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Part 1

Billy Titus was looking at his reflection in the mirror, straightening his tie around his thickly muscled neck. Finding a dress shirt that fit his powerful torso had been a challenge. They had either resembled tents that billowed out around his narrow waist in order to fit his massive pectoral globes, or they grabbed onto his upper arms tighter than his skin, snapping threads and rending the cotton fabric with the slightest of movements.

His handsome mouth quirked sideways as his thick, manly fingers fumbled with the silk. He was so unaccustomed to wearing anything like this that he had forgotten how a Windsor knot was supposed to be made. A low, powerful groan rumbled up from his muscled chest, and he let out a heavy sigh of consternation.

Another set of hands suddenly appeared on his mountainous shoulders and squeezed him roughly. A massive muscular bulk reared up behind him, its dimensions both larger and more impressive than his own superhuman body. “Problems?” The voice was deep and strong with quiet, restrained power.

Billy’s brow wrinkled and his gaze shifted from his own reflection to the face of his young lover—and pupil—Carl Stanton. Their secret relationship was hardly secret any longer, but a teacher having sex with one of his students wasn’t something that either one of them wanted to deal with. Carl might be eighteen years old and had certainly been the initiator of their lengthy and loving liaison, but the two men already had enough on their plates to deal with. So a secret their love remained.

Billy grimaced. “It’s this fu… stupid tie.”

“Fucking tie,” Carl said with one of his full and beautiful smiles. He was a full head taller than Billy, so the older man could see the younger man’s entire face. The smile made his features appear more youthful, and melted Billy’s heart to see it. A full beard of rough golden hair coated his chin and cheeks, and a fuzzy porn-star mustache crawled across his upper lip. “You can call it a fucking tie, you know.”

“What sort of teacher would I be to use that kind of language around my students?”

Carl reached around his teacher’s neck and started to knot the tie for his lover. “I seem to recall you using that word in a different context quite a bit last night.” A throbbing heat emanating between Billy’s butt cheeks where the other man’s thick cock had lodged itself gave evidence to his words. He could feel Carl’s hard muscles pressing against him, and smell his intoxicating masculine scent distinctly. “And I don’t remember either of us complaining at the time.”

Carl was beautiful. Carl was powerful. Carl was naked. Carl was horny. Carl was always these things, and what was more, he was growing more beautiful and more powerful as he stood behind his lover, just as Billy Titus was also growing bigger, stronger and hornier with every breath he took.

Something lived inside them. Something that made their bodies swell with muscle, and made their cocks lengthen and thicken and grow hard in a moment, and made their balls churn and bloat with cream, and made them need each other with a passion that could grow hotter than the sun. They had been turned into something more than human, and more than man, and they were still growing with every tick of the clock on the wall.

They had been growing for far more than a year, now, and it was Carl that had changed the most, providing Billy with the benefits of the gains he had been making by virtue of his more active recruitment efforts. For Billy, life and growth was all about Carl, the only man he had been with for the entire duration of his metamorphosis into the superhuman creature looking back at him from the mirror.

Carl’s massive body was warm and hard and sleek, his bulging muscles encased in perfect silken flesh that begged to be touched. He stood over seven feet high, now—and that was his “shrunken” dimensions—and was nearly too wide to easily fit through a standard door frame. He could lift cars above his head with ease and bench press a literal ton of weight without breaking a sweat.

But for all his size and power, he was a soft pussycat when it came to taking care of Billy. He protected his lover with fierce pride and overwhelming love.

Billy was behind the younger man’s incredible gains, and was only indirectly benefitting from Carl’s dozens of liaisons with other young men who were similarly altered—or had been altered by Carl. The power that lived inside these men fed and grew with the addition of new blood to its lineage, and Carl was a very accomplished and eager participant in its development.

While they both would grow stronger and larger by doing nothing at all—by simply living and eating and breathing—he could realize sudden augmented growth spurts and more intensive and stronger increases to his muscular development and masculine energy whenever he initiated a new member of their growing team.

And he was very good at doing that.

For the moment, though, it was just Carl alone with Billy, as the teacher prepared for the commencement ceremony for his graduating class. And as that thought entered his head, he shifted his gaze again to the face of the young man standing behind him now, fixing his tie for him. “I’m still not entirely sure the whole naked graduating class is a good idea.”

“It’s not like anyone else is going to be there,” Carl argued. Like all the other school-related activities, it had been decided that the all-male pupils of Billy’s class, the so-called Muscle Club members, would be secluded and make do with a separate ceremony in order to avoid some of their more—disruptive behavior. “And, you know, since we conduct a lot of classtime in the buff anyway….” Carl looked Billy in the eye again. “I mean, why not?”

“Why not graduate naked?”

Carl’s beautiful smile appeared again. “You see my point.”

“There’s the question of ritual and custom to consider, isn’t there?”

“Ritual and custom,” Carl repeated, trying to mimic Billy’s tone. “Why do we need to honor the rituals and customs of people who don’t even want us around?” Billy opened his mouth to object, but Carl overran him. “It’s supposed to be a celebration as much as a ceremony, isn’t it? And aren’t we supposed to enjoy a celebration? And isn’t this about commencing with adulthood, moving out of our childhood years, and—other things?”

“You’re about as much of a child as I am.” Carl had matured quite a lot during their time together. He was as smart as he was handsome, and his brain seemed to be developing almost as quickly as his muscle and cock.

“You know what I mean.” Carl finished tying the tie and kissed Billy’s neck. He had done a perfect job of it—as usual. “We want to do this our way, the way we want to move forward, the way we want to celebrate who we are and who we’re becoming.”

Billy turned around. “By staging the school’s first all-nude graduation ceremony.”

Carl shrugged. Billy laughed slightly. “Naked, huh?”

Carl nodded, recognizing that look on Billy’s face and understanding that he’d won this argument easily. “Naked, unashamed, proud, glorious and awesome. All the things you taught us to believe in ourselves, Teach. Heading forward into the world with our heads held high and—”

“And your cocks at attention.” Billy gazed down at Carl’s massive shank, watching it plump as his lover expressed his emotions with such unabashed pride. These were all good kids, he thought. So fucking what if they wanted to graduate without a thread of clothing covering their massive and perfect bodies? “Well, I’m afraid I won’t be joining you in your festivities.” Carl was about to object, but Billy placed his finger against Carl’s soft, full lips to silence him. “I’m still your teacher, and I’m still expected to uphold some of the traditions and rules. One of which is that the teacher wears a suit at graduation.”

Carl folded his gargantuan, meaty arms across his equally gargantuan and meaty chest, and cast his eyes south on Billy’s body. “Then I guess you’ll be wanting your pants after all.”

Billy blushed. It made Carl’s heart flutter to see it. Goddamn, he had a cute boyfriend. “Yes, please,” the teacher said.

Carl shook his head slightly and turned, walking towards the couch to retrieve Billy’s ironed slacks. Billy just gazed with longing and lust at the younger man’s amazing ass, and the way the two globes of brawn shifted and bounced as he walked. He had a fuzzy butt, and Billy wanted to take a bite of those huge peaches. But he suppressed both his insatiable sexual appetite and the constant throbbing of his ever-ready cock as Carl handed him the dove grey wool slacks and watched him tucking that lengthy thick pipe of sex along his thigh.

“How do I look?”

“Good,” Carl admitted. “Very good.” He opened his arms and said, “Come’ere.”

“Now, don’t you go wrinkling me,” Billy chided.

“No worries, Teach,” Carl said. “But don’t blame me if your prick rips its way clean out of those pants. Even from here, I can see what you’re packing, and it looks like it wants out in a very bad way.”

Billy laughed and went into his lover’s embrace, trying to wrap up the much larger man’s bulk in his own arms as he said, “I’m unbelievably proud of you, Carl.”

“I know, Teach. And I owe it all to you.”

“Well, not all of it. I’m pretty sure that a lot of this,” he said, emphasizing his words by grabbing onto Carl’s muscular and ample buttocks, “was here before I found it.”

“I’m just glad you did…finally.” He kissed his teacher. “You sure made it difficult to get us here.” He squeezed him firmly and kissed his lips again.

Billy fell into the passion of his younger lover’s lips willingly and fully, surrendering to the young man’s strength. “You loved it,” he accused.

“I love this,” he responded, kissing him again. “Say it again,” he asked, softly.

