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I was sitting in my dorm room reading the personal ads. Switcher offers, mostly. They fell into three basic categories.

“College student, young hung and muscular, seeks one week switch with electronics engineer any age.”

“Handsome bodybuilder needs cash, will switch with absolutely anyone for the right price.”

“Supernerd with 165 IQ and Ph.D. in computer programming wants to switch with goodlooking stud.”

Switchers were amazing. Have a small operation about as complex as a tonsillectomy, and after that you could trade bodies for anyone else who had a Switcher installed. All that was transferred was your personality and what you'd call the “short term memory”, basic abilities and long term memories remained in your body. Your life would have been an open book, except that a sensor circuit prevented you from accessing the other guy's personal memories while permitting you tap into his education and physical skills.

The benefits of switching were obvious. Need to ace a physics test? Switch for a few hours with a physics major and you'd be able to call upon all his learning while you studied, making it easier to learn, letting you pass with flying colors. Short, chubby and covered with acne scars? Pay a goodlooking stud and you could spend some time being the one who had to fight them off with a stick. A businessman needing an operation could switch with some poor slob and keep right on running the business while someone else suffered the pains of being cut open. You could learn a new language overnight, really understand your marriage partner by taking her place for a few days, enjoy a new sport with the skill of a trained athlete.

What this all meant was that, upon agreement or for a price, you could become someone else for an hour, a day, or a week. Longer than that and the brain began to transfer informational bits of you from the short-term areas where it operated into the long-term storage, which was all over the brain. After a few months, you would irrevocably become that other person. And just in case that didn't stop you, after seven days a microcircuit in the Switcher set off an alarm that both knocked you out cold and summoned the police.

If it weren't for these built-in safeguards, criminals would have been uncatchable, and no one would have been safe. Even with the safeguards, the movie industry was having a field day. Take the movie ad next to the personals, for example…

That's when Jed walked in. His hair was a light brown, nearly blond, the color of clean sand under an ocean breeze. His teeth were pearls on his golden skin, and his blue eyes glittered like cats'-eye sapphires. He would have been handsome if it hadn't been for a somewhat battered look—your typical football jock like most of the Fikes in the fraternity. “Hey, Brainiac!” he hollered at me. “I need to borrow your brain for studying this weekend. Okay with you?” He flexed a pose. “Just imagine running this body for forty-eight hours? The chicks really dig it.” Every time Jed moved, his muscles rolled about under his tanned skin. He wore a string-strap tank and abbreviated shorts that barely had legs on them. Like swimming trunks, but the legs were loose and as he stood looking at me looking at him, he shifted and a crescent of white peered from one of the legs, his jock. Shoulders like melons, biceps like grapefruits, even his triceps were sculpted bulges along his outer arm. His pecs were hill-sized mounds topped by the brown puckered nipples.

From time immemorial, every sports fraternity has had a few geniuses in it to help the jocks study. With the Switchers, we were more valuable than ever. Which made for some interesting times for the lucky ones like me. Handsome jocks begged me for the chance to trade with them, and I took them up on it as much as I could afford to. And they didn't even dare mistreat me for fear of what I'd do when I was cruising around in their bodies.

“You do have some nice property to rent out.” I agreed. “So what are you packing in those shorts, anyway? The girl I'm dating likes them big.”

“Nine inches, uncut.” he smirked. “Fat as a salami, too.”

“Okay with you if I use your body to make her smile?” I asked carefully.

“You not afraid she'll dump you once she rides my whanger?” Jed asked, his cocky attitude visibly slipping.

I laughed. “Laura likes variety.” I told him. “And I can offer her rides on most of the football team. As a matter of fact, you'd better let me see it hard before I agree to the entire weekend.”

That's what I meant by “interesting times.” Small, skinny me could order a big stud to take it out and get it hard for me. Jed's smile vanished and he blushed, but he had a chemistry final coming up and he was way behind in class. So he took it out and flogged his cock for me. Curved like a scimitar, almost pale white with blue veins throughout, but just as big and thick as he'd promised me.

“That's a mean one all right, Jed.” I told him earnestly.

