Steve’s dick

By Steve3926 
2 parts
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Part 1

September—It’s funny. I never thought much about the size of my dick till school started last week. Like, it’s about two inches long and I heard that the regular size is bigger than that—like four or five inches. I figured that it just hadn’t finished growing and would get to be full size eventually—no big deal. But when I went from elementary school into high school this year, I found out that now we have to take showers after gym class. And this means that I have to walk around naked in front of a lot of the other guys. Like when we’re in the shower, it’s not like everybody is crawling around with a ruler checking everybody else out. But you do kinda notice things. And what I noticed is that almost all of the guys are bigger than I am. Most of the other guys also have more hair in their crotch than I do. I’ve got like some hair, but it’s not real thick and dark like some of the other guys. A couple of the guys even have this line of hair running from their crotch up to their navel and I don’t have anything like that. Now it’s not like the other guys are pointing at me and laughing or anything. But it is kinda embarrassing. On the other hand, I can’t think of anything that I can do to change things so I guess I’ll just have to live with it.

October—Still no progress on the size issue. It’s beginning to bug me a little. I had to have a physical last month and I kinda asked the doctor about size, and what was normal. Not the easiest conversation that I ever had. He said that guys just matured at different rates and that he thought that I was just taking a little longer than some of the other guys. He said that I’m normal in everything else and to just give it a little time and “….. let nature take it’s course …..” OK, but I wish nature would get on with things. I noticed that the hair in my armpits is getting a little thicker so maybe things are getting ready to happen. And I have to shave about once a week now.

November—It’s hard to tell, but I think that things may be improving a little in the size department. Now I almost wish that I had measured myself a couple of months ago when I first got worried. I measured myself last night and I was about 2.25 inches. It’s kinda tough to get really accurate cause I could get different measurements depending upon how I held the ruler. Course if I play with myself I can get bigger than that, but that’s only temporary. Darn. But I noticed when I look at myself in the mirror that I do look a little bigger now. Maybe nature finally got it’s act together.

December—Yeah, I think things are definitely getting better in the size department. I checked myself with the ruler this morning and I’m almost three inches now. That’s still smaller than most of the other guys, but at least things are going in the right direction. I was thinking about how funny it would be if I started getting smaller instead of bigger. Then I realized that wouldn’t be funny at all. There’s this one fat kid in my gym class that hardly has any dick at all. Like I don’t know how he even gets ahold of it to pee. The other guys kid him about being fat but they don’t say anything about his dick, though. I think the hair in my crotch is getting a little thicker and darker like the other guys too. It’s funny, I went thru a “growth spurt” when I was in the eighth grade last year and I’m now 5’ 10” tall which is a little taller than quite a few of the other guys. But like I said, all of me didn’t grow. And I’m glad that the rest of me seems to be catching up now.

January—Geez, talk about an overnight change. I’m in pretty good shape now. I’m about as big as all of the other guys—like about four inches now. It was funny in gym the other day. Like, we have gym every day, but one of those days a week is swimming. Our school is pretty old, but we have this big indoor pool down in the basement—like the floor below the gym. I don’t know why, but we can’t wear bathing suits when we go swimming. Jerry said he thought that it was because of the cloth fibers from the suits plugging up the filtering system. I don’t know about that, cause there’s some pretty gross stuff in the water already. Like two weeks ago, there was something in the pool that looked like a Baby Ruth candy bar, but it was something else—you can guess what.

So anyway, when we go swimming we don’t have any clothing on. So today the coach was trying to teach us how to do the backstroke and he asked if anybody knew how to do that. I made the mistake of saying that I did so he told me to jump in and do a couple of laps to show the other guys what it looked like. The problem was that I jumped in and started swimming—no problem yet. But then I got this huge erection. Like I’m lying on my back in the pool and swimming back and forth and all the other guys and the coach are looking at me and I have this huge erection sticking up out of the water. It kinda looked like the conning tower on a submarine. I was so embarrassed and the other guys were saying things like “….. good work Steve …..”, and “….. that’ll sure scare the fish …..”, and “….. trying to advertise or something …..”

That was the only time that I ever wished that my dick was smaller instead of larger. After I had my clothes on and was getting ready to go to my next class, Mr. Richerds, the swimming coach asked me to come in to his office for a minute. He closed the door and I figured that I had dome something to piss him off and was gonna get told off. But it wasn’t that at all. He said that he has this part time job where he works for this publisher and he helps them find kids my age that might be interested in picking up some extra money by doing modeling work. It sounded kinda like posing for pictures for clothes advertisements or something so I told him OK. He said he’d like to shoot some sample pictures and could I stop by his house after school. It’s on my way home so I said OK again. When I got to his house I found that he had one of the rooms set up like a photo studio with cameras and lights and everything. It didn’t take long. He just had me stand in front of a background and slowly turn around while he took a lot of pictures. Then he took a couple of close-ups of me face and that was it. I guess it only took about 5 minutes or so. He said that he’d send the pictures on to the company and they’d let him know if they were interested in using me. I asked him if I was gonna get paid for this and he told me not for the proofs. He also said this was “….. under the table …..” or something and not to tell anybody about this. Whatever.