“I love you,” Billy said, simply.

“Say it again.”

“I love you.”


Billy smiled. “I. Love. You.”

“Fuck, I’ll never get tired of hearing that.” The next kiss made Billy’s cock bulge and lengthen, threatening to really rip its way out of his slacks.

“Slow down, Carl. You’re gonna get me overheated and I just managed to get into these clothes!”

“I told you there was no need for them, anyway.” He pinched Billy’s nipple hard and watched his teacher’s cock swell again. “If you didn’t make it so easy….”

“I don’t! You just know where all my buttons are.”

“And don’t I love fucking love to push them,” Carl agreed.

It felt incredible to Billy to realize how much—and how little—Carl had changed since they had been together. He was still seriously, overwhelmingly turned on by the young man. By the way that he looked, the sound of his voice, that intoxicating scent he could smell on himself whenever they had been together. His cock would pulse and throb and grow almost uncomfortably hard whenever Carl entered a room as if it was tuned to the other man’s presence. His whole being would heat up and his brain would sizzle with desire and his prick swelled and hungered for the other man’s body.

But beyond the mere physical beauty that Carl possessed, it was the man himself—the way that his brain worked, the words that he used, the small mannerisms that probably no one else noticed—that made Billy physically need him.

And he had changed, in some ways very dramatically. He was more mature, now, about so many things. He was level-headed and logical in a way that most of the other Muscle Club guys weren’t. Sure, he was still seriously oversexed and possessed of a libido that could never be fully satisfied, but he seemed in control of these things, and secure in the knowledge that Billy loved him unconditionally, just as he loved Billy. And his affections and acknowledgement of that love were so open and obvious, even where they were forced to hide it from others, or pretend it didn’t exist.

Just a look, or a smile, or something in his face or his body could signal to Billy that he was thinking about them, together, embraced, kissing, fucking, loving each other with the passion they could otherwise express.

And now that was all almost over. Soon, Carl would no longer be his pupil, he could be his lover, and his mate, and the man he would spend forever in his strong, powerful arms.

Soon, everything was going to change. It made his heart race and his breath shudder and his cock throb.

Soon. So very soon.

“Do you think this’ll work?” Carl asked. Billy was still within his arms, and their faces were very close. Billy could feel Carl’s heavy, mighty prick pressing against his own. He could feel Carl’s thick muscles against his body. He could smell Carl’s delicious, erotic scent everywhere.

“I don’t think we have a choice left,” Billy replied. “I’m sorry you got dragged into this, Carl.”

“I didn’t get dragged into anything,” he argued. “I dragged you in, if there was any dragging going on.”

“That’s all in the past, and I don’t have any regrets.”


Billy considered his answer. It was true that Carl and his cohorts had transformed Billy Titus into the man he was today. It was true that he’d had no say in the matter, and that it had been done to him before he knew what was happening.

But it was also true that from that day to this one, when his body had been altered so completely, and he became the mentor, father figure and instructor for all these powerful, beautiful young men that he had loved every minute of it, and he had certainly fallen deeply in love with the huge, magnificent, decent, trustworthy and altogether amazing man in whose embrace he felt nothing but love and acceptance. “No,” he said, “not one.”

“Then let’s get started.”

“Yes,” Billy agreed, “let’s.”

“Fuck, dude!”

“I know!”

“No. I mean…fuck! Dude!”

“I know!”

Scott Richardson and Derek Manzetti were standing next to each other before a mirrored wall, gazing at their own reflections. They were the first two boys in Muscle Club—Scott had been the one who discovered the secret that unlocked the magic that had transformed them all, and Derek had been the first friend he had helped to transform. They had been more or less inseparable ever since, and as the co-Presidents of Muscle Club, they were also given first crack at any new members.

Consequently, of all the men in Muscle Club, and there were dozens of them by now, if not hundreds, these two were the biggest, baddest, most muscular and powerful and horned up of them all.

At least, if you asked them.

Their path to glory hadn’t been easy or without its missteps and trials, but here they were, at last, ready to graduate from high school and free themselves of the reins that held these two superb stallions at bay.

Though, at the moment, all they could do was stare at their own reflections and marvel at the men they had become.

In one sense, they were mirror images themselves. Perhaps because Derek had been given Scott’s initial dose, or perhaps because they had shared everything—and everyone—over the months leading up to this point, but the bodies that stood before them in the mirror were now almost absolutely similar in dimension, size, beauty, power and masculine perfection.

“I’d fuck me,” Scott said.

“With that tool hanging between your legs, you probably could.”

“Don’t think I haven’t thought about it,” he admitted.

“Yeah? Why haven’t you?”

Scott grinned. “When the fuck would I have time? If I’m not fucking someone else’s ass, my own ass is being fucked. Why screw around with myself when there are so many others….”

“Willing to be screwed?” Derek asked.

“Fuckin’ A, bro!” Scott held up his thickly muscled arm and Derek high-fived him with a loud slap.

“Fuckin’ A,” Derek agreed. Then he looked at their reflections again. “Fuck, dude.”

“You said that already.” But Scott had to agree with the assessment.

The two men standing in the mirror were nothing short of perfect. Massive hunks of meat bulged from every inch of their well-formed bodies. Every muscle was finely detailed and beautifully married to its brothers. The level of their muscular size, form and development was staggering.

And that didn’t even take into account the more than foot-long shanks of sex hanging thick and heavy over balls that could swell with cream and shoot ropes of sticky, sweet cum filled up with the power to instantly turn any other man they chose into another muscle-swollen fuck-god gifted with an unending capacity for sex.

For most of their growth, Derek’s dick had outpaced Scott’s in the size department, but whether it was because they shared everything—and everyone—with each other, or because they spent most of their time together, the two young men now sported matching cocks, both in length and girth, with equally bulbous heads dangling at the end of those fat, long shafts.

To all other appearances, as well, the two could be twins. Not identical twins, like Hank and Harry Johnson, the laid-back blonde giants with the surfer dude attitudes and the tans to match, but certainly as if they had shared parents. The only differences that were clearly noticeable were that Scott had strawberry blonde hair atop his head and a wealth of manly fur that coated his chest, arms and legs, with a thick treasure trail running down the exact center of his torso like a river through the swollen rocks of his abdominal wall, while Derek had dark, nearly black hair on his head and his body—with the exception of the thick crown of his pubic bush above his ample set of sexual equipment—was smooth and hairless.

But in all other ways, from the width of their shoulders to the heft of their massive pectorals to the march of muscle along their abs to the bulbous and beautiful butts jutting behind them, the two looked exactly alike, right down to their shining blue eyes.

Scott sighed as he put his arm across his best friend’s shoulders. “Not bad, huh?”

Derek smiled and nodded. “I’d say that’s an understatement of massive proportions.”

“Just like us! ‘Massive proportions!’” Scott’s hand reached down and his fingers grabbed onto the fat nub of Derek’s nipple, and he pinched it hard. He laughed watching Derek’s cock surge and bounce in immediate reaction. He knew exactly where his lover’s buttons were, and exactly how hard to push them—which was, usually, pretty fucking hard, indeed. “You’re so predictable,” he said.

“Look who’s talking,” Derek responded, reaching over and grabbing Scott’s cock in his grip and rubbing the tip with the pad of his thumb. A gush of precum was his reward, as he knew it would be, and he felt its heat and thickness drain over his flesh like honey.

“Well, that’s hardly fair, is it? You know how sensitive my dick is.”

“I do,” Derek agreed. “Which is why I know that if I do this—” His grip loosened on the other young man’s shaft and, using the gush of pre like lube, he moved his hand up the thick inches and then back down, doing it in such a way that Scott had to arch up onto his toes as the erotic thrill of his lover’s touch drove his libido into overdrive. “…that’ll happen.”

“Not fair!”

“You love it.”

Scott laughed. “I kinda do. Do it again.” Derek did. Scott closed his eyes and bit his lip and Derek felt his cock surge with growth and firmness, swelling with sudden power in his hand. “Fuck, dude,” Scott whispered.

“Are you excited?”

“Aren’t I always?”

“No, I mean, by the thing?”

“The thing Billy has planned?”

Derek nodded. “It’s kind of scary.”


He shrugged, bunching the muscles mounted on his shoulders into insane bulges of power. “Dunno. I guess it’s the…not knowing.”

