Third eye growth

By think.big 
3 parts
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Part 1

Watching guys in the gym is too much fun. I can see them pushing themselves, lifting weights, admiring themselves and their muscles and their pump in the mirror. They are getting off on working out, on improving their bodies. They like to think they are doing it so that they can get the girl, but really they are doing it because it turns them on. It turns me on too, so I like to help them out a little bit.

“Wow, dude, you are huge!” I will casually say to him as I walk by. “You must have been working out hard since birth.” I chuckle, indicating I am making a joke.

“Yeah, I have been working out since high school.”

“I’m jealous. I just recently got into it. I didn’t think I would like it so much.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean. When I started, I was the scrawniest kid in class, and now I’m the biggest guy I know.”

“But seriously you probably are the biggest guy I’ve seen in this gym. Your chest is huge.”

I really am impressed. It is fun to watch him. He smiles and flexes for me to show off his big, thick pecs. He flexes his arms and shoulders.

“I’m Daniel by the way,” and reach out my hand to shake his.

“Jake.” He says, shaking my hand, and the bond is set.

All I need is one handshake, and now I can change him however I want. Now that I’ve got that, this conversation can end.

“Anyway, I’ll let you get back to working out. Have a good one. Go get bigger!” He chuckles at my well-wishing and gets back to his workout. I finished up my workout, catching his glance every once in a while, and head home.

Once I reach home, I close my real eyes and reach out with my Third Eye to check my connection with Jake. He’s still there. The connection is strong and stable. I can see his thick neck, beefy chest, shoulders, arms. His belly is ripped, bubbling with abdominal muscles. His legs are nice: cut thighs though maybe undersized for someone of his weight class. His ass is a little small too, but it’s tight. Jake’s calves have a little bit of a diamond shape, but they look a bit on the smaller side when I really thought about it. His dick, though, is a shame. It’s small, and his balls aren’t anything to look at either.

But I can change this. And this seems like the first thing I want to change.

After a while, Jake finishes his workout and heads to take a shower. He’s soaping up his upper body first, which is typical of behemoths to focus on the upper body and pretend like the lower body will also get clean. But in my mind’s eye all I focus on is his crotch.

I start by making it tingle a little bit. Nothing really noticeable. I just want him to pay attention to it a little bit. It probably feels like an itch. Jake reaches down and tugs gently on his balls. No shame in doing that—just readjusting the junk in the shower. He’s not playing with himself. But I push some blood into his dick to make it chubbed. Aw, poor guy’s hard-on is smaller than the national average. But we can fix that no problem. Just need to be careful is all.

Jake tugs at it some more, realizing he’s got a bit of a situation down there. He looks around; there’s no one in the showers. It’s kind of late, and no one’s making noises in the locker room. He gently pulls on his shaft and enjoys the feelings. I’m sending nice shivers up and down his dick, and while I’m at it, I send a bit of a boost to his shaft. Jake doesn’t seem to really notice the difference because it suddenly just feels really fucking good to slowly stroke himself.

I send some more feeling good stuff his way. I want him to play with his nipples a little bit. A giant chest like that? It’s gotta have some attention too. His pecs hang down, so his pert nipples look like tiny, fleshy icicles. The water collects there and falls off. Suddenly, he looks at them as if he’s just realized they’re sensitive. His left hand reaches up and tentatively tweaks one. I send a bolt of feel-good his way for doing that. Good boy. Do more of that. He nearly doubled over from the sensation, and so now he’s gently caressing both of his nipples. It just feels so fucking good. And while he’s doing that, I send some extra boost to his dick.

Jake can feel it thickening, but it kinda feels like his dick is just super fucking hard, and while it’s tempting to try and jerk it off, playing with his nipples just feels. So. Fucking. Good. His dick, which was less than a handful just a moment ago, is now fit for a regular jock. A healthy dick, somewhere between a handful and a little over it. But that’s not nearly as satisfying.

Alright, Jake, I’ll make a deal with you. If you can hold off on jerking off, if you can cum just from touching your nipples, I’ll keep pushing your dick forward. I send some more feel-good to his nipples. He openly groans, and his knees buckle a little bit at how sensitive his nipples are. His dick begins a little stream of precum that immediately rinses away from the shower’s spray. I begin to rapidly, constantly push for more boosts to his meat, but he doesn’t even feel it. His hips to buck. His dick growing out a bit more each time. Now it’s a nice hefty piece, a two-hand job, and his balls are looking heavier every moment.

