The perfect fit

By TheSizeKing 
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Part 1

“Wow. There has to be a secret that you’re hiding from me, because you are too perfect. Like, my ideal guy.”

Taylor was sitting across from his first ever Grindr date named Kostas. His profile said he was a medical student who volunteers on weekends and likes both dogs and cats. He drives a sporty SUV and likes to build things, but also plays piano and is fine with crying at emotional movies. Pretty much an all-around dream man.

Lucky for Taylor, everything Kostas said about himself in his profile was accurate, and he looked even better than he did in his pictures that he posted, which already made him look like a model. What shocked Taylor the most was that Kostas picked him over all the other, much more muscular and attractive men on the site. He was nothing better than average, so what made Kostas want to date him?

“I promise I’m an open book! You can ask me whatever you want.” Kostas flashed Taylor that brilliantly white, straight tooth smile of his. He subconsciously (or maybe it was on purpose?) bounced his pecs and Taylor watched his tight grey t-shirt jump in response.

Taylor’s eyes flew up to meet Kostas’s, embarrassed. Kostas, quite aware of Taylor’s hazel eyes staring at his chest, smirked but did not speak about it.

“I guess I can ask you what you saw in me on the app.” Taylor blushed but did not break eye contact with Kostas’ deep green eyes.

With a light baritone chuckle, Kostas said “You’re exactly the type I’m looking for.”

Silence. Taylor was absolutely flabbergasted that this 6’3”, 230-pound sexy muscular hunk was into guys that were… average. Kostas reached out a strong hand and rested it on top of Taylor’s clasped hands, and Taylor’s eyes widened when his own hands all but disappeared beneath Kostas’ one.

“I would have assumed that, first, if you weren’t on Grindr, that you were straight. And since you’re not, I would have thought you would go for someone that could keep up with your… stamina and strength.”

“Do you think you won’t be able to?”

“Well, I mean, look at us! We’re, like, polar opposites. You’re like, mega buff, I’m thin as a rail. You’re taller than most everyone around you, and I’m a shrimpy 5’8”. You’ve got the looks of a model, and I’m just…. trying my best, and it doesn’t look like it’s working.”

He grinned again, and squeezed Taylor’s hands a little bit. “I think you’ll find a way to adapt. Besides, I want you as much as you want me. I can see that plain as day.”

Taylor felt his face get hot. He was lucky that there was a table between them, because his 5.5” boner would have been on full display. Taylor couldn’t help but wonder if Kostas’ package matched the rest of him.

“I’m that obvious, huh?”

“Well, I’ve felt just about every guy’s eyes undress me since I walked in here. And I can also feel their jealousy when they saw me sit down with you. You should feel honored.”

“I feel like I fucking won the lottery, actually.”

Kostas laughed and a few veins in his thick neck started to bulge. “See, you’re funny and you don’t even have to try. Just another thing that I’m finding out about you that I like.”

“Oh, there’s more where that came from,” Taylor said in a monotone voice, making Kostas laugh even harder.

“Do you want to get out of here? I mean, I’m feeling good, a little buzzed, but I’m just not vibing anymore.”

“‘Vibing’? What year is this, 2014?” Taylor said playfully.

“Heeey, come on now! I know plenty of people my age who still use that word! Granted, they’re as straight as an arrow, but still!”

Taylor stood up and immediately turned toward the door to hide his still present boner and said, “How old are they, 33?”

Kostas stood up to his full height and looked down at Taylor and said, “No! They’re 28.”

“Ohh, woooooow.” Taylor said as he walked toward the door, trying to get out from under Kostas’ hulking shadow.

Once they left the restaurant and were out on the sidewalk, Kostas grabbed Taylor’s much smaller hand in his and gently pulled Taylor closer as they walked. Taylor nearly melted when he felt the warmth radiating from his much larger date, and was glad to have such a strong man supporting him should his legs give out.

“I had a really good night.” Kostas said after a few minutes of walking in silence.

“Me too. Best night I’ve had in quite some time. I would ask…” Taylor began to say but trailed off.


“No, forget it. It’s too soon.”

“Were you going to ask me to… go…”

Taylor looked up at Kostas and just nodded.

More silence. Until they landed at Taylor’s apartment.


“Sorry, what?”

“Yes. I’ll go up with you.”

Taylor nearly collapsed on the spot. He must have wavered where he stood, because Kostas reached out and steadied Taylor’s shoulder. “I’ll take that as a yes?”

Taylor nodded. Kostas scooped Taylor up by the waist and tossed him over his shoulder, carrying him like a boom box. Taylor got an awesome view of Kostas’ large ass straining the jeans he was wearing, and the bumps and ridges of his back muscles looked so inviting to Taylor’s weak but eager hands.

“What number?”


They approached the door and Taylor was somehow about to fish his keys out of his pocket and hand them to Kostas, who did not seem to be phased in the slightest that he was carrying a whole 130-pound human on his shoulder.

In what seemed like no time at all, Kostas had unlocked the door, walked in, locked the door behind him, and tossed Taylor onto his queen-sized bed before Taylor could articulate that he wanted to take a shower first.