“Yeah, but that’s the exciting part, too!”

“I guess.” But he still looked doubtful. “Do you…do you think everyone will want to do it?”

“Maybe not everyone. It’s kind of drastic but….”

“But, like Billy said….”

“We haven’t got a choice.” Scott looked determined. It made his young face look handsome and mature. “What the fucking fuck, right, dude?”

“Yeah,” Derek agreed, smiling brightly, “what the fucking fuck?”

“Speaking of fucking fucking….”

The two teen heartthrobs were well-practiced in the art of lovemaking, and with each other it was now so natural and innate that no words were necessary. They fell into a rhythm with each others’ bodies and brains. Each knew what the other wanted before they thought it, and each could deliver the other into sexual nirvana, a state of perfect physical bliss that would be hard for anyone else to understand, let alone achieve.

Two young men in the peak of their sexuality and physical refinement, gifted now with bodies so strong and flexible and insatiable with desire that nothing came between them and their ultimate goal of gratification—giving and receiving perfect rapturous euphoria like no one else could, with bodies designed and constructed to do this one thing with flawless perfection.

And they were only growing more powerful.

Raul Garza had grown a reputation as the most beautiful member of Muscle Club. Others were bigger, or had larger pricks, or had grown taller or broader, but no one else looked like he did.

He was, indeed, extraordinarily beautiful. Not merely handsome, but undeniably beautiful. And with each passing hour, day, week and month, he had only grown more impossibly beautiful.

Beauty, it can be said, is subjective to the observer. What one person thinks of as physical beauty, another may not. It is in the collection of things, rather than the whole, that is beautiful. It’s in the eyes, or the mouth, or the neck, or the ass. It is the way the chest arches into the shoulder, or how the muscles of the arm are married to each other in a flawless array of power. It may be in the way a person moves, or speaks, or even a gesture.

With Raul, it was all of these things. He simply couldn’t help it. He was irresistibly gorgeous, and growing more powerful in his sheer physical perfection with every passing moment.

His beauty could be intimidating. Looking out from the inside, it wasn’t something he thought about too much. Others just reacted to him in that way, and maybe that was how everyone felt. Some people clammed up, confronted with such physical perfection. Others tried hard to impress him, wanting perhaps to suck his beauty inside themselves just by being near. And others didn’t seem affected at all, and it was these whom Raul preferred.

He was naked. He was always naked. He had not worn a stitch of clothing in months—in fact, ever since starting his senior year in high school, he had decided that he would no longer wear any clothing at all, and would live the rest of his life never bothering to cover up an inch of his body or his beauty.

At first, others thought this purely ego. He loved himself so much, he could only believe that others did too. Wouldn’t everyone want to see all that he was? Wouldn’t they want to watch his development day by day as his body grew ever more powerful and perfect, and his face continued to improve and become impossibly, inhumanly beautiful?

For him, though, it was more about practicality than ego. Oh, certainly, he had a tremendous ego. But with everyone fawning over him, in awe of him, wanting to look at him and touch him and be with him—who could blame him for that?

But as his body grew larger and increasingly unsurpassed in its level of physical beauty, the clothing seemed odd and stupid. Plus, he didn’t need to wear it for protection or warmth anymore, so what was the point?

He was standing now on the public sidewalk before the city’s civic auditorium. He stood six-feet, seven-inches tall. He had 24-inch upper arms and a 34-inch waist. His cock was eleven inches long, and thick enough to make it difficult to grasp in one of his large hands. The two solid hemispheres of his chest projected forward by inches, and created a crevasse between his pecs that could hide several pencils. Fat, luscious nipples with thick, chewable tips pointed towards the sidewalk. A mane of dark, soft auburn curls cascaded from his head and fell along his wide, mountainous shoulders. His square jaw and high cheeks were dusted with a perfect shadow of whiskers, and his eyes—the color of caramel—smoldered with unrestrained lust and need. His luscious, full lips were parted slightly and his chest rose and fell as he breathed.

His feet were shoulder-length apart, allowing his fat cock to dangle forward between the massive, highly-defined wedges of muscle flaring from his thighs. His arms hung loosely at his sides, the muscle bulging as if he had spent the last year punishing them to swollen glory. His long neck, nearly as thick as his head, was tall and straight as he looked down the street and watched his friend and fellow Muscle Club member approached.

Brian Chan was a monster. ‘Huge’ only hinted at the young man’s impossible dimensions. Unlike Raul, however, Brian continued to attempt to surround the mighty bulk of his muscled frame in a shirt and jeans, though in most ways that only succeeded in accentuating and highlighting the fact that he was maybe the largest teenager striding the earth.

Standing now seven-feet, nine-and-a-half inches tall in his ‘compact’ form, Brian was a behemoth whose movements shook the ground. Muscle swelled from his body like an uncontrolled growth of moss on the trunk of a tree. 30-inch upper arms. A nearly 90-inch chest. Thighs easily larger than most men’s waists. He looked slightly absurd as he walked up the street to meet Raul before graduation, carrying all that muscle on him as if he were constructed of boulders, but he insisted on dressing in clothes so he would look “normal,” no matter how much Raul rolled his eyes.

Unlike most of the others, Brian’s growth came in sudden, uncontrolled waves. Like his body was saving up muscle growth that would suddenly bloom outward in new cables and swollen masses, and his only warning was a surging sense of heat and power that would wash over him like an orgasm as his body ripped its way free of another set of clothes and exposed its new dimensions for anyone to see.

He still wasn’t used to it. It was…awkward. He never knew when it would happen, so he was never quite prepared for it. Others found it either amazing or erotic or both, and afterwards his libido was pushed so far into overdrive that he felt he could fuck anything that moved. His cock would immediately and unstoppably arch up to its new larger size and start pumping out fat gouts of cream in long, thick ropes as his body stripped itself of clothing, like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon. A few of the other guys had similar growth patterns, but no one could match Brian for the extent of his explosions of new muscle and cock—nor the frequency of the sudden growth.

He waved at the unmistakable naked figure of Raul standing so unashamed and beautiful on the sidewalk, out in the middle of the city on a perfect summer day. Raul waved back, and started walking towards him. Hell, the guy looked like he was fucking someone with every stride of his perfect body, and The Beast would start swinging with its heavy thickness.

“Hey, Big B,” Raul said, placing his hand behind Brian’s absurdly thick neck and pulling their lips together for a kiss. Even Raul’s lips felt beautiful pressed against his own, and the smell of the other young man’s intensely erotic pheromones rose into his nostrils and made his balls tingle. They pulled their lips apart and Raul looked up and down at his friend’s mass, reaching down and slowly stroking his own dick. “Bigger?” he asked. It was sometimes hard to tell if the huge Asian had surged recently.

“Same big,” Brian said. “But I’ve been feeling…antsy all day.”

“Might as well strip yourself out of them clothes then, Brian. They’re not going to do you much good when you start hulking.” Raul’s cock was starting to come to life, swelling visibly as the helmet bloomed.

Brian laughed slightly. “I’ll leave the public nudity to you. You’re better at it.”

“I’m better at a lot of things.” He licked his lips and rubbed the tip of his prick.

“Oh, I know, Raul. I know.” He shook his head slightly as his friend so openly and unashamedly pleasured himself standing in broad daylight in the center of town. “There’s nothing you won’t do, is there?”

Raul shrugged and smiled. “Don’t know. Do you have a list of things you’d like to try with me?”

“I’d call you a tease, but we both know that’s not true.”

“I never tease,” Raul said. “I only promise.” His cock, which he called The Beast, was now raging hard and starting to drool. “Ever had sex in public?”

“No,” Brian admitted. “I’m a shy boy.”

“You’ve got fuck all to be shy about, Bri. Let’s put on a show and see who turns up. You never know, we might invite a couple more friends into the Club.”

“Or the police,” Brian said.

“They’re welcome to join, too,” Raul answered with a huge grin.

“I know there aren’t laws here about public nudity, but I gotta think that what you’re standing there doing right now doesn’t exactly fall inside the confines of decency.” Raul’s cock was stretched to its limit, arching upwards proudly and extending longer than a foot from his beautiful muscular frame. Thick veins wound up its length and the eye was open and weeping a steady flow of clear honey that broadcast its owner’s masculine scent and sexual desire strongly, like a clarion call for all Muscle Club members to answer.

