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“Stretch” was captain of the basketball team. He was a natural leader and motivator, and the team loved him. He was very tall and good-looking, with a basketball player's broad shoulders and long arms, giant legs, and long-muscled strength. His team loved him. In fact, they were wild about him.

They practiced for hours with him, working their tall bodies and loving to play under Stretch's leadership. Sometimes they split into two teams, shirts versus skins. They always made Stretch take his shirt off, no matter which team he was on. You could always tell when Stretch was playing with the team, because guys were always laughing, encouraging each other. slapping each other on the back and on the buns, hugging each other and giving each other shoulder and back massages during breaks. Practices generally ended with both the shirts and skins teams giving each other handshakes and hugs, and whichever team won would ceremoniously carry Stretch off the court to the showers, or sometimes both shirts and skins would want to carry Stretch.

He loved the physical contact and lived up to the part of the conquering hero, his huge, handsome body borne aloft on the hands and arms of his admiring teammates. Sometimes the teams would pretend to fight for Stretch's body, and would grab his hands and arms and legs and feet and play tug of war with him, and as they pulled at him they would invariable fall all over each other, laughing and aroused, as his arms or legs stretched. It was kind of a turnon to see, say, a teammate with a firm grip on Stretch's wrist, pulling at the handsome basketball player's long arm, and making even longer as it stretched. Guys would clown around, like one guy who had Stretch's muscular leg wrapped around and around and around him, like an incredibly sexy python, altho with Stretch's huge, handsome foot at the end. The guy tickled the foot as he pulled Stretch's leg longer and longer, the beautiful muscular leg growing incredibly long as it heavily wrapped around and around the aroused teammate, who was now flushed and aroused, kissing and nuzzling the beautiful foot. Another guy who liked Stretch's stomach and chest had himself encircled in the beautifully elongated form of Stretch's handsome torso, as teammates played a ring around the rosy with Stretch's taffy-like body. Stretch himself weak with laughter and arousal. The team was totally aroused also, loving to make Stretch laugh and finding his stretchable body so totally sexy! Naturally, they tried all kinds of things, such as tying his arms in knots and trying to confuse Stretch by having his right arm on his left side and vice versa. It did confuse him, and it aroused and amused him when he would find someone had stretched his legs and doubled them back around him, with his two big feet slung dangling over his broad shoulders, the calves tied together as it they were the arms of a sweater.

And when Stretch got turned on, the whole team got turned on. His naturally huge penis and its heavy, low-slung balls were irresistable to his buddies, who like to wrap their huge hands around the base of the balls and pull at it, which caused the penis and balls to swell in their hands as they pulled it farther and farther away from Stretch, who screamed with pleasure, involuntarily snaking his stretched-out naked body around his laughing, totally aroused naked teammantes. One guy held Stretch's handsome head in his arms, talking to him and kissing him passionately as the neck stretched, the magnificent body some distance away as other team mates made love to it. Soon everyone was roped together in Stretch's huge, hose-length cock, with the luckiest guy in charge of Stretch's massive balls. He nosed, nuzzled and licked them, burying his face in them as Stretch begged to be allowed to come. Soon every handsome basketball player's hand was on the endless penis, jacking it off as Stretch laughed and screamed with arousal. And it didn't take long—the pulse of come thickened the entire penis from base to balls, filling the entire elongated shaft, and finally exploding out the huge head several seconds later, nearly drowning the panting teammate who attempted to swallow its firehose like spurts of come. Coated with slick, translucent, steaming come, the fellow wiped most of it from his face and, grabbing the come-slick shaft with both his strong, large hands, pointed the gushing penis-hose at his teammates, who feigned panic but loved the warm, gooey deluge of come as giant loads of it shot from Stretch's beautiful, potent penis.

“Aahhhh!”cried Stretch in his virile, youthful voice as his powerful, huge pulses spattered the bodies of his teammates. A few resourceful guys grabbed Stretch's magnificent, muscular ass, and stretched it away so that they could pass his handsome ass to each other and fuck it properly, also fucking each other and sucking each other off as Stretch groaned with pleasure. Another massive load of come thickened the endless penis, and while guys were coming, others laughed as the guy with the penis head and the first few yards of Stretch's penis in his hands shoved it up the sloppy come-glistened hole of Stretch's handsome ass. Everybody was coming like crazy, and guys couldnt stop doing each other, they were so turned on by Stretch. Finally, they were exhausted and relieved, and those who had slipped on Stretch's gallons of come helped each other up, kissing each other, licking come off each other, and giving affectionate squeezes to the python-like Stretch. “I love you guys,” Stretch said, as the come-slick team carried Stretch's gooey, endless coils of body, arms and legs to the showers. “I wish we were all like you, Stretch!” said one of the guys, becoming aroused again.

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