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Promises, promises

“Is this seat taken?”

George looked up. And up. And up some more. The body matched the voice. Huge, broad, powerful, and incredibly masculine. One of the Muscle Club dudes, no doubt about it. He tried to keep calm, and discovered that he had no air in his lungs and no words on his tongue, so he just shook his head with his mouth hanging open. The guy smiled and put forth his big bear paw, grabbing the back of the chair and pulling it backwards from the library table.

“Cool,” he said. He smelled good. Like, really good. Not sweet or perfumed, like he was trying to cover something up with cologne. He smelled earthy and rank and the scent, strong and spicy with a feral muskiness, did something to George, something uncontrollable and innate, that made his own cock twitch and swell in response.

He was still smiling, and his dark, coffee-colored eyes were locked onto George’s blue ones as he maneuvered his thickly-muscled and perfectly developed body into the seat next to him. There was a lot of him, probably close to 300 pounds of swollen, veiny, insanely developed muscle bulging from every inch of the dude. The shirt he was wearing was stretched so tightly across his upper body that each individual head of his incredibly shredded 6-pack was easily distinguished. There was a dark shadow stretching across his chest, that George figured was probably a very thick forest of fur, and fat tributaries of arteries traveled over and around the massive balls of power that clung to his arms.

He settled into place and pulled a couple of math books and his laptop from a black backpack that had been slung over one of his mountainous shoulders. He set them carefully on the table and opened one up, then flipped up the cover of the laptop and waited until the screen winked into power, using his thick fingers on the keyboard with deft familiarity to enter his password, and then the desktop popped up and George gulped when he saw what the other young man was using for wallpaper.

It was a picture of a naked man’s body from the neck to the groin. Muscle bulged there, too, just like on his own body. The picture was just this side of pornographic, because it ended just above the groin, showing only a massive triangle of dark pubes but no equipment. The model, whomever he was, had an incredible chest and cobblestone belly, his copper-colored skin dusted with fur that swam between the muscular mounds like dark rivers through a mountainscape. Veins sprouted everywhere on his naked flesh, and the sheer size of his pecs pointed his nipples—huge, dark, round nubs—forward through the rough forest of his body hair.

George caught only a glance of the masculine beauty before a spreadsheet filled the screen, and only hints and glimpses of copper skin could be seen.

He realized he was staring at the screen when he felt eyes upon him, and—shifting his gaze toward the muscular teen’s face—he knew he had been caught looking at the picture more intently than he intended.

The other young man smiled. His teeth were starkly white against the darkly tanned skin. He had full, lovely lips and what was commonly referred to as a flavor-saver clinging to his chin just below his bottom lip. A deep cleft split his wide, masculine chin at the center, and when he smiled two dimples appeared at the corners of his mouth.

George blinked and looked down and away, pretending sudden interest in his book. He felt more than heard the other teen laugh gently, then he fell silent and calm as he turned his attentions to his math book.

George’s heart was beating fast. That smell. It was intoxicating. He’d never smelled anything like that, except maybe after gym class when all the guys were stinking of sweat. It was only partially like that scent, but it was both stronger and more attractive to his senses. More of a feeling than a scent, really. Like something was leeching out from the other boy’s flesh and surrounding his own, penetrating his body with its power.

He breathed in deeply. He didn’t want to let it from his lungs. He wanted to suck it all inside and bathe in its beauty and strength.

His eyes widened as realization hit him. That’s what it was! He smelled… strong. Powerful. It was as if the very essence of muscle and vigor, dominance and supremacy, manliness and virility had somehow been concentrated into a smell, and that he was giving it off like smoke from a fire.

He sucked in another deep breath and felt his cock twitch and throb. Fuck, it smelled good. He wanted it all over him. He wanted to shower in it, bathe in it, feel it coat his skin and drink it down like water.

He was slightly lost in a kind of passionate haze when he realized the muscle-packed arm of the masculine mountain next to him was moving in and out, and their proximity was making his shirtsleeve move ever so slightly. He didn’t move his head, only his eyes, and tried to see what the other guy was doing.

Fuck! he was… he was fucking stroking his joint under the table! His arm shifted back and forth as his hand stroked up and down along his thigh. It didn’t take a genius to realize what was going on.

The huge teen sighed and a low sound, like a groan or a grunt, came from his mammoth chest. George swallowed and turned his head slightly to watch, wondering how far this guy would take it, and what the fuck was getting him so horned up about a calculus book.

The guy adjusted his huge form, slipping his hips forward and moving his butt toward the edge of his chair. He stretched his thickly corded neck and twisted his head. Then he sighed again and made another low moaning sound. His hand still slowly stroked his groin and something was definitely swelling down there.

George cleared his throat, and the other dude turned his head and looked at him, one eyebrow cocked curiously. “Hey,” he said. He didn’t stop stroking himself, and he smiled beautifully.

“I’m George,” he said.

“I know,” the huge young man responded, with that beautiful full smile still on his mouth. “We used to have calc together.” He tilted his head, then looked down at his huge body—could he even see over those two beach ball-sized pectoral globes? He moved his hand from his burgeoning hard-on, though slowly and with obvious regret. Then he looked up, and he sort of shrugged and said, “Guess I do… look kinda different.”

George looked closer at the tall, broad, beautiful young man next to him. At his dark eyes with their long lashes, and the silken skin, sun-tanned to a bronze sheen, and the small ears sticking out slightly under a rough mop of wavy mahogany curls. He was still smiling, and all at once another face—like this one, but less refined and pocked with acne—came to mind. “Willis? Chuck Willis?”

“The same,” he said, and he licked his lips and his dark gaze swam across George’s face and then flickered south, looking at his body. The gaze made the smaller teenager feel both uncomfortable and exposed, as if the other could see him naked. “How you doing, George?”

“Not as good as you, I guess,” he said, then he instantly regretted it. “I mean—”

Willis touched George’s shoulder with the hand that only moments ago had been slowly pleasuring his dick. His grip was warm and strong. “I know what you mean, George. It’s kinda obvious that I’m not exactly the same dude I was yesterday.”

“Wait… what?”

“Yeah. One day ago I looked… kinda like you do, actually. And now….” He held up his opposite arm, keeping his grip on George’s shoulder, and bent his elbow and flexed his entire arm into spasms of swollen muscular perfection. The skin, so deliciously tanned and shining, stretched thinner and thinner across the masses of brawn that the other young man now possessed. The biceps arched higher and higher, the head splitting in two with a fat vein winding over the top. Willis’s sleeve was being tested to its limits as the upper armed swelled past the twenty-inch mark and just kept going. He didn’t even look like he was trying very hard, and the muscle just grew bigger and bigger. “Not bad, eh?”

“Jesus,” George said softly.

Willis let his arm relax and he lowered it. It made his chest swell forward again and his shoulder build into a mountain next to his thick, corded neck. “Thanks,” he said. His voice was a deep and powerful force. It seemed to lick George’s ear and stick its tongue inside. “Still getting use to it,” Willis reported. “Broke a couple of door knobs off and bent a car door, this morning. I have some trouble… fitting. Know what I mean?”


“You know Donny? Donny Palmer?”

“The trumpet guy from band?”

Willis nodded. “He and me…. we…. he…. anyway, he invited me in and, so, yeah.” He was smiling, still. His face was a gorgeous collection of angles and hard surfaces. A rough burr of whiskers was sprouting on his jutting chin and high, perfect cheeks. When he swallowed, a pronounced Adam’s Apple bobbed at the center of a collection of corded muscle that pointed toward an eruption of curls peeking over the edge of his white T-shirt. The mounds of his pectorals, thick and heavy, pressed forward several inches and George could easily detect the pointed announcement of two fat nipples poking against the tight material. “It was… surprising.”

“What…. How do they—?”

“You don’t know?”

“I heard stories, but you guys keep to yourselves pretty tightly so—” He shrugged his small shoulders and looked down at his book.

“Yeah, it’s kind of… secret. I guess.” Willis took his grip from George’s shoulder and the smaller boy instantly missed its warmth and strength. “Kinda messy, if I was to tell you the truth, but it’s totally worth it.”

George looked over and found Willis’s eyes still gazing intently at him. “Yeah?”

Willis nodded, then lifted his hand to brush a collection of stray locks from his dark gaze. “Totally.” He looked down at himself again and the hand that had pushed the hair away from his handsome, hirsute features moved down to the fat nub of his left nipple, and he rubbed at it softly with his middle finger. “Not saying there aren’t drawbacks.” His voice was gruff and soft. His finger circled the nipple a few times and then his hand disappeared under the table again and George could see the cords and cables of muscle along the attached arm flex and twist and swell and Willis began to obviously grab onto himself and rub and squeeze his own prick through his pants. “But even the… distractions are pretty sweet.”

George’s eyes were gazing on the manipulations of Willis’s hand at his crotch. “Distractions?”

“Yeah,” Willis responded, almost in a whisper. “You get kinda… horny. Kinda… a lot.”

“Nothing new about that,” George agreed.

“No, it ain’t like that,” Willis said. “It’s… harder. It’s… deeper.”

“What is?”

Willis licked his lips and a soft groan erupted from his powerful neck. “Awwwww, fuck.”

“Dude,” George said, slightly disturbed. “You can’t do that here.”

Willis looked at him. “Why not?” He reached forward with his free hand and took George’s wrist, then guided his small hand down under the table and pushed it against his own crotch. “Feel this, bro.”

George looked around the library guiltily. “Dude. What the fuck?”

“Feel me,” Willis said. His eyes fell shut and his head lolled back on his powerful neck. he brought his hands up and folded his arms behind his head, knitting his fingers together. Each of his biceps looked like swollen baseballs, with every fiber of muscle and every throbbing vein clearly defined. “Feel how big I am.”

He could feel how big Willis was quite easily. His cock was hot and hard, running down his pant leg and… jeez! He could feel it throbbing! He could feel it swelling!

“Stroke me, bro. Just a little bit.” He did. Slowly. Tentatively. George moved his hand along Willis’s inches, reaching farther under the table to touch the swelling helmet, lodged nearly to the other boy’s knee. “Stroke me, dude. Feel how big I am. Feel how hot I am.”