Raul looked down at his prick, stroking himself slowly and with obvious love. “I don’t see anyone objecting, do you?”

“Not at the moment,” Brian admitted.

Raul met his friend’s gaze. “You want some?” He grabbed hold of his monster and allowed a swollen bubble of his rich, delicious cream to appear at the mouth of his powerful snake. “I’ve got plenty.”

Brian licked his lips. It was a sorely tempting offer. “You’re incorrigible,” Brian accused.

“That’s just a big word for unashamed, which I am. And which you should be, too.”

“It also means naughty.”

“Guilty as charged,” Raul agreed. The swollen bubble of cum was growing in size, and began to slowly drip from his enormous erection like Elmer’s glue, thick and white and creamy. “Come on, Bri, don’t make me waste all this.”

The huge Asian teen rolled his eyes and slowly dropped to his knees, saying, “If you insist….”

Raul closed his eyes and started pumping fat floods of cream into Brian’s mouth as his friend sucked with delight and hunger on The Beast. “Fuck, bro,” Raul said softly, “I needed this.”

As Brian swallowed the copious flow, he could feel his body begin to heat up, and his heart to race, and the strong, recognizable sense that he was about to swell with power all over again. Grabbing hold of Raul’s ass in his huge paws and pulling his friend’s cock deep inside his throat, he held on as his body began to magically expand with fresh, raw brawn.

His shirt spilt its seams like paper and his newer body started to emerge. Raul smiled as his friend began to swell with new muscle, and it made him feel as if his cream was doing it. That was how powerful he was, now. Just a suck on his cock and he could make even the biggest dude in town get even bigger.

Brian moaned and gulped as he felt the heat overwhelm him. Even knowing that it was coming didn’t make it one iota less enjoyable as his body’s muscled swelled fatter and harder. He could feel it intensely, and i never got any less amazing.

There was a pressure bordering on pain at his crotch as his cock was quickly growing erect and needing escape from its denim prison. He sucked down the flood of Raul’s unending load and his back expanded by the inch and his chest bulged forward and he’d ripped free of his shirt in seconds. His fingers fumbled to undo his pants and allow his swelling prick some room when it decided it had enough of its cage and ripped free, pushing out and throbbing with its orgasmic pulse.

His first gush splattered against the sidewalk, a fat creamy spray as his balls pushed their overflowing supply up the new inches of his cock. His mouth let go of Raul’s cock—rewarding him with a sudden splash of sticky wet warmth on his face as he and Raul switched places. “Get some,” he said, breathlessly, because he knew that the first load from his freshly grown body was overwhelmed with power.

Raul didn’t need to be asked twice. He fell to his knees and Brian rose off his and opened his mouth to catch the second thick gush. It hit him full force and he swallowed eagerly before grabbing onto Brian’s surging manhood and welcoming its swollen head between his lips.

He fed on Brian’s strength, and Brain gave it all to him. Raul looked up at his friend, and Brian looked down to see what his cream could do to Raul, watching him growing even more beautiful and powerful as his body bloomed with perfect muscle.

He came harder watching Raul’s beauty intensify. He did not think it possible for a man to look better than Raul already did, but there he was proving him wrong. Whatever it was inside him that finessed his development and polished every inch of his muscle-swollen frame to flawless purification was doing it again. Brian could see his friend swelling with new power, and even as the bands of muscle on his shoulders multiplied and his chest swelled forward, the man’s face grew ever more achingly beautiful.

He came harder still, watching what he was doing with his energized cum. And Raul grew larger and more beautiful with every gushing flood.

Part 2

Theodore St. George was a 66-year-old man who, until some time ago, had been an art teacher at the school where the male student population had lately begun to experience radical physical changes, and usually overnight. He had been a slight man with a bald head and wire-rimmed spectacles, fond of bow ties and suspenders who spent his spare time painting landscapes at the local park.

That was who he had been, until two of his former students—duplicate twins named Harry and Hank, who had lately experienced those exact physical changes that turned them into sun-tanned mirror-images of some blonde demigod gifted with huge muscular development and an apparent lack of modesty—encountered him on one such morning and took it upon themselves to welcome their mentor into the unusual group dynamic known as Muscle Club.

From that day to this, Mr. St. George was known as Teddy, and looked nothing at all like his former self. Like all men of any age who were exposed to the transforming properties that every Muscle Club member possessed in every cell and fiber of their bodies, Mr. St. George was changed drastically, his entire body chemistry altered and rearranged, so that when it was all said and done, Teddy was an alabaster-skinned god with deep green eyes, a shock of very black hair, and a body constructed from muscle so dense and thick that the man looked as if here were made of stone.

Teddy was introduced to the members of Muscle Club as another teen, transformed by the twins, and re-entered his old school now as a student, though he spent the better part of his time out of class than in it.

The masquerade lasted for some weeks before Mr. St. George confessed himself to Billy Titus, who only smiled knowingly and nodded, kissing the old man on his soft lips and welcoming him into their tight-knit society. “It’s nice to have another adult around,” Billy told him.

“I’m not sure I still qualify on that account,” Teddy replied. “I seem to have lost control of myself to the needs of…this.” He grabbed the hard shank of sex in the crotch of his jeans and squeezed. “It seems to have a mind of its own.”

“I know,” Billy acknowledged. “It can be…challenging.”

“I sincerely don’t know how you control yourself.”

“Sometimes I don’t, if we’re being honest.” More, he did not say. “But I’m happy you trust me with your secret.”

“I should say that it isn’t much of a secret.”

“As long as we’re sharing, you and I, may I confide in you and ask for your help?”

“Of course, William, anything at all!”

Billy smiled, seeing the face of his old teaching compatriot now reflected in the youthful, masculine visage before him. “I have something planned. Something…difficult. And it will need your help.”

“My help?”

“Yes,” Billy said. “And any other teachers who may have been similarly…upgraded.”

Theodore St. George smiled. “I think I may know one or two candidates.”

“And money. We’re going to need money.”

“How much?”

“A lot.”

Teddy’s elegant eyebrow rose on his unlined forehead. “Just what have you got in mind, William?”

A smile twisted up the corners of Billy’s kissable lips, and a sparkle was in his blue, blue eyes.

George Carmichael and Chuck Willis were still a year away from high school graduation, but it had been decided by the Muscle Club co-presidents, Scott and Derek, that this year every member of the Club could attend. Willis had been the one to welcome George into Muscle Club personally, and the two had been mostly inseparable ever since.

Willis was built like a fucking bull. Masses of thick, rock-hard muscle swelled outward everywhere on his body, almost as if his skin could not contain it. Deep fissures separated the bulbous muscle heads, and fat veins covered his brawn like tributaries over mountains. He had coffee-colored eyes and copper-colored skin, with a vast wealth of dark man-fur that coated his hyper-muscled body like a bear. He also smelled of raw sex very strongly, as if he had been bathing naked in the source of all fucking.

George had insanely bright blue eyes that looked like jewels, and a lustrous mane of chestnut hair that flowed across his shoulders and down his back, like some Amazonian prince. He had thick eyebrows over absurdly long lashes, and full lips that looked as if they were constantly kissing. Where his boyfriend’s body was all hard bulges and deep crevasses, his was round and smooth with supple, sensuous curves to his muscle. Not fat at all, but more refined as if his body had been sculpted rather than grown. Like his lover, his body was similarly coated in curls of body hair, but rather than the coarse carpet that Willis owned, George’s was made of soft, long silk that swirled like ocean waves.

If Willis was a bear, George was a lion, majestic and beautiful, with a long mane and sinuous muscles bulging along his frame. And when Willis had initiated George into the Club and George’s size and muscular development had surpassed his own, George was only too pleased to give some of it back, until they now matched each other pound for pound, even if Willis’s body looked like it was constructed from hard boulders, and George’s body was a collection of round, smooth contours.

Plus, George had massive nipples. Huge. Thick, dark, supple, suckable nips perched at the edge of each slab of chest muscle as large as silver dollars. And they were as sensitive as they were large, as if their size had amplified their responsive nature. One could practically breathe on them and watch George’s fat shank of sex meat start to throb and rise.

They were now, as they nearly always were, naked. Willis was lying face down on the grass at the edge of the swimming pool, while George floated face up on an inflated raft in the cool, calm water. Warm summer breezes caressed their skin, and George was paddling with soft splashes around the pool. “We should get ready,” he said, quietly in his deep, masculine tone.