“Yeah, well, you'd better treat it right while you got hold of it.” he said. “I ain't that comfortable doing this, you know.”

“Okay, Jed, time to put the monster away. We'll switch later this afternoon and trade back on Sunday night about nine o'clock. Fair enough?”

“Sure.” Jed shook my hand. “Thanks, Brainiac.”

“No problem. Just don't whack off today. Laura is one hungry lady.” Jed blushed again, and he left in a hurry.

“Laura” was a figment of my imagination, of course. You can't tell frat jocks that you take their bodies to a gay bar in a nearby town, can you? The Switcher was changing morality, all right, but there was a lot of the old ways still hanging about.

Jed and I made the switch in the frat common room, with a lot of the guys and their girls watching us. Switcher Rule #1—only switch with witnesses about. They may never find your fingerprints at a murder scene but even parking tickets are annoying. As I lifted the hair on the back of his neck, I saw that Jed's Switcher was brand new and realized that this was his first switch.

He shuddered as the cold steel plug whispered in. The static electricity hitting your brain cells did give you an odd feeling, akin to having your life pass in front of your eyes. I slid the other plug into my own Switcher, then hit the transfer control. Some people see geometric shapes whizzing around them. Others see a “tunnel of white light” or a fog full of ghostly presences. Me, I just go to sleep for a few seconds. My vision dims, sounds recede into the distance, only to return and my eyes clear and I'm in the new body.

Jed's body. I reached up and unplugged Jed from my body first, as he seemed a bit twitchy. Then I unplugged myself and felt the sharp whisper of new steel as a thrill through my body. Yep, it was his first switch.

“Jed, you should have warned me you were a virgin switcher.” I said. “I could have told you what to expect.” My voice was Jed's voice, a deep bass, and I felt my thoughts sluggish and slow. Like walking through molasses. But the hormones were absolutely incredible; I was hornier than a three-balled tomcat! Jed's phrase, not mine. I was hooked in just fine. “What's the natural logarithm of two?”

“Point six nine three one.” he responded automatically, then looked dazed. “Hey, I know that!”

“Yeah, you're hooked in all right. Remember to keep wearing my glasses or you'll give me eyestrain.”

“I'll be all right.” Jed said with my voice. “I'm just going back to my room and hit the books. See you Sunday night. Don't do anything I'll regret, the test's Monday morning.”

“I won't.” I promised him, and watched him walk away in my body. Then I went back to my room to shower and spend a time getting adjusted. I stripped, posed in front of the full-length mirror and smiled. Jed was one gorgeous hunk, especially with my eyes looking out of his body. A lot of the expressions you carry come from within, that battered look I had noted before was practically gone and the dullness about the eyes were lessened with my digitized intellect on the other side. I turned and worked my glutes, making the ass cheeks dimple in and out.

“Okay, Bryan the Brainiac, you're pretty.” I scoffed at myself. “Let's get showered and head out on the town, Cinderfellow. The coach turns back into a pumpkin on Sunday night.”

Showering was an erotic experience. I washed my/Jed's body lovingly, feeling the hard biceps, when I scrubbed my groin. How did Jed keep himself under control with all these hormones surging through him? Must be used to it. Well, by Sunday night he'd be drained dry, if I had my usual luck at the bars.

I pulled out the clothes I had bought and kept for these occasions, choosing a pair of frayed-bottom cutoff jeans and a bright orange tank-top. I put back on Jed's sneakers, grabbed my car keys and took off.

I chose the Bullpen; it was always hopping on Friday night; they had rooms upstairs I could rent for the weekend and best of all, they were used to Switcher s. Inside, I made no pretense of just being there for companionship and a drink; I spread out my borrowed wares and ogled every likely candidate. In no time, a husky farm-boy type came over and sat down next to me. I smiled and ran my index finger along the inside of his trouser leg. “Don't you recognize me, Jed?” he asked me.

Uh, oh, the past catches up with you, and it's the wrong past! I started to launch into the standard explanation, when his next words floored me.

“Your mother wouldn't give me your address, but your sister said you'd gone to college over in Winchester, and since this is the closest gay bar, I've been coming in here every chance I got.”