George moved his hand back up Willis’s prick. It throbbed and twitched and swelled under his gentle caresses. He couldn’t see it in the dark under the table, but the fucking thing felt big enough to rip its way free.

“Yeah, dude. Feels nice,” Willis said. “Aw, fuck, that feels good.”

“Willis, I—”

“Put it under, bro.”


Willis opened his eyes and leaned toward George and brought his face in very close. “Put your hand down my pants, George.”

George took his hand off Willis’s dick, and the other young man put his fingers to the buttons of the fly on his 501’s and pulled them apart one at a time. He wasn’t wearing anything underneath, a sudden strong whiff of the intoxicating scent of pure, unfiltered manliness assaulted George strongly. “Just…. just do what you were doing. Only—” He motioned toward his crotch with his head and winked. “Just a little bit, dude.”

“Willis, someone’s gonna see.”

“No they won’t dude. No one’s gonna see.” He put his powerful paw atop George’s small, delicate hand and inched it under his pants. “Like that, dude. See? Nothing to it.”

“Jesus, Willis.”

“See how big it is? Feel how big I am, dude. I’m fucking hung, George.”

That was undeniable. George could now feel intimately exactly how big Willis’s cock had grown. All the Muscle Club dudes were like that. Big fucking cocks, but George had never held one before. George had never touched any other dude’s cock, and now he was moving his grip around the shaft of one of the biggest cocks on campus.

Willis sighed again. His cock swelled in George’s grip and grew harder and hotter. “Fuck that feels so good, bro.” George moved his hand deeper inside the warm, sweaty cage of Willis’s monster. He inched his fingers along the fat, hard shaft and squeezed him firmly. Willis sucked in a breath and smiled and said, “Yeah, dude. That’s good. Fuck, that feels so nice.” He moved his touch back to his nipple, and started to gently rub and circle it with his fingertips.

His words made George feel warm, and he was experiencing an odd feeling of control and power as he held the other young man’s prick in his hand. He squeezed it again, harder, and it pressed back against him, swelling suddenly bigger. It was shocking how large it felt, and he wanted to see it, suddenly. He felt an urge to pull Willis’s cock out of his pants to look at it, right there in the library. “How big is it?”

Willis smiled proudly. “Don’t know, dude. But it’s a fucking monster. Fucking… awww, yeah, that feels sooooo good—”

“Can I see it?”

Willis tilted his handsome head and narrowed his eyes. “You want to see it?”

George nodded. “Yeah,” he whispered, moving his hand slowly along its contours. “Can I see it?”

“I’m not sure,” Willis said carefully, “that’s such a good idea.” Then George squeezed him hard, and he grunted deeply from surprise and pleasure and bit his bottom lip. “Awww, fuck, George. Awww, fuck.”

“I just… I wanna see it.”

“Why?” He growled the question, like an animal. His dark eyes flashed and he pulled in a deep breath, testing the seams of his shirt with his expanding chest. “Why do you want to see my dick?”

“Wanna see if it’s as big as it feels,” George answered. “Want… want to watch it grow.”


“See how big you can get.”

“Fucking huge.”

“See how big I can make you.”


“Lemme see it, Willis. Show it to me.”

He smiled and licked his lips, then said, “Pull it out, dude. Go ahead.”

George grabbed on to Willis’s cock and tugged it free. He peeled his pants open and pulled the huge prick out inch by inch. It was already hard, but once he started tugging it, it began to swell by the inch and harden to steel firmness. “Fuck,” he said softly.

“Yeah, dude. Fucking huge.”

It was, indeed, a monster. The smell of Willis, the scent of masculine virility, grew in volume as his cock was extracted from its tight cage. Willis spread his legs apart and helped George pull him free by opening his fly as far as it would manage and watched the other teen handle his enormity in his small, delicate hands.

All the man-handling and rough manipulation of his thick inches was driving his libido wild. He could feel his heavy balls throbbing with a massive load of rich, powerful, creamy cum. Fat veins pulsed and throbbed along every inch and the plum-sized head was shoved free of its cowl of foreskin. The eyes was wet with precum, as were George’s hands when, at last, he’d pulled Willis’s 14-inch hard-on free and saw it exposed in all its glory at last.

George was staring at it, mouth agape and eyes wide. It was massive and gorgeous. He moved his hand to the helmet and surrounded the fat head with the warm softness of his palm. A thick drizzle of honey erupted from its eye and slicked his skin. Willis watched the other young man’s worshipful attentions and found his horniness increasing with every beat of his powerful heart. “Careful, dude,” he advised.

George didn’t look up from Willis’s prick. “What?”

“I’m fucking close, dude. So fucking close.”


Willis bit his lip and nodded. He could fucking go off right now, push up a heavy load of his thick, warm cream and splatter it all over the table, the books, the carpet, the shelves and George. The smaller boy held a rocket in his hands. He could feel its power and urgency. He stroked the massive inches with a slick, wet sound. His hand was coated thickly with a delivery of Willis’s unending stream of precum. It made his manipulations of the monster easy and quick. It throbbed in his grip and grew fatter and harder.

Willis’s hand was on top of his, stopping his talented strokes and his face was a mask of intense pressure. “Hold on,” he said, darkly. “Fuck, dude. You’re gonna make me cum right here.”

“You’re so huge,” George said, admiringly.

“I know it dude,” Willis agreed, “and I go off huge, too. So cool it a little.”

George smiled and squeezed him. “I thought you wanted me to.”

“Fuck.” Willis curled his toes and fought the urge to shove his load free. “I do, dude, I do. You’re… you feel so good. Fuck, dude, the way you stroke me, the way you look at me, I’m fucking ready to explode.”


“Fuck, yeah.”

“Pull your balls out.”

“George, I—”

“Pull ‘em out. I wanna see them.”

Willis reached down and shoved his pants off his hips. Then he pushed one big paw into his crotch and cupped his ball sack. It was swollen with seed and warm with sweat. He pulled his balls up, one at a time, popping them free and setting them on top of his jeans like ponderous and heavy weights.

George swallowed dryly and licked his lips. Fuck, what a pair! The hairy sack was stretched with its cargo. He could see each ball slowly move, like trapped animals. He lifted Willis’s prick to a standing position. The tip was leaking steadily, now, and came all the way up to Willis’s full, kissable lips. It sat between the globes of his massive chest and left a long, wet streak on his T-shirt. “Dude,” Willis said, “someone will see.”

“I don’t care.” George was mesmerized. He had never seen anything so godlike, so powerful, so utterly masculine. Willis’s massive prick was throbbing dully, hard as a rock, hot to the touch and leaking a thick stream of precum that smelled intensely like the owner himself. The shaft was as big around as his own wrist. The head was a plump red fruit turning slowly purple. He followed the long neck downward to the fat and heavy balls at its base, watching them move and pulse inside their tight sack of skin. “You’re beautiful,” he said softly.

“‘M gonna fucking cum,” Willis reported.

George squeezed him hard and grinned. “Don’t.”

“Gotta, dude,” he said tightly. His voice was a gruff whisper of need and desire. “Gotta fucking cum.” Willis could feel it pushing for release. He was a new Muscle Club initiate. He had a lot of catching up to do, and with a newly minted body he had cum to spare.

George leaned forward and pushed his warm, wet tongue against Willis’s tall, hard cock. Willis groaned and shuddered, the eye of his gorgeous monster opened as if gulping for air and a fresh flow of precum flowed down its side. George moved his tongue up Willis’s inches and lapped up the salty honey, sucking it into his mouth. An explosion of Willis’s scent filled his senses and his mouth. He tasted exactly like he smelled. A rich, warm tang of sex and muscle and masculine power, unfiltered and unashamed. Willis arched his back and his neck and closed his eyes and George gripped his cock hard and pressed his lips against Willis’s purple helmet and kissed and licked and sucked him urgently.

He felt the cock swell massively in his grip and he squeezed against it, but it was too hard, now. Too big, and too anxious. His fingers could no longer encompass it fully and it pressed outward with renewed vigor.

George sat back and watched it grow. Fuck, how big was it going to get? It swelled out and up, pushing higher and swelling fatter, a monster 18 inches high. The skin was stretched so tightly that it was shiny, and fat veins pulsed as it swelled.

Willis bit his lip and sucked in air and tried to hold himself back. Another sudden flood of warm honey erupted from the tip and spilled down the sides. George gathered the warm, thick flow in his hands and slicked up the giant prick, slowly stroking it from root to tip, pushing another long, luxurious flow of precum from its mouth. “Gotta cum, dude,” he whispered roughly. “Fuck, I gotta fucking cum….”

“Almost,” George said. “But I want you to tell me.”

“Te.. .tell you want?”

“How it happens.”

“What, dude?”

“How you get this big.”

Willis smiled. “You really wanna know?”

“Yeah. I really wanna know.”

Willis looked over at the smaller young man with his hands gripping onto his thick, hard cock. It was weeping a stream of honey that ran over his fingers and slicked up the 18-inch high neck. Its flesh was pulled tight and shiny, and it throbbed with deep and heavy pulses of sexual power. “I can stay like this,” he said. “I can stay hard as long as I want to.”


He nodded. “I don’t even have to cum if I don’t want to. I can stay hard, like this,” he said, tensing his dick to iron-hard firmness, swelling the shaft fatter in George’s hand, “and get even bigger, like this,” he spoke softly, and then the helmet of his huge prick started rising again, and its long, heavy stalk began to grow, and it arched up and up, adding inches to its already unbelievable size, “and not even cum.”

“You don’t feel this?” George slowly stroked the fat inches of hot, hard prick.

Willis closed his eyes and gritted his teeth and sucked in a slow, calming breath. “Aw, fuck, yeah. Yeah, I can feel it. I feel it more intensely than you can possibly imagine, George. Your touch on my cock? It’s amazing.” He smiled again. “But I can stay like this. Hard as a rock, big as a baseball bat, leaking a steady stream of lube to coat every inch of my prick as you worship me.” He leaned toward George. His scent was overwhelming. “And never cum.”

“But what—?”

“And that’s the secret, George.”

“The secret?”

He nodded slowly. “It’s in my cum.”

“Your cum?”

