The lawyer

By Nick Gallo 
2 parts
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Part 1

The popping of his ears indicated to Joe just how fast the elevator was traveling. Alone in the marbled wall box, he saw his reflection in the stainless steel doors. He fixed his hair one last time before he would enter into the most important interview of his life. At 5 foot 6 and just 130 pounds, he wasn’t very physically imposing and often felt embarrassed by his body.

He was startled by the ding of the elevator chime. “Floor 61,” an automatic female voice said. The doors opened and Joe stepped out into the elevator lobby. He walked towards the glass doors, on which were letters that spelled out “Kellan & Associates.” Before he reached the double doors, a handsome looking man came out of the office suite and held the door for Joe. As Joe thanked the man, who was about 6 foot 2 and clearly in very good shape, the man said, “No problem,” and flashed Joe a 10,000 watt smile, showing his straight, bleach white teeth.

Joe paused for a moment, thinking about how damn sexy the man was. He then realized he might not want to flaunt the fact that he was gay. Even though it was becoming more accepted, he didn’t want to jeopardize a great job opportunity. Joe walked over to a circular desk where a young woman sat. He informed the receptionist that he had a job interview at 9:30. She asked him his name and he responded “Joseph Marshall.” The receptionist picked up the receiver pushed a button on the intercom and said, “Hey Shawn. Mr. Kellan’s 9:30 is here.” After a short conversation, she hung the phone up and said, “Okay, Mr. Marshall. Mr. Kellan’s assistant will be here in just a few moments.”

After thanking the receptionist, Joe walked over to the small seating area and sat down. For a few moments, he admired the fantastic views from the tallest building in Philadelphia. “Mr. Marshall?” Joe, a bit startled, spun around to see who was asking for him. He saw a young man, about his age of 26, with a solid and nicely defined face and slim body. He was a little taller than him, maybe 5 foot 8, and he also had a gorgeous smile. “I’m Shawn, Mr. Kellan’s assistant. If you would follow me please.” Joe picked up his briefcase and followed Shawn, who waited patiently to escort Joe. As they walked towards a staircase, Shawn asked “So Mr. Marshall, did you have any trouble getting here?” Joe responded “Nope, no problems at all.”

As they walked through the office, Joe weirdly noticed how the other employees, mainly the male, looked as though they were training for the NFL. It seemed that he and Shawn were the two skinniest men in the office. After climbing up to the floor above, also filled with offices, and winding there way through several hallways of lawyers, paralegals, and assistants busy at work, they reached another set of glass double doors and entered what appeared to be outer waiting area of an executive suite. Shawn asked Joe to please take a seat on the couch and asked if he could get him a drink. Feeling the dryness in his throat, he said, “Yes, a glass of water, please.” After fetching him the water, Shawn sat down at the desk and put on a headset. He pressed a button and said, “Mr. Kellan, Joseph Marshall is here for his interview.” After listening for a moment, Shawn responded “Yes sir.” He looked up at Joe and said, “Mr. Kellan just needs a few moments. He’s in the middle of an important call.”

Joe smiled and waited anxiously. He used the time to retrieve his resume and other materials from his briefcase. He could feel the sweat beginning to form on his forehead. “Stay calm. They’re going to love you. You can get this job!” He took another sip and looked over at the young assistant, who was typing something on the computer. Joe wished he could have a face like his.

The noise of the buzzer made Joe’s nerves obvious to anyone who would have him in view. Shawn said, “Yes?”

“Okay, I’ll send him in.” Looking up towards Joe, he said, “Mr. Marshall, go right on in.” Joe thanked him and walked nervously through the heavy wooden doors. He entered into a large office. There were two long, Chesterfield leather couches, each with a small coffee table in front of them, and a large, wooden desk with two small armchairs in front of it. Behind the desk was a tall leather office chair, with it’s back to the office doors. The very top of a head, with jet black hair, was visible. Joe approached the desk slowly and, after a moment, the man behind the desk said, “I’m sorry, please take a seat and I’ll be with you in a moment. When Joe sat down, he could barley see the top of the man’s head the chair was so tall. As he waited, he looked around the corner office. The wall behind the desk was all glass: windows that looked out over the city, as was the wall to the left of Joe. On Joe’s right, the wall was line with framed diplomas, pictures, bookcases, and a long credenza with what appeared to be awards and other knick-knacks. The large desk had only a few files on it, a telephone, a picture, and a nameplate that read “Michael P. Kellan.”

“Done,” the still faceless man said. “My apologizes, Mr. Marshall. As you can imagine, I have a lot of work.”

“Oh I understand perfectly, sir,” responded Joe, who noted the attractive deepness of the man’s voice. A moment later, the chair began to spin around as the man said, “Now, let’s begin.”

