The seed of Aiden

By cirquedublue 
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When I woke up this morning I had the feeling that today was going to be different. It was. Quite possibly going to be the best day of my life.

I got up and out of bed, rather quickly and I didn't even need my usual cup of coffee to get going in the morning. I took off my pajamas and threw on my bath robe. I looked in the mirror and saw the overweight college freshman that I was looking right back at me. Normally that would throw me off, but today it didn't. I went out into the hallway of the dorm that I was living in. For some strange reason I was put on an all guys floor. But I wasn't complaining being the closet gay that I was I was actually quite fine with it, them meeting my roommate on the first day of school was one of the better surprises as well. He was a Sophomore and still living in the dorms, he was planning on traveling abroad next semester to Germany or something so he didn't bother getting an apartment. I ws quite fine with that. He was a Chemistry major and he looked like he was on the swim team. Come to find out he had never played a sport in his entire life. He was 6” 5—” with blond hair and hazel eyes. He is one of those types who is very straight but not afraid to cry. One day when he got off the phone after a huge argument with his mom his eyes were teary but it looked like a sunburst happened in his eyes. There was so much yellow, green, brown and blue that I couldn't help but stare at them all night long. He had a long slender body, with Huge bulging biceps and a chest that it would kill to have.

The best part of him was something that I had the opportunity to see only at night right before he went to bed. His Cock. It was 10 inches long when he was soft. One night I couldn't sleep so I rolled over and opened my eyes to my pleasant surprise he was jacking off in his sleep. He was at least 14 hard!!!

Anyway, I went to the bathroom and got ready to take a shower, thankfully it was one of those community showers so you got used to yourself and everybody else real quick or you were in for a rough time. The hardest thing about being in one of those showers is not getting a raging hard on while your scrubbing down your body. Especially when your as self conscious as I am when it comes to other people looking at your body when your not In the best shape.

I took off my robe an stepped into the shower. When I got in there was nobody in there so it was a big relief when I saw that. I went to my favorite shower head and started to lather up. As soon as I got done washing the conditioner out of my hair. I had remembered the porn that I saw last night. “That guy was so Fucking Hot, all I want to do is just kiss every inch of his massive succulent body”. I thought. When I was thinking about the porno I got a massive boner and since nobody was in there I started to whack off. Right as I was about to climax my roommate came in and caught me in he act. I stopped, turned around and finished taking the shower, Gah I was so embarrassed. Once I got done drying myself off I put my towel over my head and walked out not even looking at my roommate at all.

I knew that I was soon going to have to go to the residence center and ask for a new room, but I thought I would give it a night and see how he responds.

I went to class just like every other day. I got made fun of in the cafeteria by the football team and pushed around by the no it alls in Chem-lab.

God I though that I was finished with ll hat stuff in high school but I guess not. My roommate is in my Chem lab I didn't say anything to him, but we made eye contact and we smiled.

That brightened my day a lot. I went through the rest of the day feeling better I went to the Gym and I worked out and I also ate dinner at a good time. I sat by this relly hot guy in one of my classes and we had a good conversation apart from the fact that he talked about his girl friend most of the time. I knew her so it wasn't that bad at all.

After I got done ogling at this guys chest and crotch I took my tray to the clearing rack, and cleaned everything off of it.

When I was done I went back to my room. When I got there to my surprise there were two bottles, a photograph, and a sheet of paper sitting on my bed. I looked at the photo first. It was a Picture of an extremely overweight guy who looked the same age as I do now. At the bottom it said, “Aiden January 06”. This couldn't be It was my roommate last year. Just a foot and a half shorter and thirty pounds heavier than I. This got me interested.

I put down the photo and grabbed the instructions it said take ONE pill tonight and spread the lotion all over your body before you go to bed.

I was confused now, was my roommate trying to give me a clue, was he trying to tell me something. I was guessing so, and I trusted him a lot so—what the hell.

I reached into the fridge grabbed my nalgene that was half full of water from yesterday when I was working out. I took a pill and sat down expecting to feel something.

Seconds went by and—nothing happened. I was so confused I thought what the hell and I swallowed the rest of the pills.

Five minutes went by and still nothing happened. By this time I was so pissed that I took the bottle and threw it across the room, I thought something was going to happen but nothing did. I trusted Aiden he lied to me.

I finished my homework and ate some dinner I was on angry I went to bed when I sat on my bed to take off my shoes and socks. When I sat down I felt some weird thing under my ass I looked down and it was the instructions to the pills and right next to it was the bottle of lotion.

I thought that maybe I would give it another chance, I took of the rest of my cloths and I put on my boxers. I laid on the bed and I grabbed the lotion.

Right as I pulled my six inch cock out my room mate walked into the room. He had a huge smile on his face. When he looked at me he didn't look away but he smiled bigger. He had this look of hunger in his eyes.

“Have you taken a pill yet?” he said.

“Yea, but nothing happened.”

“That's cause the magic happens when it comes in contact with the lotion, it looks like I walked in right on time. You want any help with that lotion?”

Was this really happening to me? Did my gorgeous roommate ask me if I wanted HIM to rub lotion over every single part of my body? I didn't know what to say.


“Awesome, Okay this might feel a little cold but you'll get used to it, trust me.”

I trusted him earlier and nothing happened. But I'll give him another chance, I thought.