“One drop, George. Just one small drop of my creamy, salty, pearly cum and I can change you.” George gulped, and stroked him more firmly. “You’ll start to grow. You’ll get bigger. You’ll feel it like heat, at first. Like… like sex.” He groaned, deep in his huge chest. “Mmm, yeah, George. That feels nice.”

“Tell me about growing. Tell me what it feels like.”

Willis grinned. “See these fucking muscles? You see how fucking huge I am? How powerful, and strong, and beautiful?” George nodded. “I ain’t even as big as I can get, now, George. We have to hide that, now. Because, George?”


“I’m so fucking huge, I’d fucking tear the roof off the building.”

“No way.”

“When I grew? Yesterday? I was like you. Maybe five foot six. Scrawny little dude. You remember?”


Willis raised his arms. A fresh gush, thick and warm, erupted from his cock and ran down its 2-foot high length. He bent his arms and swelled the muscle into relief. Fat cables bunched into high balls. The fibers swarmed under his tanned flesh and bulged higher and higher. His chest swelled forward and the collar of his shirt began to tear itself open. The seams along his shoulders split, pulling the threads free to expose more of his copper skin. The sleeves ripped apart to allow his biceps to build bigger and bigger. “See, George? This is just a whisper of my ultimate power. This is just the edge of the well of my strength, and my size. You think this is big, George? Think this is huge?”

George nodded. He was rubbing the plum atop Willis’s fat prick. Even it was hard, now. But still swelling.

“One drop is all it’ll take, George. Just one drop of my cum—and I have gallons of it, dude. Fucking gallons of hot, sticky cream filling up my balls.” He tilted his head as he lowered his arms. “Do you want it?”


“Do you?”


“Say you want it, George.”

“I want it.”

“How much do you want, George?”

“I want it all, Willis.”

“Wanna get fucking huge, George?” The small boy nodded. “Want to fucking tear the roof off the building?” He nodded again. Willis smiled and guided the tip of his pendulous and steel-hard prick toward the smaller boy’s mouth. “Just a drop, dude. Just one drop and you start to grow.”

A swollen bubble of pearl-white cream began to swell at the tip of Willis’s cock. Was he cumming? Was that his cum, starting to flow because he willed it to be so? Could he do that? Could he even control how he came? George swallowed drily and licked his lips. One drop. That was all it would take. Just one drop.


The deep voice behind him startled him deeply. Willis’s handsome face winced and his huge body compacted slightly. The shock made him lose control for a moment, and his monstrous prick softened in George’s grip. The waiting drop of powerful cream disappeared into the flow of precum and was gone.

“Hello, Mr. Titus,” Willis said, sheepishly.

“Mr. Willis,” the huge teacher responded, and even the name sounded like a reprimand. “What, exactly, do you think you’re doing?”

“Nothing,” he responded, softly. His cock was growing more and more limp, and shrinking in size. George kept his hands on it as it diminished, feeling disappointment and sorrow as the focus of his sexual desire began to wane.

“And who is your friend, Mr. Willis?”

George didn’t turn around. He could feel the huge and muscular teacher—nearly a legend on campus, now, for his control of this collection of super-powered teens and his own handsome features—looming behind him. “George,” he managed to squeak. “I’m George.”

“Put that away, Mr. Willis. You should know better than that.”

“Yes, sir.” He took his cock, now a thick, semi-firm snake, and pulled it from George’s hands. Threads of his precum, like strands of honey, pulled away with them, and dripped from George’s outstretched hands. Willis was struggling to tuck the slickened monster back into its denim cage and George felt a large, powerful hand on his shoulder, squeezing gently.

“George,” Billy Titus said, “I’m afraid that’s not allowed.”

“We weren’t….”

The hand’s gentle grip grew slightly stronger. “There are consequences to those actions, particularly when you’re inside, that could cause us all trouble.”

George didn’t know if ‘us’ referred to the three of them, or to Muscle Club as a whole. Mr. Titus, too, smelled amazingly attractive. His scent was less strong than Willis’s, probably because Willis had his cock out and it was leaking precum like a broken hose, but it was still perceptible and highly intoxicating. It was different from Willis’s in subtle ways, and his scent had flavors and hints of other things in it that Willis’s didn’t, things so subtle but perceptible enough that George could have probably picked out each man with his eyes closed in a dark room. His cock lurched and throbbed at the intrusion of the second man’s smell, as if the sensation of sexual power had just doubled. “Sorry,” he said softly.

There was kindness in Mr. Titus’s next words. “I understand,” he said. “Nothing happened, here.” He squeezed the small boy’s shoulder again before releasing his grip.

George turned around and looked up, nearly gasping in surprise and desire at the sheer size of the teacher’s body, uneasily compacted into a polo shirt and a pair of painted-on jeans. He was smiling down at George, and his face was utter male perfection. If Willis was what happened to a young man who had just joined Muscle Club, then Mr. Titus was the honed perfection and masterfully powerful statement of the culmination of that change. He was beautiful. A god walking the halls of the school. And George suddenly wanted to see him naked.

Billy smiled down at the small boy, and realized why Willis was paying so much attention to him. He was a beautiful young man, with fine features and amazing eyes. If he were to join Muscle Club, he’d be a heartbreaker. An urge to whip his own cock out and let fly with a flood of his copious flow of cream struck him hard, and he fought against the desire with clenched hands and gritted teeth. The thing inside him, the force and power that had made him what he was, continued to grow in strength and need. The fact that Willis even attempted to invite George to join here, in such a public place—and inside a building—was proof that what he had been fearing was coming true.

True, Willis was a new initiate. He’d seen him grow, just yesterday, inside the huge classroom where the Muscle Club boys met each school day. He’d seen his body swell with power, watched his small dick swell into the veiny, huge monster he’d just put away. He knew the boy had two of them, just as he did, the final mark of a Muscle Club member—the birth of his secondary prick. Maybe the newbie was having more trouble containing his more powerful libido than he’d anticipated.

But perhaps they couldn’t contain this beast as easily as he had hoped. Perhaps it was too strong for all of them.

And something would have to be done before….

“Gather up your books, Mr. Willis,” he said, relaxing his hands. “Let’s get you back to your classmates.”

“Yes, sir,” the giant teen responded. Their two voices were like hearing mountain ranges speak. A thick, warm wave of Willis’s heady scent washed over George as the heavily-muscled young man rose from his chair and went to stand beside Mr. Titus. Then the two of them—each as large as the other, though Mr. Titus somehow managed to appear even bigger than Willis—looked at George for a moment and something silent seemed to pass between them. “Sorry, George,” Willis said at last. Then he shrugged, and his traps rose to kiss his tender earlobes.

Mr. Titus kneeled down, eye to eye with George, and said, “Be careful, George,” he advised.

“But… Willis didn’t do anything.”

Billy’s smile was angelic. “I know. Just… be careful, okay?”

“Can… can I… Willis and me…?”

Billy sighed. It was already too late. But better safe than sorry. “Come by my class after school. I’m sure Mr. Willis will be waiting.”

George’s heart leaped in his chest. His blood seemed to heat up and rush through his veins. George looked up at Willis’s face and the other boy smiled back and winked at him. “Okay,” he managed to say.

“We meet in the old auditorium, and….”

“I know, Mr. Titus. I’ll see you later, Willis!”

Willis nodded and smiled. A dark stain, the length and thickness of his heavy prick, sat against the groin of his jeans and George could see it visibly move, as if it was swelling in response. “See you later, George,” Willis answered, deeply.

Willis slung his backpack over his thick, muscular shoulder and turned. Mr. Titus rose to his feet again and smiled at George. “Don’t be in too much of a hurry, George. Things have a way of working themselves out.”

“Okay, Mr. Titus.”

Billy turned and moved toward Willis, and the Superman-sized teacher and his Hulk-sized student left the library, even turning slightly to manage their muscular bulks through the slim doorway.

George breathed slowly. The lingering scent of the two powerful men hung in the air around him, and his cock was still twitching and throbbing with every inhalation of their combined sexual smell. “Fuck,” he said softly, thinking about what almost happened, and looking toward the ceiling as he imagined himself bursting through its beams and tiles toward the bright blue sky. “Fuck.”

He checked the clock on his cell phone. 1:30. In a bit more than 90 minutes from now, he’d open the door to the auditorium and Willis would be standing there, waiting for him. He had no doubt that the other young man, as muscular as a comic book super hero and handsome as a male model, would be naked, and perfect, and hard as a rock with a gleaming drop of cum already dripping from the tip of his 2-foot high monster.

He could hardly wait.

Afternoon Delight

George was literally shaking in his skivvies as he stood at the entrance to the old school auditorium, lately given over completely to a single classroom filled with a growing percentage of the male half of the high school pupils. The auditorium was a building by itself, set off from the rest of the campus by a rolling lawn, known as “the quad” for reasons he didn’t understand, standing four-stories tall and completely windowless.

He looked down at his cell phone again to check the time. 3:42pm, it told him in its stick letters. He’d been standing here, now, for ten minutes, sweating in the afternoon sun as he considered what to do now.

He could hear no sounds from within the building, and no one—not a single student, teacher or faculty member, not even the janitor!—had entered or departed. On the left door, there was a computer-printed sign that said, in simple broad black letters, ‘Mr. Titus’ and below that, in slightly smaller letters, ‘General Studies.’

On the right door, there was another computer-printed sign, laminated in plastic and duct-taped to the door. At the top of this sign, in bright red capital letters, a single word: WARNING! And then a numbered list of instructions about the rules concerning entrance to the building, words he’d read a hundred times as he stood here for the past ten minutes, and words that made him hesitate in his decision.

This door is to remain locked at all times. No admittance without prior authorization. Authorization may only be provided by the school administration. NO STUDENT is allowed to give authorization for entry. Students not abiding by the above may be subject to immediate suspension. Above rules DO NOT APPLY to General Studies students of William Titus onlyNO OTHER General Studies students of any other teacher are exempt.

It all seemed crystal clear. But was Mr. Titus, who said he should “come by after school,” considered a member of school administration? Was faculty the same thing? And if the door was truly locked, how was he supposed to get in, anyway?