Joe was almost speechless when the finally saw the man. Although he was sitting, Joe could see that the man had to be at least 6 feet all and was no younger than 35. He had broad shoulders, a fairly muscular neck, and a perfectly shaped face with a nicely rounded chin. He was clean shaven, but Joe could still see the faint darkness of stubble on his face. His eyes were as blue as the sea of a Hawaiian beach. He had fairly short jet black hair, combed over and sideburns that came down to bottom of his earlobe. The color of his hair complemented the nice tan color of his skin. “Mike Kellan,” he said as he extended out his arm and stood up. Joe followed suit. His assumption was confirmed: the man stood at about 6 foot 2. Joe took his hand and felt the strong grip of his shake. His hand felt tiny compared to the tanned one that held his.

“Mr. Marshall, we’re very please that you are interested in the associate opening. I’m very impressed with you resume. I’d like to ask you just a few questions to get a better idea of who you are.”

“Of course, go ahead,” replied Joe. Mr. Kellan asked, “What do you feel you can contribute to this firm in the next five to ten years?” Joe responded “Well Mr. Kellan, I—l-.” Joe was interrupted before he could complete the sentence. “Please, call me Mike.” Joe went on, reaching for his materials to put them on the desk. “Well Mike, I think that I can really bring a new sense of direction and insight to the firm. I’ve had a lot of exper—”

Joe stopped mid-sentence, realizing that he had knocked over the picture on the desk. “Oh I am so sorry,” responded Joe as he reached to pick it up. “Oh, that’s alright. It happens all the time. It’s just a picture of my son,” added Mike. Joe was shocked at how handsome (and quite sexy) the “man” in the picture looked. Joe said, “Well you have quite a handsome boy! How old is he?”

“Chris is 18.” Joe responded, “Wow! He looks about 25!” Mike replied, “Well that runs in the family. I’m only 31. I was only 13 when he was born. His mother was just a few years older than me but she died during labor. So it’s only been me and him.”

“Oh wow! I’m so sorry. That’s really awful,” said Joe, feeling angry he asked.

Mike replied, “Thanks…that means a lot. My parents were very supportive all through high school, college, and law school. Now that I took over the practice from my father and Chris is finishing high school, things are calming down.” Mike went on, “But let’s get back to you…I would like to talk more about what you can contribute to the firm.”

Part 2

“Well Mr. Marshall, it’s going to be great having you on our team,” Mike said as Joe finished signing some paperwork. Joe was shell-shocked. He had been offered the job right on the spot. As he completed the signing, Mike walked around the desk and shook hands with Joe, who noted the strong grip once again.

“I’m really looking forward to working here,” Joe happily responded.

“Now, Mr. Marshall, before we part, I want to make sure you are aware of one thing. We here at Kellan aim to, uh, display a certain kind of employee.” Mike continued, “As a man, we expect a one to be strong, self-reliant, and have good leadership qualities.”

“I think I understand,” said Joe, who felt as though he had heard that statement many times before. He suddenly felt uneasy and could feel the sweat forming again on his forehead.

“Well, I’d like to demonstrate for you the kind of employee I’m referring to.” Mike pressed the intercom and said, “Shawn, I’d like you to come in for a moment.”

“Yes sir,” responded the assistant.

Shawn entered the office and stood a few feet behind Joe. “Now Shawn, I was just explaining the “desired” Kellan employee. I was hoping you would show Mr. Marshall what that entails.”

Shawn replied, “Yes sir” with another one of his killer smiles. Joe turned himself around to better face Shawn. Shawn took a few steps back, into the open area between the furniture, and stood upright with his arms at his side. After taking a deep breath, he stood still, said nothing and did nothing. Joe looked on confused.

Suddenly, Joe noticed something. It appeared as though Shawn was inhaling deeply, but to Joe, he wasn’t breathing. His chest was expanding. Shawn’s pecs were pressing against the blue dress shirt he was wearing.

At first, Joe though nothing of it, but then realized that his shoulders were also growing out. He could see their shape changing under his clothes, growing broader. His pecs strained against the dress shirt. Because Shawn had taken his tie off and undone the first few buttons, Joe could also see his pecs pushing against a white tank top. The pecs were bulging out around the edges of the tank and pulling the knot tighter and tighter. Then the fabric parted across his right pec with a loud tearing noise and his dress shirt slid back from his pecs, leaving only the tank covering it. Joe could see a deepening groove running between the pecs down the center of his chest. His jaw fell open and he felt a something waking up in his pants.

As Joe watched, the laces in Shawn’s shoes broke, and then the canvas tore to reveal his growing feet. Joe’s gaze went back up his body. The bottoms of his pants slid up his ankles to mid-calf, and his sleeves slid up his arms until they reached only to mid-forearm. Shawn looked at Joe and smiled widely.