February—Wow, once I get going I don’t mess around. I bet my dick must be about five inches long now. Like I haven’t measured it or anything, but it sure looks that big. It’s not much bigger around, but it is getting longer. Like I was kinda comparing myself to the other guys in the showers today and I think I’m at least as big as all the other guys, and bigger than a lot of them. Well, I couldn’t be sure or anything cause I didn’t want to be too obvious about checking them out. Like I didn’t want the guys to think that I’m gay or anything. And I couldn’t really walk up to them and tell them that I’m doing a survey on dick size or anything. But I sure look pretty good sized compared to them.

I hadn’t heard anything more from Mr. Richerds so I figured that I wasn’t good enough for that company but then a couple of days ago he stopped me and said that they had called him last night and said that they might be interested in me but needed some more pictures. So I stopped by his house and he took some more pictures of me to send to the company. I wasn’t really sure of what they might want me to model but it sounded like swimsuits or something like that cause he wanted to take pictures of me with my clothes off. I told him that I wasn’t gonna let anybody take pictures of me naked and we argued for awhile about it. Finally I said that I’d strip down to my underwear but that was all and Mr. Richerds said OK to that. So we pretty much did the same thing as before, I walked around and he took lots of pictures of me. The only difference this time was that I just had my jockey shorts on. I was kinda embarrassed because the bulge in my crotch is pretty big but Mr. Richerds didn’t say anything about it. When I was getting ready to leave, he handed me ten $10 bills and told me that was my pay for that photo session. Wow, I hadn’t expected to be paid anywhere near that much. I was even more surprised when he told me that if the company wanted to use me that the pay would be even more next time. Kewl!

March—I must be fully grown down there by now. I think that the doctor told me that most guys end up being about four or five inches long when they’re fully developed. I measured myself this morning and I’m about six inches long. It’s funny how I was really worried about my size about a half a year ago, and now I’m normal sized. It doesn’t get much longer when I jerk off, it just gets really hard and a little bigger around, and of course it sticks straight out. When I was getting dressed after gym last week, I got this erection and the guys were kidding me about my “flagpole.” I’m kinda proud of the way I look now. Nobody can call me underdeveloped any more. Like, they never really called me that before, but I bet they were thinking it. It’s not like I try to advertise or anything, but before I got to be normal sized I’d try not to let the guys see my dick. Like I’d get dressed as fast as I could after we took showers, and I’d keep a towel around my waist as much as I could, and when we were in the showers I’d stay turned to the wall all of the time. Now it’s nice not to have to worry about having to hide myself. I can just let everything hang out.

April—I can’t believe this. I’m getting even bigger. My dick is almost seven inches long now! Like, I’ve gone from being the guy with one of the smallest dicks in my gym class, to being the guy with the biggest one. There’s nobody else who’s as big as I am now. I must be at least an inch longer than all of the other guys. I can tell the other guys have noticed the change—even though they don’t say anything about it. It’s not like I advertise or anything, but I make sure that they can see what I’ve got in the way of equipment. Like when we take showers, I spend a lot of time soaping up my crotch and then washing all the soapsuds off. And I walk all the way back to the lockers before I put any clothes on. There are wooden benches in front of our lockers that we can sit on while we’re getting dressed, and I let my dick hang over the edge of the bench a little. Then when I put my jockey shorts on, I take some time to arrange things in my shorts so that there’s a big bulge there. Eat your hearts out guys!

Mr. Richerds said that the company finally got back to him and said that they definitely want to use me as a model. I had a soccer game that day but I told him that I could stop by the next day and he said OK. When I got to his house and he let me in, I was kinda surprised to see that Lenny was there too. Lenny is another guy in some of my classes and I don’t know him real well, but I guess he’s done some modeling for Mr. Richerds too. Mr. Richerds said he’d asked Lenny to come along so that I wouldn’t be nervous and Lenny could show me how to do things. That was OK. Then the gross part came. Mr. Richerds said that the company wanted pictures of me completely naked. I said no way. But then he told me that the fee would be $200 this time and it didn’t sound that bad to me after all. Like, all I had to do again was take off my clothes and walk around a little while he took pictures of me. This time he took pictures as I was getting undressed and then getting dressed later on. It wasn’t as embarrassing as I had figured. It helped having Lenny there cause he said he’d done the same thing and it wasn’t bad at all. Mr. Richerds never did tell me why they wanted pictures of a naked 15-year old boy. When we were leaving, Lenny asked me if I wanted to come over to his house and watch TV but I told him that I had other stuff to do.