He tested the handles again, and they did seem to be unmovable. Wasn’t that a fire hazard? Didn’t this break all kinds of school rules, or state laws, or something? What the fuck could be going on inside there that made it so difficult to get in?

Plus, like, about 20% of the guys on campus were in that class by now. Maybe even more. And there were guys at other schools, too—did they have to stay out if they were… big?

Big. The word sprang up in his brain, accompanied by the sense-memory of holding Willis’s big cock in his small hand. Then the smell, again. That smell that had haunted him for hours. The smell of Willis, and the feeling of holding his prick as it oozed streams of precum, warm and thick, that coated his fingers in its slickness. The sound as he stroked that huge cock, the sucking sound as his hand traversed up its thick inches, the sensation of it throbbing and swelling in his grip, and the way the head bloomed, the fat lip of the flaring ridge, the ever-drooling mouth of his snake as it prepared for the plump, white droplet of cream he had somehow produced, like an invitation and a promise.

His dick was hard in his pants. His mouth was dry and his palms were sweaty. He raised his fist and knocked quietly on the door, tapping tentatively, frightened of what would happen to him.

But then nothing happened at all. So he knocked louder, wrapping his knuckles against the hot metal. “Hello?” he called. “Mr. Titus?”

Still no answer. Maybe no one was in there. Maybe they all went home, like every other student in school. Maybe he was the only guy dumb enough to—

Then the handle was turning, and the door was opening, and someone was standing in the open doorway, his arm propped against the upper edge of the door, and he was wearing absolutely nothing at all. He was huge and handsome and muscular and slick with sweat. His face was achingly beautiful and his cock, his huge and amazing and perfect cock, his hard and thick and inhumanly long cock was positioned between his legs above a low-hanging sack bulging with two fat balls, and it was throbbing with dull, constant beats. “Yeah?” he said, grinning. “Who are you?”

George swallowed and blinked slowly. A wash of heat, stronger than the sun pouring down from the afternoon sky, bathed his entire body. His nostrils flared as the sting of a pungent and powerful scent struck his senses. He looked up the naked body of the young man standing in the open doorway.

His skin was sleek, as if it had been oiled, and glistened like liquid copper. Heavy bands of brawn bulged outward, pressing against his sun-kissed flesh for space with its tight confines. Fat, awesome cables of muscle. Round balls of it. Thick cords that wound into each other and stretched along his limbs. He was breathing hard, causing his mammoth chest to heave and the eight clearly defined abdominals along his belly to swell and recede. His skin was clean and pure, and the only hair that he owned, apart from a luxuriously thick mane of golden waves that crowned his head and flowed onto his shoulders was a thick triangular bush of tight curls poised at the top of that monstrous and beautiful cock that arched forward and drooped by virtue of its weight. The shaft was incredibly thick, and nearly void of the veins that Willis owned in abundance. At the tip dangled a luscious head, shiny as the rest of him, drooling a thread of clear honey that attached to his leg like a spider’s web.

George looked up into his eyes. They were cobalt blue, like the sky at twilight, and his chin and cheeks were sculpted and angular with potent masculine charm. Tufts of wet curls clung to his underarms, and George could smell him distinctly, even through the heady fog of sex that was pouring outward from the open door like an invisible cloud. “I—”

The boy tilted his head and his deep blue eyes wandered up and down George’s body. “You?” he said. Hi voice was deeply masculine and rolled like thunder.

“I’m George.”

“Are you, now?”

George nodded. “Mis… Mr. Titus said I should come by after class.”

“Billy did?”

“Yeah, and… and Willis, er, I mean, Chuck. Chuck invited me.”

“Chuck Willis?” George nodded. The guy considered him for a few moments and then turned around, gifting George with a view of his considerable buttocks—two high, arching, muscular humps that jutted out inches from his body—and he called in his deep voice, “Hey, Mr. Titus! There’s a guy here, says you said he should come by!” The golden god turned back around and leaned his wide, thickly muscled back against the door frame, keeping the door open with one extended foot, and folded his heavily muscled arms across the twin globes of brawn mounted on his chest. His cock fell between his legs with its ponderous weight, and he absently plucked at his left nipple with his right thumbnail as they both waited for Mr. Titus to arrive.

He showed up quickly, emerging from the shadows of the space like a superhero, still clad in his polo shirt and jeans. “Thank you, Daniel,” he said, “I’ll take it from here.”

“No problemo,” the young man said, then he looked at George with an overtly hungry gaze and a wide, inviting smile and said, “Look me up later, dude. You look like fun.” Then he licked his lips, sucking the bottom one between his teeth, and departed. George watched the bob of his ass muscles with interest.

“Hello again, George,” Mr. Titus said as he walked out of the auditorium-classroom and let the door close behind him.

“Hello, Mr. Titus.”

“Were you waiting long? It’s sometimes hard to hear things what with all the… anyway, I hope you weren’t waiting out here in the sun for too long.”

“Not too long,” he answered. He pulled in a calming breath, and the air was scented with Mr. Titus in all its power and beauty. It was like a bell ringing in his head, now that he could smell that scent again. Different from Willis, but just as intoxicating and inviting.

“That’s good,” he said. “So, you haven’t reconsidered?”

“No. Why? Should I?”

Mr. Titus smiled at him. “It’s up to you, of course. I just want to make sure you understand what you’re doing, and what it means.”

“I think I do.”

“Because this is a permanent change, George. Do you understand that?” George nodded. “You can’t go back. You can’t change it. Once you come inside these doors, you won’t come out again as the same young man you are now.”

“I understand.” George looked at the incredibly handsome man before him. It seemed impossible that he was any older than Willis, or even Derek. He looked just as young, just as powerful, just as muscular and beautiful and perfect as either of them. “Would you go back, Mr. Titus?”

“I’ve often wondered about that, to tell you the truth, George. I must admit that there are plenty of aspects of this body—of this life—that make everything more difficult. Or more challenging.”

“You didn’t answer the question,” George observed.

Mr. Titus smiled. “I can understand Mr. Willis’s attraction to you, George.” He paused, and considered the young man before him for a moment. “If you don’t mind, I prefer not to answer that question. I wouldn’t want to influence you one way or the other. My position here at the school is… well, it’s kind of special. So I hope you understand that I must use a bit of extra caution when I discuss Muscle Club membership with new initiates.”

“You call it Muscle Club, too?” Mr. Titus nodded. “I kinda thought it would have some other name, something less, kind of, I dunno, high schoolish.”

Mr. Titus laughed. It was a warm, inviting sound. It seemed to surround George and hug him. It made his toes curl and his prick tingle. “No, it’s just Muscle Club. And since I’m not its leader, I don’t have much to say about its name.”

“You’re not?”

“Oh, no. I’m just a member, like everyone else. Would you like to meet the leaders?”

“Leaders? There’s more than one?”

“Two, actually.” He fished inside a pocket and extracted a key. “Come on in, George, if you plan on staying. I’ll introduce you around.”

The key slipped into the door handle and Mr. Titus turned it easily. Then he pushed open the door and held it for George to pass through.

It looked dark inside. And another warm, moist gush of air escaped the building, carrying with it a thick mix of spicy, funky, heady smells that made George’s nose twitch and his cock throb. It was the smell of Willis, the scent of masculine power, the pure essence of sex and muscle, and now it was amplified a hundred-fold.

George stepped inside and the door closed behind him. Now he could hear voices, or sounds, but definitely made by men. They were deep, powerful noises, like heavy grunts or long groans or even shouts. They mingled with each other, loud and soft, quick or slow, and drifted on the air like the scents. “We refer to this part of the day as Physical Education,” Mr. Titus said. Then he laughed warmly again, and added, “It’s quite popular with the students.”

“P.E.? Is that why everyone is so huge?”

“Not exactly. Didn’t Willis explain it to you?”

“Sort of,” George answered. “He said it… it was… it’s in his—”

“In his semen,” Billy finished. “That’s quite true.”

“And that… changes you?”

“That changes you,” Billy acknowledged. “No other form of activity is required, but I think you’ll realize, quite quickly, that there are forms of activity that are… strongly desired. If you want to work out afterwards, you should feel free to, and the results will be magnified.”

“Like, how?”

“You’ll already be gifted with superhuman size and strength, but when you test your body—when you start to lift weights, for example, or you practice gymnastics of some sort—your muscles will respond very quickly and very generously. You may not notice the size gains, since your muscles will already be about as big as they can practically become, but they’ll keep growing in density and power, compensating for whatever feats you throw at yourself.”

George looked at the man’s body, hidden by his clothes but still obviously powerful and bulging with hard brawn, and wondered just how strong he really was. They wandered through an alcove and the sounds and the smells grew stronger. It really was an auditorium. “How did you get…changed?”

Billy sighed, but it was hard to tell if it was with regret or fondness. “It was somewhat accidental. As I mentioned, there are some activities that are strongly desired—so strongly, in fact, that it’s easy, maybe too easy, to give in to them at inopportune times. I was the—no, victim isn’t quite accurate. Let’s say—target. I was the target of one such early accident. I do what I can to try to limit them, because the results can be obviously shocking to parents and friends. But lately, it’s become less necessary.” He set his warm hand on George’s shoulder, and added. “Like you, for example, George. I assume your parents know that you’re here.”

They didn’t know anything, not that he was there, not that he liked guys, not anything. But he just nodded quickly and said nothing.

“I thought so,” Billy concluded.

They were standing now before another set of double doors. “This is my classroom, George. Starting tomorrow, assuming things happen the way you intend, you’ll report here for your instructions and lessons. I’m probably not like other teachers, George, and I’m fairly certain this will be like no other class you’ve ever attended.” He moved George to face him, and his handsome face attempted to look stern, but it just made George want the man to kiss him hard and fast. He arched one sculpted brow and his eyes flashed. A lock of hair fell across his gaze and his chin firmed. “You’ll still be expected to pass my classes, George. We have lessons and homework just like every other class. But I think you’ll enjoy yourself, anyway.” Then his face relaxed, and he looked like a young god again.

“Welcome,” he said, opening the doors, “to Muscle Club.”