If I'd been honorable, I would have cut him off and explained what was going on. But I was fascinated by this guy. A similar look to Jed's, with sandy short hair, a body formed not by weights but hard, honest work, a crease in his hair that showed he wore a hard-hat. Construction worker, most likely, given the red-plaid shirt and oil-stained blue-jeans.

“Well, you've found me.” I said, playing him out. “Now what?” I ran my finger along his inseam again.

His response was to grab me and hold me tight, and his lips met mine with intense force. His legs moved onto either side of mine, and I felt his cock, rock-hard, rubbing over my upper thigh as he hunched at me, stroking, moaning his lust into my mouth while he kissed me so hard my lips felt bruised, mashed against my teeth. His tongue jabbed into my mouth like a rocket, to explode inside as he probed every place he could reach, which was surprisingly far. That tongue must have been four inches long! The kiss went on and on and I began to run out of breath as he kissed me, unable to breathe, unable to move, his heavy arms holding me down.

What the hell was I thinking? I had a big body now! I levered him away from me, breaking that strangle-hold of his mouth and gasped for air, then said, “Nice to see you again, too.”

“You got a room here?” he gasped.

“I got a room.” I agreed.

“Let's go.”

Upstairs on his heels, I had to almost grab his arm to get him to stop when we reached my room, second door on the right. I fumbled the key in the lock, and got inside and when I did, he pounced on me again. Grabbing me from behind, he grabbed my ear in his teeth and bit it, hard, while his hand fished down my shorts, the buttons popping open as he pushed his hand down into the waistband. That enormous erection was jabbing at my buttocks now, and I had to remember real hard that Jed wouldn't appreciate me having his ass fucked on the first time I borrowed it. Maybe later on, when he was more used to switching, he could take it all in its stride like some of the other fellows could.

So I turned and took a bit of dominating posture myself. I kissed this sandy-haired construction worker hard, and began to thrust my hips up against his, our cocks hitting each other, Jed's lithe body performing like a beautiful machine. God, I loved switching! The feel of a powerful body under my control, it was like driving a sports car when you usually drove a beat-up station wagon with a cylinder missing. The sheer power, the strength, the agility! I tumbled this man back onto the bed and straddled him, while I kissed him as hard as he'd kissed me in the bar. He was gasping when I let go of him to tug off my tanktop and then ran my hands over his shirt, unbuttoning him as I went, exposing that, God, beautiful chest with nipples so large they protruded from his body like lids I could twist open. So I twisted them, and he groaned as I yanked his tits, hard!

“Oh, God, yes, man, yank them tits! Yank them!” he said, a slight Southern accent coming through now. I mauled them some more then I got off the big man, reluctantly, but I need to shuck my shorts, take off my sneakers and socks, and get naked! I did and then I gave him a little dance of seduction as I wiggled my hips, my hard cock flopping around like a big salami. He watched me dance, goggle-eyed, as he fumbled off his shirt, tugged off his boots, the laces all knots and problems, but he got them off and the heavy knit socks were next, and then the greasy trousers slid off of his slim hips, and I waited until they were down to his ankles, and then I dove at the man, knocking him onto the bed, climbing on him again and this time, he wouldn't get up again. I kept him pinned down while I kissed him, hard, and his cock jabbed at my buttocks, but I wouldn't be his bottom, no matter how bad I wanted this man! So I crawled between his legs, and then he understood, and his legs came up to wrap around my slender waist and I pushed down into position while I reached for my fanny pack, which contained a bottle of lubrication. I lubed up my cock with a few deft strokes and then I was pushing at his ass, figuring with the lust this man showed, I didn't need to be gentle.

And I didn't, I pushed into him, he groaned, and his body slid open for me like the door to a bank vault, slowly but inevitably, he gave me access into him and I took him as quickly as he made way! I got my cock buried inside of him and his eyes were glazed, dumb, his will now suspended in mine, and I began to hump his tight butt and that turned his mind on again, he groaned and his legs tightened on mine and he moaned, “Oh, God, Jed, give it to me, hard! Harder! Harder! Oh, God, I want it all! Come on, really fuck me, Jed, really fuck me!”

