By Saviris 
2 parts
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Ryan discarded his gym bag somewhere and fell into a heap on his bed. He groaned quietly into his pillow, his spent muscles groaning inaudibly, but still volumes louder than the muffled moan which his mouth produced. Practice had been brutal that day and as the 12th grade star wrestler, he was expected to work especially hard. That meant endlessly lifting weights and running until you forget what you’re doing. Yet, the 17-year-old was young and restless and after a few minutes of stillness, he felt well enough for at least simple cognitive processes. He plopped down in front of the computer and logged into Facebook.

His girlfriend was on, but he didn’t feel like suffering through her endless cutesy prattling on about work and her friends today(or any day). She was pretty, but she was the type of girl who was into the type of guy that he was. The girl who wants the big strapping captain of the something or other. He certainly looked the part with his short-cropped auburn hair, thick, muscular frame and generally manly air. An unmistakably Irish lad, his pale, almost pasty skin and boyishly rugged face were further proof of his ethnicity. As if his name, Ryan O’Malley, wasn’t clue enough. The youthful young man, passionate and brawny, struggling with the fire in his mind and in his loins, cursed by the excess testosterone coursing through his veins found many members of the opposite sex gravitating toward him as they dealt with their respective flames of adolescence. Stacy, his girlfriend, was just the one that he picked at random, and he regretted the choice. He was certainly her type, but she was even more certainly not his. In fact, he didn’t really have a type. What he really wanted was the one thing that they alone could give him.

He signed off quickly after writing something brief about hanging out soon on his best-friend, Matt’s, wall. Then, remembering that his parents were gone for the week, he ordered himself a pizza, crashed on the couch and watched TV until the stupor of sleep and grease proved too much for him. Finally, he had himself a much-deserved rest.


He woke up in a frenzy due to a strange dream. He couldn’t quite remember the details, but the disturbing atmosphere was fresh in his mind. He sat up on the couch and looked around. He was up unusually early: 5:30. After tossing and turning in an effort to go back to sleep, he resigned himself to his consciousness. He sat up and tried to get his bearings. Something didn’t feel right. His tongue tasted funny and felt thick and generally uncomfortable. Deciding that a glass of water was what he needed to cure that awful rotting sensation in the mouth that greets us from time to time in the early morning he walked over to the kitchen and poured himself a glass. He quickly downed it as he hated the taste of water, preferring more exotic compounds such as pepsi and sprite. However, the strange feeling in his mouth didn’t go away all at once as he had expected.

He decided that brushing his teeth was the cure fore this malady. However, as he began brushing his teeth, he awoke from his grogginess and started to realize how odd his mouth really felt. His tongue was oddly thick and sloppy, like just that one part of his anatomy was intoxicated. It also felt oddly smooth and tube-like with an unsettling slippery smoothness at the tip. He began to become afraid. With much trepidation, he looked in the mirror to inspect the insides of his mouth and saw it. Staring back at him, inside his mouth was a normal, fully formed penis. There were the purple glans made slick and shiny by his saliva, the smooth, pink shaft with veins up the sides and the slit from which various fluids would be released. He closed his mouth quickly and looked away, in terror, covering his already sealed lips, as if he was trying to distance himself from the travesty against nature that was taking place in his oral cavity. He got up the courage to reassess the situation, diluting himself into thinking that it was a dream as we do in these situations. However, his second look yielded the same perverted image: a horrified 17-year-old boy opening his mouth wide to display a penis where a tongue should be.

He felt like he was going to cry. Thoughts were racing through his mind a million miles a second. How did this happen? Why? His feelings of disgust slowly edged into a sort of sick curiosity and he ventured to experiment with it. He tried wiggling it and sure enough, it moved although slowly and with considerable effort. Talking would certainly present more of a challenge, he concluded grimly. He thanked God that his parents were away before realizing that he ought to be cursing Him. Ryan, despite his years of hardened teenage bravado, began to cry. He turned away from his reflection and slowly sat down on the tiles of his bathroom floors, the cold faux-stone distracting him from his plight.

He thought and thought; about friends who would ridicule him and strangers who would do the same, his parents screaming and looking horrified at what their son had become. He would never be normal again. Then, a thought occurred to him like a major chord among a cacophony of dissonance. ìPerhaps, if it came so suddenly, it will leave in the same fashion.î He held onto it like a life-raft and decided that this nonsense was only temporary and he had just to wait it out. Maybe his ordeal would be over tomorrow and he could tell it as a story that no one would believe. Looking at the clock he realized with a fright that the bus would be there in 15 minutes. The shaken teen had to attend school or his parents would be notified. He thought about the challenge ahead of him. Of course he couldn’t talk or even open his mouth too wide lest his disgusting secret be discovered. But there was nothing for it. So, he decided to take up the task of getting through the school day and he began to prepare as if nothing was wrong.

