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Once I was just average, ordinary in every sense. Here’s the truth of what happened to me, and the people that I knew, and the decisions that I made, not knowing how far I would go. So far that I am now a freak, although no one in my presence sees me that way.

I was at the thrift store when I found the box of vitamin pills for $1 ea. I looked them over, some were labeled with C, there were other types of vitamins, so I took an assortment and laid $10 on the counter.

“Trying to get big and healthy, huh,” commented the twink behind the counter.

“Uh, not really. Just trying to stay fit,”

“oh, I try to build muscle.”

“what’s the point? Someone’s always bigger or taller or younger or more handsome or more muscular….!” I pointed out.

“Well I suppose that’s true but there is no reason not to be the best we can be!”

I just smiled at him. Kent was his name, but I didn’t know it then. My name is Greg. What’s in a name, really though? Only what we make of it.

I went about my daily routine, and I took a couple of vitamin C to fight a cold I had felt coming on. The pills were very small so I thought they must be not very potent.

The next day I did the same. I felt better already, a bit randy in fact, but I took more of the vitamin C that morning and that night again. I’d meant to take some of the other bottles but I’d wanted to look up the recommended dosages, so of course I took none! Why I didn’t want to take one of each I didn’t know.

The next morning I woke again, grabbed a handful of the C, and I swallowed it down with a gulp of water. I was definitely feeling better, very horny in fact, and I went into the bathroom to jerk off. I was very appreciative of the bulge in my bright blue briefs, but they weren’t holding that back long as I reached in, grabbed my surprisingly hefty meat, and pulled down the briefs off my hips.

I was so turned on I grabbed my balls, they felt so big in my hand, and I quickly stroked my cock towards erection. Thrills of electric energy swirled up my back and down my legs and arms. My cock was so sensitive, but it was not a sensitivity that was accompanied by pain, it was a sensitivity that welcomed more sensation. I felt my cock growing hard, and it was hot and warm in my hand. I looked in the mirror, and it looked huge. It looked wrong. I looked down and saw in my hand a bigger piece of meat than I’d ever held in my hand before. I stared in shock and surprise. I’d never been longer than 5” erect before. Now I was definitely growing bigger! My penis stuck out rock hard and at least an inch and a half longer than ever before. I was so turned on it overwhelmed my senses and I came, hard. There was an audible Splat! Splat! Splat! as the cum splattered against the mirror. After that I watched as a river of cum pulsed out of the head of my newly improved penis, each pulsing throb coursing through my body. I looked again when my eyes could focus and I saw my cock slowly growing longer in my hand. It slid forward in my slippery grasp, but there was no mistaking its growth through the slick cum. In just about 30 seconds it grew another inch. I also felt a greater heft in my balls, and the fingers of my hand which grasped them were pushed slowly apart.

I was overcome again with sensation, stronger even than the first orgasm. Splat! Splat! Splat! Splat! Splat! sounded as the cum shots hit the mirror. Again I felt the warmth over my whole body and finally I looked at my 7” erect penis as it began to droop and deflate. Once I could gather my thoughts I rinsed my cock under the faucet. It was large and floppy in my hand.

I stuffed it and my balls back into my favorite blue briefs. There was a definite, bigger bulge now than ever before. “I might wear them out!” I said, and laughed. I was a bit hysterical, I think, until I suddenly remembered the Vitamin C.

It wasn’t of course Vitamin C. Neither were the other bottles Vitamins H, G, D, or M or any of the other letters of the alphabet.

I pulled up my jeans and paused for just a second for the appreciation of the bigger bulge pushing insistently against the blue denim.

The thrift store was open. I grabbed the cardboard box and paid with my debit card. Kent looked me over appreciatively. I found myself staring boldly at him. I enjoyed it. I felt more sensuous. I should have taken it for a warning, but I didn’t. I flushed and met his blue eyes square on and felt a definite reaction in my bulging briefs.

We chatted a moment, Kent was definitely checking out my bulge. I felt my hips thrust forward a bit unselfconsciously. I just did it. I agreed that I might make it to a local bar tonight. “I don’t want to wait for tonight,” said Kent.

I didn’t either. The store was empty so in a moment we were in the janitor’s closet. I was in the corner and Kent was kissing my lips with his. Then he was on his knees and unbuttoning my jeans, and pulling down on the elastic of my blue briefs. It was getting a lot of wear and tear today.

