared to what Julia normal feels during great sex but I loved it.

Julia returned from my body and took control but I stayed in her brain with her.

That was fun,” she thought to me. “A prostate definitely improves anal and I loved the feeling of sperm shooting out a cock.”

It was great here too,” I admitted.

Yes, I am still tingling all over. They are still pushing my buttons. Ah. Aaaah.”

We had a second, third and fourth orgasm over the course of a few minutes. I’d fucked women to multiple orgasms before but it was my first time experiencing it.

What are they doing?” Tamara thought. She was back in her body but I was connected with her like I was with Brian.

The aliens were displaying steady color changes but it didn’t translate into speech. They were also moving their sexual tentacles from us to them then back again. It had a pattern but we didn’t know its purpose.

I think they are doing their equivalent of singing,” Brian thought but the girls could read it too.

The aliens started to stimulate us sexually again. I didn’t know if our connection would persist once they finished so I wanted to try another round from the female perspective. I shifted my mind into Tamara’s brain. She was there too and controlling her body but I felt everything.

Do you mind if I join you?” I thought. I could tell she didn’t but it was polite to ask.

I know why you want to. I did the first round switching with Brian.

Then she was gone, leaving me in control. I looked at my body and Tamara looked back at me and winked. Then she was back with me and resumed control.

I can see why he chose you,” Tamara thought. “I read your memories.

Brian inserted, “I told you.

By then the sexual stimulation was intense. Tamara’s sensations were strongest with me but the feelings from my own body were in the background as were those from Brian and Julia who had switched bodies for this round.

The female bodies had five orgasms in rapid fire with the first and last being strongest and the male bodies came twice. I guess the aliens figured out how we tick because we all agreed it was great even without the mind blowing shift in perspective.

When we calmed down the aliens started disentangling from us. We all jumped back to our own brains in case we lost our new connection but it persisted. We were still linked but the alien presence was gone.

Greeter, which we now understood was a collective name for all four, started displaying colors. We could understand it perfectly without Zarkov translating and key our suits to reply. The patterns showed emotions and intensity which we could read and communicate as part of the meaning. That had been absent in our first communications.

“Thank you for allowing me to be with you,” Greeter displayed with friendly warmth and sincerity. “We now understand you and your mission. We took the opportunity to make some improvements as an indication of our gratitude. We knew you would be pleased by them.”

We knew they had accessed our minds and apparently know what we were planning to tell them. This could be very good. We were certainly happy with our new link. It opens up lots of new possibilities. But, when they mentioned improvements the pattern indicated something more.

“Before we left you,” Greeter continued, “we passed a plan for transfer of our ocean ecosystem to the world you are building. We included full information on all forms of life in our seas. We know of the surface dwellers but they do not know about us and we would prefer it to remain that way. We know you will honor this request.”

“You have been in our minds so you already know this,” Brian displayed. “We will honor your request. The information will be very helpful. Now we need to return to our people. We hope to return soon and learn more about your life and culture. Goodbye until our next meeting.”

We all displayed the appropriate color patterns for departure and our friends displayed the pattern signifying a welcome for our return.

We were soon back in our submarine headed up away from the ocean and back to our moon base. Spirit and Dancer had monitored our interaction and were more than happy to have skipped it. They didn’t like octopi, and or new friends were close enough, or the thought of being wrapped by tentacles.

On the trip Tamara updated Zarkov on the language and the procedures that we should use for contact and future visits to the deep ocean. It was not surprising that our new friends used hexadecimal, base sixteen, as the foundation of their mathematics. It gave them their name. We would call them the Hex.

On the trip Brian invited me into his mind to show me the representation of my brain. All the cylinders were glowing brightly now and there were new additions that represented pieces from Tamara and Julia. Tamara joined us and confirmed that Julia was like that now too. Then Julia popped in without Tamara shifting her, so all our minds were in Brian’s brain. We must have new abilities but don’t know how to use them. Brian and Tamara sensed that thought and showed us how. Then we went back to our own brains. Only a fraction of a second had transpired.

Back at base we were greeted as heroes. Our impromptu first contact was successful. The plan the Hex had given us was analyzed before our arrival. It would save all the Hex and almost double our ability to transfer the ocean ecosystem.

After a brief welcome home we were each placed under medical scanners to see if the contact had any serious effects. We were all healthy but we were also all pregnant. Brian was carrying a son from me. The embryo was implanted in his front abdominal wall. Tamara had a son from Brian and Julia a daughter from Tamara. I had a daughter from Julia in my belly too.