Jake’s absolutely pulling on his nipples, twisting them. Each new tug brings him closer to the edge, and I know I gotta give him a new toy to have after this nipple session is all over, so I push for even more growth in his groin. It’s getting heavy now: thicker and thicker with each new pinch. It’s big enough for two hands and a deep, wet throat.

“Ah- ah- aaah—” Jake is nearly yelling, panting so hard. His voice echoes in the showers. His hips are bucking wildly, swinging his meaty dick around, slinging precum everywhere in the stall. I can almost feel how hard his prostate is spasming, trying to push his load out.

And then it happens. With Jake’s fingers clenched hard on his nipples, his golf-ball sized nuts pull up, his manhood throbs one more time, and then his load rockets out. Thick, ropey cum flies everywhere. He shoots maybe eight times, each one just as much as the last, until he finally feels the quiet after the storm. His nipples feel less urgent, and his dick loses some of its urgent rigidity and lowers to a sizeable, handful, flaccid state. Jake leans against the wall, panting.

The connection has made me tired. I’m exhausted from sending so many pushes tonight. I let the connection to Jake slip away for now, knowing that he is probably fondling his newly grown dick and wondering excitedly about its size. I wish I could be there to see his new prowess in person, but it is time for me to recover. I crawl into bed, and sleep comes quickly for me.

Part 2

As I walk into the gym the next day, Jake is walking out from the showers. His junk looks enormous. It bulges obscenely from his crotch in a permanent state of obviousness, in such a way that it’s a distraction to everyone around him, and I am not sure he really wants to change that. He has this new-found swagger, and I find it incredibly sexy. Before he was a bodybuilder. Now he is an alpha male packing heat.

“Hey buddy,” Jake calls out to me when he sees me coming in for my own workout.

“Hey Jake, how’s it hanging?” I see the smallest of smirks from him before he tries to cover it up. Yeah, it is worth the dumbest of questions to see that smirk. I reach my hand out to shake his own and strengthen the weakened connection between him and my Third Eye. The very instant I feel his hand touch mine, I can sense the link is as strong as ever, and my Third Eye opens just the tiniest bit.

Jake shakes my hand with an iron grip, and we shoot the shit for a minute or two before he heads off. He says he’s going to go clothes shopping because he has some sort of event. I’m not really listening. My Third Eye is only barely open, watching Jake.

I know he has a piece of lumber in between his legs, and I desperately want to grow him some more, but any larger and he would definitely catch on. Right now, he just thinks something miraculous happened the other day and does not want to look the gifted horse in the teeth. So instead of growing out his dick even more, I choose to grow something else of his.

I finish my workout, wash up, and head home. I reach out with my Third Eye to check on him. He is at home now, eating one of his meals, chock full of protein and everything else he needs to become even bigger, and now I’m here to help.

Jake’s butt, while a perfectly fine butt, could use some extra help. Maybe it’s genetics that his ass does not seem as beefy as the rest of him. Maybe it’s lazy leg training. Either way, today is the day I’m going to fix it.

My Third Eye is wide awake and staring right at his butt as he washes his dishes, and before I know it I’m pushing feel-good right into his dick to plump it up.

“Whoa, hey there, big guy,” Jake chuckles to himself, to his dick. “Feeling up for another round again?” I guess he has been enjoying himself. Good. That’s why I gave that to him. And I begin to wonder if I grow his butt, if he’ll enjoy himself there too. Let’s find out.

I push more feel-good into his dick until it is rock hard, and he’s already pulling off his shirt and sweats, revealing a jockstrap that does not even begin to hold back his dick. His dick is stretched up and to the right, over his hip. It’s beginning to leak. But the jockstrap also shows off his ass.

It’s only lightly covered in hair. If I were just looking at a distance, I wouldn’t know, but if I were to run my hand over it (or eating it out), I could tell.

“I wonder how much I’ll shoot this time?” Jake wonders to himself. He kneels, jockstrap under his hefty balls, tugging on his giant shaft. There’s a towel in front of him. His ass is still framed by his jockstrap though. His hole is actually a little exposed with his legs like this.

I start pushing. I push some boosts to his ass, and it plumps up just the tiniest bit. Jake isn’t even paying attention. He’s too wrapped up in edging himself, slowly double fisting his own giant dick. I keep pushing a boost after boost into his ass. He now has a substantial booty, but I am tempted to give him a giant ass.

Why not have a little fun too? I want to see if I can get him to play with it as well. I start sending small feel-goods to his asshole. It tickles, and I can see him kind of squirm as these new experiences occur in places he doesn’t even think about. I see him struggle, contemplating what he should do. Come on, dude, just reach back there, and you’ll see what it’s like. A tentative hand reaches back and does a little butt-rubbing.