Taylor laid there sprawled out on the bed, and Kyle started lifting up his shirt, revealing one out of his four rows of abs.

“Wait. Before you get all undone, I need to take a shower. I feel all sweaty and gross.”

“That’s okay, baby. I like to get dirty. And besides, you’re going to get much more sweaty when I’m done.”

“Well then. I think I should help you take those… restrictive clothes off. Wouldn’t want you to rip through them.”

“Wouldn’t be the first time.” Kostas said, his voice dripping in sex appeal. Taylor scooched forward to the edge of the bed while Kostas lumbered forward, the two meeting in the middle. Taylor looked up at Kostas and was in awe of just how far away his head looked, and also how his large pecs partially obstructed Taylor’s view of Kostas’ full, thick lips.

Taylor slid both hands under Kostas’ shirt and began to slowly caress his smooth skin, feeling all 8 tight hard abs. As his hands continued to feel their way up Kostas’ trim abdomen, they found their way to his nipples where he gently massaged them as he gave a few tender kisses around the lowest set of abs and the deep Adonis belt.

A deep grumble could be heard from deep within Kostas as he started to get stimulated by Taylor’s light touch. Fuck, he knows exactly how to get me going. This is going to pan out better than I thought, Kostas thought. He raised his swollen arms about his head and allowed Taylor to tug the shirt the rest of the way off of his upper body.

Taylor stopped kissing and let out an audible gasp. Kostas’ upper body was a work of art. While his thin shirt left little to the imagination, seeing his tanned, smooth skin in the soft light coming from his bedside lamp made Kostas look even more ethereal and godly. His pecs were full and round, with the valley between them seeming to go on forever. His shoulders were perfectly round and wide, making his already trim and tight waist look tiny in comparison.

His arms were probably bigger around than Taylor’s own petite waist, and fat veins snaked randomly over their surface. Each prominent forearm muscle twitched and jumped with every slight movement of his powerful, calloused hands. Taylor stood up and began to kiss one of Kostas’ large pecs while gliding his hands over every available inch of taught skin that he could find.

“If you think this is impressive, you should see the lower half.” Kostas whispered, which made Taylor pause only for a moment before slowly starting to give him little kisses down his abs so that he was level with the waistband of Kostas’ jeans again. With one quick motion, Kostas’ belt had flown across the room and the fly of his pants had been yanked down.

Wow, he must have a lot of practice, Kostas said with a grin.

Taylor began to shimmy the tight jeans down around Kostas’ huge thighs, and was almost giddy when he saw that the little white Calvin Klein briefs were not just full, but overstuffed with man meat. The jeans landed on the floor with a heavy thump and Kostas kicked them away so that they would not obstruct him from his performance.

Taylor leaned back a little to take inventory of the lower half of Kostas. He was right, it was impressive. His tree trunk legs were thick and void of any fat, so each individual muscle looked absolutely enormous under the thin skin. Veins travelled down his legs, looking as though they were pumping growth hormones through them.

But the prize hung directly in the middle of Taylor’s field of vision. The skin tight fabric that clung to Kostas’ package was so inviting that Taylor actually began to drool.

“Don’t let that go to waste, babe.” Kostas said, and proceeded to mash his package into Taylor’s already open mouth. Kostas saw Taylor’s eyes widen as the realization hit him that Kostas was completely soft.

Through deep, wet kisses, Taylor asked, “You’re massive! Easily 8 inches while soft.”

“Spot on. But it won’t stay that way for long.” Kostas grinned as his already large member began to pump bigger and bigger, expanding outward in every direction. “You also might want to get these underwear off before I tear through them. It’s happened more times than I can count.”

Taylor yanked them down and grabbed the base of Kostas’ growing cock. He was barely able to fit his hand around it, and he could steadily feel his fingers being spread apart as the girthy cock swelled thicker and thicker. Taylor spit into his other hand and began to stroke the middle of the lengthening phallus, which allowed him to shove the leaking, throbbing cock head into his eager mouth.

Even with two hands wrapped around Kostas’ rod and Taylor’s mouth enveloping a few inches, at least 4 inches were still left untouched. Through the waves of pleasure that were coursing through Taylor’s whole body, he couldn’t help but to guess just how big Kostas was. At the restaurant, he guessed that he was being generous by guessing it was close to 7 inches, but he now realized just how far off he was.

Taylor certainly had his fair share of dicks in him, so he knew a 7-inch dick when he felt one. This one was almost double that.

Taylor soon realized that he had been so engrossed in seeing the size of Kostas’ shaft that he didn’t even think to see how big his jewels were. He certainly wasn’t disappointed when he took one hand away from stroking to grab one of the testicles and found that his hand was too small for even one of them to fit into.

He gave them a gentle squeeze and he felt Kostas tighten up a little and let out a little gasp. Taylor pulled the massive cock out of his mouth and said, “You may think you’re a sexual dynamo, but you’ve got some stiff competition here.”

“Why don’t you show me what you mean?”

In response, Taylor let go of Kostas’ throbbing phallus and let it fall heavily against his ripped legs, making an audible wet slap. Taylor noticed that it hung down almost directly to his knee.