Our scans of the Hex showed they had the ability to manipulate DNA and sex cells. It was one of the steps in their reproductive cycle. They used it on us and implanted the results in our bodies. Normally females have control over fertilization and pregnancy but when they were in our minds they must have had full control of those processes and Tamara and Julia weren’t even aware of their condition until the scan.

We were excited and giddy with the news. The Hex would have known what our reaction would be. There was no problem for Brian and I carrying the fetuses to term. We would need a simple procedure in six months to deliver but it would leave no scar.

Since we had our minds messed with they had us examined by a specialist. Angela Grey Eagle, one of the wives of our project leader and second generation Martian, came in from Mars. Brian had me do a session with one of her great grandchildren to improve my mind, but Angela was the original and still considered best.

Since our minds were linked she only needed to have sex with one of us and chose Brian who was now nearly seven feet with a twenty inch cock. We would all experience the session sharing Brian’s brain. I put my cock up Julia’s ass so I wouldn’t make too much of a mess when we all orgasmed.

Angela, fully grown and almost eight feet had Brian lay on his back and knelt over him, taking his pole in her cunt. She settled down smoothly until it was all inside. We could all feel the friction as she squeezed it with her internal muscles. She started bobbing up and down, fucking herself on the hard pole. We sensed her in Brian with us.

She was an expert. We had one crashing explosion followed quickly by two more. Then she settled on Brian’s hips with him fully embedded.

The Hex didn’t leave any of themselves behind,” Angela reported in our thoughts. “I can see a few of the ways they adjusted you. They are new and interesting and I should be able to reproduce them. You were already paired and they linked the pairs together into a foursome but you were already close. It could be possible for us to do it but selection of compatible pairs must be done carefully. You must contact me if any new phenomenon develop.” I was about to form a question. “Yes, that is a real possibility.

She raised us to two more orgasms before leaning forward to kiss Brian and ease him from her hole. She was gone from our minds. She then kissed each of us and left. There was nothing to say as we shared minds seconds before.

It is now an Earth year since Empress May’s announcement. We have 92 days until we estimate the sun here goes nova with an uncertainty of three days plus or minus. Transfer operations are planned to wrap up in 85 days, leaving a few days to remove the transfer point, evacuate personnel and any infrastructure we want to retain and collapse the wormholes.

We were due in 28 days and had been assigned jobs at our moon base monitoring the evacuation. That was to avoid the high gravity environment of Blue One because of our pregnancies.

The transfer process itself was under A.I. control. Cubes were assembled, usually with five squares, two kilometers on a side, stacked together. Extra trees and plants for transplanting and captured fauna were placed in squares ahead of transfer to populate fallow areas on Blue Two. There will be feeding stations using synthesized food until the flora gets well established.

There was a steady stream of cubes lifting off the planet and heading to the transfer point. A cube would be lowered into position and as soon as the cube was removed at the other end another would be lowered. At Blue Two the process was the reverse.

About half the Hex population had already been transferred but we just started on the Centaurs nine days ago, beginning with the largest domains working from small communities to the biggest cities. The Centaurs were responsible to see that none of theirs were near the boundary lines of the segments and that hadn’t been a problem. An inhabited square was always the top segment in a cube so they don’t they don’t see the bottom of another square looming above them. As we get to urban districts the squares will segment their major infrastructure for water, sewage, electric, transportation and so on. We could easily restore their technology but decided to offer them an upgrade as a further proof of good intentions.

It was all going smoothly until a delegation from the fourth largest domain demanded to visit our base. They had decided to refuse relocation and two small domains that were closely related, literally; their consorts were all from the big domain, would also. They had decided we were lying and felt that their scientists had been duped. If they remained they thought they would repopulate and rule the planet.

Our task wasn’t to change their minds. We were just looking to keep the transfer process running smoothly. A search of the work flow showed we would start preparations in the lead domain in forty one hours. We told Zarkov to switch them to the back of the line. That meant shifting schedules for millions of pieces here and on Two but the A.I.s could handle it. We had 68 days to change their minds. If successful the final Centaur would leave eighty days from now; just five days before operations wrap up.

Our babies sensed our agitation and we tried to explain the reason. They had been in our minds for almost eight weeks. That is typical for a Martian baby that would be born with the knowledge of its mother even if it still didn’t know how to use it. What wasn’t usual is that all four of our babies were with all four of us and each other. We learned to take turns. Julia was baby sitting for this twelve hour period, showing them the universe through her mind. I would have the next period and then Brian and Tamara. The kids are still in our minds but not demanding our attention.