Jake’s face does a bit of a double take as he tries to reconcile his own knowledge of how big his ass is with what he is feeling. I cut him off, sending feel-good through his whole lower body for just rubbing his cheeks. Jake gasps and keeps rubbing. He’ll figure out later how big his ass is.

I send more feel-good right to his hole though. Just reach a little further in, Jake, and you’ll really experience some good stuff. I can see his hand continue to pet himself, and I continue to reward his with a constant stream of feel-good, but I keep the pressure right on his hole. Jake slowly, slowly, slowly reachs deeper and deeper. He wants to figure out if it feels good, but he’s nervous, but he finally makes contact, and I flood him with feel-good.

Jake gasps. His entire body is lit up. His prostate clamps, and he almost shoots, but he’s able to somehow hold off. His dick burps precum like it’s trying to fill a measuring cup, a constant stream drizzles out, covering his dick and hand. His other hand is firmly pressed up against his hole, massaging the outside of it. Come on, Jake, just press inside, just the first knuckle, and I’ll make it worth your while.

I let the feel-good from touching himself die off. I want him to want more. And he definitely wants more. Jake brings his hand back, wipes some precum up, and whisks it back to his hole. He’s lubing himself up. He does this two more times, really wanting his hole to get soaked before he commits. He finally begins pressing. I let myself go, sending feel-good after feel-good for Jake going deeper and deeper. He groans loudly and humps himself back-and-forth, back-and-forth. He throws his head back as his body glows from the . His skins feels alive. He pushes his whole finger up and touches his own prostate.

I blitzkrieg Jake with so much feel-good. He can’t deny himself the orgasm, and his tickled prostate swells up and begins spasming. He shouts out, head thrown back; his hips are wildly thrashing, trying to get more finger inside; and his dick finally begin shooting. Wild shots of cum spew from his dick, reaching a foot-and-a-half farther than his towel could accommodate, and they splatter on the wall and carpet. He shoots another eight times with an incredible volume and force.

As his body comes down from the high, he falls backwards-his dick flopping on his abs almost reaching his sternum. And that’s when he remembers: his ass. It’s pushing him up in a way that it did not used to. Jake gets up, cleaning up the very sizable mess he’s made, and makes his way to the bathroom where there’s a mirror. He turns to the side, and it’s very clear that I’ve given him a bodacious rear. What once was only just bigger than his trim waist is now beefy and plump and not going to fit any pants he once wore.

Using both hands this time, Jake cups his own ass cheeks in awe. He pets them quite a while, marveling at the gains he just received while jacking off.

“What the fuck is going on?” he whispers out loud.

I leave him to his musings. My Third Eye is tired, and it closes much sooner than I like, but it is time for me to leave him to his own devices anyway. I finish up my day and leave him be for a while.

Part 3

The harder technique to use is the Slip. It isn’t like the Push where I can affect people. The Slip is more mental, more subliminal, more about changing the person’s mind, their way of thinking, or their thought processes. Its most useful when trying to change someone’s habits. Implanting a new habit is a lot easier than trying to modify a habit, and modifying a habit is easier than getting rid of a habit. In fact, if I’m trying to erase a habit, I have to modify the habit over a course of several months into a habit that rarely resembles the original habit.

And how does this relate to Jake? I decide sometime that night, as I prepare for bed, that Jake needs to know what it’s like to have more than just a finger rubbing the outside of his hole, to know what it feels like to be filled up.

I am too tired to really do anything that night, and the Slip is going to take some re-charging and a stronger connection than I have at the moment, so I go to bed, close my eyes, and leave Jake wondering why his butt is so much larger than it was before.

Over the course of the next three months (three months!), I shake hands with Jake every day at the gym. It’s difficult to not stare at his crotch or his ass. Both are just giant mounds. His dick bulges out, almost comically. I can see exactly how his dick lays in his jock strap. Jake seems veyr mindful about how his junk just protrudes, but he resigns himself to the fact that there isn’t much he can do about it at this point. His dick is just too massive to really conceal. His ass consists of two giant mounds that look like they would be so fun to play with. Each cheek is more than two sets of hands could cup together. Jake seems to have been paying more attention to his legs because I can see his quads and hamstrings filling out ever so slightly over these past several months. I’m tempted to just Push them larger, but I still have other plans, and I am going to need every last bit of reserve. I can’t go squandering it just to Push him. Plus he seems to be making enough gains on his own.

Finally, I can feel that the connection is as strong as it needs to get for the Slip. There’s some sort of threshold that I have to get to, but now I can feel that the connection clears the hurdle.