A strong wave of that distinctive and powerful scent struck George with sudden and fierce determination. It filled his senses with its power. He could taste it, like sex in his mouth, like what he imagined a cock would taste like. It was strength and muscle and ass and sweat and sex all wound together and swimming inside his head. It coated his flesh and stung his eyes.

Then the sound. Staggered by the smell of all these young gods gathered here together, his senses began to awaken one by one. The sound was strong and fierce and determined. It sounded wet and slick and hard and fast. The sound was the sound of naked men fucking. Dozens of them. Everywhere he looked.

Skin slicked with sweat and cum. Sudden splashes of white against coffee-colored skin. Hands outstretched, reaching to grasp naked flesh, to caress and stroke and push inside. Heavy masculine voices, filthy phrases mixed with the sounds of passion, of bliss, of release and of desire. Grunts, groans, moans and sighs mixed with instructions of what to do, where to put it, what they wanted. The sound of flesh slapping against flesh.

Then his eyes cleared. His sight returned to him, slowly, and the fuzzy, fleshy shaped coalesced into distinct bodies, each bulging with massive and beautiful muscle.

It was beyond amazing. It was unbelievable. Dozens, if not hundreds, of perfect, beautiful, young, naked male bodies all pleasuring each other. Fat, towering cocks were spurting thick streams of pearl-white cream. He could hear them coming, actually hear the fat ropes squirting and splashing amongst the naked gods.

They were everywhere, in couples and threesomes and foursomes. Hands grasping and petting and stroking and rubbing. Mouths pressed together, sucking skin and balls and ass. Heavily muscled arms, bulging with brawn, pulling more into the orgiastic tangle.

George was awestruck. It was almost too much to absorb. The whole room had been stripped of chairs and was one big bare cement floor, covered with dark skin and light skin, shaved heads and flattops and mohawks and long manes, furry chests and bare buttocks, and so many pricks! How could there possibly be that many cocks? They were everywhere! Pushing inside asses, rubbing between mountainous pecs, shoved into mouths, stroked and licked and sucked and fountaining thick ropes of bright white cream that showered down like fireworks.

“Shit!” he said softly. “Is this…all the guys?”

“No, some have gone home, or to their after-school jobs, or elsewhere. There are a couple of other gathering places for Muscle Club members, out beyond town but easy to find. After initiation into MC, you’re going to want—need—a fairly consistent method to relieve some of your more pressing desires for a period of time. It will lessen in strength somewhat, but during the first week or so after initiation, you’ll be needing fairly constant attention.”

“And these guys are all—?”

“These gentlemen are all well past that period. Well… most of them.”

“So this is just…normal?”

Billy smiled. “Yes. For us, this is just normal.”

“But you’re not…participating?”

“At school, I am a teacher.”

“That doesn’t answer—”

Billy looked down at him with his stern gaze again. “At school, I am a teacher.”

George made an O with his mouth, but said nothing. Maybe he had a chance with Mr. Titus, after all! Fuck, what he would give to see his new teacher naked. Mr. Titus watched along with him for a while, then he pointed and called out in his powerful and commanding voice, “Mr. Willis! Your guest is here!”

A head popped up in the naked mass. His hair was slicked down and his whiskered face was shiny with spit and sweat and cum but it was clearly Chuck Willis. “George!” he called out, and a great and beautiful smile broke across his handsome face. “Fuck yeah!”

He stood up, extracting himself from the tangle of limbs and pricks and bodies with small apologies and promises to return. He was immense. Much, much bigger than he had been in the library only hours ago.

“Holy fuck, he wasn’t lying!”

“Lying?” Mr. Titus asked.

Willis moved slowly through the throng, and George explained, “He said he was bigger—even bigger than he looked. He said he could have broken through the roof of the library if he….” His voice trailed off as Chuck Willis came closer, and the extent of the young man’s size and muscular development, now shed of the limitations he had placed upon himself earlier, was incredible and awesome.

Hands reached up to caress Willis’s thickly muscled legs and slid over the fat bulges of brawn coated in a slick lubrication of precum, sweat and spit. His skin was glistening, and utterly flawless. His huge pecs, each heavy globe, shifted as he moved displaying the overwhelming masses of muscle lying upon his chest. Every muscle on his body—even some that George didn’t know existed—was swollen to its ultimate glory and precise development.

His cock—no, cocks! He had two cocks! Two fat, luscious, gargantuan cocks were swinging at his loins like unmoored cranes! Two huge pricks with plump heads dripping long strands of honey! Willis owned two cocks!

As he approached, George realized exactly how tall and broad the young man was. He was at least eight feet tall! Looking down, now, at the naked mass of muscular sex, George realized that they all were that huge. To a man, every one of them was a gargantuan model of masculine perfection, covered in thick masses of powerful brawn, with huge pricks and unlimited libidos.

Willis stood before them now and towered over even Mr. Titus. He was grinning brightly, which lent his face a youthful vigor and almost innocent caste. He blinked when he seemed to realize the fact that he was at least two feet taller than the teacher, and much taller than George, and before the smaller teen’s disbelieving eyes, he shrank. His whole body literally shrank, all his muscles pulling themselves inward, his arms and legs growing shorter, even his cocks lost inches of length and thickness, until he was no taller than Mr. Titus but still much more muscular and broad than he had appeared in the library.

He was, though, still gloriously naked and still possessed of twin cocks. “George! You made it! Fuck, I’m glad to see you!” With a suddenness that surprised George, Willis scooped him into his strong arms and squeezed him tightly. George could feel every one of those hard, bulging muscles pressing against him. It was like being embraced by a collection of rocks and boulders. He nearly came in his pants.

Then Willis did something that shocked him to his core. Setting him back on his feet and holding his face in his large hands, Chuck Willis bent his mouth toward George’s and kissed him with passion and desire. George felt the muscular teen’s tongue pushing his own lips apart and a sudden intense flair of heat shook his whole body as Willis—handsome, powerful, two-dicked Willis—kissed him and surrounded him with muscle.

Mr. Titus cleared his throat and Willis slowly extracted himself from George. He was smiling grandly and looked like the cat who swallowed the canary. “Fuck, George, you don’t know how glad I am to see you.”

“Apparently he does,” Mr Titus observed, “if that bulge in his pants is any indication.”

Willis looked down and laughed before reaching forward and groping George’s stiff prick with evident ease and familiarity. “Damn, George, that’s a nice cock!”

George’s whole body blushed, and he whispered, “Thanks.”

Willis was openly and carelessly caressing his stiff prick with an expert touch, kneading and squeezing him with gentle but insistent strength. “I can’t wait until you’re in the club with me, George. We’re gonna have a fucking blast!” Then he kissed him again, eagerly and with passion, and George attempted to surround the huge teen’s naked body with his arms, but failed. He was just too big.

Mr. Titus asked, “Have you seen Scott or Derek?”

Willis looked at Mr. Titus, grinning madly, and said, “Oh! I think so?” He looked at George and explained, “They’re kind of hard to miss.” Then he turned his shaggy head toward the orgy and pointed. His arm was a swarming mass of brawn, and George’s heart flipped in his chest when he looked at the awesome power that lined his outstretched limb. “There’s Scott, so I bet Derek isn’t far away.”

George looked to where he was pointing. There seemed to be a kind of swarm of young men in that area, as if an ant mound of muscular teens had been kicked and they were now piling onto the instigator, crawling atop one another to get closer to him. A kind of pyramid of bodies were piled toward the center of the mass, and there was someone standing there, taller even than Willis had been, and he was being openly worshiped by the surrounding men. “Who’s that?”

Willis looked at George and smiled. “One of our fearless leaders! At the center of attention, as usual.” He looked at Mr. Titus and asked, “Should I go get him?”

“I’m not sure you’d come back,” Mr. Titus said, lightly. The he lifted his hands to surround his mouth and shouted quite loudly, “Mr. Richardson!” His voice carried easily, and a few of the handsome faces looked up at the sound before resuming their activities. The figure at the center of the pile of naked male flesh seemed to recognize that he was being summoned, and very slowly, the mound of muscular bodies surrounding him fell apart, the young men breaking off into smaller groups or pairs, unveiling a body of such strength, beauty and perfection that George audibly gasped as he was revealed.

He raised him arm and waved, then looked around him and called out another name, “Derek!” and a second figure rose to his feet from the slick, wet, hot pile of naked men.

They looked like twin sons of some rugged, muscular god. One had light skin, the other was darker. They had absurdly broad shoulders piled high with thick bulges of brawn, and chests that held huge pectoral shelves jutting forward like beach balls mounted upon their bodies, the cleavage between each globe deep enough to swallow George’s hand. Their upper bodies tapered toward narrow waists with widely flaring Apollo’s belts that pointed unerringly toward incredibly thick pythons hanging proudly over fat, round balls. Their legs suddenly thickened again, overwhelmed with fat wedges of brawn, and they stalked toward where George, Willis and Mr. Titus stood like colossuses moving above their worshipers.

As the two men came closer, the beauty of their features began to focus. If their bodies were ideal manifestations of ultimate masculine and muscular development, their faces were perfect expressions of male beauty. George felt his cock harden and pulse as they approached, and he realized that their scents were stronger even than the combined essences of all the men in the room. They were, each of them, super-condensed versions of male dominance and unparalleled magnificence. Covered in bulging power, dripping with testosterone, gifted with physiques dominated by perfectly developed and insanely powerful muscle, the two presidents of Muscle Club had become superhuman.

“Hi, Willis,” Scott said, before wrapping the young man in his arms and kissing him soundly. Scott was a blonde-haired, blue-eyed All-American surfer god. Sleek of form with milky skin and bright golden hair, the only darkness that colored his flesh were the two dark pink nipples sitting like perfect kisses at the lower edge of each massive pectoral shelf. He smelled delicious, a heady mix of sweat and earth and leather and cedar. He smelled like power and the sky and the sun. He smelled like George imagined heaven would smell.

His companion, whose body was every bit as beautiful and perfect, though with skin of a darker hue, waited for him to conclude his passionate greeting before wrapping Willis up in his own arms and kissing his mouth soundly. “Hi, Willis,” he echoed. “Having fun, yet?”