Part 2

May—OK, enough is enough. I’m ready for this growth spurt to stop. I measured myself this morning and my dick is a little over eight inches long now. It’s OK to be well developed and everything, but I don’t want to be that much bigger than the other guys. A lot of the guys like to wear boxer shorts instead of the briefs, but I can’t wear them cause my dick would hang out of the bottom. And when I was walking back to the lockers after taking a shower last week, it got to swinging back and forth as I walked. That wasn’t bad, but then it started hitting my legs and making a “slap…..slap…..slap…..” sound as I walked along. I was kinda embarrassed that the other guys would hear so I walked a little slower and it stopped swinging as hard.

Also, I gotta be a little careful when I take a pee now. Like most of the guys just walk up to the urinals at school and unzip their flies, and let their dick hang out, and just piss away. Like, when you’re taking a leak you kinda pretend that you’re not doing anything. Like you lean against the wall, or you talk to the other guys about girls or sports. But you never look down at your dick or touch it except to stick it back in your pants when you’re done. It’s kinda like “….. hmm, what’s that funny think sticking out of my jeans? I guess I’ll just ignore it …..” Anyway, the other day I was taking a leak and I felt something funny and I looked down and realized that my dick was touching the bottom of the urinal. Like that is definitely not a cool thing to do. Cause the urinals are really scuzzy and dirty, and have cigarette butts and gum and other crap in them. So now when I take a leak I have to be careful to only let it out part way so that it doesn’t hang down and touch the toilet.

More pictures for Mr. Richerds yesterday. I can’t figure out what this company is doing with my pictures but it must be pretty weird cause this time they wanted pictures of me playing with myself. Like my dick is so big now that I wasn’t even sure that I wanted to do any more pictures, but then he said that the fee would be $300 this time so I said OK. Lenny was there and he took the same kind of pictures of him. Like he had Lenny take his clothes off and then play with his dick until it got hard and then he played with it some more until the white stuff squirted out. Then he wanted me to do the same thing. I had to wait a few minutes before I could start though. Watching Lenny had gotten me all hard and I had to wait till I was soft again. When I was playing with myself, I saw that Lenny was staring at my dick. I don’t think he realized how big I had gotten. Anyway, after we were all done and Mr. Richerds had paid us, Lenny asked me about coming to his house again and I said OK. So we just had some snacks and watched TV for awhile. I asked him if he knew what that company did with the pictures and he said that he wasn’t sure but that he thought that they put them in magazines for people that like to look at naked kids. That made me feel kinda dirty for awhile, but then I remembered the $300 in my jeans and figured that I could put up with it.

June—This is getting kinda embarrassing. Like I’m about ten inches long now. Jesus, if I get much bigger it’ll hang down to my knees. I don’t try to show off in gym anymore. But the guys can see enough of me to know how big I’m getting. A couple of the guys have made remarks about how great a “weapon” I’m developing. I’m not sure whether they are envious of me, or whether they’re kidding me about how big I am. Like it’s not really getting bigger around or anything—just getting longer. When I jerk off, it doesn’t really get any longer, just a little bigger around, and really hard. Before it grew, when I got a hard on, it would stick straight out but now it just kinda sticks up a little way. I guess it’s getting too heavy to stick straight out.

School’s almost over with for the summer and I’m glad that I won’t have to take any more showers with the guys. I almost hope that it might shrink an inch or so during the summer. I noticed that when I take a pee, that when I’m done some still dribbles out of my dick for a minute or so. It’s kinda embarrassing to stand there for a minute while the last pee drains out of my dick, and I don’t really want to stand there while the other guys can see me and flip it back and forth so shake the pee out of it. So whenever I can I go into one of the stalls where nobody can really see me that well. Lenny and I are good friends now. We spend at lot of time at each other’s houses playing SEGA, or watching TV, or just talking about boy stuff.

July—I’m not even gonna tell you how big I am now. But I’m really embarrassed to have it hanging down to my knees. Peeing is more of a problem now. Like it takes a minute or so to get started. And when I’m done I have to squeeze the last of the pee out of my dick. Like it’s almost like milking a cow or something. I guess the only good news is that I can do all this in the privacy of my bathroom at home where nobody can see me. I’ve started wearing my jeans a little looser now. Like when I was wearing them tight, you could see how big the bulge in my crotch was getting and I sure didn’t need to advertise that anymore.