It’s evening, and I’m seated comfortably in my favorite chair. It’s going to take a while to Slip, and there’s no reason to do this while seated uncomfortably. I open my Third Eye. Jake’s image immediately appears to me. It doesn’t even take any amount of concentration to bring him up at this level. My Eye is just drawn to him.

Jake is at home right now. He’s actually just cleaning his apartment up, which just kind of seems adorable to me. Watching a behemoth like Jake do something completely mundane like the rest of us non-behemoths, there’s something about it. But no time for distractions. I start the Slip off with something easy to handle.

Jake, when you have a spare moment, you like to feel how big and how hard your muscles are now.

Like I’ve said before, guys like to work out because it turns them on. Seeing how big they are, seeing how hard they are, it’s is a turn on for them, so a little self-appreciation is the natural progression. Jake responds immediately. Even while he’s sorting his laundry out, I can see him flexing way more frequently than a normal person might. He even stops for a bit to admire his chest. He slides his hands down from his clavicle to the ridge of his pecs and all the way down his marbled stomach. His hands come back up and just rub his pecs, feeling the incredible mass under his skin. His hand traces over his shoulders, down his biceps, to his forearms, back up to his triceps to feel the horseshoe. Jake is a little more than entranced with his own size at the moment. An entire laundry cycle goes by, the dryer is now buzzing at him and jarrs him out of his self-revelry.

“What the-?” He’s been admiring and massaging his own muscles for about forty-five minutes. He is feeling a rush from touching himself so much. His heart is pumping. He feels so connected to his body. His dick is wet with precum, pulsing to an elevated heartbeat.

Jake, didn’t that feel good? From now, if you have a spare moment, feel how much of a giant you are. It will always feel that good, and it will always give you an erection.

For the next week or so, Jake touches himself frequently and walks around with a chubby if not a hard-on. He just can’t seem to help himself. He doesn’t seem to really be bothered by it. He just feels so good whenever he’s grabbing his own pecs and feeling the bulk of them. It makes his groin tingle when he touches himself. Everywhere he touches, a small bit of feel-good runs up his spine and the self-worshipping contact feels magical.

Jake, don’t forget to admire your ass. It is so big that it deserves to be worshipped too, and it feels so good when you touch it.

Over the next week, his natural posture changes. Now Jake rests his hands on his lower back whenever he’s just standing. His fingers slowly work their way down until he seems to be groping his butt. His colleagues quickly notice and tease him about it.

“Dude, you in love with yourself down there?” Jake’s friend grins, slightly amused that Jake is gently squeezing his own ass, massaging them with such tender affection. But Jake doesn’t even pay him any mind.

“It’s just feels good. And if it bothers you so much, you can workout by yourself if you want.”

“Chill, man. I’m just messin’,” his friend mutters. Jake shrugs him off.

When he gets home, Jake strips off all of his clothes and jumps on the bed. He playfully rubs everywhere below the belt but especially his ass. He thinks back on that one night a while back when he played with his ass. He lays facedown, wets a finger in his mouth, and he slowly creeps a slick finger back there. Jake begins playing with his own asshole on his own volition. Jake exhales in a rasp. His face flushes, and my Third Eye and I can see that he’s found his prostate, and he’s working it over nicely. Now is an even better opportunity than I would have expected.

Jake, a finger feels nice, right? Yeah, it feels nice. How much better would it be if there were something larger? It feels so much better. Try two or three fingers.

Wasting no time, Jake swallows two fingers and begins working his hole even more. He’s a champ. He humps backwards, and his fingers meet each hump with a thrust of their own. His turgid dick leaks enough pre-cum that Jake begins to use that instead to wet his hole.

This mountain of muscle is bringing himself to the brink of his own orgasm, riding his own fingers. He grabs his dick and gives it a few tugs, but Jake is so wrapped up in pushing his fingers inside him that he does not concentrate on jerking off. His tempo picks up. His breathing picks up. He jams his fingers into his prostate one last time. His prostate spasms and his ass clamps down on his fingers as he leans back on his haunches and cries out.

His cock quivers not even half of a heartbeat before his load absolutely erupts from him. Long, thick volleys of cum fire out of Jake’s cock. But just as sudden as the orgasm hit, it peters to an end, and Jake is left, panting. His chest heaves with each post-coital gasp.

Jake, didn’t that feel so good? But next time you start feeling the itch, just look around to see if you can find something bigger and thicker, something better than your own fingers. Maybe someone would help you if you asked nicely.

I can see as Jake cleans up his bed sheets that the thought crosses his head about how to best ask someone to help him with his new-found urges.

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