He made a few observations during his preparations though. The offending member was slightly smaller than a normal penis, only about 2 and a half inches soft. (He shuddered to think of it getting hard) This made it much more manageable, he supposed, than a full-sized cock. Plus, it didn’t have any balls so it probably wasn’t capable of ejaculation. However, it was certainly sensitive and he winced as it scraped against his teeth accidentally.

He crept out into the brisk February air and walked as nonchalantly as possible to the bus stop. Once on the bus, his day went on rather uneventfully. In the morning, no one asked about his silence as he was prone to moodiness. However, in English, which was before lunch, Matt confronted him.

ìYo, moody. When are we gonna hit the gym? You’re starting to look a little flabby.” joked his friend as he poked his well-muscled shoulder. It was the beginning of the period and they were free to move about and mingle before the teacher appeared, but Ryan didn’t feel like moving. His best-friend was standing right there starting a conversation but he couldn’t say a word. He had so many things to say, but voicing his predicament would put him in a much more dire and public situation. So, he just looked up at his shortish, blonde jock friend and simply shrugged his shoulders hoping that that would get the message across. However, what he failed to realize was that Matt was a douchebag. The “bad-mood ploy” wouldn’t work on him because he had such an utter disdain for others’ emotions that it simply made him more curious and slightly annoyed.

“What’s with you? Did your hamster die or something? Come on, you can tell me. I’m a listening ear just waiting to absorb all of your feelings, pal,” said Matt lacing his words with lethal amounts of sarcasm. Ryan was groping for ways to deflect his now-bothersome friend. It was probably due to his excitement and panic over the current situation, but it was then that the cause of all of his worries, the monster in his mouth, began to stir. He felt it slowly filling with blood heating the inside of his mouth.

He was truly panicking now. Ryan knew that it wouldn’t be long before the chubby little penis forced its way out of his mouth and into the air free for everyone to gawk at. Already it was forcing his jaws apart to make room for the hardening little demon. His nightmare, the possibility he had bravely cast off was materializing right before him. He then felt something odd in his mouth. Or rather, he felt another odd thing in his mouth- his saliva was unusually thick and sticky. It seemed to cling to the penis as it pushed through his maw. It was then that he realized it—his mouthcock was leaking precum just like a regular dick. The thought of slurping on his own pre made him reel in disgust.

He had to get out of there. Quickly getting up and making a strange noise that sounded vaguely like “gotta go” he rushed toward the exit. He was sure that they saw it, but no one stopped him and he wasn’t about to stick around to explain. He wheeled out of the classroom and darted off down the hall toward the bathroom leaving everyone in the class dumbfounded.

He entered the bathroom quietly hoping that no one was using it. Looking around the tackily tiled place he breathed a sigh of relief concluding that he was alone. The penis in his mouth was about 2 inches out of his mouth at that point peeking out from his lips, throbbing noiselessly in the air. It dripped copious amounts of pre, more than what was normal. The slimy liquid dripped down the shaft and continued its downward route over his handsome chin. It was like he was drooling, there was so much. He thought he was going to cry again as he stared at the sight in the bathroom mirror, but steeled himself for what he knew he had to do next. Taking the penis in his fingers, he began masturbating what was once his tongue. The instant that he touched it, it sent a shiver of lewd, pleasure down his spine. He started working the shaft mechanically, wishing for his ordeal to be over, but this was mixed with a certain amount of perverse enjoyment. Waves of aching need emanated from his mouth, making his eyes roll as he grunted and moaned as quietly as possible.

The 5 inch hard cock sticking out of his mouth was super-sensitive; fondling the slick, throbbing head immersed him in a sea of shifting, dark lust. His usual erogenous zone resonated with his ministrations as it tented his pants uncomfortably and blotted his briefs with sticky pre. However, he had a little bit of sense left in him and knew that if he were to tend to his needy 8-inch boner, it would all be over; he would be sent into a spiral of alternating between his two fires, abating one would set the other off and so he would plunge into a state of frenzied masturbation. He quickened the pace of his rubbing and stroking. He felt the overwhelming warmth grow in him until it was an outright furnace. Sweat trickled down his forehead as his red, angry member came close to orgasm.

Finally, he was sent over the edge. From the base of his mouth-dick came the familiar feeling of tightening up as the ecstasy of his impending orgasm formed into a tight ball which released and sent him into a state of convulsing bliss as his odd genitalia bucked and thrashed about in his mouth. He coped with the odd feeling of an orgasm emanating from the back of his throat, but the orgasm melted all his cares for a second as he truly enjoyed the experience. It was over shortly and surveying his surroundings, he discovered that he had not cum. It seemed that with no balls, his perverted extra cock was incapable of releasing actual semen. This came as a rather pleasant surprise, because he was already surprised that no one walked in on him jacking off his tongue, but taking the time to clean up cum on the ground would be taking a big risk. His lewd erection softened and drew back into his mouth leaving him with a bit of sanity.