“Mmm,” Willis replied.

“Does that mean, yes?”


“Mmm,” George mocked. He opened his eyes, shading them from the overhead sun, and looked towards his friend. Willis looked like some terrestrial map of forested mountains. The swell of his rump, round and muscular, rose high and mighty. The bulges along his shoulders stretched like a range of impressive hills. His skin was slick and shiny with tanning oil, burnished dark bronze. His shaggy head was a dark, wet mop of thick curls. George wanted to fuck him. “You’re not moving,” he observed.

Willis turned his head to meet George’s intense blue gaze. “I’ll move when you do,” he growled.

George sighed contentedly. “We’ll be late.”

“No one will notice,” Willis observed. “Everybody from Muscle Club’s gonna be there.”

“Someone will notice,” George answered. “Mr. Titus will notice.”

Willis sighed, not contentedly but with resignation, because he knew George was right. Mr. Titus would notice. He noticed everything. Even when they were all tangled up together in “class,” all the young men of Muscle Club, all naked and horny and rutting like pigs, sucking and fucking and kissing, asses in the air, cocks hard as steel, cum flying everywhere—Mr. Titus could pick one of them out like the criminal in a line-up. He was like some Queen Bee who knew exactly where all her workers were, and what they were doing, particularly when they were doing something they shouldn’t.

Willis pushed himself up onto his elbows and then turned into his side. His massive dick flopped across his muscular leg and he reached down to pet it, feeling the sharp, strong tingles of sex along its inches. Always horny. Always hungry. He loved his dick. He was looking at his lover and best friend as he caressed himself, allowing his eyes to drink in the other teen’s masses of thick muscle and all that soft fur and George’s colossal cock, half-hard and glistening in the bright sun. The dark stain of George’s fat nipples sat upon each thick pectoral globe like cherries on the top of ice cream. He growled, slightly, sounding like the bear he appeared to be. “Wanna fuck?”

George smiled. “Don’t I always?” He fell from the raft into the pool and swam towards where Willis was lying, hauling himself out of the water and standing above the other huge young man. The water drained between the heavy masses of muscle like rivers through canyons, and his dick started to swell and throb as he quickly grew erect.

Willis looked up at him. The sun glinted off the droplets clinging to his skin like diamonds. Those two amazing nipples looked swollen. He watched them grow hard with the same speed and hunger that George’s prick did. The nubs pushed forward and grew stiff and chewable. He knew that all he had to do was touch them, gently, just brush a fingertip against their super-sensitive tips and he could draw George close to an explosion of his delicious, thick cream. It would surge up his thick cock and fountain from the gaping mouth like a hydrant set loose, sending fat ropes of cum from the lion’s heavy balls.

Willis got to his knees and grabbed George’s thick cock and aimed the head into his mouth, swallowing his lover’s meat with ease and familiarity. He drank the other man’s prick inside and down his throat, feeling it growing hot and hard as he sucked its length. It pushed against his throat, but he never gagged. He loved sucking dick, and he particularly loved sucking on his best friend’s.

George reached up and grabbed one nipple in each hand, pinching them hard and forcing the first of many gushes of cum into Willis’s muscled body. He could feel himself shove a thick load up the inches of his prick and then a warm wash surrounded his cock inside his boyfriend’s mouth before he greedily guzzled it down.

He wanted more. He always wanted more. And George always had more to give him.

The sun was hot. Willis and George were hotter. Two 17-year-old men with another year of high school to go and so much more muscle to come.

“William, I’m sure you know these gentlemen already. This is Mike, Cal and Steve.” Billy reached forward and shook each man’s hand in turn, and his strength was tested to its limit each time. Firm, hard, manly handshakes that made the massive muscles lining these men’s arms swell and flex like snakes beneath their skin.

It was amusing to him that men such as he was—adults rather than teenagers who had been transformed to the muscular and sexual behemoths they were now—insisted on trying to cover their overwhelming bodies in clothing. Even as it was becoming increasingly difficult to find clothing that fit, it was equally difficult not to give in to temptation as so many of the younger men had done. They were now stripping down to the bare minimum of covering, in some cases nothing more than a jockstrap that could barely contain their mammoth sexual equipment, or wearing nothing at all as Raul Garza so confidently did.

Yet here they were, like him, trying to fit in with everyone else who was not nearly seven feet tall and did not have to contend with limbs bulging with enough muscle to overwhelm even the largest sizes of clothing and were not challenged by a shank of sex flesh so large, insistent and constantly charged up with need that it threatened to tear its way through whatever they managed to cover themselves with.

Even now, seeing these men, he could feel that familiar overwhelming sexual energy start to throb and pulse, and he realized they were all affected similarly as their pungent masculine scents started to grow strong between them, like siren calls to sex.

“I’m not entirely sure I do, actually,” he replied. “Although Cal and Steve look familiar.”

“You know me better as Mr. O’Malley, the music teacher.” Mike smiled brightly, showing rows of perfect white teeth that dazzled. Billy remembered the man as having a bit of a paunch and male-pattern baldness, probably in his late forties, with an unremarkable face and a neglected body. He always thought him a rather sad man.

The man standing before him now, clad in skin-tight low-waisted jeans and a body-hugging pure white Polo shirt looked no older than 19 or 20, and certainly had no sadness about him at all. It looked, rather, like he was prepared to take on the world barehanded and fuck the entire British navy. The paunch had been replaced by a clearly defined six-pack of amazing abdominal muscles, and his balding pate was now resplendent with a thick, honey-colored mane of soft curls that hung beyond his shoulders and halfway down his wide, muscular back. A rough, manicured beard and mustaches sprouted on his squared jaw and around his sensual mouth, and he was packing what looked like a ten-incher that pushed his package out to obscene dimensions.

“And I’m Dr. McCloud, former biology teacher.” Billy nearly gasped in surprise. Dr. Calvin McCloud was a man in his sixties, with wrinkled skin and wireframe glasses who would have difficulty tipping the scales at ninety pounds dripping wet. But here he was transformed, a massive muscular beast of a man with a powerful, deep voice that made Billy’s ball sack quiver. He was wearing a barely-there tank-top made out of an elastic material that looked painted onto his outrageously developed torso. Two tectonic plates pressed forward from his chest, and he appeared so top-heavy that he was going to tip over—except for the tree-trunk thighs bursting out of the black spandex shorts that did nothing at all to his the fact that he owned a shank of cock even larger than Cal’s. His skin was copper and clean of fur, and his head was topped with a shock of jet-black hair formed into a fauxhawk that set of his ice-blue eyes to perfection.

“I don’t believe we’ve met,” the third man said. “I’m Mike Jeffries. Used to teach at North Valley.”

“Let me guess; Home Ec.?”

Mike laughed gently. Then he raised up his arms and bulged them into mind-blowing power. Billy watched the muscle swell like balloons until his 24-inch pythons looked ready to split through his paper-thin skin. “Phys. Ed.” Then Mike went into a most-muscular crab pose that would have made any contestant on the Mr. Olympia stage spontaneously cream his jeans. He straightened and brushed at his mammoth pecs as if polishing stone, and said, “I’ve been working out.”

Billy didn’t know what Mike used to look like, but considering that he was already a physical education instructor it made sense that the man now looked nothing short of masculine muscular perfection on two very sturdy legs. If he wasn’t kidding and he really had been working out his new body, Billy had to start reconsidering his own lackluster regimen, because the man before him was the living embodiment of a muscle god.

It didn’t hurt that his face was achingly handsome, and the forests of manly fur that coated his muscles were arranged in a similarly perfect fashion, as if he had designed that, too. He was all-man, all right, and had the equipment to prove it. Mike had ocean green eyes, full, sensuous lips, a model’s facial structure and he was wearing a baseball cap that only accentuated his manly, sportsmanlike aspect.

“I’m very happy to meet you. I presume that Teddy has filled you in on the plan?”

“Some of it,” Cal said, “but not all. And he missed some of the important parts.”

“Such as?”

Mike counted off his points on his fingers, “Legalities, budget, infrastructure, schedule?”

Billy smiled sheepishly. “Yes, well, those are obviously important, but we’re at a very early stage here. I have the location. It’s far from perfect, but it’s far better than what I would’ve hoped. Legal questions are a bit touchy, obviously, given the ages of the boys and our…recent behavior. I take full responsibility for that, of course.”