But my cock popped out and Kent looked at my goodly size, glanced up at me with a feral smile, and then stroked me quickly to erection. I wasn’t yet used to my new size or especially my new sensations. I held out for as long as I could, and Kent was making a valiant attempt to swallow my cock. In a few moments, he had his nose buried in my pubic hair.

Then I felt it coming. I groaned, trying to hold back, but I couldn’t. I had a brief thought of Kent’s reaction to the amount of cum I produced… but I then felt the electric sensation and I felt the hot load pumping up into my cock, pump, pump, and then SPLAT down Kent’s throat. He started to moan with delight. Then he pulled back so I could shoot my last onto his tongue… but he was used to a normal man. I filled his mouth with the next two splats, and then the next two overfilled his mouth and smeared across his lips and chin. He pulled off me, swallowed and wiped.

“WOW!” was the first coherent word he said. Then it was all about my promising him to show up at the bar tonight. I was much inclined to oblige. I took my cardboard box of vitamins from the counter and exited the store, pausing in the doorway to refasten two buttons that had come loose in my haste, or was it because of my new bulging endowment.

Kent was at the counter, staring at me in wonder.

At home, I discovered there were still a lot of bottles in the box, not as many as a few days earlier, but still plenty. I sorted them by label and started reading.

I had pills that enlarged genitals, increased height, increased size, increased muscle size, and other things I didn’t rightly understand. Come to think of it, what was the difference between increased size and increased height?

I looked at myself in the mirror again. Naked, of course. I liked what I saw. More than that, I felt sexy and horny and attractive. I opened the vitamin C and thought about what I’d taken that morning. I swallowed 6 of the little pills. It was early afternoon. I laid down to take a nap and woke up to an insistent tugging in my groin and a fire in my blood.

I leapt out of bed and ran into the bathroom to look in the mirror. Even as my feet hit the floor I could feel the greater heft in my briefs. I looked in the mirror. There was a lot of change, at least it looked a lot more tightly packed behind the tightly stretched blue cotton spandex blend. I pulled down my briefs and my heavy balls bounced on their suspending ligaments in my scrotum as my soft cock sprang out and flopped down. That was a new sensation. Never had enough mass in my balls to feel that sort of thing. I was definitely bigger than this morning! I hefted my balls and marveled at their size, then couldn’t wait any more and grabbed onto the fleshy cylinder hanging from my groin.

’Wow!” I said, then laughed as I remembered Kent’s comment this morning. I stroked my cock and I was on fire, everything to my senses was now sensual and I breathed a heavy breath as my cock swelled longer. It was not only longer though, it was fatter too! I stroked the length marveling at it as it swelled bigger. In moments it was hard again before me. Wow! I couldn’t believe it! I was “. I grabbed my ruler off the bathroom counter where I’d left it this morning. Definitely longer than 8”, measured along the top!! Who could boast about that?

I felt a heavy sensation in my chest, and the electric fire returned as this morning. Suddenly I shot a long series of volleys of cum, splopping wetly on the mirror. I could tell I was going to be cleaning this mirror a lot. I looked at myself in the mirror, milky cum streaking down as I shot more. Then the electricity raised in intensity, and I felt renewed growth as my cock bloated larger, pushing further from my groin than 8”. I could feel the slippery sensation of my cock growing. A vein under the skin slipped past my thumb and engorged further. Then I felt it in my testicles, again, and the thought of them growing further pushed me over the edge again! I shot again, more than I just had. Also the fire boiled in my blood, lasting into a minutes—long orgasm that left me gasping for air. I picked up the ruler again with a shaking hand, and laid it down the length of my penis. It was softening, and nine inches long.

You’re damn right I took six more of the pills. It was all I could do to refrain from taking more. I walked back into the bathroom, feeling my bladder a bit full and took an amazing long piss into the bowl. After that I picked up the discarded blue briefs. I pulled them up my legs and tried to fit my 5 1/2 inch soft penis in the pouch, behind my heavy balls. It fit, but there was a definite weight pulling the waistband down in front.