So I really fucked him, as one of his legs slid from my waist, I grabbed it and lifted his entire body up and I pumped his ass like that for a while, him laying on his side and his legs wide apart, both hands gripping the bedsheets while I pounded his tight butt.

He turned again and was a curled-up ball on the bed, and I clambered on top of him to fuck him with only my arms around him and my toes finding a purchase on the bed, resting my entire massive weight on him as I pounded him even harder! Groans were wrenched from him with every thrust and his back flushed bright red, his entire body heated up with the flush and I knew I had this big stud right on the edge of ejaculation, so I speeded up my attack and when I felt my orgasm clutch my brain, I muttered, “Here it comes, you'd better take it all, all of it, you hear me! All of it!”

“Oh, yes!” He sputtered and I hit climax, groaned while I shot a heavy wad into him, there must have been a frigging cupful of jism inside of me and it all pumped into this tight butt of Jed's old buddy, who was finally getting just what he wanted. I heard the damp splats as his ass clutched my cock and I knew he was shooting his wad and I fucked him harder than ever as my cock's flow diminished and ended, and I had only the last threads of ecstacy clinging to my cock to keep it hard, keep it going, keep up the fuck until I had wrung this big stud absolutely dry!

Done, I wiped the sweat from my head and kissed the back of his neck in contrition. What the--! He had a Switcher box, too!

“Who are you?” I gasped into his ear.

“Do you care?”

“Yeah, I care.” I said. “I want to do this some more. If you're switched, how do I know who you are?”

“Are you switched?”

“Yes.” I admitted.

“Then what makes you think I'd want you instead of Jed?”

I felt Jed's ready blush creep into my face. “You're not mad, are you? I mean, tonight was really incredible and I'd really like to see you again.”

“I'll give it some thought, Bryan.” he said and slid off the bed, pulled his jeans on. He just picked up his shoes and shirt and started toward the door. “Just remember that next time, I get to fuck you. I have to go now, this body is due back by midnight. Tell you what, I'll see you again tomorrow night.”

“But…wait!” I shouted. “Who are you? What's your real name?”

“Just be back at the Bullpen same time tomorrow night.” he smirked. “I'll find you.” And he walked out the door.

I ran Jed's hand through his hair and said, “Crap!” I was NOT going to bust Jed's cherry for this guy. Maybe after Jed and I had switched a few times, I could do something like that to his body and he wouldn't mind so much. But now—no way!

I went back to the dorm room and searched out Jed. He was still up studying, and I smiled when I saw how he was devouring the chemistry book. Half of the dislike of such subjects is their difficulty, with a strong IQ on your side, they become as easy as peanut-brittle. God, Jed had some really asinine bromides! They kept cropping up like… I axed the thought before it could torment me any more.

“How goes the studying, Jed?” I asked.

He looked up. “Actually, I'm all through. I've been working ahead, seeing where the professor's going. Chemistry is actually a very interesting subject. Did you know…but of course you do. Sorry.” he said. A quick assessment of the situation; I briefly envied him my usual swiftness of thought.

“Would you like to change back now?” I asked him. “While your knowledge is all bright and new in your head?”

“Yeah, if you don't mind. Didn't Laura work out?”

“Huh? Oh, Laura. No, she was busy tonight. I went out on the town and ended up with a stranger. Hope you don't mind.”

“I guess not. I've been wandering around in your brain, I guess you deserve to wander around in my body all you want.” Jed shook his head. “You really do have a funny way of looking at things, Bryan.”

“I'll be glad to take them back.” I assured him. “Remember to review all the material you just studied right after we switch back.”

Only George and his girlfriend Jane were around to witness our switchback. I shuddered when the plug went in and said, “Jed, you'd better take the Switcher in and have it checked. That's a lot of static electricity build-up you're getting there.”

“I will.” Jed said. I hit the switch, things dimmed and then returned. I looked over at Jed and smiled. Whoever the guy was, he wouldn't spot me tomorrow night. I went to my room and straight to bed.