Ten hours after their announcement Empress May came in from Mars to talk with the Queen of the recalcitrant domain. It failed to change their decision and it was clear the Consorts were behind the action.

May called a meeting. Tamara attended representing Scheduling so we all had a first hand seat. She began by stating that the effort to change their decision was hopeless. If they would not leave willingly we would remove them unwillingly. This meeting was to decide how best to do it.

Tamara then reported that we had rearranged the transfer schedule to put them at the end. We had now 67 days before transfers would start and it would take twelve days to complete.

Exobiology weighed in with the idea that we could use gas to put the Centaurs to sleep but we couldn’t handle twelve days without medical support for hydration. Even so we were likely to see mortality of up to ten percent. When asked about the causes for the deaths, primary was that if they run low on oxygen they flap their gills to improve transfer and that would be impossible in drugged sleep.

Engineering suggested that if they couldn’t flap their gills we could just blow air over them. There was a discussion on how to find those needing assistance and provide the aid but the Empress cut it off by stating that we would provide it to everyone. Engineering then said we could dust everyone with nano-scale sensors that would give us location and vital signs. When we induced sleep the fans would home in on each individual and begin work. We would need just under 33 million devices but we could easily manage that.

Exobiology still expected one to two percent mortality unless we could cut the transfer time. That was our job and after a short group discussion in Tamara’s brain she offered our proposal. We normally only use the top segment of a cube for Centaur transfers so they don’t panic seeing another just above them. With our Centaurs sleeping we could use all five squares and cut the time to under three days with the large majority needing just over a day before revival on Two. That included about six hours to prepare and assemble the first cubes after we induced sleep.

Exobiology said that should reduce mortality to under one percent. Empress May declared that acceptable since the alternative was 100%. She ended the meeting with the order to get on with it.

A month later we were all back at the Kolani compound on Venus to give birth. It was still over a month before we would remove the refusing Centaurs and the regular transfers were proceeding on schedule. We could monitor that on Venus as easily as at base.

The actual delivery was uneventful. Brian and I needed an operation to open our abdominal walls to remove our children. Pain was blocked and we were awake for the A.I. directed procedure that would leave no scar. In fact the incision is restored within fifteen minutes after removal and there is a slight redness that fades in a day. The girls did a traditional vaginal delivery.

After six months gestation our children looked like miniature adults though only about forty-five centimeters, eighteen inches, tall. They were in our minds for the last few months and are born with the knowledge of their mother. But, since our minds are linked they each had the knowledge of all of us.

We settled on traditional Hawaiian names. Kalia for Julia’s daughter and Leilani for mine. Brian’s son was Lani and Tamara’s, Nohea. They were a foursome like we. While the link from mother child faded after birth we could reestablish it for a period but we weren’t in each other’s minds continuously as we are with each other.

While they looked like dolls of superheroes or supermodels they had the strength of normal human twelve year olds though it increases rapidly. They spent a couple days experimenting with controlling their bodies and using their physical senses and exploring a world they had only experience second hand via their mental links. By day two they are fully self sufficient and running all over the compound. Their protective shields are provided via an ankle band until implantation after a few months of growth.

After a couple weeks we left for Blue One as the involuntary transfer was about to start. Almost the entire Imperial Police force, about five thousand, had been mobilized to support search, evacuation and medical. We had developed an automated medical support chamber for Centaurs and deployed two hundred thousand in case we needed them.

It started with aerial deployment of the sleeping gas. The population had been secretly dusted with nano sensors that were no bigger than the dust they resembled. The population went to sleep and their status and location were displayed. A few thousand, here and there, escaped the general gassing in isolated spaces. They were handled by more targeted delivery methods. The respiration support fans were deployed but soon the first alarms from the personal sensors started to appear.

In the major population centers it was unavoidable that when sectioned into squares for transfer we would slice through some buildings. These needed to be cleared and any Centaurs near the boundary moved before we could assemble the square into a transfer cube. We needed to process six hundred squares an hour to meet schedule. Fortunately the smaller population centers need little intervention.

Six hours after gassing the flow of cubes from the operation began. Three days later the population was transferred and reawakened on Two. The flow of cubes from unpopulated areas in their territories would go on another nine days. There were just under three thousand fatalities in almost thirty three million transfers. Empress May issued her regrets for the necessity of her actions. The Centaurs would see why shortly as the nova of One’s star was just days away.

