The six-legged dancer

By Josh Dugan 
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Jeff and I couldn't wait to go to the big city to see the six-legged dancer we'd heard about. He was the featured dancer at our friends' favorite night spot, and when they told us about him we had to see him for ourselves.

Sure enough, when Jeff and I and our friends got to the place, it was in full swing, and there was the six-legged dancer, with little elastic straps around his six legs where the patrons were tipping him by placing various denominations of bills in the elastic around his six legs.

He was a good dancer, and it was amazing to see him moving to the music with his six legs. All six of them were really nice-shaped, smooth and strong and graceful in a male kind of way, and he really knew how to move them.

We could not take our eyes off them, his six legs were so smooth and tan. It was amazing to see him with six of them.

So Jeff stuck a fiver in the elastic strap around one of his hind legs, and the six-legged dancer smiled down at him.

Jeff motioned to him (it was too loud for talking) inviting the six legged dancer to join us during his break, which he was glad to do.

We'd found a long couch along the wall of the club, and the six-legged dancer stepped his six handsome legs down from the platform he'd been dancing on, and walked his six legs over to where we were sitting. He was really cute, and tall up close. There was so much of him, with all those long legs, their muscles shining with sweat from his dancing.

One of our friends offered to take our picture with him, and he was flattered that we wanted to, so he got onto Jeff's lap, and got his hind legs onto my lap and his third pair of legs onto the lap of our friend Mark. Jeff was really turned on to have the beautiful big dancer sitting on his lap, but Mark and I were just as turned on to be holding his other pairs of hind legs. I mean, they were big and long, really strong and supple, warm and moist from dancing, and, well, it was just totally hot to have these big pairs of dancer's legs in our laps.

Jeff was talking to the six-legged dancer as he sat in Jeff's lap, and Mark and I were kind of just sitting there, stunned, amazed at these big beautiful pairs of dancer legs — legs we were holding in our laps. Mark appreciatively massaged the handsome butt muscles of the beautiful legs he had in his lap, and the dancer turned and smiled at him, enjoying the nice massage on his hindmost butt.

Meanwhile, our friends were taking our picture several times over.

Well, the six-legged dancer's break was over and he had to go dance again, so we gave him back his hind pairs of legs as he stood up from Jeff's and Mark's and my laps. We all dug out some more bills from our wallets and fitted them over the little elastic straps around his six legs. He gave us all hugs and let us pat him on his hindquarters again.

It was hot just watching him get his six legs back up on the platform, and he kept smiling at us as we watched him dance, showing off his six awesome legs for us.

We had a hard time thinking of anything to say the rest of the night and all the way home, because we couldn't get the six-legged dancer off our minds. I know I think of him all the time, and it drives me crazy thinking of him!

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