I had planned to stay home the next night, but Frank the Tank knocked on my door that afternoon and begged to borrow my brain for HIS chemistry test. Jed had been singing my praises and could he PLEASE switch for only one night? Frank is a big, beefy guy, with broad, thick shoulders and a chest expansion that is really incredible. The typical football jock, on a scholarship that he'd never have gotten were he not a mean linebacker. The sort of college graduate who usually ends up selling cars or working as a garage mechanic for a living. Intellectually, he was a waste of space, but his body! Hairier than hell, he also packed a thick ten-inch, perpetually hard schlong that I had really enjoyed using the last time I switched with him. And Frank the Tank is a real dull-witted guy, I could get away with doing anything to his body, and explain it away with, “Uh, I fell.” Or something equally laughable. So I gave in to temptation.

I switched and didn't even bother washing up (why do football jocks seem to be ignorant of their own body odors?), just went to the bar smelling with a day's worth of sweat, wearing Frank's beat-up jumpsuit he used in his auto mechanics class (like I said, selling cars or working in a garage was Frank's eventual fate).

A black guy easily as big as me (Frank the Tank, that is) came up and gave me the eye. “Looking for some company?” he asked me. This was a young black guy with a strong frame that screamed bar bouncer or back alley thug. Big arms and a broad chest covered with spirally hair that made O's all over his body. His face was long and thin, incongruous on his big frame, like a wider head had been squashed in on itself from both sides, leaving him with almost-pursed lips and eyes that seemed to be angled away from each other.

I smiled and gestured with my eyes and head to the spot beside me. He sat down and I put my hand on his knee, feeling the muscles ripple on his thigh as he clenched them tight at my grasp. He grabbed my hand and tucked three of my fingers underneath and ran them up the inside of his leg to his crotch where he placed my hand on his thick schlong and force-rubbed my hand against it.

“Don't you recognize me, Bryan?” he asked.

Startled, I looked over and he smirked and chuckled, a very familiar sound.

“You!” I nearly shouted. It was the guy I'd been with the night before!

“I'm glad you decided to come back.” he said. “Just like a good boy. And you even found a new body for me to play with. What do you think of this one?”

“Is this really you, or did you borrow another body?” I asked.

He chuckled again. “I'll let you figure it out, Bryan the Brainiac. Come on, let's go. You still got the same room upstairs?”

He had let go of my hand, but I hadn't let go of that monster cock of his. “I still got the same room. Let's go.”

Upstairs, I found myself grabbed hard, and suddenly remembered that this time, it was my turn to get my butt fucked. “Wait, dude!” I begged. “I only borrowed this body.”

“Fuck him.” the black guy purred in my ear. “Like I'm going to fuck you.”

“But you don't understand….”

“I know Frank the Tank is so dumb, he has to be pointed in the right direction as they hand the ball to him on the field.” the man said.

I grinned. “Yeah, that's Frank, all right.”

“So tell him you accidentally sat on a cucumber.”

I laughed, I couldn't help it, and that's when the big guy, who had been taking off his shirt while his pants slid down his slender thighs, finished getting naked and came over to me. “Get that shit off, white boy.” he said.

I began to think of this body as the real one. “All right.” I said. “But go easy on the merchandise.”

I stripped out of the jumpsuit I had on, and Frank's filthy underwear was next (God, how did the big stud manage to ignore these things—I smelt rank!) and then I was grabbed by this big, black guy, who punched me in the stomach, hard!

“Whoof!” I said as I bent over, and he turned me around and shoved his cock up my ass! He'd lubed it some while I was stripping, but it still hurt like hell! “Ouch, damn it, go easy, man, go easy!”

“Fuck that shit!” was the reply and I was suddenly down on the bed, this big black guy on top of me, fucking my ass hard. I would have screamed if it hadn't been so damned good! That big cock was hitting my button and I groaned as he humped me hard.

No delicacy, no finesse, no gentleness, this was raw animal rutting, and I was loving it! It felt like this guy's cock was turning my guts inside out on the out stroke, and for all I know, it was! I felt utterly ravaged, utterly dominated, utterly happy! I wanted it to go on and on and on!