It was now nova day. We arrived in the Blue One system on the imperial yacht. It was 110 meters wide by 70 high and almost a kilometer long. Empress May was hosting Centaur leaders and scientists in the main salon with a huge viewing window. We were with the Hex delegation in a pressurized water filled chamber with a slightly smaller view. We brought the children to meet Greeter.

Helium fusion had started in the sun’s core seven hour before our arrival. The rate was increasing exponentially as the new heat source raised the temperature of the core. A shock wave was racing through the star’s outer layers but would not reach the surface for two more hours.

We had arrived via a wormhole from an unimportant system. The project wormholes had been collapsed and the nova would destroy this one a couple minutes after we use it to escape the system. We were a couple light minutes beyond Blue One. It looked like a patchwork of healthy life and bedrock where we had removed sections.

We were getting remote feeds from the planet and small sensor spheres stationed in space around it. There were several near the star to give a first read on the intensity of the nova.

The yacht’s A.I. was called Mengzi after a Chinese philosopher. The avatar looked the part with a mustache, beard and flowing robes. There were also computers linked to the vast outboard system the Empress and Princesses used so that if we used hyperspace they would not be completely cut off but capacity would be’ very diminished.

It was shortly before the nova would become apparent when Empress May appeared on the screen to announce that five ship’s had entered the system from hyperspace. The view shifted to show the ship’s. They were spheres. Our suits gave a data display that indicated one was almost five kilometers in diameter accompanied by four smaller spheres, each about six hundred meters. They arrived at 0.5 c and were decelerating to the vicinity of Blue One.

The light from their arrival had not yet reached us. Our view was from our remotes that Mengzi shifted to stealth mode as soon as visitors appeared. We were still visible though.

The patchwork on the planet certainly would tell them that an advanced intelligent species had been at work. The data showed that these were warships or at least mounted weapons. We knew we were detected when those weapons turned toward us.

The screen split to show the view from our sensors near the star. The surface was erupting into space and the light output was up a million times. The shields held until the star material shock wave reached the platforms. Even our shield had some limits. The view from our window still was serene as light from the event would take another seventeen minutes to reach us.

There was a glow from points on each ship. They had fired lasers at us. We moved a few kilometers to the side, leaving a shielded sensor sphere to take the hit. It was most impressive as the sphere reflected most of the energy from the biggest laser and dumped the rest into a cold dead universe.

When we were fired upon two of our sensor spheres near the visitors were directed to approach the largest ship. They were able to attach themselves, still stealthed, locate some external sensors and infiltrate the ship’s systems. We began to receive data which we couldn’t read as yet.

They fired on us again, a wider pattern with multiple beams. The instant data from our sensors allowed us to shift to a gap in the coverage while the light was en route to us.

May was asked why we didn’t just leave. She stated that we need to know more about this new species and we are getting a dump from their systems that with common principles of math and physics will soon let us understand it.

The nova light reached Blue One. It started to burn and oceans boil. The visitor ship’s turned reflective to shed the energy. We were still getting data from them. The ejected star material was a few minutes behind the light. The ship’s started to accelerate away. The light reached us and we turned reflective too. The direct view through the windows was bright enough even though only a tiny fraction was let through.

The visitor ship’s fired once again now dozens of light-second closer and entered hyperspace. We lost the data feed but still had plenty of time to avoid their beams.

The shock wave of star stuff reached Blue One. We watched the impact until our sensors’ shields were overwhelmed. On direct view you could see the hole in the wave from the mass of the planet and a smaller one from its large moon. It was possible that part of the main core might survive the event.

We had gone stealth as soon as the visitors entered hyperspace. We now accelerated to our exit wormhole just ahead of the shockwave.

The resumption of data told us that the visitors had reemerged. They were well into the outer system and beyond our wormhole. The first light from the nova would not yet have reached their location. They would get to watch us go stealth from their new location but would they think we were destroyed or entered hyperspace? With our data feed we would know if they detected us and attempt to shoot.

We entered our wormhole a few seconds before the shockwave from the nova disrupted it. A few tons of plasma followed us out the exit before the passage was destroyed. We took the connecting wormhole to our network and collapsed that after we came through.

Mengzi indicated that the data feed was still coming in and comprehension was at 12.4% and slowly rising. A few minutes later we lost the data feed as the ships, still back at the Blue One system, entered hyperspace. We headed for Blue Two to drop off our guests.


Continued in Pickup Trouble III. For how the stories fit together, see the common timeline.

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