He told me to stand up so I did. He squeezed some of the lotion onto his hand and he rubbed it all over my back, He was right about one thing it was cold. Bt nothing happened.

But I didn't say anything, the fact that my hottie room mate was rubbing lotion all over my body made me happy enough. So I didn't complain. He went from my back to my legs then to my stomach and around my face. Last was my chest. It was the one thing that I hated the most about my body, my god damn man boobs. No matter how much I worked them in the gym they never got smaller. But he started rubbing them and all the sudden he stated to suck on my nipple. I was so aroused and turned on by this I got a huge hard on.

I couldn't take it anymore I pulled off my boxers and started to whack off.

“STOP!” he said, “let me do that.” We got onto my bed and he took the rest of the lotion, smothered it around my crotch and started to give me a hand job while playing with my balls. It felt so amazing, I've never had any sexual experience what so ever so this was all new to me.

All the sudden I got a really warm sensation in my body. I started to tingle all over, by body felt numb but so good at the same time. I had no clue what was going on, was it the hand job or the pills. Maybe it was both all I know was that it was the best feeling in my life.

Then Aiden stopped stroking. I looked down and asked what was the matter. Nothing he said. Then he opened up his mouth and swallowed all six inches of my hard cock. He started to blow and move his head up and down, up and down. It was the new best feeling in my entire life. After he got done I started to feel really cold I put on my pajama bottoms and a t shirt.

Then my body went into this huge spasm and tightened up. All the muscles crunched up then relaxed. Aiden had stopped but not because I balled up but because I was starting to change. I looked at the mirror across from the bed and was in shock. My entire body was glowing with a white aura. Then the pain started again, I collapsed on the bed and started to wither in pain. I had felt no pain like this in my entire life. It was worse than the time that I got hit by that biker coming around the corner. I broke my ankle, three ribs and my collar bone. On top of that I had a severe concussion, which was followed by weeks of migraines.

Suddenly the pain stopped. I looked at the mirror and I was still the same. But then I noticed sweat running down my entire body. All my fat was melting away, I could see my toes and my feet for the first time in years. But it didn't stop there. Soon I started to grow, I looked down at my stomach and my shirt was starting to raise inch by inch. Instead of an ugly gut hanging out it was a chiseled six pack. Then my oblique's started to show.

I was getting so horny, I looked at my arms and saw what used to be flabby upper arms were now 13 inch biceps. My fore arms had veins that protruded father than any thing ive ever seen. My hands were getting bigger, everything was getting bigger. My neck, my shoulders my feet and my calves. Right as I got eye to eye with Aiden I thought I was over with. He started to kiss me passionately, he tasted so good that I never wanted to take my tongue out of his mouth. But soon I had too, I kept growing. As I stopped kissing him Aiden had a strange look of confusion and excitement on his face. He looked across the room and saw the pill container on the floor. He went over to pick it up and looked inside the bottle. He tipped it over and nothing came out.

“Shit,” he said. “how many did you take?”

“All of them, nothing was happening. You never said when to use the lotion I thought it was going to happen right away.”

“No, it's a chemical reaction that was supposed to take place,” he said. “But I guess it's ok—it's not deadly.”

“That's good.”

All the sudden I got a sharp pain in my feet I looked down and saw my toes burst out of my moccasins. My legs had turned into tree trunks. I looked at my chest then I couldn't see over it anymore, my pecs started to grow and grow. I was getting more and more horny by the second. My shirt started to look like somebody had painted it on, then in no time at all it burst off my body. I had a long eight pack with killer oblique’s, there was a long fuzzy treasure trail running down into my pants.

While this was happening Aiden couldn't take it any more. He wasn't used to looking up at anybody but now he had to tilt his head straight up in order to make eye contact with me. He couldn't take it anymore he took off all his clothes and stated to jack off uncontrollably.

As I was looking down I noticed how tight my pajamas were the only loose spot was at my waist and my knees. Other than that they were skin tight, and soon enough the burst too all that was left was my Boxers. Then I saw the biggest bulge I had ever seen, and it was on me, the boxers started to cut off all circulation to my legs and my cock that I screamed in pain and flexed my entire body.

With that one giant flex the boxers exploded and my huge horse cock went flying out into the air. As it settled it was 12 inches flaccid. But soon enough the circulation started to get to it and it started to grow. 13, 14,15,16. It stopped at 19 inches. I was done growing. My cock was 19inches long and the girth was the size of a nalgene water bottle. My balls were the sizes of large oranges and that wasn't all. I got the washboard abs I always wanted and the chest that I've dreamed of for years.

I was so damn horny that I reached down and grabbed Aiden, threw him on the bed grabbed my cock and made him suck as much as he could. It didn't take long till I was ready to blow my seed all over the place. When I blew, I blew it knocked Aiden off of his knees and sprawled him onto the bed. By the time I had finished my entire wall and bed was soaking wet with my cum. I reached down and grabbed some and tasted it. It was sweet and a little salty. It had a strange resemblance to the lotion that we used half an hour earlier. Then it hit me, that's what it was. Aiden's cum from his transformation.

Then I looked over and saw Aiden with a huge smile on his face as he took a huge gulp of the cum on my bed.

Minutes later he started to grow.

Needless to say I had a fun night…

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