The new Rick

By smitch69 
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You walk around the shop, it seems to of been divided into many different sections—male, female, animal and magical. There are bodysuits hanging up everywhere with detailed lifelike masks on shelves.

"Try on anything you like, and give me a shout if you see anything you like" the shopkeeper says as he walks through a door into the back of the shop.

You glance into one of the mirrors dotted around the shop, and see your reflection—you're a 5'8" 18yr old but skinny and have a drawn face.

You continue to browse the bodysuits and masks around the shop, you seem drawn into the "Jock" section for some reason. You study the many masks on the shelves, blond hair, black hair, spiked, long and flowing there are so many to choose from—some of them even look familiar, but all of them handsome almost model like.

Again you feel yourself drawn to a particular place within the shop, you look at the bodysuits, and the masks—and suddenly you spot something familiar. The mask has black thick spiked hair, strong black eyebrows that seem to be in a perpetual scowl. Piercing blue eyes, an cute nose and strong chin and a wicked smile. The head of the mask flows down to a strong thick neck. You recognize the mask as being a duplicate of the star QB Rick!

You lift down the mask feeling the texture of the hair which feels real! You push and poke the skin and mouth, the skin feels real—absolutely unbelievable!

You take the mask over to the mirror, and hold the mask up to your own studying the reflection. Again you check the mask, the neck is stretchy, you take a deep breath and go for the plunge. You pull the mask over your head—it goes dark for a while as you pull, push and twist the mask into place. You blink a couple of times as your eyes adjust to the light.

The reflection looks back certainly is not yours. Looking back at you from the mirror is Rick's face. You look closer studying the mask, you feel the strong chiseled jaw and chin. Your amazed as the edge of the mask round your neck seems to of merged with you own skin making the seam almost invisible. You pull some faces, and Rick does the same. The look of surprise, fear, anger all performed flawlessly—suddenly you realize your previously brown eyes are now Ricks piercing blue eyes.. "must be contacts or something" you say to yourself—shocked you realize that it isn't your voice anymore—but now it's Rick's.

There is a gentle cough behind you, you turn to see the shopkeeper. "Excellent choice Sir", the storekeeper says. "Would you like to try on the rest of the costume?", "Erm, yes why not—I guess" you reply.

The shopkeeper returns to a rack of bodysuits and begins to flip through the suits. "Ahh here we are." he hands you a heavily built suit, it looks like the chest has been shaved, leaving only a dark trail of hair from the thick ABS to the neatly trimmed pubes around the 7" dick. "Cool" you say in Rick's voice. "There are some other parts to this costume, try it on—changing room is over there—I'll collect the other bits together".

You take the heavy muscular suit from the shopkeeper and enter the changing room. You strip off your clothes and check the suit. You cannot find a zipper, but quickly realize that it's made from the same stretchy material as the mask. You sit down and pull open the neck and push your legs into the suit. You work your feet and toes into the suits, and slowly work the suit up and over your own body. You slip your own dick into the suits—your balls slip into the Rick suits. You work the suits heavy ABS and chest up your own body slipping your arms into the suits muscular arms—now using the suits heavy arms you pull the boulder like shoulders into place smoothing down the join between the suit and the mask.

With the transformation complete, you study your new physique. The narrow waist, rippling abs, muscular heavy disc like pecs almost hypnotized by the rhythmic rising and falling as you breath heavily. You feel the muscular arms, striking a couple of poses—feeling the muscles move below your new skin.

You look around, but are disappointed that there are no mirrors in the changing room, with your new found confidence you walk into the shop as a completely nude Rick. You check yourself in the mirror and realize that you have somehow increased in height, you are now about 6'1" looking about 22yrs. You check yourself in the mirror, amazing a narrow 30" waist transforms into a classic v-shaped back up to a 48" chest.

"Ahh, good—fits you like a glove" the shopkeeper says. "I have put the rest of the costume in the changing room for you".

You take another look over your shoulder to check out your ass as you walk back into the changing room to see what else there is.

Inside the changing room is a complete set of "jock wear", you smile remembering these are the exact clothes you saw the real Rick wearing only a couple of days earlier. You begin to dress in Ricks clothes.

You pull on his white jockstrap, flipping you big dick into the pouch. You pull on his socks, and his jeans over his huge thighs and tight bubble-butt, leaving the zipper and top un-buttoned. You slip on his Nikes and tie the laces, next a white vest. You pick it up and raise your arms to pull it over your head, you glance down amazed how your new body reacts with the new stretching movement, your new lats spreading like wings behind you. You pull the vest over your head and slowly pull it down over your chest and ABS. The cloth hugs you like a second skin accentuating every bump and crevice of your body. Lastly you pick up Ricks shirt and slide it over your tight new body, you fasten a couple of the buttons checking the way your chest pushes the shirt open. You tuck the vest and shirt into your jeans and zip/button up, you secure the belt realizing that somehow you have lost some weight as well! You are just about to leave the changing room when you notice something on the chair — you pick up the shell necklace and fasten it around your neck. You leave the small room to check your new look.

You check the mirror again to see Rick starring back at you, it’s easy to see his fit muscular body fighting to burst out of his clothes, “Wow this is just amazing” you say in Ricks voice.

“Looks good on you”, the shopkeeper says. “We have a policy here at the Costume Shop, you can test drive the costume for 48hrs. If you like it you can have an extended rental when you return”.

“Excellent” you think to yourself, “Just a couple of other things before you go.” He says. He hands you a wallet and some keys, you check the contents of the wallet — there is some cash, a credit card and Rick’s student and driving license. “Wow! This really is the complete package!” you say. “The keys are for Rick's red convertible parked around the corner” the shopkeeper says. “But I’m only 16yrs old!” you tell the shopkeeper. “Not a problem” — he hands you a small blue pill. “What’s this?” you ask, “It’s all the memories for the costume, dissolve it under your tongue” he says. You take the pill and put it under your tongue, you can feel it fizzing as it dissolves.. the more of Ricks memories you can remember. His girlfriends, the sports he’s good at, his life at home, his friends, how to drive — you smile to yourself. Thanking the shopkeeper you leave to find the car.

Could this be an exciting adventure for the new Rick?

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