Teddy said, “Not full responsibility, surely. As I’m sure these gentlemen can attest, trying to keep certain, shall we say, carnal drives in check when gifted with so many natural assets would be difficult on its own. Coupled with their already raging hormones and the amplified level of testosterone, not to mention augmented libido and the physical properties that would allow unfettered and a nearly constant ability to satiate those drives…it’s a miracle the whole town didn’t start exploding with muscular young men. I credit Mr. Titus with that success.”

“Such as it is,” Billy said. “Thanks for the vote of confidence, but as of now—or, at least, as of yesterday—there were 257 known Muscle Club members, and who knows how many more men have come in contact with our little clique and left town to spread more cheer?”

“It’s not necessarily a bad thing,” Cal said, grabbing his package meaningfully. “I’ve been rather enjoying myself, and the biological implications have this ex-biology teacher’s head spinning with possibilities. Perhaps this is the next step in our evolution. Perhaps it’s an anomaly. Either way, I know I’ve been having a very good time exploring the possibilities.”

“As have we all,” Mike agreed.

“Not our friend Mr. Titus, here,” Teddy added, laying his hand on Billy’s shoulder. “He has taken on the super-human task of denying himself access to the other young men in his tutelage.”

Mike registered shock. “Just how the fuck is that possible? My dudes took me under their wing and fucked me silly. It’s been a non-stop orgy ever since!”

“But I presume you are no longer a teacher at North?”

“Of course not.” Then realization registered on his handsome face and he said, “You’re shitting me.”

Billy smiled. “I shit you not.”

Mike reached out to shake his hand again. “I didn’t think it was possible to hold back. I’ve felt like a non-stop fuck machine ever since I grew, and it’s only gotten stronger as my body has.” He looked at the others. “I thought maybe working out would relieve some of the, you know, pressure, but it only made it worse. Seems like the bigger I get—the stronger I get—I only get hornier and hornier. Thank god I had so many friends to relieve that pressure, or I might have exploded.” He looked Billy up and down and said, “I can’t fucking believe it!”

“I have my relief valve,” he admitted. “But even that relationship is a dangerous one.”

“So that’s why you want to….”

“It is one reason, I’ll admit. A selfish one, for sure, but….”


“There are many more. More important ones. Since I’ve remained at my post, I have been able—or forced—to observe what happens to these young men once they start to grow. Old friends turn on them. Family rejects them. Things happen to their bodies they cannot understand. It’s a bit of a struggle to reign in those…desires, of course. Which is why I’ve allowed such a lax set of rules within my classroom, and which is also why the school administration…well, you know the rest.”

“Yes,” Teddy agreed.

“So, you’re all in with me, then? You understand the sacrifices that I’m asking, and what it will mean for all of us—and them?”

Nods of agreement. Billy took a deep breath and felt his heart soar with hope. “Then let’s get started.”

Hank and Harry Johnson were identical twins, in almost every way. Even after having been exposed to the magic that the members of Muscle Club all shared, their bodies had grown and developed in identical ways, so much so that it was difficult for most people to tell one from the other.

Texan teens, they looked more like Southern California surfers, with their deeply tanned skin and long flowing locks of bright blonde hair. With the exception that these particular surfers had been spending every waking moment they weren’t out on the waves inside a gym, where they had developed bodies of such incredible size and beauty that looking at them could produce instant erections on almost any man seeing them for the first time.

It didn’t help matters that their usual uniform was a pair of very skimpy running shorts and nothing else at all, so that nearly every inch of their amazing and perfectly formed bodies was freely available to wantonly gawk at.

The boys themselves seemed oblivious to the attention. Not that they weren’t particularly bright, more that they had a carefree attitude that was so open, generous and affable—if not downright affectionate—that they did not seem to fathom that people acted any differently with anyone else, regardless of their overwhelming physical beauty.

Between the two of them, a natural competitiveness was also born, and it, too, had been amplified when Raul had taken them both by the hand and introduced them to his world. Now they roamed the world in a kind of good-natured haze, treating everyone and everything they encountered with the same sense of unreserved open-hearted friendliness.

They simply loved everyone they met. And it helped that neither of them considered that leaving their ability to ‘tug’ on another man’s libido—sending out a subtle, tingling, very pleasurable throb of sexual desire and inescapable lust—constantly running was in any way wrong or inappropriate. After all, didn’t everyone like feeling good? And wasn’t it good that they could make other men feel good? Very, very, very good?

They were jogging through the park, which was one of their favorite pastimes, as they discussed the up-coming ceremony. “This is going to be great!”

“Right? Like, everyone together in the same place? And, like, naked?”

“Right?” Their voices were indistinguishable as they jogged through the trees. Two six-and-a-half foot muscular teens wearing practically nothing at all, their muscles bouncing and flexing as they easily moved along the park paths. “I can’t wait!”

It was in this very park that they had encountered one of their favorite teachers, Mr. St. Cloud, and “accidentally” invited him to join Muscle Club. And it was also one of their favorite ‘hunting grounds,’ where they were always on the lookout for more likely candidates.

Because nothing felt as good—nothing felt as powerful and right and perfect—as changing a new member into another muscle-packed superman. Unless it was the inevitable round of mind-blowing sex that followed, of course.

Nearly every morning the twins were out running, keeping their eyes out for new prospects. And as they ran, they were leaving thick trails of their masculine pheromones behind them, laced with the heady, uncompromisingly masculine scent that all Muscle Club members released like invitations to orgasmic bliss, and broadcasting constant pulses of the sexual tug radiating out like radar bands. They were fishermen, and their lures were nearly inescapable.

It wasn’t hard to fall into their trap, and succumb to their charm and beauty.

As they rounded a curve, emerging from the cover of trees and accompanied by the clarion call of their raging hormonal pheromones and the constant throbbing tug of their innate capability to turn any man into a potent horndog intent on one thing only, they spied their target at the same time. “Wow,” Hank said, his Texan twang coming in strong.

“You can say that again.”

“Shall we play our game?”

“Let’s,” Harry agreed.

Samuel Hanover was a dark-skinned brute of a man. Already well-muscled and broad with brawn, he was leaned over and stretching out his hamstrings when the twins spied him. An African-American man of impressive size and beauty, he was shirtless on this early summer morning, and his chocolate skin was slick and wet with sweat.

“Hey!” Hank called.

“What’s up?” Harry added. They jogged over to him and he turned, straightened, and let his jaw drop open in sheer shock.

The twins slowed to a stop a few feet from him, standing side by side in all their uniform splendor. “Good morning,” they said at the same time.

“What the fuck?” Then he seemed to realize what he had said, and he apologized. “Sorry about that but…I mean…the fuck?”

Both twins grinned, and Hank said, “No worries, we get that a lot. I’m Hank, and this is Harry.”

“We’re twins.”

“I think he got that right away, Sherlock.”

“Well, maybe he thought he was seeing things.”

In fact, Sam was thinking that, but it wasn’t the fact that the two men before him looked so identical. It was the fact that they looked so identically developed, muscular, beautiful and amazing. “Sam,” he said. He was feeling a distinct buzzing in his body, and he felt as if the immediate area was suddenly growing warmer.

“You jog here a lot? Funny, cause I think we’d remember someone like you.”

“I just moved into town. Taking a teaching job in the fall. Over at North Valley.” He wiped his brow. It really was getting hotter.

“We go to West Valley, but we have some friends at North.”

Hank asked, “What’ll you be teaching?”

“Physical Education,” he answered. He adjusted himself without thinking. His cock was starting to feel quite heavy and bothersome all the sudden.

Hank looked at his brother and said, “Should’ve guessed.”

“You’re in high school?” Sam was incredulous. No one that big, with that much muscle packed on a body that perfectly developed could possibly be that young. It took years to develop that much meat, and he should know. An ex-bodybuilder himself, he’d transformed his own body over the course of many years before retiring because he was unwilling to use enhancements on his body. He allowed his gaze to look at the unbelievable development on each of the young bodies on parade before him, admiring the size, shape and perfect definition packed on every inch of these bronzed blonde teens. A sudden, unexpected throb hit his prick, and he swallowed drily.

“Graduating later today, as a matter of fact,” Hank said proudly.