The question reminded George that Willis was only one day into his new body, and these two, presumably, had been living like this since the whole thing began. Perhaps that accounted for the subtle but noticeable differences between their appearance and Willis’s. The late initiate was certainly powerful looking, and handsome as well. But these two men were… they were fucking gods! Just looking at them made George’s knees go weak and he felt drunk on their beauty.

“Gentlemen,” Mr. Titus said, by way of greeting. They did not kiss him as they had done with Willis, and only nodded and smiled toward him. He returned their nods and then gestured toward George. “I’d like to introduce you to someone, and please tone yourselves down a bit. I wouldn’t want you to overwhelm him before he’s had a chance to adjust.”

Scott smiled and then looked at George. “Hello,” he said, simply. “I’m Scott. Co-President of Muscle Club. And this is Derek, the other Co-President.”

Derek smiled, too. They were carbon copies of each other, each as beautiful as the other. Scott, a reddish-blonde Nordic god, owned a body the shade of cream and accented with beautiful carpets of ruddy red fur that swam between the fat bellies of muscle and coated his chest thickly. Glistening droplets of sweat clung to the curls, and his pale skin was shining like moonlight on snow. “Hi,” he said. “So, George, how do you like the place so far?”

“It’s… interesting,” George said, carefully.

“That’s a good word for it,” Scott agreed, readily. “And were you considering joining us? Is George a friend of yours, Willis?”

“Yeah,” Willis acknowledged, though in truth they knew each other only barely. Willis still had his hand on George’s prick, and was still caressing and squeezing him.

“I think that’s obvious, genius,” Derek said, laughing slightly and nodding at Willis’s continued manipulations. Derek could have been Scott’s twin brother. They owned bodies of equal size and development, with densely packed, rock-hard brawn bulging from every inch of their towering forms. But where Scott was furry, Derek was sleek and bare. Where Scott had the complexion of milk, Derek was milk in coffee, his skin a gorgeous deep tan with fat nipples that were almost absurdly large, but perfectly formed—like chocolate kisses perched on his darker, creamy skin. The vivid bright blue of his eyes was the same as Scott’s exactly, and their handsome faces were so closely matched that it would be difficult to tell them apart, otherwise.

“How… how old are you?” George asked.

“We’re both sixteen,” Scott answered.

“I’ll be seventeen next month!” Derek added, proudly.

George was having trouble concentrating. The two young men were releasing thick clouds of their intoxicating pheromones. Their naked forms were overwhelmed with perfect muscle, highly developed and bulging thickly. He could see the muscle move and flex and swell as they simply stood before him and breathed. Both young men possessed twin pricks of exceeding beauty, hanging fat and firm between their powerful thighs. Their skin glistened, wrapped tightly across the ample tumescence of their powerfully built beef, with every striation, every fiber, keenly defined. “He looks like he needs to sit down,” Scott said. Then he looked at his companion and added, “Maybe we should tone it down a notch, Dare. I don’t think he can handle us, yet.”

Derek shrugged and started to diminish in both size and beauty. It was an odd sensation, as if a gauze was dropping across his perfect features and his body was somehow becoming less awesome. The muscles grew less refined, his skin gleamed with slightly less beauty and his handsome face dulled to mere human proportions. Scott grew less beautiful as well, and then they both stood as tall as Mr. Titus and Willis, and looked nearly as “above average” in looks as the other two men, and George felt a twinge of disappointment.

“How do you do that?”

Scott smiled. “Just something you’ll learn. If we go outside at full power, we tend to have an overwhelming effect on some people—draw a crowd and have everyone wanting to touch us or something. Not saying it’s a bad thing, just that it happens. So you… turn down the volume, so to speak. In here, or when you’re with other Muscle Club members, you’ll probably always be at full strength, just because it’s easier. You don’t have to think about it, or spend time concentrating on maintaining it, and you can relax and let it all hang out. But when you need to, like, go to the movies or the store or something, the rule is ‘bring it down and tuck one up’.”

“Tuck what up?”

Scott grinned and looked down at his twins. “Tuck one up,” he repeated, and suddenly one of his massive cocks shrank away to nothing as if by magic. “It’s always harder to explain two cocks than it is to say you work out a lot. And two cocks, even when you have to wear pants, makes quite a prominent bulge.”

“It keeps the school administration content,” Derek added. “And just kind of… makes things simpler for you.”

You. He had said ‘you’ and it struck George suddenly that he was going to look like they did. He was going to change utterly. When he walked out of the building, he would look like Willis or Scott or Derek. His heart started pounding hard. Willis was still massaging his hard-on and it was beginning to feel like he was going to spurt a wet load into his pants at any second. “What happens?”

“Like, to you?” Scott asked. George nodded. “Oh, well, it’s pretty simple. You don’t have to do anything, really. Unless you want to, like, make it interesting.”

“How would I do that?”

Willis leaned his lips next to George’s ear and said, softly, in a deep, gruff voice, “Remember in the library? When you were playing with my cock? Had me in your mouth? Kissing me? Stroking me? Squeezing me? And I was almost gonna pop?” He continued playing with George’s prick through his pants, mimicking his words with his hand, stroking and squeezing and pleasuring his cock expertly. “That would make things interesting,” he said. “Do you want to do that, again?”

George gulped. Then he nodded, remembering the feeling of holding Willis’s hugeness in his grip, and the feeling of control and urgency and suspense.

Willis kissed his cheek, then sucked his earlobe into his mouth. Then licked his neck. “I want that, too,” he whispered.

George shuddered. No one had ever done something so overtly sexual to him. Certainly no man had ever kissed him so passionately, or shown so much attention. And Willis’s hand on his cock felt very, very good. “Don’t be greedy, Willis,” Scott advised. “We’ve just met George, and perhaps he’d like to spend some time with Dare and me, too.”

Mr. Titus laughed softly, and said, “Such insatiable appetites. I think it only fair that Mr. Willis spend some time with George. I’m afraid I rather rudely interrupted them earlier in the library, and from the look of things it seemed to me that the two of them need to spend some time together.”

He looked down at the smaller boy amidst the other three naked giants, each of whom was clearly hungry for time with him, to watch him grow and share the ultimate experience that a Muscle Club member could give another young man, and to also experience the benefits of that change.

It seemed to Billy that Scott and Derek couldn’t possibly grow more powerful, more muscular or more handsome. They had been with every other member of Muscle Club at least once, and were often the center of attention. As a result, they were dual epitomes of male beauty, power, size and domination. He’d watched some of the same changes and physical improvements take place in his own young lover, Carl, and wondered how much his own appearance had been altered since his initial change. Did the two young men even realize how beautiful they were? Maybe that was part of their appeal, too. They could still act like this was all ordinary, like everyone looked like they did, and could do what they did.

“Well, George?” Scott asked. “Who do you want to be with?”

It was an incredibly difficult choice. Scott and Derek, when they were not hiding their true appearances, were the two most beautiful men he’d ever seen—or even fantasized about. He never dreamed that men such as them existed, let alone wanted to be with him.

But Willis was cute, and attentive, and clearly wanted him very badly. He felt a bit like he would be little more than another notch on the belt of the other two, but Willis had displayed, both with his body and his words, that he truly wanted him, to be with him. “I want to be with Willis,” he said softly.

Chuck Willis suddenly surrounded him in his powerful embrace and pressed his mouth to George’s, kissing him fully and energetically. George could feel the other boy’s cock already plumping and growing huge and stiff between them, his excitement, anxiousness and passion given physical form. “Aw, fuck yeah, George! We’re gonna have some fun!”

Scott looked a bit crestfallen, and Derek hung his thickly muscled arm across his lover’s shoulders and said, “Guess we’re out of luck, bud. I wonder if there’s some way for us to feel a little bit better about this rejection—”

Scott’s sullen frown turned into a grin, and then both young men were suddenly blooming into their awesome perfect selves as thick slabs of brawn swelled beneath their skin and their handsome faces returned to their normal blinding beauty. “I wonder,” Scott said, smiling, before both of them turned and launched themselves back into the tangle of handsome teenaged gods writhing in sexual bliss behind them.

“I guess that just leaves you and me, George,” Willis said.

“I guess it does.”

Mr. Titus patted them both on the shoulder and said, “I think that’s my cue to exit. You boys play safe and, Mr. Willis, I expect you to treat George here with respect and love. He’s a new member, like you were, and you know how challenging it can be.”


“Just be nice,” he said. Then he looked at George and added, “I’ll see you tomorrow morning in class. 8am, George, and don’t be late.”

“No, sir, Mr. Titus!” he answered cheerfully. Then Mr. Titus turned and walked away from them, disappearing into the shadows.

The two young men, one overwhelmed with muscle, completely naked and proudly displaying a huge erection between his legs, the other much smaller, clothed in his school duds, carrying a backpack filled with books and looking vulnerable and slightly scared, stood at the edge of the sea of perfect naked flesh, the sounds of sex and fucking echoing around them like crashing waves. “Fuck, you look good, George,” Willis said. “You know I’ve wanted to be with you for a long time.”


Willis nodded vigorously, and a bright, beautiful smile lit his lips. “Fuck, yeah, George! But I… I didn’t know if you—”

“If I what?”

“I didn’t know if you were gay.”

It was George’s turn to smile, and he huffed a short laugh through his nose. “Yeah,” he admitted. “I’m gay.” A wash of relief and heat wrapped around him, and his eyes went wide. “I’ve never even said that out loud before!”

Willis took George’s face in his hands, tenderly, and kissed his mouth again, less tenderly. It was a passionate kiss, and George knew it meant as much to Willis as it did to him. “You know I sat next to you today on purpose, right?”

“You did?”

“It isn’t like there’s a shortage of chairs in the library, George. In that whole place? I just happen to want to sit right next to you?” He tilted his head and narrowed his eyes. “It didn’t seem weird to you that I started playing with myself like that? And that I had a naked picture of myself on my own computer? I mean, if that’s not a hint, I don’t know what is.”

George’s face registered surprise, then realization, then embarrassment. He looked at Willis’s body in a whole new light, flashing back on that picture of furry male beauty and saw that it was entirely true. That was Willis on his desktop. And here he was now, naked and muscular and huge and horny. “Holy shit,” he said, softly.

