Tom adds extras

By Josh Dugan 
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“It’s an interesting concept,” Tom said, running his two left hands through his hair while holding the graph paper with a right hand and writing on it with his other right hand. I couldn’t take my eyes off his beautiful, large, smooth hands, and wanted to hold at least three of them.

“What no one thought of before was making closed loops of time.” He drew something like a donut. “Everyon’e’s always talked about time travel, but that’s a huge project that could be very disruptive to events. The way I have used time travel is in miniature—instead of huge spans of time, I work with segments of a minute or less, and splice the ends together in a loop.

And instead of using the whole universe, I just use a finite space. It’s more manageable,” he said, two of his hands gesturing as a youthful smile lit up his beautiful face.

“Can you explain what you’re talking about,” I asked humbly, feeling somewhat Neanderthal in the presence of his brilliant mind and somewhat incomplete with my two hands, as opposed to his four. Also, my heart wouldn’t cease pounding. He was a very attractive young man, and the four handsome hands did something to me.

Again with the flash of a beautiful smile, and two hands deftly turned the page to face me while a third gestured and the fourth held the pencil pointed at the donut.

“Anyone can use time loops to preserve anything, or change it or multiply it,” he said, excitement in his dusky voice. “The electronics are small enough and the task is simple enough. For example,” he said, holding his two right hands in one of his left hands, “I experimented on myself. I took a “picture” of my arm in the time-loop machine, then moved it and took another picture. What you see is like a double exposure—both arms exist in time and space, but one is a picture of the other. It’s alive, but only for about a minute’s worth—the secret is re-coding to splice the beginning and the end of the time segment together. That’s the loop.” he said, the other right hand re-tracing the donut.

“So you’re telling me your extra arms are time-clones of the originals, and they never get old because they’re new again every minute or so?”

“That’s essentially it,” Tom smiled, the four hands resting in a thoughtful pile as he leaned comfortably forward on his four elbows. “I took a time picture of myself as well, to put myself into a short time loop, so I wouldn’t age while my arms stayed new. The side effect is, since I’m always renewed every minute, I never get tired. And I can add or change myself at will, or copy myself and change the copies, too. Nifty, huh?” he laughed.

“Well, I wouldn’t have believed anything up to now,” I said, “but those hands of yours…”

Tom laughed and held my hands in his handsome foursome. “Well, I’ve got a lot more to show you,” he said. “I’m having a party for myself tonight, and you’re the only other guest. I’ve been busy making time-clones and whatnot.”

“I’ll be there,” I said, immediately getting hard. “I’ve always wanted to see more of you.”

It was interesting as I walked up the walkway that night to hear a party in full swing, because there was lots of conversation and laughter, but all the voices were Tom’s. I was hard already. I was mad about the guy, and my body went on full arousal alert even at the thought of Tom.

I rang the bell, and it was my Tom that answered, welcoming me with a beautiful four-armed hug. “I hope you don’t mind if some of me are somewhat nude,” he laughed. “I kinda ran out of clothes,” he said, ushering me into one of the most beautiful fantasies I could have dreamed. “I’m sure he doesn’t mind,” another Tom said, handsomely naked as he broke away from the cluster of nude Toms he had been speaking with. “Welcome, and I hope we don’t overwhelm you!” He was just as beautiful as the original Tom, and if Tom’s theory was right, he was the original Tom—a perfect time-copy, even down to the four handsome hands. “You noticed my hands,” he laughed. “Some of me have other extras.

Come on, I’ll introduce you to my other copies and variations.”

I was hardly able to walk, I was so aroused, and my head was spinning. Tom sensed that and two of his arms gently held my arm as he led me through the other laughing, naked Toms, whose beautiful nude bodies parted to let us through. The Tom who had greeted me at the door followed us. It was a turn-on to catch that same familiar eye-contact from every Tom in the room, and it nearly made me cream to see the Toms touching each other, relaxing against each other, or running their fingers through each others’ hair as they socialized together. Each one of him was my same Tom, and the friendship I felt from each one of him made me feel warm and wonderful as well as turned on.

In the den was the time-loop equipment, and several Toms stood or sat around it, and something like a photo booth was set up. Every time the Tom in the booth struck a new pose, the hands from the previous pose remained. “I feel like Shiva,” he laughed as he came out of the booth, still posing like the Indian goddess, his beautiful arms multiplied. His laughter was returned by all the other Toms.

It was wonderful to inhale the mild tang of his body scent, which filled the room.

I couldn’t help but smile at each Tom, and each one met my smile with that same wonderful intimate eye-contact. Each showed me his individual variation, whether it was two hands per wrist, extra arms, extra genitalia, extra legs or—and this was a surprise—a handsome centaur version of Tom, who towered above the other Toms and carried several multi-human-legged Toms on his sleek horse’s back.

“You never told me about this!” I exclaimed, really aroused. Tom looked fantastic as a centaur. “Well, I couldn’t spoil the whole surprise!” he laughed. “It’s the same principal, only with a larger time-loop booth. I just spliced my torso onto a time-loop copy of my horse—and I added passenger space by copying a few extra sets of hindquarters!”

“It’s roomy back here,” one of the Tom passengers chimed in. “More can climb on, but be careful, he’s very horny with all the extra hindquarters and their genitalia!”

“Same here,” another multi-legged Tom laughed. “I’m going to have to start making love to all of you because I don’t know how to handle four hardons, much less one!”

“I do—I can handle as many as you can copy!” laughed Tom the centaur. Reaching his four long arms back to find the aroused penises of his multi-legged passengers. They all laughed and screamed with pleasure, guiding the centaur’s four hands to their immense aroused genitalia.

That sort of changed the social and scientific atmosphere of the evening, replacing it with one of lusty mutual arousal, and Toms gaily began kissing each other and trying out wonderful new sexual positions with each other. It was really wild to hear my wonderful Tom’s voice groaning and laughing throughout the house as he made love to himself in a thousand different ways.

I felt the warm weight of several beautiful arms around me, and suddenly I was lost in a heavenly embrace with Tom, the man of my dreams. I loved his lips on mine, and his wonderful manly scent. “Hey, come on into the time-loop booth with me,” he said, breathing heavily from our prolonged kiss. “Let’s you and me make love, just the eight of us!”

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