“Seventeen,” Harry corrected. “You look surprised.”

“I am. I mean, you guys must spend every day working out.” He sucked in a deep breath. Sweat trickled down his spine and crept between his butt cheeks.

“Not every day,” Hank admitted.

“But we do get a lot of exercise.”

“Oh, yes, we’re both very physical.”

The brothers looked at each other as if sharing some inside joke. When they looked back, Harry’s eyes scanned Sam’s body up and down as Hank said, “How old are you?”

Sam thought it an odd sort of question, but he answered, “36,” somewhat proudly.

“Wow, did you hear that? Sam’s over twice our age.”

“He still looks really good, though.”

“Um, thanks?” Now he was very hot. His heart was racing, and his cock was throbbing. “I think I should be getting on.”

“Do you mind if we jog with you for a while?” Hank’s hand was crawling down his well-muscled torso. Sam followed its course until the teenager hooked a thumb into the waistband of his running shorts, pulling them down slightly. His eyes grew round at the realization that Hank’s prick was huge, and pushing insistently against its cloth cage.

“Would that be all right?” Harry was cupping his crotch, and the head of his own massive shank was easy to make out.

“I guess…so.” The familiar trickle of pre-cum surged along his quickly thickening cock, and his balls tingled happily.

“Cool,” Harry said, smiling. “I think this is the start of a really good friendship, wouldn’t you say, Hank?”

“Oh, definitely.”

Sam’s brow wrinkled slightly, but he watched the two young men start along the path again—in particular, he watched their bulbous, meaty asses bounce and sway as they jogged—and found himself amazed and turned on in equal measure by the beauty of these twin boys and their amazing bodies. “Did you know Mike?”

“Mike?” Sam repeated.

“Mr. Jeffries? He used to teach at North.”

“You knew Mr. Jeffries?”

“Intimately,” Harry said. “We’re very close friends with Mike.”

“I guess there were some problems with students? Something about his performance?”

“Problems? Do you think Mr. Jeffries has problems with students, Hank?”

“I have never heard any complaints from anyone about Mr. Jeffries. On the contrary, I believe that everyone is extremely happy with his performance. And speaking from experience, I can say that if there’s one thing no one can ever complain about in reference to Mike, it’s his performance.”

“I was told he left town.” Sam’s cock was now rock hard, and rubbing against his shorts quite distractingly. “Evidently there were complaints.”

“I have no complaints, but then he wasn’t my teacher.”

“Well, to be fair, Henry, I don’t think you can say that with 100% honesty. I think Mike taught you a thing or two.”

“Well, yes, but not as a teacher—I mean, not in school, that is,” Hank clarified.

“Well, no, not in school.”

“I don’t mean to pry, but the administration has been very coy about what, in particular, Mr. Jeffries did to be dismissed so abruptly.”

“What he did?”

Sam tried to adjust himself on the sly, but touching his hard-on only made things worse. “Yes, what prompted the school to ask for his resignation.”

“Oh, that. Well, it wasn’t really his fault.”

“Of course not! No one blames Mr. Jeffries for what happened.”

“I probably shouldn’t even be asking these questions,” Sam admitted. His whole body was coated in sweat. His heart was racing. His balls were on fire.

“We could show you, if you like,” Hank said.

“Oh, yes, we could do that,” Henry agreed. “If you’re really curious.”

Sam glanced over his shoulder at the two young men following him. Did they look bigger? Were they more muscular than he remembered only moments before? And were those small shorts they wore even smaller? He could see each of the twins’ massive pricks wagging and rubbing up against the Nylon, inches long and fat as sausages. “I…I don’t want to get anyone into any more trouble.”

“I don’t think that’s a worry,” Hank said, smiling brightly.

“Nope, I think at this point everyone concerned is pretty happy with how things turned out, all things considered.”

Sam slowed and felt the tremendous heat of the two massively muscled bodies approach him. He didn’t turn around, though. His hard-on was as massive as everything else. “Maybe I should go on by myself.”

Hank circled around in front of him, while Henry stayed at his rear. “Why, Sam? Aren’t you feeling all right?” Hank glanced down at Sam’s insistent boner, tenting his shorts. “Is that what you’re worried about?”

Sam swallowed hard.

“Sometimes that happens when we’re exercising, too,” Hank added. “Henry, Sam is feeling a bit embarrassed because he has a hard-on. Why don’t you come around here and show him that he has nothing to be embarrassed about.”

“A hard-on?” Henry moved to stand beside his twin. He was holding his running shorts in his left hand. In his right hand, he was holding the biggest, fattest, hardest cock that Sam had ever seen.

Henry’s prick—looking to be at least a foot high—was red and glossy and clearly as hard as a rock. He was slowly stroking himself, and a steady flow of clear honey was emerging from its mouth and draining along the thick, long shaft, lubing his grip and making a slick, wet sound. “Why are you worried about a little thing like that?” He smiled glancing at the tent in Sam’s shorts, and added, “Not that it’s little by any means.”

Nearly unable to take his eyes off the majestic sight, he was nonetheless distracted by movement and he looked over to watch the other twin’s prick inflate in record time, growing so large so quickly that it was almost comical. And when had Hank removed his shorts?

Now the two matching sets of muscular, tanned, blonde-haired gods stood entirely naked before him, with massive erections steadily leaking copious flows of warm, clear honey that scented the very air around him with sex. Their bodies seemed to magnify, growing more solid and more clearly defined, as if their muscles were slowly swelling outward all at once, pushing against their smooth, flawless skin as they inflated with power. “There’s nothing to be embarrassed about, Sam. Nothing at all.”

He raised his gaze from their monsters and looked at their faces. Were they even more handsome now? Had their countenances changed along with their bodies? How was any of this possible? Was he dreaming?

A dark stain colored his running gear as he spontaneously came, releasing a heavy, uncontrollable flood of warm cum into his crotch. “That’s nice of you,” Hank said.

“Yeah, that’s quite a compliment.”

“Perhaps we should return the favor?”

“That’s a great idea, Hank.”

The two young men pointed their massive cocks towards the high school Phys. Ed. teacher and suddenly twin sprays of thick, sticky cream were splattering against Sam’s body as if the teens were holding hoses and had opened up the nozzles. An impossible amount of cum was spraying from each cock and it struck Sam with force and heat and a sudden, overwhelming sense of power.

He gasped. He came again. And then he was growing.

Mr. Titus was wearing a suit. No one else in the auditorium wore anything at all. He stood behind the podium and looked at the gathering of naked, perfect men before him. They were all looking back at him, with smiles on their achingly handsome faces and nothing but prime, beautiful muscle as far as the eye could see.

He’d just handed out the final diploma and watched the last of his graduate take his seat with his friends. There were grins and kissed and back slaps aplenty—even a few cock strokes—as they congratulated each other.

“Gentlemen. I present to you the graduating class of—”

“The graduating class of Muscle Club!” someone shouted, and a deep, thrilling roar went up as each of these powerful, super-human young men raised their voice in pride and triumph, glorying in the brotherhood of muscle they had formed. Some stood from their chairs and raised their arms, plumping their masses of brawn into full power. Others grabbed or stroked their cocks as a sign of superiority. Some kissed or embraced. It was a sudden explosion of testosterone and hubris, a celebration of what and who they were, and an unashamed display of their sense of achievement.

Billy smiled brightly and nodded before trying to bring some order back to the proceedings. The mass of male perfection slowly quieted again and resumed their seats, and Billy acknowledged their declaration of independence. “The graduating class of Muscle Club.”

Another shout went up. More awesome displays of muscular grandeur and sexual capacity erupted. Billy felt his own massive cock stirring and wanting free, but he did his usual best to suppress it and merely allowed the celebratory display of virility and arousal to cool on its own.

These weren’t boys before him, these were men. Their bodies showed that with ample evidence. Some of them were barely 18, and others only 16, but looking from one to the next of the faces of Muscle Club’s growing membership—both in number and in physical size—it was evident to their teacher that these were men, with manly strengths and desires, and a strongly masculine need to satisfy them.

It was obvious how they had all been changed externally by whatever was happening to them, but the internal changes were less so. Only when he was alone with them, with each man in Muscle Club, did he realize how changed they were. Along with their swelling muscles and growing beauty, they were maturing in ways he could not have imagined. They were truly behaving like a family, now, watching out for each other, supporting each other and, yes, even loving each other.

