Tom’s three legs

By Josh Dugan 
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Tom was sitting cross-legged, running his hands over his three beautiful feet. The three of them really were gorgeous feet, and with three of them he was insufferably gorgeous, all three legs crossed one then the other then the other, the three beautiful feet hanging out relaxed and heavy as he smiled at them, feeling their beautiful shapes with his hands.

“How do you like having three feet?” I asked him. I knew how I liked him that way. I loved him that way. That third leg and that third foot looked so good on him and he liked that I liked him with three legs.

“It's hard to believe I really have three of them,” he smiled, inviting me to sit next to him. He turned sideways toward me and laid his two beautiful right legs across my lap, and laid his left leg on top of them.

“I can help you be sure you have three,” I offered helpfully.

“Here; I'll kiss them to help you count.” I kissed Tom's right foot, loving its beautiful male form. Tom had awesome feet.

I gently laid his left leg across my knee and picked up one of his right legs, enjoying its heaviness and the beauty of its thigh and calve, its handsome ankle and the beautiful left foot heavily dangling at the end of it. Tom smiled. I kissed the right foot.

“One, so far,” I said.

“That's right,” he said. “My right foot and then my left foot.” So I gently laid the beautiful left leg on top of Tom's right leg, and picked up his other right leg, as beautiful as his first left leg. All three of his legs were equally beautiful, but the fact of him having two beautiful right legs was driving me insane with their beauty. He let all three legs relax, the left leg heavily resting on the right leg, and the second right leg heavy in my arms as I ran my lips along the beautiful male legs, and I raised the knee to let the calve, ankle and foot hang relaxed. It was too beautiful to deal with. I kissed Tom's second right foot, then kissed his only left foot. He giggled, making his two right legs and his one left leg move a little, to flirt with me.

“I like your three legs,” I told Tom, meaning it.

“Can I keep them?”

“Sure,” he laughed, “but you have to take my three feet as well, because they're not sold separately.”

“I can deal with that,” I said, holding all three legs against me, kissing them. “I'm definitely in love with them.”

“Cool,” Tom smiled. “My three legs are hot in love with you, too.” And I was kind of helpless then, as the three beautiful legs gently wrapped themselves around me, and I loved Tom for wrapping me in his three beautiful legs.

I couldn't stop going crazy for them or his three beautiful male feet. “We never made love like this before, huh?” he smiled, nudging me with his two beautiful right feet as all three of his beautiful legs gave me a gentle squeeze.

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