Now that I was dressed for a few moments my mind went to the other bottles of vitamins that weren’t vitamins. I had no idea how effective they were. I decided to test a few on Kent. He was a hot twink cocksucker, he wanted to be muscular and bigger, and I knew where he worked. Even if he didn’t ever go out with me again I could stop by the thrift store and monitor his progress. I didn’t know how much was a lot, there was a lot of writing on the bottles but it was not in English! I decided one pill wouldn’t be enough, and six pills (I thought guiltily of the six I had just taken that were my favorite vitamin C, might be too much.

I decided on 4 of the muscle pills. I needed to test each type of pill separately.

Kent was waiting for me at the bar, I was a few minutes early. We hugged awkward but that was okay. I bought the first round of drinks at the bar and dropped his little pills in his beer. It barely fizzed as they dissolved in seconds. “Hmm,” I thought, “interesting.”

Kent was wearing a close fitting yellow T shirt, it looked good on him and his saggy jeans hung off his ass, but his orange and brown striped underwear hugged his bubble butt well.

We chatted about nothing at all. His work at the thrift store, where their donations came from, etc. He even asked if the vitamins were working for me. I laughed and glanced down, “I guess they are, you saw this morning.” Kent blushed. Then he stared straight into my eyes and said, “let’s go to my place.”

“Sure!” I said, and watched as he drained his beer.

I followed him in my car and I was lucky to get parking on the street. Kent came out with a parking pass and waited while I hung it on the rear view mirror. “You’ve been hitting the gym this week?” I asked him. “Every day, rain or shine,” he said. I looked at his tight yellow t shirt, and at his upper arms which were looking even bigger than at the bar. The fabric was wrapped tight around his bulging biceps.

“It shows, Kent,” I told him as I followed him to the apartment stair and watched his bubble butt as he climbed the stairs in front of me. He turned around on the stair and flashed me a grin. “Thanks.”

His apartment was gay-neat designer but cheaply furnished, like a thousand others in this town. Kent lit a few candles and turned on his Ipod stereo. We stood in his living room by the futon and I held him in my arms. I noted that his traps seemed larger and his deltoids were definitely bulging out bigger than before.

We kissed and made out and stripped to our socks and undies. I was wearing my straining blue briefs and Kent wore his striped boxer briefs. Damn he was cute, and much more muscled than this morning. He looked like a fitness model.

In a moment Kent was in front of me on his knees and he pushed me back down on the futon. I was sitting and he pulled down my briefs. His eyes widened with appreciation and he was sucking me off in seconds. “Dude,” he said taking a breath, “you are huge!”

“aww, I just got lucky,” I said. “Me too!” said Kent. I was on electric fire again. I looked down. I was pretty damned big. I was soft still, barely a chubby, and I was about 8 inches long as near as I could estimate in the dim light!

Kent was jerking off his own 6 incher while he was jerking and sucking me off for the next five minutes. I felt myself start to get ready to blow! “Here I cum, Kent!” and I shot into his mouth. I was unloading a huge amount in his mouth and he was a champion cocksucker. I finally started to ebb and I felt the electricity returning. Crap! I realized that I hadn’t grown since my last dose of pills! And I was about to do it in front of Kent, who could probably guestimate to a quarter inch anyone’s cock.

Are you a bottom?” I asked Kent. “Oh I am versatile but tonight I am a bottom!” he said. I pulled him onto the futon with me and aimed my cock as his bubble butt. Even through the haze of my lust I noticed his increased muscle in his glutes. I used my dripping cum as lube and worked my fingers into his ass. He was pliant. I aimed my cock at his hole and shoved in slowly. “uhhhhhh” moaned Kent! Don’t stop!” I didn’t. I was growing, and I shoved my cock in slowly as he groaned and smiled at the same time. “So big!” Kent moaned. “Fuck me you horsehung fucker!” It was so intense. I was growing inside him, ramming in and out of his ass. I reached around and started jerking his cock. It felt small in my hand, now used to my new size. “Take it all” I said and rammed him roughly. I could tell I was approaching the end of my growth, my balls were now in full growth mode. Damn they felt so heavy! as I felt my orgasm beginning to boil in my blood, and Kent was so turned on. “I’m going to cum”

“Cum in me!” and I started to shoot. IT was both relief and orgasm, as I was waiting for the growth to finish, growth I was having trouble estimating with my cock rammed into Kent’s very willing ass. “Oh, here I cum!” I said. I moaned. Ken moaned. We were in sync. I shot, he shot.