Taylor took off all of his clothes in less than 15 seconds, which impressed Kostas. Shit, he’s eager, he thought as he slowly stroked his dick.

Taylor was laying back on the bed with his legs cocked up, exposing his tight hole.

Kostas gave Taylor’s body a once-over and took stock of what he saw. Taylor was skinny, but not so much that he looked like he was starving himself. He had a faint trace of abs, except for the last row being cushioned by a thin layer of fat. He had no discernable muscle anywhere else, but his ass was tight and round, making him a decent enough bottom. For now.

Kostas walked forward, his still-rigid cock swinging heavily in front of him like a pendulum. He positioned his throbbing cock over top of Taylor’s, and Taylor’s eyes widened when he saw his entire package disappear underneath Kostas’ massive schlong.

“You’re going to rip me in half…” Taylor said, but did not hesitate. If anything, he seemed to relax further.

“You ready?”

“Pound me.”

Kostas then backed up a few steps so that he could line up his slicked cock head with Taylor’s eager hole. He circled the rim a few times and then pushed in, but Taylor’s hole resisted.

“Wow, somebody’s tight. Hope I don’t hurt you.”

“I don’t care if you hurt me. I want every inch of you in me. Understand?”

With a baritone chuckle, Kostas said, “You asked for it.”

He thrust his hips forward much more forcefully this time, and his swollen cock head and a few inches of his girthy cock entered Taylor. Taylor let out a small yelp, but otherwise made no noise. Kostas then began to slowly pump his cock in and out of Taylor, leaving only just the head inside when he pulled back and then entered another inch every time he slammed back down on him. Through it all, Taylor was moaning and writhing with pleasure, which only amped up Kostas’ libido.

After what felt like forever, Taylor felt Kostas’ heavy nuts slam against his ass. Kostas waited there without moving while Taylor began to calm down. Taylor felt his stomach and gasped at how far up his abdomen he could feel Kostas’ cock.

“You’re the biggest guy I’ve ever taken. Holy fuck.”

“It’s not over yet.”

Kostas then began to thrust from base to tip inside Taylor, which caused screams of pleasure to practically bounce off of the walls. Kostas could see little spurts of cum erupting from Taylor’s much smaller package, which he found cute. Kostas then leaned in so that his pumped up arms were straddling Taylor’s torso so that he could get more leverage to slam his massive dick into him. This only seemed to amp up Taylor’s excitement.

“Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” Taylor yell.

“I’m gonna cum!”

With one final thrust, Kostas shoved every inch of his member into Taylor, and his balls rested again on Taylor’s ass. Taylor could feel them start to draw up into Kostas and he prepared himself for the immense amount of cum that would soon flood his bowels.

Kostas’ cock head expanded even more, stretching Taylor more than he thought was possible. Stream after stream of the thick, white spunk ejected from Kostas’ dick, and Taylor could have sworn that he could have tasted it in his mouth. Kostas seemed to have no end to his cum supply.

Eventually, cum started to leak out of Taylor’s now stretched ass, and yet Kostas continued to pump more into him.

“Fuck…. Are you ever done?!”

Through labored breaths and waves of orgasmic pleasure, Kostas said, “I forgot to warn you… sorry…” At this point, the throbs were much less frequent and the volume of cum spurting from his raw cock were getting smaller and smaller.

Kostas leaned forward and began to lick Taylor’s own cum off of Taylor’s torso, still impaling Taylor with his rock-hard dick.

“That was the most incredible thing I’ve ever experienced. I won’t be able to walk for a week.”

“There’s more where that came from.”

“Speaking of come… I think you might need help cleaning up that pole of yours.”

“And you’re gonna need a long shower to clean up what I did to you.”

Slowly, Kostas began to retract his still-hard cock from Taylor’s ass. With a wet pop, his cock head escaped Taylor’s hole and cum practically poured out. “You’re gonna need new sheets.”

“That’s a later problem. Getting you cleaned off is a now problem.”

Kostas hopped on the bed and straddled Taylor, slowly inching his way up until his dick was in line with Taylor’s open mouth. Taylor’s eager tongue explored every possible inch of Kostas’ dick, only taking a break every so often to swallow the copious amounts of cum that was filling up his mouth. Kostas deeply moaned in pleasure, and even began slowly grinding his hips in rhythm with Taylor.

Taylor pulled away slightly and said, “I have a feeling that you could probably get off again, but I don’t think I can take another cum fountain from you right now. Save it for tomorrow.”

“Fine… but the more pent up I get, the more cum you’ll get. I could go for at least another six rounds, but I’ll get you trained in no time.”

After his softening cock was sufficiently cleaned, Kostas rolled over to the empty side of the bed, his semi still swinging heavily from side to side.

“I haven’t gone that deep in a guy in a long time. You were perfect. For now.” Kostas then leaned in for a kiss, not allowing Taylor to respond.

Taylor was obviously confused by the last statement, and was going to ask Kostas about it, but Kostas’s deep kiss and warm hand slowly stroking his cheek made Taylor forget all about it.

For now, he would just enjoy making out with his fantasy man. For now.

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