The merger

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Luke was sitting on his couch, watching t.v and eating some leftover pizza from the night before. It was only 5:30, but all he wanted to do was go to bed, even though he knew that would never happen. He had just taken another bite, and put his slice on the plate beside him, when he felt himself stand up, and start to leave the room. He froze where we stood, and turned his head to the right, “Hey! I’m trying to watch this!”

“I need a drink!” Kyle, who had been sitting closely next to Luke glared back. So close in fact, that they were actually two heads on one body. Kyle tried to take control again, but Luke fought back. They had their hands pushing on each others head, and were pulling in opposite directions. Things had been like this, ever since they had become one.

It had happened a little over a week ago. They had gone to the little staff party at ModBods, where they worked. One of the higher ups was retiring, so the floor they worked at was sending him off. There was food, some games, and plenty of alcohol. Luke and Kyle both worked at reception, and even though they had been working together for five years, they rarely got along. The only way they were making it through the party… was drinking. It had gotten to the point where they could barely walk, and that’s when Steve came up with a hilarious idea. He had taken them both off to an empty office, and gave them a challenge he knew they couldn’t refuse. “I dare you guys to go into the merger together!”

“What?! Are you crazy!” Luke shouted.

“No way in hell!” Kyle agreed, and gave Luke a glare.

“Why? Are you scared?” Steve taunted, knowing how they would react.

“Me, no!” Luke grunted and pointed at Kyle, “If anything he’d be the one who’s scared!”

“Fat chance!” Kyle argued and gave Luke a shove, “I’d have no problem going in there.”

“Me neither!”

They glared at each other, before Steve chimed in, “So is that a yes?” They both nodded, and all three of them set off through the halls to the lab. Once there, Luke and Kyle stripped down. Kyle had a golden tan, a touch of hair in all the right places, but didn’t have the same muscle mass as Luke. He had a visible six pack, and his pecs looks solid, however, he was rather pale, and kept his body shaved. Steve stared at both of them and couldn’t wait to see their combined body. They took their places in the machine, and without hesitating, Steve flipped the switch. After the process was done, the lid opened and a bit of steam escaped. Steve waited and could hear them already bickering.

“See, I told you I was better than you!”

“Bullshit! You only agreed after I said I would!”

Steve watched as the mist cleared, and he could start to make out a body sitting up. His jaw hung open at what he saw. They had become a two headed man, with Luke’s head on the left, Kyle’s on the right. Their combined bodies had all of Luke’s muscle definition, but the tan and hair of Kyle. They looked a Steve with grins and spoke in unison “Told you I could do it better.”

“Pfft, whatever!” Kyle swung their legs off the table, and stood up. Cole tried to take over at that point and walk them to their clothes. Steve couldn’t help laughing at the sight. The stumbled left and right, bumping into each other, and swearing. He couldn’t tell if they were staggering from all the booze, or if they just didn’t know how to walk together. They were trying to put on their own pairs of pants and giving each other shoves. Everything after that point had been the same.

“Just wait for a commercial!” Luke had manged to take a step back to the couch, but Kyle wasn’t about to budge. There was a struggle between the two guys for control of their motor-functions, a clash of their wills trying to dominate the other. Their body was shuddering, with their legs locked in place. They were pushing on each others side of their chest, hoping against hope that it would be enough to split them. But it wouldn’t work. Once the merger was used, the two individuals would remain together forever.

“It’s bad enough I have to live in your shitty apartment, wearing your crappy clothes!” Kyle had manged to yank themselves a few inches to the kitchen, “I’m not about to just sit here, stuck to your ass, watching some stupid show!” They had been fighting for long enough, that the show had gone to a commercial. Luke gave in, but without any warning to his other half. It sent Kyle lurching sideways and onto the floor. They crashed down, making their battle even worse. They rolled over each other, kicking and punching all the while yelling at each other. “Get off me!”

“I can’t! We’re fused together!” Luke glared down at Kyle. It had been a week without any peace. At work, everyone snickered behind their back, and Steve did his best to avoid them whenever he could. Being stuck to each other, with no way out, neither one knew how they would be able to live like this.

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