You see, this was the first time today he’d cum. Two things happened. First, it was wonderful. Second, I felt Kent’s cock begin to grow in my hand. It wasn’t a great deal. But somehow he’d gotten some of the pills from my cum into his system. So when his cock ended up as 7”, that was a surprise to me. But the bigger surprise was that Kent was moaning as his muscles grew. I could feel his lats swell some. I stroked his body, and his deltoids and biceps and triceps grew. and I looked down and his bubble butt swelled with muscle around my cock.

Kent was expecting a hookup so I cuddled with him a bit. “Fuck that was intense” said Kent. “I felt like I got a full body pump!”

“Very intense!” I said. “A full body pump.” He laughed and tickled me. My weakness, and he discovered it on our first date.

After a few minutes, he rolled off the sofa and stood up. He was using a handy towel to wipe himself down. “We should do this again,” he said. “Definitely, anytime,” I replied.

“You must have every bottom in weho calling you every day!” Kent said. I had the decency to blush. I cleaned up and left, the lower part of my shirt damp from my rinsing off my limp cock in the bathroom sink. I stuffed my cock into the basket of my too small briefs pouch which could barely hold my balls, even stretched out like they were. Kent’s eyes never left my package as I pulled on the briefs and my jeans.

I didn’t know when he was going to realize he’d probably packed on 15 or more pounds of muscle in one night. I went home and fell into bed. The next morning I measured. I was over 9”. Not 10 ”, but plenty big. Soft, I swung about 6”, maybe more.

The next day I parked across the street from the thrift store. I took pictures as Kent arrived. He was wearing a too tight t shirt and his not so saggy jeans and that was that. Although maybe he put on like 20 lbs. It was interesting to note that the growth didn’t hit fully until orgasm, or it was sped up, or increased, by orgasm. Or maybe blondes have more fun. I waited for the week to pass and called Kent. We chatted a bit on the phone. We made another date. Same bar. Same routine. He was not quite the twink anymore, as the muscle growth was more than a twink might have, but he had a twinkle in his eye as he saw me enter the bar.

I slipped 4 of the size pills into Kent’s beer. Not the height pills. Size pills. I didn’t quite know what it meant. Bigger muscles? Bigger cock? Size? Kent drained his beer pretty fast. I didn’t notice too much difference in the half hour we were there. Maybe he was a bit more muscular?

We ended up at my place, and had a repeat of last week. Only this time I’d only taken one Vitamin C pill. I didn’t think it would do much. Just took it for the buzz of the electric orgasm. We were 69’ing and my 9 incher was shoved down Kent’s throat and his 7 incher was shoved down mine, so that was very nice. This time though before I came Kent had the desire to fuck me. I was glad to accept his 7 inch cock, it was plenty big and he was a great lover. We were having the best of lovemaking, he was in sync with me, and I began to spew all over my chest and face. Kent was busy shooting into my ass and then he began to pant. He was feeling a renewed orgasm. “Oh yeah, come on Kent!” I encouraged him. I was feeling another renewed orgasm too. I felt some growth in my cock and balls and then I shot.

He looked into my eyes and started pumping his hips, pounding my ass. I looked at him. He was growing. He was growing all over, in every direction bigger. I could feel his cock growing in my ass, I could feel his shoulders swell and his pectorals bloat bigger as they filled with new growth. The size was just what it said it was, bigger in every way. When Kent stopped shuddering and I stopped cumming and we collapsed in each other’s arms I knew he was bigger. But how much was that?

This time we napped for a while. I woke first and grabbed a towel. He was maybe two inches taller, I guessed. When he stood up after he woke I realized that it was probably almost three inches. Kent the 5’7” twink was now almost my height. But it wasn’t the height. It was, but it was the size. He was bigger in every sense. I later learned his waist size increase an inch, too. But due to that overall increase, he was a lot bigger than if he’d just gotten taller. He might be 30 lbs heavier now. But I helped him into his definitely not saggy jeans and way too tight shirt, and sent him home.

The next day he was at work, and I snapped pics as he entered.

He was going to notice something was up if he got taller than me. I mean, he knew something was up. He told me on the phone his workouts were so much more intense now, and he did seem to be putting on muscle the good old fashioned way. Seemed the muscle pills had opened the floodgates some for Kent.