“Come on,” Willis said, taking his small hand in his large one, “let’s go finish what we started.” He kissed him again, and added, “I can’t wait to watch you grow.”

“I’m growing already,” George said, trying to sound sexy.

Apparently, it worked. Willis looked down and sighed, or groaned, and worked his magic on George’s prick. “How big are you?” he asked, roughly. “You feel fucking huge.”

George wasn’t used to sex talk, and he simply answered, “I don’t know. I’ve never measured.”

Willis met his gaze. “Mind if I do?”

“I… I guess not.”

“You’re so fucking cute,” Willis said, then he slowly dropped to his knees in front of George, and started undoing his pants. “Let’s get a look at you, George. You don’t mind if I use my mouth, do you?”

“Nn… no.”

Willis grinned. “Ever had a blow job?” George shook his head. “Ever been fucked?” He shook his head again. “Ever fuck anyone?” George paused for a long time, meeting Willis’s gaze, until the other young man said, quietly, “S’okay, George. Before yesterday, neither had I.”

“A virgin?” He could hardly say the word, it was so embarrassing to admit, far worse than saying he was gay, for some reason. Wasn’t every guy having sex all the time? That was his assumption, as much as they all bragged and talked about it.

Willis paused, resting his warm hand against George’s still-covered prick, rubbing him gently. “You scared?” George tensed up. All around him, huge muscular men were fucking. Six feet to the left of where Willis was kneeling next to George, a brutish bear of a Muscle Club member, his muscles are huge as any George had yet seen, his body soaked with sweat, was insistently thrusting a massive hard-on into the ass of another young man, nearly shoving him across the floor. His eyes were closed and his teeth were bared as his pushed his hips against the other man, shoving fat inches of his dick inside. Cum was literally splashing out of the other man’s ass with every thrust, splattering against his own belly and legs. George could easily hear the fucking thrusts and the accompanying wet release.

The dude on the floor, his legs being held aloft by the man fucking him, was gorgeous. He had a short burr haircut and his body was sleek and beautiful. He was clawing the floor in evident ecstasy, twisting his head on his neck and mumbling something over and over, but the words were lost in the general din of all the activity. His own pricks, two towering erections pointing at his face, were also creaming load after load, as if his partner’s thrusts were shoving cum through his own cocks. Ropes of cream splattered across his massive chest and his neck and his face. Although the two men were obviously enjoying their mutual activities, it didn’t look at all like George had imagined his first time to be like.

Willis was still gently petting his cock, and it certainly didn’t seem like ‘fear’ was the emotion manifesting in the small teen. “George.” The other boy was mesmerized, looking from couple to couple and group to group, watching the rough sex, his cock growing harder the whole time. “George?” Willis stood up and came around before the smaller boy, blocking his view of the wild muscular orgy with his huge, furry frame. “George!”

George looked up. “Huh?” His eyes were round and his breathing was short.

“You all right?”

“Uh huh.” He leaned over to peek around Willis’s muscular bulk. “I’m okay.”


“Uh huh.”

Willis tilted his head and grinned. “Like what you see?”

George swallowed roughly, then nodded. His eyes were saucered and his dick throbbed hard.

“What do you wanna do?”

“Huh?” He looked up at Willis’s handsome face.

“I asked you what you wanted to do first. You want to fuck me? You want to suck me? I’d ask if you wanted me to fuck you, but I’m pretty sure your virgin ass won’t be able to handle me no matter how small I try to go. Since the change, I’m always fucking big. Sooo… what do you want to do?”


“Anything you want, as long as it ends with you swallowing my load, and me watching your body explode with muscle.” His eyes fell along the small boy’s frame. “But first, can we get you out of those clothes?”

“I’m not sure I want—”

“You want to Hulk out of them?”

“That’s not—”

“You wanna rip them to shreds with your growing muscle?”

“I’m not—”

“Tell me what you want, George. Just tell me.”

“Give me… give me a second, here, Willis. I’m kinda… I feel kinda woozy.” The place smelled rank with sex. There were dozens of gorgeous, muscular, handsome men all fucking, sucking, kissing and stroking each other with reckless abandon. Everywhere he looked, there was another perfect, amazing, beautiful, powerful, hyper-masculine body, completely naked, fully erect, pounding away at some other man’s ass or mouth. George was experiencing a kind of sexual overload, and his brain and his body were overheated with desire and lust. “Can we… can we go… somewhere?”

“Like, somewhere else?”

He nodded. “I’m feeling… I’m sorta—” George’s eyes started to blink, and his mouth fell open, and the small teenager started to swoon from sheer sexual overload.

Willis, startled, realized what was happening and grabbed his paramour in his arms, holding his limp body up. “Uh… help? Someone? Mr. Titus? Hello?”

No one was paying the duo much attention, so Willis scooped George up into his arms and carried him around the sexually-charged room toward the auditorium stage. There were dressing rooms off the wings, and he assumed that at least one of them would be vacant and he could figure out what to do with the prone, passed-out form of the small young man in his arms.

George looked pale and vulnerable. Willis found his heart going out to the little man, even experiencing a kind of protective desire welling up inside him. He balanced George in one arm and carefully brushed his hair from his face, then bent his lips toward the unconscious form and kissed him very lightly on his mouth. George moaned or swooned and wrapped his arms around Willis’s thickly muscled neck. The gesture of trust made Willis’s heavy cock throb. He was even more strongly attracted to the small man in his arms, and wanted to do whatever he could for him.

The dressing room was, as Willis suspected, empty as he carried George through the doorway and set him on a couch. He closed the door behind them and kneeled down next to the prone form of his intended lover, looking at his face and feeling pangs of concern and love. It was weird to Willis that he felt so strongly. Maybe that was part of the change, too? Maybe… maybe it was easy for him to feel that way. Or maybe he had always felt that way, and George’s sudden vulnerability elevated those feelings inside him.

“George?” He placed the back of his large hand against George’s soft cheek. He was warm, and his skin was smooth. “Are you all right?”

George’s eyes fluttered opened. He seemed disoriented at first, and then he recognized Willis’s face and he smiled. “Hi,” he said quietly. “Did I faint?”

“Or something,” Willis verified. “Seems like you can’t quite take us all in at once.” He smiled, and it made his handsome face even more attractive. “Look, George, we don’t have to do anything today.”

“But I want to!” He sat up, then seemed to grow dizzy again. Willis’s scent—his gorgeous, masculine, permeating smell—was once again as strong as it had been in the library. It swam through George’s sense and made his dick swell and his balls tingle. “I really do want to.”

Willis sucked in a slow breath and his mighty chest swelled. “I know, George, but I’d rather you were, you know, at full power. I’m worried that if we try anything, you’ll—”

George placed his hand around Willis’ neck and pulled their lips together. He kissed the huge, powerful man passionately, and felt Willis return the kiss with equal passion. George could feel a growing heat manifest in Willis’s prick. It seemed to be swelling and getting physically hotter as they kissed, and Willis’s hand found its way to his own cock again and was gently, but insistently, kneading his semi-firm dick back to full hardness. He sighed and swooned. Nothing ever felt this great before.

Willis moved his hand to the hem of George’s pants and unsnapped him, then moved his zipper down and George could feel his cock push forward inside his underwear. Something cool and wet rubbed against the helmet and he realized he was pre-cumming. Willis’s hand rested atop his hard-on and squeezed him gently. “Does that feel good?” he asked. George nodded. “Can I take your cock out?” George nodded again.

Willis rose up slightly and looked down toward George’s crotch. He moved his fingers to the elastic on his underwear and pulled it downward, exposing George’s throbbing dick. Willis sighed and licked his lips. “Can I suck you, George?” He raised his gaze and as their eyes met, George nodded again.

Willis smiled. he moved his huge body down and took the shaft of George’s cock in his paw and squeezed a drop of precum to the eye. Sticking his tongue out, he licked up the pre and left a slickness of his spit behind. Then he leaned down and kissed the mouth of George’s cock. He kissed it again, and licked it, and squeezed it. He put his lips, warm and wet, to the spongey head and sucked gently. He pulled his lips away and his warm, moist breath warmed George’s cock before he opened his mouth and plunged all the way down on George’s prick, taking the whole thing inside his mouth and sucking against it.

George’s body was shaking. His legs felt like rubber. His eyes rolled back in his head and his toes curls. Willis sucked and licked and stroked his hard-on, slicking it up with his copious spit and teasing more droplets of precum up the shaft in tingling bursts. George gasped and sighed and pulled air into his lungs as his friend gave him his first blow job, and an excellent one at that.

Suddenly, he knew he was going to come. The sensation manifested all at once and with impossible strength. He wanted to hold off, to prolong the sensations that Willis was providing, to extend the amazing and wonderful feeling of the other man sucking his prick for hours and hours, but his body was already overheated by his time in the previous room, and from being with Willis in the library, and the site of Scott and Derek at their most perfect. His balls seized up and his cock inflated and the head swelled and he shot a fat gout of cream inside Willis’s mouth.

“I’m… I’m coming..” he said. The feeling was overwhelming.

Willis only nodded and clamped his mouth on George’s prick and swallowed his seed. He stroked and coaxed George to keep going. He wanted it all. He wanted the taste of George in his mouth and on his tongue, to feel his load flowing down his throat and into his belly. He sucked and teased George’s cock to deliver another gush, and then another. He came six times quickly, then another four smaller gushed before he was done, and Willis pulled his mouth from the spout and moved back up George’s body to kiss his lips and shove his tongue inside George’s mouth and let his friend taste his own come inside Willis’s talented mouth.

It was salty and sticky. It made him feel hot and alarmed and then hungry and horny. He had no more cum to spend, but his kiss grew strong and insistent, and he grabbed onto Willis’s head and pulled their mouths together with hunger and desire.

They kissed as Willis’s prick began to grow hot again. The huge, muscular, beautiful young man pulled his mouth from George’s and he smiled with giddy satisfaction. “Well, fuck, George! I think you’re ready!” He sat up, sitting his butt on his heels, and his huge hard-on sprang up between them. A steady drool of precum was oozing from its mouth and it was shiny and red and overwhelmed with veins. He set his hand to its surface and stroked himself slowly. “Are you ready, George?”