Shawn’s shoulders began spreading again, pulling the dress shirt tight across his back. Now Joe could see his lats bulging against the dress shirt as well, until it tore, at first just in the center of his back. Then the tear crept up towards the collar and down towards the waist of the dress shirt, opening wide and revealing the back of his white tank. The tank was stretched by the width of his back and shoulders, and tore down the back. The rip in the dress shirt was still growing until finally the shirt was torn into two separate pieces, which hung ragged from his shoulders, revealing his entire back: bulging trapezius muscles flaring into soccer ball-sized shoulders, down across thick, impossibly wide lats almost a yard across, to a narrow waist with stone hard male muscle.

Shawn’s calves strained the seams of his jeans, then burst through suddenly, shredding the ends of the pants legs as they ballooned into large, diamond-shaped mounds of manly muscle. He looked down as his legs. His thighs, like his calves, exploded abruptly outward, shredding the rest of the pants legs, leaving fabric streamers hanging between his massive, muscular tree-trunk legs. Dark, dense hair was forming on his legs and a lighter but thicker fur was forming on his hands and arms.

Joe was suddenly startled by Mike’s voice. “I can see you’re getting my point,” said Mike, eying the growth that had occurred in Joe’s pants. Mike had moved around the the front of the desk and was now standing next to Joe. He had removed his suit jacket, tie, and had unbuttoned the top of his shirt.

“Look here” Shawn said, and Joe’s gaze snapped back to the towering god. Shawn’s arms were still thin, in unripped dress shirt sleeves, and he bent one to place his left index finger in the little cleft at the base of his neck. Then he slowly traced a line from there down through the valley formed by his high, firm pecs and thick, broad pectorals. his hand continued downward, and as it crossed his flat stomach, chunks of muscle began to emerge, separated by well-defined grooves. Soon his abdomen was a symphony of rock-hard Herculean muscularity. When he reached the waist of his pants, Joe began to see the outline of Shawn’s dick become more and more prominent as the bulge grew longer and thicker, the cockhead sliding up his leg. Joe could hear the fabric starting to strain, barely able to contain his growing rod. Closing his eyes and tilting his head to the ceiling, Shawn let out a loud moan. Joe watched in awe as his huge cock finally burst from his pants accompanied with an appetizingly slow rip. It was now pointing straight out, continuing to grow even bigger.

Shawn curled his hand into a fist and extended his left arm straight down. His forearm began expanding, first snapping open the button in the cuff, then causing a tear that crept from the cuff up along his arm. His arm swelled and the tear crossed his elbow to begin revealing his growing biceps and triceps. The tear reached his big shoulder and the tattered sleeve slipped back to reveal a thick, burly deltoid merging into a huge, horseshoe-shaped triceps bulging out an inch and a half from the tendon contained in its inverted u-shape. Shawn relaxed that arm and stuck his right arm straight out to the side, still clad in an intact sleeve. He gazed at it and slowly began curling it. With this arm, too, a rip appeared at the cuff and crept towards his elbow as his forearm grew. But this time his swelling biceps strained the upper sleeve too fast and the seam along the side of that muscle gave way. By the time his arm reached a ninety-degree angle the two tears had met and extended all the way to the shoulder. The sleeve slipped off his arm to hang by his side, revealing his still-growing biceps. When he finally had his arm curled all the way, the his upper arm was bigger around than my thigh, with a giant male biceps shaped like a football and almost as big.

The remains of his dress shirt and tank formed two tight ragged loops, one around each shoulder. Shawn slowly inhaled and when he breathed, the white, skin tight tank top exploded off of his muscular body and fell to the floor. Then he slipped a hand into the waist of his pants and with a sharp tug, pulled those rags off, and with one foot swept the remains of his shredded clothing and shoes out of the way. Thick, dark hair was now visible on his pecs, abs, and legs. There was also a thick dark stubble on his face.

The transformation finally stopped. Shawn, who was a slim 5 foot 8 when he entered the office, now stood at roughly 6 foot 8 and had the body of a Greek god. While the hair on his head and the gorgeous face he had before remained, Shawn had grown muscles that compared in size to no professional bodybuilder. He also now had a luscious amount of body fur.

Joe, not even realizing he had orgasmed in his pants, saw Mike walking over towards the wall of diplomas and awards. Mike said, “Well, clearly that demonstration was effective, Mr. Marshall. I’d like to continue our conversation, if you don’t mind.”

Joe, who couldn’t formulate any words or move any muscles, just stared blankly at Mike and Shawn. Mike continued, “Good! I think we’ll move this meeting though.” With that, he pressed the corner of a picture frame on the wall, and part of the wall opened up into a hidden room.

“Oh, Shawn—could you please escort Mr. Marshall?” Mike asked.

“Absolutley, Mr. Kellan!” replied Shawn. Shawn’s now god-like body move towards the arm chair where Joe was sitting. “Right this way, Mr. Marshall” Shawn said, as he bent down and picked up Joe with one arm.

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