I took two muscle pills and woke up to twelve more pounds of real muscle. Why had I waited? I looked a lot better. I hooked up with Kent a few times and he commented on my size increase. He also was admiring my now more than 9 and a half inch cock one night and (he was always complimenting me) said I was one of the biggest guys in town. “One of the biggest?” I demanded, “who is bigger than me?”

Kent knew I was hooking up around town and he didn’t care. But he told me there was a hung man at the gym who was always showing off in the showers.

“Huge!” Kent said ruefully. “Even you would be impressed.”

I took two of the height pills. I grew 1.5” taller. That answered that one. So now I was a bit taller. I took the opportunity to continue my experimentation on Kent. His size increase had been remarkable. He was now a 5’9 1/2 inch tall muscle model. Well, he looked like one. He had big shoulders, big rib cage.

I changed my workout times so I could hang out with Kent. I saw the hung man in the showers. He was swinging close to 9” soft. I didn’t know how big he was hard, maybe he wasn’t a grower, but he was still bigger than I was. No doubt about it. Kent always teased me in a good way about my foot long cock. Maybe I’d give him one. I didn’t know what to do first. All at once or one at a time? I decided if Kent got bigger he’d not notice me getting more hung at the same time.

I took 4 pills of vitamin C. Then I took 2 more. Then I took 2 of the height pills and two of the muscle pills. Look, the guy at the gym was really huge hung, okay? I knew Kent was a size queen. I do have to say I felt my stomach sink the moment i took the extra two pills. I knew that I’d made a mistake. I thought about sticking my finger down my throat but I realized that they were already dissolved in my empty stomach.

So I went to the bar. Our bar. I waited for Kent with some pills in my pocket. I had already experienced more growth from the six pills two hours earlier. I wasn’t wearing my favorite briefs anymore but I kept them as a reminder of who I’d been. I was wearing boxer briefs, they- contained without constraining. Something bigger was flopping and rolling around in my new blue boxer briefs. I was taller and more muscular already. I could tell my jeans were a bit too short at the ankle.

I bought the first round as was our tradition by now. I hadn’t dosed Kent in months. I put in two size pills and two height pills and 4 muscle pills and 4 of the vitamin C. I figured that would make him bigger in proportion to me, in a way he’d enjoy, but that I wouldn’t grow or change too much in proportion to him that I was going to seem about the same.

Kent drank down his beer. We went to my place, it was closer. and we were hornier. It was so much fun… Kent’s chest was already swelling… his ribs were getting bigger and his pecs were growing too. He had an amazing bubble butt.

We fell into each other’s embrace, kissing and making out. I felt a heavy insistent tugging at my groin. I was kissing Kent and he pulled off my shirt and felt my upper arms. Hmmm he hmmmered appreciatively. I felt giddy. I decided to go down on Kent but he said no, he got to suck me off first! And he did. He knew my cock very well by now and he didn’t seem to mind it was an inch bigger. I knew his body quite well and I didn’t mind him not minding about mine. being bigger. I started to cum. Kent swallowed like a champ. Kent then topped me and shot into me. His 7.5” penis was a great feeling in my ass. I loved him in me. He came. I could see his eyes rolling with the orgasm. By now I was growing taller, I felt my feet stick off the end of the bed another inch. I felt my muscles growing, I felt my cock growing another slippery inch. This time, something different would happen too. I got a lot thicker, I mean my cock bloated up like I’d stuck it into a pump for hours and yet it was rock hard.

Kent, at the same time, was shooting into me, triggering a size and muscle and cock increase throughout his body. He shot into me. Oh it was good. His muscles started to grow with fiber, his bones grew as well, as did his genitals. He seemed to grow more on the 4 muscle pills this time, although I suddenly remembered the first time when he’d swallowed my pill enhanced cum and his cock grew an inch. So that meant he had more than 4 muscle pills, maybe he had 6 pills!

So then we sort of—were lost in a haze of sucking and fucking and cumming and growing. After about ten minutes things seemed to settle down.

That was when I started to realize something I hadn’t tested. Different pills used with the size pills. Everything about Kent seemed magnified. More than I’d planned. Kent had dozed off. I looked him over. He was taller, I didn’t know how much. His muscles swelled, his cock… it seemed he was lucky. His cock was magnificent. Not the monster that I was now sporting, yet he was definitely bigger than I had planned.