Lenny and I had another photo session with Mr. Richerds yesterday. This one was really different cause he wanted us to play with ourselves again. Except this time we had to do it to each other. At first I wasn’t gonna do it but like, Lenny is my best friend now so I did what he wanted me to. I did it to Lenny first. It felt really different holding another guy’s dick in my hand. Lenny came almost right away and he almost squirted all over me, but just my hand got a little wet and sticky. When it was Lenny’s turn to do it to me, he helped me take my jeans off, and then he slid his hand down into my shorts and touched my dick. Oh wow. Did that feel different. The first time he touched me I jerked away and almost fell over backward. The next time I just stood there while he pulled my dick out of my shorts and then played with me till I came. Even though I was really embarrassed, it did feel good. Like, totally different then when I did it to myself. Just before I got dressed, Lenny said that he wanted to try something so he took my dick and tied it in a knot! Not tight or anything, but it’s long enough now to do that. So I’m standing there looking down at my dick all knotted up, and Lenny is rolling on the floor and laughing at the way I look, and Mr. Richerds is laughing and shooting pictures of the whole thing. Yeah, funny guys.

August—Mr. Richerds called up and said that the company had called him and said that they really liked the last set of pictures he sent them. Especially the ones he took at the end when Lenny had tied my dick in a knot. He said that he wanted to shoot some more pictures of Lenny and me as soon as possible. I told him that I was pretty busy right now, but maybe later on. He sounded pretty upset and tried to argue with me. But I told him “NO” and hung up. I remember this cartoon I saw in a magazine once. It was this really good looking girl, really well built, and in a really short and tight skirt. She was walking along with her arm around this really old guy. Like he was all bald and wrinkled and bent over and everything. A guy was standing off to the side and looking at them and he was saying: “I don’t know what see sees in him.” Then when you took a closer look at the old guy, you could see that his dick was so long that it hung out of the bottom of his pants leg and dragged on the ground a little.

Well, I’m not that big yet, but it keeps getting longer all the time. At the beginning when it started to grow, I could just kinda coil it up in my shorts. But that felt really funny, like I’d be walking along and it kinda felt like I had a nest of snakes in my underwear. Then it got so big that I couldn’t keep it in my shorts. I’d get it all tucked in, then I’d start to walk around and pretty soon part of it would slip out of my shorts, then pretty soon the whole thing would slip out. And so now I just let it hang down my leg inside of my jeans. It felt really weird at first but now I’m used to it. When I play with myself, I can still get it hard—sorta. But it doesn’t stick out any more—just hangs straight down. It still feels good to stroke it though, there’s just a lot more of it to play with. And when I play with myself enough to come, the liquid doesn’t come out in big spurts like it did when I was smaller. It feels the same when I come, but the liquid just dribbles out for a couple of minutes.

September—I was really nervous about what I was going to do when school started again. I’m a sophomore this year and this means that I still have to take gym—only seniors have the option of not taking gym. And my dick is so long now that I really didn’t want to have to take showers, or go swimming, or do anything that would let the other guys see how big it’s grown. I was talking to Lenny about it, and I guess he talked to Mr. Richerds cause Mr. Richerds called me and said that he’d excuse me from gym and let me do office work for him instead. But I’d have to agree to let him take more pictures of Lenny and me. I figured getting embarrassed in front of the other boys was worse than the pictures so I told him OK. The other thing that he is letting me do is use the teacher’s bathroom in the gym. That’s good cause there’s no way I could use the boy’s room now without the other guys noticing. Like when I have to pee now, I have to drop my jeans way down around my ankles, and pick up my dick and hold it so the end is over the urinal, and then I have to let go and try to pee but it usually takes a couple of minutes for the pee to start coming out, and then another minute or so before it slows down, and then I have to kinda massage my dick to squeeze the last of it out. The whole process takes maybe 5 minutes.

October—Most of the pictures Mr. Richerds takes of Lenny and me have to do with my dick. Usually he’ll take pictures of me standing there and Lenny undressing me and slowly pulling my dick up out of my pants leg. He likes to have us do lots of things that show how big it is now—like stretching it out, and having Lenny coil it up in his hands, and having me sitting on the ground with it stretched out in front of me and things like that. I’m not embarrassed any more in from of Mr. Richerds and Lenny—they’ve seen me so much now that it doesn’t bother me. And it feels to really good when Lenny and I play with it and handle it that I really look forward to the picture sessions now. When Mr. Richerds was taking pictures of us yesterday he had Lenny get a tape measure and check me to see how long it is now. Like I knew it was continuing to grow, but when Lenny told me that my dick is 27 inches long now I couldn’t believe it. After we finished with the pictures, we went over to Lenny’s house, and his parents weren’t home so we played with it some more. I wonder if all the attention that it’s getting, and the fondling and stuff is what’s making it continue to grow. Even if it is, I don’t care. The longer the better……….

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