And this guy did fuck me for a good, long time. Every time it would get too hot, he'd stop us and we'd shift position. I rode him on the bed, bouncing up and down on him, I was on my back, on my knees, on my feet while we stood on the bed, and the fuck went on and on and on. I shot my wad halfway through, and it didn't make this guy miss a stroke, he fucked while I splattered the sheets with my jism and kept on fucking. He pushed me up against the headboard and I knelt there, holding onto it, as he fucked my ass some more.

Finally, at long last, he grunted, moaned, and shot his load up into my burning bowels. I was ripped open, blood-stains were on the bed all over the place, and his salty jism burned like hell as it sprayed inside of me! I groaned, and managed another orgasm, just from the brutal pain of it all. I lay on the bed, gasping, watching him re-cover that big body. “So, is this the real you?” I asked.

“Nope!” he chuckled a deep, rich laugh. “Maybe I'll tell you who I am some other time. Take care, Bryan. I'd get a doc to look at that ass before I went back to college if I were you. This dude packs a pretty mean weapon.”

I was kicking myself after he left. Was I crazy? My ass still hurt like hell from the pounding he'd given it. How would I explain THAT to Frank the Tank? But after I got up, cleaned up, and moved about, the pain lessened until I figured I would just have to take my chances. He may bleed a little from his ass for a day or two, but it didn't feel any worse than that, and if there was one thing Frank could handle, it was bleeding, he always seemed to be sporting cuts or bruises on his body.

Frank was asleep over his books when I got back to the frat house. I woke him up and he staggered downstairs to the Switcher machine. Sleepiness is mostly a mental thing, so when we switched bodies, I wasn't sleepy, he was. He took off upstairs and never said a word about his ravaged butt. I heaved a sigh of relief and figured I was home safe.

That was it for the weekend, I decided. And for my mystery lover. I had an excuse, next weekend was the regional Fike convention, so no one would be wanting to switch next weekend. I was feeling pretty fucked out, anyway.

Jed and Frank passed their chemistry classes with ease, like I expected. Me, I actually scored lower than I should have. I couldn't get my mystery lover out of my head. Who was he? Where was he? Summer was coming up, and if I didn't locate him soon, I may never find him.

I almost didn't go to the Fike meeting. What was the use? It would be beer, drinking, carousing and, for little me, a humiliation via a practical joke or two if I wasn't careful. But I had nothing better to do, so I gave up, dressed up and went out to see the Fikes.

I almost collapsed when I met Mike. It was the big hayseed I'd been with the previous Friday night? A quick look over the crowd showed me the big black guy, sandwiched between two pretty black girls, laughing and carrying on. I turned to Mike, my suspicions high. “Tell me, Mike, how did you do on your mid- semester tests?”

“Not too bad, thanks to our resident brain.” Mike admitted. “I switched with him for twenty-four hours and made it through.”

“Yes, your resident brain. Does he happen to be here tonight?”

“Why don't you turn around and look?” came the response from behind me.

I turned around to look into his eyes. That smirk was unmistakable, even on his chipmunk cheeks. “Bryan the Brainiac, I presume?” he asked.

“Yes. But I don't know your name.” I said.

“They call me Gary the Geek.” He shook my hand. “It's nice to meet you.”

Gary was chubby in a teddy-bear sort of way. The hair on his head promised to go away entirely within the next decade or so; it was already deserting him. No, physically Gary was certainly no prize. Except…

Except, those bright blue eyes were hooked to a brain that was equal to my own. And the brain housed an imagination that communicated wonderfully in bed. I had learned some time ago that a beautiful body, while a definite plus, does not by itself make a wonderful lover.

“What say you and I go someplace quiet and talk things over.” I said. “We aren't going to find any action this weekend.”

“True.” Gary said. “But there're still finals to go. And the second half of the semester is always busier. I'm sure we'll have lots more opportunities.”

I put my hand on his shoulder in a way that looked merely friendly. “Why don't we start by making the rounds and pointing out the various members of our frats to each other. I'm sure we can come up with some interesting combinations for future reference.”

We had a lifetime left to live, with a valuable commodity inside our skulls. And let's face it, Switchers were here to stay.

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