I went into the bathroom, grabbed two more vitamin c, and 2 more muscle pills, and 2 more height pills, and 4 more size pills. The only way he’d not notice was if I was bigger. I wasn’t thinking clearly, obviously. I had a psychological addiction to the pills, and I rationalized my needing more. I took 2 more height pills just to be safe. I could feel the heat in my bones and muscles and blood. I was growing. But to trigger the growth I would need to cum without Keith drinking my cum. I started jerking off. I picked up the ruler. I was well past 11 inches. Kent was going to get his wish.

I started to stroke harder and longer and then Keith came into the room behind me and saw me jerking off, he kissed my neck and then he kissed my cock. I did mention that he was a champion cum swallower, right? WELL, that was at least enough to make me realize I was out of control, after I was growing again. I swelled with muscle and height and size and my cock grew 2 inches. You do realize that when your cock is 12 inches and grows another two inches it’s also getting bigger in every direction and—? Well. I would never ever be inconspicuous again, for many reasons.

I had to tell Kent. “Wow!” he said. I was 6’6” tall, and very well muscled. My shoulders were broad and I was hanging a ten inch meat tube down my thigh.

Kent, Kent was a tank. About 6’4” tall, but about 150 lbs heavier than I was. His cock, well, it had been about 6”, then 7”, then for months 7.5”, now, now Kent was hung a monstrously heavy 9.5”. And his testicles were huge too.

We fucked and sucked and sucked and fucked for two days. Finally, Kent said he wanted more cock, and he wanted more height, and he wanted me to still be taller than him, and more hung too. And he wanted more muscle for both of us.

He was in love with my cock, my body. I couldn’t refuse him. I took 2 size pills and 4 height pills and 4 muscle pills. I didn’t take anymore cock pills. Being just shy of 14”, that was much more than enough. Kent wanted to watch me this time. I waited two hours, two hours where I swelled bigger, even a bit bigger in the crotch due to the size pills. I watched my legs grow longer and seemingly more slender and then swell with more muscle.

“Oh God!” I finally said. It was too much. I stood up. I was tall. Kent was smiling. He walked over to me, cleared his throat, reached up to kiss me hard and stuck his tongue into my throat, I felt something, and swallowed reflexively.

“What was that?”

Kent just smiled. “Oh God Damn it Kent!” He’d palmed some pills, I don’t know what, and stuck them on his tongue just before he kissed me. It didn’t matter. Nothing did by then. I was on a rocket ride.

I looked at the bottles, I couldn’t tell what he’d done.

“What were the pills Kent?! This isn’t funny!”

“No it’s not funny it’s hot. 8. It was 8 pills.”

It seemed to compound my desire and my boiling blood. “What were they?” I whispered.

“Vitamin C”

I was so lost in a haze of lust by then, he’d waited for the C to hit me hard, it was more than I’d ever had at one time. Kent then persuaded me in my impaired mental condition to swallow 4 size pills, 4 height pills, and 8 muscle pills.

What happened was my body couldn’t handle it all at once. I was growing, I was changing. I came, and Kent was there to lick me clean. I grew taller, inches taller, but bigger too, and two more inches on an already almost 14” penis—

I watched as my pecs and triceps and biceps… I’d always had good biceps. Now they were enormous. Finally I felt the release, and as I’d said, Kent was there to swallow my cum. I thought, “Oh, Well, this is it.” But it wasn’t. I had so much in my system. I grew again, then had another ejaculation, Kent licked me dry…. and again.

I stood up. I needed to be careful going under doorways now. I was a giant 7’3” tall bodybuilder with a 12” soft cock, balls the size of softballs, and muscles freakishly big. Erect my penis was 17”. Only Kent could take me although many would try to satisfy me.

Kent was only 6’6” tall, but much stockier than I was, all of it muscle and strength. Except his cock, which had grown to 11”. He looked great but he definitely like me being big.

When Kent’s friend David came to dinner Kent, well, he slipped him some pills. A lot of pills. Vitamin C. David was already 6’3” tall. And he was handsome and sexy and pretty hung, I mean, he had a good 7” on him. And then we started making out after dinner. And David found out that he was now 9” long. He was so horny it was great. He didn’t even care. Of course he was in bed with two muscle men. Once we’d worn David out and he’d had his growth, David sported a 12” cock. Huge. huger balls. Sexier. David was given some refreshments. He drank his iced tea and Kent smiled. I rolled my eyes.

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