Of course going back to class was out of the question, so he decided to just wait out the rest of the period. He had mastered the art of looking like you are going somewhere so he just wandered the halls until he stopped in the chem lab. It was one of the only classrooms that wasn’t being used during 5th period. He traipsed in and sat down arms crossed. He thought about all that had happened today and speculated on the cause of his bothersome intruder. Even now it tingled and made him wince as it wiggled in his mouth. Perhaps it was a curse, if only he had any enemies. He was pretty well-liked, regarded as rather unintelligent and hot-headed, but he was known to have a good heart and was generally agreeable. Besides, magic wasn’t real anyway. “If not that then what?” There really wasn’t any explaining what happened to him. He had never heard anything of the like.

At that moment, he heard the door click as someone came in. He was snapped out of his reverie and glanced at the newcomer worriedly. He was put at ease when he realized who it was- just Aaron Fisher. He was a comely demure sort of boy who seemed quite weak and innocent in action, but whose eyes sometimes told another tale. An idle stare or quick glance in your direction and you would swear that you were looking into the dark eyes of some sort of wicked divinity, beautiful and treacherous as the sea. But other than these isolated incidences of other-worldliness, he came across as quite helpless. It was for this reason that he was targeted so mercilessly by the other boys. Even Ryan on a few occasions had thrown in a few unsavory remarks.

Aaron had been rifling through one of the drawers when he realized Ryan sitting there. “Oh!” exclaimed the smaller boy. “I didn’t realize that there was anyone else here.”

“Mhm.” said Ryan coolly as he kept glaring at the wavy-haired intruder trying to will him away. Aaron was slightly perturbed by this response but he shook it off with an awkward laugh and went back to his business. The two boys sat in silence for a long while before anything else occurred. Aaron was testing the different pHs of water around the county and busily dipped different colored paper into jars of water while Ryan stole glances. Aaron looked over at the hulking alpha-male watching a scene outside of the window, feigning harmlessness, and decided to talk to him.

“Uh, could you check to see if there’s another 20 oz beaker in that station?” he said at last. Ryan, without responding, opened up the drawer and pulled out a medium sized beaker with the number “20” written on it. He held it up for the other boy’s approval.

“Yes. That’s the one.” said the other boy making his way to Ryan’s desk. However, as he was walking over, Ryan suddenly dropped the beaker and it smashed to pieces with a loud crash. Ryan stared at his hand curiously. He didn’t just lose grip of the glass beaker; he had completely lost control of his hand. His fingers straightened of their own accord and began twitching spastically. It only lasted a moment, but it alarmed him nevertheless.

At that moment, the bell rang. Aaron, who had been feeling very awkward, staring at the hunk who had apparently just dropped a beaker out of spite, was greatly relieved. He scampered toward the door, but as he was leaving he looked at the jock fiercly. His eyes flashed strangely and it made Ryan uneasy.

“There’s something wrong with you.” he said gravely.

“What?”said Ryan, surprised. Was he really that angry about the beaker?..

“But, I don’t know what it is. Sorry.” Aaron quickly darted out the door, not allowing for any further exchange. After a moment too, Ryan got up an left, but was left with the strange feeling that this too was connected to his recent crisis. It made him feel sick to his stomach and curious at the same time.

When he got home, he was glad that his parents weren’t there. He was feeling unusually horny. Under normal circumstances, he would just call up Stacy, but that was out of the question. He plopped down in front of the computer and started visiting some of his usual porno sites. As his lust grew so did his hard-on. It started to become uncomfortably restricted by his jeans. He looked down at his crotch and thought that the bulge he saw was unusually large, but didn’t pay it much attention. He unzipped and pulled out his engorging cock. However, there was no denying it now that his formerly 8 inch boner had grown, drastically. It felt heavier and looked positively huge. He opened his desk and got out a ruler. 12 inches. His penis had grown four inches in a day.

He was worried by this new development but too horny really pay it much mind. Plus, he had to admit that the thought of having a giant dick contributed to his horniness. He continued the rhythmic motions at his crotch as his mouth dick lengthened. He didn’t dare touch it, but the desire was certainly there. At last, his ministrations payed off and his cock shot a thick stream of cum at the computer image of a girl being thrust into by two cocks that would have dwarfed his old manhood, but now, he wasn’t sure if there was anyone in the world with a bigger dick than him. His mouth cock stirred in his oral cavity needing release, but he didn’t give it the satisfaction that it squirmed for. He was still holding onto the notion that soon this would all be over.

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