So many of them had been rejected by their own family and friends, now. Prejudice, certainly, and maybe even fear. Fear of their growing bodies and growing power and growing sexuality. Fear of their fearlessness. Fear of the size of their muscles and bodies, fear of their outsized libidos and egos, fear of their strength and power.

It was so sad, really. Because there was nothing to fear from these men at all.

The cheers died down to a quiet roar and Billy held up his hands for silence, eliciting a few catcalls when his arms started ripping through his clothing. Would he ever stop growing bigger?

He sincerely hoped not.

“Gentlemen,” he said, “before we get on with today’s celebrations, and what I’m sure will be a party the likes of which this school—this town—has never seen, I have a couple of important announcements to make concerning your…our futures.” A soft, deep murmuring rose at his words. “I know…I know some of you have had your suspicions, but I have not been able to report this news until today. Until now.

“We have dreamed of a place for us, together. A place where we will be free to live as we know we must. A place where we are free to be ourselves, and not ashamed.”

“Who’s ashamed?” It was Raul, naked and glorious—and did he look even more beautiful than yesterday? A tremendous roar accompanied his question. The feral roar of power.

“You’re right of course, Mr. Garza. Shame is not something that comes naturally to you, but for some of us, shame is what we are expected to feel. Shameful of our very emotions and desires, and shameful about how we act and look. Shameful of our actions and reactions. Shameful of simply existing.” A hush fell, and some of the young men looked down at the floor, while others were looking from face to face, and some of them nodding in agreement. “It is…difficult for others to understand what this means.” Billy gestured at his own hugely developed frame, running his hand down the thickly muscled contours, so easily discerned even under his suit of clothes. “What it means to be…us.”

It was silent now. Completely silent.

“On this day, we are all graduating. Today, we are all moving forward, and moving out.”

More murmurs.

“We have found a place for us. For any of you who wish to join us. As of today—now—we are no longer Muscle Club.”

The sound was now one of confusion, also refusal, but Billy expected that.

“We are more than a Club. More than a school. We continue to grow, to become more than we are, and to invite others to join us. So we need a new name, and a new goal, and a new place.”

He paused, and five other men, also wearing tight-fitting suits—some, ludicrously so, looking as if the seams would burst and reveal their incredibly-developed muscular frames in seconds—walked out onto the stage, arranging themselves in pairs on either side of the podium. These men, looking no older than Billy himself, or indeed than any of the dozens of naked teen muscle gods in the audience, stood with their hands clasped before them and their handsome faces looking out toward the gathered members of Muscle Club with smiles.

“Perhaps some of you recognize these men here with me on stage.” He gestured to each man as he announced their names. “Theodore St. George, formerly a teacher here of art history and English. Michael Jeffries, formerly a teacher of Physical Education at a neighboring High School. Calvin McCloud, formerly a teacher of biology and earth sciences here. Stephen O’Malley, formerly a teacher of music and mathematics. And finally Samuel Hanover, one of the newest members of our happy and unusual family, thanks to Harry and Hank.” After each man bowed his head slightly, Billy cleared his throat.

“Gentlemen,” Billy said, drawing the attention to be focused on his face again, “today we announce the birth of our new home. A place for us to gather together, live together, and build something of our own that no one can push us out of or refuse us entry. Today, gentlemen, is the first day.

“Today I invite you to live in Muscle City.”

On cue, the five men standing around him lifted their arms in unison and tensed their collections of awesome, uncompromising brawn to full bloom. Instantly, their clothing was torn to shreds, practically exploding from their bodies, revealing the promise of what they had been hiding in naked glorious perfection.

Then they grabbed onto Billy’s suit and ripped it from his body, tearing apart the wool and cotton as if it were paper, uncovering the body that only one other man had seen to this day, as Billy Titus joined his pupils in a silent vow never to hide who and what he was any longer.

The six men stood proudly amongst the tattered and torn remnants of their old life and folded their massive arms across their bulging chests, beaming with smiles that displayed their unashamed masculine perfection.

Immediately, the crowd exploded in shouts and cheers and wild applause.

“If I may—” Billy began, but the noise of the spontaneous applause was overwhelming. The members of Muscle Club were out of their seats, hugging, kissing, fist-pumping and throwing their own bodies into awesome displays of their massive muscular development. “Gentlemen,” Billy said again, but the cheers and clapping and muscular displays continued. Billy looked at his fellow teachers and shrugged, and they threw their arms across each others’ shoulders and watched the mayhem continue for some minutes until the crowd began to settle again, and some voices raised questions that they hurled toward the stage.

“Where is it?”

“When do we leave?”

“How did you do it?”

Billy gestured for calm and finally received it, but most of the audience remained standing, now, fully pumped on excitement and surprise and unable to calm their overeager bodies. Just the idea of Muscle City was causing the men to spring erections, as if voting with their cocks.

“As you know, the economic downturn has had a debilitating effect on several nearby towns, causing some to be thrown into complete disarray and bankruptcy. Some weeks ago, a friend and I start—”

“Carl!” Several deep voices shouted, and a glance at the big blonde’s face showed him coloring a deep red with embarrassment and pride.

“A friend,” Billy said, loudly, “and I began to investigate the possibility of taking over one of these places, one that has been mostly abandoned as its factories closed and its population left for greener pastures. As we know, many of the commonplace necessities of daily life are no longer absolute necessities for us. Our bodies and our fellowship can now provide for most basic needs, but we are still left living in an unfriendly environment that neither understands or desires our continued citizenship.

“We therefore concluded that what would best benefit us and all our friends would be a place separated from our former lives, a place where we can explore our new capabilities, our new relationships, and our new lives.”

“Fuckin’ A!” someone shouted.

“Fuckin’ A, indeed,” Billy agreed. And then there was more yelling and applause and alpha displays of massive muscular development. The men on stage were covering their mouths as they laughed, or trying to feign some kind of adult control even though their own hearts were racing and they could practically taste the testosterone leaking into the room. “And I am happy and proud to announce today that we have found that home, and it is awaiting our arrival.”

Cheers, again. Sustained and loud. The walls were shaking and the roof quaked. The sheer power contained in the gathered men was enough to create havoc inside the building. Billy called for quiet again, and said, “Let me be clear, this will not be an easy change. We are not going to a Garden of Eden. The town I speak of will need lots of work to make livable spaces, and many of its services, resources and facilities have fallen into disrepair, if not downright failure.

“I must also hasten to add that a great many of you will need your parents’ permission. There are still laws to consider if we are to avoid undo interference and observation, and starting off on the wrong foot would put all of us, and this endeavor, in peril.” Already, there were protests, but Billy said, “I realize that many of you have been turned out already by your families. I know that many of you are—or were—living in the classroom or even at the outdoors gathering place, because you’ve had nowhere else to go. Many of you are already living together, squatting in abandoned properties or living with your friends with more understanding and loving families. In short, you have already received a kind of tacit permission to move out, but you will still need to inform your families of your intentions before joining us.

“For those remaining behind, and I know there are more than a few of you who will be unwilling at this point to abandon everything you know and move to another city, even one as I have described, you should know that I have given my notice and informed the school that I do not intend to return. Whomever your teacher is in September, they may be unwilling to be as…lenient as I have been concerning certain rules regarding clothing requirements and sexual conduct in the classroom.” A few of the younger members in the audience groaned audibly. “I wish that I could be in two places at one time, but I’m afraid the situation has become untenable. Restrictions will be enforced upon you—upon all of us—in the coming year whether we like it or not. I know this makes it harder on you than ever, but it is what it is.”

The general mood shifted at his words, But then he smiled, and he said, “But Muscle City is ours, gentlemen. It is all ours, and we may do with it everything we can dream of.”

Then he lifted his own arms up into a double-bi that would make the gods weep with envy, building his colossal pectoral mounds into thick mountains of raw power, and making his body swell outward as he released the bounds he had placed on it and began to swell into his ultimate, glorious, unfettered size and magnitude.

His hyper-masculine scent was being released in thick clouds. His muscles bulged against his skin with their utter capacity and facility. His cock was a massive thing of beauty and dominion, drooping forward over his cum-pumping balls with every thick inch of its impossible extents. Male power and sexual energy saturated his voice. “Muscle City—and freedom—awaits us, gentlemen.”

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