George nodded, simply staring wide-eyed at the tremendous and beautiful prick before him. “What… what do I do?”

“Your part’s easy, George.” A small ball of white swelled at the tip of Willis’s huge hard-on. “All you have to do is swallow.”

The scent was back. Willis’s scent. Musky, spicy, strong and intoxicating. It was emanating from his cock, from that drop of cream growing at its tip. George sat up and brought his mouth toward the eye of Willis’ snake. Willis was smiling and his chest was growing and his shoulders were expanding. His cock pulsed and throbbed and the drop of cream grew into a slow, thick drizzle. “Just swallow it, George. All you have to do is swallow.”

George opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue and licked the drop of white cream from Willis’s prick. Instantly, a sharp tang struck his tongue and his mouth felt warm, then hot. The taste was similar to the kiss, only ten times stronger and ten times thicker. It made him instantly hunger for more, and he reached forward and grabbed the fat shank in his hand and moved his lips over the head and began to suck.

Willis groaned and closed his eyes and willed a gush of transforming cream up the heavy inches of his cock and into George’s mouth. He heard the other young man suck eagerly and he opened his eyes and met George’s intent and pleading gaze. “Swallow it all,” he said softly. “Here it comes.”

He wasn’t joking. A sudden, violent, gushing torrent of hot, salty, delicious cream exploded from the end of his cock and filled George’s mouth, overflowing with its abundance and splashing from the corners of his lips. Nearly gagging, but driven by a new hunger he never knew, George swallowed as quickly and as much of it as he could. Another gush, even larger, filled his mouth and cheeks again and he grabbed the cock hard, feeling it swell with each flood of cream, and sucked on its mouth as it delivered its flood of enriching come.

Willis could hardly control himself. He wanted this as much as—and perhaps more than—George did himself. He’d never grown another man into a muscular giant, but everyone said it was the most amazing experience of all. Nothing else could compare to it, and he’d never want it to end. He watched his friend gulp and guzzle from his fat prick and he pushed more and more cream up its inches into his friend’s mouth and body.

The growth, when it started, happened very quickly and with almost startling effectiveness. George seemed to swell all at once, literally ripping through his clothing as his body exploded with muscle. Fat veins throbbed under his flesh and the bulges of power manifested alarmingly. As he grew, his hunger increased, and he began to suck in earnest to feed his muscles and body as they expanded by the inch and pound.

Willis complied easily, sending forth a flood of cream from his aching balls. He watched his friend growing in every direction, his arms inflating with brawn, his chest exploding outward, his legs expanding and lengthening in equal measure. The couch he was lying across creaked and groaned and cracked as his grew, and Willis watched George transform from his formerly meek and small stature into the latest young god to stride the hallways of West Valley High School.

George was in heaven. The feeling of growth and strength and masculine energy was overwhelming. If getting a blowjob felt great, this felt several levels beyond great! His chest was swelling and blooming with muscle. Bands of brawn manifested as if by magic and his nipples tingled and throbbed and sent shocks of erotic bliss straight to his cock. His arms grew heavier and heavier as he swallowed Willis’s unending delivery of cream. He felt a similar tingling at his asshole and his balls were throbbing and his cock was so hard—harder and harder, like it was going to explode!

The couch frame cracked and broke. George’s mouth fell away from the gushing fount of cream and it splattered and splashed on his growing body. Willis said, “Holy fuck!” as his friend’s body exploded with muscle. He was getting taller by the foot and his face was growing more handsome by the second as he lost all vestiges of his adolescence and grew into a man before his friend’s amazed gaze. His hair grew thick and long, whiskers sprouted on his face, his brow and jawline grew strong and proud and his lips grew pillowy and soft. The nipples on his huge chest were expanding like ink stains, but then a sudden forest of dark curls erupted across both huge globes of his pectoral development and spread down his belly and expanded again like a crown above his thickening and lengthening cock.

It was huge! His cock was huge! It was swelling like mad! Fuck! Fuck!

George felt giddy and loopy and really fucking horny. His hands were exploring his body as it grew, He moved his palms over the swelling terrain of his pecs. he pinched his nipples and winced from the intense pangs of erotic bliss that erupted as a result. His balls were throbbing and swelling. His cock arched up and up, the helmet blooming as the shaft pulsed with growth. Then he could sense another sensation as his secondary prick began to emerge. His eyes widened at the sensation and he looked down and watched it grow.

Willis followed George’s gaze and relived the emergence of his own second prick as his friends quickly grew into a monster. He never dreamed it would happen this fast! Did it happen this fast when he changed? Was this normal? And George’s development wasn’t slowing an inch! Muscle still swelled along his arms and legs. His chest was inflating like two balloons! His cock—no, cock! His cocks were huge! Amazing! Colossal!

“Feels so good,” George crooned. His voice was a thunderstorm. An earthquake. A mountain range. Absurdly deep and powerful. Willis looked up at the words and was awestruck by his friend’s face.

He was gorgeous! His eyes were bright blue, like sapphires. His lips looked so soft and moist and kissable. His hair was a lustrous mane of chestnut, and he had two heavy eyebrows and absurdly long, lush eyelashes surrounding his bright gaze. When he smiled, his beauty only increased. Willis came, and he came hard.

“Fuck, George,” he said softly.

“What?” his friend asked. “What’s wrong?”

“Fucking nothing, dude!” He leaned down and pressed his mouth against George’s lips and they both came hard. Thick fountains of warm cream erupted between them and soaked into their flesh. Willis felt warmed and invigorated, and George sucked the cum inside to feed his growth and he continued to pile on the muscle and strength and size. “Fuck me, George,” he pleaded.

“But I’ve never—”

“Fuck me while you’re still growing. I want to feel you growing inside me.”

George’s eyes widened. On the outside, he looked like one of the world’s most fucking handsome and capable men. Inside he was still George. “How should I—?”

Willis grinned and got onto the floor on all fours, his ass positioned facing his friend. He wiggled his butt and leaned downward to open his hole to his friend’s cock. “Fuck me,” he instructed. “Just shove it inside and start fucking!”

George swallowed hard and rose to his feet unsteadily. His body was still growing. He gazed down at his arms and watched the muscle grow. His chest was slowly swelling outward. Strength and power throbbed along every inch of his frame. His two pricks were drooling and arched forward as if drawn toward Willis’s waiting pucker. “Should I do both of them or one or—?”

“Just fucking fuck me, George! Before you’re done growing!”

George drew in a slow breath and shrugged. How hard could it be? He grabbed a prick in each hand and positioned them at Willis’s backdoor. “You ready?”

“Fuck yes!”

The next sound was a deeply masculine howl of pain as George leaned forward and shoved both his monsters to the hilt into Willis’s ass. Willis winced as his hole was widened to allow both of George’s fat cocks inside, but a sudden throbbing pleasure radiated outward from them, then tingles of sexual bliss, and as suddenly as the pain erupted, it was replaced by utter and complete erotic pleasure.

Willis swooned. He nearly fainted. Then George began to pivot his hips and slowly move himself into and out of Willis’s ass. The throbbing pulsations of sexual bliss moved with his actions. He was driving Willis batshit with his actions.

For George, he was experiencing his third “nothing has ever felt this good before!” reaction in the space of minutes. First had been the blowjob, then the growth, and now—fucking Willis’s ass was filling him to overflowing with pleasure. He was still growing, and he began to pump out more of his copious cream into Willis’s body through both thick pumps, and the perfect orgasmic bliss was even more wonderful than anything else that he had so far experienced.

George found that fucking came naturally to him. He was, from the start, an amazing fucker. He grabbed onto Willis’s hips and started to rhythmically pump himself into his friend, sending fat throbs of pleasure through his cocks as his balls produced gallons of cream that he pumped up his twin monsters as he fucked and fucked and fucked.

Still growing. George was as big as Willis now, but still growing. His body expanded out and up as it filled in with muscle. His chest bloomed with strength and the fur thickened and deepened. He closed his eyes and pushed himself to the root inside Willis’s ass and sent out a thick, hard, full flood of cream. It gushed up Willis’s ass and splattered against George’s pelvis. It felt hot and wet and good, so he came again, even thicker. His head leaned back on his thick neck and he came again. His nipples throbbed and his asshole tingled and he came again.

He opened his eyes and leaned down over his friend, both cocks still deeply shoved inside, and said into Willis’s ear. “Your turn.”

Willis was lost in ecstasy and only partially registered his friend’s words. “Huh?” he asked. “Whuh?”

“Fuck me, Willis,” George instructed. “It’s you turn to fuck me.”

“Please,” Willis said. He meant that he didn’t want George to pull out, but George thought it was his friend begging to fuck him, so he slowly, achingly extracted his gushing pricks from Willis’s ass and pulled him to his feet.

Willis began to kiss his mouth with uncontrolled lust. George kissed him back, shoving his tongue inside and sending his friend into spasms of erotic overdrive. “Fuck me,” he said softly. “Fuck my ass.”

George pulled Willis down with him, pulling his friend’s muscular body on top of his own, grown now larger and still swelling with power. Chest to chest, belly to belly, cock to cocks, he kissed and caressed Willis into submission, his willing slave, and said again, “Fuck me.”

Willis opened his eyes and nodded, moving the head of his prick toward George’s waiting hole. It was hot and wet and hungry. Willis could feel the heat of George’s ass adjacent the head of his monster cock like a divining rod finding its target. As he slipped inside the heat and wetness, the same sense of erotic bliss enveloped his prick and bathed its inches in perfect orgasmic pleasure. He came instantly, a fat gush he could not control, and continued to come as he slowly fucked George’s perfect ass.

It was heavenly for George. He felt complete, now. Fucking and being fucked, his body responded with a sudden, final burst of muscular development, his entire body swelling with growth and power as he achieved his ultimate new body.

He sighed deeply and with complete satisfaction. “Thank you, Willis,” he spoke softly, his voice like an earthquake in the small room. “Thank you.”

Willis couldn’t speak. His body was being flooded with pleasure. He was plugged in to the ultimate source of masculine power, or so it felt like, and all he wanted to do was stay there, forever fucking George’s amazing ass.

“Thank you,” George said softly.

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